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~ Open letter to Peter Koenecke dated year 2012 ~

~ 'The Koenecke geschichte' ~
God the 'Inner Energy' is the Monarch
Men of Honour

Dear Peter - as we all know that men have very long memories, both good and bad, but I simply wish to 'chronicle' a course of events in 'our' past when you to me were a 'Man of Honour' as you extended your friendship to assist me at a time when I was emotionally 'weak' and under extraordinary 'duress' as Italian Mafiosi sought to 'undress my sanity' in their coercive attempts to force me to become their 'partner in crime' to an activity that to my 'conscience' was 'wrong.'

For Peter - I simply 'ask' that you read it ALL before you come to a personally informed decision to heed it or, to treat IT with derision.
For the 'world' reader - there was a time in the past when I was 33 years old or so when I met Peter and later his lady Nikki in Africa.

Die Saga

Peter was 'brash' and full of confidence, and it appears that he and his buddy 'Joe' took more than a 'chance' at life, for they appeared to be 'as thick as thieves' as they laughed and joked, - - - possibly at me.

Peter was also very 'loud' and arrogant it seems, but maybe a 'talented' German 'man of this world' was 'entitled' to so be - - - for he had been a 'Legionnaire' no doubt no less. A 'Lion' of a man with 'claws' that could hurt, - - - but - - - he never hurt me. No, but once he said to me in the South African 'tongue' where he had lived for a few years as had I and he knew I would understand: "Terrike, ye moet sterk vees" (T - You must be strong) when I told him of my unfolding 'tragedy.'

For I was but a 'simpleton,' just a loner living by the sea in my own 'daydream' as I stepped aboard my trawler, and often went to sea with my three 'swart' Kaffirs, Ali- Abedi and Hemedi, to fish the prawn rich Formosa Bay.


Anyhow, one day I met what I later realised was the 'Italian Mafia,' Luciano and Vladimiro, two smiling lads from over the sea. Both tall and strong as 'oxen' who lulled me with their 'sweet talk' for as said, I was a simpleton who lived by the sea and simply 'trusted' everybody that God set before me. I took them along on a few trips and one day Luciano said to me:

"Terry, we have formed a fishing company, and you have been given some shares for free as we need a 'citizen' of this land so we can catch fish and we also need to use your boat in our business venture, so what say you"?

I told them that they could lease it and the crew for three months, - - - time passed by and one day they invited me to their hotel room for a drink, - - - their 'suite' was 3 to 4 stories 'up' as I was to find out. During the conversation I was told that in fact they were going to export 'hashish' oil hidden in the fish to Vladimiro's restaurant in Italy, and that I would become rich.

I backed away as I was not a 'druggie,' I said: "No" firmly, and this confused them somewhat and then they became very angry, for they could not operate 'legally' without an African partner, and they seized me and swept me off my feet and took me to the balcony and held me over the edge and said: "If you do not agree to co-operate we will drop you."

My fear was very great and I 'froze' and could not speak, and 'time stood still,' and they held me suspended for what seemed an interminably long time before they pulled me 'in' to safety, and I now knew of, and had learnt the 'power' of coercion, - - - I walked straight for the door and started down the stairs with Luciano behind me, and suddenly became aware that 'behind' him was a very large and powerful dark demonic spirit trying to get him to smash me down, but it was not to be.

I had been aware of my 'inner sight' for many years, but of that I will speak later.

So the next thing that took place was they left my boat stranded on a reef way up past Lamu, and I received a phone call saying: "We will kill your son Timothy." - - - only PK and I know what then took place after I asked him for assistance, and it does not needs be spoken of here, but as I was a 'loner' he was the only one I felt I could turn to, and PK at that time was a true 'Lion' who said: "Terrikie, don't worry man, at times a man must be a man," and he put himself 'on the line' for me, to assist me,  - - - so - - - not even he knew the full ending to the story that followed 'us' to Australia later.

I will abbreviate this saga or it will get too lengthy and PK might get 'bored.'

It is God, not man, to 'judge' the worth of another, but I just wish to 'record' that there was a time when 'Peter' was to me a 'Man of Honour,' and he stood by me and helped me through a 'nightmare' but, he was unaware as to ITS fullness and depth. Time passes, and I am no longer fearful and am very strong mentally and emotionally.

I am now a 'full blown' spirit medium with extraordinary 'visionary' and telepathic powers of communication into the unseen world of spirit, and I say to PK:

 "Your ancestors await to greet you not far away, and they 'acknowledge' what you did for me, but they add ~ Now is the time to BE a TRUE man of honour and begin to 'serve' the True Light (She) the divine power, who in your past you have at times swerved away from 'miserably.' - - -"

So Peter my 'boet,' before I tell you what I wish to do to help you in the desperate times soon at 'hand' globally, I say: Australia is 'tougher' than Africa in by 10 x in respect of rules and regulations, and much more controlling as I 'found' when as a 'conscientious objector' to funding any government institution.  I am a person who passed his driving test many years ago and I refuse to validate it for example, because it contains a 'licence fee' amount annually, and I cannot fund 'Caesar' even one 'penny.' I never pay any 'fines' either, that amount to many thousands of dollars.

I have spent months in Tasmanian prisons where I have been sent 'down' four times in ten years. It is a place of disgrace, but now at 73 my 'battle' appears to be 'won' as they leave me 'be' and as I am mentally strong they cannot coerce me into funding what I see as 'government iniquity,' for they interfere in the lives of others. But not supported by me.

Before leaving Africa whilst fishing I had a 'vision' that changed me, and once I arrived in Australia I spent ten years 'meditating' each day seeking to find the 'within me' person, and this I did finally manage and I also was able to travel in other realms of consciousness and was made aware of many 'unseen' things hence this 'Saga' now to you.

For as I meditated month after month, and year after year, my spirit was suddenly set free to 'soar' as an 'eagle' for a time and up - up - UP it went through time and space into other realms of consciousness until the very 'faces' of the ENERGY I did see that filled the 'sky' above. It was a little like the 'Yin - Yang' symbol, but HE and SHE. She being the 'beauty' and the creative Light and He being the foreboding and destructive Dark POWER.

Naught was hid from my sight and not only did I see the incredible beauty of the realm of Light, but I also streaked down into the depths of the Dark to see men torturing others in turns, and their 'screams' went unheard, and as I went deeper I saw men who were 'alive' but frozen in the wastelands of black ice and their thoughts streamed out to me: "Please help us." So for 20 years now I have unceasingly written as much as I could to assist everyone on every level.

What I found was that 'religion' is nonsense, and that the invisible 'Creator ~ Destroyer' we name 'God' is not the God of religion, but is the sum totality of all known and unknown ENERGY. Energy that fills an area that is infinitely larger than the known and unknown material universe.  This energy essence is similar to a 'magnet' in that it has twin polarities separated by an intense 'fire' that transforms the Dark into Light.

Both aspects have an 'infinite' and 'super intelligence' that is incomprehensible to man but in some aspects it is similar to the 'science' of this material world, for the spiritual energy also has the same 'law' as physics: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Thus the 'energy' of either the benign or malignant aspect is a 'Law' unto itself and, it is IMMUTABLE and, it fulfills itself at the time and in the place that IT so decides.

I believe that this is why man speaks of the Law of God as being:

"As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal basis ~ what you do comes back to you on an 'eye for an eye' or 'tooth for a tooth' basis."

The Dark aspect of the ENERGY of the Source is: "Absolutely deceptive, cold, hard, unyielding, cruel, foreboding, callous, coercive, merciless, immoveable, unforgiving, punitive, warring, invasive, controlling, arrogant, proud, vain, jealous, critical, judgemental and absolutely DESTRUCTIVE & ABSOLUTE JUSTICE in its malignant return unto those that used ITS destructive forceful power in their interaction with others."

These negative 'emotions' within mankind are a part of this Dark energy that  man draws IN as IT is used in their controlling, interfering, punitive or injurious interaction with others, and is of a lesser or greater volume dependant upon how 'much' of IT they use over 'eternal' time. It is what is termed 'The SIN in man.'

The Light aspect of the ENERGY of the Source is: "Absolutely truthful, warm, soft, yielding, kind, welcoming, gentle, merciful, compassionate, forgiving, peaceful, loving and CREATIVE & ABSOLUTE JUSTICE in its benign return unto those that used its 'graciousness' in their interaction with others."

This benign and positive Light ENERGY within everyone is the LOVE core. The more of IT we use the brighter our Light becomes within. No doubt you and all have 'felt' both aspects vibrating within at different times, dependant upon 'what' has presented itself to you, and naturally 'each' of us responds differently dependent upon ones THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS of the moment.

I was shown that within this 'frame' of THE SOURCE there were millions of different levels of consciousness inhabited by different people, each realm vibrating at its own 'frequency' and inhabited by people of similar 'soul' frequency energy. Each realm separated by a frequency 'barrier' that can only be 'broken' as ones energy vibration coarsens or becomes refined. Thus as we 'depart' this realm our spirit soul is drawn as a 'magnet' to one of many levels from pure Light and eternal happiness above to utter darkness and eternal 'torture & travail' in the Abyss or 'in-between' realms.

So I was 'given' that, - - - it is ones daily interaction with others that defines 'which' energy a person is using and, what they are 'accruing' as 'payback' or 'energy balance' be it benign or malignant.

I am and have been for many years 'able' to communicate telepathically with the Source of Light, and it was many years ago that I was made 'aware' that to fund any controlling or punitive institution meant that within the Law of the ENERGY, one became partly 'complicit' to all being done to others in the taxpayers 'name' and 'on their behalf.'

This means that everyone is daily 'accruing' a painful spiritual DUE to be 'met' at some stage ahead, and thus I send this to you because within it is an understanding to assist you to become a 'Free man' before you depart the flesh. Yes, there is very 'grave' danger ahead for everyone, and my return 'favour' to you is the content of this document that will assist you Peter to prepare for what is soon to be.

Soon there is to be global warfare, being the sword, spear, axe, gun and more, even the heavy 'boot' on every street.

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare for.


Soon the earth will 'tilt' a little and melting ice will affect millions

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Violent storms and earthquakes will rock the planet

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Tsunami's will become dangerous and seas will 'slop' around and drive everyone to higher ground

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

There will be an international currency crisis, all investments lost and everyone penniless

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Millions of people will flow from here to there over the face of the earth seeking refuge and they will fight

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Food stocks will dwindle and millions will starve

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

There will be no medicines or medical facilities for the masses and the elderly and 'wounded' will die

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Surely the Dark will even 'cover' the face of the Sun for a time as madness becomes the 'order' of the day and that is the beginning of the END

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

The real danger is our own MIND and emotions, for ones negative emotions will 'surge' to the fore with an ever increasing power for the reasons revealed unto mankind by my pen in my 'Brief Summary,' and fear, anger, hatred and UN-FORGIVENESS will become the 'order of the day' as our thoughts 'sway' uncontrollably, as they are telepathically interpolated with by far distant demonic forces, and everyone will 'remember' who did this or that to them or their loved ones, and 'minds' JUSTIFIED by incoming thoughts will say: "Seek them out, injure them, KILL THEM."

The real danger is the telepathic power of the Serpent who will 'incite' man to keep using ITS Dark energy to retaliate in the face of adversity.
Woe and more woe if you lose control of your MIND to IT and thus 'dragged down' into ITS Lair.

The 'Paramount' KING will be anybody or everybody who has made mental and material 'provision' for THAT DAY. Being:

1 - Daily fortification of their MIND.
2 - Setting up a 'Mission' station away from the waters edge and staying 'put' through thick and thin.
3 - Preparing their 'ground' with alternative power, their own water supply, fully provisioned with the materials to survive and medical supplies etc.
4 - Prepared to help and assist 'all comers' in every way possible and with the understanding given by me as to 'what' is now to BE.

IN the foreknowledge that all manufactured goods will cease for some years and everything possible must be purchased NOW before all 'funds' become worthless or lost, and gold and other bullion will also be worthless. Food, water, shelter are the priority and 'tools' and implements.

5 - Remember that SANITY is the 'key' to spiritual survival. For this 'TIME' is the time of the LAST RACE for every soul and all are to face the 'WRATH' of the Dark as IT applies ITS absolutely merciless 'eye for an eye' Law.

NON-retaliation is the only way to the light. Any who continue to fight will fall below and continue to fight FOREVER and suffer on and on and ON.

Peter, a vision exploded in my mind. The lamb tethered to the stake, shivering in the cool air as it is freshly shorn, it is in a clearing in the jungle, there is darkness around. The lamb is THE WORD OF GOD that is now exposed, for my Testament of Truth book reveals my true identity.

My strength leaves me. I am but a lamb, meek and mild, and thus incapable of any retaliation to the darkness that stalks me from the jungle. I am the proof of God, the God of the ENERGY of LOVE and LIGHT.

There is a "cough," and as I look up I see a huge black panther appear from out of the jungle, it is very huge, much bigger than me, its eyes are gleaming fire red - - -

Its face is distorted with ugliness, and from its long fangs drip blood from its last kill. Its huge claws extend like an eagles talons, as it prepares for the kill, it has scented me, and as yet has not quite seen me. It is the beast with an insatiable appetite, its name is Greed and Hatred, it traps all the unwary and devours them.

It will try and destroy me if it can, it is stalking at a slight angle, and between us is a very slender tree that is giving me some cover. But as I watch, I see its head turn in my direction, and the tree starts to wither away.

The beast's eyes glint in anticipation, as it senses its prey is near, soon it will see the lamb, soon all humanity will see the lamb, soon each soul MUST choose :

To be the hunter -- or -- To be the hunted

WHY - ?

For the punitive 'terrorising' hunters always become the 'terrorised hunted.'

The 'capacity' of the DARK energy is that IT telepathically 'justifies' man to be ITS 'V for Vendetta' RETRIBUTIVE 'arm' to 'balance' ITS 'Scales of Justice' against OTHERS, and the 'balancer' then becomes ITS next 'victim,' and any that continue to 'defend or fight' NEVER end this 'balancing' action and, they suffer on and on and ON and fill their OWN soul with more Dark ENERGY.

ONLY those who have the courage to follow ME, being MY WAY as a non-retaliatory lamb will one day walk along the stairway to Heaven after having paid their dues to the Godly 'energy,' so as to 'permit IT to fully and finally balance ITS 'Scales of Justice' within the ONE Law : "As you do is done unto you."

Only the fulfilment of ITS Law 'permits' one to go free from ITS ongoing impositions upon those who continue to use ITS destructive ENERGY.

Now is the time to forget the past, and our past wrong doings or that of others who were used by IT to make us suffer. Whatever the load, there is now this last chance for redemption. Follow the way of the Lamb - Go in Peace and forgive your enemy for his ways.

Peter, I have sought to contact you for many years to no avail, but now at last I have and I simply ask that you begin to be truly TRUE unto YOURSELF using my Wisdom as my 'favour' returned unto you and your loving family.

It is the DARK Energy HE who now observes you and everyone, and IT - HE says to you now via my mind:

"Show ME that you can now BE a 'Man amongst men' as you serve MY Light (She) dutifully and lovingly as you assist HER & MY lost children.
Fail ME My son and true anguish and agony you will get to know."

No more time for 'hairy' jokes boet, you have a 'brilliant mind' - USE IT.

Go well Peter - prepare your 'ground' quickly.


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