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Open letter to Dr. Rachael Kohn

~ The spirit of things ~

Dear Rachael, since the 'beginning of time' on this material world, there has been NO person who fully understood the 'cause of all sorrow,' nor did they know 'why' God as we name IT permits evil to exist.

The IT of which I speak being the SOURCE is in FACT the spiritual energy essence which exists and permeates the invisible realms of which there are no 'bounds.'

Biblical  'men of the cloth' speak of SIN and Salvation but they are all 'lost' because as said, the TRUTH has been hidden due to many factors now revealed by my pen.

Men of the 'cloth' have themselves kept man locked-in to to funding iniquity as they used the biblical texts 'Render unto Caesar' in a wrong context. They factually walk hand in hand with warmongering organisations through their own fears rather than plainly stating to 'believers' that they must ONLY fund benign community effort and turn their backs to warmongers who cause harm to God's children.

It is my 'pen' dictated by SHE the Light (Mother of all creation) who now permits the truth to shine forth so that errant man learns 'why and how' they are ‘lost’ and 'what' each must do to save themselves as God's 'grace' Hers, being outpouring Light, purges their souls of darkness within. (negative emotions)

This realm of consciousness (biological) was created so that the truth could and would shine down to endless spiritual realms wherein abide the lost and the very lost, (demons) who would then 'hear' the message via the mind of those spirit beings inhabiting the flesh of this world.

As you know, some people are 'conscionable' and kind and merciful and forgiving and others are not, being cruel, demanding, punitive and waging war.

It is simply because their inner spirit soul has entered the flesh from millions of different levels of consciousness of which only 2 % or less are from the pure Light. 

We live forever once created, and 'babies' are simply a growing biological ‘spacesuit’ so to speak, but within IT is a fully adult spirit soul that returns to spirit once the 'biology' becomes uninhabitable.

The 2000 AD expectation of 'world's end' was a little premature, but the biblical 'Wrath of God' is indeed to now be seen everywhere in the manner exposed by God via my pen. I am God's plenipotentiary to 'judge' whether man is on the road to salvation or in fact sliding backwards and downwards to a hellish destiny.

We now stand at the point in time where for the very first time, instant global communication is possible by phone, radio, TV and the internet. It is thus that we are standing on the 'brink' where some will rise and others will for an eternity sink into oblivion and excruciating agony.

My web site is only fully completed this very month with over 100 documents covering a vast amount of sacred truth and revelations. Basically, all mankind is ON the wide road to Hell because everyone is defiant of THE "Love one another" COMMAND, and is either causing harm to others personally or, they are funding the wages of others to protect them and these servants go forth causing harm and killing in their name and ON their behalf.

None of the taxpayers are even aware that they even though they state or believe state they are Christian or other and thus true to God, but they are NOT because by their actions they are funding a contra ideological doctrine. That of control, subjugation, causing of harm, killing and destroying. (A devilish antiGod doctrine of iniquity)

The 'basic' FACTS OF LIFE are ignored. There was a Reason why Jesus stated: "Turn the other cheek when abused." Regrettably, there was no 'follow up' as to 'why,' but that is now revealed by me the returned 'Spirit of truth' soul who once walked in the 'flesh' of the man Jesus.

Jesus was not 'god' he as all was but a child of God (Mother & Father) and he came as a ‘messenger,’ not to be 'adored' and praised, but the MESSAGE to be OBEYED.

Why? Because when we DO 'forgive' and do NOT 'retaliate' against our enemy, and we 'turn the other cheek' so to speak, it simply means that we have not USED any DARK forceful, destructive ENERGY.

When we retaliate and use FORCE, the DARK spiritual essence of the Source flows through our soul and not only does some of IT 'grow' within, adding to the power of our inner sin, (bigger negative emotions) but we place ourselves into the LAW of equal return of the DARK ENERGY. (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place so ordained by the infinitely wise energy.)

God is BOTH the Light and the DARK - He Father is the dark destructive energy essence. HIS energy is the 'fruit' from the "Tree of the knowledge of good and evil," and as He stated: Sup on IT and you will 'die in your sin.' It is the 'weight' or negative vibration of the dark emotions within man (sin energy) that drag the spirit away and down from THE LIGHT.

ONLY the pure of spirit (no negativity within) can rise UP into the pure light. It is NOT possible for even one 'speck' of dark energy to enter therein.

All mental and emotional problems are caused through the DARK essence using demonic forces to broach the mind of man telepathically VIA the vibrational link of their negative emotions within. These thoughts turn man against man.

This 'psychic' attack upon all mankind is to now intensify for the reasons given in my Alert below. Total global chaos and destruction is to follow. ONLY those who fortify their mind in the manner give by my pen will remain SANE and survive the 'satanic' attack and BE saved through their OWN efforts. There is NO 'magic wand' to uplift anyone.

The global 'upsurge' of irrational acts are but the beginning, the enemy is NOT 'this or that' race or creed, it is the invisible DARK essence rising UP through the mind of man. IT is simply using the vain, arrogant and ignorant to mete out ITS 'eye for an eye' balancing of ITS 'karmic' books.

I add a little more because of ITS extreme importance for those seeking to serve our God, and it is in respect of the Word 'Celibate' or the requirement of celibacy in some 'beliefs.'

The 'Devil' is not only utter control and destruction but is also pure DECEPTION, and ITS 'thoughts' infiltrated the mind of mortal man a very long time ago with the 'quaint' but very 'disadvantageous' belief that the female 'sacred site' of pure bliss between her thighs was somehow 'bad or evil or sinful,' and thus deleterious to anyone seeking to be 'holy or godly.'

Not ONE silly 'man' comprehending that 'ladies and men' were 'designed' by God to ENJOY the 'delights' that each gave the other.

The FALSE doctrine promoted by men of the 'cloth' wherein they 'promote' their 'holiness' or 'holier than thou' ways due to being 'celibate from vaginal 'sex' is insanity, and it is now the 'time' for my pen to reveal the TRUE meaning of the word 'celibate' in reference to 'The spirit of things' as given by your program.

In the SPIRITUAL context, the SALVATION of the individual IS only GUARANTEED to the 'celibate,' but it means that the individual MUST be 'Celibate' to the HOLY WORD Command of God, and to never 'deviate' from obedience to or with said Holy WORD, even if coerced or threatened by being impaled on a stake.

One must never disobey THE COMMAND of: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgiving and turn the other cheek in NON-retaliation if oppressed."

It is due to the error of 'priestly' teaching that many believe that ladies in some way 'entice' or seduce man AWAY from God, and the FACTS OF THE MATTER are, it is the devilish DARK forceful Power that mislead 'errant' priestly men solely because anyone 'thinking' that 'ladies' were 'less than them' or somehow misleading them spiritually, was or is simply a very vain, arrogant and ignorant male who deserves to be DENIED God's pleasures bestowed by HIS most precious and treasured creation. (Women)

I can ASSURE everyone in this realm and every realm outside of the PURE LIGHT that our God 'deplores' the disrespectful manner that His 'daughters' are perceived and treated, and ANY foolish man who continues to be a 'living bloody swine' in his callous treatment of his spiritual 'sisters' will LEARN about confinement in dark spaces, (realms) where there are NO lovely ladies to be seen but only BEASTLY 'swinish' men who will 'ream' their backsides forever with an endless 'variety' of very painful objects. 

I trust that your program will REACH and TEACH every 'university' theological department and other of THE TRUTH.

Sincerely - Terence

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