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~ The Devil's RULE or God's RULE ~

The content of this document applies to people of every ‘Order’ of religion

'Knock – knock,' the messenger of God is knocking at the door with a message of truth as he asks: "Where is 'God' in the heart of man today"?  There is the belief of some that "The Devil rules this world," and as I AM the spirit of truth, I wish to elucidate on this and reveal the very painful truth surrounding this FACT, for it has a repercussion for everyone.

First we need to understand what ‘Rule’ by the Light Sovereign Power is; it is simply the fact that everyone who is a TRUE believer bows to the Command of their Creator;

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Thus ‘believers’ should ‘humbly’ go their way in peace, and never interfere in the lives of others, and never ‘injure, dispossess, steal, criticize, control, condemn, judge, punish or kill’ personally, nor should they ‘hire’ others (servants) to do it on their behalf.

The next question arises: "Why would a God of love ‘permit’ us to be ruled ‘forcefully’ by a deceptive, controlling, interfering, merciless, punitive and destructive, warring force"?

Man on earth in every land is in FACT ruled by 'dictatorial' institutions that employ ‘officials’ who are adhering to a contra controlling, punitive and 'warring' system of belief or ‘religious ideology.’ These officials have the belief in their 'right' to the use of 'rules and force' to RULE others, and to force them to 'bow' to their ideological belief, a 'doctrine' that appears to in FACT be a Religion of 'War and control.'

Surely we all should understand the need to bow in conformity to God’s "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness" Command at all times and in all situations?

As your conformity to the above ‘way’ of absolute pacifism is God's ‘guarantee’ to your Salvation, and as the above code of conduct activity is an ‘ideological’ system of belief, it means that it, the peaceful code of conduct, is the ‘religion’ of those who adhere to this code, because one’s religion is not the name of an organisation such as "Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Lutheran or Jehovah Witness" etc.

If the Devil (Dark destroyer) leads one ‘astray’ and into His ‘arms’ in the Abyss of the underworld, the question is: "How is this done"? The answer to this question is that there is a FALSE system of ideological belief, (religion) and conformity to it must be ‘avoided’ at all costs.

The questions to be asked are:

1 - Who or ‘what’ is this false religion that enables the Devil to ‘steal’ your soul to destroy it?
2 - ‘How’ does the Devil ‘Rule’ this world and to ‘what’ END?
3 – What is God’s criteria concerning one’s spiritual ‘worth’ or spiritual ‘worthlessness’ in His judgement of a person?

Firstly I answer point 1; There are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs in existence:

The ONE is the belief in Peace, kindness, respect, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign) The TRUE religion
The ONE is the belief in War, hatred, disrespect, slavery & destruction using FORCE (malignant) The FALSE religion

It follows that to destroy our souls, the Devil has to turn us ‘away’ from living in accordance with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

How does He do this? He forces us through ‘deception threat and coercion' to support His opposite ideology of control, regulation, extortion, invasion, sanction, interference, merciless punishment and war.

It follows that everyone ‘bowing’ to Caesar, (earthly governments) and ‘fiscally’ supporting the use of FORCE to control, regulation, extortion, invasion, sanction, interference, merciless punishment, war and armed ‘protection’ through payment of taxes, are persons conforming to this opposite ideological belief.

This support of the opposite ideological belief means that we ‘fellowship’ with the dangerous and FALSE religion that hides itself in the guise of a benign, democratic secular institution.

Secondly I answer point 2; The Devil (DARK energy) rules this world telepathically through the ‘sin’ within man. The sin being the negative emotions of greed, vanity, pride, arrogance, jealousy, hatred and anger. (Of the Dark) - Via this ‘sin’ within the ‘lost race,’ the Devil can telepathically place deceptive thoughts into your mind. being thoughts that invite and incite you to use His Dark forceful, controlling and destructive POWER. (referred to in various religions as the forbidden fruit)

Once we act on these thoughts, it becomes more easy for us to be enslaved by the Dark force. Man then acts as His instrument of merciless judgment to punish or destroy others on His behalf.

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Clarification of  'Devil or God' as the ruler of this world

Let it here be clearly now understood that: I use the word 'Devil' in my texts because this 'old' terminology has been used for 'ages' to refer to the DARK controlling, avenging, intrusive, punitive and destructive aspect of THE SOURCE, God THE FATHER named by me as:

 "The ALL POWERFUL Dark Sovereign Power."

In the page 1 introduction above I did state: The next question arises: "Why would a God of love ‘permit’ us to be ruled ‘forcefully’ by a deceptive, controlling, interfering, merciless, punitive and destructive, warring force"?

I add: Why does God appear to be 'weak' and incapable of protecting people from violent criminal acts perpetrated upon the seemingly helpless. Why does God not show man His almighty power."?

The answer to this is now exposed by me being:

"Every intrusive act, loss by theft, criticism or punitive judgement imposed, injury inflicted, banishment or oppression or killing or material destruction IS the 'eye for an eye' punitive POWER OF GOD IN ACTION against those who in their past, be it in this or a prior birth time, inflicted the VERY SAME upon others, either personally or by others acting in their name or on their behalf.

The Dark coercive and deceptive aspect of the Source (God) convinces man that it is honourable to destroy or punish offenders, and to use FORCE to protect people, none seeing that in order to do this, one has to USE dark forceful energy, and in so doing, one is THE DARK IN ACTION and the 'user' of Dark destructive ENERGY becomes trapped within ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW of ongoing retribution and suffering, and also, one 'stains' ones own soul with more dark energy and also accrues another punitive DEBT to God - - - ongoing suffering WILL be eternal if you cannot understand this."

The Dark Sovereign Power (God) does presently rule this world and EVERY WORLD outside of the pure Light, and the main weapon in His arsenal to trap us into using His negative energy is VIA governing and ruling systems. These systems have been ‘elevated’ into existence through the Dark’s inspiration in the minds of vain men who defy the Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God.

Once mankind fails to live in obedience to the Ruling Command of God, they place themselves 'under or within' the Dark and punitive aspect of God’s one Law "As you sow so shall ye reap." By placing himself into this Law of equal return, man then opened himself up to be deceived into believing in the use of more force, and man more easily ‘justifies’ the use of ‘arms, spears, axes, knifes, arrows or guns' to ‘achieve’ their needs, wants and desires to mete out 'payback' or to avoid suffering his dues.

More insidiously however is the fact that, having placed themselves under the punitive Law, they are now open to the seduction of the Dark, which can and does encourage them in the false belief that they will not suffer the consequence within the ONE immutable: "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of God if their punitive activities are 'mandated' by a legitimate official authority. This is error of belief.

We have now come so far on the path of deceit that none of us are aware that every ‘taxpayer’ supporting this contra RELIGION (governing & ruling systems with punitive codes of conduct ideology) is complicit to everything done in their name and on their behalf.

This means that everyone accrues a painful spiritual due which is a return unto them in this or the after-life, being all the suffering, injury, dispossession, banishment, punishment or killing inflicted on others that has been done on their behalf, whether within their own community or over the seas.

To ‘what’ END does God force everyone to ‘bow’ to this contra ideology? HE keeps everyone deceived so that they ‘believe’ they are only supporting a benign institution, when in fact they are NOT, and He does this to ensure their continued ‘defiance’ of THE Command of the Light so that He is ‘justified’ in destroying them. (The Dark energy aspect of THE SOURCE has NO mercy or forgiveness with ITS frame)

None of the ‘blind’ can see that during all this ‘contra’ activity, the Dark ‘energy’ comprising the negative emotions of everyone is growing 'bigger' within their souls like a cancer, and the ‘weight’ of this energy is what drags their souls into His underworld Domain of eternal suffering.

Persons employed by institutions named 'The legitimate government' by said institutional officials are persons who have been deceived by the beliefs of their forefathers, and are thus living under the 'delusion' that every 'citizen' is a 'party member' of their institution and thus to be held in 'bondage and enslaved' to ITS rules, decrees, acts etc.

I state: "I and most 'others' NEVER made any 'contractual' agreement to be a 'slave' to this institution, nor did I ever agree to be RULED by other mortal men posing as 'servants' who 'back' their beliefs with GUNS." So if you are so foolish as to pay their 'wages' you are committing a mortal and spiritual 'Sin' through your contravention of God's Holy Word, and you deserve everything you get thrust upon you, being more control, regulation, extortion, impoverishment, dispossession, punishment etc.

Lastly I answer point 3; God judges us on the basis of our activity, being our interaction with His other children. What we need to come to terms with is that the code of conduct ‘policy’ or ‘ideal’ enshrined within all government systems is in fact ones religion, and that has a bearing upon our activity 'conduct' because; what is done to others by our servants in our name and on our behalf, is in fact our responsibility.  Set out below is clarification of this fact:

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~ Religion ~

The word 'Religion' has become 'compromised' and 'lost.' The true meaning of the word religion has been distorted in the mind of man similarly to the word 'gay,' which is also distorted now symbolizing 'a homosexual person' rather than someone who is 'happy.' We should know that many homosexuals may well be joyful and thus 'happy & gay' but they like the rest of us might also be angry, jealous, vindictive, vain and arrogant or, depressed and sorrowful.

The word 'Religion' is the practice of the doctrinal code of conduct, (ideals) together with the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship. (God)

Ones ‘Religion’ is not the named institution such as Jehovah Witness, Dutch Reform, Islam, Christian, Catholic or Buddhism. Ones ‘religion’ is the "Warring or Peaceful" code of conduct activity or actions of the individual or their paid servants or other adherents to the organization or institution as ‘judged’ by God.

This ‘judgement’ by God is based upon the following:

1 – The base ‘nature’ of the tabled ‘doctrine’ set out by those ‘official’ members who ‘form’ the ideology of the institution. These are the rules/laws/rituals/rewards and punishments.
2 - The individual nature ‘displayed’ by individual members who fellowship with the institution, together with each individual’s code of conduct.
3 – The ‘activity’ of the officials of the institution who uphold its principles together with their individual code of conduct.

The 'Doctrine' is the teaching of a 'church' or religion or institution that forms the 'base' upon which a person bases their 'ethical' code of conduct. In 'brief':

The meaning of 'Religion' : In the 'case' of ones 'values' or 'faith,' ones 'religion' is NOT the name of the CHURCH. (Catholic or Anglican or Islam or Buddhism etc.) It is simply ones belief in a set of  VALUES or principles which one holds SACRED and inviolate.

In the 'case' of myself, it is to the Holy Word of God unto man to which I give my allegiance being; the Word of our Creator commanding man to be absolute pacifists, and to never fight or cause harm, nor support or fund 'warriors.' The Command being:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and 'turn the other cheek' if abused
 as you forgive your perceived enemy and you must never retaliate when faced by adversity."

It is God who ‘Judges’ all activity carried out by any member of any religion, whether the activity is carried by an individual or by an ‘official’ in the name of an institution. Each ‘activity’ carried out either individually or collectively is an activity ‘measured’ by God against His Primary Truthful and Ruling Command with its code of conduct demand. (Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness)

Remember, any activity that is in contravention of this Command is ‘offensive’ in His eyes, and the person is deemed to require ‘correction’ by HIM within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God. For this Law applies equally to any negative or punitive activity that was in contravention of the Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command: "Go your way in peace and love one another."

Ones 'faith' is not the named religion or institution, ones 'faith' or 'faithlessness' is ones capacity to 'bow' in conformity to the code of conduct ideals ordained by the super-power, God.

When a supposedly 'secular' organisation espouses a code of conduct, its legislators consider as the ‘ideal’ and they impose a 'policy' required to be adhered to by the populace, (whether forcefully or otherwise), it is in the enforced imposition of their ‘ideal’ that the secular institution acts as a religion.

Anyone belonging to a State institution is forced to uphold the ideals set out by the institutional religion. Failure to comply with the State results in punitive actions against any individual in breach of the policy enforcing the ideals of that State Religion.

True believers in peace and freedom should now realize the spiritual danger they are in, and they need to turn their ‘back’ on upholding the controlling and punitive systems of man/God and turn direct to the God of Light & Love, their True Sovereign Ruler.

What we are all required to do now is become brave by accepting that under God’s Command, freedom of religion is a fundamental human right. In other words we do have the ‘choice’ to go our way with God as our ‘Monarch,’ rather than Caesar. (The Nation or State)

So if you wish to set yourself free then you will need to read my ‘absolute pacifist’ document and follow my ‘way’ to freedom from State ‘control’ but, - - - you will have to face their wrath and suffer all your spiritual dues in the manner revealed within my web site.

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The 'Question' arising is: "Is there a place and time when a man of PEACE can live in accordance with his absolute pacifist belief - religion - ideology and not be hunted, persecuted, prosecuted and dispossessed of his possessions by 'infidels,'* being persons who are adhering to a contra controlling, punitive and 'warring' system of belief - religion - ideology having the belief in their 'right' to the use of 'rules' and force to RULE others, and to force them to 'bow' to their ideological belief - religion of War"?

The answer is "YES," and the 'why' is 'revealed' within the ‘pacifist’ & ‘secret’ documents, and the whole purpose of this document is to enlighten everyone who reads it. Ask yourself: "Why are you funding, supporting & condoning an oppositional religious doctrine to the one Commanded by God? (Being the forceful, controlling and destructive 'religion/doctrine' of State/Caesar)

Note: 'infidel,'* - An infidel is a person of any 'race' who does not espouse the religious ideal and 'belief' in absolute pacifism at all times and in all situations, and they are persons who justify the use of force (the sword-spear-axe-gun) in defiance of God.

They are the ‘unfaithful’ who defy God’s primary Command and use force and weapons to seize lands, enslave citizens, extort money and, they take ‘possession’ forcefully of whatever they want, and they banish, dispossess or destroy anyone in opposition to their way.

As for the question: "Why would a God of love ‘permit’ us to be ruled ‘forcefully’ by a deceptive, controlling, interfering, merciless, punitive and destructive, warring force? It is revealed within my web site in the 'secret' document.

And: "Is there an ongoing painful ‘comeback’ within God’s ONE immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" spiritual Law for fellowshipping with a contra punitive and dark ideology? YES.

And, as multitudes believe the Bible to be the ‘gospel truth’ I add my comments below, so that everyone gets to realize that I AM he the awaited Messiah, who will set EVERYONE free who follows ME, being the new revelations sent by God via my mind and ‘pen’ on my web site.

There are many men of the flesh who believe that everything written in biblical texts is 'The gospel truth' – There is a FACT being, - - that the TRUTH of the gospels is - - - that they are full of UNTRUTHS because, man has 'wrested the scriptures unto everyone's destruction.

Meaning, that every 'scribe' over the 'ages' has manipulated the texts and placed their own interpretation on every verse and, not only that, but they have also distorted the truth of the matter to such a point that TODAY, everyone believes FALSELY that they can continue on in their controlling, invasive, abusive, vindictive, punitive, warring and destructive way and not suffer within God's Law, - - - this is error of belief, - - - for none can 'void' or avoid the ONE "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God.

They also believe FALSELY that they are already safe and saved and they are NOT.

The ONE absolutely TRUE 'gospel truth' in the variety of different bibles on hand today is 2 Peter 3:16, for IT states quite categorically that the 'ignorant, depraved, unlearned, unstable, unwise' etc., HAVE 'wrested, distorted, twisted, and misconstrued' the scriptures unto their own destruction and, it follows that all mankind who follow these distorted teachings ALSO walk the wide road to Hell.

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As you will see below, the 2 Peter 3:16 texts taken from four separate bibles are ALL 'distorted' or different but, fortunately one can understand what is said being, that the scriptural 'Salvation bread' no longer exists because, everyone NOW believes that they can 'rely on the sword' in self-defence, and THAT is FALSE, for when faced by aggression-suffering-death, one must never use force to defend or retaliate, and, - - - they also believe that they can invade, seize, tax, control, punish & kill others and not suffer the consequence. This is ERROR of belief.

2 Peter 3:16 (King James Version)

As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they who are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.

2 Peter 3:16 (Wycliffe New Testament)

As and in all his epistles he speaketh in them of these things; in which be some hard things to understand, which unwise and unstable men deprave, as and in all epistles he speaking in them of these things; in which be some hard things in understanding, the which unwise, or untaught, and unstable men depraved, as also they do other scriptures, to their own perdition.

2 Peter 3:16 (Amplified Bible)

Speaking of this as he does in all of his letters. There are some things in those [epistles of Paul] that are difficult to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist and misconstrue to their own utter destruction, just as [they distort and misinterpret] the rest of the Scriptures.

2 Peter 3:16 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

16 He speaks about these things in all his letters, in which there are some matters that are hard to understand. The untaught and unstable twist them to their own destruction, as they also do with the rest of the Scriptures.  

It is I the Spirit of truth who states: "Look now to my Testament of Truth for it is written by my personal 'hand' and mind through which our Sovereign God speaks. Conformity to His Primary and truthful ruling Command as given by my hand is the only way to personal Salvation and that is revealed on my web site."

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~ The deceptive power of the DARK energy of the Source ~

Man is warned by God that HIS Dark energy is absolute deception, it has to so be because IT is the total opposite to HIS Light energy being truth absolute.

What is the 'job' and intent of this DARK energy essence? Simply to ensure that IT 'reigns' supreme and has NO 'opposition.' IT is THE POWER and IT 'brooks' NO 'pretenders' to ITS 'throne.'

IF it 'finds' that there is any 'other' speck of dark energy anywhere 'outside' of ITS space then it simply sets out to destroy IT by absorbing IT into itself.

When YOU the individual disobey THE CREATOR and 'sup' on the TREE of the knowledge of good and evil you are actually being tempted by said 'dark' energy to use IT in your interaction with others, and IF you so do, then you have proven to IT that you are not only defiant of THE CREATOR but that you also deserve to suffer forever before being annihilated by IT.

Why so? Because in your use of ITS power you must have caused harm to some other child of God or deceived them and that is an unforgiving ABOMINATION in the eyes of THE DARK.

The Dark essence cannot forgive and it is merciless and as all can now see, everyone living outside of the PURE LIGHT (except me) has some dark energy within their soul. (Sin - negative emotions)

God has sent my spirit soul down to this realm to enlighten everyone so that they can if they wish make an effort to purge their souls and return to the light. Actually, the eternally outpouring light energy is what purges ones soul, but in order to accomplish this you have to HALT drawing more dark energy IN through using IT.

You also have to suffer your spiritual DUES that you accrue each time you use dark energy and cause harm in some way to others, even if it is as little as interfering in their business or stealing their money etc.

In order to stop you from becoming FREE from It the Dark, it will always try and JUSTIFY in your mind a REASON to keep using it. It may simply incite you to retaliate when faced by adversity so as to halt the other from harming you.

There are a 'myriad' of ways it keeps man 'on the hop' using IT in their interaction with others without them even being aware of it.

As an example, if a dangerous man has killed a person in public, and another 99 are in danger of being harmed, the Dark will 'suggest' that to keep the 99 safe, the armed one must be shot dead, and this is exactly what societies' 'protectors' do and everyone supporting this punitive way accrue a further due to IT the Dark.

There is a REALITY that none see being, if you have NO 'debts' to IT then you can safely walk through a 'war' zone and the dark will not even 'bother' to look at you. The armed 'criminals' will 'somehow' ignore you or miss you if they shoot towards you.

Conversely, if you have any debts to PAY to become FREE spiritually, then I simply suggest that you accept that 'fate' you brought upon yourself and simply strengthen your mind as you await your coming FATE and NEVER rely on 'protection' as you maintain mental stability and suffer all imposed in NON-retaliation.

What 'if' ones children or other loved ones appear to be in danger of being harmed? Just try and remember that their spirit souls have existed forever 'somewhere,' and they may pre-birth have caused harm and they need to suffer the same within the 'eye for an eye' LAW of God's energy to become free.

Also remember that they are God's children in your 'care,' and you are not to protect anyone 'physically' using force. You must teach them to never defy God and that they must 'turn the other cheek' in non-retaliation when confronted or abused.

Teach them to always obey God's command so they accrue no more 'bad' karma. If they are injured or killed then it is God's imposition via the arrogant and ignorant.

Terence – the spirit of truth




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