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~ The DARK Secret ~

by Terence – the spirit of truth

page 1 - The introduction to the Dark Secret
page 6 - The power base of Evil
page 8 - The Crown & 'The Government'
page 10 - Earthly control by God the Monarch
page 12 - The 'dual' Secret exposed
page 13 - The 'Doom' of sinful man
page 14 - A 'delight' in God's sight
page 15 - God's governance of man
page 18 - The Dark Secret exposed
page 24 - Slave Master or Servant
page 25 - The freedom movement
page 26 - Freedom
ITEM Final 'Notice' to magistrates & judges

The beneficent, loving, merciful, compassionate, creative and truthful aspect of the Source God the Light Sovereign Power that wishes for ITS creation to live in peace and harmony and eternal happiness in ITS 'light' realm of pure bliss warns everyone at the time of their creation to never 'sup' on the 'fruit of evil,' that is the powerful and forceful dark energy of God the Father, the Dark Sovereign Power.

In the pure Light of Heaven there is no ruler of man, for everyone is free to go their way and simply be, for there is no restriction, control, enslavement, interference or aggression and no negative emotions (sin) exists within the soul of man, and God smiles at what He sees.

However, if your spirit soul was disobedient to His Command and did fall from grace and you now exist in one of the 'thousands' of realms outside that 'pure bliss' place there is no freedom, for every realm outside heaven is RULED with the stern 'fist' of the Father.

It is His Dark energy now exposed by me that operates clandestinely with ITS pure intent to destroy you for having been untrue to the Light. It sees all and It does not sleep and It is not ignorant as you are and, - - -

The Secret that the dark, merciless, cruel, controlling, enslaving, taxing, dictatorial, invasive, foreboding, destructive and deceptive invisible negative energy of the Source does not want you to know is that It exists.

Neither does He the Dark Sovereign Power want you to know of His absolute deceptive 'brilliance' and power over any that trespass into His Sovereign Domain, being the Domain of the Dark aspect of the Source, God who is merciless and unforgiving, malevolent, cruel, cold, hateful, vengeful, jealous, angry, critical and judgmental. It is the absolutely controlling and destructive authority of His that is His alone to use and wield and, - - -

If you 'trespass' into this Domain it is His sovereign duty unto Himself to deceive you, entrap you, and to cause you eternal torment. The 'power' within the 'energy' of this Domain is 'stickier' than the web of any spider, and once you have 'supped' on this Dark power it bonds to your soul a trillion times 'tighter' than any known bonding material.

Neither does He (The Dark Sovereign Power) wish you to know or believe that the 'use' of it (forceful, controlling, punitive & destructive energy) is forbidden by God and, neither does He (The Dark Sovereign Power) wish you to know or believe that this powerful energy is the energy of God the Father (The absolute Dictator) and, - - - 

The Secret that the deceptive negative energy of the Source does not want you to 'learn' or know is that only the Father (God) has the 'right' to use it in any interaction with His children and, - - - neither does He want you to know that he forgives no person that uses it and, - - - that if you do use it to in some way control or enslave or abuse or punish or destroy others in your interaction with others, you have shown Him your total disrespect of His creation (others) and thus, - - -

He then sets out to not only make you suffer 'equally' within His "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, but He also sets out to cause you eternal agony and, - - - to ultimately destroy you in the manner revealed by me. As said, He does not wish for you to see this fact and your ignorance is backed by your arrogance that is His dark energy of which a little is now contained within your soul.

Why does He seek to keep the above knowledge a secret? Because, once you have 'supped' of this energy it means that you have already defied the Command of the Light to not do so and have partaken of IT, and you deserve to be kept 'blinded' by His 'force' so that you continue using it and you continue to unknowingly accrue a very painful 'suffering' due.

As you now see, because the fullness of the secret had been lost by you, all have become so used to 'revolving' in darkness that you see its 'use' as normal. Thus you and your servants (State workers) and members of every religion all fund, condone, and support all the attributes of the DARK, for you all now believe in the 'Justice' of accountability, control, unforgiving merciless persecution, punishment and destruction etc.

Remember, you become the 'energy' you use, and either go DOWN and 'fall' into the Domain of the Dark or, you go UP and 'rise' into the Domain of the Light, and this means that as you use the energy of either, your soul becomes;

Light or Dark
Kind or Cruel
Positive or Negative
Happy or Sorrowful
Merciful or Merciless
Benign or Malignant
Calm and mentally peaceful or Irrational and mentally disturbed
Creative or Destructive

The 'Secret' being; "Only be kind, loving, peaceful. merciful, compassionate and forgiving" as God Commands.

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Man has been hell-bent for a long time for he adores his Imperial earthly King, Queen, or Chief, or his book of rules, and he merrily goes forth invading the territory of others and seizing their lands that become 'possessions' for his greedy, thieving, destructive head of State. Not seeing that his bright uniforms and supposedly honourable deeds are all Darkness in action and, - - -

Man also sees not that this dark energy driving him is in fact simply using his arrogance to fulfill ITS punitive 'eye for an eye' Law, as IT via him takes possession of others lands and makes them homeless, or makes them into slaves or abuses, punishes, or kills them, seeing not that the aforesaid 'actions' were their spiritual due unto HIM from the distant past. The supposedly 'superior' victors have accrued a similar fate and have stained their souls with more dark energy.

If you truly knew of the capacity of the Dark Sovereign Power to destroy you then you would not keep being Its 'instrument' of doom, and its power over you would recede and you would become free, but at present you are all on the wide road to HELL.

So my personal task for the Light is to give you all a second 'chance' before you plummet into the Abyss and suffer eternal misery. He the Father the Dark Sovereign Power did so 'agree' for His love of His Light is endless, and SHE the Creative Light sent me again to this dismal place to give you all a chance to show your grace. Read on so that you can come to a personally informed decision as to your next move.

The Dark energy of God is so powerful, deceptive, and treacherous that none of you even see that you are daily using it and revolving within ITS 'sector,' and all your negative interaction with others on a personal or 'State' level is perceived by you and all as 'righteous, honourable, normal, and good' because, - - -

IT the Dark has led all to believe that it is 'good' to use its punitive and painful energy to 'teach' the other to be respectful and peaceful rather than using the positive energy of the merciful, forgiving and educative Light and, - - -

It has led all to believe that peace and orderliness can be attained using forbidden force of arms and it cannot and, - - - it has led all to believe that using 'rules' as the mandate to defy the Light and be punitive and controlling somehow 'voids' ITS 'eye for an eye' Law. This is the gravest error of belief.

The fall from grace of mankind and the resultant travail, abuse, interference, regulation and ongoing enslavement to taxes, punishment and destruction began and continues on today when:

1 - A man SAID or,
2 - A band of men SAID or,
3 - A voted majority of men SAID or,
4 - A statutory 'rule' of an institution SAID:

"It is for your own benefit or, - - -it is for the good of all or, - - - it is for the good of our tribe or, - - - it is for our God that you must do what "I" or "we" or our "Decrees" tell you to do and, if you do not conform to "our" demands then you will be seen as a person needing 'correction' and you will be 'abused' punished or banished from our society, and this is because we are the ones to dictate to you the way that you must live and 'conduct' your life in order to satisfy us."

The reason "Why" mankind suffers is due to the FACT that the inspiration within each 1 to 4 'sector' above was an incitement by the Devil (DSP) for man to defy the "Go your way in peace and never control the ways of others" Command of the Light of God.

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The reason "Why" mankind suffers is due to the FACT that the inspiration within each 1 to 4 'sector' above arose telepathically from the mind of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) who is the ultimate controller, and HE using force of arms to 'back up' His demands forces all to remain within the DARK aspect of His "As you do sow so shall ye reap" LAW because, - - -

The 'moment' any person or group of persons use force to 'coerce' others to 'bow' to their 'will,' they are assuming the role of god-ship and they are also 'guilty' of using God's forbidden force and, - - - they place themselves within the punitive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law and, - - - they also draw more dark energy into their souls and their suffering becomes greater.

God's energy is PURE and absolutely 'Just,' be it the Light or the Dark, and once you have denied the Light and you did control, interfere, abuse, punish or wage war upon others, you have thus drawn in this pure dark 'aggressive' energy into your soul.

It is this Dark energy of the Source within you that is what justifies your own continuing negative and punitive action against others that it deems as needing punishment because the DARK is Justice, and it is the 'accountability' force, and it is righteous in its punitive deed, and it is merciless, and it is above its own Law and thus it never suffers but those that use it do suffer as they reap what they sow.

It is so powerful that those that use it to 'rule or punish' others believe that they are doing good, and they believe that their 'role' is honourable. Seeing not that they will receive an equal 'recompense' as those 'suffering' at their hands and, as all persons are either the actual 'enforcer' or the supporter of the enforcement system, that all community members simply accrue a bigger due to again be imposed upon all by the Dark Sovereign Power.

God 'permits' ignorant man to 'rule and punish' and to mete out retribution because they are in fact administering His 'eye for an eye' divine Law and, - - - as 'foolish' vain man does it for God, man places himself into a position where his God can then 'justifiably' take him down and out of His view as He and His Dark energy drags them into the underworld to be imposed upon by others.

Man ONLY 'lives' undisturbed in happiness once he places himself within the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of the Light Sovereign Power as he goes forth each day living the "Peace and love and mercy" way commanded by the Light.

It is via the mind and hands of those 'infidels' listed within sectors 1 - 4 above that God the superpower administers His retributive LAW on this and many lower realms and, - - - He only does this because vain man seeks to be as powerful and controlling as He, so our Creator who is more vain and proud and jealous than the sum total of everybody He has ever created and who abhors their arrogance, gives them a 'chance' to destroy their own soul for they have become His adversary and, - - - only I His 'Light' can see through His 'deception' that binds you all.

What you all need to see is when you have used His punitive energy you have disturbed its flow as you imposed it upon another, and it is only satisfied and at 'peace' when it has returned and been imposed upon you and thus set its 'record' straight and, - - -

As it fulfills its 'repayment' of suffering, control, interference or destruction through you, both IT and you feel 'replete' and satisfied that 'Justice has been done' and it is so, - - - but, - - -

What you also need to see is, that as your soul becomes 'stained' with this dark emotional energy as or whenever you use it, and you then become as IT (God) and you feel that you have to set the record straight (for it) and this is why 'persecutors' and others are 'insatiably' intent on bringing other 'offenders' to account. None seeing that as this they do, they accrue a further 'deadly' spiritual due of suffering within ITS "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

Sinful man (full of negative emotions of pride, greed, vanity, anger etc.) always seek to be seen to be powerful and to attain this stature they use force, issue commands, and control those that they use to attain their ends.

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True power belongs to the meek, for they have learnt that they cannot compete with their Creator and neither do they try to, and they know that true power that leads to spiritual freedom and happiness is the capability and capacity to resist the tempting thoughts * of the  Dark Sovereign Power that would lead them over the river into His Dark Domain.

Note: tempting thoughts * - being thoughts that 'justify' the need for you to use force or coercion or deception to attain your goal.

The meek are those that believe that God's Word is the Law not man's words, and they seek not to control or punish or destroy. They live and let live and give of their good counsel to the warmongers.

The rules in man's books of rules, acts, statutes are not the law of the land nor are they the law of God, they are simply the means whereby the Dark Sovereign Power (God the Father) administers His 'eye for an eye' Law of the retributive aspect of His Dark energy, and this 'suffering' is the fulfillment of the "As you did sow so do ye reap" Law that has naught to do with any non-conformity to the rules of man.

The 'earthly' administrators of this 'suffering' are in fact pretenders to His Throne and they place themselves squarely with His 'Court' on another day to be found 'accountable' and GUILTY within His "As you did do will be done unto you," and this 'dark' Justice * is meted out through the hands of others who are as ignorant of God's law as you are.

Note: 'dark' Justice * - the imposition of any control, punishment, abuse, detainment, enslavement or death.

It is time for all to see that - - - God is GOD not you.

I say this to every 'policymaker.'
I say this to every 'enforcer.'
I say this to every 'policeman.'
I say this to every 'magistrate.'
I say this to every 'warrior.'
I say this to anyone abusing any 'person.'
I say this to every 'judicial administrator.'

For all being paid a wage to uphold vocal or written orders or rules believe that it is honourable to so do, and this is the 'brilliance' of the Dark Sovereign Power, for He blinds them to the fact that NO 'mandate' or badge of authority issued by man exceeds His Law and His absolute authority.

What does the Dark Sovereign Power want you to believe? He wants you to believe that you have His divine authority to go forth and regulate, control, abuse, punish and destroy on His behalf. Foolish are those that see not that 'deception' and absolute treachery lies within the mind of the Dark Superpower, God.

The Dark energy of the Sovereign Power is itself calculating treachery as it flows silently unseen through your inner sin of anger, pride, etc., and its intent is singular. Being to attain its goal being its return to 'peace' each time it brings 'someone' to account, and if it can use your spirit to so do then you have become ITS victim.

The Dark Sovereign Power does not want you to see that 'counter terrorism' activities are terrorist activity that snares your soul and it brings a return of terror upon your own land and household.

The Dark Sovereign Power does not want you to see that 'earth' and its temporary life in the biological flesh is but a testing ground to see if you are 'ready' to become free from IT (The Dark Sovereign Power ) or be bound more in the after life.

The Dark Sovereign Power does not want you to see that, - - - if you fight to become free, - - - that you become more dark within, and ultimately end up as dark as He.

The Dark Sovereign Power does not want you to see that as man acts in 'unison' as a community, and all agree to control and regulations that define the 'code of conduct' of others or themselves and add punitive 'attachments,' that all are using ITS dark energy and all are falling deeper into ITS clutches.

The Dark Sovereign Power does not want you to see that you do not deserve to live in peace and harmony, and He is 'happy' for you to FIGHT * for what is or what is NOT your 'right,' for in so doing you fall deeper into the dark night. He does not want you to see that to attain peace and harmony that you must turn the other cheek and suffer in non-retaliation to 'fulfill' His Law and become free.

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As said many times before, to attain freedom and peace and paradise one has to first heed God's "Go in peace" command, and to cease using force, and to be merciful, compassionate and forgiving to those others sinfully living, as HE the Dark Sovereign Power uses them to abuse you and set you free from your past.

It is a delusion to believe that there is no repercussion from God when we act, for by our deed positive or negative God responds equally.
It is a delusion to believe that you are above the Law of God.
It is a delusion to believe that God does not exist simply because you cannot see God's face.

Let it be understood that those who do "bad deeds" do not "get away" with it, - - - for their Creator brings all 'offenders' to account within His Law at the time and in the place that HE chooses to so do.

Truly foolish is any man that goes forth to 'serve up Justice' on behalf of their Creator, or on behalf of any 'rule,' or on behalf of an 'order' given by another, or on their own behalf. For in every 'case' they have defied their Creators Command to "Be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving and go your way in Peace" and for sure His full reprimand will be 'agonising.'

Note: to FIGHT * - It is a common but false belief of man that if one is justified - - - to punish or fight - - - be it for the purpose of establishing peace, or as a deterrent against invasion of home or nation, or in an attempt to make others amend their ways, or for the enforcement of rules and regulations or, - - - that one can interfere in the affairs of others, control, invade, abuse, punish or wage war backed by the use of force and not suffer the "equal" return consequence within the Law of God, is as said, error of belief.

The word "fight" implies to contest with another in battle - to oppose - to resolve by struggle - to resist - to maintain your 'cause.' A policeman needs to see that when he 'arrests' a person that has contravened a 'rule,' that even though his interaction may appear peaceful that in fact it is not, because the policeman is backed by force of arms and he has 'fought' and won an invasive and controlling and punitive action by the mere fact that:

A - the person is coerced into paying money (a fine) to his (the policeman's) 'cause.' B - A person has been punished by a magistrate (a person) in the fulfillment of his 'cause.' In both cases the 'cause' was to uphold a book of rules and was thus perceived as 'justified.' None being aware that in the eyes of their Creator they had defied God's Code of Conduct Command and had waged war against another.

In the event that you are the 'victim' of either of the above then try and see that the Dark Sovereign Power used the rules and the minds of 'non-believers' to punish you in some way, possibly for a long past spiritual due that has naught to do with the 'rules' that the police or magistrate used to accomplish their 'Judgement' and punitive ruling. No person ever suffers nor are they brought to 'account' unless they have a spiritual due to the Source.

Note: to fight or oppose - You must not oppose negative action on the part of others. You must not participate in any 'offensive' action taken against others. For both these activities require the use of dark forceful energy that 'fuels' your emotions and directs your 'opposing' stance.

The use of any dark forceful energy is forbidden by God because it results in 'sorrow' as someone 'suffers' and, - - - the perpetrator of said suffering or abuse to another places themself within the 'eye for an eye' Law of God and,  - - -  they sully their own soul with dark forceful energy (the sin) and they fall further from the Light of heaven.

Just remember, if you are being persecuted or dispossessed you deserve it. Do not 'repel' your merciless enemy for they know not what they do * nor for whom they do it, for they are bound mentally and emotionally by ignorance and arrogance and even by rules in a book. Run from them but do not fight.

If you are being hounded by the 'rulings' of the Court of man then ask yourself: "Was I not foolish in funding a punitive and warlike institution that has persecuted and dispossessed and destroyed others in my name and on my behalf"? Foolish are those that give support to punitive institutions, for they receive a deserved due within God's Law. Foolish are those that for a 'pieces of silver' wage work as 'enforcers'  for punitive institutions, for they receive a deserved due within God's Law.

 Note:  know not what they do * - They know not that what they do unto you will be done unto them within the Law of God at a later time and place

~ The power base of Evil ~

Evil of itself is simply an energy that exists, and it is a latent power similar to the invisible energy within an electricity power line. In this it is stationary in relation to you until you decide to make use of it as you consciously or unconsciously 'switch' it on, either personally or via others paid by you to so do.

You are only 'safe' from its intangible power when you do not use one of its many 'facets' known or unknown. Once you 'draw' upon this Evil energy in your interaction with others you place yourself within its 'Just' Law, that is simply a return unto you of what you put out as you used it. That is Justice and in conformity to God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" statement of FACT, for it is the negative aspect of God's energy.

Why is this energy named "The Devil or the Beast"? Because it is both 'devilish' and beastly. For the result of its use leads one to cause another and ultimately ourselves to suffer, and once we have used its 'power' we then are 'hounded' by it as it endlessly seeks to maintain its 'flow' using us as its 'channel' to perpetuate abuse and suffering and, its power grows within us. (The Sin = negative emotions)

On a spiritual level, it maintains control over us via the vibration of its Dark emotional energy within us, and as situations arise and we feel - critical, vengeful, jealous, vindictive, vain, proud, angry, hateful etc., being its dark energy, we become mentally inspired by it and its invisible 'agents' to 'break and enter, invade, control, enslave, suppress, condemn, abuse, punish, destroy' others in some way.

Note: invisible 'agents' - Ignorant wicked spirit people (lost souls - demons) that exist and link in telepathically via the vibration of negative dark emotions.

On a material level, HE The Dark Sovereign Power maintains control over us through:

A - Religions, being institutions that use rules (His) that control the freedom of persons and that have His power to 'cast out, condemn, punish, wage war, deceive and destroy' etc. All attributes of the Dark energy essence of God.

B - Government institutions that use rules (His) that control the freedom of persons and that have His power to 'cast out, condemn, punish, wage war, deceive and destroy' etc. All attributes of the Dark energy essence of God.

How does it the Evil energy of The Dark Sovereign Power maintain its grip on mankind? Its forces need to be 'fed and watered' and supplied with the necessary 'arms' and munitions to enable it (via men) to maintain its grip over all, and this 'suppliance' is given in more than one way being:

1 - The taking by force of produce directly from producers of food or other.
2 - The taking of funds by direct and enforced taxation.
3 - By deceiving people into believing that it is in their best interest to rely on the System (its) for their physical and spiritual protection.
4 - By using religious fervour to incite the individual to be its punitive arm for 'free' at no monetary cost to anybody.
5 - By past precedent whereby all have been deceived by the ways of their forefathers and now believe that the use of EVIL force to enforce peace is normal, rather than simply using benign energy and being peaceful themselves.

It follows that for Evil to flourish and to accomplish its 'ends,' (destruction of humanity and claiming all souls to its lower world) that it will have to maintain its grip over humanity. For if it cannot pay the wages of its 'servants' the armed forces on earth then they will 'revolt' and go home to their families and no longer go forth to harass and steal and cause untold misery on its behalf. (Reapers in action)

It needs to be remembered, that spiritual Salvation is a personal quest. Therefore it is important that you understand that if you are by 'taxes' supplying the arms that destroy others or, you are by 'taxes' paying the wages of a person who goes forth to bring others to account and thus punish them, that you are promoting and funding and condoning EVIL, and you will suffer the consequence within the Law of God.

It follows that to cease funding the dark system by no longer paying sales taxes, that you the 'seller' must not add the sales tax onto your bill.  If you continue to so do, then it becomes your 'liability' as such, and not that of the purchaser, for the seller is the one adding taxing 'levies' upon the cost of the goods, and as such is taking more for their goods than their 'due,' through their own fear of reprisal or ignorance of the spiritual implications.

It also follows that when you 'sack' the Taxation department by making a personally informed decision to no longer pay them Income tax monies, that their forces men will hunt you down and seize your property, and they will make life very difficult for you as you 'suffer and lose.' Believe you me, it is better to suffer and lose without retaliation, for only thus do you pay outstanding dues to the Dark Sovereign Power for when in the past you or your services men (employees-servants) caused others to suffer and lose possessions.

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Let it now be clearly understood that every person 'owes' dues unto GOD (The Dark Sovereign Power) and due to this fact, He God does not wish to set you free from suffering because of your disobedience to Him and His command.

Let it now be clearly understood that in order to become free from Him and His punitive forces that you will have to suffer your 'dues' without retaliation or, you will never get free, and will suffer for eternity.

Let it now be clearly understood that He will use every 'trick' up His sleeve to convince you that it is in your best interest to keep funding His dark forces. The main 'trick' that makes it easy for Him to so do is due to your programming, wherein you can be persuaded that it is 'good' and for the betterment of all to fund the State coffers due to all the 'good' that is done with 'some' of the money and, that they will protect you.

This accompanied by your fear of suffering and fear for your children that you can be easily 'coerced' into continuing to be 'numbered' by Him as ONE that continues to fund, condone, and support His forces.

Let it now be clearly understood that His main control over man (other than mental, emotional and ignorance) is via money. (Taxing transactions)  For money is the 'medium' of exchange of energy today. Certainly goods exchanged for goods is another way of living, but the majority are now unable to feed themselves as their energy has not been in 'food production.'

Let it now be clearly understood that "The EVIL Beast" using rules has already established His way of ensuring that you 'bow' to Him and support Him, for this is done via the Income tax and  Sales tax each time you make purchases, for every 'seller' of goods is also bound to be His 'extortionist' or be put out of business. Now you begin to see your present and coming difficulty.

Let it now be clearly understood that the present 'system' of control will become greater, as will the punitive factor for any person that makes the effort to walk 'free' and to no longer fund Him and His forces. Yes, your supposed 'servants' inspired by Him will do all they can to maintain their own wages for if they did not, then they would feel fear and they would suffer. None of them yet able to see that the more they 'enforce' and control you, the greater their own loss and suffering to be ahead within His Law.

Let it now be clearly understood that any form of 'ID' card or 'implant' security code that you 'carry' or use in a transaction that enables Him (His forces operating on His behalf) to 'legally' seize a 'tax' fraction of the monies exchanged in any transaction marks you invisibly on your soul 'forehead' as: "A person that has made a contribution to the 'coffers' of the Dark Evil force and they are thus a person needing to be 'corrected' and they will suffer according to the 'amount' of their contribution as it is 'tallied' by the 'Scales of Justice' * of God."

Note:  'Scales of Justice' * - Let it be clearly understood, that you receive an equitable 'eye for an eye' return unto yourself for personal interaction with others, be it good for good given or abuse for abuse imposed. Let it also be clearly understood that you also receive an equitable 'eye for an eye' return unto yourself for personal interaction with others by your paid servants operating on your behalf and in your name, be it good for good given or abuse for abuse imposed.

Let it now be clearly understood that The "Pay up or else" demands by the enforcers of institutions will soon be 'backed' by such punitive savagery that all will know that the END (for them) is here, as it already is for those already mutilated and dispossessed and in great physical and emotional trauma and, - - -

I now speak to YOU the reader of this Epistle and say: "Do not expect to be left to live in 'peace' when your 'servants' go forth and cause untold misery and suffering and destruction to others."

Let it now be clearly understood that this 'Dark Secret' is now fully exposed and it is now up to you as a taxpayer or you as an 'enforcer' being funded by taxes to decide as to your next move. For God is God and God's Law is immutable.

If the rules of an organisation inflict control over people then the rules are 'Master' and the people are its SLAVES. If you 'uphold' rules by paying taxes that employ 'enforcers of rules' then you are GUILTY of Slavery, and you will be made a slave by the Dark Sovereign Power.

If the 'coffers' of any institution use the funds base for both good and evil purposes, then I suggest that you halt all funding to them and you fund the community operations and welfare of the sick or elderly directly.

If an institution is acting as a Service Provider to the community and it 'offers' a multiplicity of services, then the individual must be able to 'freely' give and contribute to the provision of services that they wish to and, they also may select the service offered that they wish to use. It is gross error on the part of any organisation to enforce community contribution to all its services, and it is gross error to punish and impose terror upon any that do not.

Elders and other 'head' officials of institutions that provide 'Services' to the community need to amend the code of conduct ways of their institutions and 'servers' and bring all interaction into line with the Command of God: "Go your way in peace and love one another and do not control, punish or abuse any other." Failure to do this ensures their own eternal suffering in the depths of the Abyss for their vanity and defiance of THE CREATOR.

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~ The ‘Crown’ and the Institution named ‘The Government’ ~

Let it be clearly understood that the Autocratic and dictatorial authority of the earthly ‘Crown’ headed by an earthly man named ‘King’ or woman named ‘Queen’ is based solely upon the use of force of arms.

In order to maintain a superior position of control over others, the ‘Crown’s’ forces men receive a mercenary wage * to go forth and invade, seize, rob, rape, pillage, enslave, tax, punish or destroy any others that they are told (ordered) to so do by their superior officers or the rules in their unholy book and, - - -

This Caesar style military dictatorship ‘policy’ has in latter years been passed on to other Nations and their State and local council departments. All raised up unholy books of RULES as their code of conduct guidelines, and all persons within the borders that they control using said force of arms are coerced into bowing to their ‘belief’ system of forceful dictatorship.

Note: mercenary wage * - Any person that takes a wage that forces them to go forth and investigate, seize property, detain, persecute, prosecute, judge, punish, control, kidnap, incarcerate or kill any other person in the course of their duty to their ‘master’ their book of Rules is a mercenary who for 30 pieces of silver sells their soul to the Devil, as they go forth in defiance of God’s Command to : “Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving.”

These ‘infidels’ come in many a guise, some as men wise, and they all partake of the fruit of the forbidden tree because they cannot see that God is the Sovereign Power and that God’s Law reigns supreme and IT (God’s Law) states: “As you sow so shall ye reap” and, let it now be here known that all ‘errant offenders’ will weep.

Every government on earth is simply an institution that funds the wages of its workers through extortion from the general populace, and it also funds all of its projects by monies extorted from the purses of the community members.  It is the only 'institution' of the land that 'self-licences' itself to do whatever its officials wish to. (Self empowered) 

Note: Self empowered - By self-controlling the 'scriptural' verse in its sacred 'text books' it entitles itself to be 'as God' on earth and to thus do whatever its 'text books' enable it to.  Its 'bible' being its sacred texts permit every activity that is in contravention of God's Primary Command:

The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command to you is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving.

The unholy 'texts' actually force the 'forces' men to do all the things that the community are forbidden to do in their 'line of duty,' and the State 'operatives' are licensed to control, invade, interfere, seize property, steal goods, kidnap citizens, hold them as hostages in jails, cause personal injury and kill as required.


The taxation system that includes all 'royalties, levies, excise' etc., are forcefully taken* from the community and, if we condone or support or fund this forceful, coercive and extortionist 'way of living' conduct it means that we are defying God's Commanded way of living, and any/all resultant suffering or loss or disadvantage caused to other community members becomes a 'return due' to us within the context of God's Law. 

Note: forcefully taken - threat of punishment, banishment, or eviction and dispossession of goods for non-conformity
This also applies to any punishment meted out to anyone in the community for non-payment, non-conformity etc., being the suffering endured by prisoners that spend endless 'time' in prisons as well as all 'collateral' suffering to their families.
This also applies to all 'sanctions' imposed upon other nations, and all suffering caused through injury, loss of life or limb or destruction of material property and loss of way of life through war. This 'activity' places every taxpayer' into the absolutely 'Just' aspect of God's Law: "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you."
Thus our 'Social responsibility' to others is the need for everyone to ONLY support benign community works by their free giving donations, and/or by paying the quoted 'cost' of community services rendered that one has asked for.

If you believe that you live in a Democracy then you are living in a DELUSION brought upon by precedents of the false beliefs of your ancestors that assumed that ‘The Crown’ or its representatives were ‘God’ incarnate having ‘blue blood’* in their veins or, - - -

You live in the false belief of ‘democracy’ simply because you are able to ‘vote’ for ‘someone’ to dictate their ongoing ‘decrees’ that bring you all to your knees by taxation and control or, - - -

You live by their rules and their ‘offensive & punitive’ codes of conduct policy and fund them simply because you fear the consequence of not funding their ways due to the powerful forces of darkness that will punish you and destroy your way of living for any non-conformity to their Ruling ways and decrees.

Note: ‘blue blood’* - Any person using their ‘blue blood’ royalty status to uphold any system of control over the freedom of movement or living ways of others is a megalomaniac, a person that by their own ‘blue blood’ status show God that the Devil’s ‘poison’ runs within their ‘scarlet’ blood that they have turned into mud due to their enslavement of His children.

Simple man is fearful of going it ‘alone’ with his God because he has also been told that if he does not support ‘The government,’ then he is guilty of being ‘selfish’ due to the fact that the ‘State’ systems do some good works with the monies they take by forceful taxation.

It is now I to expose that every ‘forceful’ institution of any ‘name’ or in any ‘guise’ is an operative for the Dark Sovereign Power (God-Devil) and it is I to expose the sad fact that every person supporting any such institution is defiant of and in contravention of God’s “Peace” Command, and is to now be subjected to a very heavy reprimand * by their spiritual Crown the Dark Sovereign Power (God) for their ‘uncivil’ disobedience.

Note: reprimand * - The fulfillment of God’s superior Law “As you or your servants unto others did or yet do will by ME be done unto you.”

The only way to HALT your personal ongoing suffering is to stop having more suffering ‘accrued’ on your behalf by ‘servants’ that operate in your name because you are funding them to so do.

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The insidious enslavement and ‘control’ over you by the ‘policing’ office bearer of State institutions is so strong, that all now assume that it is wrong for them to go about their daily business (work and play) unless they have paid a ‘State tax’ or other fee to the ‘coffers’ of the strongly armed ‘The Crown’ forces department that exist in every village and town.

You are not even ‘permitted’ to operate a ‘friendly’ group school to freely educate your children unless you pay a ‘levy’ to ‘Caesar’s’ men and conform to his ruling decrees as to what and how you must do it.

If you try to ‘go it’ as per your own conscience you will be forcibly shut down and punished because, ‘free will’ and the ‘exercise’ thereof no longer exists on earth in any land. The ‘will’ of past and dark precedents rule all. This is because every community now acts as a ‘lost’ TRIBE that is merciless, unforgiving, and punitive in its ways towards any ‘minority’ that does not conform to the ‘majority’ or the Ruling RULES policy.

The community ‘Tribe’ casts out any person that does not contribute towards the ‘masses’ in accordance to the ruling taxation decrees of the day, and they are CAST OUT of their home and society and their homes and business stolen, and some are even jailed or banished to another land to become ‘homeless.’

Liberty and democracy and freedom is not to be found on earth as the ‘System’ of Dark rule has used force of arms to seize control of all land, rivers, forests, and the seas that are controlled for and on behalf of the  Dark Sovereign Power (God-Devil) by mercenary forces that perceive their own enforcement and punitive actions as honourable.

No Institution has ANY authority over you.
No ‘Constitution’ raised up by others has ANY authority over you.
No person working for an institution or its 'Constitution' has any authority over you.
You do NOT lose your ‘free will’ simply because of a ‘majority vote’ by others.

God is the absolute Authority and God the Light Sovereign Power and God the Dark Sovereign Power grants all Her/His creation freedom to live in accordance with their own conscience, - - - as long as it is within the ‘bounds’ of the Command: “Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving.”

So as you can see, you have all lost your ‘free will’ to live in Peace because you all defy the Command as you vote for, support and condone a warring, controlling, taxing and punitive earthly 'Crown' or 'man' Chief or System that enslaves others.

You need to see that God the Dark Sovereign Power exists, and HE is the ONE that is controlling and enslaving you and making you suffer at the hands of the ‘State’ because YOU deserve it within His ‘eye for an eye’ Law, and all His ‘enforcement’ operatives accrue a further daily ‘suffering’ due as do you for being so ignorant, arrogant and foolish to uphold His Darkness when it is forbidden by Him to so do and, - - -

It follows that all supporters of any 'punitive' system become more controlled, taxed, coerced and interfered with, and the ongoing problems are imposed by the Dark Sovereign Power through the the minds of the vain, arrogant and greedy that rule you in the false belief that they are 'God.'

Foolish are any that ‘fight’ against His forces in order to implement change for the better. Better to go your way in Peace as COMMANDED and then when you have paid past dues to Him you will be free to live peacefully under His protection.

Foolish are any that continue to vote in or fund any ‘The Gov’ institution that uses force of arms, for in this they become complicit to the enslavement of and taxation of and punitive abuse of and destruction of others, and all fall into the ABYSS of eternal suffering for that is their due for being untrue to their Creator.

It is now the time to ‘get on with your life’ without ‘the Gov’ as your ‘wife/husband/partner’ or ‘Master.’ IT the institution via its ‘rules’ says: “You cannot live without our control and if you try, then we will use FORCE to keep you ‘captive’ to our ‘warlike and punitive and taxing’ belief. “

Heed now me, go your way in peace and only fund sectors of the community directly, be it schools, roads, hospitals, aged welfare etc. Do not fund any persecution or punishment or war. Only fund a ‘Peace’ Corps of unarmed men that only detain those that do disturb the peace for the purpose of their rehabilitation as per MY ‘Feeling Easier Seminar' and then set them free. 

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~ Earthly control by God the Monarch ~

God the Monarch IS the absolute authority, and God has two aspects, the creative Light (She) and the absolute authority and destroyer (HE) and, - - - HE is the Dark Sovereign Power that rules in every land outside heaven with a very stern fist, for in the Light of Heaven all are FREE from His interference or control because, - - - all are a delight in His sight due to their loving and peaceful ways that are in conformity to His Command.

Let it be clearly understood that the benign aspect of the Light of God is also operating in this realm through the positive emotions and minds of the good that are helpful, kind, compassionate and forgiving, and the Light also inspires the positive endeavours of mankind and community services.

However, every spiritual realm of consciousness outside heaven including the material earth plane is presently 'ruled' by very forceful men, be it a small island in the sun or the biggest nation, each has a dictatorial Monarchical style system being a 'head honcho' with his 'cohorts' of armed men and their sets of 'rules' that are forcefully imposed upon everyone.

Why is this so? Ask yourself: "Where is the LOVE of one for the other that God commands"?  The answer is simple: This world is now like the 'city' of Sodom & Gomorra, a place where evil flourishes within the soul of errant man, and greed, vindictiveness, criticism, hatred, anger, jealousy, vanity, pride, control, extortion, and unforgiving merciless retribution, punishment and war is a daily way of life and, even the seemingly nice or kind will 'turn' like a 'cut snake' if you trespass upon them and they will sue you in a court of man.

Again I ask: "Where is the mercy, compassion, forgiveness and LOVE that God commands"?  Why do I ask this again?  Because I am now here on earth to 'retrieve' any ONE person that can 'turn' their mind into the required manner of respect for the other, and become a delight in God's sight before THE LAST DAY when everyone else is destroyed, and their spirit soul is sent away INTO the ABYSS where they deserve to go for swerving 'that way' as their personal choice.

Let it be clearly understood, when you defy God then THE FATHER becomes your personal ENEMY, and He using His invisible 'punitive' demonic forces below sets out to destroy your arrogant evil soul, and against Him and His superior forces you cannot win unless you now 'listen' to me, for it is only I inspired by the Light of God that can enlighten your mind enough to give you the 'chance' to make amends as said, before THE LAST DAY, being the day when God's greatly increased flow and outpouring and 'purging' Light that can cleanse your soul, of the dark energy you drew into your soul, slows for another eternity of time.

On that 'THE LAST DAY' if your spirit soul still has any 'speck' of darkness within, (negative emotions) then your spirit will be unable to enter into the Promised Land wherein no dark exists within the soul of man and by your own continuing bad deeds you condemn your own loveless soul to Hell.

Let it be clearly understood, there is NO 'forgiveness' in God the Father.  That teaching is from perverted scripture that was written to deceive you by 'priests.'  Being naught less than simple men in 'robes' that sought to control you, and to steal your money as you came their way asking them to (for God) bless you and forgive you, as they granted 'forgiveness' using their silly rituals.

When you are less than 'loving and kind and merciful,' and for a 'wage' or for arrogance or vanity you interfere, control, punish or wage war upon others for any reason, then you place yourself within the punitive aspect of the immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God and as said, within the context of THE LAW of God there is NO 'avoidance' clause.  You must PAY your spiritual dues before being set free and then 'forgiven' as such.

How does the DARK forceful and punitive 'arm' of God mete out divine retribution?  In more than one way, for primarily it is simply the negative emotions within errant man that permit dark thoughts to in some way 'justify' their negative expression, whereby they abuse another.  The abused is always simply suffering a 'due' they accrued in the past in this or a prior life time.  The 'abuser' accrues a similar due at that moment, to be 'suffered' at a later time and place chosen by the invisible dark forces that operated clandestinely and telepathically through the mind of the abuser.

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The punitive 'arm' of God also operates through the mind of the vain, proud and arrogant, that using force raised up 'armies' that went forth as 'avenging' and 'thieving' infidels that seized control of others lands, and in the process they were DARK operatives being incited from dark spirit realms filled with merciless spirit beings.

These same forces now control and patrol every land on earth and operate as the ruling 'elite' in every land using forceful rules of engagement that ensure that everyone remains a 'bonded' slave to their governing system that uses forceful coercive means to keep the elite and the enforcers of the establishment 'funded.'  Why?  Because these punitive and controlling forces are God's retributive 'arm' in action over this earthly land.

Let it be clearly understood that HE God the Father is the ONE that via the minds of sinful man elevated every controlling rule and punitive 'factor' via the minds of the vain, proud, and arrogant 'heads' of State and, - - - His invisible spirit forces did this for Him telepathically so as to punish errant mankind within His 'eye for an eye' Law.

These 'rules' force State workers to interfere in the lives of all.  So in fact it is God the Father controlling their ways, stealing their money, permitting war etc., because, each and every one of them defy His Command to "Love one another and live in peace" as they interfere, tax, control, steal, punish and wage war or, they pay others to do it for them or to protect them, and this reliance upon force causes much anguish to others.

Let it be clearly understood, the more you individually condone and support and fund the 'ways' of His (God's) earthly punitive belief system, a 'faithless' doctrine and religion of control, punishment and WAR, the greater become the impositions that HE inspires telepathically in the minds of mortals, and greater becomes the suffering, extortion, and interference that all are forced to endure.

Let it be clearly understood, ONLY those that walk 'apart' from supporting the punitive aspect of the systems of man by being absolute pacifists and not supporting or funding the system by 'fine or tax or fee levy or stamp duty or excise' etc., are by Him permitted to walk apart from His earthly institutions and have Him and His LIGHT as their invisible and benign Monarch once they have paid all accrued spiritual dues. 

This means that these 'few' TRUE that have paid their spiritual dues through not retaliating in the face of adversity are no longer required to be subjected to even ONE of the 'governing' rules, statutes, decrees, taxes, laws, etc., of any land because, they do not need to be taxed or controlled nor punished by Him because, they acknowledge Him as the Monarch and bow in conformity to His "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command. 

He only uses said rules to control or tax or punish those continuing to be UNTRUE.  The TRUE simply go their way and freely give their support to whatever community endeavour they are inspired to by the LIGHT of God, for they are not a 'supporting' member of the government Institution.

Every person in the land from the 'King' down to the poorest 'labourer' needs to understand that any of them or any person employed within any department of 'governance' that uses their position of authority to impose legislation upon others having any punitive attachments for non-conformity, are themselves defiant of the "Peace & love" Code of Conduct commanded by God the Monarch, and they accrue a spiritual due for every 'activity' they do/did that inflicts any suffering, imposition, loss, interference, fine or punishment upon others, and He (God) within His 'eye for an eye - as you did sow so shall ye reap' Law will do the same unto them in this or the after-life.

Every 'civilian' on earth needs to understand that, - - - if they are supporting or funding the punitive system of man and/or God the Dark Sovereign Power that, - - - they are complicit to all the control, punishment or interference carried out in their name and on their behalf against other members of the community, and this also places them within His (God's)  'eye for an eye - as you or your servants did sow - so shall ye reap' Law, and HE via the minds of others equally arrogant or ignorant will do the same unto them in this or the after-life.

Every 'believer' in the superpower God needs to now amend their ways and only educate others that disturb the peace of the land, and by their free giving from monies they have earned, they will happily support the community effort.

Every 'believer' in the superpower God needs to ensure that their every 'activity' is in conformity to the 'bounds' of His "Go your way in peace and be loving, kind, helpful, compassionate, merciful and forgiving" Command.  This will ensure that your 'return' TRIBUTE within the LAW of God is equally benign.

If for a 'wage' or simply to satiate your dark inner emotions of anger, hatred, arrogance etc., you interfere in the lives of others and cause them duress or hardship or suffering then, these 'loveless' activities will ensure your continued downward slide to Hell, excruciating anguish and eventual 'extinction' for the duration of an eternity.  God is THE AUTHORITY who leads all the 'loveless' into the Abyss, for they by deed prove to Him of their worthlessness.

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~ The greatest SECRET exposed ~

The 'secret' revelation I now give is, that God the Father the absolute Monarch  has TWO COMMANDS. 

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command to you is:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

It follows that any person that defied this command above committed TREASON against the Light of Heaven, and was banished from 'Paradise-heaven' into other realms including this one, having placed themselves within the DARK aspect of God's domain, and that 'aspect' is absolutely DECEPTIVE and absolutely destructive, for there is NO mercy nor forgiveness within the Dark energy of God the Dark Sovereign Power.

Once man has placed their arrogant 'worthless' seed into Its 'Domain,' (The Domain of the Dark energy of God) God invokes a secondary command to all those that offended Him through their vanity, pride, or arrogance.  

Its deceptive intent is to seduce man into controlling, regulating, enslaving, punishing and killing others on ITS behalf, so that the He the Dark Sovereign Power can then do the same unto them within His absolutely Just "Eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap" Law, and they then deservedly suffer on in perpetuity for their ongoing defiance of the Primary ‘loving’ Command. 

The secondary DECEPTIVE and RULING Command is:

"Bow in submission to each and every State decree or 'rule' raised up by My earthly king, chief, politician, or other in authority." 

As you the 'arrogant, errant and deceived' so dutifully conform to, submit to and fund the State because you have been deceived into believing in the 'Justness' of punishing others, then you are defiant of The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command and, as you bow to the State and fund its controlling 'ways' because you FEAR the punitive consequence, it means that you are 'Guilty' of funding the control, extortion, punishment or injury imposed by State operatives upon others.

For in conforming to God's DECEPTIVE Command, man walks further away from the Light and becomes filled with more dark energy, and seeks to be more retributive, punitive etc., and by this means they are by God's Dark energy taken away from His Light, His sight, and to live as beasts among His other 'bad' seeds, a place deep in the dark where there exists only torture and travail, and all do silently 'wail' for their cries are unheard amongst the cacophony of sound.

The more you through FEAR bow in subservience to the DECEPTIVE ruling command, the deeper becomes your complicity to iniquity, and the greater become your accrued spiritual dues of 'suffering,' and more dark energy grows within your soul, and the more 'self-righteous' and arrogant you become as you walk deeper into the Dark.  In this world everyone is presently sliding backwards and downwards towards the darkness and travail.

You can only become free by NOT funding or supporting nor condoning warfare and other controlling and punitive iniquity.  To do this is difficult and takes great courage, because great forces and powers will by God the Dark Sovereign Power be set upon you in order to cause you the harm you deserve.  Only as you 'suffer' your personal crucifixion and pay all outstanding dues to God do you become free.  Your 'inquisitors' become more bound, and this I try my best to get them to see.

From 'whence' and 'how' did the 'self-empowering' scriptural text in books of rules entitling itself to be 'as God' on earth arise?  It arose from the 'Sin' within man, being the Dark emotions of arrogance, pride, vanity, and greed through which the 'Devil' spoke, and His 'thoughts' deceived man into believing that they were as God with the right to enslave, govern, control, punish and destroy.

This punitive 'Court' and warring system is 'allowed or enabled' by God the Dark Sovereign Power to deal out punishment to those who presumed the 'right' to use God's Judging and punitive energy, and they receive a just due under the "As you sow so shall you reap" LAW via other vain, proud, ignorant and arrogant sinners.

It is also God's way of trapping us into more and more use of  His Dark energy as we support the 'governing' system that deal out His punishments.  For by supporting that Dark system we take in more and more darkness into our souls and accrue more suffering dues, for our support of punitive systems enables others to be judged and condemned and punished through "man's legal system."  Since this is all done in our name, on our behalf and with funds supplied by us, we partake in the negative energy utilized by that system to deal out that punishment!

From 'whence' and 'how' did the 'self-empowering' men such as 'Caesar' and other Kings entitling themselves to be 'as God' on earth arise?  Initially it arose from physical strength and the use of force.  But then men of the 'cloth' cloaked in the guise of 'Salvation' bowed to the power of mortal man and gave them 'legitimacy' by giving their FALSE 'blessing' to the deception as they 'crowned' mortal man as 'god on earth.'

Mankind of every race  is now totally deceived by their own 'priests,' and ignorantly does whatever is 'proclaimed' by kings or their legislative ‘enforcers’ operating within the DECEPTIVE secondary ruling command and, thus everyone is complicit to the control, extortion, abuse, punishment and killing of others. 

As I believe in LOVE and mercy and forgiveness, I only 'bow' in conformity to the PRIMARY Ruling Command of God, for the secondary one I do not 'believe in,' for I see it and its ideological policy as deceptive and misleading, and its control and punishment as being in contravention of the PRIMARY Ruling Command.

Certainly any positive code of conduct principles contained in the statutes of men that are educative and good are conformed with by me, the ROAD code for example: "Drive on the correct side of the road so as to be safe and to secure the safety of others," but my adherence to this policy does not mean that I in any way condone or fund or support the Institution as a 'whole' nor do I see it as being 'mine,' for by that act I would be complicit to the regulation and punishment imposed upon others.

I would never report any 'offender' to the police and their enforcement unit as they would receive 'correctional' punishment that is contra the primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command.  If I saw a person disturb the peace of the land I would try to educate them myself or, I would 'report' them to wise elders so that they could be caught and counselled and then be set free, as per the 'Feeling Easier' Seminar invoked by God through me.

The secondary DECEPTIVE and RULING Command is ONLY directed at those that defied the primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command, and they became persons liable to BE deceived due to their offensive arrogance, and they have become persons that in God's eyes are no longer 'worthy' to love or be loved, and thus GOD sets out to destroy their bad and 'faithless' seed using His DARK deceptive, seductive and forceful energy.

It follows that: Any person that is an absolute pacifist and by their deed shows this to both man and God, and is a person that is not a serving 'party' member by 'vote' or fiscal support to any controlling or punitive  governing institution of man, is a person to whom the: Laws, rules, decrees, acts, proclamations, taxes, levies etc., of the governing institution do NOT apply because, they are not 'subjects of' nor by God being subjected to:

The secondary DECEPTIVE and RULING Command

"Bow in submission to each and every State decree or 'rule' raised up by My earthly king, chief, politician or other in authority." 

Any person being a member of any governing institution that is an enforcer, magistrate or other that takes it upon themselves to in any way interfere in the life of a person that does disturb the peace of the land or, because a person is 'offending' the rules of 'State,' for the purpose of their punishment, is conforming to the secondary DECEPTIVE and RULING Command but, they are defying God's Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command' and place themselves within the punitive aspect of God's Law due to their treasonable actions.

Any person being a member of any governing institution that is an enforcer, magistrate or other that takes it upon themselves to in any way interfere in the life of the absolute pacifist is in fact in contravention of the 'Freedom of religion' clause of the Constitution of their OWN institution as well as 'The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command' of God.  Thus they have committed treason against the earthly 'kingdom' as well as the State of Heaven.

If you are funding or supporting the 'Rule' by State or, the punishment by State, then you are also complicit to Treason and will suffer 'today' or in some other season at the 'decree' of God.  Try and understand that every person that 'bows' to God's secondary DECEPTIVE and RULING Command is a deceived person, an arrogant, vain or proud person, and one deserving of their 'hellish' fate.

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~ The 'Doom' of sinful man ~

The dark emotions within the soul of man are the 'Sin,' and as such are destructive and very callous, uncaring, merciless, unloving, unforgiving and very, very vindictive, and this is why man is 'doomed' once he takes it upon himself to play at being 'God,' as man interferes, controls, punishes and destroys others lives and livelihoods.

For man is not God, and it is ONLY God's prerogative to do all the above things and 'worse' to man if man so deserves and, it is ONLY the prerogative of God to mete out 'retribution' within the punitive aspect of the "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW, for ONLY God is absolutely JUST and, it is ONLY God that stands above and beyond the 'reach' of His own 'eye for an eye' LAW.

It is only the ignorance of man and the arrogance of the DARK sinful energy within man, that man drew into his soul, that gives man the 'idea' that he is 'as God' with the absolutely righteous right to mete out retribution.  For the reality is, that God commands man to 'bow' in conformity to:

The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Thus as said, mans vindictiveness paves the way for his 'time' living in eternal DREAD in Hell because, as he simple man uses force to 'back up' the punishment meted out to those that defy the decrees of his governing institution, he always imposes a far greater punishment factor than that imposed by God, for as said, only God is absolutely JUST.

Take the 'case,' wherein a man steals an egg, for this infringement of the 'king's' rules the punishment by God would simply be that the man 'forfeits' and egg in return.  But in the Court of man the thief is condemned to be transported half way across the planet to serve a life sentence of banishment in Tasmania, and on the way the ship is wrecked on a reef, and the man then suffers even greater grief and impoverishment and maybe even dies.  Where is the 'JUSTICE?

Man sees NOT that the 'rules' of his establishment were invoked by the Dark Sovereign Power through the minds of the greedy and vain and vindictive for three reasons.  Primarily so that any person brought before the courts would, at the hands of the merciless, receive the fulfillment of God's LAW for 'something' they did in their past, be it in this life or pre-birth in another realm, thus God 'permits' man to inflict what appears to be a totally unjust judgement and, - - -

Secondly, as man passes his judgement, he shows God his own 'faithlessness' to:

The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Thirdly, by this 'faithless' criminal act, man has doomed his own soul and placed himself within the ABSOLUTELY JUST ' eye for an eye' LAW of God, and this means that every inconvenience, physical pain, duress, mental and emotional trauma and other suffered by 'condemned' man by the actions of the court of man, and ITS enforcement arm, and ITS supporters, becomes a spiritual due to be imposed at a later time and place by GOD upon the 'faithless.'  For THAT is THE Justice of God, and any person 'today' that sees not the 'validity' of what I write is most certainly DOOMED for an eternity.

The majority of rules of man have everything to do with fiscal extortion from the community, and many punishments are also geared to 'fines' that of themself are also simply 'theft by servant' from the community.  Every punishment ending in a 'fine' is seen by God as an act of extortion carried out by armed men, and each and every person complicit to this will in this or the next 'life' be impoverished to the EXACT same amount.  That IS the Justice of God.

If one is driving a motor vehicle without wearing a seat belt they have not defied:

The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Thus by their action they have not placed themself in the punitive 'side' of God's Law however, any punishment inflicted by vindictive men using their 'rules' is simply the 'victim' of the State  being subjected to 'loss' or suffering that was accrued at a prior time when they DID defy:

The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Any suffering that man is forced to endure is simply a spiritual due being imposed by God VIA the mind and 'arm' of the arrogant and ignorant and, these 'infidels' will at a later stage of their eternal existence suffer the SAME loss or suffering, for THAT is the immutable LAW of God in action.

Let us now all begin to implement change to the positive, so that our RETURN from God within His "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law is always a positive one.  In this we must halt our support of control, extortion  and punishment, and ONLY fund benign community services. 

Any that continue to disturb the peace of others must be caught and subjected to an educative seminar such as the feeling Easier Seminar, and this also applies to every king, chief, politician, enforcer and magistrate, for THEY are the principle offenders in God's sight that interfere in the lives of God's children and cause great punitive harm to others and ultimately unto themselves.

The vindictive nature of the dark energy of God within the soul of man coupled with the RULES 'invite' man to defy the primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command and, sinful man goes forth to invade, interfere, punish, wage war etc.  Is your coming 'day' one of DOOM or Freedom?

Lay down your 'mace' and turn your personal disgrace into peace, love, compassion, and grace as you seek your own SALVATION as you turn away from DOOM and damnation.

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~ Are you a 'delight' in God’s sight ~
Discontent and its Management

What is the cause of discontent? Does ‘unhappiness’ cause our discontent or does discontent cause unhappiness?

The cause of all discontent is the ‘nature’ of sinful emotions within (fear, anger, criticism, hatred, vanity, pride, jealousy, vindictiveness etc) and what needs to be seen is that these emotions (emotional feelings) are ‘of’ the Dark aspect of the Source, God.

What also needs to be seen is that no person having these emotions within them are able to find ‘contentment’ or happiness for any duration, for if the focus of their happiness (another person or themself) is ever seen as being in ‘default,’ then the emotions ‘hum’ and discontent is found, and due to the unforgiving nature of the dark, IT cannot be “satisfied” until IT has fulfilled Its own aspect of 'The Law' of God.

 How does one begin to ‘manage’ their discontent or equally, why should they?

If they do not, then due to their verbal or physical expression of condemnation of the other, they draw in dark energy and through this their discontent grows.

One can only begin to ‘manage’ and therefore ‘control’ their own dark feelings when they stop focusing on themself.

Ask yourself “Am I the centre of the universe”? I Answer:No, you are not. You are the centre of yourself but, within that centre is God." (God's energy)

Therefore one can begin to focus - - - not on one’s self, - - - not on the one that offended us, but on God, for only thus can we begin to see that there will never be any ‘peace’ and happiness until one focuses on the needs of God.

God did us breed and God can destroy our ‘seed.’
God ‘bore’ us for the purpose of HIS happiness and

When we are unhappy and ‘fight’ then in His eyes we are no longer a ‘delight,’ and HE does all he can to remove us from His sight. (The Light of heaven that is the 'canvas' of His ever moving picture of perfection.)

Once we defy him and sup on His forceful Dark energy then His ‘darkness’ eggs us on to be it in action in our interaction so that it can take us down out of His sight.

Ask yourself:  “Am I born to be happy or unhappy” and I answer: “You are born to be a delight in God’s sight,” therefore - - -

Stop focusing on the error of other’s ways and focus on what God commands you in reference to your ways! Once you have satisfied God that you are in conformity to His “Love one another and go in peace and be forgiving, compassionate and merciful” then, - - -

His light will purge you of your inner ‘restless’ dark emotions so that you can begin to return to His sight in Heaven where all are happy because they sup on God’s ‘leaven.’ (Wisdom)

 Do not ‘focus’ on anybody in a critical or abusive way. Focus on God each day as you say the Star Prayer  sent your way, and show God that you ‘bow’ in submission to His holy word and, forgivingly you lay down your verbal and material sword and you become ONE that has begun your return to sanity, happiness, freedom and heaven.

Let it be clearly understood, there is never any ‘combat’ or conflict between the Light energy of God and the Dark energy of God, for they exist in ‘unison,’ and the only conflict that arises from the Dark essence of God is between IT and any person (spirit soul) that has used it in their interaction with others.

Once you have used ITS force and any of ITS negative attributes, then you have aroused the evil genie, and His energy becomes restless and dissatisfied until IT has set the record straight by fulfilling ITS “As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law.

The Light of God says: "Sup on my Light energy and live, but if you sup on the Dark energy you die."
The Light of God says: "HURRY home My children before you are trapped eternally by the Dark Knight."

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Absolute Spiritual Truth
God's 'government' of 'errant' man

Let it be clearly understood: Every realm of consciousness outside God's pure Light, (heaven) and that includes this 'material world, is inhabited by 'sinful' man who defy their Creator as they use force to maintain their superior stance over others and, equally all the community members seek the protection of warriors using force rather than simply 'bowing' to their God and going their way in peace.  Thus every realm is a place of suffering, for that is the 'eye for an eye' punitive return imposed upon them by God within the precepts of His immutable "As you or your servants do unto others will by ME via others be done unto you" LAW.

Let it be clearly understood: Every government* rule of 'control, taxation, eviction, invasion, punishment or killing' is raised up by the MIND of God via the minds of the vain and arrogant who CHOOSE to act as God by using His forbidden to use destructive force. Thus our invisible God does 'banish' everyone to eternal suffering for being 'bad' seeds that are 'worthless' to Him, and they ultimately all fall into the darkness for their INFIDELITY to His "Love one another" Command.

Note: Every government*  - This includes all forms of 'tithing' this is 'decreed' by men of religion OR, the 'text' in their scriptures. God 'ordains' that 'free giving' to the poor or needy as being HIS 'decree.'

Let it be clearly understood: All texts within any Constitution or book of rules are the inspiration of God the Dark Sovereign Power that are used by HIM to 'punish' everyone who continues to defy Him as they condone, fund and support His punitive system of government by man.

Let it be clearly understood: God elevates systems of government to control, interfere, tax, disadvantage, impoverish, punish and kill those who have or do defy His "Do not disturb the peace of the land" DECREE.

Let it be clearly understood: God raised up the 'Constitution text' of government via the minds of mortals, and within ITS text there is a clear statement of understanding with the implication:

"IF ANY person living under the Sovereign Power of this land does NOT disturb the peace of the land and, - - - they neither vote for 'governance' by man and, - - - they are proven to be peaceful because they do NOT support, condone nor fund any  Institutions of government that uses force, coercion and punishment and, - - -  they do NOT make use of the Court of man (Caesar) to fight for them against others, then, - - - they ARE 'free' to "Go their way in peace" and follow their own 'dreams' without 'let or hindrance' from other mortals or governing systems."

Let it be clearly understood: Once a person turns their face to God and bows to His "Peace, love, mercy and forgiveness" Command and, - - - once they have paid all past spiritual dues to God via 'State' or other mortals through their material suffering at their 'hands,' then and only then do they become 'free men' that are left in peace by their God and man.

Note: (Spiritual dues is not the payment of fines or taxes, for in paying these one becomes further in debt to God, for all monies paid to the State coffers or other form of 'ransom' accrue a further spiritual due, because these payments are used to pay the 'wage' of men who control, punish and abuse others. Just 'suffer' the alternative and do NOT retaliate.)

Let it be clearly understood: Any person operating within any 'official' capacity who persecutes or prosecutes a person being a person released from State 'bondage' by God due to their 'peaceful' ways, - - - is a person deemed by God and the Constitutional Powers to be a person who has committed TREASON against the State Authority and God.

Let it be clearly understood: Any person operating within any 'official' capacity who persecutes or prosecutes a person for any reason, be they peaceful or, being one who did disturb the peace of the land, - - - is a person deemed by God to be a person who has committed TREASON against the State of Heaven and God.

Let it be clearly understood: God Commands man to never use force to punish, because man is only spiritually 'safe' when they 'forgive' their enemy and do their best to EDUCATE them.

Let it be clearly understood: Every individual has the 'right' to control, enslave, steal. deceive, tax, interfere, torture, maim, punish or kill, be they mandated by governing institutions or 'individually,' - - - BUT - - - by so doing, they place themself into the punitive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' and thus EQUAL return 'karmic due' Law.

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Let it be clearly understood: Man assumed falsely that being an 'operative' for a government institution was an 'official' position granting them immunity from God and His ruling LAW, this belief is FALSE, for no mandate nor badge of office places anyone 'above' or 'beyond' the reach of God and HIS absolutely 'Just' LAW.

Let it be clearly understood: Every government on earth today is a 'dictatorship' ruled by 'LIARS, thieves and murderers.'

Let it be clearly understood: Every government today is ruled by persons that offer 'protection' to the community they control using 'force of arms.'

Let it be clearly understood: Every supposed 'democratic' government today is ruled by people that were voted 'in' by a 'majority' and, - - - the minority are thus forced to live in a 'manner' that is contrary to their 'choice.'

Let it be clearly understood: Every such government was raised up falsely because, once in 'power' they 'turned' like a 'cut snake' and raised up new taxes that they had promised not to. (E.g. GST)

They also then impose more rules/acts/edicts that not only control the populace more, but the 'majority' voters had not 'agreed to any of these taxes, rules, edicts and, - - - every one of said 'rulings' is accompanied by a punitive attachment for any non-conformity, and this punishment was also not agreed to by any of the voters.  It follows that everyone has been forced to live in a contra manner to their 'choice,' being their inner 'conscience' voice.

Let it be clearly understood: Politicians and others raise up 'edicts' that not only 'enable' the 'plunder' of money from the purses of civilians, but the punitive 'attachments' to said edicts actually force other 'officials' to become 'criminals' as they are licensed to do all the things that God commands man NOT to do, and it is the time to see the pure and unreserved 'wickedness' of government legislators.

Let it be clearly understood: Soon, every Chief - King - Queen - President - Emperor - Warlord Baron or Dictator is to be washed away in a 'tide' of 'blood & mud' as their 'blue blood' status is cast aside, for every one of them is a 'pretender' to God's THRONE.

Let it be clearly understood: Let no man or woman place themself into the role of 'godship' through pride, vanity or 'election,' for in so doing they are forced to use FORCE. The use of force is ONLY God's prerogative and all that use this forbidden to use destructive energy ARE by the same energy cast into the PIT of eternal anguish.

Let it be clearly understood: All suffering and 'atrocities' are God's 'Justice' in action imposed via the vain, arrogant, ignorant and merciless controlled by Him, the Dark Sovereign Power.

Let it be clearly understood: God is ALL - God is the LIGHT Sovereign Power, (Benign & creative) - God is the DARK Sovereign Power. (Malignant & destructive) God is GOD.

Let it be clearly understood: The UNWISE will now 'revolt' against their enslavers as their anguish and anger erupts uncontrollably and, they will go forth with the intent to depose or kill and destroy all in their path. (Governments and agents) The UNWISE are the 'infidels' (non-believers in peace, mercy, forgiveness) and as they defy God they accrue a very painful spiritual due for every 'act' of disgrace and destruction as they maim, destroy or kill.

Let it be clearly understood: The WISE will not attempt to 'depose' their 'dictator' but will simply 'bow' to God as they turn their backs to the political liars, thieves and controllers that interfered into every aspect of their life and, - - -  they will simply get on with their life PEACEFULLY with God as their 'new' head of HOUSE and, - - - if they are persecuted they will 'turn the other cheek' and NOT retaliate even if they are killed and, - - - they will only fund benign community effort and they will give 'freely' to those they see as needing assistance as they uplift society in every way as Commanded by God, not man.

Let it be clearly understood: It is the Light of God to now bring down every government on earth as enlightened 'believers' turn to their God for Salvation in the manner revealed by me, and once the 'purging' of the soul of man is 'done,' then all remaining on earth will be True to their God and there will be no need of any 'Sovereign' control and enslavement texts imposed by God, and every community will simply be guided by their own wishes and all community 'effort' will be benign and educative. Peace will reign on earth as man lives within the 'bounds' of LOVE.

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Let it be clearly understood: Irrespective of what ANY person says, it is God's 'say' that reigns supreme, and men seeking power and control have used 'sleight of hand' and deception to enslave everyone living with the 'borders' that they control using force of arms.  The 'deception' imposed and enforced is the TEXT in their books of rules/legislation and 'Constitution' that they state is 'legal.' It is this Constitution and endless 'edicts' that gives them the supposedly 'legitimate' control of every aspect of your life and, the same legislation gives them the 'power' to supposedly 'legally' punish you for any non-conformity. ALL the aforementioned 'legitimacy' is FALSE.

Let it be clearly understood: You only 'live' your life of control and deception and fund 'iniquity' (use of force) because you have been 'led to believe' from the time of your birth that 'doctrine' to follow, it is NOT and, you have been led to believe that IT the 'system' of government has the 'legitimacy'  to control and enslave you. False and error.  Only God has this 'right,' not man. It follows that the only 'legitimacy' of the ruling TEXTS in books of 'law' that control you is that YOU believe that this 'doctrine' is for your benefit and YOU 'vote' for it, support its 'protection' and fund it and its officials warlike anti-god ways.

Let it be clearly understood: Even though I 'use' the TEXT within the Australian 'Constitution' as the means for any peaceful person to 'extricate' themselves from enslavement to the systems of government by men AND God over you, it is a fact that you can simply ignore ALL 'text' in books of government and 'religion' and simply go your way in peace and become FREE as long as you do not carry out any activity that contravenes the precepts of God's "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness" Command.

Let it be clearly understood: That either 'way,' there will be others in the community that seek to cause you harm and duress UNTIL such time as all your past accrued spiritual dues to GOD have been paid for. Why? Because the dark energy essence of the Source/God operates the 'balancing' of ITS punitive 'scales of justice' LAW via the mind and hands of the merciless, arrogant and ignorant that believe in the false 'doctrine' of punitive or restorative justice, rather than the true path of mercy, forgiveness and EDUCATION of offenders.

Let it be clearly understood: God is Creator and 'Master' NOT man. You ONLY have to 'bow' to God's Command during your eternal time 'activity.'

Let it be clearly understood: Every Chief, King, President or other imposing 'restriction' or control or taxation or enforcement are ALL 'pretenders' to God's throne and they are also the 'deceived' by precedent and very ignorant, arrogant and foolish and, ALL of these persons and their 'minions' that bear 'arms' against you and others PAY THE FULL BLOOD PRICE at the time and in the place so ordained by the ABSOLUTE RULER, God.

Let it be clearly understood: Any person 'mandated' by a 'badge of office' that states: "Follow these 'orders' or you will be punished" or, "Pay this tax or be punished" is a 'deceived' person operating with a false mandate, for their every controlling or punitive 'activity' results in them drawing God's DARK energy into their own soul, and this ENERGY draws their soul further away from the LIGHT in the afterlife and, within the precepts of God's LAW they suffer a 'return' DUE for every 'drop' of anguish they imposed upon others. Truly we need to enlighten them as well as ourselves. God is the ALMIGHTY not man.

Let it be clearly understood: Politicians have been misled by precedent for so long now (as have everyone) that they now believe that 'backed by' rules, edicts, coercion and force, that they can 'plunder' the pockets of the population at any time in an 'instant' by 'decreeing' a new Tax to satisfy their own needs and greed.

These impositions are forced upon everyone and any non-conformity is 'met' by aggressive retribution through fines, imprisonment and eviction etc.  These impositions place politicians and others that defy God the Almighty 'squarely' in contravention of God's Command, and they all end up in the EMPIRE OF THE SHADOWS in the afterlife for a time and a time where they are forcefully imposed upon by very DARK spirit forces that are also the servants of the DARK Sovereign Power.  Every person using coercion, deception or 'force' is being used and telepathically controlled from the lower 'Empire' by demonic forces.

Let it be clearly understood: In the 'New Age' to be there will be NO 'enforcers,' but prior to this time as man transitions from 'punitive to educative' there will be community members that do haul in those that disturb the peace, and these will be treated humanely as they are made to attend an educative 3 hour 'Feeling Easier' seminar and then released. For more information on this go to Item 1 at the end of  the 'Offender Document' at

Let it be clearly understood: The position or indisposition of our soul's inner energy is dependant upon our interaction with other children of God, be it benign or malignant.

Let it be clearly understood: The Dark punitive 'arm' of God the Dark Sovereign Power that rules earthlings and every realm outside the pure light of heaven does so with merciless precision, for all these 'sinners' are deserving to be subjugated and enslaved to hard labour, suffering and dispossession of their earnings and material objects in perpetuity due to them continuing to defy God as they condone, support and fund His punitive, retributive effort as well as individually abusing others verbally or physically and, - - -

Within this Sovereign 'executive' authority that empowers those in high office to rule others within the precepts of the Constitution THERE IS AN ESCAPE CLAUSE and, any person living in absolute conformity to this escape clause at all times and in all situations is by God the father granted and guaranteed their freedom from continued enslavement to His punitive and controlling forces on earth and, their spirit soul will be released to rise up into His Heaven and eternal freedom in the after life and, - - -

God states that within the text of the Constitution of man that those who do conform to the Command of the Light and thus do go their way in peace are excused from having to live by the decrees, rules, laws of mortal man and, - - - they are thus free to live by their unique consciousness, doctrine, belief, religion etc., and follow their own dream.

Let it be clearly understood: RULE by any man, group, religion or government institution whereby the 'ruler' or their 'text books of rule or rituals' control the freedom of expression of the individual using any 'military' style enforcement is dictatorial tyranny inflicted by the very vain and ignorant that are totally deceived by their own self-righteous and opinionated insanity, irrespective of whether it is perceived as that by them or as 'rule by democracy,' for all forceful dictatorial control using punitive 'correction' for non-conformity to the 'dictates' is the Devil's Works via ignorant mortals.

 Try and understand that God is the 'protector' of everyone that OBEYS His Command as their interaction with all others is peaceful, loving and kind and, these 'innocent' people are not harassed by the 'ungodly,' but as everyone on earth and under the earth has defied God in some way or another it follows that everyone has lost God's protection, and His punitive spirit forces operating through the minds of the vain and arrogant on earth will cause YOU to suffer in some way and, - - - you ONLY become a free person again and under His protection when you have suffered all your dues within His Law. Do this without retaliating against your oppressor and you will become free.

Let it be clearly understood: Every individual who has read my sacred text must now awaken to the facts of spiritual life as revealed by my pen and CHOOSE to 'bow' to God's Command and LIVE or, to continue on their present 'way' and DIE spiritually.

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~ The DARK Secret EXPOSED ~

Open Letter to the members of Parliament of Tasmania

Be advised that this open letter is to be 'tabled' on God's golden web pages as well as your own 'office' as an 'example' epistle for the whole world to examine, for every parliament and its officers are of the same ilk and silk and, the contents of this letter apply to them all as well as to every 'Royal' or other pretender to God's throne and, our 'pristine' Tasmanian place is now to 'fall' as dark forces begin to roam this and every land in the manner and for the reasons as revealed by me, the Spirit of Truth who walks 'unseen' by thee.

Greed, arrogance, vanity and feelings of power enabled the minds of politicians and others in 'power' to fall from grace as Dark thoughts rose up from the DARK  JUSTIFYING their every 'decree' that was raised up for the purpose of enslaving everyone to burdensome taxes and rules and regulations, as every aspect of daily life and living was 'decreed' to belong to this 'ruling class' and, to thus be subjected to their ongoing scrutiny and absolute CONTROL backed by force of arms wielded by state enforcers.

The RULES raised up by said politicians now RULE every aspect of life on earth and everyone trying to carry out any business activity has been forced to become an unpaid 'tax' collector for those in power and, even the 'simple' seeking to carry out any 'activity' are forced to apply for a 'permit' and pay a licence 'fee' prior to being able to even 'wet their line' in the sea. 

Our God abhors this ghastly state of affairs and via me HE now sends forth this 'missive' for the SOLE PURPOSE of seeing if there is ANY ONE PERSON remaining in this 'Sodomic' land (earth) of iniquity that can be 'awoken' to change their 'heading' before HE sends them all into the Abyss below for their utter defiance of HIS Command:

The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

And, our God is 'aware' that these latter day politicians have totally ignored their 'mandate of authority' given by HIM within HIS 'Sovereign' Constitutional rulings as granted within the Constitution of this land wherein it is clearly stated that:

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.
Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act

Part V - General provisions
Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen. -
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief -

And latter day 'rules' have been raised up by vociferous politicians that now 'permit' and force their own officials to wage war upon everyone, including those going their way in peace, instead of ensuring that they were 'excused' from any 'taxing' or other interference as is their RIGHT granted by God the father, and these peaceful are harassed, accosted, persecuted, fined, jailed, and even dispossessed from their goods and homes if they do not 'bow' to the ongoing 'extortionist' dictates of their vain and arrogant and 'masterly' overlords.

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The policing forces that roam the land should only be used to haul in those that do disturb the peace of the land, but instead they are now used as the means whereby the political forces can extract more and more revenue out of the community to 'satisfy' their own never ending needs, wants, desires etc., that arose from their own 'promises' to the people as they sought 'election.'

Politicians are in FACT now 'guilty' of causing civil unrest due to the 'losses' and suffering that results from the 'fines' and other penalties imposed forcefully from non-conformity to the 'rules' they have raised up to control and gain more revenue.

Mankind is now totally 'enslaved' by rules raised up by the vain and ignorant that have usurped their mandate and, due to the dark nature of their tabled and invoked 'decrees' it is they who IN THE EYE OF GOD are now 'Guilty' of:

Defiance of the authority granted unto them by the Constitutional Mandate. (Tas & Commonwealth)
Treason against the Sovereign Constitutional Power.
Treason against the State of Heaven.

Disturbing the peace of the peaceful in contravention of God’s RULING command.
Disturbing the peace of the peaceful in contravention of the Tasmanian & Australian Constitutional authority.
Religious intolerance and persecution.

Denying the religious freedom of others that are not disturbing the peace of the land.
Harassment inciting civil unrest.
Enticing other members of the community (magistrates & enforcers) to join their persecution of the peaceful.

Using the forceful court of man as the means to cause citizens embarrassment, mental, emotional and possibly physical duress, and material loss.
Loss of their freedom if they are incarcerated.

Using coercion * to try and force people to ‘fund’ a contra religious ideology of control, force, punishment etc., and thus become complicit to ITS code of conduct policy -ideology’- beliefs.
Note: (Coercion* - being the punishment factor all are subjected to.)

You the reader may be unaware that the ‘intrusion, persecution, forceful, interfering, retributive and punitive’ MANDATE to punish 'sinners' and the 'FREEDOM of religious observance' IMMUNITY from persecution granted unto the PEACEFUL as stated within the CONSTITUTION, stems from the Sovereign Power,  God,  operating via the minds of sinful mortals. These ‘directives’ within the Constitution of this land are quite clear in that no subsequent ‘rulings or decrees or acts’ of legislation can ever be raised up if  they ‘conflict with’ or  are in ‘contradiction of’ or ‘nullify or exceed’ any of the ‘superior’ rulings of said Constitution and, - - -

The ‘intrusion, persecution, forceful, interfering, retributive and punitive’ MANDATE granted by God the Dark Sovereign Power unto the police AND all ‘officials’ on the land does NOT apply to those members of the community who are of moral standing and who do not disturb the peace of the land.

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It follows that those who roam around ‘armed’ with a 'summons' or capsicum spray or guns or other ‘coercive and destructive means’ are totally ‘out of order’ when they ‘confront’ persons going around their daily business PEACEFULLY. Further, when they choose to so act, they are ‘guilty’ in the eyes of God and man. of disturbing the peace themselves because it is they who are  causing civil unrest by exceeding their mandate and by so doing, they place themselves into a ‘treasonable’ position within the precepts of the powers granted unto them by the Constitution.

As said before, the ERROR of this type of  ‘modus operandi’ by ‘officialdom’ in waging ‘war’ upon the peaceful who have the doctrinal belief in peace, love, mercy and forgiveness has been going on for so long that it has become, and is now seen, as NORMAL conduct, meaning, that the police and judiciary now have the ‘apparent’ RIGHT to ‘control, subjugate, threaten and interfere’ in the lives of EVERYONE, even the peaceful, and further, they give themselves the right  to extort monies from people by fine or even jail or ‘dispossess’ them from their goods or homes.

I am advised by GOD THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: There is now to be a "No tolerance" attitude taken towards anyone of the public or any state official having any racial prejudice or religious INTOLERANCE.

I am advised by GOD THE  SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person inciting civil unrest in matters pertaining to the Constitutional "freedom of religion" Act will be very harshly dealt with.

I am advised by GOD THE  SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person found disturbing the peace of the peaceful for any reason will be very harshly dealt with.

I am advised by GOD THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person unlawfully interfering in the lives of the peaceful for any reason will be very harshly dealt with.

I am advised by GOD THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person found to be carrying out any unlawful arrest – transportation – detention or punishment due to their disregard of the religious beliefs of others - not disturbing the peace of the land - will be very harshly dealt with.

It is I the one to speak for the Constitution AND for our Creator, God, for HE now ‘mercifully’ via my ‘pen’ brings this terrible ‘mal-practice’ to the mind of the sinful before HE takes everyone to ‘account’ for their personal misdeeds in the manner revealed by my pen.

Yes, even Tasmanian magistrates and Supreme Court judges are ‘proven’ to hold the RULING decrees of the Australian Constitution in ‘ridicule and contempt’ as they tell me to take my ‘case’ to the High Court if I wish their conduct to not be judged as ‘unbecoming,’ not seeing that their arrogance is what ensures their own spiritual demise and eternal suffering ahead and, - - - ‘surely’ there must be ‘someone’ in an official position that has the capacity to read AND understand the ‘context’ of the words written in the Constitutional document, some of which I place within this letter.

The ‘liquid’ arrogance of the day exuded by state ‘officials’ is their absolute belief (doctrine) that they are to be obeyed by everyone – this as said arose from the State ‘rules’ invoked by very ignorant politicians who have all misled the community to the point, that everyone now believes that the State Doctrine must be bowed down to and followed rather than God's, and this of itself is a contravention of the Constitutional text - - - freedom of religion act.

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What all need to understand is that although enforcers BELIEVE that others must conform to the dictates they ‘serve’ backed by force, that there are now multitudes of ‘others’ that live with different and thus ‘conflicting’ beliefs, as they are ENTITLED TO within the Constitution and, there will soon be many of these ‘others’ who are NOT peaceful as am I, and they will also use FORCE in their interaction with enforcers and anyone else that continues to interfere in their lives and, - - - their ‘numbers’ are in the hundreds of thousands and they are to be mentally controlled by demonic forces as is revealed by me and, - - - I simply seek to get you and everyone reading this to see this reality so that everyone can set themselves free from their ‘sinful’ ways and make peace with their God and mankind before it for them is too late. 

Soon ‘orderliness’ will come to a complete standstill for a time as God’s superior ‘eye for an eye’ Law with ITS punitive karmic return swings into action in the manner as revealed by me, and everyone that caused any other to ‘suffer’ in any way will PAY their spiritual dues of ‘loss & suffering,’ and this applies to ‘enforcers,’ for no ‘uniform,' badge of office nor mandate nullifies, abrogates or is ‘above’ the immutable Law of God : “As you do unto others will by others be done unto you.”

Police and other enforcers believe falsely that they can wage war, interfere, punish etc., without ‘redress’ because they are of the doctrinal belief that they are ‘above’ the reach of God’s Law due to their ‘official’ status and, - - - they believe that only they can ‘take the law’ into their own hands invoking ‘justice’ (vendetta – retributive punishment) and not suffer. None seeing that they and EVERYONE being a ‘taxpayer’ suffers the consequence because, the police are operating in their name and on their behalf. 

Thus the imposition of God’s Justice within His ‘As you sow so shall ye reap - eye for an eye’ Law is imposed upon EVERY person that ‘votes, condones, supports and funds’ ANTI-GOD Code of Conduct that is in contravention of His Command:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

It follows that any conflicting ‘doctrine’ that uses forceful ‘back up’ to impose endless fines, taxes, license fees, restriction of movement, interference, merciless, unforgiving and ‘coercive’ punishment upon others is the forceful IMPOSITION of a contra ideological doctrine. (Religious belief)

 The question is 'What is the meaning of the word 'Religion'?

Justices Mason and Brennan, in a joint judgment, stressed the importance of the case in determining fundamental questions of religious freedom in Australia and the extent to which an individual is free to believe and act without legal restraint.

 Justices Mason and Brennan said, "Freedom of religion, the paradigm freedom of conscience, is of the essence of a free society. The chief function in the law of a definition of religion is to mark out an area within which a person subject to the law is free to believe and act in accordance with his belief without legal restraint."

 The definition affected the operation of the religious-freedom guarantee under the Constitution and many other laws granting religions special benefits.  The question of religion had received little judicial attention in Australia; it was time to grapple with it.

 "Protection is accorded to preserve the dignity and freedom of each man so that he may adhere to any religion of his choosing or to none," they said. "The freedom of religion being equally conferred on all, the variety of religious beliefs which are within the area of legal immunity is not restricted."

The judges stressed the importance of the "Actions of the adherents" rather than the dogma itself.

The Tasmanian and Commonwealth CONSTITUTIONS are 'The Sovereign Ruler' giving ITS ruling decrees unto ITS ‘servants,’ (politicians and local community officials) that are supposed to serve IT ‘judiciously,’ and to NOT err in raising up conflicting edicts and rules that control and enslave and mislead the youth of the Nation. It is these subsequent and 'contradictory' rules that mislead everyone and the 'local' judiciary who it appears are as yet not aware of the Constitutional Authority.

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Persons such as myself who do ‘conform’ to Constitutional ‘rights’ granted unto me and who do obey the “Do not disturb the peace of the land and be of moral standing” rulings of God, man and the Constitution do have the right to live as ‘free men’ and go about their business without ‘Let or hindrance’ and, they do not support, condone, nor fund any other person, group or institution such as a government that has the CONTRA ideology of the belief that they are entitled to ‘Terrorise, invade, subjugate, tax, seize (steal) property, injure, dispossess and KILL.’

Persons such as myself pay their way in society by paying for the services they choose to use that are of a benign nature, and they support the community effort in their free giving to the poor and needy of the land as best as they are able to. They cannot and do not fund any armed forces or 'terrorists' as they rely on God for their protection.

I seek to implement change so that police ‘persons’ are not used as ‘revenue raisers and tax collectors’ and they become trusty and peaceful people who only haul in those that factually disturb the peace of the land and, - - - these are to be EDUCATED rather than punished, and taught how to become ‘more able’ to control their emotions and thoughts’ as they attend a “Feeling Easier Seminar” as given by my pen on my web site.

There are many 'named' religions of MEN that are misleading humanity and turning man against man for there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs/policies/faiths/doctrines. These are the ideological 'policies' available to be followed:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:
 Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)
the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times.

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:
 War, extortion, cruelty, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)
The 'follower' remains loyal to 'orders' and is thus an aggressor that terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do.

Let it be clearly understood: God grants all man the ENTITLEMENT to live as per his conscience dictates, this is thus man's RELIGION, being his doctrinal belief and his code of conduct POLICY or daily ACTIVITY in ones interaction with other children of GOD.

As all have been deceived in reference 'how or what' means is by God used to 'judge' your worth or worthlessness and be uplifted spiritually or be banished to the underworld, it is God now via my pen to shine the Light of Truth so that you all have the personally informed 'choice' as to which way you now choose to go.

If your wish is to 'rise UP' into the Promised Land then you must go your way in PEACE, and if you are 'terrorised' by infidels (non-believers) then you do NOT retaliate, you simply suffer and turn the other cheek and, - - - you halt the support or funding of any person, group or institution that controls or punishes or wages war on others, and you simply do your best to EDUCATE the arrogant and ignorant that persecute you and others.

If your wish is to continue to serve 'Justice' by following the precepts of the FALSE religion of 'punitive justice' then you are free to so do, but, you place yourself into the eternal torment 'place' in the Abyss below, where your every action is 'attack or defence' causing pain and there is an eternal retribution activity and you suffer the same agony as you put out, eternally with NO surcease.

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As all will soon see, there is to now be an escalation of ‘anger’ over the whole planet as well as escalating insanity, terror and travail and destruction because of the errant sinful ways of man, for other reasons delineated on my web site. Let us now hope that Tasmania can lead the world to a better solution and place as everyone lays down their ‘mace’ as they turn their faces to the ‘sun’ and bow down to God and His “Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgive Command.

Utter 'mayhem' is to soon erupt everywhere as the 'enslaved' are 'awoken' by thoughts erupting within their own mind that force them to respond in a very aggressive, fearful and angry manner due to their need to SURVIVE and to NOT be harassed at every street corner by someone demanding a 'fee' for this or that, and causing them to become impoverished or homeless or injured.

IF you are a seeker of Salvation and wish to find your way to the Promised Land, paradise, heaven, then you need to read, comprehend, and follow the ONE True faith revealed by my sacred pen, as you turn your 'back' on any named religion or warlike institution  of man and 'choose' to simply follow the TRUE LIGHT that reveals the TRUE spiritual WAY via me.

Officials of State including the police service need to UNDERSTAND that when 'innocent' and peaceful community members find that they cannot go about their daily business without being 'examined, harassed, questioned, threatened, persecuted, interfered with,' and monetarily 'taxed' on each and every activity (extortion) by armed persons, then their 'anger' will become uncontrollable, and believe you me, they will not only hunt down those 'terrorising' them but they will shoot to KILL because, many of them are as you, and they BELIEVE that they have a divine right to defy God and defend their homes and families using any 'means' at their disposal..

I have no 'grudge' against any persons of the Tasmanian or any other police service, I simply seek to awaken them to the present error of the day so that they can become a truly positive and benign unarmed community Corps members that serve mankind with respect and dignity and understanding within the precepts of God's Command, so that everyone finds inner peace and, - - - so that they our serving officers are 'safe' within the precepts of God's immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" law, for no mandate of man abrogates or nullifies God's Sovereign Law.

The DARK ENERGY of GOD has an eternal PLEDGE unto ITSELF which states:


Try and understand that the Dark energy of God permits NO opposition as IT seeks to maintain ABSOLUTE DOMINATION, CONTROL AND POWER. Thus if you have any of this energy within you then IT seeks to dominate, destroy and control others, as does their dark inner energy seek to dominate YOU.

Let be clearly understood, the TRUE FAITH is the peaceful code of conduct POLICY which is adhered to at all times and in all situations. (Absolute pacifism) Thus if you are 'kidnapped' you do not ask others to pay any demanded ransom money, you simply remain steady and suffer at the hands of your 'jailers until killed by them or set free IN THE FOREKNOWLEDGE that they are simply the 'tool' of the Source being used by IT to mete out ITS 'Justice' upon YOU.

The TRUE FAITH ideological conduct policy may be given ANY name you wish, be it 'Islam' or 'Christian' or any other, or simply: "God's living policy."

The true believer is one who 'bows' to this POLICY and does not condone, support nor fund any other policy.

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~ Slave Master or Servant ~

Every person seeking to walk in the halls of political 'Power' need to understand that the present 'commitment' to this 'office' is one wherein the expectancy is that you ARE the 'Authority' and, that you are the ONE to state: "This is my decree of the day and you will 'bow' to its dictates OR you will suffer the consequence of the attached punitive 'sentence' for disobeying ME."

Men of the 'cloth' of religion do know or 'suspect' that earth is ruled by the Devil, but none as yet realise that the 'Devil' is simply the Dark Sovereign Power of GOD in action, and this 'energy' of His is forceful, demanding, commanding, imposing, enslaving, punishing, injurious and utterly destructive. Thus when a 'person' enters 'office' and they impose 'strictures' upon the people they are in fact;

 Servants of the Dark Sovereign Power, rather than 'servants of the people.'

They see not that in using force to control, regulate and punish, that they are using a 'forbidden to use' destructive energy of God and they thus are assuming the role of 'godship,' for only God has the RIGHT to rule His children.

Kings, Queens, Dictators, Emperors and other 'Chiefs' that rule 'their' people are all unknowingly being used to control, subjugate and punish errant sinners, and God keeps them 'blinded' to the fact that they are NOT above His immutable Law and they all suffer every 'drop' of suffering, loss, anguish that their enacted 'decrees, rules, acts' caused the populace to groan.

Where to now and what is the 'choice'?

The 'choice' for those officials in positions of power is a uniquely individual one, for until they realise that they are NOT 'God' and have NO 'right' to walk outside the 'Peace' Command of God, they will be hard pressed by their own thoughts to not 'give in' and become beings of Light that only work as true servants for the people, and simply become public servants who 'manage' their departments and disburse funds given unto them by the people.

Try and see that all God's children ARE 'equal' and no person should 'dictate' how the other should or must live, and no person must interfere in the life or living ways of others using any coercive threats or rules to force people to live by their commands backed by men wearing guns.

The ONLY mandate granted by God to man is to be 'conscionable' and to remain within the precepts of His "Peace & love & mercy" Command, as they strive to uplift others using their inner grace. He the Creator abhors all that find 'reason' to raise a 'mace' against others.  Soon all will learn of the consequence for any that exceed the 'Mandate' of their 'station.'

Prior to being elected and thereafter, many politicians twist - weave - duck - swipe and deceive, as they tell lie after LIE, thus these lies are used to 'ingratiate' them to the people and why does people believe that they must 'bow' to the endless decrees raised up by LIARS?

Public servants must now 'serve' the community in a truly benign manner, they are NOT 'mini-gods' having the right to impose strictures using coercion and punishment. Foolish are those that 'follow' the ways of their predecessors who raised up unconscionable 'text' rules that enabled them to be 'as' God and 'criminally' interfere, control, berate, extort, threaten, coerce, banish, evict, dispossess, punish and kill.

When public servants interfere in the lives of the people and 'collude' to find 'reason' to steal their hard earned money and so do, they are 'guilty' of causing civil unrest, - - - disturbing the peace of the land and, they are white collar criminals of the 'worst' kind.

As the RULE by the Dark Sovereign Power is 'backed' by the established rules and 'enforced' by armed men, it is going to be a very troublesome time and extremely difficult to implement change to the benign, positive and peaceful way because, all for so long have been indoctrinated by falsity and the belief that force is needed to maintain PEACE. That is error, for FORCE has been used to maintain CONTROL of the land, sea, air, and the inhabitants of every land by men using weapons and seeking POWER. Peace is only attained and maintained through education and enlightenment.

It is the very Dark power of God to now 'depower' every 'ruler' and this is accomplished via the minds of sinners in the manner revealed by me, so until that 'date' everyone has 'the choice' to make as their eternal destiny IS at 'stake.'

The public and the politicians now need education as to the 'facts of life' presented unto them by God via my pen and, - - - if there are enough 'men of God' or 'women of God' in this land to revoke all forceful, dictatorial, taxing and punitive 'decrees' from the 'books of rule' then we have a 'chance' to elevate Tasmania into the LIGHT, as a beacon to the world' shining bright, and welcoming all to these shores that seek 'shelter' and 'succour' as Tasmania secedes from the continent of Australia and becomes a true 'paradise' of the southern seas with OPEN borders and NO restrictions as the LIGHT OF GOD expects and Commands.

Tasmania should not 'be' a Sovereign nation ruled by man, but simply a PLACE on earth named 'Tasmania,' a place where enlightened people live and others are free to come and go or stay if they so wish without being 'restricted' in any way, and needing NO 'entry permit' or passport or other documentation, for there will be NO 'border patrol.' (This applies to every 'land' on earth)

These arrivals will simply understand that there is no 'benefits' scheme for them as everyone on the land relies on the 'labour' effort of their own hands or the 'free giving' donations from the purses of others given to an appropriate 'assistance to the poor' scheme. It follows that any visitors or immigrants will have to feed and house themselves and, if there is not enough 'lodging' or they are poor then they are free to go onto Crown land' (God's land) and build their own 'hut' to their own specifications on a God given 'acre.'

People of all 'tribes' will be able to go about their daily business without 'Let or hindrance' and they will KNOW from my 'pen' that their Creator has them and all under His 'spotlight' both day and night, and ANY so foolish as to defy Him will suffer the consequences. If any person is found 'disturbing the peace' then the peaceful will 'haul them in' and have them counselled in the appropriate manner and then set free.

Please be a little courteous and happy and stop looking for a 'reason' to STING someone for you ONLY sting yourself.

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~ The freedom movement ~

This is a personal move to break away from the controls of man and the Dark Sovereign Power, God.  It is done in the foreknowledge that it is necessary to understand the fullness and power of God's 'underhand' that has you in ITS 'grip' due to your past errant ways, and that everything you do from this moment forwards will be observed by Him the Father as he sees if you are from now on 'truly true' to His:

The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Once you defy the secondary DECEPTIVE and RULING Command and you no longer give in to extortion and the funding of punishment and warfare, then be aware that the dark forces of man will make you cry, and they will 'dispossess' you of your goods as they take every 'due' owed by you to God, and others arrogant, cruel and vain may 'cut' you to the core of your 'grain' to leach you of every drop of 'blood' that you owe from when in the past you felled others into the 'mud.'

The 'Freedom movement' is not one where you go forth in a 'group' to protest and force change, it is one where you have decided to never disturb the peace of the land and you abide within the context of:

The primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

But at the same time you do not give in to any 'taxing' monetary demands, and you never pay any 'fine,' for these monies are funding the control and abuse of others in the community and over the seas.  You only now fund benign community effort and community services directly as YOU see fit, and you daily protect your mind as you 'reflect' on every 'action' and interaction with others.

You help others by helping them to find this message from God so that they can understand ITS implications and become free.  You help your persecutors as you offer them a 'cup of tea' and advise them of the danger they are in, and you must not criticise nor harm them for by now you know that God not man is your 'enemy,' and that He is simply fulfilling the punitive aspect of His LAW so as to set you FREE.

Remember, Justice there is, and in its 'completion' comes your Salvation.  Thus it is imperative to never retaliate as you stem the tide of your own dark emotions of fear, anger, jealousy or pride.

Never join any 'defensive' mob, for your 'door' must always be 'open' as such so that anyone God sends to you, be they true or untrue, can be seen and spoken with, as you now show God the 'colours' of your 'banner' and lovingly 'address' everyone.

You can 'run and hide' if you so wish, but remember to never raise your hand against anyone, and your 'voice' must be either 'silent' if your oppressors are too 'mad' to listen to you or, you must speak 'loud and clear' if you feel your 'witness' to truth and love they will hear.

The 'Freedom movement' is 'won' individually by everyone that learns to be meek, as they 'turn the other cheek' in non-retaliation, and as this they do, they show others how to also be TRUE.

Everyone will now walk through 'the valley of the shadow of death,' and everyone will now feel fear as they are 'touched' by Satan's 'breath,' being God's Wrath and forcefulness wielded by the vain, arrogant, and ignorant but, it is better to 'run the gauntlet' of pain, sorrow and loss and become free, than to retaliate and fight and then be forced to 'revolve' in pain, sorrow and loss for eternity.

Just do the best you can as you lean on the Light of God's Star as you 'grieve,' in the knowledge that for 'believers' there comes THE REPRIEVE.

Help everyone that comes to your door, especially the lost, the hateful, the kind, and the poor.

The 'way' is peace, love, compassion and mercy unto all.

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~ Freedom  ~

What is now to be as man strives to set himself free from slavery to rules and his bondage to God the Dark Sovereign Power? Well that depends upon the individual, for some will continue to fight tooth and nail to either defend themselves or fight their enemy and, some will go forth and rob and rape and pillage as they find themselves without anything and, they will walk deeper into the bondage of the Dark One, and will probably end up far below in the depths of the Abyss with its ongoing trail of torture and tears and ongoing anguish and fears.

Some of you inspired by my pen as well as directly from within by your conscience will withdraw your support of any punitive endeavour, and you will suffer the consequence as the Devil's forces mete out retribution as they seek to maintain their power base of funds.

So what is now to be is absolute insanity for a time and a time as revealed in this web site and the 2 page "Brief Summary" of God's message found on the lower end of the main Index page and, any of you that wish to become free need to seed your mind with my fresh wisdom so that you fully understand the process.

During this time many will pay their dues and many will their biological life lose, and what will be will be and only those that heed the holy word as given by me will be 'saved' from spiritual death as they take a brave deep breath and ONLY go their way peacefully.

Once man has suffered their individual 'crucifixion' by paying all dues to God the Dark Sovereign Power they will find that suddenly there is quietness and Peace on earth, for all 'fighters' will have destroyed each other and 'fallen' into the Abyss to continue on their suffering in that place at the hands of others inspired by God the Dark Sovereign Power their overlord and Master.

Yes mankind on earth will now 'fall' to the sword and axe and gun of armed men that go forth across every land to mete out retribution as they are so inspired to by God the Dark Sovereign Power and, let it here be known that any 'armed' man working with or without 'pay' is a mercenary 'warrior,'  a person whose mind is controlled by their God the Dark Sovereign Power and, let it be known that they all accrue a similar 'painful' due and fate as they imposed upon their 'victims.'

Others killed in the ensuing interaction that bravely did not retaliate against any 'sword' will be released by the grace of God the Light Sovereign Power and, their negative emotions within are purged from their soul by God's grace and they are elevated into the light of heaven

Those left on earth will all have become 'sin free' and thus having only Light energy (positive emotions) within, and never again will there be any 'overbearing' governing 'body' raised up to Rule. No person will ever again be inspired by the Darkness to invoke a 'Charter' giving themselves or others the 'right' to control, legislate, judge, condemn, punish, invade, rule or wage war upon any other.

True freedom there will be, and each person will responsibly do their very best to elevate themselves and to give freely of their earned income to aid the needy. Community works and endeavours will be solely on a donation basis, and every major community 'effort' such as banking, communications, power and other supplies will all be carried out solely on a non-profit 'cost' basis for 'love,' as there will be no person seeking to tax anyone and getting a 'free' ride.

Yes you will be free to 'exist' without any passport or other identity and travel far and wide without asking 'permission' to depart or arrive, for you will not be a 'slave' to any others 'Crown.' Yes, you will be free and able to fish commercially without first being taxed by 'licence' fee. Yes you will be free and able to carry out any and every endeavour or business transaction without having to first pay anybody any money, for all thieves will be long gone.

Remember, when you 'vote in' a  man to 'head' your way of living you are placing him as your 'commander in chief' rather than God. Your "NO" vote for any man to rule you is a "Yes" vote for God and TRUE independence and TRUE freedom.

Remember, in the 'long run' only God can provide you protection and stability and peace, and this cannot be 'guaranteed' by any 'armed forces' of man.

Remember,as a free man you do not have to comply to the rules or dictates of land office departments or any other, so if you wish to give away or sell one acre plots to the needy on your 100 acre farm you are free to so do without asking permission, and you simply mark out the sections with a 'rock' or using a GPS as per your own wishes.

Just go your way in Peace and get on with your life helping those that you wish to as you mind your own business, and you do not interfere in the affairs of others, and you do not expect or demand that others conform to your 'beliefs' or 'standards,' and you do not expect them to in any way pay your way at their expense. "Free giving is the 'order' of the day" our God does say.

God is the "Master" - not the rules of man.

I AM the 'spirit of truth'- Terence

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