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~ The coercion of the DARK energy of God~
Justification - deception - destruction
permission ~ absolute pacifism ~ immunity

by Terence – the spirit of truth

This document is the revelation of "Why & when & how" God seeks to destroy you, being His creation.

Page 1 - The coercion of the Dark energy of God
Page 4 - The 'immunity' clause
Page 5 - The Lawless one


Item - 1 - The TREE of evil
Item - 2 - The DARK secret

As you use or support the use of the coercive, controlling, deceptive, punitive and destructive ways of God's DARK energy in contravention of God's: "Go your way in peace & extend love & mercy & compassion & forgive your enemy" Command, It the Dark is thus Justified in destroying YOU for your defiance of God and your 'take' and use of HIS 'forbidden to use' controlling & destructive DARK ENERGY.

Man has for so long been taught that God is only 'light and love,' that people today cannot 'equate' to the FACT and absolute TRUTH of the matter that God is both creative & benign (energy) as well as destructive & malignant (energy) and, the moment one defies Him the Father then He, using His all encompassing power, sets out to destroy your 'bad' seed in the manner revealed in my sacred texts.

There is no 'reasonable' excuse that you can give Him for He is absolutely merciless and unforgiving as there is NO 'light' energy within His 'frame,' and the only Light He sees is the beauty and brilliance of the 'Heaven' that He created which stands in His sight with its pure beauty and brilliance that He 'shares' with NO person having even ONE minute 'speck' of His darkness within their spirit soul.

Heaven is the Light He creates using His 'fire' being His desire, and any person 'thinking' that they deserve IT after causing any 'harm' to any of His creation is a deluded IDIOT deserving of their fate in the Dark realms of agony below.

The DARK negative ENERGY of God the Father is absolute Power and Brilliance and is simply what it IS. It is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent but it does not have any 'reason' to in any way interfere in your life nor control nor subjugate you nor dispossess you nor cause you harm UNLESS or UNTIL you use IT in your interaction with others. At that very moment IT sets out to destroy you. 

To do this IT the dark gives you 'feelings' of entitlement and justification to bring other offenders to account on ITS behalf, and as this you do, you draw in more of ITS 'darkness' and little by little over trillions of years your soul progresses downwards away from the light spectrum through thousands of levels of consciousness until you are far from God's sight, and your mental and emotional and physical plight is 'sorry' indeed, but He your Creator is very happy at your suffering due to your own 'contempt' of what He created. Being a living, moving 'canvas' of eternal beauty and love and freedom.

None of His children are aware of His Dark nature, and His Dark energy is 'unknown' by them until they defy Him and use IT in their interaction with others, but at that moment it IS too late to re-enter heaven's 'gate' from where they have been banished for eternity unless they understand 'how' to regain 'entry' and learn the nature of His 'sentry' who is cruel, deceptive and powerful indeed.

Prior to supping on His Dark energy (The fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil) the word 'good' was non existent as their bliss and joy and happiness was 'normal' with naught to compare it with.

Why did Father forbid man to sup on IT (His Dark energy) and why did He say that those who so did would die in their SIN? Because He knew of the absolute power and nature of this energy which is coercive, cunning, ruthless, deceptive, merciless, unforgiving, and an absolutely destructive FORCE that is so inconceivably BRILLIANT that NONE could 'compete' with ITS all knowing and all seeing intelligence.

It is thus that over time and more time and eternal time at ITS disposal that it 'seduces' man into using its power more and more and in so doing, enabled IT to grow within the soul of the user (The SIN within, negative emotions) and draw mankind away from the eternal LIGHT down to the depths of depravity and torture and turmoil and travail and ultimately, - - - over aeons of time into the FIRE. (spiritual death)

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It is only I the Plenipotentiary of God who has a soul free of SIN * who has a MIND attuned only to the pure Light SHE (The Mother of creation) but both She and He can 'tell' me telepathically THE PURE TRUTH so that I can pass IT on to you and you and YOU so that you DO have this last chance of setting yourself free from IGNORANCE.

Note: It is only I the Plenipotentiary of God who has a soul  free of SIN * - This is in respect of this and every realm outside of the pure light of Heaven, for there are uncountable spirit souls abiding in heaven, and they are also all 'sin free' and, any of you who now 'follow me' and abide in God's Command will also be set free of your inner sin (negative energy) and be uplifted by God's pure inner positive energy as your spirit exits the biological flesh of this world.

Spirit people residing in realms outside of Heaven who now 'bow' to God's Command will as they become free within of sin also rise up in spiritual realms. They do not have to incarnate to so do.

It is the 'ignorance' about the power of the Dark that keeps you all revolving within ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW. For IT keeps you demanding 'Justice' every time you 'suffer,' seeing NOT that as you suffered, you were 'Justly' exposed to the implementation of ITS Law via the hands of the ignorant and set FREE from a past debt to IT but, - - - the moment you screamed 'foul' instead of forgiving your persecutor, and you demanded retributive justice, you immediately accrued a further 'due' as the result of punishing the other and making them suffer.

Further to this, irrespective of the contents of supposedly religious 'texts' you support or adore, and irrespective of your 'tribe or race,' I can but state that NO person can 'suffer' your karmic dues on your behalf. This teaching is simply the power of the deceptive Dark force in action via the vain, arrogant and greedy who were deceived by ITS thoughts as they 'wrote' their 'beliefs & teachings' and then stated that these were God's truth.

I say that you are ALL contaminated with dark energy and I will try and show you HOW the Dark maintains control over your soul using coercion, deception and justification.

First I will step back into the pure Light which has the same 'code' of operation as the Dark - - - which is to express ITSELF via you upon others and, as you LOVINGLY and creatively so DO, - - - then IT (the Light) then fulfills ITS 'eye for an eye ~ as you sow so shall ye reap' LAW via other loving people back to you, and everyone is full of joy and happiness. Thus there is no knowledge of GOOD nor EVIL, - - - for one is simply existing in a state of pure bliss, freedom and never ending adventure.

TRY and understand that it 'follows' that the TWIN energy POLARITIES of the Source are simply a REALITY which exists. Being that both are ACTIVE in their own 'space' and doing what comes naturally to THE ALMIGHTY POWER. Be it benign and creative OR malignant and destructive and, whichever 'space' you CHOOSE by your actions to exist in is your choice and freely granted to YOU by IT.

Similar to the Light energy, the Dark 'recognises' by who and when ITS destructive energy is USED and, - - - that individual is instantly 'marked' spiritually (invisibly) by IT as ONE needing to RECEIVE a return of destructive dark ENERGY at a later stage so as to 'balance' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

Hence the DARK is simply fulfilling ITS 'aspect' of ITS 'nature' (Law) and the user of the malicious destructive power receives an EQUAL (suffering) that the user IMPOSED upon another, - - - HOWEVER, - - - God warned man that any who used HIS Dark essence would 'die' because, - - - He knew that ITS 'nature' was opposite to that of the Light, which is kind, merciful, loving and forgiving and truthful, in that the Dark was cruel, foreboding, merciless, hateful, unforgiving and TOTALLY deceptive and destructive.

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Once a person has used said energy then ITS 'nature' is to NEVER FORGET nor FORGIVE until ITS Law has been fulfilled in TOTALITY and, - - - because ITS 'nature' is ABSOLUTE deception, cunning, control, destruction and JUSTIFICATION, - - - not only does IT fulfill THE LAW of 'equal return' as it 'burns' you but, - - - at the same time it tries to keep you in a perpetual state of 'legal' debt to ITS Law by enticing you to RETALIATE or to keep supporting ITS punitive ways inflicted upon yourself OR others, so that in fact you never get 'free' and you will suffer eternally UNLESS you now heed the 'call' of the LIGHT via me.

How does IT keep YOU on ITS 'hook'? It being the ultimate 'predator' sets a 'dues return' date at a time and in a place where ITS deception, coercion and cunning is STRONG and your FEAR is GREAT. Being the 'fear' of the consequences of coercive threats or of suffering some loss or injury to self or family etc. How does this manifest?

The Mafiosi 'boss' sends his 'heavies' to your wife's hairdressing salon every Friday demanding their $100 'protection money' fee, the coercive threat is: "If you fail to pay us your money we will break your legs or burn down your shop" and generally the lass pays up. 

The coercive threat of the village 'Chief' or the State taxation department officials is: "If you fail to fill out a tax return on your income and pay your dues to us we will fine you, jail you, evict you, shut down your business, dispossess you of your home" etc.

The coercive threat of the Chief, King, or 'Emperor' or their legislators is: "You must first obtain a 'licence' from my offices before you can 'legally' operate any business, and my 'men' will shut you down and punish you if you do not display a permit 'receipt' at the place of business."

Every 'decree, order, dictate, law, rule' of any man or institution that is backed by a 'punitive' attachment for non conformity is a coercive threat directly from the DARK Source VIA the vain, arrogant and ignorant and, - - - IF you do not obey said decrees then GOD brings you to your knees via stupid blind mortals and you PAY your outstanding spiritual dues and are THEN by God set free but, - - -

IF you are so 'foolish' as to vote for a person to 'head' your house and you support and condone and fund their iniquitous ways that ARE causing OTHERS to suffer in some way, then you are complicit, and you are being trapped more and more each day by the invisible DARK Source (God) and your 'suffering' dues to HIM daily mount, and month by month HE imposes greater strictures upon everyone VIA legislative 'dolts,' and everyone is restricted and impoverished more and more.

One of the greatest errors of belief is the belief that 'some' men have the RIGHT to RULE and impose their rules/orders/decrees upon others backed by 'force of arms' and punishment for non-conformity. Set yourself FREE from their iniquity and prepare to pay your dues to God as you suffer the imposed 'consequence' of NOT funding any activity that is a contravention of His "Peace & love" Command.

It is I to now expose 'how' you can regain entry to Heaven, Paradise, and it is simple indeed, but you have to be mentally and emotionally strong enough to lay down your weapons and BLEED at the hands of the merciless in order to PAY your outstanding spiritual dues to God's energy and be set free of the SIN (dark energy) you drew IN.

You also have to reprogram your consciousness by turning away from the false teachings that He the Dark Sovereign Power did use to keep you all deceived into believing that by fellowshipping with this or that religion or, praising this or that 'avatar' would set you free. But it is I THE ONLY ONE holding the key to freedom and, to attain that you must believe in our Mother's (God's) message through me. She is the WISDOM and brilliance of pure Light.

You have to give the darkness 'permission' to do what it is JUSTIFIED in doing without your permission as IT causes you the 'harm' you or your servants caused others, - - - in the foreknowledge, that IT is simply 'balancing' ITS energy flow and giving you a 'Just, equitable and honourable' return. (absolute justice in action)

You are thus prepared mentally to NEVER retaliate nor 'complain' when being forced to suffer because you now KNOW that it is simply GOD in action against YOU for in the past when you WERE a 'swine' harming or disadvantaging others and, - - - you now also realise that ONLY when IT (God's energy) has 'balanced' its 'books' so to speak are you FREE TO GO your way without 'let or hindrance' from others whom IT uses to control and regulate and punish or dispossess or destroy.

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~ The 'IMMUNITY' clause ~

Every child of God has an inner 'conscience.' It is this conscience that gives one a 'sense' of what ACTION is right or wrong and also, what ACTION is or is not a 'precept' of right conduct in reference to God's Command. A 'conscientious objector' is a person who is scrupulously obedient to the dictates of their OWN conscience and thus cannot and does not participate in 'war.'   A true believer is a person who is scrupulously obedient to the 'precepts' of God's Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate & forgive thine enemy."

But even supposedly true believers, 'pacifists' at heart, have been deceived into believing that they should and must 'vote' and fund the coffers of warmongers. None seeing that this is a contravention of God's command, and is what leads them into suffering and into the Abyss for their complicity.

So what is ones 'immunity'? It is the 'escape clause' granted by God the Dark Sovereign Power to ANY PERSON wishing to amend their ways, pay their outstanding dues to HIM, and BE set free from their present agonising destiny.

So what is the 'escape clause'? It is the God granted RIGHT to follow ones conscience and live by ITS dictates rather than 'bowing to' and obeying the thousands of rules, decrees, orders, laws raised UP by God via the mind of His earthly punitive forces. Being 'regulations' designed by GOD to keep ALL errant sinners on the road to perdition because, attached to every 'law or decree' is a punitive attachment for non-conformity.

This means that any person 'raising up' or, 'upholding' or, 'complicit through funding the enforcers' of such punitive tenets are persons living in contravention of God's Command.

What is the basic 'ruling' of this escape clause? It is the statement by God enshrined in every 'Constitution' that:

"You are free to live by your own 'religion, belief or conscience,' AS LONG AS you do not disturb the peace of the land."

This statement by God was sent to earth and every 'underworld' through the minds of the men who raised up the "Constitution of government" and, it is the BASE premise and promise which cannot be 'overruled' by any subsequent legislation, but only by the LAWLESS ONE and His very 'vain and arrogant' 'followers' under certain conditions to be revealed by me.

What is the meaning of "As long as you do not disturb the peace of the land"? It means that you ARE an absolute pacifist at all times and in all situations. It means that:

You never intimidate others
You never interfere in the lives of others
You never curse nor swear at others

You never cause harm to others
You never coerce others
You never use force against others

You never steal from others
You never punish others
You never lie to others

You never threaten others
You never fight others
You never tax others

You never take revenge against others
You never bring any court action against others
You never intimidate others

You always forgive others for their misdeeds against you
You always 'turn the other cheek' if abused
You never give in to coercion to defy God's command

You are loving and caring and giving unto all
You only fund benign community effort
You obey God's Command and educate the lost and errant

Cause NO harm is the message from THE LIGHT

If you are an aggressive angry 'chimp' then you had better chain yourself to a TREE daily so that your thoughts cannot let you down. If you are sensible you will also be as wise as the smaller chimps and 'hear no evil - speak no evil - see no evil.'

What does that mean? It means that irrespective of the 'ways' of others OR your own thoughts and emotions, YOU always maintain a respectful and benign 'way.' This you do in the foreknowledge that everyone is a 'sinner' capable of 'delivering' dark evil through their action interaction, but YOU will only be kind, compassionate and merciful as YOU do your best to assist them to see the Light.

My conscience dictates that:

Many 'rules' of society are educative and need to be 'obeyed' for the natural order of living ways, thus I choose those which my conscience agrees with and those which it does not, and the ones I choose to 'deny of defy' are any perceived by me to be a contravention of my conscience or of God's Command, thus I refuse to condone, support, vote for or fund any institution or person using force of arms against others, interfering in the lives of others etc., as per the above listed.

I believe in the Code of conduct reference road users, thus I obey speed signs and traffic rules so that chaos does not reign and I do not cause harm to another. I believe that one must have driving lessons and receive a 'pass' mark so as to be safe on the road, but I do not believe that IT my 'validation' certificate of competency has to be annually 'taxed' to remain valid, thus I do not 'renew' my certificate of competency annually and I drive 'unlicensed' according to my RIGHT of belief, ideology and conscience.

I pay no 'taxes,' and I believe that it is error to pay any 'licence' fee prior to carrying out a business, so I carry out my business 'unlicensed' as that IS my RIGHT within the Constitution and my conscience, for IF I did pay an 'annual' licence fee then, in my mind, I would be funding a contra belief, religion, ideology of regulation, control and punishment etc., and my funds would be used to interfere in, regulate, control and punish others in the community.

My conscience also dictates that I cannot support nor fund by 'taxes' the government institution of Australia where I live because, they 'permit' the manufacture and export of millions of $ worth or armaments each year, which are instruments of violence and death, and they cause  horrendous injuries to God's children. (Our spiritual sisters and brothers)

My conscience also dictates that I cannot support nor fund by 'taxes' the government institution of Australia where I live because, 'boat people' seeking to find 'shelter' away from harm are 'captured' on the high seas, then 'imported' and jailed for years on end. I do not believe that this is the right way to treat people.

My conscience also dictates that there should be no 'immigration' or other 'border' posts in any place on earth and, that people should be free to come or go without harassment and without needing any 'passport' documents or other identification. Naturally anyone who disturbs the peace of the land needs to be 'caught' and counselled as per my 'Feeling Easier' Seminars and educated, and then be set free.

I do believe that I need to fund the provision of benign services which I use. But these are never ones wherein I fund the 'protection' of my person or family and, if ever I am abused in any way then that by me is seen as our God 'admonishing' me via the mind of some other arrogant mortal for some error of judgement in my past, and I never retaliate.

As my 'conscience' sees it, there is NO democracy on earth, for every person 'elected' into a position of power has a mind ruled by the Dark Sovereign Power, and all they do is to forcefully impose their/His dictates upon everybody. Thus in every land on earth there is DICTATORSHIP.

I am aware that the local 'Councils' have their own 'rules' with punitive attachments, so they also are 'governing' and controlling and punitive organisations and their 'rates' charges are in fact a TAX imposed. I also believe it unconscionable to pay metered parking and so I do not.

I do however know that the local community does receive some 'benefits' from local councils so I would pay a 'portion' of their 'ask' dependent upon 'what' services of theirs I wished to use. I would also advise them that none of my community donations to their coffers are to be used to 'tax, persecute, punish, evict or disadvantage' any other member of the community. It is your choice and decision what you do from now on.

Either way, I AM ENTITLED by my conscience and by the Constitutional power vested unto man by God to go about my daily business without 'let or hindrance' or the 'taxing' or other demands of 'people' as long as I do not disturb the peace of the land. SO BE IT.

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~ THE Lawless one ~

Let it be clearly understood, there is only ONE 'lawless' one, being our God THE FATHER. For ONLY He stands above His 'eye for an eye' Law.

HE in FACT is the DARK ENERGY (energetic force) that IS all-seeing and all-knowing and infinitely 'wise' that IS a 'law' unto ITSELF. Inviolate, indestructible, eternal.

His very 'vain and arrogant' demonic 'followers' are the wolves in sheep's clothing, being kings, queens, emperors, presidents, legislators, magistrates, judges, enforcement agencies and other operatives who believe FALSELY, that due to their 'badge of office' or mandate, that they are ALSO 'lawless,' in their belief that their actions are above and beyond the laws of man AND God's LAW. This is a very 'grave' error of judgement and belief now exposed by me, for NONE are 'exempt' from the imposition of God's immutable LAW.

I now ADD that, even if you today become an ABSOLUTE PACIFIST and stop funding any punitive system, and you then also claim 'immunity' from persecution or punishment under the 'Freedom of religion' Clause of the Constitution, that God's earthly retributive forces namely 'magistrates,' will totally IGNORE said clause over and over again UNTIL all your past dues have been met.

This is because our invisible 'overlord' God the Father is in control of their mind VIA their inner 'sin,' and over every 'mind' that believes in the 'justice' of retributive correction. It is thus that when you receive a punishment 'judgement' from a magistrate, you must NOT pay any fine, for that is simply 'buying you time' and accruing more 'karmic' debt through continuing to fund warmongers. You must take the other option such as 'Jail' time etc. Only thus do you actually PAY off some of your spiritual dues. (In suffering)

Let it be clearly understood, God permits 'some' men to rule others for the SOLE PURPOSE of destroying THEM (The rulers, their legislators, judiciary and armed forces) for their vanity, pride, arrogance and ignorance and, - - - HE uses them to interfere, subjugate, tax, banish, invade, punish, injure, kill and destroy you, you and YOU, who are ALSO ongoing 'sinners' to be destroyed by HIM.

I am sent to earth to see if there is even ONE person who can be saved by God's Wisdom before the FULL Wrath of God explodes in every realm outside of the pure Light and, you will all SEE the escalating insanity and chaos and destruction which results and which goes on and on and ON FOREVER in the dark lower realms below, to which those of you who cannot follow my peaceful 'way' will be 'consigned to' by your OWN error of belief and 'way' decisions.

Some men absolutely 'adore' their newly born offspring, and would 'defend or protect' them with their life, but others 'run away' even before 'the day' they are 'delivered,' and they never even consider supporting the 'lass' whom they impregnated with 'life' because they are ignorant fools who are more concerned with their own pride and vanity and ongoing insanity. Woe unto these for sure as God does deplore their inconsiderate and selfish ways.

Other men go forth in the name of religion or state or tribe or nation or flag, and they invade, dispossess, torture, injure and kill the children of other men of other tribes, and 'wonder' why the others keep retaliating against them. Do NONE of you see or realise or understand that every 'child' born unto man has a spirit soul created by God?

Would you place your own child on a post at the end of your garden and use them for target practise with your gun? Would you put them to the sword by using their young flesh for 'bayonet' practise? Would you incinerate them with 'fire' or explosives? What would you 'think' of doing to others who did these horrendous deeds to your offspring? "Kill and destroy them for the sake of JUSTICE" would be your thoughts.

So now, IF you had all the power and resources of the known and unknown worlds at your 'beck and call' as does our Father GOD, then you need to try and REALISE that it is His Dark merciless and unforgiving ENERGY that IS so, ALL POWERFUL and, - - - utterly 'justified' within ITS immutable Law, and absolutely retributive and TOTALLY merciless and destructive.

Thus when you go forth and dispossess or disadvantage or cause any mental, emotional or physical injury or suffering' to any ONE of His children, then it is YOU in His 'sights,' and He IS absolutely cruel, despotic and unforgiving, and He WILL force you out of His sight and into the abyss to be tortured FOREVER. For as said, HE 'brooks' NO contenders to His throne and, He is absolutely unyielding toward any who defy His Command and cause harm to any of His children.

IF you seek to BE 'safe & saved' then you MUST observe your OWN actions in reference to God's Command. Why? Because the Dark is so dark that IT blinds you as you 'punish or cause harm' to the other. What are YOU actually DOING? Is IT within the precepts of God's Command or NOT?

You see NOT that the 'pleasure' you feel as you mete out 'Justice' is the pleasure felt by ITS destructive energy within you. It is an energy that is 'happy' and ONLY 'satisfied' when balancing ITS retributive 'eye for an eye' EQUAL measure of RETURN.

You see NOT that ahead, it is some other to feel pleasure as they strike you down for your insolence and arrogance as you USED darkness and caused harm as YOU defied God's 'Peace & love & mercy & forgive' Command.

Please now TRY and understand that irrespective of ANY religious belief around the issue of being 'saved,' everyone living outside of the ultimate realm of pure light other than the 'few' spoken of in my 'Visions of the last prophet' book ARE still sliding downwards towards Hell.

The ONLY reason that YOU have the opportunity to become 'saved' by God's 'grace' is through the Father's LOVE for His 'bride' SHE the Light. It is at Her request that He has permitted my soul to visit 'here' to see if I can 'convince' even ONE to be saved before THE LAST DAY.

If you FAIL to NOW 'turn the other cheek' when abused and 'go your way in peace' and HALT the use of His controlling, punitive & destructive energy in your interaction, then you ARE eternally lost and will for an eternity fall deeper into the terrifying depths of depravity which exist.

Irrespective of 'where' you stand today, you can 'make it' IF you follow my lead.
Deny the 'graceful' call of the Light through me and you will DEFINITELY FRY.

As you have now been 'educated' with Spiritual TRUTH, it is your personal choice to either continue to be one of His ignorant 'demons' who either personally or via paid servants mete out divine retribution upon the 'heads' of other sinners on His behalf.

This you yet do due to being mentally controlled by His Dark energy or 'rules' in a book. You can turn to the Light and amend your ways TODAY. He then will set you free from His earthly forces of persecution when and ONLY when all your dues to Him have been 'suffered' and thus met. 

The only way forwards to FREEDOM is to become an ABSOLUTE PACIFIST and NEVER support nor fund 'warmongers' or dictators.

Try and understand, one cannot nullify nor avoid the implementation of God's 'energetic' LAW.

IT the benign creative or malignant destructive ENERGY flows 'back and forth' ceaselessly as YOU use ITS aspects.

God via His/Her pen, mine, grant you this 'brief' window of opportunity to amend your ways.

They state: "Love one another, for you all are errant sister and brother."

My 'pen' has spoken for the last time


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