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~ Paradise island ~

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~ The lost sheep ~

The 'followers' of the 'invisible' or 'unspoken' or 'unknown' Church of Hell are the lost Tribe, being the 'sheep' that strayed from the fold of God. It is I to 'shepherd' them home to the Light - - - Heaven.

The false belief of all lost sheep and their 'high priests' is that they can use 'force of arms' to regulate, control, seize, punish, or destroy others if they so wish to in order to attain or maintain the upper hand.

Only when they finally 'see' the reason to humane be, will they become free from the powerful dark energy of God that binds all that use its 'force.'

It is forbidden by God to 'sup' of the 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil,* that prerogative is only that of God. The tree of evil is the 'illustrative' name given to the 'tap' that opens the doorway to the dark energy of God Almighty the Father.

This 'essence' is what 'feeds' the seeds of 'sin' within and enlarges them as the 'forbidden one' expresses it via their negative worded or physical deed as they criticise, condemn, abuse, punish, or destroy, and this prerogative as said belongs to the Father ONLY.

Any person using 'force' for any reason against any other child of God is totally 'out of bounds' as they are in defiance of the "Only love & walk in peace" Commandment of God.

They also 'stroll' into the dark side of God's ONE Law: "As you do is by ME your God done unto you," and they receive an equitable painful return due at a later date.

They also 'burden' their spirit soul with darkness that draws their soul down when they 're-engage' with the afterlife when exiting their biological body, and any person outside Heaven is in great spiritual danger if they heed not my fresh leaven.

For you are all burdened within with dark emotions being the 'sin,' and it matters not what you have been 'taught' to believe as to your 'destiny,' I can categorically state that not one of you will enter in to Paradise Island the Promised Land if there is even one 'speck' of darkness within.

All wish to escape to the faraway Paradise Island, be it the 'one' in the Pacific that is far away from regulation and troubles that appear each day, or the invisible one only 'seen' by the Son me.

If you are sincere then draw near to my message of Light for only it will aid you to walk 'upright' in the eyes of your Creator, and it is HE and SHE to mercifully permit their wisdom to again flow. For in truth as you are all 'sinners' and thus abusers and deceivers of others, you deserve to NOT know the way home.

Note: Tree of Evil,* - It was written ages ago that there was a tree of wisdom & knowledge that existed in the centre of the Garden of Eden. What 'simple' man needs see, is that the 'one' who wrote that 'script' was a man 'with sin,' and thus the serpent did 'sting' his mind with falsity as he wrote his description of that tree.

It is now I the 'holy one' free of sin that corrects the 'error' of that past day. For the tree was but a poisonous and deadly tree of evil that had the capacity to 'tempt,' deceive, and destroy the soul of man.

It was God the Creator that gave Her children the knowledge of the existence and 'place' where the tree stood. It was God the Creator that 'wisely' told us 'children' to avoid having any contact with the 'deadly' tree, and the wisdom as to 'why' we should avoid supping on its 'fruit.'

It was not 'woman' that tempted man, nor woman that gave man any 'fruit' from the tree, it was both man and woman to 'sup' on dark energy and abuse each other as they both were 'seduced' by the thoughts of the serpent to so do, and by that 'act' they 'ate' of the forbidden fruit, being dark evil energy.

The result of which is pain and suffering that is ongoing, because the 'dark' justifies the continual use of its energy in order for the 'aggrieved' to punish the other, and the more one uses it the energy, the more it is drawn into the soul and grows like a cancer within.

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~ The Covenant & the Devil ~

This 'paper' is the expose of the 'rise' of Satan and his fundamentalist Dark Religion of Death that has slowly and invisibly arisen over the 'ages' in the disguise of a Fatherly 'benefactor.'

It has already invisibly 'marked' every person on earth, and every person on earth already 'bows' to its false dictates in defiance of the one true God and, - - - every person on earth is in 'contempt of God' as they all unseeingly and unknowingly 'fellowship' with this devilish religion that is now exposed by me the Messiah.

The False prophet is every earthly leader such as George Bush. * Every 'head' is the head 'spokesman' for the Antichrist. The 'heads' of all governments are also 'minions' for the satanic force. These 'men' lead the masses of every 'race & creed' daily deeper into darkness.

Note: George Bush. * - I use this man's name for he 'headed' a nation and misled those supporting him and his forceful, interfering, destructive and UN-Christian ideological doctrine of RULING using 'rules' which 'coerce' people and promote dark ways. Every person, be they holding any official or religious position or lowly individual who misleads people through using force to attain control or peace or, one who promises salvation by any other means than the fulfillment of the punitive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law and absolute obedience to God's Command, is also a false prophet. Only my sacred pen (God's) is God's 'proof.'

The Antichrist is the invisible satanic force that daily grows in power within all nations, and its 'rule' of regulation & punitive Law established itself within every country in place of the 'Covenant' agreement of God.

Being the trust in - - - and observance to God's Holy Word as required by God for the Salvation of individuals being, - - - "Be peaceful, do not disturb the peace, be merciful & compassionate and forgiving towards those yet 'in sin' living and, - - - turn the other cheek if struck and, - - - follow Christ to the cross 'as a lamb to the slaughter' if you would become My son or daughter" - - -

All men are now bigoted, self-righteous, inflexible, gun-toting, conservative, religious radical and even terrorist in 'confrontational' situations, instead of being forgiving.

All 'men' now fund per taxation, and condone by their 'vote' and support of the punitive and controlling Creed of this religion of death that poses as a democratic secular State or National Government.

The 'bibles' of this 'religion of death' are its unholy books of rules & statutes that permit extortion, coercion, fine and punishment and death to any that confront its RULE. It has had the capacity to 'rise up' within and under the very 'noses' of the supposed 'true believer' religions.

All 'followers' of every religion on earth now 'bow to' and give their allegiance to this 'deadly' religion, and any that now try to walk 'apart' from it will by it be abused under its now firmly established fundamentalist laws.

This dark system of man that has gained 'ground' steadily has all men firmly bound in its 'grip,' for before one can do anything, one has to 'ask' its permission and pay it 'something,' and conform to its negative Antichrist 'Code of Conduct' rules.

What none do see is that by their 'conscientious' support of its 'unforgiving & punishing' antigod way, one accrues a penalty due from God under God's one law, - - - "As you do is done unto you" - - - for by our support of this dark religion one is condoning it, and is complicit to its abuse of, and destruction of, and control of, and seizure of, and punishment of God's other children within the community and, 'over the hill.'

Yes, all the dark deeds perpetrated by your 'servants' the State workers in the guise of its 'for your own good' comes back to you as FLACK. For the police & judiciary and armies cause untold misery to 'prisoners' - immigrants, and others all on your behalf and, - - - for sure, none will now laugh as they see the depth of their complicity & iniquity, being what I and God do see.

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So if any of you would be now true to God and yourself, and thus become free of your past iniquity, then you will needs read my 'The Slave citizen' document and all else on my web site and, - - - withdraw all support of it by your 'non' vote for any political party and by non-payment of any licence fees to it.

YES, this same satanic force has infiltrated every 'other' religion too AGES ago, and I mean more than 2000 years ago also, for it was via the mind of vain man that 'rules & regulation' and control of God's children did 'span' the old teachings that yet do control you and you.

You can now all see that 'priests' and 'clerics' supposed holy men all condone 'weaponry' as a means of self defence or destruction of others 'over the hill,' and thus they too are 'ungodly' as they condone the 'spill' of blood carried out in many a desert or field of mud.

It is only I with the pure 'sin free' soul that now brings forth the uncontaminated truth by my own hand to aid every seeker find their way to the Promised Land and, - - - it is no 'earthly' place, it is that heavenly spiritual Realm of pure love above.

I believe that God’s CODE of Conduct Command to me and all is:

I must obey my God whom is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.
I must not abuse others but that I must respect all others.
I must not steal from nor kill nor maim nor punish others.
I must be merciful and forgiving and I must not retaliate if I am abused.
God 'commands' me to never disturb the peace of others.
I must do my best to educate those who disturb the peace of the land.
God 'commands' obedience to His Word.

I believe

That my God has one immutable and inviolate Law:
"As you do is done unto you."
Pain & suffering, for pain given - love & joy, for love given 

I believe that if I fund any punitive 'force' that I am funding darkness in action, and that my God will punish me for this iniquitous interaction. Thus I now pay no 'licence' fee, nor any tax royalty to the State religion exposed by me.

I am 'happy' to be persecuted by 'Caesar's' officers as I thus become free from any past support of their ways when I too was blind and thus was unknowingly unkind to you and you by my 'fiscal' support of 'State' systems untrue to our God of love.

My personal Covenant with God is that -

I will walk in peace and never wield a sword against any other even if they wish to crucify me. I shall love them, respect them, be merciful & compassionate unto them and forgive them their trespasses against man and God. I will give any fiscal support possible to those of my local community, and my wisdom & love to all mankind.

I believe  - - that if I so do that God will see that I am true to HIS word and he will set me free to abide in Heaven for eternity.  - - - My Covenant with all men is that if they 'follow me' then they will also be set free. For I know that there is no other way, and any that now deny me denies God who sent me and they will fall and eternally pall. - Terence - the 'pen' of God.

If you truly wish to have a Covenant with God,
then show God your intent and
loving deed.

For all are 'wicked' today and all walk the false way. Do not 'criticise' or condemn 'Bush' or any 'offensive' public servant, for they, as you are but ignorant of the truth of the day. Just pass on this wisdom and help them set themselves free from the Devil's clutches as they begin to see their error and coming terror.

page 4

Note: You cannot defeat God, you cannot defeat darkness for it is the 'energy' of God. God says:

"If you 'fight' the energy of the 'evil' tree then you are already blind and cannot see that you are using its dark energy which belongs to ME.

I said that to stay free from suffering you must not 'sup' on its fruit which belongs to ME.

All thus supping of its destructive power are 'terrible' and insane and vain, and they for their contravention of MY 'Only love & walk in peace' Command will be destroyed and, - - - banished into the Dark land that 'lies' in the lower 'roots' of that tree which is a 'part' of ME your God."

Try and see that naught is 'outside' God, and thus all 'men' terrorising others in any way are supping on dark energy in their 'interactive' play, and if you retaliate against them then you too are unforgivingly 'drinking' the black blood of Satan's breath, and ahead for both 'parties' lies spiritual DEATH.

A nation built on blood is a nation built on mud, and all 'sacrifices' made by those killed wielding a 'blade' are not sacrifices at all, for into Hell did the fighters fall.

For you cannot use darkness to 'seize' control, and you cannot use darkness to enforce the peace with others that on earth stroll. Only by being peaceful do you find 'release' from others persecuting you, for when in your 'past' to others you were untrue.

Man needs to see that not only does the God of Light have a Covenant to set you free, but the God of Dark has a Covenant too, a Covenant to bind all of thee. Its 'covenant' says:

"Be true to ME and fight for ME against your enemy and, - - - I will drag you below and keep you fighting as MY slaves in cold snow, where your suffering and pain will eternally grow and, - - - there will be no peace and no surcease from war."

Try and see that when you 'sup' on dark energy and abuse God's other children, then you make God your enemy and, - - - God will only set you free from HIS Wrath when under HIS one Law you have received your 'comeback' payback of equal & Just suffering that HIS Justice be.

God is now to destroy every known 'religion,' as all are now a 'stool-pigeon' for the Dark. The only religion to 'survive' will be the religion of peace & love that is as Heaven above, and this religion will be 'in place' once God's Wrath has destroyed with a mace every 'non-believer' in IT.

God's Wrath works through every 'unforgiving' and thus non-believer in the Covenant true, this could be you or you and, - - - those that wield the mace will 'fall' below in their disgrace and join the eternally lost' race.

The way to spiritual Life is the way of the Cross

In self-crucifixion by permitting others to abuse or destroy us,
for it is thus we lose our inner 'dross.'

Tell every person of this 'paper' and send a copy to them too, and God sees your deed true, for it is our God then guiding you too.

Note: Idolatry is the 'raising up' or praising 'something' other than God, and none see that they 'idolise' their 'religious' leaders and their 'heads' of State, as well as their national government that they perceive as the epitome of Nationhood and, - - - none see that idolatry of 'nationalism' divides man against man, and that 'idolatry' of self-interest is Anti-Christ.

What they also do not see as they so dutifully 'slave' and pay their taxes to their 'State' (Caesar,) is that they have all been 'hoodwinked' by the satanic force and, - - - that by their 'service' to that force they daily desecrate the Holy place being their Light within.

It is only I the 'all-seeing' eye that exposes the Antichrist and the false prophet who 'brays' like an Ass as he seduces all to follow him into the Abyss. None seeing that 'dependency' on force of arms is the seductive 'charm' of the Devil, and all that revel with its power play lose their right to life eternal forever and a day.

God said "Rely on the strength of MY WORD, not the sword."
God's Word says "Peace unto all or you fall."

page 5

~ Spiritual Sovereignty & God ~

God the creator of all has the sovereign right over all, and any that 'steal' this right by 'force of arms' are those deceived by Satan's 'charms.' Thus it follows that only God has the right to 'claim' sovereignty over all HIS children, you and me.

Any 'impersonator' such as earthly 'royalty' or state 'nation' or 'chief' or 'emperor' that binds God's children into 'taxing' servitude or slavery, must now try and see the 'depth' of their iniquity that has spawned suffering and depravity.

Any 'Constitution' raised that 'empowers' control of any person knowingly or unknowingly is falsity spawned by greed and vanity, and all 'imposed' sullies the spiritual 'rose' of the 'imposer' or their 'armed forces.'

God holds sovereignty over my spirit, and no man or government can 'claim' slave ownership over my flesh or spirit. Any such 'claim' is made only by the vain and ignorant at the 'point' of a gun in the 'hands' of 'enforcers' paid a mercenary wage by 'someone.'

My fleshly 'body' is owned by my spirit that resides therein for the 'life' of the biological body. Thus my flesh is my personal property and my spirit within holds 'sovereignty' over my flesh.

Any claims that a monarch or 'government' or 'constitution' holds any sovereign right over people is false. Any such perceived 'right' was forced upon people way in the past by coercion and punishment, and is now 'seen' as normal.

It is not, and neither is it 'normal' for people to 'vote in' or 'vote for' a 'system' that can raise up whatever taxation extortion or controlling rules it wishes to via its employees.

It is now the time for the 'people' to exert their God given sovereignty by foreclosing the 'hidden' authority of any government agency that defies the "Only love & be merciful & forgiving" Command of God.

This is done simply by no longer voting for it, condoning it, nor funding its 'contra' God punitive & extortionist ways. Every 'secular' governing Institution is a religion having a very dark and totalitarian 'belief' way, and any that continue to 'revel with this 'devil' will pass away into darkness.

You do not have to 'prove' ownership of yourself, you just need to come to that realisation, and reclaim your sovereign right to walk in the Light by heeding now God's sacred message via this pen.

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~ The 'Star' Gate ~

Between the 'portals' of Heaven's Gate and the 'portals' of Hell's Gate stand more than 1001 'realms' or 'levels of consciousness. Within each of these realms are a multiplicity of worlds as numerous as the stars in our sky, and it is into these 'in-between' worlds that the 'lost tribe' spirits go to and inhabit and 'live and die' and, - - - incarnate from to enter here, I espy.

Note: 'live and die' - a realm they inhabit but one whereby they can fall lower and thus 'die' so to speak, for as they draw in more dark energy due to their negative interaction with others, its vibration draws them down into lower levels over time.

For they can 'die' in their sin and fall to the level below, and equally they can rise up to the one above, this I know this I know. For eternity and longer they can and did go up and down, but never entering Heaven because they are lost and in frustration do frown.

And if they enter the 'black' hole below, I also know that it was due to them making 'Satan' their 'bedfellow' and, - - - once through that 'gate' there is no way out and for an eternity, others them clout.

Note: 'Satan' - the Dark energy essence of the Source, God.

Each 'star' Gate between realms is an 'energy' one that 'draws' your vibration to it as you rise or fall undone. Yes you can be mentally directed towards it also, so that you 'head' towards its 'welcome' if you are invited to rise up to a level above, due to you having been true and thus 'unburdened' of some sinful energy within.

Each Gate is God's energy and its 'force' is eternal and of such magnitude that a zillion trillion men and their machines could not even get near if they 'thought' they could force entry to a level above.

Heed me children, you only rise up when on my wisdom you sup, and thus God's Light does free you within of the dark energy that you did 'forcefully' draw in.

page 7

~ Fantasy ~

All living 'outside' Heaven are the lost sheep Tribe, be they in spiritual realms or being those of every race and colour and creed in this world, and they all live in a 'fantasy' as they eat not God's leaven.

When you abuse anyone, you have shown God that you 'judged them' as untrue, and many a person or 'official' on duty does so do. Each is letting 'dark energy' flow through as they 'tap' into its feelings.

Try and see that your destiny is thus determined, and on that coming 'tomorrow' it is you to suffer the same sorrow at the hands of another equally full of arrogant 'marrow.'

Evil 'flourishes' because 'good' men use it 'evil' to abuse or punish or control or destroy others perceived by them as being evil. Thus the perceived 'good' are 'proliferating' evil themselves, and helping evil to expand its darkness that controls all it can 'encompass.'

It is the 'deception' of this darkness that seduces man into defying their God and becoming IT the dark in action, and this interaction 'traps' the user in their 'punishment' role of abuser.

Truly good men are wise and stand firm in their belief of 'Peace unto all' and they also know that any use of darkness condemns them to a painful return due later.

They also know that their children are God's children, and any suffering imposed upon these 'infants' is their 'just' due for being untrue at an 'earlier' time in which their spirit soul on another realm did 'out of bounds' stroll.

Thus they stand 'back' during any attack, and seek to but 'deter' the offensive one with truth and reason and in the knowledge that any outcome is God's Will at that moment and 'season.' Thus they stay calm and give counsel and aid or assist with the 'spade' if any 'death' does occur.

The 'offender' is treated with respect and taught to reflect on their deed and advised that their own 'seed' is in danger from the dark within them, and they are taught the folly of committing a 'sin.' - - - Do not regulate and punish, just forgive and educate.

If you cannot see God's 'justness' and that God is 'above' thee, then Paradise Island that safe 'haven' is never found by thee. It will remain an 'illusion' in your mind, like a story told to a man blind who 'heard' that there was a place where he could pure beauty see, but his reality remains a 'dark' abode where he suffers on 'blindly' and sorrowfully as no 'light' reaches 'he.'

Today I 'come' and give each of thee the 'gift' of God's pure wisdom to set you free. Deny me and forever you remain 'spell-bound' and you will slide down and enter Hell's Gate with a mind unsound.

Heed me and you set yourself free
and Heaven's portals await thee.

page 8

~ Paradise Island ~

In the soul of every woman and man is a yearning to 'run away' from travail and find that Island Paradise where only joy and happiness is the daily 'plan.'

For all outside Heaven are frustrated in some way, for all have 'problems' arising that never seem to go away and, - - - nothing can be perfected in every way and, - - - even if you do 'sail away' today and find a little 'Island in the sun' then your happiness will be less than a year and a day. For when you sail away it is but from a place to another place and you take yourself, and it is within yourself that is the 'bother.'

The Paradise Island in the land 'above' can only be 'entered' by those filled with pure love. Love that is uncontaminated by any 'sin,' for not one 'speck' of darkness can enter therein, no, for it is a 'space' barred by a barrier of pure energy, and pure light can every 'speck' of darkness see.

And those already 'there' cannot be expected to share their 'home' with the untrue; otherwise their 'paradise' would also be no better than you. So each of you when you leave the 'flesh' of this world will with one of many levels of consciousness enmesh. Drawn there by your 'energy' frequency, and if you can 'reason' then this reality you can see.

If the treasure trove of Paradise Island you would seek to know, then show God that my wisdom you did upon your mind bestow, and as you heed God in your daily deed, then 'atom by atom' of dark energy will our God extract from your 'seed.'

The day will then come that as me you are a 'christed' one, being a spirit of pure Light inside, and then and only then will God 'permit' you to within HIS Heaven 'Paradise' abide.

None that use 'force' can win, only the meek 'lose' their inner sin. I would like you to walk with me in my Paradise, a Realm inconceivable in your wildest 'imagining,' for your conscious mind cannot equate to the 'experiences' existing in God's 'Dar-es-Salaam.' (Haven of peace.)

Its 'possibilities' and realities are so far above and beyond the 'minimal' consciousness of earthlings that it remains 'hidden' like a 'pearl' awaiting to be found by a dedicated seeker.

In Paradise Island (Heaven) there is no 'tempting' tree bearing the 'fruit' of evil, for 'that' Garden of Eden 'place' is in a land below God's Holy Place, this I also know.

What you should also by now be able to see is that if you 'believe' the 'old' story of an 'evil' tree, then you must also believe that IT was and is a 'part' of God, for it 'held' a place in the garden of Eden, and also within the 'garden' that is your own soul.

And nothing 'outside' of God can exist, thus the dark mist is by fact and 'legend' proven to be 'of' God, and it is time for you to awaken from your dreaming state and equate to REALITY.

The reality being that Salvation and subsequent entry into Paradise is a personal journey and, - - - a personal choice to personally walk in Peace at all times and, - - - to never for any reason 'tap' into the 'tree' of evil and sup on its 'sap' of death.

Try, please try to heed the Command to "Only be loving" from up high.

page 9

~ Spiritual Leadership ~

A true leader stands alone. Why? - - - Because they know the truth and the true way to go. Thus they lead the 'confused, lost, and blind.'

In the 'past,' man thought that 'teamwork' and rules were the requirement. The sole requirement is to know what constitutes right action in God's eyes in every decision presented on the day. That is to be God's Word in action at all times in all situations, being:

'Kind, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, and peaceful and very understanding' of the others way, so as to be able to present them with a solution to their needs or problem. This is true guidance.

Therefore a leader stands alone with their own unique consciousness that will uniquely approach situations with their own perspective as they maintain God as their guide. For God gives all 'leaders' the insight to the conduct needed to be adhered to by each seeker.

The reason why 'team' leadership is wrong, is because individuality is suppressed, and it is necessary for each person to 'approach' the situation using their own unique consciousness as they 'follow' the advice of the eternal leader guide God, and remain respectful, peaceful, etc.

It is also a fact that God is the one who 'presents' each individual leader with the unique 'situation' to solve, and they can only find a resolution using their own unique consciousness with its own unique understanding.

1 - Leadership means knowing the cause of 'Minds under siege.'
2 - Leadership understands God's final
3 - Leadership gives clear direction to seekers of
4 - Leadership assists decision making in 'material' problems.

There is no 'certificate' to be given to 'leaders' because there is no 'guarantee' that a Seminar 'attendee' will follow God. The 'leader' must try and see, or get to know their own weaknesses that could mislead them in their giving of good counsel.

A true leader is one who knows what is required for spiritual and material survival. God knows, thus our God's wisdom is our guide. Study the fresh truth as given by my 'leadership' and go your way in peace, as you teach others how to stay peaceful in their minds and in their actions.

Item ends