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~ Social Security ~

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~ Welfare & abuse ~

In every “today” governmental department are those whom “their” power misuse, as through them the dark force does God’s children abuse. Yes, our “servants” have taken the power to issue orders and enact “acts” to combat offenders.

This power will God now de-fuse as all controllers will now their “place” in the “heavenly” society lose. Yes, all who heed not me will now be cast into the melting pot below where all “garbage” does go.

From here on let it be “seen” by God and all that any caring “servant of the people" walks tall. Be a servant true, only let mercy and good deed flow through you.

Let none “needy” make any demand
Let no “welfare” worker any reprimand
Let none into others affairs pry or them berate

Let all but try and the others needs accommodate

From today, let us begin to see past our past “sin” and make a little provision by seeing with clearer vision. For all the people demanded that their “servants” were required to them supply with “free” this and that, thus the servants had to “steal” and try to the demands meet, thus we all now fall poverty stricken onto the street.

The “Issue” is one of maintaining the fleshly tissue, and in order to survive and “thrive” we do “others” in hard labour drive. This is due to us being controlled by forces untrue who off others take with their giant rake. So this impropriety will stop and each will look after their own “shop.”

Meaning, that off others we’ll no longer demand or take, even if our flesh becomes uncomfortable and like “Humpty Dumpty” we into little pieces break.

If we would be socially secure, then we needs be a little “demure” and “lower” our demands from parents who mete out reprimands. We can quietly go our way and seek a daily pay by asking others to us feed as we their vege patch weed.

And as for those who have become “old” whose limbs begin to “fold” so they struggle in their daily toil and upkeep, these their young needs keep by ensuring their space has a little food and is kept tidy and not a filthy disgrace.

Let none who are sick or old off any demand, for that contravenes God’s “Loving” Command. If none wish to help you then that is your “Karma” and you’ll needs stay true.

As a society we together will soon rise or fall, so let the community now walk tall and find a new better way to try and help the young or old or sick who have no “pay.”

In the present system today one has to ‘prove’ ones eligibility to receive free pay, and the system does demand and pry into ones personal affairs” says God up high.

So the only fair way I do see is that from birth to death all shall stand equally. So all the system’s social security “workers” can now retire as we all go a step higher, and just use the computer in the “Common” wealth bank that will automatically each month tally its income received from donations of good will, and then automatically this amount divide equally and each person in the country will receive a deposit credit.

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All then will know and see how much is received personally by any who is in need. As there will be no tax take, and no “systems workers” to a debit make on the income monthly received by the free giving of the community. There will be “ample” to distribute, and no “prying” into affairs by people with “mouths” resolute.

Certainly the “majority” of recipients will not need their “incoming” social contribution as they will be of the working breed. So if they so do wish, their monthly income they can “return” into the community “dish,” thus the truly impoverished can know that goodness does flow.

If you do not need any funds this year or next, then just “place” a “bar” in the system so that your share of the funds donated by donors will automatically be “gifted” into the accounts of the needy.

Thus too, any who “off” work needs go for any reason can so do without having to make any “false” claim for funds as they all receive monthly pay. As “each” of us will be able to “see” what to expect if we one day needy be, we can annually decide whether to contribute more or less into the “kitty” that for all be.

If there are “any” who need additional welfare or care, then let those of the “upper hand” being Carers from the promised land do what they needs do to assist the lonely and needy through their daily need.

Remember, it is in this “transition” time when all soil their hands with grime and funds do run out as man does man clout, that each must help their neighbour out as they in hunger shout.

Read the "Blueprint document" well for it does its own story tell, being that in the “new age” time when man does with happiness entwine, that he shall pave his own way with “secure gold” so less will be his “ask” as “he” gets old. This message applies to “she” too for all the ladies will be true.

So all shall be “secure” in the new days to be when as said of all negativity have we been set free. So for now it is but to my “story” with all share so all can spiritually prepare. For all planetary “social welfare” systems will now collapse as the world reels into its “insane” relapse.

For those living in small village communities there will yes need to be some "one" or more known "as" community "aid" workers to whom the impoverished may be directed to. These workers will freely co-ordinate welfare aid distribution if any is available through the free giving of the local/national community.

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~ Welfare & the Citizen's Right ~

Every person of every land shall now revoke their status of "citizenship" of "that" land. They shall here forth invoke their God-given right to be a citizen of planet earth for the duration of their stay from birth unto their "pass-over" back into spirit.

They shall be "entitled" to travel or migrate without 'let or hindrance' from any other, to or from any place on earth. There shall be no "passport" or other visa "system" and no "ship" or aircraft owner will ask for any "proof of identity" prior to embarkation or debarkation at their destination.

Thus it "follows" that any person abiding in any land either temporarily or permanently who finds themselves in "poverty" or dire straits is entitled as a "Citizen of earth" to go to their neighbour or nearest Community Welfare Centre and ask for assistance.

It is God's "ask" and wish that they be assisted in every possible way. It is also God's wish that none demand any aid or "free" pay. All shall become sane and respectful, and all will share any community welfare benefits with any in need.

From here on there shall be no enforced taxation take off the community made to give to or support the needy.

No, the community will be asked to donate funds to a community welfare "chest" and the one/ones "blest" with its "keep" shall be trusty and true and do what God expects them to. Being to distribute these funds in an appropriate manner without partaking of it themselves in a negative manner.

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~ The “Welfare” State ~
the “dole bludger”

I am a public “servant,” being one who is “lowly paid” by the “welfare system,” thus I do not “pant” through efforts of trying to more “salary” earn. No, I work very hard day and night and do my meagre wage earn.

The real dole “bludger” that I see is all the System’s “men” who take an ever increasing wage and work not on “offerings” as me. Yes, every politician under earth’s skies is a dole “bludger” and one not very wise, and every “teacher or other” who is employed by the State is also a bludger who soon will meet their fate, for any who holds the community to "ransom" is "bludging" on the goodwill of the people.

Yes, some by “Union” action steal more than their share, and others like judges & politicians “raise up” their own “fare.” So you see, all in some way do the system use, and most do their own souls in the process abuse.

So I shall continue to be a public servant “teacher-counsellor,” even if one day to me there are no funds “lent,” for I know that humanity does me need, and I know that my soul is not full of vanity or greed. So I ask of you, you, and you: “What will you do when there are no wages “coming through”?

It is the time to see that any public servant must only be in a position to “accept” the free giving donations of the community as me, and not “self placed” in a position of impropriety where they can demand and take and thus impoverish others and themselves as it appears is done planetarily.

And as for ‘those’ who weekly “beg” off any “welfare” society with no intent of any contribution by way of work “penance,” well they too are bludgers who are but takers in the disguise of the “impoverished by circumstance,” and they too needs now glance at their “way” before society runs out of “pay.” For nothing is for “free.” This every person needs to now see.

From a "tender" age of 'six' or so must our children share in the daily family work by helping their parents ref food supply (planting veges etc), wood collecting, washing dishes and general duties so that they learn how to support themselves when they are older and this way their is no "sudden" transition into personal responsibility.

Children must all learn to mend the fishing nets and "thread" the needle and "cut" the cloth and not demand or expect to be paid for this contribution as is the "way of the day" in many countries. Ahead there will be no work "burden" for all will be better informed and work as such will be a "pleasurable" pastime.

Pampered people are being misguided. It does not help children if you find it 'easier' to do all the chores. Neither does it aid them if you "pamper to" their "whims and expectations." They need firm guidance and involvement in all aspects of daily living.

Help your children to do things for themselves, thus they will become happier as they learn to fend for themselves.

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~ Theft by servant ~

Dear Dick Adams MP - I refer to your 'outreach' reference any issues of concern in the community. I bring one forward that to some may seem irrelevant, but it is very relevant.

The community pays a "certain" sum of money into the community coffers each year towards the welfare upkeep of the disadvantaged.

The legislators within the 'governing' body have for some 'vindictive' reason taken it upon themselves to legislate an edict whereby the appointed judiciary can steal funds from certain individuals who are receiving monies from this welfare kitty, by withholding payment to these people.

The people whom become "doubly" disadvantaged through this iniquitous "practice" are any whom are on "welfare" who find themselves imprisoned for any reason, quite possibly because they cannot meet the "cost" of a fine imposed.

So any "man" who is so "bound" who was contributing his welfare income into his family "kitty" cannot so do whilst in jail, and thus his wife and children too are made to suffer due to the "indecent" actions of public servants who as said: Vindictively steals his bread from his begging cup.

I believe that God's Word is true and that any "in power" such as you who by silence condone any such act, will also under God's ONE immutable law, be brought undone for sure.

"As you do is done unto you"

So please "advise" the legislators that their acts are "underhand" and unwise and we the community have never agreed to such "thievery" to be imposed upon the needy.

Furthermore, all monies taken from or contributed by the community towards the State do not belong "to" the State, they are entrusted to the State bodies to be dispersed as needed.

Any person who "thinks" that a man in jail is or becomes a "worth-less" criminal by virtue of being therein and thus less than a human being, is not only a foolish "hypocrite" but is one who should never be "elected" into any office of TRUST.

In a truly "civilised" community the "hungry" get fed before any serving "Elders" receive any pay for "handling" the welfare funds of the day, or before allocating any funds for roads or schools or other items with which they "play."

For in reality, you would "feed" your own family before deciding to build a new bridge or pave the roads or do anything else. For the primary "need" on earth ref "Welfare" is to food & shelter share.

So true "social" security is where the funds donated by the community are first "shared" with the needy and not "spent" on self-aggrandizement by the vain & ignorant and the greedy.

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~ Fare - ye - well ~

The present day "extortionist" Systems of man that are the encoded rules and regulations raised up over the annals of time, keep the "poor" and the "average" man in the street enslaved to poverty due to the high costs of consumables.

This is due to the taxation "royalties" and GST and other "stamp charges" etc that ensure that the "high flying" politicians at the "top" have a very broad "collection base" and are thus well fed and catered for with their "open cheque book." Be they the "King's men" or his servers the armed enforcers and legal system.

Political forces in the guise of "Democratic Nationhood" have for too long believed falsely that they had/have a divine right to impose their will and demands upon God's children from the "cradle to the grave."

This "illegitimate" way is to be destroyed by its "imposer" the invisible dark knave and, at the same time the Light of God will us "save" from our ignorance as all "glance" at this my message.

In the new way to be there will be no "Chiefs" getting free pay and the "common" man will pay no "royalty/fealty" taxes and thus will be able to survive easily as "costs" of all goods fall and naught "extracted" by any "establishment."

Thus too will man then be able to contribute some excess funds into the community "kitty" to be used for community welfare that encompasses roads - schools - hospitals etc.

First we must survive without having to support the "extort" that is but a demand enforced by the "threat of" and punishment. All controllers must try and see that Godly living means:

No threats
No demands
No directives
No abuse of others.

Welfare or "Fare - ye - well" means: Break the extortionist "way" by dis-membering yourself from that "Party" way and just be a kindly, helpful person as you walk the road peacefully each day.

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~ Disenfranchisement of benefits ~

A 'franchise' is a 'grant' coming from a Sovereign Government. The 'Welfare' franchise is granted by the Sovereign Light of God operating through the light 'core' of each citizen of the land.

It is not a 'gift' granted by any earthly government 'System' even though the systems of 'vain' man might believe it to be so due to their arrogance and control exerted over the 'honey pot' of funds that they 'dole' out.

Soon there will be a 'disenfranchisement' of aid to people 'belonging to' the named 'State of Australia' or other 'named' Nations. This is due to their spiritual need to become 'clean' and not belong to a dark punitive System, and due to the false belief or 'ruling' of the Welfare Agencies that will seek to discontinue or deny their 'claim' for aid.

The deep revelation of this fact is to be found in the 'Judgement papers' and to aid the 'State welfare - Community welfare' protection officers I have placed the following pages of information.

I also 'suggest' that as there is to be a total 'breakdown' of incoming funds from the taxation department due to the total collapse of all planetary 'societies' for a time, that all 'welfare' recipients are quickly advised that there will sooner rather than 'later' be a complete halt to their financial support.

They may be advised to quickly seek alternative 'finance' and housing before they become 'homeless & hungry.' Most 'welfare' recipients do have 'parents' or friends to whom they now need to 'turn' as they see what by me is given thee.

It may also be the right time to tell all recipients of aid that it is not a 'right' to receive welfare payments and neither should any payment be made to any 'youths' merely because they become 'of age.'

The 'ownership' of Community Welfare Funds 'controlled' and given out by the 'State' department must be seen for what it is, money given by the 'goodwill' of the people, and it is not 'owned' by the State nor its 'officers.'

Neither is it to only be given to aid those perceived as 'worthy' due to being 'members' of any 'particular' Nation by virtue of citizen status. All 'citizens' of planet earth are God's most precious children and all seeking aid must be assisted if possible with a 'feed.'

Any 'visitor' or other person who is in 'dire' need of assistance is to be considered as 'deserving' of financial assistance' if they approach any local Community Council 'offices' and ask the local elders for aid or direction.

Very soon the only 'aid' be it food or funds, clothing or shelter will be provided by the local public to their local community hall or direct to the needy, and it is to be 'dealt out' to any in need, be they of any tribe, colour, race or creed for all are 'of' God, and God sees all deeds done on this sod.

Good luck on your road

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~ Social security ~
By 'state' or 'of' the community

Let it here be also known that the 'State' system may seek to disown any monetary 'recipient' who does state that they no longer belong to the 'State Boy's Club' and its 'Ownership of Nation' flag.

Let it here be known that God sees all, and our God is to now 'disown' any system's 'official' worker who halts welfare payments to any 'person' merely because they withdraw their allegiance to the 'Club of Caesar' authority.

Let all of any 'club' see that welfare funds are the 'property' of the community, given and held in trust by 'someone,' be they you or me or any, be they wise or a thief or 'penny pincher,' and any who for any reason find a reason to withdraw needed financial support when there are still available funds in the Community 'chest,' will by God be 'undressed' publicly and sent below.

This I know, this I know. I also know that any making 'false' claim off the community will 'suffer' their due at the hands of the 'coming' untrue, not by you.

A citizen of the 'Light' may assist those of the 'Dark' with good counsel and financial and material aid, as can those yet 'trapped' by the dark 'spade' who at times will be able to give similar aid to the other 'clan,' being any of the Light that are needy.

All are sister and brother 'born' from the same heavenly Father and Mother. Let us all help each other rather than trying to 'dig' the other into the ground with a dark spade. Let all men be wise, despise no other and just be helpful to any 'ailing' sister or brother.

Let there be LIGHT.

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~ The 'duty' & the 'due' ~

There is a duty and a "due" that must be understood by all God's children and that includes me and you. The duty is that for the "suffering" we care and our compassion and wisdom with them we do share.

This I did do, this I did do

The "due" that the other must give is respect for the one whom did the share and care give, if they do not then to themselves they are untrue.

We needs remember that none "owe" us anything and that if we are "stung" by poverty then in reality it is but our own doing from a past existence either elsewhere prior to entering the flesh or from having impoverished others here in some way either directly or indirectly through the deeds of our "servants" the political forces and their "armies" that control and abuse others.

We have a "duty" to ourselves to maintain "order" within our own minds so that we remain capable of heeding our God of Light and thus never fight or abuse others. If this we can do then never will we suffer at the hands of others untrue.

All suffering to now be seen is our "due" and God relies on the compassionate few to share their last crust of bread at the time of intense dread. Be true, be true and forever will God's "bread & honey" be given you. Be thankful for what you are given and do not expect or demand to be "supported" in perpetuity by others.

As greed is now swept away, sanity and free giving will be the way. All but all in their own way have been untrue, whether they were “taker” or the “demander” untrue.

Part of the "giving" is good counsel so that the recipient becomes self-sufficient in knowing how to feed and water themselves and how to build a small shelter to house them.

Many today have never "left the nest" and as soon as there is any difficulty they "chirp" loudly in expectations but are not prepared to contribute in any way as they "feel" and "think" they can sit back and await for government support. Soon a very "rude" awakening as funds dry up.

The basic principles of survival have been "lost" due to the manner in which "controllers" have claimed "ownership" of all the land, all the forests, and all the creatures on land and sea as well as ownership of thee and thee.

Read now all I send to thee and with a light heart now set yourself free from the past. Social "security” there then will be for all who heed me.

I do wish you all well on your road,
please do your best to ease the
other's heavy load.



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