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~ Real Estate Agents ~
Landlords & Tenants

I speak on the relationship between the “Landlord & Tenant & Agent.” Should the Agent be anything but the honest go-between, placing the “wares” of the landlord on a plate before the customers, or, should they be the inquisitor, the prosecutor, and extend their role to that of a policeman, either through the demands of landlords over their tenants, or due to the attitude and circumstance of some tenants and/or landlords ?

If a landlord decides to “up” the rent, necessitated through their failing financial state, or through greed, or have other excessive demands or terms, should the Agent be a party to this,? or should they say “Take your business elsewhere your price is too high.”

If a tenant is destructive and damages property, should the Agent become the agent of the law,? or should they but say to the landlord “Your tenant has a desire to damage your property, I suggest that you speak to them direct and you sort it out.”

I believe that the Real Estate Agent should not put themselves into the position where they are used by the Landlord or the Tenant to “police” the situation.

If a tenant finds that they cannot pay the rent, should the Agent just advise the landlord and let them take up the matter? “Why” I ask, does the Agent “step-in” as the “Reaper,” and throw out the tenant just because the landlord is “otherwise” engaged, fearing to “dirty” their own hands.

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All the above are but points that come to mind, and are not all relevant to my own experiences with “Real Estate” in general. But I can say, that I was once an “outsider” to an inquiry to rent a property that was offered for tenancy through an agency to a friend of mine.

The subsequent dealings with a “departing” tenant and the agency led to a series of seemingly minor occurrences that I feel were detrimental to the good name of “Estate Agencies," as well as adding to the general negative manner in which the world is now heading, being recriminations and demands and confrontation.

Should an agent be assuming that a prospective tenant may default, and thus investigate their computerised details through “deception,” and then be the judge that they may be a “loser” and thus deny them occupancy, or try and “entrap” them in such a way that they cannot in any way “escape” the hands of the landlord and/or their own “detective” agency if ahead there is a rental default, through “next of kin” etc.?

I believe that in the real estate “fields” as all others are being infiltrated with negative practices, and these “weeds” need to be ploughed-in and fresh turf exposed. I say not that efficient staff needs to be replaced, I say that they are now either overworked or too efficient in a negative manner that is detrimental to their own good souls due to “others” expectancy of them.

The occurrences that transpired that “inspired” this letter, were I believe but to highlight certain things, and I hope that it is constructive, for two good-hearted ladies both lost out on their needs, one a tenant wishing to move on, and the other, a seeker of a nice residence that she was denied through her own ire that was triggered by the attitude from Real Estate office staff towards the whole “affair.”

Let Real Estate agents now be but true, detailing the requirement of me and you. Whether you have a house to lease or sell, let none seek to their palms “grease” with the contamination of fraud that in the 20th century is more than “broad.”

Let the agent be but the projector of information, as well as the “protector” of the truth of the matter at hand, and not engage in any “underhand.”

And as for a “seller,” let them all disclose, so that they retain their purity of rose. For surely none would want a purchaser to “fall down” due to concealed faults, for all then frown.

And as for LANDLORDS, well “what” can I say, they have been “leeching” off you and me for many a year and a day as they did expect to their own pockets protect, and on this they all needs now reflect.

For all “Rents” are sky high as greed did every landlord “try.” Yes, many a “fool” kneeled at Satan’s footstool as they expected to gain a home for free, using rent paid by you or me to meet their bank loan repayments.

None seeing that this nature of “gain” is a fruitless purchase misspent, as God will now ensure that all thieves being those who were not demure, will lose all they took as they the “pockets” of the poor shook.

Let the “rental” charge to tenants be but one tenth of their weekly pay as from today. If this you cannot do because of your loan structure untrue, well then, so be it. You will lose the home to those whom in it sit as they “take the horse by the bit.”

And if you retaliate or demand, then a lowly spiritual level will you “command,” for soon there will be no funds to rental pay, and God help anyone who sends a “non payer” out into the cold today.

Note: All township “Council” bodies also “fall” into the category of “Landlords,” for they did falsely presume that they had a right to overturn your freehold title at any time you failed to give in to their Mafiosi “Rate rental” demands. Their heavy handed “thieving” demands shall cease now forthwith.


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~ The ‘space’ invader ~

This is written for any who’d put their “foot” on another's land in a way that God would deem a manner “underhand.” Let none presume they can so do for any reason “untrue or true,” for many a justification seemingly true can be the end of you.

This is written for any man with a mind “bent” through an obsession that drives him with its merciless “stalking” intent. The intent to “something” satiate as thoughts do his mind incessantly berate. These thoughts twist and weave a story of “make believe” as they “both” deceive.

They do inveigle another's mind with “kindness” before they them bind. Yes, they deviously find a way to move “in” with the one they desire and see not that once in their “place” they will truly give in to sin, as their mind is then so “driven” by inner desire that they are compelled to force the other onto their knees so that their obsession they can appease like a dog.

This is written for any who would go to another's place to stay, be it for a night or a day. If God sees that your “intent” is in God’s eyes “bent,” then your future is bleak too.

This is written for any who are already on “anothers” place who deem it a “justified” space. If they were “invited” for a night or day then they had better depart before asking if they can longer stay. Once they are “away” then they can ask to be invited to visit again on another day

Any who are a visitor “in abode” who have not been invited to longer stay but so “request” had better now heed God’s behest. For what the “asker” cannot see is that “some” find it difficult to say: “I did enjoy your visit but I prefer to keep my “space” free for others to visit on another day.” And even if they to your “ask” agree, it is an ask of infidelity to the Light as you impose the controllers Might.

This is written for any who are already “in abode” permanently sharing a home with another, be it sister or brother. If you in any way desire to “command” others to abide in your wishes, be they true or untrue, then beware, for it may be that the “dark one” wishes to you snare as “he” justifies your attempts at control. “Ultimate control” is when you “own” all the “space” where you be, and you “expect” others to non existent be.

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~ The “guise” ~

Space invaders come in many a guise, maybe a friend who seems to be wise, who presumes he can use your place because you are a soul of grace. Maybe he is an enemy from over the hill who has decided to come and take you for a “spill” and in a manner rude does into your home intrude.

Maybe he is a stranger to your shore who “decides” to stay because you welcomed them at your door. Maybe someone “homeless” who cannot see that it is they who deserve to homeless be. I say that any who for any reason put their “foot” into the door and then “walk in” are lost for an eternity or more.

An invader can be a tenant in a flat who gives his landlord “back chat” as he says: “I’ve got no rent to pay you today, you’d better call by another day.” If you are a tenant who would be true, then if you cannot pay you must move out onto the street and be true to the soul within you. By all means then to a landlord say: “I’ve got no funds but can you put me up for free for a week or a day”?

An invader can be a man who sees an empty house on a beach and does the “moral” law of trespass breach as he “enters” in and does stay uninvited by the owner who may be far away.

What “each” needs to see is that God “allots” a personal space for personal privacy, and that place is our “hut” in which we live. Certainly there are times when one can in a “spare room” live, but if we did “plan” to any such space “invade,” then our own future we dug with our own spade.

And it will be one when our own personal privacy will also be invaded by another who is blind and cannot see, and when of this “invasion” I do speak, I caution you all saying “It is time to be meek for there are places far away where “invasions” take place every day,” and any who think “It won’t happen to me” are already blind and cannot see.

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~ Users are abusers ~

Users are those whom to their friends say “Do you mind if for a day or two I stay”? The user abuser is the one who once “in” does remain, justifying their “take” of the others domain by saying “As I have nowhere else to go, do you mind if with you I more truth sow”?

Not seeing that the other may be under duress even though they may still welcome thee. So if you would neither a “user or abuser” be, then of any “space invasion” you had better not a “participant” be. For whatever your intent or belief may be, it is negative control to invade another's privacy.

I know that the “dark one” closes ones eyes so they cannot see that in fact they an invader be. For their mind does but think “The other does deserve to die, and I am mandated to them on their land “try,” or, “I deserve to stand by any kitchen sink in doing what I do, for I am “justified” and my reasoning is true.”

So before you invade another's “space” and then share it, you had better know in advance the price of the “ware,” and you also better have a place to move to, for the dark one now sends out its men to deal with all the vain and arrogant untrue.

And if you by IT to me or any other have been “sent,” then I would set you free of its “intent,” and ask that you “away” go and your new truth sow in your own “created” space with your own grace. Then truly I would visit thee and thee me.

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~ Sharing & the space invader ~

God asks that we “Share what we have at “this” time so that others better fare.” Some of us are entitled to our own space because we have souls of inner grace. Some of us will be “invaded” because we “took” off others through lack of grace.

Try now to see that because we are all asked to share, that we are foolish if we invade another's privacy because we believe they must their space share. If we this “falsity” believe and we thus “unknowingly” invade a space and make others grieve, then it is us who is the reaper, and we “ahead” will also be invaded by someone we’d rather not have around because their mind will be unsound.

I “expect” all the faithful to see that presumptuous it be to just “move in” to a situation with a sister or relation because they “think” they are true, and also because they “think” it is their due.

We do own our own space, as said, if we are “of” grace. This some needs to see before they bound be by the force way below that instils its “demands” that do stronger grow to all get to know. This is an expectation by some being a demand “unspoken” but true in that they do expect to freely live “here & there” and to others “closeness” share as they unthinkingly much presume.

“Space invaders” are those who believe that they are justified in “invading” another's place. This invasion may be but the sharing of anothers space in a way that may be “too close” so the invaded is uncomfortable and “morose” that their privacy is lost and the invader sees not that they are being “driven” telepathically from the land of frost.

My “space” allotted by God to me is the place called “Lalapanzi.” It is where I abide and the place I have my “bedside.” People I “invite” to spend a few days or a night and during “this” time I advise them on their inner plight.

I also invite them to in my home enter in and with me dine and drink some wine. But after a few days I expect them to go their way, stronger and happier for their stay. I do not expect them to “expect” to stay on freely and daily their fare find next to me.

If someone I do find to whom life has not been kind then I may say “Stay for a year and a day and make your place on the hill which will become your space.”

Other than this I can only “await” one who “demands” to at my place just be, and one whom expects to be housed and fed freely. This one would be one sent by the reaper to bring me and himself undone. “Is that you”?

If it is to be then so be it, but still God’s “Light” upon your mind I sit so that both of us become free. I say not “Go away,“ but ask that THE reality you do see before you become bound eternally. For what you needs see is that to become a “lodger or boarder” happily, the home space owner needs first put out a sign saying “Lodger sought by me.”

So to God’s call fully meet we must all show respect when we another's “space” greet. We in no way must presume that even though we “friends” be, that the other would our “presence” permanently see. The voice behind this pen says:

“You must no one use or I will you abuse.
If you another's land or place invade, your own ‘homeless’ future you have made.”

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Some 'commonly' used Real Estate 'agreement' Terms

~ Tenants-in-common ~

Tenants-in-common is where two or more persons have an undivided share. Each share is distinct and separate, the 'interest' need not be equal. The share of a tenant-in-common may be separately disposed of by them to anyone during their lifetime or by 'Will.'

On their death it 'passes,' not necessarily to the other tenants- in-common, but as directed by their 'Will.'

~ Joint Tenancy ~

Joint tenancy is ownership in equal undivided shares of two or more persons, stated to have the technical requisites of unity of possession, interest, title and time.

On the death of one joint tenant, their share passes to the surviving joint tenant so that they become the sole tenant of the whole or, remain joint tenants of the whole if there are more than one surviving joint tenants.

 ~ Familial Joint Tenancy ~

Familial Joint Tenancy is ownership in equal undivided shares of two or more persons, stated to have the technical requisites of unity of possession, interest, title and time.

On the death of one familial joint tenant, their share passes to the surviving familial joint tenant or tenants as well as the deceased's "companion and progeny," so that the deceased's familial companion* and children* join the remaining party and together continue on as Familial Joint Tenants* of the whole, enjoying the "partnership of unity and love" and having the "use of" the property in continuity with their "successors."

companion* - In this context the word 'companion' means the 'partner, wife, husband, companion and their children' either named or unnamed in the Will as such, as well as the persons named in a Statement of Declaration attached to the Will.

children* - In this context the word 'children' means the children of the deceased as well as any children born to the named companion with some other parent either prior to or subsequent to the 'companionship' being formed with the deceased.

Tenants* - In this context a 'Familial Joint Tenant' is one declared as such by the property owner in their Will or, in a Statement of Declaration attached to the Will as well as those 'joined' in para two above.

In the event that the surviving 'companion' or any other 'party' to the familial tenancy obtain 'other' companions or children, then they all jointly become Familial Joint Tenants.

Note: Familial Joint Tenancy ensures that at the time of their companion 'deceasing,' that the 'surviving' partner would not be required to vacate the home nor sell the property.

Other joint familial tenants would in the case of a large property such as a Farm have equal 'rights' in its running and be able to obtain an income for personal 'joint' effort input, but in the case of a small 'town' house they would 'simply' respect the 'right' of the 'surviving' occupier to continue on their 'sole' occupancy until such time as they deceased or, all agreed to sell and share the proceeds equally.

Note: 'The Property' that is the 'possession' deemed as owned jointly and equally by the familial tenants is the land and all buildings thereon, as well as other fixtures. Any 'moveable' assets to belong to the 'whole' or left to individuals are to be listed separately on the Will Testament declaration.

Note: As it is our God that is the 'principle' owner of all land on earth, in the event of any dispute arising as to who is or who is not a familial tenant within the 'bounds' of this agreement, then the 'conscience' of the one being 'disputed' is deemed to have the last say as that is the 'way' that God would have it be.

Note for Familial Will benefactors:

My intent and endeavours have been to prepare a place where a family and others sent by God can find "rest & sustenance & good counsel" during the time of trauma and chaos.

Thus when I "deed" this land to you or others, I am not "giving it" away for you or others to be able to "take" a part or "their" part and fragment it and, - - - neither am I wishing others living on it to thus "have to" move due to others seeking to "cash in" anything.

I am thus deeding it to all on a "familial joint tenancy" basis, and am advising that any of the family and others God sends have been granted "permission" to make use of the space and facilities only.

And that no one or "majority" can at any time demand that it be sold, for if any of the familial parties wishes to thereon remain, then the others must be "happy" that it so be.

If any of the "familial" parties living thereon at present, or that may be living thereon in the future wish to depart for "bluer skies," then they needs simply pack a bag and get on the road.

For they must see that a 'familial' place space is not "theirs" to sell unless there is a full "agreement" by all to so do. This way it is 'insured' or 'ensured' that no person will "ever" be forced to leave.

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