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~ Harmony ~
Houses in good spirit
(Includes 28 minute 'spirit education' audio track at end of doc.)

There is a truth that I must write to assist all God’s children who have strayed far from the Light, because if I do not then in their ‘fear’ they will become more fearful and they will aggressively fight.

 There is many a ‘ghost’ or a ‘ghoul’ invisible to man’s sight, or a ‘possessed’ evil spirit that is embodied in the biological flesh of this realm or that is discarnate that seeks to cause harm mentally and thus physically, - - - as it telepathically invades the psyche of man, - - - causing trauma and horror to unwind as ‘blood’ is spilt in a ‘shower’ or the bedroom of a house that should be a ‘castle’ of security and a ‘haven’ of peace.

The harmoniser is a ‘peacemaker’ who with a clear and steady mental and emotional state brings divine order and harmony to a place where evil has ‘stalked’ and done its foul deed and left its ‘mark’ upon the door of someone’s abode.

 The purpose of this document is primarily to assist Real Estate agents and ‘buyers’ when there is a bad ‘history’ and stigma on a property that could affect the sale, the price, or the mental ‘state’ of an incoming tenant due to unseen spiritual occurrences of a negative or cold or cruel basis. (Darkness in action)

 Wherever there has been a ‘killing’ ground there is a ‘sadness, despair, horror, terror,’ and a chilling ‘energy’ that spreads around like an invisible mist that permeates all in some way, and what is also unseen by most people is that the spirit souls * of the physically ‘dispossessed’ can also be found ‘trapped’ on the sullied ground of that ‘space’ place for hundreds of years plus a day.

 But the spirit still perceives that ‘home’ space as theirs, even though they are now discarnate. What then is their ‘influence’ upon those that purchase the home and then ‘tread’ upon the ground in a manner perceived by the spirit person as trespass?

 It would depend upon the inherent nature of the ‘ghost,’ for its mind and its telepathic expression would be a reflection on whether it was kind, or unkind, fearful, aggressive, vain, jealous, hateful, vindictive etc.

 So the ‘harmoniser’ is simply a counsellor of truth that intercedes between this world of ‘biological’ flesh and the spirit world of pure ‘energy’ wherein we abide prior to and after departing this realm of consciousness.

 Basically there is a ‘close’ space alongside this level of consciousness, and many ‘traumatised’ spirits * and evil spirit beings can become trapped here due to their mental and emotional state instead of moving ‘further’ away to other higher or lower levels of consciousness of which there are thousands.

 So the ‘role’ of the peacemaker ‘harmoniser’ is primarily to bring understanding and truth and hope to the ‘trapped’ spirit soul so that they then can move forwards to a better place, and thus no longer interfere ‘unhappily’ or vengefully haunt the earthly home or land area.

 Once this has been done, then the pure light energy flowing from the soul of the harmoniser purifies the area, and the ‘feelings’ of sadness, terror, violence, desecration, or other trauma evaporates and divine order and harmony * then exist.

This procedure is exactly the same as would be ‘done on earth’ by the spiritually enlightened ‘peacemaker’ counsellor in bringing harmony to those involved in family ‘feuds’ or in educating ‘offenders’ that are disturbing the peace of the land. All become educated when attending a Feeling Easier Seminar.

 The only ‘difference’ is that when dealing with realms of ‘spirit,’ (invisible people) - - - the harmoniser needs to have a clear understanding of the power of invisible forces that are aligned to the darkness * through their inner dark emotions.

 It is important that the harmoniser be of ‘pure’ heart and compassionate intent so that God and the ‘dispossessed’ spirit know that the harmoniser is no ‘threat’ to the spirit.

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 If the harmoniser tries to use ‘force’ by invoking religious rituals and attempting to cast them out as is ‘attempted’ by the ignorant ‘priesthood,’ then that act is seen by the spirit and God as negative and the invisible consequence is far reaching and the harmoniser would be a ‘wolf’ in sheep’s clothing. Understanding, compassion, and education is the only way.

 A true peacemaker has no ‘repulsion’ or ‘judgmental’ intent, and they are a non-combatant who understands why people become ‘mad’ and destructive, and how to help them back to sanity with good counsel. (Harmony)

 A true harmoniser aligns themselves with God rather than any particular religion of man, and they teach people how to strengthen their minds so as to ‘stave off’ the invasive thoughts that seek to lead them into self-destruct or offensive ways.

Thus in every ‘hopeless’ situation there is hope, and a harmoniser (spiritual healer) that knows the truth will always be able to bring harmony to a ‘space’ that has been sullied by dark activity, and will always be able to aid any spirit people trapped on the earth plane and beyond.

Note: spirit souls * - The normal ‘state’ of God’s children is the ultimate realm named heaven wherein only pure light and perfected souls exist. Every realm outside that other than ‘earth’ is a spirit realm inhabited by spirit beings having souls of a different energy vibration. *

 Note: energy vibration. * - As the spirit person ‘sins’ (controls, regulates, punishes or causes harm to another) it draws into its soul dark energy that contaminates it and coarsens its vibration, and depending upon that mass of dark energy within a spirit soul it has the result of drawing the spirit into a realm of a similar ‘energy’ state of vibration, on a like for like basis.

 When a biological ‘body’ is formed due to the union of man and woman, an adult spirit is sent by God from one or another of hundreds of invisible realms and enters the flesh of this realm for the life ‘time’ of the incarnation. Hence the ‘variety’ or ‘kind’ of person in the flesh is a reflection of the nature of their spirit soul and from ‘which’ level of consciousness it came.

 It follows that if their nature was ‘benign’ that their spirit that some name ‘ghost’ will be of a benign nature. (Friendly and non-intrusive) If their nature was hateful, jealous, aggressive, manipulative etc., then their spirit would be termed ‘evil’ as it would continue to be malicious and unfriendly and thus impact telepathically upon the mind of the unwary with evil intent.

 Refer to Martin Bryant ‘case’ where his mind became ‘possessed’ by a very powerful evil spirit and he was used to destroy many, and as Martin’s psyche was being used by that invisible spirit person his own consciousness was unaware of what his flesh was being used to so do. Hence he stated truthfully to the police that he ‘his conscience’ was not the guilty one.

 He as all ‘offenders’ are simply persons that give in to powerful invasive thoughts due to having minds that are ‘open’ to the persistent thoughts invading their psyche from dark spirit realms and they all need good counsel so that they can learn to protect their minds and thus remain in control of their inner ‘sin.’ *

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 Note: ‘sin.’ * - Being the dark emotions (Jealousy, anger, hate, criticism, fear, vindictiveness etc.) which permit telepathic subjugation of the mind of man by dark spirit forces, and this leads to the spirit soul of man falling from grace and falling into the Abyss.

 Note: ‘traumatised’ spirits * - Many persons that were killed as their lands were invaded and occupied by other ‘earthly’ races remain ‘landlocked’ so to speak, and regrettably as the soul of man is contaminated by unforgiving and vindictive dark emotions, these spirit people from beyond the grave continue to control the minds of mere ignorant mortals.

 Thus spirit people are the primary cause of the continuing unforgiving and merciless persecution of people. For they incite the minds of their mortal offspring and remind them of the past injustices and force them to carry on the eternal vendetta of accountability that takes the form of burning of homes, invasion, slavery and destruction.

 All war is the inspiration of the Darkness operating through the mind of ignorant man who believes not in the command of God to: “Go in peace, love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving,” and neither does man realise the full implication of the superior Law of God that stipulates: “As you sow so shall ye reap.”

 Man has been deceived by the ‘Serpent’ to believe that all punishment and destruction and killing meted out by a ‘mandated’ authority can void or avoid the absolute Justice of God and ‘nullify’ God’s law. This is the error of false belief that brings every community to grief for their complicity in funding and condoning the regulating, taxing, enslaving and destructive institutions of man.

 Note: divine order and harmony * - The entire world is soon to become a place ‘space’ of disharmony as the spirit world of darkness invades the psyche of man and man will fight man for a time and a time.

 The reasons for this are categorised in my main Testament of Truth book being Item 1 on my web site. During this time frame those using darkness in their interaction with others will be swept away and cast into the ‘Pit’ by the weight of the Dark energy within them and, - - -

 Only the ‘meek’ and pure of heart who ‘bow’ to the Command of their Creator and do not fight will be left, and then the light of God will purge them of their inner sin and purge this land ‘space,’ and then and only then will divine order and harmony be found on earth in its totality.

 Note: the darkness * - The negative energy (sin) within man links man to the dark energy of the Source, and when dealing with the unseen realms one can become deceived if one is unwary or vain or arrogant or, if one is of a vindictive nature that itself is ‘of’ the darkness.


The ‘harmoniser’

Helping Discarnate Spirit People and the ‘mentally disturbed’ in this material world

There are more and more people now becoming depressed and suicidal or angry and destructive due to the factors revealed in the ‘Brief Summary’ of my Testament of truth web site. The intensifying power and nature of their inner dark (negative) emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, criticism, vanity, pride etc., is enabling their minds to become more ‘focal’ (focused upon) by invisible spirit forces that have the same dark energy within them, and the invisible dark essence of the energy of God flows through with more and more intensity unless it is ‘checked’ by the individual, be they the incarnate one or those in spirit realms.

There are also many spirits residing ‘alongside’ this material level who are discarnate. (Not in physical bodies) Some are indigenous people who have lived in earthly communities close to the land and who on their earthly death, joined others of their tribe living in ‘earth-bound’ * discarnate communities.

Note; ‘earth-bound’ * - Living in a realm of consciousness that is adjacent to this material world.

The purpose of this document is to help those of God’s ‘Helpers’ to bring ‘relief’ to sufferers, be they the ‘lost, deceived, aggressive or fearful’ incarnate or discarnate, and to also elevate their consciousness through education, so that everyone can become better informed and more able to stem the tide of dark energy and telepathic thoughts seeking to flow through them control them, and to ultimately ‘possess’ and destroy them.

With the escalation in negativity on this and all levels outside of the pure Light, some of these discarnate spirits are seeking the means to leave their earth bound state or the realm within they presently are ‘bound,’ others are not and they ‘actively’ interfere in the minds of those in the flesh to cause disharmony. Many are also urgently seeking spiritual truth. All need help and guidance. (Redirection)

We spirits living in fleshly bodies on this earth all have the ability to communicate with these, our invisible sisters and brothers, and are at times "approached" by these discarnate spirits. This may happen when we visit places where they are "congregated" such as around their ancient camp sites, monuments or where they had been massacred when incarnate. These spirits can also be attached to their material indigenous artefacts.

These spirits can at times cause us considerable mental and emotional discomfort as they attempt to interfere telepathically in our minds and in our lives, and it is important if we are approached (become aware of them or their mental influence) that we give them our attention and time and respect as we communicate either verbally or mentally with them.

This communication is not a conversation, it is simply you telling them ‘something,’ namely that they must not communicate telepathically with people in the flesh nor with spirit people on other levels of consciousness as this is ‘interference and control’ in the lives of others and, to help them ‘desist’ from this interference and thus set themselves free they need to listen to what you have to say and to daily say the star prayer. (Given below)

You will be of great assistance to them if you sit quietly and say; “Please gather around as I wish to say something to you that will assist all of you.” You then read out aloud the “Brief Summary’ and tell them anything else you are inspired to. You then tell them to look up and see the star of love and to say with you the star prayer that you then speak out aloud, and then say “I wish you well on your journey, please remember to only be kind and forgiving so that God sees that you are living His word, and you must never fight others nor try to protect yourself using force if others intend to cause you harm.”

You can tell them that it is God’s Command of us to; Love one another” and thus we are to be: Only loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving, living in peaceful co-existence.” You can also tell them God’s singular Law is: As you sow so you reap” and that at this time when we are facing our past accrued ‘karma’ and suffer as our past negative actions are forcefully imposed upon us we must not retaliate in anyway.

Everyone has strayed far from God’s Truth and His Light, and everyone needs to now learn of the absolute power of God and the reasons ‘why’ one must never use force nor must we punish others nor fight.

Remember, all are God's precious children, and the spiritual destiny of 'each' lies within their own 'power' and all one can do to help another is to be sincere, kind, truthful and loving. Ultimately one cannot 'do it for them' as the freedom of choice lies within the individual. I attach a few more documents from my web site to assist the reader.

Note; if you wish to assist the invisible spirit people that are trapped or are 'critically, judgmentally, or destructively' interfering in the minds' of incarnate people, you may simply sit quietly with a friend or alone and say: "I am calling out to any person in spirit that is operating mentally via the mind of (the name of the person you are concerned for) - - - I ask you to please now gather around and listen to the spirit of truth as he speaks out to the spirit people linking in to 'Inge,' for what he says to them applies to all of you and, if you are sincere and wish to help yourselves then you will be assisted."

You then play the 'spirit-edu' MP3 audio found on the CD-list

Other info to help you and those in spirit, for all you read is absorbed by their psyche.

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