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~ Truth ~

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Item - 1 - Abortion the ultimate crime - 4 pages

Item - 2 - The 'cover up' & the Sin - 10 pages

Item - 3 - Spiritual healing - Channelling - 8 pages


Item - 4 - Time Travel - emotional release - 10 pages

Item - 5 - The 'crime' in 'underage sex' paper - 10 pages

   Item - 6 - ADHD - Autism - 6 pages

Item - 7 - Water the 'miracle' cure and the inner drought- 4 pages


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Society, be it in the area of religion, the medical profession, or the "demands" of the people through legal regulatory enactment, have all contributed to the "manner" in which the human race has addressed the issues of:

The ‘age of consent’ — Contraception
Abortion — Adoption — Euthanasia — Physical abuse

In every aspect of the above we find that a person is engaged in an "Act" that was deemed either unnatural, uncivil, immoral or antisocial.

The "people" of this planet have sought different ways to deal with the issues taking place. Let truth now shine forth.

In each of the above, is to be found the common factor of destructive and manipulative thought processes that lead "someone" to do "something" that is negative, (of the dark).

This "action" of negative expression ultimately results in one or more people suffering spiritually, as the direct result of the one "Law" that simply states:

As you Sow - so shall ye Reap

With the present minimal spiritual understanding of the above issues, it follows that humanity has not understood the "true reality" of what is "being done," and neither has it understood that in every case, "someone" has been controlling "another."

This control, be it mentally or physically, is either in the seemingly virtuous guise of: "It’s right or wrong in God’s eyes as mans Law says so," or it is the direct result of an individual imposing themselves uncivilly upon another through false belief, negative intent, or action.

Man believes that once an "act" is legalised in a court of man, that it is "somehow" acceptable in God’s eyes, to the extent that it exonerates one from divine justice. This falsity is exposed now.

Much has been written on this, giving the deep understanding that all negative expression is "inspired" by dark thoughts, and this document is to but assist humanity with its ‘expose’ of the spiritual truth of the issues listed above.

The 'key' to a successful relationship is - - - 'forgiveness' for any perceived 'error' on the part of the other. For we must only be compassionate and loving, and extend peace with a smile as we help the other over their 'stile.'
As I see it, another persons inability to perform 'consistently caringly' is the perception of 'some' that have the expectation or belief that once they have become their friends or lovers or (wives) that their 'partners' have an obligation to them only. This also applies to the 'men' that have become friends or lovers or (husbands).
All people need to see is that maybe God has another point of view. Maybe that point of view is that 'each' consistently has no 'added' expectation, and thus makes no demands upon the other. For if the one feels 'lacking' reference the care and love extended by the other, then why should they then defy God and use 'critical force'  to lay blame at the feet of the other for this perceived 'lack of care and attention'? For there are two options open to use:
1 - Use 'critical force'  and thus invite the darkness to operate through us with its critical energy and go into denial.
2 - Use kindness and thus invite the light energy to operate through us as we continue to smile at the other invitingly.
For with the knowledge of the absolutely 'Just' Law of God, when we use option (1) we invite a return of criticism from another, and when we use option (2) we invite a return of kindness from another. Steadiness of the mind is imperative or we 'permit' darkness to use us as we make a 'fuss.'
If one is not giving the other what the other expects or needs then there is a reason, be it known or unknown by the 'slacker,' and be it known or unknown by their 'attacker,' and either way I feel that God would expect the one in 'lack' holding fast to God's commanded code of conduct and continuing to express their love and care and kindness to the best of their ability, and be 'thankful' for what they do receive from the other and, - - -
If they continue to receive less than their perceived due, and this then alters their perception of the one they see as untrue, then they are free to go their way and find another with whom to play, but they need to constrain any expression that in God's eyes is 'distaste' as they in some way the 'offender' they baste.
So maybe every person today that is suffering in some way at the 'hands' of the other need to do their best to ONLY express their Light as they try and help the other to ONLY express their Light, and both need to be thankful for what they have rather than what they have not, for if they do feel lack or if another does them attack, then that is their due for when in their past they were untrue.

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~ The age of Consent ~

Who is "any" to say: "We permit others to together fit." ? When will mankind see that all should be free to anything do that to the light is true. Thus we needs see the "age of consent" as an "adage" from days of minds "bent."

God does children bless. God does children’s minds impress with thoughts of things to do, that need not be the concern of me or you. "If any child wishes to another child touch or caress, or "enter" as such, then they are free to so do," is what our God says to you.

That is if both do "consent" that their flesh to another be "lent" for a time and in a place that together they can "fulfil" a space. God knows that a "child" can conceive at an appointed "time," and thus ‘grieve’ if she does not understand the capacity of her "inner land."

Thus from a "tender" age must children be taught that togetherness is with responsibility ‘fraught,’ and yes, they should endeavour to "play" happily and "lightly" until a specific day that a child may be "sired" through love.

The "act" being inspired by God above, and all that God requires of you is that to "His" children you be true, and teach them from an early age with the wisdom of God’s earthly sage, that there is no "particular" age when any is "permitted" to "stand on the stage." ( Join in physical union)

At any time can one stand "up" and lovingly partake of God’s heavenly cup, and feel what God does feel when loving togetherness does unreel. So teach your children from today that for their spiritual freedom they must 'pay,' (Be true to God) and only to others "do" with respect and love, and consent too.

Never to use any force in any way. Never to control any in any way. Just be loving and give their love, so others happier live. Teach all to pray in the manner taught today, so that they do acquiesce to God’s call and thus does God them bless.

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~ Child - Adult ‘consent’ ~

And what about the adults, you and you. What about "consent" and being true to children way below your age. Heed now God’s earthly sage:

Father and Mother do "cry" each time they do espy the sexual abuse that they see running rife globally. In that grown men, fathers too, are to their daughters and others so very untrue. Seeking not any "consent," for their minds are by darkness "bent."

Thus they sexually "impose" upon their children, and destroy their inner rose. So I say "beware," for a dark fate you for sure will share for a time and a time, entertained by dark swine far, far below, for the dark deeds you did sow.

For God did little children to us entrust, not for us to into them our penis thrust. So control now your lowly ideas, or for eternity you’ll feel overpowering fears.

And this applies to "sodomisers" too. Do not "enter" children left with you. "Any ‘invader’ for their ‘action’ does pay," this is what God says today.

For an adult "free to love" you only be, when you are not filled with insanity. Seek not any less than half your age, for the consequences would fill more than a page.

If you are older than "teen age" you’ll needs me heed. ‘Play’ with any "teen age" or less and you will bleed. Leave the young ones to "play" in their own happy sweet way. I ADD:

THE Dark energy essence of THE SOURCE has ONE intent - the intent being to DESTROY EVERYONE who uses ITS forceful, deceptive, controlling and destructive energy in their interaction with others.

THE Dark energy essence of THE SOURCE NEVER gives ITS consent to you to use ITS energy. The governing systems of man 'officials' ALL use ITS forceful controlling and punitive power, and ALL fill their souls with IT (sin) ITS energy.

IT is comprised of ALL known and unknown negative emotions. One being LUST and the need and desire to fulfill ITS sexual demands.

Feeling a sexual desire is one thing, and age is not necessarily a factor. But to express this desire or need with the attitude of < I care not of consent?> Means, that you have satiated the desire without consent.

IF the DARK essence used YOU to impose mental or emotional trauma upon another by a sexual act then at that moment YOU drew IN more 'sin' and you accrued a karmic debt to IT the energy.

If YOU with no negative intent ASKED or intimated to the other of your 'wish' for sexual contact and they agreed, then the 'act' by God is not perceived as 'outside' of His command but - - - as given in the texts above, our God has placed a LIMIT restriction upon ADULTS. There are many reasons 'why' but I cannot keep writing FOREVER, so just 'bow' to God's ORDERS if you believe that I can save you with my teachings.

Consent implies CAUSE NO HARM and DO NOT IMPOSE YOUR WILL and DO NOT ENTER THE SPACE OF OTHERS without their consent. IF you ignore the above then GOD will IMPOSE His 'will' upon YOU, and you will suffer all the mental or emotional or physical trauma you IMPOSED using His limitless force.

Try and SEE that THE DARK FORCE has the right to INTRUDE and cause harm or trauma to those who used IT before, but when IT is so doing VIA your mind and 'penis' then all the trauma imposed becomes your due to IT. Any person permitting the Dark to continue to use them will surely 'die in their sin' as spoken by God.

Please do your best to READ as much as you can and invite the lost (in spirit) to also gather around when you play the Feeling easier seminar program. That is all you can do other than to do your best to NOT let dark forces ever again operate through your mind and hand.

IF you wish to return to THE LIGHT where there are NO 'limitations' to ones desires, then you must OBEY the Command and become FREE. WHY? Because the ONLY reason the Dark is using YOU to be ITS instrument is so that IT can fill your soul with MORE of ITS dark energy essence, and THUS drag you down and into the eternal FIRE for your liquid arrogance.

You cannot ‘invade’ the space of others and then gain the Paradise that exists. When you defy or deny the command of God then you lose your right to enter and thus ‘own’ PARADISE. You first have to PAY all outstanding dues and be freed within of ALL your ‘sin’ (dark energy) before the doorway to Paradise is OPEN to your spirit soul.

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~ Contraception ~

Personal sexual responsibility has on the face of it changed considerably in this age of "enlightened sexuality." When however we look honestly at the issues that surround the consequences of our sexual behaviour, we find that the conflict, anguish, guilt, blame and turmoil, have in fact altered very little.

Women and men need to be taught and understand the four day ovulation cycle thereby having the choice to make an informed decision about conception and contraception prior to any "togetherness."

The use of "devices" to inhibit conception is the free choice of the individual. Try and remember that any "chemical" imbibed, or, device used either inhibits pleasure, or also can cause biological problems.

There will be a time ahead when the spread of sexual disease will be a thing of the past, thus "protection" against disease will not be necessary. The act of sex is "free," but this "act" may have a subsequent unseen consequence of great responsibility, namely the conception of a child.

The pleasurable moments when mutual desire is high is not the time for either party to have to "think" about the possibility of conception with its responsibilities for both parties.

We need to teach our growing children that when we are blessed by the "arrival" of a child, we are not only responsible for that child at this level of existence, but are held accountable spiritually by the Source of all creation for that life.

All need to know and be taught beforehand, of the deeper implications of childbearing, and the subsequent responsibility each has in relation thereto.

This can only be accomplished when parents become more informed about the deep truth surrounding the area of conception and personal responsibility towards the unborn.

The "taking" of life is God’s prerogative only, not ours. The woman "with child" needs to understand that she too is spiritually responsible if she "takes away" the life of her unborn by her decision to request it.

The woman "with child" is also acquiring a karmic debt in "asking" another to kill her unborn, if the act is carried out.

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All "participants" in the act, by word or deed, will suffer the mental, emotional, and physical pain experienced by the spirit within the unborn flesh as it is destroyed..

Let us now be but loving and caring and understanding towards those "with child." Let every mother to be, know that she will be loved, assisted and cared for, as will her child.

We must always remember that a child is primarily a mature adult spirit that has been given an earthly incarnation (fleshly biological body) by God, to experience this earthly plane. The "growing" of the body from "baby to adult" is but the "maturing" of the biological spacesuit, as well as establishing the earthly consciousness.

When we do anything to interfere physically with this God given process, we are incurring a spiritual debt. This applies to abortion, when we deny the spirit the experience of life in the flesh.

However, it applies equally when we interfere in the "natural" death of a baby, who, but for the intervention of permanent artificial life-support systems would be incapable of sustaining life. In both instances we are interfering with the God ordained process for that spirit.

In the event that a child would die but for a permanent artificial life support system, the compassionate action to be taken is to either not use it in the first instance, or to discontinue the use of this "unnatural" system if the child is not responding fully.

The decision to use, not use, or discontinue the use of, a permanent life support system without which the child would die, must always rest with the mother.

For "better or worse," all decisions pertaining to the new born from birth up to its seventh birthday are to be solely its mothers choice. The mother of course has the prerogative to delegate the decision to another. In this event, she is still responsible spiritually for the results of that choice of action.

There is no spiritual debt accrued if the mother decides to discontinue any "unnatural" life support system.

In the event that a decision is made to maintain life artificially, all need to know that, whether they be the mother unwilling to permit the spirit to be released, or whether they be the medical staff who under the "spell" of the Hippocratic Oath, "play at being God," that a spiritual debt is accrued by all through any suffering felt by the child.

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The now obsolete Hippocratic Oath that was sworn by doctors as being the basis of their code of ethics is an "unheeded" archaic "ritualistic" saying that had at its "core" the intent to guide the doctor into being a principled person. One who was "chaste, religious, never harm or wronging anyone"... who used their "craft" to "help the sick to the best of their ability"...

The powerful arrogance of man has distorted his perception of his relationship to others, thus absolute control is now exercised over the patient in the guise of "We know best thus you must comply," and they "claim" their "powerful authority" over patients by virtue of their "Oathed" mandated "doctorate."

Because a "man" or a group of men decide to take an Oath does not imply that that oath is either good or Godly or in fact heeded.

Neither does it imply that you have to comply to their demands resulting from their spoken "ritual" or their knowledge.

Foolish is man who "thinks" that natural "passing over" back into spirit realms called "death," is something to be so feared, that they literally torture people in their desires to keep them alive.

Torturing them with poisons injected, and exposure to many other types of physical and emotional suffering.

All totally denying their own enacted oath in the guise of "Saviours," and "We took an Oath, thus what we say, you must do."

Humans have had no idea as to the many reasons "why" incarnating spirits are all so different. Some peaceful, some violent. Some coming up from deep dark realms of coldness, some incarnating down from the light.

Some need the brief experience of life with its frustrations due to being "trapped" in a "distorted" fleshly body with its restrictions. Be it of the senses, or from physical disability.

Some parents also need to "suffer" the loss of a child, or the trials of supporting an invalid, as part of their own karmic processes.

Possibilities too numerous to put down. "Just be ‘Godly’ to all "incoming" says God, "Or you will personally frown."

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~ To earthly men ~

The responsibility of the "Projector of life," who may or may not be "seeking a wife" is that he must clearly see that his "seed" alive be, and he cannot "throw it into the wind" and say: "I have not "sinned," as he further says: "I cannot now tarry for I was not seeking to marry," and leave the girl to "abort" because of his callous retort.

He is responsible too in God’s eyes for all "she" does do. If he leaves her in despair, her despair he later will share. If he supports her not, ahead dark forces will him "swat."

Lads, listen to me, your "seed" God given be. Be responsible for what you "DO," thus to others and yourself are you true.

By all means be loving and "sigh" in pleasure, but do NOT deny and expect a lass to "abort" and "cut" another's life short, or even expect them to support alone, a child they did not abort.

You truly foolish be if the "reason" you cannot see. For all who "selfish" be, shall be "bound on a shelf" by ME. For those who cannot "share," deserve not the "freedom" ware.

For only the light and love is free to move "around" above. Those who others "deny" are bound in the dark I espy. So "think" of others before you "Act." With the "lass." Make a pact. Saying:

"After my loving act with you, I’ll help you if life surges through in every way I can, even if it is not my plan to walk with you the road. For sure I’ll ease your load."

Only this way I do see, will your "seed" be allowed to flow free, for IF you fall "below," your seed you’ll never again sow.

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~ To earthly women ~

The responsibility of the "Carrier of life" if the man treats her not as a "wife," is that she must understand that LIFE exists in the palm of her "hand," as she does say "Come enter me today."

If she "allows" life "in," she later must not "sin," and thus the life "deny" by forceful "eviction" or she does cry. For any ignorant non-understanding carries the "penalty" of a "heavy" landing.

It is the time to now "see" the true reality that if we life "give," IT must be allowed to LIVE. It is not a "play toy" be it a girl or a boy that we do sire as our desire races "higher."

Do not thus "mate" with any to whom you cannot "relate." If you’d not "carry" their child then seek to be meek and mild and say:

"I do not need you for your "seed" may be strong and true, and I am not "ready" to bear your child. Thus am I "steady," but on another day we at being "loving" can play, when your "seed" I do greet will my "life" not meet.

So all must make a fresh start, from the "past" now part. Never any other "blame," especially the "unborn" with no name, or we will pay.

So please now do pray that "they" us forgive that we allowed them not to "live." And if we are "blessed" by a "seed," be happy that we do not bleed. Be loving in every way to the "soul" God sends our way.

And if the "man" stands "apart" because he has a cold heart, that his problem be. Pray for him that one day he’ll "see."

It is time for the human race to understand that conception is but the preparation of a "biological fleshly body," being the "space suit" for a "child of God," a "spirit," to enter into, and "abide in" for a time in this realm of consciousness.

As such, children are not "ours," but are entrusted to us by the Source. They are "adult" spirits entering from many differing levels of consciousness. Light, twilight, or dark realms.

We are expected to teach them about love and truth, to help them to quicker aspire back to the promised land.

Once the heart beats, the spirit being is "locked in" to the flesh and its consciousness feels all.

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~ The responsibility of parenthood ~

A "boy" becomes a man when he passes his first test. Being that by deed he shows all that God’s "Only Love" wisdom is upon his soul impressed. Thus he does not "give in" to hatred or greed, and never "takes," nor "destroys," nor makes any bleed.

So parents have a deep responsibility I say, being to teach "Truth" from an early day. And "girls" become women when they cease to "bleed," and give life to child from receiving a "seed." Both must be taught to "Only Loving" be, the wisdom of this by now you should see, for if "lovers" each other deny, both are lonely and both do cry.

So "adult" children wherever you be, heed now this "call" from the heavenly sea. Teach your young children by your own deed that God’s wisdom in your hearts did seed, and little by little it did tall grow, thus today your children "straight & tall" will grow.

Teach the young ones to "sing and dance," only this way will they have a chance to happily with the "other" sex entwine "lightly," as they walk and talk and with the other sex dine.

Teach them to be happy and carefree, this they can only "be" when of fear they are set free. Free in the knowledge that it is not wrong to heed God’s loving "singalong," being that from a young age they can "entwine" and caress and feel feelings divine.

And because from an early age they know the "meaning of life," it will be easier to find a compatible "partner wife." Both happy to help the other to easier live, both happy to only "care and love" give. None denying the other the "space" to with others talk or share their love in any way, or their expression of "care."

So be it, now all is done, soon each race is lost or won. I bless you all along your way, please now "prepare" to heed God’s say.

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~ The child "bride" ~

It is now the time for the "child bride" syndrome to cease. For too long did man debase his soul through his vanity and sexual greed as he "thought" that God's daughters were "chattels" to be bought and enslaved as servants.

For too long did ignorant "poor" man sell his daughters because he was "conned" into believing that he was too poor to her keep, and "callously" let her be "carried off" to be "supped on" by "wolves" in the night as "he" the father cared not for her plight.

If any man is so poor that he cannot share his "food" then let his stomach remain empty as for his daughter he does care and feed her with all his "food" ware.

Let no man or woman "plan" to "sell off" or "marry off" their daughter or son. No, their children must their own "partner" find as their own inner love for another does unwind.

Let no "child" have to bear child, as this may not be possible in a manner "mild." Both "teenagers" must be taught that prior to "womanhood" any child "birth" may with danger be fraught.

For a young woman needs be fully "bodily" formed and "grown" before with child-bearing seed she is "sown." Thus the child "sower" needs be educated properly so that with responsible "action" he is known before he is "set free" to a "full" man be.  (Known to be educated reference the women's biological capacity to bear a child safely)

Let the child "bearer" be educated and taught that for "child" to bear child is with danger fraught. So that she too needs understand that "womanhood" was the "time" planned for her to children "bear," even though before this time she can a man's seed share.

It's all a matter of both "understanding" the consequences of ones "acts" so that one is "steady" and ready, so as to avoid a heavy "landing." Let both "youths" for each other care, but "regulate" their sexual activity until safely a woman can a child bear.

Prior to this let the "man" only "enter" partly "in," so that both can closeness share without "planting" deeply the seed that will a child bear. If man cannot show restraint, then later it is God to ensure that he does more than "faint."

Let all now see that "sexuality" needs be expressed only with positive desire and not "forced" by anyone who to their own "end" would climb higher.

Let man only a child give when with his chosen "love" he can support and live, and with care he can share and a proper home prepare for the child to be. Being a child of God "sent" to be adored by you and me.

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~ The Midwife ~

A "Midwife" is a "friend" to the "giver of life," and the midwife needs to be true and always know what to do in respect of the "delivery" assist.

Never "giving in" to any mental "twist," being the temptation to be untrue to the soul of the child "coming through." For the child too does depend on its unmet friend to help it along if it or its mother is not very strong.

Maybe, wanting to put it "away" as she seeks not a child "today." So the midwife must just "do" what God asks her to. Never to "give in" to thoughts full of sin, that could the "task" defeat by not allowing a soul to this world greet.

So ladies, you and you. Who I am sure are souls true, you are but to ‘deliver’ and assist in being a life giver. You can only do your best with God’s light upon you impressed, by being calm and loving to the one who relies on you to assist her on the day, when she will needs pray that your intelligence is to the fore, as her "child" knocks on earths door saying:

"I am now here, please do not fear. Just tell mom what to do, so I suffer not as I come through. For I can all feel, even when someone does my life ‘steal.'

So I too hope your ‘love’ is only inspired from above, even if I am not ‘strong,’ or maybe even ‘look’ a little bit ‘wrong.'

I do this lifetime need to my soul with wisdom seed. So, as said before, I too rely on you for sure, and all I would like you to do is to assist me to flow through."

So ladies, heed now this pen for you all are especially chosen to help life pass through a "retort" of flesh, so never a child abort.

Parents are also "midwives" in the sense that until children can help themselves, they are "babes in the woods," who are totally in your control, in that they cannot speak up against your deeds, and you as the parent needs understand the full moral and karmic implications of this as you stand daily before God as their entrusted ones.

The archaic ritualistic practice of mutilation by circumcision needs now halt, these "foul" practices are performed because of the "Rituals" brought on by "Elders or false Ministers" who in the past decreed it so.

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In the case of "girls," it was said to be done to "anoint" them with womanhood, in fact it was to deny them pleasure, so they would not "desire" to go with another man, the control of woman by ignorant man, perpetuated over time by female "Elders."

In the case of "boys," it was originally inspired from "disease" caused by unhygienic ways, and later became a silly ritual in which young boys were exposed to much suffering in the guise of "attaining manhood and godliness." Utter nonsensical rubbish.

All the ignorant and arrogant who perpetuate this suffering will pay their dues, many an "unborn" does its life lose because the scarring of the vagina is so great through mutilation, that it impedes childbirth, damaging child and mother, in many cases both or one die.

I would say a few words on "cleanliness" too, hoping that ahead it will help all of you, for "man" did suffer long as he sang his "insane" song, thinking that God made a "mistake" and thus a boy’s foreskin he must "off take," all because of a lack of water, and also, because his friend forgot to teach his daughter that she too does at times "bleed," and "dead" blood can things "breed."

If we inside do bleed then let it flow OUT before something does breed and toxicity in a vagina grows, and if "within" we are not kept clean then "nasties" off our life can us wean if a "child" is not taught that "uncleanliness" is with danger fraught.

So its all a matter of hygiene I see, taught by parents its supposed to be. "What" I ask, happened to the old "Douche" that used to be used to "clean" with a swoosh all the little nasties living inside unseen, as women along did stride.

If a tampon is left in too long then "staphylococcus" can grow and become strong, as well as being compounded by lads who too do leave washing their "bit" for a time far too long.

Maybe the French did a "Benchmark" set when they made "Bidets" so girls would not fret. Its just that "today" we all just want to play and "abdicate" our responsibility due to ignorance.

That applies to both girl and boy, each needs learn of hygiene when young. Please start to teach them when they are "small," this way, you don’t need to tell them stories "tall," just be true, they will one day ahead bless you.

Both needs be "clean" before they entwine, that is, if they have "time."

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~ Adoption ~

Adoption means to take on the "Role" of parenthood of another persons children who on earth stroll, and this adoption means that we be happy in the undertaking given freely by the "giver" being the "wife," who for some reason gives up her "life" that within her body she did form.

Maybe through fear, or because it is not "of norm," or, maybe even as it was "taken away" by those who heed not God’s call today. Those who falsely believe that they are ‘mandated’ and empowered to make others grieve.

It is not for "any" to for a woman decide that her child must with "this or that" person abide. The mother must be the one to "give" to her choice of person, so her child does live in the family, or with the friend of her choice. Be they single or married.

It is only the mother’s voice that will from this moment on decide if her child for a day or a lifetime can with another abide, and let no "man" in this intercede through arrogance, or they will for sure bleed. It is now the time for mankind to know that "control" over others sends "them" below.

Whether a mother or father abuses their child, showing God and all that they are not meek or mild, is for sure not a valid reason to deny "parenthood" in any season.

Any whom another’s child "takes away" will for their folly painfully pay, for they do not feel what the others do "feel" as an arrogant person does their "flesh" away steal.

So brothers and sisters, it’s now over to you to each other now only be "True," and if you see a mother or child in need, offer your help and counsel showing God your good deed.

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~ Assisted Euthanasia ~

The spiritual truth of the matter


~ Introduction ~


Let me start by saying that I use the word 'assisted' euthanasia in this document due to the fact that if you take your own life without being assisted, there can be no possible blame concerning some other being involved in your decision to depart from this realm.


Understand that there are kindly helpers who are fearful of being prosecuted for any involvement who need to fully understand what is herein stated so that they can feel more secure as they compassionately and mercifully assist those needing to vacate their biological body.


Other than a natural 'death' situation where the 'heart' of the individual comes to a halt with no external influence, there are three other ways of 'dying' that I give here.


1 - Suicide : The taking of ones own life simply because one is emotionally depressed and ones thoughts are so negative and overpowering that said thoughts 'convince' the individual to kill themselves. This is termed 'mental illness' because it is irrationality and insanity in action. It is also generally a state where the biological body is physically healthy.


Mental illness is a state of being wherein the mind of the individual is no longer capable of volitional thought, that is, thought that is under the control of the individual. Instead, the individual finds themselves driven by alien thoughts. The nature of driven thought is intrusive and controlling, manifesting as obsessive, possessive, self deprecatory, confusing, critical, cruel, vindictive, self destructive or retributive.


2 - Murder : The unlawful pre-meditated killing of a human being. Murder is an activity inspired by invisible dark thoughts from invisible forces who intrude into the psyche of man similarly as in the above cases of suicide, but in this aspect of 'murder' there is a cruel, vindictive, merciless act invoked through the concept of the V - for Vendetta process. This process is one inspired through 'savage' negative emotions of greed, hatred, jealousy and unforgiving demands of 'justice to be served.'


Every 'act' of murder is an act which is illegal and in contravention of God's Holy Command. Politicians and other 'heads' of state invoke rules which in their minds legitimise the killing of others upon whom they fight as their enforcers wage war. The problem with this is that they fail to see that in so doing, they place themselves and their armed forces within the punitive aspect of God's immutable 'Law of equal Return.'


3 - Assisted euthanasia : The merciful and compassionate act of helping a 'helpless' person to vacate their ailing biological body so as to release their spirit soul within. Since the 'act' is at the request of a mentally stable person, (or one who was 'compos mentis'* when they asked for the assistance) it follows that those assisting are in no way in contravention of God's command because they are only 'exercising' mercy and compassion.


Note: 'compos mentis' - Able to think clearly and be in control of and responsible for your actions.

Note: Those not able to think clearly and unable to ask for release. It is then up to you the individual to decide whether you 'should or should not' assist the person who needs to be released but cannot ask you as such. (I suggest that mercy & compassion prevail)


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In respect of the 'laws of the land' of man, since the constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' Acts and ones God-given civil rights override any State rules/laws, it follows, that one does not need any 'permit' permission for euthanasia to be instigated or 'assisted.'

Since this document is of extreme importance and has much information to assist doctors to understanding the constitutional RIGHTS of themselves as well as their patients (clients) and other authorised representatives of patients, I have moved the entire article to another space giving examples which will END the 'euthanasia' DEBATE once and for all.

Please go HERE or:

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~ Freedom of choice ~

Freedom of choice is what life is about. Freedom of choice is what strife is about. People are free to others abuse. People choose to others misuse, but then they must pay for what they do, for only this way does truth flow through. Truth about the reality that what we do to others, we do to we.

If we expect to spiritually grow, then the reality of God we must know, for ‘tis HIS LAW that this truth does sow, and HIS LAW must every soul know. The law of absolute justice forevermore. Equal for the rich and also the poor, and any soul that doth this not believe, will fall to Satan, blinded by the web he doth weave.

So "wake up" Australia, put your minds to task, you cannot stay asleep and in the sunshine bask. If you’ve been blinded by those below, then you’ll join them and fall into the snow, and ‘tis cold there, that’s for sure.

All souls fearful and vengeful and much more, and you’ll awaken much too late, and forever and a day be subjected to Satan’s hate. Believe, believe I say to you. Understand the feelings you allow through, for ‘tis by your MIND you needs control the inner feelings that would you over roll.

So friends, please try and see. Cause not pain to others for it returns to thee, and more and more will your soul fret, as your burdens become heavier, that’s a safe bet.

The Law of Karma is beyond reproof, and every soul will soon have proof, for as we FEEL and suffer, and as we FALL, - - - let all know that we too did others 'similarly' maul.

I am reminded by our God that each day is a new beginning in every way in the ‘relationship’ between people, and that in fact there is a new ‘beginning’ every moment of time in a similar way.

This is due to the fact that ones moment by moment actions are ‘backed’ by light or dark and thoughts and emotions, and the thoughts that become the deed are the ‘reflective’ influence upon the relationship.

For when the deed action is positive and inspired by love - - then it is a good relationship. If the deeded action is negative and inspired by a dark ‘command’ or reprimand then it is a ‘poor’ relationship.

Each individual is entitled to re-examine their ‘side’ of the ‘relationship’ and what to them it is and - - - whether they wish to do reference a ‘closer’ or ‘apart’ relationship have.

It needs be said that any non-action and thus no interaction between ‘parties’ should not by either party be construed as ‘rude’ or negative.

It must also be seen that the daily relationship ‘review’ is a personal one and each person is entitled to decide the way forward their ‘horse’ they will ride.

For either party to criticise the action of the other is unwise, and if one decides to ‘judge’ or condemn the other as an ‘offensive’ errant then their own soul on the dark ‘bank’ of the river they ‘plant.’ "Peace unto all" is the Command of God.

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~ Women - Men & the "old age" plan ~

It is a matter of the flesh as it does age, that brings on the "crying" adage, in that both sexes do "feel" an "old age" melancholy over them steal as a weariness within them does grow, and aches and pains they begin to know. Not only this, but their "past" does reappear, and within their minds do doubts and feelings of fear grow as the "signs" of life’s end they begin to know. These "symptoms" appear in many a "guise" for many "fleshly" ailments are there under God’s skies.

But the reality that I would have you see is the never ending "life of the spirit" within you that you cannot see. It is upon this we needs to more now reflect, and it and its destination "protect." For truly, it can into darkness fall, and then for sure it will "spiritually" pall. So to ensure that it does the right way go, I would a little more truth upon it bestow.

Firstly, we needs "accept" that the flesh is but a "temporary" biological "housing" of our soul that enables the spirit within to on this realm stroll. Once the flesh uninhabitable does become, then the soul within is "freed" to "fall" or to "rise up" to the sun.

Do not "attempt" to keep your flesh alive and thus in "impoverishment" your children drive, as you seek more and more a "spare part" to give your body "another" fresh start. Just "accept" the inevitability that it must "stop" before your spirit can freed be.

By all "means" keep undue pain "away" by using medication in a "reasonable" way, but do not "seek" to remain "dead alive" as said, by means that do others into impoverishment drive. This then is the "first" step to be taken by you as you then begin to see that your spirit soul is a reality too.

This reality too "appears" in many a way as emotions and thoughts hold a more powerful sway. For as you have less to do, your mind if "unprotected" can become more "troublesome" too. Yes, it can also "let you down" so that troubling thoughts make you frown, and emotions of anger, fear and pride can also now "swamp you" as "loneliness" sits at your bed side.

So again we needs "turn" to materiality and try by being helpful to others, keep ourselves busy. And all the time that this we daily do, must we "look up" to the heavens being the "abode" of our God true. And on this level we will see the symbol of God’s might, being the ever shining brilliant star bright. Yes, it is the morning star shining for you as it says: "Remember me, and always stay true to the one Command of our God above who eternally says "Only love."

And via this star we needs daily pray as we the "new given" prayer do thrice daily say. And as this prayer we say, God’s light and love flows our way. And as this light and love flows our way it helps suppress negative thoughts and helps keep negative emotions at bay so that we can a little peaceful be as we "await" to be set free spiritually.

So the "key" for "oldies" today is to read all now written and "free on air" so that "happily" they can await the "day" of release from their "old" age to again commence a "fresh" young page.

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~ Physical abuse ~

Physical abuse of others usually takes place because the perpetrator believes that they can "carry out" the act with impunity.

This "belief" is the result of "empowerment" by man, through legislated enacted mandates, as in Law enforcement, or Military forces.

Other abuse is the negative antisocial "behavior" carried out by a person who is temporarily "mentally unstable."

Mental instability is the cause of all "uncivil" acts performed by one against another, be it from verbal abuse, to killing.

The instability is the direct result of negative emotions such as fear, greed, lust, jealousy, hatred, etc. being "active." Thus permitting "dark thoughts" to intrude into the consciousness of a person.

Society has deemed it "necessary" to take retributive action against perpetrators in order to "punish and control."

God says:

"You must treat all my "erring" children as beings of "diminished responsibility."

They all pay their "dues" and Reap what they Sow. You as an individual must somehow get to this know. All are "responsible" to ME for their actions to others.

You must personally remain "true" to your sisters and brothers. The more you twist and weave and control and punish, the more you grieve.

You I have told, must just "forgive" the ignorant arrogant ones if in heaven you’d live. So all now must quickly others just "educate" peacefully or forever will darkness you berate.

You must personally forgive and only let love flow. This is the only way that My realm you get to know. So personally now make no other grieve. For as you do, it is but Satan who did you deceive".

I now with love and wisdom you of ignorance release. Walk in respect and leave others in peace, and I wish you all the best. By my wisdom, God’s, you are all blest.

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~ "To Live or to Die" ~

To the British Medical Association Cardiff "Assembly"

If it is certain that people will live ‘fully’ if you any ‘medications’ give, then you can so do, our God says to you. IF there is ‘diminishment’ in any way then your medication ‘hand’ you should stay, unless the patient does you ask to medication give so that in a ‘diminished’ way they can live.

As for life "support," this is a ‘clinicians’ rort, and this practice must not now continue on for the "unnatural" prolonging of life should not be done. What people needs see is that there is a body within that spiritual be, and this body needs to go on its way when the biological "spacesuit" is past its "heyday."

Too many doctors "assume" the role of God-ship, and too many "people" expect the doctor to be a God, and also "fear" the passing over of a loved one. Let all now try and see that in the "passing over" the spirit is set free.

Let it be ‘known’ that once a ‘friend or parent’ has abdicated their responsibility of the patient ‘into’ the hands of a doctor, then they must ‘accept’ what be, in that what takes place between the doctor and patient is between them and me your God.

Let no ‘other’ demand retribution or lay blame in any way against those given ‘authority’ to do or not do on the past day. It is I your God who does all ‘practices’ espy, and thus any ‘malpractice’ seen by me will by ME addressed be.

Let it also be known that any patient is "free" to come or go at any time, whether or not ‘others’ think it is in the patients best interest to be detained. Any who ‘restrain’ my children are vain and will be restrained by ME the invisible God you cannot see. It must remain the patients "choice" to receive "added" support that may make them grieve. Read the message I seed on earth via my dove:

"Mercy," the pen of God

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~ Drugs ~
and "self" indulgence

All drug habits are caused by "greed" and the ongoing "craze" to reseed the craving so that the "self repletion" takes place. That is the "hidden" face of the user who is a "self" abuser.

The initial greed is of the ones* who "sell and promote" the tobacco, cannabis, or other as they tempt openly or secretly, to "seduce for money," a sister or brother to "take" a little of the stuff that is much more potent than "snuff."

Once the "habit" is in control then the mind of the user who on earth does stroll is more easily "broached" by thoughts that "encroach" that give every reason as to "how or why" the user needs or deserves to continue their "bad season."

"How can we the non user protect, the young ones with "open" minds ? On this reflect. For once any did a "real" drug use then their "freedom of choice" they did lose.

It all comes back to "Education," for we all teach children to "be aware" of snakes hidden in the vegetation. So the "community" per se is at fault if it hides the cause of drug problems in a "vault." "Why do shop owners sell poison openly ? Is asked by our God in the sky.
"Why do governments use this drug to raise taxes"? Is asked by our God in the sky.

*Let it here be known that any person, be it a shop owner "drug dealer" or a "loiterer" carrying drugs with the "intent" to sell, that both are guilty when a sale is made. Guilty of promoting a filthy dark trade.

Certainly community members need the freedom of choice to "deal" death if they’d heed not God’s "Only Love" voice. But as said, all do pay the price for "poisoning" the lives of others. Let all honest "men and women" now remove all drugs that are a "habit" from their "door."

Let us all now show our children from an early age the results of any use of "smoke" or intravenous or other "pill popping" dope, and tell them that if they use any then they will "hang" on their own plaited rope, and they must not expect to assistance receive freely due to their self induced "grieve."

Certainly family members can support give, but the greater community is not expected to contribute "anything" to aid them to in their bad habit live. They will have to personally take the choice to "fast" in "cold turkey" or continue on and face the "icy blast." Certainly we can feel "sorry" for what others in ignorance do, but this is the choice that faces both me and you as daily in the universe we stride.

As for "alcohol," well, for it we needs pay from our own labours in the fields each day. So as soon as the welfare "dole" does stop, then "free use" and "over use" will slowly come to a stop. This drug needs be "treated" in a similar way by educating our youth on the right path today.

Being that all for their income must work. None must "hide" behind the call of "Look, there is no work." All must be given a shovel and bucket or "spade," so that their own vegetable patch on public land can be made. Too many just sit around and by "vain" thoughts are bound. What they do with money they earned each day is not for you or I to say.

Giving in to greed and "self indulgence" you breed.

"Governments" give welfare in the knowledge that they get it all back via taxes on "drugs, booze and more." As said earlier, let us all now clean up our own back door. Shop owners only sell tobacco today because they ignorantly "believe" it is OK, not seeing that in reality it is an act of "selfish" impropriety that has become a habitual "man made" ritual that impoverishes the souls of their own children and also depletes their physical and material "wealth."

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~ The ‘whole’ Woman ~
"The fight to get out of her plight"

Should be the motto of the day for any woman seeking "fair play."
Femininity is a reality that men like to see.
Is masculinity a reality that women like to be?

Or is it just that women like men also have a "Mind under siege" to the thoughts of the dark "one" below who does the inhuman race control as through their minds "his" thoughts do stroll ?

The world is getting poorer because of the ever increasing tax take. So IF women wish to make the change that to "men" will seem strange, then let them decide to pay NO tax, this way they’ll take home more and have more time to relax.

What will you do ? Can you heed Mother God’s call to all via my pen to now be true by fearing not and just be, and not "give in" to thieves who Mafiosi be as they our pay steal as "IT" the devil via their minds does "stack the cards" and them deal. ?

If any of you "think" men are only good for sex, then upon your mind did the devil also place a hex as he on many a man’s mind did when from "goodness" man from God his face hid.

The "whole" woman is a wise one who is inwardly "free" of negativity and thus can see reality. Being that both women and men denied God’s "Only Love" plan and thus were deceived over time, and thus grieve.

So let all whole women just be happy to feminine be, and to do what they "see" they needs do to be true to the whole human race, rather than in "retaliation" against man wield a mace.

Let the whole woman now make a plan to their femininity protect, on this reflect, for if you’d a "man’s" job do, then to yourselves you are untrue. Be happy in your "elevated" circumstance and seek not "man" to give you a "go" or a "chance."

Let all women and men now stand true, happy to be "together" in what they do.
Both just showing respect, not trying to their "gender" protect.

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~ The Woman’s ‘Right’ ~
faith - hope - courage

All women have a right, the one to be creative and loving and not fight. All women need to now see that the "way" of man seeking "power" the wrong way be.

All women can now make the change if they are courageous and have "faith" in God’s Word and thus do not "derange" as will most men who are "hope less" and heed not this God’s pen.

Women can read all written and will see how it was man by the serpent bitten to the point that he endlessly fights and by "war" is hell bent on putting "others" noses out of joint.

Women have the right and courage to "withdraw" from the way of man who stole by taxation and made all women and their children poor. Women have the right to heed God and refuse to comply to man’s selfish take.

Women have the right to say "NO, we will no longer down that road go, we will no taxes pay and we will demand that all taxes on goods and transactions must stop. We the women of this world will cease paying any demands for money off our produce made or sold in any shop."

Women have the right to housewives be. They also have the right to run business enterprises and ‘fly’ aircraft built by you or me. They have the right to anything do, even refusing to pay "extortion" payments demanded by the men who "police" the way as they are untrue.

Women have the right to bury all weapons "found" in their society. They have the right to say to their men: "You now will not be fed by me until the LIGHT of God you see and treat me with respect, for "our" vows of marriage given did not imply that I am a slave to you given."

It is the time for REAL women to see that God’s treasured daughters they be, and that if man cannot them respect, then ‘tis man to in loneliness live. Women need no "man" to them control or protect.

Women do not "own" the spirit souls of their children, be they 'born or unborn.' They only own their own "flesh," and they are the spirit within their flesh that God with 'life' did bless. No woman or man must "tamper" with the "flesh" of a child within her womb as God and "that" spirit do it own.

Let women hear now my say. I set you all "free" from today. Asking but that you daily DO what our God of love expects you to. Become free and "unbound." Free from man’s "requirements" that are "unsound." Just to wisdom and truth relate and tell the men that if they cannot "share" then they can put their own food on their plate.

The 'teaching' that the joining of man and woman in "marriage" requires the "blessing and sanction" by State or religion or, by ritual performed by man before being consecrated as "holy and thus good and legal" in God's eyes is a Falsity.

The 'marriage' bond is LOVE, the love that exists for the time it exists. If there is no love 'bond' there is no 'marriage,' there is simply a relationship between two people that is either mutually kind and caring as God would have us all be or, there is the other of disrespect and unkindness.

So to live as a married 'one' there is no requirement in God's eyes to pay a 'permit' licence fee, nor to have it 'legitimised' by man, you simply link hands and live together and naturally, you can invite guests to a 'party' and thus formerly declare your happy 'state' if you so wish to make it publicly known.

To 'separate' from a 'marriage' to someone does also not require any 'sanctioned' by State declaration signature on a piece of paper. That 'way' is now abolished by my pen.

In the eyes of man and God a man has already 'separated' from you the day he said he had and walked away - and - also prior to that day and on the day he came to the decision to 'desert' you, his 'marriage' as such was 'annulled' fully and legally in God's eyes.

Yes, women have a right to be as God would them see,
Happy, laughing, and carefree.

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~ ‘Unsightly’ or deformed body ‘flesh’ ~

When a "deformed" human body is "to be born" or born to "mankind" it is seen as "out of the norm" through unsightliness or disability, and then the "mind" of the "recipients" being its parents or family members succumb to instability for they seek to it reject via abortion, or "destruction" if born, or to "abandon" it to the mercy of others.

If one is exposed to "suffering" and "loss of freedom" in any way when "bringing up" a "disabled" body, then it is "the way" for their past ways they pay. Yes, it is called "Karma" and thus any who "consciously" reject the birth due to the above are rejecting our God who says "You must all love."

Our God says that all spirits must be allowed to be born, even if their biological earthly "space suit" is "out of the norm." For it is in this way that they too experience a "disabled" life for an hour or a month or longer, and via it they pay for their past when they gave out strife and disabled others in some way in a "past" time or life.

So let us all now "suffer" quietly what by God is given even though it is "mutilated by deformity." If a "new born" cannot survive unless it is kept* alive then the "mother" is free to let it be, and it will then "pass away" releasing the spirit within to be "born" again another day.

What to others we do does return, so let us never "smother" a new born or "unborn" for this is "out of norm" as said, and by this action we "pave" our own future "bed."

If we "find" that it is an "unbearable" burden having to look after a "disfigured" being, then as said, that our karma be and only God can set us free one day. So what I would ask you all to see is that trying to avoid a God given responsibility is foolish and your "rejection" will just return another time, or even another life time in another "place," so please just "accept" your "lot" with grace.

Do not expect or demand that "society" via the "system" must give you "aid" or "support," this is the "way" today as people "abort" their souls from sanity via their own "sadness, selfishness and vanity." Just do your best with any "child" given to thee, and this responsibility applies to its father equally. Any man whom does his responsibility "shirk" will be abused and "struck" down by another’s "dirk."

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Any who become disabled through chemical "embrace" through another persons "disgrace" or disabled from accident, must also support their own biological "plant" and not demand or reprimand the abuser or expect others to anything for them do.

As for "blood" transfusions, well, any "donation" given for free can be accepted by thee. Be it a transfusion or a "transplant" by organ "infusion." The only "error" of man’s way is when "some" either take by force or "offered" price pay, and they for their "seduction" or "theft" of fleshly parts will Karmicly pay.

Let no man take or remove any "section by incursion" any of the biological flesh of the unborn or of a child who has not become an adult and thus able to say: "No, I do not wish to contribute my flesh for you to make it ‘grow,' and this I would have all "experimenters" know.

All "intruders" are arrogant and "pant" with ego and pride as they seek to "above all" their prowess show. Any intrusion is rude, and all who intrude even into an "egg" are rude as they try to "elevate" their name in the name of "doing good for progress."

If any man has "lack" of sperm or any woman has "lack" of fertility then this too is a God given "blight" on this land and all must this see. If you are "desperate" to conceive and cannot and thus grieve, then accept, and thus you your soul protect.

For this land is but a very temporary place where we all pay for past "indiscretions" where we wielded a mace and left others with abused and misused and disabled children to care for as we ran off "free" after our acts of insanity.

Take "stock" for all "birth" must you "cradle & rock" until God sets them of their earthly "flesh" free and thus thee. Bear your load or it becomes an eternally long suffering road.

Any who "abandon" their "charge" by "desertion" or by leaving them at the "door" of others are "blind," unkind, foolish, selfish, arrogant and very ignorant. Please now try and become humane humans.

(Kept* in my mind means: By personal or medical ‘intrusion’ onto or into the flesh or body by ‘forcible’ or other means). Offer the newborn your breast and let God do the rest. Remember, it is your personal choice of action first, (The mother) and no other. She must clearly see the "way" for it is she to for any indiscretion later pay if she "agrees" to any mis-advice given her way. The "advisors & doers" then also for any indiscretion pay.

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~ The 'Ward' of the State ~
The custody of "Ebony"

Dear Krystyna, I write this letter to you because I met Thomas and Ebony too, and I do "perceive" that you all now walk down the path to a place where all do grieve. Yes, it is true and my heart bleeds for all of you, for your minds "thoughts" do justify a reason why the other needs to be made to cry.

Thus I ask each of you to "listen" to my pen that seeks to counsel you. It is wielded for me by God’s thoughts that seek to set you free from the road upon which you walk as you see not the "Lion" that from the darkness does you "stalk."

It does say: "The other for their folly must pay," and thus you cannot see that your actions "negative" be, and you both seek the "Lion," the "System and its jackals" to fight for you, thus neither can win. Both will be financially impoverished by these "forces" untrue. Yes, first they will all take, then of your lives they will a mess make, and then you will begin to hate the one you once loved and took as a "mate."

This "force" that neither of you can see is powerful and very cunning it be. It also in the mind of the "child" can "walk" and through her its control over you both does "stalk" as it can now you both "use" until your reason you both lose.

Your child has no "right," It is a spirit bequeathed to you both to "bring up" in a manner right. It is not "old" enough to be asked: "With whom would you abide"? How can a child be expected to decide. She must be told that both mom and dad seek her their way, even though mom and dad live apart and far away. Mom & dad must decide what "for" the child will be, this is the FIRST thing you both must see.

Even if "courts & solicitors" have a "fit," your decision must you "sit" upon your daughter fair, and "equitably" must you her time share unless either of you is prepared to "sail away" and say to the other: "She can stay with you for a year and a day."

If for any reason you both her time want, then listen and heed the wisdom of God’s font. She was "given" to both of you at a "time" when in "love" you were troth. So do not now this love deny and make the other cry.

Ebony needs to experience life with each of you. It was thus that she was "lent" to you, for her "spirit" is God’s and you both must her teach that God’s "Command" she must not breach, being: "Be loving, be kind, and never let "deceit" or non caring "unwind." So stand "back" from the way of man and before God make a fresh plan, and quietly to each other say:

"Dear friend, even though our lives did part, we must our "given" child help on her life's path to make a good start, let her not be permitted to with our decisions "play" for that is the wrong way. Let us decide to her time share, for that is the only "equal" ware, and if for any reason up ahead, one is weary or short of "bread" we can the other ask if they can lengthen their "stay time" task."

So Krystyna, as for now just "flick a coin," this way you don’t need to "kick the other in the groin." Say "Heads then its the first six months with me, or "tails" and in six months I’ll her see."

Krystyna, you are named after "Christ" and I ask thee to be the one to set yourself first free by saying to the wolves that do you "solicit" that from now on God’s sanity upon your life you will sit, thus you withdraw from the courts your "action" today.

Or, for your folly you will pay, for Ebony "could" become a "Ward" if either of you is "inspired" by the devil to "raise a sword," and don’t think it could not happen to you. I know the power of the dark one and thus advise my sister you. Be courageous dear and then draw Thomas near and say: "Thomas, you the coin flick, for all this "action" is making me sick, if its "heads" she’ll for the first 6 months be my responsibility, if it’s tails, she can "sail away" with thee."

Krystyna & Thomas, let both now see "reason," for any "assault" on the other is in God’s eyes treason. Bless you both, you are souls true. Please now share a "meal" with me and heed what I tell thee.

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~ The umbilical cord ~

There is a "connection" from the mother to child and its "need" must be "reconciled" in the mind of man. For man's mind has not always been clear when he stood by to aid the "delivery" of a child, and thus his "actions" did at times carry a "spear."

We all know that through this "connection" flows blood. Through it also flows "mud" being the "waste" that does return so that the mother's organs can it "burn." But the other very important fact is that the blood flow carries the oxygen that is needed for the child's brain to "grow" and not "die."

If at any time prior to the child actually taking its first "breath" it can feel that it is suffocating if the "cord" is cut prematurely. The child can also suffer pain and trauma if it is "induced" forcefully by violent means to take its first breath.

Thus it would be "better" for all if the umbilical chord is left intact for a time until the infant's natural instinct to breathe takes place as it lies on its mother's breast near her face. Thus the child has a "chance" to acclimatise to its new "space" and thus it is just best to clean out its mouth and face.

Do not be in any "hurry" to anything "disconnect," for as long as it is connected, even though not breathing for a time and a time the mothers blood still is supporting the child's "vine."

So if any "attendant" wants to "finish the job" and go away, then tell them that you are the one who does them pay, and you will be the one to say "when" your umbilical cord is cut on the day.

Give the child a chance to take its own "first" breath before you cut the cord or "smack it" to death. If for any reason the child stays "still" and is thus "unborn," well that is God's wish and not a birth "out of norm."

It just means that the "spirit" was not "ready" or the flesh not "steady," and any forced intervention by some "new" invention to keep the flesh "alive" may result in a "cabbage" that has no "inner drive." You the mother must just be "sensible" and be wise and do not "give in" to the dictates of "men" who "oft" are unwise.


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