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~ Suburban Terrorism & Disaster preparation program ~


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This document is 'raised' in an effort to assist humanity at this 'end' time when the normal way of living with its seemingly 'secure' ways becomes disrupted for a time due to circumstances beyond the control of individuals or 'Systems.'

This disruption will arise in many 'forms,' be it by air and sea and land incursion by armed or other invading forces. Be it from the collapse of Systems thought the 'normal.' Be it from Earth changes and natural events that will intensify globally from 2011 onwards, and multitudes will become homeless and they will 'roam' over the face of earth seeking food and shelter.

They will also be running away from persecution as the mind of man becoming intensely unstable that results in terrifyingly inhumane acts of violence & aggression taking place in every street in every village or town on the planet.

The disruption will also be compounded by a 'currency crisis' that will destroy all savings with the subsequent collapse of businesses. There will be a 'time' of no money. No time for 'recriminations,' just get on with life and do the best you can each day. Survival is the order of the day, materially as well as spiritually.

In order to understand the reasons for the escalating insanity and 'unforgiving' ways of mankind, it is necessary for the reader to read the 'Brief summary' of God's message, as well as other information on the 'The Testament of Truth' web site, being God's final message to humanity.

This 'Community Safety Plan' is to aid local communities to establish an 'awareness' within every local community, so that all have no doubt as to either the seriousness of the suburban terrorism to soon be seen surfacing planetarily, but also to the principle cause and the final effect for each person, be they child or adult, and a 'means' whereby they can assist each other through the very dark and evil times soon at hand.

Every person must be made aware that there will be a time soon when every known 'utility' will become unserviceable, be it communication, power supply, fuel supply, medical supply, food supply, water supply. Neither will there be any help from outside the local area.

Due to the enormous difficulties and problems, multitudes of people will be roving back and forth across the face of the earth, running away from troubles and seeking a 'better' place, but few will find surcease for they cannot 'avoid' their fate, and as their minds are being 'driven' ceaselessly from 'underground,' (Dark spiritual realms) a great restlessness and discontent will 'burden' all.

Each community will have to rely totally on its own abilities to support itself in every aspect. As people become more fearful and 'introverted' as 'dangerous' strangers appear on their lands, there will be less helping hands to assist the multitudes in need. Food and water and medical supply shortages will become a major problem.

Each 'district' will become totally self reliant and all local inhabitants will be 'forced' to confront their past 'doings,' and they will be 'faced' by very powerful demonic forces operating through the minds of mentally unstable, irrational, merciless and totally destructive human beings.

Each individual will be spiritually 'tested' by the invisible 'Source,' and to survive spiritually they will need to fully understand their real enemy (the dark essence) and the 'enormity' of what is taking place, and the reasons for it, and what God the Light requires** of them as an invisible dark alien race imposes its retributive 'payback' upon all 'sinners' who abused others.

Note: requires** - 'non-retaliation' in the face of adversity to become free of their past wrongdoings to humanity. Be it their personal wrongdoings or their 'debts' accrued due to the wrongdoings of their servants the armed forces that they fund and support.

There will be a 'shift' in the authority of the 'forces of arms' as the present 'controlling' forces are 'faced' by simple 'common' man whose mind becomes 'restless' and controlled by demonic forces that give them (common man) the 'power' of life and death over anyone, and everyone will be 'subjected' to their 'insane' demands.

We now face the 'Last Hour' being the time of the final 'battle' for the soul of each person, and this battle is a battle within the mind of mankind, being thoughts good v/s evil.

Every person needs to know that everyone is going to be threatened and abused in many differing ways by others. There will be no 'escape' by any as all are already 'targeted' by the invisible demonic spirit forces whom already know 'what to do' to their 'victims' to set them free from their past ways.

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Any whom fail to heed me will 'sow' more darkness in retaliation as they try and defend themselves and fight back, and they will accrue more 'pain' along the way for defying God's call of "Forgiveness & mercy & turn the other cheek."

You become a suburban terrorist when you disturb the peace of any other in any way, and for this folly your God (The Dark Sovereign Power) will make you pay in the manner revealed by my pen.

The community must be taught the true meaning of 'safety.' Safety from what? For it is not 'primarily' safety against 'suffering,' but it is safety against becoming 'robotically' used by the invisible dark alien race as its 'earthly' force that metes out Divine Retribution through your hand as it impresses its 'will' upon your psyche if your mind is 'weak' and unprotected.

Your mind needs be protected and strengthened in the manner as given by me in the Star Prayer so that you can 'suppress' the invisible power of demonic thoughts erupting within you. For if you become a 'robot' and unable to 'reason' then you will be used to cause a lot of pain to others and thus to yourself within the precepts of God's immutable Law.

All must learn that 'suffering' they earn 'principally' by being the darkness in action in their interaction with other children of God, as they in some way 'burn' some other by causing them mental or emotional or physical pain, or by the destruction of their property.

This 'burn' is the infliction of negative energy by word or deed upon another 'sister or brother' for in God's eyes all His children are sisters & brothers, and any 'expression' of God's energy be it Light or Dark energy does return at a later day, and it is now the 'return' dues of 'pain' coming earth's way.

All must be taught that none can avoid their past accrued dues, and that only by being loving & forgiving and thus true will they avoid earning more suffering, for any whom 'fight' and cause pain today will definitely keep walking the wrong 'dark' way, and they will suffer on and on as in Hell they pay their dues moment by moment.

Due to the 'extraordinary' circumstances that will arise from the escalation of insanity and conflict globally, there will be a total 'reversal' of the known 'authority' and all its regulating 'departments' will be 'rendered' inoperable, and they will all for all time become obsolete.

Their negative and punitive and 'force of arms' authority will 'pass' into the 'hands' of common man whose mind the Devil will 'span' for a time and a time, and each person will thus have the same 'judicial' authority that was imposed upon him by the System's of man via the 'armed forces' and Court system.

This authority will be given by the Dark Sovereign Power, and ITS invisible spirit forces will control the psyche of individuals in the flesh in each and every 'tent - hut - house' in every village or town on earth who fail to heed my 'warning' and make mental preparation.

It will be a time of no happiness, no parties, and no 'mirth' as all are subjected to their past 'pain' debts accrued when to others they were 'rude & disrespectful.'

All will by my 'wisdom' learn that it is the Devil to 'teach' all the result of 'breaching' the Code of Conduct of the Light of God.

Soon all will see the desperate plight as man & woman & child will fight their neighbour 'tooth & nail,' and you will all tremble with fear and 'quail' at what you do see.

I did tell you all to listen to me but you failed to heed my message of "Only love & walk peacefully," and now God will do what God will do, and God and I both tell you that if you now 'fail' to do as is asked by me then your spirit soul will fall into the Abyss where the insanity does go on and on for eternity.

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~ The 'preparation' Strategy ~

I call out to all good 'elders' in every community on earth and say: "Prepare now for the soon coming day when each person will have the authority to 'judge & punish & kill' any other person they are so 'inspired to' telepathically and 'incited by' the Dark Sovereign Power and Its 'hellish' demonic forces."

The most important aspect of the Safety Plan is the instruction to be given to all as to how 'dark' forces will attempt to 'possess' their minds and use them as their 'instruments of destruction.'

For there are resultant 'karmic' repercussions that will become their 'due' under God's ONE Law if they 'succumb' to the devious thoughts flowing through from Hell that will try and 'justify' them in being untrue.

God's One Law: "As you do is done unto you"

As the 'Salvation of the soul' is a personal 'affair' between each person and God, it is necessary for each person to come to his or her own decision as to the 'validity' of this message.

It is also the responsibility of parents and other responsible persons to ensure that all children are given the understanding about the need to fortify their minds and the 'wherewithal' to do it, as given in the 'Brief Summary' contained within this web site, for children will also be mentally overpowered and become as destructive and evil as adults.

In every suburb the local community hall must be 'manned' day and night by two or more mentally 'stable' volunteers who can give out advice and be available to assist in any way needed. They will need to fully understand this message.

Feeling Easier Seminars will be held at the hall daily or as needed by anyone wishing to so do before they become 'offensive,' and also any whom disturb the peace will be taken there by the local 'Peace Corps' and 'subjected to' a three hour Seminar and then released.

If there is no local hospital, then provision needs be made at the hall for storage of equipment and medicaments so that people injured can be attended to. There also needs to be known 'safe' houses where terrified people can find some rest and shelter if needed

With the foreknowledge of the total collapse of Systems, material preparation also needs to be made. Provisions need to be stored in a variety of places as the 'psyche' of man will become destructive, and it will have an 'uncaring' awareness that will mercilessly cause havoc.

It will be important to have a 'solar' or other alternative lighting source as 'light' in the darkest hours will be needed and systems will have breakdowns.

None of the 'Carer's or 'Peace Corps' workers are to have the 'protection' of any weapons, they must remain unarmed at all times, or they will be perceived by 'some' invisible forces as 'someone to be tempted to use their weapon,' and if they so do, then they will pay the price too.

It will be up to Community members and Carer's to decide their own individual or group 'strategy' for the welfare of all. As there will be a collapse of all manufacturing and the closure of all businesses, there will be a time of shortages of all products and it is important to 'provision' for this time.

Shelter in the form of tents will be needed as homes are destroyed by the vain or insane. Implements to use as garden tools and a free 'common' ground in each village or suburb needs be prepared so that food can be grown.

There will be mass 'relocation' away from the sea as earth changes cause great destruction along coastal areas, and thus people need to ensure that they know where to go.

It is imperative that 'locals' understand that any new 'arrivals' are God sent, be they kind or unkind, and it is absolutely necessary to treat them with respect and share and care as they are all God's precious children, even though they may 'appear' strange and 'unwanted by you.'

Any whom mistreat strangers will by strangers be mistreated. Any whom turn the needy away will be sent away by the needy. Any whom turned others out of their homes will find themselves homeless.

Any whom 'judged' others will also be 'so' judged. Any who can 'swallow' their anger or fear or 'pride' and reach out and share and care for the 'most' evil and mentally disturbed will by God be rewarded. Those who cannot will themselves 'lose the plot' and become insane.

page 4

~ Initiating the Safety Plan ~

This program is initiated by this 'notice,' so that every person has access to the information detailed herein.

This program is initiated by every community hall having copies of the 'This document' displayed so that every person has access to the information detailed therein.

This program is initiated by every community hall having copies of the 'Important Public notice' displayed so that every person has access to the information detailed therein.

This program is initiated by a responsible local newspaper editor who has the spiritual capacity to see the truth sent by the light, and then printing off a 'lift out' of this article as well as directing readers to these web sites:

< > or
< >

This program is initiated by community radio advising listeners that there is a message from God now available at the above web sites as well as a community safety plan to assist in understanding and controlling the upsurge of suburban violence.

This program is initiated by every community having CD copies of the above web site available so that those without 'on line' facilities may have access to the message, and also there is a time when 'down lines' will occur and there will be no Internet access or other telecommunications.

This program is initiated by the implementation of the 'Feeling Easier Seminars' in every local community hall or under the village 'tree,' so that any whom 'offend' God by their disturbance of the peace may receive good counsel as given by me and then set free.

This program is initiated by local newspapers printing off a 'lift out' of the 2 or 12 page 'Brief Summaries' of God's message to assist their readers. These summaries are available in many languages from the front web site main index.

This program is initiated by word of mouth as good men of every race & creed tell all that God's message stands raised up in the sky for all to see.

page 5

~ Disaster Survival Plan ~

The Break O'Day community of the East Coast of Tasmania where I presently reside is a 'miniscule' example of any place on earth, and will soon be a 'disaster' zone as will all others. Due to that fact, there will be no 'other' able to offer any aid when disaster strikes.

Thus this section is written as a Disaster Survival Plan to aid not only the local community, but as a guide to others in other lands and places. For all areas of earth will soon be subjected to not only weather forces, but earth changes, tsunami water movements, but also to the greatest danger of all, being that of the survival of the soul, for as man 'turns' against man in the greatest dark, evil, vengeful 'spiritual' pandemic ever seen on earth, they place their own soul in great spiritual danger.

For as insanity erupts, there will be great danger as spoken of as well as the need for every community to make preparation, for the mental health and counselling aspect of the prophesied END days tribulation as revealed by this pen.

As all can see from the present day disasters, whenever there is a problem all are totally unprepared to assist themselves, and all people rely on others, be it their own or other governing agencies. Let it be recorded here that governing 'bodies' are not in fact ones 'parents' to be relied on. For they only have at their disposal the funds and equipment already supplied to them by you.

Thus it is improper of you to expect them or any other to be your 'saviour' in cataclysmic times. Far better for each individual and community to make their own preparations so as to be self-sufficient prior to any catastrophic event and ongoing trauma.

As all can also see, when there is a catastrophe the first 'thing' that occurs is that many are killed or wounded, and multitudes are made homeless and all face starvation, lack of water, and all seek help from others. So we need an 'agenda' whereby a 'committed' group can begin to make preparations near to each community centre, with the understanding that earth changes will cause mass flooding to all coastal areas and thus survival facilities must be located some distance away from the beaches.

Every local community needs to set aside one or more locations, it may be wise to make use of a section of a farm property that is owned by a good responsible person that will take care of the community endeavour, where the following basic placements are required to be installed.

The digging of toilet latrines - the erection of water tanks and shower facilities - the storage facility for dried and tinned foods - storage of tents, blankets, toiletries, medical supplies, and all other items that are daily needed by all, be it cutlery, matches, fuel, firewood etc. This is to assist you in making "material" provisional preparation for times ahead when due to calamitous circumstances, the usual 'services' will not always be available.

On a personal level, if you can put a little away and prepare, you will be in a better position to be self sufficient and be able to "Share."

Rain water tank (150 gallon +), metal buckets, water containers.
Matches, fire lighters, candles, lanterns, kerosene.
Tinned corned beef, sardines, condensed milk, vegemite etc.
Cooking oil, salt, yeast, dried milk, honey, sugar, herbs.
Dried fruit and nuts.
Tea, coffee, milo, etc.
Seeds: Mung beans, alfalfa, vegetable seeds etc.
Dried corn, wheat, rice, beans, split peas etc.
Medical: disinfectant, betadine, savlon cream, bandages, panadol, sticking plaster, scissors, insect repellent, etc.
Tent, warm clothing, needle and thread, spare boots (for walking)!
Shovel, axe, and other tools for gardening.
A wheelbarrow for "transporting" your goods.

Remember, it will be a time of "Self sufficiency," if you are blessed with a little space in your back yard, plant some potatoes, silver beet and cabbages and have a few chickens. If you live near the sea then place provisions with others living on high ground.

Get started today
put a few items away.

To assist responsible persons to begin their preparations to assist others they can access a variety of information off the web site, and I give a few more relevant places here as guidelines.


The Disaster Relief program


Food storage


Suicide or


Feeling Easier Seminar


12 page - Important public notice & Brief Summary

Peace and goodwill is the only way forward and upward for YOU the individual

Issued by Terence

Lalapanzi spiritual healing centre - Pyengana, Tasmania  

~ Ends ~

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