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The ‘I.S.I.S.’ Plan.
International Suicide Implementation Strategy (ISIS)

~ Foreword ~

Suicide is the result of giving in to thoughts that did breed in the mind as one suffers from emotions of despair, and the thoughts say: "There is a better place you can go where you will be free from the daily "grind" that does in your face stare."

There is nothing the "potential" suicide can do unless they are "cautioned" and helped by a sister or brother true who does help them to say the Star prayer three times a day. That prayer you can read in this document and the "Brief Summary" and with God’s help seed your mind with the wisdom I now give.

We must understand that none other can see others thoughts or feel their feelings, so only we can understand our feelings that flow from the "other land." Yes, feelings do flow within us, those of joy, or fear or anger etc.

The power of negative thought is its hypnotic spell that can make us on negative thoughts continually dwell, and as these thoughts go round and around by deepening confusion are we bound.

It is a continuous flow of delusion that we can "fathom out" the illusion that is perpetuated in our mind, but in reality, we become more blind and this illusion is "thoughts" that are "fraught" with danger.

If you permit negative thoughts to "revolve" in your mind, they do you "bind," and with irrationality you become mentally "thought bound," and as there is then no chance of maintaining a sound mind, you end up causing pain to another or self as you in loneliness, confusion and fear, or hatred, permit the "cycling" emotions and thoughts to drive you into action.

It is very difficult to help someone at the time of their despair as their mind with yours they cannot share as it is mesmerised by thoughts from within that round and around in their minds spin, thus they may hear not what you say.

Thus the whole community needs be gathered together each day and together all must say the Star prayer, and together all be told what is coming our way, being the attack from within the mind of everyone as the Devil* does his best to each soul bind in destroying self or others.

*Devil, the name used to describe the negative energy source, the dark.

ISIS - Has been formulated to counteract "Minds under Siege," being the precursor of all emotional trauma, that leads to "Armageddon of the Mind."

ISIS - Incorporates all aspects of the spiritual requirements for the maintenance of positive mental health prior to, during, and after the "coming" intensification of personal negative emotions that will permit the "ingress" of destructive "thoughts" into the human spirit (Psyche).

ISIS - Encompasses all souls (spirits), whether incarnate or discarnate. It is for all God’s children of any Race, Colour, or Creed.

ISIS - Needs be quickly implemented by all countries, and every citizen needs hear of its implications.

ISIS - Requires in its implementation the education of all its participants. Informative education, the quick deep understanding of the spiritual aspects of mental/emotional trauma, that will only be attained through accessing the information now available from the CD, cassettes and papers available.

ISIS - Requires the personal implementation of the procedures given to be adhered to by the participants. The procedures given are to assist all to fortify their own minds in the manner prescribed in The Treatise of Truth, and The Testament of Truth, and to further this mental fortification by daily reading the written words therein.

I.S.I.S. Program will be "initiated" by:

1 - All "Carers" being given the relevant information.
2 - Initiate a public awareness program.
3 - The International dissemination of all information.
4 - Attendance to the 2 hour  'Feeling Easier' Seminar.

Objective: To swiftly alert humanity to the spiritual reasons for Minds under Siege, and to give the spiritual method to deal with this. Thus giving each individual an opportunity to help themselves, rather than relying on government and private agencies.

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~ Strategy and Practical application ~

1 - Any carer or family member who is faced with a potential suicide victim, or approached thereby, needs to have made themselves familiar with the contents of this "I.S.I.S. paper."

2 - Carers can then speak to the person concerned about their thoughts, with the full understanding that they are also speaking to the many invisible others who present themselves as "Thought intrusion."

3 - Both parties, those in the flesh and the others may be given a conscious understanding that all are being interfered with mentally, because any soul having negative emotions within can be mentally "accessed" by spirits telepathically. To "hold back" this ‘intrusive’ overwhelming thought flow, all should be given the Star Prayer to fortify their minds.

4 - What the "sufferer" needs to know is the "Wisdom" that the Source did upon us bestow. The wisdom about the "Force" unkind, and "how" it did their mind bind, and then give them the message as to how to find "release" from the thoughts and emotions that give them no peace.

They must also be told that there will be a full release from their mental "subjugation" some time in the future, once the rising emotion is cleared spiritually out from their soul.

5 - All people need be "given" this I.S.I.S paper, and other pertinent information on the multimedia CD or the Internet web page:

6 - All Carers, helpers, and the general public, are to read and familiarise themselves fully with all the material. The familiarisation needs be an on-going process as it "reprograms" their conscious mind with a deeper understanding.

7 - Organising Open Forum discussion groups to familiarise people with the important issues that will assist them to a quicker understanding.

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~ Open Forum ~
Some points to be established during any "Open Forum"

1. The Reality of Spirit - The eternal existence of our spirit and the invisible Source influencing our spirit in both its Positive Light and Negative Dark inspirations.

2. The meaningfulness of God’s "grace," spiritual cleansing - Being the "Light’s loving help" in drawing out our negative emotions during the escalation of inner mental/emotional turmoil through the rising intensity of our feelings, and the "Dark’s Just demand" that we pay for every negative deed previously performed (Sown), hence the "Reaping process." Self suffering, being 'self crucifixion' as one does not retaliate against any "oppressor."

3. Understanding the Dark - The Absolute justness of the Dark in that we pay fully only for that which we did negatively before to others. This is the cause of all suffering and enlarged negative emotions within us that grow larger through retaliating. Seeing that any attempt to avoid our suffering is absolutely futile. Understanding what we must do to make sure we do not intensify or prolong this suffering through retaliation.

4. How Universal Spirits mesh with ours - Powerful emotions and the part they play as the doorway through which other spirits "walk" into our minds and control our actions. That once "telepathically" in our minds, these spirits not only inspire our thoughts but join their own feelings to ours thereby magnifying and multiplying our feelings.

5. The Role of Thought - What it means to have a "Mind Under Siege" and how we help to maintain this "siege" by allowing our negative thoughts to become deeds.

6. Protection of the Mind from this attack - The Star Prayer Meditation to help cleanse and fortify the mind particularly when emotions are running.. Identifying negative thoughts and halting them immediately.

7. The Significance of Non-retaliation - Forget the past with all its pain or hurts. Never try to "resolve" negative problems between yourself and others. (Discussion leads to fuss, simply express goodness) Understand that you may be blaming others actions "with others" for what you are feeling, but remember, maybe, - - - "nobody actually did anything to you," and what others do to others is none of your business.

8. The Karmic Process - "Reaping what we sowed," Negative feelings experienced by us are simply a Reaping process. How the Dark Force will give you endless reasons to place the blame for our feelings anywhere but at the door of our own deed, thus trapping us into ever increasing karmic debts by our continuing negative expressed deeds.

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9. The Issue of Control - How we unknowingly exert control over others, any attempt to control another, even when motivated by Love, is negative and means we are the Dark Reaper in action.

10. Absolute Freedom of Choice - Understanding the Power of Respect in its fullness. Respect of those "others" trapped by the darkness and thus in no way attempting to control or subdue them. Only being kind and helpful when possible.

11. Why suicide ? - Why destroy another or yourself. Do we really "die" when we suicide and leave the flesh, and thus escape our inner emotional and mental turmoil, or do we fall out of the frying pan and into the fire? Give out the reality to the sufferer, being that we never die as the spirit lives on and simply steps out of the biological flesh as IT 'dies.' Nor can one "annul" inner turmoil by suiciding. Only with the now given truth can we find inner peace.

12. The reality of speaking to spirit - Reflections on the implications of discourse versus giving them counselling directives only. The deceptive capacity of the "Force" when it is communicating through aroused negative emotions.

13. The deeper implications - The importance of moving "beyond" the person in the flesh and speaking directly to the invisible ones influencing them, letting them know they are "seen" and that we give them our wisdom with respect.

14. True spiritual counselling - The importance of being able to counsel the "dead," being the one who has "passed over" and is still "alive" and locked into a continuing traumatic state that may influence those relatives still in the flesh.

15. Reprogramming the "belief" - Understanding the difficulties around changing the "recorded" stored memories in the subconscious that permit "deception" to continue etc. The importance of daily assimilating the fresh wisdom and daily observe the content of the "Daily Practice" sheet given below.

All participants need to understand that none are immune from being mentally "accessed" through their negative emotions, and they as all will at some stage become a "sufferer" to varying degrees.

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Remember the "Code of Conduct" for Spiritual Counselling is:

"Courtesy - Respect - Humility"
"non-confrontation - non-retaliation"

You needs remember these words as you meet and greet the many in coming times who will all have differing demands, needs and wants.

Note: If you have been asked to counsel a potential suicide, then before their first visit it is of importance to communicate with the spirit forces or 'beings' linking into their mind, and say this to them either in your mind or vocally as if they were in front of you:

"I wish to speak with all persons in the spirit world that are mentally linking-in to the mind of the incarnate one (Tom or Mary etc) - Please listen to what I have to say:

I am aware that you exist and that your thoughts are enticing you to 'tempt' the incarnate one (Tom or Mary etc) to kill or maim themselves. This you are doing because you believe or by your thoughts are 'led' to believe that they need to be killed and, you are 'moved' mentally to intrude into their minds in an attempt to force them to suicide.

You are unaware that within the one Law of God - what you do is done unto you - and, that God is aware of your intent and deed. Thus I speak to you to advise you that if you 'succeed,' then all suffered by the person or their family members who will suffer on and on as the result of your actions, will ahead be suffered by you.

Thus as I counsel the troubled one it is important for you in spirit realms to listen to my words, and to also help yourselves with my advice, for you also are suffering the same problem of thoughts interfering into your minds by other spirits in lower levels. Yes you are all being controlled by the Dark Sovereign Power that seeks to entrap you all so that you all 'fall' deeper into the Abyss, and all suffer for your folly.

Please therefore desist in your intent, and say the Star prayer that will be given to (Tom or Mary) so that you also benefit.

If you have not had the opportunity of doing this before they come to you, then as they arrive you can mentally say:

"I am aware that there are many invisible spirits that are forcing their thoughts into this person's mind, and I will speak with you after the incarnate one has been counselled by me. Please for the moment try and keep your 'confusing' thoughts out of their mind as I speak with them, and pay heed to (listen to) what I say to them, as it is for your benefit also."

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~ Children's minds and emotions ~

The following pages are extracts from "The Testament of Truth" book and are important for you, to assist your children to understand their minds and emotions.

"Are children "born" evil," some ask of me, and the "truth" I’d have you see, being, that the souls of "men" and "women" return to this "playpen" and yes, they do "enmesh" with babies "bodies" and we them bless by telling them as they "grow up," that on light and love they must sup.

But many deep, deep down, with evil "thoughts" do "frown,"
so even as
"babies in the wood," by us their actions are misunderstood.

For humanity cannot "today" understand that reincarnation was by God planned and thus give souls "another chance" to at the truth TRY and glance. So yes, "some" babies are evil through and through, their "souls" very untrue and "thus" Satan does their minds breach and thus, this truth I today must teach, so "people" can understand the power of the "evil" hand.

That through "some" souls it can us reach
as telepathically "some" minds it does breach.

So ALL babies needs be told by parents about the light and the cold, and about the good and the bad, and about "Thoughts" happy and sad, and how to fortify their "mind" against evil thoughts so unkind that would lead them astray and "destroy" others like a "toy."

So as you can see, it is "sad" that even little children are bad at times and feel NO remorse as bad feelings do them "divorce" from light and from love. So please tell all about the "dove," and the message I do bring so in happiness they can sing, as God does in them "unwind" and cleanse out darkness so unkind.

And then God will see, that you to our "little people" are true for as evil does "arise," children's actions you will despise and all will needs "see" and "hear and heed" God’s final call via me.

Children needs be spoken to:

Ask children why sometimes they happy be
and sometimes fear or anger flows free.

Say: "Try and understand that these "feelings" you feel are from another land, they are "invisible," they are things that we cannot see, things we cannot touch, they are not like boats or toys or dolls as such."

All must be taught about "thoughts" that abide in their minds and "sit them astride." They must all fill their souls with "quink," being God's Wisdom recorded in ink, and thus they will understand the "way and power" of the underhand of God.

Ask children to "think" about "thought," is it some thing that can be "bought?" Is it something you can "hold" like toys of which we have been told? or, are thoughts "things" that come and go, things that seem to quickly flow?

From moment to moment they "appear" and as quickly "disappear."

They must be told the truth that the light says "Only love," being the eternal 'call' from above, and the darkness says: "Destroy those who take your toy." So each will understand their 'feelings,' being those of the lower land and the ones of love, being feelings from the land above.'

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~ Speaking to "your" thoughts ~

When you are "confronted" by a child who is "acting" in a manner towards others or you that to you is "unacceptable" behaviour, this is what you should do.

Take the child quietly by the hand and as you lead it "away" you say: "You must understand that what you do is untrue to you, for you are permitting darkness to flow through you.

Your conduct is unbecoming and no one will want to have you "around" if you act in such a manner that is not the way that God planned.

In the past I may have been too lenient with you, and also I may have been untrue because I permitted you to do what you do as I did not have the time to entwine mentally with you as today I do.

Please now sit quietly as I talk to your mind and counsel your "thoughts" that to you are unkind. You must now decide whether to stay quiet and calm and have "us" by your side, or whether we "cast you out" of our conversation until you learn what respect is all about.

So please now speak to me and tell me "what way" you would have it be.

And, all must be told what to DO to control negative thoughts flowing through so that they happier will be as of these "dark" feelings God sets them free. Tell all about God’s Star and the love it exudes from afar. Say:

"I wish to speak to your thoughts, and this to your thoughts I say:"

Are you aware there is a Star above, are you aware there is a Star of love,
are you aware this Star is true, are you aware this Star can do much for you.
Are you unhappy and do you feel far away. I just want to say I am your friend today, and my heart reaches out to you, yes to the thoughts now flowing through.

If you feel lonely, if you feel blue, listen to me, I’ll tell you what to do.
Say this little prayer with me today and your mind will feel happier in every way.
Let us together see the Star above, the Star of Bethlehem filled with Mother’s love. IT is shining for you and you and you, the thoughts flowing through. Let us together now say:

  • I see the Star of Bethlehem high up above,
    brilliant and beautiful and filled with God’s love.
    I see a white light shining down from this star
    cleansing through my body with its power from afar.
    Wonderful Mother please now be with me,
    fill me with light and set my soul free.

  • And children please understand, there are others in another land. They are lonely too. Their thoughts reach up to you, so together, three times a day we with the thoughts will say the prayer of the Star above, the one filled with Mother’s love and then we’ll feel happier too as will the "thoughts" flowing to me and you.

    So that is what I say today to all "thoughts" that come my way.

    Children must be taught swiftly the reality of what BE, not just told "Don’t DO," its not like learning to tie up a "shoe." They must be taught about the MIND and EMOTIONS that are unkind and about the power of THOUGHT, through which much anguish is bought.

    They can quickly learn what happens when they "others" burn, that it does "come back" and "another" does "their face" smack.

    Children different be from adults this I do see. Their minds more "open" be to TRUTH that reality be. They must not be taught "Strike back" if another does them attack. They must be told to "Lie down," then ahead they’ll less frown.

    They must be told "What to DO" (Star of Bethlehem prayer) to keep their "minds" to God true. They must be told "HOW" to keep free (From suffering), that NON-confrontation it MUST be.

    They must learn to "understand" the power in the Devil’s hand. (More power than any one) They must the truth KNOW, that they WILL Reap what they sow.

    They must be taught to LOVE all say I the dove, even those of the underhand (Aggressive ones) who God’s truth do not understand. These they must not deny. Even though they make them at times cry they must still "reach out" with a daily smile and a friendly "shout" saying "G’day, with us you can play."

    They must daily forget yesterday if any made them fret.

    They must be told "As the Sun goes down the painful past must be ‘laid down’ and as the morning does arise look to the heaven and the starry skies." So we must all now teach that only LOVE can breach the minds of the bully boys who think the others are but play toys.

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    ~ The "Star" of Bethlehem meditation prayer ~

    This meditation is the key to the "well-spring" of inner love, the eternal flame of light and love within each soul, enabling it to flow more easily, allowing healing of the spirit soul to occur, thus over time "easing" the whole being on all levels.


  • I see the Star of Bethlehem high up above
    brilliant and beautiful and filled with God’s love
    I see a white light shining down from this star
    cleansing through my body with its power from afar
    wonderful Jesus please now be with me
    fill me with light and set my soul free

  • Adults:

  • Jesus I see your shining Star, Jesus be with me
    Jesus please help me and save

  • OR

  • Creator of the Heavens Mother of love
    I see your Star shining above
    please cleanse my mind with all your love
    so I may heed your call of peace from above

  • Friends who with the understanding of the insight given, and who daily put the aforementioned Star of Bethlehem prayer into practice, do experience a lessening of negative thought flow impacting on their minds.

    This applies to all forms of suffering, be it an ‘addiction’ or other, in every ‘case’ their is an intrusive thought process that "leads one" into self inflicted suffering.

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    ~ Summary ~

    There is a herbal remedy called "rescue remedy," it is made from the herb "Star of Bethlehem."  In cases of trauma, place four drops under the persons tongue, it helps to calm the anxiety.  In the event of breathing failure, mouth to mouth resuscitation must be given.

    In many countries where a "spell" is said to have been placed on a person by a sorcerer as happens in Turkey, Africa, or Aborigine "kadaicha" man, the recipient will be mentally overpowered from within through their own inner fears and thoughts that may lead to the "frozen breath" syndrome, which is their inability to breathe through their emotion of fear, resulting in death from no apparent physical disorder.

    This "spell" as such is also invoked in more subtle ways through the "unforgivingness" that is invoked by the accepted as "virtuous norm" public persecution in pending court actions and public prosecution etc.

    A fearful anxious person may succumb to fears and overpowering thoughts and commit suicide.

    Any spell may be dispelled with light and love, using the Star of Bethlehem prayer given above.  If any one of these meditation prayers is said three times a day, then slowly but surely the ARK of the mind is built, giving us an inner mental cleansing and strengthening that lessens the invisible power of negative thought.

    I repeat, do it from today, BEFORE your mind is out of control, and become stronger within. With this inner strengthening we will find ourselves calmer in the face of adversity and more able to remain in control of our actions, as our dark sin surfaces within, as it is drawn up and out by God’s Grace.

    In the 'context' of a potential suicide remember, that as you speak with their 'troubled' mind, that it is being manipulated by the Dark retributive 'arm' of the Source, that seeks to cause you to feel 'guilty' or inadequate or fearful etc., and it is imperative that you do not entertain any 'mind' games with the person.

    You simply advise them that the mental struggle or 'battle' is between their mind and the mind of the Dark Sovereign Power, and not with you and, - - - that you are not responsible for the outcome in any way and, - - - that all you can do for the Light of God, your own conscience and for them, is to give them the Truth and manner given by me to assist them to assist themselves. 

    Remember, that it is very traumatic to lose a loved one if they suicide but, - - - even that trauma is your 'karmic' process.  Do your best to impress upon the other that ultimately their choice is their own, and it is between them and their Creator and no other. 

    Thus you try and stay free from being 'sucked in' to their own abysmal state in the foreknowledge that, if the wisdom of God does not save them, then it was their own 'karmic' fate to die and, - - - that if one deserves such then the retributive 'arm' of the Source of all has the power to do it directly, by turning their hand against themselves.

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    BE aware of our own thoughts and feelings.
    BE the Light in action at all times in all situations.
    BE observant of unkind thoughts within self that would you snare.

    BE respectful, kind & forgiving & understanding in every situation.
    BE aware of the negativity that exists within, teach others of its reality.
    BE vigilant, for your thoughts become your deeds which form your judgment.

    KNOW that what we put out comes back to us, good or bad, and that only through the Star prayer can the spell of negative thought be 'stemmed' or broken.

    KNOW that in doing the Star prayer you are trying to BE true to the source of Light, and you personally will halt the ingress of negativity and have a greater chance of not retaliating when adverse situations occur.

    DO keep your mouth shut when your emotions are running high.
    DO not let any day be coloured by the past or by concern for the future.
    DO practice stopping negative thoughts as they enter your mind.

    Say the Star Prayer three times a day.
    Daily read the
    "Brief Summary" of The Testament of Truth.

    The Reality Being:


    THE MORE LOVE waters the rose within our souls and fortifies our minds and calms the emotions.

    THE MORE LOVE exposed to our consciousness and those linked to us, the greater the clarity to see and understand the reality and nature of negativity, being the sin, darkness, and how through ITS deception and cunning IT keeps us ignorant of ITS existence, thus its control over us and our bondage to it.

    THE MORE LOVE now through our choice assists us to make an effort to never allow negativity to be expressed through us whatever the circumstances, feelings or thoughts, thus our part is the doing,

    and God will do the rest.

    is the only most worthwhile task there is for me, you or anyone.

    REMEMBER - The centre of your soul God’s Kingdom be,
    the more you cloud this Light with negativity, the harder it gets to see reality.

    being that if we its "loving" call heed,
    it will free us of our darkness within.

    No individual can do this for another, love is freedom of choice.
    Education is the only way today.


    "How does one resolve the conflict of disagreement, criticism, or demand."

    By being decent human beings that treat others kindly whatever they do or say, and one lives in accordance with their own ideological belief and way. If the 'way' of the other is found by you as 'untrue,' or frustrating or inconsiderate or unkind and cruel, then you are free to stay or go but, - - - you must not criticise or condemn or judge them, nor even try to force the other to conform to your 'way.'

    You remain 'steadfast' in the shelter of God's command as you walk peacefully and mercifully as you compassionately 'forgive' the other for their 'way' or belief and you do not give them any 'grief' by punishing them.

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    ~ Treatment ~
    For mental & emotional disorders

    It needs be now understood that the primary causal factor behind all mental & emotional trauma is the 'sin' forces within that have 'grown' within the soul of man over aeons of time through man 'supping' on the negative 'dark' energy essence of the Source, God. Thus the 'dis-ease' is of a spiritual nature.

    Mental and emotional 'disorders' cannot all be treated by man. This needs be understood also, for the 'displacement of' and 'removal' of the inner Sin 'accrued' within the spirit soul of man is the prerogative of the 'Light' side of the Source, God.

    It needs also be understood that in many 'cases' the depth of the 'sickness of the soul' is so great that the 'sufferer' cannot 'relate to' nor 'equate to' the good counsel of the Carer.

    It needs also be understood that in order to 'lessen' or 'halt' the ingress of more darkness that prolongs and deepens the suffering, that the sufferer be able to 'hear & heed' the wisdom given.

    In order for a 'gradual' or seemingly 'miraculous' healing to occur, and to attain and maintain sanity, it is imperative that the sufferer is given the necessary wisdom as to "why & how" they fell into this state and also what to do about it to assist themselves and others too.

    Treatment is seen to have "occurred" when the mind and emotions of the person become stable and calm, and rational thought processes on the positive aspect can be maintained.

    The method for treatment by man is as per the instruction by education in the Suicide document and Mental Health Carer's Manual in the 'Clemency' document, and the 'Offender Seminar' in the 'Offender document,' and is brought about by the education of the personal consciousness of each person, aided by the Star prayer meditation that releases Light energy within their soul, thus strengthening their mind and calming the 'raging' emotions.

    The Source of Light, God, is 'acting' independently from man and the inner outpouring of Light will be in operation for a time and a time and the release of Sin emotions will occur at different times without the intervention of man. As they 'clear' then peace and sanity too does draw near.

    Those who cannot 'hear' what they are told either because they are arrogant or because they are "filled with Sin," will just remain 'vain & arrogant & destructive' or 'depressed & fearful' and insane too as they await the grace of God to flow through.

    And you will have to 'put-up' with what by the 'Dark' they may be inspired to do to you, in the foreknowledge that you deserve that "penance," and by God you are "asked" to remain kind and loving and non-retaliatory too.

    If you would "channel" some Light energy through you to another in distress to "calm" their emotions and aid in the stabilisation of their thoughts, then I add these few words. For any Carer with loving soul can transmit God's energy to another with varying degrees of intensity depending upon their spiritual "state" in eternal time.

    There is no 'symbol' sacred to God that is needed before God's love & light flows free, so next time you wish to 'lay on hands' then by all means so do, but you do not need to 'think of' symbols in the mind or have any 'material' ones at hand as you so do, just say :

    Divine mother of all, please use me today in any which way,
    so that as your light flows through I can remain true too.

    And give your wisdom for free so that "Mary or John" learn what they need to about the emotions and thoughts that they 'feel' but cannot see.

    No man of 'any' name holds the 'symbols' or 'rights' to claim that to 'permit' God's light to flow though that their 'way' needs be adhered to, that is falsity.

    All you needs physically do is to sit near the 'sufferer' as God's light flows through. You do not have to let your hands roam around all over the place for that too is an act of 'disgrace' that by some is used for many a 'wrong' reason.

    By all means if the 'sufferer' is emotionally 'sad' then place your hand on their shoulder so they feel the comfort of your touch, and this you can do until they are calmed by the light, and then you move a little away as you continue on saying your 'say.'

    Treat all with respect.

    You may also make use of the two meditation tapes that are available on this web site, being the "STAR" for children and the "ARK" for adults.  You may also carry out 'distance' healing by thinking of the person and asking for God's love to flow through you to them.

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    ~ Last Rites for departed souls ~

    I reach out now to all spirits who hear my voice saying: "Come now near and hear what I have to say, it is now your personal final choice to heed the wisdom of God I bring, for only this way will you in heaven sing and, - - -

    It is now the time to relinquish all control of others via telepathy, for as your thoughts in others minds stroll you are manipulating another's mind.  This is invisible control you exert over others unseen by you, and is also the control exerted over you by others too on levels above or below you.

    It is time for you to fortify your own mind and keep out thoughts that would you bind by using you to others abuse, for in this act by thought or deed you draw darkness into your own soul that delays your "upliftment" into the Light.

    So heed me now when I say that Mother's love flows your way, drawing your inner "darkness" out so that when "cleansed" you can rise up into heaven and shout with joy. So fortify your minds with love via the brilliant Morning Star shining above, only this way do I see that you can kind and caring be.

    Look up above, and as you see the star of love we will together now say the star prayer and you needs say it thrice daily, and feel uplifted as the intrusion of negative thoughts are suppressed from entering your minds. Tell all where you are about Mother's cleansing love and the bright morning star."

    "Creator of the heavens, mother of love,
    I see your star shining above,

    please cleanse my mind with all your love,
    so that I may heed your call of 'peace' from above"

    - or -

    " Jesus, I see your shining star,
    Jesus, be with me,
    Jesus please help me and save me."

    The  Feeling Easier Seminar assists people to remain mentally sane and stable so as to NOT 'give-in' to negative thoughts.

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