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~ Taming the problem child ~
Parental guidance document

Note: Prior to reading this document you needs seed your mind with the "possessive" nature of discarnate spirits that is delineated within the Suicide & Mental Health Carers Manual first, or you will possibly "struggle" with the implications given, being that all negative thought is intrusion into the psyche of mankind from dark lower levels of consciousness.

page 1 - Taming the child
page 3   The Terrible Truth
page 4 - Parental guidance
page 6   Clemencia's offering
page 7   Effects of diet

You cannot "darkness" tame.
If you try, it entraps you into its "game."

It's better to be God's "proof" and quietly and calmly stand aloof as you "something" say to the spirits having their "way" in the mind of the child.

A child that is "showing" bestial and uncontrollable tendencies is "simply" a child possessed mentally by negative dark spirits who are intruding telepathically, (spirit possession) and the child is exuding loud and foul language and is physically violent and uncontrollable. (Do not use any restraint)

Put the child "away" outside if you cannot "stand" its "way." This you calmly do and then say: "You can do whatever you want to but I will not be 'entertained' by it nor will I 'struggle' with you."

Then you walk back inside as the other does "outside" abide for a time or be "shut" in their room if you "fear" for their safety outside the house.

Once "alone" you call mentally to the spirits that did force their 'thoughts' into your child's mind and you remind them that what they did do (Intrude telepathically) is an act rude, and that one day for their "controlling" folly they will pay.

You then go on to say to them that you will read a part of the suicide document being the "Daily Practice" and the Star prayer so that the intruders learn to fortify their minds little by little.

Once your child has "spewed" forth its "venom" and calmed down then you "recall" it inside to your 'space' and calmly tell them the same things you told the spirits, about 'lack of grace.'

Together say the Star prayer after mentally recalling the spirits so that all have the benefit of the "Star prayer" on this web site.

You must not ever in any way "fight" to control a child or any other whose mind is full of "bother," for their mind is far away, beyond hearing what you have to say.

Just learn the why and what is to now be so that you and your children quicker from ignorance and suffering become free. For "people," be they child or adult are only "tamed" when of negative emotions are they by God set free.

Once children enter "teens" age and are thus stronger and possibly violent then if and when they destroy items or inflict pain upon others they will needs be "caught" by the Peace Corps lads and taken to attend a Feeling Easier Seminar.

Try and understand that it is the negative emotions * within the child that "permit" its mind to be accessed telepathically from dark realms, and that level speaks a different language to yours as it is "contra" to all you say.

Note : - negative emotions * of Fear & anger etc., that can only be countermanded calmly and firmly and consistently.

Page 2

Save your breath until its "power play" halts, or you will become embroiled in more than one way and then yourself have to "suffer" the consequence of what you negatively 'do or say' under God's one law "As you do is done unto you."

Unless and until your child can learn to fortify their mind with understanding and the Star prayer then they will for a time just "be" an avenue for expression by dark spirits who will continue to "probe" and interfere into this realm via your child until their "access" avenue being the negative emotion "active" in the child's soul is cleared out by God's grace.

Planet earth is now to "learn" that all "foulness" and darkness is due to the "sinful" emotions within and none "win" their freedom from this "pain" until by God they are freed of it or their God they heed. This applies to all ages, childbirth days up to 'old sages.'

As "possessed" people are being used as "tools" of expression by invisible others, (robots) per se, we must treat them all as "ill" but we must not "catch" the same disease which we do if we become involved negatively, emotionally.

Respect for them must be maintained, be they the child or the "attaching" spirits, for ultimately they all are but "snared" by the darkness and "we" as Carers for all, be they trapped or free must remain steady. Fail in this and you become snared and via you will its (the dark's) fangs be bared.

Remain "focused" on the knowledge that within the person is the core of pure Light, and that even though they "appear" foul, that the foulness is but the dark erupting through them. Separate it the dark from them the person who is in great need and danger.

Do not attempt to "severely" or otherwise reprimand them, for it is not "them" at the moment of "trouble" you are addressing. No, it is the darkness within them shining through and IT takes no "dressing down" from you or anyone.

The more you "shout or clout or restrain" the more it retaliates as IT the Dark is total confrontation and aggression and destruction.

Only "speak" calmly, and once the dark "invaders" slacken their grip on the child's mind needs you kindly begin to impart the wisdom, understanding, and Star prayer to them.

Remember, this "counselling" time with the problem child will probably become a daily "ritual" that goes on for weeks or months or years and its repetitiveness is required until either the child can attain their own state of steadiness through mental control, or the emotion clears, or the "attaching" spirits learn the lesson and move on.

There may for some appear that a "miraculous" healing has taken place after the very first counselling session directed to the attaching spirit, this would only happen if the spirit was able to 'reason' within its own mind by overcoming its own fears or aggression and heeding your "ask" to not interfere anymore in your child's mind, as it too listens to the "Star prayer" as you call it/them near.

Do not "waste" your time seeking "religious" based exorcist rituals for they are from the "dark" ages themselves, and their unholy priestly "promoters" are blind to the fact that the spirits they seek to condemn to Hell are but the souls of the departed who in many cases need a lot of help.

page 3

~ The Terrible Truth ~

Once the child becomes an adolescent or adult then the "terrible truth" merges into the "full blown" story that is the basis of this entire web site. Dark v/s light - insanity, control and vanity. Love v/s hate, etc. The revelation of the true cause of the ingress of darkness into the soul of man and the revelation of God's "now" plan.

It is the time for all to see that all "spirits" within the flesh or otherwise who abide outside heaven do have "sin" within. This "sin" is the negative aspect of the Source, being the negative emotions of fear, greed, hatred, jealousy etc.

And how the "size" of the emotion now impacts more upon the mind of the person as these "forces" arise within the soul to be cleansed out by God's grace.

A child or adult person is only "seen" as a problem when they lose "control" of their positive state and begin to be irrational, depressed or aggressive and non-communicative.

It is at this point in eternal time that a greater proportion of people over the face of the earth will show "signs" of madness as their dark emotions surface due to God's cleansing love outpouring.

For a fuller understanding of this process you need to read either the twelve page "Brief Summary," the "Mental Health Carer's Manual, or the full "Testament of Truth."

Remember, the only "reason" why you are able to "handle" a problem child is because you are bigger and stronger than they are. Do not let this fact give you any reason to be punitive or retributionary or negative yourself in any way.

Once they reach puberty or earlier they will do exactly what they wish to in total defiance of your "expectations." Try and see that their minds are being driven by a "force" more powerful than you or them and thus it is imperative that you try and understand the wisdom from this pen.

A "child" with a "young" fleshly body has a grown spirit inhabiting it and that spirit is not "owned" by you. No, it is only "loaned" to you so that you can assist it with love and wisdom as its conscious mind develops. Those whom "abuse" this trust are by God dealt with later.

A troubled "interfered with" mind is being imposed upon by adult thoughts and adult non-reason from within, and thus your three-year old has the same mental capacity to cause harm or burn down the house as an adult intruder who kicks down your front door, and enters your home with dangerous intent.

Remember that you too have the capacity to be an "adult" terrorist and abuse others or mistreat your child if your mind is "backed" by forces unkind.

If your child or any "stranger" subjects you to trauma, then realise that they are being used by the darkness as a "reaper" too, to torment you and possibly to cause you harm too. Keep "steady" and kind or you will let "darkness" via your mind and hand unwind in retaliation.

As a responsible parent do your very best to seed your mind with the wisdom of God via this pen. Then you are one of God's chosen helpers to guide the lost.

It is a fact that you and all will at some time in the near future also be "as" other troubled people, with your mind being assailed by dark thoughts that are fraught with danger.

Learn to fortify your own mind so that you can remain sane and kind during the onslaught that will intensify as your negative emotions surface within to be cleared out of your soul.

As the negative emotions "clear" from your child's soul then they will suddenly be at ease, and happier to you see, and true friends you will be. This can take a time and a time before it so be.

page 4

~ Parental Guidance ~

Parental guidance must be seen as "authoritative" direction and thus negative assertive or punitive "control" is not to be used. Children must be able to "see" the reality, being that it is they to learn "something" and the parents are the teacher. (Parents themselves need to be instructed as to the correct method of child training)

Naturally as all have different combinations of emotions present there will be many "conflicts" of ideas, demands, and wishes and wants between the parties. Thus this document is but a guide to help you decide on your best manner of approach as 'guide and tutor' to your children.

Remember, the sooner they learn your "ground rules" the easier is your "pleasure" attained, for it is no pleasure having to constantly ask or remind the children of things they should have done.

Children are here to learn to be self-reliant and to contribute to others. They need a little "code" established to guide them and this could be drawn up by you, being a list of 'do or do not do.'

They need to learn to do things for themselves, (wash & dress etc) and they need to be aware of the needs of others, and what they can do for others in the home. Only when these daily "tasks" have been done is it their "time" to pursue their own interests.

The 'doing' of routine or mundane or boring tasks are to be established by a framework that is repetitive in the early formative years. This gives children a sense of orderliness and therefore security in themselves. Learning to complete the daily 'chores' before play is the way. If these daily needs deeds are established before mental power play begins in their mind it is easier for all.

Bad behaviour should be immediately addressed, not allowed to escalate however busy you are. In no way should you offer "incentives" to placate bad behaviour. The child must learn from an early age that if they wish to behave badly then they will be "rejected" by society and will miss out on 'invitations' by other people.

There is no "punishment" per se, but "error" is treated as given in this document above, wherein offensive behaviour results in "aloneness" for a time as well as "instruction" and Star prayer time. Try and avoid any "unforgiveness."

Rather than "tick-off" a child in front of others it is best to take them to a separate room "inner sanctum" which they get to know is a "no nonsense" place where they are to listen and change their behaviour or be "separated" in disgrace for a time.

But - - give the child some "space" to sulk if it needs to by not forcing "closeness." Just let it and its "mental intruders" know that their behaviour is not acceptable to you, and if it gets too "heavy" they are removed from your sight.

Whereas, once they are "grown," then you might needs remove yourself from their sight or suffer the consequences. For any "confrontation" by you to another "as strong as" you, tempts them to be untrue, for in their "eyes" your confronting actions are untrue. Ensure that at all times that your "intent & deed" is seen by God and their inner "foes" as loving, caring and helpful.

Try and see that you cannot force darkness to comply to you. If you try, then it is you who is it the darkness in action. Thus it is you then 'drawing-in' more darkness into your own soul, where it will "await" to later "haunt" you.

You can only "lovingly" try and reach the child's personal consciousness through the veil of darkness that shrouds its soul and mind when its emotions overspill.

page 5

If their active negative emotion is very "large" its power will be so great that their mind is beyond your "reach," and the dark "murderous" force will breach and control their mind for that moment in time, during which "its" Will is to the fore and it will do whatever IT wishes to, and the consciousness of the child may not even "remember" what took place later as the dark invader withdraws.

Time needs be given by adults to interact individually with each child to hear their needs and desires, and at this moment the child too can learn an appreciation of others and an appreciation of what others do for them.

Food should be eaten with no distraction, be it TV, toys, or other. It is a "moment" in time when the family needs entwine with discourse and table "manners" will be learnt early. This does not necessarily apply to infants.

For a young child to learn self-reliance and to help the child learn to establish a positive pattern of behaviour in what it needs to learn to do for itself, a guideline "Chart" can be placed on the kitchen wall to give the days instructions.

This chart can be made once the child has learnt to read, and will give it a visual "grasp" of what you have been telling it before. It may be used for a few months until you both "see" that it has learnt what needs be done without needing to be reminded. You can "design" one to suit your own basic needs.


1 - Get up, wash hands and face, or 'shower' and get dressed.
2 - Have breakfast.
3 - Clean teeth.

4 - Get your items ready for school - hat, coat, food, homework.
5 - Ask parents if there is anything they want you to do. Do it.
6 - Only now "play" until ready for departure.

Evening -

7 - Jobs for home. (fill wood bin, collect chicken eggs, tidy room etc)
8 - Time set aside for homework.
9- Play.

10 - Bath - wash - supper.
11 - Read, play, talk.
12 - Bed by 7

Many children today seem to be either at one end of the spectrum or the other. Some pushed to extreme study to attain excellence, and many others abandoned to do whatever they wish to with little or no positive guidance. There are too many places and cases today where parents themselves are neglectful of their duty to their offspring.

This breakdown of self-respect that ends up in family abuse may only come to a halt when the present "welfare" System breaks down and survival needs overcome the "drink" problem that will halt as funds run out, as well as once the consciousness of man has been "raised" through the dissemination of this wisdom.

One cannot expect "abused" children to become anything other than ignorant and disrespectful and more mentally disturbed, ending up in unhappy circumstances and becoming a burden to themselves and the community.

We need to re-establish the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, and teaching personal hygiene, respect of others, self-determination and self-sufficiency. This will come about when parents begin to take control of their own minds and emotions, and themselves begin to see through clearer eyes.

Children must be taught how to work for their parents and their neighbours without expecting any remuneration as an incentive. There is too much expectation today, and too much "temptation" in the way of technology that is seen as "needed" when in reality quality of life and "sailing time" is better.

Note: - There is 'error' in making the child the 'centerfold' of the picture as such. For I believe that the child could then grieve and become 'self-centered,' demanding, and 'impossible' when attention turns away from them due to their inner negative emotions feeling 'deprived.'

I believe that the child must from birth just be 'one' of the many that make up the family, and they needs be made to see that it is they to show their respect and capacity to share with others.

I believe that good parenting is where children are kept busy and included in as many physical activities as possible, as well as being trained in the basics of life so that they can become a good wife or husband and are competent and able to fend for themselves as soon as possible.

Too many children are left to their own 'devices' that become vices. Be it simply left to watch TV as mom or dad washes the plates and empty cups of tea. The inclusion in all 'work' related activities needs be seen as normal from an early age, so that they can happily plant a vegetable patch or roses or sage without seeing it as a chore.

Great suffering is now in store, for man has 'bred' a lazy race of children that are so 'self-centered' and such a disgrace, that they are only capable of wielding a verbal or physical mace if they don't get what they now expect as their right.

page 6

~ Clemencia's contribution ~

If you continue to believe that you have the "duty" to put children in their place, then you and the child will grieve. For you cannot darkness with darkness lay to rest, since any force, control or retribution for wrong done is by the darkness blest.

Blest because in the act of controlling the child, you lose the grace of remaining mild as your constraint and parental "rights" you do claim. Forcing compliance becomes 'the escalation of darkness' game.

Negativity does then rise as each the other begins to despise. But the despiser is neither parent nor child, the despiser is the darkness you feed by making it wild. Because the more you exert control, the more freedom the dark has to into your home stroll.

So listen well and please listen deep. You may force children to keep their mouth shut by restraint or control or endless reason, but then the dark introduces the frosty season, and it may appear that you the battle have won as the child now becomes "still" through the constraint done.

But within their spirit is 'satiated' only for a time as "it" the dark did on the emotions of all dine. But soon its insatiable need does again demand its fill and then, with the same steps of madness do all entwine as all again on the darkness dine.

So only love expressed is the way
control is the darkness at play.

page 7

~ Effects of diet ~

It is known that some substances may increase or decrease the extent of 'activity' of the fleshly body. It is also known that some substances do in some way stimulate the emotions and mind function or body, either positively or negatively.

This page is only pertaining to the "normal" available food products with their effects on the amount of released energy "fuel" that is available at any moment of time for the normal functioning of the brain and biological body.

This differs enormously in different parts of the world and also is subject to the various dietary habits of the various races that inhabit the planet and thus my 'notes' are only very 'limited.'

Brain activity increases or decreases depending on the volume of 'fuel' and nature of fuel stimulus it receives. Be it 'sugars' or chemicals that affect the wave patterns or channels along which the thoughts travel.

The 'stimulus' is also greatly affected by the emotional "state" of each individual. Thus any "condition" other than positive that reflects happiness and respectfulness to others is a condition "governed" by dark emotions of fear, anger, jealousy etc that lead the "consumer" of "food fuels" to a withdrawn state or negatively expressed "hyper" activity that is offensive.

So the "imbibing" of foods and medications needs careful consideration by parents, as ultimately they are responsible for the welfare of their growing children, and what "to" them they do, will by the child be remembered too.

I do believe that many children generally go through their day with 'little' slow release energy food content, (grain - potatoes - milk - eggs - meat - fish) etc.

So many eat a lot of fruit and sweets and bread that can give 'quick' energy bursts during which time their 'active' minds can and do 'explode' into hyperactivity because their fleshly body at 'that' time is energised and they 'feel' active.

I feel that if they had a 'fullness' of slow release carbohydrates (corn, potatoes, bread, pasta) etc & meat & eggs or fish as a 1 - 2 meals main diet daily then there would be less 'instant' hyped energy and a greater steadiness and less 'snacking' all day on 'chips - sweets - cokes' etc that are readily available to many today.

Dis-ease such as the "Attention deficit disorder" & "Autism" & "Anorexia nervosa" are all disorders of the mind due to the negative telepathic intrusion from realms below that "show" themselves as 'disorder' because of an inability to remain "focused" on the matter at hand, or by displaying uncontrollable hyperactivity, or becoming mentally "trapped" in some unnatural way.

The other "problem" of the day as seen by me that is "inherent" in many households today is the "lack" of 'firmness and routine' needed to teach children to behave better.

This is due to "no time" or "too hard" basket by adults and thus children and the "spirits who possess them" have a far greater freedom to cause them to become uncontrollable "terrors."

God "asks" that your children be taught to become self-sufficient so that on attaining "adulthood" they can know "how" to feed & clothe themselves, and to be kind and respectful to others, and to be caring and sharing what they have with others.

If children are "permitted" to just sit around bound by despair because their parents too are ignorant and have nothing positive to share, then all this leads to a "dependency" on others or welfare, and ultimately unhappiness is their "fare."

Young minds must be kept "active" through working through the day on "projects" that teach them things so that on "the" day they leave home they already are self-sufficient and know the "ropes." Happy is the child who is kept busy and knows how to survive.

Group activities such as girl guides, boy scouts, camping trips with others from other families etc all give the child a "break" from home routine that can lead to frustration compounding the negative aspect of the child-parent relationship if the "routine" is one of constant conflict.

Surely young children must have lots of time to play, but by the time they are seven, they must have begun to share the "work-load" of the home so that by the time they are fourteen they know it all and can "walk tall" if their parents "pass away," and in order to be useful, and if for any reason they have to find their own way.

However, let it be understood that the "thinking" capacity of the mind and the "feeling" capacity of the emotions will not be "denied" by any dietary food intake and the "problem" of the day is a spiritual one that will never go away unless we deal with it wisely as is now directed by God.

It is asked that you fortify your mind so that you the parental Carer can maintain a positive calm loving and non-retaliatory way in all you do each day, whatever the child or any other does do or say.

The child needs to also learn as quickly as possible the effects of their emotions and thoughts and how to aid themselves. Do what you can, soon it will not be easy for anyone.

You may wish to read the article on Fresh or 'pure' Water and the importance thereof.