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~ The 'death' of the soul ~
A ‘summation’ of Truth

This document is the summation of the truth that has been exposed within this web site, and it is the primary teaching aid that is required by every spirit incarnate or discarnate that is living in the multitude of realms of consciousness outside the ultimate pure realm known as Heaven, for without the wisdom herein no person is able to aspire to it nor will they live in it, and thus over time they will fall deeper into the dark with its ultimate ‘oblivion’ and spiritual DEATH.

Every child ‘born’ needs to be taught the following ‘facts of life.’
Every adult on earth needs to be taught the following ‘facts of life.’
Every ‘offender’ needs to be taught the following ‘facts of life.’
Every invisible ‘spirit’ needs to be taught the following ‘facts of life.’

Who or what destroys the soul of man that by God was created and how it is done? This is the question needing clarification for anyone seeking the Truth of Salvation.

First you need to understand the power of the FORCE that drives us to be good or bad. Secondly it needs to be understood that this invisible 'Power' is an energy that not only exists, but it is the invisible energy of the Source and thus 'unseen' and misunderstood.

For it is this energy that is used to us Create as God with God does 'energetically' mate and, - - - as God's positive light and negative dark energies do meet it explodes and 'fragments' into individuals that become the spirit souls of the others that on the street you meet. Yes, we are all sister and brother created by LOVE divine so 'why' do some turn into SWINE?

This is due to every soul having some tiny 'particles' of dark energy amongst its positive love light energy divine at the time and 'point' of its conception. For it was the entwining of the light and the dark 'aspect' of the Source God in their 'dance' divine that ignites the eternal 'flame' that burns so bright, and through which your soul was formed and through which some particles of 'soot' * became ingrained in your soul so that you contained both 'energies' of the Source.

Note: 'soot' * - Original sin, being seeds of every negative emotion felt by man.

It is these opposing attributes within each of you that link your mind and emotions to both aspects of the Source for a time and a time and, - - - through your feelings and thoughts come your understanding of both aspects of the Source that give you 'free will' to 'dance' and entwine and be either its 'light and love' or its 'dark and hate,' for both these energies of God are pure and divine but, - - -

The use of the 'one' brings a return of pain and sorrow and coldness into your very 'marrow,' whilst use of the other brings you joy and happiness and warmth that warms you to the 'core' of your marrow. For that is the absolute and just Law of God being, - - - that what you do is an outpouring that returns and is later received by you.

So 'how' does the use of one or the other energy bring eternal life and freedom or bondage and spiritual death? It is the result of the immutable Law of God in action that is the 'fair and equitable' energy exchange, being joy for joy given or sorrow for sorrow imposed.

For as you do either of the above actions you are 'simply' expressing one or the other of God's energies through your soul, and via others an equal flow is given or imposed upon you in the place and time ordained by God but, - - -

Behind the 'scenes' and far beyond the visible activity there is an invisible occurrence taking place. For as you use either positive or negative energy in your interaction, your 'fuse' is 'lit' and your 'bulb' glows with a blue or red flame and, - - - when love and goodness is expressed it is blue and when anger or aggression or control or forcefulness is expressed it glows RED and, - - -

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As you do what you do, some of the light or dark energy flowing through 'sticks' and bonds with the energy of your soul, and by this act it feeds the soul and is either enlarging your Light or feeding and enlarging your Dark (sin) forces* within.

Note: Dark (sin) forces* - Being the negative emotions within you, that comprise of the negative energetic 'essence' of the dark energy of the Source. (God)

In your eternal life span the amount of energy you draw in to your soul is limitless, and you become 'as' God. Be it the aspect of the Light (benign) or the aspect of the Dark (malignant) and, - - - as you all now see you are all 'full' of dark energy and it is thus that all are forceful, demanding, controlling, merciless, unforgiving, vindictive and destructive.

Your present destiny is bleak because it is the dark energy within you that drags your spirit soul downwards in the after life. Thus you now need to heed me and help yourself to become free of IT the dark energy within, so that you have a chance to one day elevate your soul and become free.

All of you have chosen to defy God and all have drawn much dark (sin) energy into your souls that can only be drawn out by the Power of the LIGHT of God when you make the effort to listen to God's command via me.

If you continue to personally sup on His (God's) dark forceful energy as you impose it upon others, then you will fill up your soul with IT and IT will drag you down into ITS space place below in the Dark, and you will die after an eternity of terror, excruciating pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Once you have drawn in a 'certain' amount of dark energy you lose your freedom of choice to heed your conscience, and you become a 'robot' that is only capable of carrying out the dark deeds inspired by IT through your thought processes and, then within ITS Law you are truly bonded to eternal suffering.

Please now do all in your power to lay down your verbal and material mace and never fund any 'military' style aggression, and never condone or fund any institution that legislates taxing or controlling or punitive measures.

 Let it here be known that: If you try and defend yourself or retaliate in any way then you will become one of those meting out divine retribution for the Dark Sovereign Power God, and as you ‘sow’ so shall ye again reap. Only the courageous and enlightened will stand calmly and not retaliate in the face of adversity as they set their souls free.

 Let it here be known that: This is the ‘Last Call’ for you all, for all are sinners that do not deserve to be saved and I can but say that my wisdom is God’s Grace extended to you and sent to deliver you if you so wish it.

It is by the deed you sow that you FALL or upwards GO.

Let it here be known that: SHE the Light of God, GOD, calls you all home as SHE wishes to see your face in HER sight and SHE is the one that sent me. 

Lay down your verbal and physical mace and follow me.

Peace & mercy & forgiveness is the only way to spiritual freedom

Terence - the spirit of truth

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