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~ The spiritual ‘facts’ of life ~
A ‘summation’ of absolute Truth

This document is the summation of the truth which has been exposed within this web site and is the primary teaching aid which is required by every spirit incarnate or discarnate who is living in any of the multitude of realms of consciousness outside the ultimate pure realm known as Heaven, for without the wisdom herein no person is able to aspire to it, (heaven) nor will they live in it, (heaven) and thus over time they will fall deeper into the dark with its ultimate ‘oblivion’ and spiritual death due to the incomprehensible power of the Dark energy aspect of the Source.

Every child ‘born’ needs to be taught the following ‘facts of life.’
Every adult on earth needs to be taught the following ‘facts of life.’
Every ‘offender’ needs to be taught the following ‘facts of life.’
Every invisible ‘spirit’ needs to be taught the following ‘facts of life.’

Let it here be known that: At every moment of passing time you stand before your God and Creator who sees your every intent, and records every deed you seed by word or action during your eternal interaction with God’s other children.

Let it here be known that: The singular Law of God: “As you sow so shall ye reap - as you do is done unto you” is the unseen operational factor that ‘governs’ your eternal existence and it stands supreme and inviolate above every ‘ruling’ of mere mortals who live now in a daydream.

Let it here be known that: God is God the ALL. God is the invisible energy which encompasses every known and unknown emotion whether that be the loving and positive or the negative and destructive emotions as well as all emotions in-between.

Let it here be known that: God commands ‘us,’ His-Her children, to “Love one another and go your way in peace and be kind, compassionate, merciful and forgiving to those yet sinfully living who offend you in any way.”

Let it here be known that: As the Law of God is inviolate and absolutely just that when you live in accordance with the Command of God, you place your spirit soul within the jurisdiction of the Light Sovereign Power of God. (Inspirational & freely giving to all)

She gives you a return Tribute of love and peace and you dwell in happiness as He, the Dark Sovereign Power, extends His invisible protection because His dark forces do not see your loving and peaceful ways as needing their ‘corrective’ attention.

Let it here be known that: As the Law of God is inviolate and absolutely just that when you are in any way defiant of the Command of God to be ONLY peaceful and loving, that you place your own spirit soul within the hands of the Dark Sovereign Power of God. (Coercive, interfering & taking from all)

God, HE, the absolute Just Judge, metes out His ‘Just’ punitive application of 'The Law of God' on an ‘eye for an eye’ or equal basis and He does so in the time frame and at the place that He so decides in this realm or in the after life. It must be clearly understood that the punitive aspect of His equitable Justice is meted out mercilessly, cruelly and absolutely.

Understand also that there is no forgiveness within His Dark ‘frame,’ and that He extracts ONLY every drop of blood from you that you ‘spilt’ before at some time in your life's journey. Further, He Father God ensures that your ‘guilt’ is seen by everyone because, as you suffer anguish and trauma, it is His Justice that all His other children see your suffering and consequently all know what you did to others before in some other time frame.

Let it here be known that: Heaven the ultimate realm is the only place within God’s frame where no Dark energy exists. It is a place of absolute beauty where love and creativity, ‘life’ in its bountiful ways continues on and absolute ‘bliss’ and peace is found because there is no interference or disturbance.

Let it here be known that: Hell the ultimate realm is the only place where no Light energy exists. It is a place of absolute ugliness and horror and turmoil where there is no life because everyone is totally bound and crushed and frozen into immobility and having to suffer the nightmare of ones mind and emotions revolving in perpetual ‘agony.’

Let it here be known that: God created us out of His 'LOVE Light' being She - Mother God and He wishes all His creation to live within His sight in Her space of absolute grace and consequently, He commands us to never entertain any ‘thoughts’ which would deceive us into contravening His: "Only love & forgive" Command because, - - - He knows that if we so do then we are supping on His forbidden Dark energy, and we will fall from grace and fall far from ‘Her’ space. (The Light of God)

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Let it here be known that: Between the ultimate level of light and the ultimate level of dark there are more than 1001 levels of consciousness where spirit souls abide. They are drawn to one or the other by the mass vibration of their inner energy combination of either Light and Dark energy.

The more we ‘sin’ and control or abuse or punish others, the more dark ‘sinful’ energy one draws in and accordingly, the soul is contaminated and becomes ‘heavier’ with the sin energy thereby causing the soul to fall deeper into the dark ‘space’ of God’s frame.

Let it here be known that: When you halt your vengeful retribution and punishment of others because you conform to God’s command, and you forgive your enemy and you turn the other cheek when abused and thereby accept your suffering as your karmic fate within the Law of God, you pay your dues to God and God infuses your soul with light, and this draws out the dark energy and little by little your spirit soul vibration becomes more refined and as a consequence, when you return to spirit realms you will have gone UP a step or two, or more.

Let it here be known that: Any person who now fails to make the effort to conform to God’s command will find that their mind and soul becomes BOUND by the Dark and its CONTROL over them will be such that they will lose their freedom of choice. When this happens that person will become an eternal ‘adversary,’ one who can only regulate, steal, interfere, criticise, condemn, wage war and fight. (Bound by dark thoughts)

This means that within God’s Law their eternal due will be pain and suffering for that is their return due they did accrue and they will then find that their eternal abode is in Hell.

Let it here be known that: The nature of the Dark aspect of the Source is such that if you defy His Command to “Go in peace and love one another,” He sets out to destroy you as He sees that you are not worthy to live.

Let it here be known that: He only ‘adores’ immaculate purity, and any who think that they can use His dark force to abuse His children become His enemy, to be destroyed in the manner exposed by my pen in this web site.

Let it here be known that: Any foolish enough or arrogant enough to defy Him end up in endless pain and ongoing trauma. He is God not you.

Let it here be known that: If in the Light of Heaven you would live, then your heart and soul to the LIGHT you must give, and thus you obey the Command to “Love” and “Go in Peace,” and you are kind, compassionate, merciful, and forgiving to those yet sinfully living.

If the reason for this you do not know then for sure ‘below’ for a time and a time you will go. All who are less than kind and peaceful and nice place their own soul within the jurisdiction of the satanic deceiver, and His ‘vice’ takes a ‘grip’ over your mind and emotions.

For as said above, when you others abuse, control, regulate, punish or destroy you infuse your own soul with God’s dark energy, and IT forces you to follow ITS destructive CREED until you join the demonic forces below and forever terror sow and, - - -

Within the absolutely just Law of God you then ‘earn’ a daily return due of terror, pain and suffering, and great becomes you inner turmoil and physical agony as you revolve ‘endlessly’ in that dark and cold space where there is no wisdom or mercy or grace.

Let it here be known that: There is a great outpouring of Light energy which will purge every spirit on every level of consciousness of a great amount of dark energy they drew in over eternal time.

Thus every spirit will have the opportunity of elevating their spirit soul and their consciousness if they halt their negative interaction and thus stop drawing in more dark energy during this time frame.

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Let it here be known that: During this spiritual cleansing time there will also be a greater expansion of deception from the Dark side that will ‘fight’ telepathically and by this means it will attempt to mentally force man into being its destructive avenger and thus the Dark is able claim their souls.

Let it here be known that: The only way to ‘stem’ this invisible force is by fortifying your mind with the wisdom from this pen and by thrice daily strengthening your mind using the Star prayer being found on this web site.

For by the daily meditative actions and advice therein you will see the reasons why you need to halt your support of punitive ideological systems and you will be more able to conform to God’s Command, as you daily face your past at the hands of the ignorant as you pay your past accrued dues.

Let it here be known that: The only reasons why people are forceful, controlling, inconsiderate, disrespectful, invasive, warlike and merciless and destructive is because they have been deceived by their forefathers who believed that they had a right to use forceful dark energy, the result of which is that they and all have infused their souls with the Dark's destructiveness.

Let it here be known that: Those who now conform to God’s Command will become freed of their inner SIN, being the dark emotions within of hatred, greed, jealousy, criticism, anger, fear etc., and when their spirit soul vacates their flesh it will rise up into the light.

Let it here be known that: Those who continue on being regulators, enforcers, warriors and destroyers will infuse their souls with more darkness and they will fall below where they will get to know the reason why God says: “ONLY love one another.”

Let it here be known that: Once the purging of souls is complete and this world has been set free from darkness, then and only then there will be no person living on it having any Sin within and true peace and harmony will be here.

From that day forth there will be no religions on earth and all of every race and colour will simply be ‘ruled’ by the command of their Creator and thus they will go their way in peace as they love one another.

Let it here be known that: Prior to that time that you the individual will have to suffer your personal crucifixion at the hands of any person inspired by the darkness to ‘tax’ your mind and emotions as they mete out divine retribution for the Dark Sovereign Power God who knows every past ‘bad’ deed perpetrated by you or your paid servants against others.

Let it here be known that: If you try and defend yourself or retaliate in any way then you will become one of those meting out divine retribution for the Dark Sovereign Power God and as you ‘sow’ so shall ye again reap. Only the courageous and enlightened will stand calmly and not retaliate in the face of adversity as they set their souls free.

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~ The 'living' Energy ~

Since the energy within us all is 'alive' and as IT is God's indestructible energy, both the creative benign LIGHT as well as the destructive malignant DARK, it follows that IT can neither be 'punished' nor destroyed. This is THE PRIMARY factor all must be taught.

Why and how so? Because IT simply exists and just IS what it IS, being an invisible essence which EXISTS eternally and is unchangeable either by YOU or by ITSELF. As said, IT simply IS and IT is all-powerful whereas you are NOT. IT is supreme infinite intelligence-wisdom and YOU are NOT.

IT is also comprised of all known and unknown positive and negative emotions and your spirit soul has a miniscule part of either one or 'both' these energies within your soul which can be and are of various intensities. You can have a spirit soul full of 'liquid' love or liquid hatred or a 'bit of both.'

There is no 'end' to these possibilities as we do live forever, and forever we can draw 'some' of either into our souls, dependent upon 'which' energy we CHOOSE to partake of in our interaction with others.

It is our 'emotions' which are 'triggered' by our senses whether that be via our vision, sound, touch, taste, smell etc., and as they 'strum' like a violin string plucked we feel their 'essence' within and at the same time, our minds 'tune in' to the 'particular level' and thoughts flow IN and we may simply sit 'still' and THINK or, we may be 'driven' into instant ACTION. Be it positive, neutral or negative.

Our spirit soul exists in a 'living' body shaped similarly to our fleshly biological body but, - - - IT (the soul) cannot be 'killed' nor destroyed for as said, - - - ITS energy essence is indestructible. (God's energy essence)

However, as we know, the 'biological' flesh of man can be 'injured' or destroyed but what in fact takes place when it becomes 'old' or very sick or badly injured, is that IT becomes uninhabitable and the spirit soul is 'released' and EXITS fully conscious back to the other 'side,' in realms of spiritual life from whence it CAME, - - - as a biological body was created from the union of man and woman.

What it is that I am trying to get all to see is that when a person 'injures' you, it is simply the FLOW of dark intelligent energy passing through their soul and activating their 'biological flesh' which is causing you to suffer in some way.

When you abuse or punish another, then the SAME dark energy essence is using you to be ITS 'instrument' of 'payback.'

No person 'benefits' when using dark energy for they simply accrue a similar return DUE and ahead, they suffer the same sorrow or loss or suffering which goes on and ON and ON forever unless or until 'one' learns to OBEY God and 'forgives' and does NOT ever again retaliate.

Education is needed to get everyone to STOP using dark energy in their interaction with others. Only thus can the outpouring LIGHT purge you and all and purify your soul. Only thus can your soul rise UP into the PURE energy essence 'space' of the Light where IT was created.

Both the Light and Dark energy of God 'feel' wonderful when in MOTION - - - when being USED, for BOTH are fulfilling their 'task' of 'balancing' themselves. This is why an arrogant person imposing Dark energy feels 'bloody good' when 'swatting' a bad guy.

TRY and see that when you 'swat' or injure another person, the energy you use (using you) is not injuring nor making the DARK energy within the other suffer. It is only their 'body' which suffers at the imposition of the Dark energy driving YOU.

So all are being enticed by, deceived by, driven by, mentally possessed by God's very intelligent dark energy which is ENJOYING keeping YOU and ALL unfaithful 'non-believers' trapped within ITS 'web' of ongoing suffering, so let us do our best to HELP those trapped by IT out of their sorry PLIGHT.

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Notes: The enticing 'Power of the Dark'

The DARK energy essence is forcefully INTRUSIVE and ever 'active' within your soul and MIND if you have any of ITS 'sin' (negative emotions) energy within your soul. IT never 'sleeps.' When you are mentally disturbed by ITS thoughts you become 'out of your mind' so to speak and therefore you become 'insane,' irrational, disrespectful, negative and 'injurious' activity.

The DARK  telepathically 'possesses' the mind of the unwary who become 'spell bound' by ITS intrusive incoming THOUGHTS which are backed by ITS dark energy essence (negative emotions within) and, the recipient eventually 'gives in' and goes forth disturbing the peace of others and injuring them. Thus the offender is the 'victim' of the DARK, and being used by IT to mete out ITS retributive 'Justice.'

You are 'classified' SANE and mentally 'stable' and ABLE to be rational and respectful and able to use your God given 'conscience' when your benign loving, kind, happy, emotions are to the 'fore,' and the LIGHT energy though NON-intrusive can and does inspire you and you are giving and caring etc.

Thus our God's energy is of 'twin' nature & polarities, the one aspect is CRUEL, hateful, cold, hard, merciless, unforgiving, vengeful, forceful, destructive. The other is KIND, loving, warm, soft, merciful, compassionate, forgiving, creative. YOU can be 'either' in ACTION.

When a person is feeling their inner DARK emotions their 'thinking' is linked to THE DARK which intrudes forcefully and 'possessively' possesses their MIND and overrides their "Light" consciousness and this now 'mentally disturbed' person 'sins' because they cannot control their THOUGHTS.

They also FEEL the 'power' of the Almighty ENERGY which possesses them and uses them to be ITS instrument unto their own destruction because, as they are used by IT some of IT (energy) grows within them as a 'cancer' and becomes an added 'burden' within their SOUL and is what drags their spirit DOWN when it departs the flesh of this realm.

As this is an 'eternal' process a person can continue ON drawing more darkness IN and over aeons of time they 'progress' downwards, further and further away from the Light and 'graver' becomes their situation, for after an 'eternity' of going down they eventually enter the Hellfire.

Notes: Entrapment

Man has become 'Oh so ignorant and arrogant' that the use of dark energy has become NORMAL to the point, where merciless, vindictive and unforgiving legislators have been TOTALLY blinded by the POWER of the DARK 'Sin' within them and and thus the Dark power has them 'trapped' in ITS limitless web of deceit, and IT has also ensnared ALL humanity who support their legislation.

Amongst other forms of control, IT the Dark 'conned' all legislators into believing in the 'righteousness' of imposing punishment upon people who had in FACT not yet 'sinned.' This is now evident everywhere in every land at every 'border' post there are many incoming passengers being punished, fined, jailed or sent back for their 'intent to smuggle' a prohibited substance.

In these instances the individuals have in fact not yet passed through the 'customs' area nor passed through the immigration and been 'cleared' for 'official' entry and as such, they are still within the precincts of the 'International arena.' This means that they have as yet not smuggled anything into the country.

The 'correct' manner to 'treat' persons being found with prohibited substances would be to advise them so and tell them that IF they wish to 'enter' the country then they must place the substance in the rubbish bin or, if not they would have to go 'home' with IT.

This 'legislation' of 'INTENT' forces the ignorant and arrogant to THEMSELVES take the goods INTO their land area so that IT can be used as 'evidence' and they also 'force' the person over the 'border' INTO their land so that they can punish them. This in FACT is kidnapping, and the 'taxpayer' funding this iniquity sleeps soundly completely unaware of the 'atrocities' imposed every day by their 'servants,' and ALL accrue a painful spiritual DUE for being so 'unkind' and defiant of GOD.

The incoming passenger has in FACT 'caused no 'harm' but is being HARMED, and none see that IT the DARK is meting out 'justice' via the 'arrogant' upon a passenger for something 'done' by them possibly in a pre-birth time and everyone complicit to the imposition of ITS 'punishment' is GUILTY in ITS eyes and are to BE 'subjected' to ITS 'eye for an eye' Law at a later date in this OR the next world.

God's dark energy is 'magnificent' in ITS Power - do NOT 'employ' or use IT or let IT use YOU.

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When you or others use dark energy or, are used by IT to injure, punish, kill or disadvantage 'another,' you are simply setting yourself 'up' to BE 'so' done by IT. God's energy 'Law of Return' is inviolable.

The DARK always gives the 'justification' to be IT in 'action.' This 'action' is to bring a past user of IT to 'Justice ' however, as it is FORBIDDEN by God to use IT, (His destructive energy) as you so DO, you have PROVEN your 'guilt' and IT then sets out to deceive you eternally and to destroy your unfaithful soul which does NOT deserve to live in Paradise.

The more ITS energy grows within your soul the easier for IT to REMOVE your capacity to use your God-given REASON and you lose your capacity to 'think' as ITS thoughts carried through by ITS dark demonic forces below, in the 'blink of an eye,' take over your MIND and you 'glass' someone IT decided needed ITS 'correction.'  As IT withdraws from ITS telepathic control of your mind 'space' you 'think' - - - "What have I done, I did not intend to do that," - - - too late, head on another day you 'suffer' the same FATE.

You may even 'think' that the deed was NOT done by you for as 'Martin Bryant' you might say: "I did not do that" because, in FACT as your consciousness was momentarily 'removed' and taken over by a powerful spirit intelligence who was the ONE doing IT via your 'hands,' you were NOT consciously aware of that which transpired.

When you are IT the Dark in 'action' you take ON all ITS 'aspects.' (God the Father's) - Total arrogance, pride, vanity, merciless unforgiving cruelty and destructiveness. Thus IT (His all powerful energy) via demonic forces and via your emotions, mind and hands does what IT deems as the 'momentary' PAYBACK deemed necessary and, once 'accomplished,' IT withdraws. All complicit accrue a due, this includes the invisible dark spirit people who are eternally trapped in ongoing pain for they cannot control their thoughts.

Mankind needs to understand and BELIEVE that there are NO 'secrets' in God's realms for every ACTIVITY of God's children is 'openly' seen and 'recorded' indelibly through the eternal passage of time within the ENERGY OF GOD used, be it the light or dark essence.

IT the Dark energy essence of God knows what IT needs to do to OTHERS via you to mete out their 'dues' to IT if YOU are so foolish as to 'permit' ITS energy to flow through your 'hands' as via you IT 'balances' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

IT the Dark energy essence of God knows what IT needs to do to YOU via others to mete out your 'dues' to IT if they are so foolish as to 'permit'  ITS energy to flow through their 'hands' as via them IT 'balances' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

IT always set the 'record' straight as IT 'Justifies' its actions VIA Its dark energy essence within you. (Sin)

Once a person uses IT they can NEVER control IT for IT 'sits' within your SOUL and will control your ACTIONS for an eternity of time, and it has been so doing, but you now have a 'brief' window of opportunity for IT to be purged out of your soul by the great outpouring of LIGHT.

IF you 'wish' to return to Paradise then STOP using forceful, punitive and destructive ENERGY.

Please help ME to set everyone free from God's DARK ENERGY.

Let it here be known and UNDERSTOOD that: Defiance of God's 'love & peace, compassion, mercy and forgive' Command is an ACT of High Treason against the SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY, God, because it means that whilst operating in defiance of said Command you did in FACT invoke the use of God's (forbidden to use) Dark energy and you 'waged war on, or punished, or interfered with, or injured, or dispossessed, or disadvantaged, or deceived, or misled one or more of God's OTHER children.

All forbidden activities are punishable by SPIRITUAL BANISHMENT TO THE UNDERWORLD AND ULTIMATE spiritual DEATH BY HELLFIRE. (The spirit soul never dies but it is 'dead' in that it can only feel excruciating agony for eternity but it cannot 'think.')

Let it here be known that: This is the ‘Last Call’ for you all, for all are sinners who do not deserve to be saved and I can but say that my wisdom is God’s Grace extended to you and sent to save and thus deliver you from EVIL if you so wish it.

It is by the deed you sow that you FALL or upwards GO.

Let it here be known that: SHE the Light of God, GOD, calls you all home as SHE wishes to see your face in HER sight and SHE is the one who sent me. 

Let it here be known that: The Light and love and all the creative benign ENERGY is expressed forth from HIS POWER (God the Father) and if YOU do not permit IT (light & love) to flow to and upon ALL others in YOUR INTERACTION with them, then it is HE to deny IT to flow via others to YOU and you indeed will DIE in your Sin because that is YOUR CHOICE.

Lay down your verbal and physical mace and follow me.

Terence - the spirit of truth

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