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page 1 - The Sword of Damocles
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~ The Sword of Damocles ~

The 'Sword of Damocles' that Damocles saw 'held above his head by a single 'thread' and thus filled him with dread, is the sword raised up by God above the head of any person that defies the Command of God to:

"Go your way in peace and only be loving to my other children."

And as any person defies this Command for any reason, and they regulate, control, tax, fine, punish, abuse, or kill others, the size and power of the sword grows and, - - - the sword sends out a signal into the depths of the darkness that says:

This one is to be punished.
one is to be deceived.
one is to suffer pain for being vain.

This one is to be 'cut' and is to be 'bled' until every drop of blood they spilt is accounted for and, this one is to be deceived within their mind so that, - - -

They continue on in their 'abusive' way offending God when abusing their fellow man for and on behalf of the Dark retributive 'arm' of God so that, - - - their 'karmic' load grows to the point that, - - - their own suffering becomes eternal due to their arrogance in believing that they are 'god' or 'as' great as their God.

Let it here be known that you all have the Sword of Damocles 'hanging' over your head, as all have 'earned' a pain debt unto man and God but, - - - any person that is 'so' foolish as to 'cut' the 'thread' holding the sword hanging above any other is taking the role of 'God' upon themselves and, - - -

They place their own soul in jeopardy as they place it within the dark side of God's one immutable Law and, within the 'eye for an eye' of God's Law they earn a similar return due for all suffering the other did 'feel' as the sword's energy upon their psyche and flesh did them 'scald.'

Foolish man, leave God to administer HIS 'Justice' in HIS own time and 'space.' Those of you that seek to 'wreak' vengeance for and on behalf of God have been deceived by the Serpent as IT hypnotises you with ITS feelings of 'Justice, vengeance, anger, and power.'

It the Serpent is empowered by God the Father to deceive you into continuing to use its dark power for, - - - being a person that has become an offender in God's eyes and, - - - for your contravention of God's Command, - - - you have become a person that has become liable to be persecuted by God's dark retributive forces and, - - - to be deceived by them so that you NEVER enter the Promised Land and NEVER again sup on HIS divine light or love thus, - - - any of you that are so foolish as to continue to deny me will FALL deep, deep, deeply into darkness and 'die' in your sin.

It is THE time for TRUTH to be revealed in ITS 'Full Monty' - - - so that you can see the depth of your own iniquity and, - - - also see 'who' the REAL 'enemy' of yours is when you others 'abuse, punish, destroy, or swizz.'

The 'mastermind' behind all 'acts' of violence, repression, invasion, deception, entrapment, seizure, control, kidnap, extortion, inhibition, regulation, and all forms of punishment is the Dark Sovereign Power, - - - Yes, - - -

HE is the Source your God the Father, and HE can punish you in this world or any other and, - - - HE can do it directly by mentally turning your 'hand' against yourself in self-abuse or, - - -

HE can 'incite' or 'invite' the vain and ignorant to become 'complicit' so that they too ahead feel HIS Wrath for being so arrogant as to believe that they are as 'Mighty' as HE their God.

HIS one LAW: "As you do is done unto you" is immutable and eternal.

Please wake UP - - - Only sup on Mother's 'cup' of love and do HER bidding, for only if you so 'lovingly & forgivingly' do, will HE the Father not 'look' at you and, - - - only then will HE let you become free.

Give your soul a chance.

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~ The 'sad' truth ~

Let it now be seen by all that the political and enforcement 'forces' of man that mankind 'lean' on for assistance are the real offenders in God's eyes. For in the 'guise' of a 'caring' fatherhood figure, the 'State' systems use their positions of power to 'sin' against God and man.

For they use 'force of arms' to interfere in your daily business, seize your goods, invade your privacy, extort your money via taxes, coerce you into paying fines, kidnap you from your home, and they abuse you by 'jail' punishment, and all this causes great suffering upon your family and does in fact destroy relationships.

Thus all the enforcement agencies of man are as 'bad' or far worse than any other member of the public that 'bashes' their companion or disturbs another's life, and it is the time now for them and you to this reality see.

It is a very dangerous time for all now, for the system's 'men' have been 'armed' with guns paid for by you not me and, - - - the terrible truth is that they have also been mentally 'indoctrinated' to believe that it is they with the divine right to defy God and place you in a dismal plight.

In every land on earth these 'white collar' criminals have the 'upper' hand, and they by force control every 'aspect' of living in a manner deemed by God to be very underhand.

What does God now expect of you and you, be you the enforcer seeking to now be true or, be you the simpleton in the street like me?

God expects all true believers to now:

1 - Disarm yourself and, use no 'force' to defend yourself. Cause NO harm.
2 - Walk your way each day in
peace and be merciful, compassionate & forgiving to any perceived by you as 'sinfully' living.
3 - Desist from demanding that others fund your daily bread, and desist from deceiving or 'taxing' any other person.
4 - Desist from punishing others, irrespective of what they do.

5 - Community members need to form a true community
'Peace Corps' that hauls in any person that disturbs the peace of the land. This means that any 'enforcer' working for the system of man that interferes in the life of any other person for the purpose of extorting 'fines' monies or to punish them are themselves to be hauled in and counselled as per the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' program.

6 - The Peace Corps may be 'joined' by presently serving police officers if they 'disarm' and comply with the message from God and seek to be of true service to GOD as well as the community.

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Peace Corps members may operate as a 'group' and paid a wage for their service by the greater community or, they may operate as a voluntary service depending upon the community requirement.

As it is the mind of the Dark Sovereign Power that 'incites' and inspires all enforcers via the dictatorial 'rule' of the 'books of rules,' it follows that there will be great resistance for change and, - - - many of the present day enforcers will fight tooth and nail to 'hold' their position of control over you using weaponry.

It is a must that community members refuse to pay any wage or tax monies towards the 'upkeep' of 'armed men,' for if you continue to so do you are in 'contravention' of the Decree of this pen and you will suffer an ongoing painful 'due' to God that results from your complicity to the suffering imposed upon others by your enforcers.

There must be no retaliation to any force* imposing its darkness upon you, for that is your spiritual accrued 'due' but, - - - You do not have to comply with the 'dictates' of any System or man. You must only comply with the dictates of God, and thus you walk in peace and turn the other cheek in a forgiving manner if abused by another.

Note: force* - means an 'aggressive' person, be they uniformed men or any other 'individual' in the community that is arrogant and defiant of their God.

It is the time for all to see that the 'humbling' Court procedure is but the darkness in action through the ignorant magistrates that 'clownishly' parade their 'power' and ignorance of God in full view of all mankind and, - - -

Foolish are those that 'freely' go to Court when told to. For they are then assisting in the destruction of the souls of those judicial 'enforcers' trapped by the System of control and abuse through their ignorance and arrogance.

You must only attend Court by your own volition if you wish to go there and give your good counsel to the man 'posing' as 'judge' and assuming the role of 'godship' over you.

If any person demands that you go to the Court, then just ignore their demands. If they wish to 'drag' you there physically for the purpose of punishment then say to them:

"I now 'tell' you your rights before God. You may go your way in peace as commanded by God and remain a free 'man' or, you may place your hand upon me and detain me and, - - - in this 'act' you show your defiance of God and, - - - by your own deed you consign your own soul to Hell."

If they place their hand on you then you go peacefully trusting in God. You may wish to give them a copy of the decree at the end of this page and advise them also of the The Final Decree of God that you will find within the 'State of Heaven' Document on this web site.

All mankind must now see that the administration of 'Justice' and the imposition of punishment is God's prerogative only. For as 'man' judges,' so by God is he judged and, thus as man punishes is he so punished within the ONE Law of God. (As you do is done unto you).

Let us all now 'mercifully' change our way and implement the 'Feeling Easier Seminars' so that all 'errant' that are offensive in God's eyes can awaken to their great 'peril.'

page 4

~ Messiah Decree ~

Let it here be known that this final Decree by the Messiah is sown.

This Decree is the 'Judgement' of man by me as authorised by the God you cannot see and it says:

"From this day forth from East to North and South to West let all mankind be 'blest' with the truth that none from God stand 'aloof.' Thus all earn a return due and pay for their folly as our God did say and, - - -

From today the fourth of August TL 008 (AD 2004) it is 'penned' by my hand that any person that did not understand the Command of God and that 'thus' did and yet do defy their God will pay their FULL due.

Those that continue on from this moment to deceive, tax, seize, steal, demand, coerce, fine, punish, abuse, or kill will most certainly FALL into the Abyss for a time and a time so that the Darkness can have its 'fill' as IT metes out divine retribution and, - - -

I state quite categorically that any person that enters that 'gate' that does not have the wisdom of my sacred word will themselves eternally wield a sword against others and thus, moment by moment accrue another painful due and, - - -

I state quite categorically that any person that arrests me for the purpose of detention or punishment from this day forth by their own deed will NEVER find their way out of the PIT and, - - - not only will they for an eternity bleed, but they will then FALL deeper into the eternal FIRE."


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~ True Light workers ~

"There is a duty of 'share and care' that is to be extended
from those true to any other person that 'appears' before them"

That is the voice of God that inspires this sacred pen. This care that must be shared is the advising that the Salvation message from God is now free 'on air' to all. The imparting of such may be given verbally or, it may be given in the form of a written 'paper' upon which is stated the web site URL that leads to any one of the main documents listed on God's golden web site.

Let it here be said, that any person that has received the 'blessing' of this message that fails in this sacred duty shows God their 'infidelity' to their Creator, their own soul, and to the Holy Word and, their total lack of 'concern' for the wellbeing of God's lost children.

Let it here also be said that there is no other 'task' of greater importance for any spirit than directing others to the above Testament of Truth content. For the destiny of each soul is now at 'stake' and our God is now to 'break' the code of silence that has shrouded the eternal Truth.

page 6

~ Indeed – it is the deed ~

 Yes indeed - Salvation is through ones deed. Yes indeed – the Salvation Wisdom I did seed, and now it sits ‘on high’ like a lovely flower with its ‘petals’ open wide to encompass all that in Heaven would abide. Calling all to its ‘side,’ being the side of the energy of love and light that says:

 "Only be loving unto all and never fight. Never criticise others on any day, only tell them of the bright morning star and of the star prayer, and that by their DEED they find their way."

 Yes indeed, the deed of love – brotherly love – sisterly love – says God’s dove.

Love unto all is the deed - - - indeed
Compassion unto all is the deed - - - indeed
Mercy unto all is the deed - - - indeed

Kindness unto all is the deed - - - indeed
Forgiveness unto all is the deed - - - indeed
PEACE unto all is the deed - - - indeed

 For only thus can God purge you of your inner sin, (negative emotions) the dark energy that by deed you drew in - - - indeed, indeed.

 So bless your own soul from today, and by deed never control or abuse or punish anyone – I say. Remember to give by deed - - - indeed it is the only way. For as you give, the Light gives It’s ‘bounty’ unto you  - - - for by deed unto IT were you true.

 Those that by deed do pain and sorrow and darkness seed, - - - do walk the wrong way - - - indeed. Their deed brings upon them a return of pain for that is God’s Law - - - indeed, indeed.

 Let us by deed them educate, - - - indeed I say, we must never them berate for that is the wrong way. Let the wisdom of God’s Holy Word now go forth so all the true by deed show the way - - - indeed, through their good deed.

 This is the ‘awakening’ year when many shed a ‘tear.’ This is the ‘awakening’ year when many feel boundless joy - - - indeed. Let us help each other along the road as we in deed our love seed and sow - - - indeed. Indeed it is the only ‘way’ to go. Indeed – indeed – ‘tis truth I seed.


page 7

~ Spiritual warfare ~

Spiritual war 'rages' eternally and is unseen by man, and it is the 'battle' between the positive and negative 'energies' of the Source that are in conflict within the 'soul' of sinful man. For man is totally ignorant and as such, is also 'blind' to this inner warfare that is in operation whilst he is awake or when 'asleep,' for even then his mind and emotions are in God's 'keep,' being one or another of the many realms of consciousness that exist.

The battle as such is a 'no' contest one, for errant man has gone so 'far' across the river of life/death and now resides in the dark side, and he thus sees not that he is walking backwards and losing the 'war' as the Dark energy within his soul does daily grow due to his interaction with others. Being his code of conduct 'activity' that is 'dictated' by society, and few mortals are able to follow their conscience and be 'right' in God's sight.

Man sees not that his negative emotions are 'energy' that he has drawn into his soul. Being the forceful, controlling, and destructive energy of God the Father, and man sees not that it was forbidden by God to use this 'fateful' energy for IT has the capacity to draw ones soul away from the Light and, - - - the result of this is, that man becomes as IT (the dark) and becomes destructive and does fight, and is merciless, controlling, dispassionate, demanding, forceful, unforgiving, selfish and punitive, and becomes as IT the Dark, being vain, jealous, proud, arrogant, greedy, manipulative, deceitful etc.

Man sees not that in 'his' (men & women) daily interaction with others, that he is incapable of 'bowing' fully to the code of conduct commanded by God, and neither is man capable of his 'side' of the Covenant with God that God extended unto man. Neither does man believe that the single Law of God applies to him, for he man believes that he is absolutely justified to use darkness (punitive energy) in his interaction with others that do not 'bow' to his decrees.

God’s Commanded 'Code of conduct'

“Go your way in peace, and extend mercy, compassion and love unto all, and be forgiving unto those yet sinfully living, and turn the other cheek in non-retaliation when abused"

God's 'Covenant with man'

Being the trust in - - - and observance to God's Holy Word as required by God for the Salvation of individuals, and the Word of God 'Covenant with man' being, - - -

"Be peaceful, do not disturb the peace, be merciful & compassionate and forgiving towards those yet 'in sin' living and, - - - turn the other cheek if struck and, - - - follow Christ to the cross 'as a lamb to the slaughter' if you would become My son or daughter."

Those that 'bow' in subservience to this 'doctrine' do have a 'Covenant with God' and will be saved spiritually.

The 'LAW of God' is not any 'set' of rules, edicts, statutes or regulations. IT (The law of God) is a singular 'statement of fact' backed by the immeasurable power of God.

The single and immutable 'LAW of God'

“As you do will be done unto you” on an equal and thus ‘eye for an eye’ basis. Thus ‘As you sow so shall ye reap,’ and it simply means that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It 'follows' that any rule or edict of the 'Rabbi or Caesar' or any other supposed 'wise' elder is NOT God's Law but simply a directive of a 'sinful' man that assumes that they have the 'right' to legislate the conduct of other mortals and impose a 'punishment factor' for non compliance. Foolish indeed are they for they will 'die' in their sin.

The Antichrist 'force'

The Antichrist is the invisible satanic force that daily grows in power within all nations, and its 'rule' of regulation & punitive Law established itself within every country in place of the 'Covenant' agreement of God.

Those that continue to 'bow' in subservience to political control and support it and fund its warring and punitive ways will 'die in their sin' as they fall below because, - - - it is a 'Covenant' with the Serpent.

If you cause any mental, emotional or physical pain to another or, you restrict their movement or, you impose sanctions or, you steal, punish, invade, wage war, destroy and kill then all this and any collateral 'suffering’ that results from your actions or the actions of your paid servants will come back to your ‘door’  in an 'eye for an eye' or equal 'measure,' being a retribution to be suffered by you ahead in this or the after life as ordained by God the absolute authority.

If you bestow respect, kindness, compassion, mercy and love upon others, then all this and any collateral 'joy’ that results from your actions or the actions of your paid servants will come back to your ‘door’ in an 'eye for an eye' or equal 'measure,' being a 'Tribute of happiness' to be enjoyed by you ahead in this or the after life as ordained by God the absolute authority.

Only those that at THIS appointed time 'accept' the 'ideological belief' or code of conduct as commanded by God will survive to LIVE spiritually in the Light of Paradise. All others that continue to use force and control, punish, wage war etc., will fall.

You need to take the 'time' each day to say the 'Star' prayer for in so doing, you are remembering the Covenant with God, and you are consciously aware of the importance of your code of conduct expression in your interaction with other children of God.

Observe what you say and what you DO, for by your 'actions' you win or lose your 'life' spiritually. For every positive action means that you are only then drawing on the Light of eternal life, for any 'contra' or negative activity that in any way 'disadvantages' another you are drawing on dark energy that contaminates your soul. Yes it is the 'mist of death' that flows into your soul silently and invisibly when you cause 'harm, injury, trauma,' or you control, deceive, or manipulate the lives of others.

Are you 'aware' of the nature of you actions or not? Are you aware that the activities of paid 'servants' (State official and enforcers) are also 'yours,' for they are done on your behalf and in your name, and that these activities do result in a 'karmic' return to you of joy or suffering?

Are you aware that the 'battle' only 'ceases' once you have won or lost? When you are incapable of conforming to the "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command of God due to your ignorance or arrogance, your 'wage' or, due to the dark power of your inner 'sin,' and thus you cannot be 'nice, kind, respectful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving, then you have 'lost' the battle and are doomed to an eternal 'lifelessness' of existence in the dark, where one suffers eternal torment because, your spirit soul is filled with Dark energy that drags it DOWN.

Once you have been 'saved' by God's grace due to the FACT that you DO 'bow' in subservience to His Commanded Code of conduct and you DO fulfill your 'part' of God's Covenant, it simply means that you have halted the 'ingress' of Dark energy and thus 'permitted' God's cleansing Light energy to purify your soul and, it becomes freed from 'sin' and 'enlightened,' and it rises UP to the ultimate realm of pure brilliance and eternal Joy.

Are you even 'aware' that your destiny lies within your own 'mind'? Or does it?
Did you 'abrogate' your destiny to the 'wolves' that control and manipulate society?
Did you 'sell' your soul to the Devil for a monthly wage?

This IS the 'last call' to all.

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~ The end of the story ~
The Conclusion

There is absolute 'order' in God's universe. There always was, there always is, and there always will so be. All that 'transgress' God's Code of Conduct Command are brought to account.

Those that heed and comply with the "Only love and walk in peace" Command are left in peace to live freely and to happy be. The others that use force and 'abuse' or 'punish' and disturb the peace of others 'earn' a debt to the Sovereign Power, God the Father.

They live on in 'squalor' and suffer on in their 'justly' deserved misery that is caused by their arrogance and ignorance. The only 'hope' for these 'lost' is for their minds to become enlightened, so that they can deliver themselves 'up' from their evil ways.

Those wearing the 'ring of power' and living like 'kings' as they, using force of arms to dictate and control and abuse others, do ahead 'suffer' the same way for every 'imposition' made upon others in their past, as they forcefully 'took' or punished as their perceived right to so do.

I have written 'enough' for them to be able to see if they 'wish' to ahead happy be. It is now the 'choice' of each to 'hear' God's words via me and set themselves free.

Those that do not will have chosen to walk deeper into darkness to the point an eternity ahead, - - - wherein their spirit soul will be immobilised in black 'ice' and thus 'literally' dead but, it will still feel 'sickened' and filled with feelings of 'all encompassing' dread.

For their 'mind' will 'remind' them of what lies ahead, - - - the eternity of 'fire' that is God's 'crucible' of Creation that will burn out their inner dross and truly, their crucifixion as said, will be an eternity long on that 'cross.' For it takes that 'long' to pass through the 'gauntlet' of God and pay the dues that you accrued on your way to IT.

If you would save yourself from that eternal misery, then you had better 'humbly' now 'bow' to the message placed by God before thee. Not by me, for I am but God's 'scribe' but as said, any 'avoidance' of it or me means, that you are already bound by insanity and 'grave' is the danger that you cannot see.

The Conclusion ~ Salvation or eternal damnation

Let me make it very CLEAR. If you are a TRUE believer in the code of conduct POLICY required by God of/to ONLY being:

"Loving, peaceful, merciful, compassionate, kind, respectful and caring in YOUR interaction with others and be forgiving towards those who trespass against you" then, - - -

YOU MUST at this VERY MOMENT halt your support of any 'system' of man that uses 'force of arms' in its interaction with others and you no longer 'vote' for any person to be your 'head of house' above God and you halt all monetary support of ANY 'system' or person who imposes demands upon others, interferes in the lives of others, controls or subjugates others, punishes others, dispossesses others or wages war upon others.

You must only 'use,' support, condone and fund benign community effort.

TRY and comprehend that ONLY when obedient to God have you halted the use of HIS DARK ENERGY.

Your choice to now become free or be bound in eternal misery.

Terence - the Spirit of Truth

the 'pen' of Allah/God



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