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~ MURDER & the 'kill' factor ~
Provocation ~ Justification & the invisible 'God factor'

page 1 - Introduction & the 'kill' factor
page 4 - Provocation v/s Retaliation

There is always a 'reason' why men or women defy their God and disobey the:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate, and forgive your perceived enemy" Command of God.

I now clear 'UP' this matter as I reveal a hidden 'factor' that has the capacity and audacity to overrule the mind of man and telepathically subjugate their consciousness for a moment in time. During that time they become mere 'robots' so to speak, and simply 'unconscionably' carry out the directives of 'possessive' thoughts that control them in an instant and for an instant in time or longer. * (See Note at end)

A person such as Martin Bryant of Tasmania was regrettably unable to rid his mind of 'interfering' and subjugating thoughts, and he (his mind) became possessed by a very powerful demonic force (spirit person) who took over his mind totally for a time and, during that 'time' frame made use of Martin's biological body and, when IT the 'possessor' withdrew, and Martin recovered his mental faculties, he had NO 'recollection' of having personally done the horrendous deeds perpetrated.

I do not wish to confuse the issue of the 'average' actions of aggressive people because the overriding factor I wish to 'expose' today is not only the result of invisible possessive demonic forces, but is also due to the power of a person's inner Dark energy essence (The SIN within, negative emotions) which is what 'permits' and thus enables their anti-God deeds AS WELL AS what I term "Minds under siege," being unstoppable intrusive thoughts that now 'haunt' everyone in society to varying degrees.

There is never a 'reasonable' or conscionable reason to defy the Command of God and thus receive a return 'due' of suffering within His immutable:

 "Eye for an eye ~ as you sow so shall ye reap" Law because, - - -

IF you had or have the 'comprehension' of the context of God's Law and the understanding of 'How & Why' HE is able to invoke IT, THE LAW OF GOD, then you would NEVER let any 'provocation' or 'justification' to override your inner Light and commit a 'criminal' deed with ITS consequences.

So "Why does man end up killing or being killed"?

MURDER is seen by man as the 'ultimate' criminal deed if it is carried out by a 'civilian' who is not mandated or 'authorised' to kill in their 'line of duty.' But NONE seem to realise that ANY contravention of God's Command by ANY person is forbidden by God.

It is I to now expose the REASON. Being, that any use of God's DARK ENERGY (forceful & destructive) by man for the purpose of intimidation, coercion, control, subjugation, extortion, vengeance, punishment OR killing or, for any other negative reason, has a 'dire' consequence for the individual indeed, being:

The user of said energy in ones interaction with others, - - - be it simply 'bullying,' is what permits the destructive, forceful ENERGY of the Source God to flow through ones soul and, - - - as IT so does, - - - some of this Dark energy 'stains' and contaminates and GROWS like a 'cancer' within the spirit soul of the user. (Being the SIN within ~ powerful negative emotions which grow stronger)

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This DARK energy IS a 'law' unto ITSELF, and IS the 'overriding' GOD FACTOR in every negative interaction of 'errant' man, and IT has the 'power' to RULE and BE 'The Law' (God's law) in action at any 'moment that IT so chooses. The greater the 'mass' of dark energy you have drawn into your soul over eternal time 'pre birth' or, even when incarnate, the easier it is for IT to override your consciousness and simply DO unto others whatever IT so wishes to using YOU. (Balancing ITS Scales of Justice)

Thus every person 'living' who has a contaminated soul is a 'carrier' of this DEADLY dis-ease within and is thus capable of being mentally overpowered and emotionally 'justified' and DRIVEN by said "God force" to be IT in action if IT so chooses.

In the 'case' of Murder, IT (The Dark energy) does so choose when the one to be 'killed' is deserving of that 'fate,' * for IT then IS absolutely 'justified' to RETALIATE and KILL because THAT IS ITS NATURE and, IT is simply balancing ITS 'Scales of Justice' at the time and in the place that IT so chooses and, IT 'justifies' the action within or 'through' the OPEN mind of the ignorant mortal IT uses because, IT can and does OVERRIDE the consciousness of the person IT is 'inhabiting.'

Note: that 'fate,' * - being the 'fate' of having ones 'spirit soul' depart from this realm and leave ALL behind. The departing spirit may continue to suffer mental and emotional trauma and feelings of 'loss' etc., on the next level/realm/destination. Their 'memory' may also haunt their 'killer' for a long time, and he or she the murderer will also be subjected to and suffer the same feelings of loss, anguish and deprivation.

You now may begin to see that the moment you defy God's Command and use some of HIS destructive ENERGY, then this  energy drawn INTO your soul becomes a 'part' of YOU, and the more IT then uses YOU the unhappier you become ahead when IT fills you with dread, and you are less able to control yourself when adversity comes to your door.

Sinners who continue to defy God all end up in the PIT because, you cannot 'cut out' the Dark energy you drew IN, and IT is absolutely JUSTIFIED in forcing you to do 'negatively' what you DO and, - - - as IT also 'lives' within others they also feel justified in being RETRIBUTIVE and PUNITIVE towards YOU. All mankind is entangled within a GIANT 'spider's' web and only my 'pen' can untangle IT for YOU but, - - - you have to do it for yourself by 'correcting' your behavioural interaction with others, I cannot do it for you.

The whole 'system' of restorative or punitive JUSTICE is simply the DARK ENERGY in ACTION 'justifiably' through EVERYONE, and ALL are simply 'revolving' in the DARK which daily grows 'literally' stronger within the user as well as the 'retaliator,' who also becomes a 'user.'   (Any user of dark energy is an 'adjuster' for God's DARK energy)

This Dark ENERGY is a trillion times more powerful than any known 'drug' for IT is the power of God and is 'God in action' in ITS punitive interaction.

It is not only 'All powerful,' but it also has infinite 'divine intelligence' backing IT. Thus the 'poor' individual using IT or I should say: "Being USED by IT," is by IT so 'justified,' that one BELIEVES in the continued USE OF IT as being 'honourable,' especially when faced by adversity or when seeking to invade, control or protect etc. A very grave error of ideological belief and judgement indeed.

NONE seeing that the 'adversity' is simply IT operating 'clandestinely' through another also 'blinded' by ITS power, one who is also being used by IT. Man sees NOT that one only becomes FREE from IT continuing to inflict injury upon 'us' when IT has been 'permitted' to set one FREE in balancing ITS 'Scales of Justice.' Those who punish the ones being used by IT are in fact IT in action and, they accrue a similar spiritual DUE.

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Thus 'man' is in a 'lose - lose' situation because the 'criminal' perpetrator OR the police and judiciary meting out punishment (or complicit to the punishment factor) are all in the same 'boat.' For all enforcers believe falsely that their book of rules, badge of office or 'mandate' entitles them to use IT (Dark energy) and BE IT IN ACTION 'honourably' and thus avoid or 'nullify' ITS Law.

None seeing that no mandate nor official position has ANY 'significance' whatsoever to the ALL POWERFUL God FORCE which is what it IS, and IS simply getting ON with ITS 'job' of deceiving and destroying EVERYONE for their continued defiance of God's Command.

The spiritual PUNISHMENT for anyone defiant of God and thus using His 'forbidden to use' Dark punitive and destructive energy against any of His children is spiritual DEATH. All 'aggressors' and all enforcers & judiciary bringing others to punitive 'account' for their misdeeds are all 'ignorant,' and all ARE the DARK ENERGY IN ACTION. By this 'means' they are killing their own spirit soul. YES, you are 'murdering' yourself as you 'commit' spiritual SUICIDE.

The 'Sin' in man (negative emotions) has now grown exponentially, as has the control over man and the increased punitive attachments to political decrees, and there is now to BE a faster 'balancing' of the 'Scales of Justice' of the DARK and confrontation, aggression and violence will intensify and EVERYONE will FIND the 'justification' to be IT (the dark) in action. Grave indeed is the consequence, being banishment to the underworld of eternal suffering for ANY continuing to BE IT IN ACTION.

As individual man begins to ONLY be IT THE LIGHT in action, and thus extending kindness, mercy, love and compassion towards the 'lost,' then that individual being will begin to RECEIVE a similar benign return through the hands of others as the LIGHT shines to 'her or him' VIA the others.

The DARK being THE overriding factor NEVER SLEEPS, and is operating 'clandestinely' 24/7, so IF you are the recipient of unstoppable thoughts seeking to use YOU in any coercive or vengeful or retributive or other way then BEWARE, you are permitting IT to snare your soul.

Man has been 'brainwashed' for centuries into believing that he can use dark forceful energy in self-defence or for other reasons and NOT 'pay the ultimate price' for his defiance of God. All I can state is that God is GOD, not any dictatorial man or rule in a book.

NO 'murderer' ever gets off 'lightly,' for GOD balances His books JUDICIOUSLY be IT in this life or in the next realm.
NO 'politician' ever gets off 'lightly' for imposing decrees with punitive attachments for non-conformity. God balances all 'books.'

Note: It is only possible to 'kill' another person's biological body, but you cannot 'kill' their spirit soul residing within it. Thus when you damage or injure their biological 'body' to the point that IT can no longer contain or 'engage with' the spirit residing within, their sprit soul simply exits and is drawn to another realm with its consciousness and spiritual body undamaged and INTACT.

You are unable to kill their soul for in FACT all you are doing as you abuse their biological body is that you are subjecting IT and their 'consciousness' to mental, emotional and physical duress and suffering, which is in FACT releasing them of their past spiritual dues, * (karma) and YOU are taking ON these dues upon your own 'head' to BE suffered and endured by YOU at a later stage in this or the after life.

Inner note: -in FACT releasing them of their past spiritual dues, * - If they retaliate they negate their 'release' as they are accruing more 'debts' in their retaliation as they cause harm.

You are however capable of 'killing' your OWN spirit soul. For the more you abuse others, the more you 'stain' your own soul with God's DARK energy essence to the point, where 'ultimately' IT (your soul) is drawn into the 'pit' of the Abyss by the 'weight & vibration' of said energy and crushed.

Prior to that 'time' you are being exposed to infinite agony. Yes, the more you abuse others mentally, emotionally or physically, the more invisible DARK energy grows within your own soul, and is what draws IT away from the True Light, freedom, happiness, joy and bliss.

The more you are complicit to/with the Dark punitive deeds of others operating on your behalf or in your name, the more 'karmic' debts you accrue, and WHEN you are confronted as God decides to mete out His 'Justice' via the minds of other arrogant people, then it is at that moment you will fight to remain 'free' from suffering and you draw IN Dark energy.

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~ Provocation v/s Retribution ~
Provocateur or 'Responder' ~ Who is the most 'guilty' in God's eyes?

The ONE to be 'blamed' for EVERY criminal offensive is the ONE who:

Casts the first stone - throws the first 'punch' - throws down the 'gauntlet' - shouts the first abuse - fires the first 'shot'
The ONE who retaliates.

Why is this so? Because the "Provocateur' is INSTIGATING the CONFLICT, and as this they do, they are provoking the other and TEMPTING the other to respond in a punitive way as they invite a FIGHT in defiance of the "Go your way in peace" Command of God and, the 'Responder' is also in defiance of the "Go your way in peace" Command of God.

So in 'fact,' in a Court of 'Caesar,' it 'looks' as though one should be able to 'reasonably' use 'provocation' to mitigate ones defense even if it is proven that the END result of the 'invited' FIGHT ended with the 'Responder' killing the Provocateur.

After all, the 'word' provocation means 'to CAUSE.' So if someone 'provoked' and thus caused a fearful or angry response from their 'victim,' resulting in injurious or destructive offensive activity by the victim, why should the responding victim become so 'totally' accountable for the outcome? It does not appear to be  a reasonable conclusion.

Man has spent 'ages' arguing back and forth, trying to find a 'reasonable and 'JUST & honourable' legal punitive response for all offensive activities so as to 'satisfy' the demands of the combatants and their families as well as the 'Crown.' Precedents have been set with NO 'finite' Justice available to anyone.

I ask: "If 'provocation' is NOT a 'defence,' then why is 'provocation' not THE OFFENCE"?

It is an OFFENSIVE 'ACT' to 'taunt, threaten, bully, coerce, extort, cast the first stone' etc., and the word 'offensive' MEANS, - - - 'an attack or intrusion or invasion.' So IF a person is arrogant or vain enough to become a 'provocateur,' then it is they who in FACT is the one TEMPTING the other to LOSE mental, emotional and physical CONTROL and, - - -

By the ACT of tempting the other to lose control, it is PROOF that the instigator, provocateur, tempter has already LOST CONTROL of their own faculties.

The 'header' question is: "Who is the most guilty in the eyes of God"?
I should ADD to that question another being: "What should mankind do about it"?

In the Light of Wisdom the reply is very simple. Both 'Provocateur and 'Responder' are equally guilty of defying God in using His 'forbidden to use' DARK forceful and destructive ENERGY, and BOTH placed themselves 'equally' within the punitive aspect of His immutable Law:

"As you did unto the other will be done unto you as that is the Law of My energy as IT 'balances' ITS scales of Justice."

BUT, - - - in answer to my second question: It is NOT for man to impose any form of punishment, for not only can God do it, but in order to remain within the precepts of God's "Love one another and be merciful, compassionate & forgiving" Command, man must ONLY haul in offenders and EDUCATE them, so that offenders who 'disturb the peace' comprehend the issues of using God's benign or destructive energy, and thus mankind becomes enlightened and more able to control themselves.

It must be CLEARLY understood, any individual, be they civilian or 'officials' mandated by rules is ALWAYS operating within the RULE of God's LAW. For in every 'action' there is an equal and opposite reaction that takes place when either:

The LIGHT energy returns ITS 'merciful and loving bounty' to a 'lover' or,
The DARK energy returns ITS 'merciless and injurious bounty' to an 'offender.'

Both these aspects of God's Energy are in operation at all times, and they 'respond' with their response at the time and in the place they so choose. Be it instantly or years ahead cumulatively.

God did say: "IF you choose to defy ME and you eat of the fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil then you will die in your SIN."

How does this 'equate' to today? Every person other than myself in this world has 'sin' within, being DARK energy that they drew IN to their souls prior to entry to this realm from another.

The Dark energy is THE SIN, being ones negative emotions of fear, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, vanity, pride etc., and this emotional energy is what causes ALL confrontation and all tribulation because, man has as yet not learnt how to either control IT or how to HALT drawing more of IT into his soul or how to assist in ITS removal from his soul, which is why I am incarnate today with my revelations.

page 5

Try and UNDERSTAND, man can NEVER control IT the DARK energy of God. Man can only 'recognise' IT as I expose IT and ITS power, and then do ones best to not let IT flow through them or use them in their interaction with others.

The benign and positive EMOTIONS within us are the 'channel' for God's Light energy to flow through us in our interaction with others. The 'brighter' our inner core the more Light we can express and the more benign and kind we are.

The malignant and negative EMOTIONS within us are the 'channel' for God's Dark energy to flow through us in our interaction with others. The 'darker' our inner core the more Dark we can express and the more malignant and cruel we are.

We are all 'operatives' for the LIGHT at times and receive a return 'smile' and kindness from others being our due as we 'bow' to God's Command but, when we reprimand others or invade their 'space' then we set a PRE-DATE with the ultimate Predator, God's DARK energy, which is infinitely cunning and most surely will keep all the unwary trapped in ITS web of deceit and DESTROY their vain, arrogant and ignorant souls AS GOD SO STATED.

In EVERY 'case' of conflict it is CAUSED by the DARK energy (emotional energy) contained within the soul of a 'sinner' RECOGNISING the same DARK energy within another. Try and comprehend that GOD'S DARK essence is the infinite purity of absoluteness and uniqueness of BEING "All - Powerful" and in ABSOLUTE CONTROL of EVERYTHING. For in FACT it IS GOD, although GOD is comprised of both Light and Dark energies.

To the POINT now being, that any person having ANY 'speck' of darkness within their soul is in FACT a 'pretender' to the Throne of God. Thus when two 'sinners' meet and love or greet or live together or share the same street or live over the border, the Dark ENERGY within the one seeks to become 'superior' to the other through arrogance or vanity or FEAR, because IT recognises the other as an ENEMY in some way, and needing to be controlled or subjugated or taught a 'lesson' as IT balances ITS 'Scales of justice.'

Over time, IT the dark energy within man becomes 'troubled,' and family conflict and international conflict erupts. All due to total IGNORANCE of the POWER of the SIN within by the individuals who give in to 'tempting' thoughts.

So it is the DARK energy within the ONE which commences the confrontation as a 'provocateur,' and it is the DARK energy within the other which commences the retributive VENDETTA, or both engage in a frenzy of 'scrapping' with NO ending until ONE apparently 'wins' the particular 'scrap.' In TRUTH, the Dark essence gleefully enjoyed the negative interaction but, the body, mind, emotions,  and unique consciousness of both parties suffered in some way and, - - -

Both not only accrued a further spiritual 'pain' DEBT to THE ENERGY, but they also drew IN more 'unique' Dark energy into their souls, and IT grew in POWER within BOTH and, - - - as 'judicial' or 'warring' man knows naught of this, everyone becomes involved in imposing more punishment, more regulation, more control etc., and all involved ALSO accrue a heavy DUE to IT the Dark Energy.

Every person needs to now need to 'learn' whom it factually IS who they are 'operatives' for when they use Dark energy in their interaction with others. Be they simply a 'school bully' or a civilian or a uniformed state official using 'rules' to berate, control, punish etc.

Every forceful or intimidating or coercive or extortionist or controlling or punitive expression is the use of Dark power and authority backed by FORCE OF ARMS, and it does in fact come from the Dark Sovereign Power (The 'retributive arm' of God) and, unless they can release themselves from His control over them, then their personal fate is dismal indeed.

This entire inhuman 'race' is sliding backwards and downwards to the PIT of oblivion, and I am sent here for a very brief moment of time IN THE HOPE that even ONE has the capacity to see REALITY, and lay down their 'mace' and become truly FREE of their inner Sin as explained by me, so that they can RISE UP into the Light for eternity.

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Man needs to comprehend that NO 'rule or edict' named 'the law' by Kings, Chiefs or their politicians enabling or supposedly legitimising 'killing' by police or armed forces personnel in any way voids or nullifies or avoids the implementation by God of His 'RULE of LAW,' for it does NOT.

It follows that any injury or punishment or other 'suffering' imposed by ANYONE upon another for ANY has a 'comeback' within THE LAW OF GOD which IS immutable.

Once we understand the RULE of God's LAW, be it the BENIGN or MALIGNANT aspect, then one ensures that ones personal conduct is always benign, - - - kind, loving, peaceful, giving, merciful, compassionate, educative and FORGIVING.

To so be, one is always in CONTROL of ones mind and emotions, and NEVER finds the 'Justification' to defy God's Command. Thus one also never takes a 'mercenary' wage or 'badge of office' from any institution which of its own 'rules' habitually forces its 'operatives' to operate in defiance of God's Command.

Politicians and their police 'enforcers' also need to SEE that in their efforts to PROTECT people, they invoke rules that CAUSE financial loss, as well as mental or emotional suffering and MORE if their 'decrees' are not 'met.' So the coercion & punishment 'factor' is the USE of God's Dark energy by the politician, their enforcers and judiciary, which they IMPOSE upon a person who has not actually 'disturbed the peace' nor caused harm to another. Simple Example:

Failure to wear a seat belt results in the IMPOSITION of a fine.

When imposing a fine for failing to wear a seat belt, the judiciary, politician and enforcers HAVE caused HARM or loss or deprivation of liberty etc. This punishment imposition and suffering which resulted was in FACT an 'ACT of God's  DARK energy' using the rules of man AND ignorant man to mete out divine retribution for some other infringement of God's Command. An infringement that had NAUGHT TO DO with failing to wear a seat belt. However, those imposing the fine and consequential 'suffering' accrue a 'loss & suffering' debt to be met themselves later within the precepts of God's LAW.

In FACT the punishment 'factor' attachment to the decree is COERCION. The punishment itself in FACT is EXTORTION.
Both backed by 'force of arms,' being the forbidden to use forceful & destructive DARK ENERGY of the Source.

Regrettably, those paying 'fines' see not that by so doing, they are 'guilty' in God's eyes of funding an organisation operating in contravention of God's Command, and for their 'complicity' they also carry a percentage of the burden of debt accrued by the 'system's operatives.'

No person in any 'capacity' should ever invoke by legislation any ruling which of itself forces others to defy the code of conduct policy of God's Command. The vain and arrogant or ignorant who so do, end up 'living' in the darkness to regret IT for a very long time indeed, as do their enforcers.

ONLY our God can punish without any 'recourse,' - - - NOT YOU. Only our God stands above the RULE of His LAW, - - - NOT YOU. Religion has deceived everyone, for FIRST you 'suffer' within the RULE of God's LAW and PAY your spiritual dues, and then and only then are you forgiven by God for any trespasses against His "Peace, love and mercy" COMMAND. Refer to Item 9 of 'The One true Faith' document that follows this one.

Unbeknown to man of 'religion' or 'State,' every ACTION in ones interaction with others IS 'governed' by the overriding POWER and RULE of God's LAW.

It follows that every rule or decree by men of religion such as their 'threat' of excommunication for non conformity to their 'rules,' simply means, that they excommunicate themselves for their own arrogance and disobedience to God's Command.

It also follows that every decree of 'Caesar' (State politicians) which force men into any actions (activities) which are outside the precepts of God's Command, has an EQUAL 'Just & honourable' return reprimand and suffering imposed by God at a later stage within His 'eye for an eye' Law.

Let us now make amends to God and ONLY 'haul in' those who DO 'disturb the peace' and rehabilitate these 'Offenders in God's sight.'  

Let it BE clearly understood, ALL are 'GUILTY' in the eyes of God for defying HIM and using HIS DARK destructive energy in their interaction with HIS other children of any 'race, colour or creed.' I say : "Please now heed my pen, for IF you continue to defy HIM then your screams of utter agony WILL go on unheard in the dark realms below for an eternity."

The rehabilitation of 'offenders' through EDUCATION is the ONLY way to keep your own soul free of drawing in Dark energy (Sin) and remaining within the benign aspect of God's Law. Any punitive action is a contravention of God's Command and the use of His 'forbidden to use' DARK ENERGY and, is what places YOU within the punitive aspect of His 'eye for an eye' immutable LAW.

It is truly the time now for Tasmania to lead the world and implement the 23 page 'Feeling Easier Seminar' for offenders, and ONLY educate offenders, and THUS remain within the precepts of God's "Peace, love, mercy & compassion" Command.

The 'Feeling Easier Seminar' is Item 1 of the 'Offender document.'

Note: Page 1 para 1: longer. *-  Spirit possession and "Mind's under siege" is explained in my 'Suicide' and other documents.

Important attaching items: The Public Notice PDF 

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