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~ The Terrorists 'guise' ~

Whether you are a president who had a "nose and jaw" job to "make" an "external" pretty face, who a plea for "Clemency" from a "Death Row" man did "off fob" thus showing an "inner" soul of little grace.

Or whether you are a terrorist killer, who mows men down like an earth tiller.
Or whether you are an "insane" person whose deeds are misunderstood.
Or whether you are a "litigant" demanding your "Rights and Justice" through man's courts.

Or whether you are a conservationist forcibly stopping the "rape & pillage" of the seas and land.
Or whether you are a soldier mandated by mans "Act's," who now needs to see the real true facts.
Or whether you are just a "mean machine" who abuses others,

My truth you needs glean. All are just simple people "working" for the Dark, the invisible destructive shark who works through the minds of man to accomplish his dark plan of "payback."

If you his thoughts heed, he did more than you mentally attack. He used you to be untrue, and now the same deeds will be done unto you.

What I am saying is, that whether or not you are mandated to control or kill by man, or just believe that you can in impunity darkness inspan, God sees your soul within. God knows the reasons for your intent to sin.

God sees the actual deed perpetrated, thus you cannot ever hide from it the darkness that through your soul did stride. It is the time to "recognise" IT, the real terrorist that works through the minds and hands of the ignorant in many a guise.

For when you permit it to your soul "taint" by dark deed, it knows, and ahead it is you to 'faint,' as it one day does you face, through the arrogance of another soul of little grace.

Prepare now, for all will share the darkness "ware" for a time and a time, for all soiled their souls with its grime. And it the dark does never from you go away, until for its "use," you do personally pay.

So whatever its projected guise, you must try and be wise
For God says
"What you to others do - will be done unto you."

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~ The Precedent ~

Society is "based" on a false precedent, one that "arose" from minds "bent," distorted, so they saw not the TRUTH emanating out of God's dove, God's "proof," being that we must only love and forgive and compassionately counsel those who "evilly" live.

God said not that any other way would be "heeded" by God on THE day that each soul does "pass over" the hill into heaven, or fill Satan's "till." God set a precedent "First,":

ONLY LOVE if for heaven you thirst.

Then man did this call "deny," for the serpent's "thought" intruded I espy, saying:

"You must the other Judge and punish to prove you are not 'fudge,' showing your inner strength and resolution as I give you a 'virtuous' solution, so that you can 'prove and condemn' by the stroke of your mighty pen."

So "arrogant" man did a precedent deploy, one that said "condemn, judge and destroy any who make any bleed." Thus did they a false precedent seed.

So I now to each of you say, "Set your own precedent today," by heeding the one set long ago that my pen does again on you bestow. It reminds you of IT. IT on your minds and souls SIT.

If you this precedent deny, you will eternally cry. It says "You will Reap what you Sow, so only love, and love you will get to know. If you others abuse, your eternal life you will lose."

This "precedent" is a living FACT by me the Word of God backed. Any who now this precedent "change," I will them personally "derange."

For as they "it" abuse, they their own souls with "darkness" infuse, and it drags them "below," where eternally insanity does flow.

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~ Protection ~

On the word "protection" we needs a little inner "reflection." For God says:

"Rely on ME, rely not on "men" to protect thee.
Rely only on MY living Word, non-retaliation wield no sword."

So why do we "pay" politicians so they send "Police" our way, when we are in "trouble" for having stolen a "rouble."?

It is because of the "precedent" manifested by men "bent" who did the truth "distort," so "Stealing" could become a "legal" rort for any who could "pay" for protection on the "day" the reaper knocked on their door, because in the "past" they were "poor."

Can you understand what I say. The Reaper makes us pay, so none must us protect, on this please reflect. No one will you abuse, unless in the past you did darkness diffuse.

So if you for protection "pay," you heed not God's say, and you become "more" bound, and more darkness in your soul is "found."

And "greater" becomes your fear as a greater "force" draws near, and eventually you are "overcome" as another "power" does you overrun.

So our only protection must be God's wisdom flowing free. That says:

"Protect your mind so YOU never do anything unkind."

So any pain coming now your way is to clear your past I do say, so only your mind protect so you do not retaliate. On this reflect.

First prepare your mind
so in "outrage" you become not blind.
For only then will you survive
spiritually, the coming satanic drive.

I do bless you today,
with all that God did, through me say.
It is up to you now to "run"
true, on the return to the sun.

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~ The Police Force ~

It's time now for the "Boys in Blue" to be true. Truly TRUE to their inner light of love, the "Source" up above, as well as to any other "troubled" sister or brother.

"You must make no other cry." I hear from our God up high. "Put away the "redress," and just every one "bless" as a "consoler" with love and courtesy" I hear from above.

"Put away now your 'toys' used by the "blow away" boys, for "users" are but "boys" of no "understanding" who use "automatic" deploys."

For it is "Political" men who "deploy you" to walk into the Lions den, which you so happily do, believing falsely it is the right thing to do.

And as you others "Sting," Satan way below does "Sing" in his knowledge so "true" that he has personally deceived you.

I would not need you to me protect, so upon this please reflect.

If any do "another" abuse, this is no "reason" for you to darkness "use." So give your own soul a chance, in my book of wisdom now glance, and put the guns now away. All "users" go to hell forever and a day.

IF any of the public do "outcry" saying "We pay you $ to make others cry," then you must decide whether to within God's call abide, and in a "Godly" manner the "baddies" greet if you meet them on the street, and in a voice loud and clear say:

"I am unarmed so please do not fear, I wish to you but talk about the "thoughts" that in your mind "Stalk," so that I can help you along to be happier and more strong."

And IF they you defy and your call of "conciliation" deny, then just walk away and prepare for another day to those in distress greet, being those "arrogant" in the street, for as said, if you any "confront" their responses will become "blunt."

So my brothers in "Blue"
try as said, and be true
to your souls of "love"
and your God above.

To Toppage 29

~ Prisoners ~

A prisoner is one who is "bound" by others until their freedom is "found," and none can ever become free who imprison others, this I do see.

And this applies to you and you, for you all are untrue, for pieces of silver you annually pay to others, to keep "prisoners" at bay.

Yes their actions you do fear, thus when imprisoned they cannot draw near, and thus you them abuse so you both your freedom lose because God does eternally say:

"What you do to others - I do to you one day."

So let us now a little clearer see what should be done to you and me, if we on our road do "err." We must not be locked up in the "Stir," we must be taken home and counselled too, by our sisters and brothers true.

And have a little "understanding" about our ways of "under handing." For any, yes any I do see, can at times "unsocial" be. Only those who others "kill" needs be kept in a "lock up till" for six months or so until they have "learned" to death not sow.

They must be taught to be more "kind" to themselves as thoughts "unwind," and learn to fortify their own mind so their actions become more kind.

But we must never them attack or abuse, or destroy with fiery flack. Just get out of their "way" until they are calm enough one day for us to them approach and say:

"We are here to help you today."

Those that continue to openly defy our call of "outreach" from the sky, must just be left to roam the road until God draws out their inner load.

So children, you all prisoners be until the Light draws out the sin in thee, and before that day, you must "Reap" for that is the "pay" for locking others up, and this you must see.

For God says "Vengeance is not up to thee."


To Toppage 30

~ Open letter to Magistrate Peter Wilson ~
cc. St. Helens Police officers

Dear Peter, I write this to you for I see that "again" I am expected to "present" myself before/to you on a stated day being the eighth of May.

I write this letter as I am truly concerned for your past "dark karma" already earned as well as that which on "the" day could be another "accruing" if I was to come your way.

Thus I state that my face you will not at your 'Court' see unless I am taken there by force by another "fool" of a man whom God's reality cannot see.

I speak to you as my "brother" being born/created by the same heavenly Mother and thus as I you are but "common" man even though some "System" elevated you by its "magisterial" plan to serve the Devil.

The sooner this you do see the sooner from IT you will be set free and the sooner will you far ahead happier be. For God did say that all His/Her children were/are subject to God's law of "As you do is done unto you."

When will you see that a "mere" mandate by man, that raises you into an "office" of impropriety whereby you "openly" abuse others whom on earth plod, is not one where you stand above God's Law with "some" immunity from God, even though you might "think" so.

It is my "duty" as God's Emissary to advise you and every "fighter for the dark" of the error of their perception. I thus once again write this and ask that you "consider" a change of personal direction and set yourself free of your "unholy" duty and walk with me.

This you do by not "punishing" perceived offenders but by sending true "errants" in God's eyes to be counselled by this soul wise at an "Offender Seminar" that is already "raised-up" on my web site under the 'Offender document.'

This way you incur no more 'dark' karma and are a true community Carer/worker. For "presently" you are an "uncouth" youth in God's eyes, being 'one' who berates others and steals from their purse as you dictate and reprimand and command. A "true" offender in God's eyes are you.

To Toppage 31

I "see" that I am "summonsed" to answer two separate charges and within each there are some four "breaches" of man's code of rules book and if you take a deeper look they are "reducible" to a plain reality being:

Failure to purchase a driving license - license.
Failure to purchase an insurance policy - license.
Failure to purchase a vehicle license plate - license.
Failure to purchase a road tax license - license.
Failure to purchase a vehicle sale transfer - license.

Failure to display an insurance policy - license.
Failure to display a vehicle license plate - license.
Failure to display a road tax license - license.

For every item is "backed" by a Rule of "some" Force that via me now says: "If you do not comply to My directive then in happiness you cannot live for I will ensure that you are not free to travel on My roads, and furthermore, in non-compliance to My directives you will be punished by My 'men' whom I 'control' even though My face they cannot see."

Only I can see the real iniquity being that in the "guise" of a "helpful" System the invisible dark force uses It's power vested upon you to be a "way" to punish humanity for their past ways unseen by you or them. The 'Dark' voice that I "hear" goes on to say:

"This 'punishment' is karmic fate meted out by Me for any past spiritual iniquity sown by thee, and what your 'reader' cannot see is that in compliance to My edict it is he to 'take-on' the burden of spiritual debt being the 'fret' he placed upon others as he defied My Light that eternally says: "Only be loving and merciful and forgiving."

Soon you and all will "become" aware that our God does use my mind to wisdom share at the End, for I truly AM the 'human' friend from long ago whose "task" it is to bestow God's truth upon all "just before" the Reaper does all maul who did my past "Command" fail to heed.

For I did "last time" 2000 years ago say: Soon comes the very last day when each stands "alone on the beach" and they will be supped-on by darkness and will fall undone if they defy the commandment of God to: "Only be loving & forgiving & merciful & compassionate to the ignorant and never steal off or abuse thy neighbour."

To Toppage 32

So my "brother" I do you a personal favour by not presenting myself to your "spot" and I confirm that any policeman who now "trots" up to my place in the dark as was done recently or even in the day to even issue me any "summons" or to "arrest me" because he earns the Devil's pay will by the very Devil he does serve be "dragged" below as his spirit leaves the flesh and MY truth he will get to know.

Your "lackeys" seem to "think" that they can forgo courtesy due to their misconception that any person who has been issued with a summons must be a criminal and thus not worthy of any respect. It is time for the "lads in blue" to reflect a little and their own souls protect.

I as many am a "civil" man who is a part of God's great Salvationary plan and I do know & see that as a member of the community I needs contribute to road maintenance etc. This I do each day as for fuel I pay, for through it has been taken a "levy," and that is also too high and is used as your "gravy."

As for insurance, well I do know that self-responsibility is the way to go and thus I insure myself by having a "collected" calm mind so that I will never be a danger to you or any stranger, and if perchance they drive into me, well then that is between them and God and I and it is not your business I do espy.

If you or any "other" wish to continue to work for the dark "Reaping" force then that too is your freedom of choice to so do, and I only "awaken" your consciousness to the possibility that it the wrong way be.

If I have any "past" spiritual debts to pay then you may yet send the "bully boys" to drag me away from my old wife and home but I will not groan as I am happy to "pay" any suffering that I may in ignorance have burdened others with on a long past day.

I just "hope" that you stop being a "dope" and see the deeper reality revealed by me so that it can set you free, for as you punish others or me it is you "earning" a dark spiritual debt and already you have "accrued" enough to make you for a very long time fret.

For all "suffered" by any family through loss of income earning capacity or mental/emotional trauma due to their "man or wife" being dragged away by you is directly "accrued" by you as you wield the Devil's pen/mark.

In Sincerity - Terence

To Toppage 33

~ Injustice ~
My written submission to the magistrate of the Court

I stand before my brother and God and my brother sees not what he does for God each day as he for God makes man for a long past spiritual folly pay. Seeing not that he does not make him pay for non-compliance to man's edicts of the day.

I hope I can get my brother to see the extent and depth of his folly as well as the injustice he does to himself by judging me, as well as the injustice he does to me and himself in "supporting" decrees of others that would punish any whom "state" that they are not slaves and thus do not have to comply to others demands or wishes or whims, even if the "other" says that these demands are for the betterment of all, for "this" opinion is his and not mine.

I do now my submission read: I am only here because "someone" via a 'rule book' has demanded that I "kow tow" to their dictates, and you believe that you are "somehow" authorised by your "line of duty" to judge me, seeing not that you sully your own spiritual rose daily as you "dispose" judgment upon others, for our God did say:

"Judge not lest ye be judged." - and - "What you do is done unto you."

Why "Sir" do you even "think" that I born under the African sun must "bow" to the dictates of any "one"?

I do no wrong for I walk in peace. It is you sir to "grease" your hands and soul with darkness by placing yourself in a position of judging me. For if you did not then I would not be here in front of you.

Our God tells me that I am free to go my way on every day without first having to pay anyone any "sum" of money for the privilege of going about my God given business.

This land is not owned by you. The air is not owned by you. The roads are owned by me and you and all the other "citizens" of this land mass too.

I am happy to contribute to road maintenance "care" which I do as my fuel purchased has already been taxed and I do not believe that I have in any way defaulted today just because you or others so say.

I suggest that you read the entire content of my 'Offender document' on my web site that has been raised up by our God via my pen so that you can see "a" reality and save yourself from Satan's den.

For I say that you judge yourself as "unfit" if you proceed to punish me in any way. If you cannot "adjourn" and discuss this case then it is you Sir who is not "even in the race," for in the eyes of God your acts are despicable and HE will ensure that you will never in heaven plod.

If you Sir wish to work for political forces who are "thieves & murderers" and "administer" their "justice" then you are truly "blind" and see not that you become part of their "plot" to steal by "force de jure" off God's children and this "folly" has a very heavy penalty. No "act" of extortion is "just" or wise.

I do believe that you and your "ilk" have already "disposed" much injustice upon yourselves under God's one Law and I would "save" you from any "added" burden.

It is unjust and an "injustice" for any man or system to expect or demand that others should or must comply to their dictates. This is "Autocracy" and is ONLY the prerogative of God.

Comply now to God's autocratic Command/Demand to go your way in peace and be merciful & forgiving and only loving. Fail now in this and you pay the ultimate price.

Please thus now join me and my "Light" party that is peaceful and non judgmental and "defrock" yourself by walking away from this "Court of the Devil" today.

I am not "guilty of an offence" in God's eyes just because I heeded not the "dictates" of any man "unwise" who enacted statutes that he believes are "Just."

And any man who judges another's conduct as "unbecoming, offensive, or punishable" just because the other believes that they do not have to comply with the edicts of dictatorial men are themselves "errants" in God's eyes and very unwise.

So any "police or judge" doing his duty needs to see that "blood money" received does not "exonerate" them from God's Law, and they also needs see "how" it is they who "err" when enforcing man's dictates.

I "remain" your friend whatever the "outcome" of your decision for yourself or me.

I am the spirit of truth "returned" from eternity. - Terence

To Toppage 34

~ Justice and the avenging Reaper ~

Judgement and the Reaper is ONE. Not yet understood by those under earth's sun, and the reason "why" avenging "angels" you be, is that "it" the darkness is yet within thee.

Yes your deep inner "Sin," the negative emotions, are truly yet within your own spirit soul. That is why you abuse others as on earth you stroll.

For "it" the dark is the satanic "voice," and through its power you have no choice other than to the light deny, and thus make others and self cry.

For as you "it" do use, as you others 'abuse,' you draw more of "it" into your own soul, and thus cannot win your freedom from it, for upon your "movement" does it "Sit." It allows you "not" to "get away" until you all "dues" do pay.

So children, you cannot darkness "destroy." It treats you in contempt as you with it "toy." For it is in fact using "you" to do its bidding and abuse the "untrue."

As you do for "it" Judge and punish, your own soul you smudge. And as said, you personally do pay somewhere, sometime, in every way for your arrogant "control" over other children of God, who do stroll equally as ignorant as you, all to each other being untrue.

All in a different 'guise,' some seeming to be virtuously wise, none as yet spiritually 'free' for none as yet heed ME.

The serpent's venom does spew forth through the minds of those untrue telepathically, by giving each a reason to infilter the minds of others and distort their reason.

To the extent that the recipient does do things that they aught not to, as ancestral spirits their minds distort as they manipulate earthlings via the mental retort.

Thus does the serpent's power gain entry in the minds of the vain, as they others direct and control, thus through minds does the serpent stroll.

So all now must change their way, heeding God from today. Leaving others to do their own thing, not controlling with a venomous sting.

What the Judiciary needs to see is that in God's eyes their "profession" is the most "evil" as they spend their whole "day" judging & condemning & "putting people away."

The Judiciary and its "enforcing arm" that begins with the "grasser" who "grasses" and "twits" like a 'Blue Tit wren,' all the way up to the "Hangman" who places his "noose" after you have been judged and locked into the "caboose."

All these who are but simple people as you and me had better "try" and this see, for all work for the Devil who does "revel" in delight that they "blindly" see not their "coming" plight.

For God did say that all whom in unforgiveness do "mercilessly" Judge & condemn or others punish or destroy are workers for the "Dark boy" and will fall below for a "time" and become the Devil's "play toy."

Children - Any whom "participate" in any "accountability trial" for the purpose of punishment will themselves "quail" as God's "Reapers" catch up with their "tail" either here or in the depths below.

Kindness & Forgiveness & Education is the only true way to go.

To Toppage 35

~ The policeman note ~

This note is given by me to any police patrol car driver who "halts me and accosts me" demanding to know "why" I drive a vehicle with no "number" plates or registration sticker. It can be used by you too once you believe in my truth for it applies to you.

Officer, I do not belong to your 'System' as I do not 'vote' for any political Party, and I thus exercise my democratic right to walk with God in peace as commanded by God, and I comply to the Commandment of God, not the edicts of men.

Freedom of choice is what life is about. The freedom to choose to heed God and not disturb the peace of any other, or to heed man and find a justification to interfere in the peace of others, as you do today, thus being the Devil's 'advocate.'

I have 'registered' my vehicle with God, with my 'sign' to God being God's web site URL that you see being my "Vote for", and "Pact with" God.

< >

I do not need to comply with man's regulations for I do not support their 'way' nor their demands upon the populace to "Do this or that or be punished by us." By your 'arrest' of my vehicle you have already 'disturbed the peace' in God's eyes and thus it is you the 'offender' needing my good counsel, for you are unaware of what you do.

Please now stand aside and leave me to go my way in peace as that is God's Command, and bless your own soul by visiting the given web site.

Certainly if I am 'offensive' in God's eyes by being abusive or disrespectful to others or by causing pain to any other, then and only then I expect to be arrested and taken to a place to be counselled as per the 'Offender Seminar' on the above web site, and am also aware that I am then responsible to God's judgment not yours.

Be advised that even though you are mandated by man to detain me and impose your 'questioning' upon me, that you do not stand above God's Law and you are subject to its karmic processes and will suffer the same 'fate' that you mete-out to me or any other on any day, be it positive or negative.

I "suggest" that you take a good look at my web site and come to a personally informed decision as to what is right in God's eyes and then make a move to prove to yourself and God that you are true to your own soul.

At present your wage is a false one, for you are being used to aid an "extortionist regime" that "walks" in the guise of a "Carer."

The police now needs to return to their original "mandate" and "Oath of office" that says "I promise to uphold the peace." That does not mean "Aid the politicians to steal money off the public."

It is you now to choose to "step aside" and let me freely go my way as some other police do, or you may "book me" and ahead in Court as we both stand before God I will ask you "Officer, on the day was it you or I to disturb the peace."?

To Toppage 36

~ Police Commissioner McCreadie ~

Dear Richard, again my thoughts with your name do entwine and I wonder if I am right when I think that our God did send down your soul as mine from the land divine, so as to help me "breach" the ways that man did falsely teach the youth of the day, being that all for "folly" must be made to suffer and pay.

For when we were young too we "heard" that voice untrue that did via a book of "laws" say; "If any 'breach' the acts within this book they must be punished. All must comply to regulations within this book or they will cry, for I own all the land under the sky."

So you see, we are all bound by "books" of State or religions. Yes, even some unholy books do say; "If any man or woman with another does 'play' outside marriage or if a woman shows her 'face' or 'leg' when leaving her carriage then they must be stoned to death."

Richard, can none yet see Satan's "breath" in all these "rotten" acts? Why can man not see that all must comply only to God's pact that says;

"If you are merciful and loving and compassionate and forgiving and peaceful on your road then I your God will unburden your inner 'lode' of Sin and your eternal freedom you will win.

You do not have to comply to any demands upon you that do "try" your sanity via the minds of the arrogant. Just go your way peacefully each day and I your God will protect you and will see that none steal your pay."

So Richard, I do enclose a letter to the registrar of motor vehicles whose "acts" I see as untrue. From this week I seek but to remain meek and follow the directive from our God up high.

Please tell your "young" officers to not hinder my way when they see my non-registered Subaru with no number plates on the highway.

Please also read my letter to "Planetary police commissioners" on my "Sodomy of man" document as well as other letters on the "Insurance document" on my web site given below.

Please also then make a personal stand against any laws of this land that demand that you or your men do aught that is contrary to the Commandment of God that via my pen flows through.

Please soon aid my "Offender seminars" to commence for I am now "old" and my heart is "weak" and I am told that not too far away my spirit flies away.

I will not feel "replete" until I do see offenders no longer "swept off their feet" by gunfire, but collected by policemen who do greet them with a smile and help them via my plan to walk their last mile.

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And these "offenders" per se must only be those who 'offend' God, not man. That means that your men must only "apprehend" those who steal, those who others abuse in any way, and those who demand a "cut" of any transaction of the day.

My "ask" may seem "unreal" and insane. But it is I who did my eternal freedom gain, and it is I who does go on to say;

"Beware, for all did God defy. All in some way make others cry, and all will now see that God is real, and it is but I to tell all "how" God will "errants in God's eyes" seal in the depths below and much pain upon them bestow. For only I can into the future see and thus I call now all godly men to me. It is the time for true duty, not "help the vain and arrogant steal their daily booty."

You and every policeman true are going to suddenly feel very "pissed-off"* when you awaken to the fact that it is the past and present politicians "backed" by the Devil whom "invented" a System whereby they could use you to support their financial "extort" off the community.

For as you for them work, you lose your personal immunity against the Devil as you personally deny God's Commandment and use force to enforce "devilish" edicts enshrined in man's law that pose as "just and honourable and for the benefit of all."

All became more vain and as you can now see a West Australian police chief being a servant of the public follows the way of the "Taliban" and demands by decree that the ladies of Kalgoorlie town must now comply to his "dress code" before they can legitimately work.

He also threatens to punish by fine or more the local Publicans if they offer work to any "under dressed" women. Since when was "nakedness" a sin? Truly the "end" is nigh and even the angels of light give a giant sigh.

We need a "blue force" true that can do what is needed to aid those of the community in their daily deed. Let us now ensure that we insure the destiny of our young "women & men" of the force by directing them the right way.

None avoid God's Law, and they now must "learn" that all "errants" in God's eyes do pay for folly, even if they are "well dressed" policemen who have been impressed with a false sense of security.

For any man wearing a gun and stopping any other on the highway or detaining or 'abducting' another for any purpose is but an ignorant armed 'highwayman' interfering in the daily business of God's children.

In sincerity, Terence.

"pissed-off"* in this context means: Absolutely irreconcilable, frustrated and angry

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~ Statement to the "arresting" officer ~

Dear friend, do not me despise or criticise because of your "belief" that I am an "errant," for it could bring you to grief. Do not say that I "break the law" for that is incorrect for sure, for none can break the law of man or God.

For the "law" of man is but the stipulated documented declared intended punishment for contravention of Rules as laid out in a "book of acts" that the System of man says: "This book of Acts is the community plan."

I say NO, that is not my belief, and thus as a free member of the community I do not have to comply to any "edict" of any man who in the past did write the content of that book.

I believe that I only have to heed the Commandment of God, being that I go my way each day peacefully, controlling none, and abusing none, and stealing naught from anyone.

Thus today in God's eyes it is you who is a "Mercenary" unwise. Yes, for mercenaries are people who for a $ are prepared to "control & kill" and thus have their own souls snared by the Devil as they "defy" the Commandment of God to "Only love, be forgiving and merciful."

Thus you already are an "offender" in God's eyes for restricting my free movement, and you are subject to God's ONE Law that applies to all men. Being "As you Sow so shall ye Reap." So your "karma" ahead is already a "controlled" and painful bed for contravening God's Commandment.

I am HE the "Voice of the Heavenly Sea" and I now seek to raise the community consciousness. That includes you. So please be true to God and your own soul and stand aside as I go my way peacefully, and from today tell your "Commandant" that you will only "haul in" those who "offend" in God's eyes, being the unwise who control, steal from, or abuse others.

Please now remain sane, for if you become "aroused" it is but from your inner "pain" being the Sin of anger, vanity or pride, and it is these emotions that take a soul for a negative ride. Yes, all will now pay their "due" for the time when to God they were untrue. Now is the time for Education, not regulation.

I as a free man did not "vote" in any election for any "System" or man to "head" the State and thus am not a "party" member, and thus am not required to either "follow" its edicts, or be subjected to its Rules & Regulations.

To Toppage 39

I believe in God and follow God's call to "walk tall" and be kind and nice. You now have the "decision" as to whether to be a true community "polite & nice" man, or to continue on as an anti-Christian "enforcer" of the State, a "political tool."

Please now "take down" or note below the web URL (address) from the rear of my vehicle as it is my identity Registration with God and its Testament is for you and all.

Note 1 - The enforced punitive response to non-compliance of a directive or command is the Law in action via the Judiciary and its servants the police force and corrective services personnel.

Note 2 - Any punitive and thus "Non-Christian" response to any "non-conformist" is an offensive act in God's eyes as it "defies" the "Only be loving" Commandment, and the "punisher" is thus subject to God's Law of retribution that is also enforced by other "ignorants" at a later time and place.

Note 3 - The "blind" State department of Judicial workers think that they are working for the good of the community, they see not that they are in fact being used as the "enforcer" for a controlling, extortionist book of Acts that poses as a community guardian angel.

The causal factor that permits the darkness to entrap not only the souls of community members for using this unholy book, but also the souls of the judiciary for "upholding" its edicts, is the Contra content to God's "Only be loving & forgiving & merciful" Commandment.

In the "old" days man saw not the wisdom of God and felt "justified" in invoking retributive rules for society to adhere to. This ungodly punitive content to the "growing" book of rules was seen as a just and honourable requirement to not only protect the community, but to force offenders to change their way.

Then over time Sin of greed came into "play" and via the mind of man "empowered by" and "backed by" the "force of arms" units, the justification to extort vast sums of money off community "errant offenders" came into vogue, and the cunning "rogue" book listed huge monetary fines that were "backed" by threat of imprisonment for non payment.

This "unholy" book is now further amended so that it can use its "forces of darkness" to break & enter your abode and steal goods if a person does not have the money to pay their "allotted" fine due under its "acts" untrue.

It is now the time for all to see that the "mastermind" mentality behind this book is none other than the Devil, who is cunningly binding both the book user and the "upholder" of its content.

To Toppage 40

Being all members of the community who are also not only daily walking into deeper spiritual darkness & bondage, but are accruing a "painful" spiritual debt.

For this unholy "book of acts" not only penalises non-conformists to its decrees, but also "entraps" the members of the judiciary who "uphold" its edicts. For as they "submit" errants to the fine & punishment demands, it is they who under God's law must receive their "default" due for being untrue to God's eternal "Only be loving & merciful" call.

It is the time to heed me and set yourselves free from this vindictive nature by becoming an un-numbered one. It is also the time for all to cast aside these unholy books and simply Educate any who "offend" in God's eyes.

Any person who continues to justify "theft off" or "punishment to" a member of the community for any non-compliance to directives of man walk outside God's "Only love" plan and will soon find that they have "excommunicated" themselves from the Light of heaven.

All men are subject to God's law whether they are "mandated by man" to contravene the Commandment or not. The ONE Law of God is immutable and stipulates:

"As you Sow, so shall ye Reap. Be loving and kind and in heaven you will in happiness sing. Be vindictive, punitive and unforgiving, and in the eternal darkness the Devil will you sting. Judge not, for you will be so judged by Me the invisible God you cannot see."

To Toppage 41

~ Free man statement ~
Tasmanian news item

The removal of vehicle number plates and the driving of his motor vehicle 'unregistered,' and the returning of his driving licence to the issuing authorities, and refusal to insure his vehicle with the monopoly government insurer, has been "done" to make a personal statement to the public as well as the 'enforcers,' by the Messiah who resides in Pyengana, Tasmania.

Being, that he believes that it is now the time for all to set themselves free from the invisible controlling influence that "hangs" its sword over the heads of all planetarily as it enslaves all from the cradle to the grave, using the regulatory "acts" of the books of man, the "contents" having been inspired by it the Devil.

The Messiah says:

1 - Let no man: control, extort funds off, or punish any other child of God for any reason.

2 - Let no group of people expect others to: comply to, believe in, or do, what they the "majority" demand.

He goes on to say that any "forceful" demand is negative and backed by the Devil's might and thus is anti-Christ and in defiance of God's "Only love" Commandment, even if it "appears" to be for the common good of the people.

All who either: "Pay the wages of the enforcers," or who "Do the enforcing" are all walking backwards into spiritual darkness and will suffer the same "fate" as the "punished one" at a later date under God's ONE Law of "What you do is done unto you."

Man falsely believes that when mandated by man to regulate & punish that he is somehow "above" and immune from God's law. He is not.

Man falsely believes that if he is 'elected by' majority vote that he then can enact rules and regulations with impunity that must be adhered to by other men. This is a false assumption and usually "fatal" to the spiritual destination of the vain one.

Any 'such' rulings are but the devilish reaper acting via the mind of vain man and as said, all who so believe have themselves been deceived by the Devil who "later" punishes them and their "supporters" for their evil ways.

A free man is 'one' who can the truth see, and thus sets himself free by peaceful non-compliance to the demands of man or State.

A free man is 'one' who walks with God and thus respects all others as peacefully on this realm he walks each day.

The Messiah says that he is happy to contribute to the road system upkeep in a better way. He has 'replaced' his rear number plate with his web URL < > so that others may easier find God's final message to all. For the public and public servants all need to change their way.

He states that: The Devil via the mind of the System says: "From the cradle to the grave you will be licensed & regulated by me and you will comply to my directives or you will cry."

He further states: That it is through ones fear that one remains enslaved by darkness. For as all can now see the demands of the Devil via the system become "demands of insanity" and all are impoverished for all deserve it as their "due" for supporting a system untrue.

All who "as he" seek to set themselves free from the devilish system will only be set free once "via it" the Devil has "extracted" any outstanding spiritual dues owing.

Thus will true believers now suffer "quietly" as they are crucified by the ignorant before becoming "women & men" free.

Go in Peace


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