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The following letters are written by me in response to my 'arrest' and subsequent time spent in the Launceston Remand Centre, and are to aid all to see 'another' reality. The imprisonment was a few years prior to the writing of 'The Judgment papers,' that were written to assist the Judiciary and others whom 'offend' God each day due to their 'errant' way.

There are also at the end some letters in response to my 'impending' Court Summons that have very pertinent information for all Magistrates. Let it here be also 'seen' and known that in order for God to imprison me so that 'a' truth I could see to assist thee, I had to 'first' become one 'deserving' to be imprisoned, and this 'due' I did accrue when I was but aged 22 and was a 'serving' police officer in the Kenya police reserve in the 1960's, during which time I did in the course of my duty 'apprehend' others due to the 'ignorance' of my teachings of the time.

~ The Messiah's imprisonment ~

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~ The Judge ~

Dear "Judge" I write this little note to you for ahead I'd have it you be true to your own sweet inner soul as "On Duty" in court you stroll, and to give you a "chance" to at "my truth" glance so that when we "meet" in the court off the street your "one sided" say may not be "You must pay."

You are here to "enact" the fulfillment of man's Pact with man that heeds not God's greater plan. Thus I do you "prepare" so that my wisdom you can share before I stand before you.

That in "itself" is an act untrue that any should issue a "Command" that another "Come" through a "demand" as you say: "Stand before me so your 'colours' I can see."

Soon an incredible "change" on earth. It will be strange, for all will heed God not foolish men who on earth plod, but before this time many will soil their hands with grime as they continue to do mans "bidding," to God untrue.

In bearing a verbal and physical mace, in God's eyes an eternal disgrace. Also demanding that others do "pay" what is "demanded" societies way, and it is but the "ask" before the "fall" for darkness will all "takers" maul. Those that use "your" pen to enforce what they would have "taken."

So "why" I do you ask, "Do you seek "employ" in such a task that is burdensome to your soul as you Judge others who on earth stroll"?

My brother and my friend, your heart and mind to me lend, and "defrock" from your "Robe" today, and heed the Source who does to you say:

"Son heed now this pen
it is wielded by MY Judge by ME chosen."


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~ The innocent ~
The victim and the guilty

There are no "innocents" in any land outside heaven, for in each of these "realms" abide spirits who have as yet not learnt to heed God's "leaven," being the wisdom of the Word: "Wield no sword."

Thus every spirit including those in the flesh of this place at some "time" or other showed God that they wielded a mace. Thus it follows that all are guilty of "offences" committed on a past day. So none are innocent and all must for past folly pay, as per the ONE Law of "As you sow, you reap."

It is "through" the sin that intrusive dark thoughts enter in. Thus it follows that when we "commit" a sin, we are in fact the victim of the dark overlord who telepathically incites us to deny the Word and be his "executioner" as we then abuse the other "guilty" party who in their past heeded not the Word.

So now it is revealed to each of thee the "insanity" that abounds quite "freely" in every realm outside heaven where all "succumb" to dark thoughts and thus deny God's leaven.

So please read about justice and the "judgment" to now befall all as all in a past time or lifetime, or present time, did "fall" in God's eyes as they wielded a mace, and thus as you now see "supposed" innocents being "atrociously" handled and "cut down," you must now "concede" that they are now "paying" their karmic due for a long past deed.

If you in any way "work" in the area of "bringing to account" the one who "fell" victim to the dark one and was thus used to abuse, then you too are already being used as a "part" of that dark reaping force and as its "victim" you too divorce your soul from heaven.

Heed now the fresh wisdom I bring or you will never in heaven sing. For if you heed the dark ugly "clown" then it is HE to pull your soul down. All who cannot forgive do eventually fall below and do not in heaven live.

The new way of today is to educate with compassion, as the real "enemy" is now identified by my pen as Satan, not the 'offender' who stands before you, but the ONE below who telepathically made them be untrue as they "foolishly," ignorantly, or arrogantly permitted his thoughts to flow through.

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~ The “breathaliser” Control Point ~
To : Constable Rick Groves

Along the “highway” I did happily “stroll” until I came to your “checkpoint control” and under “arrest” you did me “place” as you “all” said that I lacked grace.

You had to me said : “Breathe” for a moment or two into the “test tube” and prove that you are true as you say you had no drinks today.” And I did reply : “ I cannot comply to any man’s demand that is issued with a threat that I may have to pay a $3000 fine or be locked up for a year and a day.”

So you see the “today” iniquity where in the guise of “We help you for we are wise and from “death” we would you save,” you in fact “controllers” be as you abuse your “rights” and threaten me “your” employer. For it is my taxes that do you pay and I wonder if you can even “hear” what I say. If I was drunk on that day then it is God son to make me pay “if” I lost control of a car and did cause pain and suffering. That is what I hear God say.

It is not up to you to people protect, on this reflect. It is up to you to only be true and if you think a person could cause an accident for any reason, then be “frank” and as a good “Christian” say : “My brother, I believe you walk the wrong way and if you are vain and thus cause pain then you fall under God’s law and you will Reap what you Sow.”

You “think” that because you are mandated by man that you can avoid God’s great plan that all do reap what they do sow, and you “controlled” me and your crew sent my wife on a “lonely” hour long journey to “collect” me as they did say I was “under arrest” from “that” moment of the day.

So I write this to you and your “team” and the magistrate too. I was not guilty of any “offence” other than non compliance to your demand that I “climb over the fence” to prove my innocence. “You” are guilty of an offence in God’s eyes son, and I hope one day you will heed God’s call from the “Sun.” Being that we must only educate and love and be merciful to those we “think” are offenders on earth’s sod.

My drivers license is not a “privilege” to “hold,” this is by God to me told, it is a “Certificate of competence,” saying that I am now a “free-lance” driver who is capable and educated true, and thus able to do “safely” what I have been taught to. If any “man” steals this “accreditation” off me in the “guise” of “You a defaulter be,” then to their own souls they are untrue, for thieves I’m told also pay their due.

And further to this I say that if any “System” demands that I annually must pay to my “commendation” keep valid, then this too is sad for it is thievery and “buggery,” for the takers seal their own future in added pain as they “ahead” are enslaved by the dark overlord. It is not me son “living in a dream world” as one of your “team” did say. I live in the REAL world and hope and pray that you all do come my way.

Please visit my web “site” and from now on do only what in God’s eyes is right. Read my “Restoration Manual” that leads into the Offender document etc, and also read the “WAR and national “pain” document” for it applies to all men who are doing wrong in God’s eyes as they falsely “believe” they are doing good for humanity. 

Terence - the “pen” of God

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Sergeant Kim Hibble
cc; ‘Hickey’ justice of the peace
Ref: Complaint 26,602/99

Dear “Kim,” I refer to the summons issued to me and “wonder” why you lay a false charge against me. For in no way did I “any” way abuse you and thus in this issue you abuse your own soul as you “lay” a false “charge” against me your brother who on earth does stroll.

You state: “A person having become liable by virtue of an “act” of disgrace.” I ask: Why am I “liable” to prosecution just because I “show my face” on the road? Why do you presume that I “carry a load” of alcohol and thus “presume” that you have a right to use force and drag me to stand in another’s sight?

I do not have to give any “excuse” for non-compliance to a demand issued with a reprimand. I am a free man and thus I can say “NO, I did not any alcohol imbibe and thus I will not “give in” to your “tribe” and comply to its demand as said, that was backed by a threat and a reprimand.”

You have “elected” to be the “guinea pig” and lay a charge against me. As said, “Why follow “instructions” from an unlawful society”? Yes son, it is you in default, for all who lay “false action” against others do end up in Satan’s vault. Just because a “justice of the peace” does also their soul “grease” by act of written “writ,” means not that you are freed from “karmic” dues that upon your own soul you sit.

I have naught to say other than what my “pen” says as its message to you does sway. I will “await” the judgment issuing forth from the magistrate on “The” day he too “follows up” your false prosecution and either says; “You are free to go your way” OR “For your “folly” and mine it is I to deny the Light of God and I will make you pay or be locked up for a year and a day.”

So you see son, all who are “party” to any retributive ACT are by the satanic avenger backed, and IF they for IT do make any PAY, then IT the dark force ensures that on another day they too for their folly pay. Let us both await and see what GOD’S judgment via the mind of the magistrate will be.

Read my Mandates & Justification document on my web site.

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~ Mr. Magistrate ~

Dear Sir, there once was a time when “reality” did entwine with man’s law that did “presume” the innocence until “guilt” was proven by facts woven through investigation of circumstance.

We can “look down” from heaven upon man and see the present “plan” has changed as man “deranged” did enact “corrupted” acts that did say; “IF you remain silent that fact proves your guilt.” Or; “IF you do not prove your own innocence then we presume your soul is full of “silt” and we will judge you accordingly “guilty” and “throw the book” at you.”

I Sir am a free man whose soul did for eternity the universe span and thus I say that I have nothing to prove or disprove. I stand before you as a free man who was “freely” going his way on the day a “dark knave” said; “IF you do not comply to my demand today then my reprimand will be to steal your pay, for NIL ACTION is an offence today.”

So now I stand before you and await your judgement, be it true to your own soul or untrue. For the God of love says: “Judge not and I will set you free,” and the dark “overlord” below says: “NO, you work for me and thus you must make the “miscreant” pay IF he does a ‘debt’ owe to ME.”

So now you do see for whom any "justifier" does work. Yea, even if he thinks he is a man free. For e’en though you are mandated by men, you Sir are NOT above God’s Law that does this universe span that does say: “What you do today will by me be sent your way for all for “folly” do pay.”

Our God above does “decry” when he does espy that your office did send two armed gunmen my way who by “force” thus did me abduct and bring me to stand before you. Can you see your impropriety in the eyes of God?

I “suggest” to you that you stand up and walk out of this “Court of the Devil” and thus set yourself free as you walk out into the sunshine with me and I will sit at the coffee shop with you and tell you a mighty story that if you heed then you Sir will be released by me from the clutches of the Devil you cannot see.

So too will any “policeman” who sets now his gun down and sees reality before the FINAL reaping is done. This is my “plea” to all bound by the iniquitous planetary society, be they of any “armed force” who ALL “justifiers & reapers” be FOR the avenger they cannot see. You all now have the opportunity of making a personally informed decision based on truth and reality.

~ The Spirit of Truth ~

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~ The "Carrier" ~

Constable ‘Bradley’ - "I am twenty seven years old" you did to me say as your "flash" new police car down the road did sway, and I "wondered" at how easy it was for a "nice" young man to become a part of the Devil’s plan.

Son, God said: "Be nice," and the "old" Lord’s prayer said: "Deliver us from evil," so "why" I ask did you deliver me into the "hands" of the evil one? You son are very "naive," but will still see that "innocent ignorance" is no protection against the "grieve."

And, as you handed me "over" to four stony faced Corrective Services men you actually to them said: "This man Terence is the nicest man you will ever meet," and in silence with cold hard eyes they did your words greet and you quickly then "scuttled" away in complete ignorance of what was ‘coming’ to me that day.

And these men son are just like you. Just doing the job they are paid to do. The only difference that I do see is that they wield the "ultimate" power as one day you will see.

For "ahead" similar men will you "greet" when some other young fool picks you up at home or off the street and carries you "along" to that place the "lock up." I hope your mind is like mine very strong.

For all "of" the Devil’s system all end up that way, and their "time" there depends on how long they received the Devil’s pay. For all who work as a "cruising shark" in any guise are "stamped" with ITS mark. Believe you me son, before IT spiritually releases you IT demands ITS due.

So this little note is to let you and all "Coppers" know that it truly IS the time to go slow, and look deeply at what you do that for sure son is to your own soul untrue.

It is in order to take an "Offender in God’s eyes" IN, not to any "sin bin," but to a place they can be counselled face to face with the LIGHT, not to be incarcerated by those who unknowingly wield the Devil’s Might.

For not only do they for their wages "toil," but their own personal vindictiveness can "over-boil" and darkness seed, and for this deed they ahead more bleed.

Read the "Offender document" now released planetarily on my web site and decide on "which" side of the "fence" you will spend the next eternity.

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~ Launceston Remand Centre ~

To the prison guards untrue, who unknowingly do what they do, abusing their own blessed soul as they work for arrogant men whom on earth stroll.

This letter I to them write as I lie in my "cell" for a night and "wonder" at the "way" of man who daily heeds not God’s plan as for pieces of silver or gold he does exactly what he is told. Which is to other men "Try" and tell them to "do this or that" or they’ll be "shut up" and made to cry.

I reach out to my brothers you and you, saying: "I know you know not what you do, as you daily come to your work in this place where darkness does lurk."

Yes, the spirits of long gone men stand by my bed, as I wield this sacred pen, and they now listen to me, for they too did do as do thee. Yes, many men from long long ago did as you do and are themselves now incarcerated in "cells" way below and are desperate to become free, and their plight I now tell thee.

For God too has a LAW for all men, "It is only ONE," says God now via my pen, and it is: "What you do each day, returns to you as your karmic pay." So if you are loving and kind, then no person will you ever bind, but if you are an "incarcerator" untrue, then God does one day bind you.

I have written my sacred book. Please now in it have a look. For I say all "offenders" needs be taught as to why their minds with bad thoughts are brought down and they then stumble.

So I ask each of you to be now true to your own soul and leave behind the "job" you do and thus set yourselves free from the "fate" that accrues daily. By all means AID man, for that is a part of God’s plan, by bringing offenders to me, so I can them counsel and set them free.

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~ The Devil’s dungeon ~

People end up in jail either because their minds let them down or, because their soul wears the King’s Crown. Being a halo over their head and thus they do not "bow and beg" and do what man says they must do, they but to God remain true.

It is I who is God’s Judge who now returns to earth to show you and all how you daily your own souls "smudge" as you "rattle" your keys and keep people on their "knees" by demanding that they do what you in an "orderly" fashion tell them to.

The "callous" and harsh "mask" of your face is to God a disgrace. For it shows that you are all bound and that the "merciless one" has you found. Thus for IT you work and in the background of your mind does IT lurk.

Waiting to see if any of your prisoners "out of line" be, and if they do then a swift negative response they’d get from you. Are you "paid" to hold the keys of the "lock up" or also to sock any who your "ways" mock as their minds too are bound by the force untrue that through them also does more than "work"?

To one such as me it is "strange" that none of you can see the "poverty" of your way for which you all must one day pay before being set free by the King of the Sun, me.

It is I to now leave my "Offender document" at your door for soon I shall close up every planetary "Dock" shop and thus I "suggest" that you now plan ahead for the coming time of dread and a little prepare for when "real" wolves do you snare.

For when they have you "trussed" on the other side of the fence and you are "bleating" that you are not guilty of any "offence" then remember me the spirit of eternity who does say: "All for their past do pay and this must be done in non-retaliation or you never from incarceration and penance get away."

So please change now your "role" to that of counsellors and hang up your "keys" before as said, others bring you to your knees.

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~ Mr. Kane ~
Prisoner guard

Dear ‘MR’ Kane, some men are vain due to their "position" of authority through which they power gain over men they are paid to guard.

So "why" I ask you, do you need to put in a personal shard? A spike that says: "Did you ask permission to speak to me? Call me MISTER Kane for that is who I be, and if you need a "blanket" to wrap around your cold feet then permission for that too must you from MISTER Kane "bleat."

Son, you are "younger" than any of my sons given by God to me, this I do see. So as a Father to you must I now speak, for humbly must you any "offender" greet. For if they were unwise then you must not them despise. You must only them good counsel give so that both you and they can "ahead" happier live.

My "son," I hope this you will see, for it is I the "JUDGE" sent by God down to earth to see who is full of Light and who is soon to be of no mirth as they are dragged below because my wisdom they did not know.

There are many "as" you who like to add to the burden of inmates by tightening the "threads" of the "thumb screw" through personal choice, none seeing that they in fact are at this moment the Devil's voice that is but seeking to incite inmates to with you fight, which at times they do, and in God's eyes son you are both at this moment untrue.

So "sonny" boy, please with your own vanity do not "toy," because you are not yet a man for as yet God’s Wisdom did not your mind span. So next "time" when we meet I would expect you to me greet in the same manner as I greet you, as brothers true who can say "Good day, can I help you today."

I am glad your "face" I did see, for by your "act" and "this" letter we both will set other "bound" men free. Good day Mr. Kane, I have my "sights" set on you for I do believe that you son do have a soul true and ahead for us both is soon much to do.

Please now study my "BLOOD" document from heaven sent, and re-educate your mind that in an "enlightened" circumstance is I am sure one kind. And when you do see how political men and religion did man deceive you will begin to my pen believe, and a real man become before the planet falls undone.

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~ Michael ~
Prisoner guard

Michael, when I was "dragged" off’ the street by "constables" empowered by a magistrate’s "beak," I was placed in "remand" as your men said: "Put down your bag and put your shoes there and enter that door that is "our" lair."

And into a "special" black dungeon was I put and there was only cold stone underfoot, with a "rotting" mattress on the ‘floor’ a plank of wood for sure and a "dank" course blanket was on this bed and I knew why "other" men were filled with suicidal dread.

For when the door clanged shut and the key was turned
I knew that no man could avoid the fate they had earned.

Four high walls, no windows or light greeted this man who sat in God’s sight. So what else could this soul do other than to call forth the spirits of the lost who also were trapped in a similar "Devil’s play pen."

This I did for an hour or more until your "friendly" face came and you opened the door and took me to a room that was bare, as was I soon to be, "stripped" by thee in this examination "theatre" where as a "surgeon" about to commence a task you slipped on your white rubber gloves in front of God and his earthy dove.

But when you sat and "questioned" me I was aware of your "divinity." For I saw a man from our land above who had ‘forgone’ his calling to "Only love" as he a part in a "play" took so that he could consciously see the meaning of the unholy man’s "book."

So this note is now personal to you to aid you into again becoming true by "changing" your clothes in your "ministry" and becoming a counsellor like me. So that when people are brought into remand you will naught of them demand, you will just follow the "way" of the Offender document given to you today.

Yes, a counsellor for God you will be, inspired direct by God from the heaven that you cannot see, and others too in your present "place" will become as you a man of grace.

Counsellors for God need not any of "man’s" counselling qualification. That you have ‘seen’ the way of man is your "accreditation." Other than this a heart of gold and the "will" to just do what by God is asked of your soul bold and old.

Michael, God relies on men like you who when all falls to insanity will remain "true blue" and work as me for but a "slice of bread" alone and help the needy and not groan. For others like Clinton and Blair and our own Prime Minister soon to their fate share all send young men to war to die FOR the Devil on a far distant shore.

And as the planet soon does fall undone every armed man "in" or "out" of the armed services will reach for his gun. Please thus tell 100 of "your" breed to seed their minds as they my truth read so that they can put their guns down and just be helpers as all frown.

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~ Citizens of Launceston ~

Dear people, do you know the "way" that your society does go? Do you even care for the "ware" meted out to your sisters and mothers and fathers and sons who "disappear" off the street when a fine from a magistrate they cannot financially "meet"?

No, obviously not until you as I are put "on" the spot. In my "African’s" eyes a total disgrace and I hope "your" editor can find a "space" on his elevated page, for if not then he too is in denial of God’s sage.

If you ever end up as me a "helpful" man from over the sea who "one" day did find that by man’s law his freedom your men did bind, then you will see the "state" of the place that you all approve of through your ignorant state.

Yes, your children who are young and catch a few fish down by the sea or for other reasons are incarcerated in a "black hole" I do see. A place that is "open" to the sky and thus for sure none can "fry." Yes, its freezing cold with wooden slat benches to sit on even if you are old.

And the mere fact that guards stand around whilst you naked shower or on an "open" toilet sit does not bother me personally one little bit. But I only write this to warn you that to your sisters and brothers you are ignorantly and blatantly untrue for by silence supporting this "way" that is continued on through "precedent" by politicians and their minions each day.

If I were you I would not vote. If I were you I would not pay them even a five bob note. No, I would from today refuse to support any system of such "basic" misuse of God’s children whom you obviously "think" deserve such treatment for they into "criminality" did sink.

NO, the real criminals I do see are your servants empowered to make rules to entrap thee. Yes, it matters not what you think, the whole "thieving" system does stink. For it is all now designed to just steal your hard-earned cash to add to their salary you already pay.

None of you has got any respect for God or your own souls or others as you "vengefully" shout: "Arrest the bad one and make them pay." Where is the compassion or mercy today? For your souls too I will pray.

I say it is time for change. If you cannot, then one day in jail it is you to suicidally derange. For your servants are being untrue to satisfy your demands that they so do.

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~ Tent or City ~

Whether there are three "families" camped by the sea, or be it the whole Launceston City community, we all are "of" the community, the police, the jailers and you and me.

And what none can see is that "those" who become out of "control" mentally and thus do what is seen as "out of order" by the community are but people who to themselves are unkind because they have not been taught how to keep out thoughts that them bind.

What is happening to you and me? Can none of you see the escalating insanity? I sit quietly in my "cell" writing these pages in the night as others are shouting out expletives to jailers with whom they want to fight. Hopefully before 5 am they into a sleep state will sink.

I can but hope that you personally and individually will "awaken" and BE a true believer in God and never decide to call for vengeance against another who is as blind as you be.

Soon by GOD will you all be put into the hands of the Devil, so please "follow me" by permitting those "of the dark force" to do with you whatever they are inspired to by their thoughts. For only when you can in non-retaliation go through your "trial by pain" being your "Seminar of TRUTH" will you be one-day set free as me to walk the road.

To your own soul be kind, submit to the ‘examination’ of your ‘space’ by the blind, and if they intrude and are rude then so be it. For in reality it is only your due karma that they for the Devil upon you sit.

Is there ONE true "politician" out there with REAL spiritual clout who TRULY knows what God’s WORD is all about? I hope so, believe you me, for God says: "What you condone will soon be done to each of thee, for you are "raised" to my children protect with care, not to put them into the "hands" of those who "set" the Devil’s snare."

It is now the time for all to now see that we all have a "common" enemy. IT is not man, IT is the DARK FORCE that would destroy all mankind and ITS power is ITS capacity to work through the mind of the arrogant and the vain and all can see that it did great power gain over all, be they the public or the police or those who would earthly wealth gain.

It is my "task" with your help to "clean up" earth’s "shore." Let us all now become civil civilians, no less, no more. We do not need "armed men" to us protect, on this reflect. Just people you and me helping those "out of control" until God sets their souls free.

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To: Richard McCreadie
Commissioner of Police. Tasmania

Dear Richard, I do have a “formal” complaint but it is not one to make you faint. It is but one to show how all today do the wrong way go. You may have seen the “Sheriff Arpaio” chain gang on ABC TV "Foreign Correspondent." That shows the stark reality of Clinton County” the true American face, to GOD a veritable disgrace.

Now it is truly the time where all iniquity will be exposed by “media” as well as my “prose” for it truly is the time for all humanity to be alerted to the power of their own dark vanity.

Whereby your “good” young recruits as well as those in the “Corrective Services” are expected to mete out disservice to people of their community in their “charge” because the community “at large” want protection from others who into their space “barge.”

This “disservice” extends also to those “in” your care who in “your” eyes do not deserve better ‘ware’ due to their “default” in fine payment for “ridiculous” extortionist Acts enacted by the Devil’s workers who walk in the disguise of political superiors.

These standing “regulations” also ensure that the magistrates too are bound to “execute” their own souls as they comply with the “directives” or they will lose out on their pay.

It is thus the time to set your “own” flocks free from this “hidden” iniquity where your sector of the “serving the community" are expected to work for the darkness. I know that they cannot serve the darkness with impunity. For all are subject to God's law and thus they too all pay for errors or misdemeanors whilst they walk their way.

So my complaint is that you their “Chief” do not adequately protect them from the “hidden” demands of society. Your men must now turn to “me” by heeding our God’s call to quickly implement the Offender document that sits “on air” free.

Tasmania has a wonderful opportunity to teach all its inhabitants quickly that no more will your ‘force’ steal its pay, and no more will they the community have to sit in dungeons unless they kill others in their way.

And as for the non-Christian community, they will be taught by me that there IS a God they cannot see who says: “You will reap what you do sow” so that all sufferers can “understand” why darkness upon them does its vengeance Sow.

All negative acts are by dark thoughts backed. Thoughts from below that grow in vain minds to abuse others whom in their past did darkness sow. Please now visit me and together we will implement new ways before all Tasmania falls into insanity.


Cc. Superintendent Tony Burgess. Launceston Remand Center

page 14

Superintendent Tony Burgess
Corrective Services. Launceston.

Dear Tony, I wish to commend the professionalism of your men who are in a very "precarious" position as they are expected to "correct" the ways of "errant" man.

They do show a positive attitude in that by their "actively" forceful authority they impress upon their "customer" the need of absolute obeyance that is the precursor of discipline.

I do personally know that your community "Service" is indeed needed in order to CORRECT the ways of errant men. But, I do also see that the manner of the correction demanded by society needs to change.

I am a man of very deep "truth" who is also God's proof who is now to teach all how & why the darkness does use men and then abuse them. I do hope that you have had more than a glance at my web page. I do believe that Tasmania is soon to be at the forefront in teaching all Correctional Services planetarily as to the CORRECT way.

I do also believe that your specific "Remand" Center will become a "Central" Seminar Center wherein 3 hour Corrective "services" Seminars will be held. Not only for errant community members, but also to teach other planetary Corrective Services departments how they will conduct their own Seminars and implement their own "Restoration of Offenders" sessions.

I do already "plan" how this is to be done as I do know that society is soon to fall "undone" and unless offenders are "treated" positively and taught how to be protected mentally, then not only will the Remand Centers overflow, but panic and death will grow.

I send you today a copy of a letter sent to the Commissioner of Police and open for all the public to see. Please commend "Michael" and Mr. Kane and thank them for their role, as they are good men and will help their God who will guide all from afar.

Please familiarize yourself with the "Restoration document" with its ISIS Suicide & Offender docs attachments on my web site, the "Blood" document, and the "Visions" in which you can "decide" if you are one of the 101 million spoken of therein sent to earth to help humanity.

There is naught that I can do other than await a call from your department unless I am there again sent as I do yet have a "pending" Court matter on September 24 that arose from my non-compliance to "breathe" into a breath test unit when sober.

In trust - Terence

page 15

~ Statement by “Submission” ~
Complaint 28602/99 - Sergeant Kim Hibble.
Charge: Refuse breath test and refuse breath analysis.

My defence against the “false” charges laid against me are laid open before this court of man as well as the public via my Internet web site.

The “Charges” laid against me are firstly that I was a person who became liable to undergo a breath test. Secondly that without reasonable excuse I refused to comply to a directive given by a police officer, i.e. “Breathe and your innocence prove.”

If the court finds that I became liable to “breathe” into a tube merely because I was the driver of a vehicle that was stopped by a “force” of men on the open highway, then so be it and there is naught that can be done by me. For it then follows that in the eyes of those sitting in judgment over me that I am guilty of that offence and thus there is naught for me to do other than to await their judgment.

I have already stated to the court that I had advised the attending officers that I had imbibed no alcohol on that day, and that it was against my “conscience” to comply to any directives of man that were not a part of my days plan. - - -

Dear Mr. Wilson, “Magistrate.” By “force” of man’s way you “drag” me to Court today and ask me how I Plea. “Guilty or not guilty”? I respond with God’s love that essences from above and say:

I do not “plead” innocence or guilt to any man for I know that it is God to ascertain fulfillment of HIS Law that does the very heavens span. Thus I respond to your “plea” of me by this “Statement of submission” and hope that by its clarity it sets you and all men free.

I do acknowledge that on a “certain” day I was at the place where your men showed their lack of grace and did demand that I “breathe” into a tube. I do state that at no time at that place did I verbally or physically do aught that in God’s eyes was “classified” as a disgrace.

Therefore before God I state that in God’s eyes I did not sin by sowing any “iniquity.” I further state that I am a “free” man because I walk before God and thus I state that you are not empowered to “Judge” me.

You do falsely believe that I “belong” to your society by virtue of “living” on this land that is “controlled” by foolish arrogant men who themselves deny their God as they are controlled by “Acts” invoked from Satan's den.

ACTS devised by “other” arrogant men who sit in “back rooms” and scheme and devise regulations to entrap free men such as me, for many are gullible and cannot clearly see. Thus they pay by giving their money away to “Highway robbers” who themselves falsely believe that their actions are true.

I can but “hope” that you do see the folly of man today. I again state that I am not a part of your society and thus IT does not have any jurisdiction over me. Just because a “man” enacts regulations in the guise of “It’s for your own good” does not imply that in God’s eyes he can threaten and demand that others must comply.

Man has God’s “rules” misunderstood, and there is no “immunity” against the Law of God for any man, be they “mandated by man” or not. In God’s eyes I am free, and in God’s eyes I very humane be, for I come here “freely” today to tell you that it is you who walks the wrong way.

It is God son to soon “judge” you and all men who “virtuously” do what they do. Yes, you all do God’s Holy Word despise and that is not wise. For you all have been mandated by man to “justifiably” deny God’s Commandment that does the heavens span that says:

“Be only loving and merciful and forgiving and compassionate, for if you are “less” than that then you are already judged by Me and I will extract payment from thee.”

So please do not take any more “wages” from the “System” that does you employ to your own soul destroy. Set yourself free as asked in my “other” communiqué to thee and let me go today. Fail in this and I see that great suffering will come your way, for already your “book” is full as others pockets you “shook” and took them “down” so in prison they frown.

As a “Magistrate” you do have the power vested in you by man to “judge” and “execute” according to “Acts” legislated by man. But these Acts are only “liable” in man’s eyes for enactment over those under your jurisdiction.

I have stated that I do not come “under” your jurisdiction as I am not a part of your society by virtue of “breathing” the same air that you do, nor by virtue of the fact that I walk on the same pathway that you do, for I walk in the opposite direction that is towards the Light, whereas all others walk towards the Dark where all eternally fight.

My only “plea” to you today is that you stop and turn around and join me, and then we both can gather others and all walk to the light.

This “Submission” to you is TRUE and I await your “earthly” judgment upon me for as said, by God for your past ways you already judged be, and I would not have you “accrue” another debt by falsely “condemning” me.

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Court case "Summary"

Your "action" was brought against me, not because I was a "drunk driver," but because someone had enacted a "clause" whereby they and thus you became self mandated to "throw the book at me" over a technicality of your law that stipulated that:
"At a certain point of time I became liable to undergo a breath test" and at "this" point of time I lost my own freedom of choice of action and also my voice was silenced by virtue of your self imposed authority.

My defense therefore rests upon whether or not you as my "judge" are able to see that I as a man of God am "democratically entitled" to walk upright in the eyes of God and thus go on my way and do my own business without let or hindrance from any other man.

I am also entitled to live by the Law of God and abide in the commandment of God. I am also entitled to walk my road "in opposition" to any demand of any "insane" vain men who might seek to not only impose their demands upon me but who justify their negative acts of control and "theft by servant" by any "non-compliance" to "hidden" technicalities contained within their "unholy book of law" that they say was designed for my protection.

I am not here because I had imbibed any alcohol on "the" day. I am called here by you to show cause why I should not pay a "fine" for not complying with a directive given to me by a man who stopped me on the road.

You and "he" now state that "that" act was folly because "someone" had legally enacted a "rule" whereby any person by virtue of being in this Tasmanian "estate" must comply to the directives of men in uniform. Thus this "directive" and its implications has become your "systematic belief."

This "directive" whereby I lose my "right" of freedom of choice is the core of the "variance" of beliefs between you and me. I do not believe that as a "free man" I am compelled to follow the beliefs of other men.

There are men in this land and every earthly land that believe that other men must comply with their directives or they will be made to cry. This is absolute control of God's children I espy, and God says:

"Only I have the authority of impunity. Therefore if any of you find "reason" to control any of my children then it is you who does not comply to my mandated commandment of "Only Love" and I will make you cry."

Any man who "justifies" a reason to "deny" and not comply with God's commandment is vain and insane and will soon be of NO name. I as a simple man do not have to comply with any directive of man however vain or insane they are.

However, if I am confronted or "held" accountable by such ignorance and "detained and bound" by their insanity then yes, I am at "their" mercy to do with me as the dark side, the "Devil," would have them do. Therefore there is naught else for me to say or do and I rest my case and await to see if your "dark side" binds me or if your "light within" sets me mercifully free.

If you are unable to set me free at "this" moment then I ask for a 90 day adjournment so that you have the opportunity to look deeper at my "expression" on my web site so as to be able to make a better "personally informed" decision as to your stand in this matter. I do hope to set a "precedent" by example in order to uplift the consciousness of mankind.

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To A.G. Shott. Chief Magistrate.
& Peter Wilson Magistrate
Complaint No: 28602/99

~ Conspiracy & false pretences ~

I Terence do state that in the State of Tasmania on this 28th day of September 1999 year 003 true light, that magistrate Peter Wilson did conspire with the public prosecutor in the case at hand to play an "ace" that was very underhand.

Thus I "charge" him with collusion of the foulest order and by my pen condemn him to the same "judgment" that he gave unto me.

For I do believe that God said "Judge not lest ye be judged," and as we all must "Reap what we did Sow," I the Messiah state that for all past iniquities Mr. Wilson shall be consigned to hell for a time and a time as he did many a 'time' soil his soul with grime through his vindictive nature as he sat in a position of authoritative stature.

I state that the "statutes" used to bring me to "account" were proved to be invalid by me as given in my Statement by submission to this man.

I further state that this "said" man is paid a wage by the taxpayer "me" to sit in "judgment" with impartiality against any complaint made against me. Failure of this and his "wage" is taken under false pretences.

I further state that "complicity" to "collusion" between the said "judge" was "seen" by all, as at the "end" of my submission he "suddenly" found another technicality of which he spoke aloud and thus indicated to the prosecutor that if this technicality by him was allowed and "asked for" by "her" the prosecutor, he could convict me a man who had committed no offence that he could see on the docket of complaint laid against me that was answered to by me.

Further to this I do state that the "lady" prosecutor leaned forward to his "ear" and whispered so I could only hear a "little" as she said "We will use - - - - - and add this clause to our complaint."

I did not faint because when cross examined by me, both the police witnesses who spoke "for" the prosecutor had acknowledged openly to the court that my conduct on the day was exemplary and that I did not in any way appear to have imbibed any alcohol on the day.

It is unbecoming of a "gentleman" to (a) After the prosecutor has completed their case, & (b) After the accused has responded to all charges made against him, to then "take over" the case for the prosecution and add in a technical "clause" that would justify him and enable him in his "pre" sentencing dialogue to inform me that I was guilty of "that" ace out of his sleeve, and then use it as the basis of his sentencing of me.

I do further state that I do believe that this "judge" is not fit to hold his position as he is paid for honesty and impartiality. He is not a "witness" for the prosecution, nor an "advisor" to their "case."

Thus by his own "hand" he has shown God and many "present" on this land that he was not "partial" to me, for he should have said to the prosecutor: "You have erred in the "letter" of your complaint, and that has been proved by the submission of this man and thus I can naught do but advise you that there is no case to answer and this man I set free."

Thus I ask the "Chief" magistrate to rescind the finding of the court of the day and I "pray" that Mr. Wilson will see the error of his way and become a man true and with impartiality do what he is paid by my taxes to so do.

The motto of the police is one thing, but the motto of
The System of man today is
"We will force you into submission."

The judgment is not to be rescinded for my benefit, but for the spiritual welfare of the magistrate. It matters not to me that any man is foolish enough to judge me for I can clearly see.

I see that when "a" man passes judgment upon any other "for better or worse" in relation to "error or good deed," he is in fact passing judgment upon the "Light of God" within that soul, and thus "in a sense" is passing judgment upon God.

Therefore it follows that any man whose "judgment" is less than merciful, kind, compassionate and forgiving, is himself heading for the hellish land of the non-living. Man for centuries has "erred" and it is I to "stir" his consciousness with truth.

The judgment of another's "way" becomes the "Sowing of deeds" positive or negative that do by the force of God's will invoke an equal and opposite response to the "Sower" at a later date that is called the "Reaping."

This "reap" is absolutely just and is the "equal" return to the projector in accordance with the ONE Law of God that states: "As you Sow, so shall ye Reap." No man is "above" this Law of God. It is only my "pen" that can judge with impunity, being the pen of God to judge all men.

All men have passed judgment upon others in their daily "works" and thus all men are guilty of "false" judgment in God's eyes, in that their judgment of the errant ways of others that "led" others to be less than forgiving etc. has placed all in the "shadow" side of God's Law, and that dark side is the retributive hand of God.

The "scales" of God's Law are balanced by God and any man who takes it upon himself to be the "retributioner" is working for the dark side and becomes a part of it. Man has "foolishly" undertaken to be the reaper for the invisible God he cannot see and thus as he extracts "an eye for an eye" it is he to later personally cry.

This statement is issued by me "without prejudice" and without any animosity towards Mr. Wilson or any of the "men" of the Tasmania Police force who I do know are trying their best for the community.

But upon all it needs be impressed that the community are not "automatically" defaulters, and also that God is real and all who "persecute" in any way do for their own folly pay another day.

I also "wish" for the opportunity to speak to Mr. Wilson and his peers over a cup of tea so that we can discuss sincerely the way of man today as is given to humanity by God via my sacred pen on my web site.

It is time to implement my "Offender restoration document" for soon the visible planetary desecration is coming our way as all for their past do pay, and there is no end to the depths man can fall if "he" does not try very hard to walk tall in the eyes of God. I give below my brief "answer" to the statutes given as justification for the complaint against me. The full transcript is attached.

The complaint is that I erred because I refused to comply with a directive given by a police officer to submit to a breath. He quotes: "Being a person having become liable to undergo a breath" test under subsection 1-2 or 3 of section 8 Road Safety Act.

Road Safety (Alcohol and Drugs) Act 1970 (No. 77 of 1970)
Requested: 24 Sep 1999, Consolidated as at: 24 Sep 1999

Division 2 - Examination of persons for alcohol or drugs
Liability for breath test as a
result of conduct

I would draw your attention to the "heading" of this Section of "Alcohol & Drugs" Act that clearly states that it refers to, quote: "Liability for breath test as the result of conduct related to THE TAKING of alcohol."

I can honestly state that during my hour or more when I was detained at the "scene," during which time I spoke to more that one officer, that at no time did I show any "conduct unbecoming" that could be construed to be the "result of the taking of alcohol." This was confirmed by the police prosecution witnesses.

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~ Superintendent Young ~
Launceston Police
& Police Commissioner McCreadie

I do hereby submit my "response" to the judgement placed upon me by magistrate Peter Wilson on Sept 28th 1999 ( year 003 TL) and state:

I do believe that the demands of some "person" in the System, who calls for not only tighter control over the free movement and expression of God's children, but who also "justifies" the continued dis-obeyance to these "rules" as a means for raising the levels of fines and punishment, is in fact leading your "good" men into a false belief that they are empowered to dictate to and control man.

I ask that you pass on my attached reply to the court judgement to all three police personnel who were witnesses for the prosecution case against me. They need to know the "falsity" of the system that they follow.

Soon you and all will realise that man "falls" into iniquitous ways (As per the recent abduction, rape and murder of a young lass Tammy Rickard by David Street) because his mind is "open" to dark forces who suddenly impact their demands and use the fleshly being to carry out their wishes.

The instant this is "completed," the "sorry" one who was used suddenly "awakens" to the horrific reality of what they did do when temporarily possessed by dark spirits who overpowered their mind.

That man is not a "bad" man, but "one" of many that did or could "sin" as could you and all and thus needs be treated as "victim of the dark" and counselled by me for sure.

His error was "less" than the deliberate act of the magistrate who "deliberated" before resorting to a conspiracy to entrap a man.

I do hope that you too will "begin" to look my way before Indonesia also falls to the thoughts of the "dark one" and is inspired to come our way and mete out divine justice to any "untrue" who live on this shore as you and I do.

Every man is "suddenly" to be awoken to the reality of what they did do in their past when they too were blind and could not see their way that was also iniquity.

Be it a "temporary" insanity or a lifetime of mandated impropriety in the eyes of God, as they carried out their given "orders" by men of this earthly sod, who paid them silver and gold to defy God's commandment to be only forgiving and merciful.

I am "sad" at the fact that it is also the "demands" of the people that expect the police to be "bully boys" and protectors and avengers. It is the time to see the real cause of all true "offending" in God's eyes and make restitution as given by me in my Offender Manual.

As for Mr. Wilson, I leave him to God and will in no way "aid" any man of this sod to be a part of any persecution of his way. May his spiritual enlightenment begin today.

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Inspector Webster
Sgt. Davis & Const. Rick Groves
Tasmania highway patrol

Dear friends, I wish you to know that I have nothing personally against you. It is but the "way" of the System of man that I see as untrue. For justification to entrap/ deceive/abuse/steal $ and make others cry, has become so normal to man that he sees not that the very Devil is the mastermind behind the plan to tighten his control more and more on this land far from his shore.

And what men do not see is that the justification that is used as the reasoning to supposedly help the community and impose heavy fines & prison sentences for non compliance, is in fact control of God's children, and thus YOU are being used by the dark to BE the controllers, and thus it is YOU who incur a spiritual debt as YOU do your job so earnestly FOR the community.

Please read a little of what I send and visit my web site if you so wish for I do see you as all men whom God would "enlighten" via me his pen, for soon fear and terror will also be seen in this south pacific end and when ALL systems crumble then even the politicians will stumble and you and I and all will stand unarmed before God.

You can either "police" as "political lice" or as real men "polite and nice," and only those who can walk tall unarmed and courageous be, will by my wisdom from God be set spiritually free. I attach my response to the judgement over me.

There is a positive job position for men such as you who wish to be true to their 'errant' sisters and brothers who err by non-compliance to God's commandment of "Only love." Not those errant to the laws of men.

Each policeman must now decide whether in the course of their duty they will take their orders from man, or from GOD. You can work as a member of the police "club" for the common good of mankind and remain within the "Orders of God" being the Commandment to be forgiving, merciful, and compassionate.

You need to see the difference, and then you can "call in" offenders in God's eyes who "sin" by the very deeds listed in para 1 (entrap/ deceive/abuse/steal, and make others cry) and these miscreants will be taught as per the Offender manual given free to humanity by me.

In which they will LEARN that even though man lets them in forgiveness go their way after hearing good counsel, that they CAN expect to "reap what they sowed" at the hands of other offenders another day.

If you haul in a person who has erred in the eyes of a law of man that is not a contravention of the law of God, then you are totally out of order and it is you now proven guilty of disorder in the eyes of God by your act. I hope the "inhuman" human race soon "hears" what I do say.

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Fine notice - No. I103038 dated 29/09/1999

Dear "sender," whoever you be. Please withdraw your demand of $765.30 from me. For by your very act it is "deemed" that you are an "accessory" to the fact that you did "collude" and join the conspiracy to extort money under false pretences from me.

And your "attempt" is also backed by threat of further extortion of $50.50 if I do not comply. Thus I advise you again to withdraw your "try" as by your own law, "extortion" is an offence in itself and you could be soon in a "position" where a court of man does you try.

I do see it as a very impolite "try" to steal funds off the taxpayer who pays your wages, and also it could thus be deemed as 'theft by servant' if a prosecutor was to "explore" that "quadrant."

I do expect a letter by mail stating that you acknowledge your "attempt" did fail and thus you no longer demand aught from me as you can now a little "clearer" see.

I note the "ease" at which you assume that you can bring the community to its knees and further state that all thieves in any guise are soon to see that it is very unwise to so "openly" attempt to extort money from God's children as a daily "sport."

Do not assume any "diplomatic" immunity just because of your "mandated" position, for no man is "above" the law of God and by proof of deed you are by God already classified as guilty of an offensive offence.

Note: Any governmental System that uses "force of arms" against non-compliance to its rules and regulations is in fact the dictatorial dark system of the "hidden" retributive arm of God.

Thus all earthly "powers" in any "named" form, be they named "Democratic," or "Communist," or "Autocratic," are all one and the same thing. They all work for the benefit of the System itself, not for the benefit of the people whom are used by it and enslaved by it as it says:

"All my workers are doing their best to look after you, therefore any non-compliance by you is deemed by me to be anarchy on your part against me the invisible force of darkness that controls the system raised by me."

Thus it is that the Devil working through man's "systems" thought to be the norm, uses us to support its control over others by our "free giving" payment of "taxes," and thus we are its workers who become burdened by karmic debts more and more, as we are falsely programmed to think we are helping the poor. Wake up, all must now pay for supporting the satanic pup.

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~ The “letter” of the Law of man ~

It is the “letter” of the law of man that separates man from God’s greater plan, which is to elevate man so that in heaven he can live after he has learnt to forgive. It is very sad that the System “we” the public support has become an extortionist self-protectionist regime.

The “administrators” of man’s laws are not concerned with morality for they have forgotten the meaning of spirituality. They are only concerned with adhering to the letter of the “Law” enacted by other men who at “that” time of enactment were inspired by the Devil for sure.

And once the “enactment” is done, then it has to be adhered to by everyone. Yes, all are now bound and ‘tis thus that the Devil’s ‘works’ on earth are found, being the “injustices” of the System that binds the “executors” of justice for they are paid to heed the letter of the enacted law even if it contravenes the Commandment of God to “Be only loving.”

Thus the “Legal flock” are daily “authorised” by these laws to mock the very God to whom they profess they hold in high esteem, as they “per” these laws ream the souls of other men who scream out in poverty and frustration through incarceration.

The reality is that it is the Criminal Justice System masquerading as the “virtuous” judiciary that is the powerful administrative body that ensures that all pay their “allotted” Mafiosi due to this devilish system of bureaucracy.

The “Systems” men who say that they were “appointed or elected” through a system of democracy are in fact the criminal “arm” of the Devil working through powers thought the norm.

“The ‘servants’ of the people being the system’s workers are in fact slaves enslaved by Satan for they do what they do for silver and gold.” This is what I am told by our God of love.

These “employees” or “serfs” of the dark underhand “overlord” have become so used to their ways that they now assume that it is natural to themselves act in an immoral, unnatural way, being that they deny God as they heed “Acts” enacted by man that give them “licence” to be thieves in the disguise of good men.

Yes, all can now see that the “justice” system is “run” by criminals in the eyes of God who now says: “I will judge all men of this sod. Yea verily My will be done and thus all who ‘proceed’ with judgement over others will now fall undone.”

I say that all men now needs read the “letter” of God’s Law and search their own conscience before bringing judgement to another's door. Let all men reseed their consciousness with truth, and let love, mercy and compassion be to the fore.

Let all men in forgiveness look but to their own deeds of pride and greed and prepare to their own fate meet as they do from this day on greet others only with kindness. I say that any man who has the capacity to see what I say and thus set me and others free will one day the face of our loving God see.

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To: Richard McCreadie, The Commissioner of Police
47 Liverpool street, Hobart. Tasmania

Dear Richard,

~ Entrapment ~
& Insanity & the “Dark Force” that controls mans minds.

As surely as God made little apples, the time has come for my “message to humanity” to cross your path. I trust that my “speed” is put to good use, and thus you will see “what is to be” for all humanity.

I say this because the Police are directly in the “firing line” for the savage darkness soon to erupt totally in the minds of man, and you and all now needs make a quick change of plan to become “unarmed helpers,” rather than “empowered controllers.”

“Entrapment’ is the folly of today,” is what our God says as my pen does sway. For it is the “devil” in the mind of man who “enacts” acts to make “virtuous” the entrapment plan.

And all this is done in the guise of propriety that is deemed necessary and good for society, not seeing that all that is being done is that the “trapper” walks away from the sun. Yes, just because they “think” they are wise, their souls fall out of the skies, for any who for any reason our God’s call deny, ahead, themselves do cry.

I’ve said before, it’s time for Education, yes, put up the “signs” but no Regulation. You “cannot” make people pay up for an “intent” to cause suffering to others, for this “act” is obviously bent. So if I drive past a “speed” sign, it means not that I am “evil,” I may be benign, and foolish have become mans way as he seeks ever increasing “income” in his daily forays.

So any working for the “Force” and via entrapment traps another, do their own souls divorce from our loving God above, say I God’s dove. So I reach out to you and you the “workers” paid by the System untrue, saying: It’s time now to clearly see that it is you that “entrapped be.”

Yes, you are trapped in a system that does you employ, thus you believe that it’s OK to destroy, yes, kill or drag another to Court. I say: “This is how a hellish destination is bought.”

Just because a “Leader” elected be, means not that you should follow his passing of ACTS that of impropriety be, that is what I do say as I write to you all today. “We” have become so used to complying to what we are told we must do, that the “controllers” and “trappers” no longer can see what they do.

So if I acquiesce and pay you money in the guise of a “fine,” I then am but helping you to be controlled by that Devilish swine who from below did his iniquitous demands in the minds of man sow. So from his “entrapment” I’d set the world free, try now and observe my SIGN of Truth and set yourselves free, for if past “It” you blindly speed, ahead, for sure you will bleed. Let us now walk “hand in hand” and understand.

To Toppage 23

~ The ‘Fine’ ~

The “Fine” is the “Take,” taken with a gigantic rake by the force way way below that would impoverish all humanity, this I know, and “It” is a powerful force that can any soul “divorce” from their own inner light, for it “blinds” their outward sight.

So that the “imposer” of the fine cannot see that they work for the dark swine who “Clowns” in their mind so they “see not” that they are blind. And all this “Take” is in the guise of virtuosity, in the guise that “It’s good for our society if the bad ones who the rules break are ‘roasted’ on a fire for their mistake.”

And greed grows and grows, thus “heavier” the taking “blows,” and the extortionists grow rich until they fall into the spiritual ditch. And all the “time” that they took as they pointed out the “misdemeanours” in their book, they believed that they were “Right” and upholding God’s Might.

But soon they will “mourn” for the “takings” they did earn were taken by “force,” thus, they did their souls divorce from their own inner light seeing not the “wolf” in their sight, and the wolf draws now “near” and its “workers” soon feel fear for the wolf will now take off all who used its rake.

Yes, the Reaper will now “Run” and all society falls swiftly undone, and all “controlled and punished” will be set free, because your take will soon stop so you’ll not “afford” to keep shop. Meaning, no funds to pay the jailers or police, for they only work if you their palm grease daily with pieces of silver or gold, can you not see the “Unions” getting bold ?

I can only “warn” all of you what is to be done to each of you. You all will now pay the price for being less than kind, less than nice. So quickly now “refrain” from taking more and thus gain a little less “Karma” on your road, thus ahead you’ll ease your debt to God load.

Swiftly now enact a “Deregulatory Act” that abolishes all “Fine & punishment.” I quote an extract from The Testament of Truth:

“Those that break the law at night are those that sure are in dismal plight, twisted and turned by those below, they have no chance in what they do or where they go.

So they needs be caught and counselled see, then each day must they be set free, no matter what the deeds they do, prison guards too few too few. We cannot lock up the world each night, we must just believe that all’s a’right, so just reserve the prisons for those that kill the meek and poor.”.....

Let “each” now turn and face into the Light and make a “decision” that they will personally walk not into the dark night. Any who for any reason do darkness “virtuously” deploy are employed by “IT,” and IT will them ahead destroy. At the very least it will make you suffer pain for the time when you were vain, and IF you retaliate when another gives you flack, then for sure you are on the wrong track.

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~ The Contributor ~

The contributor to the “wage” of those meting out retribution that is contrary to God’s sage are themselves in the “employ” of the devious “dark boy.” For it is they who pay the wages of sin as they expect the police to kill at their “whim” any person who does stroll around town out of control.

So now you do see “why” every taxpayer a “defaulter” be in the eyes of our God who calls out now to all on the sod, saying: “Prepare, prepare, for all now will share the fate of those who suffered pain so you could “temporary” freedom gain.”

So we seek to “alleviate” pain that could “call” at our “gate.” This is why we employ police and armies to others destroy. So there are no “innocents” on this sod, every person is in some way a devious bod, whether through ignorance or by “design,” each is “reached” by the dark swine.

So I now say to each of you it is THE time to be truly true, for it is the beginning of the end where you either “rise up” or God does you below send. Be now Resolute, no more now contribute to the “wages of sin,” only thus do you eternal freedom win.

Only now “donate” funds to “counsellors of the needy,” not to those who others berate and are greedy. For if you contribute to the pay of the vain, “It” the darkness laughs and holds you in disdain as it continues to you use, so as to others abuse, all of course in the guise of a society wise.

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