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~ The Police 'Peace Treaty' ~

This document was "raised" up in the year 2002 AD (006 True Light) and is "offered" to every police department around the world as a "solution" to the escalating problems arising from the political Systems of man using the police "force" to wage "War" against the local communities.

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Presently the Police is a "force" of people who live in the same neighbourhood as I do, but they are a "group" to be feared. For though they are paid a wage by the local community, they work for another group of people in a "distant" place, who use them as their "mace" to harass us the populace, and it is the police whom disturb the peace every day as they enforce "rules" that are raised up by political legislators.

So these "men" who police each town need to see that they will soon "frown" as we refuse to pay their false wage unless they "treat" us in a civilised way.

Surely they do "aid" us sometimes if some of "us" disturb the peace and need "restraint," but mostly they follow "quaint" beliefs from "olden days" that are enshrined in "someone's" unholy book of "ACTS."

So it is the time for the police to see their iniquity and make a Treaty with themselves that they will "promise" to be civil and respectful members of the local community and disarm themselves and walk peacefully as God would have them do, and no longer "support" extortionists far away who say that it is "they" whom them pay to control us each day.

This document that is a part of the Offender document gives a different "slant" on the problem, and also deep revelations in some areas to assist every "serving" officer with the opportunity to come to some personally informed decisions as to their "role" past and future as on earth they stroll.

This document contains this note as well as letters written to Inspector Lieutier and Constable John Elson that were the result of an "incident" that took place on a public street within the St. Helens township in East Tasmania when the writer who was peacefully going about his God given daily business was "accosted" by uniformed men and "taken" to the police station and told "something."

As a result of this happening I have added this Item in order to assist the police with the sincere "ask" that they now "enter" into a 'Peace Treaty.'

This Treaty is not one requiring either the "agreement" of parties nor the "signature" of any parties to validate it. It is "invoked" individually by serving officers and members of the public who have become "enlightened" enough to see the error of their present way, and whom sincerely seek reconciliation with their Creator and their fellow man.

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The "individual" policeman, be they male or female will be "deemed" to have made the Treaty of Peace with God when they ensure that their daily deeds are fully in compliance with God's Commandment to "Walk in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto all," and thus they never disturb the peace of any person for any reason.

They will also work for honest pay, being the wages they do receive from the community chest. Thus they will "revert" to being servants of the community as they only "call in" persons who do disturb the peace of God's land.

They will "see" that even though the political "arm" was given the authority to "handle" community funds by the populace who knew no better, that the political arm did not "thus" become the police force employer, and that the demand of political legislators for the police to "control and regulate" the community is gross error and an insult to those whom "actually" do fund their wage.

The public will also make a Peace Treaty with God, the police and themselves as they realise that it is unwise to pay the wages of "hired guns" to protect them and to kill for them.

They will "see" the spiritual reality that no person will be incited to abuse them unless in their past they did others abuse in some way. (In this lifetime or in a previous time). They will also realise after being enlightened by me that none can now "hide" behind weapons as a defence against God's "armed" Reapers to now "invade" this realm. Any whom "try" to penance avoid, will fall into the void.

The public will also see that the Heart of every faith is the power of God's Word that says: "Walk in peace, for only thus will you avoid My sword." Reliance on God's WORD is the commitment required in the Peace Treaty with God.

The "enlightened by me" will now see that any "thoughts" contrary to the Commandment, being the thought "voice" that people "hear" in their mind is the voice of the invisible Deceiver tempting man to be HIS retributive and punitive arm to control and destroy "someone."

Man must now try and see that only the return of 'good for good' is what is mandated within the "Only love" Commandment. Any punitive return for acts that are offensive in God's eyes are the prerogative of God, not man.

Man must now see that to assist the community as a true Peace Corps, the police must only apprehend the offensive ones, being any disturbing the peace, for the purpose of their rehabilitation. This will be done in accordance with my "Offender Seminar" program.

The police must see that they are not employed by the local community to act as "servants" to some "arrogant" one who lives far away. Neither are they receiving community pay to act as "heavies" for the political or judicial system in order for them to be able to punish community members who do not "kow tow" to their Autocratic dictates.

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The Tasmania police will no longer be known as "bully boys" for any "such" will be "sacked". The police will be known as an Institute of dedicated Carer's, kind and nice who are polite and courteous who have the "intent" of the well being of God's children on earth.

Thus the community "errants" will not have to them "fear," and thus it is less likely for any "police" to suffer the thrust of a "spear" when they attend any "fracas."

The police Peace Corps will also advise the politicians that they are no longer their superior. They will advise them that God's sacred pen has made them realise that the public whom they presently despise are their "master" to whom they will now be true.

Thus the police will now refuse any "directives" of the judiciary to "haul in" or arrest any person for any offence that is outside the "boundaries" set by God.

The police must "forgo" being the legislative "Terror squad" who hunt down those "innocents" made into "criminals" in the eyes of the unwise for any non-compliance to the "edicts" of political legislators. All these nefarious practices must stop.

The police have become a "party to" criminal activities as they have been misled by many precedents, and thus the "peace" force is now working for a "lawless group" of individuals who use the "book of statutes" as their base basis for criminal activities against mankind. (Theft by servant).

All punitive regulation is the "expression" from the dark under-land posing as righteousness. The imposition of punitive measures against God's children defies the Light of God, and it is the time for the police "directors" to see their role of impropriety and to regain their lost innocence.

Thus this Police Treaty directive is to be examined by each police officer of the force, and by recruits prior to their induction, so that they are made aware of the new conditions required by the Heavenly Commander, God the Light.

Let it here be also known that I am the "Commander" of God's Light force on earth and all "authority" pertaining to the "Word of God" and its "interpretation & expression" lies within me.

Let any serving police officer who cannot "meet" the peaceful, kind, and caring "disposition" required be retired from the new formed Policing Peace Corps whose sole "Mandate of authority" from God is to "haul in" those who through their inner "Sin"** do disturb the peace of others, so that they can be rehabilitated.

Note: 'Sin'** - For a definition of 'Sin & sinning' in its fullness go to page 25 at:
The Testament of Truth page 25

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Contrary to "common" belief, we do not need the "rules" of man to maintain Order. We need only to "educate" the whole community so that they understand the need to be peaceful as asked by God, and to this do, they needs to learn from "me" as to how & why their minds are "bound" by devious thoughts spiritually.

Every person in every "station" in life needs to see that there are very severe repercussions when they defy and deny the Commandment of God to walk in peace due to the unbreakable, unavoidable, and immutable Law of God that applies to every person whatever their 'mandate or uniform' under earth's skies.

The word "lawlessness" or "outside the law" does not exist within the stipulation of fact that is the "Authority" of God's Law. For "whatever" you are doing, you are either "walking" In the Light side of the Law being peaceful, caring, merciful & forgiving etc, receiving back goodness, or you are "walking" In the Dark side of the law by disturbing the peace of others as you steal, deceive, control or abuse etc, and you will by God be punished.

The one Law of God is invisible and in action in every realm of consciousness at all times. So you either are a peace worker or a disturber of the peace. For God sees not your "mandate or justification" nor your uniform, but only the deed you seed.

You can either uphold the fulfilment of the Law of God by giving good for good or bad for bad, - BUT - if you are wise you will heed only the Command to: "Be peaceful," and thus you will only "uphold" God's Law of the Light side, and give and receive positive returns, and leave the "distribution" of retribution to others whom are ignorant that what they "do" will come back to them too. 'An eye for an eye.' For God says: "That is My prerogative only not man's, you must 'turn the other cheek' in non-retaliation and forgive the 'insult."

In the "olden" days the "highwayman" would lurk in the forest outside town and hold up the passers by or the stagecoach saying: "Stand and deliver or your 'balls' will quiver." And they extorted money from the public.

The "modern" extortionists have "conned" the police into joining their "bandit brigade" and use these modern day highwaymen who cruise around in public funded patrol cars and they for the politicians say: "Stand and deliver or in jail you will shiver," and the community who are fearful of reprisal offer up their hard earned cash that funds the never-ending expansionist "delusions" of educated bullies who are naught but political trash in the eyes of God.

It is now I to reveal how God's Retributionary FORCE will fulfil the Dark side of God's Law and SMASH this political "opposition" to the Commandment of the Light that is so arrogant in its "treatment" of God's creation, His children you and you.

The police must "forgo" being the Legislators "Terror squad" who "hunt down" those "innocents" made into criminals in the eyes of the unwise for any non-compliance to the edicts of legislators "seen" as aiding the community.

No man "has to" comply with the directives of any other man. All men have to comply with God's Edict: "Love one another." For if in this they "fail," then for an eternity they will have to endure unimaginable suffering and they will quail.

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Man needs to try and separate the Authority of God from his "man's" mandates, for God is the Authority, self-mandated to fulfil His own Law, and thus as said, any whom would "distribute" pain and suffering for God are "idiots" as they neither "see nor know" many a "hidden" reality.

The "moment" man takes on the role of God-ship and in defiance of the "Only love" Commandment, he man then becomes used by the Devil to be a "justified justifier," and however "honourable" this role might appear, all you are doing in your 'honorary' role of Judge & Jury & Executioner is to place your own "head" on God's "chopping block" for your arrogance.

Give your soul a chance and set yourself free from ANY "role" or deed that is CONTRARY to the Command of the LIGHT to "Walk in peace, be merciful & compassionate to the 'unjust' and be kind and forgiving of their ways, for only this way will you 'ahead' have happy days."

Make a PEACE TREATY with God and your fellow 'man,' be you the police or the civilian. Any "person" mandated or otherwise who "wears or carries" a weapon in their 'line of duty' or otherwise in a public place is an "offensive one" who will be seduced by the darkness into "using" their gun and thus bring themselves spiritually undone.

The police will disarm themselves so that they are not "tempted" to violate the Commandment of God when under "threat" and they will rely on a "strong" mind.

I would like the police "Commander" to see that it’s the time to again as in the long distant past take an honest wage, not from politicians but from the community, and thus only serve the community as a Godly Peace Corps that only hauls in real offenders as said, being those who are thieves and murderers etc, and these are to be counselled in the manner given by God via me.

The God of Love says: "Each "individual" needs tell themselves that they have a DUTY, it is a duty to ME their God, the community, and themselves. The duty is to care for those whom the Dark energy did "snare" and whom thus display negative ware, and thus the Peace Corps must endure their difficult load on the road as they "face" these offenders, and they must "deliver them up" to ME their invisible God so that MY good counsel will set them free from their ignorance."

I am the "bearer" of the True Word that is "awaited" by all, and I call out to you and you whom as yet are untrue and say: "Choose now to come my way, let this 'enlightenment' raise the consciousness of your soul and give you the courage to 'defy' the present Regime. It is now my Light to shine on earth forevermore and truly 'blessed' shall all be who follow me home to heaven's shore."

This Police Treaty is a directive from God today, and any police person who continues to "terrorise" the community by aiding and abetting the extortion and punishment of community members by licence fee demand or for any reason are deemed by God to be an offender and a disgrace, and they consign their own soul into the hands of the Devil whom they will get to meet when they fall below.

The Tasmania Police force will be the "Role" model for the planet.
The following letters form a 'part' of the
Police Treaty document.

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~ False Arrest ~

To Station Commander Lieutier & cc P. Wilson Magistrate
Ref 'Bail' note 75345 - 11 Sept for 2 Oct

Dear Fiona, It is truly a 'sorry' day when an old peaceful man cannot leave his home for a 'moment' with his 'aged' wife and en route be 'accosted' by 3 police vehicles all at once of which the driver of one metes out strife by an "arrest" and subsequent "threat" of the possibility of up to three weeks 'wait' in jail pending a "review" by a magistrate if I do not sign a form marked 'Bail.'

All this because I say that it is my democratic choice to heed God's voice and not the voice of "some" legislator or other who stipulates a "reason" why I am driving "out of season" and that due to this "disqualify" I am to be "tried" and punished under this sky.

It was written long ago that when the spirit of truth, the Messiah returned, that none would his "spirit" see, for "as a thief in the night" (unseen) his return would be. "How" you might wonder could this be? Simply that the spirit soul incarnate in a biological fleshly body invisible be.

I have now completed my task for God and elevated it up in the "sky" to be viewed by any "body," be they meek or vain, be they believers or holding IT in disdain. I did say a "catastrophe" was coming our way and under God's ONE Law all will pay their dues to GOD for sure.

I did give you my "word" that I would freely stand before the "wielder of the sword," being 'a' magistrate of the day who "apparently" heard not what God or I did say.

So "unless" my 'Bail' you rescind, or I "hear" from the magistrate prior to 2 Oct that I am not required to "visit" him on the day, I will be there to again "share" a little wisdom to all.

However, if this I do, then I must also say to you that at "that" moment of time it is you and your "men" who did me "police" who did in God's eyes err and "grease" their hands and souls with darkness due to the "control" of my freedom of movement. (Disturbing my peace, in defiance of God's commandment).

Also if the magistrate penalises me in any way then "For sure his 'stay' in Hell will be extended considerably more" - I hear God say. Yes "dear," the time for 'games' is over and it is now the time for eternal 'life or death' and, I am the Messiah being God's messenger on the sod, and I can but "warn" every punitive person that it is pure folly to "play" GOD.

I send a copy of this letter to Peter Wilson "asking" that he by "pen" or via you release me from my "word" so that I do not have to put him on the "spot" on the day.

It's time for the police to be a "Peace Corps" and only haul in real "Offenders" who as you defy God and: control, abduct, incarcerate, abuse, criticise, punish, extort monies from, and kill or steal from.

Please also "advise" the "writer" of the Bail note constable Biddle that he "as" the happy chappy "arrester" and instigator of this "farce" induced by a "book of rules" that are satanic and insane, and he also will only now "gain" his freedom from spiritual debt if he too rescinds his "plea" against me.

For I was driving peacefully when he "vainly" decided to disturb my peace because some political "force" does his "pockets" with monies weekly fill in order to "steal" from the community.

It is truly THE time for every policeman to avail themselves of a copy of not only the "Offender" document but the "Offender Seminar" too, for soon, believe you me, the policing force will BE every insane man running free AND meting out retribution against ANY who are yet blind and my truth cannot see, all mentally bound by the Dark one who is also invisible but with devious "intent" bound.

In sincerity

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~ Mercenaries ~
Perpetrators paid to be of anti-social behaviour
Letter to Constable John Elson

Dear John, a 'Mercenary' is one who works for the Devil's pay, meaning that for a certain daily 'sum' they play with fire and probably 'unknowingly' are working for the Devil, as their daily "works" are contra to and in defiance of God's Command to "Only love, and be compassionate & merciful & forgiving to the offensive."

Seeing not that "for" that pay they themselves are intrusive, controlling, disrespectful and 'obnoxious' and it is they whom openly disturb the peace of others and God each day.

None realising that they are not 'above' God's One Law that stands above all rules and edicts of mere mortals, and thus "ahead" they pay for their folly in every way.

It is "sad" when an elderly man of your vintage cannot see that his ways are no different to that of a "spoilt" child whose manner appears mild, but is "couched" in manipulation and control and a total lack of respect to his fellow man whom on earth does stroll.

You "stood" in my presence as a "poppycock" trying to "mock" my situation as you controlled your "upper" station and did in fact "assault" my person by the "act" of taking off my spectacles and 'as' a "silly" child, made a "show" of needing to examine them and my "eyes" etc, in order to make up an "identity" description of my soul wise.

I would "remind" you that I was not "under arrest" but came of my own free will to the police station when asked, and I am not the "criminal" that you are even though this fact you do not understand.

The "reason" why I came freely and did not say "no" was to spare the life of an ignorant, for what none of "you" know is that any person who "touches" my person in order to "take me" against my will is in for an eternal "spill" in the darkness in the after-life for their arrogance, and it is my compassion for the ignorant that kept me "still" and "compliant" at "that" time.

I say it is sad because people like you who really are "bad" themselves due to their "terrorising" ways see not that "out there" in the community there are many really bad guys who are yet "dreaming" about "what" to do with disrespectful people such as you.

Rest assured that these "demons" in disguise are soon to "awaken" and their minds that are linked to dark realms below will be told what to do to any "fool" such as you who is a Mercenary too.

I am not an "idiot" who merely trots around without "plates" and "without" a drivers licence so as to be "accosted" by you or others, for all I do is to show you the error of the day and the pure liquid terror coming this way.

page 8

If you could look down at "earth" as does God and I then what would you espy? You would see "louts" dressed in smart blue uniforms cruising around city streets like "sharks," and as a peaceful citizen like me walks past, the "mercenary" steps out and shouts:

"Hey you, our "boss" the legislator has not received his "due" being $ 10 being the annual fee he demands to keep your drivers Certificate of Competence legitimate, and as you have not paid we will "smack you with a spade" and tip you up and steal your purse as it falls out of your pockets, and by the way if you do not come and 'stand' before our 'man' on an appointed day then for HIM we will arrest you and abduct you and then incarcerate you too."

Are you "smart" enough to see the "suffering" ahead for thee? For all police today receive "mercenary" pay as they are being used by legislators to steal (by threat) off the community with seeming impunity.

I do not "vote," and neither do I belong to any System of man. No man or any "System" owns the road, and thus any saying that I am disqualified is a fool with a mind in "overload" being one who cannot see that the man given mandate to control and abuse is not "backed" by the God of Love who says: "All are to fall who now heed not the dove."

"Son," any man foolish enough to carry a gun authorised by another "one" and who is paid to this do is a Mercenary. Being one paid to sell his soul for a "price" and I can assure you John that your "soul" does "march on" when your flesh falls undone.

And the place where it can go below is horrible and colder than snow. It is only my "undying" love for lost humanity and you that keeps me writing to those as you who are yet "duped" into believing that they are to "God and man and themselves" being true. They are not.

Mercenaries working for the Dark work unquestioningly, and unconscionably do what their "superior" or their "book of rules" tells them to for a "certain" sum of money.

The Light of God says: "Please apprehend any offender and bring them to be counselled by me in the manner 'spoken' by my pen that writes to thee. Offenders are those who steal, lie, control, abuse, and others kill."

So you John are an offender in God's eyes in your daily "acts" unwise, and what none of you see is that you are being used to haul in people like me because of "edicts" that are rules raised up by simple thieving men who themselves were inspired from Satan's den.

Due to the "way" of man you feel "strong" in your position, and you can "control" me with the aid of others and ridicule me and hold my "message" in derision.

Son, if I did not know and could not see what is invisibly coming our way I would not be driving my car "your way" to be insulted no, I would be sitting under the palm trees in my "homeland" on the beach in sunny Tanzania.

page 9

I chose Tasmania as I "thought" its Peace Corps did yet have within it some honest men and women who could and would see my "validity." I hope you look at my web site 'Offender document,' for any whom continue on "as you" being offensive to our God will soon be "struck down" by insane men revealed by me and then it is too late to come to me on your knees saying "Please help me."

Do you know who your "boss" is?
It is not Inspector Lieutier for whom you would do anything she asked you to.

It is not the Tasmania police commissioner for whom you would do all he tells you to.

It is not the "magistrate" to whom you would say "Yes Sir" and do whatever he tells you to.

It is not the politician to whom you would also say "Yes Sir" and do what you are "legislated" to do or told to do.

No, it is to your pay packet, for without it being the "Judas note" you would not be "enforcing" the legislated edicts of men that are the basis of the book of rules called "The Laws of the land."

Of which every one that is more than "advisory," in that it has a "default" punitive penalty clause, defies the Commandment of our God of Light.

An "advisory" Code is one that simply states:

"For community safety every driver is asked to keep to the left side of the road."
"For community safety please drive slower than 50 kph within town limits."

Am I your slave and are you my Master? You believe so ref the above, for when I "away" from my home go I know that there is a "bunch" of "bully boys" who will accost me on the street saying: "Hey you, you did not meet the requirements of "my boss" and you failed him, so he says that I am to haul you in."

There is the law of man that says "Comply to our rules or suffer," and there is 'A' single One Law of God that is but a stipulation that says: "What you do is by me returned unto you - as you Sow so shall ye Reap."

This "Just" way is policed or "ruled" by God with absolute justice reference the "return tribute" to us being, the positive or negative "reward" for our deeds at a time and at a place so chosen by God, be it now or in the hereafter, today or next year.

The "underhand" retributive side being God's Dark essence "handles" any offensive expression by man and the loving "Tribute" side being God's Light essence "handles" the fulfilment or "returns" for positive expression.

Lawlessness in man's eyes means: "Those who do not comply to man's rules."

The "word" lawlessness does not apply in God's "framework" for God has no "rule" that can be "violated" by man. For man is subjected to the "return due" for every act man perpetrates, be it positive or untrue, and the only "self-inflicted" suffering man imposes upon himself is when he "legally" defies the ONE Commandment to "Love one another for all are sister and brother."

I say legal for it is our God given choice to heed or defy, to be loving or to others 'Try,' and whatever or whichever "energy" we "permit to flow through comes back to us at the hands of others true or others untrue who believe falsely that they are "Mandatorily" empowered to be God's "executioner" as you and every "State" department do.

None seeing that only the return of good for good is what is mandated within the "Only love" Commandment. Any punitive return for acts that are offensive in God's eyes are the prerogative of God, not man. Thus any whom "follow" the justice of man "raised up" by wolves with voices hollow are in "deadly" danger spiritually.

page 10

For as we "sell" our soul to the "Dark side" in our ignorance, we "permit" it the Devil "licence" to set His invisible spirit demon "hounds" on our "tail," and at an "appointed" time it is "this" offensive defaulter to quail.

It may "appear" Just & honourable to uphold the "book of rules" of man, for one is "told" that they are "Just & equitable" and for the good of society. Some do yes come "within" the bounds of the Commandment but only I see "which" so do, and anyhow these e.g. "Be respectful and do not steal or be aggressive or violent" should not have a penalty clause for default, and neither should they be a "means" of pecuniary extortion off the community.

Man's "laws" contained in their offensive unholy books of rules are only negative for they are only punitive as man "plays" at being God for many reasons unseen by man, and thus "it" the rule book "transgresses" God's Commandment to "Be compassionate & forgiving & merciful." (The rulebook Sins in God's eyes and it is 'held-up' by men unwise).

Under God's one Law that is "Just & true," there is both a positive & negative return to each, being the Just reward or due for actions positive or untrue.

And God says: "Walk only in peace and thus peace and love comes your way as your reward. If you steal or abuse or deceive or destroy, then darkness & suffering are your 'Just' due."

So you see John, when a man "don's" a uniform and gets a "loyalty wage" he believes falsely that he is "mandated to" and "empowered by" the Light to contravene the commandment of God and he falsely assumes that he is "above" the One Law of God as "he" in his mind justifiably arrests, controls, abuses or even kills those whom do not comply to "orders" given or the book of rules that the "uniformed one" is being paid to police.

Any mark of authority bequeathed by man to punish is a "ring" or symbol of dark power, and this "gross error" that has consumed man for ages of time is "terror" placed upon the community by "Mafiosi" style Autocratic dictatorship in the guise of a "democracy," and it has gone on for so long in every planet earth community with seeming impunity that everyone be it you or the public have been "taught" to believe that it is the "way" true, and it is not.

It is I the "all-seeing" to tell you and the world that there is an invisible Alien force of men who plot to now "bring down" every disrespectful "clown" who abides not with God's "Only be loving" Command.

This Dark force that "runs" into the mind of millions of millions of spirit men who abide "way-down" in Satan's den do have the capacity to force their "will" mentally upon any "one" who has an "open" mind like Martin Bryant and you.

You cannot "touch" them nor reason with them for their "language" is not understood by you, it is only understood by this soul true. They are the retributive "army" of the Dark side of the Source for whom they also unknowingly all do.

page 11

And "as" man of disgrace in the human race does his "inquisition" deeds by day and night that in many cases are unseen by other men on this land, it is these forces of whom I speak who do see all done by man and they plot and seek ways to bring ignorant man to account once the errants "dark debts" do mount.

These dark forces even now "stand around" me and read what is written by me for my "Light" within permits them access to God's truth and reality, for even they I "reach" so as to set them free spiritually.

So when you are less than respectful to me or any, you have placed your "penny" in the dark "meter box" and it ticks away until the day it stops and your "time" is up as these invisible forces then sup on your flesh via the mind and hand of another one with an "open mind" as you.

This terrible "invasion" of the psyche of man is now to "explode" into a terrifying reality as and when the Source of retributive darkness gives the "order," it will fulfill the totality of the "dark" retributive side of ITS one Law as was "prophesied" by me 2000 years ago and by other prophets of whom you may or may not know.

All whom did "Sow" darkness before they entered the flesh or in the present realm and in all other realms outside heaven will now "pay" the painful due, for unto His own Word our God is true.

Any whom do not fortify their minds against the intrusion of these "Reapers" in the manner given by me will be used and, as they "diffuse" more darkness it will stain their souls more and thus they will fall to the underworld to join the satanic band there and suffer on in perpetuity.

None who "use" darkness justifiably or otherwise can avoid the penance due, and what I am trying to show you and all is that when the "due" comes back it will be terrifying too, for you see not the "emotional or mental or physical" effects your deeds over the years had on little "innocents" like me who stood in front of foolish you.

And if you think that you can "hide" behind your wage or uniform, then heed this "sage," for I say that God said: "Judge not lest ye be judged." God also said: "In the end days all will pay their dues at the hands of a merciless nation whose language you cannot understand."

It is I now to reveal this force being "spirits of wickedness" whom did divorce themselves from the Light eons ago, and they now work for the dark avenger for no pay and "as" robots their minds are controlled by IT and they only "follow" the orders that flow up into their minds from the Source of darkness below.

All are being either used by them directly to abuse others and-or are abused by them via others, and I am trying to get the police and judiciary to see that they are being used via the politicians as extortionists to steal off the community in many a way by this invisible force, a force that "controls" the minds of the arrogant and greedy and they are using you to be their "heavies" to keep "us" in line.

page 12

And as this you do, for you and many "enjoy" wearing the 'Ring of Power' given to you, it is you whom "ahead" will feel more than dread. There will now be an "upsurge" from the darkness and every "open-mind" will be under severe "attack" from within.

I am "free" from this invisible mental spirit "bother" and thus can "be crucified" and not fight back, for they the spirits of wickedness see only the darkness within man that man draws-in to his soul when "sinning," meting out bother to others.

As I walk only in peace and do not "disturb" the peace of others and thus do not "grease" my hands or soul with negative energy I am "free" to be "passed by" by dark spirits who await to "pounce" on the minds of the unwary as thee.

How do these spirits "work," their thoughts lurk and linger and go round and around in the minds of the discontented masses over time and time and this access is via the "aroused" negative emotions of fear & anger & hatred & jealousy etc.

So what you and all already do see is an upsurge of aggression and confrontation and merciless unforgiveness planetarily, and insanity will be a totality as every "open mind" is soon found by avenging spirits and then total disorder will abound, and all around you will community members be "found" who will be very destructive and for the "Boys in blue" there will be no "immunity" from the invisible force.

You must all quickly change your role back to that of a "peace" corps, for you all, as will the punitive politicians and judiciary be the PRIMARY enemy targeted by this invisible force, for it is you and your "System" that systematically extorts money off the community via "regulation" and if any do not comply you then "Try" them in a court and punish them by incarceration.

There is now to be a HUGE "redress" and believe you me there will be a "bloody mess," for the deceptive "nature" of the dark aspect is its capacity to deceive you into believing that it is okay to defy God and punish any perceived as offenders.

So before this "liquid terror" comes to Tasmania's door, I would like the Black "Blue force" to re-arrange into an unarmed Peace Corps. Then the community will them not fear and will not feel the "need" to shoot them when they come near.

Read my "Suicide" document as it gives much understanding on the power of the dark intruder who has "legitimately" illegitimately changed the good "Boys in blue" from a community Peace Corps serving the community into a bad "Boys in black" political policing force serving the legislators and their demands off the community.

May sanity prevail - Terence

page 13

~ False wage ~
Letter to Inspector Lieutier - 2

Dear Fiona, It was nice to finally meet you for I saw a 'lass' with deep sincere eyes that showed me that your soul was old and wise. Thus I can but believe that God has "placed" you within my "field" so that together we work and bring about the change that is needed for the police and the community to make peace.

I do believe that a "Lady of the Light" such as you has the capacity to see through the veil of darkness imposed upon your sweet soul by the programmed ways of man over the hundreds of years and days, and when this you can do, then for God you will be true and you will set a "motion" to your superiors and peers that will bring them to the Truth as given by God via me.

I see my "arrest" the other day as positive in that it brought us a step forward in the eternal game we now play for the sake of humanity and sanity, and I "hope" that together we can bring a resolution that will ease the "sting" being imposed by politicians via the police upon all, so that the police "uniform" can just be "True blue" as you for the community again walk tall.

For if the police continue to work as a "private army" for the politicians, then they will be seen by the community as an invading force, and the community will halt all fiscal support and will repel them with force when the police "step" onto their land.

And when the police "siren" shrieks its "call," those of the community who "begin" to stand tall in anger at this arrogance will definitely strike back with a "counter attack" and the police "puppets" will fall.

Politicians have "twisted" the Terms of engagement and Terms of employment of the police that should only be: "Uphold the peace of the Land" as God planned, and they have added their greed need that says: "Uphold the laws of the land."

It is the time for me to "correct" this error and put a stop to political terror, for there are no laws in man's establishments, there is but man's "Law" that stipulates: "All whom transgress our 'rules - acts - bylaws' will be penalised by fine and or incarceration and or other punitive measure."

As these "rules" of man are not a "constant" value their rule of law is itself lawlessness in action as it is not "covering" any constant value. Whereas God's one Law has a constant unchangeable, immutable value: "As you do is done unto you."

The police "commissioner" who is the leader of this "armed" force must now take over the reigns of power as "vested" in his position by God, and now work for God and the community, and break the political control.

page 14

This is accomplished by asking each local community that it serves to fund their pay direct from local community coffers as they "rejoin" and become a civilised "part of" each community that they will serve in the proper manner.

The police must stop being used as "revenue collectors" for the various government departments who all rely on Dark police power to enforce their never-ending 'tax' & license fee decrees, and the punitive non-compliance fines are also naught but revenue extortion.

As for my "relationship" with you and your "men," I shall remain true to the Light of God and heed God's command, thus irrespective of what is "done" unto me by the judiciary through "your" instigation is "forgiven"** by me, and I would at any time welcome you or any police or other to visit me at my home to discuss "how" to prepare for the coming planetary "fuss."

I must however "add" that the final spiritual "Test" time for each soul has begun. The test to see "who" will fail and fall, and "who" will rise up to the inner sun. Thus I again "tell" you to please advise all those "under" your command at your "station" that I am told by God to not again "go" with them if demanded to.

I am to say "NO," and if any person takes my "arm" to drag me along then they by their own choice and deeded "way" have shown God their arrogance and defiance to God's Command as they "arrest" a peaceful man for the sole purpose of financial extortion, and they will at that moment have definitely made their own "bed" in Hell for a time and a time to be ascertained by God.

This also applies to my impending time in Court, for "whatever" the judgment upon me is, I shall quietly walk out of the door with the "intent" of going home for sure, and "if" your men by their own volition or by "command" of the magistrate try to stop me, then they also fall for sure. God says that their well being is in "your" hands, so please fail not God by failing to advise them of this decree by me.

I also desperately "urge" you to look deeply into the "updated" CD I send you that has "this" Peace Treaty paper within it. Please also advise your superiors that they need to read this 'Item' that is found at the end of the 'Offender document' index on my web site.

I shall be 'selecting' some of the content of this letter and the attached one to "John" as well as my prior one to you and placing them up on line today under the 'said' Item "The Police Treaty" doc so that every police force in every land can access it to assist them.

Note: "forgiven"** by me means, that I shall take no retributive action, and that any retributive "action" needed in redress will be carried out by God.

page 15

~ Post Script ~

Fiona, try and see that if a "Legislator" wishes to legislate a "Rule" that demands that some other e.g. I must pay a $10 fee annually for "any thing," then that is his freedom of choice to so do, but you must not be his "collector of the due."

You must let him be the extortionist "untrue." For if you take a wage to support his "take" off me, then it is you who in God's eyes becomes the "fall guy" who "cops" the rap from God.

We "all" have been "conned" into believing that the monetary demand by a Legislator is legitimate, it is not, it is "Theft by an arrogant servant" posing as a legitimate authority by mere "act" of his superior being voted into "power."

None seeing that the "election" of a servant, i.e. a PM is not a "valid" mandate to steal by force endless sums of money off the populace. Now you see how the police & judiciary are in great danger as they make me the "outcast criminal stranger."

Fiona, can you not see that the Light through me is giving its all so that none do fall? We are both on the same side. I am here to help "man" defend his soul by imparting wisdom, and you and yours are in "office" to help the community to protect itself from the danger lurking within them.

Thus you haul-in offenders who lose control of their minds and become disrespectful and violent and irrational, so that with my good counsel they become enlightened and more mentally stable, and thus better able to cope on their "sinful" path until God releases them from their bondage to the Dark, being the inner Sin.

The "how" of this "Act of Grace" by God is revealed on this web site.

Any person who states that they are the Messiah who last walked this earth 2000 years ago as I do, is either a liar who is vain and insane or they speak the Truth, and are God's proof to be heeded.

So if I am the 'liar' and thus insane, then God would have it that I am "treated" as all others, being that if I walk in peace, then I am left in peace to 'dream' my dreams.

But if I am antisocial and violent and do "drive dangerously," then for my own "good" please take me to a "place" where community Carers can give me good counsel and assist me back to a good state of mental health.

But do not 'attempt' to fine or punish a "disturbed" mentality for that is a very negative antisocial act and definitely not within the "bounds" of God's Command.

I am here on earth today to claim this "land" for the LIGHT, and it will be a place of good. Any whom continue on being bad as they knowingly or unknowingly "act" as swine, being directed by other swine or by their own volition will be physically destroyed as revealed by me.

And their arrogant souls will be sealed in perpetuity by their own "hand" in the Abyss below, being the place they deserve because they did "swerve" away from God's "Only love" Command. Yea verily it will be very sad.

I write this as I AM true to you and the magistrate too.

page 16

~ Diplomatic Immunity ~
Letter to the Police Station Commander

Dear Officer, please tell your 'constables' that when a visitor comes to the door to visit you, that he must not be 'bailed up' and threatened and have his "carriage" impounded just because its Royal "insignia":

is of an unknown "brand" and different to your "common" brand markings, and neither must he be discourteously treated just because he comes from a distant land with a different "belief."

All must try and see that "such" actions are gross disrespect and impropriety.

For your information, I have been sent to earth by God to change your belief and "System" so that you become free of ignorance and your bondage to the Dark overlord.

I am a God sent Plenipotentiary in the 'disguise' of a very simple man so that I could walk 'unseen' on earth until God's full plan was revealed in my mind and given to all for free.

Thus I "claim" higher than "common" Diplomatic immunity even though my "dress" appears similar to "common" man. That was God's plan so that none 'kneel' at my feet, but observe the Word of God I bring, and both "it" and "I" our God would have you courteously greet.

So if you do have a "Chief" above you, then ask him what to do ref me. But if you do not, and "merely" follow an established book of "rules" then you are "on the spot."

For my "insight" tells me that all unforgiving, punitive, and controlling rules were inspired by Satan in the minds of vain men, and thus what you do is for the Devil and His men.

I am sent by the LIGHT to say; "Disband and now walk only upright in MY sight." - I now ask you; "Do you believe in God, and do you believe that God is ALL, the 'rise' and the 'fall"?

For many hundreds of centuries of time there has been the false "assumption" by many vain and arrogant men, that by mere 'stroke' of their pen that they could 'enslave' all by force into compliance to their "code," be it religious or otherwise.

It has become so "ingrained" that they do own the "gravy train," and that they are or 'must be' "right" in their "Fatherhood over the nation" plan, that all mankind have 'meekly' placed their heads and souls into Satan's noose that was "hidden' in the last "carriage" called the caboose.

And all "men" such as you, be they "wombed" or otherwise and the magistrate too, now "wear" Satan's 'Ring of power' and IT is so powerful that it is almost impossible to remove it and change back into a 'butterfly' of love & light.

All 'System's' workers are presently "stool pigeons" kneeling at Satan's footstool in bondage to, and servitude to His Orders, and on earth you can stride forth to detain, judge, and punish as you weave your own web of doom on His unseen dark 'loom.'

As you can see, the 'Black' System locks up any whom refuse to support its negative, controlling, extortionist, and punitive ways. Because it knows that if it can through fear, keep one either in servitude or in its "Dark" service, then both "fall" to its 'side' in the afterlife.

So be you the 'police' or the judiciary, I "ask" that you now heed me and change your punitive role to one of 'educative,' before the "Ring of power" becomes fixed on your "hand."

Please try and see my 'philosophy' as I reveal how the 'Reaper,' being the retributive arm of GOD, does your soul steal. To stay "free" as me, you need to comply with God's Holy Word I again bring forth from up high. It says;

"If you are discourteous and do any other "try"
Then for sure in MY lower land you will FRY.

page 17

~ Inquiry query ~

I "ask" the visiting "Judge" being Mr. Wilson the magistrate:

Are the local police and the judiciary a 'body' elected by the Elders of the local community they are supposed to serve, or are they employed by a 'distant' controlling force as their regulators that force every community to 'bend' to their incessant demands imposed?

If your wages are paid for by "me" as a community member, and if I am thus your '"employer," then it is I to "dictate" changes in your "Role" of duty and operation or "mandate" that I now do as I say: "I de-power you and the police from any punitive roll, and you all will now abide in God's directives as given by me."

If you "believe" that your role is to follow the "directives" of some other "body" of Alien men who themselves "defy" God's sacred pen as they use your "force" to enslave all, then that "folly" is your foolish choice and in your defiance of God's voice you consign your own soul to Hell at the "moment" of your biological fleshly "death."

It is now the time for every person to "awaken" to the harsh stark reality that GOD is THE Law, and what you do, be it "mandated" or otherwise, be you 'prince, pauper, or policeman, comes back to your personal "shore."

Every "member" of each community needs to also see that individually they decide their "chosen" path, and God is the 'silent' observer. It is not a matter of a 'Vote' and thus all must comply with 'directives' stemming from the elected "party."

No, I can "choose" to just walk unarmed and peacefully as God would have it be, and I can choose to not employ any punitive policing force. Others can choose to pay for armed "guards" as you, and it is them then who pay for their folly, and if any of their 'policing' employees abuse me, then that too is an act of folly.

If the "general" public wish to Vote-in a "Slave Master" being an Autocratic ruler as per every "land" on earth today, then let them "by" their enlightened vote so say. But then it is only they whom needs comply with "that" way and its rules.

I do not fear man, but I do fear God. Thus when God does say; "Only walk in peace" I obey. For I do not wish to suffer and bleed for an eternity and a day. So when men "via" a System say; "Vote us in and support our "way." I have to say "NO, that is the wrong way to go."

Those as me, who vote for no man, for I do recognise insanity, are not bound by imposed rules or demands by magistrates as you. I AM "above" your rules. If this you cannot see, then "truly" I feel sorry for thee. For as said, what you impose onto me will by God be imposed upon thee.

"Forgiveness and Mercy" - God said
"This way you avoid Hell's bed."

When you work for the Dark, its power over you is such a powerful fascinating fixation that binds you mentally, that your "Contra the Light's Command deed" appears to be fully justified.

For the Dark "orderly" retributioner demands that any non-compliance to its "orders" are immediately dealt with, and "few" stop to "think" whether the "Rule" being "addressed" is good, bad, or otherwise.

Nor whether it is wise to defy the "Only forgive and be merciful" call from the skies, that is "needed" in the apparent "upholding" of Justice.

Yes, you do "seal" your own "fate" by your personal deed. So please now try and see if your Dark vengeful fixation is a "positive" deed or not, for I say that any whom now continue to "plot" to bring defaulters undone, have for sure their race lost, not "won."

Every politician "plays" God, as they control and manipulate, for this interferes in the lives of others. This they all unknowingly do for the "Dark" side of the Source, and they see not that for their arrogance IT divorces them from the Light side of the Source.

In your 'opinion,' am I guilty of any 'offence' in God's eyes? If not then say so and release me to go my way peacefully as God would have it be. If in your opinion I am an offender in God's eyes then be wise and send me to be counselled to assist me on my lonely road. Do not "restrict" my freedom of the road.

page 18

~ Home invasion Decree ~

To be read out to any arresting police officer and give them a printed copy.

Before God I read this Truth as I bequeath to you its content, - - - for every soul created by God has the right to know the ‘erroneous’ way and the ‘correct’ way as commanded by their God before they choose to live in Heaven or die in Hell below.

You have come to me with the intent of warring against me, and before you so do by placing your hand upon me and thus arresting me, I am commanded by God’s emissary to say to you - - -

The Decree

"My brother, be hereby advised that at this moment you can choose to live or die. For if you turn back and leave me in peace, then God will leave you in peace as you show HIM that you have the capacity to heed HIS "Walk in peace and only love" command. If you choose to defy God and arrest me, then be advised by God’s messenger whom wrote this Decree that, - - -

By your very deed of warring against me through your invasion of my space, and your arrest and ‘transportation’ of my personage for the purpose of incarceration and punishment, then in God’s eyes you are an offender and, - - -

Those that sent you by ‘authorising’ you by word or ‘penned’ decree also become complicit to your actions, and they too will suffer the same fate that will be meted out to you once you enter Hell’s gate.

For in your defiance of God’s command, you by your own deed condemn your own soul to hell and, - - - be advised that if this destiny is now chosen by you then you have set the ‘jaws’ of your own trap, and hellish forces await the day your spirit soul comes their way.

I have done my sacred duty true to you as I also tell you that God’s messenger the Christ soul is here, and I direct you to his message to all at

I await your decision."

Note: - The only ‘action’ that can be taken by an arresting peace officer is one whereby they arrest a person that has disturbed the peace, and they may take them to an educative place for the purpose of good counsel and enlightenment as per the Feeling Easier Seminaron the above web site. For by this act the officer remains within the positive aspect of God’s one Law and is also fulfilling the command of God. All those that continue to be a party to invasion, abuse, extortion, coercion, punishment, hostage taking and holding or torture and killing will be swept into the Abyss.

Note: - Any person that has been 'led' to believe that a rule in a book can somehow legitimise the punitive abuse of another or, - - - that the rule gives them immunity from God's Law is, - - - a person that has become a person that has been deceived by the Devil through the false beliefs of their ancestors or 'elders' and, - - - they are a person that is following or 'fellowshipping' with a Dark punitive anti-God ideology that is leading them into the Abyss and eternal suffering.

Any person that 'takes' the retributive Law of God into their own hands - - - E.g. mandated by man to so do in the armed forces or any civilian, - - - are all the same in God's eyes. They are all ignorant 'fools' that defy God and despise their fellow man and they will feel and be subjected to the full 'weight' of God's Supreme Law when they fall below for the time allotted by God for them to pay all their dues to God and man within the one Law of God - - -

"As you Sow so shall ye Reap."

page 19

~ The Peace Corps Arrest Mandate ~
 for any community member

God stipulates:

"The Mandate I now give to the community 'policing' Peace Corps is:

It is your duty to go out amongst the public uniformed and unarmed. You are to remain peaceful, courteous, and respectful at all times to all people.

You are to 'arrest' any unruly person, one who is deemed to be disturbing the peace of others due to any negative, dangerous, irrational, or abusive behaviour that is actually disturbing the peace.

These are to be taken to an 'Elder' appointed as 'one' to 'Judge' their depth of 'insanity' and whom will direct them to the appropriate place to be assisted by good counsel as per the 'Offender' Feeling Easier Seminar instruction or other Aid Centre.

All that attend the Seminar are to thereafter be set free. Any whom did others kill are to be kept detained and incarcerated for six months for the purpose of rehabilitation and then released."


At no time are you entitled to inflict any pain or 'wound' upon any 'offender' be they deemed dangerous or otherwise. If they are armed and mentally disturbed and thus could cause you harm then they must not be confronted or apprehended at that moment by you.


At no time during your employ are you to impound, seize, or confiscate any goods or chattels or other 'product' belonging to community members, be they thieves or otherwise. You may however 'return' goods to their owner if they were stolen and their ownership is not in dispute.

In the event of their dispute you will not be required to participate, this will remain a 'civil' matter between the parties concerned and it is not within the scope of your 'duties' to be a 'witness,' you are solely a kind 'Arrestor.'


If you are seen to be involved in any nefarious practices yourself due to your 'powerful' position or for any other reason, and that includes the harassment of any person, the extortion of monies from any person, the threatening of any person, the abuse of any person, the confiscation or impounding of another's property, then it is you deemed the 'offender' and the public will be entitled to 'perform' a citizens arrest and detain you for the same purpose of receiving good counsel.


As you are employed by the community as a community 'Aid' worker you will not at the same time work for any political or other force as their 'enforcer' or in any other capacity for them. In your capacity "as" a community helper you may engage in other private enterprise to assist you to survive as funds diminish, and you may even 'later' be required to work for 'free.'

page 20

~ The 'road' Code ~

The land and the roads all belong to God and the public whom are 'legally' entitled to drive or 'plod' by foot on the roads any day without having to pay a 'licence' fee to any other on any day.

No "System" or other 'State' body owns any public road. All were 'raised up' by community funds, and any 'person' or persons presently 'policing' any road for the purpose of enforced 'revenue raising' or for any punitive reason is an ignorant "Offender" in God's eyes and by God despised.

Let it now be seen that "common" ignorant man in the name of a "System" deemed it his "right" to assume ownership of God's air, sea, and land, and thus took control of the roads too, using them as a means whereby he could extort endless sums of money from road users using his "private army" of enforcers who "threaten" any wishing to "try" avoiding the "ferry man's" due.

This "farce" force is now seen in action every day as the community Peace Corps that has been "taken over" is used by "extortionists" to patrol and control the use of the public highway.

This "antiquated" practice must stop herewith, and the public must be made aware of the removal of the $ compliance snare. For it is also wrong for the public to "fearfully" give in to the "strong arm" threats of the police that they must comply to "rules of man" or suffer and die.

There will yes be a "Road Code." It will be an advisory one only, to be made up by the "Road fellowship" groups in each land who will be 'aware' of the "teaching" aid needed by all so that road users can see the rational sane way of road usage. I by my 'hand' here give but a few "opening" directives.

1 - All learner drivers are asked to pass a Certificate of Competency test when they become of driving age, so as to show themselves that they are competent drivers.

2 - In this land Tasmania, all road users are asked to be orderly by keeping their vehicles to the left side of the road when driving.

3 - Drivers are asked to make themselves conversant with the advisory road signs, and to abide in the speed limit indicators for their own safety and that of other road users. Etc

(Let it here be noted, that all drivers needs be made aware of the spiritual repercussions of "recklessness" in that any pain caused to any other road user is an "offence" in God's eyes and "falls" within the karmic "return" of God's Law; "You will suffer the same pain imposed by your vehicle upon others if you cause an accident. Any damage inflicted to another's property will be 'accorded to' your property later too, be it by you or your vehicle too.")

There will be no "regulatory" punitive "body" empowered to control or confiscate goods or money off road users for any reason. Neither will any "System" use the motorist as a "means" to extort money from as they purchase their vehicle or the fuel to run it.

Those working for the "Public Works Department" for the community road maintenance will expect to receive "enough" to operate with, either from a "limited" fuel excise not exceeding one tenth the fuel price, or from another source as yet "unseen," such as a public mineral extraction scheme whereby its "wealth" is used to fund public utilities thus "unburdening" the community fiscal out-goings.

"The roads shall be free to any," I hear God say to me. Implying that no man will 'hinder' the free passage of any other whom he meets on the public highway. No man has the authority to be God in action, nor has any man been given the authority to "play God" and invoke or enforce punitive compliance rules.

It is sad that so many "have" played at being God, as arrogant greedy man "mandated them" to so do, and for sure for this folly they will all pay on a soon coming day. Yes, the meek shall inherit this earth as all others continuing on any "arrogant" track will be sent below to a land of no mirth.

Educate - not 'Regulate'

page 21

~ The 'energy' of GOD ~

It is the time to see that God is ALL, the LIGHT and the DARK, and any person whom in any way empowers themselves or others to "Regulate, control or punish" any other for any reason is an "operative" for the Dark side of the Source.

Let it here be known that even though the nature of the Light aspect of the Source is forgiving & merciful & compassionate, the Dark aspect of the Source is not, for it is the total opposite and IT has the unforgiving & merciless & destructive & deceitful nature in "such" totality that it is incomprehensible to the mind of man.

Any so foolish to "work" for IT become ensnared and bound unto IT and controlled by IT, and they never get free from their "servitude" to IT until they pay all their "dues" of suffering and pain to IT in full for their folly, being their "assumption" that they are equal to God the Father, THE Authority.

Try and see that it is the "Dark" Sin within you that is a "part" of the Dark energy of the Source, and IT feels "good" within you as IT the energy uses your "arm" and "squishes" the flesh of others whom did seal their own fate through negative acts that permitted the same dark energy to flow through them.

Thus all "retributioners" enjoy the "chase," for the Dark is the justified retributioner. But as you unforgivingly permit the same dark energy to flow through you, IT "grows" as a cancer within you too, and you also incur a "pain" debt under the Law of God for making some other fret.

Man sees not the "movement" of the energy within and flowing through him. He sees only the dark deed of the other who used it, thus his "incentive" is to punish the person, seeing not that the "enemy" per se was the negative energy used by the other arrogant one, who was ignorant of its power.

We never see what we "in darkness" do, we only see the darkness in action in the other. This is because the "dark in action" through us is by us perceived as righteous & just as we "terrorise" the other who was perceived by us as unjust.

You can cause pain to another or even "kill" their biological body, but you cannot destroy either the Light or the Dark energy within them that "passes on" to the next level being the energy "form" of our spirit soul.

Man must try and see that the "enemy" is not the "other man," it is the Dark energy that flows through others who are ignorant and becomes our enemy when we strike out at IT, for IT is a "part" of the Source, God.

Thus in our attempt to punish the other offender we are using IT, and we make GOD our enemy, for in that "defiant" moment we defy God's Commandment as we fight.

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None who "fight" God can win, and as you see, all they do is to drag more dark energy in to their own soul, and thus their inner Sin grows as do the world's sorrows.

You cannot make change by force; neither can you destroy terrorists by force. For by your very "justified" action you have used the same dark energy as they did, and at "that" moment you are the terrorist, and under ITS Law the pain and suffering imposed upon the others by you using ITS dark "energetic" power will have to come back to you and all whom funded you or supported you.

So all the world's "leaders" as you can see are all heading down the wide road to Hell, and they will also take you there if you "follow" their false cry to "Join us or become our enemy."

The US President saw the dropping of the Atomic bombs on Nagasaki & Hiroshima with the "vaporisation" of thousands as "Just," and the actions at "Ground Zero" in New York as unjust and needing retaliatory redress.

All "combatants" FALL into the dark below, where they "await" the truth I sow in the "hope" that God will give them a "reprieve" for making others grieve.

It was necessary for me to return today because "man" wrested the scriptures unto his own destruction, and men of religion misunderstood the true nature of God, teaching that God was only Light, and that the darkness we could and should fight.

This "interpretation" is FALSE. The only thing we needs fight against is the incoming negative thoughts of the Dark within our minds that 'justify' a reason to defy the Light and be the 'Dark' in action. For this negative 'interaction' ensures the spiritual destruction of any whom continue on that "track." For War begets War.

God says: "I Command you to only permit My Light energy to flow through you with all ITS positive aspects. I also now advise you that if this you cannot do, and you "sup" on My Dark energy and permit IT to flow through, then ITS "weight" within your soul will drag you down and eternally in MY lower suffering lands will you be incarcerated by your own hand."

You choose, for that is your 'choice'
To now heed the
Dark or My Light voice.

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~ Foot note ~

Open letter to Tasmania Police Commissioner McCreadie
c.c. St. Helens Constabulary

Dear Sir, I refer to the word "belief" that is bringing so many to grief, be they "of" religion or of atheism. For no man who has heard God's Word being the Command to "Only love" would attempt to bring God's dove to "grief."

It is the "common" belief of Atheists in the community that some members of the community have a divinely mandated right to legislate rules that are extortionist, punitive, and compulsory.

They also falsely believe that they have a divine right to impose this belief upon other members of the community such as me, who can the Light of God's Commandment see, and who does thus "oppose" the iniquitous "levies" attempting to be imposed upon his rose.

Your Station Commander Lieutier when "spoken" to about this confirmed the Police "position." Being that as you are employed to "uphold" these legislated "beliefs," that you also believe that you are "justly" empowered to impose this legislative & punitive belief upon the community, and that "as" a private army you will enforce it.

This false belief is great error and is war waged by "terror tactics" upon all whom are told "Pay up or crawl." No man has the "right" to impose their demands upon any other of God's children. This is God's prerogative.

How would you "like it" if I "raised up" a private army of "heavies" to force you into complying with my belief, being my decrees? You would not, and as you see I "force" none. I but "show the way" to freedom, and each are free to choose spiritual life or spiritual death.

It has for some time been my intent to elevate the consciousness of man so that they can clearer see God's great plan to free them from their abominations caused by false beliefs.

I am now seeking to "free" the local magistrate from his present way, in the hope that he can see the Light I set before you all.

If however he decides to "impound" my flesh in Risdon Jail for a while then that is the way our God would have it be, and I write this as I do not wish to "waste" my time there, and I would ask that whether I am "placed" there or otherwise, that you now look deeper at my Offender Seminar program, for any "punitive" means at education is but abuse of ones distant relation.

(Offensive & punishable by God under God's law).

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I write to you as the Commander of God's Light forces on earth. You may not see me wear a material uniform, but I am "as" a snow white Unicorn, with wings of fire and the "spear" on my forehead is the desire of God, being the mental expression of truth to all whom on earth plod dismally and in darkness, this applies to all today.

Thus I write this to you saying: "If you would be a 'part' of MY Light force on earth then heed now me and prepare the way so that I can reach many planetarily. This you initially do by being true and telling your "lads" to let my "Royal" carriage have free passage.

Either this or you give me a 'note' stating so, so that I may it "show" if any arrogant one seeks to question my number plate being God's web site URL that shows the way to Heaven's gate. Thus your 'lads' will incur no negative 'karma' through false detainment."

I also "ask" that you become true to those "under" your "wing," for they would happily "sting" any other whom do not comply to edicts of men, and thus their souls will also fall into the Abyss and there pall.

Tell all to seed their minds with the wisdom of my Word and learn about the coming sword, for soon every one will have a mind on the "run," and by that time it is too late to implement the proper education of real criminals under this sun.

I attach some pages for you that refer to the "Police War" presently being waged upon the community as well as a "Police Treaty" document that needs be implemented so that you earn a true wage. For in reality you should be a Peace Corps working for the people, rather than a police force working for thieving politicians.

Those of the community who decide to "follow" me, will become and be responsible members of the community, because they will know that God does every "deed" see, and they will know from me that God's Law applies to all, and any whom "default" through stealing or abusing others will by God be brought to their knees in Hell as in great suffering they will freeze.

Man never had a mandate from God the Light to extort money from others, or to fine and punish others. This heinous "mandate" was by the Dark given to arrogant vain man so that IT the Dark could entrap vain man and ultimately destroy him.

Woe unto any man, be they the politician or their servant you, who detains a peaceful person and imprisons them. Woe and more woe, for to Hell they do go.

Your God seen daily intent is to control & punish all. Mine is to set you all free.