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~ Criminal Conspiracy Complaint & Indictment ~
The TRUE Christian believer v/s the deceived 'infidels' who remain non-believers in God's sovereign power

This is an educational document

page - 1 - Introduction
page - 3 - The complaint
page - 5 - The indictment
page - 8 - The invisible mastermind
page - 11 - Added note - 1
page - 12 - Added note - 2
page - 13 - Added note - 3
page - 14 - The unapproachable God

I wish to alert you and advise you to the FACT that it is now PROVEN that there is a criminal conspiracy to defraud the general public of their FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT as well as their hard earned money and as a consequence to therefore cause them harm, sorrow and loss.

This complaint is given to the police 'peace force' for their notification, consideration and attention because Anarchy and Treason exists in Tasmania and also globally. This missive goes forth so that all police personnel have the opportunity to prepare for the chaos and insanity now to escalate globally. I do hope that you the reader take the time to absorb all the information below as its comprehension is of the greatest importance to everyone.  

God’s absolute Justice is served upon all found guilty of criminal activity in the manner revealed by my pen, and I am concerned for the welfare of the 'front line' police officers of the State who presently engage with their 'employer' the public in a very disloyal manner indeed.

It is each person's God-given RIGHT to use their conscience. Therefore, if ones conscience tells one that certain ACTIVITIES are unconscionable and in contravention of God's Command to live within His commanded precepts of: "Love one another, go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto others sinfully living," then as said, one is ENTITLED to NOT entertain, condone, support or FUND any unconscionable or iniquitous activities espoused by others.

There are many others in every society who have the added BELIEF in their RIGHT to overrule the conscience of others, using 'force of arms' as their backup. These persons may well be mentally disturbed or deluded members of the public, but they are also uniformed enforcers taking a wage to uphold edicts or voiced 'orders' from superiors. If 'these' find the JUSTIFICATION to intimidate, injure or terrorise and cause harm, then SO BE IT, however, they do not have my 'vote' nor my support or funding.

In fact, every person using forceful means, whether they be Kings, Chiefs, politicians or their armed forces are deluded because they also believe that their 'voiced' demands, decrees and edicts as enshrined in their books as 'rules of law' as legitimising their control, subjugation, extortion of funds, punishment and killing simply because they so say.

Nothing is further from the TRUTH because, they and you and all are 'subjects' of God and as a consequence they are all subjected to God's immutable and absolutely JUST Law of Return. (As you did do will be done unto you on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis - This is the 'karmic' return imposed by God to balance His 'scales of justice' - No position or mandate or badge of office voids or avoids or nullifies the imposition of God's Just Law of Return.)

It is a basic human RIGHT to live in peace, promote peace, and NOT disobey God. It is also a basic human RIGHT to NOT be coerced or forced to defy God and 'join' treasonable anarchists who wage war against their fellow man in defiance of God.

The truth of the matter is that unconscionable people DO have the RIGHT to impose their 'will' upon others - - - BUT - - - they need to understand that the LAW of God will be imposed upon them in this world or the next, and they will at some stage suffer the same 'consequences' they imposed upon others forcefully.

It needs to be clearly understood by everyone that the Sovereign Authority of the Constitution of the land mass Australia and others of British origin is in agreement with the above, for within the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the constitutional acts contained below it clearly states that:

1 - The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

2 - Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

page 2

It follows that:

(a) Any person backed by force of arms such as a politician who invokes any decree which is then enshrined as a rule of law, being a ruling which conflicts with the conscience and IDEOLOGICAL BELIEFS OF OTHERS, and who then imposes said strictures upon another of a different belief, is a politician who is in contravention of the powers granted unto them by said Constitutional authority.

(b) It also follows that if said rulings are backed by restrictions or fines or punishment for non-conformity, then the politicians themselves are in flagrant contravention of the Constitutional powers by the IMPOSING of their RELIGIOUS ideological OBSERVANCE upon others. This is an EVIL ideological code of conduct POLICY whose sole purpose is to impose control, subjugation, punishment, monetary extortion and more. It is DARK and EVIL policy because its implementation causes terror, deprivation, sorrow and homelessness.

(c) It also follows that the imposition of punishment by a magistrate which causes harm, loss, restriction of free movement, mental or emotional trauma is of ITSELF in contravention of (2) above because it is an immoral act to cause harm and is also the cause of civil unrest because the imposition of said punishment is of itself disturbing the peace of the accused 'victim.'

It is also a flagrant defiance of God by vain, arrogant and ignorant mortals who believe that they are as 'god' and entitled to execute their 'judgement' upon mortals and NOT suffer the consequence. This is gross error of belief.

(d) It also follows that the 'police' have become 'mercenaries' employed by the political rulers. Police are in fact being used as armed 'gangsters' to extort money from community members in a manner most foul using threat, coercion and seizure of assets. (stealing) They are supposed to protect citizens, not 'wage war' against them.

WOE indeed is the fate I see for everyone culpable and complicit.
Our God is merciless in His 'eye for an eye' distribution of Absolute Justice.

Mrs C Barnes is an absolute pacifist and I cite her 'case' because for fourteen years, she has been harassed and intimidated in an attempt to coerce her into paying money against her will (fines or taxes) to persons adhering to a contra punitive and warring ideology. (Religion)

In the case of Mrs. Barnes, the coercion is the threat of further punishment and a driving restriction of movement which is in place. (Suspended driver's licence) A disability which has been imposed to try and force her into compliance. It is also an ILLEGAL attempt to force her to defy God and become an unconscionable 'doer of wrong in God's eyes' by supporting what she sees and believes to be INIQUITY. (The control, subjugation, injury and trauma imposed upon others in the community and overseas)

This is an illegal contravention of her LEGAL civil rights granted by God. It is also a RIGHT granted unto those who do not disturb the peace by the Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitution as given herein below. The mandate of powers granted to state officials by their constitutional Sovereign Authority is also being ignored and exceeded by magistrates and armed 'henchmen.' (Police)

The police services department officers are being used as armed 'Al Capone' style gangsters to; seize assets, (steal) interfere, coerce, threaten, arrest and detain, interrogate, cause harm, restrict ones freedom of movement, punish, maim, intimidate and try and force people to change their religion. This they do to the very PEOPLE they are paid a wage to PROTECT.

page 3

~ The complaint ~

1) The persons named herein, the magistrate, prosecutor and director of MPES as well as Australian Taxation officials and their prosecutor 'Storache' believe that since they hold the power, that they are above the Sovereign Law of the land. All are guilty of insurrection against the people and the Sovereign Power, God.

Magistrate Marron, Police prosecutor Steele and MPES officers Drake and Buchanan and others colluded to thwart the course of justice and did criminally and illegally subvert the course of Justice. They deliberately ignored the Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitutional Authority and thereby caused harm to a peaceful citizen of the land namely, Mrs. Clemencia Barnes.

2) The above persons subjected Mrs C Barnes to threat, coercion and intimidation by their joint judgment and attempt at monetary extortion, (fine) through suspension of her driving licence for one year and/or until the fine (extortion demand) is met. This has caused her ongoing grievous mental and emotional trauma and inconvenience.

This sanction has been imposed for the sole purpose of  forcing  Mrs Barnes into compliance with Magistrate Marron’s contra belief to the belief held and lived by Mrs Barnes as required of her by God.

Magistrate Marron made it quite CLEAR that he was not interested in her belief since his belief and his belief alone was considered by him to be justified. This belief of Magistrate Marron is a defiance of the guaranteed freedom of religion and truly highlights his arrogance and ignorance of the Constitution thereby confirming his treasonable judgement.

3) In the foreknowledge * that this case was a matter of conscience, faith and ideological belief, all complicit simply ridiculed Mrs C Barnes and her religious belief as well as belittling her counsel, and proceeded to judge her and condemn her in contravention of her constitutional rights.

Note: In the foreknowledge * - All colluding and complicit to this punitive action had received prior written notice by my hand of the case being a constitutional one and outside the jurisdiction of the Launceston subordinate court. Ref attached letters and defence pages. (mpes3 & kingsroad5.htm & eddie.htm & eddie2.htm & baycorp1.pdf & baycorp2.pdf)

4) Magistrate Marron should not have been judging a case of ‘religious belief’ in the first instance. Since the defence (kingsroad5.htm) clearly indicated that it was a case of religious belief Marron should have advised the prosecutor that there was no case to answer in his subordinate court.

5) Prosecutor Brett Steele had also been advised in the above statement by submission, handed in by T. Malaher, in regard to Mrs C Barnes to the effect that it was a constitutional matter.

6) Brett Steele was also aware that this was not a matter for any subordinate court and he should have ensured that this case was presented to the High Court. Both he and the magistrate are therefore guilty of anarchy and treason against the sovereign power for exceeding the mandate granted by IT to them. (Constitutional authority)

7) MPES Director Cathleen Drake had also been advised of the ‘illegality’ of this case (Refer mpes3 link below) and chose to ignore it and therefore she too became complicit to Treason and Anarchy and coercion as a consequence of suspending Mrs Barnes driving licence for refusing to pay any money (fine) to an ideology which is in direct conflict to her religious belief. Being an ideology that she cannot fund as she perceives IT as causing harm to other members of the community. It is an 'activity' she refuses to be complicit to by funding its coffers.

8) All the above are guilty of waging a war of religious persecution against a peaceful citizen of the land, since they have acted in contravention of the Freedom of religion acts and clauses given above.

9) All are also in contravention of the precepts of the Command of God, the Sovereign overlord in that, by using coercion (fine and suspension of driving licence) they attempted to force C Barnes to change her religious belief in peace and to thus join, via funding the State, the opposing ideological belief of control, subjugation and punishment. This coercion is also a treasonable ACT and in contravention of the Constitution and the Command of God.

It is my belief that all of the above named persons are also guilty of inciting civil unrest. This is also anarchy and treason against the Sovereign power and in contravention of the minds of REASON.

10) It is also in defiance of the Command of our Sovereign God.

11) The above named persons are also guilty for seeking to seduce Mrs Barnes into, herself, defying the Command of God by funding their anti- God ideology and thereby leading her into the temptation to sin against the Command of God.

12) Since the magistrate and police prosecutor named herein, have committed the same crimes against myself prior to this complaint, I demand that they be 'caught' by the police force, detained and subjected to a ‘feeling easier’ seminar, to be educated.

13) I request that Mrs Barnes be compensated and that the restrictions against her be overturned.

page 4

I raise up this complaint because it is an illegal activity to:

A) Harass, intimidate the peaceful for any reason.
B) Interfere in the lives of the peaceful for any reason.
C) Threaten and coerce the peaceful in an attempt to force them to change their religious ideology.
D) Cause mental and emotional trauma to the peaceful.

E) Restrict the free movement of the peaceful.
F) Cause loss of income and work due to enforced restriction of driving and add punishment if one defies the edict.
G) Deny the constitutional Authority by utilizing subordinate rules for the purpose of the above criminal activity.
H) Bear arms in a public place and use them as back-up to force peaceful people into conformity with a contra 'punitive ideology belief.'

Further to the above, if the peaceful are to be harassed and threatened and coerced, then civil unrest will follow and the peaceful will become 'aggressors,’ and they will arm themselves, with the consequence being civil war.

If the peaceful are being forced to follow political dictates which restrict their peaceful ideological belief and conscience, faith and religion, then they will be tempted to disobey God and they may very well become unruly through fear and anger.

The magistrate and prosecutor are both corrupt while knowingly exceeding their mandate as a matter of course. Knowingly taking a false wage from the people and carrying out illegal activities backed by force of arms. They are  Guilty of threat and coercion, extortion and more. This is both unconscionable and defiant of God’s command.

The people must know that if they remain peaceful that they will be left in peace.

The people must also learn that if they are deceived and/or arrogant or iced up on cocaine and they cause harm, that they are answerable to God and they place themselves within God’s "Eye for an Eye" Law. It is NOT for man to impose the punitive and retributive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law. It is for God only to so do, for ONLY God stands above the Law. God's ENERGY IS THE LAW. God's ENERGY IS GOD. Both the benign and malignant energies ARE super intelligent and ALL knowing.

It is ONLY for man to RETURN unto others the 'eye for an eye' benign and loving LIGHT expressed to them because in so doing, they are being loving and kind and ONLY thus receive the SAME return at the hands of others.

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

page 5

~ The Indictment ~

The initial indictment I did cite is the illegal religious persecution of Mrs. Barnes however, the more important indictment is the one against the 'system' as a whole and about how that 'system' shapes the negative actions of everyone involved. The importance of this is due to the negative ACTION now displayed globally by the 'system's operatives that is affecting everyone from the richest to the poorest on the land and in every country on earth.

A perfect example as to how man is delinquent was set out in the Tasmanian 'Examiner' newspaper of 15th September 2104. In the written article the following was openly reported:

$67 million is owed in overdue fines. Court imposed fines have now reached $44 million and more - - - all this 'stolen wealth' just from the people of this 'tiny' island of Tasmania.)

Any TRUE believer in God and His 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive' Command should be able to SEE that society as a 'whole' is TOTALLY defiant of IT (The Command) and as a consequence of that, all are 'sinning' and ON the wide road to Hell.

If the coffers of State are owed $67 million then how does this relate to  the original amount of the fines imposed in the first instance? How and more significantly, why has a series of fines 'ballooned' and thus increased to multi million dollars if not through extortion?

The question now becomes  - - - "Who is ANYONE to impose a fine upon any other of God's children"? Who is so arrogant as to employ an 'Al Capone' type person as their armed debt collector when a man like that is so unconscionable, that his forces will factually sell you up until the demands of his 'boss' have been met? (The rules are the boss)

Who IS the 'boss' of the politicians who invoked the decrees in the first instance? I now reveal in this paper that it is the MIND of the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power and that His destructive forces below telepathically 'sow' their demands via the minds of politicians. All complicit are in 'deadly' danger indeed.

It is quite incomprehensible to one such as myself to see the blatant coercion of the POLICE 'force' debt collection agency. It is also more astounding that the police force agency is totally unashamed at their justification to ADD endless sums of money upon ITS demands of THE PEOPLE.  The penalties add up quickly as shown below on the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service web site. 

Infringement notice


 $140 (original value must be paid within 28 days)


Enforcement fees 

+ enforcement order (After 28 days)


  + driver licence suspension



+ vehicle registration suspension



+ publish the amount you owe on the MPES website


  + enforcement warrant fee to seize and sell your property




page 6

What this does not show is that a mere 'default' of 20cts in a Council parking meter becomes a fine of $9 or more so and if the fine is unpaid IT is passed to the police enforcement department so that now the original fine becomes the $146 primary penalty shown. So a mere 20 cents default quickly becomes $476. (A revenue raising amount of - - - %)

Non payment of that amount does, as we all now know, lead to a downward spiral to the loss of ones freedom to travel, but further, it becomes the 'systems' right to gain property through the stealth of theft by said enforcement agency. Does this not make of the POLICE officers involved 'complicit by association' to the further extortion or punishment.

Why am I giving this example? It is to show THE PEOPLE that the politicians they 'elevate' to assist, guide and help them are in FACT simply the Devil's advocates. They are meting out HIS 'divine eye for an eye justice' as HE punishes and impoverishes THE PEOPLE more and more for their complicity by association to the extortion of money from other members of society by their 'vote' for said system and financially supporting HIS controlling and punitive 'earthly' body.

More regrettably is the reality that the operational policy of the PEACE FORCE has been 'sidelined' so that it is now USED to be the 'Al Capone' style armed heavies who have been 'conned' into believing that their role of enforcement of punitive rules is honourable, when in FACT the rules are forcing them to BE thieving swine who are now waging war upon THE PEOPLE, those very people who pay them a wage in exchange for their protection.

Indeed, THE PEOPLE need protection from the politicians who themselves are to soon to BE 'running for cover' as the insanity seen by ME unfolds globally. Soon there will be NO kings or queens or emperors or politicians, there will only be THE PEOPLE and their GOD. Regrettably, for a time, they will only see the FACE of the DARK side of their God as IT shines through the minds and faces of the ANGRY and very destructive arrogant and IGNORANT who go forth meting out HIS retribution as HE balances HIS 'scales of punitive justice.'

What does it matter whether a fine is of 'this or that' amount? It is 'irrelevant' in one sense but what is RELEVANT is that the imposition of a punitive 'fine' or further methods of extortion is an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY in the eyes of God. It follows that all involved in 'legalising it' or imposing it or supporting it "ARE IN BIG TROUBLE" says my pen.

What is COMING to earth is absolutely SHOCKING. It will BE a living NIGHTMARE 24/7 with NO surcease for multitudes. Why? Because 'some' will continue to FIGHT and cause harm and, - - - as their spirit soul departs the flesh of this world, they will find themselves in a lower world, one far WORSE than this level because it is a place having NO ending to the ongoing trauma which endures forever. I wonder if any of you can comprehend the depth of what I see and KNOW?

Why is it that politicians cannot see what they are doing to THE PEOPLE? Can they not see that they are stealing money forcefully to increase their 'earn'  and in doing so are causing MISERY? Can the police services heads not see that they are being USED disgracefully as 'accomplices' to EXTORTION?

It is so easy to JUSTIFY 'swatting' others who disobey your edicts, especially when you are the one carrying the GUN. NO sane person would ever pay a fine because in so doing, they would be an 'accomplice by association' to the imposition of suffering upon other members of the community.

It is quite an extraordinary FACT that THE PEOPLE of every land now believe in the right of politicians to impose more and more monetary extortion which is supported by ever greater punishment being imposed. It is quite an extraordinary FACT that THE POLITICIANS of every land believe in their right to use funds taken forcibly from THE PEOPLE to go forth and wreak HAVOC upon other children of God. I feel 'sorry' indeed for these infidel NON-believers. Woe indeed as all now will BLEED.

page 7

Why do we here in OZ  'worry' about a possible invasion by the I. S. black flag group of mercenaries when in our own back yard society is being destroyed by our own SERVANTS? I would personally prefer a 'quick' beheading death or bullet rather than my 'legs' being cut off restricting my FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT so that I cannot work and my whole family slowly starves to death.

Why would I fund a force to go overseas and maim or kill the wives and children and men of other tribes IN THE FOREKNOWLEDGE, that our God will then do the SAME to my own family? God's LAW is Absolute Justice but IT must NOT be fulfilled by man. Please awaken to this reality because the truth is that ONLY God stands above THE 'eye for an eye' LAW of Return because our God IS THE LAW.

Tony Abbott is NOT 'simply' or ‘only’ putting his armed forces 'on the line,' he is in FACT operating IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE of this land and therefore he is putting the whole nation INTO THE FIRING LINE of his and Obama's perceived enemy.

I suggest to Tony Abbott that he advise Obama that he has withdrawn his support of the INVASION of Iraq with the consequence of mass destruction and the KILLING of other children of God because, - - - he is now ADVISED by me, that such an invasion will bring about a similar RETURN upon the heads of all Australians within the immutable ‘eye for an eye’ Law of God. (As you do is done unto you – absolute justice)

THE PEOPLE of this land must extend peace & good-will unto all as commanded by God. If 'hotheads' wish to go forth, wage war and kill, - - - it must be in their personal names only and NOT in the name of THE PEOPLE.

It is my inspired pen to reveal that since everyone (generally) is a voter and taxpayer then all are funding the 'system' of darkness and as they so do they do daily accrue a due of suffering and loss within the LAW of THE DARK.  It is this fact that becomes the ongoing imposition of punishment and extortion imposed by IT/HE (God) via HIS political servants.

The world is ASLEEP and everyone is busily doing their 'thing' and none see the STING soon to be as the RESULT of their ongoing complicity by association to ACTIVITY that is IN CONTRAVENTION OF God's Command.

Soon, every unprotected mind will be receiving 'orders' directly from the UNDERWORLD and everyone will be 'up in arms.' If you cannot control your thoughts and emotions and ACTIONS, you will 'die in your sin.'

All TRUE to their named God, be it Allah or God or 'Mungu' as well as in my 'Swahili' African country, must now STOP supporting or funding ANY invasive, punitive or destructive FORCE. Why? Because these 'forces' are DARK operatives killing their perceived enemies on behalf of themselves and their supporters.


The 'peace force' Police must now disarm and BE peaceful members of society. People who are BRAVE, caring and kind and TRUSTWORTHY. They must halt their use of threat, coercion and interference and never be PUNITIVE. They must only haul in 'dissidents' who disturb the peace or cause harm. These are to be EDUCATED and set free unless they kill. (Ref. the seminar document.)

I personally need NO 'protection' from any armed forces because: "In God I trust." This means that I understand that IF our God needs to injure or kill me for any past transgressions of His "Love one another" Command, then I stand unarmed and I WELCOME any oppressor with open hands and, - - - I offer him a 'cup of tea' and say: "Why thee, do you really wish to set me free by   taking on the debt from my shoulders and placing said debt upon your own head."?

At all times I OBEY our God and will go as a lamb to the slaughter if killed or simply 'turn the other cheek' if struck,' but I will never retaliate. How can I it so do? Simply because I am THE TRUTH and I know THE TRUTH and my MIND is my OWN and, - - - thus no thought can enter it to 'entice' me to defend myself or abuse the other.

Soon multitudes in OZ and elsewhere will know the true meaning of hunger, homelessness and what great suffering is all about. The 'Gates of Hell' are now OPEN due to the arrogance and vanity and greed in man. There will be no 'officials' and all will be desperate to survive and not suffer as they try their best to make the 'grade' and become free spiritually as God's WRATH unfolds.

Many will be persecuted, even abducted from their homes to be imprisoned, tortured or enslaved. Travail and injury will be so commonplace that there will be no aid available for anyone. These horrors will be carried out by ANYBODY whose MIND is OPEN to DARK thoughts, and this is EVERYONE who fails to prepare as they deny my pen.

Only those who follow my peaceful 'way' and stand unarmed and caring and giving as they suffer in non-retaliation will find their way UP to Paradise.

page 8

~ The invisible Mastermind God ~

Is there a mastermind behind every controlling, subjugating, punitive and destructive activity that forces people to become unconscionable to the point where they not only set aside their own God-given conscience, but feel justified in so doing and also justified in defiance of their Creator? YES It is the invisible awesome DARK forceful, brutish and destructive energy essence of God.

It is the destructive power of God's Dark energy that man is forbidden to use ~ it is the 'fruit' from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
It contaminates the soul of the user (Sin) and places them into ITS aspect of the Law of Return - as you do is done unto you.
As you fight to halt ITS RETURN to you at the hands of other ignorant persons you simply draw more darkness IN and your debts to IT grow.

It is now I to expose the fullness of the ‘grip’ that is held over the human psyche by the invisible Dark energy essence of God known as ‘The Dark Sovereign Power’ that is an ‘Authority’ unto itself. It is super-intelligent and therefore all-knowing and of a mass volume and power totally beyond the the comprehension of humans.

It needs be understood that both spiritual ‘energies’ of God (Light or Dark - Positive or Negative) - (Good or BadCreative or Destructive) are as invisible to our ‘eyes’ as is the electricity that courses down the power grid lines.

Like electricity, there is a flow of spiritual energy when we ‘switch’ ITS power on through our action. What we need to see is that there is a duality of ‘action’ that one can draw upon, being either the ‘good or the bad’ natured energy. This has a benign or malignant outcome.

I need to state here that the words in paragraph two above ‘negative and bad’ are only descriptive as being opposites, for the ‘bad’ is not in fact bad, it simply is bad for us to use because its use by us inflicts pain upon some other which in turn brings a ‘pain & suffering’ return upon the user.

In itself, the Dark essence is merely an energy that exists and is therefore neither good nor bad. Similarly the one named ‘positive & good’ is again descriptive, for the use of this energy brings a return to the user of ‘happiness, joy and freedom.’

What man ‘terms’ as being ‘bad’ energy is therefore absolutely ‘good’ energy  because it is 'Just' unto itself because it is what ‘balances’ God’s ‘Scales of Justice’ in the punitive side. Only God is infinitely ‘Just' while man is infinitely vindictive. This is due to it being the nature of the dark energy man has drawn IN over time. (The SIN, negative emotions) The problem for man is that knows not how to create balance from imbalance. To do this man must learn to FORGIVE and 'turn the other cheek' when abused.

This becomes apparent when we understand that in the eyes of God's Justice, if a man steals an ‘egg,’ God would only take back an egg from him because that is within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye and equal basis” Law of God.

When however we take the ‘rules’ of Caesar, the State government would use the theft of an egg to extort money to a far greater value than the 'worth’ of an egg from the thief while in some ideological ‘beliefs,’ a man would have his right hand chopped off for the theft of an egg or less. 

What all this amounts to is that if you are the administrative magistrate imposing punishment for the Decrees of Caesar (State or Religion) then it is absolute ‘Justice’ when God balances His scales He submits you to His ‘equal’ LAW OF RETURN punishment meaning that as the magistrate 'judged,' so will He (God) judge the magistrate measure for measure. (Absolute Justice)

Please note, if one is a voter and funding the 'system' it follows, that as the magistrate is a 'servant' of all funding the system, that all so doing are COMPLICIT to the punishment imposed, and all suffer a 'part' of the consequence of the punitive sentence imposed by the magistrate. There is a ‘Note’ on this ‘punishment’ factor * below on page 7.

page 9

The objective of this document is not to speak of the ‘consequence’ and return unto humanity of goodness within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye thus equal basis” for using the Light energy of God but, - - - it is to expose how the ‘consequence’ and return unto humanity of ‘badness, suffering and sadness’ is imposed within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap" LAW for having used God’s Dark energy, takes place.

For pain and suffering and destruction of lives, livelihoods, and property to take place within the ‘frame’ and Law of God, it follows that in their past, the victim who is experiencing that suffering had used the same dark energy to impose pain and suffering and destruction upon another. Either personally or by the hands of their servants and, - - -

It also follows that for God to fulfill His ‘eye for an eye’ divine ‘Law of ‘Retribution,’ that His invisible energetic ‘energy’ Authority was in some way already established in this material realm and every other realm outside Heaven.

Since Dark energy is all ‘pervasive’ to a greater or lesser degree in every realm outside Heaven, it follows that in some way it has to enable itself to actively ‘operate,’ and I now expose its fullness of ‘operation’ so that you can decide what you will now do in respect of its powerful and deceptive ‘Authority’ over yourself.

Since this Dark energy is that of God, it follows that the only way to ‘oppose’ or counteract it is to use its ‘opposite,’ which is the positive Light energy of God. All persons inflicting any pain or suffering or punishment or other forms of control or ‘abuse’ on others are using it the dark energy of God, and for that 'use' they MUST suffer the consequence within ITS Law. (God's immutable Law of Return)

If you continue to use the Dark energy of God to ‘oppose’ the Dark energy of God, then all you have in fact accomplished is the imposition of pain and suffering and destruction upon another person. Both energies of God are indestructible and, - - -

In your use of the forceful and destructive dark energy of God you have placed yourself within ITS Dark ‘authority.’ As a consequence you subject yourself to ITS ‘eye for an eye’ Law which means that ahead it is you who will have to suffer all the suffering that you imposed upon another.

A person ‘actively’ bad or abusive or controlling or punitive (or depressed) is simply a person that is ‘unaware’ that their ‘condition’ is one wherein they have been using the ‘forbidden to use’ energy of God. Once you use this Dark energy (sin) it enables control of your psyche and it has infiltrated your spirit soul through your use of it.

The ‘error’ in man’s ‘thinking’ is that he must bring the other to ‘account’ for their misdeeds. Man's mind is deceived by the deceptive Dark into believing that to accomplish 'accountability for misdeeds' that he must use its forceful energy. (Using punitive darkness rather than using LIGHT energy and mercifully forgiving the other)

Thus the Dark Sovereign Power has established its ‘Authority’ over man and has also established the means whereby it can use man to be it in action thereby fulfilling its Retributive ‘eye for an eye’ Law for it. Ignorant man not realising that it is thus that it (The Dark) ensures that they are trapped in eternal ongoing suffering within its established law and, - - -

Since its power is also its capacity to ‘blind’ those using it to the fact that they are using it and, - - - since it blinds them to the fact that in the use of its energy they are ‘trespassing’ into forbidden territory, - - - it also blinds them to the fact that their ‘actions’ contravene and defy the “Go in peace and be merciful and forgiving” Command of God with the resultant consequence.

The ‘awesome’ Power of God needs to be recognised. The absolute Wisdom of God needs to be understood, for when one uses physical strength or material weaponry for aggression or protection, or when one uses national ‘bodies’ of enforcers to attain ‘freedom’ from suffering by abusing or destroying others, all one is in fact doing is gaining a ‘temporary’ respite while accruing accruing a greater burden of suffering to be endured at a later date.

page 10

Man cannot WIN against the INFINITE INTELLIGENCE of the Source of darkness. The only thing the individual CAN do once enlightened by my pen, is to ENSURE they they never again WORK FOR IT in letting IT operate through their mind or 'hands.'

If ANY of your activity is in contravention of or outside the parameters of the LIGHT of God's Command of; peace and love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness, then it is your PROOF that you are a vengeful operative for the DARK SOVEREIGN POWER and on the road to HIS lower realms. It is my pen to EXPOSE His INFINITE CUNNING.

A Traitor is a person who violates their allegiance to the Sovereign Light of God as they turn their back to the "Love one another" Command and they cause harm. All 'such' become an ENEMY of THE DARK as they trespassed into ITS domain and STOLE or yet USE some of ITS destructive and forceful energy in their interaction.

The DARK essence then sets out to DESTROY you for your arrogance and as said, you cannot win as IT sees all your 'moves' and keeps you 'spellbound' in the justifiable use of ITS energy. As this dark energy flows through your soul it grows within as a cancer and is what drags your soul down and away from the Light.

As said before, one can only WIN against others or become free of inner Sin through the expressed or ‘expressive’ use of benign, kind, loving, compassionate and forgiving Light energy.

For in using it the Light energy, we assist the other to become wiser and freed of their ignorance for which within the Law of God we receive an equal bountiful return of benign, kind, loving, compassionate and forgiving Light energy and, - - -

When we no longer use Dark energy then the Light energy of God purges our soul and we become free of Sin. (Dark energy – negative emotions)

Note: ‘punishment’ factor  - The magistrate needs to see that he is meting out divine Justice and ‘balancing’ God’s ‘scales’ when he imposes a punishment that is even 100 or 1000 times more than God’s stated ‘eye for an eye’ Law requires.

For what he does not see is that the rules enabling him to so do were in fact inspired by God the Dark Sovereign Power to enable Him (God) to satisfy His Law whenever He wishes to. So if I am dragged into His ‘earthly’ Court and sentenced to a two months imprisonment simply because I refused to pay a fine or other misdemeanour or, - - -

If I did steal an egg and my hand was chopped off at the instruction of the ‘decree’ of the land, then the Dark Sovereign Power has used this ‘moment’ in time to impose suffering upon me for when in a long past time, even possibly pre-birth time I did restrict or abuse some other person similarly.

Magistrates and all men need to see that even if they ‘simply’ took a single egg back forcefully from a thief that had stolen one, and thus were as ‘honest’ as God in balancing the scales of Justice, then they would still be in error because their take is itself a ‘theft’ which places them in the position of God having to take an egg back from them as He satisfies His own Law.

When God tells man to “Forgive,” it is because any punitive action by man places man into the dark and into requiring to be punished by God for their ‘infidelity’ in defiance of God’s “Go in peace and love all and extend goodwill unto all” Command.

It is best to simply ‘Judge’ an offender that became ‘such’ through having disturbed the peace of the land as one being in need of education and good counsel, for only thus does the ‘judge’ remain within the Command of God, and also within the Law of God they receive a return of goodness for their assistance given to a person that is defiant of their Creator.

As you judge, so shall ye be judged.

page 11

Added NOTES - 1

It is my designated way of life, being my religious belief that I should place God’s Code of Conduct policy Command above any book of rules of man. Those rules are rules that designate the daily conduct of the Police and force them to defy God by control and punishment of the people.

The rules ‘force’ the Police to enter a ‘state’ of immoral conduct in God’s eyes, and they are forced to ‘disturb the peace’ of others as they invade, seize property, punish, detain, and incarcerate, and all this is causing mental and emotional trauma, physical suffering, and ‘death’ at times, - - - all in order to ‘satisfy’ the TEXT rules contained in books.

Police should only haul in persons that do disturb the peace, and solely for the purpose of their rehabilitation, not for the purpose of punishment as that places them outside the ‘Command of God’ and into the punitive aspect of God’s superior Law.

As for the ‘conduct’ of police, prosecution, and magistrates, in reference to their daily actions they should ask themselves;

Where is the Love?
Where is the Mercy?
Where is the Compassion?
Where is the Forgiveness?
Where is the ‘commanded’ Peace?

Kings, Chiefs, politicians use ‘rules’ as the means whereby they extort money from the people, and the police and courts are used to ‘immorally’ coerce, threaten, punish and abuse persons that do not comply, and this is what places the enforcers into coming mortal danger and even greater spiritual Peril.

A ‘good’ economy means that the ‘coffers’ of the dictator controlling the land are ‘awash’ with money stolen from the purses of the people by using coercion backed by armed men (police) that ‘pose’ as benign. The 'police' in every land are being used as an force of imposition. Police need to be there to become a true community 'Peace Corps' that only arrests those that do disturb the peace of the land, and thus help to maintain 'order' in God's 'globe earth' realm.

Freedom of religion means the right to ‘choose’ to;
Bow to the ideology of WAR or, to bow to the ideology of Peace.

It is better to ‘suffer’ at the hands of ‘Caesar’ in this life rather than at the ‘hand’ of God for eternity.

Police officers need to ask themselves:

Is the ‘book of rules’ our God?
Is our ‘gun’ our God?
Is our ‘oath’ our God?
Is the ‘wage’ we receive our God?

If not, then why do we defy the command of God and also operate outside the constraints of the very rules of our Institution that apply to others?

Are the police doing this to 'test' the authority and power of God?
Are they simply 'hoping' to put me down?
Are they testing the 'honesty' of the magistrate?
Are they doing it to 'test' the authority of the Constitution Acts I give below?
Are they totally ignorant as to their mandated authority within the Constitution of their own institution? (Page 4 above)

All mankind will soon see.

page 12

Added NOTES - 2

The 'finding' of God the Father

This 'judgement' commences with the police and judiciary, and their 'crucifixion' is to be imposed* by the 'invisible' State of Hell demonic enforcers of the 'punitive' aspect of God's Law via the mind of ignorant man in this realm or in the after life, as revealed by my pen in my main 'Testament to humanity.'

This 'judgement' commences now and the Judgement of God to be imposed is, that every person funding, condoning or supporting or 'engaged' personally in any activity perceived by the Creator as 'contra' to HIS commanded 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness' code of conduct, is a person by HIM marked as ONE needing to be subjected to the punitive aspect of HIS 'correctional' Law of RETURN. (As you did sow so shall ye reap on an EQUAL and thus 'eye for an eye' basis at the hands of the insane)

Note: Let it be clearly understood by all mankind that: All armed forces personnel, be they 'police' forces or 'army' soldier forces or 'air' force or navy personnel are terrorists in the eyes of God, for all 'bear' weapons in public places and use them against His children for many a reason. The 'principle' one being that they are ordered to by other men or by the rule books they hold sacred. The second reason being to control, interfere, terrorise, subjugate, extort money, seize others territory or wealth, cause injury or destroy property.

Let it also be clearly understood that any person in the community that condones, supports or funds these 'warriors' are in God's eyes very unwise for they are 'fellowshipping' with known terrorists, and a 'portion' of all the terror, suffering, interference, destruction of property, and personal injury imposed by these armed 'forces' becomes their 'due' and their 'crucifixion' is to be imposed by the 'invisible' State of Hell demonic enforcers of the 'punitive' aspect of God's Law via the mind of ignorant man in this realm or in the after life, as revealed by my pen in my main 'Testament to humanity.'

Note: be imposed* - The 'terror' of the underworld is not only mental emotional and physical suffering imposed upon you by the merciless, but it is the capacity of the invisible darkness to keep you 'coerced' into joining one of the many destructive 'factions' of cruel devilish beings that roam far and wide torturing other 'dissidents.'

For you are unable to 'resist' their demands of you through your fear of their threatened 'reprisal' for non conformity to their demands, and as you go forth with them and cause great duress and suffering to others, it follows that others do the same unto you, and this goes on in perpetuity for none are able to avoid it due to their arrogance and ignorance of MY truth.

If you are a person that has become a person with a debt to God and thus will be spending 'time' in the underworld, then believe you me, if you do not 'carry' the wisdom of my word with you and thus be 'able' to 'suffer' your crucifixion in non-retaliation as you resist the 'temptation' to fight, then you will for an eternity quail. Only those that have seeded their minds fully with MY wisdom before going there will have any 'hope' of ever getting out.

 All done by you or - in your name or - on your behalf - comes back to you
Be it goodness bestowed or suffering IMPOSED - that IS the ABSOLUTE Justice of God

All mankind is now 'gearing up' and preparing for 'internal' or 'external' WAR
You have but a very short time to amend your ways or fall for an eternity FOR SURE

The ONLY safe way forwards for anyone is to 'disarm' and follow the peaceful and educative 'way' forward as given by me.

Yes there is a 'Paradise' with the fulfillment of every 'desire,' for the Light of God loves YOU and eternally seeks to uplift you higher.


If you try and be 'a' God and 'command' and control and regulate and punish and abuse others, then YOU end up on the eternal FIRE


Because the REAL God is the ONE to Command, and if you HIM deny and defy and thus make any of HIS 'other' children CRY, then HE sees that you are not 'fit' to 'sit' in HIS Light, and HIS Dark destructive energy that YOU drew into your arrogant soul drags you down and out of HIS sight.

For by your own 'deed' you have damned your own soul that forever by the 'weight' and power of HIS energy confines you in a very small and terrifying space and, every one of you is 'presently' sucking in dark energy each day as upon the 'flesh & blood' of your victims you 'prey' and I say: "Only those that now turn to me will have the opportunity to amend their ways and begin to let God set them free of their inner 'cancerous' and deadly dark energy."

If 'Caesar's' enforcers are so 'adamant' in abusing and punishing people for non-conformity to Caesar's decrees, (State) then why do they not 'consider' what God the father will do to them for defying His Decree of love & peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness as being the commanded 'way' and, - - - what will He do unto them for using punitive force in their interaction with His other children when He forbids it?

page 13

Added NOTES - 3

~ The proof of religious 'observance' by State governments ~
Rites - rituals - observance of ideology

Proof of religious 'observance,' is the carrying out of the rituals within the 'place' where the State religion carries out its 'regulatory' Inquisition of any person found to be in default to any 'commandment' of the rules within its 'bible.'  (The Judiciaries' books of rules)

The State or Federal government organisation is not 'secular' it is a clandestine RELIGION having a dark punitive ideology.

'A' - Man's Church

IS - Religion

Having an altar for the priest, and the pulpit to deliver the 'sermon' to all, and 'judge' the 'lost' sheep.

The Temple

Is the Church 'house'

Rules of Conduct

On entering, one 'bows' or genuflects, because the 'place' is believed to be sacred.

The 'priest' is perceived to be 'the right hand of God' or 'as' God with the power to 'forgive' or condemn or cast 'down' to eternal damnation. (exorcism)

Being the 'right hand' of the institution, he 'interprets' its commands. (regulations)


Special garments to identify the priest as set 'apart' by God as the intermediary between God and man.


Priest is assisted by deacons.


Priest called 'Father,' or 'your grace,' and all speak with hushed voices as a mark of respect to God.

Ideological beliefs followed, doctrine of Church, baptism, confession, etc.

All are forced to conform to the doctrines, rules and laws of their religious order, to contribute to the church funds, and support the 'fight' against other beliefs.

Be punished for any non-conformity, being cast out of 'heaven' or ostracised or 'stoned' to death.

The priest 'alone' hands down the 'sermon,' and has the 'power' to punish.*

The ideology of every 'Church' of man.

Obey all the rules of the National Institutions raised to govern you and, - - -

Fight any enemy that tries to invade the land, and fight any person that harms your family and, - - -

Be merciless in your dealings with any person that does not comply with the 'laws' of the land, and hand them over to be dealt with.

Pay the wages of 'forces' personnel so that they can bring any 'offenders' to the Court to be 'tried' and punished according to the law of man.

The priests interpret the 'meaning' of the 'punitive' rule application to sinners, and apportion blame & punishment.

Funding is a commanded % 'tithe.'

The promise

Spiritual salvation if you support its religious doctrines and its commandments, being its 'style' of worship and theology.

(The Church is God)

'B' - Man's Court

IS - Religion

Having an altar for the judge, a pulpit for the 'offender' to be 'admonished' as 'errant' and 'judged.'

The Temple

Is the Court 'house'

Rules of Conduct

On entering or leaving one 'bows,' as the 'place' is believed to be sacred.

The 'judge' is perceived to be 'the right hand of the State religion' or 'as' God empowered to 'free' or 'destroy' or 'damn' and incarcerate. (sentencing)

Being the 'right hand' of the institution, he 'interprets' its commands. (regulations)


Special garments to identify the judge as set 'apart' by the State to be the intermediary between the Law and man.


Judge assisted by clerks.


Judge called 'Your worship,' or 'your honour,' and all speak in hushed voices as in the presence of God's court.

Ideological beliefs followed, doctrine of Court, enshrined legislated statutes.

All are forced to conform to the rules and laws of the State religion, to the payment of taxes, and the support of the punitive system that 'fights' non-conformists or enemies.

Be ostracised or punished for any non-conformity, 'cast out of society' and imprisoned or be killed.

The judge 'alone' hands down the sentence, and has the 'power' to punish.*

The ideology of every 'State' of man.

Obey all the rules of the National Institutions raised to govern you and, - - -

Fight any enemy that tries to invade the land, and fight any person that harms your family and, - - -

Be merciless in your dealings with any person that does not comply with the 'laws' of the land, and hand them over to be dealt with.

Pay the wages of 'forces' personnel so that they can bring any 'offenders' to the Court to be 'tried' and punished according to the law of man.

The judicial 'priests' interpret their punitive rules in relation to offenders, and apportion blame & punishment.

Funding is a demanded tax 'tithe.'

The promise

Physical protection if you support it and its religious doctrines and its commandments, being its 'style' of worship and theology.

(The 'rule book' is God)

page 14

~ The unapproachable God of the 'Rule book' Religion ~

The STATE religion (government) is merciless, and it is an 'unapproachable 'god' because 'it' the rules has no conscience or feelings as it is but 'text' in a very satanic 'verses' set of books and, - - - these rules do 'robotically' control and enslave all its 'judiciary' as well as the whole 'blind' population.

It is the 'rules' within the satanic verses that force the 'judge' to defy God and mercilessly persecute and punish God's children on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power.

All the known religions of man are controlling, demanding, and persecute those that do not conform to its dictates and, - - - punishment is used to either 'threaten' excommunication or, have a punitive 'penance' imposed. Thus all known religions are 'of' the Dark.

Neither the 'priests' (politicians are also priests) nor the 'judges' see the error and falsity within their particular 'sect' or ideology. All defy the command of our one true God of Light, thus the world is now in a very dismal plight. Men of every 'religion' will defy God and fight due to false beliefs.

As insanity escalates man will become TERRIFIED with nowhere to run or hide and will truly KNOW that he is alone with his GOD of DARK. This God of Dark will be operating telepathically through the minds of everyone who fail to heed me. Indeed all around will BE thousands of people as insanely POSSESSED as was Martin Bryant the poor soul who lost his 'reason' to a powerful demonic spirit. A demonic soul that took over his mind completely for a time.

When as in his 'case' a spirit totally moves IN, then the mind (consciousness) of the possessed one is set aside and knows NOT what is taking place through their flesh. When the possessor moves out, then the one who regains their consciousness is unaware of what was done via their hand and states: "It was not me, I am innocent because I do not recall having done anything." Let all be forewarned what is now coming to this planet for a time. None will avoid their 'comeuppance.'


In the case now at hand of the 'cdpp' acting for and on behalf of the Australian taxation office due to resume on 12th January at Launceston, I can but advise, confirm and STATE that; from the moment Mrs. Barnes steps into the court, all involved and personally complicit will, by their OWN actions, consign themselves to the Abyss of eternal suffering. All involved including the magistrate will be so advised by a copy of this 'paper' and, - - - unless Mrs. Barnes is advised beforehand that these ILLEGAL and FALSE and TREASONABLE charges have been withdrawn, she will present herself as DEMANDED.

In the case at hand now concerning the driving RESTRICTION already imposed upon Mrs. Barnes, I can but advise, confirm and STATE that; until such time as that restriction is lifted, all complicit are accruing a daily penalty due within God's Law for all the inconvenience and trauma imposed upon her through their actions and, - - - if this restriction continues ON after those involved have had a week or so to reconsider, their own fate will be sealed as in the above paragraph for their continued defiance of the Command of our Sovereign Lord, GOD.

I am God's JUDGE, but is it my 'judgement' that sends man down into the Abyss of Hell for an eternity of suffering for their defiance of God? NO it is not. My judgement as God's Judge simply means that my insight is such that I am able to see if a person is trapped mentally and 'spell-bound' by the Dark energy of God.

Since all mankind has some 'sin' within, if a person is trapped to such an EXTENT that they cannot 'hear or obey' my REASONING voice and amend their ways, it simply means that the weight of dark energy within their soul (sin) is so great that IT will drag them DOWN.

Let it now BE understood, the conspiracy to impoverish the community and cause harm and trauma and loss emanates from the pits of Hell from the MIND of the Dark Source. (Sovereign Power of the underworld formerly known as the Devil) IT now is imposing more and more strictures upon ERRANT man for their disobedience to God's 'Love one another' Command. This it does via the minds of the vain, arrogant and greedy politicians and other heads of society.

The invocation of more punitive RULES are received telepathically by politicians as THOUGHTS which JUSTIFY the added impositions. This also applies to any individual or group 'hell-bent' on causing havoc. All persons so doing are being controlled mentally and subjugated telepathically.

Any person involved in this punitive activity or in retaliating against IT in a vengeful destructive manner are all DARK operatives controlled by IT. All accrue a further due to IT and ITS dark energy GROWS within their soul as they use ITS forceful power. Eventually they ALL fall into ITS lair to fight and suffer on and on for ETERNITY.

Educating these offenders as per the 'Feeling Easier' Seminar is the ONLY benign, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving way forwards.

Only those who conform to this Command of God will set their own souls free to eventually rise up back into the LIGHT of Paradise.

In reference to 'law & order' - Orderliness is attained in educating people, it is not attained through monetary extortion and other punishment. Through education people learn to control their thoughts and emotions and OBEY their GOD, and they learn that THE LAW of God applies to them and that IT is in operation at all times. All are 'accountable' for their benign or punitive interaction with other children of GOD at the time and in the place so ordained by God. Be it in this life or in the next realm in the after life. We all exist forever 'somewhere' be it in the Light or in the Dark

I can but 'hope' that the Tasmania Police 'peace corps' can make use of my insight so that together we can implement changes in preparation for the inevitable, and also thus become a 'showcase' for the world policing forces and an educational facility for the rehabilitation of 'offenders.' Being persons who do disturb the peace, and in a humane manner as required by God. Thus also are the serving officers SAFE from the 'V' for vendetta aspect of God's Law. (Aggression begets aggression)

My complaint and indictment upon mankind ends.

I am both God's plenipotentiary and God's Judge and I now 'rest' my pen.

In all sincerity - Terence


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