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~ Dr.   Louise Newman ~

Dear Louise, I send a copy of this to Peter Overton and also hope he passes it on to Cornelia Rau.   It was 'refreshing' to hear you say that everyone is responsible in some way to the 'case' at hand, where even if Cornelia had been a visitor from another land, that she was treated with such inhumane disdain and disrespect by ' State' servants is an abomination.   People today live in a fantasy land of dreams as their paid servants (employees) of the state carry on doing whatever they wish to in a very dark and insane punitive way in their name and on their behalf? Do none stop for a moment to 'think' that God's :

"As you OR YOUR SERVANTS DO so shall be done UNTO YOU"

applies equally to them as they daydream or sleep and their servants 'attack' people and kidnap them off the street and beat them black and blue or inhumanely incarcerate them for a year or two or more?

Why would anyone fund or condone or vote for such an anti-God punitive ideology to exist in this day and age? Simply because all have been brainwashed to believe that they are slaves to be humiliated and taxed to the hilt as politicians raise up more rules and regulations at the flick of a fax switch.   I for one vote for NO person, and I most certainly do not fund nor condone EVIL, and for that I have been incarcerated by arrogant magistrates who know no God. 

Do none realise that insanity is on the rise? Do none realise that it is UNWISE to set out with the intent to seek out and destroy 'other' terrorists? Do none realise that this 'action' is itself terrorism that destroys the lives of other 'innocents' over the land. 

None it seems today can even try and understand that war begets war, and only peace begets peace.   I am fortunate enough to know that every 'action' of every 'warring' and insane governing 'body' is the principal cause of the escalation of terror that soon will consume the entire planet. 

Louise, I can but ask you to please visit my web site, for I do see you as a very caring and understanding Lady of the Light.   Please read MY 'Suicide' document as it explains EXACTLY the real cause of schizophrenia and every mental debilitation. 

I call it "Minds under Siege" from imposing thoughts emanating from REAL PEOPLE in spirit realms.   This is now to intensify into "Armageddon of the mind," and every person will soon find 'possessive' thoughts taking control of their mind if they do not learn how to help themselves to fortify their minds from this telepathic attack from the 'underworld.  '

In the 'old' days it was called "Spirit possession," and as I am a "medium" I do see quite clearly the reasons why this merciless, unforgiving, and cruel inhumane race is becoming more of a disgrace in the eyes of their Creator with devastating consequences. 

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Door of Hope ~
Christian Church ( A Church of Christ)

Dear Wayne, I refer to my 'outreach' to you and your followers by offering to give a talk to you or a group, and by this means pass on to you all my deep understanding of the influence and interference over the mind of man by invisible spirit forces that are the cause of disharmony, depression, suicide, and escalating confrontation and violence. 

It is regrettable that you reject me, for it clearly shows me that your belief in your superiority of understanding or, your belief in my 'lack' in some way does show our God of your arrogance and ignorance.  

For if you were true to God or the 'Christ' you purport to be sent by or authorised by, then you would be passing on to me all that you do know in order to educate ME.   Jesus did say: “Beware of those that come in my name,” and you and your priestly 'officers' are such, for Jesus did not send you and, neither do you in fact teach nor adhere to the true gospel of GOD that was given to mankind by Jesus. 

Instead, you are exhorting your flock to follow him, (Jesus) in this instance through the following exhortation:- “If any want to become my followers let them: deny themselves, and take up their cross daily, and follow me” Luke 9:23

The question I ask the leaders and flock of your church is, how many of you truly understand what this passage means? I know that there are many, many good, well-meaning people in your organization, people who want to lead many of God’s children to the ‘right way’.  

Sadly I also understand that the ‘right way’ for many Christian groups is as varied and contradictory as the denominations that espouse them.   What then is the ‘right way,’ and how do we walk it?

The single thing that all Christian groups hold in common and teach is, that Jesus died on the cross and should it be so? No, for the central theme of God's message sent through His son Jesus was and yet is:

Love one another, go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving towards those others yet in sin living and, never wield a sword and if confronted by an 'enemy' that strikes you then turn the other cheek and never retaliate.  ”

The TRUTH as to why Jesus died on the cross is as yet unseen by mortal man, for it is only now revealed by my sacred pen as I am the same 'spirit' that walked earth's road in a past life here in the biological flesh of the man named Jesus. 

The TRUTH being that it was a demonstration to show all mankind how they would have to suffer before being released from their iniquitous past, by literally 'going as a lamb to the slaughter' in NON-retaliation when confronted by their persecutors. 

The 'crucifixion' act is seen by all Christian as the defining moment in the life of Jesus and is the central ‘platform’ of Christianity for the wrong reasons.   For Jesus did not 'die' as reported by 'you' and others so that you and all could 'sin' and not have to pay the 'blood' price yourself by the fulfilment of God's immutable: “As you did sow so shall ye reap on an 'eye for an eye' basis.  ”

The Truth of following Jesus through ‘denying self,’ is self-evident in his response to those who crucified him unjustly.   Jesus chose to ‘deny himself’ the ‘right’ to use retribution as a means of punishing those who crucified him.   He denied himself that temporary satisfaction, that temporary self-righteousness to condemn even those who were prepared to kill him. 

The factual interpretation of “If any want to become my followers let them: deny themselves, and take up their cross daily, and follow me,” is one that when you do follow Jesus, you do not criticise or condemn, you do not take people to court, you do not mete out retributive 'accountability,' you do not employ people to fight or kill others on your behalf etc.  , as you always conform to the peaceful ideology as commanded by your Creator

It is not a literal following of Jesus, it is the Message of God we must revere. 

True followers of Jesus ‘deny themselves’ when they deny the Dark force the 'permission' to take hold of them (mentally) because, they do not seek to allow the Dark to seduce them into any form of retribution for any reason.  

This is the first sign of a follower of Christ, a true Christian, because it complies with the One command: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ meaning,  be merciful, loving, forgiving, understanding and compassionate, especially to those who you believe injure you. 

The second requisite to being a follower of Jesus is the exhortation that tells believers to “pick up their cross daily.  ” The true knowledge that God does not and cannot absolve us from His One Law, a Law that is embedded in the absolute Justice of God has been lost or misinterpreted by 'sages' over the ages.  

"As you do to others will be done to you" is based on the Truth that, the moment we fail to follow the One Command to "Only Love," and we in any way 'offend' or abuse others, we are not only stepping out of the protection of the Light of God but, it is also the moment we move into the shadow and authority of the Dark that fulfils its 'side' of God's ONE immutable LAW. 

Once in this shadow land we have placed ourselves within the punitive aspect of God’s one immutable law, and we will reap what we sowed.   Whereas you 'preach' forgiveness for sin.   We have only picked up our cross and 'suffered in silence' when we 'permit' any arrogant 'avenger' to be 'as god' and abuse us without any 'defence' or retribution on our part.   (Self-crucifixion and thus freedom from our past bad deeds)

You call yourselves 'The door of Hope,' and that implies “Come to us because we have something to offer to you.  ” Being the FALSE 'catch cry' of every religion on earth.   For you all have misunderstood the message of God as you praise Jesus the man 'messenger of God.  '

Long ago the Hebrews (Jewish nation) did not 'accept' Jesus as the Messiah who was prophesied would come to 'deliver' them from bondage.   WHY? Because he did not fit their CRITERIA of what a Messiah should do or say etc.  , nor did his 'words' fit their known teachings. 

Now in turn the supposed 'Christians' reject Terence the man and his final message of HOPE from God because he does not fit into the present 'dogma' and interpretation of what THEY believe he should. 

None of 'you' seeing that you all 'bow' to Satan as you fund, condone and support, and vote into power HIS Dictatorial dictates that control all mankind through the rules of the unholy TEXTS as contained in the government regulations that force compliance to extortion, regulation, punishment, invasion, and war and killing. 

Soon the whole world will succumb to terrifying TERROR as everyone picks up a Sword to defend themselves against others equally 'possessed' by demonic thoughts that force them to defy their God and fight tooth and nail because, all have now accrued HUGE spiritual dues. 

As you today see, the 'leaders' of the supposed Christians being Bush and Howard try and appease their souls by being seen in 'Churches,' but at the same time they work for the DEVIL as they daily 'drop' others to their knees with weapons of destruction and, - - - 

Their 'troops' walk hand in hand with ministers of religion that are all naught but 'stool pigeons' that misguide youths into thinking it is in order to defy their God that said: "Do not rely on the strength of your arm for that is Satan's 'charm,' and only those that heed my sacred 'Peace unto all' Word will avoid MY 'reaping' sword.  "

Those as you need to now try and be true to God's children before you are swept aside due to your arrogance and deception for having misguided so many for a daily 'penny.  ' Please now go to MY web site and READ my 'The crucifixion of religion' document and then come to me so that we together can plan a new way to help many before THE LAST DAY. 

The REAL God is calling you Wayne - I AM the Messiah

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~ Hunter Harvest Hype Tripe ~

Dear ABC 'Compass' program.   I refer to your recent program wherein Greg Laurie spoke his personal erroneous belief on national TV and, at the same time said many things that were 'contrary' to Salvation and that would lead people away from the True path that would lead them to Paradise and, - - - it the True path is the ONLY way. 

The true path is the one where mankind attains inner spiritual peace as they become freed from their inner sin, and the attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.  ' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

"Walk in peace and love one another and extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness unto those that err and that abuse you in some way.  "

The first error taught by Greg and his 'team' was that Jesus was God incarnate.   *

Correction: God incarnate.   * - God cannot incarnate as a 'person,' but his message or 'Word' containing His Salvation wisdom is made manifest in this realm through the mind and mouth of the spirit of truth (Jesus) when he incarnated. 

The second error taught by Greg was that Salvation was gained through a statement to Greg that people accept Jesus as their personal saviour.   *

Correction: Jesus as their personal saviour.   * - No man saves anyone.   The 'saviour' is God and God's message if adhered to.   Jesus stated that he was sent by the Father to say 'something' to the people. 

Greg and other ministries have been deceiving God's children for over 2000 years and now none are prepared for the coming time of TEARS that will be a very great tribulation. 

The third and greatest error by Greg * was the 'invitation' for God's children to come up to the 'podium' so that he would be 'as' God or 'as' Jesus and save them by saying a simple 'concoction' of words that were supposed to make them safe and saved as they professed their acceptance of Jesus the man to Greg the man

Correction: greatest error by Greg * - Jesus did say "Beware those coming in my name" and that is exactly what Greg and other Church leaders do.   For they have all been deceived by the dark knave and they do NOT save anyone.   They all mislead them and turn religion against religion as they all teach FALSITY. 

People need to know that no person is above the LAW of GOD, and that this Law is in operation at all times and in all situations "As you do shall be done unto you" and there are NO exceptions.   So any 'preacher' teaching forgiveness by God is a LIAR. 

For God's Law is immutable, and any person that abuses any other in any way does 'reap exactly what they sowed' in the time and place so ordained by God.   So the 'Church' message of the day that Jesus 'absolves' them through his crucifixion is a FALSE PROMISE by Church leaders. 

The crucifixion was a demonstration by Jesus to show all that they must 'turn the other cheek' and 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' when confronted by arrogant, ignorant bastards having the intent to destroy them. 

Non-retaliation and forgiveness extended towards these ignorant ones is the ONLY WAY TO SALVATION I say and, - - - who am I ? I AM HE the same spirit of truth sent again to set you all free from eternal misery IF you now conform to my fresh uncontaminated teachings. 

I suggest that those as 'Greg' quickly try and make amends to GOD by telling every person that he HAS deceived to now visit my web site, and become enlightened before the last battle of the mind of man. 

If Greg or you or you are too arrogant to so do, then your own soul you condemn to the Abyss for believing the falsity of your own 'wind' that is an abomination to God.   Read now my < the crucifixion of religion > paper. 


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~ Hillsong Church ~
ABC 'Australian Story'

Dear Caroline Jones, most certainly Brian Houston's 'show' each week is a veritable 'sing song' of happy clappers enjoying their belief that they are now safe as 'Brian' did them save with his speech but, - - -

None see that the dark knave did every supposed holy text breech and its words distort to the point that all men now praise other men and that is the plan from Satan's den.   For if they praise Jesus or Muhammad or Buddha then they forget the message that GOD sent via these men. 

Jesus did not tell anyone to raise up Churches, he told them to simply go forth and tell all that he would return later with more information at a later date that they could not understand at that time and, - - - that until his return they were to simply:

“Tell all others that they must walk in peace and extend good will unto all and, - - - to be kind and loving and merciful and compassionate and forgiving towards those others yet sinning and, - - -

In the event that others abuse them they must not retaliate, but they must turn the other cheek and be prepared to 'die' as a lamb to the slaughter rather than fighting their perceived enemy and, - - -

He reiterated that God had ONE immutable Law of 'As you sow so shall ye reap,' and this means that all would have to PAY a 'due' of pain if they were vain and abused others.  ”

So people like Brian 'charismatically' market the name of Jesus for financial gain, and even though some of the funds are used to help others in some way the flocks see not that their weekly 'donation' does not and will not keep the REAPER away. 

So the REALITY is that Brian is a false shepherd and false prophet, for he 'prophesies' that - - - all coming up to his podium to profess allegiance to his Church and/or Jesus have been saved by their 'joint' proclamation and that is pure iniquity and pure falsity

For none are safe and none are saved, for none know nor understand the power of the dark energy within their negative emotions (sin) and none are aware of how they daily accrue a painful karmic due for funding the dark State ideological 'policy' of extortion, punishment, control, invasion, and war against other nations. 

Many of Brian's 'clergy' of helpers have good intent, but that is not enough to save them from their complicity in keeping others locked into false beliefs through which they will not only suffer, but they will also be more easily incited to fight against others of other 'religions' as man turns against man through fear and anger in these end days. 

I can only suggest to Brian that he advises all 'his' flocks to go away and read MY web site content, for I AM HE the awaited 'spirit of truth' and only I have the REAL TRUTH of Salvation.   He also needs to read my 'Crucifixion of religion' document. 

Note: The 'priesthood' of the day in every religion offer either spiritual or material protection/salvation to those that pay them a sum of money and that fellowship with their Institution.   The 'bait' offered is the name of Jesus, or Buddha, or Muhammad, or God or the Nation and, - - -

Those salesmen 'selling' salvation state that they are God's ambassadors, having the 'power' and authority from God or Jesus or another to 'anoint' their flocks in some way that ensures that they are safe and saved.   This is deception, deceitful, and deadly.   For not one of them knows the TRUTH of the prerequisite to Salvation, nor do they teach the reality of the singular Law of God and, - - -

All condone self defense to avoid suffering.   When Jesus stated quite categorically and showed by example that each must 'elevate' their own crucifixion cross as did he, and suffer any and every imposition, for that was their karmic due to be met bravely, and not retaliating in any way, as they forgave their persecutors in the foreknowledge that they were ignorant people who had not heard nor understood God's "Go in peace and love one another" command. 

Sincerely - Terence

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7 – TV Today Tonight
The Australian 'way'

Dear Naomi, I refer to your program of the 'day' 15 Aug, in which it is stated that 'some' citizens of this Australian land appear to be 'underhand' in that they are not living in a 'typical' Australian way.   Or rather that is what is perceived by 'some' others living on this land and, those referred to in your program are the 'Muslim' ones that speak a 'foreign' tongue to the majority and they are also of a different racial 'colour' and religious background

We all need to quickly understand that a 'white' majority does not imply 'white' ownership of the Land.   Neither does it mean that 'some' have any 'superior' Right above any other sister or brother of any 'race.  '

If you really want to know the true 'culture' of the average 'ocker' Australian then I will tell you.   They are a 'white' Caucasian race of very ignorant and arrogant and prideful and boastful people.   People that by 'mouth' purport that they are of a 'Christian' background that are true to this Australian Land. 

But by deed, they are in fact a 'smelly' weed that defy the God they purport to adore, and they in fact have given their allegiance to the Devil and to another 'white' race that lives on a far distant shore and, - - -

Through this allegiance to the USA they show their God and other 'men' of other races that they the 'leaders' have all gone astray.   For the cultural ideological belief of the 'others' over the sea and those living 'locally' as the majority are in fact proven to be warlike, invasive, controlling, punitive, destructive, and very dangerous to any that they perceive as 'different.  '

Not only this, but they believe that they have the divine right to bear atomic weapons but others do not.   So why on earth do you think that the 'coloured' others are in some way 'untrue' simply because they 'fear' what to them the powerful 'majority' are doing, and are continuing to do?

People like little Johnny Howard are in fact dictatorial and very fearful cowards, that are totally arrogant and brash and see not that it is their own deeds that in God's eyes are 'trash.  ' For he 'Howard' and his men set out with the intent to cause racial differences and, to also invoke very 'stringent' anti terrorist legislation which will turn his own 'forces' and the 'greater' local community against every other 'nationality' nation and, - - -

He assumes that 'we' others in this land are somehow 'lesser' than him and his 'acolytes' and he believes that he has the right to send 'home' people of other races that he perceives as errants.   Is he God? When will he and all see that in the eyes of the Creator, any person defiant of the Command to “Go in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind” is in fact an abomination in God's eyes, and one deemed by God to be an offensive person to be confined to the Abyss by God?

If you or 'any' wish to be a person living on this or any land in a TRUE way, then one has to set aside the 'racial' fears and prejudices and show their Creator that they are personally living in accordance with God's command, and they also 'disarm' and stop funding, condoning, and supporting 'warlike' political forces, as they go their way lovingly and caringly and kindly and forgiving of those 'idiots' still sinfully living. 

What none see is that the words 'Islam' and 'Christian' do in fact mean the same thing in different languages being that, - - - a person understands that:


The Truth at the 'core' of every religion is the same:

Christianity * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.  ' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.  '

Islam * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.  ' This is only attained in 'bowing' to Allah in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.  '

Buddhism * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.  ' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.  '


Jesus the prophet (and Muhammad the prophet) did 'hear' the voice of the Creator God who gave 'him' the message of 'Peace,' and Jesus - (and Muhammad) then told many of this PEARL he had found, and faithfully bequeathed his fresh found wisdom unto mankind. 

Thus he GAVE the Pearl of great price being the Salvation Wisdom of God to humanity, and the 'Call' from the Creator God of "Peace unto all" became the ideology of Christianity & Islam, being that any person that 'heard' the call of "Peace unto all" by God - Allah - - - as 'foretold' by Jesus 'prophetically' as being the way to Paradise now had a choice *;

Being that if they 'bowed' to God and then submitted to God's 'wish' and thus conformed to the call of "Peace unto all" from God - - - as spoken by Jesus or Muhammad his faithful servant and messenger, - - - they would attain Salvation and be granted entry into God's Paradise. 


Note: choice *; - Each individual also has the choice to continue on in their present 'aggressive, antagonistic, merciless, punitive & warring' ideological ways, and suffer the consequence that is documented as being one of eternal torment in the wastelands of HELL for their defiance of their Creator God - Allah. 

So as you can see Naomi, the world and Australia is in a real mess.   Everyone fearful and everyone now defiant of their God, because not one understands the implications of God's - Allah's ONE LAW.   Being “As you sow so shall ye reap.  ”

So the more we impose forcefully upon any perceived enemy, and the more we punish or abuse or destroy, the more the very same suffering comes back to EACH personal door of every person that was complicit through their ignorance or arrogance, and was either involved personally as an 'enforcer' or 'warrior' or, that condoned by funding by tax, and thus supported the 'warlords' in their terrorising 'pre-emptive' or other style of engagement. 

My 'task' is to expose this horrifying FACT, so that you and all REALISE that liquid terror and pain and suffering is coming to this 'shore' because Australian leaders are all 'non-believing' infidels that rely on 'force' rather than the merciful Word of God

God - Allah is the silent witness to all the intent and deeds of ALL His children of EVERY race. 

Terence – The Messiah

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~ Constable Kent Ritchie ~
Power & Control

Hello Kent, it is always nice to meet you but, - - - I do understand that the 'circumstances' always induce in you the feelings of consternation and frustration, because you cannot understand why I do not comply with the 'licencing' directive of your Institutional Rule book.   I believe that it is you and not I that need to do a little 'study' homework because I do understand the reasons for your daily 'interfering, coercive, and punitive' actions that are different to my peaceful and non-intrusive actions. 

So we are presently two people living on the same planet but 'speaking' different languages and living different 'ideological' beliefs, and until you learn a little of mine, it will be you that continue to abuse your 'power' and your own soul.   Even though this fact you cannot yet see. 

So even though you continue to believe that I am a 'slave' or servant of your Institution, and thus within the “Control” and jurisdiction of your 'commands,' I must 'deny' this error of your belief and simply continue on my peaceful way, trying not to 'confront' you as you do your 'best' to control me forcefully using your 'gun' and office 'badge' and your unholy book of Rules as your 'ammunition.  '

Maybe ahead when your wife has become old and 'grey' and is a little fearful of driving on the open highway, you will be 'man' enough to take the 'wheel' even though you know there are ignorant 'wolves' on the road waiting to seize you and cause you 'grief.  '

Maybe your mind cannot 'grasp' the reality that to some as me it is unconscionable to pay an extortionists 'levy' to be on God's road.   A road that most certainly does not belong to any particular members of the community, and most certainly is not the 'property' of any Institutional body. 

I do understand that as your mind has been programmed a 'certain' way that it cannot comprehend immediately what I say but, - - - I do my duty to God and you as I state quite clearly that you are unknowingly operating outside the Command of God, and outside the 'mantle' of authority granted to you by the Constitution of your own Institutional doctrinal Mandate and, - - -

Until such time as you can learn to READ and can begin to understand the TEXT within your own Institutional Constitution, will you 'suddenly' awaken to the enormity of what IT and I are saying, with the 'consequential' implications for YOU. 

To aid you and all 'constables' to realise that you are operating UNLAWFULLY and thus treasonably against God, your own Constitution and your own soul, I give you a CD of my web site and 'directions' to where you could learn to discern 'something' if you wish to. 

You may also learn that no man or mandate stands above God's superior Law that simply stipulates: “As you sow so shall ye reap – as you do is done unto you” – payback both positive (love & kindness given) and negative (punishment or suffering imposed) on an EQUAL 'eye for an eye' JUST & EQUITABLE and thus honourable basis. 

This means that whatever the reason you 'find' to cause me to 'suffer' or my wife to suffer collaterally' as a consequence, becomes a 'painful' due that you bring upon your own 'head' and household.   Rest assured, God is Just, and you deserve all the suffering that you bring upon yourself to be met at a later time and place as ordained by God, be it in this life or the afterlife.  

So until THE DAY you and all 'regulators, enforcers, and controllers' of men do become 'enlightened,' you will continue to abuse your 'power' and continue to incur a personal penalty of suffering within the simple LAW of GOD and, - - - God son does see all, knows all, and He can ensure that all 'offenders' in HIS sight such as you daily are 'fall' of their 'perch,' and are 'subjugated' by HIM as they receive their 'due. '

It is not only my task to reveal to man the error of their way, but to also reveal how God will now ensure that all for their folly do PAY, and I enclose a copy of my recent 'circular' sent to the Police Commissioner of this and many a far distant land so that they have the opportunity to understand and make amends quickly

Your intent to entrap me at the doctors surgery was also a 'sign' of your 'blossoming' vindictive nature.   Showing God and me of your 'small' spiritual stature.   Please now try and be a man.   I suggest that you begin your personal 'enlightenment' quest by reading the following two documents on my web site (CD) enclosed and then read further as God inspires you. 

7 - The CRUCIFIXION of religion 110 p.  The falsity of priesthood
8 - MANDATES and Justification 41 p.  For leaders of mankind

Terence - Letter to the Commissioners is below. 

Letter to all Police Commissioners

Let it here be known that the coming uncontrollable and unstoppable TERROR is the result of false political leadership.   Wherein politicians invoked rules and regulations and punishment that constituted TREASON against the Commands of their God and Creator and Destroyer and, - - -

That these treasonable 'acts' of control, manipulation, extortion, enslavement, and punishment and destruction of God's children has resulted in 'force' being used to enforce compliance to the “Thou shalt bow to me and obey me” orders of politicians and their policing and warring forces and, - - -

This 'note' by ME the awaited Messiah is to REVEAL unto all humanity how God the Dark Sovereign Power (Father & Destroyer) will now avenge HIMSELF as HIS 'deceptive' Serpent directs the minds of HIS earthly and spiritual forces to go on a 'rampage' of revenge that is the prophesied END TIME uprising that will result in the END TIME TRIBULATION that is totally uncontrollable by man and, - - -

“Let it here be REVEALED by ME the God you cannot see via this my sacred pen that, - - - ANY person continuing to defy MY “Only love and go your way peacefully” command will fall into the ABYSS and become one of MY 'dark demonic' warriors, and they will fight each other for an eternity and their 'tribulations' are eternal, unspeakable, and insufferable and they go on without surcease. 

Let it here be known that MY Plenipotentiary is on earth, and he has finished his 'duty' to ME his visible God that he can see, and I now release MY final message to humanity.   Any that continue to control, regulate, punish, or destroy MY children do so at their own peril.  “

The notice is an advisory paper to inform the 'Police Commissioner' in every Land that his troops are all operating outside the authorized mandate of their Creator, thus their souls are in deadly danger as also is their mortal flesh.   These Testament of Truth pages reveal:

The revelation of the danger the police are in - What they need to do to change this situation - How the police army will be overthrown - Where to look to see where their authority or mandate comes from - What is the true mandate - What is their true role to the community - The approaching terror - The Alien invasion, what it is and how will it manifest, and how will this affect the police force - How the police are to be attacked, terrorised, tormented and destroyed and the reasons why.   - continues - - - at

Item - 2 - The 'Truth & Belief' Paper - 8 pages
Item - 3 - The 'Proof of State Religion' Paper - 20 pages

Item - 4 - The 'False Religion' Police - 17 pages
Item - 5 - The false 'Israel' & false ideology - 4 pages
Item - 6 - The False 'doctrine' of the BEAST exposed - 6 pages

Item - 7 - The Hand and ACT of God - 8 pages
Item - 8 -
The Spiritual consequence of Action - 5 pages

All the above and more that are of absolute importance to the welfare of all serving officers and men within enforcement agencies are to be found on this document that is one of 45 documents on my main web site:
< http://www.  the-testament-of-truth.  co.  uk > To find the 'false religion' police doc go to:

< crucify.  htm >


page 82

~ Knights of honour ~
Open letter to Senator Barnaby Joyce (Australia)

Barnaby, Can you say unto yourself: “I am Barnaby.    I am a gentleman from St.   George, and I am a knight of God's realm, and all I do is in service for our God in Heaven”?

Barnaby, a long time ago a 'myth' arose from out of the mists of time, about a man that 'slew' a dragon because within him was a spirit soul from the land divine.    But what mankind did not see was that the 'dragon' was not a creature of materiality

It was the invisible darkness that pervades all with its bad 'breath,' as it robs and even steals the 'dress' from a woman because its plan is to 'inspan' all into servitude unto it, as it 'sits' on high impoverishing the land and all that 'bow' unto it do cry. 

What is the dragon of today? It is the Institutional book of rules * ( see note 1) invoked by men that use their 'minds' and their 'pen' to seize the assets of all God's children by means both 'fair' and FOUL.  Yes son, and even you now could fall into its trap, and become just 'another' chap that 'fell' to hell because he was blinded by the powerful 'fire' exuding from the mouth of the dragon. 

So you need to see that the principle 'role' of any 'authority' given by God to man is to serve honestly.    Not to use the power dishonestly for the purpose of extortion.    You need to try and see through the smoke billowing out from the 'white' house on the hills of Canberra.    For Canberra is seen by God as the principality of thieves, the dragon's den

Yes, every politician of the day succumbed long ago to the fiery dragon, and as it became more and more easy through precedent to use the 'police' peace corps as a private army of enforcers, the politicians became more brazen.    Even the people of the land were so tired and disillusioned they simply 'bowed' down to the never ending 'taxing' decrees that brought all to their knees. 

Barnaby, the 'Lord of the rings' is very powerful.   Any person that does not have a pure soul 'succumbs' to the fiery dragon as soon as they place any 'ring' of authority on their 'finger,' for it the Dark 'mantle' of 'Rule by force' then tempts them * and justifies them * ( see note 2) in using ITS 'fiery' power, and they see not that their justification to control or steal or wage war is by them seen as a justification to do good.   Only the pure of heart and soul remain true to their 'calling.  '

Son, what you need to see is what God sees.    I now refer to the Telstra (phone company)  'debacle.' All seem to have forgotten the real story that begins: - - - A long time ago every welfare department was used to protect the investments of THE PEOPLE because those elevated into positions of responsibility were true 'white knights' of the realm. 

Thus any community endeavor such as the postal or power or telecommunications 'giant' that was raised up over time by the 'goodwill' and funding of the WHOLE community, was not a 'medium' to be used by latter day politicians (black knights) as a means whereby they could use the communication 'industry' to extort more funds from the community. 

The 'industry' was supposed to be 'managed' properly for and on behalf of THE PEOPLE by honest God-fearing people (white knights) in such a manner, that the service provided was a 'non-profit' and non taxable industry, that itself served all THE PEOPLE by offering a community service at the lowest possible cost to ALL. 

Regrettably none of the supposed 'caretakers' named 'politicians' were able to resist the 'greedy' advances of the invisible fiery dragon, they thus succumbed to its powerful feelings of GREED, and they then 'legislated' the COMMUNITY welfare industry into becoming a taxable institution, so that they the politicians could by taxation steal more from THE PEOPLE. 

The day has come and gone where the dishonesty of one 'fallen' man John Howard was such that he 'lied' to THE PEOPLE, as he falsely promised to NOT sell their community property to 'others' if he was elected.    But the day has come where ONE man true could 'stay' the thrust of the dragon. 

Son as you see, the WELFARE of the simple Australian family has been 'blown' away by the voice of insanity, whereby the dragon says that IT now owns every community property and that IT can thus 'sell' said property and make use of the funds extorted.  Can none see that it is pure iniquity to sell off community property that is not 'yours' to sell? Is it right for politicians to sell 'farm machinery' over the back fence when they are paid 'handsomely' to manage the farm?

Son, where is the sanity when a community 'project' is manipulated to such an extent that THE PEOPLE cannot even see the impropriety?  Why should 'some' of the people be sold an industry that they already owned 'jointly' with every other person in the community?  Not only this, but as this 'minority' now own it 'personally,' they expect it to now run at a 'greater' profit, so that they personally gain money at the expense of the greater community. 

So Barnaby, as this letter is to be on 'public' display, it is in fact 'open' to all 'knights' of the realm, be they black or white in the eyes of their Creator.  What my 'pen' is asking of you personally is:

“Is a knight from the little village St. George strong enough to hold fast to his position of TRUST, or will he succumb to the powerful 'thrust' of the dragons 'breath' as have many men before, and join those that have had their names deleted from the BOOK OF LIFE of heavens shore?"

Son, believe you me, the dragon soon breathes ITS last 'breath,' for the Light of God is the dragon 'slayer,' * (see note 3) and our God via my pen exposes 'how' and why the dragon is to die and, - - - only those that turn over a new leaf will avoid eternal grief.   

Please deny the dragon its last 'sip' of the blood of men as you say “NO” to any sleight of hand 'pen' that enables Telstra (telephone company)  to be sold again and, - - - please begin to implement change so that the huge annual 'profits' being milked from the 'breasts' of the women of the land are returned into each and every person's hand that pay any phone 'bill.  '

It is now the time to return all community endeavors unto their rightful owners THE PEOPLE, so that we all survive.    For presently the dragon has not only milked the last 'cow' dry, but it has also stolen the goose that lays the daily golden egg, and soon every person will 'beg' for a crust of bread. 

Note 1: book of rules * - The dark negative energy of the fiery dragon exists unseen within the legislated Text, and is what gives the 'user' of said text the 'justification' to use the forceful 'power' of the fiery dragon contained within the context and content of the text to their advantage over others and, - - -

Not only does the Text give 'some' people this 'forceful' and malignant power to interfere, extort, seize, control, evict, punish, enslave and destroy, but it also forces them and those that uphold it and its ideological 'policy' into defying their God, as their code of conduct becomes contra the "Peace & mercy & forgiveness" command of God, and they  'sin' unto their own 'doom,' seeing not that the dragon will 'turn' and burn them similarly another day.   No man stands  above the 'eye for an eye' Law of the fiery dragon. * (see note 4)

Note 2: tempts them * and justifies them * - They are 'tempted' to sell property belonging to others, and the justification is that the money 'gained' by the State 'coffers' can be put to good use to help the community.  None seeing that most of it is wasted, and that it is wrong policy to 'steal' any community or 'private' property for any reason, and that once the community non-profit Welfare 'venture' * (see note 5) is sold, it becomes a profitable business that then costs the individual more and more in perpetuity and, - - -

Aside from the above bad 'adventure' entered into by the foolish and unwise, any person placing the ring of 'power' onto their finger is always 'tempted' and justified into 'playing God,' and invoking rules and regulations and punitive measures that interfere in and destroy the lives and livelihoods of others.  This is the prerogative of God only. For as said, only God is above His own 'eye for an eye' immutable LAW.

Note 3: dragon 'slayer,' * - The dragon is not 'slain' literally, for it is the indestructible energy of the Source.   But as the Light of God 'enlightens' person by person, they realise why they need to make amends and change their way, and they halt their use of its forceful energy and its 'power' within the individual is thus  subdued, and eventually the 'fire' power of the dragon recedes out of the 'wiser' soul and goes back into its lair in the Abyss.  

Note 4fiery dragon. * - Simply another 'description' for the 'beastly natured' negative energy of the Dark aspect of the Source.   (God) The Source is all.    There is nothing 'outside' of God.    God is the Light and the Dark. 

Note 5community non-profit Welfare 'venture' * - Every community 'effort' must be run in such a manner that it costs community members a 'minimal' amount, and this means that it is a non-taxable community welfare department.  Certainly the running and maintenance costs must be met, and certainly a little profit can be made to be put towards upgrading systems. 

It is error to force every line 'user' to pay the costs of new installations for those 'in the bush' or in town.  Every person seeking a new line or new equipment need to pay for that 'themselves' or as a 'localised' community effort upgrade.  What I am saying is, that the mere fact that your neighbour has a new Mercedes Benz does not mean that they must be forced to fund one for you.  

It is thus error for all line users to have to contribute to the funding of system upgrades for the ' few.'  It is also wrong for the telephone company to 'milk' every user an ongoing monthly line 'rental' cost once the infrastructure has been paid for, as the 'people' already own the phone line.  It is simply a matter of raising a little revenue to pay the ongoing upkeep and 'upgrades'  by charging a necessary amount to those using the service as they make 'calls.'

Terence - the Spirit of Truth

page 83

~ Peter Costello v/s Allah ~
Letter to 7.30 Report ABC - TV

Peter Costello is the 'Treasurer' of the Australian Institution that names itself 'The government of Australia.' This 4 page Paper was written as my response to a Television program seen in Australia wherein Peter Costello publicly on ABC TV stated 'something' that showed his total lack of respect for the members of the Muslim community.

This 'paper' is written to show the error of vain and arrogant men such as Costello that believe that they and their 'army' is greater than the armies of others and God, they also believe that their 'secular' rule is above Theocracy. *

I have named my public response as 'The constellation of Terror' due to the fact that all 'governing' bodies of the day in every land are EVIL, and 'run' by men that are operatives for the DEVIL and, - - -

The result of this will be utter confrontation, terror and destruction, as political men invoke their Rule of and by the 'Law of the BEAST,' and turn man against man, race against race, and religion against religion, unto the spiritual demise of themselves and their 'warriors' and followers.

I have written this response in the 'hope' that some may see its validity, especially those men and women presently employed in the Police and other forces. For they are all being used by arrogant politicians to interfere in, abuse, and destroy the lives, livelihood and property of their own public fellows as well as the lives of others, and this is great error that will bring a return of terror upon their own households, as well as sending them below into the Abyss for a time and a time.

Note: Theocracy. * - A way of 'living' in which God the Creator is seen as the supreme civil ruler, not men. Thus the true Theocratic 'way' is where each person simply lives their life in accordance and in conformity to God's Command to “Go your way in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind.”

Conversely, man's 'Rule by Law' forces all that conform to its dictates to become complicit to extortion, theft, punishment, abuse, invasion, incarceration, war and destruction, as they defy the Theocratic and true democratic way. For in the 'bowing' to Decrees of men, all are subjecting themselves to a Dictatorship. (The rule book)

For political dictators such as Saddam, Mugabe, Bush, Costello and all others rely on military might to enforce compliance, whereas in Theocracy, each person uses their conscience and their God as their guide, as they go their way ignoring the false ways of others.

PEACE, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness is the Code of Conduct commanded by God.

page 2

~ The 'constellation' of Terror ~

The man Peter Costello is vain and arrogant, and living in an insane delusional fantasy. He now shows God and all his true nature, being that of a 'shallow' wolf of great 'dark' stature.  For many years all we saw as he walked in public was a 'smirk' and a 'wolfish' grin, but now he bares his 'fangs' as his 'story' he does 'sadly' begin. For he throws down the 'gauntlet' before the 'minority' Australian Islamic Race as to their 'elders' and the world he disgracefully says by implication:

If any person 'thinks' that their 'Shariah' law is above or greater than my Australian government 'secular' law then they are misguided fools and they will be forced to conform to my law.

If any person 'thinks' that 'Theocracy' is above or greater than my Australian government 'secular' law then they are misguided fools and they will be forced to conform to my law.”

Not only this, but there is the implication that no person can remain a resident of the land mass named 'Australia' unless they conform to the dictates of the 'ruler' of Australia, - - - Costello and his henchmen and his 'unholy' book of rules invoked by him and his forces.

The 'day' is surely here when the 'idiots' that control every land by force see not the existence of any God. For they only see their own 'self' as being 'god' and reigning supreme. None aware that the very Devil inspiring their 'dreams' is coveting their souls and biding ITS time, when IT will awaken them in the 'afterlife' with an eternal scream of anguish for being so full of ITS black 'filth.'

It is men like Costello that bring the world to its knees and pre-empt the coming TERROR as they incite other men in the community of 'white' origin to FIGHT. It is men 'like' Costello that are the hard line extremists demanding adherence to their own dictates.

Yes, and the 'problem' for me is to get all 'common' men to see that IF they choose to defy their God and follow men like 'Bush' or Costello or Mugabe or any other 'abuser' of power, then they all fall into the ABYSS.

Costello as 'Treasurer' does personally control the pay-packet of the Australian Army and all other armed 'forces' men. Thus he personally is to be held accountable to God within God's SUPERIOR 'Shariah' LAW that unequivocally states: “As you do will by ME be done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' basis.”

Regrettably also, is that 'threatening' Islam means, that Costello is also personally responsible for inciting violence and, he is also inviting terrorist retaliation from the 'hotheads' that by him are known to exist within every race, colour, and creed on earth because, they are as he is, 'infidels' that have not heard of God's “Peace” Command.

Costello sees not that as he does have a 'belief' in control, regulation, fine, punishment, invasion, and war, that his 'Institution' is in fact also a 'religion' with a very dark foreboding and warring ideology.

As I AM the 'pen of God' I seek not to incite anybody to 'violence,' nor do I demand that any 'kneel' to my command but, - - - I INVITE those that would follow a 'wolf' to heed my LOVE & Peace call, and thus become free.

Page 3

I hope that every 'supposed' Christian - - -
I hope that every 'supposed' Muslim - - -

I hope that every 'supposed' believer in God and goodness see through the 'controlling' and forceful threats of impropriety issued by Costello, and simply go about their daily business conforming to God's Command: “Love one another.”

Costello is in 'grave' ERROR if he continues to promote 'disbelief in God' as he is doing. For he is misguiding the youth, and for sure he knows not the spiritual consequence of 'deceiving' God's precious creation.

Peter Costello is 'blind' and thus sees no God, nor is he able to 'concede' to the FACT that God is more powerful than he.  For Costello only sees his own temporary power that he has due to the 'mercenary' forces that he commands as he 'holds' the 'pieces of silver' that they rely on to feed themselves and their families.  It is better to starve than take a wage that forces you to abuse or kill another.

Costello sees not that every 'Western' government 'Constitution' was built on “Theocracy,” being the Judeo-Christian belief in the 'purported' and reported 10 Commandments of God, and Islam is based on the 'purported' and reported teachings of Muhammad.

It is I the Spirit of Truth to reveal that all spiritual 'teachings' have been corrupted, and I thus reinstate the TRUE way to be adhered to by man is through conformity to the Command of God and, - - -

That it is not man's prerogative to invoke the 'eye for an eye' Law of God, neither is it man's prerogative to invoke any punitive measures against others. For that places man within the punitive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law.

All world leaders are all arrogant simply through false programming and deception that has existed in this world for a very long time, and their arrogance is such that they believe that they have the right to use of force to either coerce, or impose their own personal demands upon all others.

Costello seems to think that he can bring Australia to the 'brink' by forcing others into conformity with his dark ideological beliefs. Is he not aware that every person has a God given right to choose their own spiritual destiny and follow their own ideological beliefs?

Is Costello not aware that the PRIMARY clause of the Australian Constitution that 'empowers' his deeds states quite categorically that all 'men and women' are free to follow their own ideological dreams as he obviously does - - - Quote;

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - -

For Costello to say what he says is Treason against the Australian State Institution Constitution as well as Treason against the State of Heaven. What I need to say unto all humanity is that all encoded 'laws' of men/man recorded as text, be it Islamic 'Shariah' or Christian 'Commandments' or Secular 'demonic' it matters not, - - -

For they are ALL mere 'Decrees' raised up by men that defy God's sacred Command to simply: “Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving” and, - - - God's SINGLE LAW of “As you do is done unto you” reigns SUPREME above the 'silly' indoctrinated doctrine of Religions and Institutions of mere mortals.

Page 4

Let it here be known that all mankind are 'sister & brother' and all have the FINAL choice to rise or fall depending upon 'which' VOICE they 'hear' and follow. Be it that of:

God the Creator saying “Love” or
God the Destroyer saying “Fight.”

It is the 'height' of disrespect for Costello to imply that those of Islam or any other Australian minority 'clan' must conform to his ideological beliefs and dictates.  I 'fear' for those employed by him, for they will as 'he' be buried in a shallow grave for being as he is, a 'knave.'

All political forces in every land that invoke war have invited a return of terror due to their impropriety and, - - - all are now invoking more 'decrees' that will force the local Police into attacking the very people of the land that pay their wages. This is insane action brought about by maniacal politicians.

Police and other 'enforcers' need to know that they are all being led 'astray' and they need to now hold my 'hand' as I guide them into being TRUE unto others and themselves. So I now call out to all men of Love and Honour to come to me via my message to humanity, so that they can 'ignore' the 'call to arms' of ANY wolves in ANY 'religion' or 'State' for all 'State' leaders today are FALSE.

For God commands conformity to His call of “Peace & Mercy,” and any 'politician' who feels invincible simply because they 'command' billions of dollars and 'manpower' will soon get to know a very 'stark' reality as their 'mortal' dreams are shattered and, - - -

I do not wish for any more people to be led astray through the deception and lies of any Institutional 'head,' be they of religion or otherwise. Men that use 'legislation' or 'text' in any 'book' that compels others to defy their Creator and fight are very unwise, and their God will cast their 'rotten' seed into the underworld out of HIS sight.

I need to simply state that: “Religions give man's interpretation of God's Law and God's Command unto man and, - - - men of religion use their interpretation or 'invocation' to control, enslave, regulate, and berate others, and to raise funds. None seeing that God is REAL and that God's Might seals the single and immutable LAW OF GOD. *

People of today are illiterate, for they do not understand the spiritual truth of God's Law or Command. Thus all have erred and been led astray and all are to now suffer the consequence. Be wise, if you are a 'minority' and thus abused, then conform to God and do not retaliate. Simply 'turn the other cheek' and suffer whatever is imposed, in the foreknowledge that you are paying your dues to God at the hands of the ignorant.

Note: LAW OF GOD. * - “As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal and equitable 'eye for an eye' recompense. Be it good for good given, or suffering for suffering imposed.”  Man is commanded to ONLY give out the good.  Man is forbidden to give out punitive suffering as this is the use of God's DARK power that results in the spiritual 'death' to its user.

Note: - Peter Costello needs to try and see his 'blindness,' for neither he nor his 'government' nor those presently 'adoring' him or his 'rules' understand that they do not own the 'land mass' named Australia, neither can they 'legitimately' force others to 'bow' to their ruling 'dictates' and ideological beliefs as contained within what is named by them as 'The laws of Australia' because, - - -

Their own 'governing mandate is 'encapsulated' within the Constitutional 'act' given, and it states quite clearly that every person is FREE to live by their own religious 'ideological' belief - be it Sharia law or the true Christian belief that one does not have to condone, fund and support Costello's 'invasive & punitive' rules and warring ideology.

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance,
for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - -

Thus the 'dictatorial' stance taken by Costello whereby he intends to 'deport' persons holding 'dual' nationality that have a different ideological belief to him, can only be seen as 'divisive' and the incitement of prejudice against others and, his 'actions' are Treason against the 'State' Constitution he 'serves' (supposedly) and thus he is seen by the wise as 'unfit' for public duty but, - - -

As he holds the 'king's' public purse he is in the 'improper' position of being in control of a vast army of police and soldiers that will 'unquestioningly' do his bidding and, - - - they will follow him to the Abyss that is a very unpleasant 'grave' of eternal suffering for being 'dolts' that accept his 'mercenary' wage to defy their own Constitution, their own conscience, and the Command of their own God.

Peter Costello needs to be seen as a 'false prophet,' an anti-Christ, and a very dangerous man that is as unconscionable as was Hitler and Saddam, and his 'forces' will unquestionably torture their perceived enemies and use every 'means' at their disposal in using public funds to now begin to destroy the lives and livelihoods of their own 'people.'

Truly insanity now is on the 'rise' and no person will be safe from the 'ilk' of those as Costello who are now beginning to show their true Satanic 'colour' of BLACK. I can simply 'warn' Costello that his Creator sees quite clearly his intent and deed and that Costello is 'one' dark seed that is not 'worthy' to live amongst other children of God and, - - -

I can state categorically that his fate is in the depths below and I feel sorrow for all 'men' that by RULES are forced to assist him and thus themselves fall into Hell. It is the time to EDUCATE rather than fine, punish, torture, invade, abuse or destroy and, I can also categorically state that it is by his own choice that he heeds the 'Satanic' Voice and,  - - - that it is also the personal choice of others to be his 'strong' arm or to fund his 'way.' - Go to "Who owns Australia"?

Terence - the 'pen' of God

page 84

Letter to ACA - TV
Bronwyn Bishop on the Muslim 'dress' code.

Dear ACA - Bronwyn Bishop is a 'mad' woman who sadly reflects the mindset of many Australians who believe that 'others' of different nationalities must conform to the ideological beliefs of the 'white' majority.

Bronwyn shows her absolute lack of respect towards the Muslim community through her own callous and vindictive nature, for she is a person of very low 'standing' as well as totally non-understanding of the Australian Constitution that clearly states:

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

In the 'old' days even European 'ladies' covered their heads to show God their 'respect and humility.'  Bronwyn is neither kind, nice, nor humble, and the likes of 'her' will soon stumble as the world falls into disarray through the vanity and arrogance of political leaders that are all insane.

So Bronwyn needs to become enlightened before she becomes frightened.  For all this anti-rhetoric against the minority Muslim community by 'elders' is most certainly leading many 'white' Australians to believe that it is 'good' to make others grieve.

The only reason 'why' the mentality of the Australian politician is so disrespectful towards people of other races is because they feel 'safe' with their American 'protectors.'  This in the eyes of God or the wise is not a valid reason to be foolish, and it is God that brings about a 'corrective' balance when any of His children become a nuisance.

Mark my words - - - soon the entire USA falls into disarray and then - - - boy o boy - - - here we are stuck far down the end of the world surrounded by an Islamic majority of hundreds of millions of Muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia. Now that will be the beginning of very 'frightening' times for the ignorant, believe you me.

The only hand of reason then standing between the mentality of the East and the West will be MY sacred pen. For truly, the 'white' in the USA and the UK and Australia have had a very 'busy' time entwining with the Devil for many a long year, as they caused much destruction and caused many a 'tear' to those they felt were lesser, simply because 'white man' held the 'biggest' guns.

It does not 'pay' to be rude, for that incites other minds to brood.  Bronwyn is guilty of prejudice and of inciting racial intolerance and violence.  Bronwyn shows her disgrace to God and to every sane Australian.  She is becoming a very vindictive person that needs to seek a counsellor.  Please pass this note on to her and advise her that it is time for her to make a public apology to the 'sweet' young school girls who obviously wish to please the believed 'request' of their Creator. 

She should also be advised that the Messiah is now here again to reinstate the Command of God that says: “Go your way in peace and bear goodwill unto all,” and it continues: “For those that bear 'malice' sully their inner chalice, and I permit no spiritual 'filth' to enter my sight in the land of pure light above.”

I am the Spirit of Truth - Terence

Page 85

~ The Opium War ~
ABC – TV - Foreign Correspondent

Dear 'correspondent,' it is with interest that I observe the justification of the US and British governments in taxing their communities for millions of dollars that are spent waging war in Afghanistan in their efforts to 'stem' the Opium production.

Can none see that the justification to destroy the daily 'labours' of the poor and their 'crops' that cause untold misery is not right in the eyes of God.  Neither is it right to invade their 'farm' homes and at times even kill those carrying out this 'business.'

The 'marketing' of the commonly used cigarette is the biggest drug industry in the world, and the effects of tobacco kill and maim multitudes.  Not only this, but the drug barons that rule the taxation departments of every country are also guilty of drug trafficking.

Their justification to 'permit' the use of tobacco and to give it a very high 'tax' is solely a 'dollar' based one, and not only this but it is the means whereby any funds paid out towards the community welfare payments to the poor is quickly recovered by state coffers.

So as we can now see, politicians are busily stealing funds in order to be able to wage war on 'other' drug barons and their 'minions,' and at the same time permit drug abuse to occur at 'home' so as to be able to extract their 'cut' safely without any apparent comeback.

What none see is that all the invasive damage caused to the people of Afghanistan comes back to 'haunt' the politicians that invoked it, as well as the community that fund and promote it.

None see that God has a supreme and honourable 'eye for an eye' Law that is immutable.  So if 'we' or any with eyes to see wish to stem the tide of any 'product,' then the 'end' user is the place to begin with.  For as long as there is an 'end user' there will always be a producer.

But there is a 'further' aspect that needs attention, and this is the one where God permits the individual the right to choose to live or die or smoke, or 'poke out the eyes' of the other arrogant bloke.  Why do politicians choose the latter? Why do they 'assume' to be God on our behalf?  Can we the people not come to our own personally informed decision as to what we wish to 'imbibe'?

Apparently we are simply 'serfs' in need of 'correction' and 'fatherly' direction.  As a family 'man' I can only suggest to other people that they teach their offspring why it is advisable to neither smoke 'dope' nor to inject it or sniff it.

I believe that until such time as the drug industry is 'nullified' through education, that all children between the ages of 7 – 12 years be 'schooled' at school by visiting the dying drug user, so that they see the 'end' effects of drug and alcohol abuse on a very personal level.

Education is the way. Any person that wishes to halt any others 'addiction' to growing or imbibing any 'crop' by waging war, will end up being consumed in the eternal Hell fire on a funeral pyre of their own making.


page 86

~ Mad dog Mugabe ~
Letter to 'The Zimbabwean' newspaper

Dear Editor, I refer to your article by Jay Jay Sibanda of concerned Zimbabweans abroad in which it is stated that Mugabe's technique to win elections is to attack and 'disturb' some members of the land in which he 'dictates' his foul destructive message to all.

Jay Jay's recommendation of countering this by using Mugabe's techniques of killing, torture, and other is also the 'sign' of the madness soon to consume the whole planet. In my opinion there is only one way to save any 'souls' in the land named Zimboland by me the spirit of truth who once walked there and shared many a 'meal' with those of many 'races.'

Many years ago I 'catalogued' a letter to Mugabe that I now enclose herein as I add to it in the hope of staving off some of the darkness soon to encompass the whole of southern Africa and beyond. The following letter is on line as page 15 at:

< mandates.htm >

~ The Requiem Mass ~
The "death" of Mugabe

We must all feel "sorry" for our brother Robert who did already "die." Yes, his "face" is now a "mask" that shows how much the Devil does him "try." For Satan's "breath" he does exude and this is why to "reason" he is so rude.

He is now a "puppet" on the Devil's "string," and in heaven his "dear" soul will never sing. For he is controlled by dark forces below. Yes, "possessed" by evil that through him does now flow.  His mind can no longer relax, for dark thoughts do his "sanity" tax, and he can never let them "go" for they are powerful and more "blinding" than driven snow.

He has been "bewitched" by thoughts of power, thus he is now lost and soon falls to the "dark" Sower who lives below. This truth upon all I bestow so that you will know that if you follow "him" then you too will die and fall into the universal dustbin.

And there, there is no escape. For evil spirits do you eternally rape and abuse, and with silent shrieks and eyes "agape" you wish that you could die or "somehow" be elevated by God the most high.  But once "there" it is too late, for very strong is the "door" at Hell's gate, and it cannot be "broken" by the untrue, for their minds are "weak" and thus they cannot "see" what wrong they did do.

Yes, in their minds they were "justified" to others abuse, and thus their freedom they did lose, and thus they eternally die and eternally cry.  So let us now "mourn" for the "Robert" man who soon will "disappear" as he is not a part of God's new plan in which only the loving and true will be permitted to live on earth and in heaven too.

Robert, your face is already "carved" in stone, and your soul does already inwardly groan. For you have "passed" the point of no return, and your soul son will sink into the murky dark oblivion like a stone that into a "well" is thrown.

I hold this "requiem mass" now for you so that others can see what happens to all who to their souls and God are untrue. Yes, this applies also to you, be you Blair or Clinton or Saddam or any other who freely supports any system that abuses any other.

The reason why I write is to ask you to please place this letter on line on your web site: < >
For there is only ONE way to save Zimbabwe from total spiritual 'annihilation.' For all those of Mugabe's 'majority' party have the false belief that siding with an 'infidel' named Mugabe will somehow not only gain them materiality, but that it will save them from the Devil spiritually.

All the people of Zimbabwe that have been 'licensed' by Mugabe with the 'Right' to engage with both black and white forcefully, and to kill, maim, invade, torture, steal land etc., need to know that Mugabe is not God, and that he is an insane person that has a mind that has been 'claimed' by the SNAKE Satan.

The people all need to know that the REAL invisible God has foretold a long time ago that in the END DAYS there would be tribulation as well as the eternal separation of spirit souls.

Those defiant of God's command to: “Go in peace and extend goodwill unto all.” Will all be subjected to God's single Law of “As you do is done unto you” and they will suffer exactly what they do unto others and, not only this but their spirit souls will be cast into the PIT for being swine and in that place their torments will continue on and on.

Please by this note advise all Zimbabweans that the MESSIAH that was foretold would return is now on earth, and he has a fresh and final message to humanity from God. Yes I AM HE and all now have their last chance to decide whether to follow ME or that 'idiot' Mugabe.

Those that would live in peace one day must immediately stop funding or condoning or helping Mugabe or ANY politicians, and simply go their peacefully, and respecting all others and being kind and merciful and compassionate and forgiving as they learn from ME how to become stronger mentally.

For invisible dark spirit forces are attacking their minds with negative and destructive thoughts in an attempt to justify the ongoing attack, seizure of lands, and murder. Please tell all to read my “Brief Summary” Item 50 on my main web site Index and prepare to show their God their 'decision' and direction.

I can quite categorically state that any person now continuing to either fight for or against those such as Mugabe do by their own 'hand' send their soul into the Abyss for a very long and 'insufferable' duration.

The Spirit of Truth

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