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~ Rural Suicide ~
Open letter to ABC 'Landline'

Dear Kerry, I refer to your today 11th September story on Rural suicide.  It is regrettable that your guest speaker Dr. Michael Dudley is not familiar with the spiritual cause of suicide, for he is not aware that the mental and emotional 'bodies' that exist within man are separate from the biological flesh and are a part of the inherent spiritual nature of man.  Neither could he answer your 'ask' as to the 'danger' signs of potential suicides.  For your information, all the 'pertinent' and relevant information on this matter that 'afflicts' all members of society is now available FREE on line to any seeker.

The pre-danger signs of what is termed 'Minds under siege' are the persistent, intrusive negative thoughts that 'possessively' take control of ones mind, and cannot be 'set aside' by the person due to their 'power.'  This continues to the point that they become dangerous, and the 'afflicted' then become a 'potential' suicide due to the all pervasiveness of the thoughts.  If the person 'succumbs' to these thoughts  they then act out the 'intent' of the 'invading' thoughts and they kill themselves.

There is however a way to assist oneself as given within the above document and,  - - - in a family situation if all members of the family become conversant with the process, then they can assist the potential suicide to maintain mental stability.   

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Open letter to Kerry O'Brien ABC - 7. 30 Report ~
Sir Lancelot v/s St. George

Dear Kerry, it is nice to see that your mind and words are as 'sharp' and to the 'point' as was the 'Lance' of the brave knight Sir Lancelot.  Regrettably the 'horse' carrying the man from St. George stumbled as it entered 'battle' with its opponents.  By this sorry 'act' the knight 'Barnaby' was 'weakened' and he was devoured by the mighty Dragon for he was unable to 'stand' his ground and live by his 'spoken' belief.

More and more the people of the land are 'disadvantaged' by politicians that NEVER keep to their word.  Howard has already sold a part of the community 'farm' over the back fence to a 'select' section of individuals, and he appears to be more concerned with them losing out on a 'high' income from their profitable 'shares' than ensuring that all Australians receive a low cost communication system.

If prior to this 100% sale the 51% was still owned by the people, then why were the individual people of the land not reimbursed with an annual 'dividend' being their true share of the profits?  Why do politicians use the masses to raise funds and then assume that they know what to do with it better than we do? 

Words are so 'cheap,' no wonder politicians will soon grieve and weep.  It really has become such an easy 'theft' that they see not that it is they soon to be 'bereft' of food or gravy.  Soon mankind will become enlightened by me as they read what their God has inspired through me, and then they will realise that it was and is unwise to 'bow' to a contra ideology than that commanded by their God.

For God commands us to go our way in peace and to be kind and compassionate and forgiving and HE forbids us to use force or to steal.  So why do we all 'fund, condone, and support' this contra authoritarian and controlling and punitive system?  Because we have been indoctrinated to believe that the government 'CULT' religion is the true one.

Yes it is a 'religion' due to it having an ideology of regulation and war, and as every other 'cult' its members revere and adore it 'head,' that in fact is the book of Rules that RULE all on the land with an icy cold iron FIST, and any that try and 'wriggle' out of its grip are crushed.  This 'dragon' uses ITS enforcers to eradicate all opposition, and all the silly politicians can do each day is to offer IT (the rule book dragon) more victims via 'statutes,' as the people are 'bled' to death and punished and thus fed unto IT.  Woe unto all.  Soon all that find not their way to MY Truth will fall and for eternity they will PALL.

I attach my recent letter to Barnaby that was sent to every Senator of this Australian land ten days ago or so, so all can now know 'which' of them decided to NOT vote to sell off community property, and thus not be complicit to white collar theft of community property.  Barnaby's letter as this to you is on line.  His is page 82 above.

Sincerely - Terence - The Messiah
15 Sept - 2005 AD - 009 TL

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~ CULT 'busters' ~
TV-7 - Today tonight

Dear Naomi, poor old 'Pebbles,' finally 'busted' for not only having 'intercourse' with young ladies very much younger than he is, but 'horror of horrors,' he is exposed as the head 'honcho' of a Cult that expects his 'followers' to pay up 10% of their income to fund his 'ways' and, at the same time he is perceived as seeking 'power over the people' that revere him as their 'god-head.'

A 'Cult' is a 'quasi' or religious organisation that 'adores, reveres, or worships' a person, an object, or even an ideology that is by them perceived as good or 'God,' whereas in fact they are all funding and supporting and condoning a false 'doctrine' that is far from 'The Truth' as given by their real God, the Creator of the universe and them.

Well our real 'messenger of God' did say that mankind needed to 'take the beam out of their own eye' before they 'pointed the bone' at the errors of others did he not?  Regrettably everyone is so 'blind' today that they cannot see their own error. 

For there is a harsh stark reality being, that there is a far greater 'Cult' operating in Australia and in every land on earth, that is 1000 times more 'dark' and deadly than any of the 'pebbles' style operation exposed by you.  It is very dangerous, for this 'Cult' forces it followers to fund, condone, and support its evil and destructive ways as it also turns them away from the true teachings of God as sent via Jesus.

This Cult exposed by me controls all its 'followers' using force that is backed by guns, and its followers are in fact used as slaves by its 'head honcho' and his advisors, that control everyone using thousands of 'decrees' that are issued daily as quickly as you can flick a 'switch' and not only that, but any person failing to 'pay up' the unbelievable % moneys demanded are hounded, kidnapped from the street, and punished by more fiscal extortion or even locked away for years on end and, - - -

You and you and you are not even aware of the existence of this Cult because it operates in such a manner that it is not perceived by you as being a Cult.  This religious 'organisation' also employs 'mercenaries' for a monthly wage to be its 'coercive' army that goes forth to enforce the decrees that 'tax' its followers in every 'aspect' of their lives. 

Being a direct taxation of up to 50% of their income, on top of this, they are forced to pay up gst, and numerous licence fees and, every item that they purchase has itself been taxed, so in FACT the 'end figure' tax paid to this 'Cult' leader for every $ you or others have earned is approx 75%.  This in fact means that if you work for 40 years, then the 'income' for 30 of those years went into the coffers of the 'quasi-god' Religion to fund its expectations.

The 'head' man of this Cult may not 'carry away' your daughters for sexual 'delights,' but for sure his men will destroy their lives and your livelihoods, and impoverish all for any 'non-conformity' to the dictates of his 'unholy bible' book of rules that rule all with an IRON fist.

Yes Naomi, mankind needs to see that the 'government' of every land is a religion, for it does have an ideology, and its followers do 'revere' its 'head' and they also 'worship' and idolise the text book of RULES as though IT was their God.  

The false ideology of this Cult is its 'cultural' belief that it has the divine right to enslave all and rule them, and use force of arms to control every 'movement' and tax every 'activity' carried out by its 'serfs' you and you, and it believes in merciless and unforgiving punishment and war and, - - -

Regrettably, all its 'enforcers' and political 'heads' that all interfere in the lives of the people do have the false belief that their 'regulating and punitive' actions are 'above' the Law of the REAL God that says: "As you do will be done unto you" and, none see that this 'Cult' ideology leads its followers away from the ideological Command of the REAL God that says: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those yet sinning" and, - - -

What none of the 'followers' of this Cult see is that they are spiritually responsible for the actions of their 'servants' the 'head honcho' of the Cult corporation, and his less than 'merry men' his political advisors and their armed forces funded by you and you and you so, - - - the REAL God says:

"All the pain and suffering imposed upon your sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers by the 'Cult' enforcers and, all the pain and suffering and destruction imposed upon the perceived 'enemy' over the sea or anywhere by these armed men becomes a 'due' upon YOU within MY supreme Law and, - - -

You will suffer the same 'loss, deprivation, suffering and destruction,' and your blood will be spilt until you have 'paid' your dues in FULL, for that is MY Law that is 'Just & Equitable,' for even you all 'scream out' for 'Justice,' and that is MY Justice."

Why do the 'local' people continue to 'employ' liars, thieves, and murderers?  Why do people continue to rely on 'false' men rather than their True God?  Why do people 'bow' to the taxing and destructive contents of an unholy book of Statutes imposed upon them by their servants?  Why do the 'servants' revere the deadly content of these Statutes that turn them into beasts and send them to HELL? 

The time for change is here.  For only when we all individually do follow the Command of our Creator to: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those yet sinning" Do we receive a similar 'Just' and equitable return of peace and love upon ourselves within the honourable  'eye for an eye' Law of God.

Read my 'Crucifixion of religion' document, and within it :
Item - 3 - The 'Proof of State Religion' Paper - 20 pages


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~ Pre-meditated murder ~
ABC TV - Caroline Jones

Dear Caroline, I refer to the program you aired in which a member of the public was 'criminally' hunted down by members of the community police force, and was in fact killed in a pre-meditated act at Adjunbilly.

It was premeditated, because the very words spoken by the police were 'categorical' in their statement that any 'sniper' trained by them was taught to shoot to kill, and thus to ensure that there was no 'danger' to the police in attendance.

It is stated by the police that NSW Police have a duty to protect the public once a threat has been established. Jimmy Hallinan was no threat to anyone, but he perceived the police 'invasion' of his premises as a threat and, - - - his 'premonition' was correct, for they were simply 'robots' operating under a strict set of Standard Operating Procedures which they MUST follow. This means that they cannot use their own conscience or discretion and they simply follow orders.

Pride and arrogance led the way to this tragedy, for Jimmy's sister could easily have gone and spoken to him as was requested. Not only this, but any counsellor that truly understands the 'spiritual' cause of mental disturbance would never confront such a person with a gun, neither would they make any demands.

For their 'victim' is at that time mentally 'possessed' by other spirit forces that control his mind and for sure, they have only 'contempt' for 'earthlings' making demands upon them. Police are forced into a 'beastly' mentality, for their 'superior' being the book of rules that regulates their code of conduct contains the stipulation; "Obey us or die."

At the end of the day, the police went home to their families safe.  Hallinan who had been peacefully minding his own business at his home was brutally murdered simply because he was mentally 'confused, deranged, and terrified' of the invaders that his mind perceived as 'black demons' out to get him, and that was exactly what they did because he refused to 'comply.'

It is the time for all persons in the community to understand that it is never 'lawful' in the eyes of the Creator to abuse others, and the confrontation and 'terrorising' and killing of a person immediately swings the negative aspect of the Law of God into action.

God's supreme Law stands above the 'dreams' of vain men, and this Law stipulating "As you sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye basis" is immutable and, it means that all the pain and suffering imposed upon 'Jimmy" and his family will be imposed by God upon those that killed him and, the 'killer' will also be killed ahead one day for his defiance of God's "Go in peace" code of conduct command.

The 'marksman' was more concerned with his own 'fearful' emotions, and the fact that the 'sun' hindered his 'sights' than the welfare of a mentally disturbed man.  His 'loyalty' and allegiance was to his co-workers rather than to the 'citizen' that actually pays his wage.

No 'mandate' from any man or Institution of man can 'void' the Law of God, and there is no immunity from God's Law. Yes we all are 'accountable' to God, and I can only suggest that every 'enforcer' comes to a personally informed decision as to his next 'move' by visiting my web site and reading the 'BLOOD' document for soldiers of war.

< blood01.htm >

The public need to also ask themselves if they wish to continue to fund the punitive exploits of enforcers, for the public also incur a spiritual debt for funding and condoning and supporting iniquity. Those perceived as 'offensive' or offenders by the legislated 'rules' need to now be counselled and educated, rather than fined, punished, incarcerated, or killed.

Note: - Some people believe that it is better to live 'under' the Rule of Law of man, rather than under the 'dictatorship' of a cruel man such as 'Pinochet.'  Is there any difference? - - - No, because neither Pinochet not the actual 'text' in the rule book does anything personally to any other.  They both give 'direction and directives' in the form of orders to their 'servants.' Both are 'dictators.'

In the case of the man Pinochet, he personally voices the orders to 'hunt down' and punish and kill on his behalf.  In the 'case' of the rule book, its text 'authorises' some State employee to 'hunt down' and punish or kill on its behalf.  In both cases the 'original' directive was an inspiration from the pit of Darkness.  Neither Pinochet nor the text book of rules do the deeded act.

So in both of the above 'cases,' the actual 'hunt' and condemnation, punishment, torture, or killing is carried out by state police or other armed forces, as they 'play' God with the lives and livelihood of others in the assumption that the 'directive' given by the rules or the man or their superior are legal, and thus giving them immunity from their own rules and God's law, and as none of them 'consider' God or God's law they all ignorantly and foolishly entrap their own souls as they 'set' their own 'jawed trap' that will ensnare them at a later date.

None are above God's divine law.  This is the delusion that has deceived generation after generation and filled the 'pit' of Hell.

It is better to understand "As you sow so shall ye reap" the Law of God.  For only when each person realises that every action or interaction is subject to the Law of God both positive and negative, will each individual 'strive' to conform to the Command of God to "Go your way in peace and love one another, and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Whether Jimmy Hallinan had been a terrorist, or had disturbed the peace by actually killing another, or simply being what he was, a fearful man living in a mentally disturbed state, God commands 'us' to treat him with respect, and to educate him in the knowledge that every person that does disturb the peace has a 'disturbed' mind, and needs 'redemptive' instruction so that they can free themselves of their 'illness.' 

There must never be the use of a 'gun' to control end enforce.  Force and aggression incites and invites a greater aggressive force.   True negotiators and counsellors that understand my revelations < suicide.htm > must go forth calmly and bravely and without 'armed' back up as they 'quietly' convince the aggressor to receive assistance. 

Jimmy was forced to live two days in a nightmarish HELL before being killed.  His 'killer' says that he also suffered the most fearful day of his life.  Little does he know the nightmare that he will one day be forced to endure due to his own 'ignorance' and deluded state.  For no sane man would kill any other in such circumstances.

Political ' governance' is where men inspired by the darkness invoke decrees that force their own ' enforcers' to defy their Creator and become as 'beasts,' as they wage war upon their own families and other community members in order to satisfy the rule book text 'orders' of the politicians, as well as to fulfil their obligations for receiving a 'mercenary' wage to so do.

It is the time for all 'offenders' being those that actually do disturb the peace to now be 'arrested,' and educated through attending a 3 hour 'Feeling Easier' Seminar as detailed within this web site.  Read my 'Spiritual consequence of Action' < suaction.htm >

I am the Messiah - Terence

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~ Mental Health Tasmania ~
Examiner newspaper - Alison Andrews

Dear Alison, I refer to your article of 9 Sept in which you speak of 'some' of the changes to be implemented by the new 'chief' Prof. Des Graham, as he attempts to 'turn around' the mental health problems in his 5 year strategic plan period.

I stipulate quite categorically that his 'plan' will fail unless he looks further than the present 'teaching' as to the cause of mental health problems such as schizophrenia.  I say this because no 'practitioners' of the day yet understand that the 'Minds Under Siege' process of invasive thoughts entering the minds of every person, that is in fact telepathic subjugation of the mind by spirit beings on other realms of consciousness and, - - -

This 'invasion' is escalating due to the fact that people are becoming more negative emotionally.  In the 'old' days this 'possession' of ones mind was recognised as a matter of the spirit rather than an 'illness' of the biological part of the brain.

However with 'science' coming to the fore, all spiritual matters appear to have been forgotten, and man assumes that medication can halt the inflow of confused, depressing, fearful, or aggressive thoughts, but it cannot.  It may suppress certain parts of the brain from functioning properly and thus 'dim' or place a chemical 'straight-jacket' on a person's mental capacity, but it does not 'appease' the cause.

As I see it, no 'system' or Institution can stem the escalation of insanity that is soon to erupt over the entire planet due to their ignorance of the reason behind it, as the psyche of man is attacked telepathically by a far distant alien nation.

If any person wishes to be able help themselves or others, then they truly need to visit my web site and become personally informed, so that they can help themselves, their family members, and others in the community.  The time for 'self-help' is surely here.

All persons in any walk of life need to read and understand the content of both my "Suicide document," and the content of the "Mental Health Carers Manual" also on line at the following URL's:

< suicide.htm >Z


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~ The 'Aborigine disease' ~
ABC Radio National - Fran Kelly

Dear Fran, those that 'classify' the Aborigine community as 'third world' class are insulting those as me that come from a 'third world' place in Africa.  I can assure your 'speakers' and listeners that 'us' Africans are 'way' above the Aborigine 'culture,' for their 'disease' is greed, laziness, and ignorance as to the simple reality of life being, - - -

That it matters not 'what' language you learn to speak, we are all born equal in having two hands and feet and a mind, thus we should all be capable of growing our own food and becoming self-sufficient.  In Tanzania where I was 'born,' every child is taught to help their elders and themselves.  Primarily in fetching firewood, water, and tending to the sheep, goats, fowl or cattle.

Not only this, but all learn to grow their own corn for all do know that there is no other 'elder' brother to give out a free home or 'honey,' whereas the Aborigine has succumbed to the "We will you appease" mentality of the "White" overlords.  Regrettably this free 'money' culture has now 'bred' a diseased mentality, not only in the 'outback' Aborigine areas, but also within the cities where every 'youth' now expects and demands a free ride once they are sixteen years of age.

Fortunately for all mankind, our Creator is not blind and will now turn off all 'taps' for a time to sort out the 'true' from the swine.  This means that every person will need to become self-sufficient for a time and not soil their hands with grime, being 'funds' stolen as taxes from their neighbours, that enable them to 'lazily' sup wine, do naught, and complain endlessly.  Maybe you could direct others to my 'Land Title' document found at:

< land1.htm >

Soon all farmers also go broke, as the taxation department also pokes out their 'eyes' with a blunt stick and 'yokes' them all into slavery that has now killed off the goose that laid the daily golden egg.  Yes we all will soon have to tighten our 'belt' and all need to know 'how & why' all will also receive more than a 'welt' as their neighbours pelt them with stones.


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~ Poppy seed bio-diesel tax request  ~
Macquarie Oil Co

What a good idea, to start a 'fresh' new industry producing 3 million litres of bio-diesel from poppy seeds, that will assist farmers to keep 'planting' using their own home grown produce, as well as helping Tasmanians to become more self-sufficient in fuel.  Not only this, but the far higher than diesel lubricating properties of bio-diesel will keep their fuel injecting equipment from wear, even if they mix as little a 5% bio-diesel into normal diesel it will 'double' the lubricating qualities.

The 'reason' for this letter is due to the words of Rob Henry quote: "A lot will depend on what the federal government wants to do with renewable fuels and how much excise we have to add on."  It seems 'sad' to me that our mentality is so programmed today, that none are able to commence any business operation and sell their product without first asking their 'slave driver' overlord how much of an extortion % levy he requires before issuing any 'permit.'

Do none of you realise that the systems 'workers' are your servants?  From what 'principle' did they come up with the idea that they could control every aspect of human endeavor and impose their own 'decrees' prior to commencing any business operation?  Surely any 'wise' person could see that any farmer being the 'end' user of the fuel needs to contribute something to society, but to 'levy' a tax prior to the sale of the crop is utter madness.  Regrettably we have all grown up in a mad world and thus are blinded to its iniquity.

Taxes, royalties, duty, excise, levy, are in fact all words used to cover up the reality, being that it is all extortion backed by forceful coercion.  Taxes do naught for the 'economy,' they only impoverish the whole nation and also feed the coffers of people that are unfit to 'serve,' let alone fit to rule with an iron fist.

Why do businessmen seek to 'ask' plunderers how much they need prior to issuing a 'permit' to operate?  Why do 'oil' companies and others all work for these plunderers and openly extort this 'fee' on their behalf prior to its delivery to the public?  Are they paid a wage to so do, or are they all afraid?  Why not deliver it honestly at their nett retail price to the community, and let the extortionist deal with each member of the community directly, for this way those as me that are not weak minded will tell the extortionist to 'get lost.'

It is the time to see that every 'nation' on earth is ruled by dictatorial lunatics with their minds out of control.  Certainly we need to fund community 'works' and this needs to be done in a 'godly' way as each pays 'something' from their PROFIT.  Funding the community workers and other related 'works' by legislation, mandate, and extortion is contra the command of the Creator and as all can see, it leads us all into a 'self- destruct' state of misery as all systems shut down and all become hungry and homeless and frown.

It is the time to abolish all 'white collar' slavery.  For if you cannot simply awaken with a good idea and get on with it to the betterment of the community, then you are a slave needing the 'go ahead' from their master.  Abolish slavery now by 'sacking' every heavy handed, stick wielding overlord, and burning * HIS unholy books of rules and begin again as sane men that only 'fear' their God, not man.

It is the time to see that all politicians are 'warlords' having no 'conscience, ' knowing no God, but all believing that they are 'as' God, with the 'power' to invade, interfere, control, regulate, impoverish, fine, tax, and kill all opposition.  These men are totally dictatorial and 'intolerant' towards any person that does not conform to their 'rule' by decree that they name 'the law.' 

It is not, for God's "As you do is done unto you" is THE LAW and, as an 'individual' we all must all try and see that democracy there is not if you force me to pay you a fuel 'levy' or gst simply because you are afraid to not collect it on behalf of another man posing as 'the righteous government.'  If you 'steal' money on behalf of another then you will be 'stolen from.'  If your monetary theft from me forces me out of business and causes my family to suffer, then you bring that 'fate' upon your own household. For that is THE LAW of God in action.

Note: burning *- The literal burning needs not be carried out by you.  But you need to personally simply get on with your life treating God's WORD of "Peace unto all" as your 'wife,' and thus you do not 'tax' others.  You carry out your business openly and honestly and 'suffer' your fate at the hands of the extortionists as you place your 'life' in God's hands. 

Tell the extortionists to awaken to their own karmic fate, for they are the lost sheep soon to eternally weep if they do not awaken from their own abysmal daydream, and 'amending' their own ways by themselves burning the unholy text books and turning over a new leaf.  For presently they all operate as Mugabe or 'Pinochet,' for nothing is done by any official 'person' through their own conscience, for their code of conduct actions are all dictated to them via the text of the rule book.  Thus they too are slaves unto its dictates.

Go to 'The Rural Ransom'
and read my 'The SLAVE citizen'

Terence - 2 Oct 2005 (009 True Light)

page 94

~ Suicide or life for all? ~
Letter to Ian Webster - National Advisory Council for suicide prevention of Australia.

Dear Sir, my response to the new 'life' strategy documentation is not so much a 'critique,' but a reality check.  For the first 'strategy' I viewed ten years ago in 1995 was equally 'abysmal' for it too was a 'legless' framework that was based upon the total non-understanding for the factual cause of suicide.

The problem of the day is that the present mental health 'experts' that present their views on many a 'forum' are themselves groping in the dark, and simply chasing the same old 'tale' tail.  I have been placing my own 'strategy' to the world for many a long year through my web site given.

I have also submitted its 'content' to many in the Australian 'authority' to no avail it seems, being rejected simply because it 'reflects' upon the cause as being one of a spiritual nature.  For in reality, the mind and emotions of people are not 'of' the biological flesh but from the spirit within and, until one becomes 'enlightened' by searching the 'findings' of others such as myself, they will remain in the dark and never be of any real 'good' to the greater community nor themselves.

"Minds under siege" to negative thought intrusion that is the precursor to insanity is escalating.  It not only results in suicide, but is also responsible for the escalating confrontation and aggression that will soon bring the whole world to its knees.  If you wish to 'educate' yourself then I suggest that you begin by reading my < Suicide > document. For every person is now mentally 'under siege' from intrusive thoughts that are uncalled for and, my mental heath strategy is a self-help one needed by every individual.

It is regrettable that the Institution that controls all available community funds is prepared to spend endless millions of dollars on 'schemes' that as said, have no real 'basis' due to spiritual ignorance.  It is my 'task' to enlighten all humanity and I see that I do not have to overcome the 'vanity' of the medical profession, for those that continue to 'follow' its system of 'belief' in regards to mental health will succumb to eternal grief, as will the health professionals that continue to deny me and my TRUTH.


Note: - addendum

Letter to Des Graham - Tasmania mental health
Dear Des, I enclose for you a letter sent this morning to Ian Webster.  Please look deeply at what I am saying, for the 'present' understanding of suicide and all strategies presently invoked are erroneous and, - - - the whole world is soon to fall into total disarray due to the psyche of man being telepathically overpowered from dark 'alien' spirit realms due to 'open minds,' the 'how & why & what to do' is revealed by my pen.
In order to 'stem' the 'liquid terror' and accompanying panic, it is time for police and carer's and the entire public sector to become fully aware that the prophesied 'END' time Tribulation is to erupt in every land and, - - - that the last battle for the soul of man has begun.
It is a spiritual battle of thoughts good v/s evil within the mind of each person, - - - being the positive conscience of the individual 'striving' to negate the destructive and invasive thoughts, again as revealed by my pen and, - - - every person needs to have my suicide document at hand so that they can learn how to fortify their mind against the overpowering 'possessive & persistent thoughts.
Tasmania has a wonderful opportunity to be the 'platform' to launch world reform in not only mental health, but in the 'treatment' of offenders that disturb the peace due to their thoughts being out of control.  Fear, frustration, depression, and anger is soon to erupt more as emotions are triggered from many situations, and the police and mental health will become deluged and unable to cope. Feel free to visit me anytime at my home or phone me.
Sincerely - Terence  
4 Oct 2005 (009 TL)
~ Yachting tragedy ~
Accidental death by misadventure
Letter to the Editor Cruising Helmsman magazine
Dear Editor, I refer to the tragic accidental death referred to in your October 2005 magazine.  I also see that the family of one of those that passed on to the spirit world is suing the boat builder, and I feel the need to make an open comment issued without prejudice to any person.
I see the 'energy' expressed by Paul and Amelia in their court action as misspent.  For Charlotte was engaged in a great adventure on the 'Rising Farrstar' at the time of her accidental death by misadventure.  Life on earth is full of 'surprises,' and her 'Maker' knew the time and day that her soul would return to the land divine.
No doubt 'Binks' and his company employees regret sincerely that this 'happening' occurred, and it is now regrettable that Paul and Amelia now seek to 'batter' them in reprisal, as they seek the 'mighty' dollar in the 'guise' of "Personal injury."  I also lost a son through unforeseen misadventure on a past day, but I would not 'sully' his holy name in any court of man.  Neither would I defy the call of the Creator on high who commands us to "Go in peace and be merciful and forgiving."
So as for the "injury" claim, all I can say is that there was no 'injury' to the claimants.  There was and yet is ongoing mental and emotional 'trauma,' but this suffering is of their own 'doing.'  For if they had 'blest' Charlotte and then laid her to 'rest' and gone their way with memories of LOVE rather than persecution, then their own souls would now be at rest.
I hope that they desist, and they may if you send them a copy of this letter.  But if they persist in their forceful court action, then I hope the Judge is wise enough to say: "There is no case to answer" and, I also add that people seeking monetary gain from the death of family members are vain and ignorant mortals that need 'resurrection' into the correct way of living - - - BE forgiving.
If they truly seek inner peace, then their negative 'action' against David they must cease.  As for David, I hope that he is wise enough to see that if he employs a 'solicitor' to fight on his behalf then he is simply wasting money.  For there are many wolves seeking others 'honey' and no man needs to speak to any Judge through the mouth of any other.  Simply go to court and calmly state the facts for yourself.
Terence - The Spirit of Truth

~ Democracy or Autocracy - Religion or Truth ~
Open letter to Yenny Wahid

Dear Yenny, mankind sees not that as all 'bow' to Institutionalised rules, that there is no 'factual' democracy.  For the rules are the autocratic dictator that force all into conformity to its dark ideology. This conformity may seem 'benign,' but the mere fact that one is coerced into funding its invasive, extortionist, punitive and warring ways means, that one is in fact being very negative and anti-Allah's command to: "Go in peace and extend goodwill unto all and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" in ones expression. 

For every 'voter' or taxpayer 'bowing' to the Decrees of men is complicit to the 'foul' deeds of these men that are their servants, being the politicians and their armed forces that carry out their nefarious deeds on our behalf and in our name.  For any control or punishment is contra the command of Allah.  I give an extract from my web site:

Muhammad the prophet * did 'hear' the voice of the Creator Allah who gave him the message of PEACE, and Muhammad then told many of this PEARL he had found, and Muhammad faithfully bequeathed his fresh found wisdom unto mankind.

Thus he GAVE the Pearl of great price being the Salvation Wisdom of Allah to humanity, and the 'Call' from the Creator Allah of "Peace unto all" became the ideology of ISLAM, being that any person that 'heard' the call of "Peace unto all" by Allah, - - - as 'foretold' by Muhammad 'prophetically' as being the way to Paradise now had a choice *;

Being that if they 'bowed' to Allah and submitted to Allah's 'wish' and thus conformed to the call of "Peace unto all" from Allah - - - as spoken by Muhammad his faithful servant and messenger, - - - they would attain Salvation and be granted entry into Allah's Paradise.

Note: choice *; - Each individual also has the choice to continue on in their present 'aggressive, antagonistic, merciless, punitive & warring' ideological ways, and suffer the consequence that is documented as being one of eternal torment in the wastelands of HELL for their defiance of their Creator Allah.

So we now see that all are concerned with the 'state' of their religion. Seeing not that as they 'practice' their religion with its man-made rituals, that they have also swerved away from the Command of Allah.  For if ones daily code of conduct is peaceful, then and only then are they on the singular path to spiritual salvation.  There is no need for 'conformity' to the multitude of rituals raised up by men that have become a part of the various religions on earth.

The truth of the matter is, that simple conformation to the Command of Allah and going ones way in peace, - - - practicing NO 'rituals,' is enough.  For the rituals are what is the error that keeps mankind controlled by 'priests' that stand between man and Allah and, - - - in the punitive ideology of the 'State' religion one accrues a daily karmic load of suffering, for all armed forces 'invasion' or coercion to taxation that is accompanied by fine or jail etc., ensures that all funding the 'System' will suffer the same on an 'eye for an eye' basis.  Man must first earn a 'penny' and then give some to the community.

Nations have become divided through many 'factors,' be it colour or cultural practices as well as by the 'words and rituals' of religion with each individualistic ideology.  The ideology in fact is the taught rituals that lead all followers away from THE TRUTH.  Every 'legal' invasion, coercion, punishment or war against terrorism is in fact itself and 'act' of terrorism by one against another.

Allah is to now destroy all 'parties' and religions and governing institutions as all control HIS children and keep them 'spell-bound' in the false teachings of forefathers, who used mans search for truth as the means to extract wealth and to exert control.

Our 'actions' that we express do have an absolute consequence, for during any action we are using the energy of Allah, be it positive light energy or negative dark energy.  It is only the consequence of our actions or the actions of our servants towards others is what sends us to the Abyss or to the Promised Land of love.  It matters not our race, colour or creed (religion) - - - simply our deeds.

~ Dark energy & Light energy ~
Usage & effects

Dark Energy usage and 'causal' effect under Allah's One Law

Those who imposed
Those who rebuked
Those who controlled
Those who despised
Those who stole
Those who deceive
Those who criticise
Those who regulate
Those who punish
Those who intrude
Those who fight
Those who tax
Those who enslave
Those who destroy
Those who cannot forgive
Those that disturb the peace
- are imposed upon
- are rebuked
- are controlled
- are despised
- are stolen from
- are deceived
- are criticised
- are regulated
- are punished
- are intruded upon
- are fought
- are taxed
- are enslaved
- are destroyed
- become bound
- have their peace disturbed

If you continue to 'bestow' the above - to Hell you go.
If you are in the above category then you need to quickly change your 'way.'

Light Energy usage and 'causal' effect under Allah's One Law

The givers
The lovers
The merciful
The compassionate
The caring
The respectful
The givers of good counsel
Those who forgive
Those who are peaceful
- receive
- receive love
- receive mercy
- receive compassion
- receive care
- receive respect
- receive counsel
- become free
- attain peace

If you 'bestow' the above - to Heaven you go

So please tell all to 'quickly' visit my web site and read items: 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 being: Allah's one Law - The State of heaven - Spiritual consequence of action - The 'hand & act' of Allah. For I am the awaited Imam Al-Mahdi the Messiah who has returned with a final message from Allah to elevate the 'fallen' consciousness of mankind, and to prepare them for the foretold Tribulations at which time all will suffer their karmic fate for their defiance of Allah's supreme command to:

"Love one another and go your way in PEACE and do not 'fund, condone. or support' any person or institution that has the contra ideology of extortion, fine, taxation, punishment, or war."

Tell all to visit my two web sites given so that they can help themselves, as soon all mankind will fight.

< >
< >

Sincerely - Terence

page 97

~ The 'power' to Rule ~
Community Council v/s T. Rattray

Dear Terrence, I refer to your statement to me that someone in the Break O' Day Council had taken it upon themself to 'instigate' an attack upon your 'person' and family by interfering in your affairs through 'banning' or forbidding you to live in a manner and 'means' that you democratically and freely choose to so do at Pyengana and, - - - threatening to in some way 'disadvantage' you monetarily and 'otherwise'  unless you conformed to their dictates.

The 'reasoning' for this attack being that you did construct a building on your own property without the 'permission' of the BODC and, that such had not been 'approved' by 'someone' or some 'code or rule' of the BODC. 

The 'nature' of the attack is presently a simple 'threat' and coercion by being told by the BODC 'management' that if you do not conform to their demands and expend monies in 'rectifying' the situation to their satisfaction that you will be forced to suffer the consequence being, - - - I 'presume,' either demolition, additional expenditure, prosecution, fine or and jail, and possibly at great expense having to re-construct the building raised up by your 'hand.'

I write this 'open' letter to you and all residents of the Pyengana valley as well as the BODC  staff and members of the Break of day municipality because I not only 'abhor' seeing any other 'attacked,' but if this attack is being carried out using staff time or funds 'donated' to the Council by me or, - - -

If the attack is being carried out on my behalf or in my name due to the fact that I am a resident of the community that 'supports' the existence and funding of the Community Public Welfare department named 'BODC,' and thus the 'officials' employed in Council are my employees then, - - -

I am very unhappy and deplore the fact that my 'workers' have taken it upon themselves to do unto you an 'act' that defies the Command of my God.  For in God's eyes it would be very unwise to be 'complicit' to their defiance of God as they vindictively take action against you due to their error of belief.  I say openly to them: "Do not use any of my funds donated to 'community works' to fund any punitive measures against other community members, for all my donations are solely for the required Public Works and Welfare of others and not for their persecution or prosecution and punishment."

I say this because I know that 'whatever' is done unto you (Rattray family or others) by me personally or by my 'paid' servants that causes your family to 'suffer,' brings about a similar 'eye for an eye' return upon my family within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God.  Is the BODC really operating as 'our' Community Welfare department or has it being 'taken' away from us by some other 'body' and being used to control us?

If someone throws down the 'gauntlet' at my feet I do not simply conform to their dictates simply because they 'base' their attack upon some unholy 'text' in a book that they revere above their own conscience and their God.  It is easy for any person to write 'decrees' that bring others to their knees, and even if said decrees 'appear' genuine or positive to them, why should every person 'born' in latter years or others arriving on these shores be forced to conform to these 'ideas' or ideals of men from beyond the grave?  For no doubt they were instigated by others that lived a long time ago.

I do not need to know the 'decrees' written by men from long ago, neither what is being written today behind closed doors.  Neither am I interested, for I live by my own conscience and I 'bow' to the command of my God, as I go my way in peace and thus do not interfere in the lives of others and, neither do I fund any person to be a 'controller' or interferer in the lives of others.

By all 'means' we need to raise up educative codes of conduct and other such as 'building' advisory codes so that any person seeking such can become 'enlightened,' but we must not defy God by forcing others into compliance. 

No person has the right to impose upon others, nor do they have the right to force their beliefs upon others.  That is a fundamental right 'guaranteed' by the very principle 'Act' of the Constitution of the land as well as by their Creator. 

Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - - -

Note: religious observance, = religion = ideological belief = the right to not be coerced into conformity to the ideological belief (religion) of others = I am entitled to live my life as I wish to and as God Commands me and, - - - this fact is enshrined within the Constitution of the Institution naming itself "The Commonwealth government of Australia."

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Note: guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion = religion = ideological belief = the right to not be coerced into conformity to the ideological belief (religion) of others = I am entitled to live my life as I wish to and as God Commands me and, - - - this fact is enshrined within the Constitution of the Institution naming itself "The State government of Tasmania."

This means that I can build my own home to my own design. Any person defiant of this are themselves committing Treason as they foolishly enforce the punitive aspect latter day 'rules' that contravene God's Command and defy the 'text' within their own Constitution simply because some other 'idiot' invoked a latter day ruling that itself was unconstitutional.

Ask yourself: "How and when or where did I abrogate my God given right to do whatever I choose to on my own land? - - - How or when or where did I give my 'permission' for any other person to 'rule' me and dictate the way I must live on my own land"?  

Say to yourself: "Let them prove to me and all men and God that I so did before I conform to their 'demands,' for they do in fact work for an Institution funded by me and,  - - - if they can prove that I did give them such 'authority' over me and my 'way' then I will 'acquiesce' and conform.

However, until they can so prove I shall defy their demands and simply get on with my life as my God inspires me to do, as I go my way in peace and I do not interfere in the affairs of others and in any event, if I did unknowingly or 'somehow' abdicate from my home 'throne' and abrogate my power and authority unto another, then I now rescind that 'abominable' state of affairs as of today's date, and I advise all those working for the community Council that they do not have my 'authority' to regulate, control, persecute or punish others nor myself."

Is the BODC a community Council or is that simply a 'belief' held by 'simpletons' such as you and me?  For the reality is, that if it is a community 'welfare effort,' then the community should have the power to implement change.  If it is not a community 'effort' but an imposition by 'some' members of the local community or some other 'forceful' people living far away, then changes need to be made.

I believe that the local community 'Council' that is supposed to be a community Welfare department has been 'ceded' away to an invasive and forceful destructive power by 'text' raised up by others in 'our' name and, - - - we the present day residents of Pyengana or of the Break O'Day community need to reclaim our community department so that we can 'abolish' all 'standing' regulations and commence a fresh 'book' that is solely Advisory -- Administrative -- Active and not 'taxing, controlling, warlike and punitive.

The community Welfare Department must be solely that, the provider of community Welfare Services.  It must not be a 'regulator' nor must its 'auspices' be used for the purpose of either the 'Institution' or other community members using It the 'Institution' to bring others to punitive account.

No doubt the majority of the Council workers get on with the business of providing the community services but,  - - - someone is being paid a 'mercenary' wage to be the 'eyes' of the punitive 'attachments' for non-conformity to rules.  Thus their conduct is ruled by the text in these rules and, - - - they take it upon themself to 'drag' any non-conformant to stand before another 'mercenary,' (magistrate) and they say unto him: "This one defied the decrees of my rule book and I expect you 'Sir' to sully your own soul by punishing him, so that we both offend our God and suffer the same fate."

If any person, be they Council 'worker' or any other takes it upon themself to use 'rules' in a book as 'legal' justification to defy their God and take merciless punitive action against any other, then they do so at great peril for they will consign their own soul into the Abyss for a time and a time with no 'sunset' clause.  For there is no 'sun' to shine in that dark, foreboding, and abysmal place.  If any person condones or funds any such punitive actions they too suffer the spiritual consequence.

You may 'protect' your soul from the Wrath of God by not 'voting' for the annual 'elevation' and reinstitution of the Council RULES that rule you by not naming any person to be a councillor or to 'head' the Council as Mayor.  This way you are not a 'member' of the Institution.  You may fund the Institution by funds as your commitment to community endeavors to the extent that you wish to, but you need to state as do I that: "On no account are any of these funds to be used in any 'action' against other community members."

If others wish to live by their own rules - - - so be it, - - - why should you be forced to so do? If others throw the weight and 'power' of their rule book at your head to injure you, they will suffer the same 'consequences.' Why 'bow' to their dictates and by this very act you assist in their spiritual demise?  better to say: "My brother, your action could be injurious to me and defiant of our Creators Command to "Love one another and go in peace extending kindness, mercy, and forgiveness only."

Does any 'Mayor' or his 'councillors' have the power to rescind all past and present 'rules' or rulings, and start afresh, or is he/she also bound by other rules and rulings of some other superpower or overlord? Can none see that the original 'intent' of the Constitution of the Institution was to not force others to live in any 'way' that was contra to their own ideology. 

In the guise of "It is for your own good," certain 'elements' arose in the minds of politicians and other men that led them to believe that they had the right to 'usurp' their God and the Constitution of the institution they serve.  Yes they are guilty of TREASON against the State, I say leave them and their 'punishment' to God or others as foolish as they are.

You may seek to implement changes to the positive by reaching out to others peacefully with wise council, so that at some stage all seek to 'satisfy' their God of light and love. Only this way can we bring the present 'woeful' Institution to an end and have a true positive Break O'Day Council emerge from the ashes.  

It is our democratic right to do 'as we will' on or 'with' our own land. If we are 'controlled' and thus unable to, then it simply means that there is no 'freehold' Title, for 'someone' is saying via rules that they own our land and we need their supervision and permission before we can do anything.  Are you their 'tenant' or slave?

Let us now lead our Council 'members,' staff, and ourselves out of the Darkness and into the Light.  Go to my The Council Blueprint Document.

Your neighbour and brother - Terence

page 98

~ Insecure banking ~

Letter to Ralph Norris
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Bank Group.

Dear Sir, it is with displeasure that I find my bank account depleted by the very Bank that was entrusted to serve me faithfully by taking good care of my limited funds whilst in your possession. The trouble today is that there is no security to be found within the 'bounds' of any banking institution, for within their 'halls' of power has flowered a great weed named GREED.

For every business of the day has 'gone' the same way. Being that it has found a justifiable reason to place a heavy 'cost' attachment to every 'account' even when the placement of funds remain static and there is no need for your 'system' to exert any energy in relation to this presumed 'saving.'

The monetary attachment of which I speak is the $5 Monthly Account Fee that I see has been placed upon my Streamline Account. Not only this, but having had 'static' funds therein for some years with no added cost to me, I was surprised to find them all 'lost' to your coffers to the point that you now state that I am also in your debt as you continue to debit me monthly for my now 'empty' bank account.

I do see that your 'system' earns an adequate income from not only the daily transactions taking place, but also from the actual investment accrued from customer deposits. Why I ask does 'someone' suddenly decide that they can 'legislate' a ruling that the funds within an account can be accessed and removed as a monthly 'fee,' and also without even telling the customer?

Naturally if one is making use of a 'Safety deposit' box facility in which the bank has no 'access' to the monies deposited, then one would be expected to pay an ongoing 'facility' usage fee, but in the normal banking situation as with my account  ACC No: 06 7407 10046568, - - - as the bank was in fact using the monies therein to earn its daily 'way,' in the eyes of God and myself it was a criminal 'white collar' act of theft to legitimise a way to steal my little $ 45 'nest egg.'

As I see it, there should be a positive code of conduct in the world banking system, one whereby an initial 'establishment' fee is charged on opening an account, and from then on there should only be 'charges' made for transactions when using the account facility. This way the customer can go away for many a year and a day in the foreknowledge that his/her savings are safe, and have not been carried away by a hungry 'waif' that held the keys to the door.

I believe that it is gross injustice to 'empty' a bank account that contains monies entrusted to your care. I believe that the person that made the executive decision to so legislate was mentally ensnared by the Devil. I believe also that he will spend a very long time 'below' in a place colder than snow for that is his deserved fate.

The monthly 'telephone' line rental and the monthly 'gas cylinder' rental and the multitude other 'rentals' or hidden taxes that have 'grown' as a dark smelly weed are the greedy 'leeches' that daily suck the life blood out of the community. Why not be a real man and consider the 'little' depositors before the 'investors,' for with no deposits you and others would earn naught.

For many years I have 'slaved' for little or no pay to open the eyes of those 'Moguls' such as yourself and as you can see, it was very easy for you to 'bankrupt' me totally by an 'act' of stupidity. For what knowledgeable person would knowingly penalise their own soul to such an extent? 

If you believe that change of 'policy' in your 'rulings' gives you or others in the system any immunity from an equal TOTAL 'loss' situation within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God, then I can say that you are living in a delusion.

As you 'hold' the Title of 'Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer,' I hold you personally responsible for the 'sudden' loss of funds from my account. I ask that you reinstate the funds that were therein for more than four years.

There is a copy of this letter on line as page 71 on my 'Bank' document at
< bank01.htm  >

Sincerely - Terence

page 99

~ Secrets of the fathers ~
ABC TV - 4 Corners

Dear ABC, listeners, viewers, and donors and the new born, it is now the time for the 'dross' to be shorn so that fresh light can shine forth to reveal the real 'father' divine that 'immaculately' impregnates the biological flesh produced by the 'movement' of sperm as it enters and fertilises the egg.

So much energy is wasted today using dna as a means to reveal the name of the one that 'fathered' the biological body. Is there 'nobody' other than me that can see that flesh is but flesh, and within it is a spirit soul, being the living divine being that was created by God aeons ago and, - - -

As man does 'sow' his seed, all that does is to breed' a biological body so that the Creator can 'bless' it with a living spirit from the world of spirit. So in fact it matters not that a man fathers this or that 'fleshly' body, for he is but the spiritual 'brother' of the incoming soul that has naught to do with 'his' biological seed.

It may now be the time for all to realise that all are 'immaculately' conceived by their Creator, thus it matters not 'who' their biological father was or is or may have been. Surely it is enough to know who your loving mother is, for there is no doubt about that unless she gave you away and, - - -

As said, in either case it is enough to know that you have a divine mother and father that created your 'mentality,' for your spirit soul containing the mental and emotional energy was not the creation of any man or woman.

As for the 'fuss' that some donors have fathered so many children that these 'offspring' might 'incestuously' tarry or marry or have 'sex' with their own 'half' sisters or brothers, well it may surprise you to know that millions of men 'secretly' fathered children from their own daughters, as they 'disgracefully' imposed their flesh upon the ones they should love, respect, and care for.

There is one thing that any sperm 'donor' needs to know, and that is that they do have a personal responsibility towards the 'fleshly' body that they assisted to be formed, and this they need to read HERE before they in any 'manner' send forth their seed and, the 'secretive' ones also need to know that their Creator sees all and knows all.


page 100

~ Letter to BODIRF ~
The proposed Break O'Day International Research facility

Dear 'team' and all local community members that attended the recent meeting to discuss the facility and to make comment. I read that the BODIRF committee seek a 'slice' of the $ 5 billion offered by the Australian government for research and development in Australia. I also read that the purpose of the new facility has in its sight both health and the preparation for climate changes amongst other things.

I do believe that an community effort cannot be a 'true' one if it relies on funds that have been 'taxed' or taken as such by coercion from the community in the first instance as is the case. Any community effort needs to begin by the raising of funds through free giving donations or fund raising programs.

All proposals that are to assist the community are good, but I believe that all available funds today should be used in making preparation for the traumatic and catastrophic times at hand in every land. Things may seem 'rosy' in Australia and especially here in Tasmania, but believe you me, there is a coming catastrophe that will devastate this land in the twinkling of an eye, and from that day forth there will be 'wailing, homelessness, and hunger' and no mirth.

Not only this, but there will be no 'outside' help from any other sector of the community as all will be struggling to survive and, - - - to 'cap' it all off there will be an 'explosion' of insanity as minds are 'besieged' by demonic thoughts that will turn man against his wife, children, and neighbour as was foretold a long time ago.

There will be no 'known' authority as there will be no funds to 'pay' anyone as the currency crisis unfolds, and the mind of man will be 'powered' by both the positive as well as the negative in each individual. It will truly become a time of survival, both material as well as spiritual, and only those that can remain 'steady' in the eye of the storm will survive the telepathic satanic drive as each confronts their past and faces the Reaper as exposed by my pen.

As it will be the last time in 'time' for each person to individually show their Creator their IDEALS, and that they can be forgiving and loving, it is important for every community to now seed my fresh wisdom and make swift preparation for the time foretold. I suggest that you visit my:

19 - Suburban TERRORISM document 17 p. Community Safety Plan
47 - GIANT WAVES warning 13 p. Tsunami Waves Alert
24 - The BLUEPRINT document 80 p. For governments & councils

And then go to the 'suicide' document to learn how minds are 'broached' by demonic thought. I do not believe that we can rely on any 'system' to help us as cataclysmic earth changes take place and God's Wrath unfolds. Therefore as it is an individual 'conscience' process, I as an elder of the local community intend to soon implement my own 'Disaster safety plan' for any residents of St. Helens.

Some of you may wish to assist in preparation for when there is a need of food and shelter inland at Pyengana. Should you wish to contribute funds or material equipment and food items as given in Item 19 above and other may a note to Terence Malaher of Pyengana via 'Bob & Shirley' the mailman.

I have linked this 'spot' to my < Disaster relief program > web page and within a month will be updating it giving my expanding program so that you are kept informed as time passes and the program unfolds.

Terence  - The spirit of truth

page 101

~International Gospel fellowship ~
Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship Australia

Dear Sirs, I am soon to attend a meeting at the Suncoast 'chapter' of your Institution where the speaker is Chris Wallace. Chris is 'advertised' as a person that had been a heroin addict and smuggler that spent time in jail, and that his spirit was 'somehow' taken to the book of life at the crossroads of eternity and that he has been 'brought back from the dead,' and that he has subsequently found true freedom and has discovered peace and fulfillment in life.

It may well be that he has found freedom from his addiction and past ways, and thus feels a better person. But the issue at stake here is that he and others may also believe that they have actually attained spiritual Salvation, either because they now align themselves with your Institution and its beliefs or, because they have come to the decision to now be kinder to themselves and others. That in itself is not 'proof' of Salvation, and I not only give you my response to him personally, but I also having visited your web site do make comment between the lines of your text.

Letter to Chris Wallace

Chris - you have survived a material 'race' as you 'lived' through an act of disgrace. Your biological flesh 'survived' and still lives, but your soul has not yet been brought back from the 'dead,' for within it are negative emotions that can and will yet fill you with dread. You did not any spiritual freedom win, you were only given a second chance by God to 'live' so that you could find the way to win the FINAL race.

The 'book of life' is not yet written about you, for only when your spirit departs the flesh will you know 'how true' you really are, and whether you did fully follow God's Star. For the time of Tribulation is now here, and you as all yet have to face your 'karma' * and shed a tear and feel true fear as you pay all your dues that upon others you did infuse.

Note : 'karma' * - the fulfillment of God's immutable 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' LAW.

Please now read all given by me, for a strong mind is what is needed to survive spiritually, as the Reaper does His 'Just' deeds as exposed by me. I wish you well Chris, I do believe that your experience has made you a better person, for those as you can now see the reason to be more compassionate and merciful towards others yet 'sinfully' living.

Terence - the spirit of truth

I now comment on the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship web site.

You quote: The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International does not start churches, rather, we desire solely to be a service arm to existing ones.

Terence replies - FALSE - as you do have membership and conformity to your personal beliefs you are an organised religion, one of many that are misguiding God's children as you state that your 'service' is ordained by God and the fact that you 'come' in the name of Jesus. Thus you use his name in 'vain.'

You quote: Our Vision Statement 'Australia Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ'

Terence replies - Why Jesus? why 'subject' others to 'submit' to the 'Lordship' of a mere man rather than to their Creator God? Surely that is the reality, or is it that the ones belonging to named religions cannot yet see that ALL men should bow in submission to their CREATOR, and HE is neither Jesus, nor Buddha, nor Muhammad etc. God is GOD, whatever the name given by man due to their 'language.' But Jesus is not God, he was God's messenger as am I.

page 2

You quote: We believe - - - Our doctrinal statement is not a "creed." In a sense, the whole Bible is a creed. In order to avoid misunderstanding regarding the conditions for membership, certain minimum Biblical doctrinal tests must be established.

Terence replies: FALSE - for the word 'creed' or doctrine or ideology both mean 'belief - opinion' etc, and your 'doctrine' is a belief that you apply and 'stubbornly' teach without regard for the consequences, because you are not aware of the falsity contained within your promotions. For the promotion of your (9) "We believe" statements have absolutely nothing to do with the Salvation of mankind.

You quote: The acceptance of the ten doctrinal points - - - - is essential to membership.

If your words "The acceptance of the ten doctrinal points is essential to membership" is the prerequisite to you permitting others to fellowship with your organisation, then your 'creed' as well as your doctrine is one of exclusion, as you are excluding those that have a different ideological belief from finding 'The way' that you believe you have found

Why be so unkind? The exclusion of any of God's children from finding their way to truth means that you are neither merciful nor compassionate, and thus you exclude yourselves from God's Heaven.

God is aware that all men of every creed and ideological belief are as yet totally ignorant and yet 'sinning,' but God's love does not 'yet' exclude you from THE REAL and uncontaminated TRUTH that I bring. Please try and see the depth of your iniquity and become kind and loving unto all as you now direct all to my web site.

You are only 'baptised' by the Holy spirit when you have heard the FRESH and uncontaminated message of God I bring and, you conform to God's command and have thus amended your ways, as you show God your conformity in the END DAYS as you suffer your personal 'crucifixion' with non-retaliation and forgiveness in your heart.

You quote: - A Christian is not someone who simply goes to church; a Christian is not someone who lives a good life; a Christian is not someone who was baptised as a baby. A Christian is someone who has a personal, living, real relationship with God through Jesus. There is absolutely no other way we can get to heaven, but through our friendship with Jesus Christ.

Terence replies: FALSE  - A TRUE Christian is a person that adheres to the ideology of "Peace unto all" as given by the Father via Jesus the Christ (pure soul), and as they go their way each day they extend mercy, compassion, forgiveness, love and care unto all, even unto those that would crucify them.  

It follows that in order to show God their belief in the message from God, that they must extend "Peace unto all" even when they are being ostracised or persecuted and, they must not retaliate, for only in bowing to God in submission to His command is one safe from using darkness and thus saved, and then freed from ones dark past and purged of inner sin by God's grace, and THEN permitted to enter the Promised Land.

This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command, it is not attained through praising Jesus the messenger of God.

Note: A TRUE Buddhist  is a person that adheres to the ideology of "Peace unto all"  as given by the Father via Buddha.
Note: A TRUE 'Islamist'  is a person that adheres to the ideology of "Peace unto all" as given by the Father via Muhammad.

It is the time to see that all mankind has ONE Creator.

In Arabic named Allah
In English named God
In Kiswahili named Mungu etc. 

As the nations are now divided through the falsity of Religion, God now sends me the spirit of truth to speak to all mankind, for all as yet are bound and blind.

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You quote: - You may be thinking! With all these religions around, surely they are all the same? We believe not. Jesus is the only religious leader who died and rose from the dead, in order to give the gift of heaven. No other religious leader ever went that far - Jesus alone was man enough and big enough to pay for the self-centredness of the whole world by laying down is life. "Salvation comes no other way; no other name has been given to us by which we can be saved" says the Bible (Acts 4:12)

Terence replies: FALSE teachings - for all of every race and creed are God's precious children, and God has sent others before and after to spread the message of "PEACE unto all." Jesus did not 'pay' for your sinning ways, he was crucified to show you by example that you too will be crucified as God's divine Law of "As you did sow so shall ye reap" is fulfilled in these last days and, - - -

Only those that fortify their minds so that they do NOT retaliate when confronted by the ignorant will thus clear their PAST dues to God, and be set free as they 'suffer' in payment for their past iniquity.

You quote: - God loves us all so much he really wants all of us to go to heaven. This is his deepest desire, that all people everywhere have a real personal relationship with Jesus. But God is not a strict headmaster. -

Terence replies: FALSE, - God is absolutely 'strict' and Just, and God's single Law is immutable and eternal, none can avoid the 'eye for an eye' return of good or suffering for their deeds expressed. For that is 'Just' and it is Justice.

You quote: - He does not order us about. He gives us free will. God has done his part in sending Jesus, we have to accept the invitation and do our part by getting to know him. The Bible says "This is how much God loves the world: He gave his Son, His one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in Him anyone can have whole and lasting life." (John 3:16)

Terence replies: FALSE, - We do not have to get to know Jesus, we have to HEAR the message from God and then CONFORM to it in the knowledge that God's Justice is absolute.  Too many people are adoring the man 'Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad' etc., and at the same time they defy or ignore the MESSAGE of "Peace unto all or you FALL."

I am the spirit of truth that has returned so as to correct the truth on earth, and thus elevate the consciousness of mankind and to also prepare all for their FINAL test during which time all will weep as they reap what they sowed or their servants sowed on their behalf. Yes, every 'taxpayer' condoning the iniquity of the dark anti-God ideology of control, fine, punishment, invasion, war and destruction as carried out on their behalf and in their name by politicians, police, and 'warriors' will soon find themselves homeless and suffering great travail.

As for your further comments as to the 'steps' to Salvation, they are error due to a multiplicity of reasons now exposed by my sacred pen on God's Golden web pages.

My spirit soul is invisible to man as that is God's plan. All must turn to the light and seed their mind with my fresh wisdom sent by Father and Mother God.

Terence - 1 Nov 2005 (009 TL)

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Further notes to all readers and 'Chris' - Subsequent to writing my "letter to Chris" above on page 101, I did attend a talk he gave. He spoke about his life, past, present, and his wife and he also offered to 'heal' any person present.

It was quite clear to me that Chris as yet is "lost in the dark" and cannot see clearly. For he 'presents' his life as promoting himself as a 'saved one' for the purpose of deceiving others in more than one way, and of this fact he is as oblivious as were the other attendees.

He also casts a 'slur' upon many a young 'maiden' from his past that he names 'loose women' that gave him 'love' when it was he the 'loose' cannonball. Grow up Chris, 'sex' and closeness is not a 'sin' son, and your true 'ministry' for God has not yet begun.

For you as yet do 'walk and talk' for the Dark one as you speak many a 'lie,' as you try to get others to believe that you can heal them and save them as you place yourself above them and equal to God.

You confirmed that your name was not yet seen in the "Book of Life," and I say that until you truly love God more than yourself and take HIS 'Word' as your 'wife,' that your destiny is 'dark' and, - - -

I must say that your prayers cannot save anyone from any karmic 'suffering' because you are not God and, only those that 'bow' to God as they conform to God's command to "Go in peace and love one another" are safe from suffering because, - - - we only have 'suffering' imposed upon our 'plate' by God when within God's "Eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap" Law we deserve such a fate.

I suggest son that you close up your computer 'show time,' and prepare yourself for the END time by reading what the TRUE messenger of God has to say to you and, by telling all that they will fall unless they understand what the fresh message of the day does say.

Because, you might well be 'sorry' for what you did in the past, but unless you learn "how and why" your mind let you down through your emotions of greed and vanity, that it can and will let you down again for more than one reason as yet not understood by you. You are as yet a spiritual 'babe.'

Thus it is imperative for you to learn the 'reason' so that you can take steps to build the "ARK of the mind," for only thus will you be able to resist the 'temptation' to 'fight' when confronted by your past.

You are presently so 'full' of yourself, that you see not your 'weaknesses.' Pride, vanity, arrogance, and ignorance. Son, your wife Janelle is the angel, not you. She will hold your hand through the tribulations as yet to come your way.

Stop talking about 'Creflo' the $ man and his 'ilk,' for they stand 'low' in the eyes of their Creator, and you do not need to follow their religion of 'hype' tripe. Their 'mesmeric' project that you seek to follow is all about CONTROL of God's children, and their 'fate' is Abysmal, believe you me. Please read my Crucifixion of religion document and my Suicide document.

Chris, the next time you put out a 'public' announcement that you wish to tell your life story and thus invite all to attend, then by all 'means' do so. But for you to 'end' your 'sorry & sad' tale by telling others to close their eyes and ask you for 'aid' and to 'fall' at your feet to greet salvation and thus be 'healed' and saved, is wrong, error, falsity, deception, and control and, - - -

It also shows that you are not yet 'saved' nor safe. For you are already again deceived and controlled by the ultimate 'controller' the Devil. For via your 'charisma' He seeks to drag others into joining 'religions' with their false teachings, and that son is not the way to Freedom.

Freedom is when we stand 'alone' with our God and do not need any 'party' membership with any institution. Freedom is when with eyes wide OPEN we face reality, and thus we see the truth that unless we have the strength of mind to conform to God's "Go in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind" - - - we will again 'fall' and suffer on and on.

Chris, it is very disrespectful to other attendees when you attempt to turn a 'speech' about your life into a religious 'event,' especially when there are many ignorant people present that could easily be 'swayed' and, especially when you stand in the 'literal' presence of God and try and 'be' God in action. Son, you are very foolish and full of 'ego' and I can but say that you are no 'god' nor GOD.

Note: There is more to assist those of 'gospel' religions at Item - 7 - The Gospels of Terence v/s man - 17 pages


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