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~ Gordon Moyes ~
The murder of Fiona Fitter

Dear Gordon and all - I respond to your outreach and speak of the moment in time when all three participants of the killing of their mother and wife took place in an absolutely terrifying 'demonic' circumstance, and what you Gordon need to see is, - - - that these three persecutors, judges and killers were themselves all mentally possessed by demons at the 'killing time' spree. Quote:

It was almost 9am, when Mrs. Fitter, in her nurse's uniform, having returned home after night shift at Westmead Hospital, was chased and tackled to the ground by her son. She broke free and ran her last few metres.

The young man fended off neighbours with knives. Then, husband, son and daughter dragged Mrs Fitter into the front yard of a house, where the two men finished her off.

As she lay moaning, they plunged the knives several times into her body, and drove surgical needle holders through her nostril into her brain. The older man shouted that his wife was Satan; that she was going to die.

Kylie Fitter,  - - - Graham Barr (in court) said she had dragged her mother and "kicked her, punched her and held her legs as the attack was carried out". - - - To Kylie, it was a demon, not her mother on the ground.

Yes, all three 'murderers' were in fact in a similar circumstance as was Martin Bryant, who was overpowered mentally by a powerful 'spirit' being that took control of his mind for a time and a time.
You state that Kylie is a 'Christian' person, I would disagree because a true Christian has not been taught to kill anyone, and a true Christian does not try and kill demons but seeks to elevate their consciousness with true love and truth.
As you as all men believe in the 'righteousness' of killing your enemy it follows that neither are you perceived as a follower of Christ in the eyes of God, and you come 'in Christ's name' falsely, for there is nothing 'democratic' in any political party as all use force of arms to enforce their decrees upon God's children via unholy books of rules. Read my 'Book of Hell' at page end.
Most certainly Kylie needs help as does Martin Bryant and multitudes of others soon to 'fall' into darkness as the Alien spirit force of demons makes a greater intrusion into the psyche of ignorant man, and Hell on earth will be seen in every land because man did not understand why God said: "Love one another and be forgiving and merciful because MY 'eye for an eye' Law is absolute."
Man assumed that he could go his way using 'rules' to force others to taxes pay and to also subjugate recalcitrants using force of arms. Even today you see the 'tit for tat' warring iniquity of man that defies God and believe you me, soon even this land will be consumed by fire and total insanity because - - -
Man assumed that God was only the Light and thus he man could fight and destroy using the might of the dark, - - - seeing not that IT the dark essence was also the energy of God and IT has its divine 'eye for an eye' Law ruling that stands above silly arrogant men, and they all FALL into Satan's (God's) lower den when they take his forceful forbidden energy and abuse HIS children as though they were/are 'gods.'
Mankind needs to learn that you cannot destroy 'darkness' as it is the indestructible energy of the Source, and when you are trying to destroy its 'influence' within others it is you being used by IT and, - - - you stain your soul with IT that grows as a cancer within your soul.
Gordon, if you would personally like to be seen by your Creator as a 'decent' human being then you will divest yourself of your 'political' frock and remove the title 'Rev' and 'hon' from your name as there is naught reverent about you and you do your 'mentor' God mock.
If you would really like to assist Kylie and all humanity then you had better 'kneel' at my wisdom and after reading my suicide document also given below, then you can help me bestow it and its truth upon all before every mind is telepathically "Under siege" from the invisible omnipotent Dark ONE and becomes HIS liege.
Kylie is not 'low risk,' for any person that has been 'possessed' can again become instantly possessed when faced by adversarial conditions and they become fearful or angry and, - - - persons that have not been 'openly' possessed also become possessed 'killers' in the face of adversity.
Kylie and as ALL persons that have used darkness in their interaction with others need to learn that they will 'ahead' be placed by GOD in a similar position where others hold them down and cause her to suffer on an equal 'eye for an eye' basis. That is THE LAW of God that is Just and equitable.
Kylie and as ALL persons that have used darkness in their interaction with others need to learn how to prepare their minds so that when they face the darkness operating through others they can stay still and steady and NOT retaliate, for only thus are they 'crucified' and pay their dues to God and become free. Any that fight in retaliation become bound deeper and suffer on and on in Hell below spiritually. read my 'Consequence of Action' below.
The Australian 'gov' is again to now 'waste' millions in its 'mental health' program and get nowhere because,  - - - none are yet prepared to see the reality of spirit influence in the psyche of man, and all yet continue to turn away from God's sent light ME.
The I.S.I.S. SUICIDE document 63 p.
For all to read
The consequence of ACTIONS 43 p. The unseen spiritual reality
Open letter to Inspector Fiona Lieutier
Dear Fiona, since you left St. Helens I have often wondered whether you would be the 'one' to help me implement the offender 'Feeling easier seminar' that was sent to earth via my pen. As you have been in my mind much these last few days I typed your name into 'google' and found many references wherein your are 'listed' on my web site space as well as "Glenorchy" being the place you show your face to God and man each day.
I wonder whether you are yet able to see the rising escalation of 'insanity' foretold by me, a part of it being where the 'system' believes that it is not only our 'father' figure but as it has taken on the role of 'protector' that to so do, it has enabled itself to more and more interfere in the daily activity of the citizen and, - - - it also believes that it can cause 'some' citizens to suffer before they have committed any crime simply so as to protect others from possible injury.
I write this so that you do remember me each day as along your road you travel, for it has been my task to 'unravel' the deception of the invisible dark force and expose its capacity to justify the use of its dark force by your police team and others that are unaware of ITS own immutable 'eye for an eye' law.
It as said has telepathically invaded the psyche of mere mortals and via their minds it has 'legislated' rules and regulations that now force your 'workers' to unconscionably be its 'arm' and to do all the things that the 'people' are punished for if they do them.
The power of the dark is so great that it has led man to believe that if they are wearing a uniform or have a mandate or are following the 'orders' of a rule in a book, that they somehow are above and beyond the absolutely Just "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God and, - - -
As you know, it is my task to enlighten all the people on earth who as yet defy the Command of their Creator to: "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving" because, - - -  those that now continue to use force or the threat of force or the 'back up' of force to control, regulate, dictate, enslave, coerce, tax, arrest, detain, punish, abuse, deceive, entrap, terrorise or destroy any other person for any reason show God their defiance of HIS above Command and, - - - 
Not only do they place themselves within the punitive aspect of HIS Just Law and at a later date suffer the same impositions in this or the after life, but they also are drawing some of this dark energy into their souls and this 'invisible contamination' results in them becoming more forceful and aggressive and retributive because that is the 'trait' of the darkness and, - - -
Unless we can begin to stem this tide of 'righteous accountability' that forces the police to themselves defy their Creator, - - - there is great trauma ahead for them and, - - - it is my wish that 'jointly' we now begin to conform to God and all must try and see WHY everybody is becoming more 'angry' and demanding and forceful etc., by reading my revelations.
I mail to you an updated CD of my web site as there are two very relevant papers I have written that need to be read and understood by EVERYBODY. For people be they known criminals or enforcers or legislators or other citizens, will only stop being offensive and disrespectful of others when they get the mental comprehension that there is an equal and opposite reaction for their interaction with others.
Please read my two items that are on the CD or on line at:
The consequence of ACTIONS 43 p. The unseen spiritual reality
The book of HELL - War & Peace 64 p. The works and religion of the Devil
Please remember me as you see the escalation of 'delinquency' and irrational behaviour, and know that it is the time to implement my 'enlightenment' strategy, so that 'errants' learn how to fortify their minds at my seminars and can then be set free rather that being fined and depleted materially or incarcerated and taken out of the community because,  - - - it is this negative and contra God's command activity by enforcers that leads EVERYBODY to the Abyss and eternal suffering.
I would like to see the Police FORCE become a Peace Corps so that every one of 'you' remains kind, steady, respectful and True to God and society and yourself, rather than true to legislation that 'condemns' you in God's eyes. 
People only need education - - - not protection by man, for no person is EVER 'stolen from or abused' unless their spirit has erred in this life or in a past time before their spirit soul incarnated into this realm and, - - - the ignorant ones doing the 'seizing of goods or abuse' need to see that they have just placed themselves into debt spiritually, and ahead it is they to suffer the same fate on a later day. (Be they a common criminal or a person having a mandate or wearing a uniform)
I wish you well Fiona, please call by anytime you are up my way for a cup of tea.
Terence Malaher

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~ Chris Pringle - Jesus TV ~

Dear Chris, I see that your daily deeds are still ‘amiss,’ and I did write to you many years ago stating that it is the Devil’s works you sow. “How can that be” you might ask of me, “For I tell everybody that in loving Jesus they are automatically set free?“

 My answer was written on my web site years ago as I personally tried to bestow a little truth upon your soul. That letter still stands as page 7 at: < crucify.htm#page 7 >

But I ADD these few words, because I am not only ‘your’ OVERSEER but also the overseer for every child of God of every race, colour, creed, for ALL presently seed darkness either directly or indirectly as they fund, condone, support, and are complicit to the punitive ‘arm’ of state and religious institutions and, - - -

 Worse for those as you ‘preachers’ is that you keep God’s children in bondage to your FALSE doctrine that contravenes God’s Holy Command. Your ‘statement of faith’ belief in your web site is yours, but that does not mean that IT is ‘the truth,’ for in TRUTH, a personal belief is simply that. Whereas the Holy Word of GOD is something else is it not?

It is people like you that turn man against man using the name of Jesus, for in so doing, you are in fact inciting people to turn against their ‘Muslim’ sisters and brothers who are equally as ‘lost’ for they too adore a man ‘Muhammad,’ and BOTH ‘parties’ should simply observe their DUTY to the living Command of God and, - - - -

 IT says: “Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving to those that abuse you as they are yet sinning and, - - - turn the other cheek when faced by adversity and, - - - remember that you are all subject to MY ‘As you sow so shall ye reap’ LAW.”

 You Chris Pringle teach all that they are forgiven as they worship the MAN Jesus, and that is your folly ‘friend’ for IT has sent your soul into the Abyss for a long time until your soul makes amends for all the ‘troubles’ and deception it has and yet does sow.

 So just remember when you depart the flesh and you are sent DOWN for a time and a longer time, that God is mightier than you as is His Holy Word that I the true Messiah bequeath upon you. This same 'fate' awaits every preacher for all adore power and all misguide God's precious creation.

You have a ‘powerful’ voice that ‘rings’ a hollow bell on the www, - - - and it misleads many for a false penny. They are God’s precious children that at the same time as singing along their happy ‘clapping’ songs praising Jesus, they do in fact fund by taxes the ongoing punishment, control, and warfare and destruction of God’s other children by the institutions they serve so diligently.

Please now on your web site write:

As the spirit of Jesus has returned ‘invisibly’ in the fleshly disguise of a simple man named Terence who has returned to elevate the consciousness of man, I now halt my personal ministry, for it is the spirit of Jesus who commands me to so do as HE is the ‘saviour’ not me, and he says:

“You only pave the way to new ‘birth’ by having FAITH IN GOD as you now ‘bow’ to His Holy Command and it says:

“Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving to those that abuse you as they are yet sinning and, - - - turn the other cheek when faced by adversity and, - - - remember that you are all subject to MY ‘As you sow so shall ye reap’ LAW.”

I add that, you are only ‘reborn’ once your spirit soul is ‘refreshed’ in that all ‘sin’ (negative emotions within) has been drawn out by God’s grace.

I add, that all need to halt their support of any punitive system of man for you are complicit to the works of your servants. You need to seed your minds with the fresh wisdom that is available on the following web sites.

If you do not so do then you will be telepathically controlled and used by demons to be vengeful as adversity confronts you, and you will die in your ‘sin’ and fall for eternity into eternal suffering. You are presently being vengeful and defiant of God as you support retribution, punishment, and war via the state institutions.

Not one person is yet ‘saved’ for all as yet are full of darkness (negative emotions) and, that ‘sin’ cannot enter into Paradise. Please READ ALL ABOUT IT on the given web sites.”

I AM the MESSIAH - Terence

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~ Open letter to Greg Hartwig ~

On Oct 15, 2006, at 12:29 AM, Terence wrote the following that was sent out to many and many more:
Dear BBC and others - yes the Songs of Praise sung each Sunday are beautiful and well meaning BUT - - - I write THE TRUTH as I AM the risen one with a final message from God to humanity that is on line at:
And my message of the day that is on line as page 36 at crucify.htm is:

~ Songs of Praise ~

Man elevates his 'voice' to the heavens with his 'loving' and adoration of God with songs of praise, seeing not that by DEED is the soul of man known, and God sees that man and his 'servants' are punitive, merciless, and unforgiving to others perceived as 'in sin' living and thus none yet have heard the Holy Word of:

"Peace unto all"

Thus all the songs of praise by God are 'unheard,' and HE now via me the Spirit of eternity says that all shall 'fall' to the sword and suffer pain and anguish, as they are crucified by God for their ways because, - - -

All defy God and His Holy Word.

How is this so? Because all of you in one way or another fund, condone, and support the punitive 'effort' of governing institutions, and the 'taxes' levied by the non-believers who operate these institutions are used by them and their servants (your servants that operate in your name and on your behalf) to control, regulate, interfere, extort taxes forcibly or by coercion or by false teaching, seize property, punish people, enslave people, kidnap people, hold people hostage in cells, invade, impose sanctions, destroy property and maim and kill others.

It is thus that you are in fact 'bowing' to the Dictates of 'Caesar' rather than the Command of God who said: "Love one another for all are sister and brother" and, all have been deceived by precedent into the false belief that governing institutions were benign, whereas in fact they are the malignant autocratic and cruel dictates of the dark one (Dark Sovereign Power of God) known as the Deceiver - the Devil.

People 'deviate' from their FAITH every day as 'taxes' they pay. Yes these monies are used to abuse through vindictiveness and fear and, - - - some are used to help others in need and to fund positive community 'effort' but, - - -

Within the absolute Justice of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law we receive a beneficent tribute for the GOOD works we do or that are done by our servants and, - - - what all must try and understand is, that we PAY every 'due' of suffering imposed upon others either by us personally or via others paid as our servants. For any control, extortion, deception or act of punishment imposed upon any is a FORBIDDEN deed and punishable by God.

Yes you will all be crucified as was I, for the 'dreadful' Law does and must eternally stand, and that FACT mankind must try and understand. For IT the 'Law of God' is absolute justice forevermore and it applies to both rich and poor, for in God's eyes all are but His children and all are lost, and I am here to 'claim' any of any race or creed that hear my final call.

They will halt their funding of iniquity, being the taxes and licence fees they have been forced to pay to kings, presidents, and politicians. For these 'elite' are naught but the arrogant and vain that hold God and His Word in disdain. Those that hear my call will also lay down their personal 'mace' and stop being a disgrace in God's eyes and, they will begin to respect all as they begin to protect their own soul as they reach out with love to the 'lost' that continue to defy God's dove and God's Command.

I have spoken, and only I know the 'way' to become free.


PS, the sooner people 'Link' to God's golden web pages given above, the sooner all can 'pay their dues' and go home.

Email response by Greg:

----- Original Message -----
To: Terence
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 3:11 AM
Subject: Re: truth

Very amusing, thanks.

Greg Hartwig



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Reply by Terence - 17 Oct.

Dear Greg, as all men (of religion) with a supposed belief in a God of LOVE take up arms more and more, I wonder what you find 'amusing'? Do you possibly believe that due to your personal belief that you and yours will not suffer grief in this end time when all that funded swine or raised a mace will pay their dues as was stated by their Creator?
Do you think that a 'mandate' of man somehow invalidates the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God?
Do your think that men empowered by others to 'rule' and 'control' and 'destroy' are beyond the 'reach' of their Creator and above HIS Law and, that they do not have to 'bow' in submission to HIS "Go in peace" command?
What is amusing? - Is it too far fetched to conceive that the spirit of truth has returned in the flesh of a simple man so as to walk 'unseen' on this earth as a 'thief in the night' so that he can see the iniquity of all that 'praise' the light but in a vindictive and merciless and unforgiving aggression they against others daily fight either personally or via their institutions?
Is your 'vision' as clear as mine that can see down into the thousands of 'realms' below where every 'abuser' and 'deceiver' of God's children did go?
Can you as I reach down into those realms and telepathically speak THE TRUTH to them so that 'some' can begin their upwards journey as they learn to strengthen their minds so that they can begin to heed their Creator and 'turn the other cheek' when abused by other 'infidels' and suffer their karmic 'fate''?
It is apparent to God and I that people have chosen to make use of the FORBIDDEN fruit of evil, being the use of force in their interaction with others. This 'error of judgement' can only be corrected by my pen wielded by our God.
Soon every person will need to awaken and come to a 'second' personally informed decision whether to look at me with derision as you or, whether my 'words' do prick their conscience and they then do turn over a new leaf in the realisation that their Creator does see their every intent and every DEED.
I state again - PS, the sooner people 'Link' to God's golden web pages given above, the sooner all can 'pay their dues' and go home.
Reply by Terence to Greg's response - 18 Oct.


Dear Greg, insane men never 'joke' nor does the Messiah. So it is up to you to ask yourself 'why' you assumed a man purporting to be the Messiah would be joking? As for your < The Bible describes how He will return and it will not be "unseen." His COMING is like a thief in the night in that it is unexpected, not that it's hidden.  He does not have to come here in order to see iniquity.  He can see it fine from his current vantage point.>
Again your interpreted belief that a thief in the night is 'visible,' My flesh is visible but my spirit as yours is unseen by man. Naturally God and all those already living in the pure Light are aware of the iniquity in this and many other lower worlds, but what you do not realise is that as our spirit soul enters the flesh, its spirit mind is set aside so to speak and the fresh conscious mind of the newborn has to learn from all input of this life - - - and this addition of input flows back to add to the content of the spirit mind but - - - one only has access to the full 'immense' spirit mind consciousness when the soul departs the flesh.
I had to return into the flesh so that God via my sinless soul (no negative emotions) could speak through me telepathically and bring HIS uncontaminated message to raise the consciousness of all races, as every 'holy' book has been 'buggered up' by vain men who added and changed whatever their minds decided to and also, it was not written by ME (sin free) thus its 'total' content was not PURE in the first instance.
Man has wrested the scriptures unto his own destruction, thus you again base your belief that the Wrath of God will not come to your door simply because you believe that text in a book can 'void' God's supreme law.
Yes my 'pen' corrects 'error of judgement' as IT is directed by God and HE advises all of the CORRECT code of conduct to attain something?
To attain PEACE - Go your way in peace and be merciful, kind, compassionate & forgiving.
To attain ANGUISH - Go your way as a 'warrior' and be merciless, cruel, unforgiving, destructive and wage war.
As for your < Sorry, my "dues" were paid for me in advance by God's blood sacrifice of his messiah for our sins.> That false belief is what promotes grief, for Jesus was but God's messenger who showed by EXAMPLE that each must pay the 'blood' price before being released by God. YOU and all will reap what you did sow before to the light of heaven you go.
Only the ignorant can believe that someone else can suffer for their iniquity - where would the Justice of God be? Yes Jesus suffered so as to give you the example, that was his 'compassion' in action. He never said that the result of his suffering would 'void' the law of the Father. Man did so say, silly vain man seeking to gain control and money from the populace, all these deceivers now kneel at the feet of the Devil.
I am here so as to correct the error and in TRUTH tell you the real story so that you HAVE the opportunity to amend your ways and PREPARE for the last days, for all that defy the "Go in peace" command of God will by GOD be sent into the oblivion of the Abyss. As for your words to me:
< Your website seems to say that Islam is the correct path. The Koran contradicts itself many times (Christians and Jews are on the right path... Christians and Jews are deceived, etc.) but Muslims are to go with the LAST ruling as the "truth." The Bible does NOT contradict itself.  The God of Islam does not love sinners while the God of the Bible does.  Who are you going to believe? >
Your "seems to say" is an incorrect assumption, as I have also come to correct the multitude of false beliefs in the Koran, and the WORD 'Islam' if adhered to by any person of any race would 'save' their souls, for IT simply means "Bow in submission to God's (Allah's) command to go in PEACE." So the Islamic RELIGION is the wrong way but adhering to the meaning of the WORD 'Islam' is the right way, as the Christian RELIGION is the wrong way but adhering to my words (see below) is the right way for all.
If you care to look deeper at my web site at the very beginning "The unfolding story" you will read this extract:

It is now the time for all to see that the pure doctrine of Christianity * of 'peace unto all' is also at the core of every religion and at the core of the soul of man and, - - - it must be adhered to by the individual to attain Salvation, that fact is pure Truth.

The Truth at the 'core' of every religion should be the same:

Christianity * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Islam * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to Allah in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Buddhism * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

As the Truth is at the core of every spiritual message, it follows that mankind needs no religions, they only need THE TRUTH.

Jesus the prophet * did 'hear' the voice of the Creator God who gave him the message of 'Peace,' and Jesus then told many of this PEARL he had found, and Jesus faithfully bequeathed his fresh found wisdom unto mankind.

Thus he GAVE the Pearl of great price being the Salvation Wisdom of God to humanity, and the 'Call' from the Creator God of "Peace unto all" became the ideology of Christianity, being that any person that 'heard' the call of "Peace unto all" by God, - - - as 'foretold' by Jesus 'prophetically' as being the way to Paradise now had a choice;*

Being that if they 'bowed' to God and then submitted to God's 'wish' and thus conformed to the call of "Peace unto all" from God - - - as spoken by Jesus his faithful servant and messenger, - - - they would attain Salvation and be granted entry into God's Paradise.

Note: choice; * - Each individual also has the choice to continue on in their present 'aggressive, antagonistic, merciless, punitive & warring' ideological ways, and suffer the consequence that is documented as being one of eternal torment in the wastelands of HELL for their defiance of their Creator God.

Note: Jesus the prophet * - Muhammad the prophet and Buddha the prophet and others in other lands did in a different 'time' also 'hear' the voice of the Creator God who gave them the message of 'Peace,' and they also told many of this PEARL.

True doctrine is a straight path, and whoever sets themselves upon its course perfects her-his essential self through the solely peaceful and benevolent path, and their spirit soul returns to the prosperous abode and the source of all perfection. (Heaven - Paradise)

Only the true that adhere to its 'essence' can ascend to the highest level being Heaven, by going through the perfection of the inner self.  The path of human perfection leading it to God is embedded in sound belief, and peaceful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving conduct. (daily deeds - actions)

This message is to prepare you for the soon coming total collapse of every 'System' of man on earth as CHAOS reigns for a time, when darkness and terror and non-reasoning insanity becomes the 'Order' of the day.   Mankind now faces the last 'Battle of the mind' being, - - - thoughts kind v/s those unkind. 

For it is the now intensifying intrusion of unforgiving and vengeful thoughts that will 'turn' every mind into becoming the 'Devil's playpen,' that results in unreasoning insanity with its destructive intent and deeds.

If you wish to know 'why' or how, then read my revelations about the 'coming of the sword' that is wielded telepathically by demonic forces operating through the mind of 'sinful' man and, it is they to now 'overthrow' every modern day 'suit and tie' Warlord.  For it is the 'actions' of these political men that did and yet do force God's children away from the true path of Peace.

page 135

~ Wwoofer organisation Australia ~

Dear Wwoof Australia, I write this to you due to my concern for the ‘woofer’ that does ‘earn’ the right to be watered and fed and at days end be given a bed in exchange for an 'equitable' daily 'labour' energy exchange. 

No I am not a Wwoof host but I am a person that knows the price of bread and toast, and I also do know a Wwoof host who should at least know what ‘fair’ play means. I refer to your on line brochure wording: ”Since you work as family there are no set hours but an average of 4 – 6 hours would be fair exchange.”

 I ‘wonder’ from where this ‘6’ came from? For in my experience, when ‘hosts’ have limited resources and need help, they will only ‘focus’ on their rights, being the ‘6’ rather than the ‘4’ and they will also probably expect more.

 So where is the ‘fair’ exchange of energy I ask? For I am sure that the ‘only’ Wwoof host that I know is not the only one that does not trade ‘fair’ and expects his Wwoof ‘guests’ to slave away most of the day and then cook dinner for everyone.

 The Wwoof organisation is the ‘instrument’ that ‘sets’ the basis of the ‘contractual’ aspect of the exchange, and I feel that it is strange that all written on your ‘explanatory’ page is in respect of your expectations of how the Wwoofer should prepare their ‘side’ of the bargain, and also it seems to be 'one sided' as in my opinion it 'favours' the Host party.

 I feel that the Host should be told what you have recommended as being the fair ‘equity’ energy exchange and the maximum hours that may be called for from Wwoofer guests once you 'consider' the content of this page.

 If we are ‘talking’ about  farm ‘help’ and a fair exchange of energy for bed and food as being the ‘nature’ and basis of Wwoofing, then I believe that 4 hours ‘labour’ is the absolute maximum time the ‘honoured guest’ should be expected to work for their ‘exchange’ pay.

 Does your brochure not say “Working in exchange for food and pay is the basis of all Wwoofing”? And does it also say “Time spent working varies according to the degree of self-sufficiency expected, and how busy the host is at the time of your visit and other factors - but - it should average out at about a half day's work for a full day's keep.”?

 What I say is, that when you ‘lead’ the way by using ‘possibilities’ such as 4 – 6 or ‘about half a day’ you are leaving it open for abuse to take place, and I also believe that more than 4 hours labour is excessive payment for a days lodging.

 I also find it very ‘offensive’ to read what you say at the end of your ‘sentence’ that says: ”Do not raid the refrigerator, telephone or E-mail facilities without asking. Taking without permission is THEFT!” It is for the home owner to advise their 'guests' as to how they run the household and the 'perks' available, it is not for you to 'lecture' or 'police' others on moral issues for that shows your own lack and assumptions.

 From where comes your assumption that bad manners are normal in the Japanese & Korean ‘Wwoofer image’? For the reality is that it is the Australian ‘locals’ that have a very ‘low’ understanding of ‘due care and respect’ for others. Maybe the ‘host’ farms need to be told: Using Wwoofers energy over and above 4 hours a day for no pay is THEFT!”

 It is my experience from meeting many a ‘Wwoofer’ that they are sincere and willing workers, and because of their need to be ‘accommodated’ and their need to learn the English language that they in fact cannot say “No” to an ‘ask’ for them to ‘slave’ long hours, and regrettably their slave ‘masters’ see not what they do.

 Where and ‘Who’ are the true Hosts that tell their Wwoofer guests that they can ONLY work for the specified 4 hours a day or 24 hours per 7 day week, and the rest of the time they are free to go and do whatever they wish to or, they can ‘hang around’ and verbally communicate so as to be able to learn the language.

 I further add, you need to ask yourselves if you are actually the representative of the ‘Wwoofer’ or are you the advertising ‘Agency’ for the “Poor farmers” union?

 You say: “WWOOFing is about helping the host,” and you say: Working in exchange for food and accommodation is the basis of all WWOOFing.” I believe that Wwoofing is the means to enable the ‘poor’ Wwoofer to travel and holiday and learn, as their 'Host' is blessed with their daily ‘cheap energy’ exchange input.

 I believe that your page should advertise; “Wwoofing is the facility for cultural exchange, travel, and holiday that is facilitated by the accommodation and food offered by Hosts farms, and this accommodation and food is exchanged for a daily ‘labour’ by the Wwoofer of 4 hours. The ‘time’ may be in exchange for a variety of tasks, be it field work, factory work, office work, child care, or cooking for the family etc.”

 I believe that you are working equally to assist both ‘parties’ as both pay for your services, but I believe that you have the primary ‘duty of care’ to visitors to the land and, that you should ensure that the Host farmer knows the ‘terms of engagement’ that need to be fixed and not variable.

The kind and respectful Wwoofer also need to be warned against the smiles or ‘wiles’ that may be used to get them to work more than their allotted time.

If a Host farm only has a single ‘bed’ facility but needs 8 hours a day help, then they need to understand that they should either employ a single full time paid worker or obtain and extra bed, so that they can house two Wwoofers who will each give 4 hours work per day.

The Host farmer needs to learn that it is ‘theft’ to ‘make use of another’s energy for no pay’ and, some ‘guests’ find it difficult to say “No” to asks for longer working hours.  This may be due to the fact that some are on ‘visas’ and ‘fear’ to get a bad reputation.

In my opinion, any Host farmer expecting more than 4 ‘labour’ hours per day for accommodation’ are selfish, inconsiderate and unkind, and that also has a very heavy karmic penalty within the Law of God. In my opinion many a Wwoofer is very happy with their 'lot,' and many see not that they are aiding their 'Host' to be karmic 'slavers' albeit they 'appear' to be nice people and, if you promote 6 hours a day 'labour' for food and accommodation as normal, then you are also complicit to 'deception and slavery.'

If an 8 hour day is needed, then the Wwoofer can be asked to work 8 hours a day for 3 days, and have four days ‘accommodated’ rest and be free to see the countryside or to do whatever they wish to * during the day. Feel free to use any part of or this entire letter on your own web site or to pass it on.

Note: whatever they wish to * - They may wish to work for pay with the Host or the people down the way, for this is their right I say.

Note: Let it be further understood, that 'one day' there will be a total collapse of society, and in every land there will be 'tourists' that are trapped with no way to get home and, - - - any Host farmer will by God be expected to continue to 'host' their visitors in a similar respectful way because, they will have become members of their family until such time as they are able to move away. There must be no 'eviction notice' given, for if this is done then some 'other' one will be sent by God to forcibly evict the Host farmer who will be lucky to get away with his life and wife intact. This is the 'karma' payment time for everyone.


page 136

~ The - 'er' - 'aah' - 'ummm' - language ~

It appears that there is a surge in the new world wide language that arose slowly through the last fifty years or so, but it is becoming more prevalent and certainly shows itself throughout most society 'classes.'

Strangely enough, one of the few places where it is not 'heard' is emanating from the mouths of prisoners. Maybe it is because they are somewhat more 'cultured' than their 'free' counterparts, and only speak when they have something constructive to say, whereas most 'er - ahh - ummm' users apparently are 'hesitant' and they are unable to keep their mouth shut until they do know what it is they wish to say.

Maybe one says 'er - ahh - ummm' because one is dumb?
Maybe one says 'er - ahh - ummm' because one cannot think clearly?
Maybe one says 'er - ahh - ummm' because one cannot control their mind?

Maybe one says 'er - ahh - ummm' because one cannot keep their mouth shut as they 'think' of what to say?
Maybe one says 'er - ahh - ummm' because ones mind is 'under siege' from intrusive thoughts?
Maybe one says 'er - ahh - ummm' because one is selfish and wants to keep the others 'quiet' until they have completed their own speech?

Maybe one says 'er - ahh - ummm' because one cannot go directly to their 'statement' and then allow the other to speak?
Maybe one says 'er - ahh - ummm' because one is at loss and is grasping at 'straws' so as to not appear dumb?
Maybe you are an 'er - ahh - ummm' person because you need to learn how to speak English properly?

What do these words mean? How on earth does an interpreter interpret speeches and translate them into another 'tongue'?

Why is it that those that say : "I am 'er' - - - thinking that 'ummm' - - - maybe we need to 'ahh' - - - go on a holiday but 'ahh' - - - maybe we should save some 'ummm' - - - money before we can book a flight" are not even aware that they are saying it?

How many news presenters say it? Many. Do we have to 'hold our breath' hoping that someone out there can complete their speech without saying it? Are you aware just how 'refreshing' it is to hear 'someone' speaking without saying  'er' or 'ahh' or 'ummm'?

Maybe you have heard others say these words so frequently that you unawares have simply begun to also say them? Please try and get back to a basic language that means all it says.

Maybe just maybe peoples minds are more and more becoming linked to mentally disturbed spirit people living in realms below that spend their time interfering in the minds of humans? Read about 'telepathic subjugation of the mind at < suicide.htm >

page 137

~ Christian Democratic party ~

Words come so easily to the 'leaders' of the 'Christian Democratic party' - how deep into their meaning do you look? - Ref your < Say no to wrong, learn to do good, work for justice, help the down and out, stand up for the homeless, go to bat for the defenceless > God does not say "Work for justice" for justice there always is within the absolute Law of God, and as for 'Go bat for the defenceless' that too is error that brings a return of the terror of the 'bat' ringing around ones own ears within the very 'eye for an eye' Law of God I speak of - - -
God says: "Educate the defenceless and the offensive, for both walk in the shadow of death as one wields Satan's forceful breath, and the other suffers their divine due for when in their distant past they too were untrue."
As for < Dr Gordon Moyes has condemned efforts to institute same-sex marriage in Australia as “a social movement that is on a collision course with basic religious rights and freedoms." >
It is not for Gordon nor I to 'institute' the condemnation of the ways of others using the words <on a collision course with basic religious rights and freedoms." > because within the mandate of the constitution of his own institution it is made quite clear that there is NO 'basic' known religious right, for every ideological belief and the right to live by IT is enshrined within said Constitution.

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

For ones ideological belief is ones 'religion,' and if others perceive anal sex as a 'freedom' to be exercised as an ideological 'way' within their 'rights' granted by their God then that is their 'belief' and a 'part' of their religion, and if they are 'silly' enough to seek this unnatural way of life as needing to be 'licensed' by any institution of man then so be it.
It is certainly between them and their Creator, and not between them and any other person. Those that try and use force to 'confine' the apparently 'erroneous' beliefs of others are the ones in ERROR in the eyes of the Creator.
I would say that <“Government by rule of political decrees and punitive measures and war is a social movement that is on a collision course with the basic Command of God that places man within the punitive aspect of the Law of God.">
I would suggest that all mankind bless their souls with the fresh wisdom from MY pen before their own present apparent 'freedom' is squashed underfoot by a very heavy BOOT, for that is the 'sign' of the beginning of their loss of eternal freedom for their continued defiance of THE CREATOR.
Woe unto every politician in every land, for all speak of democracy and freedom, but ALL enslave and control the freedom of movement of God's children and, - - - they also lead the youth of the day into the lions den as they send them forth to wage war upon others, - - - this is the ultimate deception that 'honours' the use of the forbidden force of God in their personal interaction with others within their own community and in others lands.
Politicians use RULES issued as DECREES to coerce or force others to live in accordance to their own ideological belief. As an ideological belief is the basis of religious doctrine, it follows that political decrees are religious doctrine imposed by politicians who see not what they do is error and contradictory to God's Command and, - - - it is contrary to their own Constitutional mandate and, - - - it inhibits the right of the other to live 'freely' in accordance with their own code of conduct. (beliefs)
So politicians that say that Australia is ruled as a 'secular' state or land are in error, for it is ruled by zealots who follow the religion of DEATH, being the controlling, merciless, unforgiving, punitive, warring code of conduct religion that is a blight in the eyes of the Creator. 
Woe unto every politician, for all condone interference in the affairs of others, and all support that iniquitous 'lost soul' Bush who is leading all into excruciating suffering as all will PAY the blood price for every drop of anguish imposed so callously * upon God's other children.
Yea verily every voter, supporter, condoner, or tax payer will "Reap what was sown by their armed forces (servants) or by their own hands in this or any other land."
Allah/God did say "Forgiveness and mercy is the ONLY way to spiritual freedom."
So saith the pen of Allah/God - Terence
Note: drop of anguish imposed so callously * - Every person 'suffering' is receiving their spiritual 'reaping' due at the hands of the ignorant (infidels - non-believers) - Yes the 'enforcers' are working for the DARK retributive 'hand of God' but, - - -
What none see is, that IT (the dark) has ITS own 'eye for an eye' Law, and as they sow 'darkness & pain' they GAIN a similar DUE within the absolutely JUST "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law and ahead, they will feel the very same dread as their lives and wives and children and selves are crushed brutally into the mud.
Note: The 'Council' and other 'governing' Institutions no longer work 'for' the people. They work for their own 'agenda' using funds coerced or taken forcibly from community members, and they impoverish the community that 'foolishly' pays their wages. The Council and State 'Rules' that enable its Agenda has the 'attitude' of a cruel and overbearing Dictator as ITS Policy is:

"You the people must pay 'our' monetary due that is 'whatever we demand from you' and, any of you that fail to so do will by 'us' the office bearers be 'destroyed' and 'impoverished' and 'cast out' from your homes for 'we' the council are backed by a 'force of arms' army paid for by YOU the ignorant."

The people need to now see that when an Institution and its needs, wants, desires, become more important than the people it was raised up to serve, - - - then IT the Institution needs to be abolished and a new 'direction' taken by the people that considers the needs, wants, desires of THE PEOPLE.

No 'Office' raised up to serve has any 'right' to coerce, demand, or fight its 'promoters' and, - - - the community members must only contribute by free giving and, - - - their 'employees' must use these available funds to their best and most needed 'welfare' advantage.

~ Dancing with the stars ~

The flawed and ‘Fraud’ judges


Paul Mercurio, Todd McKenney, Helen Richey and Mark Wilson as ‘adjudicators’ were ‘brilliant,’ for they ‘sat’ in judgement of themselves and proved to the ‘audience’ that they were critical, unkind, immoral, and unfair as they sided with a good ‘ozzy’ man ‘Kouta’ and judged him solely on the “We are one”  music he chose as well as his ‘strong arm’ performance, rather than basing their ‘judgement’ on the wonderful dancing of Arianne who truly ‘outshone’ the dancing ability of not only the other ‘stars,’ but no doubt with a little more coaching from Carmelo would easily outshine those that sat in ‘judgement’ of her.


7 TV even ‘condoned’ and were complicit to this fraud, for the previous personal ‘attack’ by McKenny an ‘adult’ upon the teenager Arianne should have led to his disqualification as a ‘worthy’ and unbiased adjudicator. It is regrettable that the other ‘judges’ all decided to stand by his ‘side’ and, at the end of each ‘dance’ big boy Kouta received their adulation as ‘stoic’ Arianne Caoili had to put up with more condemnation, criticism, and rejection.


I say: “Kouta, you were out danced by Arianne a true lady of the light, and she is not a simple ‘star’ for her light shines as bright as a 'super star' in the galactic night and, it is regrettable that the ‘fraud squad’ supported you on ‘the night’ as that action showed a complete lack of ‘professionalism’ by those purporting to be ‘dance’ adjudicators.”


I believe that if Anthony Koutoufides was to view a ‘replay’ then he could show his true ‘manhood’ in a spiritual way and send the ‘prize cup’ to Arianne with a little note saying: “Arianne, you for sure were the dancer of the day and as I am an ‘honourable’ Greek man I acknowledge the ‘judgement’ error and send my gift your way.”


I also say that: Arianne Caoili was robbed as she was the best dancer by far, and Carmelo Pizzino was also robbed of his own ‘victory’ for having helped Arianne perform so beautifully.”


~ ~

Dear 'prophet of doom,' I see that you have gone to 'extraordinary' lengths to prove to non Muslims that their own religious beliefs are 'above, better, or stronger' than the obviously flawed teachings of the Koran. Having recently completed my own revelation for Allah - God - Mungu or whatever the Creator is named by people, I can but ask that you look further. I give this remark by you on your web site and then say something that is relevant to all Gods children:

The God who created man wouldn’t deceive him or lead him to hell as Allah does. Nor would he order men to terrorize, mutilate, rob, enslave, and slaughter the followers of other Scriptures he claims he revealed, wiping them out to the last.

So - first let us see that the word 'Allah' simply means 'God the creator' in the Arab language and secondly, if God or Allah does not 'order' men to go forth and < terrorize, mutilate, rob, enslave, and slaughter > then who does? Or from 'whence' come the thoughts that drive men of any race or creed to these insane acts that they believe are justified or 'justice'?
I certainly believe that the Islamic Koran, the Christian Bible and every supposed sacred 'texts' of all religions have been 'trashed' by 'demonic' thoughts intruding into the psyche of their 'writers' via their 'sin' of pride, greed, arrogance and vanity to the 'point' that within these texts there is always the contra the truth of "Only Peace as the WAY" justification to use the forbidden dark forceful energy of God (Allah)  and thus < terrorize, mutilate, rob, enslave, and slaughter > someone as a means to attain 'justice' or to invade and steal their lands, wives, chattels etc.
Try and see that neither Jesus nor Muhammad actually wrote any 'texts,' thus all written 'for' them or 'God/Allah' was written by man of 'sin' who were all mentally 'disturbed' by thoughts emanating from the dark aspect of the Source that deceived all using said texts. Not only this, but that very same force has seized control of the entire human race as it now controls them all via the ''rule book religion' that governs all mankind of every race.
You may 'believe' that you are 'good' and beneficent and on the right path, but as you vote, fund by taxes, and condone the activities of any government on earth then you are defiant of the "Go your way in peace" call of the Creator because, the armed forces of your land are operating as your servants and on your behalf and they do daily < terrorize, mutilate, rob, enslave, and slaughter > someone, even if it is simply the police abducting a 'criminal' from their home and keeping them in jail. Yes, every taxpayer 'earns' painful Karma every day as they 'pay' protection money to 'Caesar.'
Your web site does in fact invoke racial hatred and FEAR in many, and every 'supposed' Christian sees your 'exposure' of nonsensical texts as even more reason to 'fight' others perceived as infidels (non-believers in the true path) and they see not that by this 'act' they lose their freedom and fall into the Abyss as the Dark aspect OF THE SOURCE (God) sees them as 'one' that is defiant of HIM and thus a bad seed to be crushed by HIM, - - - be HE named by foolish man as 'God, Allah, Mungu' or by any name.
You have a very prominent web site, and what you do not see is, that every person 'deceived' or misled by your 'preaching' does have a spiritual 'comeback' upon you with the singular immutable LAW of Allah/God/Mungu that says "As you sow so shall ye reap, and if you misguide my children then within the 'eye for an eye' context of My law it is you to weep."
You need to see that your site is 'investigative' and critical and judgmental and that is the prerogative of Allah/God ONLY. Not only that, but it also as said will invoke the dark emotions in some readers who will feel justified in abusing Muslim women, children, and men and they will die in their sin believe you me, for what no 'abuser' does see is, that as they others abuse, they infuse their own soul with God's DARK ENERGY and IT'S weight and vibration is what drags their soul down into ITS lair for eternity.
Please visit my web site and read my:
The consequence of ACTIONS 43 p. The unseen spiritual reality
The book of HELL - War & Peace 97 p. Rules - the works and religion of the Devil

Man 'thought' that 'evil' was apart from the Source, it is not. There is nothing outside of God/Allah/Mungu, all energy is contained within His framework, and we the 'children' are free to make use of the good or the evil and all He 'Allah/God/Mungu' can do is primarily guide us to only use His benign creative Light and also warn us to not use His destructive malignant Dark for IT is His energy and it has the power to crush us into oblivion.

You also say : "Our mission is to expose the truth about Islam - and - if you are engaged in the battle to save America and Israel by exposing and eradicating the deceitful, destructive and deadly cancer of Islam from the world - and - rid the world of its curse then - - - "

I say that the ONLY way to 'save' anyone is for them to individually 'bow' to the Command of the Creator and to lay down their weapons and to go their way in PEACE - ISLAM - for Islam means that a true 'follower' of the Creator bows in submission to the call of PEACE - - - do you? - - NO, - - - for you are engaged in a personal battle to destroy an invisible dark force that operates through the emotions and mind of ANY man of ANY 'professed' belief and, - - - it is flowing through your pen for the sole purpose of turning man against man but in your eyes it shows itself as 'enlightenment.'

Feel free to raise this 'note' onto your web site so that others can learn that when they use 'texts' as justification to BURN others, then they will be destroyed by the very God they 'abysmally' adore by mouth but deny by deed. I give below a few words out of my introduction pages on line at:

< >
 < >

Sincerely - Terence - Islamic Al-Meshi and the Christian-Messiah

It is now the time for all to see that the pure doctrine of Christianity * of 'peace unto all' is also at the core of every religion and at the core of the soul of man and, - - - it must be adhered to by the individual to attain Salvation, that fact is pure Truth.

The Truth at the 'core' of every religion should be the same:

Christianity * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Islam * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to Allah in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Buddhism * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

As the Truth is at the core of every spiritual message, it follows that mankind needs no religions, they only need THE TRUTH.

Jesus the prophet * did 'hear' the voice of the Creator God who gave him the message of 'Peace,' and Jesus then told many of this PEARL he had found, and Jesus faithfully bequeathed his fresh found wisdom unto mankind.

Thus he GAVE the Pearl of great price being the Salvation Wisdom of God to humanity, and the 'Call' from the Creator God of "Peace unto all" became the ideology of Christianity, being that any person that 'heard' the call of "Peace unto all" by God, - - - as 'foretold' by Jesus 'prophetically' as being the way to Paradise now had a choice;*

Being that if they 'bowed' to God and then submitted to God's 'wish' and thus conformed to the call of "Peace unto all" from God - - - as spoken by Jesus his faithful servant and messenger, - - - they would attain Salvation and be granted entry into God's Paradise.

Note: choice; * - Each individual also has the choice to continue on in their present 'aggressive, antagonistic, merciless, punitive & warring' ideological ways, and suffer the consequence that is documented as being one of eternal torment in the wastelands of HELL for their defiance of their Creator God.

Note: Jesus the prophet * - Muhammad the prophet and Buddha the prophet and others in other lands did in a different 'time' also 'hear' the voice of the Creator God who gave them the message of 'Peace,' and they also told many of this PEARL.

True doctrine is a straight path, and whoever sets themselves upon its course perfects her-his essential self through the solely peaceful and benevolent path, and their spirit soul returns to the prosperous abode and the source of all perfection. (Heaven - Paradise)

~ Inspector Michael Grant ~
Traffic Liaison Office
PO Box 308
Hobart 7001

Dear Michael, I refer to Notice 9591163 vehicle EE9542 within which you state the driver committed an 'offence.' I also refer to my letter to you within which I said < I wish to make contact with you in reference to a powerful 'hidden' agenda that is soon to sweep the earth and cause untold misery to all that are caught up in its 'powerful 'grip,' and as I believe that you are already being used by it. (unknowingly) >

The darkness does daily a 'hold' over your soul gain as the 'State' makes use of your God given name. You may wonder 'how' or 'why' do I so say, so all I can do is to direct you to the 'missive' of authority sent to my wife Gillian Mae. It is simply a piece of paper as thin as a chocolate wafer but, - - - it is backed by power and force of arms wielded by the 'authority' given unto IT by your 'charm.'

Yes, it has your name 'embossed' as being ITS authority, and what you need to see is that any such 'invocation' in God's eyes is impropriety. For not only does it say: "We will now $80 from you steal," but it goes on to say: "If you fail to pay then we will add a further $600 weal."

This 'son' is coercion of the 'worst' kind, and all this Notice 9591163 'paper' actually does is to your soul more bind. "Why"? - - - Because it is you 'defiant' of the Command issuing forth from God who says: "All suffering imposed by you upon any other will return to give you an 'equal' bother within MY LAW backed by MY POWER for sure."

Michael, the 'day' your forces come to my 'door' to drag me or my 'goods' away is the day that you and them do accrue a similar spiritual due, as does the magistrate or other empowered to issue such a 'writ'  authorising this punitive activity.

The 'day' my Lady Gillian received the Notice 9591163 'paper' backed by your name she became 'fearful' for me, * and on that day you also accrued a similar 'fearful' due within God's 'eye for an eye' Law for being the 'one' of 'some' that caused her mental and emotional distress.

Note: 'fearful' for me, * - Due to me being the driver on the day having a valid driving Certificate of Competency issued to me 50 years ago by a driving instructor but no 'permit' licence from your Institution.

Wake up son, soon every 'politician' and 'empowered' one is on the run as dark forces 'rage' across every land with as much fire power as the burning grasslands that rage 'out of control' around Tasmania.

At today's 'date' your 'earthly' mortality 'rate' is 1 percent, but your spiritual mortality rate stands at 99 percent, so why not read a little more of what I for God do seed and thus increase your spiritual survival rate by as much as you personally wish to? For presently you believe falsely that the authority of man or the decrees of text in a book of 'rules' empowering you to be an enforcer can 'void' the Law of God, as you defy His Command to be merciful, forgiving, and to go your way in PEACE. Please read my:

The consequence of ACTIONS 43 p. The unseen spiritual reality

In sincerity


~ Ebay Policy  ~

Hello Garry, thanks for your note -  I see that you state that my account has been suspended due to < False Contact Information  > and I did at no time give such - so - please advise me "which" information is perceived by your Staff as false.

I do believe that the heavy handedness of your institution is such that it is I that would not wish to use it as my principal 'service provider.' Where is the 'policy' of respect? Surely if I 'feel or believe or suspect' that a business associate has made an 'error' of judgement I would not instantly halt him from carrying out his daily business of serving others as well as placing food upon his family table?
Surely I would say "Garry, I see that you have made this statement to me and it appears to be wrong, so please may we discuss it, for my policy is that my requirements are met and if you cannot satisfy me then I may need to discontinue doing business with you."
What is the 'use' for me to elevate a business using a company that has NO morals, NO respect, NO 'thought' for their customers, and NO 'forgiveness'? There were 4 'lookers' keeping watch on my listed item and did Ebay even consider them? NO.
Garry, Ebay as all large Institutions has the false belief that they can cause grief with no consequence to themselves. I believe that that belief is 'False contact information' because it is the belief in the use of arrogant punitive FORCE, and our God above states that we need to be peaceful rather than forceful because there is an "As you sow so shall ye reap" comeback to all the deeds of man.
True contact information is where the 'believer' has heard the Holy Word and thus remains respectful, helpful, kind and considerate under all circumstances.
The action of your company has caused me loss, it has also placed 'mud' on my name as my associates are aware of your negative interaction with me and they may 'wonder' as to the possibility that maybe I may not be the 'valued' man they thought I was.
Maybe God invoked this 'happening' so that the directors of your institution would have the opportunity of not only finding their way to MY more powerful 'institution' of spiritual insight, but that they could have the opportunity of considering 'evaluating' their own policy.
As for your < Your eBay account will be considered for reinstatement once you satisfy the following two conditions: > All that I can say is that I do not need to satisfy Ebay, it is for Ebay to prove to me that I gave false contact information. Please send me a copy of the information that you have that you believe is false.
I do not need Ebay, for there are many other institutions that are able to 'carry' my business requirements and to treat me with the respect I deserve. Ebay directors of policy are the ones that needs to 'learn' something.
I 'satisfy' my God each day as I go forth in PEACE and never seek to cause others distress. Your 'officers' show God that they have not the common courtesy to speak to someone that you think may seek to 'undress' others in a bad way, and for and on behalf of Ebay they instantly 'strike' them down and make them frown. That son is very bad policy that I do not need to 'bow' down to. 
I do not need to satisfy Ebay policy and be reinstated, it is Ebay directors that need to satisfy my policy by sending me an apology for their uncaring, inconsiderate and callous ways.
Please pass this note onto your CEO, for I do believe that he needs to amend the policy of his organisation that is presently 'infested' with many rules and rulings that are 'rotten' and, that do in fact ensure that he and all of his 'army' of employees will suffer ahead. This FACT can be proven by me but as yet is 'hidden' from his sight.


page 142

~ Open letter to Tasmania Police Commissioner ~

Dear Commissioner,

Ref: V for Vendetta & the New Year resolution.

I speak on the escalation of insanity, disarray, and frenzied aggressive display in many a community as well as the recent destruction in the Hobart Remand centre. As a concerned 'Elder' and member of the Tasmania community I also write and ask you: "What is the 2007 New Years resolution of the Tasmania Police force"?

I know, it is a 'call' for a harder stand against offensive behaviour in order to maintain 'orderliness' and control. It is also a 'call' for more legislation to gain more 'legitimate' use of force to 'control, suppress, engage, interfere, seize, invade premises,' and accompanied by this a greater punitive effort against any person that loses control of their mind and 'offends' others or the sacred Rules of the Institution.

For some years now I have endeavored to awaken the consciousness of man using my sacred pen, and I have foretold of THE DAY when everybody would PAY their dues to God for all 'foul play' (abuse of others) as perceived by God. (God's Command is The Law not man's rules)

I also foretold of THE DAY when the Police would lose control of the 'streets' (the community) and I also explained "Why." I also advised and again advise the Police to now 'address' the spiritual cause of the problem so that they are better 'armed' mentally, and can then 'disarm' materially and themselves 'bravely' change their own code of conduct as given by me, so that the community can see them as 'friends' on their side rather than 'swine' using every 'rule' to lock them inside.

The entire population is becoming more 'fearful, angry, frustrated, forceful, merciless, critical, unforgiving and vengeful,' and this also applies to the judiciary and the armed forces workers. Everyone is becoming grim faced, tight lipped, resolute and forceful.

Aggression is met by aggression, and I can assure you that there is NO force that will 'suppress' the coming conflict because it is backed by the invisible Dark energy of the Source, God. Only merciful, forgiving and educative means (The Feeling Easier Seminar) will stem the tide of aggression and hate soon to be seen stalking every street as IT lurks within the MIND and emotions of man.

The real enemy of ALL is the invisible negative energy that flows through the 'aroused' emotions in man, and IT is accompanied by 'possessive' thoughts that control the mind of the ignorant and arrogant and unwise, that for a 'moment' are mentally disturbed and thus unreasonable and, - - - the response of 'irresponsible' man is: "Take the 'mentally disturbed' offender to Court so that one can legally cause them grief."

None realising the meaning within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" nor of its "An eye for an eye" = Equal basis implications. (What unto others you do will be done unto you for THAT is True Justice - the Justice of God)

I would advise you and all that ones first responsibility is NOT "To Australia" nor to any "Book of Rules," it is to your own SOUL, then it is to your fellow man as you heed God and go your way in peace.

Yes people are becoming more 'restive' and their Autocratic ruler the rules become more restrictive, demanding, controlling and punitive and, - - - what none other than I can see is that there is an invisible Dark force that is telepathically interfering more and more into the psyche of the entire human race and, - - - this interference is what I term 'Minds under siege' that in the old days was named 'spirit possession,' and people cannot keep out the intrusive thoughts that revolve within their minds - be it thoughts that are depressing and suicidal or vengeful and unforgiving and destructive - - -
It is THE TIME for all to quickly learn what I am saying so that 'we' here in Tasmania can overcome the 'problem' by being the FIRST State on earth to recognise IT and do something positive and constructive about it. (RE 'COG' the mind = become WISE)
If you continue to follow the 'lead' of the RULES as your code of conduct 'policy' guidance you will fall, as will all your officers and eternally they will PALL. At present in every 'State' on earth the Police are perceived now as 'beasts' and as 'the enemy' of the people, and they will become 'targets' of the superior 'Army' that is the youth of the greater community. Yes, even policemen will be dragged out of their beds at night and carried off into the dark as they have done unto others.
You need to try and see that any 'politician' that 'vows' to invoke more 'power, control, and punishment' is already Hell-bent, and will be a 'marked man' by Demonic spirit forces who are themselves the 'instigators' of all confrontation as they incite all men to FIGHT.
Please visit my web site and read my 'Render unto Caesar' document, and within IT you will find an Item "The Dark Secret" that also exposes the terrifying danger that mankind is in.
Yes there is soon to be a total collapse of every governing system of man and man will turn against his own brother, mother and all, as his mind becomes possessed more by the V-for vendetta that is the prophesied 'eye for an eye,' and it is I to expose 'how, why, what and when.'
Let us now show "Mercy" as we educate every aspect of the community before it is "too late."
Sincerely - Terence

~ Arthur Cristian & the 2nd Eureka Stockade ~
Righteousness - Justice & Vengeance

Arthur - you 'son' sit astride a very high horse named 'Righteousness,' and he has taken hold of the 'bit' between his teeth and takes you 'Sir Galahad' for a very Dark ride. For in the name of "Love" you stride forth gathering speed and followers to join your  'opposing' force wielding the 'Sword of God,' and you are determined to destroy what you perceive as your personal enemy 'Mammon' the devilish Dark creature and His forces.

But you see not that it is you that is the 'rebellious one' who goes forth with a very loud 'shout' with the intended purpose of bringing other people to account for their deeds. Deeds that by you are perceived as error and bad and needing your personal 'correction.' You see not that by your very deeds to date that your 'invitation' to many to join your 'cause' is an incitement for confrontation at the very least and, - - -

Your Creator observes that you have swerved away from the TRUE PATH of peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness and, you see not that any 'antagonistic' action is itself backed by Dark 'avenging' force and, - - - it is your 'written' intent to bring others to your 'private' Court to be tried and punished.

I ask: "Are you God"? - Do you believe that the fact that others are playing God and bringing you to 'account' for what they perceive as misdeeds on your part is 'enough' justification to "Do unto them what they do unto you" as if you are God?

Son, your Creator did say that any that swerve away from the True Path would die and never again make love nor laugh, for they would by HIM the Almighty be swept below into HIS eternal prison of utter turmoil and suffering due to them by their DEEDS showing HIM that they as many before them are a bad seed.

Did God the Father not say: "Vengeance is mine"? For eternity son there are men that heeded the invisible 'call' of the Beast that deceived them into 'thinking' and believing that they could and should use His Dark energy and bring others to account for and on behalf of God. That is error son, and it is the greatest deception that has misled mankind since time immemorial. None avoid the Law of God.

Son, try and see that those you perceive as needing to be 'destroyed' or brought to 'justice' are simple folk like you that are 'dutifully' following rules in an unholy book, and you as they are dutifully following thoughts in your head. Both 'parties' upholding the 'sword' and both are on a collision course of great pain and suffering. That son is madness.

Try now and see that darkness is an 'energy' of the Source. Thus it is indestructible. If it was not a 'part' of the Source they how could it exist? What you feel within you that is merciful kind, loving, and joyful is the Creative Light energy essence of the Source God. What you feel within you that is merciless, vengeful, retributive, angry, hateful and critical is the Destructive Dark energy essence of the Source God.

Yes Arthur, you and many are now 'restless' simply because the Dark energy within you seeks to use you to go forth and bring others to account for and on behalf of IT. You need to try and see that IT has been waging war against everybody eternally and in perpetuity because in the very beginning when 'someone' (Adam) defied the Father and used it as did you and zillions more, they filled their souls with ITS Dark (sinful) energy and they accrued a 'suffering' due for what they did do unto others and, - - -

Once your spirit has 'crossed over the river' into the dark, then IT the Dark energy is predisposed to deceive you into continuing to use IT because, - - - the more you do, the more of ITS dark energy you draw into your soul (Sin - negative emotions) and the further away from the Light you are drawn by the 'weight' of this energy.

Son, you have already "Placed your bet" and the 'wheel' is now spinning faster as it is being 'shoved' by your energy and your pen as you and your 'banner' of Justice rides higher. "Son," I say Son because the Father our Creator is writing this via my pen personally to you.

"Son, if you seek to bring others to 'account' for ME the invisible one then it so be, for all that you upon others 'wreak' is their due for in their past being untrue and, that due upon you will I place also for no mere mortal man stands above MY singular Law no, for only I stand above IT and as you do shall by MY 'other' forces be done unto you as a 'Just' due."

Arthur, if you have become aware that other men are snared by rules and are misguided by false precedents set by their forebears, then it is our sacred duty to enlighten them and give them good counsel. It is not for 'us' to fight them nor to condemn them to 'die' or be cast away. That son is not 'love in action,' it is hateful and vengeful interaction.

Try and understand that yes, the flesh of man can be made to suffer and feel pain and be destroyed, but the dark energy within them or flowing through them or you is indestructible, and you only get free from IT when you stop using IT, and your Creator then purges your soul of IT so that you then can rise up into the Light and be free.

Many men of today will follow the 'jackals' who call them 'to arms' as do you, and sadly they will all fall into the Abyss and 'scrabble' around in filth tearing at each others throats for another eternity or two before they enter the fire of excruciating anguish. Submission to God's Command of "Peace unto all" son is the only way to go, and that implies also when you are under 'duress' or being nailed to a tree by the blind that yet arrogant be.

It is not the 'brave' that stand and fight son it is only the ignorant, for the wise do know that in their suffering they have been subjected to God's Justice and if they are very wise they not only do not retaliate, but they also ensure that they never again support, condone, nor fund other 'warriors' that go forth bringing people to account. For they know that it is by this deed of their servants that they also accrued a debt to God.

Arthur, your 'love for life and freedom and justice' is of worth, it is simply that your mind is leading you astray, and I do see into your heart and its 'energy' for life is strong and brave and 'invincible' but, - - - it is surrounded by dark emotions through which your mind is being misled. Please now sup on my 'bread of life.'

Arthur, I do not condone the 'greed' and corruption and enslavement of man to regulatory books of rules any more than you do, but I do understand that the people employed by 'vote' or a 'wage' to uphold said rules are misled by precedent, and they need education rather than 'confrontation.'

Arthur, if you wish to make change to the positive because you now see the error of the present system, then you need to withdraw from funding its negative aspects, and help me enlighten all to the fresh wisdom so that together all mankind can face the 'common' invisible enemy * by no longer being ITS punitive, controlling, and destructive 'arm.'

Note: invisible enemy * - The Dark forceful energy of God.

Let us peacefully enlighten all with the fresh wisdom of God via my pen.


PS - As for your words < I am a stranger to you Terence. Is the cloud wrong because its dark and grey and part of a torrential hail storm laced with ferocious thunder & bolts of lightning? Is the cloud wrong because it speaks with thunder and shoots from the hip with lightning?  Is this ferocious storm a normal part of nature or is it not? Is this cloud of the light or of the dark? Is it good or bad? Know my heart firstly Terence and then judge the man. >

I Terence respond: "The cloud son is neither right nor wrong for it is simply water vapour that speaks not truth nor untruth. As for my 'judgement of you' - you see it not, for I have judged you as one 'worthy' to receive my personal outreach."

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