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Open Letter to the Department of Health and Human services Tasmania.

Reference:  Call for submissions to the 'Review of the Youth Justice Act 1997'

Submission Paper - 13 June 2009

Forwards & upwards – using the Feeling Easier Seminar


Around the whole world there is a trail of torture and tears taking place within prisons, and there is also starvation, and acute agony through lack of medical care, physical, mental and emotional torture resulting in an imposition of insanity upon the minds of prisoners, for their minds become filled with dark thoughts leading to severe aggression or self harm and suicide.

Even here in Tasmania I have had first hand experience of and observation of sadism, depravity, perversion and intimidation by some prison officers who have every 'opportunity' to let their own 'criminal' or 'sinful' emotions run riot in a brutal and callous manner, for they 'believe' that the 'numbered ones' in their 'care' are naught but proven criminals. 

Are they? - NO, for they as you, are children of God with the same hopes, loves, fears and needs as all, and I can assure you that the Almighty 'frowns' as He sees the abominations carried out by the ignorant, arrogant, merciless and uncaring enforcers, for all are 'guilty' of contempt of Him and His "Love one another & extend mercy & compassion & forgiveness unto all" Command.

Regrettably the bulk of the community cares not one 'whit' of what is taking place with prisoners because they are 'dilly dallying' around doing their daily thing, and in many cases they are in total ignorance of the reality and, the worst thing is that they as well as the politicians, 'enforcers' and 'captors' believe that everyone deserves exactly what they get.  What if they do? Is that 'enough' justification to treat the daughters and sons, mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers of others as 'offal'?

Is there 'ever' going to be any change to any  government 'system' that will 'permit' education and mental and emotional rehabilitation rather than 'accountability and punitive justice?  It does not appear to be so because everyone is controlled by RULES, and these rules are very difficult to 'banish' into the fire because no person it seems has the power nor the inclination to so do.  Thus the only way the 'blind' politicians can go is by the addition of more controlling rules.

Not only this, but the 'sad' reason 'why' legislators, enforcers, prosecutors, magistrates and captors are quite 'untroubled' by their personal contravention of God's Command is because they are living in a delusional state.  This delusion is wherein they believe that an 'appointment' by popular vote or, a badge of office or, a mandate from men has enough 'clout or power' to somehow void or avoid God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

As long as this 'state' of ignorance exists there will be NO change towards the correct benign, positive, kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving way. Thus it is now incumbent upon the arisen Messiah (myself) to kindle a small flame of 'conscience' tinged with 'fear' within everyone, in an attempt to awaken you all.

For only when the 'enforcers' that bear weapons to seize, control, subjugate, abduct and hold hostages in prisons  realise how 'unwise' they have been and yet are and, that every 'drop' of agonising mental or emotional or physical 'agony, loss, or deprivation' endured by their 'victims' and their families will have to be suffered and endured by them in this or the after-life, will they seek to change their own ways.

It is I that reveals how God is to now 'balance' His absolutely 'Just & equitable' Scales of Justice.

Not only that, but soon every 'taxpayer' will also 'learn' via my 'pen' that in supporting, condoning and funding this dark iniquity that operates in their name and on their behalf, that they are complicit, and they also accrue a painful penalty due.  Soon woe and more woe is to be and, 'why' now this submission by me?

It is to 'offer' mankind an alternative 'option,' one that will 'open' the jails and release prisoners once they have attended an educative program designed by me as the means whereby they learn something to assist them to 'think twice' before again disturbing the peace of the land.  Only by the abolition of present 'rules' and the implementation of my strategy will man become humane and be 'safe' within the precepts of God's "Love one another and go your way in peace" Command.


By making a request for individuals and organizations to put in submissions as part of the process to Review the Youth Justice Act 1997, there is an apparent failure in the ideological ‘beliefs or strategy’ underpinning the Youth Justice Act.  In my estimation it is not simply the programs created as a method of implementing the ‘beliefs or strategy’ embedded in the Youth Justice Act 1997 that require questioning as to their validity or efficacy.

What is of significance in the failure of these programs is the complete absence of any consideration concerning matters of the ‘spirit’ of offenders and prosecutors alike, since it is the ‘emotional essence’ within the spirit of man which has the greatest influence on their behaviour.

As a spiritual healer I have insight and understanding as to 'why' the minds of people become filled with uncontrollable suicidal, rebellious or destructive thoughts. I also know that if this understanding is not incorporated into rehabilitation programs to deal with offenders, then all efforts to re-educate the young or old offenders about the negative outcome of their offending behaviour will have minimal impact on their long-term behaviour.

In this submission I refer mainly to unsocial behaviour which results in a person factually disturbing the peace of the land or, a person who appears to be someone acting in a manner 'suggesting' they 'may' disturb the peace.

In my opinion any person who has not disturbed the peace cannot 'rightfully' be detained by anybody, and that those who do detain them are acting in a ‘coercive’ way simply to force people to submit to others 'beliefs' and dictates.

The premise upon which the present youth and adult Justice Acts are based is fundamentally flawed because it rests on the belief that all aspects of intervention must focus on the punitive ‘correction’ of the behaviour. This ignores the causal aspects of the behaviour.

By not addressing the causal factors of the powerful unseen influences on the mind of man with reference to the spiritual cause of 'behaviour,' interventions will simply continue to be ‘blowing in the wind.’

The unacceptable reality is, that not one of the unending changes to Legislation of the Justice system concerning ways of dealing with punishment of offenders has done anything to minimise offending behaviour.

Knowing this fact, I believe it is the time to abolish all 'punitive' aspects of the 'justice' system. Not only because it has not worked, but because mankind is already heading into an increasing spiral of control, retribution, and increasing imposition of punishment which does little but cause ‘harm’ to everyone.

This system is so flawed and ingrained that it is very difficult for those complicit in its maintenance to understand and comprehend that when they participate in subjecting others to imprisonment that they are also 'captors' and:

The trail of torture and tears and collateral mental and emotional suffering of family members of those being punished becomes a spiritual 'due' to be felt by all complicit in the ‘meting out’ of that punishment at a later time and place. This is the reality when God's immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law swings into action later, and this 'fact' factor is not is taken into account by people when ahead they are forced to suffer 'something' unexpected and seemingly unjust.

All ‘citizens,’ legislators and their serving ‘officials’ need to understand that their official ‘authority’ invoked through ‘majority vote,’ and rules and ‘officialdom’ does not ‘placate’ nor ‘nullify’ God’s Law. All are 'offenders' in God's eyes when for any ‘reason’ they ‘rebel against’ or contradict God’s Primary ruling Command: "Love one another and go your way in peace."

When any citizen or official fails to ‘go their way in peace’ but instead take it upon themselves to implement methods of control and punishment, their action is in direct contravention of God's ‘peace’ command. Once that Command is contravened there is a resultant ‘return to sender’ karmic consequence within God's Law for their negative action, usually at some later stage.

It needs to be understood that all mental and emotional trauma imposed upon the person being ‘indicted’ as well as any ‘collateral’ injury to family members becomes a ‘pain’ debt ‘due’ within the Law of God and, it will return to be suffered by the enforcer at the time and place so ordained by God the absolute authority.

The Legislation of edicts/rules/laws to support the ‘beliefs’ of the Justice System of man also became the way in which the 'Church' of man sided with 'Caesar' a long time ago. Through this unholy alliance between church and state we have arrived at a point where everyone believes in and accepts the use of force as 'natural,' all are also demanding and openly seek ‘retribution and punishment.’ It is not 'natural,' and it has a karmic ‘consequence’ for all complicit.

Mankind no longer questions the validity of this ‘erroneous’ belief, and this highlights to what extent we have ignored spiritual truth as we simply assume that punishment is the only method of ensuring behavioural reform. A belief that is in total contravention of God’s Command to: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those yet sinfully living."

What is needed now is to take a spiritual direction by incorporating matters of spiritual TRUTH within an educational ‘program’ which will facilitate a positive corrective educational process whereby everyone learns about the reality that there is a spiritual consequence for every action any of us take.

Further, they will be educated to the reality that actions can be positive or negative, merciless or forgiving, and that accordingly there will be a positive or a negative consequence to that action. This information is presented in my Submission and 'Feeling Easier' Seminar proposal. Based on the spiritual TRUTH that any intervention in the live's of others for the purpose of ‘correction’ must remain within the bounds of:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

The time has come to now move towards abolishing the entire 'penal' system and to empty the jails. The time has also come to 'treat' 'rebellious' people with respect and kindness rather than ‘utter’ contempt.

The time has arrived where a new positive direction must be taken. Taking into account our Creator's Command of 'us' and His Law. This direction being solely of education rather than punishment, of positive help and one that does not place anyone within the punitive aspect of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law. If 'we' all now 'sow' beneficence then all are spiritually safe and happy as they remain within the positive aspect of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

When we base the system of ‘justice’ on the enforcement of the rules in a book of text that is backed by ‘punitive’ legal processes, we permit and even encourage the basest of human interactions to occur, because the enforcer's actions against perceived offenders are at times inflamed by their own negative emotions and they display what can only be described as a ‘criminal’ behaviour. This to the detriment of their own spiritual well-being.

When any nation allows those who uphold the rules to perceive these ‘rules’ as their ‘god’ to be adored and obeyed, we have introduced a 'behavioural dogma' and are dealing with the ideological beliefs of a ‘religion’ rather than an equitable system of justice. When this happens, within the legal system, as with all fundamentalist religious systems, IT becomes completely intolerant of all who are perceived to ‘fail’ in the compulsory compliance to the written dogma, and those so doing are seen as ‘unfaithful’ and therefore worthless and of less consequence than a ‘dog.’

As with other religious bodies, when the legal system is questioned as to the validity of the punitive laws and rules associated with their system of belief, the people doing the ‘questioning’ are branded and summarily dismissed with no justification considered necessary other than the statement…"I am the Law and therefore I am empowered to do this." (Make you suffer and cry)

The question now becomes: "Where is God in all this"? The imposition of merciless punishment is a ‘sign’ of the negative darkness in action via the ignorant. (i.e. Anti GOD anti LOVE).  If the legislative ‘officials’ cannot set aside their ‘vindictive’ and punitive rulings when ‘treating’ others less ‘fortunate’ than themselves, it is an unfortunate reality that they will suffer the consequence of their actions on an equal, and in terms of the spiritual law, ‘Just’ eye for an eye basis within the immutable Law of God.

Let us in ‘Tasmania’ now ‘awaken’ and show the world that ‘we,’ all the people of this fair land, can now set aside the regulatory aspect of the ‘penal’ system and by popular ‘vote’ invoke the world’s first ‘Best Practice’ policy of treating ‘offenders’ in a truly humane and godly way, as we ONLY educate them using the 3 hour ‘Feeling Easier Seminar’ program and thereafter setting them free.

Given the current global situation and my exposure of the reality of God's Law, as I see it there is NO other ‘option,’ for there is a reason for the escalation of mental disturbance known by me that is leading to utter chaos, and everyone needs to quickly make mental preparation because quite simply, we cannot lock up everyone each night.

In preparation for this 'end time' when the mind of man becomes more irrational, rebellious and destructive, I have already devised a community ‘Feeling Easier Seminar’ program for the rehabilitation of offenders that is on line at:

Attached above and thus enclosed for your convenience.

I believe that the Launceston Remand Centre is the best place to initiate these Seminars in Tasmania. I also believe that once they are seen as being 'successful,' that the remand Centre can be used to teach visiting ‘corrective’ personnel from other lands that may wish to attend and learn.

Where is the 'joy' in the heart of man today?
Where is the 'laughter' in the lives of children today?
It is all 'lost' in subjugation, poverty, and enforcement in the cauldron of darkness.

Most of the 'agonies' of the world are caused by vain & pompous leaders and their 'legislators' who know No God, and they will find NO 'safe haven' in the days and nights ahead.

Where is the compassion & mercy & RESPECT for God and His children as commanded by our Creator?

Legislators, enforcers and 'captors' are not beyond the 'consequence' of God's Law:

"As you sow so shall ye reap on a 'Just' and 'equal' return basis"
"What you do unto others will be done unto you in the time & place so ordained by God"

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

 Let us now EMPTY the jails.
Let us now all ‘bow’ in true service to humanity & God
Let ‘love’ have ITS day.

Submitted by Terence

Mental Health Carer’s Manual & more on my sister’s web site:

Important NOTE: Within the precepts of God's Command it is totally illegal to hold a person in prison for any moment of time if they have not in fact 'disturbed the peace of the land.'  It follows that 'such' persons are not by God required to attend a 'Feeling Easier Seminar' before being released.  They may be asked if they so wish to attend one after release as it will assist them ahead.

Added Notes:

In the above submission I refer mainly to unsocial behaviour which results in a person factually disturbing the peace of the land or, a person who appears to be someone acting in a manner 'suggesting' they 'may' disturb the peace.

In my opinion any person who has not disturbed the peace cannot 'rightfully' be detained by anybody, and that those who do detain them are acting in a ‘coercive’ way simply to force people to submit to other's 'beliefs' and dictates.

An example of what I mean by this ‘coercion’ is in the belief by enforcers of the Legal system that they can extort money from individuals that are not disturbing the peace, simply because their ‘prey’ failed to obey what to them (the victim) is or may be an unjust injunction of legislation.

Example: - failing to obtain a ‘licence’ prior to digging a trench on their property to run a drain.
Example: - failing to pay a ‘fine’ after having been ‘seen’ not wearing a seat belt.

The only true and positive way forward at this time is for everyone to understand that the multitude of legislative 'rules' facilitated by legislation have bound every 'official' associated with the Legal System into becoming a 'controller,' with the 'powers' to be 'devilishly' unconscionable.

Over and above the unconscionable actions of enforcers of the legal system is the fact that rules, laws, acts and statutes are forcing police and judiciary to interfere more and more in the lives of everyone, and that interference results in the enforcers being 'yoked' into perpetrating more dark punitive deeds.

When police are empowered by the Legal System to seize goods, invade premises and interfere in the business affairs of people, that interference in spiritual terms is negative, and accordingly attracts a negative return to the 'implementer' of that action.

Those who cannot change their ways, (whoever they be) and who choose to continue to defy God, put themselves under a ‘future’ heavy yoke of despair because they do not understand the sadness and added travail that awaits them in dark realms below.

What I know is that anyone 'hiding' behind the rules or the justification of "I am only doing my duty according to the Legislation," and who becomes 'injurious and punitive' in their actions towards offenders is very foolish because, in the eyes of God they are themselves ‘rebellious’ of God’s Command and they are going forth with intent to cause harm.

Since Legislation determines the nature and severity of punishment and since such legislation is inanimate, all punitive measures must be non-responsive because the Legislation is a lifeless entity totally unable to respond with compassion and having no conscience or morality. Thus ‘Justice’ can only be ‘punitive’ because, once matters are ‘heard’ under the "legal" system, any Justice imposed remains blind to compassion, understanding or even forgiveness.

A "Book of Rules" can only RULE in a firm, cruel and unconscionable manner as IT is simply a fixed and thus binding' text.

To implement a new benign and positive strategy, the participation of the community is required. This is because for so long have people become ingrained with the belief that they do not need to take personal responsibility in ‘social’ matters due to ‘statesmen’ seizing control of every aspect of ‘living’ and offering their ‘protection, and everyone has become more demanding of the system that is then forced to demand more funds from the people.

The ‘common’ people have also been ‘excluded’ from having anything to do with managing the behaviour of those that disturb the peace, and have thus ‘unquestioningly’ allowed their sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons to be ‘sent down’ into the hellish penal colony of ‘prison’ rather than uplifting them with love, kindness, mercy, compassion and education as God would have it be.

Yes, the legislators have ‘ruled’ that there is to be NO mercy or forgiveness extended to any person that defies their edicts for any reason because, their own ‘selfish’ need to maintain absolute control and ‘position’ of standing over the people was backed by the dark emotions of greed, power, pride and vanity and, is upheld by force of arms.

This negative and punitive interaction has little by little ‘seduced’ everyone into being complicit through their support of it, and what is now revealed by me is that there is to be a ‘balancing’ of the Dark and punitive aspect of God's spiritual ‘scales of justice’ that is to be imposed upon everyone that defied God and sullied their spiritual rose.

Every false belief that is backed by legislation is soon to be 'overturned' in a very aggressive and violent manner as the psyche of ignorant man becomes more and more telepathically 'possessed' by alien demonic power. (Armageddon of the Mind) The resultant 'crisis' is beyond the comprehension of most mortals.

This is as revealed within my message to humanity on my web site  and it is imperative that everyone avails themselves of my wisdom so that they can prepare for the soon coming time. Being a time when everyone feels liquid terror that will ‘chisel’ its way past their ‘belly’ and into their heart, and then into the very ‘marrow’ within their bones.

Presently the punitive ‘correction’ of offensive behaviour whereby people disturb the peace of the land has been the ‘duty’ of State government departments. The 'official' servants of State took it upon themselves to be the ones to ‘take the law into their own hands’ due to the false belief that a position of ‘office’ or a mandate ‘allowed’ them to impose punishment with no consequence. This error of ‘belief’ is revealed in this submission.

Due to the soon coming escalation of insanity on a world wide scale resulting from a far greater mental and emotional imbalance within the psyche of mankind due to reasons revealed by me, there will be the need for concerned citizens in every community to take it upon themselves to carry out ‘Citizen’s arrest,’ and to take offensive persons (Those disturbing the peace) to be counselled at appropriate centres because the police and criminal Justice departments will be unable to cope with the volume of offenders.

We are all 'individuals' with equal spiritual 'opportunity' to 'rise or fall,' and I can assure you all that if you knew of the POWER and Majesty of our invisible God you would 'quail' for He 'brooks' NO contravention of His Command unto 'us' THE children. He is God, He is also our earthly Monarch, not man nor books of edicts/rules/laws.

If you cannot change your personal 'behaviour' then I now bid you 'adieu' for your 'face' I will never see again.

There needs to be a concerted ‘effort’ by everyone believing in God and goodness to now turn over a new ‘leaf’ as they face the true reality of God’s Law and Command, for this will be their personal ‘saving grace’ and ‘life raft’ through the troubled times at hand.

The new strategy will require everyone in every community to educate themselves using the following documents that reveal and re-educate the mind of man on issues around mental health, spirit possession, ethics and true morality.

The ONE Law of God

The suicide document

The consequence of action

The philosopher true

The absolute pacifist

Truly it is the time to be ‘brave’ using compassion, forgiveness and education as the way.

Submitted by Terence - the Spirit of Truth



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