~ The servants of darkness & The LAW ~
The road to Salvation or Hell

page 1 - The 'public servant' misnomer
page 3 - The power of God's Dark invisible energy
page 4 - The LAW & the RULES
page 6 - The anti-God religion of DEATH
page 7 - The road to Hell and damnation
page 8 - The road to Salvation

It needs to be clearly understood by THE PEOPLE that the only TRUE 'public servants' are the NGO (non-government organisations) such as 'the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker' because, these are true service providers who rely on the 'goodness' of their trade to attract customers.

As such, these providers rise or fall dependent upon said 'service.' Further, they do not make any demands of the public nor do they force the public to vote them into 'office' nor do they interfere in the lives of the public nor do they control, subjugate, impose demands upon, punish or wage war upon THE PEOPLE.

Further, members of the public should only pay the wages of said 'providers' at the time that their services are required or asked for. These true service providers do not have to be 'fed and housed or armed with guns and ammunition' daily in an endless on-going process.

These true service providers are BENIGN, respectful and considerate of the requirements of THE PEOPLE.

It is my pen to reveal that no 'Chief' or king or emperor or politician is a PUBLIC SERVANT and nor are their 'offices' or officials or employees servants of the people for they are all servants of the invisible OVERLORD being God the Father THE Sovereign Ruler.

These persons 'posing as' or believing that they are public servants are all 'deluded' because their wages are TAKEN forcibly from THE PEOPLE who are in FACT all enslaved by any or all DICTATES imposed forcibly upon them by the RULES invoked by said 'leaders.'

There is no freedom or democracy outside of heaven (the light) because every 'lower' realm is ruled by the stern FIST of God the Father who uses His 'armed forces' and mini-dictators (politicians & emperors or chiefs) to impose strictures upon all and extract endless 'levies' of money from all because all these 'sinners' defy Him every day through their support of the interference in and control over the lives of OTHERS.

Man is hell-bent on the punishment of others and is therefore daily defiant of God's Command. The populace are simply 'reaping what they sowed' and all place themselves into the punitive aspect of His 'eye for an eye' LAW.

All persons or systems of government who back their demands using armed forces are inspired from hell and they and all the 'adherent' (you and you) who fund them are also ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL because they are COMPLICIT to the causing of pain to others as well as to their enslavement.

To become spiritually FREE you must not 'vote' or support any person or their punitive dictates causing harm or interference into the lives of others. Try and see that there is NO obedience to the God of Love and Light (She) when you cruelly, mercilessly and dispassionately persecute and cause harm to others. Education is the way forward. Man must now continue to have:

The protection by 'political' heads using armed men or - - -
Turn now direct to God and have God and God's Command as 'head of house.'

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If man chooses to continue having the 'protection' of armed men or government officials and such 'officials' and their armed forces cause harm to others, - - - I categorically state that it is then God's forces to ahead hunt them down and bring all to 'account' within THE LAW of God.

Sinners always 'judge' the other as being a reprobate in need of PUNITIVE correction and that is what places man into the LAW OF THE DARK to themselves suffer the same punitive correction FATE at a later date. Regrettably, as man corrects man punitively, or man retaliates in the face of adversity, all draw dark energy INTO their own soul and IT (their spirit soul) ahead falls deeper into the darkness.

The FACT that the Police should ONLY be upholding the Peace is now a lost reality because they are being used to interfere and cause harm and extort money.

IT the dark energy of God eternally 'wages war' against 'sinners' because forever IT is having to 'balance ITS books' because that is the natural course of energy flow. When you use IT, the dark energy of God then IT flows back to you in EXACTLY the same measure as that which you dealt out.

Unbeknown to man, the dark energy of God is using the 'peace' corps as ITS retributive arm, and all politicians and their officials have 'fallen' to the deceptive 'charm' of said 'devilish' Power.

As long as YOU demand 'Justice' and cause suffering to the other then you are ON the 'string' or 'fishing hook' of THE DARK ENERGY of God and on that hook you will eternally be forced to suffer within ITS Just and honourable Law of return.

On the other hand, the DARK never interferes into your life unless you have a debt to IT and what this means is that if you ONLY use the benign Light energy in your interaction with others, then the return unto you within ITS 'law of return' is ONLY beneficent and loving and it is this which allows THE DARK  to leave you in peace. It is thus that you then have the protection of God's ENERGY.

How is it that I am God's JUDGE? Does God need me to do His 'judging'? The answer to that is "NO." The only reason 'why' I am God's judge is simply because I know THE TRUTH which means I am able to advise YOU as to 'how' I judge you and HOW to Judge YOURSELF as to whether your spirit is safe and saved or ON the road to Hell.

If you are critical, judgemental, merciless, punitive and demanding of justice, that is the wrong way.
If at all times and in all situations you are obedient to the Command of God, that is the right way.

If you don't have the 'guts' to go 'straight' now and obey God then it is an eternal damnation you place upon your own soul and you deserve to slide down into the oblivion of terror and agony for supporting and funding that 'fate' being imposed upon others and being carried out daily by YOUR armed forces. (The earthly forces of darkness - God's.) All using 'force' are the lost being inspired and driven telepathically by demonic forces below.

Be warned, when you become courageous and enlightened and you say "NO" to supporting Father God's armed forces and you turn to THE LIGHT and support ITS true doctrine of 'peace and love and mercy and forgiveness,' they of the dark will still turn upon you and continue to persecute you until all your dues of suffering or loss to IT/Him the Father have been met and paid for in full.

What of 'them' your persecutors? Being those who now fail to obey our God's Command and who continue ON causing harm, intimidating others and stealing their money forcefully or waging wars. Sadly for them the dues they daily accrue will return upon their own heads and great travail awaits them, possibly to be suffered on and on FOREVER. (What you DO unto others is to BE done unto you)

Simple is it not, the Justice of God?

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~ The Power of God's invisible DARK energy essence ~

The 'problem' for mankind has always been and yet is that the infinitely powerful and super intelligent DARK ENERGY of God is so 'dark' that people are not aware of nor 'see' when they are using IT in their interaction with others and they all BELIEVE that their punitive or destructive activity is absolutely JUSTIFIED. This darkness in action is so 'powerful' that the user sees NOT that when using IT, they place themselves within ITS immutable "Law of equal return."

The  problem for mankind now is that the DARK energy essence using them to 'happily' be ITS administrators of 'Vengeance' is so absolutely Justified in fulfilling ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW because that is the 'Law of energy in motion.'  (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction)

The problem for mankind is that they CANNOT 'uphold' this interaction and maintain living in accordance with God's Command. Why? Because DARK energy in action is simply 'merciless, unforgiving and vengeful payback' that is a denial of and a total contravention of the message sent by God via 'Jesus or Buddha' and others to: "Only love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your enemy as you 'turn the other cheek' if abused."

So everyone supporting or funding the CONTRA religious ideology of vengeful retribution or war of destructive intent and deed is ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL and eternal suffering because FOREVER in that lower realm people are all 'bound' to receive the 'terms' of God's LAW of equal return CONSTANTLY with NO surcease.

ONLY the very FEW who NOW lay down their 'arms' (weapons) and turn their 'backs' to all or any forms of punitive activity and STOP funding governments (Caesar) will attain Paradise as they now:

1 - OBEY the precepts of God's Command above TOTALLY. (Only God is THE Sovereign Monarch and Authority.)
2 - Play the Feeling Easy Seminar weekly and obey its words of wisdom to assist you to remain peaceful and positive.
3 - Fortify your mind using the Star prayer thrice daily as your 'focus' is on the Light of the Star reminding you of the benign, positive and creative aspect of God's ENERGY.

If you cannot now fully obey the Command of God's Light it means that you will continue to be a 'slave' citizen of THE DARK ENERGY of God forever, and forever will be your destiny of agonising SUFFERING.

THAT being your CHOICE

To now become spiritually free you will have to PAY your past accrued dues to THE DARK so 'suffer all impositions' in NON-retaliation even if you are to be put to the 'sword' or lose all your property.

Anyone continuing to use God's FORCEFUL DESTRUCTIVE POWER in their interaction with others doom themselves. Force is the USE of the 'forbidden to use' FRUIT of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Its use causes or 'results' in interference, control, subjugation, pain, suffering, loss and destruction, and the user imposing this 'power' place themselves within ITS 'Law of equal return' and as this energy flows through their soul or hand it grows within their soul as IT flows through. (Sin) The negative vibration within your spirit soul of this 'Sin' is what drags IT (your soul) down into the darkness.

You the individual of any 'class' or standing have now the FINAL CHOICE to heed this pen, God's 'Voice' or to IT deny and eternally CRY.

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~ The LAW & The RULES ~
'the differentiation thereof'

It is now the TIME for man to comprehend the difference between the LAW of the land and the RULES of the land that 'govern' the conduct of man and being the FACTOR whereby God controls the activities of mortal man.

The DARK energy essence of the Source (God) is the ONE self-empowered to RULE in this lowly 'realm' of consciousness and IT uses the RULES to submit man to ITS punitive 'eye for an eye' Justice being ITS "Law of equal return" FACTOR.

Any person seeking to become an 'empowered one' such as a King or Emperor or State official needs to now understand that they are NOT the DARK Power (Sovereign Authority) nor are they the RULES they use in their interaction with other people.

The empowered person, be it self-proclaimed or elevated by vote or rules into an official status needs to comprehend that they are but 'representatives' of The LAW of the DARK forceful energy they use and, - - - they also 'represent' the RULES they 'apply' in their dictatorial interaction with others. They need to also understand that they are neither THE Law nor are they THE Rules.

There is however a very painful 'double-edged' Sword FACTOR that is 'hidden' or has been hidden but is exposed now by my pen. (God's) It is the factor of 'duality' that is not a 'triviality.'

Since the Law of equal return of God's energy used, be it the loving benign or the cruel malignant applies to everyone, - - - including the 'King' or other Dictators and all State officials, it follows that when any official imposes strictures or punishment using RULES backed by force of arms and causes another to suffer, - -  be it mental or emotional or physical, the official is not 'protected' by their official status nor their mandate or badge of office and they will ahead BE exposed to the very same trauma as the immutable LAW of equal return swings into action to 'balance' the energy USED.

The 'return factor' for the use of God's benign creative or malignant destructive ENERGY cannot be voided or avoided because IT is a 'law unto itself' and superior to man and uncontrollable by man, hence IT the super-intelligent energy is 'God.'

The 'backhand' aspect of the Sword used by police or magistrates or other armed forces or any 'official' is that if they IGNORE the superior Acts/Rules (decrees) of the Constitution, (their mandate) and they thus illegally impose the RULES of State, (inferior rules) it is they in FACT who are criminally 'breaking the law' so to speak - - - BUT - - - since one cannot 'break' THE LAW of equal return of God's energy, their criminal activity is RECORDED by the invisible DARK Sovereign Power, and HE ahead at some time imposes His 'wrath' or corrective factor of pain and suffering upon the arrogant one in this or the after-life.

Let those in 'power' such as police, magistrates and corrective services officials now SEE that any activity of 'punishment' or control that was instigated ILLEGALLY because of IGNORANCE of the superior RULES or through arrogance is anarchy and TREASON, and that is a 'hanging offence' in the eyes of God THE Authority. (Banishment to the underworld)

If you 'take up' a position of TRUST as a REPRESENTATIVE of THE LAW and ITS Rules, then YOU need to comprehend that you must OBEY the Sovereign Constitution as IT is the mandate 'paying' your wage and empowering you to be a 'swine' and cause HARM.

All 'officials' need to TRY and comprehend that this world is NOT 'heaven' where love and light and mercy and compassion and forgiveness RULES, it is a lower realm (Dark world) where THE DARK Power Rules man, and IT via ITS RULES imposes ITS merciless, cruel, unconscionable and dispassionate punishment using ITS 'Law of equal return' via the mind and hand of 'sinners.'

page 5

Sinners all demand 'Justice' and they all 'love' to be vengeful and punitive, this is because man has drawn IN 'SIN,' being the DARK energy essence of the Source (God) and ITS trait or 'nature' is DESTRUCTIVE, hence man always DEFIES THE COMMAND (unto his own destruction) irrespective of his stated 'Christian' or other supposed 'peaceful' system of belief. The 'Sin' within man is dark (negative emotions) and is 'of' THE DARK. Woe indeed.

All officials today using RULES are all placing themselves within the punitive aspect of THE LAW OF THE DARK aspect of God the Source. The TIME for personal 'restitution' is 'short' indeed.

Please now awaken before your 'mandate' is 'away' taken and YOU are subjected to THE LAW of equal return of God for your continued defiance of His: "Love one another and go your way in peace" Command.

For twenty years now Tasmanian police and magistrates have been subjecting me to punitive State rules that do not apply to me because they are 'overruled' by the Constitution governing and limiting the powers of State officials. It is the time now for the police and magistrates to acknowledge their 'error' and begin to themselves operate LEGALLY within the RULES governing their mandate to operate.

The FIRST 'objective' for police and magistrates is for them to LEARN that their 'mandate to govern' is LIMITED by the 'Freedom of Religion' (doctrine) Acts of the Constitution. This MEANS that the peaceful as myself who 'bow' to God as 'head of house' are NOT to be 'subjected to' State LAW 'punishment' because we have the RIGHT to NOT fund the contra State 'doctrine' of the control and punishment of OTHERS.

We 'the peaceful' only fund benign community effort (activity) or services we see 'fit' to support or use. We cannot support 'inquisition, coercion, extortion or punishment' as this 'doctrine' (in our opinion) contravenes God's command unto man.

Police and magistrates who seek to become TRUE to the RULES and the LAW of the land MUST now 'respect' the superior RULES of the Constitution and respect those as myself (pacifists) who live as God commands. I will put it as simply as possible:

"If YOU work FOR the vengeful and punitive 'Justice' aspect of GOD, YOU are NOT 'above' THE LAW of God."

Taxpayers also need to understand that since they support and fund the punitive 'war' effort that they accrue painful COMPLICITY factor dues for their participation to the 'cruel' unforgiving, vindictive, punitive and destructive actions of their SERVANTS. (Caesar's officials and armed forces)

The Police must now ONLY haul in those who factually 'disturb the peace or carry out immoral activities,' and these persons must be EDUCATED but NOT punished, - - - ONLY thus are the police 'lads and ladies' SAFE within THE LAW of God's energy as they begin to be REPRESENTATIVES of the merciful and compassionate LIGHT energy of God, and thus they begin to LIVE within the loving benign 'Law of equal return' of THE LIGHT. (Happy and joyful)

Beware, - - - the 11th commandment of the 'devilish' Dark Power of God has now been invoked, and 'officials' will now be subjected to the LAW of equal return of God's DARK Power. Reference:

http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/mandate2.htm (page 24)

Since I am living within the ruling Command of God and living within the ruling Command of the Constitution, I am not a 'dissident.' I have placed myself 'on the line' so to speak so as to be able to show up the errors of man's way as I try to uplift the consciousness of the entire human race. Let us here in Tasmania be the first to implement positive change as we 'enlighten' offenders and no longer cause them ongoing trauma.

page 6

~ The Religion of DEATH ~

There is ONE religion on earth that truly breathes Satan's BREATH and IT is the "Religion of State" that controls, interferes, extorts money, punishes, invades, causes harm and loss of freedom, kills and destroys the very souls of ALL who participate in ITS activities.

The 'High Priests' of this Religion are the King's, Queens, Emperors and other DICTATORS who ALL defy the Light of God and their 'bishops' and clerics are the politicians and magistrates and other 'lower' officials who all believe in the 'goodness and guidance' of THEIR Religion. (State Rules in books being their 'Holy Bible')

Any or all who fail to BOW to its ruling dictates are dispossessed' of their life's work and livelihood and their very LIFE in many cases simply because they are PACIFISTS who believe in the TRUE and Holy Word of God.

It is apparent to the Sovereign Power that writes these very words through my 'pen' that everyone on earth today has succumbed to the threat and coercion and deception of this 'damned' and UNHOLY 'system' of ideological doctrinal belief in the use of God's "Forbidden to use FRUIT of the TREE of the knowledge of good and evil." (God's forceful destructive Power)

All whom now continue to fellowship with this 'crazed' Religion damn their own soul to eternal agony and turmoil.

page 7

~ The road to Hell and eternal damnation ~

It is without any 'doubt' that I can state that presently, ( 2016 AD) one way or another, every 'earthling' is ON THE ROAD to Hell * because they all contain 'Sin' (dark energy) within and it is this destructive force within their soul is what JUSTIFIES the use of ITS 'powerful force' to criticise, judge, condemn, control, punish, protect, defend, deceive, avenge, cause harm, dispossess, destroy or kill.

Surely by now you the reader can SEE that the above ACTIVITY is in contravention of God's Command on page three above? Surely you the reader can SEE that if you or your servants are 'guilty' to the above activity that you have placed yourself within the PUNITIVE aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' LAW and must therefore 'suffer' the same negative energy as you or your servants imposed? (Absolute justice)

Note: ON THE ROAD to Hell * - Every person using dark energy is on the road to hell because as they use said dark energy some of IT stays within their own soul and enlarges the 'Sin' mass within and it is this 'Sin' mass that draws ones soul down and away from the light as the soul exits the biological flesh.

If you are not presently using dark energy but your servants are, then you are not drawing IN dark energy but you are still complicity accruing a painful 'karmic' debt, and at the time when this 'debt' is 'called-in' and you are faced by adversity, at this 'moment' you will probably use dark energy to defend yourself and then draw IN more 'Sin.'

I am doing my very best to show you that it is due to the 'Sin' within errant man that their MIND can be linked telepathically (thoughts) to THE DARK Source which through ones inner fear or hatred or aggression or arrogance force the individual to use ITS destructive energy in ones interaction with others.

ONLY those who NOW 'learn' to OBEY the Command of God through fortifying their minds and LIVING the Holy Word of 'Love and peace' and absolute NON-retaliation in the face of adversity will 'make it' to Paradise.

Officials of 'State' and armed forces MUST now try and understand that NO 'mandate of man' nor any 'orders of men' can nullify, void or avoid the RETURN aspect of God's LAW. The benign loving creative or malignant hateful destructive ENERGY which is used has to balance ITSELF at some stage because it is 'simply' a PROVEN FACT of 'ENERGY IN MOTION.' (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction)

You the reader need to understand that 'religion' as for example in a 'named' church or government organisation or 'group' fellowship headed by 'priests or politicians' gives you a FALSE sense of security because they all offer 'salvation or protection' but ONLY in return for your money and fellowship and total obedience to them and their dictates, rites or rituals.

All these persons 'coming' in the name of 'The Authority' or in the name of 'Jesus or God or the Holy Spirit' are deluded LIARS as are many of you of the 'lost race.' You must now halt the funding of ALL religions (All deceive) and ALL organisations using force of arms to control others or extort their money or imposing punishment.

Only fund and condone the support of benign community effort and the education of offenders.

Man has been held 'hostage' by precedent since time 'immemorial' where 'some' men assumed their right to be 'as' God and thus of elevated status empowered to enslave others and use them for their personal benefit. You are all presently 'enslaved' to the dark energy of God and held 'fast' in ITS cleft stick.

You need to 'awaken' and see that you stand as a unique individual creation of THE SOURCE and SHE~HE are linked to you energetically eternally and you are in their 'sight' constantly. They see and know your every intent and deed.

page 8

~ The road to salvation ~

There is but ONE road to Salvation and the purification of the soul through the 'release' or withdrawal of all the dark energy (Sin within you) which you have drawn in over time and therefore enabling the refined spirit soul to be elevated to enter into the ultimate realm of pure Light, pure Love, bliss. In this place there is eternal freedom where sadness and sorrow are non-existent.

This Salvation is ONLY attained through total obedience to God's Command which I once again reiterate here:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive those who harm you in any way and 'turn the other cheek' in non-retaliation when faced by adversity or if you are abused in any way."

This simply means that neither you nor your servants interfere in the lives of others, nor do you make any demands upon others nor do you cause any harm to others. It also MEANS that you NEVER use God's DARK punitive, forceful, destructive ENERGY in your interaction with others for ANY reason, irrespective of any thoughts entering your mind trying to JUSTIFY your use of punitive or retributive force.

You ONLY and always use God's LIGHT, loving, creative, merciful and educative ENERGY to help others and uplift them and their consciousness as YOU 'love and care' for them.

Please try and see that presently you are 'one' in a very large crowd all doing the wrong thing. It is entirely up to you now to 'forget' what others are doing or thinking or saying and simply follow your own conscience for IT and ONLY it can assist YOU the unique individual to make amends with God as YOU now do the RIGHT thing for your own spirit soul.

Only you can set yourself spiritually free using my wisdom to help thee.

Once you are ON 'track' bravely then show others THE WAY.