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~ Supreme Court Appeal ~

This 'open' Appeal is to the Tasmanian Supreme Court and -
The people of Tasmania and -
All the people of planet Earth



No. LCA of 2003
In the matter of : Section 107 of the Justices Act 1959
Terence - Applicant

BETWEEN - and -

Kim Hibble (Court prosecutor) - Respondent


TAKE NOTICE that on the - - - th day of - - - at 10 o'clock in the noon or so thereafter as Counsel will be heard, this Honorable Court sitting at Cameron street, Launceston will be moved by the Applicant to review the sentence of R. H. Wilson Esquire, Magistrate, made in the Court of Petty Sessions at Launceston, Tasmania on the 8th day of August 2003 whereby the learned Magistrate on the conviction of the Applicant for alleged driving offences under Complaint No: 34772/02A was fined the sum of $ 1095.20 and disqualified from driving for six months.


My 'Appeal' - is laid before the Supreme Court of Tasmania because the 'lower' magistrate 'Peter Wilson' erred both in Law and in Fact. This will be proven by me within this document (1) and its 2 - 15 attaching documents:




1 This Notice of Appeal - pages marked 'Slavery8.htm' - CD - Item 2 -
The 'Slave citizen' section 8
2 CD of God's 'on line' message to humanity. My proof to being God's Plenipotentiary - God's messenger. (Messiah) The message being the Salvationary message to humanity - - - Individual spiritual survival - - all continuing to defy God to 'die' spiritually 2
3 Proof or Religion - pages marked - 'Slavery3.htm' - CD - Item 2 - The 'Slave citizen' section 3 3
4 Transcript of proceedings - Magistrate Wilson's Case 8 Aug (with court) 4
5 Submission 1 to Magistrate Wilson - CD - Item 10
The 'Judgement papers' 215 pgs ( will be brought to court)
6 Submission 2 to magistrate Wilson - CD - Item 2
The 'Slave citizen' section 7 - pages 5 - 11
7 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 7
8 Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) sect 46 (1)


9 Definition of "Public Order," Osbornes Concise Law Dictionary 9
10 Definition of "Public Order," Butterworths Australian LEGAL Dictionary 10
11 Definition of "Public Order," Oxford Companion to Law, Oxford 1980 11
12 Religious belief - p 20 of - CD or web site- Item 2 - The 'Slave citizen'


13 The 'lie' & the Lion - p 30 of - CD or web site - Item 8 - Vatican City


14 Accountability & Justice - p 11 of - CD or web site - Item 33 - Suburban terror doc


15 Index content of CD or web site- REF 2 - annexure 2


16 Police questions & 'Proof' pgs 12-14 - CD - Item 2 - Item 2 - Inquisition


Note: All items marked "CD - Item" are available on line and correspond to the REF 15 Index attached at this web site.

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And to quash the said decision on the grounds that:

1 - The Magistrate erred in fact and law in denying myself the God given freedom of movement to live my belief following my conscience and, - - -

2 - The Magistrate erred in fact and law by attempting to 'thwart' my choice to only heed God’s Code of Conduct Command to: "ONLY be loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving, and remain peaceful at all times and do not disturb the peace of the land" and, - - -

3 - The Magistrate erred in fact and law by using punitive and thus 'forceful' coercive means to force me to condone or fund or support what is known by me to be an organisation or 'governing' System that has a known 'contra' anti-god belief.

4 - His 'judgement' was based on the erroneous assumption and false belief that every person on the land is required to be 'licensed' by his 'Institutional organisation' before they can drive an automobile on public roads. The 'proof' of this error is the 'subject matter' of this Appeal.

5 - His 'judgement' was based on the erroneous assumption and false belief that the automobile of every person on the land is required to be 'insured & registered' by his 'Institutional organisation' before they can drive an automobile on public roads. The 'proof' of this error is the 'subject matter' of this Appeal.

6 - The magistrate 'belittled' the defence submission by giving a 'part' of it but a cursory examination, before 'pronouncing' to all in the Court that there was nothing within it that had any relevance to the matter at hand, and the 'greater' part of the defence submission was unseen by him. (The Judgement Papers - my original submission)

7 - By his 'sentencing,' the magistrate confirmed that in his 'belief,' the Institution he serves has sovereign right and thus jurisdiction over my belief, and thus refused to consider my difference of belief as a valid 'argument.' This is error of belief and error of judgement in God's eyes and in mine.

8 - Most importantly, whether a man or magistrate uses 'abusive' punishment because another is perceived as deserving it or, whether a person receives 'abusive' punishment because a magistrate believes it is for their 'betterment' or rehabilitation or, whether a person is punished as 'coercion' to force their compliance to another's dictates, God says that all punishment is error and the cause of the coming terror.

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~ My 'Appeal' Case Statement to this Supreme Court ~

The 'question' that needs be 'answered' by the Judge, is whether a man of peace is allowed to live his religious (belief) and to follow his conscience.

As said by God he is - - -
As said within the Constitution of the State he is.


a - The validity of the Constitution was 'challenged' and overthrown by Magistrate Wilson as being - - - his words to the effect: "Of no consequence" - - - when the 'authority' of its primary 'Religious freedom' Act was quoted by me to him in a Launceston Court on 8 August 003.

b - By refusing to let me 'ask' the prosecution witness questions to 'defend' myself by 'proving' my case, the magistrate held his own 'Court' in contempt. He thus also showed his 'bias towards' and 'aiding of' the prosecutor. Thus he was not an 'impartial' judge, but merely a man of no conscience 'rubber stamping' the false charges that 'made' an innocent man of peace into a 'criminal' in the eyes of the community.

c - The magistrate placed a punitive sentence upon me a man that clearly stated that: "I am the awaited Messiah with a message to humanity." The magistrate 'countered' with: "Are you saying that your spirit is the reincarnation of Jesus"? I replied "Yes." By placing a punitive sentence upon me, the magistrate showed all the fact that he was 'vindictive & foolish' and of no 'conscience.'

For the 'accused' in making such a 'proclamation' was either mentally disturbed, (mad) and thus should not be punished, but sent 'somewhere' to receive the benefit of good counsel or, - - - if he was seen to be of sound mind, then his 'defence' should have been read in full and thus 'heard' in full. For only thus would the 'judge' have given the 'accused' a fair trial (hearing), and given himself the opportunity to make an 'enlightened' judgement.

d - My 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court is because I do have a sovereign right in the eyes of God to walk as a free man that does neither 'belong to' any organisation, nor am I legally 'bound' as a 'slave' to the dictates of any such Institution.

Thus I am not within its jurisdiction, and my 'appeal' shows my reasoning for walking apart from the State 'body' as I 'claim' my sovereign right as a child of God to so do.

The fact that I am a member of a community, does not mean that I am 'bound' to belong to any particular 'group' raised up by some members in that community that in my mind are deluded.

I am 'challenging' the 'self-given' right of any person or 'group' or Institution to raise up 'rules' that override my own sovereign right to abide in God's Code of Conduct, and thus not conform to 'others' dictates and, - - -

I challenge their right of jurisdiction over my 'way,' especially as their 'way of living' is 'defiant of' and contra God's Command to abide within God's Code of Conduct as revealed by this God's pen.

e - My 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court is to show man that within their own Commonwealth Constitution there is a provision that forbids the 'raising' of any 'act' or 'rules' or 'law' that either: imposes any religious observance, or prohibits the free exercise of any religion, or establishes any religion.

Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - - -

f - My 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court is to show man that within their own State Constitution there is a provision that guarantees religious liberty and the free exercise of religion, and the freedom of conscience, - - -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

page 4

g - My 'Appeal' - proves to man and man's Court that: - - - due to their ignorance of God's Law and of my sovereign 'rights,' and my 'rights' within their own Constitution, the 'policing' forces and the police prosecutor and the 'county' magistrate are carrying out the religious persecution of a man myself , and that this Treasonable act is in contravention of the aforesaid Acts.

For I am but peacefully going about my God given 'business' and exercising my true Christian religion, and following the 'tenets' of that religion. Being the doctrine of 'peace & love & forgiveness & mercy' as Commanded by my God. I cannot comply with the 'contra' dictates of others who perceive themselves as my 'Master.'

Note: Religion - The belief in a superpower or God that commands obedience to ITS dictates. If you have a religious 'belief,' then that belief is your ideology, being your philosophy, doctrine, opinion, and tenets, being your 'creed, faith, and dogma' and proven daily deeds.

h - My 'Appeal' - proves to man and man's Court that any Code of Conduct 'rules' raised up by political legislators at some time 'subsequent' to aforesaid 'religious freedom' act, that 'impose' any contra 'dogma' or ideology 'law' upon the citizens of the land are themselves 'contrary' and in error and, - - -

That it is due to these 'rules' that the prosecutor finds 'reason' to impose an 'inquisition' and punishment upon me. For he sees not that the 'primary' freedom of religion Rule is superior. (Example at end of document - Note - 2 page 7).

i - My 'Appeal' - proves to man and man's Court that the proven fact that - - - the police, the prosecutor, and the magistrate have 'succeeded' in the past in having me detained with 'forced' slave labour for two months at a penal 'institution' and, - - - that the 'punishment' suffered by me was not only a contravention of said 'Act' but, - - - that their punitive 'actions' had and yet have the coercive intent of forcing me to comply with their 'rules' that do have a 'contra' ideology.

Thus if I did or do 'comply' with them and their 'rules,' then they would have 'succeeded' in 'brainwashing' me and, - - - I would then have conformed to their dictates, and by God be seen to have also 'joined' their religious 'belief,' and 'succumbed' to its anti-god punitive ideology.

j - My 'Appeal' - is to prove to man and man's Court that I do follow a 'certain' religion that has a philosophy and ideology or creed that is 'opposite' to that of the State Institution, and thus even within their own 'institutional' Constitution they 'err' in their attempts to 'change' my ways into the 'Institutional' rule book ideology by threat of monetary extortion, coercion & incarceration, and, - - -

That their continual harassment of my peaceful way, and the 'abduction' of my 'person,' and holding it 'hostage' in a prison on three occasions, is not only gross misconduct in God's eyes, but it is sedition and treason against the authority of their own sovereign State Constitution, as well as Treason against the State of Heaven from whence I came.

k - My 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court is an 'attempt' to show man that the use of a gun or 'force of arms' is not 'legitimate' in God's eyes as being the 'way' of forcing others as me to comply with another's dictates.

Thus my 'Appeal' shows man how their attempts of forcing me to comply with them and their controlling & punitive ways is wrong.

L - My 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court is to show man that the State 'body' is in fact a religion that has unknowingly 'arisen' due to a variety of reasons, and this religion that 'poses' as a secular organisation has its own 'bible, commandments, creed and ideology' as is exposed within my prior 'lower Court' submissions.

Note: The 'State' Religion - It has the 'belief' that the 'book of rules' is the 'sacred' superpower, and ITS demigod dictates are to be followed and adhered to by 'members' of the State Institution (religion).

Its proven ideology is 'control, tax extortion, interference, disturbing the peace, merciless, unforgiving, punitive, abusive and destructive.' - The people 'fellowshipping' with the State religion 'worship' and comply with its ideology whether they consciously know it or not.

The 'rules' that man follows have placed themselves (the rules) above God and God's sacred Commandment to "Only love," and God's Code of Conduct RULE of "Peace & goodwill unto all mankind."

page 5

m - My 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court is to prove to man via my 'defence' submissions that I am God's messenger being God's Plenipotentiary, sent to earth from Heaven so as to awaken and enlighten man who have all been misled, and who are all now in a dangerous and perilous 'quadrant' facing a cyclone of 'deadly' emotional proportions.

Thus as this 'fact' I do prove to the Court of man, they will see that I am 'he' God's Plenipotentiary and thus 'above' the rules of this or any other Institution of man.

I am not above the 'Law of the land,' for all men are 'subjects' of God and all men are subject to God's one supreme Law* that is the law of this land and every 'space' in God's Universal realms of consciousness.

Note: God's Law* - "As you do is done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' basis."

n - My 'Appeal' - is an 'appeal' to all that it 'hear' or read to 'hasten' and quickly absorb the content of my web site before the world 'collapses' into insanity and all fight. For truly what has 'been' the way is false, and all that continue on to 'force' others to comply with 'their' ways will be lost in the underworlds below.

o - My 'Appeal' - is an 'appeal' to aid all men including 'judges' to see that God's law is Just & equitable, and that they as all mankind have become bound by the 'rules' they serve and uphold, and thus it is they who needs seek the fresh wisdom from God via my pen before by the 'Dark' overlord their souls are stolen. For as they 'judge,' so shall they be judged.

p - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court because I have been forced to spend 90 days and nights away from home 'in the desert,' either on the road back and forth to Court, or in the cells in a 'remand' complex or at a 'slave' Camp, due to the 'officers' of the people's policing and judicial system and, - - -

Thus I have been unable to 'earn' any 'pay' in that time, and I thus ask the Court on behalf of its 'employer' the people of this 'State' to consider a 'reparation' payment to me for their 'error' and, - - - as my 'time' is in fact priceless due to it being God's 'time' given freely to all by me, then 'what price' the earthly value of God's messenger of hope?

Your 'Governor-general' being the earthly Queen's representative is paid an annual sum of $ 365,000.00, being $ 1000 per day by the people of Australia, and 'maybe' his 'lower than my' status will guide you to see 'how much' the people 'owe' me God's Plenipotentiary.

q - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court against the sentence imposed because, - - - if this Court is truly the 'people's' Court, acting for and on behalf of the people of the land then, if my Appeal is denied, it is the 'wish' of the people that the priceless 'pearl of great wisdom' be cast aside, and that its 'bearer' God's Plenipotentiary me is disgraced and, - - - their Creator sees this 'dishonour' and that they the people are truly swine and not deserving to reach HIS land divine.

r - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court against the sentence imposed because, - - - each time I meet your policing 'officers' on the road, they drag me away from my aging wife and companion, and she suffers emotionally and is left to 'fend' for herself alone in a forest surrounded by 'wolves' and, - - -

If you truly are the 'people's' Court then for and on their behalf I ask that they via you 'pay' a 'certain' sum for emotional pain and mental suffering that was endured by my dear wife 'Lady Gillian' due to the loss of her 'light and love' me, when for 90 days and nights she was alone and filled with uncertainty as to my plight and, - - -

As she was alone in the forest it was she too that was 'imprisoned' in solitary confinement in her home and left to fend for herself due to the 'actions' of the persecutors and judiciary and, - - - as she was chosen by God to be my 'friend' and companion then, 'what price' is her mental & emotional well-being 'worth' to God and man? and, - - - what of the suffering felt by others close to me who love me dearly?

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s - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court against the sentence imposed because, it is the time now for all the 'community' to see that every time their 'judiciary' punishes them, being any member of the community, that many people are made to also suffer by the deeds of their 'policing & judicial' servants and, - - -

That the people (the community as a whole) that employ the judiciary are thus responsible for these 'crimes,' and they (the community as a whole) do ahead suffer the same fate. As any 'punitive' and unforgiving act places the 'perpetrators' within the jurisdiction of the negative and thus punitive 'aspect' of God's immutable Law. (As you sow so shall ye reap - on an eye 'for an eye' and thus EQUAL basis)

t - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court against the sentence imposed because, - - - if this Court is truly the 'people's' Court, acting for and on behalf of the people of the land, then is it truly the 'wish' of the people that their 'Messiah' be fined and incarcerated?

For if not, then the 'prior' $ 4816.05 imposed by magistrate Wilson and now demanded by the Tasmania 'fines enforcement' agency of the people, needs be revoked.

u - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court and state that it may be 'prudent' for the judge to stand aside, and let me be judged by the 'consensus' of the people of the land. This way God and all will see 'who' wishes me to go free, and who seeks to 'crucify' me.

Then 'each' of them will personally receive a 'JUST' return due from God for their good deed or bad misdeed of the day, on an equitable 'an eye for an eye' basis, for all are 'subject' to God's supreme Law, and the Court Judge will be seen by God as being wise for sure.

v - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court against the sentence imposed because, - - - if my 'Appeal' is denied then ahead, when I do not 'pay' the monies demanded, the magistrate will be 'forced' by his own 'rules' to defy God and 'order' his policing forces to arrest me and, - - -

They will either incarcerate me for a time and a time, or he will 'authorise' the theft by servant of goods to be 'stolen' from my abode to meet his fiscal 'demands' and, - - - the 'judge' of this Appeal would then also be complicit to that criminal act.

w - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court and say that this Appeal 'challenge' is not to the judicial system, (The rules) - it is to the conscience of every 'judicial & policing' reader because, - - - this realm is presently a 'realm of the Dark Sovereign Power, and it is with the 'permission' of the Dark that the Light is 'allowed' in to give the 'lost' a last chance to see and change their way before the Dark has ITS final say to any that continue to defy the Light as they walk their way.

x - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court against the sentence imposed because, - - - this 'appeal' is my final 'plea' to the judiciary. For it is by their hand and the 'mark' of their pen that authorizes other 'ignorant' men to become 'subhuman' beasts and defy God as they 'define' the convicted one as being a 'lesser' mortal of no value and no 'status' of no 'name' to be abused and denigrated and, - - -

neither these 'jailers' nor the policing forces, nor the judiciary, nor the people of the land they 'serve' see that God sees their merciless, unforgiving, iniquitous and beastly behaviour, and it is their God to 'later' thrust these 'infidels' (non-believers) into HIS 'cells' below for a time and a time.

Thus my 'appeal' is to all men to quickly change their 'way' before the soon coming last day, after which no 'man' or woman who have not 'accepted' my plea and absorbed my wisdom will have the chance of 'ever' being released from their 'coming' conviction by their Creator.

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y - I 'Appeal' - to man and man's Court against the sentence imposed because, - - - it is now the time for all mankind to seed their minds with my wisdom and then implement the 'judicial' change from a punitive role to an educative role as given by God via my pen in the 'Offender' document. Refer the rehabilitation of man as per the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' that is Item 1 at the end of the Index page found here < offend1.htm >

Note - 1 : The whole 'case' depends upon whether a person is born free with their own spiritual sovereignty or, - - - born a 'slave' to a 'sovereign earthly power,' that came into 'power' using 'force of arms,' and that maintains its control using 'force of arms.'

Being 'born a slave' means that the 'judiciary' for and on behalf of 'someone' believe that due to their 'superior' force of arms, that the new born be 'forced' into their 'ownership' and, - - -

'It' becomes one of their 'Institution' by the 'fact' of them issuing a 'birth certificate' - - - denoting in their mind, or the 'mind' of the book of rules, that the new-born 'chattel' is legally theirs, and thus belonging to their 'State or Nation' that they control by force of arms.

Note - 2 - Example: My belief is such that before I drove on public roads I learnt to drive an automobile, and passed a 'Test' that gave me a driving Certificate of Competency to show me that I was a 'safe' and competent driver, and thus was 'capable' of not endangering others or myself, and, - - -

In my opinion and 'belief,' this certificate is not a 'privilege' bestowed upon me by another, it is bestowed upon me by my own 'efforts,' and its 'validity' exists and continues on without my having to be 'taxed' and annually pay some other 'body' an annual fee to keep it valid.

It is the 'contra' belief of the prosecutor that: - - - his latter day 'rules' are superior to my belief and the primary statutes of his Constitution and, - - - he thus brings himself to spiritual grief as he 'disturbs the peace of the land,' as by his mind and hand he has me 'dutifully' abducted and jailed and, - - -

neither he nor the magistrate, nor the people they 'serve' see that they all 'swerve' away from the true path, and ahead under God's supreme Law, they suffer the consequence of their imposed 'terror' and error.

This 'simple' example is 'echoed' throughout man's 'rules,' and irrespective of these 'rules' that appear to dictate the behavior of policing forces, they do not apply to any that as me, believe they are but 'extortion' backed by force of arms 'held' by men who are yet 'ignorant' of God's supreme Law.

The prosecutor is very angry and 'obsessed' by the thought that I 'think' that I am above 'the law of the land,' - - - he sees not that it is because I do know of God's 'law of the land' that I never disturb the peace of others on the land as he does and, - - - he so does because he thinks that he is above the law of the land simply because, - - - he holds the 'gun' and is mandated by rules of man to defy God.

There is no 'rule' of man that can 'override' the mind of a true believer that knows the truth of God and the true Code of Conduct Commanded by their Creator to be adhered to at all times.

Note - 3 - Honourable service - People be they 'common or judiciary' needs see that you can serve 'God and the people,' but you cannot serve 'The system's RULES' and 'God and the people.' For the rules defy God and they punish God's children (the people.)

You now 'choose' to either support and serve the rules (The punitive system of man). or
You now choose to support and serve
God and the people of the land lovingly.

Note - 4 - Arrest & detainment - The only people that God would have detained and rehabilitated by good counsel are those that have 'disturbed the peace' of the land, - - - thus you see the error of the 'way' of man today as he 'man' uses rules as an enforced 'procurement' facility and, - - - - "The rehabilitation of real criminals (those that disturb the peace) must only be done by education and not by punishment" says our God.

This submission to man and the Court of man is written by our Lord God via my mind and pen. May the 'light' of sanity and reason prevail.

Our God, and the world await the 'judgment' of a 'man' the Judge.

'So help me God'

Terence -

16.8. 2003 (Year 007 True Light)

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~ Notes to the Prosecutor ~

The 'prosecutor' being the Devil's 'advocate' (Inquisitor) knows that no 'man' is above ITS (The Devil's) retributive 'payback' Law but, - - - - the 'persecuting' man sees not that he too is 'within' ITS 'jurisdiction' the very same moment that he disturbs the peace of another in his 'abuse' of them, as he defies God's "Only walk in peace" Code of Conduct Command.

The prosecutor and all men 'confuse' the rules of man with God's 'Law of the land.' None yet see the 'deception' of the 'underhand' of the Source with ITS capacity to 'devour' any that 'sin.' (Cause pain to others).

The reason 'why' the prosecutor is by anger 'incensed' and 'possessed' by determined 'persecutionary' thoughts is due to his chosen profession to defy the Light of God, and be the Devil's 'advocate' and, - - - to thus mete out 'divine' retribution for and on behalf of the Devil and, - - -

It is due to this negative interaction with others, that every 'time' he punishes others and causes them to suffer in some way, he and those that 'colluded' with him all 'infused' their own souls with more 'dark' energy, that is the energy of the Dark Sovereign Power and, - - -

IT the Dark Sovereign Power is eternally 'incensed' with any that have 'defied' the Command of ITS Light to "Only walk in peace" and, - - - it is thus that the prosecutor 'feels' this dark angry energy of IT within himself, being the SIN and, - - -

The prosecutor sees not that the anger is not directed at me because I defied a 'rule' of man, but it was his own belief of 'such' that 'triggered' a response from IT and, - - -

If I had or have any past 'spiritual' due to be met, then the Dark Sovereign Power uses the rules of man to 'convince' ITS earthly 'prosecutors' to punish me for IT and, - - -

As the prosecutors so do, it is by their own 'defiant' deeds that they not only draw in more 'dark' energy, but they also 'accrue' a similar suffering 'due' that the 'incensed' Dark Sovereign Power will most certainly mete out to them in HIS den or via the 'hand' of another 'insane' or 'incensed' infidel. (Non-believer).

It is because I have no 'sin' within (negative emotions) that I can 'forgivingly' reach out to the prosecutor and 'lovingly' give him my wisdom to see, so that he can then set himself free.

Some people in a family have 'less' dark energy within, it is thus that some can forgive another that 'killed' or maimed one of theirs, whereas another family member seeks redress be it financial or otherwise, and is determined to punish.

Try and see that the 'core' of every soul is brilliant, loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, and understanding, and it is only due to the 'ingress' of dark energy that has contaminated this Light within, and this negative 'sin' is what turns man against man, and is also the cause of 'fury' that leads to vanity and insanity and the 'loss' of a soul to the underworld.

You may at present 'see' others as being 'one' needing to be 'shot' with 5 grams of lead between their eyes, due to their 'dark' ways. Try and see that they are 'as' thee, only they have 'progressed' further along the dark road and thus have 'less' control over their minds.

All that 'sup' on dark energy do eventually become 'beastly' and foul, and end up being 'shot' or 'crushed' by another 'justifier' for the Dark Source. For it is ITS 'thoughts' intruding telepathically within their minds that have 'assessed' the offender as 'rubbish' to be disposed of.

So if you are a 'vengeful' or angry and retributive person, then that 'fact' shows you and all around you the 'depth' of your inner SIN, that you drew in during your past as you defied God and used God's dark power as you abused others and, it also shows you the very great peril your soul is in for, - - -

It is the 'weight' of this sin that drags your soul down into the depths in the 'afterlife' to be 'devoured' and mistreated by 'demons' as is your due for being defiant of the wisdom of God that I did 'before' and again now 'bring forth.'

All must quickly 'seed' their minds with my wisdom before the last day and, - - - show their God that they now seek to change their way as they from this moment on are merciful & compassionate & forgiving.

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