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Visions 9

~ The true Star~

That evening I made myself comfortable on the rear deck, and watched the evening star emerge. I saw the six clear points of the light rays flashing out from its centre, and as I relaxed I felt an altered state of consciousness overtake me.

It was always easy to relax after a long days movement on a boat, the star enlarged swiftly and filled my vision. Within it I saw the cover of 'The Last Prophecy' and 'The Testament of Truth' appear, and knew that the scroll was unravelling in the heavens. That land of infinite vibration, the source of light, love, and all creation.

The Logo on the book's cover appeared, the six pointed star clear and white, within it was the Celtic Cross, gleaming gold, around the star a double gold circle filled with red, embossed with the inscription:

"Rex Christos Hosannah," and below it "Suave Rosa."

Suddenly, my being sped upwards, and I was high in the air, looking back at earth.

Visions 10

~ The false Star ~

I saw the head of a goat appear above the earth, it changed into a five pointed star, with the five points being the two horns, the two ears, and the beard being the fifth.

This commonly used star of uneven projection, five rays, false light. The earthly symbol of the Devil in control, the ways of man who have forgotten God's call of compassion and forgiveness.

Leaders who control through deceit, manipulation, regulation, imprisonment, and the meting out of physical pain and destruction upon their enemy that results in spiritual death.

Man perpetrating ungodly deeds, all in the name of God, but all unknowingly blinded through arrogance and ignorance and as yet under the influence of "The Dark one." I saw a shadow descend over the earth, and a voice spoke to me:

"Open the door to the abyss"

Visions 11

~ The Abyss ~

I reached down under the earth, and unlocked the huge padlock that held the two ends of a chain on the door of the pit, the abyss of eternal darkness and turmoil. I felt the limitless power within me surge, as I heaved it up and open.

I looked deep into the depths, and saw endless hordes of souls from out of the past, they had tortured expressions on their faces. All were shrieking for revenge. They surged upwards towards the opening, their eyes black and merciless. It was a daunting sight.

"My son"

I heard the voice from the source of all essencing out from the never never:

"Ring the bell and warn the human race that their final test is now to begin."

The Bell appeared in my hand, and I swung it to and fro, its peals rang out loud and clear, from the top of the heavens to the depths of the pit.

I then looked up and saw a naked lamb, shorn of its fleece and tethered to a post. The lamb I knew was symbolic of me, being "Peaceful and non-retaliatory." This lamb changed form into the six pointed star and its power of light intensified, the voice said:

"My son, this Star is your symbol, the symbol of MY WORD, being that MY TRUTH shines both day and night, and only those who follow My Word spoken through you, will find atonement with ME."

I was awoken by the cool chill in the air just in time to see the morning star dipping over the horizon, as planet earth streaked in its Easterly direction, and as I entered the cabin of the boat my thoughts were saying: "Write My son, pick up your pen and write, for your pen is now MY sacred pen."

Visions 12

I was aware that within my mind I could see a scroll begin to unroll, I wrote what was given, each night but a page. That particular evening I heard a voice saying:

"Son, to many people must you also write, and to many places will you now go, I will guide your hand. The Testament of Truth is a Legacy to My children's children on Earth, exposing the Dark One, so that all future generations can understand that I AM both the Light and the Dark, the All.

I AM THE ALMIGHTY, My Light has but one Commandment 'Love one another.' My Dark demands that all heed the call to love. Those whom the call do not heed, are by ME made to bleed, bless you My son."

I awoke the next morning feeling an urgency within, and when Hemedi appeared with the others in the dingy, I called out to them saying; "Safari na quisha, sisi na rudi maramoja nyumbani." Meaning: The trip is over and we are returning home immediately.

As we headed South with 20 hours to run, I felt a pang of anguish. I looked at my fisher-men, good friends I had known for many years, all staunch Muslims who never failed to kneel and pray to Allah daily for His guidance.

I wondered if they were like the Christians, who praised God's messenger, rather than heeding his message, and wondered if their prayer said:

"Please Father, help us to heed your call through your faithful servant Muhammad the Prophet, in remembrance of Him, who said: "Allah says that it is we who must compassionate and merciful be."

I felt anguish and grief fill my being. I did not know what was in store, but I knew that I had to follow the star, wherever it led me, and that the journey would be long and lonely.

And what of "Kiwayu," an Island that was inhabited by good simple people. Kiwayu was my lobster base, where live lobsters were caught, and kept alive for me in steel mesh containers in the sea, until I flew in about once every 10 days or so to collect them.

Visions 13

This Island was far north of Lamu, nearer the Somali border, and was only accessible by air or by a long trip on a small Dhow.

The village relied on my support to bring a living to the fishermen and their families, as I purchased the lobsters that they caught. My thoughts went to "Imam" the water bearing donkey, that spent all day carrying two old four gallon Kero tins filled with water from the only well on the island.

What a good and simple life these people lived, so near but so far from the so called civilised world of commerce that existed nearby. A few more trips in my old faithful Piper Cherokee-Six, and I would have to say goodbye, my path was soon to take me on a different track from the simple life I had known.

The trip ended, and I left Africa, travelling to many places in the northern hemisphere, but eventually arrived in Australia. Much took place, but most nights I awoke at about 2am to light my three candles, the pages of my message to humanity unfolded, and interspersed with these inspired messages came more visions.

Visions 14

~ The 'frame' of God ~

I closed my eyes and mentally placed the star in my mind, and leant back, its power increased, and I was aware of an outpouring or energy from it and these words came swiftly to me: "Jesus I see your shining Star" I was suddenly standing before a huge door that filled my entire 360 degree vision, again I was in spirit, and I heard a voice:

"Son, I am the Essence of the Universe. I AM ALL and you are within ME, but I would like you to see within ME, and observe what be. You will then understand what your soul mind knows, approach the wall and peep through the keyhole, thus seeing me in miniature."

I approached the doorway and put my eye to the keyhole, and saw the "Frame of God," the top being brilliant light with a pink colour, having the vibration of love, it shone down towards the base of the keyhole into darkness.

The base was inky black, between the light and the dark were over 1000 realms of consciousness, each separated by an energy field that was impregnable to those not from the highest level.

The highest level of brilliant light was filled with fun loving happy souls, and as I looked down the levels into twilight zones, I saw souls filled with self pity and anguish.

Lower down, the souls were hateful, and destructive, and were stained a dark colour. The lower the level, the darker and colder it became, and the darker and colder they were. Those below had distorted ugly features. It was a stark contrast to those in realms of light above.

As I looked up again into the light areas, my gaze was transfixed by the unbelievable beauty of those above who exuded light and love, their eyes sparkled with joy and laughter was on their faces, with smiles a mile wide, all reaching out saying "Come."

I again looked down to see the despair and the hopelessness of so many countless souls below, I knew I would not fail them. God spoke: "Son, draw the Star into your mind and I will show you the chalice in your soul, the Holy Grail."

Visions 15

~ The Holy Grail ~

As I thought of the star of Hope, I was immediately within a world that was incredible, huge vortexes of energy swirling around like limitless cyclones as large as the universe, and as I sped through these energy fields towards the centre within, I saw the cup of love that radiated "GOD," the Core of pure love, being the energy essence and spark of God within.

The cup was a beautifully shaped wineglass filled with liquid love that was pink and red and overflowing over the rim, and from which a golden mist arose. I marvelled at this sight and withdrew. "Now son, you will look into the cup of an aspiring evolving soul, as most of earth's inhabitants are."

Visions 16

~ The sin-ful cup ~

I saw a chalice which contained the glow of light and love within, fully contained within the bowl of the cup. But at the base of the stem, I saw dark black spots, these dark stains were also visible in the stem and around the love core.

I saw light energy streak from the God-head into the core of love, and also energy streak up from the dark pit into the stains of darkness within and around this cup.

"Son, this is the path of thoughts that emanate through the vibration of the emotions before entering the mind. Thoughts either good from the Light core or intrusive negative ones emanating from the Dark."

The "stains" or "forces" I saw, were in fact the "Sin," being the energy essence of the negative emotions of hatred, greed, fear etc.

I saw a dark spot pulsate and enlargen, as it energised from a flash of energy from the dark side, and knew that the mind of that particular soul had erupted in a frenzy of destructive thought at that moment, and negative feelings had been triggered. God's voice spoke, saying:

"My son, this darkness I will soon draw out of the souls of My children at an accelerated rate to help them. My message through you will prepare them to a deeper understanding of How, Why, What and When all will take place."

My sacred pen kept writing God's Holy Word.

Visions 17

~ The demonic spirit Reaping force ~

The Reaper must run. As I wrote these words, I was suddenly transported to a dismal realm below, and stood looking at bleak grey hills. I was face to face with an Army of men who were striding towards me, they were three abreast, the triple line stretched back over the hills in the distance.

There was no end to this line of men, the sight was incredible, the line stretched back to eternity. The men were filthy and dressed in rags, I thought "God's rag-tag Army," I was barely twenty-five paces away from them as they approached.

I looked deeply into the eyes of the one nearest me, the man was stiff like cardboard as he strode, due to the coldness of that land. The eyes of all were cold and merciless, and their stride was purposeful. There was an unyielding power driving them. If I could put a name to their "expression" it would be "Vengeance."

I saw that each was wearing a new pair of boots, they obviously had a long way to go and much to do. There was no sound, just an ominous feeling of deadly intent.

They came very close and as I looked deeply into the eyes of the one nearest me. I thought; " I wonder what he will do if I do not get out of his way."

His telepathic response was instantaneous "You of all people should know better, we have a job to do for God." I stepped quickly aside, but not quick enough, and his shoulder brushed mine with such force, that it jerked me aside.

I knew that this force was unstoppable, and was empowered by the ONE God that encompasses ALL, both the Light and the Dark.

These men were the Reaping forces of that Dark side of the Source, the darkness was mentally and emotionally inspiring them to take revenge against all who had heeded not the call to love.

The "Payback" for all misdeeds would be mercilessly carried out. These men knew not God's love, they saw no light or love, they knew not God's law, they knew only their inner feelings, that filled them with but one thought through its vengeful vibration,


Visions 18

I shouted, and my voice reached back to eternity, and also into the very pits of the dark depths, so all could hear:

"My lovely brothers, God's will is to be done on earth, that is true, but it does not have to be done by you individually. Look over your shoulders, there are billions and trillions who will do what needs be done, for any of you who Sow the darkness that you seek to so do, will again have to 'Reap what you Sow' under the one Law, and for another eternity too will you weep.

I am the Truth, the Light and the Way,
look at the Star and heed my say."

At this, many looked over their shoulders and marvelled at how many there were, many stepped out of the line and kneeled in the cold dust. I felt a load lift off them, and their silent "Thank you" reached into my soul.

As I started to be lifted up, many of the kneeling ones were drawn up with me into the next level, before I streaked up into the light. I felt love and grief overwhelm me, thinking, "Can it be true, can it be true what I see and feel?"

I continued to write and then my mind asked: "Oh Wise one, how will this army do Its deeds on earth." ?

"Through the minds of men son, will the army work. This distant merciless alien Nation will telepathically control men on earth, the access to the minds of those in the flesh is through the emotional doorway opened to Hell, as their feelings of anger and hatred are activated." Came the instant response.

I continued my writings, marvelling at the visions given to me, thoughts flashing through my conscious mind as I consciously sought answers to the questions flowing through me, answers flowed through my mind and pen swiftly, saying:

"As I intensify my light within that purges out the darkness from each soul, the dark forces of negative emotions surface within them, through which for a time, their mind links into dark levels.

And 'tis thus, that a greater and greater percentage of the inhabitants of earth will fall to insane processes prior to the darkness clearing out of them by My Grace, after which, their souls are clearer, and they are thus nearer to ME, the Light.

Souls who love and respect each other are expressing My light and truth. Those who have abused others by expressing darkness, have allowed darkness to grow within them, and as it now surfaces, they are used by IT as "Reapers" to deceive, abuse, and destroy others.

Thus those who heed you not are sowing more darkness, and thus themselves suffering on endlessly as they themselves in turn again fall prey to other avengers under My One Law: "As you do is done unto you."


Visions 19

So it's all about thoughts and emotions, and the programmed mind. I leant back resting my pen and recalled an incident that had happened over 30 years earlier.

It had resulted from my Military training, that I was subjected to many years ago, way back in 1957. I as many, were "called-up" to do 4+ months of compulsory military training with the Rhodesian Regiment, as I had been living in Rhodesia for a few years, a place now known as Zimbabwe.

The training at that time was the basic instruction of learning to march in step, follow orders, pledge one's allegiance to an unknown Queen, learn to shoot, and also intensive riot control tactics. "When in a riot situation" said the Sergeant, "Seek the person with the loudest shout, and shoot him between the eyes."

This being standard thinking of the western world, no thought of the other man and the possible reasons why he is in front of you, just "do or die" so to speak. For in those days, disobeying an order meant insubordination, and possible death by firing squad.

So for young men, this instruction seemed to be correct, after all, when our elders tell us that we are defending our family, Queen, Country, and God, who are the youth to even think of questioning as such? Certainly not back in those days.

Well, we never actually thought we may one day find ourselves in a "sticky" position, and neither did we even consider that our actions were a denial of God's requirement: (peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness at all times and in all circumstance) that men believe they can 'justifiably' circumvent under certain conditions.

A few years later I was back in Kenya, the year 1960, shortly before Independence, which was looming over the horizon. Black man's rule, that so many whites feared, and there was much confrontation taking place between the white controlling forces, and the local black population.

All Police officers were white men, and as such, the police were understaffed, and thus, any white "boy" who was 21 years old was eligible for part-time duty in the Police force to help "man" the stations over weekends and at night, to ease the extra work load in these troubled times.

We were issued with uniforms and elevated to "Inspectorship" with no training at all, and given the charge of Police Stations around the town suburbs of Nairobi, with black men as constables in our care.

One Sunday afternoon, when on duty at Pumwani Police station, there was a call to attend to a fracas at the local football stadium where rioting was taking place, we pulled up in a Chev truck --

I got out of the vehicle with some constables armed with pick-axe handles, and no sooner rounded a corner, when I was confronted by a large crowd of angry men advancing towards me.

It was the wrong place to be, as the police and any "white" were a part of the "System" to be destroyed. They advanced swiftly and their intent to obliterate was all too obvious. "Piga resasi Bwana," one of my men said, meaning "Fire your gun Sir." I drew out my .38 Smith & Wesson pistol, and clearly remembered my military training.

With the old Serge's face saying, "Find the one with the loudest voice," and I raised my hand to point the gun at the obvious biggest troublemaker.

Visions 20

His eyes locked into mine, and I saw the fear in his eyes as he knew he was in my sight. He stopped his advance and tried to walk backwards, but was forced forwards as the crowd behind him kept coming in droves, and the front row of men were being pushed across the ground.

I realised that there were but a few moments to react before we were swamped by the masses. As my programmed conscious mind sought its training techniques I heard a voice in my mind that said: "Don't you dare, or the devil will you snare," and in that split second I thought: "What am I doing here"?

I dropped my arm and turned away, shouting loudly to my constables "Rudi upese," meaning "return quickly." We ran for the truck standing behind us, and we just managed to get out of the way of the screaming mob who tried to stop its departure.

So, it is the judgement of our society and its negative system that leads us youths into ungodly situations, where we act out the wishes and whims of distant people who order us around like sheep, all the time bleating at us with arrogant voices that say; "It is OK to kill others if it's for the well-being of society!"

Saying to us that we are on the side of "Right" and thus, once in any such situation, we through programming or fear enact out a destructive scene which is totally against the wishes of our Creator.

Woe unto the human race, already totally blinded by the Dark one, to the extent that we find even one reason to forgo our God of Light and love, and allow darkness to flow through us.

Oh so utterly blind we be that the Words "Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Understanding and Respect," are no longer in our mental vocabulary. All have been falsely taught to kill their perceived enemy, and this falsity has been 'condoned' by every religion.

It is only now, as I look back over my life in Africa, that I see I was exposed to many situations that many other men are exposed to in order to gain a conscious understanding.

Situations through which we could gain a deeper understanding of others, and also of our own negatively programmed ways, formulated through the ways of a society that is totally non-understanding and unforgiving of the "other man."

Was the white man really in Africa to help the others and teach God's Word, or was he there principally through greed to help himself to all, and use simple men like me as pawns in his greater game? A deep sickness I see is to sweep the earth.

Ignorant men, some even believe that to prove their bravery and show their manhood, that they must either draw blood or be blooded, not realising that each time they cause pain through ignorance or arrogance that they drive another nail into their spiritual coffin, and with each nail their destination becoming deeper in the darkness where it becomes more difficult to extricate themselves.


Visions 21

~ Ravaged earth ~

I recall my very first vision, when I was about two years old:

I was standing facing the earth from some distance away, the whole face of earth was in my vision, it looked like the moon as its surface was almost bare. There were people scurrying around all over it like ants, it smelt of death and decay.

My young conscious mind could not grasp its meaning, it is only now that I know what it means, man destroying man as well as the habitat. Man destroying man through insanity.

Armageddon of the mind, each 'unprotected' mind in tune with the Dark one, all having lost their reason. Beware, we each hold the destiny of our soul in the palm of our hand, within our thoughts.


Visions 22

~ The Locusts ~

Another day, and another vision, "Locusts with the faces of men and the hair of women and the power to sting" comes into my mind, as I relax back into my evening meditation on the Evening Star.

Suddenly I am in the desert, with sand dunes all around me, my eyes are only a few inches above the ground, and I observe the sand begin to move as thousands of locusts start to emerge.

Their bodies and wings are soft, and there is but a low muted rustling from the movement of their wings. They appear to be weak with only a few gaining strength from their drying wings in the hot air as they flex them, getting ready to fly.

As their wings become dry the sound of their movement gets harsher, and the sounds of their strength becomes more evident, and a buzzing noise slowly hums louder in the air.

I am aware that when a greater percentage become "airborne," that the noise would become intense, and their destructive power unstoppable, for they destroy all in their path, leaving but a wasteland behind them. My thoughts race, "What is the symbology of this vision"? No sooner thought than the answer floods in:

"Son, the locusts depict men and women on earth, their emergence from the sand is symbolic of the sudden arousal within them of powerful negative emotions surfacing within.

As you see, a greater and greater percentage of them are beginning to feel the dark SIN power within. The dark side is noisy, anger and destruction its trait. Beware now, more and more will arise with minds controlled from below, and they will have the 'sting' in their tail. Being the power to torment and kill as the darkness within them, being the sin within becomes stronger, allowing them to be used as Reaping forces on earth by the Dark."

I am being shown how man on earth is to be controlled mentally by the forces of darkness. They will eventually become as swarms of locusts, devouring and destroying all before them.

The earth will be a wasteland. All will now face their past at the hands of merciless men and women, there is no escape for any whom abused others before, all will pay their "due."

The darkness that knows all, will work through any mind it can access telepathically from within to complete its dark task as "Reaper." All will pay their dues, and only those heeding the call of non-retaliation, will suffer and finally be spiritually freed.


Visions 23

~ The Bull ~

The vision fades, and these thoughts come into my mind; "Show me the Dark power." Immediately I am transported into a city suburb, and I am standing on the street outside a house, it is early morning, no one has gone to work, and the whole street is quiet.

An enormous bull that looked like a buffalo suddenly appears on the street, it is absolutely energised to destroy, vibrating with destructive intent. It accelerates with frightening speed and crashes straight through the wall of the house.

I see two young children run screaming from the house onto the street, they are crying and confused. My vision penetrates into the dwelling, and I observe the bull asleep on the floor of the kitchen in a state of relaxed repose.

The man and his wife are both lying on the floor, with blood gushing from their wounds, the man still holds a large kitchen knife in his hand, and it is obvious, that after stabbing his wife, he has turned it upon himself.

"The Bull is symbolic of the power of darkness son, that erupts swiftly, entering your souls with the speed of light if you allow it access. Observe how it is at times instantly satiated when it has done its deed."

The intensity of the power I had just observed was incredible, "the mind " I thought, "we must fortify our minds." Our battle is not against outside forces, it is within our own minds, reason and respect is lost, and insanity prevails the instant the emotions are negatively activated or we give-in to negative thoughts.

Through loss of control of his mind, the man had allowed himself to be used as a Reaper to mete-out pain to his wife, a fate that she must have earned at a previous place or existence, and then the man's thoughts turned his hand upon himself.

The man through his anger, allowed "dark thoughts" into his mind, and thus himself sowing darkness and breaking God's commandment, thus setting the scene for his own demise, when he too would face the same pain.

But it appears that his "karmic fate" was immediate, in that the dark invisible forces turned his thoughts so that his knife was used against himself as soon as he had perpetrated his evil deed.

If we cause pain to another, we cannot avoid the reaping process that will take place in God's good time.

Humanity needs to know the truth, that we are only left alone by destructive forces when we have no debt to pay, but we can be "used" by them to mete out punishment to others who defaulted before, and thus incur a painful karmic debt.

Visions 24

If we allow ourselves to be used by "them," (dark spirits) either through ignorance of the truth, or by allowing our emotions to "spill over" and thus giving-in to the accompanying thoughts, 'tis thus they use us to do unto any who need be done by, in a negative way.

Oh, the power of invisible spirit men who silently, invisibly, telepathically, wreak vengeance through the minds and hands of the unwary on this land and in other dark realms.

Thus the constant 'merry go round' of hatred and unforgiveness goes on and on, and suffering is endlessly perpetrated and multiplied on earth. For only when as individuals, we become merciful and forgiving as we heed God's call, do we finally attain peace after paying our dues.

I give below the 'three wise monkeys' story of 'Happy, Lappy, and Tappy,' to which I have added a fourth larger 'angry' one 'Buppy.':

The originals were depicting: "Hear no evil - speak no evil - see no evil"

The important thing today is IF you are 'aggressive' like a raging bull you must "DO NO EVIL" and if needs be you chain yourself so that you NEVER cause harm to another. You must just pray that God purges the negative energy out of your soul quickly. If you cause harm then within God's Law you will suffer the same, but you must also understand that as you cause harm the dark energy flowing through YOU grows within YOU and draws your soul further from the Light.


The book is nearing completion, and whilst writing it, I have written thousands of letters to many on the planet. Very few replies, still I press on, our God relies solely on me to awaken humanity with the new Wisdom of how to fortify the mind against the ingress of satanic thoughts.

So many will disbelieve me, for they expect a king to emerge from the clouds flashing fire and performing miracles to prove his identity, this is false and deep incorrect religious programming, and I have the fleshly appearance of a simple old man, whose quest is but to bring-in the TRUTH.

I have no doubt in my mind as to the enormity of my task, but I am comforted by the words that flow through my pen:

"Son, as you, there are another one hundred and one million souls who have come down to earth from the highest level of consciousness to help out at this time, they know not yet who they are, they are in every race, colour, creed, and village on the planet.

They as you, 'took-on' again negative emotions, being the sin of this world as they entered into the flesh, so that they could intermingle and understand the sinful earthly breed.

As you now have been, they too will soon be cleansed of their dark emotions again, and be clear and strong within their minds.

These are the ones chosen by you before you incarnated, they will recognise your soul from the wisdom you have written. They are your doves of peace who will understand your call of total non-retaliation as My everlasting unchangeable True Word.

And they now await the message within The Testament of Truth, the correction of the Salvation Truth to prepare them in deeper understanding.

You will recognise them as you walk the road through observing the colour of their aura, which has a gold halo around it, look deep son. Lay the truth at the feet of the world, but waste not your time with non-believers in My truth through you."

So the message is simple, fortify the mind against thoughts emanating from the darkness within that is clearing. The star comes again into my mind, and I slip into a calm state.


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