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of the

Last Prophet

As written by Terence

A book to be absorbed through faith, not intellect. Like most mystical works, The Visions of the Last Prophet presents some fantastic images, all of which were experienced by the author.

These visions are now presented in the hope that believers may, when they experience fear and degradation all about them, know that this is their final test, and possibly a glorious release, a release from their past doings and suffering.

This is the long awaited spiritual test that God will ensure that each soul will definitely pass if they heed the prophet's call of:

'Cause no harm' & Non-retaliation in the face of aggression'

Each soul must just try and realise that any suffering they now face is payment for their past wrong-doings, and thus, only in non-retaliation will each soul pay their spiritual "dues" and be released from their past.

Be courageous, walk tall, for this suffering "As a Lamb" is the only way to finally reach Heaven, being the only Realm of pure Light, wherein lies eternal peace, bliss and joyful happiness.

By Terence

Dedicated to my sons Alexandre & Timothy
and to all the young girls and lads on this earth.

May their hearts be full of light and song
May their souls be full of love and strong
May the truth of God they forever see
and thus live in freedom for eternity.

A narration, containing the true visions as seen by Terence, God's messenger, prior to, and during the writing of the book 'The Testament of Truth & The Last Prophecy' that was elevated into man's sight by the grace of our Creator God, in the presently known year 1997 A.D. - Now year '001' True Light.

Note: Subsequent to the writing of the 'initial' 261 page The Testament of Truth there followed other books of articles written over nineteen years to assist humanity, these texts were finalised on 20th February of the year 2018. (022 True Light)

Visions 2

I put three fresh candles in the candle holder, the silver was slightly tarnished, and I thought "It's time for a clean."

The triple glow of light was a familiar sight to me. For many long hours over many years had I used this light as I wrote swiftly and silently, recording the thoughts essenceing telepathically through my mind which was on a spectrum of infinite vibration, in tune with the mind of our Creator, being the Source, the Creative essence and the All.

Over seven thousand pages had I written over the previous ten years, many to people, some of which were informative, others in a prophetic nature. About 2000 pages are contained in the book and 'collection' of documents that stands in the sky before me:

The Testament of Truth

I see the Logo, being the Bright Morning Star, the earthly symbol of true light, true light that radiates six rays from its core, being the symbol of the pure truth that shines both day and night.

That also was the sign that appeared over Bethlehem, signifying the return of The Spirit of Truth, Christ, the pure soul, thus the Word of God on earth. Calling all the wise ones, to come and read the fresh Word and heed the true Word of God, showing them the only way to the Promised Land.

I sighed, this book was the culmination of my quest on earth this incarnation. I knew the reality of the message, and thought, "Earth's fate now sealed."

Humanity was expecting a visible earthly miracle to save them, and they were to get but God's "Pure unadulterated Wisdom" in the form of a message, brought to earth by a simple man who looks so very ordinary, and men have been taught to expect miracles to occur through the hands of a charismatic stately leader as proof of divinity prior to believing, and then heeding God's call to "Only Love."

And the truth is, that first, all need to trust in the call and heed, after which they are saved by God's Grace. Here was I, sitting in a little cabin in the Blue Tier range in the East of Tasmania, Australia, a long way from my birthplace.

My mind drifted back to my birthplace, Tanzania, Central East Africa, once known as Tanganyika. I remembered that beautiful mountain "Kilimanjaro," meaning "God's mountain," in our local Swahili tongue.

I had been conceived on its slopes in 1938 when my father was searching for the "frozen leopard," encased but visible in clear ice, high up above the snow line.

'Snow Leopard' by Mike Woods

Majestic Kilimanjaro, being the largest free standing mountain in the world, almost 20,000 feet high, towering above the plains of central Africa, its mantle of snow visible above the shimmering heat of the plain lands for over 100 miles in every direction.

To its East, was the Amboseli Masai National Park. To the South, lay the Tsavo national Park, and to the North West lay Mt. Meru, and further out was Ngorongoro volcanic crater, a crater over ten miles in diameter, within which was a beautiful game park.

My mind took me back to one of my first visions:

Visions 3

~ The Crocodile ~

The Sun was hot and high in the sky, my 32' work boat named "Sitabu - Inshallah" was moving at 3 knots along the coast in northern Kenya, called "Formosa Bay." The boat was pulling a small 6 fathom prawn trawl net, we had another half an hour to run before hauling it up.

I glanced at my four Swahili fishermen, "Hemedi" the old one, "Juma" his apprentice and mate, "Ali and Abedi," both nimble muscled brothers, all as me were dozing under the small awning. The boat was "running free" and as such was steering itself unattended across the 40 mile empty stretch of the bay, the beach stretched into the far distance.

A troupe of baboons were walking down to the waters edge, the water was smooth and the gentle rocking motion lulled me into a deeper relaxed state. Suddenly I became alert, light blazed within my mind and a "Vision" appeared, a crystal clear picture exploded in my mind, totally filling my inner sight, much clearer than normal sight.

With a thrust of its mighty tail, a huge 30' crocodile had appeared out of a pool of water, and was now within a few feet of my face, the angle of its head was such that only one eye was visible to me, and that eye drew my gaze due to its incredible depth and perception.

Its mind linked into mine, and I was instantly aware that the soul of this creature was ancient and wise. Its thoughts streamed into my mind and interpolated my consciousness as it said to me:

"My friend, you slumber in the sun as my children's children do, daily on the sandbanks of the rivers of your birthplace. We slumber and meditate, seeking the wisdom of the Universe through the inner being, and you slumber for the sake of passing time, look deeper into my eye and see what you can see."

My vision pierced its eye to a great depth and its deep beauty transfixed me, within it I saw a spark of light that arose from far away, it was a tiny six pointed star that became larger and gleamed crystal clear and white.

"Seek the Star son, that shines in the evening West, seek the Star son that shines in the early morning dawn in the East. As you now slumber, see this Star in your mind and you too will complete your quest."

In a flash of great power it was gone, and I "awoke" thinking; "That was no dream, it was real." My thoughts took me back to when I was but six years old, and an old African "Mulimo" had foretold that one day a crocodile would appear to me in a vision.

We continued fishing and hauled in the net by hand, this was the usual procedure as we had no power winch, just ropes that we hauled-in, and then we used a small mechanical hand winch to haul up the "Cod-end" on board. We anchored that evening at the mouth of the Tana river near a small village, the men slept ashore.

As the Sun set and its power dissipated, I sat on the deck. Swiftly the African twilight deepened into darkness and I saw the evening Star emerge with its incredible brilliance, it had stood in the heavens for millions of years and was unnoticed by so many people, the only "hot" star of our solar system, known as "Venus," the star of love

"Essence of divine light, I see the symbol of your Might"

These words came into my mind as I looked closely into its intensifying brilliance. Later, as I lay on my bunk and thought of the star, I suddenly felt a tremor vibrate through my being, and was aware of being drawn up a shaft of light, right up into the star.

Visions 4

~ The circle & the Cross ~

In a flash I was standing in another place, the air was crystal clear and cool and rarefied, I was standing on the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I realised that it was not my earth body, but my spirit soul.

I gazed up at the Sun, it did not blind me, nor were its rays hot. I raised my left hand with the palm facing the Sun, a blast of intense energy flashed out of my palm and streaked for the Sun.

Around the Sun appeared a huge circle of brilliant gold, the circle symbolised eternity. Suddenly the Sun disappeared, replaced by a huge cross, the cross at Calvary that filled the circle. The cross symbolised the "way" to eternal paradise, being self crucifixion, "non-retaliation."

At this moment, my being was catapulted up to the heavens with incredible speed, and I was stretched upon the cross. My head hung down and darkness descended, a great weight upon me.

After a brief instant, I felt warmth on my face, the Sun had reappeared and its warmth filled my being. And as my face lifted to the heavens, a voice spoke, essencing out from the never never, eternally far away saying:

"My son, the time has come, hidden within your flesh sleeps the giant. For many years have you walked with man on earth as a 'thief in the night,' as your soul was invisible to all. For 40 years was your mind in slumber, bound by My Will."

At this moment I fell from the sky and stood beside a slumbering giant, power exuded from his rippling muscles.

Visions 5

~ The Giant ~

The giant was firmly bound by powerful cords across his body, he yawned and took a deep breath, lifted his head and then sat up effortlessly. The cords falling away from his chest as they snapped.

His left hand held a short stick, to which was fixed a mask that he was holding over his face as a disguise, he turned his face towards me, the features of the mask were the features of my fleshly face.

I realised that I was being shown my spirit soul, the being of energy that exists invisibly within the fleshly biological bodies of the human race that is only visible to others in the after-life, when they walk in other spiritual realms.

The giant stood up, taller than most earthly men, seven feet tall or so, and light streamed out of his body. The power of it was awesome, muscle built upon muscle and his 'brilliance' was dazzling.

He then turned his whole upper body towards me, and pulled down the mask slightly so that it revealed his forehead. As it became exposed, I saw four symbols gleaming on his brow:

The Celtic cross -- Symbol of Sovereignty
Blue tongues of Fire -- The Holy Spirit
Fishing line and hook -- The Fisher of men
Inverted Y -- God reaching down to help

I was startled, could the soul named "Invincible" be within me? Truly, I knew that the flesh was but a temporary biological earthly "spacesuit," that enabled the soul to walk on this level of consciousness, and the depth, beauty and wisdom of the soul is unseen through our fleshly eyes. The soul is buried deep within the flesh, that is the "mask of the soul" for a time.

As I thought this, I felt my whole being accelerate into an incredible spin, like a dynamo that went from zero to high speed in an instant.

Visions 6

~ The 'face' of God ~

I accelerated through time and space, up, up, and up. Through one realm after another, and as I rose my vision kept getting clearer and clearer, "how?" I cannot reason, for in the lowest of those upper realms my vision was clearer than earthly vision.

Suddenly I stopped, I was standing upon the ground of another world. I was not aware of anything around me, only of looking up into the sky, my vision became as a fish eye, so I could see all around, from horizon to horizon.

The sky was an incredible blue that suddenly changed form, it started to swirl around very slowly, and changed colour to a brilliant gold and its shape changed, in that it took on the form of two faces that filled my sight.

They encompassed the entire heavens. These faces were incredibly lovely, man and woman. Hair streaming away as they swirled around, the face of God --

Mother and Father, facing each other and intertwined, with an incredible smile, saying:

"Tis time son, to be consciously made aware of us, our depth, our truth. It is upon you we bestow the task of correcting the Truth on earth. Through your mind will we speak, and through you on earth will we reveal it as was written and sealed up in heaven by you."

This sight that will never leave my conscious mind faded from view, and the sky deepened into blue.

Visions 7

~ The Angel ~

The head and shoulders of an angel appeared, holding a trumpet, it was blown seven times, its call rang forth and pierced the heavens.

The message I was to bring to earth was in a scroll that suddenly appeared before me, sealed with a golden ribbon, my hand touched it and it fell away, the scroll started to unroll. I awoke, hearing a voice fading away, becoming very faint:

"Forget not the Star son, it is the key to find your way on earth, and for those who will follow you."

It was cool. I heard a shout, it was my men hailing me from the bank. I rowed over to them in the small tender. We fished again that day, and as usual, spent time relaxing between spells of sorting prawns from the small fish and mud and other fish caught in the net at the time that we dragged the net whilst trawling.

I was touched on the arm by Hemedi who pointed to the North. I gazed across the water seeing a plane low on the horizon, it looked like a giant fly that quickly grew in size as it approached. I heard its twin engines humming, and knew it was Alex, a local charter pilot returning from "Lamu," a tourist destination further up the coast.

Alex always kept his eyes open for us when he came up this way, knowing the dangers of hidden reefs near the rich prawn grounds off the Tana river mouth. His Piper Seneca was no more than ten feet above the swell as usual, streaking straight for "Inshallah."

Visions 8

I wondered how long he would leave it before changing course, at the last moment he heaved her up, barely missing the 'A' frame, that held the hand winch pulley at the stern, up she went, - up - UP -- straight up, and then over on a wing, before falling rapidly down, heading again towards us before veering away to Mombasa.

In a moment he was gone, a short hour or less, and he would be back home. I wondered how he kept his job, treating his six tourist passengers to sudden aerobatics the way he often did.

Alex was but young, full of the joys of life, and often on his way back from a day flying trip to the game parks, he would return at altitudes above 10,000' with no oxygen or pressurisation in the plane, and over-wined and tired passengers would fall asleep, and Alex could have a peaceful return trip without their incessant chatter.

I remember him telling me of the day when after three long hot days around the game parks, whilst returning at a higher altitude, that he had himself fallen asleep, and was awoken by the sound of six tremulous voices, singing in a worried note, as they were afraid that he would not wake up. Some alcohol was consumed by all, even the pilots in those care-free days.

That night we anchored near the Italian San Marco rocket launching pad that is situated just outside the three mile limit in the southern end of the bay. There are quite a few small rivers entering the bay, and it was just possible to cross the sand bars on neap tides when the weather had been calm.

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