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Visions 25

~ Noah's Ark ~

Suddenly I see Noah's Ark float into my vision, riding the waters 6,000 years ago, and I recall that the last cleansing of the planet was a material one, by a flood of water.

The Ark vanishes, to be replaced by the cup of love at the core of a soul. This particular soul core has but the faintest glow of light visible, and the rest of the cup is filled with black gunk. The black gunk is pulsating, and appears to be sucking up inky darkness into it like a straw is used to drink with.

I see the core suddenly explode with light within that forces out this darkness away from the core, the darkness surfaces to the rim of the cup, and then suddenly vanishes as it reaches the rim.

So at this point in time, I see that it is to be a spiritual cleansing by love divine, the fire of the eternal flame.

"Son, spiritual survival is by building the ARK of the MIND."

The voice fills my head and continues on: "Those that sinned, which is deceiving another, or causing pain to another, or to take from another by force, sucked up darkness into their souls, and this darkness enlarged their sin within, being their negative emotions.

The larger the emotion, the more its power and thus easier for MY Reaping forces to gain access to their minds. Thus for them the test is harder, being harder for them to stay merciful and forgiving, and harder for them to not retaliate when confronted by darkness.

And those who now fail to heed the call to 'Only love,' will fall for an eternity into My dark shadow. Those who build the ARK of the mind shelter in My love, and will be impervious mentally to being overthrown by demonic thoughts. The 'timbers' of the mental 'ship' needs be daily caulked with love."

The voice receded into the distance and then returned with full power: "Son, the last time you walked on earth all denied you, and thus rebuked ME, and your message of Peace is forgotten, so now only those who heed this message through you will be saved by My Grace.

I am the only giver of grace at this time, and your Authority is but that of My simple messenger. Any who show me their belief in you as MY WORD, will be mentally fortified in their minds daily as they say the prayer in the book that says:

Jesus -- I see your shining Star
Jesus -- be with me
Jesus -- please help me and save me

Those of my children who heard not that Jesus was my chosen messenger may say the prayer

Creator of the heavens -- Mother of love
I see your Star -- shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of peace from above."

As the voice recedes, I see the page of The Testament of Truth & the Last Prophecy appear. It is the page on which the ARK of the Mind is fully explained using the Star of Bethlehem meditation prayer, the page glows with a brilliance, as does the mind of any who make use of its message.

My overseas journey into the Southern Pacific region began. My life changed, and I met many people in differing walks of life and with different ways and values, from that of my African heritage.

A sign appeared outside my abode upon two sticks "Spiritual Healing Centre" in Australia.

Little by little, people came forward to hear about the mind and spirit possession, and many "attaching" souls who mentally disturbed those in the flesh, or were themselves in need of help, were redirected and counselled by spiritual love, light and understanding.

My writings continued, and my candles burned brightly into the early hours of the midnight morning.

Visions 26

~ The dying soldier ~

The visions continued, and one night as I sat quietly, I saw the room begin to change, and I was standing a little above the bed of a dying soldier in a battle zone.

He had been a vengeful destructive man, and was being given the last rites by a priest in the field hospital. The fleshly body suddenly expired, and became limp as the energy of his soul departed from it.

It was strange to see his soul emerge as it was inky black, emerging from out of a white 'body.' Truly, the colour of the flesh is but skin deep and has no relevance to the colour or divinity of the soul within.

The spirit man stood, and looked down into a gaping abyss below him that had appeared. I heard him shriek as his spirit 'slipped' and fell into the dark abyss. His conscious mind was not yet fully engaged with his spirit mind and he shouted;

"Help me God I did you believe"

God's deep loving voice replied: "My son, you did not HEAR what I said, I said 'Love one another,' and as you did neither hear nor heed, you will now feel my wrath, and my anguish."

I followed the spirit as it plummeted down a hollow tunnel, and it fell onto a slippery slide joining many others, all were shrieking in fear, and some with anger that still consumed them. They slid swiftly down through the open entrance to the dark pit.

The slide spiralled eternally downwards, but had chutes coming off it onto different levels, each more foul smelling, noisy, filthy, and colder than the one before, truly places inconceivable to the human mind, and the lower they were the more destructive were the inhabitants.

Thoughts came into my mind "Descend son," my descent was swift and seemed endless, it became so dark and so "thick" that my auric light around me was being forced inwards towards me. When I had started downwards, it was shining its light hundreds of feet away, and now, it was barely three feet away.

I kept descending. I held out my hand and saw that the darkness which was like a thick fog was creeping nearer, and then my hand disappeared into it, and I soon found that I had to hold my hand but a foot from my face in order to see it.

Suddenly I felt ground under my feet and I knew I had reached the bottom of the bottomless pit. My hand was dimly visible when held six inches from my face, it was icy cold, and into my mind came the thought:

"Look onto the ground"

I put my hands down onto the ground, and leant forwards, moving my face near to it, lighting it up with the now dim glow of my aura. I suddenly saw a face! it was distorted in anguish, and was frozen in the ground.

This was the grave of the spiritually dead. Souls that had gone so astray, and thus having drawn-in so much darkness, that they were inexorably drawn down into the congealing mass of the darkness, having fallen so deep that their spirit soul had become frozen in the filth.

I felt compelled to look further, and as my face moved across the frozen waste, I realised that there were countless souls trapped there, truly immovably ensnared by the Devil.

I suddenly realised that they were "alive" only frozen. From their eyes I saw a spark of recognition, and their thoughts reached up into my mind pleading with me:

"Please, please, for God's sake help"

As the ache of the seeping coldness started to bite into me, I rose up, and swiftly accelerated up, up, up, and away into the warmth of the light. As I arose from this land of the living dead, my thoughts went out to the souls of the frozen dead saying:

"My poor sisters and brothers, God's love is now swiftly outpouring even to this depth, and you will soon be "lit" from within with light, and purged of inner darkness to such an extent, that you will become unfrozen, and will rise up to less cold levels."

"Please, as you rise up, think of my Star, and try and control your minds for what you cannot see is, that even though you will be lifted up into realms that 'warmer' be, before you reach the 'top' of the ladder there are still many dangers, and you could again be dragged down."

Visions 27

"For the sin yet 'within' you is the avenue for the serpent to deceive you, and if your thoughts 'ahead' let you down and you abuse others or control them mentally, then again can you be sucked down, just like the 'game' of snakes and ladders. You are only fully safe and free spiritually when free of all sin that within you be." (negative emotions).

"Thus you must me heed and seed your minds with the truth I tell, the truth I seed, and tell to all in every realm. This is what I say to you today.

For any that fail to heed their God of Light will 'miss' their chance to become free as Mother's Light shines more bright for a time, and any 'trapped' in the coldness after this time will remain there for an eternity before they enter the burning fire that is the eternal flame."

My conscious mind could barely handle what it had seen, truly the dead were going to rise up. "Oh God our help in ages past, help me to pass-on your wisdom to the non-believers." I spoke these words, for only I know of the full reality of the trauma so many so called "believers" on earth were heading for.

Community members using weapons to defend themselves, others in the armed forces ignorantly striding around earth perpetrating terrible atrocities against others of other races. Others daily abusing and manipulating each other, all blind to the invisible spiritual reality.

So many young men sent out to their doom as they heed the false call of the dark satanic destroyer, that echoes through the minds and mouths of vain, arrogant, and pride-ridden earthly leaders.  I ask of God the Father:

Father, I ask, please reply for me
about what is in store for the soldiers you see
those -- that on earth yet walk
those -- that on earth yet talk

"Son, if they continue in their way
they go to Hell -- forever and a day
if they now put their guns down
ahead -- they will less frown

Tell them -- that what they DO
is to ME -- the Light -- totally untrue
this -- is what I say today
as for MY truth -- you did pray"

Suddenly I was back on earth plane. The candles had burned almost to their ends, as I blew them out, my thoughts were:

"Man seeks glory in the eyes of men, through the perpetration of destructive deeds committed in the name of democracy and freedom, believing, that they are on the side of "Right," as unholy God-less ministers of earthly religions bless their weapons, and them, as they stride out to destroy.

"Seduced" into facing other young "innocents," who also have been sent out as cannon fodder, whilst egotistical leaders plan even greater acts of cunningly orchestrated means of death.

And the foolish and brave, unknowingly fall to an ignoble spiritual death, in the cold dark realms of Hell, far from the face of their smiling Creator, who weeps silently for the loss of a child."


Visions 28

~ The Hut ~

I lay down on the couch in my healing centre, and as I relaxed, I felt a swift acceleration as once before, and was suddenly aware of flying swiftly across the ocean towards New Zealand. I was travelling on my back and my head was forwards, I felt the buffeting of energy as I streaked over the water.

I stopped, and found myself standing outside a small village hut, about which ran dark figures with painted faces. All shrieking horrible words, as they threw fire sticks onto the home and pounded on the frail walls.

My vision looked within, and I saw a man holding his wife to his side, she in turn held a baby in arms, and their twelve year old daughter by her side. The man held a book in his hand. It was "The Testament of Truth & the Last Prophecy," the last words he spoke came into my mind:

"We must stand calmly my love and not retaliate."

And I read his thoughts as they flashed back to his early days, when as a young boy he had sat outside the Morai and heard his elders telling the story of the soul. That it was like a giant tree in the evergreen forest, that one day would be cut down by the axe-men of God.

If it had grown straight and true, it would unerringly fall straight onto the pathway to the light, so that it would be found and put to good use.

If the tree was distorted and not good it would fall sideways and be lost in the dark undergrowth to rot unseen, just as the soul.

The Maori man now knew that at this very moment his soul, being as a giant tree, was to be cut down and his spirit "Tested." I felt their anguish, as they knew what was to now be, and the future to their minds, was uncertain.

At that very moment the door burst open and savage looking men ran in wielding spears and clubs, they repeatedly stabbed and clubbed the occupants. The air was full of smoke and aggression, fear and darkness pervaded all.

At the very next instant I was in heaven, looking down on a beautiful scene. A lovely wooded valley through which there ran a crystal clear river.

On the river a canoe was being paddled by the Maori man, his family were all sitting in it with him, their faces were smiling and laughter and joy filled their souls.

My heart reached out to them, they had passed their final test courageously, "going" as 'lambs to the slaughter' in non-retaliation and had found their eternal resting place.


Visions 29

~ Giant waves ~

As swiftly as the vision receded, I was again high up in the sky. This time over the eastern coast of Australia, south of Brisbane, near the Gold Coast.

I wheeled in the air as though I was a fish eagle, seeing the long stretch of modern high rise buildings stretching many kilometres. Away to the west, rose the Tamborine mountain range about ten kilometres away.

I kept turning until I faced the eastern horizon. The sea was calm, there was suddenly a swiftly moving energy wave flashing across the Pacific.

As it approached the shallowing waters of the continental shelf it turned into a GIANT wave, - - -

-- up -- UP -- UP -- it rose.

An enormous body of water, travelling at such a speed that the face of it was almost vertical. Due to its depth, it was a very dark blue colour, its summit were over one thousand feet. I felt that 350 metres would be a reasonable estimation. *

Note a reasonable estimation. * - This height of 350 metres is the height of the 'standing' wave that had reared up prior to 'breaking' as it reached the continental shelf of any land. A wave of this magnitude would 'break' and begin to 'collapse' when many kilometres offshore. From this moment onwards it would become a tumbling cascade of broken seas with a frontal height of between 50 to 75 metres or so, travelling at 'frightening' and very destructive speed, with the capacity to destroy all 'shipping' in its path. No vessel would survive its 'fury.'

 The wave totally covered the distance of my vision along the coastline to the north and south, and swept in destroying all in its path. The water from the wave swept inland, right up to the low foothills below the Tamborine range. It was truly an unbelievable sight to see.

As this wave receded, other wave surges rolled in, it went on and on, nothing stood before them. My long distant vision suddenly picked up movement, just above the line that the waters were reaching to, and I saw rows of people lined up outside tents.

All were being inoculated. I realised that either there had been some prior warning of this cataclysmic event.

I can only now consciously assume that there has been some huge undersea volcanic eruption off the Australian coastline, possibly in the area of the Lord Howe "rise" some 700 kms off shore or other cataclysmic ocean disturbance. The vision faded, and was replaced by another.

I have been given no indication of when this is to take place but I write of it so that 'believers' in the 'possibility' have the opportunity to either move inland or, at least make some provision and make arrangement with friends inland with whom they can stay. I say this because even though there will be prior warning of this 'wave' and many will be 'saved' as such, they will have no home to return to.


Visions 30

~ Tropical Snow~

This time I was high up in the air over the United States of America, and was surprised to see that from the southern equatorial end right up to the Canadian border it was white with snow.

The southern part was very deep snow, and it thinned out as it reached the northern most part that looked like but a thin frost on the ground. The figure 40 degrees leapt out at me, either the coldness reached up to that latitude or there was some other hidden meaning.

My mind raced, snow, but why deepest in the equatorial south, snow meant coldness, either real snow or terror, coldness in the heart. It would be worse in the southern part. All will be revealed in God's good time.


Visions 31

~ The Fishing Rod ~

My vision faded momentarily then returned. I was aware of being suspended high up in the air. I felt something being placed into my hands. I looked down and saw a giant fishing rod. I swung it back -- back -- back, and then, with a powerful surge forwards, I cast it across the sky.

I saw a small bait-fish on the end go streaking across the sky, over the ocean it went, and fell towards the earth over a small South African Village. I saw the bait fish catch the eye of one of three black men, they were starving, not for food, but for TRUTH.

One reached up into the air with an exited expression on his face, and caught the fish. "Yebu Nkosi" was the sound that filled the heavens. He said "We see you wise one, come soon." The longing I felt for that man overpowered me and were the feelings of love for the needy.


 There I was, again sitting bent over my pages that continued to grow, the candles burned as bright as ever. It was time to again return to Africa.

I returned to Africa, not to my birthplace, but to the southern end of the continent, South Africa. I landed in Johannesburg, and went to see an old friend of mine, Glen.

That first night we talked, and I told him of my dreams that were flowing through in the form of visions, and that our Creator supreme was inspiring my mind.

Glen had his own views of the spiritual world, but had always been aware of the "other side," and offered his help to assist me in my quest. That first night, as I drifted off into meditation on the star, I felt that truly I would meet and talk to many souls.

Visions 32

~ The Olympic Torch ~

A few days later, I was down at the coast near the town of Durban. I was attending a local entertainment dance being put on by a group of Zulu dancers, their magic tempo and the rhythm came to life in my mind, their songs filled with tradition sung by sensuous maidens filled my ears. My gaze lifted up to the moon.

Suddenly I was high up above it, way way up looking down on the whole of Africa which stood below me in all its beauty. A huge Olympic torch appeared poised above it, it stood thousands of kilometers high, its base pierced the Limpopo River, which is the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The cone at the top was unlit. Suddenly, a window opened in heaven, and a brilliant ray of light shone out, down onto the top of the cone. It ignited the cone top with a roar, and a huge flame arose.

The light from this flame lit up Southern Africa, rapidly spreading across the continent from South to North, and East to West, until all Africa was bathed in bright light. The voice I knew so well spoke, and its message rolled across the heavens

"My son, the souls of some of my youngest children live in Africa, they need MY Wisdom first. The souls of some of my oldest children are in South Africa, and they will be the first to believe the message in your book, travel far and fast, I am with you."

The huge Olympic torch symbolised the commencement of the last race for each soul on this earth and under the earth, and the light from its flame spreading across Africa was the Wisdom of God in the book "The Testament of Truth."

For a year I traveled around Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa. To many groups did I speak to daily about the unfolding message. The experiences and happenings on this safari that was traveled on an old Yamaha motorcycle, will never be forgotten.

I had been up in Zimbabwe for a few weeks, meeting many groups of people, and spent some time with a very deep thinking man, Ken Whight.

Ken had been many many years in Zimbabwe, and knew a lot about the trials and tribulations of the forces that had been at work in the "tug of war" between South Africa, Rhodesia, and the powers within Mozambique, both before and after the Rhodesian war.

He related many stories to me on his years in Africa, and told me that there were still a lot of hungry rebels on the move in the south eastern section of Mozambique, who attacked vehicles attempting to enter, and that the South Africa access road through Nelspruit had been closed for some time.

I recalled my journey into Mozambique in Feb 92, when I wanted to meet their relief coordinator, Fernando Fernandez. As I could not reach Maputo from Zimbabwe, I returned to South Africa and went into Swaziland. Ignoring the advice of friends in South Africa who said "Today we only fly into Maputo."

I had seen from the map, that from the Swazi Border Post up in the hills that there was but a short stretch of about 50 kms along a winding track down to Maputo the old Portuguese capital situated on the palm fronded coast line.

Visions 33

I arrived to find the Border Post crowded, with local people all milling around, as the vehicles they had traveled on did not appear to cross the Border.

After they completed their formalities, they walked across the space between the Border Posts, and found other transport. The local tongue was Portuguese, and the formalities at this Post were different to any other I had encountered in my travels.

A young African man approached me, and spoke in broken English when I failed to respond in his tongue "Did I want to enter Mozambique?" he asked. On my affirmative reply he said "Passporte," and no sooner did I produce it, than it was snatched out of my hand and he disappeared into the crowd.

"Oh well" I thought, "At least I am still in the Swaziland side of the border" and then remembered that I had already checked through the Swazi passport control, and knew that they would not let me back in without my passport. I left the bike and walked into the passport control area.

I saw the youth having a heated discussion with a man seated at a table, apparently the passport officer. There were no distinguishing uniforms here, the youth turned, and on seeing me he smiled and came over with my passport and some forms.

So all was well, he was just another young entrepreneur seeking a quick feed by helping me. As I drove away, he said, "When you come back baas," I said, "Today," not realising, that my intended hour or less run to Maputo, was to be long, hot, and perhaps a dangerous one.

I drove out of the little Border town and the road deteriorated very quickly into large potholes, that soon forced me to slow down to a crawl. For the first few kilometres there were many groups of soldiers standing in twos or threes along the road side, many of them stopped me, as they all wanted cigarettes or food.

I had none, and also could not speak their tongue, so with all the stops and the slow speed, I knew that the trip would take quite a few hours. Suddenly, the road dropped downwards out of the high ground towards the coast. I found that I was entering an area where there were no more soldiers.

Along a 10 kilometer stretch, there were many burnt-out vehicles, at least one every two hundred metres or so. As I approached a sharp corner, a pick-up truck came hurtling around on two wheels towards me, the African driver on seeing me, leant out of his window gesticulating violently that I should pull over to the side. I stopped as he continued on.

I heard gunfire ahead as soon as I stopped the engine of the bike and thought "What now," it was but a short time later that I heard more gunfire behind me, along the road I had traveled. I decided to proceed slowly forward after a few more minutes.

As I rounded the bend, I saw ahead that a heavy truck was stopped in the road, and was facing me, the cabin was on fire, and I felt that it had been struck by a hand held rocket.

When about fifty metres away, I stopped, there was no movement around. I looked up at the tree line on both sides of the road and observed many men just standing there, they were armed and all watched me.

I became aware that I was observing my own thoughts and feelings, calmness surrounded me. I knew that even though this was a destruction zone, that it was a situation being controlled by the "Source."

I knew that I had naught to fear, it was either my time or it wasn't, I then slowly moved forwards, none of the bandits made any move.

It became hotter as I came down onto the low country, and on entering Maputo, I was surprised to see the magnificence of the Portuguese styled buildings, which was apparent, even though their condition was very run down.

My thoughts took me back to Mombasa in Kenya, to a huge old Fort at the entrance to the Port called Kilindini Harbour.

"Fort Jesus," it too, had been built by the Portuguese, in about 1595, and in those days, was usually manned by about 100 lonely personnel or less, who often had to wait many years and survive great hardships between return visits of their ships from Portugal.

My visit to Maputo was successful, and my return along the same road the following day, was also eventful. But that story I will not recount today.


Visions 33

~ The fishing net ~

So again I am back from this journey, once more on the low Pacific island of Tasmania. My pen daily speeds ever swiftly across page after page and the story yet unravels, but I know that it is soon to be at its temporary end, for soon it must be in 'print' for all to see.

I say temporary, because there is never any end to God's thoughts, and thus forever could I write truth to help fortify God's children with wisdom.

For the understanding of the dark webs that bind the minds of mankind have an infinite variety of ways in which they entrap the unwary, and once one has a foot in the satanic snare, it can be very very difficult to get it out again. I lean back and find that I slowly fall into a deep state of relaxation: A vision forms:

I am standing in a river, the river is very wide, the water is very muddy. It flows faster and faster, it is the murky river of darkness and I feel its power as its flow drags against my mighty legs, and even as I look at the bank to the waters edge, I see that the level is rising fast .

Many people are being swept away, as the sand under their feet collapses, and their legs are swept from their footing, as they are gripped, and dragged inexorably by the flow.

I feel great power within me, I stand firm, immovable. In my right hand I hold what appears to be a cast net. It has a single braided line that is wrapped around my left hand, the line is multi-stranded gold.

The infinite meshes of the cast net change form, in that they become millions and millions of single threads, with small hooks at their ends. Countless numbers of them.

I swing the net back with my right arm, and then with all my strength cast it forth onto the waters. I see the hooks fly out over the river, they reach the water and sink down.

The hooks are my "bait," being the Wisdom of God I bring. I lean back as I feel the strain taken up as multitudes of souls are "hooked" and hang on for dear life in their last hope for salvation.

As I do this, I look to my sides, and see that there are also a few others with me, other mighty souls who as me have come down once again to earth to help their ailing brethren.

They also are casting similar nets into the turbulent waters. Being souls who have accepted my Word and its pure truth, and are also spreading God's message.

Visions 34

The river is wide, but with our combined effort, many who were beginning to be washed away by the frighteningly fast waters are "hooked and saved." For my "line" of pure wisdom is of unbreakable burnished gold. And any who heed my call, are saved.

Slowly, I walk sideways towards the bank, and drag my catch towards high ground, and safety. "Yes," I think; "The river of dark emotional mud is now daily gaining power. Moving ever swifter, and it will ensnare multitudes and wash away all the unwary who heed not this final call. That is for all mankind of any creed."

From within the tide of muddy water I hear the belated shrieks and cries of the lost, all those who denied God's message through me and were mentally deceived into retaliating.

All fell prey to the Dark one, who had used them as Its 'Reapers' to strike back at others when they were confronted. And thus were they ensnared, as they unknowingly worked for, and paid homage to, the Dark one, the Devil, to whom they now owe their allegiance, and to whom they are enslaved in perpetuity.

And as their souls left their fleshly bodies, they were drawn swiftly down by the vortex of hatred and revenge into the eternal depths of cold darkness. Failing to be saved by my wisdom through their arrogance and pride and ignorance of The TRUTH.

The power within the spiritual rivers of life or death are incredible and limitless. As I ponder on this my thoughts go back to my first trip to Zimbabwe, when I was but eight years old.

We were visiting the Victoria falls on the Zambezi river, and we drove to the west bank of the river, just above the falls. The river is very wide, over one kilometer.

Sitting literally on the top of the falls are some little islands, surrounded by water that flows past at great speed as it accelerates to plunge over the edge into the depths.

It is possible to take a canoe trip to the nearest one, some 40 metres off the river bank, and then be able to walk to the edge and look over into the awesome gorge.

My father spoke to the local boatmen. They told him that the river was swollen after heavy rains, and running a bit too fast for safety. He was determined to go, and thus some of the strongest young men decided to take us.

Visions 35

In those days, I was very fearful, and the sight of this water terrified me, but there was no escape, I had to go, and sat fearfully in the bottom of the canoe.

The outward journey was fairly easy, as we started 200 metres upstream, and as we swung away from the bank, we were carried swiftly towards the little island that parted the waters that were plunging over the falls.

We went ashore and walked across the little island that was about 50 metres across, until we reached the lip. The sight was awe inspiring, and for me, terrifying. Deep green water flashing past as it hurtled down into the depths, the sound was deafening, and the plumes of spray reached up hundreds of feet, the river was still truly in flood.

I was very troubled, for I could only think of the return canoe ride, I felt trapped, for there was no escape as I could not stay on this island, and my young mind was already seeing us being dragged over the falls into the murky depths, and there was nothing I could do to avoid the difficult return journey.

We started back, the men positioned the canoe in the centre of the island, furthest away from the falls in relatively calm water, and then with powerful strokes, started to pull away straight upstream, the water was slow moving due to it being parted, but having gone about 30 metres, our forward speed slowed to zero.

The men then swung the canoe to their left and paddled with all their strength. As we moved into the mainstream, the canoe began to be swept sideways with a swift acceleration, the falls seemed to be rushing inexorably towards us, and I just knew we were not going to make it over to the bank of the river.

Other than the roar of the approaching falls, it seemed silent and time seemed to stand still, and I watched the rippling muscles on the back of the powerful young black man sitting in front of me as he seemed to "spurt" with action.

Suddenly the canoe bow struck the bank with but metres to spare, and one of the men grabbed at the long reeds there. For a moment I could not move, my heart was thumping, and I was paralysed through Fear.

Truly the invisible power and pull of emotions and thoughts is mighty, mightier than the Zambezi, let no man think that they can avoid their destiny of darkness if they fail to heed the call to love, and the wisdom of my new doctrine.

For as they pass-over out of the flesh, the power of their negative emotions within that is the essence of darkness within will carry them swiftly over the rim of the deep dark abyss into hell.

Truly, the fear that I felt at the waterfall will be nothing to what the continuing sinners will experience as they are plunged down into the deep fearful abyss, and meet their destiny in the dark.

Visions 36

Those who do not fortify their minds are so easily overpowered from within by the cunning thoughts of the Dark one, who gives every reason as to 'why' we need to abuse others, or retaliate when we are confronted. It takes so much courage to stand back, and say within oneself:

"Abuse me, but I have heard the call of God, and I will die rather than striking back in any way against my sisters and brothers."

Oh sweet children of God who "say" you are believers. The test is so very hard, for truly it is God, being the essence of the energy within, that IS the vibration of your soul, that takes you to ITS level, ITS place. To a high or low realm and also, there are many realms in-between. Thus is your Judgment, being your spiritual destination.

As you verbally and physically cause pain to others, or even, when you force yourself physically onto another, who is crying out; "No, please NO," you draw-in darkness. Like sucking liquid up a straw, and stain your soul and thus, a deeper depth of darkness your destination. The worse you are, the farther down you go.

If you "willingly" suffer your fate at the hands of others by not retaliating, the pain felt is the "Reaping" of the pain you meted-out before when you "Sowed darkness" in this life or prior to incarnating.

As you thus suffer at the hands of others and "Reap" your due, your vibration becomes more refined and your spiritual debts lessened.

Thus, once you decide to heed God and not retaliate in the face of adversity and never again cause pain to others, a destination higher up the scale, and possibly into the highest level of light, awaits you. Conversely, the more darkness you 'Sow,' the deeper your destination into the depths.

Poor simple man, believing that the ritual of earthly water baptism by men in the flesh, will wash away the sins of the past.

Not realising, that only when heeding the Word of God by your deed in non-retaliation as told by Jesus and others, by literally forgiving others, whatever they have done to you, have you thus truly been baptised by the living spirit, through the act of hearing and heeding the "Word" through the Christ soul.

It is thus you show God, that you sup on God's bread, being God's wisdom, and as you 'turn the other cheek' in any confrontation, you are drinking of the living water of Salvation, and you then become spiritually cleansed of your sin by the Grace of God.

Truly, those who cannot forget, and keep looking over their shoulder at their past, will turn into a 'pillar of salt,' frozen in 'bitter' endless thoughts of unforgiveness. Look ahead now, forgive and respect all, yes, even those yet evil who are bound by ignorance.

Now you do see why you needs heed the Word, and follow the 'way' of Jesus, by "going" as a lamb to the slaughter if needed. Thus showing God by your deed, that you have "heard and understood," the eternal call to "ONLY love one another." Make the decision now, sow no more pain, and attain eternal freedom.


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