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Visions 37

~ Bridge to Heaven ~

I lean back, my thoughts slowing as a picture starts to form in my mind. A beautiful bridge appears, it is the stairway to heaven, suddenly I am standing on it, way way up amongst the stars, the dust of earth a long long way below.

The bridge is curved like a rainbow, and appears to be of very solid white concrete or hard rock. It is very narrow, just wide enough for two to stand beside each other, there are high sides that give one the feeling of deep security, even though one is so far up in the air.

I feel strong, and stride powerfully up, up, up. Close by me, is my long time friend Gillian. Suddenly, ahead I see a massive wall stretching to infinity in every direction, and its blue-black face is smooth and impervious.

The bridge arches up towards it, and as I approach, I feel a sense of dismay, the last ten foot section is missing. I stand at the end and look across the gap, there is a huge door visible, but the handle is on the inside, and there is no way even that the door can be reached.

My thoughts run and run and run. Where could I have gone wrong. I know that this bridge was built by me, it is the only way along which any soul will reach the promised land. "What," I ask myself "Have I forgotten?" As I had built it when word by word God's message essenced through to my ever attentive mind, "Oh God" I thought, "What am I to do?"

I looked back, never had I seen such a magnificent structure built with such strength. I looked over the side, and way, way down I saw the raging torrents of murky flood waters that would carry away all who fell into the inky depths for an eternity.

Yes, the bridge was secure and indestructible, but the way forwards was impassable. As I looked up, a gleaming sword appeared in the air. It was shimmering in the light by me. I took its handle and swung it in an arc around my head, from its tip flew points of light, little stars that fell to earth.

At that moment, I saw the door start to swing inwards, and at the same time, the final section of the bridge appeared in place. It was not the white colour of the bridge, but was pure gold. Light shone out of the now huge aperture in the cliff, and God spoke:

"My son, the Sword of Truth is yours, you have not failed my children. The stars falling to earth are the pages of the Last Prophecy.

MY WORD given by you to My children on the earth and under the earth, 'tis they now individually to build their own last step, which is only accomplished as they in sincerity, say within themselves, and act by deed; 'I am turning direct God's way, I am heeding The Last Prophecy and I take on now a new look.' You believed me my son, and thus for you the bridge is eternally passable."

With this I felt joy fill me, truly my quest was now complete. Once again the doorway closed, but I knew it would open should I approach it again, as the golden section gleamed in anticipation of my footprint on it.

I turned to Gillian, she too I knew was free to pass any time, and as we turned away walking light heartedly back to earth, the words of a past song sprang to her lips and she spoke; "Breathe on me breath of God and fill me with life anew, that I may love as thou dost love and do what thou wouldst do." A beautiful smile creased her face, and she took my hand in hers, truly, she has a heart of gold.

Lily of the valley


Visions 38

~ Pandora's Box ~

My thoughts take me back to Africa. I feel as one with the black men, and a stranger to my white skin, for I was brought up in a very simple way, having been born in the small coastal town of "Tanga" in Tanzania, where Africans, Arabs, and Indians are the predominant races.

For many years now, I have compared the ways of the western world, to that of the simpler "Third world" as it is called, and think: "It is the Westerners who have manipulated and controlled the rest of humanity for so long, and destroyed so many, and always 'In the name of God,' so their test is soon now to begin." God's voice speaks:

"My son, the test is now for each soul on an individual basis, each has opened their own Pandora's box, and each will suffer accordingly. The ray of Hope that now emerges from the box is MY WORD, through you."

Hope, being this wisdom I now bring, expressed through the light and love within, and passed on through any kind soul on earth, of which there are many, who instill hope to the lonely, fearful, and the lost.

The Star of Hope - God's pure Wisdom


Visions 39

~ The Sacred Amulet ~

There is an African tribe in the North Eastern regions of East Africa. The women wear a sacred arm band "Amulet" high up on their right arm. It is circular, opening-out where the two ends meet. I ponder on their belief as to its sacredness, and into my mind come the words:

"The Second Judgment"

A picture forms in my mind, it is similar to the arm amulet, a band of glistening energy. Between the two separate sections, is an intense red/white/blue flame, the light that shines forth is the one half of the amulet's circle.

At its beginning it is brilliant light with no darkness, as the light continues around the circle of eternity it lessens in intensity, and becomes pitted with darkness.

And as it continues on, it turns into darkness interspersed with light, and then into total darkness. The base of this darkness then again becomes fuel for the eternal flame.

Thus this "arm band," called the "Sacred Amulet" of God, worn on the upper arm of the womenfolk is the ceaseless flow of eternal energy that IS the essence of all.

The eternal flame is burning the "soil" of the darkness, the condensed energy. The light from the flame flows out, this being the levels of light and love, and falls down to dissipate in the darkness.

As its energy dissipates, its cooling waste or "ash" transforms and becomes the darkness. It cools to become "solid" dark energy fuel that is drawn inexorably down and around, to once again be fuel for the eternal flame.

The many levels of consciousness are in this eternal "ring" of God, and any who now find themselves trapped in the depths after this last cleansing, will be drawn down and around, trapped, locked-in, and buried in a cold wasteland of freezing terrifying proportions and "crushed" into submission by the Source.

Truly the grave of the spiritually dead that one day, an eternity ahead, will become a part of the fuel that is fed into the flames, and thus, they too shall truly pass-through the flame of creation, and in their excruciating suffering as they are "burnt," be cleansed of their inner darkness.

The darkness "is" the fuel for the flame, and it causes excruciating pain as it is "drawn-out" in "ignition," and it is thus they are to be released from their past debts to humanity and be again "re-born" in spirit, to "enter" the kingdom of heaven "through the back door" so to speak an eternity ahead. Shed of their dross as the refining of gold in the crucible of fire.

It is thus our task to teach all the only Law of God: "As you Sow, so shall ye Reap - What you do unto others will be done unto you." And thus, assist them in truth.

For truly, what we do unto others, we do unto ourselves, for the Law of God is immutable, and all the prayer in the world will not turn the hand of the 'Reaper' aside.

Thus, only as people begin to see the reality and justice of this Law, do they stop causing pain to others, and their own suffering becomes less. Their return up the pathway of light easier, and their return home to eternal paradise swifter.

Now is the time for true believers to be uplifted and thus "saved" from very grave danger. Some believe that Jesus "did it for them." This is a living lie, Jesus came to show the way by "deed," and all will have to follow in the same manner, any who fail will never see the face of God for an eternity of eternities.

Any that heed the call of non-retaliation will suffer at the hands of their oppressors, and thus be released from their past debts to humanity, and will streak up to the light and eternal freedom as and when they die, having finally heard and heeded God's call to be only loving.


Visions 40

~ The Beast & the Lamb ~

Again I am sitting at my little desk. The book is in my hand, thus I know that soon is my year, the year of exposure, soon the book will be released to the world.

A vision explodes in my mind. The lamb tethered to the stake, shivering in the cool air as it is freshly shorn, it is in a clearing in the jungle, there is darkness around. The lamb is THE WORD OF GOD that is now exposed, for the book reveals my true identity.

My strength leaves me. I am but a lamb, meek and mild, and thus incapable of any retaliation to the darkness that stalks me from the jungle. I am the proof of God, the God of LOVE and LIGHT.

There is a "cough," and as I look up I see a huge black panther appear from out the jungle, it is very huge, much bigger than me, its eyes are gleaming fire red --

The 'lamb & the beast' by Mike Woods

Its face is distorted with ugliness, and from its long fangs drip blood from its last kill. Its huge claws extend like an eagles talons, as it prepares for the kill, it has scented me, and as yet has not quite seen me. It is the beast with an insatiable appetite, its name is Greed and Hatred, it traps all the unwary and devours them.

It will try and destroy me if it can, it is stalking at a slight angle, and between us is a very slender tree that is giving me some cover. But as I watch, I see its head turn in my direction, and the tree starts to wither away.

The beast's eyes glint in anticipation, as it senses its prey is near, soon it will see the lamb, soon all humanity will see the lamb, soon each soul MUST choose :

To be the hunter -- or -- To be the hunted

WHY - ?

For the punitive 'terrorising' hunters always become the 'terrorised' hunted.

ONLY those who have the courage to follow ME, being MY WAY as a non-retaliatory lamb, will one day walk along the stairway to Heaven after having paid their dues to the Godly 'energy,' so as to 'permit IT to fully and finally balance ITS 'Scales of Justice' within the ONE Law : "As you do is done unto you."

Only the fulfilment of ITS Law 'permits' one to go free from ITS ongoing impositions upon those who continue to use ITS destructive ENERGY

Now is the time to forget the past, and our past wrong doings or that of others who were used by IT to make us suffer. Whatever the load, there is now this last chance for redemption. Follow the way of the Lamb - Go in Peace and forgive your enemy for his ways.

Now is the time to forget the past, and our past wrong-doings. Whatever the load, there is now this last chance for redemption. Follow the way of the Lamb - Go in Peace and forgive your enemy for his ways.

So but one little task remains now for me, that is to alert those of all creeds, and in all differing walks of life who as me, have come down to help God’s needy children to walk through their final test, so that once alerted, they can swiftly pass-on the message of the 'ARK of the MIND' to all soon to suffer, and thus complete their individual quests for God too.

The final task to God’s book "unmask" so all humanity could it see had seemed small, but this task grows and grows into a flower tall, for month by month I send out hundreds of "faxes" saying "I am here, to God’s message draw near" with my silent "shout," but none seem to hear, and only one "newsman" draws near and prepares a "front page" spread saying "Hear ye, hear ye, with our Tasmanian Messiah make your bed."

But still the "world" is numb as it believes that any "Messiah" today must be "dumb," either mad or a fool over whom dark forces do drool.

So again I wield my sacred pen and again for a few years write to many men and my truth does "expand" as it moves more into "man’s land" giving direction for councils and government too, and many other areas now available "free on air" to you.

For in year 1997 being year 001 of the true light, was God’s message elevated up into the world’s "sight" by being placed on an internet page, truly, God’s Word via His earthly sage.

Visions 41

~ The Devil incarnate ~

Early one night in the middle of year 002 (98) I was driving alone along the forest track to Campi Lalapanzi having had supper with two friends Helen and John.

I was travelling alone for my wife Jill was away visiting her sister in Queensland. I was driving very slowly when I suddenly became "aware" of a "presence" sitting on the back seat of the Subaru.

At the same moment, from the corner of my left eye I saw a black "tail" flop over the back of the passenger seat next to me, it had an "arrowhead" shaped tip.

I glanced back over my left shoulder and saw a dusky black spirit "grinning" at me, a small "chill" went down my spine, for it appeared to be the devil incarnate and its "face" gave me a "cannibal" type 'grin' as it said: "Well now, what can you do for me"?

All this I now write takes "time," but at "that" time it all took but a few moments. I felt calm and kept my vehicle cruising slowly as my whole being tried to consciously "accept" what was taking place.

For it is one thing to "in spirit" or in a "Vision" see into the other world, but to have "that" realm suddenly enter this one took a little mental comprehending, and my mind was "streaking ahead" seeking "possibilities" as my own simple conscious programming tried to come to grips with my very real predicament.

I "knew" that the Devil could not manifest itself in this realm and personally be the presence sitting behind me, but this very real presence "joy riding" on the back seat was projecting that reality to me and it was "awaiting" my response.

I quickly realised that it was "it" the Devil, presenting itself by "shining through & speaking through" a lost spirit that was so "untrue," that it was trapped by this satanic force that was now using it to test me.

I realised also that my extra sensory perception was acutely active and it was ‘thus’ that I saw what I saw that appeared to be "of the flesh" of this world.

If I rejected "it," the Devil, or "it" the spirit, it was one and the same, and it would mean that I was rejecting a "lost soul," and thus I would in a sense be as it, for no "angel" can reject a child of God lost and trapped by the dark satanic force.

I spoke saying: "I shall say to you what I can but say to any who are untrue. My brother, look up to the heavens, see the star of love shining bright above and together with me now say: "Jesus, I see your shining star, Jesus be with me, Jesus please help me and save me."

As I spoke these words I felt a powerful "release" of energy and I saw an "enlightened" spirit streak up to the star, released from its bondage. I felt at ease as I drove on through the forest, for the dark "projection" through it from the realms "below" vanished in that instant.

I soon saw the welcoming lights of my earthly "campsite," and it was not long after that I retired to my bed, feeling "old" for my sixty years, as my "worn out" fleshly body ached in a few places. As I closed my eyes and relaxed, another vision explodes into my inner mind:

Visions 42

~ The 'chained' Angel ~

I behold the planet earth in my sight, it is dark. Standing a few feet above it is a huge angel with folded wings gleaming white, they are visible above his shoulders and their "tips" reach down behind him to his ankles.

Shackled to his right foot is a huge chain that is buried deep into planet earth, binding him to it. It appears to be an unbreakable bondage.

Suddenly the shackle breaks away, and the huge chain falls back to earth. The angel is now "free," the angel is the spirit within me. I feel at peace within, for my "task" for God is now complete and when my "flesh" fails I will "pass-over" once again a free spirit, free to roam the heavens.

I also at this moment realise that it is not my task to expose God’s message, this will be done by God as God inspires others to "speak" of the message now freely available to all "on air."

I blow out my candle "lamp." Times are changing fast, it will be dark soon. A deep darkness of the soul as our sin rises up within, and the insanity of anger and non-reason and trauma escalates.

It will last a few years as all hearts become cold and merciless, and the Reaper does his work. My truth is now revealed. I am the First and the Last, the Prophet of God, empowered by the Heavenly See.

My book is The Testament of Truth, the Correction of the Salvationary truth on earth, to prepare all God’s children in all levels of consciousness for their final test, and leave a Legacy of Truth on earth.

Yes, I sigh again, wondering how many will heed this final call. How many will understand that our battle is not one which we win through using the strength of our right arm, to retaliate with, and defend ourselves. That is the wrong way, the way of the darkness, the destroyer, the wide road to Hell.

So lost are we that even religious elders taught that there are times one can kill others, thus denying their teacher Christ and themselves being the false shepherds who work unknowingly for the System, the Dark satanic System, the unforgiving retaliatory System that has over time infiltrated every society and religion on this earth. Within myself I say these words:

"You'll all needs heed me or spiritually die"

So many arrogant men on this earth, who lead others to their doom, by training them in the art of warfare, with fearful weapons of destruction.

Soon they too will join the destiny of the warriors that they teach, and also feel the power of the snare, being the coils of the black python that reach up from the depths of the dark, as it entwines itself around the legs and waists of the foolish.

Like strands of stainless wire, unbreakable, slowly suffocating and engulfing them, coil by coil, as they deny God’s call to love, dragging them down into its vortex, its lair of hatred, fear and darkness, where the calls of the lost are unheard, it slowly strangles the unwary unto their nameless spiritual death. Woe, woe, woe.

Lost and forgotten for all eternity.

It is to these that I needs reach-out to with your help, as well as to earthly religious ministers whom guide my flocks falsely, teaching them that celibacy is purity, and depicting woman as unclean, and the "temptress" of man.

Visions 43

Woe, and thrice woe to this perpetuated falsity by these ignorant unholy men who thus deny the purity of love, the beauty of nakedness, and the natural desires of the flesh, being the joining of woman and man freely, as good, natural and welcome in God’s eyes.

And by this very denial, causing many unnatural devious acts to be perpetrated, through fear, guilt, ignorance and separation from love. As many foolishly abuse, mutilate and reject God’s most precious creation, His treasured beautiful daughters.

I now hope, that these men of the "cloth" too will change their ways for the betterment of "their" flocks and themselves, and become very humble before it is for them too late, as well as ignorant politicians who consign men to Hells gate in the seemingly virtuous guise of "Defending your country."

Planet earth is now to be cleansed of all dross, being ignorance, arrogance, falsity, and darkness that will destroy itself.

To get to heaven, deceive none, and raise not your hand against another, be only merciful, kind, and loving. To get to hell, you have to deny, criticise, abuse or fight your way in, and the more you fight and abuse, or retaliate or deceive, the lower down into the abyss you go.

I ask of you: "Do you know if you are from the light, on a helping visit to earth, or, are you one of the living dead, who have been given a chance to rise-up into this world for another earthly life time to intermingle with the warm rays of the sun, and again be amongst those who are truly kind, loving and compassionate" ?

For if you are from the twilight or the dark, then beware, for if you return there, it will be for an eternity. And it is your actions towards others that will give you a clue as to the nature of your inner being.

Are you consciously aware of your actions?

Are you of the Light, or of the Dark
a sheep, or a terrifying shark,?
Do you for pompous leaders of men
clout others, and work for the satanic den,?

We all know each other by our deed
so seek deep, if you make another bleed.

No man, who continues being a judge, juror or persecutor, will ever see the face of our loving God. For in their search for justice, they unknowingly work for the Dark Monster.

All now leaving the flesh, whilst abusing or retaliating will be drawn down by a vortex of hate into that place of intense cold darkness, of fear and eternal suffering, and crushed into submission, by the darkness.

Let us of understanding now reach-out with compassion and love. So, some are to rise, and some to fall,

"Quo Vadis"? I ask of you, "Whither goest thou"?

After this intense testing of the spirit, and cleansing and separation of souls, I again will seal the door where evil dwells, and only Truth and Love on earth will prevail, and Peace will reign on earth, for there will be no "sin" within any who walk this earth, and thus the "dark one" will be unseen on this realm. Thoughts suddenly flood in:

"Remind my children son, that the beast is more dangerous when it is invisible and 'within,' as it reaches up within the mind, silent, invisible, cunning, and destructive. The last battle of the soul is a battle within the MIND. I have but one Commandment, Love one another."

"I the True light speak."

Visions 44

~ The Last Vision ~

It was "in" the Tasmanian "jail" a place where for generations many a soul did "freeze" with cold as he sat in a filthy "rotten" spot, that God gave me "license" to tell you of the final vision I did see.

This vision was of a dungeon way way below in the pits of pain and sorrow where men are bound in a very small space and "other" violent men enact "unspeakable" deeds unseen and unknown of in this earthly place.

A place where you are "mentally" forced to lie naked on a cold stone and the other is mentally told to skin you alive with a "cut throat" razor that "splits" your spirit flesh as it does "sheer" layers of flesh that part for a moment before they again join together.

And your "silent" shrieks are unheard for your mouth is bound and you issue forth no word, and even if you could, none would heed for all are merciless and "of" the satanic breed.

And when their deed they did do, then their mind tells them to change place with you, and you then heed those "fateful" thoughts untrue and to them the same thing do.

Yes, you all reap what you do sow and for an eternity does the suffering excruciatingly flow, for in that realm there is no freedom of choice, for you all heed the Devil’s voice.

Believe you me for I can see into the depths of depravity, and any who continue on and deny me God’s "favourite" son will become filled with sin and thus be drawn down into the Devil’s "sinbin," and there I cannot them reach, for it was their choice to breach God’s Commandment to "Be only loving."

Savagery begets savagery. Kindness begets kindness. If you are kind to the blind, then you are helping them control the 'devil' within them, so that IT does not out of their mouth stroll. Wash away mud with the water of forgiveness, not vengeful blood.

I the son of man and the Son of God have had my say,
Prepare now to make your bed of ‘rest’ forever and a day.


~ The 'long-liner' Ark ~

I strode along the deck of a mighty ship that rode the waves of the galactic sea, on board were 101 million women and men, verily those chosen by me.

Each had their hand on the 'pulse' of a 'rod,' being a giant lever reaching out over the sea. Attached was an unbreakable line that was designed specifically by me. Strong enough and a thousand times more to ensure that it would not break if even a giant fish did my "truth" bait take.

As this ship now cruises o'er the ocean swell I but remind all my "crew" to everyone tell of the message now given by me. For, for every "soul" in the flesh we "catch" there are a million or more linked to them mentally.

Yes, the souls are the "dead" below who finally now pure truth will get to know, and as this truth they see, they will be "hooked" and saved by the love within thee and thee.

So sweet "brethren" from long ago, please now let your pure love flow and as said: "Tell all of me and the message I bring from our God above so that all whom it 'hear' will be set free."

Visions 45

GOD the ESSENCE of ALL speaks:

The Darkness says: I AM your destroyer

Justice there must be, let no offender walk free.
Seek out all "offenders" and in "unforgiveness" them DESTROY
For I AM Justice and retribution IS MY deploy
Do MY work for me and one day you will ME see.


The Light says: I AM your redeemer

Justice for sure there be, but it must NOT be meted out by thee.
Heed me and become free
Allow only respect - love - mercy and forgiveness through THEE
Heed MY eternal Light and one-day you’ll dance forever in MY sight.


This is written personally to you, and personally from your God, invisible but true.

"It is I whom do your spirit await, make sure it is not 'late' to with My Light entwine, if you 'fail' My Dark will on you 'dine.' It is to both the 'foolish' and the 'true' that I your God speak personally to.

May my pen 'Mercy' guide you. You needs personally try and remain true to the love deep inside, vanity and pride now cast aside. Soon each spiritual journey is lost or won, soon many in the dark or above in the sun."

You have the story been told, heed now God, not man, be bold. I, "came" as a thief in the night, my soul thus invisible to your sight, for ‘tis not my "brilliance" to save thee, only when heeding God’s "Word" are you set free.

That is the say of what is to be given by God today, and the year 1997 shall be changed to year ONE, once all is over and the New Age of Peace is begun.

Blessings to you flow from above, blessings from your ancestors in the land of love, "Try try, please try, and only love" I hear them cry

It is in love and trust that we walk hand in hand
believing in the Word on the way to the promised land
each of us in silent hope
that waiting for us is that golden rope

that will us uplift
with a movement clear and swift
when we pass on our way
from this land another day

Salvation is only through non-retaliation
All praise to THE Most Holy One, our Creator


That is as written by my hand as by God was planned.

Terence the Truth

Visions 46


Soon of all darkness will planet earth be set free. This is "after" the now escalating retributive insanity. Then there will be peace for a very long time and it will "appear" to earth’s inhabitants that "Heaven" is this land divine.

So I would just remind you all that in a few million years ahead, that "peace" on this realm will again fall as this land is not heaven, it is the place where the "lost" gain God’s leaven, being the wisdom of "why" we must only love.

So be "advised" and "warned" that this land is but a "boarding school" and one day far far ahead it will again be "invaded" by spirits released from their "dark" bed to again incarnate here to meet those of the light.

This is also for some "others" maybe you, who like me "came down" from heaven to walk on this realm to "help" the lost and untrue.

I greet you all today and say "read all" and prepare your hearts and minds so you too can walk in the RIGHT WAY, peacefully unto the end, thus showing all that you ARE an angel that to earth God did send. There is only ONE moral responsibility; "Heed God."

I add, there is error of thinking in the minds of some that the 'wounds' suffered by Jesus paid their 'ransom' to God. I correct this error as I say that God cannot be paid any ransom for foul deeds done by any person, so prepare now to suffer the consequence of defying God as HE now places tribulations upon your plate, and as you suffer you pay your own 'due' before becoming free. The Law of God is absolute and immutable;

"As you do is done unto you"

Terence - the "pen" of Allah/God







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