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~ Letters from Prison ~

These letters were written daily during the Messiah’s second imprisonment in Tasmania,
his eight weeks incarceration began on December 6th AD 2002. (006 True Light)


Letter 1 - The ‘caged’ man Letter 2 - Prisoner Service Unit
Letter 3 - Looking out Letter 4 - God given right
Letter 5 - Held hostage Letter 6 - Institutional Crime
Letter 7 - The Beast Letter 8 - The ‘Beast’ Vision
Letter 9 - System of man Letter 10 - Human Convicts
Letter 11 - Examiner Newspaper Letter 12 - Corrective Services
Letter 13 - The ultimate betrayal Letter 14 - The ultimate truth
Letter 15 - The sad community Letter 16 - Letter to Africa
Letter 17 - The ‘numbered’ criminal Letter 18 - The Tattoo
Letter 19 - Prisoner unrest Letter 20 - Slave Camp
Letter 21 - The ‘Screws’ Letter 22 - The ‘arrest’ Decree
Letter 23 - Sadness Letter 24 - Sickness in the land
Letter 25 - Radio TTT Letter 26 - Prisoner privileges
Letter 27 - Incriminate Letter 28 - Caesar's men
Letter 29 - Warlords v/s Citizens Letter 30 - Pain & savagery
Letter 31 - The 'spirit' sadness Letter 32 - Twixt Hell & Heaven
Letter 33 - Social security Letter 34 - Camp Commandant
Letter 35 - Hell's Camp Letter 36 - Hell's Angels
Letter 37 - The outpost Letter 38 - Citizen's expectations
Letter 39 - The 'trap' Letter 40 - Secession
Letter 41 - The 'assumption' of man Letter 42 - The Controllers
Letter 43 - The interference business Letter 44 - Prisoner perspective
Letter 45 - Crime prevention principles Letter 46 - Evil & Good
Letter 47 - The Authority of God Letter 48 - Obedience to God
Letter 49 - The 'cleft' stick Letter 50 - Final Community choice
Letter 51 - Commissioner of police Letter 52 - Charlie Micallef
Letter 53 - Coming ‘Karma’ Letter 54 - Footnotes
Letter 55 - Supreme Court appeal Letter 56 - The 'appeal' judgment
Letter 57 - The Final Decree of God    

Letter 1

~ The ‘caged’ man ~

 God ‘permits’ the Messiah to be ‘gaoled’ in a Tasmanian prison to show all mankind the depth of their vanity and their defiance of God’s Command to:

“Walk in peace – never wield a sword
Be merciful & compassionate & forgiving”

 This ‘incarceration’ of the Messiah that is a present reality, shows how darkness via the mind of ‘Warlords & Legislators’ has institutionalised ‘books of rules’ that govern mankind and bind 'them' and force 'them' to defy their God, even if the person is walking within the bounds of God’s Code of Conduct “Peacefully.” The ‘them’ being the police & judiciary and the community they ‘serve.’

Letter 2

~ David Wrightson ~
Prisoner Service Unit – Risdon Jail

 Dear David, I refer to my meeting with you prior to the ‘board’ and no doubt you have ‘seen’ the fresh Word sent from above via God’s dove at:

 < >

I felt I should comment ref the meeting when the Manager demanded to know if I thought that 8 weeks was wrong or right in my mind, ref the penalty default imposed by the ‘force of arms’ Institutional Judiciary.

As a ‘healer’ I know that even a wise man cannot give a satisfactory answer to anger, and thus my ‘way’ was to ‘slide away.’

Could he or you have understood if I had said: “Any forceful imposition or punishment is inflicted by the Dark Sovereign Power GOD, upon those who errantly ‘trod’ their road in their past, and thus any ‘restriction’ imposed upon me I do see was not due to failing to pay a $ 10 due licence fee renewal, but was a long past due I did ‘karmicly’ accrue way in the past when as a young man I ‘ignorantly’ took ‘others’ to task?”

I believe also that the ‘Authority’ of the day is not ‘scripturaly’ backed per se but is solely ‘gained’ by the gun, (Force of arms Militarily, ‘Caesar’)

Once you look deeper at my web site you may realise that I am “he” God’s Plenipotentiary sent to Earth from the STATE OF HEAVEN with God’s fresh Leaven. Be not ‘fooled’ by the disguise (the flesh) for I did say I would return ‘invisible to mortal man’ as a ‘thief in the night,’ for none can see my inner light.

I do not need to give any ‘sermon on the mount’ as I have raised up my ‘sermon’ above the clouds for all to see and await for believers to come to me if they have ‘aught’ to ask.

I only completed my web site on 5 Dec the day before ‘Wilson’ committed me, and I do believe our God has sent me here and there so that I can share my web site ‘address’ with you and others, for soon falls the ‘axe’ and the eternal snare.

You and many believe that the man Jesus will save you, I say that it is the Wisdom of God that Jesus told all that is what will save those whom hear it and heed it, and DO IT.

Too many ‘praise’ the man and defy the message that said: “BE merciful & compassionate & forgiving to those yet in ‘sin’ living as you walk in PEACE.” I am now here to ‘correct’ the truth on earth and bring forth new revelations so as to elevate the consciousness of man.

I seek to show the ‘punitive’ police & judiciary that God’s ONE Law:

“As you do is done unto you” stands supreme, and that they all ‘dream’ if they THINK that they will avoid God’s WRATH at the appointed time, for a ‘mere’ mandate by men via legislation does not ‘nullify’ God’s law.

Any whom control and regulate and berate God’s children are themselves offenders in God’s eyes and VERY UNWISE and they will suffer the SAME as they did DO. (Pain for pain, mental & emotional trauma for trauma to others and their families, deprivation, frustration, loss of freedom, etc) NONE can imagine what is soon to descend upon this UNHOLY land called EARTH.

Please look deeply at my final message and please tell all of my web site. Soon the whole ‘beastly’ System will collapse as mankind relapses into insanity for a few years and much pain and many tears will flow.

I am determined to raise the earthly consciousness of man and plan to make Tasmania the showcase of the world.

Please read my ‘Offender’ document as I need ‘support’ in implementing the ‘Feeling Easier Seminars’ thereon so that troubled minds are counselled and then set free, rather than ‘wastefully’ being fined and punished by legislative ‘swine’ who cannot God’s LIGHT see.

I seek to assist the police force so that their young men are no longer used as a ‘political’ fund raising army that daily wages war against their community, but revert back to their ORIGINAL peace keeping role that is RIGHT in God’s eyes where they only haul in real offenders who do disturb the peace of the land who are then to be dealt with as per the ‘instruction’ of God by my hand.

This way the ‘committed’ officers who dutifully do their work are NOT accruing any dark payback ‘karma’ each day, and also the public will not fear seeing them coming their way as they will know it is but to assist in their upliftment.

All darkness & coercion & punishment is the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) in action through ‘vain’ men who all defy God’s sacred pen.

Please pass this note on as it is an ‘open letter,’ and feel free to contact me anytime. It is my present ‘task’ to assist the implementation of freeing up the ‘cells’ with education, for one cannot lock up the world each night and soon all will see that I am right.

Letter 3

~ From the inside looking out ~
Written within Launceston Remand Centre

This place is full of angry men who need direction from God’s pen. Others have minds ‘under siege’ from spirit forces that drive them to ‘burn’ or ‘abuse’ or 'steal,' and the ‘possessor’s’ thoughts set their minds under siege. I do what I can to assist them to be true to themselves and others too.

The ‘violent’ ones will not be kept ‘at bay’ for long by ‘legislation,’ for they see the ‘System’ and its punitive fine and punishment as “A heapashit” to put it mildly and in many ‘eyes,’ the ‘cops’ are going to get ‘theirs’ on a soon coming time if they keep interfering.

The ‘other’ nature of ‘convict’ is the burglar ‘youth’ who are bored ‘stiff’ with naught to do and they are also ‘tied’ by the rules of the system.

Both ‘groups’ don’t need more ‘control,’ they need my positive counsel that teaches them to stay more free from the thoughts overpowering their MINDS.

There is no work, they cannot grow any food crops unless they buy some ‘Crown’ land, and they cannot do anything unless they first purchase a permit from someone.

Each community must now ‘open up’ supposed ‘State’ land and give every 15 year old or older youth a ‘section’ for free, and then let ‘helpers’ assist them to become self sufficient.

Too much greed has been the way and I know that the present ‘Institution’ has to fall before the ‘rules’ can get put away.

I am hoping that from the ‘inside’ I can show the Institution that I can change the psyche of inmates but they needs be counselled and then set free.

Launceston Remand Centre is a ‘hell hole’ with nothing to do for the inmates except stew, as they jointly plan nothing, and when released they have also got behind on any payments due to be paid, due to the ‘system’ stealing their pennies whilst inside, and they are then forced to go and steal when released. With little ‘inclination’ to make any positive change.

Where are the ‘forces true’ who see a little of the catastrophe at hand?

Letter 4

~ The God given Right ~

I am living and showing by example that man has the God given right to walk in peace and not be ‘numbered by’ or ‘owned by’ or ‘belong to’ any system of man (Institution of government and control).

For when abiding in God’s Code of Conduct, one is automatically a civil and respectful member of the earthly community and, one is also showing God that one is a citizen of the STATE OF HEAVEN.

A citizen of earth who follows God’s Code of Conduct should not have ‘officers’ of any other ‘Club’ disturbing their peace as they ‘grease’ their hands with ‘Judas’ money.

Believe you me, all Legislators are a danger to the community and any ‘punitive’ force is ANTICHRIST and inspired by the Devil who soon will ‘revel’ at the ‘idiots’ coming HIS way.

Man needs to see that the more ‘rules’ they legislate, the more they ‘play’ into the Devil’s hands.

Letter 5

~ Held Hostage by the Institution ~

What man needs to see is that when a person is jailed by the System, it has deprived that person of their LIBERTY, and they are being held HOSTAGE by the State ‘body.’

What man needs to see is that when a person is ‘fined’ by the System, the System has in fact stolen money from that person by force.

What man needs to see is that when the State ‘system’ interferes in the lives of people, that it causes an enormous amount of mental and emotional DISTRESS to not only that person, but to other family members and more.

What ‘civilian’ man needs to see is that due to them funding the ‘punitive’ State body, that in God’s eyes all are unwise for all the pain and suffering and loss returns to the community under God’s one Law: “As you do is done unto you.”

This is the reason why taxes are raised and more controlling rules are enacted and more loss of liberty and freedom occurs, for this return due to errant man that is all inspired from the retributive darkness is our ‘Just’ due for being so arrogant and untrue to others via our ‘servants.’

Those who ‘control’ and thus possess the ‘flesh’ of others through their intrusion upon the lives of others are those whose minds and souls have been ‘poisoned’ by the dark, and ‘blinded’ by teachings of falsity.

They ‘strut’ around in their ‘uniformed’ splendor and arrogantly dictate their orders that confine and restrict and demean others. Seeing not the ‘burgeoning’ within their soul of their own ‘sin’ that ultimately drags them into the maze of darkness below.

Let ‘us’ the children of the Light ‘bestow’ our compassion and wisdom upon them, and by our own meek and positive deeds show them the TRUE path to the eternal Light before they fall into the Abyss to be consumed by pain, so that they can assist themselves and one day rise up out of their own self-inflicted plight.

Man must now 'LEARN’ to be forgiving and EDUCATE if he would live in a happy community as true ‘believers’ respecting others who may falter.

Letter 6

~ Institutional Crime ~

All ‘crimes’ committed by the State i.e.: In destroying other nations, or in punishing their ‘own’ are crimes committed on ‘behalf of’ and ‘in the name of' THE PEOPLE OF THE LAND.

The ‘Beast’ below is now to ‘overthrow’ every ‘System of man’ as that is God’s plan to ‘free up’ this land. It is necessary to implement change in accordance with the new wisdom before that ‘fateful’ day.

The criminals were and yet are the legislators who assume their divine right to use rules to which they expect and demand others to comply to, being rules that enable them to extort funds for a variety of reasons.

The criminals were and yet are the ‘forces men’ who receive ‘Judas’ pay as they haul-in any that do not comply with the edicts of the ‘Caesar’ style military controllers being the political men.

The criminals were and yet are those whom ‘force’ the supposed offenders to stay ‘locked’ into prison camps that are used as ‘deterrents’ that they believe will force people to comply to the never-ending rules ‘edicted’ and placed before the public.

Threat of fine or imprisonment is the ‘coercive factor’ that is very powerful as it not only ‘separates’ loved ones, but it also destroys their ‘union’ with each other, and also destroys businesses and causes much other ‘disruption’ and suffering.

Vain man ‘forgot’ the meaning of what God did say: "Let no man break asunder any union of love, for by that very act they destroy their own future, and for many a long year they will seek their beloveds as they lose their way in the desert sands below, and their suffering will grow as they see their error and, so will their terror as they see there is no way out until released by ME their God they cannot see."

Any ‘possessor’ of the ‘ring’ of authority gained by ‘elevation by mandate’ of man, who uses this ‘power’ to in any way separate woman from her man, or man from his family are doomed to spend a time and a time in the lost worlds below, where it is not only ice cold, but in places hotter than any ‘volcano’ can bestow.

Letter 7

~ The Beast ~

Man has tried to keep the ‘Bull’ at bay using force in an ‘Institutionalised’ way. This way is in TOTAL ‘opposition’ to what our God did say.

God said: Peace unto all is the way.”

The Bull is now to ‘turn’ and with a deep ‘groan’ it will overturn and crush the enforcers into bloody mush. For they see not the ‘weight’ of the ‘Bull,’ and as it ‘turns’ they will feel its irresistible ‘pull,’ and the power of ITS ‘hoof’ will ‘penetrate’ the flesh of all whom defied me God’s proof.

I did you all warn that all users of force would mourn, but as you all see, your minds cannot accept it and you have become Institutionalised and bound by ITS vanity.

For the Institution itself is a giant Bull, and it shows all men its powerful pull, and all in ITS employ feel powerful and justified in playing ‘God’ with God’s ‘boy.’

Let all men know from today the reason for what is coming Earth’s way. It is the ‘folly’ for vain defiance of God’s “Only love” brolly that is the shield against darkness.

I am a man meek and mild, but I am not a ‘simple’ child who can be ‘spurned’ and ‘spat’ upon by others as all will now see.

You will also now see that none of you will ever be free from the ‘pull’ and ‘pain’ of the Bull’s ‘horns’ until you kneel at my ‘feet’ and greet God’s Holy Word from me.

It is I the Holy one sent from up high to now ‘Judge & Try’ each and every one whom did my Command to “Walk in peace” breach.

Letter 8

~ The ‘Beast’ Vision ~

It was whilst in my prison cell that I saw the ‘fall’ of arrogant man. I saw a ‘circle’ of thousands of people surrounding a ‘gladiatorial’ ring within which there was a ‘Bull’ upside down on its back with its legs flailing the air.

Lying on top of it was a ‘huge’ man who straddled it to stop it getting ‘purchase,’ and he was able to avoid its flailing legs that kicked and struggled in vain.

The Bull gave a deep belly ‘groan’ and a snort and its rear legs started ‘pistoning’ very fast and one of them suddenly ‘hooked’ into the man and with a giant heave the Bull rolled over and its huge weight crushed the man as it stood up.

The Bull turned ‘black’ with rage and its eyes glowered and it accelerated into the crowd. The thousands who had been ‘vainly’ ridiculing the Bull changed their look to one of ‘amazement,’ and pure terror became their instant transformation and they all fled.

The symbology of this vision is that the beastly ‘Bull’ is the Retributive force of God that man has forcefully controlled by his rules and regulations. The ‘Bull’ is now to overturn man’s ‘sacred’ black books of rules and crush all its ‘followers.’

Letter 9

~ System of man ~

The ‘Institution’ has enslaved all to its ‘rules’ to such an extent, that even though all see that its ‘energy’ has been misspent there is no ‘legal’ way to implement change, and soon all will see that the ‘Institutionalised’ beast will derange.

For it will implode as man finds great hardship on the road and all will see the great coming calamity. For every legislator in every land and every ‘officer’ who assists with a punitive hand has offended their God as HIS Holy Word they defied, and soon multitudes of these by pain and liquid fire will be fried.

Yes, and unless they my wisdom quickly learn then for an eternity will they continue to burn. I did say that Education was the way, as it is our God to punish those that with darkness play. Not man.

Play with ‘grime’ – serve the ‘time’

All who used force to enforce punishment upon others, or who controlled others in any way as they used ‘darkness’ by ‘imposition,’ or ‘rule’ over any of God’s children, will now be dealt with mercilessly by the very same darkness they used.

All whom cause others to suffer will suffer the same. Contravening the rules of man is different to defying God’s Command to: “Be merciful, peaceful, compassionate and forgiving.”

It is the Rules of the System that are designed to ‘control’ and extort money, and if the populace fail to ‘deliver’ the ‘honey’ then the ‘force’ imposes its weight and it is very sad that the ‘imposers’ see not that they will be ‘locked-out’ of Heavens Gate.

It is my ‘task’ to change ‘arrange’ before it is too late for the ‘true’ who unseeingly do their ‘enforcer’ duty each day, and they think that it is true.

Not seeing the ‘error’ in God’s eyes in what they do, and their coming ‘terror’ as they are by GOD forced to ‘suffer’ the very same ‘treatment’ that will be meted out by the INSANE who do not need any ‘rules’ to guide their conduct, they only ‘hear’ the voices in their head that are ‘bred’ in Hell.

It is the ‘time’ to open the ‘gates’ and set many free once they have been counselled at a Feeling Easier Seminar as designated by me. This way all men and women can go home happier and stronger and closer to God too.

Letter 10

~ Human Convicts ~

The word ‘convict’ or ‘criminal’ is a word imposed upon some in society via the minds of ‘sinners’ who think that they are a ‘superior’ race if their disgraces are not seen by others. They also ‘self-righteously’ condemn any they perceive as ‘offensive’ who contravened the ‘rules’ of Legislators or others.

It is the time to see that all men outside Heaven are sinners and do ‘criminally’ sin at times which has naught to do with Legislated rules, but only with offending God by being ‘controlling, abusive, punitive,’ etc. At which time they disturb the peace of others.

Either way, we must all try and see that those ‘caught’ for any reason as me are no different to those walking ‘free,’ and most certainly the legislators are ‘bigger’ criminals and are the real ‘swine’ in God’s eyes.

Either way, our God does say that no human being is to criticise any other sister or brother, it is time to treat all civilly and respectfully. For it is God to ‘dictate’ whom by God will be ‘stained’ eternally and cast into the PIT for their ‘criminal’ actions against God’s children.

As I see it, all the ‘lads’ in ‘dock’ and imprisoned with me at Hayes Prison are no different to any I see in the community. All have loving caring hearts and all love their family.

If any of you ‘outside’ believe that you are better than ‘them,’ then think again, for if you ‘so’ think then you are vain, and you do hold God’s “Be merciful” Command in vain.

Our God commands all to now refrain from wielding the ‘punishment sword’ and ‘drink’ of my Holy Word or you will ‘stain’ your soul permanently.

Letter 11

To Rod Scott – The Editor – The Examiner
Cimitere Street – Launceston 7250

 Dear Sir,

Letter from Hayes Prison Farm

I was ‘spared’ having to read your article about ‘The man who thinks he is God’ with its other derogatory remarks reported to me and, as a simple human man ask:

Why do you call your paper ‘The Examiner’ and then employ staff that FAIL to examine the facts prior to writing ‘indecent’ articles that not only ‘mock’ God’s messenger, but also mislead the many thousands of readers who are awaiting HIS message from God?

I have never ‘claimed’ to be anything other than the man Terence, but I do claim to be the Messiah with a message from God to elevate the consciousness of mankind higher.

Form ‘where’ I ask did your ‘article’ writer obtain their information, or was it but their vanity and desire that seeks to ridicule the ONE who bears the Salvationary message for everyone?

I am not ‘languishing’ in jail because I am a ‘criminal,’ I am here of my own free will to assist humanity that is faster now becoming nothing less than ‘insanity’ that none can see other than me.

Have you ‘sir’ the courage to set the ‘record’ straight? Or will you be one whom for Heaven is to be late? For your information there are other ‘Letters from Prison’ apart from the one sent to you from the Launceston Remand Centre, and your viewers can read them on line.

 Please publish this letter from me
Regards – Terence - the ‘messianic man’

 Hayes Prison – New Norfolk - Tasmania

Letter 12

~ The ‘Corrective Services ~
Prisons Department

The ‘corrective’ Services is a misnomer as there is nothing ‘corrective’ about the present Systems of the day, all are ‘geared’ to punishment that they the public and the legislators assume will ‘correct’ the offenders past and future way.

This may have an ‘initial’ impact upon some who ‘inadvertently’ fell ‘undone,’ but for many there will be no change due to the ‘cause’ being their mind that did and yet will again derange.

This takes place due to powerful emotions and the ‘accompanying’ thoughts that ‘persistently’ and possessively flow through into their mind and force their ‘victim’ to offend again, and the community and the legislators see not this ‘agenda’ of the invisible darkness below that ‘punishingly’ does its ‘ploy’ bestow upon mankind.

The old ‘adage’ - “There is no rest for the wicked,” should read: “The truly wicked mercilessly drive ‘others,’ and use their positions of power over these ‘others’ to unforgivingly persecute them as they sit in their ‘saintly’ glass Castles, seeing not how they ‘sully’ their own inner rose.” Neither do they see how their God will dispose of them on a later day.

So all punitive ‘correctional’ Services are ‘flawed’ and the inmates are bored and thus their minds are in a ‘stew,’ and there are a ‘million & one’ thoughts flowing through from below as their frustrations and discontent does grow.

This of course is not for all, for some are peaceful men whom did ‘fall’ due to the ‘rules’ of arrogant men who use rules to extort taxes as they defy God and God’s pen.

Soon the whole ‘Earth’ society will see the END result of their impropriety that arose when they permitted themselves to be ruled by others filled with arrogance and pride that did ‘vainly’ stride in halls of ‘power.’

Let it here be known that any of you whom cannot change and thus assist positively those who defaulted because their minds did momentarily ‘derange,’ will yourselves be cast into the sea of darkness below where my ‘truth’ you will wish you did ‘follow.’

Money will soon ‘collapse,’ and this will assist in the change to the positive as all governing Institutions fall into disarray and ‘disband.’

Letter 13

~ The ultimate betrayal ~

The ultimate betrayal is the betrayal of ones own soul as for a ‘penny’ we entrap another ‘innocent’ whom on earth does stroll.

This ‘Judas’ act is a sorry fact today where so many ‘police’ earn their false wage for the day. This false wage is their ‘due’ for being untrue as they ‘aid & abet’ extortionists who invade and intrude into the lives of God’s children when they demand a ‘licence’ fee.

The betrayal is seen when a policeman stands in a ‘witness’ box. Seeing not that his own ‘grave’ he is covering with flowery ‘flox’ that will wilt in shame once he realises the iniquity of his ‘game.’

Better to lay down your life and die for a sister or brother rather than make them suffer on behalf of another mercenary Institution. But it is all due to the love of money that is sweeter than honey until the day arrives that for its ‘use’ you must pay with your own blood that you turned into mud.

So any police or other whom for the sake of vengeance or retribution or punishment who follow the ‘decrees’ of men will themselves be ‘crucified’ as that is God’s plan.

For God did say that any whom show disrespect to ANY of HIS/HER children would cast themselves into the ‘clink’ for a time where they would be dined on by other ‘dead’ swine.

Believe you me; never let your ‘purse’ tempt you to bear ‘witness’ against any other. All whom ‘dob-in’ are ‘sinning.’ By all means ‘catch’ a troubled mind and then be only kind and help them on their way, with God’s guidance that via this pen does sway.

Letter 14

~ The ultimate Truth ~

The ultimate truth is that after the ‘party’ is over, and all have had their daily ‘say’ and done what they have done, that there comes the ‘moment’ when they stand alone with their God and their thoughts and feelings that can make them groan.

For in reality we become what we ‘be,’ in that if our daily ‘say’ or deed is happy, then ahead happiness is what we receive. But if we ‘depress’ others or make them ‘grieve,’ then our own soul we did deceive and it then suffers and we ‘depressingly’ grieve.

So the ‘ultimate’ truth of the day is that for every deed we receive a return ‘pay,’ and it is either love and happiness given or pain and suffering imposed and there is no way that we can avoid this ‘Tribute’ or Retribution.

Please therefore ensure that you take no ‘false’ pay from today,
for soon God’s final Judgment day.

Letter 15

~ The sad community ~

Sad is the community that cannot see that every person is ‘someone’s’ precious child. Would you ‘really’ wish your child to be punished by means ‘fair or foul’ and incarcerated amongst ‘men’ whom do ‘growl,’ and enforce rules and punishment in such a way that your ‘returning’ children are worse off than when they went away?

If this you would not, then why ‘plan & plot’ to send others children away to Jail to ‘play’ criminal games that consist of calling others ‘foul’ names due to frustration & tempers showing through?

Why support such a ‘foul’ beastly punitive system that does ‘stem’ from the pits below from whence all evil does flow? Why not now enforce change to the positive by peaceful and non-support of the dark system?

This way, ahead you will be glad and your offspring will thank you and they will no longer be sad. Seek deep, soon much suffering and coldness is to seep into the bones of the avengers and controllers.

And more to the point, what about you? Do you really ‘think’ that our God sees not the ‘crimes’ daily committed by you? Be you the Judge, the Legislator, the ‘copper,’ or the husband who is so untrue as he lets his dark emotions flow through and ‘incestuously’ abuses God’s daughters that are left in his ‘care’ to bring up in peace, not to let his ‘penis’ find release in every which way as he so ‘holily’ points the finger at you and me.

Yes, if you had any ‘idea’ as to how few ‘virgins’ there were even at a ‘tender’ age you would be shocked and not believe God’s sage. So the reality that I see is that the only reason that 90% of the world’s population is not locked away is that God has let you all run ‘free’ until this coming fateful day.

Believe you me, the Dark Sovereign Power did all your iniquities see, and HE will send HIS dark forces to EVERY door and for sure they will need no ‘reason’ to do what their thoughts tell them too.

They will not ‘listen’ to your cries, they do not understand your lies, they speak not the same language as you for they are deaf, and only true to the thoughts that ‘possessively’ flow through their minds.

Shocking will be the ‘pay’ that every ‘sinner’ will experience from THAT most terrible day, and the pain will NEVER go away unless you learn quickly to heed ME.

Letter 16

~ Message to Africa ~
Adrian Grimwood – Editor ‘Coastweek’ Kenya

Dear Adrian, as the world prepares to celebrate their ‘Christ-mass,’ their African born ‘Saviour’ languishes in a Tasmanian jail as he ‘confronts’ the Institutionalised ‘Authority’ of the Australian system of government.

Please advise your readers that they can ‘find’ his fresh ‘leaven’ being God’s final message to humanity at < >

Good luck for the New Year

The Messiah

Letter 17 

~ The ‘numbered’ criminal ~

The ‘Authority’ via its dark System numbers every prisoner with a ‘mark’ that replaces their name. This number is imposed by vain men who assume that the ‘upper’ hand they did somehow gain, as they reduced their ‘hostages’ with the designation ‘no name.’

How foolish and arrogant man be as his own ‘sin’ he does not see. Neither does he see that the very same ‘Beast’ below did upon all men ITS number bestow. Yes, every person who works within the dark system of man is ‘so’ numbered, as the Beast did every mind ‘span’ with ITS control that only I do see, as I am ‘he’ the spirit from eternity.

The very ‘moment’ you pay tax or obtain a receipt from any ‘department’ whose ‘seat’ is of the dark authority you did receive a number, for without that number the dark one will not permit you to be, or to remain free. No, it will persecute thee and thus we all ‘bow’ and ‘bend’ to its will as IT treats us all like ‘pigswill.’

And I am in jail today because I refused to any longer play its ‘game’ and I de-numbered my automobile three years ago and no longer support by any licence fee that dark force, as I see that those whom continue to so do will be sent to ‘join’ it below.

The reason for this is that the 'supporters' condone its dark practices as they support its 'principles' in its black book of rules. Please now try and see that the 'numbered' criminal is no worse than thee, and from what I see, many are of a higher spiritual 'station' than any government employee.

Letter 18 

~ The Tattoo ~

The ‘tattoo’ is the warrior symbol from way out of the past time when men of the ‘sword’ did mightily entwine with sword and bow and arrow and axe and club, and they smeared their flesh and into it did colours ‘rub & stain’ with a ‘prick’ that showed others their ‘disdain’ of pain.

The ancient ‘symbols’ did denote the ‘acceptance’ of the warrior, as in his tribe he ‘wrote’ his deeds with this ancient ‘ink,’ and he did not blink or cry as the tattooist stained his flesh and blood ran and did dry.

These ‘warriors’ from way out of the past are yet ‘alive’ as spirit men who all now await God’s Truth from this pen. For their battles from long ago did grow and grow as the years did flow, for ‘retribution’ was the war ‘cry’ that upon their neighbours they did bestow.

So their thoughts link-in to fleshly men of today and via the minds of the fleshly ones they telepathically have much to say, mainly being: “When you an enemy meet then knock him ‘cleanly’ off his feet and show him that you are strong and ‘proud’ that wear a ‘tattooed’ sarong. Being the ‘dress’ for all to see that you are ‘one’ of the warrior Clan and happy to so be.”

So my ‘pen’ does today say that you must now ‘turn’ and look the other way and show those below by your deed that freedom is only gained when forgiveness and love you seed.

So if you are a ‘tattooed’ warrior then show all the strength of your mind, and thus you never let ‘anger’ unwind, you are strong as you show the other that you can stand your ‘calm’ ground and be no ‘danger’ to friend or stranger.

This way you become a warrior of the LIGHT, and a true 'lover' that does never fight. For the weak 'fight' for they cannot see that courage and stillness is the 'tattoo' mark struck on a soul spiritually.

Letter 19

~ Prisoner unrest ~

Even whilst in jail there can come a ‘test’ for individual inmates when unrest begins to ‘brew’ and minds do stew. For the slightest ‘thing’ can trigger an ‘anxious’ mind and once this happens, unrest amongst many can unwind, for the perpetrator who does loudly ‘sing’ his ‘complaint,’ sees not the repercussions upon all or ‘many’ who ahead may ‘faint’ with the result.

For confined men seem to believe that they have a ‘right,’ seeing not their controlled plight, and seeing not that the ‘force’ imposing their ‘grieve’ can also dispose of their ‘make believe’ in a very harsh way as ‘vindictiveness’ comes into play.

The ‘loud’ mouth stirs up the crowd saying: “We are proud and if we stand together and demand our right, our ‘oppressors’ will give up their ‘fight’ and concede to our demands.”

Not seeing that his implication also demands that every ‘inmate’ does agree to follow him, even if ahead they are bound and punished more and thus only much ‘later’ set free.

There is also the implied ‘threat’ that if anyone does not ‘place’ their ‘bet’ with the majority, then the majority will call them ‘something’ and maybe also will ‘sting’ them another day and make them ‘pay’ for standing apart.

All men must see that the use of any demand with forceful command is use of dark power, and I say that even if the ‘heavies’ want to punish you in the ‘showers,’ it is best to any ‘enforcer’ deny and better to TRY and use reason if in any season you have a ‘valid’ complaint.

Let the ‘whinger’ go it alone and approach the bee-hive ‘drone’ personally and say: “I have a complaint or an ‘ask’ of you today, and ask that you please consider the request I place before you today.”

Freedom of choice is what life is about,
"If you don't join me or 'us' we'll you clout."

Letter 20

~ Slave Camp ~

Prisons operate in either one of two ways, either there is nothing to do, or you ‘slave’ all day for ‘equal’ to no pay as the ‘rules’ pay you a ‘pittance,’ and the ‘legislator’ does happily ‘dance’ with joy that his slaves he does freely employ.

When will man become humane? When will man see that ‘life’ is not a game? When will man see that he is always in God’s sight, and God sees all the dark rules that man does write.

When will man realise that all ‘control’ of others is more than unwise? When will man see that punishment is playing God with some other, and God’s Wrath at this Egomania ‘syndrome’ is now to be seen, and God’s ‘Pride’ is so ‘great’ that none to HIS Wrath will ‘equate.’

Every ‘official’ in a Prison ‘slave’ Camp is a ‘mini’ God as they ‘smirk’ and force others to ‘slave’ as they presume a ‘right’ to be a ‘slaver,’ and arrogantly drive others here and there as though they are but ‘swine.’

Can no ‘official’ of the ‘control’ mob see that to God, it is they whom are the swine as they use and misuse God’s precious love divine that is the Light core of each and every person?

Can the officials not see that when they ‘personally’ berate another for their angry way or ‘hate,’ that they are in fact ‘obscenely’ disrespectful to the Dark Sovereign Power, and IT knows the ‘way’ to drag these offensive ones into ITS ‘gate.’

I do know that soon, and not far away that multitudes will come my way, pleading for a chance to me see, as they ‘think’ that I can somehow ‘amend’ their arrogant insanity.

There is naught that I can personally do, for I cannot speak personally to more than a few, and at this end time there is no going ‘back,’ its either forwards and UP, or forwards and DOWN. So please wake up because I do know the ‘pain’ if you drown and fall down.

Quickly now help me by telling all of my message to humanity, and I expect the controllers to TRY and be true and quickly implement my 'Feeling Easier' Seminars and thus begin to be TRUE.

The whole of planet earth is presently a ‘slave’ camp wherein every ‘worker’ is regulated, controlled, and coerced into paying a huge percentage of their earnings into the ‘coffers’ of the autocratic Institutions that demand ‘provisioning,’ and they also demand total subservience to their ‘wishes & whims,’ being the rules that are established by vain men.

Letter 21

~ The Screws ~

The word ‘Screw’ is the name given by convicts to the souls untrue for doing what they daily do, which is to lock-up the cell door, and who also at times place ‘manacles’ on their sisters and brothers too.

Many are ‘tight lipped,’ but others have a ‘kind’ and smiling face, none seeing that in God’s eyes their ‘job’ is the one of utmost disgrace. For they receive a ‘wage’ to put others ‘away,’ and see not that even though so mandated by man. It is not the way that God did say we should be.

These men follow the ‘pen’ of the Devil that is ‘raised up’ by the Judiciary and as said, none of them see any error in their complicity to holding ‘others’ hostage and causing much pain and ‘terror.’

For these men are ‘screws,’ meaning that they can and do ‘clamp’ down upon God’s children and make them frown, and they believe that they are true to God for they are ‘deaf & blind’ too.

For they neither see nor ‘hear’ their victims plight, they sleep happily in bed as the ‘crims’ weep and suffer nightmares and fright, and the depression and desperation that does grow, will by God now be placed upon the ‘screws,’ this I do know.

So if any ‘correction or prison’ men this read, then prepare for when ahead it is you to bleed, for the time is soon come when our God via ‘demons’ is to bring the whole ‘kit & caboodle’ undone.

Many 'guards' are worse than their prisoners, for they show no 'respect' and treat prisoners as 'sub' human. Guards are people employed by the Dark Sovereign Power, and are required to be 'merciless,' and any 'vindictiveness' in their 'nature' gives them the opportunity to show their disdain and 'superiority' as they give 'vent' to their 'spleen.'

I would have it that one day, even though far ahead, that you guards are set free, but that will only ‘happen’ if you now heed me, for only if you at my message ‘glance,’ will you ahead have a ‘slight’ chance.

For if you do me deny or defy, then I see that you will fight to get away from your ‘dues’ pay, and in this act you will bind yourself, and any who made a pact with ‘evil’ end up in a dungeon below, trapped for an eternity by the cruel Devil.

You have been warned, you are only 'safe' screws when you do as I tell you to.

Letter 22 

~ The ‘arrest’ Decree ~

Let it here be known that my ‘time’ spent jailed was to enable me the simple man to understand fully consciously the pain & suffering & loss ‘felt’ by other ‘hostages’ as ‘forceful’ men dealt them a ‘welt.’

It was also necessary for me to see the iniquity that results from a vain ‘Judas’ policeman coming arrogantly to a ‘family’ door and arresting ‘someone’ on behalf of an ‘Institution’ that is black and deadly for sure.

For I am a man of Peace who would not seek to disturb any others ‘peace of mind,’ and thus to ‘date’ I have to all ‘such’ men been ‘smiling’ and kind.

But our God has now ‘forced’ my pen to for HIM say that all the arrogant by HIM will be forced and sent DOWN for a time and a time to for their iniquities fully PAY.

Our God also tells me that every ‘atom’ of energy within the heart of every person HE can see, and HE sees the depth of their ‘pride & vanity,’ and HE sees that they enjoy ‘pulling up’ me and you for and on behalf of the ‘book of rules’ that they follow as these rules permit them to so do. (Enjoy the hunt and apprehending of their quarry).

Thus there is naught to any of them that I can say, for I have said it all in many a way.

The Decree

"ANY person who ‘arrests’ any other for the purpose of ‘fine or punishment’ is by their Creator to BE sent DOWN into cold blackness, and their emotions will ‘bubble’ and they will know WHY I said: "Never make any other sister or brother frown.

This applies to those ‘uniformed’ or otherwise.
This applies to those ‘mandated’ or otherwise.

No man or system is to control the lives of others. Good counsel and guidance only. No enforced demands of compliance, for it is none of your business what others do, even if to others and thus ultimately themselves they are untrue."

God says that all for any ‘folly’ do pay, this I have known for many a day, but I also know that due to ones ‘state’ when sent below, that it is extremely difficult to rise up again, due to the callous mentality of ones ‘bedfellows.’

For there, one does not have a ‘special’ cell, one is exposed to the satanic ‘spell,’ being HIS thoughts within every MIND, and HIS intent is to you eternally BIND, and this HE tries to do by placing very difficult ‘choices’ before you, and if MY wisdom you did not READ, then you will succumb to HIS power and you will fight, and thus for yourself more trouble seed.

When ‘below,’ there is no telephone ‘connection’ or ‘visits’ from loving friends, and the ‘sounds’ are ‘insufferably’ LOUD, and people ‘mill’ and crowd around, all bound by thoughts of retribution. There is no ‘release’ day set either.

Have I got through to you yet?

The only ‘safe’ arrest of any by any is for the sole purpose of Aid, so that good counsel can be given, not the ‘back’ of a spade. Please now change your police ‘dress’ and your ‘role,’ and help me help God’s children who errantly on Earth stroll.

Notes: Certainly man can 'raise up' welfare departments to operate 'systems' that aid the community through supplying services, but no man or 'system' can dictate the manner in which others must live, even if such a 'way' appears to be for the benefit of the majority.

Man is only required by God to comply with God's Code of Conduct, being to "Walk in peace and respect all." Certainly the majority can 'arrest' a person who is 'disturbing the peace' by 'sinning' (Refer page 25 the Testament of Truth), in being offensive, and this 'errant' can be counselled and then set free as per the 'Decree' of God reference 'prisoners' on page 29 of the Item 'Messiah's imprisonment' within the Offender document. - and -

The reference to prisoner 'detention' is also found on page 18 being the 'Police Mandate' that is found within the Item 'Police peace Treaty.'

Certainly the majority can 'arrest' a person who is being offensive and thus 'disturbing the peace,' and this errant can be counselled and set free as per the above decrees of God given.

However, no 'weaponry' can be used to make the arrest, and it needs be done 'peacefully' and thus causing no bodily harm, and it is solely for the purpose of education, not 'correction.' Thus 'arrestors' must have 'empty' open hands.

Any person who is disturbing the peace who is armed or dangerously violent and thus resists arrest 'forcefully,' must be left alone until such time as they have calmed down and can be peacefully approached and spoken to. If this they refuse to do, then it is up to God not you, to do what God would do.

The present reality being, that every 'state' and local council system worker believes that they have a right to enforce the legislated rules of the day, thus it is they whom needs be counselled by God via the pages of wisdom within these documents, so that they can begin to change their 'interfering' ways.

It is now the time for all mankind to stop expecting others to comply with their 'fiscal' and other demands, and to stop demanding anything from others via people in their pay.

Letter 23

~ Sadness ~

There is a sadness in my eyes as I think of the multitudes that are unseeing and ‘unknowingly’ unwise, for they see not what ahead be, they see not what is seen by me.

They see not the eternal power of God who Rules all men whom ‘walk’ in every ‘Realm’ and on this earthly ‘sod.’ They see not the power that lies in HIS mind, the power to set free or to bind.

They see not the need to "Only love," and though all ‘yearn’ for a loving touch, they still feel ‘justified’ in denial and making the other ‘burn.’

So as I sit in my lonely ‘cell’ held bound by ‘Satan’s’ men, I still feel sad for their way and hope they find the message from my pen. For they are bound by rules, dictated by ‘bigger’ fools, and none as said can see the depth of their ‘coming’ misery.

And when they are separated from the ones they ‘love,’ they will wish they had heeded the ‘call’ of God’s dove, to let the other go, so that God’s grace and freedom upon their own souls they bestow.

It is I the one whom must ‘feel’ and write. Thus God put me in this ‘dark’ place of little light, so that the others here I can see, and sense their ‘anguish’ and then write it for all to see.

For I too am but a ‘simple’ man, one who knows loneliness and the longing to return above. For it is only because I can it see, that I am able to continue my earthly task in the hope of helping thee. For so many are unkind and blind, and this does ‘impinge’ upon me.

And today I had a ‘visitor,’ a lady of the Light joined the others visiting their ‘beloveds’ who as me are ‘locked-in’ each night, and ‘alas,’ when she finally walked away I realised the deep ‘loss’ and suffering soon to befall those who failed to heed their God ‘yesterday.’

So my ‘last’ ask of all of you is that you try and see what it is to be untrue. It is when you do others condemn, and hold them as your ‘prisoners,’ that is unholy and in defiance of God’s pen.

Please now set all men free.
Only this way will you God’s face see.

There is a ‘fresh’ determination in my blood, to help those who are turning their souls into mud. For their ‘blindness’ that be, is but the Devil’s thoughts and ‘feelings’ that they cannot see.

For they are ‘programmed’ to trust the rules of legislators that upon all are thrust long before any were born,’ and as these ‘multiply,’ none see that they are false and not from our God up HIGH.

They all ‘stem’ from the ‘Dark one’ below, who so cunning be that HE has trapped the entire ‘race’ called humanity. It is only the power of my ‘Light’ that can ‘set’ all RIGHT. That is for those who can believe that I am HE the LIGHT who does not deceive.

Do you ‘hear’ what I say when I say: "All have been led astray"? I hope so, for if you believe that you are ‘okay,’ then you will suffer and quite possibly FALL, as you ‘avoid’ the teaching of this soul tall.

Letter 24

~ Sickness in the land ~

There is a great ‘sickness’ in the land, and everyone is dealing a ‘card’ underhand as they criticise and accuse the ‘other’ for every ‘which’ thing. None seeing that it is the Devil’s thoughts that their minds sting.

The word ‘forgiveness’ has blown away, it could be ‘removed’ from the dictionary as it is unused by man today.

The same goes for ‘compassion and mercy’ and all things nice, all men have minds stuck in a vice. The vice being the ‘book of rules’ to whom all bow as they say: "I am but following the book, for it is responsible for my ‘deeded’ way."

Do none yet understand that God is real and sees the deeds ‘underhand’? Can none see that even ‘lovers’ cannot meet and greet in a park without some ‘rule’ saying: "It is prohibited to show ‘love’ on the street and, if you kiss or touch in public, then the ‘weight’ of the law you will meet."

So now the time is here when for a ‘time’ we will all ‘die’ and forget our loving God up high, as the dark sickness sweeps the land, for God said: "All who love not, will be destroyed by MY dark forces underhand."

So the sickness will bring tears and terror to all, and all will suffer and many will fall, and only those who follow me and ‘inoculate’ their souls with love will find their way out of the ‘rotten’ tree.

For all have become ‘lost’ and bound by the dark ‘roots’ and all now must face dark ‘boots’ that will kick down the rotten tree, and I hope that many will the reason to "Only love" soon see.

It is surely the time to put down the ‘mace.’ Follow God, not the ‘rules’ of disgrace. For the rules permit one to be bad, and the end result of that ‘sickness’ is that one becomes mad.

Look into the mirror today, and to your face say: "What do I see, a ‘person’ of arrogance and misery, or a fool who is a ‘tool’ of the dark, or do I see a little LIGHT spark"?

For if you cannot be loving and kind and thus to yourself true in all you do, then to yourself you are untrue, and you deserve the comeback due to be imposed by God upon you.

Letter 25

~ Radio triple ‘T’ – Hobart ~

Triple T – Please ask your listeners to send their thoughts my way on Christmas day, and to all 70 prisoners held ‘hostage’ at Hayes prison due to their taxes funding the ‘hounds’ that ‘bay.’

Yes, here are 70 odd good men and/or children who all have families, and at and on the festive season of CHRIST, that is supposed love and good ‘cheer,’ not one visitor is allowed to this way veer.

And believe it or not, the returned in the flesh ‘Christ soul’ is also incarcerated in this ‘hellish’ spot. Where ‘liberty’ and freedom is denied because legislators have more than tried to raise up rules that all bow to.

Yes the ‘rules’ make men into ‘criminals’ in man’s eyes, and that in God’s eyes is less than wise. Even the magistrate who ‘locked up’ me refused to even ‘hear’ my ‘defence’ plea for he said that my ‘head’ was ‘untrue’ if I refused to listen to his ‘insane’ demands that he tried to impose on the ‘old soul’ wise.

Please tell all your listeners to read my ‘The Judgment papers’ that I did seed on my web site before that fateful day, so that they can see the iniquitous way the Devil does control all whom in ‘festivity’ revel.

My plea of all men true is to send my sisters and brothers home from their imprisonment after they have been counselled by me. For each and every one of them has a loving family, and if as in one case a man is a ‘little’ over the supposed alcohol ‘limit,’ why should you the taxpayer pay ‘someone’ to make him sit in jail for 12 months?

God says: "As you do is done unto you."

And that applies to all done by your servants employed by you.

Letter 26

~ Prisoner privileges ~

In the mind of God, any person ‘held’ due to a past transgression of God’s Holy Word: "Only be loving & merciful & forgiving & compassionate," who by their transgression disturbs the peace of the land, has no privileges. For by their defiance of God’s Command they show God that they are of the ‘underprivileged’ Class of persons.

Thus the ‘danger’ to ourselves if we ever show any disrespect to friend or stranger. For we are ‘comparing’ them to ‘swine’ if we them in any way ‘mistreat,’ thus the need for us to greet all others civilly, kindly, and fully within the Code of Conduct of God, not man.

Man has a different ‘Code,’ for man believes that in some ‘situations’ that he is ‘entitled’ to treat others as ‘underprivileged,’ and thus he believes that he can himself defy the Code of Conduct of God and be less than kind & merciful & respectful etc.

This false belief is ‘held’ sacred by the prison officers who enforce the rules that comprises of the ‘prison legislation.’ This legislation itself dehumanises prisoners held by man as ‘hostages’ for non-compliance to ‘other’ Institutional regulations.

Let it here be known that it is only God’s prerogative to ‘trap’ errant man and hold him ‘hostage’ in God’s ‘underworld’ as an ‘underprivileged’ no name person for a time and a time as designated by God the Dark Sovereign Power who is the retributive & punitive Authority.

Let it here be known that any ‘officer’ of any ‘State’ prison department is in defiance of God’s Code of Conduct in their ‘upholdment’ of man’s prison regulations, and thus these officials of the State government are themselves to be subjected to a similar ‘stint’ in the underprivileged dark ‘world’ below, for a time and a time until God’s truth our God did upon their underprivileged consciousness bestow.

It is for no ‘man’ to tell any ‘other’ that they must earn privileges. Soon many ‘men’ will ‘bleat’ as they do the merciless Devil’s forces greet. I do feel very, very sorry for many of you, for many are kind but ‘blind’ to God’s reality.

Please now gracefully accept your penalty imposed by God upon you, and quickly seed your minds with my ‘wisdom,’ so that when you are ‘forced’ to kneel at the Devil’s feet you accept it and quietly pay your due.

Letter 27

~ Incriminate ~

The ‘system’ rules state that man must ‘dob-in a mate’ meaning to assist them, the system’s officers the enforcers, to incriminate another or ‘oneself’ on their behalf.

None should ‘laugh’ at the insanity of this ‘demand’ that is always accompanied by a coercive threat of fine or punishment for any ‘evasive’ response. Our God says that you are free to do whatever you ‘wish to if you are ever called upon by others or ‘forces men’ to ‘speak out’ against another or yourself.

But our God says: "To be true to yourself and ME, then I ask that your reply is only; ‘I have nothing to say.’ For any aid given to others that will assist them to fine or punish or berate or incarcerate others or yourself, is an act untrue to the soul of the ‘idiot’ demander. Be they a ‘private’ or an official Commander."

For any ‘complicity’ in bringing yourself or any other to ‘account’ for the purpose of fine or punishment is wrong in God’s eyes. For this act ‘assists’ other ‘ignorants’ to ‘sin’ themselves, as they are aided by you to defy God’s call of forgiveness.

As the world now intensifies its unforgiving retributive mode, it is important for you to prepare yourself to be ‘questioned’ by ‘inquisitors. Please thus prepare your mind today as you reprogram it to say:

"I have nothing to say:"

If they say: "Did you see anything"?

Answer: "I have nothing to say:"

If they say: "Did you do this deed"?

Answer: "I have nothing to say:"

If they say: "You were the only person around, and thus you must have been a ‘party to’ the process."

Answer: "I have nothing to say:"

If they say: "If you don’t tell us what you did or saw others do, then we will assume your complicity and punish you too."

Answer: "I have nothing to say:"

If they say: "In that case we find you guilty of complicity and pass this sentence upon you."

Answer: "I have nothing to say:"

The only time you can ‘report’ another or yourself as a ‘transgressor’ of God’s Code of Conduct is where it is to a known Peace Corps unit that is solely ‘geared’ to giving you good counsel as per the ‘Feeling Easier Seminar’ and then setting you free.

Never be a ‘party to’ assisting any ‘punitive force’ carry out its 'mandated by man’s rules' operations. These are all dark operations.

Even under threat of death or ‘crucifixion’ you must only say:

"I have nothing to say."

For the "Kiss & tell" takes one to Hell, for when anyone helps the Serpent in its punitive ‘bite’ role, be it through fear or their own vengeful plight, then they have helped ‘death’ on its road and some of its ‘taint’ becomes their spiritual lode.

So ‘seductive’ and ‘justifiable’ is the retributioner's cry, that none see its capacity to make them spiritually die. For it is only when we help others to become free, that God sets us free.

Letter 28

~ Caesar’s men ~

The officials employed by Caesar, being any person employed in any government department that has any ‘authority’ to punish, control, reprimand, demand, command etc over any other person, need to see their position as being one of impropriety in God’s eyes.

No ‘mere’ mandate by man, be they president, king, or chief or any other has any ‘standing’ in God’s eyes. All whom assume they do are but simpletons who are fools unwise.

Being simpletons who cannot see that even though God is invisible to them, that God their Creator is real, and any person playing ‘god’ by their controlling or abuse of others does seal their own fate in the negative aspect of God’s supreme Law that is ‘inviolate’ and immutable for sure.

"As you do is done unto you"

Thus the time is now here when God is to ensure the fulfillment of HIS Law and any ‘person’ of any ‘standing’ who ever has, or yet does ‘abuse’ others ‘officially’ or otherwise, and thus disturbs their peace, will themselves now be ‘placed’ in a similar position of indisposition by very ‘dark’ forces soon to be seen in every ‘street’ on earth.

Let it here be known that there is no ‘bottom’ as such to the ‘bottomless pit’ below, thus the more darkness you ‘sow,’ will simply mean that in the afterlife you will lower go, and greater suffering upon your own soul bestow.

There is to be no ‘escape’ from the Beast, thus I suggest to those of ‘authority’ that they now remove their ‘ring’ of power, as IT is what ‘attracts’ demonic thoughts into their minds through which they are incited into actions that are less than kind.

I ‘suggest’ that all now heed God and follow me, rather than follow rules in books that truly iniquitous be.

Any rule that ‘permits’ any ‘department’ to ‘fees’ take, or any rule that ‘permits’ man to ‘arrests’ make, are all Anti-Christ and of the Dark Sovereign Power, and it is that force to now ‘shower’ ITS ‘users’ with ITS displeasure with an equal and opposite measure.

Letter 29

~ Warlords v/s Citizens ~

It is through the use of ‘force of arms’ that warlords have the ‘upper hand’ in every earthly land, and what the ‘citizen’ needs to see, is that they only ‘remain’ free as long as they pay an ‘annual’ royalty.

So all citizens are in fact ‘hostages’ even when they sit at home, for if they wish to roam, then first they had to ‘purchase’ a licence fee.

Not only this, but every person has to pay ‘up front’ taxes called ‘permits’ before they can fish or cut down a tree. So all are truly hostages to the Institution that itself is the ‘books of rules’ raised up via vain men by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power.

Imprisonment is the deliberate use of physical & physiological coercion used to induce others to submit to the ‘will’ of the legislative ‘terrorist’ who imposes his ‘will’ by legislated edicts that are an ‘imposition’ upon God’s children.

These ‘official’ terrorists call their hostage camps by the name of ‘’Correctional’ services, but in God’s eyes they are all prisons that hold God’s children hostage, and all that are a ‘party to’ or ‘complicit to’ these bestial confinement ways accrue a similar destiny for a time in the ‘dark’ dungeons below, where God shows HIS capacity to ‘correct’ HIS errant children from their ignorant and arrogant ways.

How do you become truly free? Only by following me and no longer supporting the nefarious atrocities of the Dark Sovereign Power that is totally in ‘opposition’ to the Light of God.

I hope this you can see, for the freedom ‘gained’ by paying any licence ‘fee’ is only very temporary, as fee ‘costs’ rise annually and this causes currency purchasing power to slide down and thus all frown.

Children, it is I to try and reach into the minds of the ‘warlords’ and teach them and their ‘officials’ something before they depart this ‘shore.’

For if they cannot or do not hear me, then for an eternity they will suffer excruciatingly on a distant shore, and I would ‘save’ them from this for sure.

For all of ‘us’ have been deceived by the Dark Sovereign Power that over many ‘ages’ weaved its ‘greedy’ spell that has trapped so many. So let us all now change our way. Be it the ‘citizen’ or the ‘public servant’ receiving a false ‘controllers’ pay.

Yes the names of the ‘likes’ of ‘Attila the Hun,’ Caesar, and ‘Bush’ will live on in the history books as arrogant dictators whose ‘military’ ways gave them a brief moment of ‘glory’ in the eyes of some men.

But the reality is that they were ‘possessed’ men who were mere ‘tools’ of darkness, used to mete out divine retribution, and the personal consequence of their actions was an eternal existence in the dark worlds below, where their personal ‘sorrows’ and suffering eternally grow.

Institutional administrators are power hungry controllers who perceive all other power hungry controllers of other ‘lands’ as a threat, and it is these administrators who place their ‘bet’ on ‘force of arms’ and weaponry and the chemical mace, and their disgrace will be seen by all as will their ‘eternal’ fall into the Abyss.

Heed not their ‘wind & piss’ for they are false ‘shepherds’ who do lead multitudes astray, and great suffering will they impose and thus suffer themselves for an eternity and a day.

Institutions are the business of extortion. Ruthlessness is the basic tool of the extortionist. It is the ‘squeeze’ applied forcefully upon any whom ‘defy’ the decrees legislated into the book of rules of arrogant men whom all defy God and God’s sacred pen. The rulebook is the extortioners 'instrument' backed by force.

All that continue now in their ‘role’ of upholding the extortionist or controlling rules of men, are to now be ruthlessly destroyed by invisible forces now deployed by the Dark Sovereign Power, and the minds of these invisible ‘forces’ will lurk in the psyche of man, and via ignorant man will do their ‘dirty’ work. Insane ‘possessed’ minds in action.

Let us all now be forgiving and kind. Let all see that all were merciless and unkind. All walking into the dark night, and the result of this you now see, being that man unforgivingly against man will fight.

Only those who can walk peacefully will by their God be set free.

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