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From: Terence
Sent: Friday, October 28, 2016 7:48 PM
To: Legal Aid
Subject: Letter to Solicitor Alan Hensley - The Crown v/s Kerry Bilston - Supreme court - 8th December

Dear Alan, I am a 77 year old living at ‘Lottah’ and my work focuses upon the area of demonic possession. I am a spiritual consultant with over 40 years experience in the area of ‘spirit possession’ which involves and understanding of the liquid evil that pervades the mind and emotions of mankind. The two people referred to in the letter below are known to me personally since I live in the area. I am an educator and would like to assist in the rehabilitation of Kerry Bilston.

I would in fact like to be Kerry Bilston's ‘witness,’ one who is well versed to speak on his behalf as a ‘professional’ spiritual advisor and consultant. As an experienced counsellor in matters of the mind I do know how easily as individual's mind can become instantly ‘possessed’ by demonic forces who can and often do literally ‘take over’ the mind of a person for an instant or longer.

Once possessed, the individual often has 'done their deed' without conscious awareness of their actions. In many instances the 'possessed' one (in this instance Kerry) then regains their 'senses' and only then realises the enormity of what they have done. An ‘act’ that cannot be ‘undone.’

There are reasons ‘why’ everyone globally is becoming more ‘negative’ critical and retributive, and I would like to make a fresh start here in Tasmania by setting a POSITIVE precedent because there will be many, many more acts of violence and killing before a year is past and in fact, everyone in this land needs to begin to learn ‘how’ to fortify their mind against uncontrollable THOUGHTS.

The family of the departed soul ‘Dean’ have been counselled by me. They are enlightened people who are very forgiving, and I do believe that they will accept my outreach to assist the ‘killer’ since they do now have a greater comprehension of the FACT that 'Kerry B' was mentally disturbed and consequently unable to help himself – I have today written the below and on it are some links to my very comprehensive mental health web site.

I am available to submit a statement to assist the Court and the man in need. - Terence

~ The 'humane' Report ~

God v/s Dean in a murder trial being the case of Dean Manshanden who was killed by Kerry Bilston

At approximately 7 pm on 15th October at "Lottah" in NE Tasmania the 'Judgement of God' was imposed upon Mr Dean Manshanden. His neighbour Mr. Kerry A Bilston took it upon himself to be the 'Judge, jury and the punitive 'administrator' of God's 'eye for an eye' Justice.

This report is raised up by me God's Plenipotentiary so that all mankind may LEARN how suffering is perpetuated and goes on and on and on IF man FAILS to OBEY and thus 'heed' God's "Mercy, compassion and forgive" Command unto all mankind no matter what the provocation.

I am a spirit 'medium' and was fortunate enough to be the ONE to whom the deceased's 'spirit' presented himself to me a few days after his soul had been released from his biological body. Dean presented himself in the 'lounge' of my home where he asked that I counsel his dear wife and companion of many years as well as comfort for other family members. This I did on the morning of 27th October at St. Helens.

These caring and loving people were of the belief in the eternal existence of ones spirit soul so they were very happy and comforted by my words that 'Deano' was OK and in a happy space.

I answered many questions and I also imparted the Truth that Dean has been 'freed' from a past debt to God, being a time when he had caused the same 'harm' (as that done to him) to another person, either in this life or in a pre-birth time whilst living in spirit realms.

Since this report is an educational document I need to explain to the reader what was factually done and factually by whom and what factually is now to take place.

It is common knowledge in the local district that Kerry Bilston was a mentally disturbed person who had great difficulty in controlling his emotion of anger. This resulted in Kerry B being unable to stem the flow of dark, negative and destructive thoughts that continued to 'plague' his MIND.

This 'activity' is referred to as "Minds under siege" and is the telepathic subjugation of the mind of man from lower realms by demonic forces who are all 'driven' by the DARK destructive ENERGY essence of the Source, God. This understanding was, in the past, 'known' as 'Spirit Possession.'

The LOSS of this understanding took place when psychiatry came into vogue. Unfortunately the concept of spirit possession has been long forgotten by experts with the exception of those 'elderly' as me whose work is in that field.

This invisible DARK power uses any person having an 'open' mind as ITS 'instrument' of Divine Retribution so that IT via their mind and hand can and does 'balance' ITS 'Scales of punitive Justice.' The link to the mind of ITS 'victim' (the aggressor) is via the telepathic mental link enabled (created)  by the 'vibration' of a negative emotion.

Every person living outside of the Pure Light has some 'Sin' within, being the array of negative emotions within them. As stated above, these DARK emotions are the means whereby the mind of man can be 'entered' and controlled by the Dark aspect of THE SOURCE. This telepathic subjugation of the mind IS the cause of ALL irrational, unconscionable and destructive activity as well as all other anti-social behaviour and suicide.

I do have a 'Feeling Easy' Seminar program on line that teaches listeners HOW to fortify their minds.

YouTube - Feeling Easy 'audio' Seminar  (1. 41 mins):

This seminar is designed to assist people to control their thoughts so as to be able to stay rational and sane when faced by adversity

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Mankind needs to NOW learn that the Source has two polarities, LIGHT and DARK, and that both have the same 'Law of equal return' for the energy used by man or that flows through man. (Refer my end of page link: The energy of God)

Mankind needs to NOW become HUMANE because THE DARK ENERGY of God in this 'case' will now 'ahead' do the VERY SAME to 'Kerry B' via the mind and hands of some other, at which point this 'other' person then becomes the 'Instrument of God' as they 'Judge, condemn and punish.' It then becomes the case of "God v/s Kerry" via the hand of this arrogant and ignorant mortal who then takes ON the spiritual 'debt' from Kerry B upon his own head.

It then becomes a case of "God v/s this 'other' person."

Now PRIOR to 'Kerry' being killed in this world or the next as God's Law fulfils ITSELF, any punitive 'judgement' causing 'Kerry B' mental and emotional trauma and loss of freedom becomes a due 'debt' by those imposing the punitive return. Sadly we all fail to see that punitive 'justice' is NOT a 'free' ride that is 'above or beyond' the REACH of the LAW of God.

Magistrates imposing punitive 'sentence' or others involved such as Police and corrective services are not exempt because of their 'mandate' or 'badge of office' because NO 'rule in a book' nor decree of man can nullify the 'eye for an eye' Law of God. Any form of punishment upon 'Kerry B' becomes a 'due' upon the heads of all involved, including 'voters and taxpayers' because the 'system' of justice operates on their behalf and in their name.

Now you see why God said: "Be merciful and compassionate and forgiving" because, only by being merciful do we NOT become embroiled in ongoing karmic suffering.

So we do now need to EDUCATE our 'brother' 'Kerry B' and NOT 'berate' him because, he was and yet is simply an ignorant and mentally disturbed person, one incapable of stemming the tide of darkness that seized 'possession' of his MIND thereby causing him to become momentarily insane (possessed) and incapable of controlling his emotions and thoughts hence his fatal ACTIONS.

I can assure you the reader that everyone on earth is now to be exposed to very dark emotions and uncontrollable thoughts for the reasons given and revealed by me on my web site. All will 'turn their hand' against others vindictively IF they fail to understand my message to everyone sent by God.

Let us all now 'treat' Kerry B with respect and love and mercy so that 'HE our God' does IT see and 'we' then stay FREE from His WRATH, a wrath which is already evident globally.

Let us here in Tasmania be the FIRST to heed our given 'licence' to hold * and educate 'killers' as per the directive in my 'Offender' document. Fail in this - - - and punish 'Kerry B' vindictively, - - - and the 'case' moves to being: "God v/s YOU and your supporters."

I need to state herein that the police service can offer 'protection' to the community but they cannot stop the punitive 'arm' of 'God in action.' It needs to be seen that this destructive force also operates through the 'protectors' as via them it also imposes strictures and punishment in the form of mental and emotional trauma and monetary extortion.

Irrespective of ones 'standing' in the community, each is personally responsible for their actions as each stands before their God 24/7.


Link: The energy of God:
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Link: 'licence' to hold * - found as paragraph 8 : ~ The Court of God v/s the Court of man ~
The Offender document - Page 45 at


Addendum: Extract from page 2 of: "Who IS or what IS the earthly Sovereign Power"

When will you 'awaken' to Truth and Reality?

If your neighbour loses control of their thoughts due to anger or hatred and they injure, maim or kill, you presently BELIEVE that they must be 'put away' for a very long time in jail or be punished.

I ask: "What of the 'politicians' who invoke legislative rules enabling them to send young men to fight or to drop bombs on others thereby maiming or killing thousands."? Is this legislation not a 'case' of an activity that is 'licensing' PRE-MEDITATED MURDER.

It most certainly is, and NO legislation nullifies or 'voids' the 'Return unto user' Law of God's ENERGY. THIS energy is a 'Law unto itself' and if your use of IT is 'legal or illegal' in your eyes but it causes HARM, then you and all COMPLICIT will suffer the same in this world or the next.