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~ The ‘killing of Matthew’ document ~
An 'incomprehensible' act of madness
The response by mankind and by my pen.

This document is an ‘expose’ of spiritual truth. It relates to the killing of Matthew Gouldthorpe by Shayne Mayne on Feb 19, 2005, and reveals the hidden ‘nature’ of the forces of evil that are in fact the retributive ‘arm’ of God in action on earth that operates ‘clandestinely’ via the minds of the ignorant, vain, arrogant, and mischievous.

The facts as known by me are those presented in the Examiner newspaper of March 29 2008, wherein it is stated that the ‘killer’ Mr. Mayne was told by his vehicle passenger Mr. Brown to ‘run him over,’ and this dastardly deed was done in a ‘split’ second as the vehicle driver ‘Mayne’ used the vehicle to ‘hunt’ down and kill Matthew. Mayne stated; “It seemed funny at the time.” Mrs. Pauline Gouldthorpe stated that: “What they did to my son was so evil, so senseless, it defies comprehension.”

I write this document as a teacher of spiritual truth with a very deep understanding of the psyche of man, his negative emotions, and the power of and reality of spirit possession from dark realms of consciousness, being the overriding of ones consciousness that is telepathic, intrusive and overpowering and subjugating.

I feel that the full understanding of the ‘case’ needs to be exposed and considered by all, including the Parole Board of Tasmania, before anyone makes any further ‘move’ to release or detain the ‘victim’ of the State enforcement department, being Mr. Brown.

Firstly, the killer was not "Brown." Secondly, the ‘act’ was perpetrated by “Mayne” who had sole control of the vehicle. The third point being, that due to the fact that the act was cruel, callous and ‘beyond comprehension,’ one needs to examine the spiritual ‘factors’* that existed at that point in time that surrounded the ‘case’ and that enabled the killing to take place.

Note: the spiritual ‘factors’* - man of today is totally ignorant of the reasons for all confrontation, control, invasion of space and destruction of life or livelihood. This is only now revealed by God via my pen at; 

It ‘appears’ that the act was ‘incited or invited’ by the ‘run him over’ words emanating from the mouth of the passenger “Brown.” From ‘where’ arose the thoughts in his mind to make such a statement to the driver? Man of today assumes they were his own, (Brown's) I do not.

Why did these words from his mouth manage to invoke an immediate killer response of destructive thoughts within the mind of the driver “Mayne”? To me the answer is ‘easy,’ for both ‘parties’ were telepathically accessed by the overpowering, possessive, and telepathic intrusion of the invisible Dark Sovereign Power.

This ‘power’ is the ‘Mastermind’ behind every invasive, controlling, retributive, punitive and destructive activity, and ITS thoughts arise up from the Dark via the minds of demonic forces that ‘lurk’ unseen as they stride invisibly alongside the vain, arrogant and unwise who are not in control of their minds due to many reasons.

This Mastermind is the self-empowered divine authority of God that metes out divine punitive retribution for the negative aspect of God’s singular, superior and immutable “As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law.

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Man does not realise that this ‘force’ operates on this level of consciousness via the mind and ‘hands’ of the ‘empowered’ by wage ones, (State enforcers) as well as via the simple ‘people’ who are ignorant, vain, callous, vengeful, spiteful, cruel, that cannot ‘rationalise’ or control their negative emotions nor their thoughts and, - - -

None of these persons understand the reality of God’s single immutable Law in that, what they unto others do, does come back to them for them to ‘suffer’ on an ‘eye for an eye’ or EQUAL basis in this or the after life.

What simple man needs to understand is, that every ‘sinner’ (full of negative emotions) has a mind that can be accessed telepathically in an instant by that invisible Dark Power to be ITS ‘instrument of death’ if they are ignorant of IT and ITS power, and if they have not learnt to protect their mind. This is due to the fact that negative emotions are the 'energy of the Dark' and a part of ITS 'domain.'

So both Brown and Mayne were used ‘jointly’ by that force as IT overrode their consciousness for a moment in time but, - - - Mayne took it upon himself * to be the ‘instrument of evil.’

Note: Mayne took it upon himself * - whether he ‘consciously’ had the opportunity to override his ‘it seemed funny at the time’ feelings or thoughts is irrelevant, for the FACT is that he will ahead suffer the same ‘consequential’ agony of thoughts, emotions, and physical pain he imposed upon Matthew and, all the years of imprisonment he is now enduring do not ‘count’ in God’s eyes. He is suffering ‘that’ for long past dues in the pre-life on earth time when he detained others and, - - -

All the suffering he is 'enduring' that is resulting from his present incarceration becomes a ‘due’ to be met by the today enforcement personnel and taxpayers that fund their wages, for the 'incarceration' is defiance of the ”Peace & mercy & forgiveness” Command of God and is avenging retribution, and IT places the enforcer within the same dark and punitive “As you sow so shall ye reap” aspect of God’s Law.

The above also applies to “Brown,” for his incarceration is also a spiritual due from the past with NO relevance to the case at hand. He needs to now be released after he has attended a Feeling Easier Seminar;  seminar.htm  so that he learns ‘something’ that will educate him, and assist him to be true unto himself, others in the community, and God his Creator and, he needs to learn of God’s immutable Law.

Matthew’s parents need to learn of the power of God and God’s ‘underhand,’ for they need to see that ‘Matthew’ was ‘reaping’ what he sowed in the past, probably pre-birth on this earthly ’shore’ and, - - - they need to see that his spirit soul is now lighter and brighter for having paid his ‘dues’ to God, and his wonderful spirit is alive in another realm of consciousness.

Both Matthew’s parents need to ‘bow’ to God’s commanded code of conduct; “Go your way in peace and be merciful and forgiving.” If they ‘pursue’ Brown or the other in a merciless and retributive way, then they will suffer more within God’s Law.

All parties need to be counselled by me via my web site. Mayne was ‘possessed’ temporarily, and he was used by demonic forces to ‘chase’ a past offender in God’s eyes and bring him to ‘account.’ He needs to be assisted by daily attending Feeling Easier Seminars for 6 months, so that he learns to and is able to control his mind and his future actions, for he is presently in grave danger of losing his soul to the dark.

The whole ‘inhuman’ culture of man has been ‘built’ around the anti-Christian way of the ‘vengeful justice’ aspect of God’s DUAL energy, this is the ‘eye for an eye’ punitive way of the negative Dark energy of God, that invokes a similar return unto man of suffering because, - - - man’s demands include merciless retribution, for as yet there is neither ‘mercy’ nor forgiveness towards other ‘sinners.’

That 'way' is the opposite to the true Godly way of ‘merciful forgiveness’ as commanded by God the Light aspect of God’s DUAL energy essence. For when passing a ‘restorative’ and educative ‘sentence’ upon a ‘sinner,’ this benign and merciful expression invokes an equal benign ‘eye for an eye’ return unto all parties.

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Those taking a wage to uphold ‘rules’ of men and be responsible for the ‘orderliness’ conduct of others, see not that any punishment they impose places them ‘squarely’ within the punitive aspect of God’s Law, for in God’s eyes their ‘crime’ against humanity is as great or greater than that of their ‘victim.’

Note: A person that personally punishes or abuses others, or leads others to, - - - or incites others to, - - - or pays others to punish or abuse or cause harm to or disadvantage people is a person that 'spits' on the creation of God, and they place themselves under God’s very heavy hand.

Note: A person such as a member of a Parole Board needs to realise that if they take it upon themself to deny the release of a prisoner for any reason, that they are 'guilty' in God's eyes for the ongoing imprisonment of another person and,  this is abuse and injury of another, and is equally an act of madness because, the ongoing mental, emotional and physical distress felt by the imprisoned one becomes a spiritual due of suffering to be met by the Parole Board members at a later stage in their eternal existence.

Let it be clearly understood, there is NO mandate, empowerment, official status or authorisation given unto man that voids or avoids the absolutely Just 'eye for an eye' Law of God. No person stands above nor 'beyond the reach' of God's superior "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

Note: The 'appeasement' of the demands of the people of every land is what 'forces' the 'hand' of enforcers and their rules. It is now the time for all 'the people' of every land to understand that their future and eternal destiny is very bleak, and it is to be filled with ongoing suffering and trauma unless as INDIVIDUALS they now begin to bow to the Command of their Creator, for He is absolutely merciless in the fulfilment of His Law.

The supposed 'absolution' and forgiveness granted unto mankind by men of 'religion' is absolute RUBBISH, for their 'supposed' mandate and authority is NAUGHT in the eyes of God. All must pay their dues, for this is the ONLY way to become free of ones past 'sinning' ways. Man 'screams' for JUSTICE and that is exactly what he gets at the 'hand' of God.

It is simply that man is the fool that takes it upon himself to be the 'avenger,' either through an 'act' of madness or for a wage, and thus as he man 'takes the law' into his own hands, he invokes the punitive aspect of the Law of God upon his own head. Be you a 'possessed' person or an authorised 'mandated' state official, you are still a subject of God and at all times subject to His Law.

Added note: Mankind has for so long misunderstood God's Salvation "Plan," and for so long has misunderstood God's Law, and for so long has 'deviated' from the "Peace & love & compassion & mercy & forgiveness" Code of Conduct commanded by the Creator, that vengeful, merciless and 'self-righteous' punitive 'restitution' has become the 'normal' way, as everyone demands 'Justice.'

Mankind has never fully understood the power of the demonic 'evil' force and the part it 'plays' in the deception of man and in his 'downfall.' Neither has man understood that God NEVER 'permits' any of His children to be 'injured, enslaved, controlled or destroyed' UNLESS they deserve it, being the resultant consequence of a past interaction with others, nor do they understand that God also 'allows' it and 'masterminds' it, for only as they suffer are they released of their past debt to humanity and God.

How would the Gouldthorpe parents feel if it had been their son that had 'so' done unto another? Absolutely devastated, and it would seem inconceivable. But I know that any 'unprotected' mind can become a 'victim' of the Dark. Maybe Matthew's parents could have a little compassion towards the Brown and Mayne families.

Maybe they will show a little understanding once they realise that their son was in fact released from his spiritual 'bondage' to the Dark by the 'folly' of two ignorant youths, and maybe they will have more compassion once they do realise that these two youths will 'ahead' have to pay the price for not being respectful, kind, and nice.

The debt to God 'owed' by Matthew has been taken 'off' his shoulders by the Dark force, and the 'bulk' of the now 'paid' debt has been 'imposed' or placed upon the 'shoulders' of Mr. Mayne the ignorant 'punitive' enforcer.

The past or present 'debts' owed by Brown and Mayne now continues ON, for it is being transferred daily upon the judiciary and enforcement agency of Tasmania, who daily accrue a 'due' for their own defiance of God as both Brown and Mayne suffer mentally and emotionally, and are 'constrained' against their will and, the taxpaying public of Tasmania also daily accrue a spiritual 'due' for funding, condoning, and supporting the punitive ways of their enforcers.

Man sees the 'civilian' act of abuse of another as an 'atrocity' needing punishment, but none see the mandated 'travail' imposed by the judiciary or the destruction carried out by mandated armed forces as 'atrocious,' but in the eyes of God it is all the same negative interaction between His children. All are 'in time' subjected to His Law.

Every person on the planet that knows NOT that of which I speak has but a short time to educate themselves or they will lose their eternal soul to the Dark, and it will agonisingly ‘devour’ them in the Abyss for an eternity in the afterlife.

"The Education of mankind" is God’s “The ‘Order’ of the day,” not punitive ‘correction.’

It is now the time for each to see the need of and reality of conforming to the words of God; "Turn the other cheek when abused - be merciful, compassionate and meek - forgive your enemy and lay down your arms - go your way in peace and love one another - only in this 'way' do you become free from MY Dark Power that has the intent and capacity to destroy you if you continue to defy ME."


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