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~ Mr. David Bartlett – Premier of Tasmania ~
A ‘benevolent’ society? – Intent or Deed?

Dear David, you are yet ‘young’ and you are also already ‘brainwashed’ by the poisonous ‘weed’ that has flourished for many a long century in this and every land on earth.

The reality of this ‘factor’ you cannot yet understand as its ‘truth’ has been hidden from mankind and is only now revealed by my pen.

I say that you cannot ‘create’ a benevolent society * when society is being ‘ruled’ by a cruel, ‘unconscious’ and unconscionable Dictator until or unless you reprogram your consciousness using my wisdom and also, - - - by elevating the consciousness of everyone living on this land.

Why do I say this? Because there is an unseen ‘force’ that is the ‘punitive factor’ that is in control of everyone, and IT does not ‘listen’ to the ‘likes’ of you, for its earthly ‘operatives’ that bear guns have also been ‘brainwashed’ similarly as the members of religious ‘cults,’ for they all ‘bow’ to and are paid to ‘uphold’ the TEXT in the books of rules and - - -

This TEXT in the books of rules are the invisible dictatorial ‘ruler’ of which I speak or/and, they are the means whereby man is controlled, regulated, taxed, enslaved, interfered with, punished, banished, or killed by the invisible dictatorial ‘ruler.’

Politicians invoke ‘ruling decrees’ that force the police and judiciary to become criminal ‘monsters’ in God’s eyes, for they are paid a wage to uphold these decrees named ‘the law,’ and in the course of their ‘duty’ to the TEXT rules they interfere, invade, disturb the peace, coerce, threaten, seize, assault, kidnap, punish, incarcerate and kill etc.

Yes, the judiciary and police are forced to defy God and by this ‘Act’ they accrue a similar painful due with THE “As you sow so shall ye reap” LAW of God.

Note: benevolent society * - A godly society that ‘bows’ to God and conforms to His “Go your way in peace and be loving and kind, charitable, merciful and forgiving” Command.

When you ‘admit’ to being a ‘legislator’ you are admitting to man and God that you are a ‘part of’ and complicit to the enslavement of the people of the land, and to the coerced extortion of their funds, and to their ongoing punishment for non conformity to your ‘legislated’ dictates that once ‘enacted’ are no longer ‘dictation’ but are IT, the DICTATOR.

You can ‘speak’ and be seen as ‘benign’ and of as kindly intent as your words wish to imply, but in reality, your deeds will be ‘contradicted’ by the actions of the police and judicial force that follow not your ‘intent,’ for they are paid a wage to uphold the existing ‘Decrees of Caesar,’ for they have been ‘educated’ to believe THEM to be ‘The Law.’

I am the ‘teacher’ of Truth and it is I to ‘educate’ all to the reality of this error of belief and, to educate all to the FACT being that God’s “As you sow so shall ye reap” statement is the real ‘THE LAW’ of this and every land.

So the more you legislate and thus control others, and berate and fine and punish them for non conformity, and the more society funds, condones, and supports your control of themselves and others, the more everyone becomes ‘entangled’ within the PUNITIVE aspect of God’s Law, and the more they are all controlled, taxed, and punished by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power that is the telepathic ‘instigator’ of every controlling or punitive ‘thought’ that enters the minds of the legislators.

The ONLY way out of the Dark and into the Light is for all to ‘bow’ to God’s “Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and forgiving” Command, and this means NO more control or punishment.

It also means that people must only be EDUCATED so that they learn to have ‘happy’ minds and ‘contented’ emotions and, - - - only I have the ‘means’ and ‘wherewithal’ to teach them via my web site content.

Please help me to elevate the consciousness of Tasmanians so that ‘together’ we elevate the consciousness of mankind.

Education is the way forward. Fine and punishment is simply extortion and vindictiveness in action, and is of the ‘dark ages’ that keeps the ‘Nation’ in bondage to the Devil.

We need to make a start by the implementation of my 3 hour “Feeling Easier Seminars,” so that all that do disturb the peace of the land and ‘offend’ can be educated and set free and the jails can become ‘empty,’ and the police will no longer be 'feared' for they will only haul in the 'offensive' ones to assist in their enlightenment.


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~ Response to John Wilson ~


John Wilson says; Sovereignty is defined as "the ultimate overseer or supreme authority in a state. In a state sovereignty is vested in the institution, person, or body to impose law on everyone else and to alter any pre-existing law."

Terence says; The sovereignty in every land is that of God, and the absolute error in every land today is where a 'chief, king, or other warrior' group' wielding force of arms has seized control of a land mass, and keeps the populace subjugated and enslaved to rules named 'the law,' and these rules force the 'enforcers' to defy their Creator as they punish all for any non-conformity.

John Wilson says;
In Australia sovereignty lies with the people because we are a Democracy where, by definition, the people rule.

Terence says; The people do not rule nor is there any Democracy, nor does sovereignty lie with the people because, - - - the people have no 'power' to disagree to the 'rules' or acts or statutes or other decrees raised up by the 'elect' that control their every activity, and the true 'sovereign' power is the RULE book for ITS TEXT ‘impersonally’ (without conscience) dictates the terms and conditions that are forcefully imposed upon the people and, - - -

The content of said unholy 'book' is inspired by men whose minds are controlled by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power, and via IT the books the Dark imposes its cruel 'inquisition,' monetary extortion, control, enslavement and punishment upon errant man.

John Wilson says; Australia is a Common Law country, where the law made by the common people prevails over all other forms of law. The Australian Constitution is, itself, Common Law because it was directly approved by and can only be altered by a referendum of the common people (s. 128).

Terence says; Error, the 'law' is made by 'some' people and imposed upon all others in the name of the king, chief, and the nation and ‘the people‘ and, - - - the Constitution most certainly was NOT 'approved' by anyone as its content is imposed upon all the new born and all ‘ad infinitum.’

John Wilson says; Australian State and Federal Parliaments create Statute Law, which are only laws made indirectly by the common people, through their elected representatives.

Terence says; Error, all 'decrees' name 'the law' enshrined with punitive attachments for non-conformity are invoked by the Dark Sovereign power through the minds of those that have taken it upon themselves to 'dictate' policy, terms, conditions, upon other mortals, and these 'ignorant' souls accrue a very painful due to God for their arrogance.

 John Wilson says; No one man has sovereignty over another.

Terence says; This above statement is 'mere words,' for whether it is 'a' man or a million that 'consent' for a rule or ruling to be made that in any way controls the freedom of or free choice of another, or in any way disadvantages or punishes the 'other one,' then the 'one or a million' are exercising 'sovereignty' over the 'other one.'

John Wilson says; The American Declaration of Independence says "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness --

Terence says; The American Declaration of Independence statement is also simply 'words,' for the American RULE book that 'governs' the activity of everyone does not 'recognise' anyone as being free to live their life in happiness unless they are in conformity to every 'ruling' imposed upon them month after month by the vain and insane politicians that cannot control the 'thoughts' that stroll through their minds, and any person perceived as a conscientious objector is caste out of society using imprisonment or death.

John Wilson says; That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, - "Inalienable" means that those rights "cannot be given away nor taken away." Such rights are sacred - "all men are (so) endowed by their Creator".

Terence says; Government 'agencies' secure their 'rights' to control, regulate, and abuse others using force of arms, (the gun) and these rights are thus taken by force, and no enforcer sees the life of those beneath their 'gun' as being sacred in any way because, all enforcers are 'faithless' non-believing infidels.

John Wilson says; Ancient civilizations such as the Romans regarded the number 12 as sacred, ie: "safeguarded or required by religious or reverance or tradition, indefeasible, inviolable, sacrosanct". Juries of 12, bound by oath, were regarded as a sacrament, which are the "visible signs of agreement between God and individuals". Only then could there be "the lawful judgement of his Peers" (Magna Carta)

Terence says; Any person defiant of God's "Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and forgiving" Command is an 'idiot,' and God said "Judge not lest ye be so judged" - - - and silly mortals believe that an 'oath' repudiates, nullifies, or sets them above the "As you do is done unto you" supreme Law of God and they are in error.

Any person judging another as requiring punitive correction and imposing 'sentence' has the same 'sword' raised up above their own head and they condemn themselves within the 'eye for an eye - equal - as you sow so shall ye reap' punitive aspect of God's Law.

John Wilson says;
Trial by Jury is the confirmation of the "Freeman" status (as per Magna Carta) and the sovereignty of the People. Tyrants want to abolish Trial by Jury so that they can assume sovereignty.

Terence says; Trial by Jury is the confirmation of the 'fall' of man, in that 'some' believe that others are 'as God' with the power to judge them and others believe that they 'as God' having the power to condemn, judge and punish.

The only 'time' that man can 'judge' another is whereby one sees the other as walking in a manner contrary to that dictated by God's RULING; "Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and forgiving" Command, and they then 'judge' that this errant needs educating through good counsel. Only thus does the 'judge' or 'jury' themselves remain within God's Command and remain within the positive aspect of God's "As you do is done unto you" supreme Law.

John Wilson says; No one man can pass judgement on another but there must be the unanimous verdict of 12 of his equals, "beyond a reasonable doubt", for an accused to be punished for violating the rights of another. Juries exercise their sovereignty in every action brought before them by judging the justice of the law or laws cited by the parties. Law and justice are not synonymous because a law can be unjust.

Terence says; Any person using any 'law of man' to impose any punishment upon another is being unjust to their own soul, and they do suffer the penalty within God's Law, be it in this realm or another in the after life. God's Law is inviolate, immutable, and absolutely ‘Just.’

John Wilson says;
The Preamble to the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights says "Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law."

Terence says; The UN Preamble is simply their justification to defy God and to use force as a means to ' protect' those being abused.

Man sees not that the 'abused' are simply paying their dues to God at the hands of ignorant non-believers. Man sees not that as he uses force to quell tyranny and rebellion, that he man is a 'rebel' in God's eyes and no better than his 'foe.' Peace and education and mercy and forgiveness is the ONLY WAY to go.

John Wilson says; Juries are just such a protection at law with Magna Carta, granting "for ever" the right to Trial by Jury. Trial by Jury is the result of the wisdom of generations and has been sustained and honoured over the centuries by the wisdom of further generations.

Terence says; Trial by Jury is the result of the ignorance of past generations that is the ‘sins of our forefathers’ that arose due to their Dark emotions within, and this ‘precedent’ is now so ingrained within the psyche of man that see it as ‘Just’ when in fact its ‘activity’ means that all ‘Jury’ participants place their own souls in spiritual jeopardy.

John Wilson says; To survive, Common Law must be in harmony with Natural Law. Natural Law is the permanent underlying basis of all law. Philosophers have extolled that there was a kind of perfect justice given to man by nature and man's laws should conform to this as closely as possible.

Terence says; God’s Law is the ONLY ‘Just and equitable’ Law, and it is in operation at all times and in every realm of consciousness. It is ‘apportioned’ at the time and in the place so ordained by God.

To ‘survive’ spiritually, man must now ‘abolish’ and ‘burn’ every ‘law’ book of man and simply UNDERSTAND that God has but ONE Law.

Man’s ‘laws’ arose at the ‘hands’ of the powerful for the primary purpose of taxation extortion, and from this it ‘moved’ in controlling every activity of man and added punitive strictures for any non-conformity.

John Wilson says; Theories of Natural Law have been an important part of jurisprudence throughout history. The moral power of Natural Law derives from the fact that man's innate nature (itself part of the nature of the cosmos) and his propensities are viewed as ideal or inherently good.

Terence says; Only the ‘pure’ sin free spirit souls that abide in the Light have NO ‘dark sinful emotions of greed, vanity, pride, anger, jealousy, fear, hatred, etc., within.

All others are ‘with’ sin, and thus are ‘variable’ in their ‘inherent’ nature, some being extremely vindictive and aggressive, merciless and unforgiving, and others ‘less or more.’

Regrettably the ‘laws-rules-decrees-dictates’ of mortal men are inherently bad, for they cause others to be enslaved to them the dictates of others and all suffer ‘penance’ or penalty, and NONE are free.

John Wilson says; Immanuel Kant said that in all men there is a categorical imperative, ie: they know what is right and what is wrong. This unconditional, absolute, explicit, direct and plain-speaking bidding of conscience creates the ultimate moral law and comprises the conditions under which all members of society can enjoy the maximum freedom from subjection to the arbitrary will of others.

Terence says; The above is ERROR, for all men believe that what is wrong is right, thus all men fight and punish rather than living in peace as commanded by God.

The ‘wrong’ way is now so ingrained that everyone is ‘happy’ to be enslaved and happy to vindictively ‘burn’ others that appear more ‘sinful’ than they are.

Man suffers due to believing that there is no ‘Law of God’ or through being ignorant of this fact. Man sees not that God is ALL – Both the Light (Creative) and the Dark (Destructive) and both aspects of this divine energy have ONE and the same Law.

It follows that if you are kind, loving, merciful, compassionate, forgiving and free giving of your ‘profits,’ then you cannot VOID the tribute of benevolence bequeathed upon you by God through others equally true to the LIGHT energy of God.

 It follows that if you are unkind, punitive, merciless, unforgiving, or forcefully taxing funds from others income, then you cannot AVOID the punitive retribution imposed upon you by God through others equally true to the DARK energy of God.

Let it be CLEARLY understood that 98% of the population of this realm ARE the ‘lost race’ on their ‘way’ to eternal damnation in the wastelands below. Only I know this FACT, and all I am here to do is to reinstate THE TRUTH on earth so that a ‘few’ of ‘them’ will save themselves as they turn over a new leaf and ‘bow’ to the Command of the Creator before their ‘last day’ on earth.

Note; Original compiled by J. Wilson.

Read my ‘God is God
Read my ‘Sovereign Right
Read my ‘Consequence of actions

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~ The political ‘fury’ ~

Wherein those in positions of power become ‘furious’ at any member of the Tasmanian community that ‘defy’ their edicts and thus, the ‘elected’ believe that ‘as god’ they have the right to impose more regulation, and to coerce, threaten, invade, and to seize motor vehicles for the sole purpose of extorting more money from the people and causing them ‘harm’ as they cast them into impoverishment using force of arms.

It is regrettable that the Tasmanian ‘legislators’ jump so quickly onto the punish and steal ‘bandwagon’ of HATE, for this is a sure ‘sign’ of the END TIME days where ‘mankind’ show their Creator ‘which’ of them defy Him and His; “Be merciful, compassionate, forgiving, and understanding to any person that cannot ‘control’ their sinning ways, and educate them” and - -

‘Which’ of them ‘consequently’ by their own ‘hand’ consign their own soul into the Abyss for being contra to the above as their inner vindictiveness surges and they display arrogant, merciless, persecutive, unforgiving and punitive tendencies.

Certainly there is an increase of ‘dangerous’ driving habits. Ranging from drunkenness to other but, - - - the reasons for this are NOT simply the result of people ‘determined’ to flout rules, it is the result of ignorant people failing to control their thoughts that lead them the wrong way and, - - -

Those as me that have no driver’s licence nor vehicle registration are simply ‘conscientious objectors’ that have steady minds and ‘hands’ and are not ‘careless nor dangerous, but we believe that there is too much taxation extortion, and thus our ‘activity’ cannot be ‘classified’ as dangerous thoughtlessness.

I believe that any ‘act – rule – law’ that forces the police and judiciary to seize (steal) the property of others for ANY reason is a ‘disgraceful’ and very DARK ‘Act’ because it forces these people to defy the Command of God, and this ‘action’ places them ‘squarely’ into the punitive aspect of the immutable “eye for an eye – as you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God.

Surely by now all need to be able to see that there is a REASON why so many are becoming more ‘offensive’ or careless or disrespectful or ignorantly or arrogantly dangerous?

Surely the ‘elite’ elect can understand that the ‘simplicity’ of elevating more punitive measures will NOT slow this escalation?

Surely the ‘elite’ elect can see the ‘aggression’ and troubled minds surfacing more and more within the ‘psyche’ of the ‘underlings’ they enslave using more taxation, regulation, and punishment?

Who ‘rules’ this Tasmanian land? It is ignorant men/women that via their ‘office’ find themselves in ‘positions’ of power where they can RULE as gods, as they using ‘text’ in a book backed by force of arms bring everyone DOWN to the ‘ground’ at their Command.

Where lays the ‘conscience’ of the nation? Are there any ‘God fearing’ persons in positions of ‘power’ in this land that actually understand the power and majesty and Might of God and His ‘hand?

Do none know of God’s “As you do is done unto you Law?
Do none know of God’s “Go your way in peace and love one another” Command?

It most certainly IS the time now to implement the ‘Feeling Easier’ Seminars for any person that disturbs the peace of the land, and the first people needing this ‘correction’ are the state officials and their ‘cohorts.’

There is an absolutely 'immutable' consequence for ones actions.


page 165

Jim Cox - Tasmania police Minister

Dear ‘Jim,’ reference my opposition to the proposed ‘confiscation’ of motor vehicles from community members, I just feel that I need to say that I am in no way in opposition with the police or judiciary, nor am I in opposition to the need to bring ‘offensive’ people back into ‘alignment with God’s “Go your way in peace” Command.

What I am in opposition to is the ‘text’ in books, being text written by ignorant political men/women that see not the ‘end’ result of this legislation, being that it forces the police and judiciary to defy God, and to go forth and cause ‘distress, loss, or harm.’

I ask, do you believe in God? Are you as ‘police’ minister operating with the spiritual interests of the police in mind or, are you unknowingly being unkind in your expectation of them that your new ‘orders’ by them must be conformed to, that will ensure that they suffer ahead?

For so long have those in power stated that they are the ‘rightful authority,’ that the community in general and the police now believe that the ‘text’ book is their ‘rightful’ authority to go forth in defiance of God and cause ‘distress, loss, or harm’ to other members of the community and not themselves suffer the consequence within God’s superior law. This is a false belief and is error.

Naturally the police forces women and men and the judiciary and the community believe that the only way to have a positive society is to use punitive force, none seeing that by this ‘act,’ those using IT (force or forcefully backed text) to impose their ‘will’ upon others place themselves in a dangerous spiritual position that at that point in time is unseen by them.

The greatest danger to humanity today is the ‘text’ books or rules that are raised up by ‘robed’ men of religion and ‘bowed’ to by their religious flocks, as well as the secular institutional ‘text book’ rules, for in all these ‘text’ books are the ‘edicts’ that ‘permit’ and force judiciary and police to go forth and invade the premises of the community for the sole purpose of causing them punitive harm.

Part of the problem ‘stems’ from the need and belief of politicians that it is they that are ‘responsible’ for the livelihood of the people, rather than the reality being that the people are personally responsible for their own life, and in order to ‘earn’ their wage, the politicians continually ‘think’ of ways to prove their ‘worth,’ and this is always in the area of ‘community protection.’

In fact, men in ‘robes’ (church) and men in ‘power’ politically all believe that they are ‘as’ god or God’s instrument to ‘herd’ and support and guide and protect or punish God’s children. It is God’s prerogative, not man’s. All are God’s children.

This gross error by man, king, politician, chief or ‘Caesar’ is the cause of the coming terror on planet earth that I am doing my best to ‘alert’ the police of/to, so that they can prepare for IT and ITS absolutely ‘horrid’ and terrifying consequence.

No I am not in the same ‘mediumistic’ league as the recent ABC ‘The One’ program, wherein spirit mediums rely on invisible spirit forces to direct them to speaking a ‘truth’ to prove that they have the capacity to know something about their ‘subject’ but, - - -

I AM the ONE that has the capacity to link to the mind of the invisible superpower that created us all, and I simply for Him/Her write a ‘revelation’ or two that reveals the invisible destructive force/power and how it operates via the mind of the politically vain, arrogant, proud, greedy, vindictive unwary ones and, - - -

As all have made use of its ‘power’ against others either personally or via their paid ‘public’ servants, I also reveal what & how & when IT will strike ‘back’ with its own ‘retributive justice,’ using ANYONE that is also a vain, arrogant, proud, greedy, vindictive unwary one.

So as said, the danger to YOU or anyone taking a wage to ‘invoke’ or uphold any ‘text book’ ruling that forces anyone to go forth and seize, kidnap, steal, punish, kill etc., is that ahead, YOU and your ‘officers’ will be faced by exactly the same situations but, - - -

It will not be any ‘legitimate force’ as you say, for it will be at the hands of the mentally disturbed who become ‘possessed’ in an instant by demonic forces operating through their ‘open’ minds, and these invisible forces ARE absolutely merciless and absolutely destructive.

So when you read of a man travelling in a bus in Canada being beheaded by a person sitting next to him, then you will know that this inconceivable action is simply a ‘sign’ of what is to be in every land as foretold by me.

I am from Tanzania, and I believe that God sent me to Tasmania because it is an ‘island’ State being a ‘microcosm’ of any place on earth, and thus I believe we here can be the first place to implement change to the positive and be a ‘showcase’ to the world.

The only way positive change is possible is for the police and judiciary to become ‘brave’ enough to ‘reprimand’ and oppose any political ‘edict’ that forces them to defy God.

This means that the police and judiciary need to become ‘caring, compassionate, merciful and forgiving and instead of ‘punitive’ imposition, those that offend man or God need to be educated as they attend a ‘Feeling Easier’ seminar to assist in their mental & emotional rehabilitation.

It also means that politicians themselves need to look into the ‘mirror’ each morning and ask themselves; “Am I able to do my duty to my ‘wage’ and those I serve and at the same time be in conformity to God’s Command”?

The public all need to become aware that they will also share a part of the retribution imposed by the Dark for their own complicity to the suffering of ‘prisoners’ that became ‘criminals’ in the eyes of the TEXT in BOOKS.

Soon the ‘Swat’ teams in every land will have the upper hand for a moment or two longer until they become ‘swamped’ by the insanity of the masses.

I would hope that long before then we can implement change to the positive in this land as everyone is ‘advised’ of what is to be, and that they are all personally responsible for their own life, livelihood, happiness or otherwise as they look to God for their succour, guidance, and protection as revealed by my pen.

As for people being unlicensed or uninsured as they drive, it is surely also the time for ‘dangerous’ drivers to learn that even if they had insurance and a driver’s licence, that at the moment they cause another any pain or suffering, that within the absolute justice of God’s “As you did sow so shall ye reap Law they will suffer exactly the same in this or the after life.

It is also THE time for every person to take out their OWN personal accident insurance cover rather than expect others to be their ‘insurer.’ Regrettably today, all have walked the wrong way for so long that the world is now ‘topsy turvy’ and black is seen as white.

It is my intent to try and halt the police and judiciary from being forced to defy God by text in books. It is my intent to assist the police to become truly honourable to their CREATOR and their fellow man, so that when they go forth their INTENT and DEED is NOT one wherein they cause harm or punishment but, - - -

They ONLY haul in those that factually did disturb the peace of the land, and these ‘defaulters’ are subjected to education rather than punishment. For ONLY thus are the police ‘workers’ SAFE within the ‘bounds’ of God’s immutable ‘eye for an eye’ Law.

By all means we need educative ‘codes of conduct’ to assist people e.g.; ‘Drive on the correct side of the road so as to not cause ‘chaos’ to road users’ or ‘Wear a seat belt’ so you suffer less if you have an accident’ but, - - - the error is the ‘text’ in the book is, that it forces your men to steal funds from any that do not drive wearing a seat belt.

Now the ‘dilemma,’ - - - for you took an ‘oath’ to uphold ‘something’? Was it the text in the book? Was it to the nation, flag or queen? It is now the time to rescind any oath that forces you to defy God’s Command, for all that now fail to ‘bow’ to the Command of their Creator will consign their own soul into inconceivable agony and eternal suffering.

I do not believe that you serve the people nor the police in a positive manner, for as you are the ‘servant’ of any taxpayer or voter it follows, - - - that every ‘decree’ you invoke that defies God’s Command and causes someone to suffer, - - - becomes a spiritual burden of ‘suffering’ upon the police, the judiciary, and the community and yourself.

I wish you well Sir, why not visit me?


page 166

~The ‘carbon emission’ issue ~

This issue equates to the survival of mans biological tissue, and it all comes back to your personal carbon ‘footprint,’ being the amount that you demand, require or expect and factually use.


The ‘destruction’ of the living ways of man is at ‘hand,’ and is in the hands of every individual.


Greed, ignorance, arrogance, vanity, selfishness etc., are all driving the ‘economy’ of every land, and the individual ‘citizen’ does as yet NOT understand that they are destroying their own future that will become a ‘present day’ REALITY not too far away.


Why do ‘governments’ extract coal and oil and sell it to others overseas? Do they not see that this fuel is directly bringing everything to its knees?


If man cannot ‘shut down’ his ‘foul’ emissions then our God will so do, for only HE can see the reality of what will be if sinful man is ‘permitted’ to continue to pollute in his selfish way.


For a ‘carbon credit’ is simply a ‘fee paid’ permit that permits/allows one to continue to pollute the skies, and this is a ‘greedy,’ foul and unwise move permitted by the controllers seeking to bulk up their income.


Money, money, money, their wage and yours is the ‘honey’ that keeps all blind to the need to halt the use of all energy being supplied by these products.


I suggest that you as an individual take every ‘step’ and effort to lessen your own personal carbon emission footprint on earth from TODAY.


Downsize all your vehicle or electrical ‘equipment,’ and in this way begin to use only 20% of the carbon you used yesterday.


Purchase no personal vehicle above 1 Litre capacity and send goods by rail where possible, and travel on public transport or bicycle where possible. Seek to use alternate power and sea travel by sail power, and use compressed air engine or electric powered cars as they become available.


Downsize your vacuum cleaner, TV, computer, freezer and all electrical items to the smallest ‘denominator,’ as you remember that God observes your efforts at saving the planet for future generations.


Stop purchasing new items as this halts emission production and 'polluting' manufacturers will shut down. Certainly there will be unemployment and much pain and suffering, but this is in the 'pipeline' anyway because of the insanity coming our way.


Show others by EXAMPLE rather than by your raised ‘voice.’

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~ Ray Platt query & response ~

----- Original Message -----
From: Ray Platt
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 4:07 PM
Subject: Re: Sophistry
Dear Terence
Having read your material to Arthur, whom I have had much disquiet for some considerable time, your material was most interesting.

However, having read some considerable writings from Arthur and such as he and now receiving your material as "the Spirit of Truth" from the Office of the Messiah what is there to say that you are only another man giving his interpretation of the Father's Word?

I would be pleased to receive your answer.

Ray Platt

Terence Responds

Dear Ray, herein lies the 'dilemma,' for I AM just another mortal man giving my 'interpretation' of Father's Word, for HE expects man to 'individually' make up their own mind as to the truth or falsity of what HE speaks through my mind, and there is nothing I can do ref 'proof' that I am HE the returned one.
Man says 'Prove who you are before I follow your shining Star,' and I seek no followers and perform no 'visual' miracles, I simply place God's living Word upon a plate at the feet of the world and 'suggest' that man READ IT and come to their own personally informed decision whether to treat IT with respect or derision.
As you see, with all the past teachings there is still NO peace and NO surcease from suffering, and everyone condones & supports & funds the FALSE doctrine of war & punishment. I say that everyone is walking the wide road to Hell, and my message is God's FINAL gift of 'mercy' bequeathed to errant man prior to their being cast into the PIT of oblivion if they fail to HEED IT.
Everyone 'screams out' for JUSTICE when they are abused, and that is exactly what they receive, however they see not that when 'in' their suffering or loss or deprivation that they ARE at that moment receiving their DUES within God's law for their past 'earned' and 'accrued' dues within the DARK aspect of God's law, be it accrued today or yesterday or from a time pre-entry into this realm.
Man has been taught to believe that God is only kind and forgiving, and it is I to 'awaken' all swine to THE FACT that both the pos & neg aspects of God and His Law are backed by His Might that is ONLY visible to my inner sight.
Man needs to now LEARN that there is a spiritual 'consequence' for every interaction with others.
People as 'Arthur' need to understand that when they are cast out of their homes or 'decimated' at the hands of NON-believing 'infidels' wearing 'cloaks' or dressed as 'police,' that these 'warriors of darkness' are sent to their 'door' at the direct telepathic instruction from the punitive aspect of God the Father who IS absolutely 'Just' and MERCILESS in the administration of HIS 'eye for an eye' Law towards anyone that defied His "Go in peace" Command.
The 'fools' that use rules and that take a mercenary wage and themselves defy God and be His Dark operatives place themselves directly into the Law of the DARK "As you did sow so shall ye reap" and take upon their own 'heads' the burden of suffering they so ignorantly imposed upon others.
It is I to 'advise' man that ANY use of punitive force against others IS forbidden by God.
It is I to 'advise' man that ANY continuing to use force or fund the use of force are perceived as God as arrogant, defiant, evil, and by HIM as 'bad seed' to be cast out of His sight into the PIT of oblivion.
It is I to 'advise' man that 'religions' have deceived all, and that NO 'Messiah or other messenger of God' can in ANY way 'ameliorate' or nullify the application of God's Law.
Sincerely - Terence

~The 'Bahai' Faith ~

Dear Chris, I have had a look at the on line 'Bahai principles' and find great 'lack' and error of belief and untruth therein. I comment on some lines;
Bahá'u'lláh states; - *He (Bahá'u'lláh) exhorted them (rulers of the world) to peace and international agreement, making it incumbent upon them to establish a board of international arbitration; that from all nations and governments of the world there should be delegates selected for a congress of nations which should constitute a universal arbitral court of justice to settle international disputes.
Terence responds; - The ONE true God forbids man to judge, condemn, punish His children, for that is solely HIS prerogative. The way man 'settles' anything is by using FORCE and that is the instrument of the Dark.
Bahá'u'lláh states; - Most Great Covenant. In this all--embracing Pact the limits and frontiers of each and every nation should be clearly fixed, the principles underlying the relations of governments towards one another definitely laid down, and all international agreements and obligations ascertained. In like manner, the size of the armaments of every government should be strictly limited, for if the preparations for war and the military forces of any nation should be allowed to increase, they will arouse the suspicion of others. The fundamental principle underlying this solemn Pact should be so fixed that if any government later violate any one of its provisions, all the governments on earth should arise to reduce it to utter submission, nay the human race as a whole should resolve, with every power at its disposal, to destroy that government. Should this greatest of all remedies be applied to the sick body of the world, it will assuredly recover from its ills and will remain eternally safe and secure.
Terence responds; - Once mankind realises that THE MOST GREAT COVENANT given by God unto man was God's 'promise' to us was/is that ON AN INDIVIDUAL basis any of us that 'bow' in submission to Allah/God and His Command to; "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto the swine yet sinfully living" that 'we' the individual will be saved by Allah/God's grace.
 Bahá'u'lláh states; - Religious prejudice thus becomes the cause of warfare and battle.
Terence responds; - The cause of warfare and battle is due to the 'sin' within man of Dark emotions of greed, vanity, pride, arrogance, hatred, jealousy etc., and there is to be NO peace for any person until they have been freed within of this dark energy, and they cannot become free of IT unless they bow to God and conform to HIM, and any that now continue to control, tax, enslave, deceive, punish, fight etc., will NEVER become free within of inner sin and ITS weight and vibration will drag them down into the Abyss of eternal torment.
Bahá'u'lláh states; - Universal education is a universal law.
Terence responds; - There is only ONE universal law - "As you sow so shall ye reap."
Bahá'u'lláh states; - Each person will require training in two languages, his native tongue and the universal auxiliary form of speech. This will facilitate intercommunication and dispel the misunderstandings which the barriers of language have occasioned in the world.
Terence responds; - Common language does not 'dispel' the spell over the mind of man by the satanic force, for sister will continue to fight sister as will brother continue fight his brother UNTIL 'each' learns to control their mind and emotions as given by God via ME, for only thus will they be able to 'bow' to God's "Go in your way in peace at all times and in all situations" Decree.
As I see it, any person seeking 'converts' to join ANY known earthly religion is a 'stool pigeon' for the DARK. For no religion on earth teaches/preaches THE TRUTH as granted to mankind by God via my sacred pen, and all religious teachings of the past/present condone the use of FORCE to attain peace and restorative justice and THIS is error of teaching.
There is NO message from God in the teachings/preachings of < Bahá'u'lláh > he was no more no less than a simply mortal expounding his personal opinion on how to 'fix' the problems of mankind using FORCE and compulsion to so do. Any persons promoting the FALSE teachings of < Bahá'u'lláh > are GUILTY of spreading deception that is misleading God's children away from God and His FINAL message of salvation.
Believe you ME, any person having 'Faith' in the leadership of < Bahá'u'lláh > or any other will fail their final test, for at this END time it is ONLY I having a 'sin free' soul (no negative emotions) that has the capacity to bring forth pure unadulterated truth, and ONLY I know God and see God's face.
Believe you ME, God is now to destroy all 'pretenders' to HIS throne, for these vain personages are deceiving HIS precious creation. God is now to 'crucify' EVERY religion for all are 'headed' by infidels that know NOT the True Path.
Please pass this on - Terence
Be advised that the awaited Messiah and Divine Saviour and Just Leader of the whole of humanity has returned into the flesh of this world to restore the purity of faith, being the doctrine of PEACE as commanded by Allah/God the Creator.  The fresh and uncontaminated message from the Creator for humanity to prepare all for the coming TRIBULATIONS & utter destruction is now on line at:

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