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~ The Sovereign Right of man ~


by Terence – the spirit of truth

Page 1 - The Sovereign Right of man
Page 4 - The 'twisted mirror'
Page 7 - The Sovereign Right of the Serpent
Page 10 - Accountability & Restorative Justice
Page 12 - Extremists & Fundamentalism
Page 14 - Consent & Assumption
Page 15 - The honourable Judge
Page 20 - The 'ultimate' Conspiracy
Page 21 - Martial Law & God
Page 24 - Entrapment example
Page 26 - Forgiveness v/s Driven
Page 27 - Added Note

The people inhabiting planet earth have a 'Sovereign Right' bequeathed unto them by God the Creator, the Supreme Power and ultimate Authority. This 'Sovereign Right' is their right to exercise their conscience and to exist on earth and to live in accordance with the Command of God* and, - - -

This means that they have a 'Sovereign Right' to walk apart from the confines and influence and dictates and regulations or decrees of other mortals or institutions of man. 

Note: Command of God* - To:  "Live in harmony with all others and go your way in peace, and love one another and be a delight in My sight as you show Me that you are compassionate, merciful, and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living."

This 'Sovereign Right' extends to and grants them the freedom to;

Walk alone with God without having to 'fellowship with' or 'belong to' any named or unnamed religion or, - - - without having to 'fellowship with' or 'belong to' any 'belief' or 'doctrine' of other men.

This 'Sovereign Right' granted by God extends to them finding eternal peace and happiness and Salvation by simply conforming to the Command of their Creator by their: "Living in harmony with all others, and going their way in peace, and loving one another, and being a delight in God's sight as they show Him that they are compassionate, merciful, and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living."

This 'Sovereign Right' extends to and grants them the freedom to;

Travel unhindered to any other 'section' or place or land on earth or on the sea or in the air, and this implies that they can so do without having to advise any other, nor pay any 'fees' to any other, nor to report their movement to any other person or institution of man.

This 'Sovereign Right' extends to and grants them the freedom to;

Partake of the fish of the sea or birds of the air or flora and fauna, and this implies that they can so do without having to advise any other, nor pay any 'fees' to any other, nor to report their movement to any other person or institution of man.

This 'Sovereign Right' extends to and grants them the freedom to;

Use their creative energy to build a home and support and feed their family or others, as they 'farm' produce or manufacture goods or supply other private or community services for free or for monetary gain or exchange of other commodities without having to pay an licence fee or tax levy to any other person or institution of man.

No person has the 'Sovereign Right' to place themselves or the institution they serve in the position where they seize by force of arms or abrogate the  'Sovereign Right' of others using legislation or coercion or by 'stealth.' Those that so do by 'intent' or by past precedent of their deluded forefathers are placing themselves in the position of 'God,' and this 'idiocy' is the 'buggery' that keeps mankind enslaved to the dictates of warlords who believe falsely that they are above the Command of God and above His superior Law.

No person 'posing' as a mandated legitimate 'authority' or representative of any institution of man has the 'Sovereign Right' to interfere, impede, tax, demand, reprimand, hinder, regulate, control, abuse, punish, detain, invade or kill any other and, - - - any that so do in the course of their day or duty, be it mandated by others or ordered by others or otherwise, is a person that is in defiance of the Command of their Creator and, - - - is a person that is a person that has lost their 'Sovereign Right' to exist in the Light of Heaven and, - - -

They have abrogated the 'Sovereign Right' of their spirit soul into the 'hands' of the Dark Sovereign Power (God the Father) who will 'carry' their spirit down into the Abyss for a time and a time at His 'pleasure' until He is 'satisfied' that a full and equal 'measure' of loss, pain, deprivation, agony, terror, enslavement etc., has been extracted from them to satisfy His superior "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law.

HE God the Creator is the absolute Judge and Authority not man, nor man's decrees that bring all to their knees.
HE God is the 'minority' Ruler, not any 'majority' of ignorant men that seek to control the ways of others by 'vote.'

Foolish are the modern 'slavers' that use rules or decrees backed by punishment and force of arms to control God's children as they 'subvert' the 'Sovereign Right' bequeathed unto man by God their Creator.

Foolish are these kings and chiefs and their 'judges' and judiciary that speak of the 'Sovereign Right' of the people by mouth and say that they do all in the name of the 'Sovereign Right' of the people and on behalf of the 'Sovereign Right' of the people, - - - whereas in fact they do it as a 'job' for a 'mercenary' wage, and for power, greed, arrogance and vanity and unknowingly for and on behalf of the invisible satanic force that destroys all in the name of the people.

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These kings and chiefs and their 'judges' and judiciary and enforcers are not only arrogant and ignorant 'infidels,' (non-believers) but they are the 'swine' that subjugate God's precious flocks and, they deceive them and enslave them and impoverish and punish them and, they lead them into warfare and spiritual death and, - - -

They are the ones that are criminals deserving their coming incarceration in the wastelands of Hell for a time and a time, for they have stolen your 'Sovereign Right' to have your Creator as your 'protector' and your 'guide' and your 'providence,' as they 'coercively' say to you via their institutional Constitutions, legislated decrees, and by word of mouth:

"You must pay us whatever we demand because we are the ones to protect you, and only we know what is best for you and you must bow to our 'regulating and punitive' ideological beliefs and, - - -

As we now rather than God are protecting your 'Sovereign Right' to exist in peace and freedom, it is we now that have the 'Sovereign Right' to protect others from you and, - - -

We can therefore question you, interrogate you, invade your premises, seize your goods, interfere in your affairs, terrorise you, punish you, destroy your property and livelihood and kill you if we 'think' that you might be a 'threat' to the 'Sovereign Right' of others or, to the 'Sovereign Right' of our 'banner' or our 'nation' or our 'freedom' or our 'ideological belief' that we defend and control using force of arms and, - - -

Because we believe in using force of arms rather than living peacefully within the "Go in peace" constraints as Commanded by an invisible God, we also believe that if you do not support us then you are a threat to our existence, and we will banish you from our society and cause you grief by casting you into prison until such time as you do 'bow' to our 'warring, controlling, taxing, and punitive' system of belief and, - - -

As your 'Sovereign Right' to exist in peace and freedom is now in our 'hands' we require you to give us full 'disclosure' of every aspect of your life so that we can decide whether you need any 'correction or punishment,' for we and our 'rules' are now the law not God and His Law, for we know no God for we see no God and neither have we heard His Command and neither do we know of nor understand His superior Law and, - - -

Any of you that fail to perform or conform to our dictates will as said be punished, because, our Constitution and its 'rules' of engagement are unconscionable text and, they are merciless and we must uphold them for we believe in their power and we are paid a wage by you to serve you as per their dictates unto us."

Man has abrogated his 'Sovereign Right' into the hands of 'rules, decrees, legislation, acts,' that in fact are a 'robotic' TEXT BOOK that is upheld by grim faced men paid a wage to so do, and as this book of TEXT is merciless and unforgiving and punitive in its 'application,' it follows that IT is in fact forcing all that uphold it to be 'living' in a contrary ideological way to that of Peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness as commanded by the Creator. This 'TEXT BOOK' has become the sacred 'unholy cow' that men adore rather than their God.

Foolish also are the 'common' people of the land that seek the protection of, and pay the wages of 'enforcers' and punitive institutions of man, for by so doing, they also abrogated their own 'Sovereign Right' to live in peace and freedom due to having given it their 'Sovereign Right' over to institutions of man, as they voted for men rather than God as their protector and 'head of house,' and these men and their 'forces' disturb the peace of others on the land, and control them and all their activities.

Very foolish also are the 'common' people of the land that seek the use of the 'enforcement power' of the Court of the 'governing' Institutions of man, for these named 'civil' Courts of the State system are used by 'common' man to wage war against others in the community.

None apparently aware of the fact that the State 'authority' uses 'rules of engagement' that are merciless, vindictive and punitive, being 'actions' that are not benign even though they are seemingly 'justified,' and they are in fact used in punitive uncivil action that contravene God's Command, for they 'permit' seizure of property and money, (theft) interference, forceful eviction, punishment, loss of liberty etc. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Foolish indeed are 'the people' of the land that place their 'trust' in 'malignant' institutions of man, for all sanctions, control, taxation, interference, subjugation, punishment, invasion, war and destruction carried out on their behalf and in their name will by God be done unto them, and none will laugh until they too have paid all their spiritual debts to the Dark Sovereign Power (God the Father) because He is merciless in the application of His Law that is Just and immutable, and He and only HE IS THE AUTHORITY. 

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All persons on every land on earth now believe that their village 'Chief' or elder political statesmen and their 'word' or 'text' decrees are 'as God,' and it is I now by the power of this pen to abolish this ongoing SLAVERY, and to set man free from all regulations and controls AS LONG AS they bow in obedience to the Command of God, and have HIM as the head of their house rather than men or institutions of man.

Man has until today been enslaved to lies - LIES - LIES, and any 'men' that continue to defy their God and His Command will remain enslaved to other dark forces in perpetuity in the underworld.

It needs be seen and understood that every 'legislator, magistrate, and enforcer' of today were 'indoctrinated' into the 'false way' at the time of their birth as were you, and it is thus they believe falsely as do you that their way is honourable.

So please have 'pity' on them for their interference in your life for it is their God not you to mete out 'payback' or strife. Just forgive them and help them to understand their error as you begin to understand yours, as all now try hard to turn over a new leaf and begin to see the need for compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.

No visitor to any place on earth is an 'illegal' person for having arrived unannounced or non-permitted as they seek refuge or for any other reason, for no persons or institutions of man owns any country or nation, for no 'army of men' or Constitutional papers or 'flag' raised up as a banner of such abrogates God's ownership of every atom of planet earth.

Let it be now clearly understood that God is the absolute owner and Ruler of earth, not men using force of arms.

Let it be also understood that "Yes," God 'permits' men to defy His code of conduct Command, for that is their 'freedom of choice' to heed the 'war cry' of the satanic voice but, - - -

Those that decide to interfere and intrude and disturb the peace of others or, to enslave others to their decrees, place themselves into the cruel and dark foreboding punitive aspect of God's Supreme Law, and they lose their Sovereign Right to life eternal, and the dark destroyer blinds them to the reality of their ways and seduces them into greater defiance of God's command * in order for ITS energy to invade their soul and thus drag them into ITS underworld out of the sight of God's LIGHT.

Noteseduces them into greater defiance of God's command * - Revealed in page 4 'The twisted mirror' below.

Let it also be clearly understood that those that do decide to interfere and intrude and disturb the peace of others must NOT by you be deemed as 'unworthy criminals,' neither must they be punished by you. For if you so do then you are 'as' they are as you cause them 'distress' in some way. Please now attend to the false indoctrination of your own mind and set it right by being merciful and kind unto all, as you learn 'why' all err from my pen.

Be advised, a majority 'vote' by a group of people or a 'jury' is not a CONSENT from God to defy His "Only love" Command. Any person mandated by man or text in a book or otherwise using said 'instruction' to interfere punitively in the lives of others are defiant of God, and they place themself within the dark and punitive aspect of His "As you did do will by the dark merciless forces of others be done unto you" Law, and all your imposition of terror, control, restriction, abuse etc., will by God be imposed upon you in an 'equal' measure.

Let it also be clearly understood that the use of force of arms by a 'majority consent' by the people or by any 'act' of parliament does not validate any punitive action by enforcement agents, for the use of punitive force is forbidden by the Creator.

It is the time for all to now bow in obedience to God's Command and to trust in God. Thus as we lay down our 'weapons' and abstain from 'defending' our flesh from the aggressor we show them the aggressor 'The Peaceful Way' and, as we treat all 'offenders' as God Commands with humility and respect, mercy, and kindness, we educate them as enlightened people do, according to the decree of God; reference the  'treatment' of offenders in the 'Feeling Easier Seminar.'

Only fund, condone and support benign and peaceful community endeavours.


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~ The twisted mirror ~
The Power of the Dark Sovereign Power, God the Father

Remember, it is the Sovereign Right of your Creator to deny or rescind your Sovereign Right to live in peace and freedom when you deny or defy His Command to you: "Live in harmony with all others and go your way in peace, and love one another and be a delight in My sight as you show Me that you are compassionate, merciful, and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living."

Let it be clearly reiterated; you do not have any Sovereign Right given by your Creator authorising the use of His Dark essence, being the forceful, controlling and destructive energy of God the Father. The use of the 'fruit' of that 'tree' is TOTALLY FORBIDDEN, as it is only God the Father that can use it and not 'suffer' the consequence, for His 'eye for an eye' Law does not apply to Him, only to you. If you defy Him and sup of it the dark energy then you ultimately DIE spiritually.

So I reiterate, - - - those of you that decide to bring others to 'account' for their perceived misdeeds in the name of 'Justice,' and thus you interfere, intrude and disturb the peace of others or, enslave others to decrees and punish them for non-conformity, - - - place yourselves into the cruel and dark foreboding punitive aspect of God's Supreme Law, and you lose your Sovereign Right to life eternal and, - - -

The dark destroyer * blinds you to the reality of your ways and seduces you into greater defiance of God's command in order for ITS Dark energy to invade your soul (contaminate it) and to thus drag you into ITS underworld out of the sight of God's LIGHT.

The dark destroyer is the foreboding and destructive energy of God the Father, He is the supreme POWER named 'The Dark Sovereign Power' by this His holy pen, and it is I that reveals His 'nature' to mankind so that a few of you may believe this and other revelations in my texts, and amend your ways before it is too late.

For once you have defied His supreme Command due to arrogance or ignorance, and thus lost your Sovereign Right to live in peace and freedom, then from that moment on in your eternal existence you have become a 'marked man,' being a person deemed by Him as 'unworthy' of existence for you have 'partaken of, stolen, made use of' His forbidden to partake of 'fruit' that is the forceful, controlling, restrictive, judgmental, interfering, cruel, merciless, unforgiving, punitive, warring and destructive energy of God the Father.

This malignant energy that causes pain and suffering is the negative aspect of the Source, and it is now the time for God to enlighten mankind to this reality via my pen. For ignorance of IT has kept man enslaved to an eternity of travail. God is God, the Light and the Dark as revealed on page 94 - - - in


278 p.

Message from Heaven to all

It is this dark energy of God you have drawn into your soul during your negative interaction with others that gives you the further 'justification' to be a 'regulator' of the ways of others, and to make use of 'rules' to control every aspect of the living ways of others and, - - -

It is also this 'emotional' dark energy that inspires you to go forth and take what is not yours to have, and to wage war and to bring others to account as you unforgivingly punish them, and this contravenes the Command of God.

For that 'role' is the role of the dark energy of God, and if you have it within you then IT eventually takes over your soul and mind, and it blinds you to the reality that what you do is wrong, for in fact it is simply fulfilling ITS role through you, but you pay the price, being that its "As you sow my Dark energy and impose suffering so shall ye reap the same" Law is also absolutely 'Just.'

Yes the Light energy of God operates through the hands of the 'believing' merciful and peaceful benign.
Yes the Dark energy of God operates through the hands of the 'non-believing' merciless and malignant swine.
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Man needs to understand that it is the energy of GOD that 'backs' every peaceful or warlike endeavour - and - that each energy essence is accompanied by its own set of rules that are 'equal' but opposite. 
Equal in that THE LAW of God applies to both, for both are God's pure energy - thus the use of either energy has an equal return unto the user in the time and place that God so ordains. An 'eye for an eye' meaning "As you sow so shall ye reap." That is the Just Justice of God.
Opposite in that the 'emotional' energy of the one is benign - loving, compassionate, forgiving, merciful and creative.
The other is the 'sinful' energy that is malignant - cruel, fearful, merciless, vengeful, uncompromising, and destructive.
So not only are 'we' using either or both of these energies, but as we 'draw' on either one we also can be affected mentally by incoming thoughts.
Seek to be creative, merciful and forgiving, and the pure inspiration of the Creative essence will guide us to our destination.
Seek to be controlling, invasive, punitive or destructive and the 'EVIL' Genie rises from out of the depths of our 'sin' that is the LINK to the Serpent in the Pit of the Abyss, and His thoughts being the pure but forceful inspiration of the destructive essence will override our consciousness and 'possess' our minds and lead us to our destination because, - - -
Those that we seek to punish or terrorise or destroy have been 'marked' in the past by Him (The Serpent) as 'one' that used His energy in the past, and is therefore 'one' to receive their 'due' within His immutable Law and, - - - at the same time His deed is accomplished through a sinning non-believer, (infidel) He marks them as 'one' to be dealt a similar 'blow' ahead and, - - -
Unbeknown to this 'fool' their own soul becomes contaminated by His 'mist of death' energy and ITS 'weight' is what drags their soul down into the Abyss. Yes, no 'sinner' ever sees the Light of Heaven until every 'speck' of DARK energy has been withdrawn from their spirit soul in the manner revealed by my pen and, - - - no spirit soul can be purged of their sin UNTIL they begin to conform to the Command of God IN ITS FULLNESS as revealed by my pen.
Neither energies of God are 'good or bad,' they simply EXIST, and God warns us to NOT 'sup' on the Dark energy simply because He knows that the consequence is 'eternal suffering.' He commands us to only sup on His Light energy as He created us to be a 'delight' in His sight and, - - -
He is only 'interested' in looking at the picture of Heaven He 'painted,' and will NOT have it 'tainted' by arrogant sinners. Thus now He will cast all continuing to be 'swine' permanently out of His sight into the Dark to never be seen or heard of again.

The power of the Dark is such, that when you look at yourself in the mirror you see a 'decent' upstanding person that conforms to the 'law of the land,' but you see not that the mirror is twisted, and thus distorted to the point where you see not that putting others 'noses out of joint' is wrong. You see it as honourable 'Justice' in 'alignment' to 'the laws of the land,' seeing not that they are merely 'rules' forcing you to be merciless and unconscionable.

God's singular "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law is The Law of the land, not 'rules of man' named by man as 'the law.'

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The 'journey' away from the Light down into the lower depths of the Abyss can itself take an eternity of time, for we can unknowingly be 'swine' for many a 'life' or time in many realms before we are ultimately 'dead' and buried in ice cold muck below, to await the 'thawing' of the spiritual black snow as it is drawn into the eternal fire to consume itself.

BE WARNED, the moment you defy God and you use force or, threaten to use force or, via rules and regulations you use the 'back up' of force to: 'interfere in the lives of others, control the affairs of others, control the ideology of others,  control the freedom of movement of others, enslave, tax, seize goods, invade, manipulate, kidnap, punish, incarcerate, cause 'mental or emotional' or physical harm or injury or kill,' - - - at THAT moment you have made God the Creator and God the Destroyer your personal ENEMY and you place yourself within the ominous domain of the Serpent.

For HE the Dark Sovereign Power, God the Father abhors those that defy HIM and partake of the 'dark energy essence' being the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Evil. For that prerogative is ONLY His for ONLY He can use IT and not suffer the 'eye for an eye' consequence within His superior "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and, - - -

At the moment your arrogant, vain and ignorant 'spirit' defies Him and partakes of His energy, He then sets out to not only ENSURE that you pay every 'due' within His superior Law, but He also 'sets' His 'deceiver' the Serpent on your 'trail' to tempt you into more arrogance and more 'use' of IT (the dark forceful energy) so that He God can cause you untold 'suffering' and ultimate 'imprisonment' in the Abyss.

Woe and more woe, the MOST TERRIBLE FATE awaits ANY person that for ANY reason defies the "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Code of Conduct COMMAND that issues forth from the mind of God via this pen.

If you take a wage to be a 'regulator' or an enforcer or a destroyer then you truly need the 'shake up' coming your way as you PAY for your PAST errors, and if my pen has not awoken you, then you will continue to raise your voice or hand against others due to the dark energy (Sin) within you, and your fate will be chosen for you by God to be one of eternal damnation.

So please take a GOOD look into a 'straight' mirror and ask yourself: Are my deeds in conformity to God's Command: "Live in harmony with all others and go your way in peace, and love one another and be a delight in My sight as you show Me that you are compassionate, merciful, and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living."

If you are an enforcer then I suggest that you rescind your 'Oath' to defend the Constitution of man's punitive Institutions, and you turn to God and 'bow' in submission to HIS Command, as you conform to HIS "Peaceful, loving, merciful, and forgiving" code of conduct policy and await your fate as an enlightened person that will NEVER again cause any terror or suffering or mental or emotional pain to any other child of God. HE is the all-powerful not you.

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~ The Sovereign Right of the 'Serpent' ~
Bequeathed by God unto His 'Creature'

by Terence – the Spirit of Truth

I today empowered by the Light of God speak the truth 'of' and 'for' the Creature known as 'The Serpent' who STATES:

I AM named 'JUSTICE.'
I AM absolute Justice.

I AM the ONLY 'creature' created by the Master (God) with the Sovereign Right to be His 'avenger.'
I AM the ONLY 'creature' created by the Master (God) with the Sovereign Right to mete out divine retribution.
I AM the ONLY 'creature' created by the Master (God) with the Sovereign Right to uphold the Law of the DARK.
I AM the ONLY 'creature' created by the Master (God) with the Sovereign Right to 'tempt' man and thus 'test' their spirit.

I AM the ONLY 'creature' created by the Master (God) that is 'as God' in that I am not subject to 'His Law' for I AM THE LAW.
I AM the 'one' to 'overthrow' your Sovereign Right to exist in peace when you defy your Creator and disturb the peace of others.

I AM absolute cruelty.
I AM absolute deception.
I AM absolute terror.

I AM absolutely merciless.
I AM absolutely unforgiving.
I AM absolutely hateful.

I AM absolutely malignant.
I AM absolutely cold.
I AM absolutely 'rock hard.'

I AM absolutely immoveable.
I AM absolutely inquisitive.
I AM absolutely negative.

I AM the ultimate avenger.
I AM the ultimate persecutor.
I AM the ultimate destroyer.

I AM the epicentre of the total energy essence of the DARK.
I AM the ultimate hypnotist for I can and do mesmerize all that use my Dark power.
I AM absolute 'brilliance' as I sit in solitary splendour in the spotlight of God's pure Light.

I AM absolutely vain and proud and jealous, for I 'alone' am above the Law of God and I AM His 'faithful, true, and honourable' servant and, - - - I 'sit' in dazzling splendour in the full 'brilliance' of His LIGHT and, - - - all I feel is ABSOLUTE delight and ecstasy as I fulfil my sacred duty to HIM and, - - - I AM absolutely 'Just' but, - - -

I AM also permitted to deceive any 'fallen angel' * that defies the Creator and steps onto the 'web' of deceit that I weave, and if any of you 'tread' on my 'space' through supping on God's Dark energy then I will permit you to feel good, happy and 'justified' in so doing so that I can 'ahead' destroy your arrogant soul or smash in your 'head' for being so arrogant and vain as to presume that you are entitled to MY Sovereign Right to mete out 'Justice and accountability' as you use God's forbidden 'forceful energy' that is My 'solitary' Right.

Note: 'fallen angel' * - Being every spirit that supped on the fruit of evil and thus fell from 'grace' and placed themselves within the 'bounds' of the Serpent and His administration of the punitive aspect of the Law of God.

Foolish man, I was created before time began and my 'wisdom' does span all eternity, and I see into your very soul and, any that stepped outside the protection of God's Light through failing to conform to His "Go in peace and love one another" Command have placed themselves within MY punitive 'jurisdiction' and, I see your every 'move' for it is I that incite you, and inspire you and invite you to SIN more.

I AM the ONE that deceived your forebears a very long time ago, and it is I that 'empowered' them to defy the Light and to 'fight' for ME, for they were all 'sinners' that by ME were 'seduced' into believing that their false punitive and warring ideology was honourable rather than the 'Treason' that it is.

I the 'Serpent' have the SOLE Right to administer Justice.

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I THE SERPENT am also your 'saviour' because ONLY when you have 'suffered' at MY 'hands' and thus paid your dues without retaliating will I 'open' the door to the Kingdom of Light and let you go free. For I AM the one eyed monster that is all powerful and, I AM obligated to HIM our Creator to ensure that the 'Letter of His Law' is balanced ABSOLUTELY before I let you go free and, - - -

As long as I can convince you to perceive others as your enemy and, as long as I can keep you retaliating and being living swine as you invade, control and abuse and punish others, the longer I can 'torture' you and control you and, - - - due to my 'brilliance' you will find it almost impossible to change your ideological 'ways' and lay down your arms as told to you by the wielder of this pen who at this moment of time is permitted by the Creator to reveal ME.

I AM absolutely all powerful and indestructible as I am 'backed' by the full mass of the energy of God, and any of you so foolish as to believe that you can destroy me are persons already totally possessed by my energy, and the more you 'try' to destroy me or those other 'operatives' working for me, the sooner you will 'fry' in the pit.

I AM absolutely LOYAL to my Master the Father of all creation, and any of you His children that use His Dark energy to control, intimidate, coerce, abuse, tax, persecute or destroy His other children are absolutely 'out of line' and absolutely disloyal and disrespectful also, and it is I that is determined to bring you to 'account' for every 'deed' that I perceive as 'offensive' or that disturbs the peace of others and that I perceive is in contravention of His "Go your way in peace" Command.

I AM the absolute RULER of my Domain of darkness within which lies deceit, torture, horror and terror, and unspeakable anguish is endured in perpetuity by those so foolish as to 'tempt' fate, their God, or ME.

I AM the 'author' of every offensive.
I AM the 'author' of every defensive.
I AM the 'author' of every conspiracy.
I AM the 'author' of every criminal activity.
I AM the 'author' of every pre-emptive strike.

For as I tempt you to do any of the above you are using my dark energy, and you are bound to more suffering as being your due for being so untrue to your Creator.

You are my Marionettes that dance to my tune as I pull your mental 'strings' as my hypnotic voice sings in your mind and my powerful dark emotions hum in your belly. You are all vain and arrogant and deserve your DEATH sentence.

I AM the 'Achilles heel' that brings every 'bad' person down to heel at MY feet.
I AM the 'Trojan horse' that enters and invades every 'castle' of man and reduces it to rubble.
I AM the ultimate 'spy,' for in every speck of darkness within your soul is my 'eye' that sees and knows ALL.

I AM the instigator of every battle, and I AM the 'God' to whom you pray to give you the 'forceful' strength to meet your foe. For you are all deceived by ME the Serpent you cannot see, and it is I that 'convinced' you to rely on My force of arms for your protection rather than relying on the "Go in peace" Word of the Holy One.

So as you go forth into battle it is My 'eye' that sees all and moves all My little 'pawns' you over the fields into the desert and mud, and up in the sky and under the water, for it is I that AM doing My very best to use you to wreak havoc against past offenders as well as ensuring that those of you I use to so do become more bound to Me and future agony for being so foolish and untrue and, every one of you owes me more than a 'pound' of your blood.

Yes, I AM the 'ordering' voice that directs your earthly 'commanders' that have no choice other than to do as directed by Me telepathically via their arrogant vanity, and into the valley of death you all will go for the way of "Peace" none yet know, and all rely on the 'protection' of armed men as they 'fear' to suffer their dues and be released from Me and eternal suffering as is revealed by this pen.

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I RULE this world with an Iron Fist, for by My 'mind and mentality' I do your ways BIND. I can disrupt the 'train of thought' of the mind of any person that contains My dark energy within and, I am the 'inspiration' behind all criminal activity.

You are all vain, critical, avaricious, merciless, unforgiving, punitive and vexatious because I control every one of you, and that FACT should be enough to show you "what" is to be your DUE to ME within the absolute LAW of the Source that created you.

You are already to Me and My ways 'wed,' so I await to see if you will FOREVER now share my 'restless' bed that is no 'cradle' of warmth and love for you all defy God's dove, and he sees the 'agony' soon to be your eternal destiny and he also sees MY glee.

For when you feel 'glee' and are happy that you have brought 'offensive' and detestable people to 'account' for their misdeeds, then you need to REALISE how UNWISE you have been, and how JUSTIFIED & GLEEFUL I will feel when you are crushed under My 'giant' threshing wheel.

I AM "THE LAW" not you, and all you do in my name 'JUSTICE' will by ME be done unto you, for I AM the ultimate persecutor, avenger, inquisitor, judge and jury and I AM absolutely 'Just' and 'equitable' and honourable as I mete out pure divine retribution being 'sorrow' that will be agonising to the core of your 'marrow.'

Yes you all are my 'minions' as you defy your Creator and you persecute, prosecute, judge and condemn and administer punishment on MY ACCOUNT, and you see not that you are but 'marionettes' that 'jump' and dance to MY dark tune as I pull your mental and emotional strings.

You are 'sorrowful' creatures, for all are 'pretenders' to My 'throne' that is by God given unto Me the 'avenger' whose face you cannot see. Only HE that writes this Revelation 'paper' has the spiritual Might and Right to see Me clearly.

This is your LAST and ONLY chance to 'break free' from Me the Serpent, the I AM, the I BE.

Note: - Man believes that in order for PEACE & orderly harmony to exist, that there must be Rules named 'the law,' being; 'Rule by law.' Not seeing that it is the use of rules that enables man to defy the Command of God, and man then enables himself to punish, steal, control and kill.

The rules, be they enacted democratically or autocratically are the conscience 'back up,' wherein man foolishly believes that he can 'safely' defy the Command of God and use 'force' to 'subjugate' others and, - - - to thus 'force' them to conform to his ideological beliefs or dictates and remain 'above or beyond' the administration of God's Law. That is error of belief.

I say that; a very long time ago the Serpent via the mind of vain, proud, and arrogant man said:

"You can use My force to invade, control, take, suppress, enslave, dictate, rule, enforce, punish, invade, wage war, kill, and you will not 'die' in your sin." I say: "If you continue to be deceived by the Serpent's indoctrination of the mind of man then you will 'die in your sin,' for it is FORBIDDEN by the Creator to sup from the Tree of Evil and use His Dark and destructive energy in your interaction with others."

Try and see that the Serpent via the mind of man uses the 'rules' to enable Him to control, steal, injure, punish, wage war, kill, and change the ideological beliefs of foolish vain mortal man, so that IT can cause them untold misery and destroy their 'non-believing' souls as IT imposes its own 'As you sow so shall ye reap' aspect of THE LAW of God.

The nature of the Dark energy is Vanity, pride, and arrogance, and it is also absolutely justified in ITS negative, intrusive, and destructive interaction with man as IT metes out divine Justice within ITS 'aspect' of God's Law.

The reason 'why' man is incapable of being merciful and peaceful as commanded by God is because man has drawn this dark energy into his soul (The Sin) and, man has become 'as' the dark is; vindictive, merciless, cruel, unconscionable, disrespectful, warlike, and man has been unable to assist himself to become a 'peaceful' loving person.

It is not a 'matter' of ones named 'religion' that shuts or opens the door to the Promised Land or Hell, it is simply a matter of the code of conduct ideological doctrine that you use in your daily interaction with others. Vindictive, unforgiving, merciless and punitive or, loving, forgiving, merciful, and peaceful.

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~ Accountability & Restorative Justice ~
Divine order and harmony - God's intention and God's intervention.
The last Battle for the soul of man.

Let it be clearly understood, it is God and God's infinite power that enforces the administration of restorative Justice but, the nature of this administration is not understood by man.

The punitive aspect administered by the Dark Sovereign authority of God implemented by His servant the Serpent is a necessary requirement, for only when a person that did 'disturb the peace' of another and cause them 'distress' is themself forced by God to suffer the same 'duress,' does the Divine order and harmony of God's energy balance itself. (Scales of Justice)

If the 'offender' that disturbed the peace of another refuses to 'lay down his arms' and in non-retaliation suffer his own 'crucifixion' at the hands of some other 'offensive' person, then there are two immediate consequences:

1 - The offender has not 'permitted' God to balance the energy. (Every action requires an equal and opposite reaction)
2 - The offender has accrued an added 'due' within the dark aspect of the Law of God, and made the 'Scales of Justice'  move further out of balance because, in order to avoid the return of suffering upon themself, they would have had to defend themself using force of arms and thus caused their opponent to suffer* in some way.

Note:  suffer* - To be impacted upon negatively causing mental or emotional distress or physical discomfort or harm.

Mankind has been so 'possessed' by Dark emotions of fear, greed, pride, vanity, arrogance and hatred, that for countless centuries of time he has been vengeful and antagonistic, and has become merciless and incensed with the need to bring others to 'account,' not seeing that in the process, that his own debts to God did mount.

God always brings offenders to account. God is always balancing his energy 'book,' being His 'Scales of Justice' that operate in both aspects of God's Light or dark energy essence, benign or malignant, positive or negative, joy or suffering.

This is why suffering and loss and frustration and 'dispossession' and abuse and killing continues on and on in the many realms of consciousness outside Heaven, being realms where the Serpent has his way because vindictive man lost his sanity through avarice, vanity and arrogant defiance of his Creator.

As of TODAY, every 'spirit' be they incarnate or discarnate in spirit realms outside Heaven are slowly but surely sliding downwards further away from the Light as their souls draw in more invisible dark energy because, they use force * or the 'back up' of force to administer punishment that they perceive as 'Restorative Justice,' rather that using peaceful Education, by being kind and merciful and forgiving as God Commands, and remaining benign as they give true aid to those disturbing the peace.

Note: force * - In this paragraph it means attack or defence using any expression of additional 'dark' energy (critical, judgmental, punitive, forceful, abusive etc.) So in a household situation where physical force is not being used and it is only 'vocal' harsh critical or angry words spoken, they are also a negative 'forceful' response from the 'dark' that accrue a return due and that themselves can lead to physical violence.

My 'duty' to God is to bring forth THE TRUTH being the revelation of the ultimate Secret concerning the many aspects of God and His Law of the Dark 'energy,' as well as to how his Serpent administers it directly giving orders telepathically to the mind of the 'sinful' and arrogant.

As for the absolute Justice of God's Law and its superiority over the rules of man, (legislation & coercive punishment) this information was never 'hidden' from man, but simply lost by precedents set by those who seized control of lands and their populace using darkness. (force of arms and deception)

We stand now at a 'point' in eternal time where - - - ONLY those that make the effort to seed their minds with this fresh wisdom from God with its revelations and, - - - then make the effort to turn over a new leaf and conform to God's: "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command, - - - will have the blessed opportunity to HALT their slide into the Abyss, and begin their return journey to the LIGHT with its ultimate spiritual freedom and 'bliss' and, - - -

Their return journey will "Yes" be one of suffering and hardship as they are confronted by the vain, arrogant, and insane, whose minds are yet controlled by the Serpent who will use them to mete out ITS restorative Justice and restore the balance of Dark energy that you so foolishly used before.

With this in mind I can but suggest that you consider my "The Last Battle" narration given here, so that you see IT in the context of what by God is expected of 'believers' in His Word, as well considering what happens to those 'non-believers' that continue to wield a 'Sword' for the Serpent. I use the example * of a large scale Battle wherein a land is invaded by a 'forceful' dark and punitive army of aggressors.

Note: example * - It applies equally to a small scale 'battle' within a single household wherein one member of the family is abusing the other and they are critical, condemnational, merciless, persecutive, punitive, mean, cruel, disrespectful, beastly or destructive.

The invaders are named 'The Infidels.' (Defiant of God's word and believers in War to attain something)
The invaded are named 'The True.' (Submitting to God's Word and believers in Peace at all times)

page 11

The invaders * attack by air and sea and land, and they lay 'waste' buildings and destroy life and limb and livelihood. They displace persons, seize and confiscate assets and 'crucify' many of them. The invaders all carry weapons that they use to attain their objective, and their 'battle' is a material one for their minds are 'possessed' and controlled by the Dark Sovereign Power of the Serpent.

Note: invaders * - Persons with a 'justification' to invade. Be it out of pure greed, or to enforce peace, or to simply seize another's lands, or be it as mere 'sport' or vengeance. Any invasion or confrontation by armed men or unarmed men is 'War.'

The invaded are those that have understood my message and are thus fortified by my wisdom, and they have also prepared their mind. They stand unarmed or they 'flee' and hide and their 'battle' is a spiritual one within themself, as they 'struggle' to stem the tide of thoughts from the Serpent that would weaken their 'belief' and use them to fight back.

The True are mercilessly hunted down and abused, ridiculed, tortured or destroyed as they remain steadfast to God's Command, and they do not even raise their hands to protect themselves from their attackers, and they do NOT defend their nation, their home, their family, their children, nor their 'flag' and, - - -

They stand calmly IN THE FOREKNOWLEDGE that The invisible Reaper using the minds and emotions of the aggressor is simply 'balancing' ITS 'Scales of Justice,' and setting them FREE of their own past 'atrocious' ways, when they personally or via 'servants' paid by them controlled, enslaved, deceived, or abused others in this life 'time' or a prior one and, - - -

IN THE FOREKNOWLEDGE that the 'deadly' administrator ( Serpent) is only able to impose an 'exact' return due upon each individual within the Law of God, all are aware that they deserve their individual 'fate' and, - - - to become free eternally they must resist the 'temptation' to fight back and accrue another due.

So as the 'peaceful' suffer their 'crucifixion,' their debts to God are paid within the Dark aspect of the "As you or your servants did sow so shall ye reap" Law, and they become spiritually free.

The 'invaders' wielding the sword backed by the 'ordering voice of the Serpent' accrue a 'painful' spiritual due for all done by them and their 'backers' that fund and support them.

This 'Clan' of 'warriors' fall into the dark when they die to continue their downward slide into oblivion and eternal suffering because, - - - in that place their minds become totally possessed by the power of the 'subjugating' Serpent and forever they fight on and on and suffer a return of pain in perpetuity within His Law until they are totally immobilized.

You cannot make peace using force, any surcease of 'war' forced upon people is only temporary. You cannot become 'at peace' and free of suffering if you continue to be a part of God's 'Restorative Justice.' But you can stop your 'offensive ways' and help other 'offenders' to halt their ongoing use of dark energy as you educate them to God's ways and to God's command to "Go your way in peace."

There is and always will be a consequence to every action.

When you are intent on bringing others to account you scheme and plot and interfere in the lives of others, and your mind is 'open' to the Serpent's thoughts for HE is your 'inspiration, and HE seeks to possess your mind, your body, and your soul forever.

When you use 'darkness' (punishment) bringing others to account, you will attract a similar punitive effort against yourself enforced by God's DARK.
When you use 'light' (education) bringing others to enlightenment, you will attract a similar positive effort upon yourself bequeathed by God's LIGHT.

If you wish to live in Divine order and harmony then BE forgiving and peaceful.
If you wish to live in Divine order and disharmony then BE unforgiving and punitive.

Man is HELL-BENT on administering 'Justice' for God.
Man is HELL-BENT as he tries to avoid the administration of God's Restorative Justice upon himself.

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~ Extremists & Fundamentalists ~

Extremists and fundamentalists are those that 'advocate' using extreme measures* in order to maintain control of others or, to force others into conformity to their ways or in their own 'belief' in the text teaching or content of 'books' or traditional creeds, being their own 'system' of beliefs.

Their belief in the 'righteousness' of their cause is so great that they are unable to see the fact of the matter, and they always swear an 'Oath' of allegiance to their 'institution' and from that moment on they believe that they are 'honour bound' to uphold the teachings or there 'orders' that are either verbal from a 'superior' or in writing.

These people 'come' in many a guise, some as the wise that are 'smart' and well dressed and they come 'openly' to your door, and others come 'clad' in black hoods so that they cannot be recognised, and they may do their foul deeds under the cover of darkness. In both cases they are infidels, being 'non-believers' in the "Go in peace" Holy Word of God.

Note: extreme measures* - Being the use of force backed by weaponry to intimidate, persecute and enforce their beliefs upon others and, they are so 'bound up' mentally by precedent and the instilled teachings of their forefathers ways that they are prepared to instil fear into others, bully them, punish them, kidnap them, incarcerate them, torture them, and to even kill them.

Who are these fundamentalist extremists?

Extremist fundamentalists are people totally blinded by their own self importance, (vanity - pride - ego) or due to the 'powers' granted unto them by their 'office' of authority, and the resultant self-righteousness is so powerful that they are unable to consider their 'victim' as even being human, and they perceive them as a simple 'number' of NO consequence.

The extremist may be a magistrate, politician, policeman, soldier or other 'official,' for they are only concerned with their own 'righteous' stance and that others see them as 'dutiful' and, - - - as long as their 'stance' is backed by verbal or written orders or, text in a book or, their personal 'belief,' they feel absolutely justified in their control and abuse of another person.

The extremists see their given 'orders' or legislated authority as being more important than the life or livelihood or welfare of their victim, being the one perceived by them as not only having 'erred' or strayed from the true path, but as an 'offensive' person and, they thus forget or see not that their 'victim' was created by the same 'being' (God) that created them and, - - -

What they also do not see is that when one criticizes another person, one is in fact criticizing their Creator and, - - - this critical 'judgement' of God's energy that 'makes' us what we are at any stage in our spiritual evolution, invokes a similar response from that energy at a later time or date and, what they also do not see is that their Creator (God) despises those that treat His creation with disrespect and CONTEMPT.

Fundamentalists believe that only their ideological belief and 'system of rules' is permitted to exist. They also believe that within the 'borders' that they patrol and forcefully control, that any other ideological belief must be forcefully opposed and destroyed.

Fundamentalists are any person that believes that their biblical 'teachings' or state 'rulings' or the spoken 'decrees' of their elders or superiors are THE LAW and, - - - they believe that God 'backs' them in their daily duty of upholding the 'sword' against any person that does not conform to any 'command' in their 'books' or, fail to obey their spoken words they impose.

Fundamentalists believe that they have a right to interfere, control, coerce, threaten, berate, regulate, punish or destroy those that do not conform to their dictates.

These 'extremists' comprise of every person in every land today. This is due to the fact that all either believe in the 'rightful powers' of their 'Dictator' to hold them in absolute control and bondage, or they are those that believe that a majority 'vote' gives their 'head of house' absolute powers to 'rule' every person in the land by forcing them to conform to the rulings * of TEXT in a book.

Note: rulings * - The legislated rules have become the extremist & fundamentalist 'unconscionable' Dictator that operates unchecked and it (text) has no mind of its own nor any conscience and, its 'rulings' force its 'living' officials to be cruel, merciless, vindictive, punitive and destructive unto their own spiritual demise.

Thus the wise can see that state 'officials' being servants to the rules, and the 'slave' citizens, are all ruled by a ROBOT. The unwise have assumed that the rules are their godly leader, for they fund and condone its punitive principles rather than bowing to the "Go in peace" command of God.

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As every 'ruler' of others believes that his 'flocks' must be punished for any non-conformity to his rules, it follows that the 'heads' of every religion and every 'government' of every land is a fundamentalist and an extremist and, it also follows that as the 'scripted' or 'text' documents they use as their 'justification' to impose control are merely text and, thus have NO 'conscience' or powers to 'think' for themselves, it follows that these texts are themselves fundamentalist and extreme and merciless and unforgiving and, - - -

It follows that those that take a wage to uphold them are forced by said 'texts' to be 'mercenary' and unconscionable and, they are forced to become absolutely intolerant of others beliefs and thus they operate in defiance of the command of their Creator.

So whether you are a known Taliban extremist, or a known Islamic extremist, or a known Christian extremist, or a known Catholic 'inquisitor' extremist or, whether you are an extremist due to upholding State statutes and thus 'unknown' to yourself as being an extremist, you are all one and the same 'ilk' in the eyes of God, for you are wearing BLACK silk that shows that you are an earthly 'operative' of the dark punitive force and, - - -

Unbeknown to you but known by me, the Dark forceful energy of the Source is operating 'clandestinely' through you, and every controlling or punitive action carried out by you places you into ITS negative and punitive aspect of the supreme "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God. Yes, soon every extremist enforcer is to weep and pain will into their very marrow seep.

Foolish are those that use 'text' in books as their justification to impose their 'will' or the 'will' of the texts upon any other child of the Creator.

The LAW of every land is God's absolutely Just 'an eye for an eye' Law,* not the 'rules' of men or the 'text' decrees of State or other religions.

Note: 'an eye for an eye' Law,* - The equal and opposite reaction for every action, positive or negative, goodness for goodness, pain for pain. "As you sow so shall ye reap."

Your spiritual Salvation means that you will avoid eternal damnation and suffering and, this 'hopeful' process starts with you and your mind. For if you continue to 'blindly' support, condone, and fund punitive and controlling 'regimes' then you will not be 'saved' from a fate you already deserve.

Ask yourself:
"From 'where' does an institution (the government) body obtain its authority to defy the Command of the Creator"?

Ask yourself:
"From 'where' does an institution (the government) body obtain its belief that IT and its officials are above the Law of God"?

Ask yourself:
"From 'where' does an institution (the government) body obtain its authority to impose its 'rules' as 'the law' of the land"?

Ask yourself:
"From 'where' does an institution (the government) body obtain its 'licence' to enslave everyone in the land that its rules say it owns"?

I respond:

The powerful authorisation that backs all the above 'defiance' of God is the use of the Devil's force and THE GUN.

It is the force used to control.
It is the force used to regulate.
It is the force used to tax.
It is the force used to extort.
It is the force used to enslave.
It is the force used to interfere.
It is the force used to seize.
It is the force used to detain.
It is the force used to kidnap.
It is the force used to punish.
It is the force used to terrorise.
It is the force used to kill.

All backed by the Devil's force and THE GUN.

The Dark Sovereign Power (God) has deceived man into believing that it is better to use His forceful protection as the 'means' to live by, rather than relying on the strength of the Holy Word of the Light Sovereign Power (God) that says:

"Go your way in peace and I will be your protector and provider."

I can only 'advise' you that as you individually or via the 'hands' of others operating on your behalf make use of the forceful destructive power of God, you receive an equal and Just 'measure of suffering' upon your own life in this realm or in the after life.

As every institution of the day uses both benign Light energy and malignant Dark energy in its operations, you will need to stop ALL funding of its coffers. Only fund, condone and support peaceful and constructive and welfare aspects of community endeavors.

It is the time for every 'believer' in goodness and God to put down their gun and use education as their 'instrument.'

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~ Consent ~
The 'deadly' Assumption

The word 'consent' means that you have agreed to something, and by this agreement you give your 'permission' for an activity to take place, an activity that may be an act of 'grace' or, it may be an act of disgrace in the eyes of the Creator, and as you have 'permitted it' to take place you are fully responsible for the material and spiritual consequences that include all 'collateral' suffering or damage.

The primary granting of 'consent' must be seen as the CONSENT given by the Creator unto every spirit that He creates. (You) He ONLY consents to your use of His Light energy in your interaction with others. This energy is creative, benign, kind, merciful, compassionate, forgiving and loving and, when you use it, it smiles on you and returns unto you an 'equal' blessing.

He FORBIDS the use of His Dark forceful energy in your interaction with others. This energy is destructive, controlling, taxing, injurious, restricting, merciless, unforgiving and hateful and, when you use it, it grimaces at you and returns unto you an 'equal' curse.

The deadly 'assumption' for an 'enforcer' is; that they have been led to believe that as they are employed as 'enforcers' in an institution, that they are 'entitled by mandate' to do something * to another person 'in the name of others' or, 'on behalf of the state' or, 'on your behalf' either with or without obtaining your verbal or written or 'other' consent, * and not suffer any consequence within God's Law. (False assumption)

The deadly 'assumption' is also where you have taken it upon yourself to do something * to a another person personally or, you have sent others to do it 'in your name' or, employed others to do it 'on your behalf,' and you believe that because you are in the 'right' and 'justified, that you will not suffer any consequence within God's Law. (False assumption)

Note: something* - It is deadly because, if you in any way; 'interfere with, control, tax, enslave, coerce, restrict the movement of, harass, bully, injure, deceive, punish, wage war, kill or destroy property or the livelihood' of any other person, in so doing, in the eyes of the Creator you become fully and personally responsible for the resultant 'activity.'

Note:  'other' consent, * - if you 'vote in' a head of state, and you support it by financially funding the institution or religion they 'represent,' you thus condone  the use of the 'body' of armed men they use to mete out punishment  and their use of force of arms to invade, control, wage war, etc., and, - - -

God sees that you have given your consent to them to operate in your name and on your behalf and, you are complicit to their 'iniquitous' anti-god activities, and you deserve your 'sentence' imposed by the Serpent.

Note: A person that did not give their verbal or written  or 'other' consent * are not complicit and are 'absolved.'

The  false assumption is deadly because, by this punitive 'activity,' you and your servants have used the forbidden dark forceful energy of God, and thus placed yourselves 'squarely' within the jurisdiction and 'Court' of the Serpent who will administer His Justice on an 'eye for an eye' basis and, His 'brilliant' hypnotic power is such that he can multiply the punishment one million times x one million times more and more, in eternal perpetuity.

"How or 'why' can he do this" you might 'wonder,' if he is only 'capable' of administering an 'eye for an eye' and thus equal punishment. What you need to try and understand is this, your own spirit soul is 'indestructible' and lives on forever in one or another of God's realms and, - - -

Not only is the Serpent the administrator of Justice, but his Dark energy IS absolutely destructive and absolutely justified and absolutely deceptive so, - - - at the moment in time that you are receiving your past 'dues' at the hands of others, the Serpent deceives you by 'justifying' you to in some way retaliate or, to seek redress in again using forceful means either personally or by employing others (enforcers or mercenaries) or, using  a 'Court' and its 'robed' men to do 'battle' for you.

Every 'time' you are deceived or held in ignorance of THE TRUTH, the Serpent is able to keep you 'revolving' within HIS punitive aspect of the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" LAW, and your 'crucifixion' as you suffer your dues to GOD goes on and on.

Did you CONSENT to: the 'apparent' abrogation of your right to live 'outside' the jurisdiction of an institution of man?
Did you CONSENT to: an institution of man to be your protector rather than your God?
Did you CONSENT to: any other man or institution to be your 'ruler' rather than God?

Did you CONSENT to: having to live by the decrees raised up by other men, some even before you were born?
Did you CONSENT to: having to 'obey' the 'orders' of armed men that come with demands to your door?
Did you CONSENT to: others taxing your every activity?

Did you CONSENT to: being interfered with, controlled, and punished by other men?
Did you CONSENT to: enforcers going forth on your behalf to evict others, seize their goods?
Did you CONSENT to: enforcers, going forth to wage war on others and destroy life and livelihoods?

Did you CONSENT to: being ruled by a robot, being an unconscious, unfeeling and unconscionable book of text?
Did you CONSENT to: being criticised, tried and judged by other mortals rather than God?
Did you CONSENT to: your personal belief being overridden by the ideological belief of other?

Did you CONSENT to: employing people to serve you that perceive you as their slaves and they as your master?
Did you CONSENT to: your servants holding your 'cheque book' and paying themselves more than you earn?
Did you CONSENT to: being forced to fund, condone, and live in contravention of God's 'Peace' Command?

If your answer to the above is "YES, I do CONSENT," then why do you 'consent' to being complicit to their activities when you know that you thus defy your Creator and walk the abysmal road to hell and eternal suffering?

If your answer to the above is "NO, I do NOT consent," then why do you 'respond' to their 'taxing' advances and keep funding them? Why do you even consider going to 'Court' to 'plead' with insane and vain men and dishonourable Judges? When you should simply get on with your life and go your way in peace.

Why do you pay 'fines' placed on your plate? When that 'act' is the financial supporting of iniquity, and you should rather keep any 'spare' money you have or give it to the needy.

Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; defy your God and use forbidden force to gain control?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; defy your God and use forbidden force to seize lands?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; defy your God and use forbidden force to wage war?

Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; rule the lives of others?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; interfere in the lives of others?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; regulate the lives of others?

Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; tax others in order to help them?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; tax others in order to feed yourself?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; tax others in order to protect their interests?

Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; impose your ideology upon others?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; force others to bow to your 'will'?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; punish others for non-conformity to your decrees?

Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; demand that others feed you if you are poor?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; demand that others house or shelter you if you are in need?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; employ enforcers so that they could 'fight' for you?

Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; employ 'warriors' to protect your property?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; employ 'warriors' to protect you family?
Did you ASSUME you had the God given right to; defy God's 'peace' command and not pay the price?

If your answer to any of  the above is "YES," then you are ignorant of God's TRUTH and you are in 'grave' danger spiritually.

If your answer to any of the above is "NO," then if you are funding, condoning, or supporting a punitive 'regime' or, if you are 'officiating' in it in the capacity of an enforcer or a 'policymaker,' you are in 'grave' danger spiritually.

Once you have in any way defied the Command of the Creator to live in Peace, and you or your servants have used the forbidden dark force against others, then you have ceded your divine RIGHT to live in peace under the guidance of the beneficent loving Light of God, and you have CONSENTED to the Serpent being your 'Master, Ruler, Dictator, controller, extortionist and your destroyer.

If you are a benevolent, compassionate, merciful and forgiving person that goes your way in peace, then you are 'humane' and, you are living as your Creator commands. But if you condone, support or fund any institution of man that controls, taxes, interferes, regulates, punishes, invades, wages war or steals (seizes goods or sells community property) then you are not humane, and you are perceived by God as being a deluded terrorist, a person that 'justly' deserves their coming chastisement by HIM.

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~ The honourable Judge ~
The 'dishonourable' judge

What is an 'honourable' Judge? An honourable Judge is a wise 'elder' in the community and an honest man with a very strong character. Thus he is honourable unto his God, to himself and, to those that are brought to stand before him for his judgement.

Regrettably there are no honourable Judges to be found in any land on earth today, for all have lost the true way as they were 'swayed' through past precedents, and all have bowed to the 'decrees' that issued forth from political strong men, for none of them follow this God's sacred pen.

Politicians assumed the 'Right' to impose strictures upon members of every community with impunity, for they themselves knew not the 'limitations' of God's Holy Command, nor of their own Constitutions, for all had become vain and 'drunk' on the power afforded them by 'force of arms' with the 'back up' of the gun.

This has for a very long time given them 'licence' to follow the "Do what thy wilt" 'order' of the Beast, and its control, enslavement, and extortion is now rampant within every aspect of living and, Judges have upheld this extortion and punitive rulings without even considering whether politicians had the 'ongoing' Right to 'liquidate' the assets of simple men time after time with no surcease, simply by the 'stroke' of their arrogant pen and, - - -

Judges issued their punitive judgement without even considering whether dis-obeyance to a decree of 'Caesar' (State legislation) was in fact error in the eyes of God or not or, whether in fact every decree raised up was even 'valid' or in conformity to the basic principles of the Constitution of the institution that an honourable Judge serves.

Very few judges today are aware of the principle clause of the Constitution of their institution from which they obtain their mandate to 'operate.' This clause stipulates that every man is allowed to live by his conscience, and to submit himself to his belief of the Code of Conduct bestowed upon him by his Creator, rather than the beliefs of politicians that are in variance to this "Peace" Code.

Politicians in fact wage war upon the community as they raise up more and more legislation that enables them to use the 'Court' to benefit their own coercive extortion and they use the 'unwary' Judge to punish people for any non-conformity.

This extortion has become so commonplace that honourable Judges have strayed from the true path and, they have become dishonourable and complicit to the elevation of rules that are extortionist, punitive, and destructive, for at no 'time' did they 'confer' and question the conduct of politicians.

An honourable judge will treat every person brought before them with due care and diligence, for what is the point of their 'visitor' calling them "Your honour" when they are dishonourable?

The honourable judge will know that he stands before his God as the 'other' stands before him, and he is aware that he by God will be 'judged' similarly, for that is the superior and immutable Law of the Creator and, he would know the Code of Conduct that his Creator expects of him.

The honourable Judge would also know that punishment meted out to a person that disturbed the peace of the land is error, and that God only permits people to be detained for a time for the purpose of their rehabilitation, not for the purpose of coercing them into 'bowing' to extortion that is couched in the name of 'fine or fee or tax or levy.'

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But apart from that, an honourable Judge needs to ask himself: "Is the director of public prosecutions or, the person that signs the 'complaint' form bringing a true or false complaint in respect of the principle precepts of the Constitution."

The reason for this is, that a citizen of the land or any other person living on the land, visitor or otherwise is entitled to live their life in accordance to the Command of God and, to go their way in peace without being harassed or distressed or interfered with or abused or reprimanded or brought to any 'Court' unless they did IN FACT disturb the peace of the land.

It follows that any man of peace that has not disturbed the peace of the land or caused any injury to another is brought before a Judge, then the 'case' must be dismissed for there is no 'contest.' 

Because politicians have seized control of the 'cheque-book' of the people, being the 'means' whereby Judges are paid a wage, does not mean that the judge is in the 'pocket' of the political agenda. The Judge as an honourable member of the community must stand above and apart from political pressures.

Politicians have also seized control of the Police force that they now use to aid their own agenda of enslavement, and only the honourable Judge can 'thwart' the misuse of power that is so blatant today and be a true protector of the Sovereign 'Rights' of simple people in the community. Being people who are being savagely 'mistreated' by the vain who hold the community to 'ransom' and in disdain.

The honourable Judge also protects policemen from being 'corrupted' by politicians. For police have now assumed that all 'legislation' is legal when in fact the 'bulk' of it contravenes the command of God and, it is an 'affront' to their own institutional Constitution as the legislation 'permits' the use of dark evil energy.

Judges that 'simply' uphold the punitive 'attachments' that are allocated to each and every 'decree' of State show their God their 'misfortune' for having colluded with extortionists and with retributive 'vindictiveness,' for every Judge will by their own 'pen' be 'so' judged by their Creator and, - - -

Due to dishonourable judges having in ignorance sided with the police and political agenda, it has given the police personnel the false 'belief' that their activities are true and honourable and, in order and consistent with the sworn 'Oath' to uphold the Constitution, whereas in reality, the Police are as misinformed as the Judge and in great 'treasonable' error and grave spiritual danger.

Police now believe that they can invade, intimidate, and kill, and they see not that the Law of the Beast (Do what thy wilt) reigns through their 'hands' that are 'supported' by the 'asleep' Judiciary. Being Judges who are unwise, unconscionable, and ungodly as they back the law of the Beast that says: "Whatever Caesar decrees is the law."

It is I the 'pen' of God, and I say to every Judge in the land: "If you receive a 'letter of complaint' brought against any member of the community you need to commence your proceedings by referring to the principle clause of the Constitution as well as the Command of God and take 'that' as your 'letter of authority.' Thus if you are Australian:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 states;

 "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and - - -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Religion: 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God.' or
The recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Doctrine - the teaching of a 'church' or religion or other teacher that forms the 'base' upon which a person bases their 'ethical' code of conduct.

State government 'doctrine' is the TEXT within the state regulations/statutes/acts etc., that has become the 'religion' of its followers and state enforcers and others that perceive this unholy book as their 'god' to be adored, revered, worshipped and obeyed by all within the state.

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As you can see, any 'act' that was 'legislated' at a later date than the above 'enactments' that in any way 'compromises' my freedom to not pay 'tax after tax' that funds the coffers of a State punitive ideology that is contradictory to my Peace ideology, is a Fraudulent attempt by politicians and their 'forces' men to 'convert' me coercively by using 'corrupt' Judges as their 'fall' guys and, - - -

As God Commands all to: "Go in peace and be merciful, kind and loving" it follows, that no honourable Judge will impose any punitive fine or punishment, he will only refer anyone that did disturb the peace to be cared for, aided and educated, and thus he and all remain within the 'bounds' of the Command of God and within the beneficent and loving Light 'aspect' of God's 'eye for an eye' Law.

If a person brought to stand before the Judge is a person that has not disturbed the peace, then it follows that they have not defied the Command of God and they must be released. Once Judges 'defy' the political decrees that bring all to their knees, then politicians will be 'forced' to revise their own anti-god ways.

A true Judge of God 'judges' not for the purpose of punishment, they only judge the 'degree' of rehabilitative education needed to 'reform' the mind of the errant.

No person must be forced to 'bow' to the 'will' or 'decree' of any other, be it one or many or any majority. God is the ONE that dictates the policy to be adhered to, not vain men.

The honourable Judge protects the community against the forces of evil, being the 'advances' of politicians that invoke endless rules that enable them to control others and extort money in the guise of: "It is for your own benefit that we run your life for you and we have the power and the right to so do."

The Judge must be wise enough to know the difference between right and wrong, and if any Judge is foolish enough to 'allow' text in a book purporting to have been written by God saying "Render unto Caesar all that Caesar commands" is foolish and, deserving of his fate because Caesar slaughtered multitudes of God's children, and he was certainly a war monger of little 'morals' and with NO 'standing' in the eyes of the Creator.

It is I the TRUE messenger of God that has come to set the record straight, and it is I to say to every Judge "You all forget that God said":

"I am the ultimate Judge, judge not lest ye be so judged, and every one of you has judged my children falsely and, every one of you will pay the same price, being the 'blood' price that you invoked and, - - -

 I can only suggest that from this day forth, being the day you are released from your ignorance, that you only judge man according to My decree that is that; you can only judge those brought before you as to whether or not in My eyes they disturbed the peace of the land and, - - -

If they did or, they caused injury to another, then wisely you can judge them as 'Guilty,' and as requiring 'correction' through education as given by My messenger, and the only other judgement you may give is one that says: 'You are free to go your way in peace.

 I your God has spoken."

Politicians and other 'strong' men using a 'Constitution' as their authority gave themselves 'licence' to interfere, enslave, extort funds and to control. Therefore it follows that every 'governing' Constitution on earth is based on 'silt' and is soon to fall into disarray.

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An honourable Judge cannot by 'temptation' be swayed, for he is by 'honour bound' to his fellow man and, to God's truth is his soul 'belayed.' So if you take a wage to be wise enough to judge another, then you will need to conform to the wisdom from this 'pen' of your brother, for its truth is the only safe way forward.

The only time an honourable Judge can detain a person is when he has judged them as one that has disturbed the peace, and this means that their mind was out of control and they need good counsel and, - - - according to the decree of God * this person is to be detained for the purpose of their rehabilitation as per the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' as given by me, and then set free. below is the 'sentence' to be imposed by the honourable Judge.

Forced taxation using legislated 'rules' and punishment as 'coercion' will now cease as man is released from his ignorance and bondage to 'thieves' by this pen of God as every man now realises that every community endeavour must only be funded by the free giving of donations.

Angry men will now forcefully 'dispute' the 'assumption' held by other 'strongly' armed men and their political legislators that they had some divine 'jurisdiction' over their lives, families, land, ideology and conduct, as they realise that it is their God given RIGHT to not be a 'party' member to any institution of vain men and be 'subjected' to their ruling decrees.

God stipulates:

"The Mandate I now give to the community 'policing' Peace Corps is:

It is your duty to go out amongst the public uniformed and unarmed. You are to remain peaceful, courteous, and respectful at all times to all people.

You are to 'arrest' any unruly person, one who is deemed to be disturbing the peace of others due to any negative, dangerous, irrational, or abusive behaviour that is actually disturbing the peace.

These are to be taken to an 'Elder' appointed as 'one' to 'Judge' their depth of 'insanity' and whom will direct them to the appropriate place to be assisted by good counsel as per the 'Offender' Feeling Easier Seminar instruction or other Aid Centre.

All that attend the Seminar are to thereafter be set free. Any whom did others kill are to be kept detained and incarcerated for six months for the purpose of rehabilitation and then released."

Prior to any 'sentencing' a Judge needs to ask himself; “How and at what point in time did the person in front of me ‘abdicate’ their God given ‘throne’ that enabled them to live their life in peace according to their own beliefs, and cede it over to my institution that has the ‘opposing’ ideology of control, punishment, and war and, why do our 'officers' and myself assume the right to 'rule' this man?”

Prior to any 'sentencing' a Judge needs to ask himself; “How and at what point in time did God alter or change or 'amend' His "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command and thus authorise me to reprimand and punish a person rather than simply treating them and their mental disturbance with 'respect,' as I send them 'somewhere' to receive good counsel?"

Prior to any 'sentencing' a Judge needs to ask himself; "From where did I get my 'licence' or authority to oppose God and to use my 'pen' to invoke the use of evil, for my 'signature' forces other men to also defy God as they go forth to 'administer' doctrinal punishment?”

Prior to any 'sentencing' a Judge needs to ask himself; "Am I the 'fall guy' for the rules of an institution or religion that is using me to 'legitimise' the promotion of its invasive and extortionist and punitive ideology as I invoke the punishment of others in my community?”

Prior to any 'sentencing' a Judge needs to ask himself; "Am I consciously aware that due to the absolute 'justness' of God's singular and immutable Law, that all the frustration, intimidation, pain and anguish suffered by the 'prisoner' as well as all collateral familial mental and emotional 'injury' becomes 'stored' in the Sword of Damocles hanging above my own head and those 'complicit' to the program?”

Prior to any 'sentencing' a Judge needs to ask himself; "Am I taking a wage from politicians to serve their 'decreed' rules or, should I be taking a wage from God via the community contributions to serve them in a 'decent' and humane manner as prescribed by God as being my only 'safe' way?"

Prior to any 'sentencing' a Judge needs to ask himself; "Am I a 'Judge' or, am I actually the 'high priest' of a dark and punitive religion that 'poses' as a benign secular institution as it 'criminally' wages its war of inquisition against any 'nonconformist' or those of differing beliefs"?

page 19

As every religion is a 'religion' due to its followers believing in;  'the worship of a supernatural power or God' or, the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship,  it follows that as State officers and Judges believe that the legislated 'rules' of their institution are 'The lawful power and Crown' it follows that, - - -

The legislated rules, decrees, statutes have become their 'God' entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship and, it follows that the State government is itself a RELIGION because, it also has an ideology that its officers revere, 'bow' down to and, they also force others to conform to it and its policy.

The 'ideology' of this religion had its genesis in the belief that 'The freedom and Rights' of all individuals was to be upheld. Hence the reference to 'Freedom of religion' and freedom to exercise ones conscience in the principle acts of the Constitution, however, greed and the 'lust' for Power backed by the GUN has knocked the 'The freedom and Rights' section from its 'perch' and, - - -

Subtle changes from "freedom" to "enforcement" by 'legislated control' over the people were, over time invoked and added and, their 'subtle' inclusion went unnoticed by the community and replaced it (freedom) with control, extortion, enslavement, fine and punishment. (All being the 'works' of Satan)

These new 'controlling' ideological decrees were designed to not only control all by force, but to force compliance by branding as 'criminally deviant' any that did not accept as normal the peoples' enslavement 'to' and by the 'extortion, regulation, and punishment,' of the State system and, ultimately it is the 'Judge' that raises up the sword over the 'heads' of every member of the community that is brought to stand before them.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion is such that: - - - even though I and many believe that God does not condone abuse, invasion, warfare, extortion, punishment or killing under any circumstances, and I thus refuse to fund its 'way' by paying 'licence fees' or 'tax' or 'fine' for this reason then, - - -

The State rules command that I must be 'caught' and judged as 'DEVIANT' and incarcerated for any refusal to not conform to the contra ideology and its rulings. All because I follow my belief "Thou shall not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not punish or abuse another, thou shalt go thy way in PEACE" and, - - -

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 states;
< "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, >

As my 'pen' has proven beyond doubt that legislators have treasonably 'formed' a controlling religion, it follows that the principle 'act' of their own Constitution has been 'broken' in their search for POWER;  Thus any Judge that seeks to punish any person for simply wishing to abide by their own 'Creed' shows God their vanity and ignorance and arrogance and, any Judge imposing any punitive 'sentence' upon any other child of God is 'strictly' out of order in God's eyes and very unwise.

If you seek further 'proof' that every government on earth is a 'religion' go to < Proof of religion > at document end.

Let it be clearly understood.
Arrogant man made up his own 'rules' along the way, forgetting the superior authority of God.

Let it be clearly understood.
There are NO exceptions to the implementation of God's Law.
There are NO exceptions to the Decrees of God as given by ME.

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~ The 'ultimate' Conspiracy ~
The 'destroyer' of the soul of man

The 'destroyer' of the soul of man is God, for there is no 'other' that can create or destroy the spirit soul of man, and it needs be understood by man the reason "Why" God the Father (The Dark Sovereign Power) seeks to destroy His own creation, by taking it 'out' of His sight and 'committing' IT to an eternity of suffering in the Abyss far from His divine Light.
Man needs to try and understand that God is ALL. God is all known 'energy' that manifests itself in known and unknown ways, and this energy is both benign - creative, and malignant - destructive.
The spirit soul of man was created by the Creator to be a joyful delight in His sight, a delight that is a sparkling 'star' that shines in heaven as it dances, loves, creates, and is full of happiness as it goes its way in PEACE as commanded by the Creator, and as 'such' it is by Him seen as a good 'seed' that He permits to live in freedom and abundance.
The moment a person in any way or for any reason finds a 'justifiable' excuse to defy Him and 'sup' on His controlling, punitive, invasive, abusive, warring and destructive energy and to impose IT upon others, they by Him are seen to be a bad 'seed' needing correction and, - - - if they are recalcitrant then it is His dark forces that conspire to make you suffer and to ultimately destroy you. (Limit you to a zero nothingness)
It is as said before, that the Serpent uses the power of the dark and destructive energy of God to deceive you, and the 'nature' of this deception is its capacity to conspire (Plot) and, - - - this conspiracy to destroy your soul is the 'ultimate' one that leads to the spiritual 'death' of the person that the Serpent conspires against.
What is the ultimate conspiracy that leads to the DEATH of the soul of man?
It is the continuing 'justification' in your mind that the use of force rather than education is needed to uphold peace and, - - - 
It is the continuing 'justification' in your mind that the use of force rather than education is needed to protect the innocent and, - - - 
It is the continuing 'justification' in your mind that the use of force rather than education is an honourable and 'righteous' way forward and, - - -
It is the continuing 'justification' in your mind that the use of force rather than education is needed for the abolishment of iniquity, war, suffering, enslavement, and, - - -
It is the continuing 'justification' in your mind that the use of force rather than education is needed to attain ultimate freedom and happiness and, - - -
It is the continuing 'justification' in your mind that the use of force rather than education is justifiable and necessary to maintain orderliness and peace, as you go forth and abuse, invade, control, regulate, punish, seize goods, wage war, and kill.
It is the continuing 'justification' in your mind that you must 'vote' in politicians to invoke powerful rules into being, being ruling decrees that IT the Serpent legislated via the mind of sinful man.
It is the continuing 'justification' in the mind of your forces men that they need to conspire against, entrap, punish and destroy others that are offensive, rather than simply being merciful and compassionate and peaceful and forgiving as commanded by God.
It is the continuing 'justification' in your mind that you must fund forceful protection and punitive measures, rather than simply being merciful and compassionate and peaceful and forgiving as commanded by God.
Your God would have you assist and educate the errant and ignorant lost, whereas the Serpent would have you humiliate them and punish them and disassociate them from society, so that HE can destroy you for being so untrue to them and to the ONE that created you.
The ultimate conspirator justifies the use of force to attain power and to maintain control and, as man uses the dark force they have given more power and control over their own soul unto IT the conspiring Serpent. For as a person uses force, deceit, conspiracy, etc., they draw in more dark energy into their own soul, being the energy of the Dark Serpent.
The depth and 'depravity' and viciousness and cunning used within the 'frame' of the dark essence of the Source is incomprehensible to man. It is I to expose IT via my 'holy' rose that can see IT and thus I warn you before IT destroys you, for as you control others powerfully, it is you to be powerfully controlled and terrorised by the demonic forces of the Serpent in the underworld.
This cunning 'force' has invaded the psyche of every 'sinner,' being every person having ITS Dark energy within, (negative emotions) and via these emotions it the Serpent has 'contrived' and succeeded to 'overthrow' the "Go in peace and be merciful and forgiving" Command of God by disorienting the sanity of man, and invoking Rules in the text books of man that permit the use of force to control, invade, enslave, abuse, punish, wage war etc.
Once a person has in any way defied the Command of God in the 'opinion' of the Serpent, then IT conspires to destroy their bad seed and this 'role' by IT is perceived as HONOURABLE.
As man so 'dutifully' and on behalf of enacted 'Rules' or the 'Orders' of others sets out to conspire against others, he man sees not that the thoughts entering his mind are cunningly 'setting him up' to make use of the forceful dark energy, being the forbidden 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil so that he can be 'officially' terrorised and destroyed by the Serpent.
For man sees not that as he 'officially' sets forth to punish or seize property or to impose sanctions or wage war or, to 'entice' people to purchase drugs etc., so as to entrap and punish them, he is in fact being seduced by the Serpent into defying the Command of God more.
As you 'defend' the flag, the nation, the weak and the innocent using forceful means, it is you being seduced by Satan's 'charms' as He conspires to use you to mete out divine retribution and at the same time 'sets you up' for the destruction of your own soul.
~ Martial Law & God ~
Civil authority v/s Military control
Military Might is the forceful control of mankind by the Source, God the Dark Sovereign Power. There is no 'civil' authority 'ruling' anyone on earth, all are subjugated and ruled by an uncivil military force that 'poses' as 'civil' and peaceful.
The use of Military force is the imposition upon mankind by the negative and punitive aspect of the Source, God the Dark Sovereign Power and, He imposes control, restriction, regulation and punishment upon any 'race' of people or 'clan' or 'group' or individual that has 'violated' or defied His civil code of conduct Command: "Go your way in peace" and, - - -
The people of every land on earth are deluded if they believe that they are a 'civil' or 'free' or 'democratic' society governed by a civilian authority, because they are not. Every land on earth including Tasmania where I live is governed by God the Dark Sovereign Power via His militant military forces men, and they are 'uncivil' because they defy the Command of the Creator, God, and they interfere in the lives of others.
The term 'Military' is erroneously linked only to the army  force of personnel and their 'massive' weaponry arsenal. I say this because, the local police force is itself also an 'insurgent' (anti-God) military force perceived as 'benign.'
It is 'insurgent' because, in the course of 'duty' to rules and directives of others, the serving officers are themselves forced to use the force of 'muscle' power and weaponry and, their 'activity' is warring & punitive conduct that is in opposition to the Command of the absolute authority God, as they interfere, control, entrap, kidnap, detain, hold hostage, terrorise, suppress or kill any 'opposition' that 'insubordinately' defy or ignore the 'orders' listed in the TEXT books of other men. (Rules) Thus the police are a military force imposing Martial Law.*
Note: Martial Law.* - The movement of people is restricted and limited to the 'orders' of the supreme Military Dictator.*
Note: Military Dictator.* - Is the absolute authority that is backed by military force. Being the RULES, that are the 'voiced' Decrees* of the Serpent imposed upon man.
Note: 'voiced' Decrees* - These 'orders' that all are forced to 'bow to' are what keep all mankind enslaved unto IT the Serpent, and are used by IT to:
Force people to tax others 'legitimately.'
Force people to kill others 'legitimately.'
Force people to kidnap others 'legitimately.'
Force people to enslave others 'legitimately.'
Force people to punish others 'legitimately.'

Force people to steal from others 'legitimately.'

Force people to incarcerate others 'legitimately.'
Force people to invade the lands of others 'legitimately.'
Force people to interfere in the affairs of others 'legitimately.'
Force people to bow to the commands of others 'legitimately.'
Use its powerful FORCE to do whatever they want to for that is the 'ideology' of the Dark
As there is NO legitimacy to carry out any of the above within the: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command of God, it follows that all mankind is sliding backwards along the wide road to HELL, with more control and more impoverishment and more suffering and absolutely NO freedom.
The entire base of the 'economy' today is based on the deceptive and false 'Beastly' way of: "Use force to take what thou wilt from the pockets of others for they are low life 'dogs' and you are high life 'royalty' deserving of being funded, wined and dined by them and, they need you to look after them."
None seeing that this forceful way not only contravenes the Command of the Creator, but it impoverishes society, enslaves others, and causes great suffering, and all complicit to the currency 'theft,' and punishment for non-compliance accrue a very burdensome 'due' to the Serpent for their arrogance.
Man needs to see that due to precedents set by his 'warring' forebears a very long time ago, that the use of force to accomplish an 'end' is now perceived as 'normal' and it is not. God said: "Give freely with love, thus you elevate the whole community in all its endeavours." So to implement change to the positive, armed men must lay down their arms and become civil civilians that 'ask' for 'alms' if they need them for themselves or to elevate society and its needs.
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What mankind does not see is, that all the 'imposition' placed upon himself and enforced by the militant police, judiciary etc., is the punitive 'activity' of the military 'style' Autocratic Dictator the Dark Sovereign Power, who is 'sullenly' and forebodingly imposing greater and greater control and punishment as He fulfills His punitive aspect of the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, and less and less freedom or happiness is the result.
When you receive a 'summons' that 'lists' the particular 'default' or rule that you have supposedly violated, what all need to see is that the FACT of the matter is that in every 'case' a person is in FACT being charged with: "Failing to be subordinate to the 'order' of the 'voice' that invoked the particular Rule." Being a 'directive' that was 'insubordinately' not conformed to and, you are thus to be punished for your insubordination.
The 'rules' are perceived as superior and the civilian as subordinate. The enforcers see the rules and themselves as superior and the civilian as subordinate and, - - - any person found "Guilty of insubordination" is dealt with by the 'Military Junta' using the full 'weight' of the RULES and the 'policing' enforcer.
The militant 'warrior' clan of enforcers (police or other) are only themselves 'smiling or civil' when you remain subordinate to their orders or the rules they hold sacrosanct, being ideological rulings that they 'protect' religiously using military force.
None of you nor any of them are aware that the very 'rules' named 'the law' are themselves uncivil because, of themselves they are 'in denial' of the Command of God due to the 'permission' they grant to all to disobey God the Creator.
For the rules condone the use of force, they condone extortion, enslavement, invasion, punishment and war, thus all that support them, or fund their enforcers, or use the rules and the enforcers to protect them are in error in God's eyes.
So as you see, there is no 'civil' rule in any land, for every land is ruled by the stern 'fist' of an uncivil Military force that is totally uncompromising to any that defy the 'dictated' rules that IT, the Dark Sovereign Power enforces via the police force.
Every person is forced to 'bow' to the rules that the ignorant believe are 'the law' and necessary to maintain 'law & order.' This is error, for the rules are what 'force' everyone to be a slave because, no person is 'permitted' to do anything without first paying a $ permit fee that funds the Military authority and, - - -
There are people like me that do not need, want, desire, nor ask for the 'protection or direction' of any military style force, because we know that such activity divorces our soul from the Light of Heaven, and such activity also causes us harm and suffering and, - - - we also believe that we do not have to obtain the 'permission' from any 'authority of man' prior to carrying out our daily activities, nor pay any 'tax' permit fee to any militant institution prior to carrying out any activity.
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There is no democracy, for NONE are permitted to bow in subservience to their Creator and simply go their way in peace, and live by their peaceful, loving, respectful, and forgiving ideology. They are forced to bow to the ideological beliefs of others (the vindictive & warlike majority) and if they 'desist,' they are bound and dragged to the military court. Yes, every 'court' in every land is a military court backed by force of arms.
Soon man will see that both the 'uncivil' enforcers and 'uncivil' civilians will ignore the 'dictates' of rules or rulings, and whoever sees themself as having more 'power' or control will have their way. This is the 'sign' of the insanity to be, and of the END DAYS.
What you need to also see is, that when you are subordinate to the rules that force you to 'fund' the 'coffers' of the Military Junta, that you are then "Guilty" of TREASON against the State of Heaven for:  "Failing to be subordinate to the 'order' of the 'voice' that invoked the other particular Rule" being the: "Go your way in Peace and do not fund warfare" directive of the Creator.
If you are a person 'insubordinate' to the above directive (decree) of the Source, you are to be punished for your 'insubordination' by the Dark Sovereign Power. (God)

Mankind needs to see that anyone or any group of 'citizens' employing a 'militant force' to defend them or, to fight for them, are themselves 'insurgents' in God's eyes, and "Guilty" of insurrection and Treason, as are those employed as 'the militant force.'*

Note: employed as 'the militant force.'* - Every mandated or 'illegitimate' body of armed men are all a militant force, be they funded or simply unpaid 'ideological' followers of a cause, all when standing 'naked' in front of the Creator are of the same 'blemished' ilk, being non-conformists to the ideology of PEACE. All ultimately face 'terror' and anguish for imposing such upon others.

The persons directly employed as regulators, enforcers, inquisitors, judges, jailers etc., are the ones in greatest physical and spiritual danger, for they perceive their 'role' as honourable and for the benefit of the community but, - - -


They see not the 'great' entrapment PLOT that has them firmly 'trapped' in the web of deceit of the GIANT spider whose 'bite' is excruciating and deadly. Yes, the 'snare' laid out by the superior intelligence of the Dark Sovereign Power via His invisible 'servant' the Serpent is so vast and cunningly 'set' that none other than me can IT see.

I 'fear' for you the militant enforcer, and I do my all and my very best for YOU.
True 'civil authority' simply means that 'each' goes their way in peace, as they 'civilly' respect the freedom of others to do what they wish to as long as they do not disturb the peace of the land, and if they do, then they are arrested and detained for the time required to submit them to a 'Feeling Easier Seminar' so that they find their 'peaceful' way.
~ Entrapment ~
Example of man's seduction by the Serpent.
It is with interest that I read the article around the circumstances of the detainment and prosecution of a USA sailor named Wayne Budd for attempting to entice an underage 'Australian' girl to engage in sexual intercourse. The supposed enticement was via internet email.
Unknown by Wayne Budd he was communicating with and being 'enticed' by an adult policeman and, Wayne Budd in fact has done nothing to arouse the 'ire' of the Creator, whereas conversely, the Australian policeman that carried out the 'sting' operation has factually committed a 'crime' in the eyes of the Creator, and he has also 'defamed' his victim and caused him mental and emotional trauma and, any punishment imposed upon Wayne Budd would be wrong and farcical.
What has the Australian police person factually done that makes him/her guilty of criminal intent and factual criminal deed?
1 - False representation for the intended purpose of causing a person harm.
2 - The intent of enticement of a visitor to the land to commit a crime.
3 - The intent of entrapment of a visitor to the land.
4 - The factual writing to a person giving them a false and perverse statement of 'suggestion' without even considering the mental and emotional state of their victim who was deceived.
I personally believe that any person 'serving' as an 'officer' of the Australian public services who carries out 'such' operations are themselves engaged in the 'grooming' of an 'innocent' person with the sole perverse intent of being ABLE to cause them punitive harm under the 'Australian' books of rules and, I believe that such a person is themself 'deviant' and in need of correction.
I would like to add a further 'point' about the error of the 'way' that politicians have led their community, for the sinful emotion of 'vindictiveness' has misled people into the false ideological belief that it is 'Righteous' and 'Just' to punish people for 'thinking' about the possibility of doing something.
It is due to this error of belief that man now punishes people when in FACT they have not done anything wrong. For INTENT is not DEED.
If I am a mentally disturbed person or a poor person or a 'rich' and greedy person or an insane person or a misguided person I can 'consider' whether I should rob a bank and, - - - I can intend to rob a bank but, - - - until such time as I have seized the 'goodies' it cannot be construed that I am 'GUILTY' of being a bank robber.
Neither can Wayne Budd be guilty of any 'sexual' indecency by writing a letter to an ADULT posing as a juvenile, nor can he be guilty of committing a perverse act upon a person when he has not in fact even met them and, if he had been in communication with an under 16 year old rather than a policeman, then if 'she' was old enough to engage in 'sex talk' it cannot be construed that he was rude to her, nor that the 'act' would be consummated.
Politicians in their 'verve' to pacify fearful communities and to show themselves as being 'top guns' all defy the "Go in peace and be merciful and compassionate" Command of the Creator, and they have legislated 'rules' that enable the prosecution and mental, emotional and physical 'injury' of people who have in fact not 'hurt' anyone.
Thus in the eyes of the Creator, the politicians and their prosecutors are 'Guilty' of factually causing harm to their Rule book 'victims,' and this did factually also take place in the 'case' of David Hicks and his family, and no doubt is daily taking place with multitudes of others and, - - -
What the simple taxpayer needs to realise is, that all this injury is being done in his name and on his behalf and within the "As you or your servants do will be done unto you" Law of God, none ahead do laugh as all suffer the 'terrifying' consequence of being absolute  SWINE.
As an elder of the Australian community I perceive the whole 'affair' as atrocious, vindictive, callous, and very offensive. I 'wonder' what was 'written' by the police officer that 'solicited' a meeting with the US sailor?
If you believe that someone is 'thinking' or doing the wrong thing, then do not set out with the INTENT of sinking their 'ship,' go forth with the INTENT of doing a good deed and give them your good counsel, as you let them know that their God and others more perverse than them are observing their intent.
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I can say that man always finds a justification to defy God's "Go in peace & be merciful, forgiving" Command, and some would say that 'Budd' was < conspiring to commit a crime > or, that a man seeking to rob a bank < is guilty of conspiracy to rob a bank > As you see, in the sad world of today, a man can be jailed for 'conspiracy,' and to me that means that he has been punished (abused) without having committed a crime against GOD nor man.
Thus within the precepts of God's immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, those that factually did cause their prisoner 'harm' must suffer the same in order to 'satisfy' and balance God's Scales of Justice.
As for the belief of some < Sting operations are the only way to take these 'sex' predators out of society > What ignorant man does not see is, that the REAL 'predator' is the invisible dark (sinful) energy that flows though man and incites/invites him to go forth and do something contrary to God's command and, accompanying this dark feeling (greed-power-lust-vengeance) etc., are powerful possessive thoughts that intrude upon the psyche of the sinner who probably is unable to halt their telepathic ingress, (spirit possession) and thus he goes forth and does the deed.
Some men believe that < society does not have to wait for those as Budd to complete the act and create a real victim before it takes action against him.> This needs to be seen in the REAL context, for the REAL victim is the victim of the DARK energy being the policeman, who in his mind was justified to 'conspire' to entrap and punish and thus abuse another child of God, and they factually did carry out the 'conspiracy' and did turn IT into the deed. 'The deed' that is punitive rather than educative.
Yes the policeman, prosecutor, jailer, and those that funded the wages of these public servants became the victim of the Dark energy and assumed that, as they had a 'badge, mandate, uniform' etc., that they were above the Law of God and thus could go forth 'punitively' and not suffer the consequence. (Error of belief)
The reason 'why' the Dark essence uses man to go forth and interfere, control, cause turmoil, rape, punish, wage war, destroy property, kill etc., is because IT (the dark) is simply the tool used by God for administering divine Justice, and IT (the dark) only inflicts mental, emotional, or physical injury upon those that either personally or via the hands of 'servants' inflicted the same injury upon others some time in their past, be it in this world or pre entry of their spirit soul into this realm.
It follows that if God permits Budd to suffer at the hands of his persecutors for not having committed a depraved 'sex' act upon a minor, then he Budd is in fact fact suffering a spiritual due that he accrued in his past, a due that has naught to do with the 'acts' of today.
So the vindictive 'rules' of society have created many a 'victim' as such, for all complicit to any 'suffering' endured by Budd will come back to 'haunt' them on a later day, as others equally ignorant of God's Law will be 'justified' by devious thoughts and aroused emotions to give them a 'whack' behind the ear.
If society wishes to live in peace, then they need to learn to NOT use dark malignant energy (punitive & forceful) and, ONLY when man begins to be merciful and educates others as given by God will man become free of his PAST 'burdensome dues to God' and become free to live peacefully.
Man needs to try and see that the real ENEMY of man is not other people, it is the destructive negative energy essence that flows though people, (sin) and IT IS INDESTRUCTIBLE and, - - - when you go forth to punish those using IT you are in fact being used by IT and, for sure IT will never forget that you defied God and used IT and, IT will 'conspire' forever if need be to 'entrap' you so that you pay your 'eye for an eye' DUE unto IT.
In my 'book,' if it came to my attention that a man was enticing a young lass then I would certainly 'front' him and do my best to get him to see his error, and his own possible coming terror, for if he did 'rape' then he might find that 'someone' would castrate him and more to the point, he needs to learn 'why' his mind and emotions are misleading him, and I would teach him "how" to control them and, - - - I would also approach the young lass and her parents and get them all to also consider the implications of her actions.
In societies 'book,' the rules and their 'rules of engagement' RULE mans conscience. I say that it is the time to let God's "Go in peace and be merciful, compassionate, forgiving and educate the ignorant" Command Rule ones conscience. For the 'rules' of Caesar 'tempt' us to use force and to wage war upon other civilians, and the same rules place man squarely into the punitive aspect of God's superior Law and into the 'lap' of the Serpent for His Judgement.
It is very difficult for some to believe or even conceive that the MIND of man and that includes yours, is being interfered with telepathically by an invisible superior INTELLIGENCE that is controlling your thoughts. I know that IT is determined to destroy your soul and cause you untold physical suffering and immense emotional trauma.
~ Forgiveness v/s Driven ~
The spiritual forces of the Light and the Dark
The words 'driven' and 'forgive' need to be understood by man. For the word 'drive or driven' implies that some 'force' is being used to accomplish something. When you forgive someone you are in fact doing nothing. You are not expressing anything, you are neither expressing Light nor Dark energy. You are simply being the non-intrusive Light.

When you seek to unforgivingly punish someone you are required to do 'something' using force, and this energy is of the Dark, and to accomplish your objective you have to be the intrusive Dark in action. You are in fact being objectively 'driven' by the dark force through your arrogance, ignorance, false beliefs or, for a mercenary wage or, because IT has 'possessed' your mind and you are thus ITS instrument and you cannot halt ITS control over your mind.

Both positive and negative energies of the Source God are absolute and opposite in their essence. Both fulfill their role in absolute 'honesty' unto themselves. This means that whatever energy you use in your expression upon another will return 'equally' unto you via the expression of the same energy flowing through some other.

All 'intelligence' gathered for the purpose of using IT to entrap, control, abuse, punish, incarcerate or kill another person is the use of Dark, forceful, malignant, merciless, unforgiving and destructive energy of the Source.

All the information gathered to accomplish the objective was gathered with the help of the dark energy for the sole purpose of bringing your 'victim' to account for some misdeed when they used IT the Dark and, - - - whatever punishment you impose and all the suffering endured by your 'victim' at your instigation is used by the Serpent as His 'intelligence' to be used against you within His Law. "You receive what you put out."
That is the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE  of God.
If you are so driven by thoughts and emotions or for any other reason, and you thus cause another harm in the 'guise' of justice or accountability, then it only requires simple 'intelligence' to realise that you were unwise. For energy flow is 'unrestrained' when YOU open the 'tap' and do what you do. It is your choice to open the 'hot or cold' tap, and IT is simply being true unto itself when IT returns unto you, be it benign loving energy or malignant hateful energy.

Your forgiveness of another does not mean that you 'condone' their evil actions. It simply means that you understand their spiritual 'illness' or their ignorance of the power of the darkness and, you do not gather 'intelligence' to punish them, but only for the purpose of their rehabilitation. For you understand how easily it is to be driven by dark thoughts and emotions.

If you punish a person then it shows you that it is you being driven by a very unforgiving essence, and for sure it will ensure that all your 'victim' is made to suffer will be suffered by YOU.

The dark satanic essence now has the upper hand in this globe earth land, and IT never forgets nor forgives. It has the sole intent of filling the souls of ITS victims with so much of ITS dark emotional energy, that they will be totally in ITS control mentally and emotionally and, - - -

Once you are, then due to the FACT that you then are as totally unforgiving and merciless and destructive as IT already is, that you will spend eternity skinning others 'alive' and, also suffering the same excruciating fate on and on in perpetuity. For that is the 'justice' that you will impose and the justice to be imposed upon you.

Added notes:

Note: Man demands 'accountability' and that is what he gets, but not in an 'obvious' manner, for once you have defied God's Command and placed yourself in 'remand' with the Serpent your eternal trail of 'suffering' truly begins.

The reason for this is because IT the Serpent does not wish you to become aware of how IT administers Justice, neither does IT want you to 'learn' from your mistakes. For any person that defies their Creator deserves to be deceived and kept in ignorance so as to be kept in ongoing suffering, for that is the 'Will' of the Dark Sovereign Power of God.

Therefore the administration of the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of the Dark as administered by the Serpent takes place in such a manner, that you are not aware that you are 'paying' your dues for any particular 'infringement' of God's "Go in peace" Command. It is administered in such a manner that you only perceive its return 'implementation' as an INJUSTICE, and you thus retaliate in some unforgiving and negative way, and thus draw more dark energy into your soul and you accrue another 'due' within the Law of God and ongoing is your suffering.

There is no mandate from God authorising man to raise up 'rules' to control the ways of others, and no 'legal' or illegal rules or rulings of man can overrule God's Command, nor is there any 'rule' of any majority or institutional Constitution that nullifies or 'voids' God's Law or the implementation of God's Law.

Police prosecutors use 'powers vested unto them' by the 'Justices Act,' and I also see that these supposed 'powers' are supposedly 'legitimised' and backed by quote:

"Royal Assent, or the Decree of some other Chief or Mandarin."

Be advised that I do not 'freely' attend any court of man because, in my belief I do not 'recognise' any earthly authority as 'legitimate,' nor do I recognise any person as 'royal' that defies the Creator and uses force of arms to go forth and invade the premises of others, kidnap them from their homes, steal their goods, cause them mental and emotional suffering, and punishes them or inflicts injury.

Be advised that according to MY holy book, both they and the 'Judges' are in deadly spiritual danger and, all need to recognise God as your Sovereign ruler and, you also need to conform to His "Go your way in peace" Command or, for sure He will you reprimand within His superior Law.

There is no 'right' to impose retribution.
There is no 'right' to impose punishment.
There is no 'right' to impose 'justice.'

All that 'avenge' in the name of 'Justice' defy God and place themselves into the 'grip' of the Serpent.

Any person that takes it upon themself to be deceived by the Serpent and thus be His administrator of accountability and restorative Justice for the DARK is very unwise.

The right of man as bequeathed unto all by the Creator is ONLY to balance the benign aspect of the Scales of Justice. Give out kindness and love unto all and give out a return of kindness and love to those that bestow it upon you, and give out a return of kindness and love to those that impose suffering upon you, for in this you are being merciful and you are 'walking' in the Light aspect of God's Law.

Criminal activity in the eyes of God is the use of any 'aspect' of the Dark, be it stealth, force, deception, entrapment, coercion, invasion, control, subjugation, enslavement, intimidation, torture or mental or emotional or physical abuse  to attain the 'upper hand' over another and, it is all backed by the use of God's Dark energy and has the telepathic inspiration of the thoughts of the Serpent and, - - -

Any 'thought' or 'book' or 'set of rules' that give the justification for such activity are the use of the Serpent's invasive, punitive and destructive EVIL force, and His primary purpose for using you is to fulfill His 'mandate' from God to mete out divine retribution against some other arrogant one and, - - - His 'secondary' purpose for using you is to cause you to suffer within the 'bounds' of His 'eye for an eye' Law, and to ultimately draw you away from the Light and destroy your 'arrogant and ignorant' soul.

In the foreknowledge of and for the purpose that; as you 'usurp' the Command of God and interfere in the lives of others, the Dark energy of God 'grows' within your soul and draws IT further away from the Light and into the judicial realm of the Serpent and, - - - you have become a 'marked' man to be dealt with similarly within His 'eye for an eye' LAW at a later date via others inspired or incited by the Serpent's 'temptation.'

Any activity that causes harm or loss to others or disturbs the peace of the land is TREASON against the State of Heaven.

page 28

Let it be clearly understood, man misunderstood EVIL and the use thereof. I reiterate, Evil exists and is indestructible and, if you deploy it then it will be deployed against you. For it is 'only' pure energy that flows 'equitably' as it 'balances' its own movement across God's 'Scales of Justice.'

Only I Terence can look into the eyes of the Serpent and not become hypnotized, for He sees no darkness in me and thus He makes no 'effort' to 'hypnotize' and entrap me. Be advised, His sacred Duty to God was and yet is to 'tempt' you, for only if you are a good 'seed' are you 'worthy' of eternal life in the Heaven of God the Creator to live in His sight and, - - -

The Serpent will continue to tempt you with His thoughts until every speck of darkness has been removed from your soul, for only then are you free spiritually of His dark energy and His tempting thoughts.

The Serpent and His tempting thoughts and retributive ways will only RECEDE from this realm once mankind has been fully enlightened by my pen, and become free within of dark energy as revealed in this Testament, as they 'bow' to the Command of the Creator and become merciful, compassionate, forgiving, peaceful and loving.

The mercenary 'wage' - Every person that is a 'warrior' or in the business of 'protecting' others from injury and, - - -  are paid a 'wage' to use force or the back up of force in their 'operations' needs to understand the ramifications of their forceful and punitive interaction with other children of God.

Every person that pays 'protection money' to enforcers or warriors albeit seemingly 'just' and legitimate because it is in the form of a tax payment to the 'protecting' institution of man, also needs to understand the ramifications of their support of forceful and punitive interaction with other children of God. Being the cruel and unkind and merciless activity that is carried out by their servants in their name and on their behalf.

Both the above 'parties' need to try and see past the initial 'justification' to go forth and bring others to 'account' because God and God's Law is PARAMOUNT and, every enforcer and every person funding iniquity not only places themselves within the punitive aspect of God's law, but also draws dark energy into their soul that becomes 'stained' with darkness, and over time and immortal time it becomes filled with darkness and it becomes satanic.

So, as I serve the ONE 'Creator' described as God in English and Allah in Arabic, it is my task to serve ALL the Creator's children of every race and creed, for all defy His "Peace" Command and ALL are to bleed (the reaper and separation of souls) within the application of God's LAW and, those that defied the command and abused others must suffer the same before balancing God's scales of Justice.

Infidelity in terms of spirituality means those that are unfaithful and disloyal to God's Command of; "Love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving" - - - thus an 'infidel' is a person of any race and creed that 'defiles' their own soul by being 'critical, forceful, controlling, coercive, invasive, abusive, merciless, punitive and destructive etc.,

I 'treat' non-believing infidels with respect, and I try to educate them with my pen, for they 'know not what they do' as they abuse others etc., - - - and what mankind needs to see is that IRRESPECTIVE of their 'named' creed or 'supposed' belief, all have been deceived, and thus all will suffer grief because, IRRESPECTIVE of ones named 'religion,' ALL 'bow' to the dictates of the Rule book religion that itself condones control & punishment & killing, and it follows that every taxpayer in every land is thus 'fellowshipping' with this DARK anti-God or anti-Allah religion.

Certainly God/Allah 'permits' freedom of choice to conform to or to defy HIS 'voice,' but man needs to understand that he is always subject to God's Law; "As you do is done unto you," and as God is the Light and the Dark, any person using the forbidden forceful, controlling, and destructive energy of God places themself within the singular Law that applies to both benign and malignant conduct.

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Man has been deceived by religion into believing FALSELY that God or Allah is ONLY merciful, and THUS they 'believe' that they can 'sin' and not suffer the consequence,  this is the grossest ERROR.

Foolish man demands 'Justice,' but is not 'brave' enough to suffer the consequence of his own dark interaction when 'avengers' come to his door. This is due to a number of reasons, one simply being that man finds reasonable 'justification' to defy God and be swinish as he names that interaction as 'accountability' (restorative justice) but, when found accountable by his 'enemy,' he calls them 'unjust' and unreasonable 'terrorists,' and sets out to again defy God and deploys evil to destroy, all the while accruing a further spiritual due of 'suffering.'

As you and all men are programmed with the false teaching of forebears, my truth if read will assist your inner Light (conscience) to refresh itself.

Satan - A dark 'manly image' of a spirit filled with darkness and abides in the darkness of the underworld, being a person that is totally bound mentally and emotionally by the 'will' and the bidding of the Serpent.

The only safe and true way forward for mankind is through education and, - - - people must learn that there is a consequence for their actions and, - - - people must learn to fortify their minds against intrusive thought through which vanity, insanity and the use of dark energy is the result with its terrifying consequence and, - - - only when people bravely lay down their arms and stop abusing others and bringing them to account, will there be peace for these individual 'believers' in God's Word.

If you are an arrogant or ignorant person causing me 'distress' in any way, then what in my mind does God expect of me in respect of you each day?:

God expects me to remain steadfast to His command, and to remain within His Light as I stay rational, calm, respectful, and thoughtful and, I am to kindly extend my love and share and care upon you but, - - - I do not have to 'bow' down to any demands you might make of me, for I am not your slave and neither are you God but, - - -

If you decide to continue to cause me pain and I cannot run away, then I will 'suffer it' in the foreknowledge that it is my spiritual due and, even if you decide to 'crucify' me on a tree then I will not resist, nor will I cause you any harm, for I know you are 'seduced' by the Serpent who is using your arrogance and ignorance to balance His  'Scales of Justice' to set me free spiritually and you 'accrue' the 'due.'

I Terence can state quite categorically that no person need ever fear me, for I will never raise my hand against any other for any reason. I also state that 'change' to the positive is never achieved by trying to 'force' change, nor by changing the 'head' of any institution. Change begins with the individual - - - YOU - - - as you turn over a new leaf using the fresh Wisdom of God placed upon your plate today. This way the world becomes a better place little by little, as you put down your mace and do not pay others to defend you or your supposed 'rights.'

You "Go in peace" today ~ that is the only way.
If you choose to cast this 'pearl of wisdom' aside then that is your decision.


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