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~ Letter to the Editor of the Examiner newspaper ~
Open public response

Dear Editor,

Reference: Legality of Fines and Seizure of Assets - Examiner June 29-30

In response to the outstanding fines and government policy whereby debtors property is now being sold to recover monies deemed owing. I can honestly state that neither the community, the MPES nor politicians are aware that the majority of fines imposed or the rules enacted by parliament facilitating that imposition are without Constitutional backing, and are therefore illegal in the first instance. Thus the sale of community assets is theft by public servant.

I also state that the citizens of the land need to understand that such illegal activity, resulting as it does in the impoverishment of their neighbours, is being done on their behalf and in their name by the State enforcers. This makes the community members complicit in the suffering which ensues.

Further, it follows that through their 'complicity,' every 'voter' and taxpayer is in defiance of God's command of "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness," and within the supreme and inviolate Law of God: "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you," the community members will ahead suffer the same injury as that imposed by their public servants. (Karmic payback)

I further state that many peaceful members of the public such as I, consciously object to being complicit to funding the persecution of others in the community. As conscientious objectors to the punishment of others they refuse to pay fines because they see those as a nefarious means of raising money through extortion, and also, why would a 'conscionable' true believer pay a fine in the foreknowledge that this money is used to persecute others, being a contra doctrine to that of peace?

The 'war cry' consisting of the threat to 'sell up' defaulters to meet the cost of such things as funding of schools is not a legal fiscal policy but simply manipulation and extortion by governments and ignorance on the part of community members that are misled.

If the State finances are so grossly in the 'red,' it is best for officials to take a wage cut or be sacked if they cannot cut the coat to suit the cloth. Further, nowhere in the Constitution is it stated that Government Fiscal Policy should be based on income generated by fines to "make ends meet."

Whatever the case, imposing more 'Strategies" and introducing never ending new legislation which result in ever increasing new government corporate 'firms' such as the Monetary Penalty Fines Enforcement, which again takes a huge chunk out of the already stretched budget in an effort to raise money, is taking the general public as the government's "Milch Cows." This is not only gross error but is a strategy that leads to a total breakdown in society.

People need to understand that a 'fine' does not become a debt to the State coffers simply because it was imposed by an enforcement agency or magistrate, for as said, most fines are being imposed illegally because their imposition exceeds the mandate granted to the politicians and others who impose such policy upon the peaceful citizens, often for very dubious reasons. In this instance to raise money to cover over poor decision making by members of the government!

Education, not punitive money making measures, is way forward. This applies not only because the Creator so commanded, but because this of itself is the only way to halt the huge debt imposed upon the public by the endless 'taxation fines' via new law-making schemes enacted by all governments. Ever increasing taxation is ultimately only due to bad government policy which is now totally out of control!

As a Constitutional Spiritual Law consultant I give the following example: It is illegal for politicians to raise up an Act imposing a mandatory ruling that any person seen not wearing a seat belt when driving is to be fined $300, as is the case today.

The question I ask you to ask yourselves is - Why is it illegal? The non-wearing of a seat belt is not a disturbance of the peace, and should therefore not become a 'mandatory' offense encoded in legislation thereby making it a punishable offense and the means whereby moneys are extorted from peaceful people going about their business.

Within the 'overriding' Constitutional Authority it is not an offense as it is simply ones personal 'free' choice whether to wear one or not. The benefits of wearing of such a restraint should be applied in the form of an advisory 'Code of conduct' policy given to the community by the Traffic board, rather than forceful and punitive interference into the lives of citizens by politicians.

It is also illegal for any political decree to be raised up having a fines penalty attachment for the alleged offense when there has been NO disturbance of the peace. Equally, it is an illegal activity for any other enforcement agency (police) or magistrate or fines enforcement agency to exert force using rules to coerce or extract monies from community members who did NOT disturb the peace.

Why is this so? Because within the "Freedom of Religion" clause of the Constitution of Australia a person going about their daily business in a peaceful manner (walking or driving) is granted immunity by said Constitution from harassment, persecution, punishment or other disadvantage as long as they are not disturbing the peace of the land.

I trust all can now see that every person going about their daily business in a peaceful manner cannot be legally regulated or punished, and everyone from politician, police, magistrate or enforcement agencies who is in any way interfering in the life of a peaceful person is not only carrying out an illegal activity but is also committing Treason against the Constitutional authority, the Nation, the Flag, and their Creator.

Government policy has changes over the years because everyone in 'authority' as well as the people themselves, 'conveniently' forgot the powers granted within the Constitution. The consequence of this now is that State officials via politically motivated rules imposed upon everyone constantly reiterate an unwritten and unheard message to the public that states:

We are no longer your servants because we have empowered ourselves via our legislated rules to protect you in every way  we deem necessary and, - - - this means that we now have the right to interfere in every aspect of your life as we bind you to paying us protection money for every activity and, - - - prior to carrying out any activity you will need to apply for our permission which we will not grant you until you pay us a fee for so doing and, - - -

We will only permit you when we are satisfied that what you intend to do meets our standards and, - - - then we will permit you to go ahead and this will then cost you another fee in annual perpetuity and, - - - you will also be taxed upon all your works as you now are our bond slaves and, - - - if you do not comply to our controlling Doctrine we will punish you, dispossess you, banish you and brand you as a dissident, and you will be publicly so listed and your family name thereby dishonored.

I also state that man has for so long walked the Wrong and treasonable way that it is now seen as Right.  The only way forward is the abolition of all fines and enforcement policies. However, any errant who actually disturbs the peace of the land needs to be caught and educated via counseling as per my 'Feeling Easier Seminar' Program and with this knowledge then released.

If governing agencies cannot fund schools due to their own mismanagement then the local community who actually do own every building in town can simply walk in legally and fund the schooling of their children in said structure through their own funding.

Tasmania and Australia have followed the world in ignoring the Constitutional rights of the population and this has led to the ideological Rule by Martial Law * rather than Constitutional Civil Rights Law. There is neither democracy nor freedom of choice in walking this way.

Note: Rule by Martial Law  Is the interfering, controlling, forceful, punitive and destructive Doctrine imposed upon all in the land using edicts enforced by men backed by arms. (weapons)

These arms are used to coerce citizens into bowing in conformity to the ideologically based decrees of others and any dissenters or any others failing to conform are punished. Individual freedom of choice or contra Doctrine other that the State religion of 'legislated control' is NOT permitted. This is Treason and it violates the Freedom of Religion Acts of the State and Commonwealth Constitutional policy

The transition from Civil Freedom to 'Martial Law' being imposed has been so gradual and surreptitious that everyone still sees it as 'democratic' and valid. It is neither, and its validity through 'belief' in its policies does not make the daily control and enforcement activity legal.

As the monetary demands of the forceful become greater they will go forth even more openly, stealing from everyone in order to feed themselves. Civil unrest, conflict and open war will soon be the result.

People need to ask themselves: "Is it wise to employ political or other public servants and give them the power to rule everyone on their behalf" NO. "Is it democratic"? NO, for employees are there to provide a community service and not to have control over their own wage packet, nor to interfere into every aspect of community life backed by force and coercive punishment.

Politicians need to ask themselves: "Why do we as servants of the people, once elevated into office, then raise up endless Edicts to facilitate our capacity to exert control over our employers and extract endless sums of money"?

Let it be clearly understood by politicians and enforcers that political Edicts are NOT The Law of the land, they are simply edicts. THE LAW of this and every land is God's:

"As you do unto others will be done unto you" LAW and Ruling Command.

The End result of the above Law is, that all the control, suffering, interference and dispossession imposed by politicians and enforcers resulting from their actions becomes a very painful spiritual due to be felt by them as individuals on a later day as God's Sword of Damocles falls on their head when God so ordains, for no mandate' nor badge of office can void or nullify God's Law.

God and the Constitution grant people the Divine RIGHT to live as 'Free men' and do whatever they wish to do as long as they are of moral standing and do not disturb the peace of the land. This FACT overthrows all subsequent political edicts and nullifies all subsequent legislation that is herein proven to be illegal and treasonable. It is now the time for all political forces to lay down their 'guns' and de-power their enforcers before community fear and anger and unrest turns against them, and civil war ensues.

It is now time for a Corroboree of Wise Elders to sit and peacefully discuss the way forwards, to decide whether we will live according to the Light or the Dark.

I firmly believe that Mark Cocker, Attorney General Brian Wightman, 'Baycorp's' CEO and Darrell Macey all need to avail themselves of a copy of the Constitution because, not only are they illegally exceeding their Constitutional mandate, but the bulk of monies gained through fines paid and seizure of assets is no less than "white collar" crime being perpetrated through ignorance and arrogance.

The police are being forced by political edicts to defy their God and 'civil' man, and do unto others all the things that the civilian is forbidden to do, being: Invade, persecute, seize, steal, dispossess, injure, interfere, harass, confine, and kill in the 'line of duty.'  This iniquity has to HALT for no badge of office nullifies God's Law and the serving 'peace' officers are in very grave danger.

There are now too many 'Chiefs' and too few 'Indians' to meet the overwhelming fiscal demands, and every society will now crumble due to the reasons delineated on my web site and 'god help' any person that now continues to defy God's Command.  All "hell" is soon to break loose on earth.

Sincerely - Terence


Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and - - - 

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions
Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen. -
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief -

The question is 'What is the meaning of the word 'Religion'?

Justices Mason and Brennan, in a joint judgment, stressed the importance of the case in determining fundamental questions of religious freedom in Australia and the extent to which an individual is free to believe and act without legal restraint.

Justices Mason and Brennan said, "Freedom of religion, the paradigm freedom of conscience, is of the essence of a free society. The chief function in the law of a definition of religion is to mark out an area within which a person subject to the law is free to believe and act in accordance with his belief without legal restraint."

The definition affected the operation of the religious-freedom guarantee under the Constitution and many other laws granting religions special benefits.  The question of religion had received little judicial attention in Australia; it was time to grapple with it.

"Protection is accorded to preserve the dignity and freedom of each man so that he may adhere to any religion of his choosing or to none," they said. "The freedom of religion being equally conferred on all, the variety of religious beliefs which are within the area of legal immunity is not restricted."

The judges stressed the importance of the actions of the adherents rather than the dogma itself.

The 'problem' of the day is that the Constitutional authority was raised up a long time ago and the 'latter day' politicians have since invoked 'rule after rule' and 'edict after edict' until finally they have 'surreptitiously' overridden 'concepts' clearly stated in the 'Freedom of Religion' Rights of mankind enshrined in the Constitution. These Rights were also given by God to man but have been eroded away so that today ignorance, arrogance and pure vanity now RULE because magistrates appear to have an OPEN 'license' to IGNORE God's and their 'Queen's' good Counsel being:

"Do NOT disturb the peace of the peaceful, for by that ACT it is you who disturb the peace of the land and as you so do, it is you who are in contravention of the Primary Command of God and the 'public order & morality' Act of the 'Queen's  CONSTITUTION.'

Man of today also has the erroneous belief that the WORD 'Religion' means the named religious 'order' to which they subscribe as for example: 'Christian, Buddhism, Islam.' That is error because ones 'Religion' is ones belief/faith in a Superpower who commands absolute 'obedience' and absolute adherence to HIS/HER required code of conduct policy, doctrine and ideology.

Judge Terence Malaher
Constitutional Spiritual Law Consultant

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~ Open letter to Neale Walsch the misguided one ~
My response to a few paragraphs contained within his 'Holy experience' book

Page 69: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: "The First Mistake - God does exist, but the incorrect part of the conclusion that we reached is that God exists outside of us, as an aspect of life that is separate from us. This idea of separation is what might be called, in the New Spirituality, "Original Sin." Of course in the New Spirituality there is no such thing as "sin,” and so perhaps this idea of separation might better be described as "Original Perception."

Terence responds: The first 'mistake' made by Neale is his belief that his 'books' are wholly inspired by the 'Light' of God' directly, and thus are the absolute truth. He sees not and knows not that 'sin' exists. This sin is the DARK energy of God in man comprising the negative emotions of fear, anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, criticism, vengeance, aggression etc.,  Neale Walsh, as any person who  has any of this Dark energy within his soul has a mind that does NOT have the capacity to be a pure 'uncontaminated' channel for the Light to flow through, for the dark energy essence permits telepathic contamination.

This is due to the fact that via his negative (Dark) emotions his thoughts are 'confused' and interpolated by incoming 'deceptive' thoughts stemming from the Source of Dark by ITS 'servants. ' These servants of God are spirit beings of 'wickedness' (demons - lost souls) through whom the punitive arm of God operates telepathically and clandestinely as IT (the dark) via the minds  of these spirits controls the minds of errant man. The demonic forces are the servants of God the Father, servants who mete out divine retribution to fulfil His 'eye for an eye' immutable Law. (As you do unto others will by others be done unto you)

So the first mistake by Neale is that HE is being used to hold God's children in bondage to deception because his 'words' promote UNTRUTH. Through this untruth he thus places himself into the punitive aspect of God's Holy Law: "As you deceive and cause 'injury' or 'harm' in holding MY children in bondage to untruth so shall ye suffer the same for every soul so 'disadvantaged." One cannot 'void' nor 'avoid' the implementation of God's Law. (Energy return)

The second mistake is Neale's 'teaching' that God is not 'separate' from us.  God IS 'separate' in that 'we' are NOT God and God has HIS/HER unique energy and consciousness in a way that is similar to our biological mother and father.  We 'share' the biological flesh of our earthly parents and we share the spiritual energy essence of our spiritual parents (God) but we are all unique and individual 'children' of God so to speak.


Page 70: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches:  "Now the New Spirituality teaches that forgiveness is never necessary. It tells us that God never forgives us for anything, because God finds nothing in our behaviour for which we have to be forgiven.  - - - Since God is incapable of being hurt, God is incapable of being vengeful. For what would God seek vengeance"?

Terence responds: As Neale is unaware of the duality of the energies 'Light & Dark" within God's 'frame,' he does not understand that the dark, punitive, retributive and utterly destructive aspect of God the Father 'hurts' all that hurt others, for in this He (God THE ENERGY) is simply fulfilling the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" aspect of the Dark energy.

It is not a 'matter' of God being 'vengeful' for in reality, is is simply God's Dark ENERGY balancing ITS 'Scales of Justice' when man 'trespasses' into the dark and uses said forbidden to use 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil in his interaction with other children of God.  This it does via the minds and hands of the vain, arrogant and ignorant 'sinful who feel as though they are God when imbued by His powerful dark energy, being the 'Sin' within them.


Page 70: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: "When all human beings see themselves as expressions of the Divine, all human beings will also understand themselves to be impervious to hurt or damage. They then, too, will find themselves incapable of being vengeful. For what would they seek vengeance? What reason would they have to yearn for revenge when they have never been in any way injured"?

Terence responds: Ones biological 'flesh' and ones inner spirit soul contain endless 'nerves' of which some 'record' pleasure and others record pain, and if you were unable to feel pain then you would not 'exist' nor could we experience the pleasure of another's 'touch' or caress. When Neale states that man will be impervious to hurt or damage he again shows his ignorance in that when we or our servants 'injure' others who then suffer, it follows that we MUST 'feel' and suffer the same because God's DARK energy balances ITS scales of Justice at the time and in the place that IT so decides, be it in this or the after life.

Any person containing even one 'speck' of Dark energy in their soul IS 'capable' of being USED by the Dark to mete out revenge because it is that dark energy within that is the 'avenue' for the DARK aspect of God to telepathically intrude and use the 'mind and body' of the ignorant and arrogant to do Its/His bidding.


Page 71: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches:  "The difference between individuation and separation is the Divine Remembrance. It is the Grand Secret. It is the Holy Grail. It is the Ultimate Truth. And so we should say that it is remembrance that is essential to the experience of family. Indeed, all of the Holy Experience is instigated by remembrance. Remembrance this is the key that opens the lock to the golden door of eternal wisdom."

Terence responds: Your "Inner divine spiritual Light," is the only sacred site.  If you try and protect it with negative "Might," one day you will fall into the dark night.  Your sacred divine light becomes "clouded" when you deny God's call to "Only Love," and thus as you "employ" darkness while you others abuse or destroy, you 'stain' your light with negative energy, being "sin" drawn in. 

Sacred site - Divine Holy Place - Holy Grail.

The ‘ultimate’ Truth is that God is God refer The Testament of Truth page 94 :


 There is no "God and the Devil," there is but GOD.  GOD IS ALL. 
GOD IS the
and the Dark

 There IS light and darkness, but the ESSENCE is ONE
GOD is the essence, the essence has two polarities.

 Creative (expressive - benign) AND Destructive (constrictive - malignant)

The creative side is the LIGHT – GOOD.
destructive side is the DARKNESS

 The light is called many names, God, Allah Jehovah, etc. 
The darkness is called many names, Satan, Devil, Shetani, etc.

 The Light is the DIVINE SPARK - positive essence of LOVE, Joy & happiness.
The Dark is the SIN - negative essence of HATRED, Fear & Greed, etc.
(Negative emotions)

 We are created in the image of God by GOD.  We are Created by the Light in the Light.  We thus have the divine spark within being LOVE that encompasses all positive emotions of joy and happiness, etc, as well as the seeds of darkness known as original SIN that encompasses all negative emotions, hatred, etc. We are supping on evil through our sin when we abuse or deceive.  We overcome the SIN by heeding the Wisdom of the Word.

 The emotions of sin that we 'grew' within during our denial of God are cleansed out of us by the Grace of God, one by one once we learn to heed God's command, and only when fully cleansed and thus pure within are we able to return to and abide in the ultimate heaven.

 The Light says: LOVE ONE ANOTHER by only letting my light shine through you. 

The Dark says: IF you heed not the call to LOVE and you allow my darkness to flow through you, I will destroy you.

"Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord our God.

 The Light says: What you sow so shall ye reap, be it 'good or evil.'
The Dark says:
If you use My energy then I will NOT let you go until you HAVE reaped what you did sow.

 The 'Eternal Wisdom' are the words within the Command of God, in that any person that believes and ‘bows’ and thus heeds these words below at all times in all situations and thus remains within the LIGHT of God and ONLY receives a benign energy return within God's Law and does NOT draw in any negative energy into their soul.

The Command:

“Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto others that confront or abuse you due to their sinning ways and, - - - if any person abuses you then 'turn the other cheek' in non-retaliation and, - - - if any person 'crucifies' you then go as a lamb to the slaughter and, - - - never support nor fund any person or institution that is backed by force of arms as its 'forces' control, subjugate, punish, injure or kills others, for this 'activity' is the works of the dark and is in contravention of MY Command.”

Note: Let it be clearly understood that when you by 'tax' or licence 'fee' support any 'mercenary' activity that causes harm to others on your behalf such as any 'government' on earth, that it is the mercenary (officers of state) that draw in dark energy into their souls during their controlling & punitive activity but, - - - as they 'injure, restrict, punish' etc., this 'suffering' is partly yours for your complicity, and when dark forces confront you 'later' to mete out 'Justice' when inspired by the Dark of God to so do in this or the after life, it is then when you retaliate that you not only accrue a further painful 'karmic' due, but you also draw in dark energy into your own soul, and this 'stain' coarsens the vibration of your spirit soul and is what drags IT further from the Light in the after life. 


Page 80/81: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: " - - Really? What about those who are being forced? Now I am clear as I write this that this idea, - - - One would have to ask, from the level of Soul…Why has the Soul chosen to incarnate, to take a physical form, in a circumstance of such  personal oppression? Could it be that the Soul knew exactly what it was doing? Yet why would any Soul do such a thing on purpose"?

Terence responds: Neale is NOT 'clear' as he writes this 'roundabout page with its 'possibilities' that can confuse readers because those 'in the know' realise that any and all 'suffering' is the karmic due of the sufferer who must have 'forced' others to suffer similarly previously in this or 'pre' this life when in spirit realms.

The souls of 'offenders' who defy God have NO 'choice' for it is the Creator who decides 'where' their soul is to be sent, where it will experience what He decides and, where it will have further choices to 'live or die' so to speak dependent upon its interaction with others.


Page 80/81 - 2: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: "Could it be that Souls who live physical lives of oppression or pain do so with the highest spiritual awareness and intention? Could it even be that those who live such lives in the extreme allow themselves, at the Soul level, to endure such physical experiences in order to ultimately prove and demonstrate to the rest of us Who We Really Are? Could they be showing us that our Being is not merely a Body and a Mind, and that our physical suffering ends when the Body and Mind are raised to the highest level of awareness of our true identity"?

Terence responds: Souls who live lives of oppression are those who have 'oppressed' others and they 'Really Are' the vain, arrogant and ignorant NON believers who defy God's Command ultimately to their own demise.

One's physical suffering ONLY 'ends' when we OBEY God and stop 'supping' on the 'Fruit from the tree of evil' (Dark energy of God) and when we have PAID all outstanding 'dues' to God within the application of His divine Law: "As you did unto others will by others equally arrogant be done unto you."


Page 80/81 - 3: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: "Could this be what The Resurrection was all about? Was what happened to Jesus something that Jesus had to endure, or something his Soul chose to experience? Which was it…? And if it was the second, was the Soul of Jesus the only soul in the history of the world to make such a choice"?

Terence responds: All these 'questions' or 'possibilities' are answered within my Holy Testament from God to man.


 Page 83 : Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: "It is within this larger context that CWG informs us that pain is an objective experience, and suffering is a subjective one. Pain is a physical phenomenon, and suffering is our thought about it."

Terence responds: Pain is pain, be it emotional or physical or be it mental 'torment,' and is simply ones 'karmic' dues being 'met' within God's Holy Law. ONLY when we understand that will we make an effort to 'bow' to God's command before we end up shrieking eternally in perpetual agony as we 'dance' above the flames of hell that are REAL and DO exist, being the eternal fire that creates the Light.


Page 83 - 2: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: "It is within this larger context that CWG informs us that pain is an objective experience, and suffering is a subjective one. Pain is a physical phenomenon, and suffering is our thought about it. Put another way, pain is simply pain, but if we make a judgment that it is not okay, not welcome, not acceptable in favor of a larger good, then it becomes suffering. Yet if we make the opposite decision—that it is okay, that it is welcome, that it is endurable for a larger good—then our suffering ends"

Terence responds: Words, words, words, all 'meaningless' because it is absolute rubbish. Neale obviously has not 'suffered' any real pain, for if he had then he would realise that whilst 'enduring it' ones thoughts are in a 'maelstrom' and cannot 'think' rationally and, ones suffering ONLY ends when God so decides, and this ONLY happens when we 'decide' to OBEY His Command and have paid all outstanding karmic dues.


Page 83 - 3: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: "There even come times in the experience of many when pain can actually be celebrated (believe it or not), changing its very definition from suffering to joy."

Terence responds: Here we get a glimpse of Neale's belief system, a system of belief which  stems largely from the somewhat twisted idea, in many of the old religions, where self flagellation was considered 'pleasing unto God!' To believe that  "pain can actually be celebrated and thereby we can ......change its very definition from suffering to joy - is delusional.  

The reality is that God takes absolutely no pleasure in any such practices.  Since it is we alone who determine what suffering comes our way each time we choose to deny the call to forgiveness and love only, it is we who make the choice to suffer - not God.  Each time we choose to become the retaliatory arm of God, each time we actively seek retribution in any form, each time we use God's dark energy to judge any of His children, it is we who, by those actions, are determining our own future suffering.  


Page 83 - 4 Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: " It is when we make this shift that we move from Survival to Celebration. From then on, nothing can touch us in a negative way. This understanding truly can “deliver us from evil. For thine IS the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever. Amen.”

Terence responds: Absolute rubbish, for the only 'thing' that can deliver anyone from evil is the power of God. Being His Wisdom and His cleansing Light energy that purges ones soul of inner evil (dark energy) when the individual stops using IT in his/her interaction with other children of God. Man continues to 'suffer' and be 'touched in a negative way' because man relies on 'strength of 'arms' and protection by armed men rather than on the strength of God's Holy Word.


Page 83 - 5: Neale Walsch states and thus teaches: "Is it not written, ”Ye are Gods”?

Terence responds: NO, ye are not 'gods' and never will be. The 'best' that you can be is as pure as the Light of God and thus a 'Christ' soul be meaning, there is no dark energy within your soul and due to this 'factor' it vibrates at the same 'frequency' of the pure Light and when it (your spirit) departs from this realm it is drawn UP and into the pure vibration of Heaven - Paradise. Any 'dark energy (negative emotions) within your soul results in your spirit being drawn 'down' to a correspondingly lower level of consciousness.

I 'end' my notes stating that the CWG book and all other texts written by Neale Walsch are 'contaminated with untruth' because as he wrote them his mind was 'open' to many different levels of consciousness similarly as is yours the reader, and it is thus that neither Neale nor you are ABLE to write pure truth inspired ONLY by the Light of God. Due to the 'deception and falsity' contained within Neale's books they are misleading the reader and keeping them in bondage to the Dark and in 'grave' danger spiritually.

For unless/until errant man understands the fullness of God's ONE Law and His 'Command,' man will continue to uphold the use of force unto his own spiritual demise. For soon, the 'doorway to heaven' is to be shut due to the reasons given in my web site, and any person 'found' by God at that 'moment' having even ONE 'speck' of dark energy within (Sin) will fail to gain entry, and will be lost in the underworld for an eternity by their OWN choice. At this present moment in time Neale Walsch is in very grave spiritual danger. Do not fill your mind with his 'teachings' or you will also become lost in the underworld and never to be seen nor heard of again.

True Light ~ True Doctrine ~ True God

Peace – education & harmony is the new way to be.

Open letter to CEO Qantas, Alan Joyce - Letter 1

Dear Alan,

Ref – the 'mad dog' attack upon the Qantas passengers.
The only solution.

Regrettably everyone is in fact 'blinded' to a reality being, that it is not simply a 'wage' matter between the 'Union v/s Qantas' using Union members of Qantas staff and others, it is in fact the Union officials attacking the passengers (public purse) and causing them mental & emotional & physical duress and, if the Union 'claims' are met then it simply 'translates' into the passengers having to pay more for their tickets as staff wages increase and all costs rise.

The 'Union' officials are simply using Qantas employees to hold the fare paying public to RANSOM because, ultimately any wage 'hikes' translates into more costly fares.

You 'Alan' may well be the ONE who deserves a 'high' wage and I hope so but, only when the picture you can clearer see will you be able to so prove as you 'wisely' bring the world of aviation into the NEW AGE in which men are men and, they do not give in to 'terror tactics' nor do they easily permit their fare paying passengers to be 'ambushed' by warmongers who so openly steal their own pay as they use forceful means in an 'apparent' legitimacy that it certainly is NOT, irrespective of any 'legislation' giving it supposed legitimacy.

The first thing for you to see is that you cannot 'Dance with the Devil,' and this means that you cannot 'agree to agree' to anything at any meeting with the 'Union' officials because they so openly and arrogantly sow disunion using employees of the flying kangaroo against their own employer and this is 'criminal & fraudulent.' * (see 'Note - 1' below)

Why is this so? Because the reality is, that the Union 'bosses' only earn their own wage by living on the immoral and forceful 'taking' of money from others, and this 'Mafiosi' way must now be halted because, with it 'operational' there is NO 'stability' and NO 'equity' and NO 'honesty' because 'workers' have been taught falsely that it is their divine right to 'beg' for a 'job' and then renege and hold hostage the passengers so that they can gain a wage 'subsidy' any time they so wish to.

I for ONE am pleased to see that you do have the 'balls' to lay it on the line so to speak, for how can anyone 'run' a business when at every twist or turn some 'aspect' of it is being 'undermined' as surely as a 'Taliban' attack that causes problem after problem and great disruption of services.

IF the 'staff' that are 'striking' cannot awaken to this reality then for sure the airline will 'fall' and they will ALL then become penniless with no job because they will deserve to starve and be inconvenienced themselves. (Their 'Karma' for inconveniencing others)

Alan, so many lay the 'blame' at your feet seeing not that the inconvenience and suffering is the direct result of Union interference in the affairs of Qantas.  Why any 'pilot' seeks to be 'grounded' beats me, for that is what they are or will be doing to themselves if Qantas loses customers, and this too is the sign of insanity on the rise.  Please try and see that it is the work of the Devil operating through the minds of the vain and greedy that is backing the 'rebellious' Union movement that is also misleading the 'strikers.'

Please stay strong and deny the Union 'boss' as you write and say: "I have no time nor intent to hold any 'meeting' with you as I have no intent in making any 'deals' with any persons who are not Qantas staff, and neither do I do any 'deals' with people who try and destroy our operation using forceful and underhand tactics as their own means of earning a wage."

You then turn to and deal only with your own 'deceived' Union members and other staff members of your 'fleet' as you greet each of them with a 'smile' and an 'individual' letter upon which you say words that are true and elevating - - - something like:

"Dear Qantas employee. I hope that you can clearly see that the whole world is becoming a more difficult place with many disruptions and confrontations and frustrations as many become more demanding and maybe you can see the need for us to be productive as well as operating within the constraints of 'world' practice for if we do not remain competitive then we will collapse.

Please try and see that any 'Union' attack using Qantas employees causes 'harm & disruption' and loss and suffering to the flying public who will ultimately 'fly' with others if our costs rise or we become unsafe or unreliable in our services.

If you believe in the right to remain a part of any 'movement' that can at any time take up 'arms' against Qantas passengers (for it is the passenger that primarily suffers) then you must understand that as your employer we cannot condone nor support this nature of activity against our passengers who in fact pay everyone's wages and, we will 'dismiss' you because the Qantas 'policy' cannot abide with your 'belief in the right' to cause harm to passengers.

What I am offering directly to you the individual is our new 'policy' strategy that stipulates that there will be no wage increase resulting from any 'strike' movement, and in fact any person who is not 'ill' that fails to do their duty due to 'belonging' to any disunity 'faction' movement requirement will be dismissed but, - - -

For those of you who would be true to the Qantas passengers and to your own families as the wage earner we now offer to give you a share of the Company profits annually at the financial years end, and this amount will 'mount' for every year of service you have been with us and continue to be with us, and it will be drawn from the 'pre-tax company profits' funds available that will depend upon our continued competitiveness within the global aviation industry.'

Note - 1: "The anti terrorism act 2005" - Let it be understood that every 'Union' sowing disunion through threat of 'destructive' action or 'attack' using destructive means or coercion to so do is by definition an organisation or 'person' intending to 'wage war' upon another which is formerly 'proven' once they so do and, every person involved in a 'strike action' becomes a person within the 'terrorism act' of being guilty of waging war upon another. Quote: 

Terrorism is - - - the use of violence to attain or maintain a superior position and to instill 'submission' and, - - - it includes instilling fear or terror through the use of intimidation, threat, coercion, or aggressive punitive or destructive action.

Regrettably those involved in the acts of forcefully imposing the above with destructive or fearful consequence to others do not see their own 'acts' as either terrible nor as terrorist activities. Not only this, but all persons involved in the 'counter' or anti-preparation or pre-emptive attack believe that they are 'right,' and that if it is sanctioned by 'legislation' or orders received from superiors, that it is 'somehow' also sanctioned by God and thus above God's immutable "Eye for and eye - as you sow so shall ye reap'' Law.  This is also error of belief.

Foolish man, so blind and unkind unto himself and to those that fund, condone, or support such iniquitous activities.  The text of the Anti-Terrorist 'decrees' state: Quote:

A person is guilty of a criminal offence through financing a terrorist if they intentionally;

  1. Receive funds from, or makes funds available to an organisation whether directly or indirectly.
  2. Collect funds for, or on behalf of an organisation whether directly or indirectly. Or, even if they do the above but a terrorist act does not occur or, even if the funds will not be used to facilitate or engage in a specific terrorist act or, the funds will be used to facilitate in more than one terrorist act - - the person is guilty.

Note - 2: "Any activity that is in conflict with God's Primary ruling Command places man within the punitive aspect of God's ONE Law: "As you do unto others will be done unto you," - therefore let us all now bow to THE Command: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

As far as I am concerned any attempt by a 'body' of men to cause disruption, havoc, mental or emotional distress or physical loss or suffering to others using any 'means' be they seemingly legitimate or otherwise is a criminal terrorist activity, and I add that any person paying a 'sum' of money annually to 'belong to' or to subscribe to any 'Union' movement are themselves 'guilty' of funding a terrorist organisation. Albeit one that 'hides' behind the facade of a benign 'legitimate' community effort.

I also believe that you as an individual or 'for' Qantas the organisation is, within the 'Freedom of Religion' ACT of the Constitution, entitled to NOT be coerced into 'joining' or funding any group or individuals that believe in the contra religious ideology of extortion and infliction of turmoil upon others by foul and underhand means.

Alan, I do trust that the Qantas fleet 'rules' the airwaves in its new 'best practice' policy and, that all its workers find their sanity as they turn their backs on any disunity program as they learn from my on line teachings to become better human beings that remain honest and trustworthy once they are employed.

Sincerely - Terence - 31 Oct 2011

Open letter to CEO Qantas, Alan Joyce - Letter 2

Dear Alan,

Ref – Unions, civil unrest, legitimised terrorism within Australia
The only solution

I refer now to the actual and factual 'terrorist attack' upon the fare paying passengers of Qantas and upon the good name of Qantas by the directives issuing forth from Union officials that were the PRIMARY CAUSE of much disruption to Qantas services.

This 'terrorist attack' is proven within the Act because:

1 - It was pre-meditated and, -
2 - It was carried out and, -
3 - it instilled fear in many fare paying passengers and Qantas staff and -
4 - It used intimidation by threat and coercion and, -
5 - The resultant action was punitive for not agreeing to Union demands and, -
6 - The end result was/is certainly destructive to the good name of the Qantas name and more and, -

7 - It caused and resulted in the Australian airline passenger public and their non ticketed family members to 'suffer' in many ways and, - - - 'disrupted' their daily activity and, - - - many also suffered financial and other 'loss' in many unseen ways and, - - - caused 'fear' and other negative emotions within the fare paid passengers and, - - - as a result many of whom were led to feel feelings of 'civil unrest' towards their 'carrier' Qantas and its staff and CEO and, - - - it also resulted in Qantas staff and other people in the airline industry being 'enticed' to take part in this 'terrorist attack' that not only resulted in the above, but also 'sullied' the good name of Qantas and, - - - gave a financial advantage to other airline services to the detriment of Qantas. (Civil war)

It follows that all 'complicit' to the above are guilty within the Australian Terrorist Act 2005

Terrorism is - - - and, - - - it includes instilling fear or terror through the use of intimidation, threat, coercion, or aggressive punitive or destructive action.

It is now the time to see that every 'Union movement' is a 'movement' of disunion who are in fact the primary cause of civil unrest in every 'business' activity of the land as they 'promise' their members more money to be their unarmed 'warrior tribe' to fight their 'cause' and, - - - they are also the cause of the falling internal 'value' of the Australian dollar for as 'wages' go up the cost of everything also go UP. (Money drops its internal purchasing power value)

The ONLY solution

It also follows that those politicians that 'licence' the 'terrorist activities' of the Union movement by legislation are also complicit to said 'civil' terrorist activities and, - - - it also follows that in order to halt this ongoing 'assault' against the public of Australia, all or any 'legislation' giving Unions an 'operational mandate' must be abolished forthwith and, - - -

IF the politicians cannot halt the Union movement then they are as said complicit to its terrorist activities and if the government itself (Its serving officials) wish to back such activity then there is little 'hope' of sanity prevailing in the land.

Dear Alan, as said in my previous email letter to you if Qantas agree to any 'terms' with the Terrorist organisation named 'The Union' - - - then you are also in 'breach' by 'association' within the Terrorist ACT within the 'eyes' of God and any sane person having the wisdom to see clearly.

It may also now be the 'time' for every 'staff' member of Qantas to be 'enlightened' as to the facts revealed by me because not only is their material living way at stake but also their spiritual destiny, for God is real and every person SEALS their own 'fate' by their daily ACTIONS or activity that affects other children of God. (Spiritual consequence of action)

Terence - 1 Nov 2011

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Open letter to CEO Qantas, Alan Joyce - Letter 3

Dear Alan,

Ref – Qantas the public service provider v/s Union forces
The only solution

Qantas office staff and working personnel are paid to provide a service for the international community, and any such employee is only operating in the 'course' of their duty to the public when the service is being provided in a sane and rational manner.

Any employee that is found to be operating in a manner that is in conflict with company policy or that is actively seeking to cause civil unrest to the passengers and causing any disruption of services due to non-action or other cannot be considered at that moment to be an employee, for they are factually operating outside the 'law' as stated for they are causing harm to others and are by THE law of man and the command of God deemed to be carrying out terrorist activities for many reasons.

Many Qantas employees and many other company work forces have been 'conscripted' by Union factions either by 'coercive' force, (Join us or else) or by 'deception.' (We will fight for your 'rights' if you join our Union and become a paid up member) - None seeing that the Union officials are themselves being used by the 'avenging darkness' to wage a 'karmic' war against everyone.

For the 'silent' member 'warriors' who fund the Union movement become its 'fighting force' when through non-activity ACTION they cause havoc that force other community members (passengers and their families) to suffer in many seen and unseen 'collateral' ways and, the end result is that everyone other than the 'strikers' lose money, and ongoing extortion through increased wages results with the public having to endure more costs and, none of the 'strikers' that were used by the 'venomous' darkness see the ahead consequences to themselves. (Spiritually and materially one day ahead)

Neither do they see that their non-activity ACTIONS are in fact a 'Civil War' being waged against the public and are in fact 'terrorist' actions within the scope of the Anti terrorist Act 2005. Neither do they see that they are a 'party to' and funding a terrorist CELL (organisation) albeit one that names itself as being a 'legitimate' enterprise or 'Union movement.'

Neither do Qantas workers who 'strike' causing great travail to others see that within the immutable and singular Law of God that ahead it is they to suffer the same: "As you do unto others will by others be done unto you."

The solution

Give every employee access to my correspondence to you and also advise them all that any Union members who FAIL to advise the Union that they withdraw their support and 'dis-member' themselves that: Any found by THE AUTHORITY to be a 'member' will be prosecuted by Federal authorities within the parameters of the Anti-Terrorist Act 2005 for their continued involvement in waging a 'civil' War against the people of Australia and others for they will be deemed to be terrorists.

Employees of Qantas and every 'business' must now understand that it is a criminal activity to set out with the INTENT to cause disruption and discontent and other duress to the members of the local and international public for ANY reason and, - - - it is not only unconscionable, but it is a flagrant disregard for the life and lives of other children of God and is a non-action 'activity' based solely on greed & vanity for personal gain and, - - -

NO employee or 'service provider' deserves to receive a 'wage' or hold a 'job' if they are so dishonourable as to attempt to or, to factually discredit or destroy the business that employs them or, to cause the public (paymaster) who use their service any 'duress' or harm.

IF any person working for any 'company' has any 'grievance' that cannot be resolved by their personal or individual request to management then they ARE 'free' to resign and go their way in PEACE as Commanded by their Creator.

God is now to separate the True (benign) from the False (malignant) in the manner revealed on my web site, and ANY found 'lacking' will now by their own deeds not only be seen as 'lacking grace' but will by the invisible darkness they drew IN through their actions be drawn down into the Abyss.

Where is the respect for ones fellow man, his wife and children?

Let everyone now make an effort to help the ignorant to amend their ways.

In trust - Terence - 2 Nov 2011

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Open letter to all Australian politicians & Alan Joyce - Letter 4

~ The Qantas 'strike' debacle ~
The ‘bite’ of the Viper

Dear recipient, every Union 'official' upholding any registered Australian (or other) 'Union' today is no different than a snake in the grass, a 'viper.' Why is this so? Because they are officiating in the 'maintenance' of a 'Religious' order that has the DARK doctrinal ideology or ''belief' that as their 'private' institution is licensed by the State governing institution they are thus entitled to state to their 'members' * :

"Strike  with a 'bite' like a viper so that your 'venom' paralyses the nation and causes such frustration, suffering, distress and loss that 'we' will all gain the upper hand, being more money and 'we' will have freedom from poverty."

Every employee of Qantas or any other institution providing a service to Qantas who is a paid up Union 'member' funding any registered Australian (or other) 'Union' today is no different than a snake in the grass, a 'viper.'

Why is this so? Because of their ‘membership’ with a Union ‘body’ that is proven to cause interference, loss, harm, turmoil and disruption to the public in direct defiance of the policy of their employer, Qantas. They also ‘repudiate’ their individual ‘contract of service’ to the Qantas customer as they lay down their demands via the Union 'officials' and their own non-action ACTIVITY.

Why can the 'poor' fare paying citizen who suffers the annual consequence of the strike action (non-action policy) of Union members not see that this activity causing them 'harm' is in fact a civil war being waged against them?

Why do the 'strikers' themselves not also see that to attack the population of the nation and others over the sea is pure terrorism placing all complicit into the precepts of the Anti-terrorist Act 2005?

All this vindictive, disruptive and destructive NON-action activity by 'workers' is validated by the Union leaders who blame the employer Qantas (or other) as needing 'correction' for one reason or other, when in fact it is the Union 'officials' who are the bare faced 'jackals' feeding off the carcass of the Nations of the world as they forcefully take their wages from the workers that they have deceived and misled.

The ‘viper striker’ needs to see that they are primarily members of the organisation (Qantas or other) that pays their wages and, - - - that they are paid a wage to provide a service to the national and international community (passengers) who have already paid a fee in advance for the service to be provided and, - - -

As the service paid for has not been provided due to the venomous action by Qantas employees, (strikers) it follows that 'strikers' have taken the 'passenger' money under FALSE pretences and have defrauded them because of two factors:

1 – The ‘name’ Qantas simply denotes the ‘carriers’ unique identity, and every worker involved with the aspect of service provision to complete the contractual agreement with the ‘paid up’ passenger is an ‘equal’ party to said contract, be they Qantas employees directly funded by the passengers ‘ticketing’ arrangement or be they the ‘Customs’ or others involved IN the 'strike action' who were supplied by another ‘named’ unique organization. (The government etc.)

2 – Once a passenger has paid for their Ticket they have completed their side of the contractual agreement to be ‘carried’ from point A to point B, and it follows that every person paid a wage to be involved with the ‘completion’ of the ‘journey’ is a part of the CONTRACT and, - - -

It is wrong and error of ‘belief’ for Qantas employees or others within the ‘contractual agreement’ to state:

“If we do not get a ‘pay’ rise then we will ‘strike’ and not meet our ‘contractual’ obligation with passengers because we ‘believe’ that for ‘that’ time frame we are operating legitimately because we are ‘paid up’ members of a Union organization that of itself is ‘licensed’ to grant us ‘immunity’ from the consequential results our NON-action for the time that IT the ‘union’ officials so state and, we do in fact also believe that our ‘primary’ allegiance lies with being members of the Union rather than members of Qantas.”

It follows that as Union ‘members’ have deliberately set out to cause or factually caused unwarranted harm, loss and suffering to ‘paid up’ ticketed members of the public then, they have not only defrauded them but have in fact used their 'army' of supporters cause disruption, loss, frustration and other 'injury' and, - - -

Their 'private army' of men failed to ‘deliver’ their side of the 'Contract of carriage service' and, they have thus also been complicit to the imposition of ‘injury’ simply because of their own greed, avarice, ignorance' arrogance and disrespect of others through which they were deceived and misled by the 'promise' of 'rich rewards' by the FALSE 'stewardship' of the Union officials who deluded them in the first instance and, - - -

As the wages of ‘strikers’ being Qantas direct employees is paid by Qantas staff who 'hold' the public monies for and on behalf of the fare paying passengers, it is a very nasty business indeed to 'bite' the hand of the passengers that do in fact pay all wages. This nature of 'extortion' is :

An ‘Act of holding the public to ‘Ransom’ for the sole purpose of the extortion of money from the public purse, and is a 'civil war terrorist attack' instigated by Mafiosi style groups operating 'clandestinely' who are presently condoned by a 'fearful' society and backed by political legislation and, - - - it is now the time for the community to 'awaken' and implement positive change.

It is also the time for any legislation that 'enables' the community to be held to 'ransom' by Mafiosi style terror tactics to be immediately abolished because, it is this 'operational licence' that gives Unions free 'reign' to cause havoc at any place and at any time that they wish to.

Union officials need to understand that it is grave error to use 'coercion, terror, control or extortion' as their means to earn a living. For without disturbing the peace of the land as they do, they would not be able to earn their own pay.

Let it now be clearly understood that: Any person found by God the ultimate Authority to be disturbing the peace of the land for any reason or, complicit to the aforesaid, is in contravention of God's "Peace & love & mercy" Command and will be severely dealt with.

Let it now be clearly understood that: Any person found by God the ultimate Authority to be ‘licensing' or legitimizing by legislation any organization or ‘group’ or individual that sets out to disturb the peace of the land for any reason or, is complicit to the aforesaid, is in contravention of God's "Peace & love & mercy" Command and will be severely dealt with.

Let it now be clearly understood that: Every 'acting' politician of the day who 'permits' the continuity of any such 'terrorist' activity legislation to remain within their statutes is a person who is complicit to the 'holding in hostage' of members of the public that become stranded due to the 'licensed' activity of Union officials and their workers (strikers) and, - - -

Let it now be clearly understood that: The politicians so 'involved' also become complicit to this ILLEGAL 'Ransom' demand of money from THE PEOPLE (travellers) and within the precepts of God's 'eye for an eye' Law they also accrue a painful spiritual due because, all the suffering, loss and inconvenience 'felt' by the passengers becomes a spiritual due to be met by ALL involved directly or indirectly.

NOTE: 'members' * - Any person paying a 'fee' to be a 'member' of an organisation that exists for the sole purpose of forcing others to: "Pay up or else we will destroy you and your livelihood" is a 'rogue' institution operating outside the precepts of any moral code of conduct, and its operatives are the ignorant and arrogant who all need 'correction' by God before they become the eternally 'damned' due to their defiance of God's Command.

The solution

The 'Union' movement must be seen for what it is, (A very dark force) and must be 'abolished,' and every individual on the land must be educated to the fact that if one receives a wage to undertake a certain nature of work then it is a contractual agreement to which they are individually obligated, and it is immoral to use 'collusion' with the other workers to force their employee or the public to give them more than they are 'worth' or have contracted to receive.

Man must now try and understand that it is God who places them into this realm with its varying 'wage' possibilities, and any that use coercion or that try and fight to gain more do in fact suffer more, for it is for God to 'grant' more to those that HE sees as worthy, and any showing disrespect to God or their employer is unworthy, and they will lose all that they 'gained' financially through the activity of holding others to ransom at the time and place so ordained by God.

NOTE: Any individual or organisation 'threatened' by 'strike or punishment' for non-conformity to the demands of any other individual or group or organisation for the purpose of monetary extortion by demand or coercion must simply 'ignore' said demands and do their best to simply get on with their life and, - - - they must not 'fight' against their 'oppressor' but simply advise them that they will not give in to the demands irrespective of any consequence.

Any person, group or organisation that does give in to coercion and 'pays up' is in fact 'guilty' of funding terrorist activities and, - - - are 'guilty' of supporting the imposition of said 'terror' upon others, and will suffer the spiritual consequence that at some stage ahead becomes 'material' loss, suffering, deprivation etc.

NOTE: If politicians believe that they are working for the people and on behalf of the people then why do they give 'Union movements' a 'licence' to hold THE PEOPLE to 'ransom' at any time they so wish to? It is because of the insanity that exists and because politicians themselves 'fear' the consequences of not 'permitting' the Mafiosi to go about their way and interfering in the lives of others because that is exactly what the politicians do all the time.

Believe you me, God is now to separate everyone that HE sees as doing anything that is not within the precepts of His "Love one another and go your way in peace" policy Command. Woe and more woe unto any 'official' or other who believes that their 'badge of office' or 'mandate' or 'licence' to operate exonerates them from the application of God's LAW.  That is grave error of 'thinking,' so if you are 'empowered' to interfere in the lives of others and you so do using legislation or other then you are a very foolish child of God and for your self-righteous arrogance you will PAY spiritually and your cries of anguish from the underworld will be unheard.

Terence - 7 November 2011

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Open letter to FWA President, all deputy Presidents and Commissioners. - 5

 Qantas and the people v/s TWU

Dear Sirs, I refer to the words 'The role' of your 'body' having the power to quote:

  • regulating the taking of industrial action
    From this above text it appears that your 'office' does in fact condone the 'taking of industrial action,' for if it did not, then it would not be 'regulating it.'
    It also appears that politicians believe that it is 'legitimate' for any organisations to be 'registered' by their legislation, even organisations that are coercive, invasive, and destructive and that believe in their 'right' to interfere in the lives of others and to destroy their business and by giving an 'advantage' to their competitors and cause 'injury' loss, and great inconvenience to others as they hold them 'hostage' to their ransom demands for as long as needed to have said demands met and, - - -
    The TWU 'Union' organisation states: "Every day we work to improve the lives of Transport workers, their families and communities" - - - seeing not that every person in the community that 'joins' their Union is a person that has become a person complicit to all the interference, control, coercion, threat, injury, loss, suffering etc., endured by those other members of the community who are interfered with by the Union action of NON-action that of itself is in conflict with the 2005 Anti terrorist Act. Why is this so?
    1 - Because, prior to the strike action Qantas or 'other' are/were simply going about their LEGITIMATE daily business before the Union officials decided to interfere.
    2 - Because any 'strike' action is a punitive attack (terrorist activity) carried out to destroy or discredit the legitimate operation of another and/or coerce it or force it to comply  with the directives of the terrorist group.
    3 - Because it is quite clear from the text within the Anti terrorism Act 2005 that:

    Terrorism is - - - the use of 'violence' to attain or maintain a superior position and to instill 'submission' and, - - - it includes instilling fear or terror through the use of intimidation, threat, coercion, or aggressive punitive or destructive action.

    Note: The word 'violence' in the above act:  denotes 'Extreme force' or 'Passion,' and 'mass' NON-action activity is the use of 'extreme force' exerted with 'passion.'

    Regrettably those involved in the acts of forcefully imposing the above with destructive or fearful consequence to others do not see their own 'acts' as either terrible nor as terrorist activities. It is only the 'opposition' on the receiving end that are able to perceive it as such.

    - Because it is quite clear from the text within this 2005 Act that:

    A person is guilty of a criminal offence through financing a terrorist if they intentionally;

    1. receive funds from, or makes funds available to, an organisation whether directly or indirectly.
    2. collect funds for, or on behalf of an organisation whether directly or indirectly.

    Or, even if they do the above but a terrorist act does not occur or, even if the funds will not be used to facilitate or engage in a specific terrorist act or, the funds will be used to facilitate in more than one terrorist act - - the person is guilty.

    It follows that as Union activity does use < intimidation, threat, coercion, or aggressive punitive or destructive action. > that it is by said ACT 'classified' as a terrorist organisation and itself (officials) and its 'members' are subject to the punitive aspect of said Act.
    If the FWA organisation believes in the 'regulating' of terrorism being waged upon other members of the community who are not Union members then they are complicit to the CIVIL WAR being waged within the community by the Union officials and members. All are so doing for the sole purpose of gaining more money than they are 'worth' and presumably each worker already is receiving a 'just' and equitable wage, for if they were not, then they could simply RESIGN rather than defy their God as they go forth with the INTENT to steal using coercive and destructive industrial action.
    It is now the time for everyone to see that ANY 'industrial action' is in fact 'someone waging war upon another, and foolish indeed are those involved and those that condone or support it, for they place themselves squarely within the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God as they then do ahead suffer all that their actions imposed upon others and, - - - more to the point, as they defied the: "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command of God due to their 'punitive' activity they unknowingly drew in dark invisible energy into their souls, and IT the dark essence within is what drags one away from the Light in the after life.
    All I the 'simple' Plenipotentiary of God can say is: "PLEASE awaken before it is too late."

    Addendum: Any person or organisation that seeks the 'powers' to 'attack' another institution by any means be it 'licensed' or otherwise and 'leading' or inviting or inciting others to aid them is guilty of inciting civil unrest.

  • I am advised by God THE AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person inciting civil unrest will be very harshly dealt with.

    I am advised by God THE AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person found disturbing the peace of the peaceful for any reason will be very harshly dealt with.

    Page 183

    Open letter to TWU - Tony Sheldon - Joyce - 6

    Dear Tony, I refer to your letter to me dated Nov 18th in which you wrote: "Judge Terence Malaher. A few weeks ago, fuelled by a desire to outsource and offshore Australian jobs, CEO Alan Joyce and his Board shut down Qantas, stranding 70,000 passengers and holding Australia to ransom. This proves bosses in Australia have too much power.  Everyone has a family member or knows someone who works for Qantas. These 35,000 Australian Qantas families deserve to keep their jobs, especially having delivered a $550 million profit this year alone."

    From this I observe your words - - bosses in Australia have too much power - - - Are you speaking of yourself? You are but you see it not as you 'point the bone' at the CEO of a legitimate organisation 'boss' going about his daily business, and you then seek to pull him down using his employees to so do. This interference is very grave error in God's eyes and it is an 'attack' against not only the Qantas name, business and well-being of its operatives but also against the world populace that use their service.

    What neither you nor any man can see is that the ULTIMATE power other than God is anyone wielding a GUN.

    Who wields this power 'legitimately'? It is the Sovereign Ruler of man being the TEXTS in books of rules that DICTATE the 'policy' to you and me. So the 'Power' of 'Joyce' is but his conscience as is yours to wield in each's chosen field and, - - - as I see it, his was to bring to a halt your intrusiveness and ongoing interference and disruption, - - - yours was/is to gain a financial benefit using very underhand tactics in turning the Qantas workforce against their employer.

    Try and see that IF your 'choice' was backed by the 'legitimacy' of legislation then truly it is the legislative TEXT that is the cause of all loss - confrontation - disruption and misery. You and your TWU 'Clan' wield this same 'Power of ONE' as 'Joyce' because you heed not the 'voice of choice' bequeathed by God to man as God to man does say:

    "Go your way in peace and carry out your business as best you can but, - - - never seek to interfere in the business affairs of others nor seek to control them by means foul for all are answerable to ME within MY : 'As you sow so shall ye reap' LAW."

    The TWU 'ideology' is ONE whereby you believe in legitimacy backed by legislation whereby you can DEFY God and interfere and cause disruption for the sole purpose of  gaining $$money for your supporters using coercion and the force of non-action.

    What you need to see is, that when you 'invite/incite' your members to go on a 'strike' and they so do, that these employees of Qantas are by your instigation turning their 'backs' on their employer and not going to work as they 'sit down' and strike and at the same time expect to be paid, even though it is they and you that are disadvantaging the travelling public at your instigation.

    You somehow believe that due to the income generated legitimately by the Qantas organisation that you have the right to hold them and the public to 'Ransom,' so as to force Qantas to pay higher wages and, you see not that every time this takes place it is the general public who pay for this wage hike. It is you 'Sir' who hold everyone to RANSOM as you seek to 'legitimise' the TAKE of your own wage backed by political legislation.

    Do the 35,000 Qantas workers deserve to keep their jobs as you put it? NO, not if they desert their employer for a 'time' as they walk out of the door and become 'operatives' for a terrorist organisation that seeks to destroy their 'prior' employer. I say prior because any striker is at that moment in time working for another organisation having deserted their prior 'job.' (Employer)

    Brother, - - - as said, the legitimacy you use is the GUN that backs the TEXTS in the books of rules, and you see not that your own ideological actions are a part of the Devil's PLOT to use you to control others and by THIS MEANS steal your soul.

    Son, there is NEVER any true 'justification' to bring the other 'down' simply because you believe that they earn too much and your 'flocks' bleat for more and more using your 'force' to STEAL. Son, God says:

    "All that use force or the back up of force or 'non-action' to FORCE change are defiant of ME their God they cannot see and their soul by ME is sent BELOW for that is the TRUTH each soul GETS TO KNOW."

    Brother, what you and all men need to SEE is that all that stands between you/them and HELL is my sacred pen and IT now 'rings' the FINAL bell.

    If any employee of any organisation seeks more pay than their agreed wage then they are free to individually ask for a pay rise, and their BOSS inspired by GOD will say either: "Yes I will give you a pay rise" or: "No I will not give you a pay rise, and if that answer is not satisfactory to you then you are free to go your way." That is the CORRECT 'modus operandi' that keeps everyone walking within the precepts of God's Command.

    Sincerely - Terence

    Page 184

    Open letter to TWU - Tony Sheldon - Joyce - 7
    The 'infidelity' of the Union Member

    Dear 'reader,' let it be clearly understood that: People who are 'contracted' to an employer due to their 'acceptance' to the 'Terms & Conditions' of the employer need to understand that their wage is a part of this AGREEMENT.  If at a later stage they engage in an activity that is disruptive or is not a part of their 'agreement' that this activity is a pure 'Vendetta' against their employer and they are unfaithful 'infidels.'

    The mere fact that they pay a 'fee' to another organisation and become a member of that institution (Union) is not a legitimate reason to join hands with others and fight for an assumed personal RIGHT that is directed or promoted by officials of this 'secondary' institution. Why is this so? Because this nature of institution exists solely for the purpose of using coercion in order to force the employer to 'elevate' the value of the Terms & Conditions that exist.

    This disruptive activity is not condoned by God nor by sane men, it is simply the result of precedents set in the past that today are believed to be 'moral' when they are not, and any person using forceful means to try and 'gain' something are persons of:

    NO morals
    No consciousness
    NO God,
    for they openly defy God

    Regrettable they see not that they place their own soul within the punitive aspects of God's "As you do unto others will be done unto you" LAW, and ahead they will suffer every 'due' they did accrue over time and time for causing others to suffer as they STOLE using threats and the power of non-action.

    I can but stress the FACT that any person engaged in a strike action and their 'leaders' are 'lost sheep' who deserve NO pay - NO food - NO happiness, because that is what they are imposing upon other members of the greater public. Every 'activist' needs to understand that the use of 'terror tactics' against others has a RETURN upon their own head at the time and in the place that their invisible God decrees, be it in this life or in another realm in the after life.

    Not only are they disloyal and unfaithful and disrespectful to their employer and the general public, but they have NO 'love' for their own soul nor family members who ahead (soon) will feel dread as they all suffer the consequence of the defiance to their Creator's Command.

    Truly ignorant and foolish are those who believe that a political 'license' issued to a proven terrorist activity exonerates them from being subjected to God's Law.

    I have stated that the END days are upon us, being the 'time' in eternal time when God now imposes HIS retributive Law upon everyone that defied Him, and this He does via the mind of the vain and arrogant, and if YOU are ONE of these then as God so decreed your soul is to be sent into the underworld to suffer its 'dues' in perpetuity, for in that place everyone continues to retaliate and fight and thus the pain revolves eternally.

    Please 'awaken' before you become one of the DEAD


    Open letter to Mr. Robert Williams - Correctional Services Tasmania

    Dear Sir, I refer to the article in the Examiner in respect of employing a senior manager to the service due in part to the Palmer report recommendations and the recent riot and disorder that took place at Risdon Prison.

    As I am a spiritual consultant working in the area of mental and emotional trauma and spirit possession. I have a very deep understanding of the process I name "Minds under siege" within which the person is being mentally incited telepathically and, does in fact become totally irrational of thinking, insane, disorderly and destructive in a 'twinkling of an eye.'

    This 'spirit possession' as it was termed in the past is a very real and ESCALATING condition throughout the general public of the world for a variety of reasons delineated by me on my web site of which I give pertinent links below.  It also follows that it affects prisoners who are detained and controlled for it is they who are under the greatest mental attack due to constraints of their movement and confinement causing frustration, fear, anger and hatred to surface.

    I can assure you that NO $200,000 position is going to lead to any progress in stemming this inner mental subjugating imposition upon the minds of prisoners, and the only true way forwards is to educate everyone as to 'Why & how" this is taking place and "What" to do about it.  All the pertinent information is on my web site within the Offender document and the Suicide document.

    Persons who lose control of their minds do in fact at that very moment lose their mental faculties that are controlled by demonic forces who take over and do whatever their minds instruct, and once they have completed their destructive activity they 'disengage' and the 'poor' soul they were controlling is then left 'holding the baby' so to speak and it is they who are again punished for their actions whilst the real perpetrators recede into their lowly dens where they plot and scheme for their next 'takeover' as such.

    As the bulk of society has absolutely no understanding of that which I speak we do have very little time to make amends and educate everyone before the whole world becomes a seething, writhing, mass of insanity and every society and 'system of man' collapses for a time.

    Even Martin Bryant was 'taken over' telepathically by a very powerful dark force to the point where on 'awaking' from his 'possession of mind' he stated that he had not done anything. This confirms the 'spirit possession' for naturally, as his mind was overridden and controlled telepathically, it was in fact unaware of what his body was being told to do telepathically, and this 'control' by the dark spirit demon was able to give a weak 'left handed' man absolute accuracy of 'shot' whilst holding the gun with his right hand.

    Other than suggesting that your staff all read my articles linked below so as to educate themselves, I can but suggest that rather than employing an 'In charge' person who will be totally ignorant of the truth of the matter, you could consider employing a person in a 'counselling' role who initiates daily 'in house' Seminars for both prisoners and staff. 

    I have a person available suggested by me (Mr. Charles Wudy) who has spent the last 15 years studying my teachings. He was a worker in the Ashley house, Launceston many years ago and could relocate to Hobart and take a nominal salary and commence the true rehabilitation of prisoners using my 'principles' and Feeling Easier Seminar program that is on line that will uplift the emotional spirits of inmates.


    ~ Daniel v/s the Lion ~

    The judgement of the magistrate by Judge Terence in the 'moral' issue.

    In this 'case' the 'Lion' is represented as the State authority that uses force of arms to 'invade' premises, 'seize' property, and to use the 'power' of the Court to 'injure' a citizen of the land (punishment by financial loss, banishment to jail or other) using legislation (rules) as the means to so do solely because those supporters of this PUNITIVE doctrine are of the belief in the 'legitimacy & righteousness' of their ACTIONS and, - - -

    The State enforcers rely on the Magistrates or Judges to mete out retributive 'Justice' according to the 'rules of engagement' raised up by politicians who by their own doctrinal beliefs state:

    "As we are the legitimate authority it is 'us' to lead the way and show all that - - - due to our interpretation of 'morality' or 'immorality' that any citizen of the land 'found' to have 'certain' images in their possession are by us deemed 'criminal' and to be placed in the public 'stocks' to be demoralised, shamed publicly, impoverished financially or banished to jail for a time and a time and held there as 'hostages' at our 'pleasure' until the full 'measure' of our ideological belief has been satisfied."

    The resultant 'injury' be it mental and emotional 'torture' (injury) suffered by their 'victim' is unseen by said politicians, for when invoking said rules they never see the END result any more than does the Magistrate or Judge who also 'move on' to their next case and, due to their own 'official' standing also believe in their absolute right to impose penalties seeing not their own infringement of the Command of the Sovereign Power, God, nor are they even aware of His singular immutable Law: "As you do unto others will be done unto you."

    In this 'case' Daniel is in fact a mortal man who relies on the 'representation' of a solicitor or another of higher standing to be his 'counsel' and, other than that as his 'case' has come before me I offer him, his counsel, the court and the legislators the benefit of my pen that is guided by our God true.

    Why is this so? Because it is now the time for absolute truth to flow so that all 'defiant' of their God being all that deploy 'terror' tactics to impose their punitive doctrine upon other sons and daughters of God need to know that their activities are neither 'legitimate' in God's eyes nor above God's 'eye for an eye'  Law and, - - -

    Not only this, but every Magistrate needs to avail themself of the 'rules of engagement' of their own rules, refer:

    (Extract from: - 23.1 What role do the courts play in Australian governance? Australia's system of courts is the third arm of Australian governance and is known as the Judiciary - The role of the Judiciary is to:

    • apply the law as made by the Parliament

    • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament

    • ensure that laws comply with the Australian Constitution

    Why do I refer to this? Because not only does our God give the individual the freedom to live by ones 'Religion,' (Ideological code of conduct policy 'doctrine') but that 'freedom' is also granted and should be protected by the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the Constitution of Australia upon which is based the authority granted unto Judges and all others by men in power (legislators) AND by the Dark Sovereign Power of God.* - Reference:

    Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

    "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

    Note: Australia's own Macquarie dictionary – page 835 (Compact version)

    Religion - - - - the quest for the values of the ideal life - - - the ideal, the practices for attaining the values of the ideal, - - - a system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

    Religious - - - - scrupulously faithful, pious, devotion - - - this means that ones 'religion' is not any named 'Church' organisation, but it is the policy of ones daily code of conduct interaction with other children of God. Peaceful or warlike - kind or cruel - benign or malignant etc.

    Any fine or punishment imposed by a magistrate upon an absolute pacifist who was not disturbing the peace is a coercive attempt into forcing a person into changing their ideology (religion) by funding a contra 'punitive' doctrine and is an unlawful activity within the Constitution.

    The 'question' at hand in this 'case' is: IF Daniel is a peaceful person going about his daily business without having disturbed the peace of the land and without having injured anyone and, - - - IF he believes that he has the right to and thus does 'download' an image onto his computer knowingly or unknowingly and, - - - in the knowledge or otherwise that others may find the image 'distasteful, obscene or pornographic,' - - - has Daniel been in contravention of his God given right to so do or, - - - has he 'infringed' his 'Religious liberty RIGHT to follow his conscience'? - In both cases the answer is "No."

    Let it be clearly understood, it is Daniel's RIGHT to follow his conscience without 'let or hindrance or punishment' as long as by his PERSONAL ACTIONS he has not defied God's Command and not infringed upon the RIGHTS of others by him:

    1 - Trespassing onto their property
    2 - Interfering in their lives
    3 - Disturbing the peace of the land
    4 -
    Injuring or killing another
    5 -
    Damaging the property of another.
    6 -
    Causing others mental or emotional distress

    Justice v/s the immorality of 'rule by false doctrine' & the 'double' standard

    Irrespective of any assumed 'righteousness or justification' for 'latter day' rules/regulations/decrees/laws of politicians that are raised up, they 'enable' and 'direct' and in fact force the police to infringe upon the RIGHTS of others in the course of their 'duty' to State or God. How? The  police are forced to do the wicked and immoral acts (1 - 6) above which are 'criminal' activities. (The double standard)

    The Primary ruling of the Constitution stands and needs to be understood by Magistrates before they 'entertain' punishing 'poor' mortals who for one reason or another find 'reason' to look at images in the privacy of their homes, and in fact not having done any of the things listed in 1 - 6 above to any other person. 

    It is the God given RIGHT of man to 'look' at ANYTHING, for simply 'looking' is not an ACTIVITY infringing upon God's "Go your way in peace & love one another" Command but it IS AN INFRINGEMENT of God's Command, for regulators, enforcers and Magistrates use any 'ruling' of man to punish and thus injure others, and this is an ACTIVITY that is in contravention of God's "Peace, love & mercy" Command, and places the 'officials' within the precepts of the punitive aspect of God's ONE immutable Law: "As you sow so shall ye reap" and, for sure many now are to weep for their own 'immoral infidelity' of themselves looking at and then using said 'images' as a reason to DESTROY the lives and livelihoods of other mortals.

    Any politician, enforcer, magistrate or 'jailer' who through ignorance or otherwise ignores the civil libertarian right of citizens or 'overrules' the primary 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the Constitution in using latter day 'rules or rulings' to punish a person are anarchists. Does 'anarchy' flourish and exist in Australian courts? Yes, and it is now the time for all men 'true' to realise and see that ANY non-conformity to God's "Peace & love & mercy" Command are anarchists in God's eyes and 'punishable' by spiritual death for their defiance of God.

    As 'civilians' both Daniel, you and I are entitled to watch, observe or 'record' an image of a military person shooting unarmed civilians and mutilating or even 'raping' them if we so desire. It does not mean that 'we' are complicit in any way nor that we support or condone such 'immoral' iniquity, it is simply that we all have the right to SEE what 'presents' itself to us and if you or I download an image produced by some other 'ignorant' brother then so be IT, let no other seek to defy their God and persecute us, for by that ACT they prove their own 'insanity' and their own criminal activity.

    In the 'case' at hand the mortal man Daniel has committed NO 'crime' in God's eyes but as he has suffered much emotional trauma and monetary loss prior to even getting to court, it means that that 'punishment' was the imposition of DIVINE PUNITIVE JUSTICE imposed by God via vain and ignorant mortal men and, any further punishment that may be imposed by the court is also so but, the prosecutor and all other officials as well as the community that fund their wages are all complicit and will all suffer the burden of punishment to be imposed upon their 'heads' by God's superior Court of DIVINE PUNITIVE JUSTICE  at the time and in the place so ordained by God.

    Note: Dark Sovereign Power of God.* - Man sees not that God is both the creative Light energy essence that is absolute truth and the destructive Dark energy essence that is absolute deception. It is thus that this deceptive and punitive essence of the Dark 'face' of God deceives man as IT 'justifies' man to defy the "Only love" Command in order to use vain men to punish others for IT as well as to destroy their 'faithless' spirit soul as they defy the Only love command and bind themselves to ITS singular law and to eternal suffering if IT can 'convince' them to keep being ITS retributive 'arm' and, as man uses ITS Dark energy they contaminate their soul with IT and that is what ultimately draws their soul down into the depths of depravity and eternal suffering.

    Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of The Law* excuses no one. (Reference God's Law)

    The Law* of God: thelaw1.htm


    page 187

    ABC Tv - Q and A
    God ~ Pell ~ Dawkins and the existence of heaven and hell
    Dear All, such is the 'fall' of religion as George Pell 'falters' according to the 75 - 25 vote 'for' Science and what struck me most was the remark by Pell that he 'wished' that he could find the cause of Evil and suffering?  Surely a man of God would know that the forceful, controlling, deceptive, merciless, cruel, punitive and utterly DESTRUCTIVE energy of God exists as surely as does the loving, joyous, caring, merciful, compassionate, forgiving, bountiful and CREATIVE energy essence?
    So it is not simply a 'matter' of ones belief in Atheism or 'religion' because it is in FACT the USE of either benign or malignant energy in ones interaction with others that has an invisible consequence as well as a material one being, - - - that energy has a 'method' or 'means' of balancing itself to put it 'scientifically.'
    It is subject to its own 'Laws' with reference to ITS 'flow' in that if one uses some of IT then to 'balance' itself at some stage later ITS flow returns to and upon the user. Thus the spiritual LAW "As you sow so shall ye reap" is revealed as simply being the 'majesty' of the energy that returns to YOU at the time and place that ITS superior intelligence decides.
    Unbeknown to simple man when we use either 'energy' in our interaction with others some of IT (Light or Dark) grows within our spirit soul as it 'sticks' there and we 'grow' more happy and kind and loving OR we grow more vindictive, cruel and unkind (the SIN within - negative emotions) and, - - - the end result of that ongoing process is that the VIBRATION of ones energy essence becomes either a coarser and darker or refined and brighter vibration and, - - -
    As any scientist should know, black holes exist that draw IN and CRUSH to oblivion anything that IT can attract and, on the opposite end of the scale pure light shines forth 'warming' everything that its face 'blesses' so - - - as the energy of which I speak is not visible to man and is of a much more refined energy than material 'electricity' one is only aware of ITS nature due to IT being ones 'emotional energy - pos or neg' being a part of the Source/God/Allah etc.
    IF you wish for your spirit soul to rise UP to the ultimate realm of pure bliss, no restriction and eternal expression and be contented then you need to become an absolute PACIFIST being and living the ideology, belief in PEACE at all times and in all situations.
    If you 'fail' and at any time make use of the fruit from the Tree of Evil (dark forceful and destructive energy) and thus abuse another, then your destiny becomes one that is very bleak, for IT the Dark that you use will keep you using IT as IT has the capacity to JUSTIFY you in using IT and travail and great suffering become your eternal due and ultimately IT will crush you into oblivion. (An eternity ahead)
    Dawkins is a very 'smart' speaker but regrettably he is stuck in the material scientific world and perceives only the biological flesh and its limitations, he cannot conceive that within his 'frame' exists a spirit being that ahead will simply stride forth at the moment his biological body drops to earth. His inner energy as that of every person will simply be 'attracted' to one of millions of unseen realms that are separated by 'frequency,' so his destiny as yours is dependent upon his energy vibration and that is dependent upon his interaction with others be it PEACE or WAR and, - - -
    What none see is that it is when hardship knocks at our personal door that we then may be incited by thoughts within to strike out to save ourselves from suffering, and that is the time we are in danger and, - - - the intelligence of the Light says: "I command you to only be loving, respectful, kind and forgiving because that will be your return due but if you defy this command and use darkness in retribution or to save your flesh then IT will destroy your soul."
    Religion is NOT the named 'Christian or Islam or Buddhism' etc., it is ones ideological belief in action by moment to moment interaction with others and, - - - IF you fund by taxes any 'war' machine such as governments of man (Caesar) then you are supporting a punitive, controlling, interfering and destructive ideology and great ahead is now to be your suffering as the ENERGY of the dark returns upon your 'head' IN THE MANNER REVEALED BY ME - for you are complicit to all iniquity done on your behalf and in your name that caused others to suffer mentally, emotionally or physically.
    Jesus was purported to have said : " - - - teaching them to OBEY everything I have commanded you" and, I ask from 'whence' comes the FALSE belief of his 'sacrifice' for OUR wrongdoings? - - - He clearly STATED that we must at all times and in all situations heed FATHER God's Command IF we were to meet up with Jesus (our brother) in the hereafter by "Turning the other cheek" and "Going as a lamb to the slaughter"  and "Go your way in peace & love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."
    Is mankind so? NO, for everyone is merciless and vindictive and critical and retributive and NONE 'turn the other cheek' if persecuted for all DEFY 'Jesus' ("OBEY everything I have commanded you") so 'why' does everyone believe that 'he' was a sacrificial 'lamb' when in FACT he was simply the bearer of 'tidings' from God the Father who states quite categorically - "DEFY ME and you go to HELL at the time I RING the LAST bell" - Hell being the dark place where merciless 'payback' goes on ad infinitum.
    Priests are the ones who 'offer' a sacrifice in the HOPE that God (The energy) is a 'dope' and will forgive your sinning ways but, do NOT 'pin' Jesus' name as your 'hope' because NO person nor name can VOID or AVOID God's Law - ALL pay the 'blood' price for NOT being nice. "As you do unto others will be done unto you."
    Great indeed is the travail to now descend upon the whole earth in the manner and for the reasons revealed by my sacred pen for I AM HE the Spirit of Truth with yet ANOTHER message to all to prepare everyone for what IS to now BE and, - - - I can categorically state that ANY person failing to understand my personalised FRESH message will 'die in their sin' - Oh what a calamity is to be as INSANITY brought on by 'controllers' and their vanity is now to bring down every society.

    OPEN letter to: Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
    Attn: Chairman Andrew Forrest

    Letter 1 of 2 dated 18 November 2012

    Dear Andrew, I was listening to Radio National on Friday and heard you speaking on;

    1 - Evil flourishing because good men do nothing, and:

    2 - That you were going to do something about it. I also felt that you were a very sincere and honourable man seeking to uplift the Australian workers and that you were going all the way to the High Court in the trust that the Constitution of Australia would assist you.

    I do believe that within the Constitution of this land there is an 'article of association' to assist you, but in order to so do, your 'counsel' will need to reseed their minds (recog - recognise) around the full and true implications of the Freedom of Religion Act. For to date, only I have used it in its fullest context and maybe only I am aware of the depth of its 'context,' being, that the word 'Religion' does in fact mean ones ideology, ones belief, ones conscience, rather than any named religious 'order.'

    I attach for you my 'Baycorp 1 & 2' pdf articles, which I prepared a couple of years ago as a defence for Mrs. Clemencia Barnes who had been 'fined' for non compliance to an ATO demand which the ATO had passed to their collection Agency 'Baycorp.' After receiving my documents baycorp withdrew their claims and the ATO is also 'silent.' Both need to be read to get the 'full' understanding.

    Due to your discussion on air I have decided to respond to you with an open letter being my the 'Tax & Evil' PDF for your consideration. I trust that it and the other two attachments above will assist not only your 'cause,' but also elevate your own consciousness as well as that of every other reader.

    I have as yet not written the 'Tax & Evil' doc., but will so do in the next few days, and it will become "Send 2 of 2" and also placed on my web site with the 'Baycorp' docs. In the meantime, please read both the Baycorp 1 & 2 as both have different depths and your legal 'counsel' may also be interested - there is so very much at 'stake' here for any person seeking to either:

    1 - Put 'evil' in its place' or

    2 - Not continue to condone, support nor fund IT in action, and simply educate those already trapped by IT, the Dark energy of the Source. (God)

    In reality, we should only fund benign aspects of society, and NOT those controlling, intrusive, subjugating, coercive, punitive and destructive activities which are in complete opposition to, and in contravention of God's Command: "Peace, love, mercy, compassion & forgiveness" etc.

    In order to begin to "Do the right thing" in the eyes of God we have to comprehend and recognise what in fact 'Evil' is before we 'act' against IT.

    Sincerely - Terence

    Link - 'Baycorp 1 pdf & 'Baycorp 2' pdf

    OPEN letter to: Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
    Attn: Chairman Andrew Forrest

    Letter 2 of 2 dated 21 November 2012

    Dear 'Andrew,' I hope you are in receipt of my first outreach to you dated 18th Nov. 2012, and I trust that you now begin to see the 'enormity' of that given by our God through me as God awaits to see 'who' will release themselves and others from their bondage to Him, in reference to their 'complicity' to past or present ongoing criminal activities (atrocities) daily carried out by His punitive forces. (All armed forces on earth, be they mandated by man or otherwise)

    This letter I send you today is now on line as Item 188 of my 'other letters' document linked from the end of this email and is one of the MOST extraordinary I have ever written, and it would take a very courageous man to implement ITS 'suggestions' - - - but - - - I believe that you are such a man.

    I attach above the 'promised' document around the issue of Tax & Evil as well as a link at its end to a 'National Security Alert' document which also needs to be read and comprehended before you consider implementing any of my further suggestions.

    There are many prophets both past and present with their 'prophecies' as to 'what' is to take place in these END days and what in fact that 'end' means, but I can state quite categorically that ONLY my 'pen' reveals THE TRUTH of what IS TO BE so that every child of God living within any of the countless realms of consciousness outside the pure LIGHT has the opportunity of setting themselves FREE from ongoing burdensome suffering and return to the PURE LIGHT of Heaven.

    You 'Sir' are ONE of God's chosen to be a 'leader' who boldly sets a benign and positive precedent to mankind guided by God via me. (My pen, elevated by God via my mind)

    Once you have read and fully understood how the punitive aspect of God operates clandestinely through the minds of legislators and other vain and arrogant mortals so as to be able to impose His 'Eye for an eye ~ As you did sow so shall ye reap' LAW upon all, for all yet do defy HIS "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive thine enemy' Command in one way or another, - - - then you will be better 'prepared' to consider doing what SHE the LIGHT Sovereign Power 'suggests' through ME.

    Yes, HE is the DARK all powerful force and His FIRE being HIS 'desire' transforms His PURE Dark ENERGY into PURE Light ENERGY being SHE, His 'bride,' - - - Mother God who is the TOTAL opposite to HE, - - - and SHE is our Mother of Creation having all the positive emotions of love, joy, happiness, mercy, compassion and forgiveness etc., within HER 'space' which is equally as powerful as HE, but in a benign and truthful way.

    The eternal 'revolving' twin energies of the Source. Dark & Light
    Ones 'inner energy' draws your spirit soul 'quick as a flash' to a corresponding 'vibration' within this energy mass as you depart the flesh..
    The more dark energy 'sin' within, (negative emotions) the further from the Light you go

    It is for Her and Him I write both day and night, and ONLY His love for HER is what 'permits' ME to enter here (His Domain) to see if there is even ONE 'sorry' mortal with the capacity to set themselves FREE using HER Wisdom via me, - - - before HE 'slams the gate closed' forever to HER Land - - - HIS Paradise, - - - where NO 'evil, greedy, vain, merciless, unforgiving, arrogant or destructive' SWINE can enter and BE a 'blot' in His sight.

    So please for HER help me to 'awaken' the world so that all have the 'chance' to read and re-seed their consciousness with my The Testament of Truth and turn over a 'new leaf' as they BEGIN to 'bow' to God's Command, and lay down their 'arms.' (Their forceful demands & their weapons)

    For you to help me you will need to yourself STAND UP and be 'counted' as ONE of HER 'flock' and as said, - - - bravely speak your truth and do as SHE via me says:

                  "My most beloved son Andrew, I your Mother of Light greet you as I behold your beautiful SOUL in my sight and ask that you do now 'bow' to your conscience which IS my LIGHT within you, and BE TRUE as you now elevate the consciousness of your 'ship's crew' being all employed by you and, - - -

    Thus pass on to them all copies of both emails sent by Terence to you and this will give them their one and only 'chance' to come to their own personally informed decision whether to treat 'Its' contents with derision or thanks.

    You also send copies to all mining companies and all others in your personal 'address' book as well as to your 'legal' advisors and the Australian Taxation Office officials and by this ACT on your behalf you have guided many and given them the personal choice to amend their ways before THE LAST DAY soon to descend upon humanity as swiftly as a falling 'axe.'

    You then will write to the ATO and advise them that as 'Chairman' of your Company you will be advising its Directors of your belief that NO 'taxes' should be 'stolen' out of 'pay packets' for and on behalf of the Australian Taxation department and, that the 'ship's crew' will decide for themselves if they wish to fund the ATO directly or not or, whether to use their funds for benign purposes only.

    Other than that you will advise your Directors that you wish to HALT all payments to the ATO because you believe that THE END IS NIGH and rather than 'waste' income in 'taxes' it should be used to GIVE freely to "The crew" and any other benign community effort so that they and others CAN spend IT wisely and quickly prepare for THE DAY every business comes to a HALT and every BANK closes as man fights man and CHAOS reigns for a time until PEACE RETURNS in its fullness.

    Do this please for ME the LIGHT you cannot see and I will be with you eternally as ever."

    So Andrew, other than what 'Mother' did say as for her my 'thoughts' and pen did sway I add: A calamity of unseen proportions is to 'strike' this Planet and in an 'instant' it will bring everything to a HALT for many years and 'madness' will encompass the world, and all I 'wish' to do for all mankind and YOU, is to 'warn' of the now increasing MENTAL & EMOTIONAL processes which will either UPLIFT or DESTROY the soul of man.

    Let Australia now lead the world as we all change from being 'adversarial, controlling, punitive and malignant' and become 'civil, merciful, peaceful and educative.' Just try and realise that when you give in to 'coercion,' you are in fact 'aiding' the ignorant 'bad guys' to destroy their own souls.

    Man needs to see that 'punishment' is simply the coercive THREAT for any refusal to SUBMIT. We must only be 'strong' of conscience and thus unyielding to demands which place us in a 'complicit' way to deeds which ARE a contravention of God's Command which also will be 'us' placing ourselves within the punitive aspect of HIS superior RULING LAW. 

    We are not here to confront or fight, we are here to simply EDUCATE and UPLIFT the consciousness of others. It is a unique and individual 'commitment to God' - it is not a commitment 'with' others by consensus or 'vote.'

    Change of allegiance

    Is our God 'head of house' or is it the 'flag, nation, queen or politician or rules in a book'?

    You Andrew will be THE ONE to change the 'allegiance' of your mining company as you NOW turn away from funding the 'armed forces' of God THE FATHER (The Dark Sovereign Power) who uses said 'monies' to control, interfere, coerce, punish, injure, destroy etc., and you will now ONLY fund the purely benign aspects of the Light of God, SHE the MOTHER. (The Light Sovereign Power)

    This last 'battle' of the Soul is purely a mental and emotional one in which ones CONSCIENCE is 'battling' against COERCION.

    There is presently NO Democracy on earth, because everyone is forced by 'rules & punishment' to live according to the 'conscience' (ideological beliefs) of other mortals who control, regulate, interfere, punish and DICTATE according their own personal 'ideas' that filter through into their minds from the  Dark aspect of THE SOURCE.

    Andrew, I am not 'suggesting' that we fight anyone nor any PERSON who is using the name 'Government' or 'Australian Taxation office' etc., as their official status because, I do KNOW that behind every coercive 'decree, rule, act' etc., named by legislators as 'the law of the land' stands the infinite Power of the Dark Sovereign Power, God the Father.

    I also know that He HAS the absolute right to continue to 'pressure, compel, bully, intimidate, drive and persuade' sinners to keep funding His 'taxing and punitive' ways because they deserve to suffer on in perpetuity for their continued defiance of HIS "Peace & Love" Command.

    Thus any attempt to confront His RIGHT is fruitless and pointless, and I simply 'advocate' that we EDUCATE everyone in ALL walks of life, so that they can HALT their support of His PUNITIVE & controlling system, and as they then individually BOW to His "Love & peace & mercy & forgive" Command and they begin to ONLY fund and support the benign aspects of society they set themselves FREE.

    His 'system' IS LEGAL and operating legally. Be it the forceful extortion or killing of others carried out by mandated officials OR by civilian murderers or those 'listed' as terrorists. For in FACT in each 'case' they are simply people being used telepathically by His Dark force to balance the punitive aspect of His 'Scales of Justice.'

    The 'reaping forces' of God make NO mistakes - 'Miss - TAKES' - for every person 'subjected' to pain, suffering, injury or loss ARE being set 'free' from either their past INIQUITY in this or a past life 'time or place' or, for their 'tax' support COMPLICITY to INIQUITY carried out in their name and on their behalf.

    Those implementing any controlling or punitive or injurious actions are totally unaware of 'whom' they serve, and are also unaware that they simply accrue a similar painful DUE to be met now or later. So in order to set EVERYONE free, we simply start by individually halting our support of HIS Dark system, and begin to support HER Light benign, loving, caring, compassionate, and merciful system, and WE truly 'forgive' those who trespass against us IN THE FOREKNOWLEDGE that they are simply setting US free IF we do NOT retaliate.

    Politicians daily 'say' or 'parrot' the "Lord's prayer - - - forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" - - - and IMMEDIATELY get on with the daily business of NEVER forgiving anyone who 'trespasses',' and they invoke more rules, more incursion, more punishment, more killing as they seize control of everything and everyone IN THE NAME OF GOD, THE PEOPLE, THE FLAG, THE NATION. Truly, they and their armed forces are the 'damned' needing 'our' swift CORRECTION - - - as ARE the general community who fund, condone and support their iniquitous ways.

    Fortification of ones mind is needed so that AS the forces He controls 'spear' our 'leg' in payback, that we are mentally strong enough to NOT retaliate, then by HIM we are set FREE as we have 'permitted' HIM to balance His absolutely 'Just' Scales of Justice.' Ref: The ONE True Faith doc: link at page end.

    Item - 9 - SIN & Salvation - the clarification - saved or not - The FULFILMENT of the punitive aspect God's Law

    As all will soon see, similarly to Israel and her perceived enemies, it is the politicians and other elders who lead everyone who follows their killing and destructive ways into the Abyss. There is NO 'glory' down there and all the 'fallen' become 'forgotten' by their loved ones because after ten million billion trillion years have passed away they will have been 'forgotten' but, their 'cries' will continue on and ON and ON unheard in the DARK.

    My time left here is now very 'short' as I am 'old' and on 'battery power,' so PLEASE do all you can to reach as many as you can with my message of absolute TRUTH.

    Remember, it is not a matter of the officers of the ATO v/s anyone, for we are ALL in the same 'boat' and everyone has been deceived and all need THE TRUTH so that together we can all amend our ways.

    Just realise that when someone is trying to 'Tax you,' you are simply facing ADVERSITY. As a 'good man' you simply 'grin' and hope your 'smile' and words of wisdom 'break' the Devil's 'guile' which binds them with ITS 'spell.'

    Soon there is to be an 'invasion' of Australia by millions seeking refuge, and any INDIVIDUAL person seeking to halt them, confront them, confine them, or punish them etc., will probably be 'shot or hacked' but, more to the point, they send their own soul into Hell if they believe in a RIGHT to fight or defend this soil of GOD. Prepare 'tent city' now and help everyone who must be assisted and not hindered if they wish to go their own way.

    Every person of every 'ilk' be they 'swine' or 'lover' need to read my National Security Alert and other Links below.

     LINKS -

    National Security Alert -
    The ONE True Faith -
    Public Notice -
    Brief Summary Synopsis of God's message:
    The attached 'taxevil' pdf on line


    ~ The 'Jesus folly' doctrine ~
    Error of belief and deception

    Dear John, thanks for your 'friendly' response stating:

    I received you last email stating the  OT & NT are obsolete.

    I find this very sad that you now forsake something that you told me you would not in some of our talks..... maybe I misunderstood some of the things you said. Sadly, Terence I truly can not heed your warning in this email.  I strongly urge you to reconsider what you have written.  I find it to be unhelpful. I do like to understand how you come to think that you are a supreme being and Messiah.  Aren't we all created in the image of God???

    I refer to the above and state: I am not aware of 'what' you state I have 'forsaken'?

    Certainly there is a lot of truth and wisdom IN past teachings, but UNFORTUNATELY there is also a lot of 'poisonous' deceit, and it is far easier for people to adhere to the UNTRUTH for it makes them FEEL safe even when they are defying God's Command. WHY? because men of religion promote the ERROR because even they were and yet are AFRAID of the system and Caesar's cohorts. (Officials).

    My 'warning' which you cannot heed was:

    BE FURTHER ADVISED that any person publishing or dispensing or promoting the 'Old or New' Testaments are guilty of deception and thus misleading God's children and are thus on the road to perdition.

    Naturally you presently cannot heed my warning. WHY? Because you and multitudes 'professing' to be 'Christian' as yet CANNOT see the 'conflicting' texts and error and deception in the Old & New Testament scriptures. I will refer to this aspect further down.

    We are all certainly created in the 'image' of God, but the 'image' is 'what' to you or I?

    As I can SEE into the uppermost realm of consciousness AS WELL AS into the depths from HERE on earth I do SEE the image of God's faces - HE & SHE which fill the heavens 'above' -

    Yes their faces are as 'ours' and thus our 'likeness' to their image but - - - we, our spirit SOUL is also made up of their ENERGY, a part of which is pure Light at ones core, being HER benign, CREATIVE energy essence comprising all known and unknown positive emotions of 'love, joy, happiness, compassion, mercy, kindness, respect, care and share' etc.

    But, - - - for those who have 'sinned' and supped on the fruit of the tree of 'Evil' or the knowledge thereof, being the pure malignant Dark  DESTRUCTIVE energy essence, their souls are stained (contaminated) by IT, and IT within them are the negative emotions (sin within) which cause one to feel 'fear, hatred, anger, jealousy & greed, vain, proud, critical, vindictive, ruthless' etc., - - - all being a part of God the Father's energy essence, which HE forbade man to sup on.

    So the only difference between me and ALL mankind is that within my soul are NO negative emotions. NO 'sin' - NO dark energy within, and it is thus that I am able to not only 'connect' telepathically with the pure LIGHT, but I am also THE ONLY MAN today whose mind cannot be 'disturbed' by deceptive THOUGHTS emanating from the DARK, and thus NO 'deceitful' thoughts can 'sway' my pen and it is ONLY I who brings forth THE ABSOLUTE PURE SALVATION TRUTH from God to humanity.

    In the days of 'Jesus,' he wrote naught but only 'spoke' the message from God, and his spirit soul walks again in MY flesh NOW. It is NOW at this time of global 'instant' communication that my pen PERSONALLY writes THE STORY and assuredly, any person defying IT, - - - GOD'S message VIA my pen, WILL fail and fall because, everyone has been taught that they CAN 'sin'  - - cause pain etc., and NOT suffer within God's Law. Thus they continue to 'sin' as they defy God's Command in one way or another, as they 'bow' to the State religion. (THE Doctrine of interference, subjugation, punishment, extortion, warfare and killing etc.) (In conflict with God's Command)

    I state that everyone IS subject to God's LAW whether they believe it to so be or otherwise, and I tell everyone that IF they fail to fortify their minds in the manner given by God VIA His pen (mine) that their minds will be overpowered by dark thoughts and, they WILL retaliate in the face of adversity and THUS 'die in their sin' as they draw MORE dark energy into their souls.

    I have returned AS a 'thief in the night' meaning, that NONE can see my PURE soul, and I appear to be a simpleton BECAUSE there is NO reason for me to have any 'followers' for it IS THE MESSAGE I BRING which must be followed.

    The 'Jesus saves' DOCTRINE is based upon the belief of 'some,' that he and his crucifixion has the power to nullify, void or AVOID the implementation of God's LAW.  God's LAW is simply the 'balancing' of THE BENIGN OR MALIGNANT energy used in ones interaction with others.

    Man is always happy when he receives a kindly 'gift' in RETURN for a good deed given, as the Light of GOD inspires the return via the mind of a caring person. But man sees NOT that when a 'foul' beastly imposition or depraved act of theft or rape or destruction is carried out (justifiably) or not in the mind of the user of DARK ENERGY, - -  that the punitive ARM of God sends some arrogant 'disbeliever' to mete out DIVINE RETRIBUTION so as to BALANCE the used dark energy, and man always tries to avoid the JUST justice comeback and accrues a further DUE (spiritual) of pain, loss or suffering.

    The 'principle' of the 'Jesus saves' doctrinal belief was invoked by the 'pen' of some SINFUL mortal men in the flesh and enshrined as contaminated texts, and latter day 'ministers' have embellished the FALSE story and now 'preach' error to the detriment of many souls as well as their OWN.

    I THE 'Spirit of Truth' ask you to ask yourself; "WHO is the Sovereign Power who SENT His MESSENGER to earth with a MESSAGE to humanity"? It was God THE Almighty, it was NOT "Jesus the man."

    There is absolutely NO 'point' in praising the NAME of the messenger 'Jesus' for the messenger cannot 'save' anyone - - - for it is ONLY 'bowing' in absolute OBEDIENCE to the content of THE MESSAGE which enables the RECIPIENT - - - YOU - - - to save yourself.

    What is the 'enablement' FACTOR in the message VIA my pen? It is the clarification of the TRUTH of God's Command and LAW.

    It is the knowledge that ONLY in the fulfillment of the punitive aspect of THE LAW that anyone can BE set free of their PAST, and then BE 'forgiven' so to speak.

    It teaches how the mind of man is subjugated by dark thoughts which JUSTIFY his defiance of God and continued USE of dark energy which stains mans soul MORE.

    It explains much, much MORE and also reiterates the requirement of God :

    "IF confronted by an aggressor you MUST NOT retaliate  - - - and you MUST 'turn the other cheek' and SUFFER your past accrued dues to ME your God and, - - - if your 'enemy' seeks to crucify you, then you MUST 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' in NON retaliation. For ONLY thus do YOU satisfy ME your God as YOU at all times in all situations remain FAITHFUL to the precepts of MY 'Peace & love & forgive' Command."

    John, I reiterate: God sent His son Jesus to pass ON a message to humanity from HIM, GOD, it was not a message from Jesus. It follows that ONLY those who 'bow' to God's message VIA Jesus and OBEY - - IT - - will be saved, for believing in a man, even the one named 'Jesus' gets you NOWHERE.

    God has sent many evolved souls to earth in different lands. Regrettably men of religion used these persons as the MEANS to feed themselves food AND power, and via their inner vanity the 'dark one' was able to seduce them away from THE TRUE PATH.

    All found by GOD walking outside the precepts of HIS "Go your way in peace and love one another & be merciful & compassionate & FORGIVE THINE ENEMY" Command will FAIL their test - - AND - -

    ALL will now REAP what they sowed (punitively) within the IMMUTABLE Law of God, and it is THUS that ALL INHUMANITY is now to suffer because everyone defies God and funds, supports and condones the CONTRA ideology of control, interference, subjugation, fine, persecution, killing etc, carried out in their name and on their behalf by their SERVANTS - - - government officials and armed forces - - - also - -

    The 'average' person in the land is fully armed and ready to KILL mercilessly, for NONE forgive anything nor anyone.

    I have written many pages to TRY and awaken all 'races' and creeds. Soon my 'pen' will halt for ENOUGH have I said, and anyone failing to comprehend THE FRESH MESSAGE I bring will surely 'die in their sin' as GOD so stated and, - - - how will this be and will they IT see? YES, for IF when confronted by ANYONE you raise an 'arm' to defend your face or to retaliate against them - - - it is your 'proof' of your INFIDELITY to God and your coming demise.

    Also, anyone continuing to preach THE falsity in the past 'Testaments' is most certainly to 'die' because they are deceiving God's MOST PRECIOUS CREATION, His children. I can assure everyone disseminating ANY 'contaminated' teachings that they will BE dealt with mercilessly whether they believe IT or NOT. Time will tell, and REGRETTABLY, multitudes ARE TO FALL into the terrors and agony of HELL due to their arrogance, vanity, or ignorance.

    All mankind praising Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad etc., are FOOLISH, ALL adoration or adulation or praise is ONLY to God THE ALMIGHTY for HIS-HER mercy extended unto this LOST RACE to see if there is but ONE who will believe in HIM and HER and be saved by THEIR GRACE - not 'man's grace.

    I AM the returned Sprit of Truth

    Addendum to:

    ~ The 'Jesus folly' doctrine ~
    Error of belief and deception

    Dear John, further to my 'send' yesterday I ADD some clarification for you AND every ministerial 'brother' professing to be a 'Minister of the Lord.'

    In reference to < Aren't we all created in the image of God??? > I add that 'we' as God's children ARE all equal in God's eyes, albeit that some have erred and contaminated their souls. This applies to you and me AND the man of flesh 'Jesus' or 'Muhammad' or 'Buddha' around whom there is much 'hype tripe.'

    From ages PAST there have been MEN purporting to be 'holy' or 'wise' and thus ABLE to intercede between God and man on behalf of those as seen by THEM as being 'ignorant.'

    Simpleton man always looked to other mortals to help them to 'appease' their 'gods' or God and this was done by said purported 'holy' ones who performed a RITUAL of 'blood letting' and thus offering to God their 'sacrificial lamb' 'blood' of animals in slitting their throats so IT (the blood) could be seen to flow freely.

    Simple man BELIEVED this RITUAL OF INSANITY and PAID a 'ransom' to the 'witchdoctor' or other 'intercessor.'

    This FALSE ritualistic 'act' has moved forwards and continues ON today as present day 'intercessors' became 'focussed' on using a mortal man as their 'sacrificial lamb' due to their MINDS being 'tapped' by THE DARK ONE so that IT could entrap multitudes into elevating mortal man into 'godship' rather than THE HOLY WORD OF GOD.

    All have now 'fallen' to this disgraceful ritualistic ACT of 'eating the flesh' of Christ or the 'drinking' of his blood (wine) and falsifying TEXT in order to keep mankind focussed on the NAME of a mortal man rather than simply going their way in PEACE and bowing to God's COMMAND, - - -

    All this is perpetuated daily by very vain and arrogant 'priests,' not ME.

    Your FEAR of being 'misled' by a false prophet is so great that you see NOT that all I 'preach' is simply the WORD OF GOD : "Love one another" as I also bring in fresh uncontaminated REVELATIONS to assist man to CONTROL his sinful emotions and devious thoughts and THUS save himself as God's WRATH now descends upon ALL in the manner revealed by God via my pen.

    Every 'priest' on earth "Comes in the name of Jesus" - - - and it was written that Jesus stated: "Many false prophets will come in my name" etc., - - - - I do not 'profess' to come in the name of Jesus, I plainly STATE that I AM HE the returned Spirit of Truth and, I STATE that ANY who fail to BOW in total obedience to GOD and His Command ARE to 'die in their sin.'

    I AM the returned Sprit of Truth


    ~ Open letter to Lindsay Wright - farmer/councillor ~

    Hello Lindsay, I listened to your speech on air the other day as I was driving to Launceston. I have no doubt that farmers are the backbone of every society, for without food we are all lost or impoverished in many a way, however, your 'debate' is around the issue of the erosion of freehold land title RIGHTS which have been set aside so to speak by legislators and their enforcement agencies which more and more impacts negatively upon everyone in society as well as the detrimental effects it is having due to its 'inordinate' interference and punitive factors for non conformity to the 'views' or 'ideas' or IDEOLOGY of said legislators. Being simply men who impose their 'ideals,' in FACT, being their 'Religious' ideology upon ALL society. Religion = Ideals, belief, conscience.)

    As I am a Spiritual and Constitutional consultant I am well 'versed' in matters pertaining to the 'beliefs' of peaceful individuals being downtrodden by forceful means. All this 'justified' by legislated RULES - edicts - demands - commands - acts etc., which man 'labels' as "The Law" to be adhered to upon 'pain of death' so to speak for any non conformity.

    Simple man 'forgot' their God ages ago in reference to God's COMMAND: "YOU must go your way in peace & love one another & BE merciful, compassionate & forgive thine enemy." WHY did God so state? Because God is the 'upholder' of His OWN immutable and singular LAW:

    "What is done unto others by you OR your servants 'forcefully' - will by ME be done unto you forcefully."

    I ask, as a 'Council' member are you complicit to the raising UP of rules or edicts or the upholding of said edicts which DICTATE what the community must do or what they must NOT do with each article having a punitive attachment?

    You see Lindsay, every aspect of 'government' POLICY today is dictated by THOUGHTS entering the minds of the legislators from 'somewhere' and, it is I to reveal that AS the people of the land FUND and support and condone the 'actions' of politicians who ARE interfering in the lives of EVERYONE, it simply follows that within God's LAW - everyone deserves to BE interfered with more and more and MORE. WHY? For condoning and supporting and by taxes funding the 'buggers,' and all are thus complicit to the suffering accrued BY and, imposed upon other members of the community.

    Yes 'Bro,' believe IT or not, the more we fund iniquity the more of IT is imposed upon us by GOD via the minds of mortal sinners who have the religious ideological BELIEF in their RIGHT to bring everyone to grief if their dictates are not conformed with. The more we 'conform' and fund the added controls over OTHERS, the more we ALL become controlled BY others ever intruding legislation.

    IF I was YOU and I wished to 'burn off' some brush on my property, then I would not even have the 'idea' that I should ask permission from any other and, I would simply get ON with IT.

    IF the other looks INTO their books of rules and tells ME that within said books it states that I must refer to them first, and conform to their dictates, then I simply say :

    "NO brother, I live by my OWN belief, but if perchance I cause some other grief because their barn burns down due to my error, or they 'fry,' then I KNOW that my God will IMPOSE the same upon my head. Thus I take out my own 'burning' insurance policy being, that I am ALWAYS extremely careful and, - - -

    More to the point, within the overriding authority of the land I AM within my Constitutional RIGHTS to live by my own conscience, belief, ideals etc., (Religious ideology) and NOT have to even consider or look into your book of regulations as I do not live by your ideological belief in control, interference, punishment etc."

    Lindsay, everyone including Magistrates and legislators and police have FORGOTTEN that their authority stems from the Constitution and that NOT everyone is 'fair game.' For we can live apart from the punitive aspect of the System and live our 'dreams' as free men AS LONG AS we do NOT disturb the peace of the land, being the proviso in the 'Freedom of Religion' ACT.

    I attach for you 3 documents - one ref NOT paying fines, (Fines.PDF) the other 2 ref NOT paying taxes. (Baycorp1 & 2) I wrote the Baycorp document to the tax collection agency and they have withdrawn their demands. The fines article is only recent and to date no response from Launceston Council.

    Linked - finesPDF - Baycorp 1 pdf - Baycorp 2 pdf

    Please read them ALL in full, thus you will begin to see 'something' as you reprogram your mind.

    Certainly we must fund the provision of services we need or wish to use - but - we must ONLY fund benign community effort - so says our GOD.

    I believe that EVERY Tas farmer needs a copy of this epistle to you so that they ALSO have the opportunity to come to their own personally informed decision around this MOST IMPORTANT matter. Every farmer will soon be of VERY MUCH 'worth' as Tasmania is shortly to be invaded by millions seeking REFUGE as devastation and destruction unwinds on earth as man fights man for the reasons given on my web site.

    It is truly the time to make swift PREPARATIONS and stop wasting money paying taxes, but use all spare funds to stock UP with all needed to assist every community.

    I also enclose  below an extract from the 'mission.htm' attachment (Free Will) - I believe that the attached Mission 'doc' applies to every TRUE  'Christian' who wishes to be of 'Service to humanity' at this END of days time - Being YOU I trust - - Go well - Terence.
    Call in anytime to my home in Pyengana.

    The attachment is on line as

    Item - 11

      The TRUE Mission missionary
    Found at the end of the Index at:  

    ~ Free WILL ~

    It 'follows' that, - - - if or when you 'live' by the 'Sword' you die by the Sword.
    When you uphold 'legislation' - you are BOUND by said legislation.
    When you live by the legislated RULES of others - you are BOUND to live by the BELIEFS of others.

    When you HAVE  'Free Will' and live by 'Free Will' - then you are a FREE person.

    If you are a 'Councillor or official' employed to IMPOSE the legislation you UPHOLD, - - -
    It 'follows' that YOU will BE imposed upon by the legislation which others UPHOLD.

    (God's Law is inviolable & immutable)

    If you 'wish' to BE a TRULY 'free' man then listen to the Wisdom of my PEN:

    By all 'means' PREACH your ideals, but NEVER impose them using a forceful punitive attachment for any non conformity. Because, If you so DO, then within the immutable Law of God, you WILL "Reap what you sowed" and, you will BE punished by OTHERS if you fail to live by their demands or expectations. ALSO backed by force of arms.

    Man is granted the freedom of ideological CHOICE by God and the Constitutional Authority of the land within the 'Freedom of Religion' clause.  BUT, - - - the overriding 'factor' attachment proviso is that you do NOT 'disturb the peace of the land.' If you so do you 'lose' your freedom.

    It follows that if you are upholding Rules which force others to live by said rules or be punished, - - - then by that FACT you ARE 'Guilty' of disturbing THEIR 'peace.' Why? Because you are forcing them to live by the IDEOLOGICAL BELIEFS or 'conscience' of others which you UPHOLD.

    Note: Religion - ones conscience, belief, ideology. (NOT any named Church org)


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