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~ Custodial Slavery ~
Letter to Craig Emerson MP

Craig, politicians have 'followed' the lead that was set as precedents from days of old, whereby 'Kings' told the 'people' that they the 'Chiefs' or 'strong men' were in control of the land and that the people were their subjects.

It was 'this' falsity promoted by force of arms that has not only enslaved the whole populace of planet earth to 'taxing' servitude to these 'heavies,' but also those 'as you' believe that as politicians you are true, as in your mind all you do is: "For the good of the Nation" (The Fatherland)

You believe that you are entitled by 'mandate' to engage in every 'act' or 'trade' or business affair of the people, and you also believe that you are 'right' as you elevate more rules and regulations day and night.

Not only this, but you destroy the 'bliss' of any who would rather place their 'penny' bet on the God of Light and Love who says: "Follow the lead of the dove and do not support any force that uses punishment for those who fail to meet their 'tax' rort that itself is a tort."

I would like to see you and others 'deliberate' for a moment as you ponder this question: "If the people of the land were told by God that they did not have to give any fiscal support to any person or department that was not of their choice, as it was contra their belief or wish to so do, how many politicians or departments would 'crash,' and how many employed in services that are only buoyed by the tax take would become void"?

When will you all see that the punishment 'factor' that forces compliance to tax extortion is wrong, and that under God's Law that is 'strong,' it brings a return 'due' upon you and you for 'permitting' these ungodly rules to exist, and for giving a 'burning twist' to any who offend your rules.

When did I 'sell' my soul into bondage and servitude and into your 'custody' to be used and abused and punished at your 'whim'? Is it not a fact that even within your own Institution 'Constitution' it says:

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, --

If it is your 'religious observance' to control & regulate & punish others, then that is so, but do not 'impose it' upon me, nor expect me to 'follow' its way, it is 'contra' to my ideology.

I wonder 'why' your Courts took it upon themselves to imprison me for 2 months because I defied their demand and command that I 'join' their ways and pay them a fee each time I leave my home?

I wonder if again on 17 June in a Launceston Court they will again imprison me for heeding MY God and going my way peacefully as I again defy the 'king's' "Pay me a royalty" cry.

It is a proven FACT that the System is anti-Christ and anti-God as it is punitive and extortionist. Thus I adhere to my 'religious' belief that I must NOT support 'such' or I will come to personal 'grief' under God's law.

So I ask you as a 'self-anointed' leader of the 'system' of the land: "Why is the Court and prosecution of your Institution so 'underhand' in its treatment of the peaceful people of the land? Will you 'stand' in Court as MY 'witness' on the day and to magistrate Wilson say: "This man is to go free as he is not in contravention of our Constitution, nor does he defy HIS God"?

It is the time for all politicians to see that neither you nor the Institution you serve are the 'custodians' of the people. God is their Father & Mother. Try and this see and set your own souls free.

'Religious freedom' or religious 'observance' does not imply the 'right' to belong to a religious 'order' or 'denomination,' for that is but custodial enslavement to another form of Institution with its 'controlling' rituals. For the rituals of religions are but its 'officers' performing 'acts' to attract 'paying' customers.

True religion stripped of rituals and Institutions is the observance to and obedience to the living Word of God, and that means living it in ones daily deeds or 'works' in accordance with that Word: "Walk in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land, do not steal from or abuse or control any other. Be merciful and compassionate and forgiving towards any that offend thee and My face you will see. Fail ME and the Devil will own thee."

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~ The game of 'Cricket' ~

Since time 'immemorial' God did say that "Peace & love & forgiveness" was to be the way, and that Christ would expose all thieves who had sullied their inner 'rose.'

Far in the past, the 'arrogant' decided to impose their 'will' upon other children of God and to this do, and at the same time hide their intent to extort, they did a dark 'foul' game of 'Cricket' invent. For Cricket is a game of 'integrity,' but the new 'political' one was one with a 'foul' hidden intent.

Hoping that it would enable them to 'seemingly' wisely and justly steal from others and, leave a painful 'weal' across the back of any who tried to avoid their 'thievery & control' attack they backed by coercive force.

They also saw not the hidden 'force' telepathically 'seducing' their minds from the Dark, for ITS aim was to keep man totally 'enslaved' to perpetual toil, or be 'confined' if he was not prepared to 'slave' for the Dark one.

To do this IT inspired the 'beastly' punitive Institution, so that IT could 'steal' up to 80% of man's lifetime earnings via ITS rules & regulations imposed 'legitimately' in ignorant man's eyes.

But what these thieves inspired by darkness could not see was that they were 'stumped' before bowling their first 'ball,' and thus their 'edifice' of rules they raised to control were all to be exposed as wrong and false in God's eyes and in the eyes of the 'latter year' wise.

For as the 'dark' invader laid HIS 'plan' to ensnare all via the mind of supposedly good men and good legislators, the Light of God gave a base line 'rule' that would nullify all the 'subsequent' rules raised by Governments & Councils.

For all 'rules' that use force for punishment are a Dark imposition through man upon man, and all such rules defy God and God's great plan.

The 'primary' tool of the 'Dark' game was the initial raising of an Edict called "The Preamble," within which the 'first' falsity and imposition of control was placed and enforced with a mace. Being words to the effect of -

WHEREAS the people of - - - - humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:

The falsity being that the 'have agreed to unite' was itself an imposition, and was neither agreed to by the 'present' population of that day nor by others entering the flesh of this world in later days. The 'preamble' was 'simply' accepted as it had been 'given' by a King or his men and assumed to be good.

It was 'bad,' for within the Constitutional 'terminology' man 'ceded' away his body, mind, and soul and personal rights and enslaved himself to servitude and suffering, and the more he 'gave' or paid the system, the more the Serpent's sting was imposed by 'added' taxation and greater punishment.

The 'primary' block of the Light that would 'show' itself as right at the end time was the inclusion of the 'Right' to ones 'Religious freedom,'* placed within the Constitution itself. ('Religious freedom,'* exposed in the following letter to Judge Crawford.)

It is now I to expose a 'fuller' and deeper meaning to ones 'Fundamental Right,' as well as to the word 'Religion' and its use and 'usefulness' to any true believer in God, and to any true who are presently 'bound' as an employee by any System of Government. If they can see the error of their 'judging' ways, then they can 'change' their way before the last day.

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~ Judge Crawford  ~
- Supreme Court of Tasmania.

Reference: Constitution - "Error in Fact & Law."

Dear Judge Crawford, it has come to my attention that a 'judgement' made by you was incorrect under your own Institutional 'Articles of Association,' namely the Constitution of both the Federal and Tasmanian Constitutional 'Acts.'

Presumably the 'actual' wording within the Constitution precludes any subsequent 'rule' that is legislated by men that is in 'variance' to the fundamental 'view' of the Constitution, and as such, any ruling by you that 'defies' the Acts within the Constitution is error.

It was only recently that my mind inspired by our God of Light above 'said' to me that I would 'find' something in the Australian Constitution to assist you to see your error, and if you were a man of 'Honour,' you would do the right thing before God and man and withdraw the 'sting' imposed upon me.

It is all a matter of belief, and if I can 'prove' unto you that I do abide in my belief, then this primary fact backed by the Constitutional Right of those living within the 'jurisdiction' of your Institution would assist you in 'approval' of my appeal.

This would be on the grounds that as in your opinion I am a 'subject of' and 'in the jurisdiction of' State rules, that under the 'requirements' of the Constitution I have proven my belief, and as I do follow it conscientiously, that I am free to follow my 'religious' belief and conscience as is 'allowed' every citizen on the land by 'said' Constitution.

I give here the Tasmanian 'reference - followed by the Federal reference.

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.

Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

Dictionary: Religion = 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God.' or
The recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

My belief is this: - - - That God's Code of Conduct is what it is, being God's statement of fact.

I believe that the Statement of God is that I or 'we' must walk in peace and be forgiving & merciful and, - - - that we must not in any way condone or support or be a 'party to' any 'regime' or Institution that condones punishment or war, or that 'relies on' the sword or gun to enforce, thus my belief is that I must walk 'apart' from supporting any such Institution.

I believe that I should and do support the community and its endeavours, but not be complicit to any 'punitive' role by community members, be they mandated to so be due to their 'duty' or otherwise.

It is also my belief that I must show God and man that I do walk 'separately' and thus I neither use 'retributionary' force nor do I rely on 'State' policing forces for protection against any 'perceived' enemy, for I perceive no man as my enemy, and any that abuse me I forgive and seek no recompense.

Thus as my 'religion' is my belief "in a supernatural power, God." - - - - and as I believe that God has an 'expectancy' of me to show HIM my belief by living it each day, I am TRUE to that belief, and I conscientiously exercise my God given right to so be. (True to my belief.)

I do have a fundamental belief that all men are born 'free' in that they have a God given Right to heed their God of Light. This 'view' was held in disdain by you when I appealed against a lower Court decision, and my 'case' was in fact held in 'derision' by some.

I also have a fundamental belief that all men are born 'free' in that they have a God given Right to heed their God of Light, even if 'prior to' or 'subsequent to' their birth there was an 'Institution' in place with its own rules that might conflict with the 'ideals' of the newly born.

It is also my belief that I am entitled by God to follow and practise my belief. If any man 'legislates' any 'rule' or decree that is in 'opposition' to my belief, then so be it.

If he by 'force of arms' imposes his punitive 'belief' upon me for non compliance to his belief, then the very Devil's face he will see. So be it. For that is his 'freedom of choice' as his 'belief' defies God's Code of Conduct.

I believe that if any citizens believe that they must follow God and comply with God's Code of conduct "Walk in peace and respect all," and comply with God's commandment "Only love one another and do not disturb the peace," then 'that' citizen is entitled to walk 'unharmed' by said 'officers' of the State, and not be 'berated' or coerced or intimidated or forced into fiscally or otherwise 'supporting' the State Institution that is operating in a non-Christian manner that is totally 'contra' God's Code & Command, as it is 'extortionist, invasive, punitive, destructive, violent and dictatorial.'

I have 'shown' the Court of man that my automobile is 'marked' with a 'sign' number denoting that I did 'register' my vote for God and my belief in God's requirement of me, and thus carry no 'man' number plate, as my automobile is marked:

< >

And I 'insure' myself with God as I believe that God is my 'protector,' not man, and I show the Institution which you serve that I am merely following my beliefs as 'granted' unto all 'men' by God as well as 'visible' within the Constitution that is the 'Articles of Association' of the Institution you presently serve.

Thus as you are 'charged' with upholding this Constitution that precedes and supersedes any 'subsequent' legislation, I believe that you are 'entitled' to make a fresh 'ruling' on my case and thus show man and God that: - - - in your considered opinion 'as' I am a proven man of peace who conscientiously follows his belief, that I am free to go my way unhindered.

It is 'nice' to see that the 'person' who made the 'original' reference to 'religious rights' in the Constitution did have a 'Godly' view that people should be 'free' to follow their 'star.'

It is just that 'man' sees not the full implications of the wording 'religious freedom,' probably as there are no true 'believers' today as all 'talk' of Light and love etc, but the reality is that humankind is 'less' than loving and merciful, and thus the 'followers' of every known religion today are actually all non-believers in the 'star' they by 'mouth' profess to follow.

This but due to their ignorance of the real truth our God does bring to earth today by my pen as it 'attempts' to bring sanity into this 'sad' place.

I trust that you will 'review' your judgement of my 'case' as the 'System' again wields a mace against God's messenger and I face Magistrate Wilson soon in a Launceston Court, and I would not have it that he 'errs' again in God's eyes, for as I see it, every police 'officer' and judiciary 'person' is exceeding their own 'Constitutional' mandate, and they are also in defiance of God's Command and Code of Conduct requirement.

Let it here now be seen and known that every 'judiciary' has a mandate to 'operate' that is built on falsity, and is only supported by force of arms that are the Devil's 'charms.'

This letter to Judge Crawford is the 'culmination' of the Court proceedings and Judgement of man by God found in "The Judgement Papers" document on this web site.

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~ Contradictions ~

I write this hoping that those employed as State 'officers' and the judiciary can set themselves free from the systems of iniquity, for if they believe that it is wrong for the public to commit crimes against others, - - - and thus 'righteous' on their part to enforce punishment for and on behalf of the people via the Institution, then they should be able to see that this punishment itself is a CRIME.

If the Institution enacts rules enforced by 'forceful' means (The law), then it is condoning the use of criminal activities by ITS serving officers as they are the ones mandated by rules to intrude, detain, kidnap, steal, seize, destroy, punish, pillage, hold hostage, and kill.

So if you are the policing 'officer' or the magistrate or judge, then you must try and see that your acts are a 'conspiracy' against your own soul, and that you are 'selling' yourself and others into bondage to the Dark Sovereign Power for a 'mercenary' wage.

Please now listen to this Sage, for no man stands above God's Law and, - - - what you do for the Institutional government and, - - - for and on behalf of the people in the community, - - - are daily 'offensive' acts that all defy your Creator and, - - - you will be 'judged' by the Dark Sovereign Power for your iniquities and, - - - believe you me, you will be 'judged' as you judged, and great suffering as your due is already weighing down the 'balance' on God's 'Scales of Justice' against you.

God says: "Do not disturb the peace of the land."
Institutional officers do 'Disturb the peace of the land' in a manner underhand.

If you have a religious 'belief,' then that belief is your ideology, being your philosophy, doctrine, opinion, and tenets, being your 'creed, faith, and dogma.'

Every person has a 'belief' in something, even the false belief that it is 'righteous' to set aside ones "Love & peace unto all" belief for a 'moment' as you punish another and cause them grief.

If you have been deceived through ignorance in society of this falsity, then you need to now implement change before the whole planet does derange, for God is now to punish all non-believers in HIS Holy Word, being any that verbally or physically wielded a 'sword' in action against any other. That includes the police & judiciary whilst they perform their false duty.

For our God is entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship, and to 'worship' God you need to ensure that you never 'stray' from the "Peace unto all" Command of the day. A 'mandate' by man to use force or to detain or punish is a contradiction that is Treason against the State of Heaven and punishable by spiritual death.

It is a 'treasonable' offence in God's eyes to enact 'rules' that force others into a way of living that is contra to their religious belief. It is also a treasonable offence against the sovereignty of an individual to use the threat of fine and punishment as the coercive means whereby they through fear are forced into compliance with said rules.

All must now heed me or be eternally bound in the afterlife.

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~ Freedom or Slavery ~
The Constitution & man's Court v/s Truth

Ever since man learnt to read and write he* sought a 'legitimate' way to control others and use their 'labours' to fund his own greed needs. In order to do this he* man inspired by the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) did invoke a 'spell-binding' document called 'The Constitution,' within which were 'honeyed' words to entrap and enslave all men living within the 'boundaries' of the land that he* controlled by force of arms.

Note: he* - In this instance being any person controlled telepathically by the dark power through his negative emotions of greed or pride or vanity. Thus the 'he' is in fact also meaning: He the Dark Sovereign Power. For it always was and is that 'force' seeking to enslave mankind and force them into servitude to its extortionist & punitive ways so that it could under its one Law punish them for their arrogance in 'assuming' that they were 'as' mighty as it.

So this 'force' via the mind of man 'wrote' a document that would 'bind' any person who 'foolishly' believed that it the document was 'legal' and good and binding and, - - - to be 'followed' by them and 'funded' and supported by them. None seeing that its 'content' was at 'variance to' God's Code of Conduct and Commandment unto mankind.

And this 'force' also via the mind of vain legislators did write 'contradictory' rules that forced the enforcers being the police and judiciary to themselves contravene the 'civil' conduct of man and their God during the course of their 'duty,' as they had to 'intrude, arrest, detain, abuse, punish, kidnap, hold hostage in jails, and even kill those that they were told by the 'book of rules' were 'offenders.'

Thus due to all the 'people of the land' having a supportive 'part' in these anti-God activities, all were and yet are bound to 'jointly' receive a painful spiritual comeback that 'appears' on their personal 'doorstep' via other ignorant people operating as thieves, murderers, and perpetrating domestic violence etc, all being 'payback' from the Dark Sovereign Power via the arrogant.

This paper gives added explanation to the 'Slave Citizen' document to assist you to see iniquity and thus enable you to set yourself free, for any continuing support of man's false way is what leads you to the lair of HE the Dark Sovereign Power on a later day.

The following (1 to 3) being the 'decree' of a Queen or King or Chief or political leader is a 'sample' of 'a' Constitutional document of man, and shows how 'he' the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) dictates words via the mind of men that bind any person who 'listens' to them or, who through fear or coercion is forced to comply with them due to the ignorance of the 'officers' of the Institution who receive a 'mercenary' wage to enforce it the false Constitution of man.


Sovereignty of the people

Item 1 - All sovereign authority belongs to the people of - - - and may be exercised only in accordance with the Constitution. The people shall exercise their sovereign power either directly or through their democratically elected representatives.

Note: As you can see from the above, it is stated that the people hold sovereignty, and that the 'citizen' is acting in accordance with the Constitution when they 'exercise' this sovereignty.

As you all know, the Institution of government 'permits' no person within its jurisdiction to be 'free' of its never-ending funding demands, nor of its punitive measures for non-compliance.

Thus I 'ask,' what is meant by 'exercising ones sovereign right'? For in my opinion it is my 'sovereign' right to not comply with any 'taxing' pecuniary demands made upon me by any 'legislation' that I see as 'noxious' and pure extortion.

Neither do I need to be 'punished' if I am merely exercising my sovereign right to not condone or support or fund any Institution that I perceive as 'ungodly' in its way. It follows that any punitive measures taken against me for any actions or non actions by the judiciary are totally 'out of order' and are arrogant disorder by servants of 'said' Institution.

The 'manner' of control and enslavement over the populace continues on with 'content' such as:

Item 2 - The sovereign authority of the people is allocated separately among –

(a) The Legislature, to whom the people entrust the legislative authority of the - - - to be exercised in accordance with - - - and:

(b) The Executive, to whom the people entrust the executive authority of the - - - to be exercised in accordance with - - - and:

(c) The Judiciary and other independent and impartial tribunals, to whom the people entrust the judicial authority of the - - - to be exercised in accordance with -

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Note: The above 'a - b - c' all contradict the stated 'sovereignty' of the people, and try to abrogate their simple right to the freedom of 'self-rule,' and are words used to hand over ones 'being' into slavery to the various Institutional 'departments' listed above.

Supremacy of the Constitution.

Item 3 - The Nation called - - - is founded on the supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law and shall be governed in accordance with the Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law and binds all authorities and persons throughout the land, and the validity, legality or procedure of enactment or promulgation of this Constitution is not subject to challenge by or before any court, organ or agency of the state.

Note: As you can see from this section '3,' any who 'join' into any 'partnership' with the Institution of man are bound by the dictates of the 'officers' of the Institution, and to any rules raised up in subsequent years that are forceful and have punitive 'law' attachments.

None of the serving 'officers' nor the public are seeing their God given 'entitlement' to walk 'apart' from the 'ways' and beliefs of the Institution, that is also contained within the basic 'principles' of the Constitution of man, and all have been doing the wrong thing as they 'forgot' this primary basic 'foundation stone' upon which the Constitution of man was formed, being:

"The sovereign right of each to follow ones belief, ones religious belief, ones conscience."

The following is also contained within the Australian Constitution that is similar to that of many other nations, and I refer to its clause:

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.

Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

What the above is actually saying is that: A person is free to follow the Code of Conduct as set down by his God and his own conscience and, that no 'law' can be made that will 'force' any into following the 'belief' (Ideology) of any other.

Thus the 'bad' and evil 'belief' in punishment, - - - that is the 'apparent' belief of every 'supporter' of the Institution that uses punishment and, - - - it is also the evil 'belief' of serving officers of the judiciary, - - - is not required to be 'condoned, supported, or followed' by those with a differing belief.

It is obvious to me that all that support and 'follow' the System of man and, - - - all that 'comply' with the Constitution of man are those with the 'punitive & unforgiving' belief, and that belief is contra my 'peaceful & forgiving' belief.

It is apparent that the 'legislators' who enact rules permitting extortion, seizure, punishment, killing etc, are themselves living their evil 'belief,' but neither they nor the serving judiciary see that the imposition of its 'way' upon others that causes great loss and suffering returns to them personally on another GOD appointed and GOD 'dictated' day.

These 'officers' of the Institution believe that they are above their own 'rules' and punitive law as well as above God's law. Foolish man, he sees not 'how' the Dark Sovereign Power has blinded him and trapped him.

I am 'simply' stating that man has found himself in a 'pickle' of contradictions and, - - - that due to the 'permission' granted in the Constitution above, man is in fact entitled to do whatever he is inspired to, be it good or bad without being controlled by or punished by other men, and this is 'validated' by the Constitution as well as by God via this pen.

Let me here 'reiterate' that God has but one LAW, and that all men are 'subject to' that ONE Law. Therefore if you believe in the 'punitive & grieve' way, then your future is 'paved' that way by God under the 'dark & negative & punitive' retributive aspect of God's law "As you do is done unto you."

If you believe in 'peace & love' then that too is subject to God's ONE Law and your future is paved with peace & love. Heed me, for I am God's dove.

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~ The 'great' deception ~

The Dark Sovereign Power is the 'ultimate' Power, the ultimate Judge, the ultimate controller, the ultimate enslaver and, - - - HE deceives all that would HIM be, or those that try to be 'as' mighty as HIM.

Now is the time for any vain man who 'raised up' edicts that would control the freedom of other men, to now be exposed as 'fools' by this God's pen. These men have 'succumbed' to the 'ultimate' bad 'joke' that was 'played' upon them by HE, the GIANT, who now will them all with a 'blunt' stick poke.

This will be done to them because they presumed that the freedom of others could be stolen  by them, because in their arrogance they left  a punishment 'weal 'on the 'backs'  of 'their' indentured servants while  none of these 'legislators' nor their 'officious' men could see their foolishness that is now laid 'open.'

For by imposing HIS enslavement upon the 'lost' by using never-ending enacted 'rules' and by the initial 'imposition' of the 'decrees' such as:

(a) The Legislature, to whom the people entrust the legislative authority of the - - - and:
(b) The Executive, to whom
the people entrust the executive authority of the - - - and:
(c) The Judiciary, to whom
the people entrust the judicial authority of the - - - to -

The 'legislators' took away the sovereign right of man to be free to live 'under' his own God, whatever that God was perceived by man to be and, - - - by taking the sovereign right of man away from him as he was, by the 'legislators,'  spoken for, and controlled by others.  The legislators must now for their iniquities pay and under God's one Law they will all* suffer and be 'controlled & punished' for many a long day.

That control or punishment is their imposition and 'control,' control by others as 'exercised' within clauses (a - b - c) which was pure iniquity and, - - - it was also a very bad 'joke' to enslave every person on the land and to then poke them with a 'blunt stick' if they did not 'kow-tow' to the rules that upon them the legislators and prison officials did 'shower.'

Foolish man, try and see that none of you 'as' God be, and none of you can see that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient and does all see. Yes, your 'punishment to be' you all deserve, for you all did away from the Holy Word swerve.

Democracy. It is the 'universal right' to have God as ones 'head of house,' and this means that one conforms to the Code of Conduct of God, not man.

Note: all* - also includes those now residing in spirit realms that 'passed-over' during the past 'millennia's.

~ Judicial 'error' and anarchy ~

There is a 'prima facie' fact that has been either 'unseen' or 'overridden' by precedent and by the 'upholders' of said Constitution namely, the judiciary, the politicians, and their 'armed forces.'

This fact is the Truth that 'The Constitution' of any Institution applies solely to those persons whom either 'support or fund or belong to' said Institution. This is because for those who support, fund or belong' to said Institution, the Constitution' is their guide, being the  Legal entity of operational control over those belonging to the Institution.

Thus it 'follows' that; any rule or regulation or punishment 'factor' written as 'law' within any Constitution or any other 'documents' pertaining to governance does not apply to any person outside of the Institution who is an absolute pacifist and thus never disturbs the peace of the land. 

Thus it follows that any political or armed force or judiciary who have in the past or still do in the present, punish by fine or abuse or incarceration, any of 'such' outsiders, have operated as 'mercenary anarchists' and, - - - have operated not only 'outside' the stated parameters of their own Institutional Constitution but have also contravened God's Code of Conduct as stated within God's Constitution that is referred to at the end of this paper.

Thus it is 'obvious' to God and I, that the 'law of the jungle' is being applied by the judiciary of every land in a manner very 'underhand.' Especially as it results in every judicial 'abuser'* incurring a very heavy 'penalty' from God under God's ONE Law. "As you do is done unto you."

Note: judicial 'abuser'* - Any and every punitive ' sentence' passed by any person be they the man in the street or any mandated Judge is an abuse perpetrated by one against humanity. (God's children.)

Man needs to see that even though he 'believes' he has a 'legal' mandate to abuse others, he is never in a 'free' state whereby he is above the law of God.

As it is my sacred duty to God and man to now elevate the consciousness of man with wisdom emanating from their Creator, I would like to show by example the 'meanness' of the nature of the 'beast' that controls you all.

You all 'love' someone, and you would all 'do' all you could to help those that you love. Why then do you 'heed' the 'call' of the beast in your daily 'deeds' and 'happily' confine & constrict & abuse your fellow man?

It is because of the mental control over your mind from within via your inner sin that enables the 'mean' one to give you a justifiable reason to so do and, - - - at the same time blinds you to your iniquity and, - - - to what HE to you will later do.

I give here a few 'easy' to see instances where by precedent 'set,' the judiciary and 'officers' of political Institutions are being very dark and 'unobservant' of the evil they perpetrate in the name of the people.

1 - If an 'overseas' fisherman appears over the horizon and fishes within the national fishing ground 'bounds' set by legislation, and that legislation is itself receiving its 'authority and legality and mandate' from the Constitution of the Institution, then as the 'intruder' is not a 'party member' of said Institution, he is not 'bound' by its legislated rules.

It 'follows' that any punitive action of detainment or punishment or destruction of his fishing vessel is itself an 'act' in defiance of God and, - - - it is not 'legal' within the Constitution either, as the Constitution and its 'rule' states that any person who 'believes' that they have the right to fish anywhere may so do and, - - - as said, no man is 'bound' to adhere to the rules of others unless he has agreed to 'belong' to their Institution, and agreed to abide in the "Constitution" of said Institution.

2 - If an 'overseas' visitor who is seeking 'refuge' enters within the national 'boundaries' of a landmass set by legislation, and that legislation is itself receiving its 'authority and legality and mandate' from the Constitution of the Institution, then as the visitor is named by Institutions as being an 'intruder,' it follows that the visitor is not a 'party member' of said Institution, then he is not 'bound' by its legislated rules.

It 'follows' that any punitive action of detainment or fine or punishment is itself an 'act' in defiance of God and it is not 'legal' within the Constitution either, as the Constitution and its 'rule' implies that any person who 'believes' that they have the right to seek refuge anywhere may so do and, - - - as said, no man is 'bound' to adhere to the rules of others unless he has agreed to 'belong' to their Institution, and agreed to abide in the "Constitution' of said Institution and, - - - the religious liberty given unto all within the Constitution precludes them from being 'bound' legally and punishable by the Institution.

In both of the above instances man believes that his 'right' of ownership of land and sea overrides his 'observance' to his own Constitutional 'code' as well as the Code of Conduct set by God. Pure folly, and the judiciary had 'better' now look to their deeds, as God is to separate the 'wheat' from the weeds.

It is the time to now see that the present 'way' of man is pure 'bastardry' and all that continue on within its punitive 'law' or 'rule' will very soon find themselves not only 'locked out' of Heaven, but lost in a very dark and dreary and cold place inhabited by demons with horrible faces and no 'social' graces, and they most certainly have no 'moral' code of conduct. Their conduct Code enforced mentally upon them by the 'deceiver' states:

"Go your way causing as much noise and pain and suffering to all you meet, and with all your might you must intrude and sweep the other off their feet, because they all deserve it as all are evil and all did defy their Creator the Light."

page 32

~ The ground rule ~

Man raised up a 'document' he called "The Constitution" that itself was the 'ground rule' legitimising him 'man' to 'enact' subsequent rules that 'he' man wished to, - - - in order to gain control over God's children and, - - - to punish them if they defaulted in any way.

These 'rules' also 'legitimised' man's use of dark 'force of arms' to give him the 'powerful' authority needed to enforce his dictates. But what he 'vain' man did not see was the 'ground rule' of God that said:

"There is a 'bad' apple on the tree, and if you use its dark power then you will be bound by ME the Dark Sovereign Power that is self-mandated to punish thee, for within MY one Law I have the Supreme Power and Supreme Sovereignty to punish thee."

And what arrogant man also did not see was the power of the deceit that flowed forth from that 'bad' apple on the tree, for IT said:

" Heed not the wisdom of the Light, for only if you can see MY dark will you be able to discern good from evil, and only when you can see evil will you be able to destroy it for ME."

And what arrogant man could also not see was that 'once' he strayed from the wisdom of the Light and 'supped' on the Dark's Might, that he was then enslaved to ITS punitive way and, - - - thus become 'punishable' by IT under ITS one law:

"As you do is done unto you."

Pain for pain. Punishment for punishment. Suffering for suffering,
for that is your DUE for being to MY Light untrue.

Thus the 'Constitution' of man is the ultimate slave document that binds and enslaves all that 'participate' and are a 'party to' its upkeep and ways and, - - - it binds them to the Dark Sovereign Power who 'controls' and ultimately destroys all that follow HIS punitive decrees.

A 'slave' is a 'captive' dominated by another, and is one being forced to work for another and, - - - is one being forced to carry out deeds that contravene God's Command, being God's Code of Conduct. Thus a slave is a person being forced further away from the Light of God and into deeper suffering through bondage and servitude to darkness.

The Constitution is the 'foundation' stone upon which the Institution stands, and it is the Constitution that dupes the 'officers' of the Institution that it (the Constitution) serves, and its 'deception' is so great that none of them can see that it is a 'rogue' document and, - - - that their assumed authority is itself an illegitimate authority based solely on 'force of arms' - - - the gun.

Man of 'today' has been born into slavery, and Planet Earth is a GIANT slave camp that has 'existed' since time on earth began, and it is only now that 'we' of the Light can set ourselves free from eternal bondage by heeding the wisdom of God that will help all to see.

For it was through greed & vanity and the 'fiscal' need to control others so as to meet the demands of the 'superiors, that the political legislators have 'bastardised' and contaminated the basic 'principle' of their own Constitution, and they have also assumed 'ownership' of God's children.

This 'anarchy,' falsity and iniquity is now exposed by the Light of God that shines through me, and it says: "You have the freedom of choice to remain enslaved in perpetuity or to set yourselves free."

You are now free to only support the welfare system and public works department needs of your communities, and not fund punitive or controlling forces. This is not only your God given right, but if you have clarity of sight then you will see that you also have this right within the 'principles' of the Constitution that presently 'governs' most of thee.

You need to "Break away from any personal dark deeds."
You need to "Break away from supporting any
punitive system of man."
You need to "Break away from being an
'enforcer' for any Institution of man."
Any 'dark' deed is inspired from Hell, and is in defiance of God's
Code of Conduct.

page 33

~ Notes ~

Irrespective of any Constitution raised by man, God states that every person has the God given right to not only have a belief, but they are entitled by God to live that belief in their daily deeds. All are 'answerable' to God, not man.

Religious 'freedom' is not the 'freedom' to belong to any particular religious Institution, it is the freedom to conduct yourself in accordance with the laid down Commandment and Code of Conduct of the ONE God that inspired every known 'religious' order. He said: "Walk in peace & love one another, and be merciful & compassionate & forgiving." HE did not tell us to punish or abuse or destroy.


Any person, who legislated any 'acts' or rules that attempt to, or do, extort money by taxation or licence fee, or control others, and thus by 'said' rules force others into not only 'compliance,' but also by said compliance, having to contravene God's Code of Conduct, is themselves an 'anarchist.' (For compliance with negative acts is supporting their usage)

Any person 'mandated' or otherwise who 'polices' and thus assists said Institutional legislators by forcing others to defy their God through complying to 'contra' God's policies is a scoundrel.

Any person 'mandated' or otherwise who 'polices' and thus assists said Institutional legislators by forcing others to comply to these 'rules' using fine or punishment to intimidate or coerce is also a terrorist waging war against God's children, as they 'defy' their own Constitution and their own conscience for a 'mercenary' wage. (E.g. police & judiciary)

It is the false belief of the police & judiciary that 'citizens' must comply with the belief of the legislators and the decrees of politicians or kings or chiefs. The legislator believes that he has the 'divine' right to impose rules & regulations & taxing schemes upon the public. He does not.

His 'office & mandate' were imposed upon the community using force of arms (weapons) in the first instance, thus he has no 'right' to impose his demands. Neither do the police & judiciary have any 'right' to enforce them.

The policing force also believe that they can use 'force of arms' legitimately to enforce their belief, being their supposed right to use force and force others into compliance. This is FALSE & WRONG. All err in God's eyes.

I believe that God is the sovereign power, not man's Institution.
believe that God must be obeyed, not man's Institution.
if there is a
'conflict' of interest, then I obey GOD the Light.

I live the way I do because I believe that I must OBEY and SUBMIT to the 'will' of God - my God of the Light, and SHE tells me to go in peace, and not be a 'party' in any way with others who follow the GOD of DEATH who controls & punishes & destroys, or HE will also destroy me.

Though I live in a land alongside those others who do fight and steal taxes and kill their enemies, I do not, I remain peaceful. Thus my automobile is 'unnumbered' by their 'Institutional' mark and I pay no monies to the 'upkeep' of their 'punitive' Institution by tax or licence fee, as I cannot support its punitive ways. But I daily do help those trapped within its confines with my wisdom and good counsel, and I assist my community in every way I can, be it financially or otherwise.

page 34

~ The Law of the Jungle ~

The Law of the Jungle is when or 'where' the 'judge' of the day metes out whatever punishment he is inspired to at a 'particular' moment and, - - - the 'judge & executioner' is the one condemning the 'accused' to a 'particular' punishment and, - - - the Law of the Jungle is in action in the Court of man as he 'usurps' his own Constitutional Mandate each day.

The Law of the Jungle is: "I the most powerful one will now punish or destroy you the lesser one who deserves to be punished by ME." None it seems can see that the use of 'overbearing' force of arms is not a God of Light given right, and its use by any deserves 'attrition' from the Dark Sovereign Power under God's ONE Law.

Man must try and see that the Law of the Jungle is in fact the 'retributive arm' of the Dark Sovereign Power in action either through the legislated rules of man's institutions or, - - - through the individual mind of a person 'controlled' direct from the Dark and, - - - either of these 'parties' is 'justified' by IT the Dark to perpetrate an evil deed.

The Law of the Jungle is in operation when 'one' of the parties has the 'upper' hand due to them being more powerful or due to their 'forces' being greater or, due to one bearing 'arms' that enable them to control the situation and do whatever they are inspired to in a manner that is contrary to God's Code of Conduct: "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness."

The Law of the Jungle is in operation every time any punitive deed is perpetrated by any other than God, thus every 'act' condoning retribution is an 'act' in defiance of God.

Ignorant man 'believes' that if he is 'adhering' to punishment 'categorised' within a 'book of rules' that was 'raised up' by a 'legal' Institution, that the 'execution' of the punishment is thus legal, and is no longer 'classified' as 'The Law of the Jungle.'

In fact, the 'Law of the Jungle' in action is any 'retributive' action that causes pain or suffering or loss to be imposed by one upon another and, - - - it is a direct contravention of God's Code of Conduct and, - - - is most certainly subject to God's one Law: "As you do is done unto you" and, - - -

it is thus that man falls further from the Light of God and is 'inspired' by the Dark Sovereign Power to 'raise up' more rules and more punishment, for this is what mankind has to suffer under God's Law for his arrogance and non-conformity to God's Command.

Institutions and their 'judiciary' see not that their 'occlusive'* actions are the Law of the Jungle because all retributive acts carried out by man for man or for and on behalf of God the Dark Sovereign Power are illegal in God's eyes.

Note: 'occlusive'* - Close the doorway to spiritual freedom and 'biological' freedom. Also, all 'retaliatory' acts of aggression by one 'tribe' against another or one nation against another are The law of the Jungle in action using dark, forceful, and punitive action, and all are in direct contravention of God's Commandment.

All persons condoning or being 'The law of the Jungle' in action deserve and receive a similar return due whilst on earth or in the dark wasteland below in the afterlife as their JUST due.

If you personally or as 'judiciary' continue to punish or 'crucify' other children of God then rest 'assured,' the very powerful Dark force will enjoy "Doing unto you what you or your servants did," that was an 'act' untrue.

The 'rules' and officers of Institutions say that it is wrong for any 'civilian' person to punish another who committed a 'punishable offence' and, - - - if they so do, that they will be punished because their 'actions' were The law of the Jungle in action, and is thus punishable by them the Institution.

page 35

Officials say: "It is in order for us to punish you, but not for you to punish others." Implying the 'legality' for their Institution to be enforcers and punishers of man. It is however the darkness hiding an evil 'action' behind a 'facade' of a good & just action. E.g. a bad deed done in punishment perceived as a 'good' deed.

Thus 'officious' and ignorant man being the 'officers' of Institutions believe falsely that they as 'god's' have a mandate to defy their God and be the Dark Sovereign Power in action in their despicable The Law of the Jungle interaction. Foolish man.

HE the Dark Sovereign Power raised up 'rule by man' and legally mandated the Law of the Jungle in order for HIM to use the arrogance & vindictive nature of vain men so that they could be 'ensnared' by HIM as they defied the Light of God and punished man for HIM.

None seeing that there is no such thing as 'legal' punitive rules or punishment in HIS eyes, and any 'foolish' enough to work as HIS enforcer is despicable to HIM and HE fills their souls with 'sin' so their journey they cannot win.

For as 'man' worked for the Dark Sovereign Power he not only 'accrued' a painful spiritual debt to God, but he also drew-in dark energy into his soul that drew him spiritually away from the Light, Heaven.

Mankind must try and see their error and self-imposed 'terror' as darkness spews forth in every land, and before that final fateful day learn to use reason and stand back from using punishment for any reason.

For all 'users of darkness' become enslaved by IT, be they the 'abuser' or the people who support the activities of their punitive Institutions. Remember, the 'acts' of extortion, murder, rape, pillage and 'anguish' committed by 'offenders' is exactly the same inhumane behaviour committed by Institutions on your behalf and in your name.

Supporters of 'death row' or war are obscene in God's eyes and, - - - as it is pre-meditated murder it is also a CRIME in the eyes of every SANE person who knows the difference between good and evil, and if you are so 'naive' as to 'think' that God will 'let you off the hook' on 'Judgement day' just because you were 'paid' to follow a Rule in an 'unholy' book, then you deserve to die and deserve to eternally cry.

STOP paying others a 'licence' fee to 'legitimise' your activities in their eyes, for they are 'simply' extortionists operating as men wise in the guise of a legal mandate to steal from you for and on behalf of their 'benign' Institution.

You are by God told that you can go fishing in the sea, or cut down 'firewood' trees, or conduct a business, or carry out a business transaction without paying another an 'up-front' licence fee. That demand is an 'attempt' by an extortionist seeking a 'free' feed from thee.

Yes, most of them are 'wolves,' and most certainly they are all poor souls 'trapped' and enslaved by precedents set by their forbears, and all defy God and this God's sacred pen and, - - - any of them that continue to 'so' do will by the Dark Sovereign Power (The enforcement arm of God the Source) be consigned to, and confined in the dark depths below for eternity for their 'blind' iniquity.

Note: If any person finds themselves being 'tried' by other men either in a 'forest' by 'bush' mercenaries or, in a 'city' court of man by 'white collar' mercenaries and is asked: "What do you plead to our charges - guilty or not guilty," you reply:

"I make no plea, as this court has no authority to judge me.
Only God has such authority, and you are not God."

page 36

~ The 'rogue' Constitution ~

All must try and see that the 'Constitution' is itself a 'rogue elephant' document inspired through greed and vanity and imposed by 'force of arms' upon the people of every land by 'war lords' posing as benign 'Lords of the Manor.'

Thus its 'observance' and 'upliftment' is unconstitutional and illegitimate within the 'Rule' of God's Constitution. It is a terrorist document devised and used to enslave God's children.

The 'Constitution' is what 'cedes' the ownership of the lands & seas of God and the people into the 'hands' of these 'Lords of the Manor,' who - - - thus seized control of all that belongs to God that is God's free gift to all humanity, and who then, to maintain their 'ownership' and control of it they used the gun and - - - enforced their perceived right to an annual 'squatters' tithe using their Court and their rules.

This illegal 'seizure' also enables the 'System' via its 'lackeys' to extract a 'percentage' of all monies earned or pre-earned from the people of the land using 'force of arms' in a manner very underhand.

Yes, you all become squatters with no 'legal' tenure over any land, and if you do not 'slave' and pay up every 'drop' of sweat and blood demanded as their 'due,' then you are evicted off the God given acre by said 'Institution' via its local Council 'acts' and left to roam homeless and destitute.

The 'State' enforcement officers are the 'rogues' out of control as they arrogantly on duty stroll, unknowingly doing their duty for God the Retributioner, the Dark Sovereign Power who 'awaits' to place them in HIS dark vault for their 'conduct unbecoming.'

The 'elevation' of any Constitution by its imposition upon the community not only 'steals' all the land and forests, but it also 'assumes' ownership of all roads, rivers, flora and fauna and fish in the seas.

Thus any person seeking to 'partake' of this 'produce' of the King, - - - who in fact is the Dark Sovereign Power operating through the greed and vanity of the worldly 'Lords of the manor' posing as a benign System, - - - are forced to pay a licence fee 'tithe' in advance or starve.

Thus it is imperative to now 'seize' your God of Light given heritage by purely peaceful non-action by non-payment of any demands made upon you by any person, or any person working as a 'lackey' for any punitive 'governing' Institution.

The 'Constitution' Decree

"Let it here be known that any 'Constitution' of any Institution of man that contains any rules that permit 'extortion' by taxation or, - - - any rule that allocates God's land or sea or flora or fauna or fish or birds away from God's children and into 'ownership' of any governing Institution or, - - -

any rule that permits any person the right to arrest, kidnap, terrorise, evict, abuse, punish, or kill any other or, - - - any rule that contravenes the Code of Conduct of God as stipulated within God's Constitution is deemed by God to be 'unconstitutional' and, - - - its 'officers' and supporters will be punished by God for failing to observe God's Command and Commandment."

It follows that any legislation enacted subsequent to the 'elevation' of any governing Constitution is also false legislation that was also imposed upon the community.

It is now the time for all to 'forgo' the false religious 'belief' that controls & regulates & punishes that is presently perceived as a 'good' daily living way. It is not.

It is the time for all to change their religious belief to one that follows and heeds God's 'Constitutional way,' so that Peace & love & forgiveness & free giving becomes ones 'living way' each day.

page 37

~ The true conscientious objector ~

The true conscientious objector is a free man because at all times he heeds God's Commandment and abides in God's Code of Conduct, thus he is not only peaceful, but he is a 'pacifist' and a peacemaker by his living ways. The true conscientious objector 'objects' to the ideology of a 'particular' belief of another or Institution. The true conscientious objector has:

God as their guide and protector.
Word as their living deed and way.

For a true pacifist it is 'unconscionable' to be a 'member' of any Institution whose 'officers' and Code of Conduct rules are proven to be of an unconscionable ideology, one that is proven to be in 'opposition' to the Code of Conduct as given for man to follow within 'The Constitution of God.' (Pages 212/213 The Testament of Truth).

Thus one of the 'cornerstones' upon which the Constitution of man was founded, being the 'Act' stating: "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - - - the ACT is actually stating:

"If any person on the land finds it unconscionable to fight for, or to seek protection from the King or the 'Institution,' then they are free to walk apart from the Institution without 'let or hindrance,' and this is guaranteed by said 'Act' within the Constitution of said Institution."

Thus it follows that 'such' a person of 'peace' is not within the jurisdiction of any subsequent rules 'raised' by the legislators of 'said' Institution, nor are they within the jurisdiction of any of the 'policing' forces or Courts of said Institution.

They are truly free men heeding God

Any Court that tries to 'overthrow' the basic foundation stone of the 'religious observance' Act within the Constitution is 'questioning' the authority and sovereignty of the Institution they serve, and if they take it upon themselves to 'flaunt' their disregard of the Rule by 'convicting' a man of peace they are seditious and have committed an act of Treason.

Note: Within the 'rules' of the Institution there is a 'clause' saying: "Any person 'bound' within the Constitution of the Institution who either does or attempts to 'question' the sovereign authority of any 'Act' within the Constitution is 'seditious' and will be 'charged' by said Institution." For they are holding its 'sovereignty' in contempt and raising discontent or disaffection amongst 'His Majesty's' subjects. (All those 'belonging to' said Institution).

Thus it 'follows' that any judge or police officer, who 'arrests or punishes' any true conscientious objector who has 'shown' that they walk apart from said Institution, has already committed a 'seditious' act against his own 'State' Institution and, - - - has committed an act of Treason against the State of Heaven for interfering in the life of a person that is deemed to not belong to said Institution.

Mankind needs to now see that no 'King' or 'Institution' owns any 'nation,' and neither do they 'own' any landmass as there were and yet are pre-set conditions in existence, being ownership of said land by God. Thus no Institution of man can lay 'claim' to ownership of any sea or 'shore,' and the free movement of people of any race or 'land' is permitted by God.

Let it here be again said that any 'lands' taken illegally from God by force and now 'held' by force of arms for man or for Institutions of man are being held illegitimately, and all being a 'party to' this 'skulduggery' are to be punished by God and banished to the lower worlds for a time.

page 38

~ Death by false assumption ~

What the police and judicial 'officers' of man's Court and the 'incarcerators' need to see is that their 'premise' of jurisdiction over others and its 'legality' is based on 'silt' and falsity.

For their 'mandate' is presumed to be from the Constitution of their Institution they uphold, whereas in fact their 'mandate' is upheld by the gun, 'force of arms,' and on this fact all must now reflect.

For the use of the Constitutional paper document was the 'authority' to hold God's children in bondage and slavery, and - - - to punish them and destroy their lives and families for any 'default' is a CRIME in God's eyes, and carries its own 'default' clause written by GOD, and that Decree clause stipulates:

The 'Death' Decree

"Any person who uses 'falsity' or 'means' that are 'fair or foul' to enslave and thus misuse MY children for any reason - - - are 'deemed' by ME - - - the Dark Sovereign Power, being the Father, - - - to be a 'person' who does not deserve to 'live' and, - - -

I shall consign their spirit for a time and a time to MY dark lower 'wasteland' until they learn to 'love & give' and, - - - in that place of 'horror' they will stare into the face of depravity that exists in MY penal 'colonies' that none will wish to see or 'in' be and, - - -

In that place all will 'clout' you for your acts 'base' and untrue and, - - - you may never get out unless you at MY dove's wisdom look and at HIM 'shout' saying: 'Thank you for being true, I shall try my best to 'follow you,' - - - so be warned, for no 'man' has any mandate to 'police - try - judge - or condemn and punish any other, all are sister and brother."

You of the political & judicial 'arm' of present governments need to see that the Constitution upon which you base your controlling & taxing & punitive 'policies' was and yet is an 'imposition' thrust forcefully upon all, and its falsity 'story' is now exposed by me.

For no person 'born' was 'read' its 'rights' over their life as contained within it at the 'moment' of birth, for if it had so been then the 'child' would have 'mourned' all their childhood years at their sorry fate.

If any person continues to use force or carry a 'gun' to 'back up' their authority of impropriety, then they deserve the 'Justice of God' to now be imposed upon them, as they did openly and arrogantly swerve from the true path of Love & Mercy & Forgiveness as given by God via HER & HIS dove.

The 'Life' Decree

"All will 'live' with ME their God of Light that follow the 'path' as given by MY dove Terence the Christ. He is the one mandated by ME yesterday, today, and tomorrow to guide you all truthfully to MY Light that shines eternally bright."

Children of God, try and see that the 'holder' of the gun is the one licensed and mandated by the Dark Sovereign Power to do whatever by the Dark Sovereign Power they are inspired to so do, be they the 'terrorist,' the 'killer' in the street, or the mandated 'authority' wearing a uniform.

All are the same and all 'dice' with death, and the 'court' of man is the 'place' where the deadliest 'charade' is played, for all 'combatants' are players who see not that their punitive 'efforts' result in their own demise. Truly a 'warring' place for fools blind and unwise.

Note: Irrespective of 'which' or any religious 'Order or Institution' people belong to, all are following the false belief that regulation & control & punishment is 'appropriate' conduct in God's eyes. FALSE, it is not.

It is also the time to 'forgo' religious Institutions and turn direct to this God's Holy Word, and reflect on its TRUTH. All have 'succumbed' to the 'whisperings' of the Serpent and any that defy my truth will die in their 'sin.'

As man stumbles and 'lurches' further into darkness seeking more regulatory ways to 'combat' terrorism, he sees not that his very 'belief' in the 'righteousness' of his national 'Constitution' and its 'authority' to 'enact' rules is itself the deception that enslaves him to the Dark Sovereign Power.

It is I the Messiah to expose this deception so that humanity can decide 'which way' they are to go as they individually choose their final destiny, be it eternal slavery or freedom.

page 39

~ The illegitimate Mandate ~

The police force 'officers' need to 'question' themselves as to the legitimacy of their mandate to 'arrest & detain' other children of God.

The police force 'officers' need to 'question' themselves as to the legitimacy of their mandate to 'carry & use' a gun to enforce the dictates of some members of the community over other members of the community.

The police force 'officers' need to 'question' themselves as to the legitimacy of their Mandate: - - - to 'patrol & control,' - - - to seize goods and them steal, (by confiscating or destroying), - - - to kidnap people from their homes, - - - to hold them hostage in dungeons, - - - to be 'instrumental' in their 'trial & punishment' that results in great suffering and loss, - - - to kill another if they so 'wish' to.

The police force 'officers' need to 'question' themselves as to the legitimacy of their mandate to contravene the 'conduct' rules of the Institution they serve as they 'perform' the aforesaid heinous acts, by asking themselves 'how' they are able to 'legitimately' not observe the Code of Conduct of man as well as the Code of Conduct of God.

The police force 'officers' need to 'question' themselves as to the legitimacy of the Constitution, and ask themselves if it is a 'document' true, or whether it too (as them) was imposed upon the community by vain men or women posing as benign but in fact are controlling swine.

The police force 'officers' need to 'question' their role, as to whether it is being dutiful to the community, or dutiful to the rules, that supposedly guarantee their 'immunity' from prosecution in their distribution of 'closure' as they use force to 'disturb the peace' of the land, and 'interfere' in the affairs of others in a manner very underhand.

The police force 'officers' then need to try and see that they are but 'slaves' to an illegal force operating as paid mercenaries that are inflicting suffering upon others that will bring a return suffering due upon them from their Creator God as revealed by this God's pen.

The police force 'officers' then need to ask themselves if they would rather do a duty TRUE to the community and observe God's Code of Conduct in their daily work for the community, and become a TRUE force benign and work towards rehabilitation, rather than remain 'heavies' working for 'thieving & murderous' swine.

Yes, the police force 'change of role' from conduct unbecoming to being a proper 'peace' force is overdue, and time is 'short' for them too. So I ask: "Is there even ONE of you whom to your own soul is true"?

Ask yourself: "Do I really believe that when carrying out a 'duty' to man or the community that I stand above the civil 'code of conduct' of man? And do I really believe that my 'sworn' duty 'somehow' nullifies God's ONE Law, and that I am 'somehow' above or beyond the jurisdiction of God and HIS Law"?

I Terence state that God's Law is Supreme and 'Just,' and is immutable and inviolate and eternal, those that see this not are but living in a 'daydream' who will soon be awoken with a 'shocking' scream.

"As you do is done unto you."

Note: The seemingly 'good & honourable' police duty performed for the rules of the Institution are still 'perceived' as 'for and on behalf of the people,' they are not. The 'sworn' duty is solely to enforce the edicts of some men that force 'submission' by others to their demands using 'fine & punishment' as the 'incentive.'

In their course of Duty the police do not comply with the 'community' Code of regulatory Conduct rules, believing themselves to be 'above' the punitive consequence as written within the Law. Thus they 'think' that they are above the Law as they contravene the 'rules' of the road and the 'rules' of civil conduct. E.g.:

The 'civilian' cannot 'kill' - The police can
The 'civilian' cannot
'speed' - The police can
The 'civilian' cannot
'break & enter' - The police can
The 'civilian' cannot
'steal property' - The police can
The 'civilian' cannot 'imprison people' - The police can

In fact, the only reason why the 'officers' of the Institution are able to defy the Code of Conduct of their Institution is because they 'carry the gun' on its behalf and, - - - as they are its 'Standard bearers,' it 'permits' them this 'licence' to defy the civil Code of Conduct of man and God.

Foolish 'man,' you are all 'spell-bound' by the darkness that for too long did this Realm 'span,' and it is you that assist its 'control' of mankind. Police are by now so used to operating in a 'certain' manner that they cannot even see when they are acting unconstitutionally.

Police officers or magistrates that believe that they can 'usurp' the base Rules of their own Constitution and, - - - defy the Command of their God and, - - - try and coerce peaceful people into conforming to their black ideology by obeying their decrees, - - - are 'rogues' of the highest order. They are also the cause of much of the coming 'disorder' that has been incited by their arrogance.

The police forces of 'today' are terrorist 'cells' operating in every town. The 'force' is an armed 'gang,' and its main 'function' is to keep the community enslaved to the edicts of white collar thieves, being extortionists who use this force to coerce, threaten, and wage punitive war upon the community for any non-compliance to their ever increasing 'fiscal' demands forced upon the community.

The police are proven terrorists because they are 'above' the law of the land and, - - - if the police or the community 'think' that the police are entitled to disturb the peace in order to maintain 'peace,' then all are wrong.

The police know that they are above the Law of man,
but will soon realise that they are not above the Law of God.

page 40

~ The 'policing' Consequence ~
What price your soul?

A 'sense' of Duty? A little 'satisfaction' in your 'powerful' interaction?
All for a 'dollar' in the Bank that you earned when looking 'swank'?

Seems like a lot of suffering to me that you will need to suffer before God sets you free. For if we are responsible and must 'pay' the consequence of our actions, what 'price' do you 'owe' for your intrusive, controlling, and punitive ways?

For God did say: "Be loving & kind & compassionate on your way, and forgive any that 'hurt' you." Why did God so say? Because there is a price to pay for any 'abuse' caused by you and, - - - the price for any uncivil interaction is a return that is 'Just' and equitable.

So you decide now whether, to of more 'debt' be free or, whether you wish to suffer for eternity. For if the 'swearing' of an 'Oath' to uphold the Law is your 'entitlement' for you to 'break' the law in the course of your duty, then that is error.

If you take an 'Oath' to uphold the Laws of the land and you disturb the peace of the land, then your 'Oath' you did not understand or, - - - the 'Oath' was falsity, as its 'entitlement' was contra God's Code of Conduct, and to take 'money' in payment for upholding an 'Oath' of darkness is stupidity.

Why take employment with any 'firm' that forces you by 'False Oath' to destroy your own soul? That too is foolishness born out of ignorance.

If you enjoy the feelings of power and 'excitement' invoked in the 'chase,' by your 'robe of office' and your 'presumption' that you are 'invincible' in what you do, then you are also stupid and as said, even the 'stupid' are subjected to God's one Law.

I can assure you that when you take an 'Oath' of office you are in fact saying to the Devil:

"I swear upon my honour to bind myself to you, and to do your bidding as I interfere each day in the lives of others for 'mercenary' pay, and I will abuse and punish them on your behalf as I uphold your 'punitive' Staff, and I am prepared to sell my soul to you for the 'pieces of silver' given to me by you."

Better for you to be true to your soul and at your 'passing out' parade say:

"I shall personally uphold the Code of Conduct of God, and I will conform with the 'rules' of my Institution so that I am seen to be 'within the Law' at all times, and I will do my duty to man and God by 'apprehending' any that I see disturbing the peace of the land."

This way you are safe as you never 'exceed' the road Code of Conduct speed limit in a 'chase' after seeing a person strike another on the face, and if you do them 'later' apprehend, then you send them to be counselled in the manner 'approved' by me.

Note: None can 'break' the Law. For the 'Law' is in fact simply the 'punishment' factor attached to any Decree or Rule. So one can only 'contravene' the compliance demands of the Rule, and then one is subjected to punishment under the 'Law' of man or God. E.g.:

The Rule or regulation - Do not drive over 50 kph.
Law - $100 fine for any speed 'contravention' over that stated.

So if one is 'upholding' the 'multiple' Laws of man, then one is 'subjecting' someone to punishment and is the 'punisher' in action, and this abusive 'action' itself contravenes the Rules of man and God's "Go in peace" Command. This needs be seen by all men on the land, for none stand above God's ONE Law.

A person may only safely 'arrest' another for the purpose of rehabilitation as per the 'Offender Seminars' in the manner approved by God within the 'Police Mandate' of God.

page 41

~ The National disgrace ~

In the name of a Nation man wields a 'mace' against the others Nations, as well as against individuals within their Nation, and this 'nationalism' is a disgrace in God's eyes. For in the guise of 'our nation' man does the 'other' despise, and this is a 'crime' in the eyes of God.

Nationhood is like a 'brotherhood,' being that men 'uphold' their 'Oath of allegiance' to the WORD 'Nation,' as they lose their individuality in national 'de-forestation.'

For to lose ones true 'identity' by belonging to a Nation that bears a sword in defiance of God's Holy Word is foolishness & ignorance of the first 'order.' For there is no 'Nation,' there is only the 'word' Nation that describes a particular 'earthly' place or destination.

And it is arrogant men who 'elevate' and raise the word 'Nation' so as to be able to control the borders of the 'destination,' and this they do so that they can 'name' you as one of their slaves that are ordered to carry 'staves'  for them and fight to protect their 'interest.'

For it is not in your 'interest' to fight and defy your God of Light, and you do not need the 'Nation's' protection, for that too is but others ordered to fight for you.

Let the word 'Nation' now be abolished, and the name of the land 'mass' or 'destination' be used solely for that purpose - - - identification. For no Institution owns any landmass, any 'legislation' deeding 'such' to any Institution of man is a false document.

Let all men become free to just be, and able to roam freely to any landmass destination without hindrance from you or me or any Institution of man.

The 'Border' Decree

"Open all borders" is God's final Order.

Note: At present the place or 'destination' named 'Planet Earth' is a place inhabited by many 'races' of differing colours and ideologies, but all are 'warlike' & merciless & unforgiving for all are yet in darkness living, and all are 'enslaved' by 'warlords' posing as benign governing Institutions.

Each 'land' area has a name, e.g. 'Tasmania,' and hopefully soon the inhabitants of that 'place' will forgo their disgrace and open their 'borders' to others of any 'race' to enter freely without 'let or hindrance,' as they see that all of any 'race' from any 'place' are all but their sisters & brothers, and all should thus be 'lovers' to them by welcoming them their way and sharing the benefits that God gives them each day.

The people of Tasmania need to 'free up' their minds by realising that they are not 'owned' by any 'Authority or Institution' either in Tasmania or on the landmass named Australia. Thus they must 'disassociate' themselves from any perceived 'allegiance' to any governing Institution and simply be good 'citizens' of Tasmania.

If you have any 'difficulty' with this 'suggestion,' then ask yourself: "When did God or I sell my body, mind, or soul into servitude to any Institution"? And - - - "When did it the Institution obtain 'right of ownership papers' over me"? For in reality, the only 'right' it has over you or your conduct or its conduct is the power of the gun.

Ask yourself: "Just because a 'body' or 'group' of people raise up an Institution and name it 'The Federal or State government,' why do they or I assume that I am 'bonded' to the Institution or its rules, or why am I its 'subject' to be used and misused by its 'officers'?

Try and see that if you refuse to pay an demanded licence 'fee,' or refuse to pay any demanded 'fine,' that in God's eyes you are neither a criminal nor have you committed any offence but, - - - any person be they uniformed or otherwise who either punishes you for non-compliance or who tries to force you into 'paying 'up' by threat, are themselves criminals and offenders in God's eyes and they will suffer the same 'fate' they place on your 'plate.'

page 42

~ Broken rights ~
Open letter to Mr. David Cappo

Many years ago our God via the man Jesus did 'bestow' a right upon every person whom believed in God's eternal might. It was the right to walk their way in peace and not fight and thus 'grease' their hands and souls with satanic grime.

The man Jesus also said 'for' the Father that any whom had this message heard ref. 'wield no sword' had the right to tell every other sister or brother so that they too would have the opportunity to walk free and one day find their way to heaven with me.

God did not say that man needs 'raise up' religions to stand between God and the people of the land, for that itself was an 'act' underhand. So the 'right' of passage has been denied as every religion 'tried' to maintain its 'grip' over mortal man, for 'control' held the 'ministry' in its grip as proudly and arrogantly 'its' men did on earth stroll.

So here we stand at today, a 'place' in time where retribution is the order of the day, for no man be they 'of' religion or any other has any 'love' for the other no, all in unforgiveness do the other condemn, and seek recompense, using less than 'judicious' wolves who wield the Devil's pen.

None heard the Word that did say: "Be merciful and forgiving of the others way, and turn the other cheek, for only the meek will enter the Promised Land." So what can I say to you David or any other who seeks "peace and forgiveness" for deeds purported to be 'underhand'?

Firstly they needs understand that their 'persecutor' is themself, being one of the lost soon to fall into the lower land for their defiance of God's Holy Command to never another reprimand.

Secondly the persecuted one needs see that any 'offer' of publicly donated money to 'recompense' the other is a falsity in itself, and is only 'done' through guilt and or to stay free. For 'man's' way is to incarcerate any who fail to pay the 'royalty' demanded by the wolves that them berate.

If any man believes in God and has 'sinned' in God's eyes through any imposition or abuse of another, then our God would have them say to the 'sufferer':

"My dear sister or brother, I admit that I am 'with' sin being the dark emotions that we all have within, and sorrowfully their power did my 'mind' override as many years ago I was unable to 'abide' in a 'rational' manner, and for this folly I pray that you will forgive me as that is the 'ask' of our God of eternity.

For if this you cannot do then to your own soul you are untrue, for if you persist and persecute me then your spiritual destiny is bleak. I also suggest that you seek good counsel so that you can override the retributive thoughts that now stride within your own mind, for they would bind you and make you do wrong that will be much 'greater' than what to you I did do."

There will only be peace in 'each' man's hand and soul when they do as is asked by the spirit of truth whom again in the flesh does stroll, and that is to seek his fresh uncontaminated message of the day and heed it as soon comes the very last 'opportune' day.

It is time for every man to now see that those 'of the cloth' no different to them be, and all stand now 'naked' before God, and any whom defy God will now be underfoot 'trod' by satanic forces to now show their face on earth through the mind of ignorant man.

If any 'person' seeks to 'condemn' any other and persecute them then the 'condemned one' needs heed me and take no steps to themselves 'defend' other than say 'yes it was' or 'no 'twas not' me, and they must pay no monetary fine or compensation to the retributioner but 'take' the alternative whatever it be.

Please come and visit me for only I can set your soul too free.

page 43

~ Principles of Christ ~
v/s Courts of man

Some Courts of man are 'supposedly' based on Christianity, but the Law of man is built upon the 'tenet' of an "eye for an eye" and a "tooth for a tooth."

What is the purpose of the Law in this context? The Law is laid down simply to enforce decrees and regulate behaviour, and to lay bare or reveal publicly a breach of that behaviour and impose punishment for the breach.

In reality, in most cases the punishment 'factor' far exceeds the 'eye for an eye' deed perceived and more to the point, for those believing that Jesus was God's messenger, Jesus insisted and I now reiterate that:

"Even though you have heard it said 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,' I say offer the wicked man no resistance on the contrary, if he hits you on the right cheek offer him the other as well. If a man takes you to law to have your tunic, let him have your cloak as well."

I also confirm;

"Judge not, so that you will not be 'so' judged, do not condemn but grant pardon. Love your enemy and do good to those who hate you, bless those that curse you, and forgive those that persecute you."

It is clear from the contradictory nature of these sayings to the 'premise' taken by man, that there are two very clear messages in this Christian text. The first is that men who live by the Law of man will be judged by that law. Take someone to court and you will be subject to the penalty of that deed. (An eye for an eye).

Judge a man by that law and you will be judged by it without mercy. If you retaliate instead of 'turning the other cheek,' you will be thrown in prison and "will not get out until you have paid fully."

Under this interpretation of the biblical text, the Law of man is being used as the instrument of God’s retribution. No mercy shown, no forgiveness, no compassion. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

What we are not aware of is that, by using the system of retribution sanctioned by the legal system of every country, men have placed themselves under the control of the Dark retributive side of the Source.

Clearly the text stating that "Judgement is mine" says the Lord, pertains to God not man, so when 'men' presume to be the "judge," he automatically places all his endeavours under the "Judging and controlling influence" of the retributionary 'Just' justice of God.

The purpose of the Law under man is therefore clear. Man chose to appropriate God’s just retribution as the basis upon which to build his 'man's' legal system, as 'he' man was so inspired by the darkness, and 'seduced' into defying the "Only love & forgive" Command and be God’s retribution in action. Arrogant man has chosen to ignore the command in the text given by God through Jesus and me.

These instructions are laying down a command that exhorts us all to not use the Law of man or God, (An eye for an eye) - - - and to 'rebuff' the use of the legal system, because using it will make us subject to its control.

Now whilst it may be perceived as 'expedient' for legislators to make use of the Christian text that gave them greatest control of the populace, and by choosing to ignore the command of God which encompasses forgiveness, love, mercy and compassion, legislators and their 'minions' aided the Dark Power to ensnare and enslave multitudes.

God is not blind, nor fooled. Rather it is man that has been fooled through his arrogance because he is blinded by his vanity and greed, and sees not the glaring obvious.

If you choose to live 'under' the retributive Law of man or God and thus support the use of its punitive expression you are deceived by the Source of darkness, because you are seduced into believing that you have "Justice and Right" on your side as you support and condone the abuse of God's children, when in actuality you are choosing to place yourself and the whole race under the yoke of God’s "retributive" control.

In the act of making personal use of the "Legal System" of man either by supporting it through "tithing" money via payment of taxation, or to seek "justice" for perceived wrongs done to us, we place ourselves firmly in the camp of the "Dark controlling power."

For that choice we surely pay, because when we control or abuse, or sanction control or abuse of others in our name, we must in turn be controlled and abused.

There is no clearer proof of this 'tightening' control than the 'exponential' statutes, rules, laws, by-laws & codes being implemented almost daily by all governments around the world. Soon all 'freedom of movement' ceases.

For too long has 'common man' also used the 'Court of man' as the 'forum' to unforgivingly wreak vengeance upon others and seek 'recompense' from others perceived as wrongdoers.

Neither they nor the court 'officers' appear to be aware of the 'noose' the snare they place around their own necks, for retribution places them all within a dark return due under God's one law, and any 'payback or punishment' achieved by the court and 'solicitous' men or their 'clients' is accrued by them all as a 'futures' due to be 'met' and paid for in full, on a date 'pre-set' by God under God's "An eye for an eye" LAW.

All that use 'force' to attain do not their freedom gain.

If you are a true 'follower of Christ and believe in the Light of God,
then set yourself now free as you walk your last 'mile' on Earth's sod.

page 44

~ The guideline Parameters ~

A true and civil society will have 'elders' that 'set' guideline parameters that will guide the youth into safe & steady & secure conduct, so that as they 'grow,' the youth will learn to know the correct way to go.

These Codes of Conduct may be 'raised' in the varying aspects of daily living, from driving on the road to flying in the sky, or even when on a 'dangerous' beach swimming.

For just as the 'Aussies' fly a 'guideline parameter' flag to show the 'unwary' the safe place to swim, and thus not be swept away to become a 'fatality of the day,' other 'codes' too will the same thing do.

However, if any person 'wishes' to ignore their 'elders' then for sure they can 'follow' their own conscience and take what comes their way, for there will be no 'police' or judiciary to 'attack' them and steal their pay.

For as said, each person has the 'freedom' of choice to follow their own 'inner voice,' and if it with 'reason' is in 'conflict,' then it is only God to decide to 'reprimand' them or make them a convict.

So 'Advisory' will be the new 'Code,' and this will guide our 'youth' that will go forth and travel on life's road. They will be given good counsel by you and me but never 'punished,' for that is spiritual 'suicide' and not advised by me.

Soon God will wash away every evil 'act' or 'rule' that was 'sired' on Earth's loam, and also only Light & Reason will remain, and from control & punishment of others will all refrain.

The Decree

"Peace unto all and guidance to the lost is MY request."

This is God's 'ask' of each of you.
Please now to this directive look, and make it your personal way.

page 45

~ The saving Grace ~

It is pure folly raising up any Institution that uses 'punishment' as coercion into supporting it and 'belonging' to it and, - - - for enforcing its extortionist taxing demands and for any non-compliance to its dictates.

The 'saving grace' for any seeking to withdraw 'legally in man's eyes' from funding and supporting what is now exposed as an anti-God System, will find 'legality' within the Constitution of man and be 'released' from its bondage through the basic 'rule' contained within it, reference to the right to follow ones religious belief.

Thus those who believe in forgiveness & mercy & peace, and who have the courage to stop funding and supporting the punitive Systems of man need to follow their 'star,' and if dragged to court by the 'non-believers' then state this fact when facing the judge.

Those who 'call' for regulation & punishment show God their bondage to not only the Constitution and 'Institution' of man, but to its 'instigator' the Dark Sovereign Power.

People who 'believe' in fine & punishment place themselves outside of God's 'protection' and into the 'law of the land' and, - - - into the hands of ignorant man to punish them for non-compliance and, - - - they become 'yoked' to the rules & punitive law of man and 'subject' themselves to it, for it reflects their negative anti-God belief.

Any person, who as me believes that punishment belongs to God not man, must be free, and is free to act according to that belief by not supporting any Institution that has a contrary 'punitive' belief.

And 'as' within Tasmania's own Constitution, a 'believer in peace' as me is not subject to or bound by the rules or law of man. This is clearly 'dictated' within the principle 'clause' 46 of said Constitution that says that a man with a 'belief' in peace is free to 'follow his conscience.'

Any judicial 'officer' of the State of Tasmania or any other State on earth who takes it upon themselves to punish a peaceful man is a 'mercenary' anarchist operating outside the 'parameters' of their own Institutional Constitution, and are themselves 'subject' to its punitive law as well as God's eternal 'justice' under God's ONE Law that says:

"As you do is done unto you."

It is the 'time' for mankind to now 'educate' any that are perceived as 'offensive' or operating in a manner contrary to civility, be they 'common' thieves or the 'white collar' thieves operating through Institutions.

We must treat all offenders with respect and reflect on my 'Offender Seminars' within my 'Offender document' that will rehabilitate even the real 'offensive' ones once they can clearer see God's reality.

It is the time for humanity to 'revoke and discard' and disown all Constitutions of man and to simply 'follow' the Constitution of God as they set themselves free from bondage and slavery, for the 'national' governing Constitutions are public enemy No: 1, for it is through this false document that Kings & Queens & Chiefs and political forces gain their 'open licence' to enslave you to their every 'wish.'

You do not need their 'protection,' nor do you need to slave to fund their armies or their punitive forces, nor do you need to fund their 'whims' that are designed to 'impoverish' you materially and spiritually.

The abolishment of slavery, being man's enslavement by man is only 'complete' with the 'abolition' of governing Institutions and their 'enslaving' Constitutions.

The abolishment of slavery, being man's enslavement by man is only 'complete' when you no longer 'belong to' any religious Institution of man, and you walk alone with God and you live peacefully at all times as is Commanded by God.

The abolishment of 'bondage, servitude, and slavery' to the (Devil) the Dark Sovereign Power is only accomplished on an individual basis as God's children (you) no longer use darkness in their daily actions and they comply with God's Constitutional way.

Slavery is only 'abolished' out of your life when you personally make the effort to read my wisdom and re-seed your consciousness with pure truth, so that the 'deception' binding your mind is cleared away and you are thus no longer 'bound' in ignorance to past false beliefs.

You should by now be able to see that every 'System' of government on earth is based on falsity. Being the false belief that 'some' have the divine right to 'Rule' others using force of arms. They also 'stole' by 'duplicity' the right to own the land and seas and all thereon.

Let it here and now be understood that arrogant man used force of arms to 'attain' and gain the 'upper hand,' and in so doing he was vain and insane. It is now the time for change and only those who do change their 'ideology' to one of peace and thus follow me will become humane and free to live happily in peace.

This 'inhuman' race deserves to suffer and remain bound in perpetuity, and it is only the Grace of God that permits this wisdom to be given so as to set a 'few' free, being those who believe in ME the invisible Light they cannot see.

The saving Grace is the Wisdom of God's Holy Word, heed it or bleed.

I have said enough, the 'fiery' giant dragon is to now 'puff' and incinerate all whom others berate.

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