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~ The cause of eternal sorrow and suffering ~

The merciless and unforgiving Vendetta factor

page - 1 - Introduction
page - 2 - The POWER & SIN
page - 3 - The Justification for Vengeance
page - 4 - The Falsity of every 'Constitution'
page - 5 - The fiscal FACTS - weapons & fanaticism
page - 8 - The NO 'vote' Right
page - 9 - The REAL danger
page - 10 - Peace in the land
page - 11 - The CROWN of God
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page - 15 - The 'living' God

Link: ~ Blasphemy & the spiritual consequence of 'Action'
The fulfillment of God's Law - Karma
The 'activator' and the 'recipient.' 

 By Terence

It is our God to reveal the cause of ongoing suffering and sorrow which leads man into the Abyss of agony and fire within his very 'marrow.' This revelation also exposes unto man how THE FATHER 'manages' and imposes the PUNITIVE aspect of His Law upon all who fail to OBEY His Command as they interfere in the life of another or, control others or, persecute others or, subjugate others or, punish others or, take from others or, injure or kill others.

It has 'Yes" also become 'natural' for man to DEFY God's Command to be merciful & forgiving and to demand 'Justice' and to take it upon 'himself' to implement IT, seeing NOT the implications of The Law of God and how God implements the 'vengeful' (Justice) aspect of His 'ruling' Law which is now revealed via my 'inner rose.'

The danger to man is the demonic telepathic interference in the mind of man that gives man the justification to defy God and USE the forbidden by God to use DARK energy of God. (God's destructive FORCE) (The fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil)
IT the DARK = 'VENGEANCE or retribution' and is the cause of all on-going suffering within ITS immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW of return. IT is Absolute Justice. (As you sow so shall ye reap) IT is God’s energy, and ONLY God can use IT and not suffer any consequence. Errant man is now to REAP what he yet sows in FULL because he finds the justification to ‘avenge’ instead of FORGIVING.

Before I get into the RETRIBUTIVE aspect of God's Law and how IT is 'fulfilled,' I simply state that the use of God's benign, loving, merciful, compassionate, forgiving, caring, kind, giving, uplifting and creative ENERGY which flows through our heart and mind and hands and voice and SOUL to or 'upon' another has a similar RETURN to 'us' via others in the community who are by the LIGHT inspired to so do and thus the Law of God's LIGHT 'balances' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

"As we 'sowed' - we reaped" ~ "As we DID unto others was DONE unto us"

At the time and in the place so ordained by THE LIGHT energy essence of God.

Understand that 'goodness' is the Domain of the LIGHT (heaven) and that the love 'core' of every soul is LIGHT. So when we are happy or joyful and loving and kind we are the Light LOVE energy essence of God in ACTION, and as IT flows through our soul it 'brightens' our inner light and 'showers' love and goodness upon those to whom 'IT the Light' is projected and, - - -

What in fact the 'expresser' is DOING is fulfilling the ONE Law of God, and God's JUSTICE is being RETURNED upon/to another because they ARE at that moment in time "Reaping what they sowed" and receiving their 'benign' JUST dues from the ENERGY of God flowing through the love 'core' of others.

Thus as there is NO 'darkness' in the Light of Heaven, in that place all are revolving 'happily' in 'giving and receiving' LOVE.

Thus as there is NO 'Light' in the Abyss all in that place are revolving 'unhappily' and endlessly 'giving and receiving' PAIN.

It is your personal God given 'choice' - the eternal 'smile' or the eternal 'grimace.'

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~ The POWER ~
The SIN of the sinner

The Power is the invisible destructive FORCE of the Dark energy essence of THE SOURCE God, which God forbids man to use in man's interaction with others.

The 'power' of this POWER is the JUSTIFICATION to use IT in ones interaction with another 'sinner,' either verbally or physically, using ones 'arm' or weaponry.

This Dark energy essence IS God the Father's and thus IT/HE 'brooks' NO 'competition' and ITS nature is such that any 'opposition' is by IT perceived as needing 'correction' and destruction.

When one uses this energy some of IT 'grows' within the soul of the user, and is known as 'Sin,' being the energy essence of all known and unknown negative emotions.

If you are 'of' the pure Light having NO dark energy within your soul, you do NOT perceive 'sinners' as needing to be punished or 'corrected' as such, you only see them as needing education, so that they can free themselves from this dark energy they drew IN whilst in the flesh of this realm or in a pre-birth time of eternal time.

The DARK energy essence of God is SILENT ~ DEADLY and UNSTOPPABLE, - - - IT simply goes about ITS 'return unto user' fulfillment of LAW business 'clandestinely' and unseen, but the painful and destructive consequences of IT in ACTION via the mind and hand of man is seen by everyone. IT is 'super-intelligent' and far beyond your comprehension and ALL sorrow or suffering is the consequence of IT in action.

Irrespective of your 'religious' aspirations or programmed 'beliefs,' you need to understand that both the Light & Dark energies of THE SOURCE operate equally, in that they are an immutable 'Law' unto themselves and, as you use either you receive an equal and opposite return at some stage ahead from the energy flowing back to you through the 'hands' of others. Be they true or untrue, kind or cruel. (Justice absolute)

The 'problem' with using the DARK Power is that at that moment of time you ARE 'God's Dark energy in action and you FEEL 'invincible' and 'all powerful' because IT is SO, but you are NOT.

IT has infinite intelligence, infinite cunning, and IT is remorseless, coercive, merciless and utterly destructive, and this is why God forbids man to use IT, for He our God knows of ITS (His) power to twist and weave and deceive and, - - - once you have used IT then IT will NEVER let you go, and within your soul IT does daily grow and further from the Light your soul does fall and greater becomes your travail and agony.

Only my wisdom, being the Wisdom of the Light can now set you free within IF you 'listen' to the silent words flowing through my mind and PEN and OBEY the Command of God and strengthen your mind so that you NEVER retaliate in the face of adversity as you PAY your past accrued 'dues' to IT THE DARK.

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~ The Justification for 'Vengeance' ~

Man sees NOT that the Dark destructive ENERGY ESSENCE of THE SOURCE (God) is what leads man into eternal 'sorrow' and suffering because ITS 'nature' is totally opposite to that of the creative Light ENERGY ESSENCE of THE SOURCE (God)

When you defy God and use His 'forbidden to use' DARK energy in your interaction with others then IT 'consumes' your soul and your 'nature' becomes as it IS; cruel, dominating, merciless, controlling, forceful, arrogant, proud, vain, jealous, critical, vindictive, angry, absolutely DECEPTIVE and totally DESTRUCTIVE and you now believe in the 'righteousness' of 'merciless persecution, prosecution and punishment of offenders.'

Men of the 'cloth' (religion) have and yet do actively CONDONE this 'way,' and even their crusading forces have waged war and crucified their enemies being those of other 'creeds,' so now you see the very GRAVE consequences for ANY who find an ONGOING justification to defy their God.

The REALITY is, that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to amend ones dark ways because the DARK aspect of the Source is very INTRUSIVE and VERY forceful and, all 'sinners' have this dark energy within and do have minds 'under siege' from the SOURCE of the DARK, and Hell's ANGELS (demons) are the ones authorised by God THE FATHER to use 'sinners' telepathically and energetically force them to be their (His) retributive force to mete out His punitive 'Justice' so as to balance His 'Scales of Justice.'

This very DARK and unseen destructive energetic FORCE which operates clandestinely through the soul and mind of man has the power and capacity to turn man into unconscionable BEASTS and, into actions which ARE in contravention of God's COMMAND and, - - - is what leads man into CONTINUED defiance of God and INTO the 'pits' of hells-fire.

This force (dark energy of God) is what JUSTIFIES a 'reason' (the deception) in the mind of man to go forth and terrorise 'someone' or 'many' and to persecute them (unto the ends of the earth) and to CAUSE THEM HARM through extortion, coercion, threat, loss, deprivation, eviction, conviction, injury, mental or emotional trauma and thus 'sorrow' and, - - -

In FACT it (the dark energy) 'overpowers' the mind of the user to the extent that they now BELIEVE that they are doing GOOD as they 'harm and destroy.' The 'possessive' thoughts are from demons in the underworld who do seize 'temporary' control over the minds of mortal men. (Spirit possession)

The END result of the PUNISHMENT of others is, that within THE LAW OF RETURN OF GOD, the SAME dark powerful PAINFUL energetic force returns upon the USER at a later date via others, and its RETURN IS UNSTOPPABLE, for there is no 'power' known by man to CONTROL this ENERGY OF GOD which IS a Law unto ITSELF.

V – for Vendetta - - - R – for Retribution

God's 'eye for an eye' – ABSOLUTE JUSTICE

The DARK energy of the Source NEVER FORGETS 'who' defies God and uses IT. To DEFY ones God is NEVER an option. This REAL Life process is afflicting all 'sinners' because a part of their inner energy now IS this Dark essence of God, and IT has a 'mind' of its OWN.

Due to the POWER of spirit possession now intensifying globally, we will soon see an absolute FRENZY of destructive activity, and NO person will avoid their 'comeuppance' and, - - - those who do not 'listen' to me will become totally possessed and 'busily' being God's retributive force they will FALL into the underworld and continue ON forever giving and receiving PAIN. The more they give IT the more IT returns unto them until they become 'screaming in eternal agony demons.

It is impossible for us to hide or run 'away' from ones past and thus avoid the implementation of the punitive aspect of God's Law. How so? Because the dark energy (sin) within us which we drew IN always knows where IT is. So when IT so decides to balance ITS 'books,' be it in this realm and time or in the next level of consciousness, ITS retributive ENERGY will simply operate in a 'flash' through the mind and 'arm' of some other 'sinner' who will be inspired (invited by IT or incited by IT) to cut you down, incarcerate you, injure you, dispossess you, injure or kill you etc., and 'balance ITS 'Scales of Justice' book.

If YOU are the 'sinner' so inspired to be God's retributive ARM then YOU place yourself into the very painful 'quadrant' of God's cyclonic punitive energy essence which will at some 'time' of ITS own choosing balance ITS 'Scales of Justice. If you take a wage to be an 'enforcer' then be assured of your coming 'sorrowful' FATE at the hands of some other 'crazed' defiant of God person.

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~ The Falsity of every Constitution ~
Its users, supporters, voters and taxpayers defiance of God

I see the actual Constitutional DOCUMENT endorsed by a Queen and her 'minstrels' as being the spell-binding TRAP which keeps man in bondage and ongoing suffering. It is the words such as 'The Seal' which is but another 'ritualistic' statement which empowers some in their assumed role of 'god ship' over other mortals, and their 'officers' also believe in their RIGHT to control and BE an overriding authority.

The control over the populace established as 'legal' flows ON over all future generations by those in power and empowered by guns using said Constitution as their 'legality' to state that citizens of the Australian land mass (or other) by virtue of the raising up of the Constitution were/are bound by the 'Royal Seal' so established and, - - - they are guaranteed protection by the Monarchy and, - - - they are bound by any 'rule, decrees, edicts, punishments' established by said Monarchy or their officers and, - - -

The implication of the words: "We the people hold shares in common in the Commonwealth of Australia" - - - and - - - in the Constitutional Preamble where it states: "Whereas the people of - - - humbly relying on the blessing of God Almighty - - - have agreed to unite in one - - - Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom - - -" ARE mere words which also induce a spell over the minds of everyone and as I see IT, all are 'slumbering' and unaware of the great GIANT 'devilish' SNARE uniting every voter and supporter of any Monarchy or government by their COMPLICITY to the DARK deeds carried out in their name and on their behalf.

In order to stay IN POWER, some people assumed the role of 'god ship' as they invoked TEXT in documents which PROMISED freedom, peace, and protection, whereas in FACT, in order to so do, the 'protector' had to themselves defy God and USE the 'forbidden to use' destructive energy of God as they ASSUMED that the 'legality' they empowered themselves with somehow nullified and 'voided' the imposition of THE LAW OF GOD upon their heads due to their superiority and self-given MANDATES.

ALL the above is GROSS ERROR of belief.

It is the time for all mankind to now see that NO 'belief' nor text in books of rules voids or avoids the implementation of God's Law and, that EVERYONE who is operating (activity) outside the constraints of THE Holy Command or, anyone funding others to so 'operate' is GUILTY within the eyes of God THE ALMIGHTY and, - - - all are now to BE fully subjected to His Wrath and made to SUFFER all that they imposed upon others.

I use the word 'Guilty' in the para above but in fact that is not fully correct, for God PERMITS man to use either 'energy' but commands man to ONLY use His LIGHT because the Law of THE ENERGY is a simple RETURN to the user, be IT God's benign & creative energy loving and kind and creative and happy etc., OR the opposite malignant & destructive energy of God of extreme sorrow and pain and destruction imposed at the hands of others.

As we or our servants do unto others is by others done unto us


The Wrath of God is now to unfold on earth in the manner as revealed by my pen and is carried out by God's DARK demonic forces who live in the underworld, they are empowered to use anyone they can access TELEPATHICALLY to cut down and injure anyone 'marked' as ONE to need 'correction' and they know EXACTLY the amount of suffering that their 'victims' need to balance the 'Scales of Justice' of the DARK energy used by anyone.

All invoking and condoning and funding and supporting ANY 'Constitution' which subjugates others and uses FORCE to control others is a FALSE one and its invocation is by vain, proud, arrogant and ignorant mortals who 'know' NO God and they consign their own souls to the hellish realms below.

Thank you dear Mother ~ Father for your MERCIFUL Revelations.

Each and every ONE of us born under earth's sun has either personally or via our paid servants defied God due to the programming of our forefathers and society. Each must now make a FINAL and FATEFUL decision, and either become a person of MERCY & forgiveness or:

Continue on in the MERCILESS and UNFORGIVING ways of man.


God can do IT all without your input. Only HE stands above His 'eye for an eye' LAW.

Only EDUCATE other sinners, then they will ONLY educate YOU.

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~ The 'fiscal' Facts ~
the power of weapons

The words 'The government' are extremely 'loose' indeed because they hide the facets of the very vain and arrogant and spiritually ignorant 'brood' of children of God who in FACT are very bad and often the 'worst' criminals on the planet.

How so and why so? Because the groups of politicians openly flaunt their arrogance and vanity and defiance of God as they rely on weaponry and coercion to extort and subjugate in order to ensure that they CONTROL every aspect of human endeavour and, - - - their daily deeds are so DARK that they appear Light and benign even though their activities 'cover' and hide every CRIME possible, crimes which are 'listed' as 'forbidden' within their own 'text books' of RULES.

These crimes against God's children appear 'normal' simply because they are purported to be LEGAL and thus legitimate due to their 'solicitation' and invocation by a 'majority vote.'

Every person in the community either 'voting' for or condoning, supporting or funding by taxation of 'fine' or licence 'levy' or other 'royalty' fee is complicit in the eyes of God of absolute defiance of God's Command due to said complicity in:

The control of other mortals.
The subjugation of other mortals.
The enslavement of other mortals.
The punishment of other mortals.
The incarceration of other mortals.
The kidnap of other mortals.

The interference in the lives of other mortals.
The torture of other mortals.
The injury of other mortals.
The killing of other mortals.
The trespass against other mortals.
The mental and emotional sorrow imposed upon other mortals.

and more

Yes indeed, everyone has become a 'bastard' CHILD of the cruel, merciless, unforgiving BEAST which rules this errant breed from the underworld.

All this is 'headed' by politicians or other 'dictators' who transmit the telepathic EDICTS sent UP from the underworld into their MINDS as thoughts or ideas of more and more ways to control, punish, subjugate and extort money from the people.

Members of all earthly 'religions' profess by mouth to being kind and loving and caring and merciful and that they are thus 'saved' by someone such as Jesus or Muhammad or Buddha or Abraham, but as God and I see IT, - - - not ONE is as yet 'safe and saved' through being either kind, loving, caring or merciful etc., other than myself and those 'helpers' presently on earth and whom I chose in Heaven to 'lead the way' here as they OBEY God and God's message via my 'pen,' God's. All the others ARE as yet on the wide road to Hell.

The 'PMT' (Political management team) is the only 'group' on earth who can overspend and then simply extort more 'expense' money in the form of added taxes or heftier fines. Not only this, but any failure to PAY these additional impositions is backed by additional punishment or loss of property or even public 'shaming.'

Does even ONE 'resplendent' politician sell up their own property and name and shame themself as a 'criminal IDIOT' for overspending the money obtained from the community? NO.

Surely 'quality' newspaper men or women can find the reason to EXAMINE THE FACTS revealed by God via me so as to ASSIST the Lost Race?

It is 'so sad,' for not ONE minister of religion nor news editor knocks on my door even though thousands upon thousands of emails have been sent out for SURE. All I receive in 'return' is the occasional one either:

1 - Offering mental health counselling.
2 - Threatening to report my 'outreach' as spam.
3 - Telling me of my soon coming 'fate' to be of 'swinging on a tree.'

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Can we DO without God THE LIGHT in our life and as our head of house? - NO
Can we do without politically motivated armed men and women interfering in and controlling every aspect of life? - YES.

Do we need politicians who have naught to do other than raise up more and more control, interference, fine and punishment and deprivation? - NO
Do we all need to now OBEY God's "Love & peace & Mercy" Command? - YES

Do we need to plant our own vegetables and assist ourselves and others? - YES
Do we need to go our way in peace? - YES

Why the 'Yes' to the above? Because anyone found by God or me to be continuing to defy HIM the 'Sovereign Authority' is to be sent DOWN to live FOREVER enslaved, tortured and subjugated in travail and AGONY. Do all politicians truly believe that their official position or 'mandate' by vote of the populace nullifies God's LAW?

All the 'legitimised' INIQUITY highlighted above is enabled only through the use of their 'uphold the peace' PRIVATE ARMY, being the mercenary police force group used by politicians and paid for by THE PEOPLE whom they daily 'wage war' against in many a form.

The use of this 'armed force' to control, extort funds, subjugate and punish is deemed 'righteous' and for the good of all in the 'honour' of the flag or nation... None seeing that God and His Command has been set aside by ignorant man, and all are misled by the elite who keep man defiant of God through their complicity to iniquity.

Each must now ask themselves: "Do I continue to 'bow' to the dictates of politicians, being people who believe that they are the pillars of society or do I now follow God and ONLY God's Command"? Now is the time of 'RAGE & RUIN' and absolute chaos, insanity and liquid TERROR. All must choose the 'win or lose' and that CHOICE belongs to you the individual and you alone.

The ONLY 'control' of man over man permitted by God at this point in eternal time is as given in the 'Offender document' Feeling Easier Seminar for the rehabilitation of offenders. Being those who factually disturb the peace of the land.

All immigration and other controls including every TEXT 'book' of legislation by state, federal or council being the 'RULES, edicts, laws of man,' are to be consigned to the FIRE as man is set FREE by the power of God as revealed through me.

No power or group have the Right to invoke or use any 'rule' or decree of man in their interaction with another. The provision of benign community services will be the domain of public individuals and their 'companies,' and no longer the domain of 'superpowers' with their all-encompassing money hungry 'reach' using force.

Force and ITS destructive and subjugating POWER is the 'forbidden to use' Power of God THE FATHER, and all using IT or supporting or funding IT are subjected to IT. No man stands above God's LAW - ITS Law. Only use THE LIGHT OF GOD and live within ITS 'return to user' Law.

If you the individual 'wish' to become happy and FREE then do not support the control over OTHERS which is daily carried out in your name and on your behalf. God's Law BE.

I have not herein spoken of any 'good' done by anyone but that has its own benign reward and is not the object of this epistle.

Fanaticism is a 'trait' of the DARK. It is the trait of every religious 'zealot' be they the 'religion' of government or the religion of any other form of 'system of ideological belief' being taught on this planet or in any realm outside the pure Light.

Fanaticism is the ideological belief in the RIGHT of total domination of all living within ITS domain. What is ITS domain? Its domain is the 'boundary' wherein ITS Dark forceful, punitive, subjugating and destructive 'eye for an eye' Law exists.

IF you have defied ITS 'Light' and used the Power and forcefulness of THE DARK energy essence of God then you have placed yourself within ITS domain of THE Dark until such time as in NON-retaliation you have permitted IT to mete out 'payback' and thus as such IT has 'dealt' with you in FULL. There is NO 'mercy nor forgiveness' within ITS Law. (Refer: The fulfillment of God's Law - linked at page end)

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All Dictators (makers of rules) are fanatics, and every politician is 'such' having the ideological BELIEF in their RIGHT to impose (forcefully) the Law (rulings) of THE DARK overlord for they are IT in action as they impose ITS strictures backed by force of arms.

Their mercenary forces (Army & Police who do anything for 30 pieces of silver) are equally fanatical in the implementation of the TEXT Rules because they are also 'unknowingly' imposing THE LAW of THE DARK for your past use of IT the dark energy essence. (As you did impose upon others forcefully is now imposed upon you)


Fanatics perceive the use of power and weaponry as 'justified' and normal. How & 'why' so? Because it IS 'justified' and normal for THE DARK energy essence of THE DARK aspect of God the Source to 'balance' ITS 'scales of justice,' however, that punishment factor has naught to do with your defiance of political RULES, but everything to do with your past defiance of God's Command and your continued support of HIS Dark punitive interaction with other offenders carried out by politicians and their mercenary forces. (YOUR forces)

Everyone is presently revolving in darkness. Be you the individual citizen or the politician or the enforcer. Set yourself FREE in NOT supporting nor funding IT the Dark interaction action.

God's RULING Command 'rules' stipulate: "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive your enemy," IF you operate outside these 'constraints' then you are an 'anarchist' sowing deception and darkness as YOU defy Him your Creator and He is THE ONE who becomes your ultimate DESTROYER.

Let it here be KNOWN that: All persons 'in power' with the assumed Right to Dictate the 'terms of life' to others are the ones in the very gravest SPIRITUAL DANGER. Who are these? They are the Emperors, Warlords, Kings & Queens and their POLITICIANS.

Why so? Because it is they who are the DICTATORS, being the most arrogant, ignorant and vain of every society outside the pure Light who hold the false belief in their right to IMPOSE their demands upon all in society.

These self appointed 'official' people give out the ORDERS for their armed forces to go forth and invade and dispossess and injure and extort money and MURDER women and children and their 'brothers' in order to 'satisfy' their own ideals, needs, wants, desires.

All of these 'empowered' by self and others are now to be subjected to the same 'atrocities' as they are FORCED to PAY in FULL. It was so prophesied by God via others and myself that it would so BE and, - - - according to 'me' there is NO 'forgiven by Jesus' or any other. God is MERCILESS in the dispensation of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE on an 'eye for an eye' and thus EQUAL return measure for measure.

Believe you me, everyone of them will be 'cut to the quick' and they will shriek in agony endlessly unless they amend their ways TODAY and 'suffer' for their past ways in non-retaliation, which is the only way to freedom for everybody.

I 'advise' them as you to now lay down the 'mace' and turn and face God and begin to see clearly that neither they nor their mandates stand above the Law of God.

And as for you the reader, you need to understand that when you pay a 'royalty' Tax to a DICTATOR, you are showing God of your allegiance to their 'word' and seeing IT as 'The Law' and, - - - it is also a FACT that on bended knee you are giving 'fealty' or allegiance to them as 'Lord' rather than to God and His Holy Command. It is I to advise you ALL that He is the ABSOLUTE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY.

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~ The NO 'vote' Right ~

Let it be made quite clear from the outset that there are many TRUE believers such as myself who are absolute pacifists who obey the Command of their God. They also cannot condone, support or fund any person or institution having the conflicting code of conduct policy of using 'armed men' in the activity of control, subjugation, interference, punishment, invasion of property or killing. We believers only fund benign community effort.

Not only this, but absolute pacifists are also of the BELIEF that our God is the Sovereign Monarch, Power and Authority. Thus 'we' do not hold the false belief held by many that a mortal personage, government or ‘council of men’ body is ones lord or master or 'sovereign' to be adored and obeyed. Our peaceful non-intrusive living ways rely solely on the advocacy of our Sovereign Lord, God.

We also believe that all 'Crown' land is not owned by any earthly monarch or 'state council,' but is owned by God. Thus every person on earth is entitled to find themselves a vacant acre or so 'spot' on land known as 'Crown' and inhabit it. So we believe

It is my 'pen' to reveal unto YOU and all government officials that NON voters and NON taxpayers who have the opposite and PEACEFUL Religious ideology do NOT 'belong' to any 'governing' institution and do NOT have to vote nor fill out tax returns nor pay any taxes as they are NOT a 'Party' member. However, as government institutions have seized control of every aspect of society, including those benign services available, non 'Party' members may use said benign facilities.

Party members of the institution of 'Caesar' (State) rely on its forces for PROTECTION rather than their God, and that is the ISSUE here at stake, for in the 'protection' aspect government forces cause great harm & suffering to other children of God, and Absolute Pacifists cannot condone, support nor fund this anti-god activity.

As I 'read it,' the Freedom of Religion clause still stands 'inviolable' and in no 'way' has been 'downgraded' or superseded by any 'latter day' Acts, but, - - -

What I do see is that because this Act has the 'proviso' of ONLY applying to a peaceful or moral person, that a 'voter or taxpayer' cannot claim ANY 'immunity' from persecution or taxation using said Freedom of Religion clause because:

1 - by 'vote' they support and condone the controlling, invasive, punitive and warring actions of the officers of the organisation against other children of God making them complicit to 'disturbing the peace' of others and causing them harm, loss, deprivation of liberty, eviction, banishment, impoverishment etc., and this is aggressive and IMMORAL conduct.

2 – In paying taxes a voter is funding the controlling, invasive, punitive and warring actions of the officers of the organisation against other children of God, and are also complicit to 'disturbing the peace' of others and causing them harm, loss, deprivation of liberty, eviction, banishment, impoverishment etc., and this is aggressive and IMMORAL conduct.

3 – Thus a voter or taxpayer is of the SAME 'Ideological belief' and Religious 'affiliation' as that of the officers of your Institution and thus any voter or taxpayer CANNOT claim 'immunity' from persecution or protection from MAN or GOD.

Once you have UNDERSTOOD the message from God contained within The Testament of Truth, and 'changed' your Religious ideological affiliation to that of ABSOLUTE PACIFISM and now are no longer a financial 'contributor' to a governing institution, then you are not required to fill out and 'lodge' any tax returns for the purpose of taxation submission.

You are now no longer 'complicit' to the control over the lives of others VIA the government system and are ENTITLED to claim immunity and protection as guaranteed within the Constitution and God in living your contra 'Absolute Pacifism' BELIEF wherein you NEVER harm others personally nor do you use paid 'servants' of State to so do in your name or on your behalf.

I BELIEVE that the government is OUT OF CONTROL and leading all into CHAOS and "bankruptcy" and certain death and destruction through being ungodly and defiant of God.

I BELIEVE that all officials make up their OWN decisions, decisions which are in conflict with their own rules and, that these decisions are NOT in the best interest of THE PEOPLE but are in fact the cause of great suffering, loss and hardship and therefore I BELIEVE that true 'believers' do not wish to FUND government policy because it:

1 - Makes us complicit to the suffering imposed on other people by your officials.

2 - It is a contravention of God's Command to cause loss and harm to others.

3 - In supporting and funding your policy it makes us defiant of God.

4 - We BELIEVE that it is God who rules, NOT the rules of man.

5 - According to the Constitution of Australia 'Policy' I should receive immunity from persecution as long as I do not disturb the peace of the land.

6 - If you persecute me for living my BELIEF then it is YOU disturbing the peace and you defying the Constitution of Australia and you are also being defiant of God.

When YOU are using Dark energy and IT is empowering you then at that moment YOU feel strong and 'in' control of the situation because you are empowered by IT the strength of the DARK essence of THE Source.

- - - BUT - - -

To WIN your spiritual freedom and become purged of your inner 'Sin,' you have to suffer your return 'dues' within the punitive aspect of THE LAW of God for when in your past, you or your servants were the merciless and unforgiving 'shark' biting others.

Forgive your perceived enemy and turn the other cheek if persecuted or abused or crucified.
Obey the Command of God and be set FREE.

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate"

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 ~ The REAL danger ~

The invisible 'Creator ~ Destroyer' we name 'God' is but is the sum totality of all known and unknown ENERGY. Energy that fills an area that is infinitely larger than the known and unknown material universe.  This energy essence is similar to a 'magnet' in that it has twin polarities separated by an intense 'fire' that transforms the Dark into Light.

Both aspects have an 'infinite' and 'super intelligence' that is incomprehensible to man but in some aspects it is similar to the 'science' of this material world, for the spiritual energy also has the same 'law' as physics: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Thus the 'energy' of either the benign or malignant aspect is a 'Law' unto itself and, it is IMMUTABLE and, it fulfills itself at the time and in the place that IT so decides.

I believe that this is why man speaks of the Law of God as being:

"As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal basis ~ what you do comes back to you on an 'eye for an eye' or 'tooth for a tooth' basis."

The Dark aspect of the ENERGY of the Source is: "Absolutely deceptive, cold, hard, unyielding, cruel, foreboding, callous, coercive, merciless, immoveable, unforgiving, punitive, warring, invasive, controlling, arrogant, proud, vain, jealous, critical, judgemental and absolutely DESTRUCTIVE & ABSOLUTE JUSTICE in its malignant return unto those that used ITS destructive forceful power in their interaction with others."

These negative 'emotions' within mankind are a part of this Dark energy that  man draws IN as IT is used in their controlling, interfering, punitive or injurious interaction with others, and is of a lesser or greater volume dependant upon how 'much' of IT they use over 'eternal' time. It is what is termed 'The SIN in man.'

The Light aspect of the ENERGY of the Source is: "Absolutely truthful, warm, soft, yielding, kind, welcoming, gentle, merciful, compassionate, forgiving, peaceful, loving and CREATIVE & ABSOLUTE JUSTICE in its benign return unto those that used its 'graciousness' in their interaction with others."

Soon there is to be global warfare, being the sword, spear, axe, gun and more, even the heavy 'boot' on every street.

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare for.


Soon the earth will 'tilt' a little and melting ice will affect millions

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Violent storms and earthquakes will rock the planet

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Tsunamis will become dangerous and seas will 'slop' around and drive everyone to higher ground

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

There will be an international currency crisis, all investments lost and everyone penniless

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Millions of people will flow from here to there over the face of the earth seeking refuge and they will fight

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Food stocks will dwindle and millions will starve

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

There will be no medicines or medical facilities for the masses and the elderly and 'wounded' will die

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

Surely the Dark will even 'cover' the face of the Sun for a time as madness becomes the 'order' of the day and that is the beginning of the END

But it is not the danger I wish to advise you of and to prepare YOU for.

The real danger is our own MIND and emotions, for ones negative emotions will 'surge' to the fore with an ever increasing power for the reasons revealed unto mankind by my pen in my message 'Synopsis' and fear, anger, hatred and UN-FORGIVENESS will become the 'order of the day' as our thoughts 'sway' uncontrollably, as they are telepathically interpolated with by far distant demonic forces, and everyone will 'remember' who did this or that to them or their loved ones, and 'minds' JUSTIFIED by incoming thoughts will say: "Seek them out, injure them, KILL THEM."

The real danger is the telepathic power of the Serpent who will 'incite' man to keep using ITS Dark energy to retaliate in the face of adversity.
Woe and more woe if you lose control of your MIND to IT and thus 'dragged down' into ITS Lair.

I ask of you the individual - - - are you:

To be the hunter -- or -- To be the hunted

WHY - ?

For the punitive 'terrorising' hunters always become the 'terrorised hunted.'

The 'capacity' of the DARK energy is that IT telepathically 'justifies' man to be ITS 'V for Vendetta' RETRIBUTIVE 'arm' to 'balance' ITS 'Scales of Justice' against OTHERS, and the 'balancer' then becomes ITS next 'victim,' and any that continue to 'defend or fight' NEVER end this 'balancing' action and, they suffer on and on and ON and fill their OWN soul with more Dark ENERGY.

ONLY those who have the courage to follow ME, being MY WAY as a non-retaliatory lamb will one day walk along the stairway to Heaven after having paid their dues to the Godly 'energy,' so as to 'permit IT to fully and finally balance ITS 'Scales of Justice' within the ONE Law : "As you do is done unto you."

Only the fulfilment of ITS Law 'permits' one to go free from ITS ongoing imposition upon those who continue to use ITS destructive ENERGY.

Now is the time to forget the past, and our past wrong doings or that of others who were used by IT to make us suffer. Whatever the load, there is now this last chance for redemption. Follow the way of the Lamb - Go in Peace and forgive your enemy for his ways.

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~ Peace in the land ~

For PEACE to exist in any land there must BE 'reason & sanity' and God's 'peace & love' Command to the fore.

Are you aware that rule by man, e.g. using political decrees, is in fact 'rule by the gun,' (armed men) and is DICTATORSHIP and 'Martial Law' couched in the words 'democracy'?

What do you 'do' when faced by others who have an aggressive and controlling 'culture of belief,' and who thus use force to interfere in your life and coerce you into funding and supporting their ways?

If you are WISE you do not 'bow' to their demands, nor do you 'obey' their orders. You simply remain steadfast within the precepts of God's Command as you remain peaceful. You also do your best to enlighten them to the error of their ways and to the existence of God's Command and immutable LAW.

In every society outside the pure Light of Heaven there are the kindly 'givers'  who freely give to others in the community. Regrettably there are the VAIN arrogant 'takers' who are 'justified' in taking from others. These ignorant beings always use FORCE and they 'pay' armed men to enforce ALL their demands imposed upon everyone.

Who are these arrogant men? They are village chiefs, emperors, kings, presidents and politicians who always demand more and more funding for their needs, wants, desires, wages and weaponry. They are 'free loaders' using text in books to STEAL from everyone, and their 'taxing' enslaving ways are NOT legal in the eyes of the Creator.

If YOU are a 'taker' backed by rules or armed men then 'beware,' an agonising FATE you will 'share' with many unless TODAY you amend your ways.

If you are a person having a 'job' which empowers you and demands that YOU follow the code of conduct 'orders' in a book or from a 'superior,'  then you ARE truly ON the wide road to Hell because, you are required to defy the RULING COMMAND of God in your interaction ACTIVITY.

God is THE AUTHORITY, not man.

How do you defy God? You believe in the 'Justification' to 'interfere in the lives of others, to control, subjugate, intimidate, pursue, detain for punishment, injure, dispossess them from their families and lands, destroy property and KILL.

Truly, ignorance is NOT 'bliss' because God IS absolutely JUST and all you punitively DO comes back to you in an EQUAL measure say I the Plenipotentiary of THE MOST HIGH.

Remember, it is of GREAT IMPORTANCE to never 'counter' aggression with FORCE and 'fight' a persecutor or other 'enemy,' - - - Why? Because you now KNOW that your 'oppressors' ARE 'God's reaping army' sent by God to do two things:

1 - To punish you within His 'eye for an eye' law for your own past aggressive and arrogant ways when you 'tortured' others.

2 - To set you FREE spiritually. For IF you 'turn the other cheek' and do not retaliate and you FORGIVE the oppressor, then you HAVE permitted the 'Scales of Justice' of God to 'balance' and you ARE thus a free person.

If you do retaliate and fight then that ALSO is by the inspiration of God the Dark Sovereign Power using YOU to impose ITS 'eye for an eye' Justice but, - - - all the injury you impose becomes another DUE of suffering to ahead BE met by you, and it can go ON forever with NO surcease.

Meet any aggressor in peace with open hands and unarmed. You also do your very best to give them good counsel as you try and elevate their consciousness and thus free them from servitude to THE DARK. Never berate them.

I reiterate, to BE SAVED by the outpouring Light of God's grace, you must be IT the Light in 'action' at all times.

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~ The Crown of God ~

The Power & the Glory

It is a common belief that 'War' is only carried out 'legally' by the 'consensus' of the majority Vote followed by an 'appointed' and thus legitimate LEADER.

It is a common belief that any or all punitive or destructive actions of the now 'legalised' armed forces of state 'head' are legitimate in God's eyes and not subject to the 'eye for an eye' or 'as you sow so shall ye reap' Law of God.

It is my pen to now disavow this FALSE premise. For every ACTION there is an equal and opposite REACTION.

That is the immutable Law of God's energy.

No mandate of office, flag, nation, uniform, wage or official position nullifies, voids or avoids the implementation of God's Law.

"As you do unto others is by others done unto you"
"As your servants do unto others on your behalf is by others done unto you"

Mankind needs to try and comprehend the meaning of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. Try and comprehend that the Benign (loving & creative energy) and the Malignant (hateful & destructive energy) are both energies of God THE SOURCE. These twin polarities EXIST. (Light & Dark)

God's energy is a 'Law unto itself' and the USER of IT (the benign or malignant energy) has NO capacity to HALT the 'Return unto the user' of either aspect of THE ENERGY. The used energy balances itself when IT so decides in this world or the next.

Man needs to realise that all persons of any 'age' who are being mercilessly persecuted or waged war upon or suffering are being PUNISHED by God's Dark energy which is simply 'balancing ITS books.' (The imposition of Tribulations which go on forever outside of Heaven, the Light)

Man needs to realise that all the suffering (Tribulations) IMPOSED by them becomes the DUE of suffering and loss that will 'Return upon their own head.'

Remember, no person will ever 'finger you' (cause you harm) unless you have a 'karmic' pain debt to God. To become free, just 'suffer it' and go your way in PEACE as God Commands.

You cannot cause harm or sorrow or wage war LEGALLY and AVOID the 'comeback' to yourself. It can and will come back upon your 'head' immediately or a year ahead or 1000 years ahead. IT is infinite intelligence and IT at times 'adds together' your wrongdoings over time before ITS 'payback' so as to maximise your ahead travail.

The WISE 'forgive & forget' the harm caused to them by their enemies, but they do their best to EDUCATE their persecutors and thus assist them to see the error of their ways.

The WISE know that in so doing, they remain in the Benign return of energy aspect of God's immutable Law and accrue NO 'penalty' DUE which they would if retaliating punitively.

Why 'work' for THE DARK and be ITS 'reaper' when ahead, ITS forces turn against YOU? It is better to ONLY work for the LIGHT and in making others happy, the return ahead to you is happiness.

THE LAW of the land is THE LAW of GOD

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My TASK for God the LIGHT is to reveal unto man the 'voters' COMPLICITY to all done in their name and on their behalf as TAXPAYERS. For all are funding BOTH the benign AND the malignant activities of the 'forces' directed by the LEADER who was elected and 'crowned' by them.

The ONLY TRUE LEADER of God's children is the 'voice' of the ENERGY ESSENCE of the PURE LIGHT OF HEAVEN who commands man to:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy as you 'turn the other cheek' if abused & go as a 'lamb to the slaughter' if confronted by non-believers because you must never retaliate."

Let us now ONLY fund benign activity effort and do our best to EDUCATE those yet trapped by the 'voice' of the DARK ENERGY ESSENCE. Because ITS 'thoughts' direct man's MIND telepathically and JUSTIFY a reason therein to destroy and kill the other and in so doing, the person KILLS themselves so to speak as God's Law fulfills itself later on.

The Dark destructive energy essence of THE SOURCE is the SIN that arrogant man drew IN to his soul. It is this 'sin' that enables the Dark to USE the mind of man, (sinners) and IT uses them as ITS 'forces of vengeful retribution.' As these ignorant mortals do ITS 'bidding' they draw IN more and more 'Sin' (dark energy) and they fall deeper into the Abyss in the after-life to fight on and on forever.

So be IT

Never-ending sorrow and ongoing agony RESULTS for all who continue to defy THE LIGHT. God's energy simply is what it is. You are 'free' to use either aspect for God grants you that CHOICE.

Only God can wear a CROWN, for only HE can use dark energy and not suffer the consequence for He is the DARK ENERGY ESSENCE.

So if you are an 'official' mandated by a mortal man or a man's edicts, rules, laws etc., and you go forth to control, subjugate, interfere, dispossess, punish, abuse, intimidate, threaten, coerce, incarcerate or kill, then you are also wearing a FALSE 'Crown' and you need to remove IT and 'disarm' and quickly step down from your 'high horse' you are riding before you FALL and are trampled underfoot as all punitive enforcers are soon to be. Education is the new way.

Why don't YOU the individual try and be little 'loving & kind' to yourself? This you can only DO when you are loving, compassionate and merciful unto OTHERS as God Commands.

The more the individual carries ON in the merciless, unforgiving and punitive mode, the more dark energy clouds their inner Light core, and the time comes when they can no longer BE a being of light & love and are definitely doomed to eternal servitude and suffering in dark realms below.

The Creator creates a soul and bestows ITS 'energetic' attributes within the soul. You now have the ability to live with the freedom to move and be. It is your personal choice to use God's DARK or LIGHT energy. It is my 'task' to confirm for God the consequences of the use of said energies of God, of which you were advised by God at the time of your creation.

My 'pen' has done ITS best to awaken all from their VANITY & PRIDE 'spell' of unreality. It is now your personal choice to LIVE or DIE spiritually.

The forceful destructive POWER is God's to use, not man's. It is the forbidden by God to use:

 "Fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

I rest my case.

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I REPEAT: WHY & HOW does YOUR personal obedience to God's Command and Wisdom save your soul?

When YOU begin to OBEY God you STOP using dark ENERGY in your personal interaction with others, it is THUS that you HALT the ingress of more dark ENERGY into your spirit soul and, you ALSO you begin to to PERMIT the Punitive aspect of God's Law to fulfil itself without you accruing any more 'eye for an eye' debts or DUES because you DO 'turn the other cheek' if abused and you DO 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' if crucified on a cross or forced to suffer utter deprivation etc.

ALSO, you must not give in to 'coercion' and thus you STOP voting for, condoning, supporting or funding by fines, fees or ANY taxes any person or institution or 'government' of man which has the opposing ideology the Command of God. (peace, love, mercy, compassion & forgive others for their trespasses.)

For ONLY thus do you stop having to suffer through 'complicity' to all the injury, loss, deprivation and destruction IMPOSED upon others by YOUR SERVANTS who are operating IN your name and ON your behalf.

Reference THE FULFILMENT OF GOD'S LAW - Being the perquisite to Salvation and entry into the 'Promised Land,' Heaven.

ON THIS EARTHLY place the completion and FULFILMENT of the punitive aspect of God's Law of DIVINE Justice is accomplished by those remaining in the flesh or those departing to the Light when: - - - In "peaceful" NON-retaliation they suffered their personal 'crucifixion' at the hands of the merciless and, it is THUS that they finalised  or FULFILLED their spiritual DUES within the immutable LAW of GOD and, - - -

During the time of their 'suffering' they also at all times and in all situations ONLY interacted with others, including their persecutors, with kindness, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness and, - - -

By these benign actions they enabled the purification of their soul that ONLY took place as they halted the ingress of more of God's Dark forceful and destructive energy, being the Fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

ON THIS EARTHLY place the completion and FULFILMENT of the punitive aspect of God's Law takes place: - - - As everyone continuing to fight, defend, extort, control, steal, interfere, abuse, punish, maim or kill are sent into the Abyss as they depart the flesh, and their 'conviction' will continue on and on and on in that depraved place FOREVER, until into the liquid fires of Hell they are consumed.

LET IT BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD, - - - All the 'rituals' of the religions of man from 'baptism' onwards being the 'rites' imposed or given by men purporting to be Gods 'holy' are NAUGHT and carry no 'weight' or 'authority' in the 'Salvation' of mankind and, - - -

It is solely the journey of the individual backed by the Wisdom of the Light of God that enables the individual to overcome the deception of the Dark Sovereign Power, God and set themselves FREE as they 'bow' to the message of peace, love, mercy, compassion, and they forgive their enemy and turn the other cheek as given by God through both Jesus and others and now me when persecuted and abused.

Fear of persecution, loss, injury, suffering, banishment and dispossession into homelessness and poverty and 'shame' upon ones name is the 'axe' or axis of power wielded by the FORCES OF DARKNESS via the mind and hand of armed enforcers in the flesh.

These armed enforcers generally have 'lordly' masters who dictate their 'ideological policy' using rules of engagement enshrined in books named 'the law' and all these political heads are themselves 'mentally disturbed' by powerful demonic forces who operate telepathically via the emotions within man of greed, vanity, pride and liquid arrogance.

Using this painful coercion, the Dark keeps man locked into voting for IT to be their 'head of house' and to be their 'protector' in funding armed 'warriors' to maintain ITS subjugating, interfering and punitive ways. All are trapped in ITS dark 'web of deceit' through their complicity to the promotion of evil, subjugation and suffering imposed upon others.

Due to the FACT that the 'Law or Return' of God's ENERGY is immutable and non-voidable, all the suffering, subjugation and destruction imposed by the I.S.I.L mercenaries OR by state government enforcers accrues a similar return DUE imposed by God. There is NO 'legitimacy' in defying God's 'Peace and love and mercy and forgive' Command.

From this day forth you must 'turn your back' to warmongers and suffer the consequence OR, you will join them in the Dark below.

NON-retaliation is THE ONLY WAY to 'pay' ones past dues and thus ENABLE the fulfilment of the punitive aspect of THE LAW OF GOD.

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Reflections on the 'protection' of ones soul by God


How does God protect mortal man from loss or suffering or spiritual death?


It is simply by man accepting and thus 'bowing' in obedience to the Wisdom given unto mankind by God.


Man professes by mouth of his allegiance to his saviour (God) but in fact man by deed does the opposite as he fights others. (His oppressors) Man also believes that God is so merciful and compassionate that He will thus save man. This is the deception of the Dark devilish force.


God COMMANDS man to: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy as you 'turn the other cheek' if abused and 'die' as a 'lamb to the slaughter' if persecuted' in non-retaliation.”


It is all very simple because God has 'twin' energies, the benign creative LIGHT and the malignant destructive DARK.  Both of these energies are a Law unto themselves and the Law being:


"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" - "As you do is done unto you."


It follows that God cannot 'protect' man from using His energies because it is ones freedom of choice to so do. But God commands man to ONLY use His benign Light ENERGY in the knowledge that when one does so, one revolves within ITS aspect of THE LAW and ONLY receives a return of 'love' flowing back through others.


Conversely, when man defies the WISDOM of God and uses the DARK, forceful, destructive energy essence of God causing harm, loss and destruction, then man receives a return of agony and suffering as man is forced to 'endure' EQUALLY all he so arrogantly IMPOSED upon his sisters and brothers. This punitive return is via the mind and hands of others equally ignorant of THE IMMUTABLE LAW OF ENERGY.


Man sees NOT that when he uses the Light energy of God it grows within and brightens his SOUL and its rarefied vibration is what uplifts man up into Heaven.


Man sees NOT that when using the Dark energy of God it grows within and darkens his SOUL and its course vibration is what drags man down into the depths of the Dark.

The principles laid out in this document are those of TRUE spirituality and the salvation 'way' and the CORRECT teaching. Any 'activity' which conflicts with the principles laid out in this document is ERROR and is forbidden by God.

All 'canonical' laws, rules, acts, dictates, rituals or statutes of EVERY 'religion' are now abolished by this pen. There is only ONE 'Law of God' as revealed above and any person teaching or preaching other than the 'said' above are the 'works of men' emanating from Satan's den.

Every supposedly 'sacred' or other book of 'texts' of man having ANY punitive 'rules or laws or decrees' must be placed in a FIRE.  

As decreed by MY sacred pen, the pen of God

I the Spirit of Truth have spoken - Terence

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~ The 'living' God ~

As you begin to live with an 'enlightened consciousness' you also comprehend the 'living' God as you do see our God's ENERGY in action at all times and in all 'places,' as IT flows freely through the soul of man in their 'livingness' and interaction with others.

Yes, our God our 'creator or destroyer' is ALIVE, and Her or His 'intelligence' flows through us as 'thoughts' derived from 'whichever' level of consciousness ones MIND is linked to, and this is dependent upon our emotions being 'felt' at the particular moment in time.

As we do 'feel and think' and USE either aspect of Light or Dark energy, we ARE 'as' God in our interaction because, we ARE either GIVING with LOVE the Light energy or we ARE 'taking' or forcefully imposing the Dark energy. Both of which are the eternally available ENERGY of God 'upon or to' another.

Both energies are a LAW unto themselves - both return unto the USER via other users.

So now you see the REASON to ONLY BE THE LIGHT OF GOD in action eternally. - - - For then we ONLY receive back the benign Light flowing to us via others in their interaction with us, as IT the Light of God balances ITS 'Scales of justice' so to speak. Only thus are we happy and contented.

As I have now lived for 74 years of which much time was in 'darkest' Africa, I do also know that the 'destructive' ENERGY of God also exists. IT is 'torture, travail, utter agony, anguish and liquid terror and hatred' and more. So 'why' be tempted by IT or 'rules in a book' to use this forceful, destructive and controlling energy in your interaction with others?

When will man 'learn' that IT also DOES COME BACK with a fiery BURN?

You are responsible for the flow of either energy through you OR your servants to others, but you cannot 'control' ITS 'balancing' return flow 'to or upon' YOU via others.

The Creator exists, being mental intelligence 'supreme' with no 'end.' The Creator contains the all powerful invisible spiritual energies within His~Her frame, everywhere present, all wisdom, all knowledge, all emotional feelings.

The Creator created YOU and bestows all ITS attributes upon you and gives you the 'freedom' to 'live or die' but, - - - ones spirit soul never 'dies,' and spiritual 'death' simply means one is existing for an eternity in the dark below where suffering is ongoing eternally in THAT 'space.' So 'why' choose eternal GRIEF?

The two 'energies' of the Creator are a Law unto themselves, and these energies are 'all knowing, all seeing' and absolutely 'Just' in their equitable flow 'back and forth' as YOU use THEM. As said above, the return cannot be nullified nor avoided irrespective of YOUR belief around the issue of 'mandates' or legitimacy etc. What you express comes back; good for good - pain for pain. (Absolute justice)

The new revelations of this time REVEALS how and 'why' we have slipped 'down' the gullet of the Snake and find ourselves experiencing unpleasant mental, emotional and physical trauma due to the impositions of others living in this realm of consciousness.

To climb UP the 'ladder' and OUT of your situation you need to USE your God given mental energy (The director) to ASK God via the 'Star Prayer' to remove the confusion from your mind which has accumulated so that you can:

See the light and REASON - comprehend what is given - see the error of the ways of man - withstand the mental and emotional onslaught and survive it - conform to God's 'peace & love' command - go your way in peace and begin to halt your use of dark energy as you MERCIFULLY FORGIVE OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY DO TO YOU and - - - stop supporting and funding the persecution of others via governing institutions.

Believe you me, within your 'sweet loving soul' IS all knowing intelligence which responds to your call. Ask, seek, and you will find. If you are searching for 'peace, order, and inner harmony' you will find IT.

If you are searching for 'all power, control and domination' over other children of God then you will 'find' your way DOWN TO THE PLACE where our God 'crushes' all 'pretenders' to His Throne. Yes He crushes them into 'oblivion.'

All mankind is 'caught' in a 'cleft stick' which is held by the 'hand of God.'

There is to now be NO 'amelioration' from suffering for ANY who now continue to defy their God. He is the absolute all powerful Sovereign Monarch and HIS 'eye for an eye' retributive Law of THE DARK is to intensify, and any 'caught' in His 'cleft stick' will be bound tighter and tighter for an eternity unless they NOW 'listen' to me and set themselves FREE in the manner given by God THE LIGHT through me.


I can but reiterate: God is GOD, not you nor the rules you use against others.
God can 'enforce,' there is NO need for you to so do.

Become an educator and set others and yourself FREE.


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