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~ The Kingdom of Heaven ~

As written by Terence the Christ spirit

The Kingdom of Heaven is a State ruled by God the Father. All therein are free of 'Sin' and all therein 'love one another and go their way in peace' with no restrictions but there is one 'exception' that being, that they never 'sup of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.'

Why? Because IT the Tree is the 'doorway' to the realm (State) of darkness which also exists within the frame of the Almighty. IT the darkness (dark energy) is the forceful destructive power of God the Father and, - - - it is His prerogative and His ONLY to use said Darkness.

Why is it so? Because only He is above ITS 'law of equal return,' therefore, if you use the darkness then you will suffer within ITS 'eye for an eye' Law. When you use this forceful and destructive energy you 'die in your sin.' How or Why? Because as you use IT some of IT grows within your soul and then contaminates it. Further, through the passage of eternal time ITS 'low' energy vibration draws you down and away into the depths of darkness and suffering as IT 'justifies' your continued use of IT. (Dark energy)

This 'paper' is an expose of TRUTH written to expose the error and falsity which exists even unto today, some 2000 + years 'anno domino' in respect of your SALVATION.

What is Salvation? It is the resurrection of the soul of man through the purging of mans soul of all Dark SIN energy. This energy is the destructive power of God which arrogant man used and yet uses in his interaction with others every time he defies God. It is 'the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.'

What is the TRUE 'Christian message'? It is the CONTENT of the message, being 'love one another and go your way in peace' sent from God in Heaven unto man by various messengers over time. The content of the message of Wisdom is given to enlighten 'lost' man as to the ONLY WAY to attain purity of soul and thus Salvation.

I ask of you and reply: "Is the 'focal point' of the message the man Jesus and does he Jesus save the souls of those who 'call' on his name"? NO.

Why is it so? Because no man is God and, - - - no man can 'take on' the 'burden of sin' (Negative emotional energy) which another man drew IN to their own soul. No man can 'sacrifice' his soul in order to take on the 'debt to God' of any other spirit soul. Each errant must choose to 'win or lose' on the basis of personal choice.

It is THE TIME for errant man to LEARN that their GOD permits the FREEDOM OF CHOICE to His creation to DO whatever they so choose to but, - - - when they chose to defy His Command as is their prerogative, it simply IS THE WAY IT IS. They chose to use His dark energy and His Dark ENERGY is now their 'sworn' ENEMY and, - - - IT exists by its own rule, the simple rule of 'an eye for an eye' an absolutely JUST immutable, inviolable Law of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE.

(As you do punitively unto others is by others done punitively unto you)

It is ONLY the Wisdom emanating from God's LIGHT energy which can save anyone. What then can or does any 'messenger' of God do to assist in the salvation of any other in respect of the 'Christian message' to man from the LIGHT of God?

The ONLY thing any man such as Jesus or myself can do is to depart from the kingdom of heaven and be 'born' into the 'flesh' of this world. Once here and of 'age,' one transmits unto man what is received TELEPATHICALLY from the realm of heaven from whence comes the uncontaminated WISDOM needed by man to set themselves FREE from bondage to dark and evil ways.

What is the Wisdom? It is simply THE TRUTH as to 'what' ones daily CONDUCT must BE in order to HALT the use of Dark destructive energy. It means that you must from this moment on live within the precepts of God's Command reiterated here:

"Go your way in peace and love one another ~ extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind ~ do not rely on strength of arms or physical force to defend yourself ~ never seek to bring any other to 'account' punitively for their perceived misdeeds ~ be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy ~ turn the other cheek in non-retaliation if abused ~ if persecuted then remain steadfast in these teachings and do your best to educate your persecutors ~ if they wish to crucify you then 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter ~ remember to respect everyone for all are sinners bound by darkness and kindly share your respect, love and care."

As the above conduct is the means to salvation then what is the error of 'the way' as promoted today by false priests? It is the false belief that the man 'Jesus' somehow purged the souls of those who 'believe in him' or who 'call on his name.' Priests and Clerics also condone the support of war as a 'means to an end.' This activity is a contravention of God's Command and error and one cannot 'fight' ones way to Peace nor into into Heaven.

Man needs to see that there is NO 'easy way out' of his predicament because they are all still 'full of sin.' It follows, that they are all as yet 'unsafe and unsaved.'

Man needs to LEARN that the 'Kingdom of Heaven' is a place of utter perfection where NO 'speck' of dark emotional energy exists. This means that not one person therein has ANY negative emotions within their soul. Everyone ONLY has pure love and light benign emotions within, and thus their spirit and 'consciousness' is 'Christed' meaning, a PURE SOUL.

God THE FATHER the absolute Power and Authority cannot 'permit' any contamination in His Kingdom of Heaven because 'base' Dark energy 'vibrates' at a low frequency, and IT cannot enter or EXIST in THE highest vibration frequency of pure Light.

If you the individual continue to believe that the 'crucifixion' of another mortal 'saves you,' then that devilish deception and delusion is what it is, and you will fall due to NOT obeying God's Command during the TIME of Tribulation.

Why is this so? Because the Dark SIN energy already within you permits you, and mentally forces you to believe that you have a RIGHT to bring others to punitive 'account.' Its Dark power is also what JUSTIFIES your continued use of ITS forceful ENERGY to so do and, - - - as you so do, you draw more of IT into your soul.

Only those who NOW abide in (Obey) the ONE and ONLY true salvation message as they follow and remain in TOTAL obedience to God's FINAL Testament by my personal hand will BE saved and, - - - to so do, - - - they will need to fortify their minds daily as they 'say' the Star Prayer.

~ The State of Heaven 'Decrees' ~

Yes the 'Promised Land' called Heaven is a State that is 'governed' by the Light of God, and - - - yes, there is a 'requirement' for any seeking to enter therein, and thus these Decrees now issue forth from my hand.

Let it be understood that only those of 'good' are able to enter the 'State' of LOVE. For God's Light above has one 'Rule' that says "Only be loving,"** and there is also only one Law 'above' that says: "As you do is done unto you," and thus all who live in the State of Heaven are forever receiving a 'return due' of love for being true to the one State 'Rule.'

In order for any person to be 'accepted' into the Heavenly State in the 'afterlife,' they must first become 'as' God's wife** in this earthly life. Meaning that they become pure and demure and thus able to comply with the Heavenly 'Rule' of "Only be loving," as is given now by God's dove and, the only 'acceptable' religion is that of absolute pacifism.


Note: Any word having a double asterisk mark **
has a 'clarification' of meaning on page 13 & 14 under 'Notes.'

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~ The 'governing' Decrees ~

The Decree:

"If you belong to any religion of man or any political 'Party' or State governing System, by virtue of the fact that you are either funding them financially, or supporting them by voting for them, or by being directly employed by them, then you are automatically 'barred'** from Heaven."

This is because your 'deeded' ways each day are contra to the 'Rule' of Heaven and you have not learnt my 'lesson' given, and I give you the reasons here.

Every religion or 'belief system' on earth today is based on 'silt' as all condone the 'act' of self defence in the face of adversity and the punishment of others perceived as offenders. The 'defensive' or punitive act is an offensive one in God's eyes as force is used, and the use of force is the use of darkness and contra God's Commandment.

Every religion stands between man and God as robed 'men' say "Kneel at our feet if your Creator you would meet," and these same men 'raise up' their own rules for you to comply with, and this is darkness in control of you, for you will then 'do' what these arrogant 'idiots'** tell you to, and that for sure is contra the "Only love" Rule of the Light as they 'bless' your weapons as you go off to fight to protect your religion.

You must now turn away from institutionalised religions, for they the Institution turn man against man. It is now the time to turn direct to the ONE God of every religion, and show God your belief by your daily deed.

The singular belief being that for any believer to attain Salvation, each must comply with the Commandment to: "Love one another and extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind."

One must also show God that one is a true believer in this 'belief' by heeding God's Code of Conduct, being: "Respect one another and do not interfere in others affairs. Be merciful and compassionate and forgiving to those 'others' yet in sin living who abuse you."

The Decree:

"To enter Heaven you must withdraw from being a 'follower' of any religious 'doctrine' of man or 'order,' and - - - if you are asked "Which religion do you belong to?" You must say:

"I am a child of the Creator of all, and I look to the Creator direct as I protect my mind against the Devil's attack from within, and - - - I will never again 'sin' against any other as I see that we are all sister and brother.

And - - - I will be forgiving and merciful as is asked by our Creator, and - - - thus too I will only love every other, and - - - if any other seeks to abuse me then I will not retaliate as I permit them to crucify me if that is their wish or need or demand.

And - - - I will turn my other cheek as is asked again today by the messenger of the Creator who has again come this way."


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~ The 'controller' Decree ~

As for the supporting of or being employed by any governing State System of man, you need to see that 'its' base is also false and contra the 'Rule' of the Heavenly State, due to every 'earthly' State System being a controlling and punitive Regime that exerts coercive control over you and others via its 'books of rules.'

Not only does it 'enslave' all living within its 'land & sea' boundaries with compliance rules, but also there are punitive measures also inflicted upon any of the 'citizens' held hostage therein, who are 'bound' by these dark rules.

Not only this but all 'salaries' paid to the workers are stolen off the community in the first instance by taxation that is 'backed' by 'force of arms' and this displays the Devil's satanic charms that are also contra the Light, for any 'theft' of money by 'coercion' or seizure of anything is also contra the 'Rule' of Heaven's State.

Thus any person receiving a wage from the coffers of the Local or State or Federal government bodies are also automatically 'barred'** from entering Heaven.

The only persons who are not automatically 'barred' are those receiving genuine 'hardship' welfare payments, as these monies are not 'State' per se but funds being 'handled' by the State and are funds donated by the 'givingness' of the community. Any person who is seen by God to be 'fraudulently' receiving welfare payments is also automatically 'barred'** from Heaven.

As there are millions of employees in these departments who all rely on the annual 'take' off the communities they 'serve,' there will be few who can 'willingly' withdraw, and it is thus that our God is now to 'smash' all governing Systems so that man can become 'unbarred' and begin to walk tall.

The community 'gives' up its hard earned cash to 'tax' & 'fee' levy authorities as all believe that it is necessary and right to fund the System of 'rule & regulate' and 'protection' and 'service & welfare provider.'

This forced giving has both positive and negative components. The negative and thus false component is that it is 'coerced' by threat of fine & punishment for any default.

The negative and thus false component is that much of it is used to pay the wages of the 'forceful' officers of the State and that the 'bulk' of the funds are wasted and used to intrude into the private and business affairs of others.

The positive and thus true component of the community giving is that used for true welfare and true community efforts such as roads, communication, schools, hospitals, and other 'joint' community endeavours.

The only safe and secure and certain manner in which to obtain a working wage is when it is 'earned' either from the free giving donations given to the Community Coffers for the funding of all community services, (Welfare donations**) or from the monies received from the 'user pay' operations such as the many private businesses offering their services to the public.

However, you are also only safe and secure and certain if your work 'ethic' is in no way a party to the coercive 'tax extortion off' or 'punitive control of' any of the community, for those 'actions' are backed by 'enforcers' using 'force of arms.'

The Devil's 'web' is massive, and every businessman who 'collects' any 'sales tax' from their customers on behalf of the 'robbers fold' taxation department has been 'snared' in the Devil's web, and is a 'party to' extortion of monies off others and daily accrues a negative karmic due.

God is now to reduce all to 'rubble' so as to 'sort out' the Truth from the Treason.

The Decree:

"To enter Heaven you must withdraw from being a 'member' of any political party or 'doctrine' or 'order,' and if you are asked: "Which 'party' do you belong to?" You must say:

"I am a child of the Creator of all, and I look to the Creator direct as I protect my mind against the Devil's attack from within, and - - - I neither vote for, nor belong to, any governing 'Club' or State Party for I see that all are punitive and are thus anti God.

And - - - I will never again 'sin' against any other as I see that we are all sister and brother, and - - - I will be forgiving and merciful as is asked by our Creator, and - - - thus too I will only be loving to every other.

And - - - if any other seeks to abuse me then I will not retaliate, as I now do see that any suffering is my 'due' for when I or my servants the State 'officers' were untrue to others at some prior time.

And - - - I will turn my other cheek as is asked again today by the messenger of the Creator who has again come this way.

And - - - from this day forth I will show all by my peaceful way that I already belong to the 'Club' of the Creator named the Heavenly State."


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~ The 'conduct' Decree ~

Any person operating outside the Code of Conduct of the Light and whom is thus disturbing the peace of the land through their arrogant or abusive conduct towards others is also automatically 'barred'** from Heaven.

The Decree:

"To enter Heaven you must withdraw from being a 'user' of any darkness in your daily deed. In order to comply with this decree you will need to reseed your consciousness with the fresh uncontaminated wisdom from this pen, and comply with its 'ask.'

Any whom resist for any reason will 'bar' themselves from entering Heaven and they become a 'citizen slave' of Hell by their own choice."


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~ The 'border' Decree ~

Any person operating as a 'border' policing Agent who is empowered by the 'State' of man to halt or restrict or prohibit the exit or entry of any person for any reason onto or away from any national borders is also 'barred' from entering the State of Heaven, as is any person demanding any 'fee' for the import or export of any goods by others,

The Decree:

"To enter Heaven you must withdraw from being a 'user' of any darkness in your daily deed. The 'control' exercised by Immigration & Customs regulation is darkness in action

From this moment on all God's children are deemed by God to be citizens of Earth and able to move anywhere and reside anywhere, and trade anywhere, they so wish to without 'let or hindrance' from any other.

Any whom for any reason continue to demand or 'ask' others to first obtain a travel passport or 'permit' or 'visa' prior to embarkation or disembarkation on airline or ship or passage through a road border will 'bar' themselves from entering Heaven and they become a 'citizen slave' of Hell by their own hand.


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~ The 'abuser' Decree ~

Any person operating as an 'armed forces' Agent who is empowered by man 'Caesar' to carry a gun, and attack, or defend, or kill or destroy, or sanction, or blockade, or restrict others or their property, who in the course of their 'duty' do cause any pain or inconvenience to others or any damage to property or who seize others goods or chattels or any other item, is also 'barred' from entering the State of Heaven.

The Decree:

"To enter Heaven you must withdraw from being a 'user' of any darkness in your daily deed. In order to comply with this decree you will need to put down your weapons and not use them or the strength of your arms to fight others or to defend yourself.

To enter Heaven you must not be an abuser or misuser, you must be a respecter of all God's children as well as a respecter of their property and business affairs.

Any whom resist this Decree and who do use force or 'retributive' force for any reason will 'bar' themselves from entering Heaven and they become a 'citizen slave' of Hell by their own choice."


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~ The 'interference' Decree ~

Any person who in any way interferes in the life of, or livelihood of, any other person is also 'barred' from entering the State of Heaven.

The Decree:

"No person has the 'permission' from God to either 'interfere with' or to have any 'control over' the life of any other person unless so decreed by this pen.** (Refer rehabilitation of offenders, 'Offender' doc).


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~ The 'sinner' Decree ~

As all 'laity' and 'officers' of every religion or sect on earth are 'equally' sinners, and as all have misled God's children due to false precedents set by their ancestors, God the Source of all now states:

The Decree:

"There is to be no 'religious' teaching at this time other than that 'spoken' by ME your God via the Christ soul Terence. Thus the 'remaining' duty of all clergy or clerics or other spiritual 'elders' is to now defrock and become 'as' simple man as they tell all to look direct to ME their God, and tell all to heed and follow the truth as revealed by Terence.

All must be advised to 'minimally' read the 'Brief Summary' of My message. Any who continue to 'lead' My children as spiritual teachers shall condemn their own soul to the underworld.

Terence the Christ is the one anointed and appointed by ME to guide all of every race - colour - creed. No other has any 'such' authority."

"I your God have spoken."

Let all 'good' men now prepare to share their love and assist all others in this 'end' time, when each will 'face' the Dark Sovereign Power, being the invisible 'hand' of God that will ensure that all pay their dues for when in their past, they or their servants did abuse other children of God.

There will be no more 'religions' on earth. There will for a 'time' be those of 'good' deeds and those of 'bad' deeds, and as each shows their 'true colour' to God, it is God to separate the 'wheat from the chaff.' Yea verily, none will laugh.

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~ The 'change' Decree ~

If you are within any 'barred' category, then you will need to try and see 'why,' and certainly change your way. Many are 'religious' deceivers. Many are in 'receipt' of 'stolen by taxes' pay. Many are enforcers or 'relying' on enforcers, and all God's children living outside Heaven are presently living in a 'delusion' that their present way is 'in order' in God's eyes, it is not.

The Decree:

"It is I to say that you as all are but 'simple' errant children to Me the God you cannot see, - - - and to attain Salvation you must now comply with My Code of Conduct Decree, - - - and if you now 'fail' to change your way to the positive in all you do, - - - and be merciful & forgiving & compassionate & non-retaliatory in the face of adversity, your 'barred' way will endure and you will fail this final test and fall.

Every 'spirit,' be they incarnate or discarnate living outside Heaven are all presently 'barred' from entry into the Promised Land due to their inner 'sin,' being the dark energy of your negative emotions. This 'sin' you will 'retain' and freedom of the spirit you will fail to attain unless you change your way.

This energy will only be fully 'purged' from your soul when you heed Me your God. It is now your last 'chance' to heed this My message of hope and thus 'unbar' yourself by heeding My wisdom via My sacred pen."

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~ The 'redemption' Decree ~

Since time 'immemorial' man used 'redemptive violence' as he fought his 'redemptive' war and struggled against his perceived foe at home and on distant shores. He saw his 'war' as 'holy' and 'just' as he wielded his 'sword' with a 'justice' thrust.

For in his mind the 'thoughts' said: "Punish the offensive ones who make their bed with the darkness and make them suffer and feel cold 'steel,' for only thus will they 'learn' to not make others suffer and burn."

And this 'war' was promoted by men of 'religion' who saw not that they were but a 'stool pigeon' also working for the darkness below, and only I the holy one do this see and know.

For these 'leaders' blind did join forces with kings and legislators and their 'armed' men, and condoned the use of force and punishment that is contra the Holy Word from God's sacred pen, and together they led many of God's children into the hellish lions den.

All this in their minds for a 'Just' cause, and I say that all must now pause, and for a moment think of the wisdom flowing from my pen's ink, for the redemptive war that leads to Salvation is not the one where we 'back' invasion, neither is it one where we condone civilian 'fine & punishment & incarceration.'

The punitive 'attitude' of 'fallen' man whereby he perceives punishment as 'redemptive' is in fact 'redemptive violence,' and is the false negative action of ignorant man who justifies 'criticism, judgement, fine & punishment' of those perceived by him as being 'offensive' in some way.

Seeing not that his 'distribution' of pain & suffering is 'beastly' and of the Dark. His use of 'force' to 'coerce' or exert his 'influence' upon another is violence in action and contra God's Code of Conduct.

Man is blind and sees not that his 'redemptive' act is not right in God's eyes, for in his 'efforts' at 'redeeming' the other using force, he 'himself' is walking hand in hand with the Devil, and his own 'redemption' becomes further away from God's Light.

Man presently uses 'redemptive violence' in all aspects of his living. Be it family life 'scenario's,' community efforts, or national activities, for in all these 'sections' of life there are either personal requirements or 'rules' that use punishment to force or coerce submission, and all this is perceived as 'redemptive' or justified, but it is all violence, and an 'invasion' of another's 'space' or way of life.

The real redemptive war is the one within ones own mind, the one when we win the inner battle over 'dark' thoughts that make us 'war' and be 'unkind.'

For the enemy is the darkness within, yea verily the inner 'sin,' and if we this dark 'energy' use against others, then it grows within us and our battle we 'lose' and fall.

So each must now walk 'tall' in the Light and not 'succumb' to dark emotions and dark thoughts that make us 'numb' to the point where we lose our 'compassion & mercy & forgiveness.'

The real redemptive war is only won when you individually heed me the Christ who can clearly see the real enemy of mankind. God says:

The Decree:

"Love your perceived enemy, and help 'him' on his road and thus your God will ease your personal inner 'sin' load, and you in 'forgiveness' of others will be set free once the reason to 'be peaceful unto all' you do see."

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Christ was 'redeemed' when he was crucified, and he 'so' died so as to show you how to attain your 'redemption' as you 'quietly' and in non-retaliation pay all your 'outstanding' spiritual dues.

The Devil 'corrupted' the truth through man's pride & vanity & greed, and deceived man into believing falsity; thus man's 'redemptive violence' was seen as 'honorable,' as it was putting an 'offensive offender' in their place.

Any person seeking Salvation needs to see that any violence or punishment meted-out contravenes God's "peaceful & loving" Code of Conduct. Be it 'war' or punishment for perceived 'crime.'

All 'opposing' force used is contra God's Command and leads the 'perpetrators' into the Abyss, be they mandated or otherwise, be they idiots or the supposed wise.

It is not up to any 'adult' to 'correct' another adult's behavior. The use of seemingly 'justified' force or 'violence', be it in the family arena, the community, or by national forces is all false 'redemptive' action.

This self-righteous 'action' on the part of the 'inflictor' is believed by them to be somehow redemptive in God's eyes because the 'offender' is being 'set right' by them, and they also believe that God somehow 'condones' the use of force to put people right. This is falsity set by precedent over time, and now seen as 'the norm.'

The 'bad' punishing action imposed upon an 'offender' is seen by man as 'good' because the punisher perceives it as 'corrective' for the recipient. Any believing that 'correction' using force as 'good' in God's eyes are deceived by the Devil.

The use of any 'force' or punishment is wrong in God's eyes, and the perpetrators of any 'pain & suffering' or 'loss or theft' must themselves suffer the same 'fate' at a later date before their soul is redeemed.

Man believes that upholding man's 'rules' called 'the law' is just and honorable and of the utmost importance, due to the assumption that they the 'rules' are for the benefit of the community.

None see that every 'rule' that has a 'punishment' factor attached contravenes God's Code of Conduct, and man sees not that God upholds God's one Law and only IT is 'Honorable & Just.'

"As you do is done unto you"

So as man as 'families - communities - nations' use force to 'set others right,' they all 'walk' in darkness as their forceful 'acts' cause 'pain & suffering & loss,' and under God's Law this brings a 'return' imposition upon the imposers who accrue a return due that must be painfully 'met' by any that were a 'party to' the imposition.

Only as you read the wisdom of this Testament will you begin to see that it is the dark energy of the 'sinful' emotions within you that exerts its demand upon your mind to 'set it right,' for it the Dark is the retributioner, and it is justified in meting out 'redemptive retribution' to those around that used its 'energy' before, as they abused others, be it in this world or in other Realms prior to their present incarnation.

Once this you see, then of its 'thoughts' set yourself free and heed the Light of God, and be 'silent' or positive in your expression.

page 12

Any punitive 'correction' creates more chaos, as the 'reward' from God for the use of 'dark' punishment brings about more darkness & punishment upon all the community, as all 'condone' it, the use of force.

It is very 'easy' for the darkness to flow through you because not only is it within your soul, but also because all around have a 'painful' due, and the dark emotions within you feel 'good' when its retributive deed is accomplished.

Only God has the authority to punish, so if you defy the Commandment to "Only love" and 'play' being God, then the retributive 'arm' of God will punish you for your arrogance and ignorance. Give your soul now a chance and more than 'glance' at my final words to humanity.

You cannot give others 'redemption' by punishing them, and neither can you receive 'redemption' by punishing others. Redemption is 'purchased' when you 'align' yourself to God and God's Code of Conduct, and thus you are forgiving & merciful and you walk in peace at all times.

To do this you have to be 'brave' and face your 'devious' past at the hands of other 'oppressors' as a 'lamb,' and not retaliate in the face of adversity. Thus the crucifixion of Christ was the example to guide you at this end time of your personal 'test.'

As you read the wisdom of God's untrammeled Word within the Testament of Truth you will begin to realise that God is all, for there is naught 'outside' the Source, thus as you see that God's energy is both polarities, positive and negative, you will realise also that the dark essence of God cannot be destroyed.

You will see that the wisdom of the Word 'saves you' from continuing to use the dark essence in your daily actions, so that of it (the sin) within, you become free.

For as you 'criticise' the other, you are using darkness to criticise the darkness within others, and as this energy is a part of God as everything is, then you are criticising God.

Let us now extend positivity to those 'trapped' by darkness and to the darkness within them, and thus we show God our love and respect for the 'lost' that use the dark essence due to their ignorance, and now you see that all are ignorant and all were deceived.

No more 'recriminations,' move forwards and upwards as the Light elevates our consciousness. For if we try and 'deliver' others from their 'wrongs' using force, we deliver our own souls into the 'hands' of the Devil, the Dark Sovereign Power, and HE justifiably extracts HIS 'blood price' due from us via another ignorant 'idiot.'

God's Word is concise and precise, and tells us to kindly & compassionately & forgivingly rehabilitate 'errant' offenders, it is the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) that tries to use us to inflict ITS 'punishment' upon others for their past 'spiritual' dues accrued.

Any that would seek redemption in God's sight must now change their 'mode' away from the use of 'critical' Might, and use positive insight that assists the 'offender' to become 'sane & respectful' and 'upright' in God's sight.

These immutable Decrees are issued by the Creator via the Spirit of Truth.


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Note: "Only be loving,"** - This implies that your conduct is only positive, and thus you are merciful, kind, respectful, compassionate, and understanding of those whom are offensive, and thus you are 'forgiving' of their ways and you still reach out caringly and give your good counsel, and you never disturb the peace of others.

Those who are less than 'loving' and thus 'barred' have a conduct that is negative, and they are expressing darkness in their 'disturbance' of the peace, and they are merciless, destructive, abusive, controlling, demanding, critical, punitive, deceitful and unforgiving.

Note: God's wife** - The Source being both Mother & Father also has both 'aspects' of Light & Dark as well as both the positive and negative energy Sources.

Father is the Dark Authority and HIS 'wife' is the Mother's Light that proceeds forth from HIM, and thus HE beholds HER pure beauty in HIS sight. HE does not permit any that are less than pure to enter into HIS Heavenly 'space' State of purity. So for you to be 'permitted' to enter therein you must be 'sin free' and thus 'as' pure as HIS wife.

Note: 'barred'** - The reason one is automatically barred is that whilst 'within' any of the above 'barred' circumstances, you are accruing negative 'comeback' dues, (karmic payback dues) and thus you will be confronted by 'darkness' seeking to punish you at the hands of other ignorant people, and you will retaliate.

This is due to the fact that all presently do retaliate and fight when faced by adversity, and as you retaliate you all continue to 'draw in' more Sin into your souls, and it is the 'weight' of this Sin that keeps you out of Heaven, for its 'weight' is what drags your spirit down in the afterlife. (Sin = negative energy that is the essence of the negative emotions within evolving spirits).

And, whilst in any of the aforementioned 'barred' circumstances your soul cannot 'be or become' sin free, thus you keep yourself 'out' of Heaven.

To become 'unbarred,' one has to permit God to reduce the volume of 'sin' within your soul and this is only accomplished by God when you stop adding more in. The total purification leaves the soul free of any sin and thus a 'Christed' soul.

This you only do when you heed God's 'ask' via me to set yourself free of; Any 'take' off others, any 'control' of others, any abuse of others, either personally by you or by your servants who are funded by your financial contributions. (Political armed forces, police and army, navy, air force, etc. All 'punitive').

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'Note: idiots'** - Any person teaching or preaching falsity and thus defying the Code of Conduct as set by their Creator is an idiot by virtue of the fact that they are either deluded, arrogant, proud, or vain, and most certainly insane to so do.

It is a fact that every 'minister' of religion of every 'creed' is a false shepherd, this is due to their false belief that the use of force is 'justified' under certain circumstances. This is the 'living lie' exposed by the most high God, as any use of darkness is 'retribution' and places its 'user' into bondage to the Devil that seduced them.

Note: Welfare donations** - In the New Age to be, all departments raised up for the true welfare of the community will be funded solely by the free-giving donations of community members. There will be no 'enforced taxation.'

At this 'end' time those who believe in a 'Heaven State' must do all they can to assist others of any 'nature' with financial & material aid, and also give them good counsel as per the Testament of Truth revelations and requirements of God as found in the 'Brief Summary' of God's message.

It is the cleansing 'grace' of God being the great outpouring of Light within us at this point in eternal time that is drawing the dark energy out of us, and we will only become free of it if we stop drawing more dark energy in.

Any whom continue to 'sin' against God will never become free within of 'sin,' and thus they 'exclude' themselves from entering into the 'sin free' State of Heaven, for no darkness is permitted to enter therein.

You may also wish to read how all mankind is presently 'enslaved' by the Dark Sovereign Power, for all enslaved are being forced to contravene the Code of Conduct of the Light and are thus daily walking further away from the Light.

The Code of Conduct of the Light being that one walks in peace, and is respectful and kind and merciful unto all, and one is forgiving. Thus one never seeks 'redress' nor metes out any punishment. Aid & Education is the way to now go.

I am the heavenly 'counsellor,' the Lord of the STATE of HEAVEN, and it is because none of you adhere to MY 'word' of "Peace unto all" that you all now will individually 'fall' to God's Sword. Be true and 'suffer' your due. Then and only then will God 'permit' your soul to flow through Heaven's gate.


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~ The UNITY of FAITH ~

The unity of Faith that will lead humanity into a 'peaceful and loving' way of 'respect and orderliness' is established by an 'Initiation' and a 'Ritual' and, these are given by our Creative God of Light and Love and stated to be as follows:

The Initiation

Being the 'Command' of God that is the primary teaching of the Holy Word of God that is the true principle at the 'core' of every religion being, that the attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command of:

"Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness" and, these words are to be taught FIRST as a child learns to read and write, and is also being taught the meaning of respect, kindness, and good manners. This 'Initiation' is also the TRUE Ideology of the Light.

The Ritual

The Ritual is the 'enactment' by ritual that reminds all of the existence of the True Light of God that is uncontaminated by any darkness. (Pure Light)

It is a Ritual that uses the 'heavenly' star as the focal point of a thrice daily prayer, (meditation) in which one thinks of the pure light and invokes the pure love of God in saying the following prayer:

Creator of the heavens - Mother* of love
I see your star - shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of Peace from above

Note: Mother* - You may say either Mother or Father.

In this 'adoration' of HE or SHE the Creative essence of God, one receives an invisible 'blessing' of love that flows invisibly into ones soul and, the Star Ritual reminds us to ONLY be the Light in action at all times (Purity of deed) because, God is both the Light and the Dark essence of all. Thus if we remain within the 'constraint' Code of Conduct boundaries of the Command of God then our 'receiving' return within the Law of God:

 "As you do is done unto you - as you Sow so shall ye Reap," is always positive and good and happiness abounds.

Saying the Star prayer 'ritualistically' reminds us thrice daily of the reason and need to conform to the Wisdom of God and only be the Light energy in action.

For the use of any dark energy in our interaction with others is the use of 'cruel, callous, invasive, controlling, restricting, terrifying, merciless, abusive, punitive, warring and retributive' energy that is imposing 'suffering' upon others, that brings a 'karmic' RETURN of suffering upon oneself, within the SAME 'eye for an eye' Law of God:

"As you did shall be done unto you."

The above Initiation and Ritual will become established world wide and be passed on in perpetuity to the new 'born' here on earth, so that when God ahead one day releases 'sinful' souls into the flesh of this world, they will be better able to control their negative emotions and 'troublesome' and vindictive thoughts.

All known and unknown religions, sects, and cults shall cease their teachings as all mankind becomes of ONE unified FAITH, that has no 'name' as it is simply the Ideology of PEACE, LOVE, COMPASSION, MERCY, and FORGIVENESS as Commanded by the Creator and, - - -

By this 'invocation' I Seal the Revelation contained within the Testament of Truth web site statement to humanity, that it is I the returned 'Spirit of Truth,' the Christ. Let all believers now follow the new teaching of God that is the fresh and uncontaminated Wisdom of God that has flowed forth through my sacred pen.

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