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~ A 'Treatise on Truth ~
'The evolution of evil men'

The 'assumption' made by  'Chiefs of long  ago' as well as by later day Emperors or Kings was that they all assumed that the lands they invaded and all persons living thereon became their 'Sovereign property' simply through seizure by FORCE OF ARMS.

This ‘belief’ of Sovereign ownership of the 'vanquished' or enslaved has become the  greatest delusion held by Chiefs, Emperors and Kings throughout history. It is supported and condoned by priests and clerics of the various religious orders who all purport to know God and His requirements for Salvation. The fact is that they do not and all are false prophets misleading God's children as they preach conflicting ideals from corrupted scripture..

This belief was, and to this day continues to be, a delusional 'spell' which continues to bind the minds of the 'elite' and the minds of their supporters. What few understand is that this is a spell imposed telepathically within the minds of the vain, proud and arrogant who have walked this earth for centuries. It is a spell imposed by a very Dark foreboding and destructive POWER.

This Power is a force of great EVIL and deception which is not only incomprehensible to man, but is also unimaginable by man. The most difficult thing for mankind to grasp is, that the EVIL energy essence used by man, is the Dark Sovereign 'energetic energy' Power of God which pervades every realm or level of consciousness outside of the Pure Light of Heaven.

What has been  the result of this false and illegal assumption made by these Chiefs, Emperors and kings? The result is as follows:

1 - The enslavement and the subjugation of all persons on the 'invaded or seized' land by the officials and enforcers of the illegally invoked institutions.

2 - The ongoing spiritual demise of all living on the ‘siezed’ land for their involved support of and their condoning and funding of the enslavement, subjugation, interference, extortion, punishment, killing of, or harm caused to others in the community or elsewhere by said Kings and their enforcers.

3 - All the loss,  injury or suffering imposed becomes an ongoing spiritual DUE of suffering upon all who become part of the imposition, since all 'Reap what they sow' within THE LAW of God who is the REAL Sovereign Power and Authority. The return upon the 'heads' of these miscreants takes place in this life or in the next realm.

Why did these 'savages' of olden days run around with their swords, axes and bows to seize lands and the property or chattels of others? So that they could 'languish in luxury' on the labours and income of others extorted by force of arms from the population, and thereafter by 'levy & taxes' for each and every activity of their SLAVES. The population is as 'bonded' to servitude today in 2014 AD as were the populations in the darker ages.

This false path concerning slavery of the population continues on today. How so? Simply because others who have come to power since olden days decided upon their own unique way to continue slavery. This is done simply by writing their own 'Legacy in Hell' Constitution as their VALIDATION to continue ON stealing money from God's children.  This is still done using force of arms in an apparently democratic 'LEGAL MANNER,' a manner which is supposedly 'authorised' by God. It is NOT, and all suffer the ongoing punitive consequence.

Yes, it was 'written' that many would 'come' in the name of God and every head of state does just that. Precedents have been set and all future ‘kings/leaders’ continue to mislead the masses. The deceived masses adore and bow to their newly elevated 'god-heads' simply because the 'babies' of the ‘rulers’ are born supposedly with 'blue blood.'

These 'overlords' or 'emperors' invoked decrees which imposed 'conscription' of the youth of the land to serve THEM in their evil ways and ideals whilst simultaneously ensuring an ‘armed force’  to protect them and their stolen cities and their ongoing extortion.

These young men were and yet are used to interfere, dispossess, subjugate, detain, injure, extort money, invade other’s lands and to kill. All such activity is in direct CONTRAVENTION of God's COMMAND unto man. The consequence of such a contravention is that it inevitably negates God's Salvation plan for the lost sheep.

Any 'peasant' farmer failing to 'give up' his 'first born' to said overlord was stripped of his lands and was therefore dispossessed, impoverished and frequently also cast into the desert as a 'coward.' His offspring was forced to 'bear arms' or be killed. Woe indeed for all 'rulers of men' who gained enormous wealth and power as their means to expand their ILLEGAL dominions.

There is NO 'glory' for anyone bound within the above story since the reality is, that every 'faithless' disbeliever in God's Command of love, peace, compassion, mercy and forgiveness to all, place themselves within the DARK and punitive aspect of His Law for their 'sinning' ways for He said:

"Any who sup of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil WILL DIE IN THEIR SIN."

The 'curse' of God is the curse that man places upon his own 'head' and soul when he causes harm to another. (sins) This man does through using God's destructive energy in his defiance of God or, man pays state enforcers to so do on their behalf or in their name. It is all one and the same as we are responsible for the actions of our servants. Hence I neither vote for any man 'leader' nor do I fund the government system. As I am an absolute pacifist I follow my conscience and I only obey God and His 'loving' Command and I only fund benign community effort.

What is the curse? It is the 'return' of destructive DARK energy upon the one who used IT in their past. As IT the destructive DARK energy RETURNS upon the 'head' of the past user IT causes 'travail and endless suffering for an eternity.' I add that the 'curse' can ONLY be broken through the enlightenment of the individual who then decides to 'turn over a new leaf' and OBEY the Command of God.

The curse has a threefold consequence. Firstly man receives a return upon his own head of the same loss or suffering he imposed. Being the fulfillment of God's 'energetic' Law. (Absolute Justice in action ~ the law of energy ~ for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ~ be it malignant or benign)

Secondly, at the time of using said destructive (evil) energy, some of IT grows within the soul of the user as IT (sin energy) flows through his soul via his emotions of anger, jealousy, hatred, greed etc. As IT so does, it gains more power within the individual as his negative emotions grow larger over eternal time. What is the result of that? The courser vibration of his soul draws IT further down and away from the Light in the after-life.

Thirdly, due to the enlarging of the negative emotions the individual becomes more arrogant, irrational and likely to respond in a retributive manner when he is confronted. Thus the individual again defies God and 'fights' or demands Justice rather than suffering his accrued dues to God in 'turning the other cheek.' Thus the ongoing drawing IN of sin and the ongoing 'fall' into oblivion and eternal suffering. Yes, all are ON the wide road to Hell.

It is truly the time to implement change to the positive through EDUCATION so that everyone amends their ways and becomes enlightened. Why? Because everyone is walking the wide road to Hell irrespective of their 'professed' belief in 'this or that' theory of salvation.

As I AM the 'author' of Christianity I can state quite categorically that professed Christians are as deluded as is everyone else. All believe that they can SIN as they continue to support iniquity, which they do in condoning and funding the dark ways of other mortals, and not suffer the consequence. This is belief is false, and in error of Truth.

Why? Because their misguided 'faith' in the man 'Jesus' does NOT void nor avoid nor nullify the implementation of God's ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. God’s Justice is the 'eye for an eye' return for the use of His energy. Below I provide some spiritual FACTS, facts of life to every reader.

The COMMAND of God

1 - The TRUE meaning of the words: "The Command of" - Any statement by a person is simply that, a statement. Generally, any statement made by a mortal man in a position of power asserting that he has a right to state: "I command you to do this or that" or, "I command that you do not do this or that" is simply a 'directive' backed by a punitive 'attachment' for non-conformity. In this sense the punitive measures are always imposed by FORCE OF ARMS.

Thus every political decree enshrined in a book of rules is simply that, being a commanded directive imposed with a punishment 'factor' invoked for any non-conformity. These commands are not as stated to be 'The Law,' because a 'law' is not something which can be 'broken' through non-conformity.

The Command of God unto man clearly states that all are to: "Love one another and go your way in peace as you extend peace and goodwill unto all and you remain merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living and you 'turn the other cheek' if abused."

Why does a loving God so state? Because within the Law of God stands the truth that, if we do obey God's Command, then the RETURN to man is THE SAME. This simply means that obedience to God's Command results in a life of happiness and joy.

When man defies God and uses force to invade, subjugate, interfere, extort money, cause harm or loss and punish or kill, then the unavoidable RETURN unto man is THE SAME, in that man then lives in sorrow, subjugation and suffering.

The LAW of God

2 - The TRUE meaning of the words: "The Law" in reference to our Creator - THE LAW of God is a Statement of FACT 'activity' resulting from ones actions. (Ones interaction with others verbally or physically) It applies to all our actions with or without our conscious belief.

The Law of God cannot be transgressed or broken or nullified or abrogated or voided. Why is this so? The answer is so because the 'activity' of THE LAW of God is simply the unavoidable REACTION for each and every ACTION in which one or the other or both of the ENERGIES OF GOD is used and thus FLOWS through the soul of man.

Be it benign creative energy or malignant destructive energy
As you sow so shall ye reap ~ an eye for an eye ~ for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That is 'Absolute Justice'
God's energies both have infinite intelligence and are all knowing and 'return' when IT so decides in this life or the next.

You cannot injure or abuse or kill another 'democratically' and avoid the same RETURN unto you within the Law of God. No rule, decree or 'mandate' resulting from any 'majority vote' of people can exonerate anyone, nor can anyone void or avoid or nullify the implementation of God's Law.

God's LAW simply IS. God's Law is the 'return unto user' of the FLOW of energy which was used by the individual. God's Law is a SINGULAR 'Law' unto itself and beyond the 'control' of anyone. God's Law is simply the return movement of the energetic spiritual force which exists and in the 'frame' of the unknown by man, being the SOURCE of all.

It is a LAW unto itself and is not 'bound' in any way by the beliefs of anyone or anything. Due to its infinite intelligence, both its benign creative LIGHT and its malignant destructive DARK aspects have the capacity to return the flow of the energy used at the time and in the place IT so chooses. The ONE energy is pure love and truth, the other energy is pure hatred and deception.

This Creative energy essence (God) created your soul and bestowed ITS own 'energy' attributes into your soul. This energy gives you the 'being' the freedom to exist, move and be as a unique individual. Once created, the unique spirit soul exists forever. It is your choice as to 'which' of the dual energies you wish to use in your interaction with others. One inspires and the other deceives.

FAITH in the content of God's Word

3 - The TRUE meaning of the words: "To have Faith" in respect of spirituality and Salvation - To have 'faith' in respect of Salvation one must have the inner strength to always 'walk' within the precepts of God's Command as stated above. This means that you NEVER defy God and raise your voice or hand against a perceived enemy or in fact anyone. "Cause no harm" is the Motto.

To have FAITH therefore means that you OBEY the Command of God unto 'death' if you are to be crucified by others. Why is it so? Because to have faith means that you have faith in THE CONTENT OF and INSTRUCTIONS OF God's Command.

To 'blithely' state that you have faith in a mortal man such as Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad or other is actually totally meaningless and insane because NO mortal man can save you.

The eternal pathway is one we choose for ourselves and that choice is between 'us' and our God. There is NO 'intercessor' as such. Any messenger such as Jesus or myself are simply transmitting a MESSAGE FROM GOD unto mankind. (No messenger from God is or can be God since there is only ONE God.)

You all create your own destiny because your journey is a journey of SELF-RESPONSIBILITY. You ARE responsible for your actions. There is NO 'forgiveness for sinning' in any circumstance. You either pay your dues in non-retaliation when faced by adversity and are set FREE by God's ENERGY or, you defend yourself with force and fight back in vindictive retribution and in so doing you fill your soul with EVIL Dark energy and you die in your sin.

By your deeds you are known. Be respectful, kind, merciful and compassionate.
"Forgive those who trespass against you, for IN causing you harm they in FACT set you FREE from your past."

EVIL exists on earth because mankind chose to defy God and use IT (Dark evil energy) in their interaction with others.
Your soul being YOU ultimately becomes AS the energy you use and you end up either:

Full of LIGHT energy living in the highest 'vibration' known as Paradise-heaven
Full of DARK energy living in the basest 'vibration' known as HELL.

The Light energy does not 'heal' your flesh, it heals your spirit soul in drawing OUT the Dark negative energy you drew IN. But in order for IT to so do, you must abide in the Wisdom emanating from the Source of Light and never fight. For as you defy God you keep drawing IN more darkness and you negate the purging grace of the Light.

Few men on earth actually 'live' by their conscience or within the precepts of God's Command. Why is it so? Because God dictates a doctrinal philosophy of "Love & peace & mercy," whereas every government institution on earth follows a CONTRA ideological doctrine of control, subjugation, extortion, merciless persecution, punishment and war.

In fact every voter and taxpayer is FORCED by RULES and punishment backed by weapons (force of arms) to defy God, and they place their own souls into the punitive aspect of God's immutable LAW.

The FALSE Constitution

IT IS MY BELIEF that the use of the words "With the blessing of God Almighty" enabled the ‘modern day’ enslavement of all mankind.

This was enabled by men posing as 'legal advisors’ to other mortals who had already seized control of people and lands ILLEGALLY using force of arms as their ‘legitimacy.’ Many of these advisors were and yet are men of the 'cloth.'

These men professed to know God and God's ways while they sided with 'governments' (Caesar) and others. Even today these men continue in their ongoing entrapment of the youth of our nations as they support or train them in dark ways by condoning the use of force and destruction of others.

It is a contravention of God’s Command unto man to use force to enslave or subjugate others. It follows that the ‘Constitution’ of every land is an illegitimate document founded on falsity. It is a document factually forcing state officials to defy their God as they uphold FALSE DOCTRINE via the utilization of force.

I refer now to the ‘preamble’ of ‘Western world’ style Constitution texts:

WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established: And whereas it is expedient to provide for the admission into the - - - Commonwealth of other Australasian Colonies and - - - possessions of the Queen.

The invocation of the constitutional document is in fact the ACT of enslavement because it ‘admits’ that all the land mass known as ‘Australia’ has become a ‘possession’ of the Queen of England.

It also ‘admits’ that everyone thereon has become her ‘subject’ to be controlled and subjugated by her political and armed forces forcefully, and taxed forcefully, and punished forcefully for any disobedience to the commands of her officials. I add the below extract:

Extract form The slavery of man document:

page 30

~ The 'great' deception ~

The Dark Sovereign Power is the 'ultimate' Power, the ultimate Judge, the ultimate controller, the ultimate enslaver and, - - - HE deceives all that would HIM be, or those that try to be 'as' mighty as HIM.

Now is the time for any vain man who 'raised up' edicts that would control the freedom of other men, to now be exposed as 'fools' by this God's pen. These men have 'succumbed' to the 'ultimate' bad 'joke' that was 'played' upon them by HE, the GIANT, who now will them all with a 'blunt' stick poke.

This will be done to them because they presumed that the freedom of others could be stolen  by them, because in their arrogance they left  a punishment 'weal 'on the 'backs'  of 'their' indentured servants while  none of these 'legislators' nor their 'officious' men could see their foolishness that is now laid 'open.'

For by imposing HIS enslavement upon the 'lost' by using never-ending enacted 'rules' and by the initial 'imposition' of the 'decrees' such as:

(a) The Legislature, to whom the people entrust the legislative authority of the - - - and:
(b) The Executive, to whom
the people entrust the executive authority of the - - - and:
(c) The Judiciary, to whom
the people entrust the judicial authority of the - - - to -

The 'legislators' took away the sovereign right of man to be free to live 'under' his own God, whatever that God was perceived by man to be and, - - - by taking the sovereign right of man away from him as he was, by the 'legislators,'  spoken for, and controlled by others.  The legislators must now for their iniquities pay and under God's one Law they will all* suffer and be 'controlled & punished' for many a long day.

That control or punishment is their imposition and 'control,' control by others as 'exercised' within clauses (a - b - c) which was pure iniquity and, - - - it was also a very bad 'joke' to enslave every person on the land and to then poke them with a 'blunt stick' if they did not 'kow-tow' to the rules that upon them the legislators and prison officials did 'shower.'

Foolish man, try and see that none of you 'as' God be, and none of you can see that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient and does all see. Yes, your 'punishment to be' you all deserve, for you all did away from the Holy Word swerve.

Democracy. It is the 'universal right' to have God as ones 'head of house,' and this means that one conforms to the Code of Conduct of God, not man.

Note: all* - also includes those now residing in spirit realms that 'passed-over' during the past 'millennia's.

~ Judicial 'error' and anarchy ~

There is a 'prima facie' fact that has been either 'unseen' or 'overridden' by precedent and by the 'upholders' of said Constitution namely, the judiciary, the politicians, and their 'armed forces.'

This fact is the Truth that any 'The Constitution' of any Institution applies solely to those persons whom either 'support or fund or belong to' said Institution. This is because for those who support, fund or belong' to said Institution, the Constitution' is their guide, being the  Legal entity of operational control over those belonging to the Institution.

Thus it 'follows' that; any rule or regulation or punishment 'factor' written as 'law' within any Constitution or any other 'documents' pertaining to governance does not apply to any person outside of the Institution who is an absolute pacifist and thus never disturbs the peace of the land. 

Thus it follows that any political or armed force or judiciary who have in the past or still do in the present, punish by fine or abuse or incarceration, any of 'such' outsiders, have operated as 'mercenary anarchists' and, - - - have operated not only 'outside' the stated parameters of their own Institutional Constitution but have also contravened God's Code of Conduct as stated within God's Constitution that is referred to at the end of this paper.

Thus it is 'obvious' to God and I, that the 'law of the jungle' is being applied by the judiciary of every land in a manner very 'underhand.' Especially as it results in every judicial 'abuser'* incurring a very heavy 'penalty' from God under God's ONE Law. "As you do is done unto you."

Note: judicial 'abuser'* - Any and every punitive ' sentence' passed by any person be they the man in the street or any mandated Judge is an abuse perpetrated by one against humanity. (God's children.)

Man needs to see that even though he 'believes' he has a 'legal' mandate to abuse others, he is never in a 'free' state whereby he is above the law of God.

As it is my sacred duty to God and man to now elevate the consciousness of man with wisdom emanating from their Creator, I would like to show by example the 'meanness' of the nature of the 'beast' that controls you all.


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