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~ Testing 'democracy & civil rights' & 'Freedom of Religion' ~
Who is the REAL Sovereign Power & Authority

Is there 'freedom of religion' to the peaceful or only control by BAAL the 'God of death'

This is an educational document
As written by Terence

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  Note - 9 - The truth of the matter
  Note - 10 - Ultimate weapon of control
  Note - 11 - The Power of Attorney swindle
  Note - 12 - The three tiers of Law governing man
page - 2 - Clemencia's Case and updates
page - 3 - Terence's case and updates
page - 4 - Render unto Caesar
page - 5 - The Facts of the matter
page - 6 - Political terrorists
page - 7 - Trapped by precedent
page - 8 - Dark & Light energy
page - 9 - Crossing bridges
page - 10 - Entry to Heaven


~ Political criminal conspiracy exposed ~

Clemencia an 'ex' Nun came to me in the early years after 2000 AD because as she stated, her conscience was troubling her in reference to paying taxes that were partly used to fund weapons manufacture and the waging of war, causing harm and killing of other children of God. She asked me for my opinion as to whether it was error in God's eyes to fund the State 'war effort' in paying taxes: (Continues on page 2 after this introduction)

During my 'testing' the constitutional  'powers' during many court cases involving Clemencia and myself, I found that peaceful Tasmanian citizens who obey the sovereign command of their God and who obey the sovereign constitutional authority of the land are being illegally and mercilessly persecuted and prosecuted by State officials in a coercive attempt to try and force them into changing their peaceful religious ideology and 'bow' to the contra State ideology of control, interference, subjugation, punishment and the waging of an extortionist monetary war against others in the community.

These criminals exposed by my messianic PEN are the prosecutions branch, Launceston magistrates, and the monetary penalties enforcement agency in Hobart backed by the armed police service. The police service no longer protects the citizens who pay their wages because they have become the 'armed' private army of the politicians.

Note: I refer to Tasmania simply because this is where I live and record ongoing criminal activities, but the anti-social, anti-god, anti-constitutional activities I refer to herein are actually a global problem because all humanity now defies their God and the Constitutional authority of their land.

What is the 'role' or hidden 'agenda' of all involved in this conspiracy to cause harm and financial loss and the deprivation of liberty of the PEACEFUL? The obvious role is the illegal forceful extortion of money from citizens who are peaceful and who thus do not RETALIATE using force of arms.

This 'extortion' RACKET has been in 'vogue' for many long years, and it is now the time for the news media to expose IT if they are TRUE to their 'calling.'

There is however a far deeper insidious TRUTH exposed by my pen, being that anyone who 'gives-in' to the coercive threats and demands of the extortionists and thus fund them (State taxes) are in FACT by their God perceived as colluding and complicit to this INIQUITY. They are also denying their Christian 'faith' and bowing to the demands of the devilish demi-god of DEATH. (Refer: Mandates2.htm)

What is the spiritual result? It simply means that all voters and taxpayers in Tasmania who fund these criminal elements are in FACT 'guilty' of condoning this 'attack' upon the 'freedoms of peaceful others' and are thus themselves GUILTY in the eyes of their God. They are also guilty of STEALING from their neighbours.

This means that all 'professing' to be BELIEVERS are in fact NON-believers and ON the wide road to HELL.

Only those such as Clemencia and myself who 'hold fast' and do not 'give in' to the $$$ demands and threats of property appropriation by government criminal elements remain TRUE to their peaceful 'faith' and obedience to THE CREATOR.

Emperors, Chieftains, Kings or Queens backed by the ILLEGAL (Contra God's Command) use of 'force of arms,' (weapons) empower themselves and use their politicians to invoke Rules enabling them to forcefully extort endless sums of money from everyone 'contained' within the 'borders' of the lands they hold by the destructive POWER* granted by force of arms.

Note - 1: - Destructive power* = the forbidden by God to use 'eat' fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Regrettable for the voter and taxpayer, much of this stolen money is used for anti-god activity,* and all taxpayers become complicit to the use of punitive force and consequent suffering caused to themselves and other citizens.

Note - 2: - anti-god activity,* = interfering, controlling, cruel, subjugating, punitive, extortionist, coercive, and warring activity causing mental and emotional trauma and material loss and deprivation. There is NO compassion, love, mercy or forgiveness extended by politicians and their superiors via their dictated policy within RULES.

It is the TIME for all peaceful 'Christians' (Any follower of God's Holy Word) to HALT the payment of all 'taxing' levies and all licence 'fees' and all 'fines' and to now ONLY fund BENIGN community effort DIRECTLY.

Halt the funding of all 'armed' forces and from now on only fund a TRUE benign PEACE corps of unarmed 'police' who ONLY haul IN those who factually  'disturb the peace' and have them EDUCATED.

Let the TRUE to God now stand UP and BE 'counted.' All whom continue to be 'white collar' criminals and their $$ supporters are to FALL to the ABYSS.

God's Plenipotentiary - Terence

This document is to expose THE reality of the TRUE nature of religious persecution which exists in every land on earth without anyone even being aware of its cunning deception.

I am not speaking of the obvious wars between named religious factions, for example the 'Christian versus Islam' or other religions. What I am speaking of is the deeper and more insidious destructive persecution of citizens by every 'voter' or  tax payer which is being carried out against their neighbour unknowingly to them. This is done by the State officials who operate in the name of the State, the flag or nation, the people and 'Caesar of old.'

It is in FACT the coercive and forceful IMPOSITION of the unconscionable anti-God religious IDEOLOGICAL doctrine of control, subjugation, enslavement, licence levy, taxation extortion, fine, punishment, incarceration, injury or killing, all of which is being carried out by EVERYONE in every land, either directly or indirectly through their paid official servants of the State.

This 'hidden' dictatorial 'war' is imposed upon everyone by the rules enshrined in books of statutes, in fact being the dictated political 'decrees' backed by 'force of arms' (guns) which 'govern' everyone, and force them to be less than kind. This factually means that everyone is unknowingly defying and disobeying the peace, love, mercy and forgive Command of God.

This page gives links to a variety of submissions in respect of two persons who have undertaken to test the 'Freedom of religion' clause of the Constitution as well as the 'natural' democratic CIVIL RIGHTS belief that one does not have to have any chief or king or politician as head of house standing 'above' or equal to God THE CREATOR, the 'Source of all.' Why? Because it is our God who is perceived by a 'few' who is, according to their religious belief, as being THE Sovereign Monarch who alone is to be obeyed, rather than the politicians who have conflicting and controlling, punitive and warring ideals.

In fact, since one cannot live according to ones conscience and religious ideology without being subjected to punitive controls it follows, that there is NO democracy but solely Dictatorship as exposed in this document. Officers of 'state' institutions presently all defy and deny the Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitution of their own institution as is revealed herein. All thus are treasonable anarchists taking a false wage.

For society to exist happily all need PEACE and thus security, however, the moment we fund or participate in the interference in or control over or punishment of others in the community, we expose ourselves to the 'Absolute Justice' of God in that what we imposed upon others is returned upon our own heads and lives. This is:

The LAW of equal RETURN of God's ENERGY in action * is absolute. (unavoidable)

ENERGY in action * -  As YOU express kindness or cruelty, your actions are backed by God's invisible benign or malignant ENERGY flowing through your soul, mind and hands.

The POLICE need to see that they stand IN THE MIDDLE between the people and the political decrees. The whole world will soon be 'up in arms' as individuals become more DISCONTENTED against the oppressive ways of their political 'overlords' and all will soon realise that there is NO freedom and NO democracy because all are RULED BY THE GUN whether public guns or police guns.

I seek to PROTECT the spiritual welfare of THE POLICE and everyone. I am trying to get everyone to SEE that to attain freedom literally or spiritually, they (Police) MUST NOT DISTURB THE PEACE OF OTHERS. That applies to you and ALL. There must be NO 'confrontation' by YOU for any reason.

I propose that the police service 'reform' into the service of a benign peace corps whose members ONLY haul in persons who DO disturb the peace of the land, and then only have them subjected to an educative 'Feeling Easier Seminar' after which they are released. This way POLICE officers only accrue a positive benign return within the Law of God and consequently the police officers will also be spiritually SAFE as a result. They will also be a proper PEACE corps for the PEOPLE who pay their wage.

I believe that it is error for any 'believer' in God to support and fund any interfering, controlling and punitive 'system,' and therefore we must segregate the benign aspects of society from the malicious aspects of society if we are to halt our individual ongoing suffering. (Link to the cause of all suffering at the end of this document)

Note - 3 :

 Clemencia and I state that we are "Not guilty" to any of the charges listed hereafter is primarily for the reasons we state:

1 - I am living in accordance with and I am true to my God-given conscience, faith, belief and religious ideology of absolute pacifism, and I never disturb the peace of the land.

I am also living LEGALLY within the context of the Acts of the 'Freedom of religion' clause of the Constitution of the land, and IT (supposedly) guarantees my 'protection from persecution' and the freedom to so live as long as I conform with the  two 'provisos' given within said Constitution and this document of defence being: "Subject to public order and morality." (Thus I never disturb the peace and never engage in immoral activities)

2 - Since the charges against me are in reference to State rules/law being applied by the prosecution, I am not guilty because the police and prosecution and magistrates are criminally and illegally applying State rules/law in constitutional matters.

All State 'Law' is subject to and subordinate to the Constitution and especially in reference to THE 'Freedom of religion' Acts/clause which LIMITS and RESTRICTS the operational 'licence' granted to State officials and enforcers. Constitutional Acts override and nullify all or any State laws unless YOU or I have 'disturbed the peace.'

3 - In living in accordance to my God-given conscience and peaceful religious ideology it is not possible for me to fund by tax or licence fee any person or institution of government having the contra 'controlling, punitive and warring' doctrine such as yours. If I was to so do, I would become complicit to the injury or emotional trauma caused to other children of God by State enforcers, and I would place myself within the 'eye for an eye' punitive return factor of God's immutable "Law of equal return." (As you sow so shall ye reap)

My ideology and 'conduct' is different to that of the police 'officers' and other State operatives and I state: It is my firm belief and considered opinion that for me to deny or defy our Creator, (God) that it would of itself be an Act of anarchy and treason and an 'abomination' because I 'owe' my eternal existence to Him my Creator.

I always advise police the officers that I am within my constitutional rights to use the public road with any annual 'licence' fee paid because in my belief, my driving 'test' pass mark is my validation, and my religious ideology (belief) precludes me from funding any punitive or warring system by licence 'fee' as is my right. I only fund what by my conscience is perceived as being a benign or educative community effort.

Police prosecutions and 'their' magistrates need to understand that it is ANARCHY and TREASON for them to ignore their limited constitutional Mandate, and for them to IGNORE the constitutional RIGHTS of citizens granted by GOD and the Freedom of religion acts. MY Testament now reveals 'how' our God (The real Sovereign Monarch) is to bring everyone to 'account' for their misdeeds. This also includes all officials and their 'magistrates' and armed forces.

Note - 4:

If you are an absolute pacifist or a person seeking to become one, and you have God as your head of house rather than some mortal, then you must cease 'voting.' You simply go your way in peace and get on with your life as you only fund benign community effort.

The 'principle' person seeking immunity within the Freedom of Religion clause in reference to 'taxation' in this document is Mrs. Clemencia Barnes, who on reading my Testament of Truth in 1996 realised that it was unwise to keep funding Caesar's coffers directly (State) because this meant that she would be complicit to ITS (The System's) negative and spiritually destructive aspects.

Those negative aspects being the control, interference, injury, impoverishment war and killing imposed by state officials upon other mortals over the seas or upon others in the community, all done in the name of and on behalf of voters and taxpayers. Hence the need in this coming new age to only fund benign community effort rather than 'weapons bearing' warmongers.

Note - 5:

What needs to be clearly understood by all of God's children is that the grace of God grants all His children the right to live by their conscience in so far that ones 'thoughts' or deeds guide one to live in a kindly benign and respectful to others manner in accordance with the precepts of God's Command of love, peace & mercy, compassion and forgiveness of the dark ways of others. Thus they never disturb the peace of others nor carry out immoral activities.

In fact this is also the Civil Right granted unto man by the 'forefathers' who raised UP the Constitutions of many lands with the 'proviso' that man was FREE to live according to this peaceful ideology (religious belief) as long as they did not 'disturb the peace of the land nor cause harm to others.'

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Note - 6: What is or is not ones 'religion'?

Ones religion is not any of the 'named' organisations such as Islam or Christianity or Buddhism, nor is it the named individuals such as Buddha, Muhammad or Jesus espousing the Policy purportedly ordained by the invisible God.

Ones religion is ones specific ideological code of conduct Policy. A doctrinal Policy followed with great devotion in relation to a ‘way or order’ of existence. Ones religion is espoused by ones 'faith or belief' in the requirements of a supernatural being (God) or other Force. An example of this is evidenced by whether individuals choose to 'follow or engage in' WAR or PEACE.

The Constitution LIMITS and RESTRICTS the powers of lower courts whose activities are 'supposed' to always be subject to the constitutional authority.

Note - 7:

Legislative powers of the Parliament [see Notes 10 and 11]

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(xxiv)  the service and execution throughout the Commonwealth of the civil and criminal process and the judgments of the courts of the States;
(xxv)  the recognition throughout the Commonwealth of the laws, the public Acts and records, and the
judicial proceedings of the States;

PLEASE note that - Section 51 above states: All State rules/decrees/dictates ARE subject TO the Constitutions of Australia  and Tasmania given above. Any State Constitutional Act applies equally to all States or territories.

It is VERY clear that it is the duty of magistrates to never 'hear' cases in respect of 'Freedom of religion' because freedom of religion is a constitutional matter which can only be legally 'heard' in the High Court. Regrettably, it is widely known and recorded that all magistrates totally ignore the above and simply 'hear' all cases presented to them by arrogant prosecutors who have 'no' idea even that their own 'powers' are granted and limited by THE CONSTITUTION.


Notice to Attorneys-General

 (1)  Where a cause pending in a federal court including the High Court or in a court of a State or Territory involves a matter arising under the Constitution or involving its interpretation, it is the duty of the court not to proceed in the cause unless and until the court is satisfied that notice of the cause, specifying the nature of the matter has been given to the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth and of the States, and a reasonable time has elapsed since the giving of the notice for consideration by the Attorneys-General, of the question of intervention in the proceedings or removal of the cause to the High Court.

Prosecutors, in ignoring the Constitution by placing their 'case' before courts of 'Petty sessions' magistrates instead of the High Court are GUILTY of criminal activity, and also guilty of enticing equally arrogant or ignorant Magistrates to 'follow their lead' as they ILLEGALLY persecute the peaceful.

Regrettably, the serving police officers are also dragged into this criminal activity as they are then 'forced' to wage war against the peaceful whom they are paid a wage to PROTECT. All involved will find out that ignorance is NO excuse as they are forced by circumstances beyond their powers or guns to control and great travail is to be their fate.

Does 'Freedom of Religion' or the freedom to live by ones peaceful religious ideology exist or NOT? The answer is "Yes," because no person can force a true believer in God's Command to "Only love" to defy their conscience and join an opposing 'punitive or warlike' ideology - - - BUT - - - the answer is also "No" because of the ignorance of others who use force of arms to cause harm to the peaceful.*

Note - 8: harm to the peaceful.* -

Why does God permit this? It is simply because the person who is presently 'peaceful' either disturbed the peace of others at a prior time or, the 'present' case peaceful were funding and thus supporting a warring system (gov) that was causing harm to others on behalf of taxpayers. Once a person has 'cleared' all past debts to God's Dark energy used by them or on their behalf,  then never again will that peaceful person be abused. (God's energy is absolute in ITS justice)

As all should by now know, there are dictators, be they male or female who ignore or oppose the views of the peaceful, and backed by armed men they threaten, coerce, and punish said peaceful in their attempts to force them to join their opposing 'religious' ideology of control, subjugation, punishment and killing. In this way they and their Magistrates defy the RULES of their own constitutional authority. This they do 'generally' in order to steal ones MONEY. (Anarchy and Treason)

The following document is to show YOU the reader the extent to which taxation officials, prosecutors and 'mad' treasonable Magistrates backed by equally arrogant State Police went to in order to try and force Lady 'Clemencia' and myself to defy our God and join in their DARK ways.

I remind you 'true believers' that the above persons (State officials) are of the unconscionable 'lost tribes' who live in contravention of God's Command and by treasonably ignoring the limited authority granted unto them by their own Constitution. However, God expects the peaceful to FORGIVE them and BE merciful and compassionate to them and to NOT 'confront' them nor cause them HARM but to only EDUCATE them.

Try and comprehend that they are the 'deceived' who unknowingly work for the DARK Sovereign Authority of the Source, (God) and are doing an 'honourable' TASK for IT as they mete-out divine 'eye for an eye' retribution (Justice) but, - - - they see NOT that in so doing, they place themselves within ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW of equal Return (As you sow so shall ye reap - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) and ahead, they will be forced to endure all the suffering they so arrogantly imposed upon others in the community. They see not that their $ 'wage' or mandate or uniform or badge of office does not 'void' or nullify God's Law nor the implementation thereof. 

I have included many 'defence' pages which we used in the Courts, and I have managed to maintain my 'composure' and NOT give in to any coercion or threats or demanded 'fines' monies demanded unconstitutionally by the arrogant or ignorant Magistrates.

Note - 9:

THE deeper TRUTH on the matter at hand

I refer now to the error of 'way' that has crept into society so insidiously over many years, that everyone in official positions from the legal profession, bankers, police, and judiciary all the way down to the 'common' citizen has 'forgotten' or never known of the LIMITATIONS imposed upon everyone by the Constitution as well as by the Command of God.

The ERROR being, that all society IGNORES the constitutional mandate and limitations and instead, IMPOSES State rules/laws/acts upon those PEACEFUL as  Clemencia and myself and others as they simply IGNORE the limited mandate granted by THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY backing the Constitution.

I refer now to the meaning of the constitutional mandate and limitation in reference to the words: (Note - 7) < subject to this Constitution, > and the words in (Note - 5) reference to the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution  46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, (Subject to public order and morality) -  guaranteed to every citizen.

What does it factually mean? It means that:

If I wish to sell my horse or cow or house or do business, AS LONG AS I AM LIVING peacefully as God Commands and thus also within the 'Subject to' clause above, I do not have to 'register' my sale with any STATE office, nor do I have to obtain any 'licence' or pay any fees to State, because NO State 'law/rule/act' APPLIES TO ME.

It also means that if I wish to appoint a legal guardian for example, or give a written statement to the effect that I have appointed a 'name' as 'carer' having 'Power of Attorney' over my affairs or life, that said document does NOT have to be 'stamped' or 'legalised' under any State Act/law/rule with a 'fee' payment to legalise it. It is legalised by my constitutional RIGHT to live as I so wish as said, as long as I AM living within the constitutional proviso "Subject to" clause.

It also means, that anyone stating that my 'Power of Attorney' document is illegal and void because the STATE has not acknowledge it by official "stamp and $ duty," and they thus deny the validity of said document, that they are treasonable 'infidel' anarchists who are operating OUTSIDE of THE constitutional LAWS of their OWN institution.

It also means that at ANY point in time after the appointment of a 'guardian,' a person can at ANY time thereafter appoint some other if one so chooses without having to 'nullify' the past 'appointment.' The newer appointment is simply dated and effective from that date and said document needs NO 'official' State acknowledgement as IT is a constitutional matter.

It also means that NO State 'law/rule/act' can be IMPOSED upon me legally in the courts UNLESS I have lost my constitutional IMMUNITY through 'disturbing the peace or carrying out an immoral activity.'

Note - 10 :

The ULTIMATE weapon of CONTROL by 'someone' over another is/are the use of State RULES.

The ultimate control by a person over another is when the 'controller' has been enabled by the 'Power of Attorney' document to RULE and ENSLAVE and CONTROL their 'care,' being the person they are supposed to HELP.

The 'Power of Attorney' has become an open 'licence' to STEAL by many unscrupulous people, and due to the 'sin' in man, (negative emotions) in many cases the 'carer' becomes the absolute controller and the one they are supposed to assist becomes their VICTIM.

In many cases today, persons granted Power of Attorney make use of said 'authority' whilst their 'victim-client' is still 'compos mentis' and able to think for themselves. They force their victim to do many things that they do not wish to, using the 'back up' enabled by State legislation and other unconscionable people.

In a sane world where appointed 'carers' are given 'Power of Attorney,' the 'power' can be granted when a person is still healthy, and as such it is but a 'declaration' made that is similar to a 'personal accident' insurance policy. For example; a young 'father' might appoint a 'guardian' of his choosing so that IF he has a motor bike accident and becomes unable to function 'cognitively,' then the appointed one would take 'care' of the family affairs IF so needed.

It needs to BE understood that God is aware of and observes EVERY activity of man and knows every 'intent' of man. It also needs to be understood that even if a person or 'group' have been 'elected' and having Power of Attorney, that for as long as the 'client' is COGNITIVE, their requests must ALWAYS be granted.

It needs to be herein stated that a POA document, be IT 'formalised' by 'registration' or 'invocation' is NOT an 'open license' to override the CIVIL RIGHTS LIBERTY of the DONOR to:

A - Do as they 'wish' if they are still cognitive or only partly cognitive, or:
B - Do as they would have 'wished' if they are no longer cognitive.

The only time a donor's actions can be legally overridden is if they are 'mentally disturbed' and thus carrying out immoral acts or disturbing the peace.

For appointed advocates to try and control the wishes of the Donor in respect of 'who' they wish to have as their 'spouse' is NOT a part of the POA document agreement.

Presently, State law/rules invoked by politicians have a POA statement to the effect that: "No appointed attorney can be held 'accountable' or become 'responsible' for any wrong actions they do or make once a POA document has been registered or, for the 'time' that said registration 'stands' and has not been revoked."

Let it here be KNOWN that the greedy, avaricious or arrogant who misuse their position of trust at any time are all 'accountable to God' and NONE can void or avoid the implementation of God's 'Law of equal return.'

NOTE : If AT ANY TIME 'either or any' appointed 'attorney' is found to be carrying out immoral activities or is disturbing the peace or is restricting the civil rights liberties of ANYONE, then the 'authorised' or 'registered' Power of Attorney document becomes immediately VOID and INVALID. It is then the DUTY of the Registrar of any registered POA document to nullify it immediately and :

1 - Return IT to the Donor or to their family members if the Donor is not cognitive or
2 - Send it to the community Guardianship Board if there are no family members remaining.


Note - 11 :

~ The Power of Attorney swindle ~

Donors, being the persons who give a Power of Attorney document to the ones they trust do not necessarily have the document immediately 'registered' or lodged with the RECORDER OF TITLES which in Tasmania where I live is in fact the Land Titles office. Why is this so? Because:

A - Once the document is registered, the 'attorney' appointed has absolute LEGAL control over the financial affairs of the donor and absolute control over their freedom of movement and living ways:
B - As long as the individual (donor) is mentally cognitive and able to make decisions for themselves, there is NO 'reason' for the "others," being their appointed attorneys, having any 'interest' in their living ways, wants, needs, desires or financial actions.

So as stated in the prior Note: 10 - - - invoking the actual document is simply an 'insurance policy' for a time ahead when a person LOSES their cognitive faculties through illness or accident. It is ONLY then that those honourable and honest appointed 'advocates' should register and thus 'legitimise' their control over the donor who has become incapable of helping themselves.

What is the 'swindle' that takes place in this sad society? It is where emotions of greed and avarice within an appointed attorney overpowers their 'reason' and they FIND a reason to register a Power of Attorney document whilst:

C - The donor is still cognitive and able to manage their own affairs and:
D - The errant attorney may not even advise the donor of their intent or deed, and thus their 'invocation' of registration gives them an ILLEGAL control over the financial affairs of their victim.

This can take place when an 'attorney' has the criminal intent to seize not only control over property assets, but to actually steal said property from persons who may have no 'idea' of what to do about it. The 'attorney' may also have the intent to control the freedom of movement of the donor for other reasons

In many cases the donor finds themselves in the hands of solicitors because they have nowhere else to turn to, and they not only lose thousands of dollars in expenses, but their assets are often tied up until the day of their death. Sad indeed.

It is my intent to awaken those whose 'job' it is to PROTECT the elderly and other members of the community from 'thieves,' and in order to so do, I simply suggest to THE Recorder of Titles that NO applications for registering Power of Attorney be 'entertained' UNTIL or UNLESS:

E - They receive confirmation from THE DONOR that it is their intent to have the document registered or:
F - There is medical PROOF dated THE DAY of the application stating that the donor is permanently unable to 'speak' for themselves.

The 'Recorder' of the document being submitted for registration needs to understand that IF they register a FALSE document granting Power of Attorney to 'someone' whilst the donor is still cognitive, and if the donor has not agreed to said registration and the 'giving away' of their freedom, that the 'Recording' official is in FACT complicit to the CONTROL imposed ILLEGALLY upon the donor.

Imposing 'strictures' of control upon the freedom of movement of others is a criminal ACT. An action that is not only taking away the God-given freedom of choice of the donor 'victim,' but it is also enabling exploitation, causing of mental and emotional trauma and the uncivil ACT of 'disturbing the peace' of the donor, and this is also an IMMORAL and uncivil ACT in contravention of the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution.

Note: State recorders of 'Powers or Attorney' also need to 'note' that IF a person is a non-voter and is living within the precepts of the Command of God and the Constitution, that they are not required to 'lodge' a Power of Attorney with any State institution to validate it or to validate their chosen 'guardian' because they are granted that right within the Freedom of religion Acts of the Constitution. Acts of the Constitution overrule ALL State Law/Acts. 

Note - 12 : 

~ THE 'Sovereign' factor behind the Power of Attorney ~


~ The RULE of LAW ~

Sovereign constitutional Law - State Law & the God's LAW 'factor'

Firstly, there are THREE 'sets' of RULES/LAWS governing the conduct of mankind and also RULES authorising and limiting those who GOVERN, control, enforce and punish. God's LAW - Constitutional LAW - State LAW.

I give the ‘Basics' on the 'RULE of LAW.’

A - God rules all and commands man to live within the bounds of "Peace & love & mercy & compassion and forgiveness" because man is then ONLY using the benign loving creative ENERGY of God's Light, and thus ONLY receives a benign positive return of the same 'happiness' within God's LAW of equal return. (As you sow so shall ye reap – karma – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, being the Law of energy in motion.)

The above also MEANS that if you have the belief in absolute PACIFISM, that you have a God-given RIGHT to NOT fund any punitive or warring 'system' because IT has the contra ideology of control and the merciless and unforgiving causing of harm.

It follows that IF or when man defies God and uses or supports the use of God's forceful destructive and punitive energy and causes harm and destruction, that man LOSES his 'protection' by God and places himself within the punitive aspect of the 'Law of equal return' of THE DARK and ahead, suffers the same as he put out.

B - The Constitution Rules and sets ITS Sovereign Authority of God's 'governance' of man by man using the governing system as we know IT. The Constitution 'grants' powers, but it also LIMITS powers to the authorised officials of State.

The Freedom of religion ACTS of the Constitution permit a person their democratic and CIVIL RIGHT to live according to their own 'peculiar' philosophy, belief, faith or doctrine with a PROVISO. The proviso being, that they do not disturb the peace nor carry out immoral activities. (This Act and its 'provisos' is ordained by God via the mind of arrogant rulers who seize power globally.)

The above also MEANS that if you have the belief in absolute PACIFISM, that you have a democratic and constitutional RIGHT to NOT fund any punitive or warring 'system' because IT has the contra ideology of control and the merciless and unforgiving causing of harm.

If a person contravenes the 'proviso,' then they LOSE their constitutional IMMUNITY from persecution and punishment, and they place themselves within STATE rule where there is NO 'democracy' but only the dictates of punitive RULES that control their lives in every way and aspect and cause them to suffer.

C - The State 'rules' everyone living outside of the 'constraints' of the Constitution and God's Command, and the RULES permit interference into all aspects of living and extorts endless sums of money for each and every activity. This 'grows' and grows as rules are endlessly added, added by politicians whose MINDS are controlled by the DARK aspect of the Source, and there is NO freedom from interference and control and punishment. (The more man defies God and imposes strictures that cause suffering to others, the more strictures are imposed by God via the minds of politicians) (God's Law in action invisibly - "As you do unto others is done unto you" - endless painful karma)

Where does man stand today? Man needs to LEARN that when 'he' votes for man as head of house rather than God, and when he man pays taxes to 'Caesar,' that he is in fact funding the wages of armed men to PROTECT him, and he is thus COMPLICIT to all the harm imposed by armed forces upon OTHER children of God in his name and on his behalf.

Man needs to LEARN that when he funds iniquity, he is in fact complicit to DEFIANCE of both God's command as well as to the constitutional PROVISO, and it is thus that everyone is LOST and ON the wide road to Hell and an eternal 'vendetta' of suffering, because all demand retributive JUSTICE which simply is VENGEANCE. All thus continue to cause harm (personally or through complicity) keep themselves within the 'eye for an eye' LAW of THE DARK energy essence of the Source.

For any State official be it Police or magistrate to USE State rules/law to control, punish, fine or incarcerate an absolute pacifist who has NOT disturbed the peace is TREASON against our Sovereign God and the Sovereign Constitution and ANARCHY.

For any 'religious' teacher, preacher or other to impose any 'dress code or other rituals' upon any other person is a mortal SIN because obedience to God is the pre-requisite to Salvation, not the 'ideological beliefs' of others.

The Sovereign Authority to govern people stems from the CONSTITUTION. The constitutional LAW is what enables State operatives to 'operate,' and 'licences' their officers to impose State rules, tax, enforce operational licence fees, fine or punish. However, this State 'permit' authority is 'restricted' and LIMITED by the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution.

One could 'ask': "Which Rule Rules"? The answer is simple, any person using God's destructive energetic FORCE backed by rules being used supposedly 'legitimately' OR - - - any other person using the same destructive force 'illegally' such as a person disturbing the peace or an 'anarchist' who is operating outside of any 'rules,' - - - are all doing the same thing, - - - ruling others using force of arms as the means to so impose their DICTATES, be it apparently legally or illegally.

The destructive FORCE used or ACTIVITY backed by weapons * is what RULES. So in fact, books of rules simply give the use of destructive force its apparent legitimacy. However, in a case where an individual uses a State Law/rule to restrict, inhibit, control or deny a person who is actually operating LEGALLY within the Freedom of Religion acts of the Constitution means, that the 'controller' is exceeding their mandate, and they are in fact 'guilty' of an immoral act as well as guilty of 'disturbing the peace' of the other.

Note - 1: - backed by weapons * - Since every RULE of State is enforceable, and the enforcers are licensed to use force or guns 'backup,' it follows that they are in fact backed by a destructive force. (The use of destructive force is forbidden by God and is the use of God's dark energy, being: "The FRUIT* from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.")

Note - 2: - The FRUIT* - This outright forceful destructive energetic power of the Source 'tempts' man to use its power and as man so does, man infuses his own soul with its 'particles' known as the 'Sin' which grow within the users soul over eternal time and is what drags man's spirit soul down and away from the Light.

God's energies are 'twin,' being both the creative Light and the destructive Dark. Both have the same 'Law of equal return,' so when you use the Dark, (fruit) all control and suffering imposed becomes your own unavoidable due ahead.

What in fact is the 'need' or meaning for having a Freedom of Religion 'act or clause' in the Constitution in the first instance? It is because there are TWO ideological 'philosophies' or religious doctrines which EXIST on earth, and the Freedom of Religion ACTS 'permit' a person to live by their 'peculiar' religious ideology or beliefs and NOT be interfered with, taxed, controlled or punished within the STATE rules as long as they adhere to the 'proviso' FACTOR within the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts. The factor being, that they do not disturb the peace nor engage in immoral activities. I give the references further below.

The two opposing ideologies which exist in the world are the absolute pacifists such as myself, a person who strictly adheres to the Command of God as we go our way in peace and we educate the unruly offenders because we are merciful, forgiving and compassionate, and we thus neither 'vote' for 'man' as head of house and we never fund the opposing PUNITIVE ideology of State. (Caesar)

Why? Because if we did fund the coffers of Caesar, then we would become COMPLICIT to the interference in the lives of others as well as to the causing of harm, waging of war and the punishment factor imposed by State 'servants of the taxpayer.' I only condone and support and fund benign community effort.

What does it mean scripturally in reference to: "Render unto Caesar (State) that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's"?

A - If you rely on the PROTECTION of Caesar's (State) armed forces then you must pay Caesar the 'coin of the realm' (taxes) to pay for the services of armed men and their weapons etc., to go forth in your name and on your behalf to PROTECT YOU..

B - If you rely on the PROTECTION of God through abiding in conformity to/with God's Holy Word, (Command) then you must NOT fund warriors, you simply OBEY THE COMMAND at all times and in all situations as you forgive your enemy and 'turn the other cheek' in NON-retaliation if you are crucified by the UNRULY.

Notes on (A) - Warriors CANNOT protect you because as they cause HARM to others on your behalf, you then place yourself within the PUNITIVE aspect of God's LAW of EQUAL return through your complicity to their punitive activities. You need to understand that any 'protection' is temporary, and the return aspect of God's Law takes place when it so decides, immediately or 100 years or more ahead in the after-life..

Notes on (B) - When 'believe' in God's Command and thus NEVER defy IT even when you suffer at the hands of others, you are ensuring that your FUTURE 'return' within God's LAW of EQUAL return is ONLY benign, loving and positive. The return aspect of God's Law takes place when it so decides, immediately or 100 years or more ahead in the after-life. You will ALL have some suffering to endure before being set free through your support of Caesar's ways in the past. Amend YOUR ways NOW.

What has The RULE of LAW got to do with a 'marriage' certificate or the 'giving' of a Power of Attorney to another?

Since pacifists live 'within' the Law of the Constitution and are obedient to ITS 'proviso' clause, as well as living within the Command of God, we are thus 'entitled' to live by our peaceful beliefs and not fund 'Caesar' nor be 'beholden' to State rule or rules..

We know that when we 'take' a wife or husband that the 'union' is 'blest' and seen by God, and thus we have no need to pay for any 'licence' fee, nor do we need to 'register' the marriage with any State department, and we are TOTALLY LEGAL WITHIN THE SUPERIOR LAW of the Constitution which prevails above State laws.

In respect of the 'Power of Attorney' aspect, the absolute pacifist 'applicant' does NOT need to register the application nor pay any fee because the agreement is solely between the parties concerned and their GOD. Thus again their agreement is entirely LEGITIMATE and granted by the Authority of the Ruling Constitution. (The Constitutional authority is backed by the SOVEREIGN energy of God.)

All State officials and business 'leaders' such as bankers as well as government community agencies (Land Titles office etc) need to ascertain 'which' ideology a person is governed by before imposing any State rules or denying them their beliefs or requests using State rules. So you the banker or policeman or other need to 'ask' a person the following before you impose ANY State 'ruling.':

A - "Do you vote for man or God to RULE as head of house"? and :
B - "Do you live by the  'Peace' Command of God and the principles required in the Freedom of Religion' Acts of the constitutional authority 'proviso' or not"?

If the person replies: (A) "I do not vote for man as I have God and His Command as 'head of house' and (B) I live by the moral code of the Constitution and God's Command, and thus I do not disturb the peace and I do not by 'tax' fund Caesar." Then the 'Freedom of Religion' RULES/laws of the Constitution applies and State rules cannot be used.

NO State rule can be used or imposed in the interaction UNLESS the pacifist errs and strays from the TRUE path and thus 'disturbs the peace.' Only then can they be 'subjected to' State rules/laws.'

If the person replies: (A) "I do vote for a person to be 'head of State' and (B) I do fund Caesar's (State) war machine by taxation," then the State Laws  apply in all situations and interactions because they have lost their Right to Live by their own FREE WILL that is ONLY granted by God and the Constitution to THE TRULY PEACEFUL IN ALL SITUATIONS.

It needs to be understood that when a person is paying taxes, they are complicit to IMMORAL acts as perceived by GOD. All 'war' is the crime of pre-meditated MURDER. Even as 'taxpayers' SLEEP their armed forces are bombing others and tearing their limbs apart and destroying their homes. There is a COMPLICITY FACTOR.

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

What is or is not ones 'religion'?

Ones religion is not any of the 'named' organisations such as Islam or Christianity or Buddhism, nor is it the named individuals such as Buddha, Muhammad or Jesus espousing the Policy purportedly ordained by the invisible God.

Ones religion is ones specific ideological code of conduct Policy. A doctrinal Policy followed with great devotion in relation to a ‘way or order’ of existence. Ones religion is espoused by ones 'faith or belief' in the requirements of a supernatural being (God) or other Force. An example of this is evidenced by whether individuals choose to 'follow or engage in' WAR : (Disturbing the peace of others) or PEACE : (Conformity with God's Command)

The Constitution LAWS overrule State Laws and thus LIMITS their use, and RESTRICTS the powers of lower courts whose activities are to always be subject to the constitutional authority.

Since the Constitution GUARANTEES that a person can live by their belief in all things, and NOT be subjected to THE beliefs held by anyone else, it is  TREASONABLE action for a person to TRY and force another to live by any contra doctrine or beliefs of others or to try and impose the 'rules' of the contra doctrine (State) and, - - -

Since the LAWS of the Constitution 'void' nullify or supersede or overrule ALL State laws/rules etc., it follows that if a person TRIES to use any State laws/rules or 'departments' to dictate ANY of their 'policy' and impose ITS ruling upon another that; - - -

ALL involved are treasonable ANARCHISTS who are imposing their religious ideological beliefs both criminally and illegally as they all 'disturb the peace' and 'interfere in the living ways of others' and DEFY the Constitution and DEFY the Command of GOD.

Furthermore, as long as a person abides IN the constitutional 'proviso' that guarantees one immunity (subject to 'public order' and  'moral' actions) = not disturbing the peace and not engaging in immoral activities - - - it follows, that said person is entitled to grant a Power of Attorney to anyone and NOT have it 'registered' by State Laws which do NOT apply to constitutional matters. They are also entitled to 'amend' the named 'Attorney' or carer at any time without State 'rules' interference.

I add: The "Law of equal return" of God's Law FACTOR.

Irrespective of ANY rules/laws/dictates of mortal man enshrined in books of 'laws,' the overriding factor standing SUPREME above all mortals who do live in a 'day dream' is simply the law of benign or malignant energy in motion:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - As you sow so shall ye reap - (karma) What you do comes back to you.

The 'day-dream' of which I speak is simply the 'spell' over the mind of mortal man being imposed by the DARK devilish force below. The 'spell' being, that the VAIN and arrogant 'Emperors and Kings' believe that they are 'as' God and thus above THE LAW of God.

They are NOT, neither are their officials of State, magistrates or politicians. No 'badge, flag, official status or rule' can void, nullify or overrule God's LAW. IT stands INVIOLATE.

Just a 'reminder,' all controlling and punitive State RULES are invoked by the mind of mortal man. Be advised, the thoughts inspiring the mind of mortal man in respect of controlling or punitive rules are from THE DARK aspect of the Source, and they are 'designed' by the Source to keep all involved ON the 'wide road to Hell' and ongoing suffering for their continued defiance of God's "Peace, love, compassion, mercy and forgive" Command.

It is the Sin in man (negative emotions) that link the mind of man telepathically to the satanic force below. All persons using or backing the use of controlling or punitive rules are defiant of God's Command (The Light of God) and place themselves within the 'eye for an eye' LAW of the DARK.

For the individual of any 'standing' on earth it should always be: "How do I 'look' or stand in God's eyes when I use rules in a book."? Rules that enable me or force me to:

be merciless to others
interfere in their lives
destroy their livelihoods

deny them their civil rights
evict them from their property
deny them their constitutional rights

extort money from them by taxation
cause harm to them or even kill them
invade their lands here or over the seas
find the justification to wage war upon them

Common man 'taxpayers' should also ask themselves: "If I am funding the above am I COMPLICIT to the above through my support of the 'servants of State' who are operating on my behalf and in my name."?

I say: Salvation is IN your OWN mind and hands.


I add: All voters and taxpayers HAVE lost their constitutional immunity AND God's PROTECTION because their support by 'vote' and condone by taxes paid are FUNDING the punitive and warring 'system,' and through this COMPLICITY, they are neither PEACEFUL nor MORAL because their 'servants' continually cause harm, disturb the peace of others, and they also wage war and destroy the lives and livelihoods of others.


page 2

I now continue: Clemencia an 'ex' Nun came to me in the early years after 2000 AD because as she stated, her conscience was troubling her in reference to paying taxes that were partly used to fund weapons manufacture and the waging of war, causing harm and killing of other children of God. She asked me for my opinion as she had met me in 1995 when she hosted and interview (The Last Hour) when I was 'quizzed' by a Catholic priest, a Melbourne solicitor and an Islamic doctor:

My response to her 'ask' was that 'indeed' she was complicit to the harm caused to others because her taxes were also paying the wages of 'Caesars' officers of state as well his armed forces personnel who operated on behalf of the citizens who pay their wages.

My advice to her was to immediately HALT voting for man to 'head' her 'house' and HALT the filling out of Tax returns and to HALT the payment of taxes. I advised her to ONLY fund benign community effort and services rendered that she needed, and to rely on God for her protection rather than man.

I told her that IF she was prepared to 'lose all' including her home then I would back her 'case' using my 'pen' because I knew that the Australian taxation officials and prosecutors were merciless. She told me that she would do as I suggested because it was favourable with her conscience.

The early years correspondence between AD 2005 - 2013 has not been included herein otherwise this document would be too 'long' and there is enough said below to assist the reader come to their own personally informed decisions.

I 'add' in here and now today's date 5th August 2017 that the matter ended with the Taxation office withdrawing all their claims and all the 'interim' fines imposed illegally by unwise magistrates went 'unpaid,' but Clemencia is still being harassed by threats and coercion or other by the 'system' of man.

I believe that the ATO officials and magistrates have finally understood that their 'operational' licence is subject TO the Constitution which also LIMITS their interaction with the peaceful.  However, many state officials still choose to ignore the facts, and the monetary penalties enforcement officials still threaten Clemencia and myself.

The hidden reality is, - - - this continued harassment and coercion to 'pay up or else' is simply the invisible DARK force of the SOURCE using the ignorant and arrogant government officials to TRY and force Clemencia and myself to defy our conscience and our God and to thus change our 'peaceful ideology' and BOW to the Devil and His 'temptations' through supporting and funding His dark earthly forces.

My below letters commence during the year 2014 however, there are many, and if you initially read a few it will give you most of what you need to know. Read the seven (7) in green colour.

The first (Baycorp) are to the Taxation office collection agency who made their demands upon Clemencia, on receiving the two letters from me they withdrew their claims. The other (5) to the Taxation prosecutor Eddie Storace are also very informative:

~ Tax content Index ~
Australian Taxation Office v/s Mrs. C. Barnes

Item - CB 1 -    Open letter to Peter Butler ATO case manager
Item - CB 2 -    ATO - 'final' - 26 Jan 2014'

Item -
CB 3 -    ATO & Baycorp debt collection agency - 1
Item -
CB 4 -    ATO & Baycorp debt collection agency - 2

Item -
CB 5 -    ATO cash grab
Item - CB 6 -    Taxation extortion
Item - CB 7 -    Mason & Black debt 'recoveries'

Item - CB 9 -    ATO ~ 'The Military option'
ItemCB 10 - Taxation & Evil'
Item - CB 11 - Letter to Launceston Council

Item -
CB 12 -
The Alderman 'thief'

Clemencia case updates to both her Police and Tax cases on page 2 & 3 are placed here.

Update - 1 - 18 March 2014:  Letter (2) to the director of the Monetary penalties & fines enforcement
Update - 2 - 21 March 2014:  Letter to Launceston magistrate Marron via his secretary Mrs Crawford
Update - 3 - 27 March 2014:  Letter to Maryanne Keefe of the Australian Taxation Office

Update - 4 - 10 April 2014:  C. Barnes court statement of defence submission
Update - 5 - 11 April 2014:  Letter (3) to the director of the Monetary penalties & fines enforcement
Update - 6 - 28 April 2014:  Finalised Court defence Item (C) below

Update - 7 - 04 May 2014:   Letter (2) to prosecutor Brett Steele of Launceston
Update - 8 - 09 May 2014:   Letter to Kristy Bourne - Adviser to the Attorney General Vanessa Goodwin
Update - 9 - 11 May 2014:   The 'System' of Control & Extortion

Update - 10 - 13 May 2014:  In the name of THE PEOPLE - the Dark Abbot
Update - 11 - 27 May 2014:  Letter (3) to prosecutor Brett Steele of Launceston
Update - 12 - 01 June 2014:  
Letter (4) to prosecutor Brett Steele of Launceston

The Judgement on Clemencia's Police case was on 8th August
Update - 14  -
The Judgement of the Court & my response for all mankind

The culmination of her ongoing TAX and council case letters are placed below

Update - 15 - 28 June 2014: Letter (1)  to ATO prosecutor Eddie Storace - ref ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes
Update - 16 - 28 June 2014: Letter to the Governor-general Peter Cosgrove - ref ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes
Update - 17 - 14 July 2014: Letter to Commissioner Chris Jordan AO - ref ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes

Update - 18 - 05 Nov 2014: Updated Defence submission - ATO v/s Barnes: PDF  (Case on 12th Jan 2015)
                                                                        Go HERE for the 'word doc' version of the defence
Update - 19 - 26 July 2014: Letter to Commonwealth prosecutions office, Hobart
Update - 20 - 01 Aug 2014:
Letter to Attorney-general George Brandis

Update - 21 - 14 Aug 2014: Letter (4) to the director of the Monetary penalties & fines enforcement
Update - 22 - 18 Aug 2014: Letter (2)  to ATO prosecutor Eddie Storace - ref ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes
Update - 23 - 12 Sept 2014: Letter (3)  to ATO prosecutor Eddie Storace - ref ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes

Update - 24 - 15 Nov 2014: Letter (4)  to ATO prosecutor Eddie Storace - ref ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes
Update - 25 - 15 Nov 2014: Letter (5)  to ATO prosecutor Eddie Storace - ref Error of Court judgment
Update - 26 - 21 Jan 2015 My response to the punitive judgement outcome imposed

Update - 27 - 03 Feb 2015: My response to the 'orders of the court - letter to Governor-General Cosgrove
Update - 28 - 16 Feb 2015:
Open letter to commander Richard Cowling of the Tasmania Police
Update - 29 - 19 Feb 2015:
Open letter to Chris Jordan Australian Tax Office  commissioner

Update - 30 - 26 Feb 2015: The Clemency of Father God
Update - 31 - 16 May 2015: Justice Minister Goodwin - Tasmania
Update - 32 - 20 May 2015: Police 'Chief of Staff' Tasmania
Update - 33 - 26 May 2015: Premier Will Hodgman of Tasmania
Update - 34 - 27 May 2015: MPES Neale Buchanan
Update - 35 - 31 May 2015: Martin Crane - Registrar of motor vehicles
Update - 36 - 21 June 2015: The LAW society of Tasmania
Update - 37 - 25 June 2015: Open Complaint of Treason to newspapers
Update - 38 - 30 June 2015: Letter to Agnese Saracino (JP)
Update - 39 - 12 July 2015: The Police Commissioner of Tasmania Darren Hine
Update - 40 - 16 July 2015: The Police Commissioner of Tasmania - Letter 2
Update - 41 - 24 July 2015: Tasmania's Governor Kate Warner
Update - 42 - 1 August 2015: Police Commander Bretton Smith of Launceston
Update - 43 - 4 August 2015: Police Commander Bretton Smith of Launceston letter 2
Update - 44 - 6 August 2015: Police Commander Bretton Smith of Launceston letter 3
Update - 45 - 9 August 2015: Police Commander Bretton Smith of Launceston letter 4
Update - 46 - 15 August 2015: Response papers to magistrate Marron
Update - 47 - 18 August 2015: Letter (3) to the Tasmanian Governor Kate Warner  
Update - 48 - 25 August 2015: Letter to Marlene Crawford, magistrates Launceston 
Update - 49 - 27 September 2015: Letter to David Owen secretary to the Tasmania Governor 
Update - 50 - 22 November 2015: Letter to  the Queen's representative of Tasmania
Update - 51 - 10 December 2015: Letter-1 to reporter C.Tang of the Examiner newspaper, Launceston
Update - 51 - The final submission to the magistrate at the Court hearing on 9th February 2016
Update - 52 -11th February 2016: The finding of the court response
Update - 53 - 5th April 2016: My final Judgement upon all complicit to this case
Update - 54 - 23rd April 2016: The Dictatorship Decree of God
Update - 55 - 23rd April 2016: Northern Midlands Council - Rates demand
Update - 56 - 9th July 2016: Northern Midlands Council - Bailiff
Update - 57 - 11th July 2016: Northern Midlands Council - CEO Des Jennings
Update - 58 - 3rd August 2016: Tasmania Governor-General - Vanessa Goodwin letter (2)
Update - 59 - 23rd August 2016: Northern Midlands Council - debt ACTION demand
Update - 60 - 24 October 2016: Northern Midlands Council - letter to Maree Bricknell
Update - 61 - 24 October 2016: Initial submission
Update - 62 - 24 October 2016: Final letter to Maree Bricknell - NMC
Update - 63 - 12 November 2016: Further letter to Maree Bricknell - NMC
Update - 64 - 14 November 2016: Final letter to ATO - Erin Holland & Tasmania Police
Update - 65 - 15 November 2016: Clemencia's defence submission in respect of NMC claims
Update - 66 - 29 November 2016: Court Clerk Roger Illingworth Launceston Magistrates Court
Update - 67 - 10 December 2016: Court Clerk Roger Illingworth Letter 2

Update - 68 - 10 December 2016: Clemencia's sainthood confirmed by God

Update - 69 - 12 March 2017: The final Judgement of Magistrate Brown

Update - 70 - 14 March 2017: Letter to the Tasmanian Police Commissioner Hine
Update - 71 - 18 March 2017: Letter to Northern Midlands Council CEO (Des Jennings)
Update - 72 - 5th April 2017: Letter to monetary penalties enforcement service
Update - 73 - 16th April 2017: Global WARNING
Update - 74 - 12th August 2017:
In the case of the NMCouncil v/s Mrs Barnes - The Court decision states: "There is no case to answer"
Update - 75 -20th February 2018 - In good faith - letter to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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Minds under siege (20 minutes Audio) - Clemencia
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There are also papers in respect of my own persecution by the Tasmania police herein given.

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Tasmania State v/s Terence

Item - A - Letter to Magistrate Marron
Item - B - Letter to prosecutor Brett Steele
Item - C - PDF Court defence submission to magistrate Marron May 1st.

Item - 1 - Letter to the Police Commissioner
Item - 2 - Letter to the Justice Minister

Item - 3 - Letter to the public prosecutor Gary Lusted-1
                     The above is Item 196 on the Index HERE
Item - 4 - Letter to the public prosecutor Gary Lusted -2
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Item - 5 - Letter to the station Commander Cowling - 1
Item - 6
- Letter to the station Commander Cowling - 2
                The above are Items 193-194 on the Index

Item - 7 - My 'Plea' of guilt or otherwise to be
Item - 8 - My letter to Magistrate Tim Hill
Item - 9 - Letter to Registrar Illingworth LMC

Item - 10 - Letter to the Tasmania fines enforcement service
Item - 11 - Letter to Tasmania politicians
Item -
12 - Facts on fines

Update - 13  - 16 June 2014 : The Judgement of the Court & my response to all mankind
Update - 14 - 14 June 2015 : Kent Ritchie and 'Intent to persecute'
Update - 15 - 23 August 2015
: Letter of complaint to the Tasmania Police service'

Update - 16 - 1st September 2015 - Advisory reference God's judgement on the case.
Update - 17 - 8th September 2015 - Cdr R J Bond internal investigations response.
Update - 18 - 17th September 2015 - Acting Cdr Glen Ball professional standards.

Update - 19 - 6th October 2015 - Defence papers to magistrate Cure.
Update - 20 - 16th October 2015 - Letter to officers Lovell & Ritchie
Update - 21 - 26th October 2015 - Letter of complaint to the Police Union

Update - 22 - 5th November 2015 - My Response to magistrate 'Cure's' Judgement
Update - 23 - 7th November 2015 - Letter to the Police Commissioner

Update - 24 - 7th December 2016 - Letter (2) to the Police Internal Investigations
Update - 25 - 12th March 2017 - Letter to officer Anthony Chadwick - Derby PS
Update - 26 - 24th March 2017 - Letter 3 to Martin Crane - Registrar of motor vehicles
Update - 27 - 24th May 2017 - Criminal conspiracy complaint & Defence paper
Update - 28 - 16th Sept 2017 - Letter to Attorney's-general of Australia
Update - 29 - 17th October 2017 - God's Judgement of the Tasmanian judiciary
Update - 30 - 29th October 2017 - Letter to Tasmania's Justice Minister Rene Hidding

page 4

~ My 'Render unto Caesar' page ~

I give a little clarity on this page reference the "Render unto Caesar" old biblical texts used so frequently by magistrates in the courts of Tasmania as their justification to extort money in fining so many:

This document is raised up to assist every 'believer in God' seeking to "Do the right thing by GOD" and doing the RIGHT thing for the benefit of their own soul and coming ETERNAL destiny. It must BE clearly understood from the 'outset' that one cannot serve TWO 'Masters' having opposing doctrines.

Caesar represented by 'State' governments commands obedience to ITS rules and grants PROTECTION using armed forces. (WAR)

God Commands obedience to His RULING Command: "Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy" and promises HIS protection to the FAITHFUL who obey HIM. (PEACE)

It is your 'choice' as to 'which' ideology you adhere to. It is my 'job' for God to expose that IF you 'vote' for man to LEAD you and protect you then you must 'Render unto Caesar' taxes to PAY for his armed forces. Try and understand that as you so do, all that Caesar's forces DO UNTO OTHERS is done in your name and on your behalf and you are complicit. (An accomplice as they are your servants)

It follows that all the control, subjugation, interference, extortion, fine, punishment, injury or killing of OTHERS becomes your DUE to GOD within the immutable Law of God. No 'mandate of man' nor 'official' position nor mandate nullifies nor voids the implementation of God's LAW.


It follows that a TRUE believer of 'Christian or Islam' or other must NOT fund INIQUITY or the imposition thereof upon OTHERS because, that activity is in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION OF GOD'S Command and brings 'grief' eternally upon the ignorant or arrogant.

It is too 'simplistic' to say: "We must pay taxes for the benefit of society." Certainly we MUST pay for all benign community effort or services we PERSONALLY seek to support or use. Pay the 'roads department directly. Pay the hospital authority or schools directly. Pay the builder or plumber or gardener directly etc. Do NOT fund the coffers of any institution which uses 'force of arms' against others. Education is the way, not punishment.

Simply put: Do nice things to others and God via kind others does nice things to YOU (kind, loving, merciful)
Simply put: Do nasty things to others and God via cruel others does nasty things to YOU (cruel, hateful, merciless)

God's Law of return for the use of HIS creative or destructive ENERGY is 'absolute Justice in action.'

NEVER take a wage to uphold RULES in a book which force you to defy God.
NEVER pay a wage to others to uphold RULES in a book which force both them and you to defy God.

If you fill out a 'tax return' and pay income tax to Caesar (State) it proves to God that you are an unfaithful person defying Him and funding iniquity, being the subjugation, enslavement, punishment and killing of His other children as YOU contravene His Ruling Command.

The words “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” have for many a long year been used as the ‘tool’ whereby man has ‘salved’ his conscience, as he ‘Caesar’ of 'old' and the today State Institution via magistrates use force of arms to ‘tax’ the populace, and to punish them for any ‘defiance’ or non payment of demanded ‘taxes, licence fees, levies, stamp duties, royalties’ etc., - - -

The words “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” are also used as the justification for punishing people for any non-conformity to the dictated rules or decrees of ‘Caesar,’ (The State Institution of today) that keep men on their knees in bondage, (Slavery) - - - as all were ‘conned’ into believing that the dictates of  Caesar were the ‘law of the land.’

They are not, for God’s “As you sow so shall ye reap” Command is the decreed Ruling of God that is the ‘Law of the land,’ and the misunderstood texts in ‘biblical books’ purported to be the truth have also been 'corrupted' and misinterpreted by vain men into believing that ‘some’ men had the right to rule others and, that 'some' men had the right to ‘compulsively’ force others into obedience to their own false ideological beliefs. What a ‘sorry’ state of affairs.

I add a few more words for readers. What needs to be clearly understood is that IF you wish to continue relying on THE 'protection' of your 'person' by armed men, then 'naturally' you have the freedom of choice to so do, and it is thus you do 'owe' a debt to State (Caesar) as you do need to pay the wages of the armed forces who do their best to protect you from harm etc.

Just remember, all they DO UNTO OTHERS (injury) is done in your name and on your behalf. Thus there IS A painful SPIRITUAL RETURN comeback upon your own head later because, you cannot HALT the 'return' of the DARK energy used by yourself OR your paid servants in their protection or reprisals or punishments meted out to others. This is why our God states: 

"Do not rely on the strength of 'arms' for protection. You must rely solely on LIVING My Holy Word of 'peace & love & mercy & compassion & FORGIVE YOUR ENEMY' Command. For IN so doing, the 'comeback' RETURN to you is the same (equal absolute justice) benign comeback within MY immutable : "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

EACH person now has a very small 'window' of opportunity to OBEY God and BE saved.
To so do, they must ONLY fund benign community effort as they OBEY God's Command.

 Note: non voters

It needs to be understood by politicians and their officials that when a person does not 'Vote' it is because they:

1 - Are absolute pacifists and, - - -

2 - They have NO 'confidence' in any man to lead them along the correct path and, - - -

3 - They also see and believe that the 'protectionist policies' espoused by politicians is in contravention of God's Command and, - - -

4 - They thus seek not any 'protection' by armed forces because they cannot support or condone the persecution or punishment or killing of others and, - - -

5 - Thus their 'vote' is for their God as head of house and they bow to His Command at all times and in all situations and they only fund benign community effort.

6 - As politicians have made 'voting' a compulsory act or suffer a consequence it shows their ongoing purity of arrogance whereby they perceive themselves 'as' God or superior to God, and my pen (God's) states that everyone so 'arrogant' is to now FALL. Any person choosing God as their 'leader' who does OBEY God and thus never 'disturbs the peace of others' is to be left in peace.

I soon depart this earthly realm and leave the content of this web site with ITS revelations as my LEGACY to errant man.

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~ The facts ~

It is quite clear to me that  presently, it is the personal opinion of politicians, their 'judges' and enforcers that NO 'other' DOCTRINE other than their own is permitted to EXIST.  This being a reality, it follows that irrespective of the 'supposed' civil rights of others or the mandate granted unto them in the Constitution of their own organisation, ( politicians and their servants also believe in their right to forcefully impose any and all legislated dictates upon everyone. The same politicians and magistrates also believe in their absolute right to impose punishment for any disobedience or non-conformity to their dictated rules without realising that this is an ILLEGAL activity in God's eyes.

Irrespective of what anybody says in regard to what I should believe or do to satisfy their expectations of me or, who state that I must 'obey them or be punished,' I will follow my own conscience, therefore ensuring that I live according to the Command of our God given unto all that we must live in peace and never fund or support any who are warmongers. I also clearly state that I will never condone or support the interference in the lives of others nor the punishment imposed upon them.

Let me make it CLEAR - - - I do not need the 'sanction' of any legislated RULE in a text book of man before I follow my God, for His Command given unto me and all His children is also very CLEAR.

Irrespective of what any person backed by force of arms expects or demands that I 'do or be punished' in some way, I will never give in to threat or coercion or intimidation because I will remain in God's Light and simply give them my good counsel while I 'suffer' any fate they impose upon me because of the absolute truth that non-retaliation is the ONLY way for all mankind seeking redemption.

There is a FACT of life being, that within every 'realm' or 'level of consciousness' existing outside of heaven are people who believe in the doctrine of absolute control over your life and the lives of everyone. They justify this interference, control and punishment in their minds as they say: "It is for your own good and for the good of the majority."

They also justify this 'control and punishment' by believing and saying: "It is the law," while none of them realise that the 'law of man' is simply the dictates of 'some' people who impose their own needs, wants, desires upon everyone, either verbally or via 'text' enshrined in books named 'statutes or legislation.' None realising that it is the 'law' of God's EQUAL RETURN which is THE LAW of this and every realm of consciousness. (As you do unto others is by others done unto you on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis)

The problem for YOU the reader is, that if you fund or condone or support this control over the lives of others then YOU are responsible for whatever their punishment is for any disobedience to said rules. This means that you are complicit in being a 'party to' any and all activity or punitive ACTION imposed by the government which causes said harm or loss or emotional trauma to others and this places YOU into the punitive aspect of God's REAL LAW of Return and, - - -

What follows is that ahead it is YOU to suffer the same 'fate' as was imposed upon others in your name and on your behalf by your servants and, - - - worse still, if you retaliate when faced by adversity, and you thus use force to defend yourself, you factually draw IN dark energy (sin) which contaminates your soul and draws IT (your soul) further away from the Light.

I can only 'suggest' that YOU follow me and my way by only funding benign community effort and services provision. You also stop working for and taking a wage 'from' any controlling, punitive, invasive or destructive organisation which forces YOU to defy God's Command in your daily interaction with others.

Only support the education of offenders who have disturbed the peace using 'correction' which is caring, kind, merciful and educative as per the 'Seminar' given in the Offender document on this web site.

If others in the community need funds for any reason, then they must obey God who states: "Ask and you will receive." This means that you must never pay an monetary licence 'fee' to any other to remain free from their persecution. If they demand it and haul you in to be 'corrected' or punished, and they say: "Pay a fine and we'll let you go," then just go your way without ever paying them money for if you pay, then you are funding and supporting their extortion from others.

If they then steal your goods or lock you up then so be it. Do not retaliate, just 'suffer' the mental or emotional or other consequence in the knowledge that you are paying OFF some spiritual dues to God VIA the arrogant and ignorant. Extend your 'good will' unto them.

Any official of any 'organisation' hauling you IN to stand before a man or woman to be judged is an illegal activity in God's eyes and a contravention of God's Command. It is my task to expose this FACT to everyone so that 'some' will be released from continuing to slide down to the Abyss by their own consciousness being 'awoken' by my pen, God's pen.

The facts of the matter are that all we needs do to be True to God and ourselves is to ensure that our minds are strong so that we never give in to deceptive or beguiling thoughts. Equally, we never take a mercenary wage that forces us to defy God and trespass into God's darkness by causing harm to another.

If there were only two people living in the Light of heaven the one would greet the other with an open smile having no 'beguile' since they have only the intent to uplift the other and would say:

"John, so nice to meet you today, is there anything I can do to assist you"?

If there were only two people living in the Dark of hell the one would probably meet the other with the intent to control, subjugate, enslave and say:

"John, I demand that you obey me and do what I tell you because if you do not, then I will punish you"

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~ Political terrorists ~
God's Command

There are those who 'lay down the law' as they say via 'texts': "Obey us or suffer for sure." All these persons are vain and unwise and by their actions truly do their God and His Command despise. Everyone living outside of heaven is living in a DARK 'box' and they cannot do ANYTHING without first obtaining 'permission,' paying a permit 'fee' and conforming with/to the rules contained within a 'library of texts' existing IN THE BOX.

Even the magistrate 'judges' ONLY operate according to their own interpretation to the rules he finds IN THE BOX. Regrettably, the 'goal post' of the rules in the box endlessly change as other rules are added and new precedents are set, precedents which bring 'conflicting' possibilities in reference to existing and other rules are then imposed. This leads to dissention or indecision and numerous other possibilities. In reality, more and more people become trapped by the CONTENT of said BOX.

Everyone today is living in a delusion as they vote 'in' men to lead them and protect them and they are all enslaved to political rules which are simply 'text' in books that DICTATE the terms of man's living ways and they also impose punishment upon anyone who steps out of line which is of itself the coercion to keep funding the extortion of funds and control exerted over others.

The 'doctrine' espoused by political power brokers is that of absolute subjugation to their 'way' of 'being or living.' It is a 'way' which is in absolute contravention of God's Command and thus everyone on earth of all stated 'religions' are in FACT living in a delusion. Why is this so? Because they believe that their 'rituals' denote their ideological belief whereas in FACT, in funding an ideology of interference, control, punishment and war, it actually proves to God that they are 'liars.' (The lost race)

I am going to state it very simply and make it very clear, strong men or politicians are people who use force to gain or attain absolute CONTROL over YOU. Their controlling or taxing or punitive thoughts or ideas are a psychological attack imposed upon their own minds by DARK 'possessive' spirit forces. The intrusive and subjugating thoughts are the ultimate 'psychic attack' upon humans from the DARK 'devilish' Sovereign Power  which is the destructive energy essence of GOD.

This telepathic psychic attack is eternal and ongoing in all realms outside the pure Light and is SOLELY for the purpose of IMPOSING loss and suffering and destroying the SOUL of all who become embroiled by ITS emotional HOLD over YOU. (The dark)

How so, or how do you become 'emotionally entangled'? When you 'default' or disobey any 'rule' which IT elevated through the mind of the vain, you are 'confronted' by armed men (the police) who are not called 'bully boys' for nothing, for they will and do drag you off the street and INTO their 'parlour' where they DO threaten, coerce and intimidate you as they TRY and force you to OBEY them.

The moment you DO obey them, the instigator of this psychic attack 'wins' because, when you 'pay' some 'fine' money then you and all complicit to your 'downfall' are within ITS control and LAW of RETURN (The Devil's) being the punitive arm of God.

So, as a matter of 'principle' each must ONLY obey their God and never defy God's Command and never 'pay' the 'wages of sin or sinners.' We must only educate them and ourselves and all become 'lovers' or DIE.

Inspiration or IDEAS from anyone which educate and assist people, or are benign and good, are from the Light ENERGY of the Source.
Inspiration or IDEAS from anyone which result in extortion, control, subjugation, war or mental or emotional or physical suffering are from the Dark ENERGY of the Source.

The IDEA of the Creator is that we the children ONLY receive goodness and are happy, but to so do, we must ONLY put out goodness as we make others happy. In order to so do we must conform to His 'peace & love & mercy' Command at all times and in all situations. Let us therefore have God as our guide and leader and head of house.

The IDEAS of politicians are those which force us to be living the CONTRA ideology as they force 'us' to vote for them and to fund their iniquity of impositions upon others. It follows that as we are putting OUT 'pain and suffering and loss,' that we can ONLY receive a similar DUE. This is why we become more controlled and impoverished unhappy little creatures with NO 'hope.'

Please now step outside of the 'box' or the square in which you are born and programmed. Only thus will you see IT for what it IS. Error of doctrine.

Politicians ARE terrorists. Extorting money, imposing strictures, waging war and misleading everyone.

Woe and more woe unto those men, sincere though they may be, who cast a 'shadow' between God and His children. These are any person who takes on a role of 'authority' under the presumption that they are intermediaries or representatives of God that limit, restrict, or impose their interpretation of God or His message of Salvation upon the people.

Let it be clearly understood that in order to be in compliance with God's RULING Command one must only support, condone and fund peaceful, benign, creative and loving activities of individuals or community effort.

The funding or supporting of any 'regulatory' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'controlling' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'taxing' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'coercive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'punitive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'protectionist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'extortionist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'terrorist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'invasive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'warring' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'defensive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'inquisitive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any institution that 'legislates' the use of force via its 'rules, acts, laws, decrees' is FORBIDDEN by God.

The use of 'destructive FORCE' is the prerogative of God ONLY, for only God's energy is 'above' ITS Law of 'Return unto the user.'

This understanding contained within “The Testament of Truth” is brought to you through the soul of the fisher of men whilst temporally inhabiting the fleshly body of a simple man of earth whose sole authority is that of being God’s messenger of truth and light. The message is the ray of hope that shines down from heaven to pierce the heart and mind of any who seek eternal salvation.

Homeland SECURITY is not accomplished by politicians using rules to invade the lives of THE PEOPLE nor to impoverish them by 'fines or taxes.' It is accomplished by maintaining order and peace with the prosperity that follows so that THE PEOPLE have spare funds to GIVE.

Now is the time of the separation of souls for an eternity, as the spectrum of Light calls its own home, being those who heed the call to love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and the Darkness draws unto itself those who deny love and continue to deceive, control, abuse, punish and destroy.

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~ Trapped by precedent ~
The error of Doctrine

The deadliest precedent and gross ERROR OF DOCTRINE faced by anyone being 'born' into this realm of consciousness is the precedent taught to children by every adult elder being:

"You must defend yourself and 'fight back' using everything in your power to save and protect yourself from being harmed and, - - - you have the right to use force to inflict injury upon anyone seeking to cause you harm and, - - - you have the right to demand 'justice' or punitive redress which is 'legal' if carried out within the 'law' or rules of man by those empowered by 'office' to administer it."

This teaching condoned and supported by the elders of all tribes and religions on earth in one form or another is in TOTAL conflict with God's Command given unto man and it is this false teaching which leads man deeper into darkness and eternal damnation and ongoing suffering.

It is a certainty that today, everyone living outside heaven is yet living in a 'fantasy' of belief, that belief being that they can 'justifiably' defy God's Command given to man because they believe that their mandate or official position or their need to fill their emotional greed, even to hold on firmly to their belief in their 'right' to 'fits' of uncontrollable anger and jealousy. Last but not least is their insatiable need for retribution. Sadly this false belief ensures only one thing, all are ON the wide road to HELL.

The errors of the doctrinal of the present 'way' are all to do with DARKNESS, that darkness being Dark Energy and the use thereof. It is the flow of energy running through everyone's emotions whether of retribution, greed, vanity, pride and arrogance, which drive you to interfere, control, subjugate, judge or punish another. All such judgement is simply through IGNORANCE OF THE TRUTH.

The true way is the way stipulated by God in His Command unto man and there are NO exceptions to His RULE. Why? Because any deflection away from the precepts of God's Command lead man into the punitive return aspect of His LAW, being: "As you do is done unto you."

All mankind has been 'born' into the DARK way and all are now PAYING the DARK to protect them. Sadly this is the gravest error because the DARK is the forbidden to use destructive energetic FORCE of God's energy. When man uses IT to control and destroy, IT then does the same in RETURN on an absolutely EQUAL 'eye for an eye' measure of loss or pain.

Man DEMANDS absolute Justice and THAT is EXACTLY what he receives.

It is important to understand that governments of man ARE also 'Religions' since they HAVE the Ideological DOCTRINE of absolute DOMINATION - subjugation, interference, control, extortion, fine, punishment, injury and killing. This destructive controlling Doctrine is in direct opposition to and in contravention of God's Command.

The literal TRUTH is that every IDEA or thought entering the minds of politicians and then enshrined by them as 'legal' TEXT in books of dictated rules named 'the law,' results in everyone being MORE interfered with, controlled, taxed, manipulated and subjugated through the endless process of coercion, punishment and enslavement to the FALSE DOCTRINE of absolute DOMINATION by the 'unconscionable' TEXT of legislated 'Acts' ad infinitum.

Regrettably, the Police Services personnel are forced by the added rules to interfere more and more into the lives of everyone meaning, all become more complicit to the IMPOSITION of punishment imposed by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power which operates clandestinely utilizing the minds of those in positions of power. This means that the police all accrue a greater spiritual debt of suffering to BE 'met' ahead.

In the present 'system' of CONTROL the police and magistrates are being used by politicians to 'wage war' upon the populace using the words: "It is essential if we are to maintain law and order." The police and the people need to see that we need the 'order' bit because disturbance of the peace leads to discord and disharmony, but 'the law' bit is nothing but the endless impositions and 'decrees' imposed solely to enable more control, extortion of funds and coercion and punishment, and it is this which is the error of doctrine.

Yes, we must now understand that it is NOT 'the law' of the land because God's LAW is THE LAW of every land, and the decrees of man are IMPOSED by the police bearing 'arms' against THE PEOPLE day after day to their own detriment. The police must now ONLY be used 'for the people' and thus ONLY haul in those who do 'disturb the peace of the land.'

Man needs to LEARN that there is NO END to his suffering when he votes for 'rule' by despots and funds their DOCTRINE OF DEATH.

Everyone 'claiming' to be safe or saved or swearing an oath of allegiance to one or another NAMED religions are in FACT all defiant of the 'Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving'  Command given unto them by THE REAL GOD. In reality they all unknowingly placing themselves within the DARK and punitive aspect of God's immutable LAW.

None see that the funding of INIQUITY is what has kept man trapped by THE BEAST for centuries. All now have 'dues' to be met for funding, supporting, condoning and thus 'upholding' the ANTI-Christ Government 'doctrine' of CONTROL over God's children, as officials and enforcers of State via legislation are 'legislated' to: Dominate them, subjugate them, extort money from them, punish them, injure and kill them, all for greed and ABSOLUTE POWER.

Those continuing to BE merciless, vindictive, retributive and unforgiving will definitely find that their eternal 'fate' is to be in the terrifying realms of ongoing suffering from realms which do exist. It is from within these realms that demonic forces 'await' those souls who pass over having continued to defy the call of "Love one another & Forgive your enemy under all and every circumstance no matter what the provocation may have been," since that is demanded by God's One Command.

In summary, today, many speak about light, love and mercy, but what we all see or hear about is in fact the increasing violence of man against man, and greater control by government systems over man. This all highlights the disrespect many have for God's children. It is this careless disregard of God's children which causes many souls to ultimately slide backwards and further down into the dark abyss rather than them going UP into the pure Light of freedom.

The people need to understand that anyone seeking to attain Heaven or 'Paradise' MUST now lay down their arms and become total pacifists even if faced by 'crucifixion' at the hands of the merciless. That is THE TRUE DOCTRINE.

You need to all 'think for yourself' and use your own 'judgement.' 

If you wish to SURVIVE spiritually and NOT enter Hell's gate you MUST from this moment ON cause NO HARM.

I say: "Peace and goodwill extended unto all and education is the new way to go."

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~ Dark energy & Light energy ~
Usage & effects

The Decree

Dark Energy usage and 'causal' effect under God's One Law

Those who impose
Those who rebuke
Those who control
Those who despise
Those who stole
Those who deceive
Those who criticise
Those who regulate
Those who punish
Those who intrude
Those who fight
Those who tax
Those who destroy
Those who cannot forgive
- are imposed upon
- are rebuked
- are controlled
- are despised
- are stolen from
- are deceived
- are criticised
- are regulated
- are punished
- are intruded upon
- are fought
- are taxed
- are destroyed
- are not forgiven and become bound

If you continue to 'bestow' the above - to Hell you go.
If you are in the above category then you need to quickly change your 'way.'

Light Energy usage and 'causal' effect under God's One Law

The givers
The lovers
The merciful
The compassionate
The caring
The respectful
The givers of good counsel
Those who forgive
Those who are peaceful
- receive
- receive love
- receive mercy
- receive compassion
- receive care
- receive respect
- receive good counsel
- become free
- attain eternal peace

If you 'bestow' the above - to Heaven you go

Let it be understood that each person stands in God's sight both day and night, and that each is 'subjected to' God's One Law for sure. Thus God says: "Go your way in peace and only extend goodwill unto all, for only this way are you 'safe' within MY Law."

For if you find any 'justification' to be unkind and thus are intrusive, disrespectful, or abusive in any way, it is our God to take you into 'account' and in God's lower 'halls of power' your sorrows will mount.

Try and see the reality. Being that whatever 'light or dark' or 'good or evil' or 'positive or negative' energy action flows to others via you, will by God be sent back unto you.

We are God's energy in action, and God's energy is true unto itself. Thus it gives and returns an equal and opposite flow through your personal spiritual river.

If you extend 'peace & light & love & share & care,' then the 'returning' flow coming your way is 'peace & light & love & share& care,' and only thus does God share HIS heavenly 'space' with the TRUE.

If you extend the 'opposing' dark retributive flow of darkness and pain, then you are to be sent below where the same upon you will HE bestow. Try and see or 'conceive' that God being both the Light and the Dark, has within ITS dark side the total opposite to the Creative light, thus the dark has an 'interest' to destroy you if you any 'evil' deploy. You cannot 'hide' from God.

The DARK energy of THE SOURCE God is the enemy of man because IT is the forceful and destructive power 'brooking' NO 'competition' from anyone. Once you have used ITS 'forbidden to use' energy essence then IT becomes your 'sworn' ENEMY. IT has limitless intelligence and power at ITS disposal and no 'mortal' can 'win' against ITS power and cunning.

IT is relentless in ITS entrapment of the soul of man who are so 'tempted' by ITS justification to be IT in retributive action that none other than I can see 'how' IT ensnares everyone. As ITS energy flows through your soul during your controlling or punitive interaction ITS dark energy grows as a 'cancer' within and drags you DOWN.

Yes, IT is like a giant spider and ITS limitless 'web' poisons your entire 'being' over endless time. IT uses you until THE DAY that IT has you trapped in agony forever and a day for you arrogance in presuming that you were as MIGHTY as IT. (God)

The ONLY way out of your present predicament is to 'follow my way' and become an absolute pacifist as you obey God. If you fail to this do, you will keep relying on the 'sword' (ITS energy) and darker becomes your soul and your eternal destiny. I am ONLY here to Light up THE WAY as I expose IT and ITS power.

Our God is the super intelligent energy essence of all and this energy exists FOREVER as does our spirit soul as it is formed by this 'God energy.'

~ Crossing Bridges ~
The 'punitive' Service Provider

We all need the provision of services by others in the community so that we can get on with our lives and do whatever we feel we need to but, - - - we MUST now see the 'error' of using the negative and punitive aspects of the '' or the '' because, - - - a part of their services provision contain punitive attachments to certain activities or services provision or lack thereof.

A - Being non conformity to their demands.
B - Being failure to use their services.
C - Being the provision of services of persons who do not meet their 'standards' or, have not been 'licensed' by them and paid them a 'fee' for 'certification' which therefore then denies them from earning a livelihood.

What then is the ERROR exposed by my pen which brings 'terror, loss, deprivation, eviction or suffering' upon the 'heads' of ALL who pay a 'licence fee' so that they can be seen by the as having their ACTIVITY legalised ?

The error is the funding, condoning and supporting of the punitive ACTIVITIES by the '' officials or the '' because, once you comply to any '' demand, you become COMPLICIT to all the suffering or control or loss or demands imposed upon and sustained by OTHERS in the community.

Why is this 'error'? Because within the 'LAW of Return' of God's ENERGY you place yourself into ITS punitive aspect of THE LAW of Absolute Justice. What this means is that ahead you will be subjected to the same 'control, loss, interference, suffering or deprivation' as WAS imposed upon others in the community by your SERVANTS. Once you 'Pay the Piper' you become complicit to the tune that 'piper' plays.

So once you KNOW this FACT then ask yourself: "Why would I place my life and that of my family in JEOPARDY"? Why not simply USE your God-given RIGHT to live by your own conscience, belief and 'religious' ideology and ONLY use the provision of services offered or given by kind, loving, caring people rather than deluded SWINE?

I cannot make it clear enough except to say again, the 'moment' you make an application to 'DO' something to any 'enforcement' AGENCY is the moment you CAN expect to be 'enslaved' and lose your money and BE controlled endlessly UNTIL you have proven to THE LION that you ARE one of ITS 'serfs.' Once MARKED as one of ITS serfs you become ONE to BE punished by IT ahead for your complicity to ITS control over others.

The 'application,' permit or licence 'fees' paid by people to say 'build a home' or 'go fishing' or 'validate' their drivers certificate of competence annually ARE all 'ransom' monies. For your own good be fully aware that they are ransom monies in so far as they are the 'factor' enabling every 'applicant' to operate or to CONTINUE operating.

While all these 'fees' appear to have been legislated for the good of all, what NONE see is 'what' exactly it is they are funding. It is DARK ENERGY IN ACTION AGAINST OTHERS. This activity enables darkness to impose more upon YOU and to control and interfere more into YOUR life within ITS immutable Law of RETURN. None seeing that everyone deserves to be entangled and enslaved and interfered with more and more because they ALL support a punitive system which operates in DEFIANCE of the Command of God.

You do NOT need any 'stamp of approval' from others UNLESS you seek it and ask for it. Anyone demanding that you pay money and obtain their stamp of approval is of the belief that it is RIGHT ACTION to make demands backed by force and to use force of arms to punish you for any non-conformity. That belief is ERROR, leading all complicit into future terror.

When you submit a 'plan' for approval to an officer of an organisation which uses 'arms' to 'control and punish,' you ARE acknowledging to them and their 'system of control' that YOU are their 'slave' and they ARE your 'master.'

Indeed they are, for their 'officials' wielding books of rules state: "If you cannot afford the hourly wages costs of 'registered' builders or, the cost of building a home to our 'standards,' then you must simply camp on the roadside and. - - - by the way, make sure that you apply for a 'permit' first or we will lock you up"!

Every officer 'wielding' a book of rules is in grave danger spiritually because they BELIEVE that they are the 'King of the Jungle' and thus 'above' the law, but in fact THE REAL KING who is THE LAW is simply goading them on and on and ON so that HE can ensure their downfall.

God's Dark controlling and punitive ENERGY does not let ANYONE 'get away' with using IT. There IS a 'comeback' of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. Use the benign Light and be compassionate and merciful and that is your later 'come back.' Use the controlling, forceful, punitive and dispassionate Dark and that is your later 'come back.'

Try and see the reality that politicians using text in books being their 'decrees,' have given their state officials the 'legal right' to DO wrong in the eyes of man and God. They have in FACT legislated wrongdoing in all of their ACTIVITIES which support their interference, control, suppression, enslavement, coercion, threat, extortion, kidnap, home invasion, fines, punishment, jailing and killing. Indeed, if the 'legislated texts' in rule books could SPEAK you would 'hear' the following words: "You must 'bloody well' do as I/WE say for if you refuse you will suffer the consequence."

In the above statement we can see the extent to which the '' have become our masters rather than our servants. We all need to remember that absolute power corrupts but we are now at a point in time where absolute power is corrupting absolutely.

You the individual ARE free to choose to 'win or lose' this LAST 'race' for spiritual freedom. All I can now add is, when an officer of an organisation which uses the 'back up' of FORCE OF ARMS states:

"You MUST come to us and be licensed' by us before you can 'provide a service to others' and, if you one of the others in need of a 'service,' then you must pay us a 'service application fee' and you must also conform to all our 'standards' and use our 'rules of engagement' and, IF you fail to conform to everything we require then we using 'force of arms' will fine you or jail you or even dispossess you of everything you own and we will banish you to the desert." - - - -

Then you need to realise that this organisation is NOT for your own good because it is EXTORTION and CONTROL over the population, and in your 'conformity,' you are funding the control and subjugation of other members of the community.

When a 'benign' service provider does a 'job' for you, they are not implying that you are a 'subject' of theirs to be 'fined or jailed' or punished in some way if you do not do the job according to their demands. It is simply a matter of you advising them of your requirements to which they say: "Can do" or "Cannot do." If you build what is deemed by others to be a 'sub standard' dwelling then so be it. It is none of their business and it is between you and God and it is also your RIGHT.

I ADD: If you are going to be 'building' a home, then rather than using the power, sewerage or water supply systems presently supplied by 'corporations or governments,' it is wisest to simply 'downsize' your present needs, wants or desired requirements and emplace your own smaller systems because, the major suppliers will shut down ahead due to unforseen happenings.

Everyone presently has their 'head' in the mouth of, and paying 'licence fees' to; the KING OF THE LIONS who demands such as an extortionist 'ransom,' none seeing that soon, very soon, the Lion will shut its MOUTH as 'quickly and tightly' as a steel spring trap. At that moment, all such persons will NEVER find their way OUT of ITS darkness.

IF you are brave enough to halt paying 'licence' permit fees to ITS forces, then IT the King of the Lions will still 'bite' your 'arse' and cause you some suffering for supporting ITS demands in the past, but at least you will BE setting yourself free from past accrued 'debts' to IT.  At that moment in time try to remember that what you are feeling is being felt because of your past complicity to what you or your servants imposed punitively upon others.

Certainly the Lion will 'roar' at your gate, but if you now go your way in peace and do NOT retaliate in the face of adversity, then you will eventually be set free and NOT be 'persecuted' endlessly.


Yes, everyone is presently stuck in a cleft 'stick' held by the hand of THE DARK 'forceful POWER' because 'unless' one pays for the use of ITS services the punishment factor is imposed, and in FACT the 'threat of punishment' is the COERCION to keep you 'held' to the Lions 'den' rather than simply going your way and using the benign services of those who are NOT 'licensed' by IT and thus NOT needing to charge excessive fees.

Naturally IT the Dark energy essence controlling all institutions or services does supply 'some' benign community services, but you must NEVER pay any 'fines' or licence 'fees' in their 'guise' of 'application fees' etc.

YOU the individual must at all times be aware of whether you are being controlled or NOT in your interaction with government forces, and if you ARE being 'tried' or tested by demands, then simply turn your back to them as you go your way, doing things your way, and heeding God's Command each day by remaining peaceful no matter what anyone 'throws' at you.

When you are able to remain peaceful in all circumstances then, what takes place is simply the BRIDGE you have to CROSS. The bridge is the 'Crucifixion cross of Calvary' being the payment of painful dues accrued by you in your past which must be suffered, (paid in suffering) before you THE INDIVIDUAL become spiritually FREE to enter 'Heaven's Gate.'

~ Entry to heaven conditions ~

The conditions now given by me are the requirement for the INDIVIDUAL seeking to BE 'set free' and they must from this moment forthwith:

1 - OBEY the Command of their GOD and:

2 - They become absolute pacifists in their interaction with others especially when faced by adversity and:

3 - They 'turn the other cheek' when abused in non-retaliation and:

4 - They forgive their enemy in extending mercy, kindness and compassion and:

5 - They halt their 'vote' for politicians to be their head of house as they turn direct to God as leader and:

6 - They halt their monetary support of the punitive, intrusive and taxing organisations and only fund benign community services and:

7 - They do not give in to threats, coercion or intimidation as they simply refuse to 'bow' to the dictates of any overlords and:

8 - They go their way in peace and love one another as commanded by God even if terrorists crucify them.

It is now your final 'chance or choice' to go down or be lifted UP.


I now advise all readers to learn the spiritual reasons for having a CONSTITUTION enabling the 'governing' of many by 'some.' Go to: 

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