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~ The 'True Mission' Missionary of God~
Centre of Enlightenment

by Terence – the spirit of truth

This document is written to assist all persons seeking to be or become one of God's TRUE mission missionaries.

A missionary True is a person who knows the REAL Truth of God's sacred teaching in The Testament of Truth, and they go forth with a clear understanding of it and a copy of this document and references and a very 'brief summary' of God's Holy Salvation WORD of TODAY and set up a mission 'Camp' or, they can simply stride forth here, there, or anywhere.

The purpose of their 'mission' is to not only pass on the true Salvation requirement of them by God in these last days, but to also organise and direct 'Offenders' to educative seminars in the mission precincts.

The 'Mission' for any Light Worker sent to earth by God is to be a 'stalwart' Missionary who does not 'run away' and hide as the world falls apart and insanity reigns, but they stand firm on their Mission Station as a True Missionary of God.

Their task is to be there and to share their Light, love, wisdom etc., and to give good counsel to those sent to their place by God. They also give them succour and assist them to grow food and to find medical help etc.

These missionaries place their trust totally in God as they know that IF they have any outstanding spiritual dues to be met that they cannot avoid the implementation of God's ABSOLUTE JUSTICE, and they thus prepare their minds so that if or when they are confronted or abused they are ABLE to stay 'steady' and NOT retaliate as they clear their past dues.

These missionaries KNOW that there is no FORGIVENESS for sinning, and they teach all this ABSOLUTE TRUTH and, they also KNOW without a 'shadow' of doubt that as God is in ABSOLUTE control, that NO person will harm them unless they have a spiritual 'due' of suffering to be met, and they KNOW that they MUST pay their dues to God in order to FULFILL God's immutable "As you do unto others will be done unto you" Law and become spiritually free.

The missionaries KNOW that next to false religious indoctrination that the next greatest deception is the coercive 'pied piper' "Call to arms" that also leads all to the Abyss.

The missionary KNOWS that there is to be a currency crisis and financial collapse so they do NOT 'hoard' silver or gold, for they KNOW that these will become worthless as society collapses, so they simply quickly use ALL THEIR AVAILABLE FUNDS to stock up on everything they can think of that they and those that come to them for succour might need in the coming years of TRIBULATION.

They need to try and become self-sufficient with their own water source, power generation, (wind or solar or water) as a solo operative or as a group of like minded people. This way they will be able to NOT have to go forth seeking water or food as they can grow their own with the assistance of the needy who will be given the implements to use.

The power generated will enable a 'men's' shed workshop to assist anyone in need, as well as a 'women's' shed space for sewing and other as well as counselling meeting place. A medical facility needs space must be prepared for the wounded and as much medicine stored as possible.

Please understand, all funds will dry UP and all manufacturing will CEASE globally for a time as man strives against his own mind and his 'brothers' who are mentally 'weak' and are USED by the reaping forces of God, being the demons that telepathically 'justify' and incite the 'open minded' to BE their retributive instruments on earth.

It must BE clearly understood by the missionaries that there is to be NO 'punishment' meted out to those who disturb the peace or injure others. The offenders may be caught and counselled as per my 'Feeling Easier Seminar' and then let go free.

The mission station will hold daily meetings at which time people will be given the Star prayer information and assisted to a new and deeper understanding that if they EVER use God's Dark energy in their interaction with others that IT (Dark energy) NEVER 'forgets nor forgives' and simply balances ITS OWN 'Scales of Justice' at the time and place that IT so chooses.

The ONLY security 'guarantee' from suffering at the hands of the insane merciless is the ONE granted by God unto those who OBEY His: "Go your way in peace & love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgive your enemy" COMMAND.

As 'most' people have defied this at some stage in 'time' they will be faced by adversity. (Just suffer it and shut up and pick yourself UP) As many people have been funding a punitive, invasive, regulating and destructive 'force' (Governments) they will also have some dues to be met as all armed forces work is done in their name and on their behalf. No missionary should pay taxes to anyone. They only fund benign community effort.

A True missionary welcomes 'all comers' and leaves the 'security' aspect to God. They have No 'fences' or gates other than to keep animals. They have no weapons for defense, the only weapons permissible is for hunting game/fowl and these are to be kept in a very safe place indeed.

Once the global catastrophe commences in its fullness as it will as suddenly as a falling AXE there will be NO opportunity to do anything or find anything. There will be a MASS movement of millions of people circling the globe all wishing to be elsewhere due to material earth changes as well as very powerful and terrible things taking place.

The MISSION of TODAY is NOT to 'preach' biblical Christianity.
It is SOLELY to preach & teach the Salvation message of TODAY.
and teach

The HOLY TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

and teach

That God (The energy of the Source) has but ONE Law that is IMMUTABLE:
"As you or your servants do unto others will be done to you by others, be it benign or malignant."

The 'time frame' remaining in which to 'alert - warn -advise' everyone as to the deadly spiritual and material dangers ahead AND to the FACT that their 'enemy' is God the Father. Time to prepare is VERY SHORT.

It is the Father via His Dark forces who is to mete out retribution (The fulfilment of THE Law - His LAW) and at the same time His Dark forces below will telepathically (incoming thoughts) 'tempt' all those 'sinners' still defying HIM to BECOME a part of His 'punitive army' so as to 'entrap' and destroy them for their continued infidelity to His Holy Command given above.

(This is the eternal separation of souls - the 'Just from the Wicked')

The 'Just' who : -

Follow the TRUE religion - ideology.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:
 Tender loving CARE

Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)

Thus the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times.

The 'Wicked' who : -

Follow the FALSE religion - ideology.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:
Cruel merciless PERSECUTION

War, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

Thus the 'follower' is an aggressor who terrorises and injures people with whom they interact when they feel 'justified' to so do.

 PEACE will reign on earth as it is in Heaven once all who continue to defy Him have been 'swept' into the underworld.

How is this to be accomplished?

Arrogant man incited telepathically by the demonic forces of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) will raise their voice, hand, sword, axe, gun, spear, stave against those that do or had trespassed into the dark and sinned and, any of these who 'bow' their head in obedience to God's Command and suffer in NON-retaliation as they 'die' are set free to rise UP to the eternal LIGHT.

Those that cannot or 'fail' to control their thoughts and fearful or aggressive emotions will RETALIATE and, they will continue to 'sin' and draw IN more dark energy into their souls and, as they 'die,' the weight of their SIN within will drag their soul down into eternal suffering below.

The MISSION of TODAY is NOT to 'preach' biblical Christianity.
It is SOLELY to preach & teach the Salvation message of TODAY.

The Mission SERMON is not an ongoing weekly RITUAL for participants.
It is only a weekly or daily 'ritual' for newcomers who receive the message and then go their way.

There is ONLY time to hold a 'once off' SEMINAR SERMON style 'gathering' and give out Information. There is NO 'time' for weekly 'talks,' there is only the time to stride forth from here to there and everywhere, and by ALL 'means' available pass ON this Mission statement and sell or hand out CD's and the web URL to God's sacred web pages and other documents given herein.

~ The 'KEY' Issues ~

The following information must be given out to any individual or group attending a Mission SERMON.
1 - The Command and Law of God as given above.
2 - Daily fortification of the MIND using the Star Prayer document. (Link below)
3 - The contents of this 'Mission' statement.

4 - A copy of the 'Brief Summary' of the message. (Link below)
5 - Reference link to the 'Offender Seminar' program. Link below
5 - The web links

6 - A CD of God's web site may be sold or freely given depending upon the circumstances of both parties.

Let it be clearly understood that any references to past supposed sacred texts will mislead people and are NOT to be used. The only 'past' references to Holy teachings are the following that are still 'valid' TODAY, being statements by:

God via His messenger Jesus to HIS children:

Turn the other cheek if persecuted or injured
Do NOT retaliate in the face of adversity
Go as a lamb to the slaughter if persecuted
Love one another
Forgive thine enemy
Be compassionate and merciful
Go YOUR way in peace etc.


~ Free WILL ~

It 'follows' that, - - - if or when you 'live' by the 'Sword' you die by the Sword.
When you uphold 'legislation' - you are BOUND by said legislation.
When you live by the legislated RULES of others - you are BOUND to live by the BELIEFS of others.

When you HAVE  'Free Will' and live by 'Free Will' - then you are a FREE person.

If you are a 'Councillor or official' employed to IMPOSE the legislation you UPHOLD, - - -
It 'follows' that YOU will BE imposed upon by the legislation which others UPHOLD.

(God's Law is inviolable & immutable)

If you 'wish' to BE a TRULY 'free' man then listen to the Wisdom of my PEN:

By all 'means' PREACH your ideals, but NEVER impose them using a forceful punitive attachment for any non conformity. Because, If you so DO, then within the immutable Law of God, you WILL "Reap what you sowed" and, you will BE punished by OTHERS if you fail to live by their demands or expectations. ALSO backed by force of arms.

Man is granted the freedom of ideological CHOICE by God and the Constitutional Authority of the land within the 'Freedom of Religion' clause.  BUT, - - - the overriding 'factor' attachment proviso is that you do NOT 'disturb the peace of the land.' If you so do you 'lose' your freedom.

It follows that if you are upholding Rules which force others to live by said rules or be punished, - - - then by that FACT that you ARE 'Guilty' of disturbing THEIR 'peace.' Why? Because you are forcing them to live by the IDEOLOGICAL BELIEFS or 'conscience' of others which you UPHOLD.

Note: Religion - ones conscience, belief, ideology.

Let it be clearly understood and passed ON that NO person can AVOID what is coming to THEM personally from GOD via His punitive forces. For these invisible forces will be operating telepathically through ANY 'unprotected' MIND, be it yours, your wife's, family members, strangers etc. It may also come to you by your OWN hand if they overpower your mind and turn your 'hand' against yourself. (Suicide)

Let it be clearly understood that in order to be in compliance with God's RULING Command one must only support, condone and fund peaceful, benign, creative and loving activities or community effort because, - - - at all times we are 'subjects' of God and subjected to HIS one Law:

"As you sow so shall ye reap."

The funding or supporting of any 'regulatory' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'controlling' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'taxing' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'protectionist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'coercive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'punitive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'extortionist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'terrorist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'invasive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'warring' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'defensive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'inquisitive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any institution that 'legislates' the use of force via its 'rules, acts, laws, decrees' is FORBIDDEN by God.

YOU the ONE seeking to serve God must make a STAND now so choose your 'spot' quickly and PREPARE.

 Remain there through 'thick and thin' and simply:



Article Links for Missionary documents needed:

The Star Prayer
Feeling Easier Seminar
Brief Summaries
Koenecke Mission station

(Mission basic info)


For those seeking to become self-sufficient so as to be able to assist others and themselves.

For corn/ flour mill & wind/solar power information go to: “Wind & Solar
For food & medical storage information go to:
Food & Medical storage doc.


Note: I give here below a page extracted from my 'Council Blueprint' document to assist you to make a start on a small basis:

~ Basic Provisions ~
Break O'Day - Disaster Survival Plan

The Break O'Day community of the East Coast of Tasmania where I presently reside is a 'miniscule' example of any place on earth, and will soon be a 'disaster' zone as will all others. Due to that fact, there will be no 'other' able to offer any aid when disaster strikes.

Thus this paper is written as a Disaster Survival Plan to aid not only the local community, but as a guide to others in other lands and places. For all areas of earth will soon be subjected to not only weather forces, but earth changes, tsunami water movements, and the greatest danger of all being the survival of the soul, as man 'turns' against man in the greatest dark, evil, vengeful 'spiritual' pandemic ever seen on earth.

For as insanity erupts, there will be great danger as spoken of, (Refer Agenda 3) as well as the need for every community to make preparation for the mental health and counselling aspect of the prophesied END days tribulation as revealed by this pen.

As all can see from the present day disasters, whenever there is a problem all are totally unprepared to assist themselves, and all people rely on others, be it their own or other governing agencies. Let it be recorded here that governing 'bodies' are not in fact one's 'parents' to be relied on. For they only have at their disposal the funds and equipment already supplied to them by you.

Thus it is improper of you to expect them or any other to be your 'saviour' in cataclysmic times. Far better for each individual and community to make their own preparations so as to be self-sufficient prior to any catastrophic event and ongoing trauma.

As all can also see, when there is a catastrophe the first 'thing' that occurs is that many are killed or wounded, and multitudes are made homeless and all face starvation, lack of water, and all seek help from others. So we need an 'agenda' whereby a 'committed' group can begin to make preparations near to each community centre, with the understanding that earth changes will cause mass flooding to all coastal areas and thus survival facilities must be located some distance away from the beaches.

Every local community needs to set aside one or more locations, it may be wise to make use of a section of a farm property that is owned by a good responsible person that will take care of the community endeavour where the following basic placements are needed to be installed.

The digging of toilet latrines - the erection of water tanks and shower facilities - the storage facility for dried and tinned foods - storage of tents, blankets, toiletries, medical supplies, and all other items that are daily needed by all, be it cutlery, matches, fuel, firewood etc. This is to assist you in making "material" provisional preparation for times ahead when due to calamitous circumstances, the usual 'services' will not always be available.

Remember, it will be a time of "Self sufficiency," so if you are blessed with a little space in your back yard, plant some potatoes, silver beet and cabbages and have a few chickens. We are soon to enter the most extraordinary times ever faced by mankind, as turmoil, terror and devastation takes place. Try and remember that we are all sister and brother, and the mentally disturbed who wield a verbal or physical 'mace' are spiritually ILL and need our assistance rather than our condemnation.

On a personal level, if you can put a little away and prepare, you will be in a better position to be self sufficient and be able to "Share." I give just a few basics here:

Rain water tank (150 gallon +), metal buckets, water containers.
Matches, fire lighters, candles, lanterns, kerosene.
Tinned corned beef, sardines, condensed milk, vegemite etc.
Cooking oil, salt, yeast, dried milk, honey, sugar, herbs.
Dried fruit and nuts.
Tea, coffee, milo, etc.
Seeds: Mung beans, alfalfa, vegetable seeds etc.
Dried corn, wheat, rice, beans, split peas etc.
Medical: disinfectant, betadine, savlon cream, bandages, panadol, sticking plaster, scissors, insect repellent, etc.
Tent, warm clothing, needle and thread, spare boots.
Shovel, axe, and other tools for gardening.
Vegetable seeds and a wheelbarrow.

Important also is to have plenty of writing pads, biro pens and pencils stored. Also teaching aid books for arithmetic, geography, geometry, science, dictionary etc., as these items will not be possible to purchase later. (Whatever comes to your mind)

Get started today

Important NOTE: You can be a missionary TRUE even if you are a 'Hobo' with nothing but a 'back pack,' for as you stroll around you can have the relevant information of this and associated documents in a satchel and, - - - as you are 'fed' by the camp fires of others, you give a return 'service' of True Salvation Wisdom which you teach as you wander around. Good luck, God sees every intent and DEED.

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Back to: 'The Koenecke geschichte'

Added Note:

Reference THE FULFILMENT OF GOD'S LAW - Being the perquisite to Salvation and entry into the 'Promised Land,' Heaven.

ON THIS EARTHLY place the completion and FULFILMENT of the punitive aspect of God's Law of DIVINE Justice is accomplished by those remaining in the flesh or those departing to the Light when: - - - In "peaceful" NON-retaliation they suffered their personal 'crucifixion' at the hands of the merciless and, it is THUS that they finalised  or FULFILLED their spiritual DUES within the immutable LAW of GOD and, - - -

During the time of their 'suffering' they also at all times and in all situations ONLY interacted with others, including their persecutors, with kindness, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness and, - - -

By these benign actions they enabled the purification of their soul that ONLY took place as they halted the ingress of more of God's Dark forceful and destructive energy, being the Fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

ON THIS EARTHLY place the completion and FULFILMENT of the punitive aspect of God's Law takes place: - - - As everyone continuing to fight, defend, extort, control, steal, interfere, abuse, punish, maim or kill are sent into the Abyss as they depart the flesh, and their 'conviction' will continue on and on and on in that depraved place FOREVER, until into the liquid fires of Hell they are consumed.

LET IT BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD, - - - All the 'rituals' of the religions of man from 'baptism' onwards being the 'rites' imposed or given by men purporting to be Gods 'holy' are NAUGHT and carry no 'weight' or 'authority' in the 'Salvation' of mankind and, - - -

It is solely the journey of the individual backed by the Wisdom of the Light of God that enables the individual to overcome the deception of the Dark Sovereign Power, God and set themselves FREE as they 'bow' to the message of peace, love, mercy, compassion, and they forgive their enemy and turn the other cheek as given by God through both Jesus and others and now me when persecuted and abused.

NON-retaliation is THE ONLY WAY to 'pay' ones past dues and thus ENABLE the fulfilment of the punitive aspect of THE LAW OF GOD.

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