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~ NSW Police shootings ~

The King's 'Ransom' and 'killer' Police
The 'Karmic' Law of God

This case is in respect of the shooting of Mr. Jerry Souran and some 'bystanders' by two Police officers at the Westfield shopping complex on 9th June 2016 in NSW, Australia.

The first question to be asked in regard to the Police Shooting is: "Do members of the Police force who are licensed to 'kill' need to be retrained"? The answer to that is obviously 'Yes' but why?

The obvious reality is that they do need to restrain themselves so that instead of finding an immediate Justification to 'disturb the peace of the land' in a very 'naked' and underhand manner, particularly when their immediate reaction is based on fear and/or arrogance, they stay steady emotionally and mentally.

The second question is: "Why was it necessary for two 'armed gunmen' dressed as 'Police' to 'shoot' and injure members of the public"? The reality is that if one takes 'away' the Police 'uniform' certifying or validating their actions, then it is obvious that armed persons should NEVER be 'permitted' to stroll around within the civilian population under any pretext.

The fact is, that the Police officers became more 'mentally disturbed' than their 'sick' VICTIM. This is clearly seen when on our screens we watch an obviously mentally disturbed man simply 'staggering uncontrollably' because his MIND was 'possessed' by uncontrollable THOUGHTS, thoughts that led him 'astray.' He was in need of help and he was at no stage a 'danger' to anyone. He was simply unable to obey 'orders' to disarm.

The question to be addressed is "What of the reactions of the Police"? Sadly the truth is that they lost their capacity to remain calm enough to use their 'reason' and as a consequence, they ended up becoming the unconscionable aggressors.

This is because the only 'thing' they could THINK of doing was to use their weapons and 'shoot,' thereby causing HARM to many people but primarily to their principle VICTIM, a member of the public. Sadly these Police people were paid a wage to PROTECT all the injured. At no 'stage' was their victim close enough to them to be a life-threatening 'danger.'

What is the 'king's Ransom'? It is the weekly $ wage paid to state officers for the use of their SOUL so that they forgo their own 'conscience' and cause harm for and on behalf of the King's RULES or political decrees.

What is the 'karmic' LAW of God in such a situation as this? It is the immutable 'Law of equal return' of the ENERGY used in ones interaction with others, whether that be an act of kindness and benign actions or malignant and cruel actions.

NO mortal 'King' nor rule in a book, nor badge of office nor position of 'community standing' EXONERATES anyone because THE LAW of God's energy is non-negotiable and non-voidable because its RETURN aspect is UNAVOIDABLE.

This means that for every ACTION there is 'ahead,' be it instantly or years away, an EQUAL and opposite REACTION. This also means that all the pain and suffering, emotional trauma or loss caused through any person's punitive 'restraint' ACTION comes back upon the 'heads' of those who imposed IT. (As you did sow so shall ye reap - Absolute Justice)

The King's men (or Queen's) who bore 'arms' on the day became emotionally stressed and 'mentally disturbed' to the point of irrationality, and since all officials now believe in their RIGHT to demand 'respect' and instant OBEDIENCE, if said 'response' is not forthcoming, they assume the RIGHT to use their weapons and injure, maim or KILL if so deemed as 'necessary.'

Prior to this 'act' of 'fantasy' and cruelty, their aroused emotions 'permitted' demonic thoughts to seize 'possession' of their minds. The consequence of this is that they simply became 'robots' controlled by spirit 'demons' who meted out their demands telepathically.

The suffering imposed upon their victim and the bystanders was in FACT the karmic 'fate' comeback of the recipients who paid some past spiritual dues to God via the ignorant Police who themselves then accrued a similar due of suffering to be 'met' and suffered at a later date in this world or the next.

Where to now for the Police? No 'internal' investigation can nullify the Law of God. That being said I suggest that the Australia Police now lead the world in disarming all officers so that they no longer become a 'danger' unto themselves and a danger to the individuals they are sworn to protect. Let the Police now be seen as true upholders of the PEACE through their own actions.

IF ahead any 'armed' or 'crazed' civilian is seen to be disturbing the peace of the land, then unarmed persons can either 'counsel' the crazed one or tell everyone to simply get out of the way because the crazy one is NOT in control of his thoughts. The last thing a mentally disturbed person needs is to be confronted by what to them are dangerous armed forces.

If the crazy one has a 'gun' then they must not be threatened or killed or maimed. These individuals must be helped by calm, rational and reasonable BRAVE counsellors until the conflict is resolved. If the crazed one is 'armed' with a knife or axe and is literally 'running amok,' then by all 'means' they can be restrained by trained unarmed 'combat' persons who have the capacity to disarm people due to their quick thinking and fearless actions. NO harm must be caused by anyone to anyone.

The detained 'offender' must then be 'counselled' by me or my 'voice' through attending a 2 hour 'Feeling Easy' Seminar during which time the 'attaching' demonic spirit forces will 'detach' and become educated together with their 'earthly' VICTIM who will regain their conscience and can then be set free.

Man must now 'forgo' the use of God's Dark, forceful destructive energy and become benign and kind to himself as he 'aligns' with God's Command of: "PEACE, love, compassion, mercy and forgive."

Note: If politicians believe that the Police must be armed and are thus their own 'private army,' the Police need to understand that they are taking a false wage if they wage war upon the community and that all the harm they cause becomes their spiritual due.

Note: Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one. This also means that there are NO mitigating circumstances in respect of avoiding the imposition of God's Law. Man assumes incorrectly that a democratic majority 'vote' to elevate a 'leader' or a Dictator's decrees 'somehow' validates a defiance of God's Command and a 'nullifying' of God's Law. (This is error of doctrinal belief)

Note: It is now the TIME to use my Feeling Easy Seminar and empty the jails and the mental health institutions as together we UPLIFT the consciousness of mankind.


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~ Open letter to Dr Bulent Hass Dellal and all SBS directors ~
Absolute Truth on Islam & Christianity & ALLAH

Dear Dr Dellal, this letter to you and all whom would be true to Allah, or 'Mungu' as He is named in my Tanzanian Kiswahili language, is the most important 'missive' you will ever receive.

I can but state that anyone of any race, tribe, colour or creed who wishes to find their way to PARADISE will have to now show Allah/God/Mungu their total dedication and total obedience to His eternal and sacred WORD Command of: "Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate as you forgive your perceived enemy."

All persons of every 'race' have been deceived by the satanic dark force and as you now see, IT the DARK is justifying vengeance and retribution globally in the name of JUSTICE, and all the deceived of ALL races and creeds are of the 'belief' that they will attain paradise if they injure, maim or kill a perceived enemy. Terrible indeed is their eternal 'fate' in the agony of suffering that exists in the dark wastelands below.

Sir, I am a 78 year old man from Tanzania who has been living in the Tasmanian highlands for 25 years in a small 'hut' with my wife, and I have been recording a message received from Allah to prepare mankind for these end of days time now HERE.

I am a 'spirit medium' who links 'mentally' (telepathically) to the SOURCE of all creation and I am the 'awaited' but now here 'pure soul' Islamic 'Mahdi' and the 'awaited' Christian 'Spirit of Truth.'

My nine books of over three hundred documents are now completed and on line. Why do I write this to you? Because I am but an old 'pensioner' with very few funds who has been very happy to toil both night and day for our Creator but, - - -

I now have the need of SBS (I hope) to handle the manufacture and marketing of DVD's globally so as to reach the multitudes who prefer to have a 'hard copy' disc rather than relying on the internet that will as everything else eventually collapse because the entire globe soon falls into disarray as chaos as madness explodes for a time.

Further to the above, any person who fails to fortify their mind will find that they will be unable to control or halt incoming thoughts from demonic forces below. These are lost souls who already 'trespass' unseen into the mind of ignorant man via the 'vibration' channel made by their inner 'sin' (negative emotions) and lead so many into dark ways of destruction and family violence to now increase globally.

My 'Feeling easy' Seminar (2 hour) also needs to be translated into as many languages as possible and distributed globally. All whom disturb the peace need to attend a Seminar and be released rather than fined or jailed because we cannot 'lock up the whole world each night' as ignorant man succumbs to dark emotions and thoughts more and more. (For the reasons delineated on my web site)

I am now old and getting ready to pass on and over back into 'spirit,' and I need a band of extremely dedicated people to handle Allah's affairs so that as many of His children can be 'saved' and uplifted by their OWN efforts. Can you please do your best to raise funds so that the needed translations and DVD minting and sales can begin? If SBS can handle this for Allah then I will place a LINK to SBS sales from my web site 'order form.'

Due to factors you will only understand when you visit my web site, every person on earth is presently walking 'backwards' and sliding downwards to THE DARK because, in one way or another, all are 'voting' for political 'heads' rather than simply having ALLAH as head of house and relying on His Holy Word rather than force of arms that are used by systems men to subjugate, punish, control and extort money from THE PEOPLE. (Allah's 'eye for an eye' LAW of equal Return - As you sow so shall ye reap, has been forgotten)

All whom continue now to bear 'arms' and cause harm to others, be it in self-defence or attack, will pay the ultimate and eternal 'price' for their arrogance and ignorance. There are NO 'controllers or warmonger's' in Paradise, only LOVERS.

Sincerely - Terence

Please read my National Security Alert:

The very first of the revelations received from Allah is here:

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~ Open letter to Kim Beazley ~

Reference: The LAW of armed conflict & the ANZUS Treaty.

Dear Sir, as a man of God I speak with 'confidence' in respect of THE LAW that exists and 'binds' all men or women who are in conflict with others, be it domestic violence or armies engaged in warfare who are maiming, killing and destroying property as well as causing immense mental and emotional trauma through their unconscionable and deluded ACTIONS.

I need to state that anyone is 'entitled' to be a living swine and cause harm to others but, - - - there are certain FACTS of life which I now impart to all humanity and I also first say a few words in respect of:

Article IV of the ANZUS Treaty wherein it states:

Each Party recognizes that an armed attack in the Pacific Area on any of the Parties would be dangerous to its own peace and safety and declares that it would act to meet the common danger in accordance with its constitutional processes.


I also now quote from the Australian Constitution since it also affects all TRUE believers in God


Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act. (This act applies to all states)

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

It is now THE TIME for the eternal 'separation of souls' as THE CREATOR (named God or Allah or other) Judges the activity of every child created by HIM in every realm of consciousness.

The FINAL judgement is dependent upon whether or NOT said 'child of God' is living in obedient accordance with HIS Command or not. The Command being that, - - - at all times and in all situations the individual MUST:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate as you forgive your perceived enemy."

Errant man has for so long been deceived by their 'Chiefs' or Kings or political 'heads' that warfare and the use of God's destructive force * is acceptable, that everyone today has also forgotten the immutable LAW of Equal return of God's ENERGY.

Note: God's destructive force * - IS the 'fruit' from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil that man is by God forbidden to use.

Since our Creator is the ALMIGHTY SOVEREIGN POWER then it follows that THE LAW OF ARMED CONFLICT is simply the absolute Justice of God's LAW with ITS EQUAL painful return imposed upon the 'heads' of anyone defiant of the Creator and who thus causes harm to any other for any reason.

Since I AM he the returned Plenipotentiary of the Creator I simply state to you and all mankind that no mandate of man, treaty, or national flag or uniform or mandate voids, avoids or nullifies the RETURN factor within the Law of God for the use of either His benign creative loving energy or His malignant destructive hateful energy. YES, God is ALL.

Why do I now refer to the Constitution and ITS 'law' in respect of ones conscience or ideological religious belief? Because every believer in God, be they of Islam or Christian or Buddha or any other religion, MUST now use said constitutional authority to back up their supposed 'fidelity' to God's Command and turn their backs to warmongers as they also 'turn the other cheek' if confronted, maimed or killed as they neither arm themselves nor defend themselves in the face of adversity because they now BOW in total obedience to THE Command of THE Creator.

NO true believer relies on the strength of their 'right' arm for protection and neither do they 'vote' for any man or woman to 'head' their house because they rely solely on God as they OBEY their God and never cause harm.

It follows that as they do not rely on the 'protection' of State forces (Caesar) they do not and must not fund by taxes any 'coin of the realm' because some of said monies are used for warfare.

From now on true believers must ONLY fund benign community effort directly as they pay for services they need to or wish to subscribe to.

Let the warmongers wage war on their ROAD TO HELL and let the believers suffer their dues in NON-retaliation as they clear past 'debts to God' and become FREE spiritually.

I am trying to get all 'enforcers' to SEE that their IMPOSITIONS and 'taxing' demands are in fact leading them into the Abyss.

It needs to now be understood that those as 'Trump' who blow their 'horn' of aggression and hate are to now lead the masses to their doom and eternal suffering. Let THE TRUE now turn to God and show their GOD of their absolute loyalty to HIM and His Command.

If you are involved in ANY form of monetary or other support of interference, controlling or punitive measures you are a 'Reaper' for the DARK Sovereign Power, (God) and all done unto others by you punitively or on your behalf by others operating on your behalf becomes your spiritual due of suffering to be suffered by YOU ahead in this world or the next.

When you VOTE you automatically receive the 'Mark of the Beast' on your spiritual forehead because you become COMPLICIT to all the control over others and to the harm caused to others in your name and on your behalf by State forces. (Caesar)

You thus also lose your constitutional 'freedom of religion' protection because you are complicit to the CAUSING OF HARM that is also an IMMORAL ACTIVITY being the general provision as stated within the Constitution:

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen

You also lose God's protection because you have joined forces with the anti-God DOCTRINE of WAR.

You need to comprehend that once you by 'vote or funding' support warmongers, that you are no longer 'classified' by God as being a peaceful person because you are NOT, you are employing armed forces to cause harm and havoc on your behalf. Believe you me, it is not a 'laughing' matter as ALL will soon now see because THE WRATH of God is liquid AGONY.

Politicians need to understand that: IMPOSING their 'doctrine of war' upon TRUE believers who do not bear arms nor do they disturb the peace means, that said 'doctrinal' imposition is in fact in contravention of the Acts of their own Constitution because their 'belief' in war and the causing of harm to 'dissidents' is in FACT the imposition of a very dark and destructive 'Religious ideology.'

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

The politically imposed COMPULSORY VOTE backed by a monetary 'fines' punishment for non-conformity is (a) an Act of TREASON and (b) Proof that democracy is 'lost' and dictatorship exists because, in 'voting,' a person is AUTOMATICALLY involved in the 'Alliance Treaty' with devilish dark forces because said dark forces cause ongoing untold misery, killing and destruction IN YOUR NAME and ON BEHALF OF voters or taxpayers.

This unseen complicity is a denial of civil, human, constitutional and God-given RIGHTS granted unto man via their CONSCIENCE, and the threat and coercion forcing the ignorant to 'bow' to political decrees or be brought to their knees is what is keeping man disobedient to their God's Command of PEACE. Let the TRUE now follow me and set themselves FREE from supporting INIQUITY.

Any person using 'armed forces' for the purpose of their protection need to understand that said forces are causing HARM to other children of God and all involved place themselves within the extremely painful PUNITIVE aspect of God's HOLY 'eye for an eye' (equal return) LAW of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. Peace and security for YOU the reader starts with YOU as YOU obey God, Allah or 'Mungu' or any other name for THE CREATOR.

If you rely on the false promises of political leaders then YOU are a deluded or deceived person. Why is this so? Because the use of 'force of arms' to attain peace is what keeps YOU not only in ongoing suffering within God's Law, but you also draw-IN to your own soul more SIN. (Dark energy) It is this dark energy which draws your soul down and away from the Light into realms where FOREVER you suffer as you FIGHT.

I simply now suggest that the 'elders' of this land of OZ now rescind their Alliance Treaty and align themselves to their God. As soon as YOU the individual write to the 'election' office stating your withdrawal from the 'vote' for man and you stop funding Caesar, (State) you are also no longer a part of the ANZUS Treaty and thus no longer COMPLICIT to the ongoing causing of harm by any member states of the Treaty and you are then ONLY 'beholden' to God and His Command.

Let me make myself perfectly CLEAR, you exclude yourself from entry to Heaven and your present destiny is HELL if you defy the Command of God and you:

1 - Rely on weapons or force to defend yourself.
2 - Use force of arms to avoid suffering.
3 - Pay the wages of armed men to protect you.

4 - Use the mandate of rules in a book to cause harm.
5 - Use the mandate of rules in a book to fund any 'system' imposing punishment upon others.
6 - Use the mandate of rules in a book to use the court of man to seek 'justice.'

7 - Use the mandate of rules in a book to add any 'tax' or other levy to the sale price of your goods.
8 - Use the mandate of rules in a book to restrain the free movement of others for the purpose of punishment.
9 - Use the mandate of rules in a book to threaten, coerce, intimidate or extort money from others.

ANY activity that is in contravention of the precepts of God's Command VOIDS your Salvation because only absolute pacifist ideals can give YOU entry to the Promised Land.

The ONLY time you can legally detain a person is IF or when they disturb the peace of the land or they are carrying out immoral activities and ONLY for their EDUCATION as per the 'doctrine' given within my 'Offender' document with ITS rehabilitation program.

Dear Kim Beazley, Sir, politicians backed by force of arms have placed themselves between man and God as have 'religious elders,' and all will now PAY the SUPREME price of agony for their delusions of grandeur. I 'appeal' to you Sir because I do see that you yet have a 'slither' of opportunity or a 'whisper' in time to amend your ways but, - - - if you do not believe ME, then never in Heaven will I see your smiling face.

ONLY the pure ideology of Peace and Love and Mercy and Compassion and Forgive your enemy will assure YOUR spiritual Destiny.

You have been warned and advised.

Refer to: The BLOOD document 

Refer to: The LAW of God 

Refer to: The ENERGY of God 

Refer to: The CAUSE of all suffering 

There is a copy of this letter on line as ITEM 241 on my 'other' letters document at:

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~ The pre-marriage Dowry ~

Dear Martin, ever since you advised me that you needed to save up for a Dowry to give to your 'intended' wife, I keep thinking of it and the necessity thereof in respect of the spiritual aspect v/s the rituals of 'old' that bind man. Rituals that exert a silent control and impose a demand in some way.

I believe that the ancient rituals were invoked by men who stated that 'Allah or God' was purported to have had some words to say on the matter, but in fact, it was simply the 'wiles' of the Dark as IT via the mind of mortal man imposed this financial or material 'obligation,' as He/It justified an invisible 'tax' on the 'transfer' of a person from one family to another and couched said obligation in words such as:

"The Dowry is a gift showing proof of sincerity or honour or indemnity etc."

What is really being 'said' invisibly in the above words is:

"If you wish to entwine lovingly with another person then you must first 'pay' ME (The Dark) for that privilege with the 'sweat' of your brow as you 'slave' to earn a 'penny or two' to satisfy Me and My monetary or other demands."

I do believe that the 'gift' that Allah bequeaths the two 'lovers' is the 'LOVE' in their hearts that they have for each other. The material aspect being the individuals who give themselves to the other as their GIFT.

It needs to be understood that the marriage 'bond' is the LOVE one feels for the other, it is not any 'ceremony' legalised by any other person carrying out a man-made ritual. This means one does not need any State 'licence' or pay any 'fee' to entwine spiritually and make a home together.

Naturally the two lovers can hold a 'party' ceremony themselves during which they advise their friends and families that they have chosen to become as 'one' in LOVE, and to thus from thereon live TOGETHER from the moment they depart from the 'gathering.'

I believe that any funds you can save up are simply used to the benefit of both of you to establish your new home together.

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Letter (3) to Vanessa Goodwin - Attorney-General ~

Dear Madam, I refer to your response to my letter dated 8th August;

Mr Terence de Malaherre

Dear Mr de Malaherre - Thank you for your correspondence, and for taking the time to provide me with your views. With regard to Mr Lohrey's matter, as Attorney-General it is not appropriate for me to interfere with matters before the courts. This would be in violation of the principle of 'separation of powers' which ensures the independence of the judiciary.

Though I appreciate the time you have taken to bring these matters to my attention, for the above reason it would be appropriate for me to enter into any further correspondence on this matter.

Yours sincerely - Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC - Attorney-General - Minister for Justice

I can only state that it is quite obvious to me that if the 'Minister for JUSTICE' permits the 'justice department' (Courts) who are dealing with the public to continue ON with their criminal, illegal violations of THE LAW of the land which includes the Constitutional RIGHTS of citizens and treasonably condemn, fine or jail the innocent, that it is indeed a very DARK day for Tasmania.

Not only this, but 'your' other 'head' being the Governor (Kate Warner) whose SOLE duty is to uphold said Constitution, but who also does naught to halt the treasonable 'side-lining' of the Constitution, is a clear indication of the COLLUSION between said 'Courts' and yourselves. This means that anarchy exists in Tasmania.

Madam, if the Minister of JUSTICE actually 'permits' criminal INJUSTICE to merrily roll down the 'road' using the words "I cannot interfere in the matters before the courts" it simply means as stated above that COLLUSION exists and THE PEOPLE of the land need to know of it.

Why? Because what is actually taking place is that peaceful PEOPLE are being interfered with, controlled, subjugated and fined for the sole purpose of STEALING THEIR MONEY ILLEGALLY.

Madam, my concerns have always been and yet are for the welfare of the 'peace keepers' POLICE forces because they are unknowingly the 'fall guys' who are being used as the 'armed' private army of enforces enabling said CRIMINALS to operate. (Magistrates and errant prosecutors)

Your words < it is not appropriate for me to interfere with matters before the courts. This would be in violation of the principle of 'separation of powers' which ensures the independence of the judiciary. > Madam, you are telling all Tasmanians and the 'global' readers of my on line texts that you are POWERLESS to to uphold JUSTICE, (being your job) because the magistrates in 'question' have the RIGHT to do whatever they wish to, be it legal or illegal !

Why I ask do you take 'sides' with criminals rather than assisting those citizens who FACTUALLY pay your wages? Do you madam believe that it is RIGHT for vain and insane magistrates to have the use of the PEACE force (Police) in order to maintain their 'grip' over the rights and freedoms guaranteed to peaceful citizens by the Constitution?

Madam, as I see it, you and all complicit to this 'skulduggery' are simply puppets of the DARK energy of God who soon, very soon, are to LEARN of the Absolute Justice of said energy, being ITS unavoidable 'Law of equal return.'

Madam, that is also of great concern to ME because I truly do SEE what IS NOW TO BE and, - - - since you are my spiritual 'sister' I 'fear' for your safety and that of my 'magisterial' brothers who hold 'us' citizens in absolute contempt when we are placed before them in their 'Court of injustice.'

I have done my best over many years to try and get many 'officials' in high places to see their ERROR and coming terror but to no avail. I have done my level best and truly now lay my pen to rest.

I am God's 'Judge,' but I will say no more because for SURE you will all soon see 'what' judgement has been placed upon your 'heads' by our invisible God as HIS punitive forces emerge as revealed by my pen in the document now linked herein, being the 'National Security Alert.': 

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Open letter to the Australian Christian Lobby group ~
Politics & Religion v/s Spiritual TRUTH

Dear CEO and all members, I refer to your 'hopes' as given on your web pages:

The Australian Christian Lobby is a grassroots movement of over 50,000 people seeking to bring a Christian influence to politics. We want to see Christian principles and ethics accepted and influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate as a society. We want Australia to become a more just and compassionate nation.

I also refer to the recent speech given by the 'Labour' opposition leader 'Bill Shorten' at your National Conference in respect of his 'Catholic' upbringing within which he spoke many words of Spiritual TRUTH. Being words having reference to the 'Principles of Christianity' as espoused by Jesus: Being the words referred to by 'Bill':

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. 
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

'Bill' goes on to say: I am sure you recognise the beatitudes, the beginning of arguably the most famous speech in human history. In the Sermon on the Mount,  Jesus shares the universal love, tolerance and service that underpins his Gospel which is the core of the Christian message.

Jesus rejects the empty vengeance of an ‘eye for an eye’ and tells us instead to ‘turn the other cheek’. 

Judge not, Jesus tells us: For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. And above all, he tells us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. To treat people as we would like to be treated. In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you

Bill Shorten goes on to state: When I was at school we were taught that this was the ‘golden rule.’

IF the 'golden rule' is the fulfillment of God's immutable Law of equal RETURN (measure for measure), then why do politicians believe that IT (The Law) can be 'voided or avoided'?

Please NOTE the contradiction in the ACTIONS of politicians who raise UP controlling, retributive and punitive edicts, and the equal contradiction taught by ministers of religion, for they also preach and teach this exact opposite being, that praising Jesus and raising his name UP into 'godship' will mean that God's "Law of equal return" as espoused by Jesus would be nullified.

Ministers of religion state: "Bow down to us and give us your daily bread earned and praise the name 'Jesus' for then 'Jesus' will have 'taken-ON all your sinning 'dues to God' and he will have forgiven you." It is all LIES say I because if you have used dark energy and caused harm to others then:

(a) Neither Jesus nor God 'forgives' per se until you have suffered your PERSONAL spiritual dues within God's Law because ones spiritual path is unique and God's WORD is THE LAW, not the words of mere 'preachers' who distort THE TRUTH to suit their own 'ends and:
(b) Preachers should have taught you to "OBEY the Command of God as given by Jesus and turn your back on warmongers." Jesus was simply your spiritual brother as am I. You are only saved through FAITH in the Holy Word (Command) of God as YOU obey IT, not in praising Jesus.

I ask of you to consider the words of God given unto man: "As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis." Why do I say this? Because if YOU 'listen' to the false words of preachers who have linked hands with Caesar's deadly forces (politics & government) who actively promote warfare as a means of protection, you will be deceived into believing that God's Word and LAW can be voided, overridden or nullified, and that now 'common' belief 'globally' is ERROR leading to liquid terror as God's WRATH now unfolds globally in the manner revealed by my pen.

Ministers of Religion 'bless' soldiers going into war to KILL. They should advise them to stay home and love one another.

It is very regrettable for man that to our God, mere words mean NAUGHT, because the DANGER to our spiritual destiny is through our ACTIONS or interaction with others and IF our interaction is in any way in contravention of God's Command unto man of: "Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your enemy and turn the other cheek if abused," and one causes harm, then one places oneself into the punitive "Law of equal return" of God, and ITS implementation is not negotiable nor 'voidable.'

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The 'return' aspect of God's Law (Benign kindly actions or malignant cruel actions) always takes place when IT so decides, be it instantaneously or one hundred years ahead because IT is infinite intelligence, and the DARK destructive aspect of the SOURCE leads all the arrogant and foolish deep into the darkness until IT can maximise their suffering in this world or the next.

As I see it, there are but FEW true followers of Christ who obey God through bowing in submission to THE Word of God Jesus brought to man because all the 'rest' being 99.9% of the population have placed their allegiance and trust in the STRONG ARM of political institutions.

What are the 'principles & practice' of all governments? They wield the SWORD and they defy the Holy Word unto the 'doom' of all 'combatants' who wage war upon the arrogant, the poor, the meek and the humble.

Why does the Australian prime minister and his 'infidel' flock believe that 'legislation' by men can void, avoid or nullify the 'Holy Law of equal return' of God? Quote: Malcolm Turnbull -

Chief of defence Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin said that domestic laws needed to be updated to allow his pilots to attack support and logistics targets, as they were currently limited to “only target those Daesh (IS) forces that are taking a direct and active part in hostilities”.

He said the amendments were also necessary to protect defence force personnel at risk of being prosecuted domestically for their actions against IS if courts “take a narrower interpretation of Australia’s obligations under international law”.

Why do 'Christians' employ people who so openly and arrogantly flaunt their disbelief in any God and simply use legislation as their 'licence permit' to go forth with the INTENT to maim, destroy and KILL? To any SANE person this activity is a total denial of God's Command. It is pre-meditated MURDER.

Since I AM God's 'Judge' who speaks for our God I can simply state this: Politics and Religion are one and the same because both 'dance' the 'tango' of DEATH. Both 'preach,' but neither understood that ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

Every 'day' or night as you 'sleep' your servant 'forces' are smashing the lives and limbs of others into 'smithereens' and soon, the OZ 'air' arm fleet will have another 70 or so 'flash' fighter bombers available, and they will for SURE guarantee that the 'return unto user' (YOU) will ensure that you become homeless at the very least and your suffering will be excruciating.

I 'ask': Why does the 'head honcho' at the Vatican need a 'Swiss guard' to protect him? Why does 'he' not simply rely on God for his protection as do I? At the end of this document I give a LINK to the UNDERWORLD (National Security Alert) because, since I AM who I so state, I can see all realms in the Light and in the DARK.

From below I hear 'whisperings' emanating that state: "All politicians and all 'religious' leaders are to be executed due to having deceived God's children and leading them into WAR and suffering." If you 'wish' to know 'how' the DARK will do ITS deeds on earth then read my 'Alert' and you will suddenly realise the terrifying danger ahead for the ENTIRE inhuman race.

The separation of souls has begun and if YOU 'fail' to now obey my pen your 'choice' is to be one of eternal suffering in the wastelands below where cruelty and torture is forever and ever and ever.

It is I the returned 'Messiah' to simply state that NO legislation of mortal man voids God's Law of 'energetic' return because IT (The Law) is simply the 'Law of benign creative or malignant destructive energy in motion' that cannot be 'avoided' irrespective of man's beliefs. God's ENERGY is what flows through you so that you can live and move and have your 'being.'

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So all the bombing of Iraq or Syria by Australia's 'gung-ho' pilots causing untold agonising suffering and misery to hundreds of God's children becomes a spiritual DUE of suffering that awaits everyone involved. This includes every 'voter' and every taxpayer because 'OZ' forces are operating in their name and on their behalf as their 'servants' of DEATH and destruction.

Woe indeed when YOU give your allegiance to man rather than to God. If YOU wish to be 'saved' then you need to state the below and never again place your 'trust' in man.


To the world and our God I make this affirmation:

I - - - - (name) solemnly 'swear' that I believe in the existence of our invisible God (The Creator) as being my 'head of house' and my Sovereign Monarch and absolute Ruler of man having all Power and Authority.

I pledge my 'fealty' and absolute loyalty to His: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your enemies" Command, and 'forever' will I 'bow' in total submission to IT at all times and in all situations.

I 'denounce' all earthly Kings, Queens, Emperors and politicians as being 'pretenders' to God's throne and I will never 'bow' in submission to the dictates or decrees or demands of any mortal men or women whose 'requirements' of me are in conflict with my conscience or God's Command.

I will never 'give-in' to any threat or coercion imposed or backed by 'force of arms' and I will retain my sanity and respect towards others even if they persecute or crucify me because my ideological doctrine is that of 'absolute pacifism' as taught and given by God's messenger Terence (plenipotentiary) of The One True Faith organisation.

So help me God - (Signed)

~ The 'forgotten' LAW ~

The 'forgotten' Law is simply the absolute Justice of the law of energy in motion being: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." This is simply the inviolate law that exists in this 'material' realm but, - - - it also exists 'invisibly' as the inviolate Law of the spiritual energy essence of THE Source, God, for our God simply is the super-intelligent invisible spiritual energy, He (Father God) being the Dark forceful malignant Power of 'destruction' and death, and She (Mother God) being the creative benign energy of 'life.'

Both energies exist and both have the same 'law,' and mankind is eternally 'bound' to their law of equal return albeit all see it not. I am here to 'resurrect' the Law of the Energy of God because until or unless man sees IT, they will continue to slide downwards into eternal suffering and an agonising ending within which they will 'revolve' FOREVER.

God 'forbade' man to use His forceful destructive energy. (The fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) Man does not comprehend that when they so do in defiance of HE the Almighty, that HE becomes their 'enemy' and HE sets out to destroy their arrogant souls. It is HE who 'justifies' their continued use of His energy for the sole purpose of their destruction.

As man impose their rule and control over others, everyone 'concerned' continues to draw IN more of His dark energy and accrue more 'karmic' suffering within His Law. Little by little their inner energy becomes more dark and 'falls' further from the Light and eventually disappears forever from His sight. All mankind is presently sliding downwards towards the Abyss and I am here, sent by God's Light, to 'save' any who truly seek Salvation.

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The 'law' or laws of man are the decrees raised up as 'rules, statutes, acts' and simply put are the "Law of the Beast" (Darkness) being:

"Do what thou wilt" meaning:

You can simply do whatever you 'wish to' or 'want to' using the forceful destructive energy of God. (Backed by force of arms and weapons) but, - - - arrogant and ignorant man sees NOT that they are always 'subject to' the REAL Law of God's energy that will 'return' unto them when IT so decides, either instantly or later, even in the 'after-life.' None can avoid IT and when IT returns via the 'hands' of other ignorant persons everyone 'cries out' in surprise saying:

"I am innocent."

What is the 'error of man's thinking' in reference to man's 'laws or rules of engagement' with others?

1 - Man assumes that when his 'Chief' or King or Emperor dictates a rule or decree, that the result of its controlling or punitive imposition is 'above' the 'Law of Return' of God. It is NOT.

2 - Politicians assume that because they were elected by a majority 'vote' that they are as 'god' with the RIGHT to impose strictures (laws and rules) that enable extortion of money or the causing of harm (punishment or warfare) and not be subjected to God's Law of Equal Return. This is also error of doctrinal belief.

3 - Members of the community do not even 'consider' that their 'vote' for man to rule rather than God as 'head of house' is what is keeping everyone enslaved to the DARK and suffering through their complicity to all the harm caused to others in their name and on their behalf. This is simply ignorance.

The Constitutional 'invocation' is what 'permits' or allows arrogant 'armed men' to RULE others in what to their minds is thus 'legal.' It is not. It was their minds being DECEIVED by the Dark to be ITS earthly 'instruments' for the enslavement of all. Every 'head of state' is doomed to agony in the underworld for their personal defiance of God's Command.

The Constitution was invoked as a part of the 'investiture' of the King or Emperor and then used in their dominions as their apparent 'legal' RIGHT to RULE (enslave & tax & punish) man within the 'scope' of the Constitutional Acts

The 'scope' being that any person 'bowing' to man as head of house rather than God and thus voting for man and supporting the control and taxes imposed upon others via their demands for protection by armed men, (Caesar) were in fact all to be subjected to the State rules and punishment for any non-conformity to said rules.

The other 'scope' being that any person living in accordance with God's Command and living peaceful and morally as Commanded by God, was 'granted' their freedom from being subjected to State RULE via its 'acts or laws,' as long as they did not disturb the peace or carry out immoral activities. This freedom was granted to the faithful to God pacifists within the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts.

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Regrettably, all the 'King's' men (magistrates, officials and armed forces) have revoked their allegiance to the 'earthly' King or Queen as they chose to ignore the Sovereign Constitution and thus placed themselves in 'double jeopardy' in operating outside of The Law of man. (Causing harm to the peaceful in defiance of the Freedom of Religion Acts)

Regrettably, the King (in the first instance) saw NOT that in enslaving his 'subjects' using the Constitution as being his 'licence' to so do, and through taxing their every endeavour and punishing them and waging war against them or others, that he was also in opposition to and in defiance of THE Command of GOD, and placed himself and all his 'followers' (subjects) within the punitive aspect of God's immutable 'Law of equal return' to be suffered in this world or the next.

The 'Rules of Law' of man with all its 'strictures' and loss is simply the dictatorship of God (The Dark) imposing His 'Law of punitive Return' upon everyone via the arrogant politicians, and keeping everyone locked into defiance of THE "Only love" COMMAND and ON the 'wide road to hell.' Politicians are the 'devil's' operatives who lead mankind into slavery, war and eternal damnation. To be saved you need to 'begin' by turning your face to the 'sun' and say the affirmation on page (3 of 5) above and turn your backs to the political 'wolves' who enslave you.

Those who 'stride around' on their 'high horses' voicing their demands have far further to fall than those whom they 'tread' upon. I can but you 'warn' that vanity and pride GUARANTEES that you will more than mourn.

I have returned to earth to give EVERYONE an opportunity of 'redeeming themselves' but, - - - in order to so do they will have to OBEY their God because HE said: "If you sup on the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you will die in your sin."

It is my 'pen' to reveal that said 'fruit' is God's DARK forceful destructive ENERGY, and as YOU use IT, then the result is that all the harm you cause becomes your due but also, - - - as IT flows through your soul, some of IT 'sticks' and grows within and is what drags your soul down and away from THE LIGHT. The DARK energy is so powerful that it can easily 'blind' you and justify your use of IT.

If you carry a 'gun' then you will now be forced by your own fears or by text rules in a book to cause harm and regrettably, your destiny is bleak indeed, and IF you had any 'idea' as to 'what' awaits the foolish, vain or arrogant who fall below, you would 'bury your head' in shame and never again cause harm to others.

It takes 'little' courage to stride forth and arrogantly wage war and destroy but, it takes REAL Courage to stand unarmed in the face of adversity and NEVER retaliate if you are abused. That and ONLY THAT is THE ONLY WAY to now save yourself.

The reason 'why' Jesus rejects the empty vengeance of an ‘eye for an eye’ and tells us instead to ‘turn the other cheek’ is, - - - because when we do 'turn the other cheek' we are NOT retaliating and causing harm, and thus not accruing a further 'pain' debt to God within God's Law. But more importantly, when we do retaliate, we are using God's DARK energy that stains our souls as IT passes through us, and ones inner 'Sin' grows larger, and our spirit is drawn further away from the Light in the after-life.

I ask YOU: “When or why is their ever a legitimate reason to defy God? The answer is ‘NEVER.’ The COMMAND of THE SUPREME Sovereign Authority must be obeyed at all times and in all situations because the ‘alternative’ leads to spiritual death.

This ‘death’ is not a ‘loss of consciousness’ because our inner energy is that of God and is indestructible but, - - - once our spirit soul is removed from the Light and into realms of eternal torture and loss of rational thought, it is ‘dead’ as such and ‘out of touch’ of everything except utter turmoil and agony FOREVER. This being the ‘choice’ of the individual who ‘found a reason’ to defy their Maker.”

So sayeth the 'voice' behind my pen - Terence

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~ Open letter to the Police Minister ~

Reference Constable Michael Bonde - Complaint 32329/17

Sir, I write this added note because of my concerns for the 'simple' police officers who by 'rules' and decrees of superiors are being forced to continue defying their own constitutional LAW, and they become 'party' to the ongoing criminal conspiracy and persecution of myself and others in the community who are living WITHIN THE LAW of your institution and within the Command of our God. (I am a pacifist living peacefully)

State enforcers perceive me as a 'thorn' irritant and they seek to force me through coercion and punishment to join their treasonable ways through funding their controlling and punitive 'system.' Why is this so and how did it come about? It has come about because:

1 - Your police 'union' fails to awaken to the FACT that its MANDATE to bear arms and arrest and detain or imprison others stems from THE CONSTITUTION.

2 - Your police 'union' fails to awaken to the FACT that its MANDATE is LIMITED or 'restricted' by said Constitution within the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts and ITS 'provisions.'

3 - The Governor, being the person empowered to uphold THE LAW of the Constitution fails to so do due to many reasons:

(a) - Being that the Governor also simply ignores what is taking place and is thus taking a false wage CRIMINALLY. This also means that she is factually 'permitting' police and other enforcers to ILLEGALLY persecute the peaceful.

(b) - I assume that the 'governor' knows that if she upholds the Constitution, and thus 'permits' the peaceful to go their way in peace and to NOT fund the punitive and 'warring ways' of any institution, (being their RIGHT) that revenue to ITS coffers will lessen.

(c) - The Governor fails to see that in failing to do her DUTY to God and the peaceful, that she is in FACT in collusion to the Mafiosi style EXTORTION of money from the peaceful being the FINES imposed.

(d) - The Governor fails to see that in failing to do her DUTY to God and the peaceful, that she is in FACT in collusion to the coercion treasonably imposed by Magistrates who cause emotional trauma to the 'innocent' and this is insanity in action.

Through either ignorance or arrogance, every 'enforcer' now believes that the State 'laws-rules-decrees' they use punitively, do in 'some way' overrule or nullify the Sovereign authority of the Constitution.

Why is this belief so prevalent even within the judicial system? It is because everyone working for 'the gov' body also believe that since their 'club' is 'in control and armed,'  - - - that there is NO possibility of them being brought to punitive account.

Since their arrogance and actions are treason and anarchy, and since they are happy to cause harm, loss and emotional trauma to their 'victims,' they are unknowingly in the very dangerous 'quadrant' of an unseen 'cyclone.' These people see not the dangers to them exposed by my pen.

Everyone from the Governor down to the 'jailer' now believes that the Sovereign Power backing the Constitution is 'weak' and irrelevant. I am the ONLY person who sees and knows WHO the REAL Sovereign Power is and how HE is now to bring all defaulters to account.

If you (the individual) are 'happy' to continue to illegally, criminally and treasonably continue with the persecution of myself then I ACCEPT my fate because you the 'prosecutor' or other enforcer hold the GUN and I AM but a peaceful person having a benign persona and living within the precepts of God's Command. I will remain peaceful because I am mentally strong enough to NOT retaliate to adversity, but I will not 'bow' to the illegal demands placed upon me by your enforcers.

Since I am the one to awaken humanity to the escalation of insanity, I can only suggest that if anyone is to be 'arrested' for misconduct it is the governor herself. Why? Because her inaction in doing her job to PROTECT the peaceful using her constitutional powers is leading to civil unrest. It is also allowing State officials to exceed their mandate unchecked.

Since I am God's Plenipotentiary and truthful advisor to the community It is incumbent upon me to state: 

If I was the Police Chief I would simply inform all officers that from now ON they must ONLY arrest, haul in or detain persons who are disturbing the peace, and place said persons before magistrates who will 'confirm or deny' said complaint, and if  found to be true, they would send the offender to be counselled and educated. (Feeling Easier Seminar & Facts of Life document)

If I was the local Magistrate I would say to the public prosecutor: "Has this person disturbed the peace of the land"? If the answer is "No," then I would say to the complainant: "There is no case to answer, please do not waste my time again. Case dismissed."

If I was the Tasmanian Governor I would say to the Police and Judiciary: Please now observe the above advice and obey the Freedom of Religion acts of the Tasmania Constitution, and on no account are you to 'disturb the peace' of the PEACEFUL.

I simply HOPE that someone in the police HQ has the Wisdom to READ my letters and then bow to THE rules of their institution. Rules that limit their invasive actions to those who FACTUALLY 'disturb the peace of the land.'

All persons on earth who bear arms or who are backed by GUNS all believe their 'position' to be impregnable. IT IS NOT SO.

Please AWAKEN before by the very DEVIL your soul is TAKEN. Ignorance is NOT 'bliss' as ALL will soon now see.

READ my 'National Security Alert' because you then may be able to find the 'reasons' how you will meet your own 'karmic' FATE at the hands of those whose minds become controlled telepathically by invisible forces who KNOW ALL YOUR MISDEEDS and NONE can avoid their comeuppance fate.

National Security Alert :

Let those in power read the first '10' and The 11th Command of the Devil

Let the Tasmania police be the first on earth to awaken and prepare the community and themselves and thus lead the whole world into the NEW AGE to be.

Please also read my Offender document:


page 246

~ Questioning the powers of the Australian Constitution ~
Has the government 'fallen' into disarray, anarchy and treason?

Dear honourable members, (Attorney-Generals of all Australian states)

In the Tasmanian court case: 32329/17 - Terence Michael Malaher

The defendant (Terence) myself is seeking immunity from State prosecution in using the CIVIL RIGHTS granted unto those absolute pacifists such as myself, and to all 'pacifist' Australian citizens within the Freedom of Religion Acts given below.

I have been persecuted and prosecuted and punished ILLEGALLY for over fifteen years by State officials and Magistrates for 'simply' defending my right to be a peaceful person and in upholding my peaceful religious ideology. The Constitution of the Australian government has been ignored to date, implying to me that the government has 'fallen' into disarray, anarchy and treasonable ways, however, for the very first time a Tasmanian Magistrate has 'considered' my defence papers.

Magistrate Brown of the Launceston Court in Tasmania has asked me to write to your good selves and to thus clarify for him my constitutional 'rationalising,' and he asks for your clarification of said constitutional Acts in that: "If you believe that they grant me 'immunity' from his judgement, then he is 'happy' to have the matter at hand moved from his Court of Petty Sessions to the High Court for their verdict."

Magistrate Brown needs to know if the words of the Constitution below "Says what it means or, means what it says:"

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Note: State constitutional Acts apply equally to all states of Australia.

Page 2


Note: What is or is not ones 'Religion'?

Ones religion is ones specific ideological code of conduct Policy. A doctrinal Policy followed with great devotion in relation to a ‘way or order’ of existence. Ones religion is espoused by ones 'faith or belief' in the requirements of a supernatural being (God) or other Force. An example of this is evidenced by whether individuals choose to 'follow or engage in' WAR or PEACE.

The Constitution LIMITS and RESTRICTS the powers of lower courts whose activities are to always be subject to the constitutional authority. Quote: 

Legislative powers of the Parliament [see Notes 10 and 11]

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(xxiv)  the service and execution throughout the Commonwealth of the civil and criminal process and the judgments of the courts of the States;
(xxv)  the recognition throughout the Commonwealth of the laws, the public Acts and records, and the
judicial proceedings of the States;

PLEASE NOTE - Section 51 above states: All State rules/decrees/dictates ARE subject TO the Constitutions of Australia  and Tasmania given above. Any State Constitutional Act applies equally to all States or territories.

It is VERY clear that it is the duty of Magistrates to never 'hear' cases in respect of 'Freedom of Religion' because matters of 'conscience, faith, ideology' are a constitutional matter which can only be legally 'heard' in the High Court. Regrettably, it is widely known and recorded that all magistrates totally ignore the above and simply 'hear' all cases presented to them by State prosecutors who have 'no' idea even that their own 'powers' are granted and limited by THE CONSTITUTION.


Notice to Attorneys-General

 (1)  Where a cause pending in a federal court including the High Court or in a court of a State or Territory involves a matter arising under the Constitution or involving its interpretation, it is the duty of the court not to proceed in the cause unless and until the court is satisfied that notice of the cause, specifying the nature of the matter has been given to the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth and of the States, and a reasonable time has elapsed since the giving of the notice for consideration by the Attorneys-General, of the question of intervention in the proceedings or removal of the cause to the High Court.

My 'English' comprehension gives me the 'constitutional' understanding that if I wish to follow my God-given conscience and the Command of my God: "Love one another," that said Constitution grants me ITS protection from persecution so long as: "I do not disturb the peace nor carry out immoral activities."

Page 3

My absolute pacifist religious ideological BELIEF precludes me from supporting or condoning or funding persons or 'systems' of government who have the CONTRA ideology or belief in; control, subjugation, monetary extortion, causing of harm, invasion, punishment and waging of war.

In order for me to fulfill my 'promise' to my conscience and our God, I can ONLY support, condone and fund benign community effort. Thus I am unable to pay any 'licence fee' demanded by 'supporters' of said contra doctrine, being officers of State who are of the belief that State 'rules' overrule the Sovereign Constitution.

IF the Constitution is 'weak' because those empowered to uphold IT are failing in their DUTY to their Sovereign, and thus the 'voice' content of the constitutional wording is IGNORED, then 'naturally,' State officials defy IT and deny IT and they persecute those as me using threat, coercion, jail and other punishment as they attempt to coerce me and thus force me to fund and support their CONTRA 'punitive and warring' ideology.

This 'aggressive' ACTIVITY is in FACT in direct conflict with the wording of the Constitution and most certainly is TREASON of the 'highest' order IF the Constitution is VALID and having 'substance.'

Magistrate Brown is the very FIRST to grant me 'permission' to write to you 'Sir/Madam' (Attorney's general) asking whether or not the Constitution 'stands' because, - - - IF it so does through your 'clarification' of its words, then said magistrate will release me a man of peace with the 'direction' to the prosecution that their 'case' against me be directed to the appropriate High Court authority for its judgement.

IF the 'honourable' Attorney-Generals believe that there is NO 'validity' to the POWERS of the Constitution above, then magistrate Brown will CHOOSE to also ignore ITS 'rules of engagement' and he will also "Go against its authority" and punish me in his 'Court of Petty Sessions' as all prior magistrates have done in Tasmania.

Please therefore give your 'own' personal clarification to the constitutional words below and respond individually to me so that your individual decisions can be seen 'openly' by every CITIZEN of this land for their personal attention VIA the auspices of the EXAMINER newspaper:

A - "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

B - Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.- and

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

C - 46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

D -
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

IF your 'conclusion' is that; the Sovereign Constitution 'wording' is irrelevant today it means that:

1 - The government has fallen. 2 - Anarchy and Treason reigns.

IF your 'conclusion' is that; the RULES given in A-B-C-D are the words of the Sovereign Power, and still have the RIGHT to RULE or LIMIT the actions of State officials, then it also means that a pacifist cannot and must not be coerced or forced to fund the coffers (coin of the realm) of Caesar. (State) Neither can they be legally punished, for in so doing, it is coercion and TREASON against THE Sovereign Powers.

Page 4

Pacifists such as myself (Terence) are eternally obedient to God and thus they: "Render unto God that which is God's." Obedience to God's "Love one another" Command unto death. Pacifists have the divine right to NOT fund the 'war machine' nor to be COMPLICIT to the causing of harm to others because voters funding the State by licence 'fee' are complicit to:

The control over others - the punishment of others - the causing of harm to others - the invasion of others lands - the killing or maiming of others - the destruction of the property of others etc.

Thus they accrue a 'spiritual due of suffering' within the immutable 'eye for an eye' Law of God.

IF there is any 'doubt' as to the 'authenticity' of the claimant, (Terence) then the matter should be referred to the High Court by the prosecution for the 'judgement' of said higher authority.

Note: Protection of the Australian Constitution by the Queens representative: His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Section 61 of the Constitution provides that:

The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor-General as the Queen’s representative, and extends to the execution and maintenance of this Constitution, and of the laws of the Commonwealth.

In essence then, the Governor-General’s role is to protect the Constitution and to facilitate the work of the Commonwealth Parliament and Government.

Note: Protection of the Tasmanian Constitution by the Queens representative Governor professor Kate Warner:

The Governor is the Queen's representative in the State of Tasmania and is authorised by the Australia Act 1986, s7 to exercise all the powers of the Queen.

Constitutional powers & duties: Essentially the Governor's role is to safeguard the Tasmanian Constitution and the democratic parliamentary system of government that Tasmania and the other Australian States enjoy.

In the EVENT that a peaceful person is being persecuted and prosecuted by State officials who are ignoring the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution, and the Governors receive 'notice' of such but do NAUGHT to protect the citizen and NAUGHT to UPHOLD the Constitution, it means that they are not only taking a FALSE wage, but are openly defiant of their Queen and her requirements of governance.

Page 5

In the 'case' of the State v/s Terence, both the Governor General Cosgrove and Governor professor Warner have received more than one letter from me, and neither have even 'bothered' to reply. This indicating to me the liquid arrogance of them personally or their staff.

It matters NOT to me personally 'what' happens to me, for I am in my 79th year and soon to meet my Maker, it is simply 'sad' that those 'in power' see NOT their anarchy and treason and accruing trauma as global insanity intensifies.  I AM 'living within the Law,' they are not, and they see it not.

Note: Spiritual FACTS:

I do not rely on the Constitution of Australia for my 'protection' because I rely on my God. I only 'refer' the Constitution to you because IT is the 'guiding' authority of the institution YOU serve. It is in FACT what Mandates you and all officials and gives them their LIMITED operational 'licence,' and it also restricts their activities to RULING THE UNRULY who DO 'disturb the peace' or who DO 'carry out immoral activities.'

~ Which Rules RULE ~

The 'law' of State or the 'law' of the Constitution or the LAW of God

The law used by 'common' man is State LAW. (backed by force of arms - police) The use of State law has become so 'common' that everyone, (State officials) including magistrates, have forgotten that their operational mandate is superseded and LIMITED by the CIVIL RIGHTS granted unto the peaceful by the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution.

These RIGHTS are guaranteed by and granted to those who live by their conscience, faith, belief and doctrine of PEACE as long as they do NOT 'disturb the peace.'

In FACT, anarchy exists in every facet of authority because State officials (including doctors) using their 'lowly' mandates (rules) are exceeding their powers. In the 'case' of the medical fraternity, under the 'guise' of 'Duty of care,' they also overrule the CIVIL RIGHTS of their patients.

What NONE of the State officials, doctors or magistrates see is, that it is THEY who go forth 'disturbing the peace of the peaceful.' In FACT, it is they who should be ARRESTED and subjected to the punitive rules (law) of STATE.'

Insanity has become the 'order of the day' to the extent that IT appears to be NORMAL.

So not only are State officials ignorant of their LIMITED mandate, but they as said, IGNORE the Constitution of their own institution. Regrettably, it is my 'pen' to advise all 'offenders' who defy THE Sovereign Power that IT (HE) the overlord has an eternally 'long' memory and HE sees and knows ALL. I am abiding IN and living within THE LAW of the Constitution, but State officials are as yet unable to see this.

Since I AM the 'awaited' messenger of God sent to 'save' the souls of BELIEVERS, it is incumbent upon me to REVEAL the deeper truth as to 'how' the devilish Dark Power has enslaved all mankind to ongoing sorrow. It is due to the VANITY and PRIDE and liquid arrogance of all 'heads' of State and their political forces who ALL work for the Dark aspect of THE SOURCE.

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Since time immemorial there have been men and women who gathered others around them, and using FORCE OF ARMS they emplaced themselves as 'heads' of the lands they ruled with an iron fist. These non-believers * eventually became known as Kings, Queens, Emperors, Dictators and 'Chiefs & Governors' and they all assumed that they were "God's chosen" to rule others.

Note: non-believers * - Those who defied God and they supped on (used) the forbidden by God to use 'fruit' from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (God's DARK forceful destructive energy essence)

These infidels RULE every land today, and they are the DECEIVED who heeded the 'call' from the DARK deceptive Power (satanic force) and they all wage war on others, and they all send forth God's precious children to fight others for them and cause great harm to others for them as they remain 'cloistered' in halls of power and great wealth.

As the whole world can now see, these 'persons' who are filled with pride and vanity assume ownership of all the lands they control using 'force of arms,' and they extort 'zillions' of $$$ in fees, taxes, rates and other levies with NO 'end' in sight.

What is now to BE? The Wrath of God is to unfold as by my 'pen' told, and all the vain holding their God and His Command in DISDAIN are to BE washed away into the mud as those they enslaved 'draw' their BLOOD.

The present 'way' of the empower by 'armed forces' is total disrespect for THE PEOPLE whom they persecute mercilessly, and Retribution in the guise of 'Justice' is their 'religious' doctrine, a doctrine to continue ON forever in the realms below because all therein are 'bound' mentally by THE DARK POWERS.

All who support and fund and condone these 'rulers' place themselves into the punitive and destructive aspect of God's LAW and their suffering will go ON forever unless they now amend their ways and BOW to God's "Love one another" Command.

IF to Heaven you would GO then conform NOW to the "merciful, compassionate and forgiving" way as commanded by God THE Sovereign Power. The time is now here when God's pen, mine, teaches the TRUTH from the land divine that states: "NO mortal stands 'above' any other. All are but God's children, sister and brother."

It is my 'added' task for God to advise everyone that God's Law RULES. The spiritual LAW of God's ENERGY stands UP above the State and constitutional RULES/Laws/edicts of mere mortals. The immutable Law of God is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE:

"What you do comes back to you - as you sow so shall ye reap - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction on an 'eye for an eye' or EQUAL return aspect - karmic law." 

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BE ADVISED, anyone using State or other rules to interfere, control, cause mental or emotional trauma or physical harm are VERY UNWISE because they place themselves into the punitive aspect of THE LAW, and all are to NOW : "Reap what they sowed," as God's vengeance sweeps the planet in the manner revealed by MY pen.

Everyone in a position of 'power' is presently operating OUTSIDE of their own 'rules,' but they are NEVER 'outside' of the 'LAW of God':

For every benign and loving or malignant and cruel ACTION there is to BE an EQUAL Return to the USER of God's creative or destructive ENERGY via the mind and 'hands' of others.

What does this factually mean? It means that what you DO unto others you are in FACT 'doing unto yourself,' because the benign Light or malignant DARK energy used returns unto you exactly what you did unto others. This it does VIA the hands of the loving or the cruel. The energy of the Source has an infinite memory and the return can be immediate or ten thousand years ahead in the after-life.

If your PERSONAL 'conduct' is found 'lacking' and you are in 'breach' of the: "Love one another" Command, you consign your own soul into the abyss of eternal suffering. Please amend your ways TODAY.

In every 'facet' of life today there is a 'group' of people who so 'believe' as they say:

"We are employed by you to look after your 'interests and safety' - - - thus we know what is best for you and - - - we command you to do what we say you must do and - - - any non conformity by you will be seen by us as 'anarchy' and - - - you will be persecuted and punished by us and - - - we also believe that we have a right to be 'paid' for our service to you and the country and - - - we have the right to raise up any 'rule' or decree to bring you down onto your knees and - - - we will also use 'force of arms' to maintain our position even if you see it as an imposition."

I say that there is a better way

Education & guidance - not - the 'big stick,' punishment & regulation.

Be ADVISED, the separation of souls for eternity has begun. Be advised, each of us stands before our 'maker' every moment of eternal TIME and IF your actions are NOT 'amended' and thus in conformity to that as prescribed by the Source, then you SEAL your own fate in the underworld of eternal agony.

Let all readers see IF State officials can now BE true to their LIMITED Mandate and true to THE Constitution of their institution.

There is NEVER a 'time' to defy God for HE is God, not YOU.


Reference; ~ The INNER 'energy essence’ of God the Source ~

Reference; ~ The 11 commandments of the Devil ~

Note: Link to my defence pages submitted to magistrate Brown: Update - 27 - 24th May 2017 - Criminal conspiracy complaint & Defence paper :

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~ The escalating mental health problem - irrational acts ~

Dear Examiner newspaper and all recipients, I refer to your  words: "Peak bodies talk of 'systems in crisis' in Tasmania as all regions have experienced an unprecedented increase in mental health presentations since February." (2017)

It is my 'pen' to explain the reasons "why" this activity is intensifying globally and I have been reaching out for twenty years with the 'answer,' - - - but to date, not one response from anyone because my words fall on the 'deaf' ears of the psychiatric 'world' and the ears of those who have absolutely NO comprehension of the FACT that all irrational acts are the result of intrusive and uncontrollable THOUGHTS.

I have examined every suicide strategy elevated in Australia since 1995, and none of them contain anything of substance to assist in the halting of the telepathic subjugation of the mind of man by invisible dark spirit influence that is the factual cause of suicide, adhd, schizophrenia, psychosis etc.,  and all mental disturbance leading to irrationality and insanity. 
Regrettably every government suicide 'strategy' is 'modelled' on the beliefs of ignorant people, and the 'treatment' is given by psychiatrists who are ignorant of the 'energetic' nature and spiritual reality of man, and unless/until the community have access to my own strategy there will simply be an acceleration of mental disturbance over the world for reasons known by only a few, and everyone will become 'unbalanced,' and only my 'psychic' insight gives the individual the means to assist themselves.
It needs to be clearly understood that similarly to 'priests' believing that they have the correct 'model' for the salvation of ones soul, psychiatrists believe that they have the understanding and 'model' for the 'saving' of the psyche, but nothing can be further from the TRUTH.
Only by educating everyone to the reality of their spiritual nature and the reasons 'why' and how the mind of man is 'subjugated' telepathically, and giving everyone  the 'means' to stem that tide of thought intrusion will assist mankind, for there is NO 'solution' unless one understands the 'root' of the problem.

The medical professionals do not understand the 'concept' of "Spirit Possession." Fortunately for me, I am of the 'old' school born in Tanzania where the power of invisible 'spirit' people was known and sorcery and witchcraft was 'rife.' 

I am also a 'spirit medium,' meaning, that I can see into other levels of consciousness, and I can communicate with beings in these other realms, and I DO KNOW that the general public of this world are not aware that their minds can be and daily are 'broached' telepathically by others living 'elsewhere' in spiritual realms.

I wonder 'why' people cannot comprehend what I am talking about. I would have thought that it would be obvious to anyone that if one cannot HALT the negative thoughts revolving in the mind, that they would 'reason' that said unstoppable thoughts were NOT originating from their own consciousness?

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I cannot keep writing and trying to awaken the Police, Magistrates, Mental health professionals and the general public because I am now in my 79th year and soon to depart this world and meet my Maker. - - - SO:

PLEASE be 'courteous to YOURSELF and READ this 'paper' because if you do NOT, and if you thus do NOT fortify your own mind against telepathic intrusion in the manner given by this 'pen,' then you will most definitely 'fall' VICTIM to the powerful and unstoppable thoughts being projected UP into your mind from demonic forces living in the underworld. This occurrence is intensifying daily.

This 'mentally possessive' process is NOT understood by psychiatrists nor any 'Suicide prevention organisation' and thus soon, very soon, the entire population of globe earth is to collapse into escalating violence and chaos and total insanity and destruction is to follow.

We need a quickly implemented 'Feeling Easy' Seminar program to educate the entire populace. Be it in schools or within the 'corrective services.' Those who 'disturb the peace' must attend a 2.5 hour educative seminar and then BE released.

If we do not immediately educate then the jails will overflow and the emergency hospital facility will have a 'mile long' que of injured people all down the main street waiting their 'turn' to be assisted. Chaos and pain and suffering is now to intensify.

As the truly Vain and mentally disturbed 'heads of state' escalate their invasion of others lands and kill, kill, kill, the millions of homeless will roam the whole planet like 'ants,' and they will also be so traumatised and mentally controlled by demonic forces that they will also rob, rape, pillage and destroy everything and everyone in their path.

How then can we 'save' ourselves from being 'suddenly' overpowered mentally to the point that we are unable to HALT some invisible demonic force from using our FLESH to cause harm? Do we use psycho-tropic medications' that 'drug' us or 'what'?

NO, we educate ourselves as to 'how and why' our minds can be 'broached,' and we can then fortify our minds against this telepathic subjugation.

Every 'facet' of society must be given the 'Feeling easy' Seminar program and the 'Facts of Life' document. Only in this way and adhering to the meditation program I give will anyone be able to remain sane and rational and NOT cause harm to others.

Let 'us' here in Tasmania lead the world in the implementation of a SANITY program.

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What is an 'irrational act' resulting from loss of control of ones mind?

It is any "Act" resulting from ones mental 'facility' being telepathically overpowered and thus being controlled by a dark demonic force that forces the individual to:

1 - Defy the "Go your way in peace and love one another” Command of God.
2 – Plot and scheme and then to go forth and interfere into the lives of others.
3 - Control and subjugate others.
4 - Cause harm to others or to themselves.

5 - Judge others as needing punitive 'correction (Justice) rather than needing help and education.
6 - Enslave others and extort monies forcefully from their purses and profits.
7 - Go forth and invade the lands of others.
8 - Destroy the homes and livelihoods of others and to kill and destroy everything.

What is the 'result' of doing any of the above?

You are in fact causing mental and emotional and physical TRAUMA and great sorrow and suffering to others and - - - this causing of 'sorrow' and suffering is solely due to man's unconscionable, merciless and unforgiving VINDICTIVE nature.

As the DARK destructive invisible energy of the SOURCE you are using in your ACTIONS flows through your spirit soul, some of IT remains therein, and this 'Sin' (negative emotions) grows larger, and IT 'dims' your inner Light, and when you depart the flesh, your spirit soul FALLS into dark realms below and, - - -

Since the 'LAW of EQUAL Return' of God's ENERGY is immutable, and since you have caused HARM, you have placed yourself into the punitive aspect of THE LAW and all you imposed becomes your DUES to IT the Dark, and ahead, you suffer EQUALLY and great becomes your own unavoidable TRAUMA. (As you did sow so shall ye reap - karma). I add more input below from some of my prior outreaches.

What is the 'cause' of this increase in mental instability, irrationality and insanity?

There is an enormous increase and surge within the benign 'love' core of the soul of man due to an increase in the expansion of the Light of God which takes place once in an eternity.

This outpouring from within is purging the soul of man of 'sin' (negative emotions) and a spiritual purification is taking place. As these dark emotions (negative energy) surface to 'clear,' they become stronger for a time and the 'doorway' to the dark realms below being the telepathic link to the mind of man is more 'open' to intrusion. Hence the escalation of irrational acts as the dark forces below use the mind of man to mete out their destructive deeds.

I am not here to dispute the 'rules' or medical beliefs' of man but to show up man's errant 'ungodly' ways because it is my task for God to give everyone CLEAR direction to ensure that everyone has a 'last chance' to show their God that they can conform to His Command and BE 'peaceful, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving.'

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As you can now see, the supposed 'Christian' world leaders are FALSE as they all defy God and go forth maiming, killing and destroying. The 'Buddhist' world leaders are all FALSE they all defy 'Buddha' and go forth maiming, killing and destroying. The 'Islamist' world leaders are all FALSE as they all defy 'Allah' and go forth maiming, killing and destroying.

THOSE as 'Trump' and 'Kim Jong-un' and others of the 'warring' ilk have MINDS that are totally controlled by the Dark destructive essence of the Source. (Known as the Devil) They and their followers need to learn from my pen that what they do unto others they in FACT do unto themselves in this world or the next. There is NO 'way' man can void, avoid or nullify the RETURN aspect of God's energy in motion. God is ALL - both the Light and the Dark.

IF you USE God's BENIGN loving and caring and creative LIGHT energy then ahead, IT returns to you via other 'lovers' and true believers.

If you USE God's MALIGNANT hateful and disrespectful destructive DARK energy then ahead, IT returns to you via other 'destructive' non-believers. There is NO 'compromise.'

When your spirit SOUL has NO negative emotions within (Dark sinful energy) and is PURE Light such as mine, your mind cannot be 'broached' by the 'thoughts' emanating from demonic forces, and one is ALWAYS peaceful and SANE and NON-retaliatory in all circumstances.

The more 'Sin' within, being greater vanity, pride, arrogance, hatred, anger, fear or jealousy etc., the more easily the Dark forces can use your consciousness, and the less 'likely' you can stay in obedience with God's Command because you seek retributive justice, and you retaliate in the face of adversity, and you keep yourself 'mentally disturbed' and your mind becomes more IRRATIONAL.

IF you wish for 'peace of mind' then OBEY my message from THE SOURCE, and prepare to 'pay your dues to God' in NON-retaliation. You can ONLY be 'harmed' if you have 'debts to God.' God's DARK energy 'marks' the foreheads of those who use IT in their punitive interaction with others. Go your way in PEACE and suffer in 'silence' in order to become FREE spiritually.

You THE INDIVIDUAL stand before your Creator 24 hours a day, and HE awaits to now 'see' which 'way' you CHOOSE TO GO :

Heaven (Paradise) or Hell  (Agony)

It is TRULY the TIME for TRUE believers to NOW step FORWARD and 'claim' their place in the PROMISED LAND as they STOP funding 'Caesar's' war machine and they turn the other cheek in OBEDIENCE to GOD.

Please do NOT obliterate this page - - - it was written by God's SAGE

To order a DVD having the Feeling Easier Seminar program on it as well as the entire content of my web site got to: - OR
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LINK : Gods energy

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LINK : The Suicide document

LINK : The Error of psychiatry

LINK : The cause of all sorrow

LINK : Clemencia's Mental Health Carer's Manual

Added Note: Some 30 years or so ago I had a VISION of a GIANT wave striking the East Coast of Australia. Probably due to a 'landslide' down the side of Lord Howe island or one of the other undersea volcanoes nearby. When this occurs, then maybe 'some' will begin to believe me. Since the huge tsunami will obliterate the homes of millions, we here in Tasmania can expect multitudes of homeless to enter seeking succour. Reference :



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