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~ TV 9 - The 'accountability' RIGHT ~
Anti Terror Decrees

Dear Ray, as you see, John Howard is a man 'hell bent' on getting his own way even if he has to 'lie' more and more every day. He could not give you a 'straight' answer because as all 'deviates' he is good at side stepping the reality, not seeing the 'demise' of his own spirituality.

He 'says' that these new 'edicts' are for the good of the people of the land, but THE REALITY is that they enable him to exert more control over you and me and everybody as he uses force of arms. As all 'lost' and ignorant souls he sees not that his 'warring' ways are a contra ideology to the one of the 'Christian' God he purports to 'revere' and adore.

He believes that he has the RIGHT to bring other 'offenders' to account by any means 'fair or foul.' What neither you nor other taxpayers see is, that whatever he does in your name and on your behalf reference the 'abuse, punishment, kidnap, seizure, incarceration, or death' of any person that he or his 'merry men' feel justified in doing, brings upon you a similar return due within the REAL law, being the immutable 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' Law of God.

What mankind perceives as 'The law' is not THE Law, they are simply decrees or edicts raised up by non-believers who themselves are so deluded that they believe that they can operate 'above' or beyond the reach of God and HIS divine law. This is the eternal 'trap' laid by the Serpent that blinds the vain, arrogant, greedy and ignorant.

I can tell you now that the more 'we' Australian people fund iniquity, the more iniquity will return upon all, and it will return from without and from within from people like Howard and his 'cohorts,' that for a mercenary wage go on their way each day enforcing Rules that are defiant of God and, all these 'simpletons' and their 'supporters' you and you follow them into eternal suffering.

God says: "Forgive and educate, and in peace and happiness live." Why ? Because God knows that His Law is absolutely SUPERIOR, and if you live by the "Peace & mercy" Creed you receive and equal 'just' return. Equally, the 'war' of 'accountability' and attrition is eternal, for all that fight, do fight on forever as their spirit soul falls into the Abyss embroiled in 'JUSTIFIED' merciless retribution.

I am Terence - the spirit of truth

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~TODAY Show TV - Tracy v/s Michelle Leslie~

Dear Tracy, enlightened viewers are delighted to hear that a lovely 'lass' Michelle has "paid her dues to Allah"* and been a 'model' prisoner in that she conformed to Allah's "Go in peace" command even when under duress. Why do you not simply promote that good news rather than criticise her because on the day of her release she had changed her dress?
Do you really believe that ones 'dress' alters ones ideology? One is either peaceful or one is not - one is either positive or critical - one is either kind or cruel - one either educates or one punishes - that dear is the difference in ideology that is the 'base' line under every religion.
So any person wearing ANY 'dress' who says they are Christian or Islam or any other peace 'ideology' is a SHAM if they as you today use darkness in criticising or in funding any 'terrorist' organisation as you do in funding the 'gov' to invade and wage war etc.
Dear 'lass' - it is better to cut out ones tongue than tell lies about your ideological belief because, - - - ones DEED is what is seen by Allah/God as well as the INTENT that the media of the day have, which is to 'ridicule' Michele, Islam, or at least to show her/IT as 'lesser' than they are.
I AM the Imam Al-Mahdi (Messiah) the representative (Plenipotentiary) of Allah/ God on earth and I say that THE TIME is nigh when the awaited time of Tribulations begin on earth and surely all will cry for their personal defiance of the Creator who SAID: "Go your way in peace and never use darkness in your interaction with others because MY 'eye for an eye' - as you sow so shall ye reap' law is irrevocable, immutable, eternal, and soon to be absolute in its fulfillment of itself and truly all 'sinners' will more than wail."
Note: - "paid her dues to Allah"* - The dues she paid were the (As you did sow so shall ye reap) mental and emotional and physical discomfort 'pain and suffering; that either in this life or her past or the actions of her servants had made others endure - it had naught to do with any 'ruling' of man reference having 'pills' in her possession. Foolish 'enforcement' men of Bali and those that fund their Anti-Allah iniquity, for they have now accrued a similar 'punishment' due within the law of GOD-ALLAH as you do and every 'taxpayer' for the iniquities perpetrated by your servants the armed forces.
If you fund any 'war machine' and thus condone ' terror' you exclude your own soul from Heaven a place where 'terrorists' cannot enter.
Advisory Notice
Dear recipient, you may wish to know that the awaited Messiah is now here in the flesh of a man named Terence -
You may be interested to read his 'Truth on Salvation' at < gospel.htm >

~ The TRUE Salvation gospels of 'Jesus & Terence' ~
the gospels of other men

page - 1 Saved or NOT? - that is the question
page - 2 Barred from entry into Heaven
page - 3 The TRUTH of Jesus & Terence
page - 5 The ERROR reference Salvation
page - 6
The STEPS to Salvation
Terence Malaher - Imam Al-Mahdi

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~ Tasmania Police - St. Helens ~
Letter to Secretary Rosslyn - 23 Nov

 Dear Ros, time passes swiftly by and little by little we see a ‘hardening’ of attitude by everyone. The actions of both the offenders and those that oppose them are more ‘resolute.’

 Regrettably the police ‘agencies’ are ‘justifiably’ given more powers, so as to themselves become the ‘attacker, invader, destroyer, - - - all ‘acts’ that themselves are contra to the Command of our Creator and, - - -

 Neither do any of the actual ‘personnel’ realise that the LAW of GOD stands ‘supreme’ above the dreams of men who all do pay the ‘price’ for being less than loving, kind, and ‘nicely’ merciful in their interaction with others.

 I daily seek ways to open the eyes of the blind’ that see no God, know no God, and thus ‘happily ’stride forth each day to ‘fight’ any that ‘oppose’ the texts in their ‘rule books’ that they enforce because, - - -

 The text in these books of statutes is by them seen as ‘god’ to be adored and to follow unto death because they have sworn allegiance to IT the ‘book’ and their ‘fellow’ officers rather than to God and HIS children.

 I write this letter today because I have now completed my FINAL ‘chapter’ in my ‘holy book’ that reveals what is now to be for any person that defies God’s message via me.

 I direct you to this ‘chapter’ that is Item 6 on my main web site Index :
The TRUTH of Salvation 81 pages - The clarification of the gospels of Jesus

 Also within it is a letter to Constable Dale Cook, and he needs to have a ‘look’ at it before he or any other come to ‘arrest’ me. Please pass this letter on to Fiona and others for there is not much time left for Tasmania Police to change their ‘role’ of ‘aggressor’ into that of a PEACE Corps of ‘true’ gentlemen that do serve their GOD and HIS ‘errant’ children in a humane manner as given by me. 

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Tasmania Police Commissioner ~
20 Dec 2005

 Dear Commissioner McCreadie, as all now begin to see there is more justification to FIGHT in every ‘aspect’ of the community. There is also more justification to ‘increase powers’ that will force young policemen to walk deeper into the darkness and further from God’s Light.

 Man sees not the REAL enemy, he only sees the ‘apparent’ one being race, creed, or anyone in opposition to the ‘director’ of Rules, and all now are forced to ‘ask permission’ before they can even go to the beach for a swim.

 The REAL enemy is the invisible one exposed by me, being the negative energy that is expressed through man (any person) that is disturbing the peace, be they mandated to so do or otherwise.

 Those ‘directing’ the anti-terrorist ‘decrees’ named by them as ‘the law’ see not that the ONLY result of their ‘forceful’ increase is that the other ‘side’ is also incrementally increased, and the end result of this escalating confrontation is that Australia is to be reduced to rubble as is seen in Afghanistan and Iraq.

 Man is so ‘programmed’ with the false ideological belief in the use of force and control and punishment, that he sees not that his ‘way’ is in contravention of God’s Command to “Go in peace and be merciful and forgiving.”

 For enforcers justify their punitive action and do not see it for what it is, being a literal ‘disturbance of the peace of others’ and, neither do they know or see that every ‘action’ has a consequence within the Law of God.

 The negative and punitive ‘aspect’ of God’s law is carried out in Dark realms below and on this land by the mind of man incited ‘telepathically’ to JUSTLY and justifiably take vengeful action.

 You as the Tasmanian Commander need to see that every ‘move’ taken by any terrorist or your ‘gun men’ is seen by the invisible Dark Sovereign power, and HE instigates every ‘punitive’ move by all or any involved in punitive interaction, - - - thus one cannot WIN against HIM.

 For all using HIS dark ‘energetic’ controlling and forceful energy become not only ‘bound’ by it within themselves, but they accrue a ‘penalty’ due of suffering within HIS ‘eye for an eye – as you sow so shall ye reap’ Law.

 Your men will do anything that you tell them to or, anything that they are empowered to do by Rules. I ‘fear’ for their spiritual welfare because I do see God’s face, and I do know God’s power, and do know that none can ‘avoid’ the ‘application’ by God of God’s Law.

 Please read my ‘attachment’ and consider the alternate option to ‘war’ that I have given in my educative ‘Feeling easier Seminar’ for your ‘forces’ cannot lock up the whole community each night and survive the consequence.

 For soon everyone will be fearful and angry at everyone that is forceful as are your men. As the REAL enemy will soon telepathically ‘incite’ every fearful and angry one to FIGHT, then you need to see how ‘easy’ it will be for the SOURCE of invisible ‘darkness’ to bring all your men to ‘account’ for their past and ongoing misdeeds, for that will BE their ‘Just’ dues to God.

 My eternal intent is to elevate the consciousness of man, so that using the new Plan we can halt the enforcement of extortion by the political police force, and your men can turn over a ‘new leaf’ as they disarm and become a true Peace Corps, and become ‘charming’ gentlemen that truly are a part of every local community as they assist in the rehabilitation of the MIND of man and, - - -

 As their interaction becomes one of PEACE, they invite a return of beneficence from the Light side of God the Creator and, - - - the Dark vengeful ‘Genie’ within them and within their ‘opposition’ subsides back into its lair.


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~The Examiner newspaper ~
Letter to the reporter Martin Stevenson & Editor

Re: ‘Locked up at Christmas’

 Dear Martin, I refer to your ambiguous article in the Tuesday 20 December paper in which you to refer to Kenneth Atherton jailed for 10 days as “The man who only answers to God and - - - he only obeys God’s laws.”

 Whether the ‘error’ in both the above are yours or ‘Ken’s matters not, but what does matter is that because your ‘paper’ has the capacity to reach so many, I can but do my best to assert the TRUTH of the matter, as in this day and age the use and meaning of words has become ‘confused,’ and this had led many the wrong way.

 Firstly, the Law of God that reigns supreme above the ‘decrees’ or dictates of men is not a ‘law’ that can be broken. For the “As you sow so shall ye reap on an eye for any eye and thus equal basis” Law of God is simply a statement of FACT. I state that God has two ‘energies’ of opposing polarities and 'each' has its own 'identical' Law.

 One being: The Light energy of Heaven that is Creative and warm and positive, loving, merciful, compassionate, forgiving, and the use of that energy leads to freedom and happiness etc., - - - and - - -

 The other being: The Dark energy of Hell that is Destructive and cold and negative, hateful, merciless, dispassionate, unforgiving, and the use of that energy leads to control and punishment etc.

 And as God would have ‘us’ His children live in the Light as happy people, God Commands us to: “ONLY go your way in peace, and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving unto others that are yet ‘sinning’ and thus causing friction, for in so doing you receive an EQUAL beneficent return within MY LAW.”

 So those as Ken that are peaceful are not “obeying the law of God” as you state, they are simply obeying the Command of God, and are living in conformity to the ideology of the peace code of conduct commanded by God.

 The magistrate Szramka stated that ‘Ken’ could not serve two masters. That is incorrect, as we can be both good and bad in our daily actions. Thus we can ‘serve’ the DARK energy of God and be disruptive, punitive, merciless and warlike or, we can serve the LIGHT energy of God and be peaceful, loving, merciful and forgiving or, we can serve one or the other fully and exclusively.

 However the consequence of the ‘bad’ or contra the command of God action places one within the opposite aspect of God’s Law, and at some stage we receive an equal ‘suffering’ to the one we imposed upon someone else, as we ‘defied’ the command of God and interacted in a negative and punitive manner.

 The reason why Ken refuses to fund the coffers of the State system is because it the ‘Corporation’ that names itself ‘The State government’ has the proven ‘track record’ of serving that DARK master that is the ‘punitive, extortionist, merciless, unforgiving, and warlike one, being in ‘opposition’ to the peaceful ideology ‘believed’ by Ken and, - - -

 Ken knows that if he did pay them any money then he would become a ‘part’ of that false ideological belief and, as the ‘enforcers’ and jailers and destroyers of life would in fact be his ‘servants’ operating on his behalf, that he would accrue a painful spiritual due within the Law of God.

 For it is a fact that all the ‘dictates’ or rules or decrees that control mankind do have a punitive attachment for non-conformity, and any person condoning or funding or enforcing said dictates are interfering in the lives of others in a very bad way, and causing others much pain and, all ‘culpable,’ as are all ‘tax’ or licence fee payers will suffer the consequence within God’s Law.

 For all are defiant of the Command of their Creator and place themselves within the punitive aspect of HIS superior law.

 The simple people of the land have by precedent been ‘led’ to believe that the dictates of ‘Caesar’ are ‘the law of the land.’ They are not; they are simply the dictates of some persons enforced by the GUN or the 'muscles of men' for any non-conformity. God's statement "As you sow so shall ye reap" is THE LAW of this and every land or realm of consciousness.

 The magistrate Szramka has been led to believe that he has a ‘right’ to defy God because he is ‘on duty’ with a mandate from a rule in the statutes of his Corporation. He sees not that no ‘ruling’ of man voids God’s Law.

 Ken believes in peaceful co-existence and the education of those that do ‘disturb the peace.’ Szramka does not, he believes in enforcement and vengeful ‘correctional’ punishment.

 Szramka sees not that Ken is in fact not within the jurisdiction of Szramka’s ‘Court’ nor his ‘religious police,’ for the ‘authority’ granted unto Szramka comes from the Constitution of his institution, and it clearly stipulates that:

 Australia Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

 Ken's 'religious belief' is that of Peace, thus as Ken is proven to be of a different ideological belief he is not a person that Szramka should be persecuting, so Szramka is in fact committing TREASON against his own Constitution. For in punishing Ken, Szramka is attempting to coerce him into defying his God and change his religious belief in Peace, and thus fund Szramka’s warlike institution. Thus it is Szramka who is guilty of a 'crime' within his own 'code of conduct' mandate and, all persons aiding in Ken's punishment including those paying taxes are unknowingly complicit.

 The Institution or Corporation named ‘the government’ has over time seized control of all land, sea, and trees etc., using Rules, and its ‘rules’ are written in such a manner that its serving ‘officers’ also now believe that public property such as the sea, land, forests, and roads are owned by IT the institution or its 'rules.' They are not.

 The fact that people such as Ken and I took driving lessons years ago and passed a test proves to us that ‘we’ are qualified and capable drivers. For any institution to make a ruling that we have to pay it a ‘levy’ each year to validate our own certificate of competency is purely extortion backed by the Gun.

 Neither Ken nor I would ever consider not funding community endeavors, and we would assist in the upkeep of the roads. But it is our democratic freedom of choice to heed our God of love and defy the ‘advances’ of thieves that daily increase the burden of taxes imposed upon you and all. Taxes that fund the ‘control, extortion, punishment, and killing’ of God’s children. (War)

 The fact that the institution sees itself as ‘supreme’ ruler indicates that it has become ‘The master god’ and, the people have all become its slaves that are beaten into submission. Ken and I choose to defy the ‘legislative’ white collar criminals and conform to the TRUE God, and never become complicit to ‘extortion and thuggery.’

 My task for humanity is to reveal how the invisible darkness to whom all kneel via ‘rules’ has enslaved all, and how IT is now to bring everything to a HALT as all are by IT subjected to ITS ‘eye for an eye’ punishment for supporting IT, rather than conforming to the Command of the Light of God and, - - -

 My task is to advise all legislators, enforcers, judiciary and others that every last one of them is now to be forced by others (the insane *) to suffer the very same that was imposed by them upon members of the community.

 I reveal the ‘how – why – what – when’ and, - - - my ‘suggestions’ as to what we must all as a ‘civil’ community now do to assist every person to become respectful and true.

Note: The fact that God 'permitted' Ken to be detained and incarcerated simply means that, - - - Ken had 'accrued' that due to God through his long past days when he was a 'taxpayer,' and thus funded the incarceration of others in the community during the time he funded the activities of the state 'warring and punitive' forces.

The 'rules' within State statutes that 'permitted' Szramka to punish him had naught to do with God's punitive Justice in action through Szramka. The magistrate was 'playing god' and being the punitive 'arm' of God through his ignorance, and the REAL God will at some stage "Do unto Zigmund Szramka" what he did to Ken and others at some other time or when his spirit departs the flesh. That is God's absolute 'Justice.'

Note: the insane * - Those disturbed mentally to the point that they 'irrationally' defy the command of God and they simply follow the aggressive thoughts that enter their mind and control their interaction with others in a vindictive, merciless, cruel and punitive way.

I would suggest that you read my articles found at:

< gospel.htm >

Terence - the spirit of truth

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~ Letter to Magistrate Peter Wilson ~

Dear Peter,

Reference – The ‘assumption’

 I am very concerned for your spiritual welfare because only I the ‘Messiah’ can actually and factually see the ‘snare’ hidden in the ‘grass of life’ over which man daily treads.

 It is a ‘deadly’ snare that can destroy his ‘eternal’ life as we do live on in the afterlife, and regrettably it is ‘sprung’ invisibly ‘catching’ all within its ‘grasp’ that in any way cause ‘harm’ to man or 'wife.'

 You as all men in ‘power’ have been deluded for so long in the ‘assumption’ that your authority to steal by ‘fine’ or abuse by incarceration precludes the absolute “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God our Creator.

 You believe that as you impose your ‘judgement’ upon others, that as it (the imposition) is ‘due’ to a ‘default’ on their part, that your proven ‘punitive’ action is a positive interaction and thus acceptable in the eyes of God and, - - - that it is also somehow above or ‘voiding’  God’s punitive Law. ‘This is error of belief on your part.

 I am here today to elevate the consciousness of man as well as elevate their souls out of the 'Abyss.’

 You as all ‘Judges’ believe in accountability and ‘correction,’ and in the absolutely Just ‘eye for an eye’ or equal factor of punishment as proclaimed by God to be His ‘Just’ judgement LAW, imposed by Him upon all that transgress His Command to “Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and forgiving.”

 Why then do you 'try' to fine me $ 150, which is 6 times more than the $ 24 annual licence ‘fee’ renewal amount charged by your Institution?
And can you also not see that your punitive act is seen by God as a contravention of His Command?

 Can you not see that you and all complicit to the ‘extortion’ (If the demand was met) would within the Law of God accrue an equal ‘eye for an eye’ penalty of the 6 x $ 150 that God would ‘mark’ against your ‘account’ to be imposed upon you as He ahead in this or the 'after-world’ enforces His Law?

 As you are not as ‘far-seeing’ as I am, you cannot see how this by God can be ‘done’ and, neither can you see that already your soul will be sent DOWN for a very long time to the ‘underworld’ for its non-conformity to God’s “Only love and go in peace” command.

You do all that you do because you are directed to so do by RULES in a book. (Decrees of a man)
You do all that you do because you are paid a wage to so do.

 Your ‘vanity’ is such that you also commit ‘further’ crimes in the eyes of God and your own ‘Constitution,’ as you openly and brazenly ignore its primary ruling that states quite categorically that persons such as myself are proven to be ‘exempt’ from persecution and prosecution by the policing and judicial forces of said Institution.

 I am very concerned for the policemen, because your ‘judgement’ forces them to become complicit to stealing goods from my ‘home,’ kidnapping me from my home, and holding me captive as a ‘hostage’ in a jail. All crimes in the eyes of God and all are subject to His superior law. None are above the Law of God.

Further to this, I also note a letter of demand written to me by a department within your Institution, being a threat that if the $ 150 is not paid by a certain date then I will be arrested. Not only this, but I see that the above 'sum' has been added to another sum wherein it is stated that it, my 'account' with your fines department has a total of $ 5,189.05 owing.

Please note that I have no 'account' with your Institution, for I have not borrowed any monies from it. It is all very well for you a man to place monetary or other 'judgements' against me for your personal reasons, but what you do not see is, that in the 'event' of a settlement of any of these monies being made then, - - - at that very moment it, (the amount paid) becomes a 'debt to God' placed by God on your 'account' with Him, for HE sees your 'take' from anybody as extortion, theft, or seizure, and He will do the same unto you and all complicit at the time and in the place that He so ordains.

Peter, it is all very 'well' for the judiciary to commence their 'New year' congregation with a prayer to God for His assistance and blessing, but try and see that He will most certainly 'back' the actions of any 'attacker' because, any punitive action taken by them against another that is fulfilled, is a deserved 'karmic' due owed by their 'victim' to Him for a possibly long past offence in His eyes, when at that time they were complicit to funding, condoning, or supporting punitive measures, and thus actually defiant of His Command and, - - -

As previously said, any person be they the public, police, or judiciary that are so ignorant or arrogant as to be Him in negative interaction do 'cop' an absolutely 'Just' and equitable 'eye for an eye' return due of suffering. For that is 'Justice' and it is God's superior Law in action.

 I can only say: "Peter, I do pray that soon you will see what I say and then quickly make amends to God and me, and prepare your mind with my ‘story’ before your spirit passes away, for without my ‘tale’ embedded in your mind you will never find release or surcease from suffering in the valley of death below."

Please read the following page: Actions and religious belief

Sincerely – Terence

The spirit of truth

~ Sodomy ~
Letter to TV7 reference the 'Brokeback' mountain movie

 It is regrettable that the 'food' being put on our children's 'table' is one of indecency where 'sodomy' is 'marketed' as normal, and the natural 'love making' between women and men is 'sidelined,' and on a 'mountain' broken simply because today the natural 'love' bond between men or between women is 'interpolated' by sexual activity, and this unnatural 'act' is perverse and most certainly wrong.

Certainly a loving 'bond' be it man to man or woman to woman can be 'strong,' but to perversely promote perverse sexual contact between 'same sex' people is error, and it also sends out the wrong 'signal' to our youth.

Not only this, but the 'promotion' of 'anal' sex in men that is the 'end' result of 'love' misdirected and 'confused' with lust, leads to dirty and unnatural sexual practices that cause disease to flourish in both men and women, as the 'men' also misuse their wives.

Error of teaching and the segregation of the sexes by men of religion that 'preach' and teach that normal sexual activity prior to marriage is wrong exacerbates the problems, and some youths seek same sex partners due to their 'uncontrollable' emotions, and they are also 'led' into these unnatural acts by others.


  Page 109

~ Render unto Caesar ~

Dear magistrate Peter Wilson, there is a day not far away when again you are placed in the position of imposing suffering upon God's Plenipotentiary me, and I write this because as you know, if any person was to lay their 'hand' upon you or any 'officer' of the State of 'Caesar' and take them (kidnap) from their abode to be held in a ‘prison’ in the forest, they would be in big trouble.

 Whytofore then do you not 'similarly' consider the 'trouble' that awaits those that 'pounce' upon God's Plenipotentiary and imprison him? Is it because they cannot see the possibility of the reality that God has as much or more ‘retributive’ power as that ‘wielded’ by the ‘armed’ State enforcers?

 It was written a long time ago 'scripturally' that the ‘Messiah’ would return INVISIBLY as a 'thief in the night.' This simply means that his divinity being the 'image' of his pure spirit soul would be 'hidden' by biological flesh as was that of the man Jesus.

 You and other magistrates and judges regularly refer to the "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's" text as they impose their punitive 'sentence,' as though it is these words that are their legalising mandate backing their ‘book of rules’!

 Most persons naming themselves 'Christians' have also been led by the above text to assume that it refers to the payment of taxes and conformity to the decrees of a man 'Caesar' or a State government Institution.

 As it is my 'humble' task for God to do my very best to set mankind free from actively causing others to suffer and thus bringing a similar return upon themselves within the superior "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God, I do realise that only when I do 'convince' those as you that it is you in deadly danger physically and spiritually, will you then seek to ‘change’ your punitive way and help me to implement the loving, kind, merciful, and educative Strategy that I bring forth to help humanity.

 I have often 'wondered' why you did not consider sending me for psychiatric observation rather than imprisoning me in the past, for in this day and age any person openly stating that they are the Messiah, would be considered to be a person living in a state of delusion, and thus a person needing good counsel rather than punishment.

 Have you no compassion towards the 'mentally disturbed' or do you somehow know that I am sane? If you consider me sane, then is it then not of 'worth' for you to take a closer look at what I say unto you and all?

 For if I truly AM the awaited spirit of truth then I AM the one to be heeded, because those that do defy the wisdom I bring from the Source will certainly be lost FOREVER in the Abyss. (So say I)

 You are constantly in my 'mind's' eye because only when you and others as you in Tasmania begin to have a 'conscience' prick will you wish to help me implement my 'Feeling Easier Seminar' program for those that do disturb the peace of the land.

 Only then will people NOT have to fear the police, and 'offenders' will become educated as they learn how to control their minds and emotions and, - - - magistrates will not incur the Wrath of God and place themselves within the punitive aspect of God's superior Law through their own criminal and punitive acts against humanity.

Please read my new 'Render unto Caesar & God' document that is on line at:

< caesar.htm >

Please also advise other magistrates and judges so that they can come to their own personally informed decision as to treat me with derision or with thanks for my efforts in assisting them to their own Salvation.

In sincerity - Terence

~ Victims of Crime ~

To: Howard Brown & Today show

 Dear Howard, yes you ‘victims’ do need to fear ‘ongoing’ repercussions from future offenders seeking to savagely avenge their thoughts and emotions. The reason for this is ‘categorised’ on my web site but I do give you and all a little insight as to ‘why’ now.

 Yes, you will suffer again because of your abuse of the offender that is ‘suffering’ from your unforgiving punitive ways that take place daily as they are held 'hostage' by armed men operating as your punitive ‘service provider.' For by this ongoing abuse you become ‘the offender’ in God’s eyes and later pay the 'traumatic' price again.

Man does not see a ‘prison term’ as abuse for in his eyes it is a justified ACTION, and as man is by ‘nature’ vengeful, he lives on and on in a perpetual state of abusing others and suffering the consequence within the Law of his Creator.

 The primary cause of all suffering is the return of suffering to all within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law of God that was accrued at some stage in their past, * either personally or via their servants (judiciary) who caused others to suffer mental, emotional, and physical trauma or loss.

 Note: their past * - Be it in this life or a time prior to incarnation into the flesh of this world, for the spirit soul within each biological fleshly body has existed for eternity in realms of spirit.

 At present you are ignorant of the suffering imposed upon community members and others perceived as ‘enemies’ of the state by State employees operating in your name and on your behalf as you pay their wages via taxation.

 Not only this, but the ignorant 'offensive' person that caused physical trauma and ongoing mental and emotional trauma to you or your ‘clientele’ are themselves made to suffer by 'forceful' means, and their families also endure trauma and deprivation and loss by your 'persecution’ and punishment of their companion.

 None seem to have heard the call of God to “Be forgiving,” and all are living in a state of demanding ‘accountability’ and retribution. Thus all the suffering caused by your own vengeful demands using a ‘system’ of man and its armed enforcers causes you to accrue a further due of ‘penitence’ and suffering for being untrue to God’s Command, untrue to your own soul, and untrue to the ignorant one that needed good counsel rather than a penal sentence.

 It is the time for all mankind to change their way and begin to be more humane rather than ‘vainly’ and arrogantly defying their God. All demand ‘Justice’ and that is exactly what they receive within the invisible Law of God on a ‘Just and equitable’ eye for an eye basis.

 All that disturb the peace of others have their own peace ‘disturbed’ at the time and place so ordained by God in this life or the next, and this is carried out by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power operating telepathically through the mind of the vain and ignorant and arrogant who themselves then accrue a similar ‘punishing’ due.

 Mercy, peace and forgiveness is the way forward and this is accomplished by the rehabilitation of offenders through education as they read my Testament to humanity and through their attendance at a ‘Feeling Easier seminar’ so they learn to protect their own mind against the dark thoughts of the Devil.

Please read my “The spiritual consequence of ACTION


~ Tasmania’s ‘Risdon’ Penitentiary ~
The Sunday ‘Examiner’ Newspaper Feb 3 – 2006

Dear Editor, I refer to the article on the ‘look to die for’ article showing the elevated positioning of the new Risdon penitentiary at Hobart. This ‘drab’ squeaky clean place of despair and a living nightmare for inmates is a blot on the Tasmanian landscape and it is ‘blight’ in the eyes of God.

 For it is a place of ‘emptiness’ and coldness and hardness that lacks any ‘contact’ with loved ones, and was ‘elevated’ for the sole purpose of punishment and causing anguish, loss, grief, fear, deprivation, slavery, and confinement.

 The ‘Establishment’ that names itself ‘the government’ is naught else than a giant multi-faceted ‘service provider’ Corporation that not only ‘offers’ its deadly punitive services to the community of the land, but it also forces all under ‘pain of suffering or death’ to fund its services through fiscal extortion and, - - -

it coerces all to condone it, elevate it, vote for it, and to ‘bow’ to all the decrees and dictates that its political ‘officers’ impose upon all as though they were God.

 The new ‘facility’ raised up to house the growing number of ‘the recalcitrant’ shows that there is no ‘mercy or forgiveness’ for any that do not conform to the military style dictatorship of the police state of Tasmania.

 All persons involved in this vengeful incarceration process are ‘the foolish’ that not only defy their God, but they are also ‘the deceived’ that believe that: - - - casting people out of society (restorative correctional justice) and holding them as hostages’ in a prison as punishment is acceptable to God and thus it ‘somehow’ voids or nullifies God’s absolutely just “As you did sow so shall ye reap – eye for an eye” Law. It does not.

None of the politicians nor the ‘populace’ nor the State government Institution enforcement ‘officers’ that are paid a wage to uphold the ‘Decrees of Caesar’ that give them the authority to defy God and imprison other children of God are aware that their own ' controlling' ACTIONS contravene the “Love & mercy & peace & forgiveness” Command of God, and thus places them within the negative and punitive aspect of God’s single LAW and, - - -

At some ‘stage’ ahead in this or the afterlife it is they to pay the same ‘crucifixion’ price for not being kind and nice, for in the eyes of their Creator they are defiant of His Commanded “Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness” code of conduct and are thus themselves criminals to be ‘cast’ into the ‘pit’ of abomination for a time and a time for being swine.

Tasmania has the opportunity to lead the way to the true rehabilitation of persons that disturb the peace. This ‘godly’ way is revealed by my pen and it will ‘caringly’ educate those mentally disturbed persons that do cause others to suffer in some way.

Let ‘us’ now jointly empty the prisons, for we cannot lock up the whole world each night, and soon there will be a ‘frightening’ escalation of ‘madness and badness’ in every community on earth due to ongoing ignorance, aggression, fear, and arrogance surfacing within the psyche of man.

It is the time for all ‘persons’ of every ‘station’ in life to see that they are all children of God and subject to God’s supreme Law and, all are now to receive absolute ‘Justice’ for being kind or cruel as seen by God in accordance with or discordance with His Command and His immutable Law.

Read my ‘Render unto Caesar’ document at:
< caesar.htm >

Read my ‘letters from prison’ at:
< godslaw7.htm >


~ Leo Foley - Prosper Tasmania ~
Economic Justice

 Dear Leo, I received a booklet today sent by a friend from far away, and it was your "This land is your land" pamphlet together with the 1932 booklet "Moses" by Henry George.

I see that you as many are searching for 'Nirvana' in that you believe that a change in the way 'taxes' are carried out by placing them into a land use or ownership tax will be a fairer way of raising public funds.

You also use the words 'rent charged' for the exclusive use of any land or other natural resource, and you believe that government regulation is needed whereby landlords would be 'forced' by decree to pay their tenants all the 'capital gains' accrued during the 'time' frame of their tenancy.

Landlords in Australia are already forced to put up with tenants that destroy their property and fail to pay rental. All this due to the interfering intervention of ruling decrees that bring many a landlord to their knees. You believe that you will solve the problems of the poor by stealing more from the landlords. You are a deluded soul and any that 'vote' for you will quail.

What man has forgotten a long time ago is that freedom of choice is what life is about. Be it the freedom to live or die, be happy or cry, or to labour for ones family with love in the heart or, - - - demand that others fund your way in every way and, - - -

What none today see is that if one has worked hard for ones immediate family and thus earned a goodly amount, then God would have it that they then give a little of their good fortune to assist others more needy and, - - -

 During the 'course' of their daily living they should "Yes" pay others 'something' for the provision of any services that are provided to them that they need, or that they ask for.

The great error of 'time' is that long ago some 'men' lived like absolute swine as they forced others to feed them meat and wine and, this has carried on as a great precedent wherein mankind forgot their Creator as they all bowed in fear and grovelled at the feet of their Warlord 'masters' that forced them to give up a certain 'measure' of their crops and, - - -

These arrogant 'Chieftains' or warlord Kings also stole their daughters for their own pleasure and used the others 'sons' to wage war for them and to protect their accrued interests.

 Do you actually believe that anything has changed in 20,000 years? - - - No. For today all still 'bow' in fear to their autocratic Dictator whose 'rules' or decrees that he names 'The law of the land' rule all with a cruel and stern hand.

 Yes, the dictator is 'Caesar' who is epitomised today as the State government. This 'monster' can do whatever it wishes to by the flick of a 'fax' by a politician or a twitch wielded by that pose as 'polite' policemen, but who in fact are merciless as they for a mercenary wage uphold their unholy books of rules backed by the GUN.

 Caesar as all 'men' in power believe that they have the divine right to control, enslave, regulate and dictate, and any non-conformant to their unholy text 'dictation' are persecuted mercilessly and punished.

 Do you actually believe that it is 'right' or 'Just' that no man can do anything without first having to ask permission from said Institution or first pay it a 'royalty' fee for every endeavor or transaction?

 If truth be known, man has used his 'powerful' force of arms position to enable him to be an 'extremist' extortionist in the name of the 'fatherland' or in the name of the people or in the name of 'Justice for all' or 'progress.'

 It is in fact all a matter of greed and money, yes insatiable dark emotions that have led man away from the righteous path of the Light of God. Man sees not that the real 'Law of the Land' is God's Just and equitable 'eye for an eye' law that is the joy or pain return for every interaction action of man with other children of God.

 There will only be peace and true prosperity in the land when all the thieving 'taxation' extortionists have been swept away by their Creator on the soon coming day prophesied by ME.

 There will only be the individual ‘cessation’ of suffering when each individual halts their support of the dark system of Caesar by not voting, not supporting, not condoning and not funding the coffers of warlords. (State or national governments)

 Free giving is the way of the heavenly' living. Those that justify extortion by endless taxation because they wish to 'manage' the farm to their own 'system of belief' way are the blind, arrogant, and very foolish.

 Please visit my web site and read my 'Render unto Caesar' document that is Item 52 on the main Index. What you also need to see is that every 'taxpayer' funding Caesar is complicit to the extortion, punishment, waging of war, and the killing of others, - - -

 All are actions that are of the contra ideology of War and, they all defy the "Only love and go your way in Peace" command of the Creator due to the FACT that all funding Caesar are responsible in God's eyes for the actions of their servants, - - - all are actions that accrue a return due of suffering within the absolutely JUST Law of God.

Certainly we need basic and other community Services, but the ‘old’ and present way of forced contributions that are iniquity in action are wrong, and all must now heed God’s “Give with love” song. Those that believe that they using force can endlessly TAKE will their own eternal freedom and happiness BREAK in a shattered ‘dream,’ for soon all that revelled with the Devil will eternally SCREAM.


~ Police Criminality ~
Lateline ABC - TV

Dear Lateline, I refer to the Bali 9 and the actions of the Federal Police who were complicit to the great punishment imposed and subsequent suffering to be endured by the 'convicted,' as well as the added collateral suffering to be endured in the years ahead by their family members and the Australian public.

Yes, for what neither the Australian nor the Indonesian taxpayer realises is, that within the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God there is an equal 'eye for an eye' return of suffering upon taxpayers as they are responsible for the interaction actions of their public servants.

When you find out that your children are walking the wrong way and keeping 'bad' company what do you do? Do you lead them on and watch them walk deeper into erroneous ways so that once they have gone too far' you can justifiably 'belt' them over the head with a 4" x 2" block of wood? NO.

I say that the policing forces are not only 'out of order' but they are men controlled mentally by the avenging Hell's angels from the dark lower land and none of them are fit for public service. For they only work to satiate their own inner dark vengeful emotions.

This is not a positive community service, for as said it leads all into greater suffering including them, for they see not that even though they are 'mandated' by rules to do their 'dirty' works, they are not above the Law of God and, all suffering imposed by them does by the 'decree' of this God's pen return upon their own heads in this or the after life.

Merciless vengeful retribution is only God's prerogative, so mankind had better now try and understand the reasons for the escalating confrontation and destructive ways on earth, for they are all mankind's spiritual DUE for being to their God and themselves untrue and, - - -

The Dark Sovereign Power operates through the minds of the 'sinful' who are vindictive and vain and arrogant of God's law, thus their minds are easily 'broached' by dark thoughts that stream in telepathically for the sole purpose of the destruction of their own soul.

Yes, the invisible Dark Sovereign Power uses the vain to be His retributive 'arm,' and his 'charm' is the justification to use His force and as man uses His dark energy they draw it into their own soul and they also accrue a spiritual due to Him.

The more dark energy one draws in, the 'heavier' and coarser becomes the vibration of their spirit soul, and this is what draws it away from the Light and it falls deep into the Abyss in the after life to suffer all the 'dues' it did accrue when being untrue to the "Go in peace and love one another and be merciful and forgiving" command of God.

Let the police force now be disbanded and a new Peace Corps arise up from the ashes, being a band of true and honourable people that seek to serve all the good and the misunderstood as they care for all and educate the lost.

The federal police commissioner and his 'crew' are the real criminals, for they set out each day with 'entrapment' in their mind, and so easily they could have been godly and kind and told the foolish that all was visible and it was necessary for them all to change direction before they walked too deep into the dark side of the river of life.

For the Bali 9 had as yet not done anything to cause 'injury' to others, all they did was to strap some 'drugs' onto their own bodies, but the Australian and Indonesian police and judiciary have set out with the intent to abduct, detain as hostages, cause suffering and to KILL, - - - in the foreknowledge that rules 'permit' such crimes and, - - - every day of punishment and suffering endured by the Bali 9 is PROOF of the criminal activity of the Police.

Police are 'recidivist offenders who offend their God daily, and they are in need of my spiritual counsel so that they have a chance of spiritual survival.

Terence - the spirit of truth

~ Ghosts & Stigma ~
Open letter to Neil Jenman – Jenman realty

Dear Neil, I see from your web site that you have taken it upon yourself to ‘Crusade’ against the sale of homes wherein there had at some stage in the past been a ‘brutal’ murder or similar ‘blood letting.’

 Thus you have decided to raise-up a ‘Register’ upon which the address of houses with a ‘grisly’ past would be ‘listed.’ This you do so that people such as yourself that are easily emotionally and mentally ‘disturbed’ would be ‘alerted’ to the fact that ‘brutality’ had taken place and thus you could avoid making a purchase.

 I refer to some of your words quoted on line by reporter Liz Kefford February 16, 2006: "There was a study that showed 93 per cent of people are uncomfortable when there's been a murder in a home if they know about it, and the other 7 percent, they're ones with ice in their veins anyway," Jenman said.

 "What we'll do is say this is the address, this is what happened, end of story," Mr. Jenman said. According to Mr. Jenman, houses with a sordid history were always worth less than market value. > End of quote.

 The reality of what I see Neil is that you have taken it upon yourself to place a ‘Stigma’ upon such homes and to keep that stigma ‘alive’ in perpetuity, and this you do for the supposed benefit of others that are ‘weak’ minded and fearful and ignorant of spiritual truth.

 You are aware that any such stigma devalues a property and that it may also result in it becoming un-saleable due to this fact.  Is the ‘stigma’ placed upon the property by the heinous ‘act’ or, by the ‘memory’ of that act that is kept ‘alive’ through the ignorance of man?

 As a spiritual healer I am fully aware of the processes whereby man ‘falters’ and places a stigma upon his own soul when his mind and emotions run ‘riot’ and he causes others harm. I am also aware of how others become mentally ‘snared’ by troubling thoughts when they become involved in some way and do not know how to ‘rid’ their own minds of thoughts that revolve in some way with the past trauma.

 But what I need you to see is, that it is ones personal actions and interactions with others that can also place a stigma upon ones own soul, and it is due to this fact that I write this to you for our God true.

 For through your ‘abhorrence’ of foul deeds and your inner fear you have found the justification to place a ‘stigma’ upon the homes of others and this you do by:

1 – Seeking them out. (The homes - the perpetrators – the present owners)
2 – Exposing their ‘misdeeds.’ (The 'beastly' acts committed by the perpetrators)
3 – Causing them to suffer in some way and thus bringing them to account. (The present owner of the property)

The above is itself Darkness in action via you, this = Retribution.

 For what you do not see Neil is that if your actions cause the present owner of the ‘hot’ property to suffer material loss, then you are the ‘reaper in action’ that is bringing them to account for their past misdeeds and their loss becomes your spiritual dues within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law of God and, - - -

 If your actions cause the present owner of the ‘hot’ property to suffer any mental or emotional trauma, then you are the ‘reaper in action’ that is bringing them to account for their past misdeeds and their trauma becomes your spiritual dues within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law of God.

So what you need to see is that your perception of yourself as a crusading ‘White’ Knight is error, for you have become the ‘Black’ Knight imposing terror upon someone as you place a ‘stigma’ upon their property, and you also perpetuate and perpetrate the ongoing memory of an event that keeps others locked into their own inner fears.

Man must try and separate the property or house from the deeds done therein or thereon by the ignorant, vain, arrogant or insane. Try and see that even as you ‘sleep’ at night, your ‘servants’ being armed forces operatives are ‘busily’ invading the homes of others here and there and overseas, and ‘murdering’ women, children, and men for your ‘benefit’ and in your name.

Should the ‘enlightened’ place a stigma upon those houses also where ‘blood’ is spilt and maybe one upon yours and your name also for your complicity? No.

 Domestic violence is escalating and soon there will be blood spilt in the majority of homes in this land and every land. It is the time for us to all understand why God said: “Go your way in peace and be merciful and forgiving.” I did write a few pages to you before and give the content of some of it here to aid others quote:

"The reason why people are 'horrified' when they hear of a 'murder' or cruel dismembering having taken place and blood spilt in the home they seek to purchase or live in is because they are ignorant and fearful and, through the vibration of the emotion of fear a number of happenings take place, they are unable to leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

 This is due to them being unable to put their own thoughts to 'rest' because they do not know how to stop the incoming 'reminder' of the happening. Thus their mind is 'Under siege' and this is 'spirit possession' in action. (Telepathic subjugation of the mind)

 The principle 'act' was perpetrated by someone becoming possessed to the point that they wielded the axe. A ‘suicide’ is a person that gives in to possessive thoughts that force them to kill themselves.

 If the spirit soul of the 'victim' is still 'stuck' in the house due to their continuing traumatised state, (the spirit soul exits the flesh but is very much alive) then they also may be very unhappy that someone else has moved in to their 'space,' and they also might remind a person of the occurrence in the 'hope' that they go away.

 There is a tremendous amount of unseen mental activity taking place every day that influences the psyche of ignorant man, and the reason why man is 'subjected' to unpleasant happenings is simply their spiritual DUE within the 'punitive' side of the absolutely Just Law of God "As you do is done unto you."

 If one sells a home that is known to be occupied by a 'spirit' and thus feels cold, or uncomfortable or there is a 'bad' smell emanating from one of the rooms or that some horrendous happening took place, then one must try and understand that a buyer who is ignorant of spiritual reality might end up suffering in some way.

 Thus it is important to have the home harmonised, so that the incoming person will not be inconvenienced in any way. Once this has been done then there is no obligation needed to speak of the past horror."

 Neil, and all readers. It is the time to leave the past where it belongs, in the past. It is the time to elevate the consciousness of man so that we all begin to follow the Command of the Creator and lovingly forgive others.

Neil, as seen from my 'perspective,' when you 'blacklist' another's property you are placing a Curse upon it and them, and by this action you place a Spell upon your own self because your action is not only causing 'harm' to the other, but it also raises 'fears' in the minds of purchasers and others as it keeps their minds 'spell-bound' by past unhappy happenings.

You have no 'idea' of what may have taken place on the 'spot' or space upon which your home stands for "who knows," there may have been many a negative interaction thereon over the past ages that have been forgotten, thus you are  'happy' in your not knowing. Instead of heeding God and being merciful and forgiving, ignorant man 'thrives' on past iniquities that keep them all locked into ongoing aggressive punitive 'accountability' action that is all dark interaction.

Neil, it is also the time to now halt the "Lest we forget" adulation of warriors and now say: "Let us forget all bad deeds and those who bore a 'sword' upon another and leave them to God and God's sacred pen." Education is the way forwards to the Light and happiness. Remove the stigma you have placed upon your own soul by deleting any reference to a ‘Stigma register’ on your web site and in its place state:

“If you know of any home or property that has a ‘ghostly’ or ‘grisly’ past, then please advise the present owners or local ‘realty’ office so that they can call in a ‘harmoniser,’ and have the place purged of any lingering feelings of ‘darkness’ and also redirect any trapped spirit souls that may be residing there.”

I personally believe that the inhabitants of every home in the land need to bring their own thoughts and emotions into harmony with God. I believe that all the control, invasion, punishment, abuse, war, and other domestic violence is due to the psyche of man being controlled by invisible dark spirit forces.

 I believe that unless and until each individual learns to control their mind and emotions as given by me, that their destiny is to be ongoing trauma. I believe that every home that has had any ‘violence’ or is having any such needs to be harmonised, and there is no need to ‘remind’ others of past trauma that was perpetrated therein.

Note: The harmonising of a ‘space’ can be carried out by any spiritual healer or any kindly soul that has read my ‘harmony’ and ‘facts of life’ documents, and also familiarised themselves with the entire contents of the ‘suicide’ document so that they understand the full spiritual implications of what they are trying to accomplish.

Read the 'harmony document'


~ Queensland Marine Board ~

Dear Madam/Sir, I am concerned for the legislators as well as those 'officers' in the various departments that are themselves 'bound' by legislated rules (decrees) to the point that they are forced to enforce legislation (decrees).

If you take a mercenary wage to implement, enforce, regulate, or punish non-conformists then that is your choice to so do. I just feel that all 'government' personnel such as yourself need to educate yourselves in a number of issues.

Firstly, the word 'The government' is used 'loosely' for that implies 'godship,' whereas the reality is, that you are not working for 'The government' but you are working for an Institution of man (Corporation) that names itself 'The government.'

Secondly, your legislation that is raised up daily as easily as pressing a fax button is not 'The law,' that is also error of precedent and 'bastardisation' of the English language, for any 'act' or 'ruling' by anybody imposed upon anyone else is in fact a 'dictated' Decree designed to force others into subservience to said 'diction' by the Dictator.

As I am the 'pen' of God, it has been my task to expose the depth of the control over the human race by the dark essence that operates through systems (as yours) that are seen as normal. They are not, and the very force that inspires the minds of legislators and exerts ITS control over the human race invisibly is now to 'swat' all that use force of arms to control God's children.

Please try and see that there is NO democracy in any land on earth, for all are bound by RULES that are the unholy 'scriptures' of the residing priests (legislators) who are no different to the Taliban, for your own Institution is naught but a religion posing as a secular institution.

That fact is proven, for your institution has an ideology, a very dark and punitive one that contravenes the command of the Creator. For your ideological belief is one wherein your 'officers' (acolytes) believe that they have the divine right to regulate, interfere, carry weapons, seize, kidnap, transport, imprison, tax, extort money, impose sanctions, invade, and kill.

All the above are very 'devilish' activities perpetrated daily by your officers who operate in the name of the people they serve? And they are also perpetrated on their behalf?

Have you or any actually 'heard' of the LAW of GOD? No, for if you had you would not speak of your decrees as 'the law' of the land, for God's absolutely Just 'eye for an eye' Law is THE Law of this and every realm of consciousness, and IT states: "As you sow so shall ye reap."

This implies that as you enslave, steal, invade, control, punish, and destroy people for and on behalf of those funding your wages, that you and those taxpayers funding you suffer the consequence in this or the after life.

Within you’re the Constitution of your own institution it says:

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or
for imposing any religious observance, or
for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

This means that as your 'religion' (religious belief) is one of merciless persecution and enslavement and destruction of life and property, that those as me with a different (peaceful) ideology may, according to your own Institution walk 'apart' from yours and not be a 'party' member, nor fund or condone your way. Thus your decrees do not apply to me.

Other than that, my own conscience that is inspired by God tells me that it is my God given right to in the first place not 'bow' to the head of your institution nor to your officers for your decrees and rulings do not concern me.

I write this so as to set you free from your own processes and involvement with iniquity, as well as to set free any member of the public that wishes to avoid accruing more 'suffering' as a spiritual due by no longer 'voting' for or funding or condoning your institution.

For as long as they vote or pay taxes they are condoning your activities and they are complicit to all the 'murderous' and enslaving ways of your institution. I say that we are free to live or die, float or sink, and for sure no 'other' person will force me to conform to their 'idiot' dictates that were 'born' out of vanity. Education is the way forward, not regulation and extortion.

As my 'belief' (religion) is that I am born free and thus able to conform to the Command of the Source that created me, it is you and your 'Court' in error to face coming terror if you defy God and seek to regulate or punish me for non-conformity to your Autocratic dictates.

It is my belief that I need no man as my 'head of house.' I simply have God as my conscience 'guide' as I stride forth each day minding my own business and helping the community as I see fit.

Why would a sane person 'subscribe' to any 'warlike' or other Institution in the foreknowledge that in paying taxes they are funding the enslavement, regulation, invasion, punishment and destruction of others?

The ongoing regulation of man is now to END as man becomes incensed by the arrogance of 'government' officials, and the fury of the people will spill over and every 'system' of man will fall into disarray as insanity follows.

Please advise all your 'members' of what is to be, so that they can come to a personally informed decision as to their future 'ways' in respect of their duties. It is time to dutifully serve the people rather than enslave them and themselves to the dictates of rules.

Let sanity prevail - Terence 

~ Frank Furfaro ~
Plumbing Inspector

Dear Frank, For some many months I have observed the 'attitude' of many a 'tradesman' that has worked at the 2 Pitt street home renovation and extension. I have also observed how my divine sister Clemencia has had to struggle mentally and emotionally and suffer financially to get the 'job' done.

It appears that today there are few that I would name gentlemen of honour, for all seek to extract their 'pound of flesh' from a 'lone' mother helping her son Andre, and even today she encounters one difficult hurdle after another as most around her are on the 'take.'

I have seen her kind and loving soul become burdened in the face of all these adverse processes and the 'soaring' costs that appear endless continue on, and I 'wonder' if the man Frank Furfaro is the one to be "The straw that breaks the Camel's back"?

I write this to you Frank because it appears that your 'office' is one whereby persons such as yourself do wield great power. Being the power to not only break a person financially, but to also 'crucify' them mentally and emotionally because of your 'authoritative' manner and capacity to 'teach them' a 'lesson' if in any way they appear to have offended you or your 'rules' that you hold 'sacred.'

As a spiritual healer and teacher of truth, and as I have a personal interest in the well-being of Clemencia and, as I would help you to not overstep the 'bounds' of decency in your dealings with her, I ask sincerely that you do not pursue any personal 'vendetta' against her using your position of office.

You may well be an 'earthly' person mandated by a system of man, but you need to see that not only is there a real and living God who sees all and knows all, but that God is personally observing the 'manner' in which people are projecting their actions towards Clemencia in their dealings with her, be it personal or business and, - - -

It has come to my attention that for some reason or other that you could become yet another person that sees her as one to be used and abused and crucified in some way and, - - -

Frank, I would not have it that you 'fell' from God's grace by 'sullying' your family name simply because a 'dame' refuses to 'deliver up' the name of an 'errant' plumber to you.

I would remind you that all 'steps' you take to 'punish' her are in full view of God and your ancestral spirits that are 'alive' in others realms of consciousness and do watch your activities each day.

I also remind you that if she did tell you 'his' name, then she would become complicit to his punishment by your 'system' and she would have become a 'victim' of the Dark due to her complicity in the 'blame' game and, - - -

Within the immutable Law of God she would have to suffer the "eye for an eye' consequence of any punishment imposed by you upon him and, - - - as she is true to her Creator she is 'frank' enough to hold fast and forgive him for his error as her God commands and, - - -

What I wish to say TODAY Frank is that my 'pen' directed by God says:

"No man or woman will get to meet the 'face' of their Creator above until they learn to be kind, merciful, respectful, compassionate, and forgiving and, - - - all that continue to now deny God's 'Go in peace and love one another' Word will never be seen or heard for they will be cast into the PIT."

Believe you me Frank, no earthly 'authority' or mandate or position of 'power' will exonerate any man from God's Wrath if they mistreat any of His daughters.

Please now do your very best to honorably assist Clemencia and treat her with the greatest respect and try and protect her from the 'wolves' on the street, and please now kindly extend your personal assistance to her renovation cause so that she does not 'crumble' through anxiety imposed by YOU for if she does, - - - believe you me, an eternity of suffering in the Abyss will become your DUE.

Please now 'acquit' yourself with honour, not to your 'office' but to your God.

Terence - the Spirit of Truth

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